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Satdudati May 20, 1882.
- -
lu A Bee at Koiebarc. Osa. 1
i June 30, 1SSO. J
T all WkoM It mir Conrrrni
i XaUte U kerebr alven Chat I have deals
sated tkeeltr.uax aEYmCL ai the paper
lawjriefc I shall hereafter publish all pre
MipUaut, hamexlcad and applications
Gr miming patent for lands 1x1ns near
Jaeksaavllle, Jackson county, wresan.
1 w. r. 'BMumiv. Kcsutcr
Kepubllcau Coast? Convention.
A Republican Oounly Convention Is
ereoy cancel 10 meet in Jncksonvll c, on
Monday. Mar 29. 13S2. at 11 o'clock a. it.
for the purpose of nominating a county
UCO.CV UUU KlUJUUlUg IU sutu riner UUM-
nesi as may come before Ike Convention.
It is recommended that primary meet
ings be held in llie several precincts at
the usual places or voting on Saturday
May 27, .188 J, at 2 o'clock y, it. The sev.
era! precincts of the connty will be entitled
.to one delegate and one lor every 18 volvs
sad traction of nine or oyer based upon
the votes cast for 31. C. George, member
tf CoDgress at the June election, 1880,
trkich gives the following representation
'Aihltnd .7 , Grants Pass 1
Applcgate 1 i Jacksonville 8
"Chimney Jlockw . 1
Little Butte, t 2
Lcland 1
Manzanitr 2
Pleasant Creek... .1
Rock Point 1
Table Kock 1
Uniontouu 2
Total ...39
Eden 0
Flounce Rock....l
PoU Creek 1
Sterlingville". 1
WllOTv Springs... 1
W. H. Atkinson, Secretary.
Fouxd. On the California roid a
iack of blankets. The owner can Hud
them at this ollice by proving proprty
and paying for this ldvertiseiueut.
JIitk Society. -The next reception
of tho ladies of the Presbyterian "Mite
Society" will be held in the basement
ot thr Presb tei tan Church on Tubs
day evening 23d lint. A cordial invi
tation M extended to all and a pleasant
time ispromixed.
Thanks. Misses Katie -Miller and
Belle Jones came to:o ttie SENTINEL
office yesterday with a basket of cake
mud a bottle of wine and the compli
ments, of the. newly wanied couple
Thanks little Indies we hope to attend
tot!h jour weddings in lime.
Lout. In the street in Jacksonville
on Thursday a small hand satolt1con
taining'ladies wearing apparel and a
mall amount of money. The finder
will be rewanh-d on returning it to
'this office and give great pleasure tn
t'hn ownertbesideh please tiring it in.
JtKruBMCAX Cal. It will be
noticed that the Republican Central
Committee have made a cu'l for the
holding of primaries cu the 27th inst,,
mid the -County Convention on the
2Dth. This will gnu fliy opposite par.
ty-si ery slurt time to sling mud ami
a large. amount 'of that at tide will be
lcf t a er.
Public SrKAMso Prufessnr L. J.
tPowrll, Superintendent of Public In
atruction, -will ddr-s the citkr-us of
Jackson county on the -political ii-nue.s
of the day, at Ashland, on May 2.'nd,
at -3 r. k, and Jacksonville, on' the J3d,
at 1 r. M-. An invitation -is extended
t men of all political opinions -to be
j) resent, and especially to the ladies.
Agaix Yostpoxed. The -ale of the
"Oriswoldjiniperty at Salem lias lieen
"again postponed for a month by order
of tho Attorney General. Tim suit
was-commenced against Grisuold by
3Ir. B. F. Don ell ten years ago, and
'last "October an order for the sale of
'the property w as made. It lms been
(postponed eight times, and the end is
'not yet. Mr Dowel) is hopeful yet,
'but a thought of tlm celebrated cast
)f Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce occasionally
obtrudes itself on 'him.
TThb "Gaccku's Wonic Oscar Kil
"hourne U. si. pauger, his been paying
the valley an official xist during the
week and retumeil home to Portland
'if-kljkr'fcB- B au5ec anJ tnni)ed
about one thousand gallons of spirit
(most of which was gra;w biandy dis-
tilled by Raphail Morat. The rest
was apple biandy manufactured b
MrsMVderer and by'the Phoenix dis
tillery. Mr. Kilbournn expresses the
-opinion that this ral!eywi! rooii pro
-lucejarge quantities of wine and spiiits
of the best quality.
Rkligious Rev. M. A. Williams
'will i preach at Egle Point to morrow
atlll A.'K. and here, in the Prpsbvter
ixa cburch, at 7.30 p. v.. .Rev." A.
31. Russell wiil preach at the He'er
Kirove school house on the eieniug, of
rthe 56th, at 7.30 o'clock, and on Sun-
day at'lKe iamo hour, AUoat Mau
jcani(aon the tl) at 2-f. M. and
onSunday JMay, 2Stb. at 1 a. m.
.... Rev. B. J. Sharp will preach here
'tcmerrowin thnJd.. Khurch, morn-
lng -nB evening Services in the.
'Catholic church at-tho usual hour by
!Rer. Eather-Banch?t:. , ..j
Severe Frost. Last week it was a
matter of cpngratulation that the fruit
"crop appeared quite wifa'but the heavy
frosts of Saturday and Sunday nights
have done serious damage all over the
YHeJrC?nJ tte present prospect is that
HWpeach, Idum and cherry crop will
be exceedingly light. In totue locali
ties strawberries art. bad I v injured a so,
and xtatoes and earl' vegotableR wen
rt:ut to the ground. The appU- aod pear
rop is little damaged and of. those
fruits there will be an abundance.
Thn "Yreka Journal" announces about
the same condition of affairs across tlm
mountain and, indeed, the frost tseems
to have fallen heavily all over tho state,
It it no use crying "about this a it is
something that can't 1ms helped and we
vriJiare to make tLo lest of it.
i .
The Red Men are improving their
cemetery.. . . T
A lady's duster can bo h'eard of at
this office, ' i , -
Try a Professor cigar. Crosby
keejis 'em.
The Chinese restriction law goes in
to effect August 6th
A new sign has been placed in front
of the Manion House."
Fourth of July celebration will be
the next on the docket. '
Guiteau will hang June 30th, a new
trial having been refused.
Ed. Autenrieth and family' will soon
return to Yreka to locate.
A cyclone in Arkansas has made on
hundred families homeless.
Mrs. S. R. Taylor is in town, the
guest of Mrs. Dr. Jackson.
Another case of crim con is reported
this lime fwui Cayote creek.
Mud am e Holi promises to give an-
other"Iittle folks party soon.
G. F. Billings of the Eagle Mills
made us a pleasant visit this week.
Tho "Pilgrim" printerstayed with us
a couple of days this a cek on his way
RejKirt says that Henry Hortou of
Lmkville died at that place on Sunday
last after u tshort illnet.
One thousand five hundred and
eight) five Chinese arrived in Portland
ou TuetJa from J long Kong.
Rev. Chapman, Presiding Elder of
tlm M. E. Ciiurch is in the county and
will bti at thequaiierly meeting.
Try the Clock Baking Powders. A
tine nickel-plated clock is giteti awsj
with euch mx cans of powders sold.
We are under obligations to G. M.
Bankn, formei ly Marshal Jiere, now of
Ogdeii, U-T., tor 6alt Luke papers.
Spring races will be run on the Yre
ka track under the management of E.
Ftituer on ttie 16th ami 17th of June.
Newman Fisher receiv ed lots of new
goods this week. Ladies will do well
to call and examine his stock of goods.
Albert Elliott who has one -of the
finest uuttita in the county took a lu-ui
of 6,000 Hi, of .Hour to Waldo this
Manning's fine trotting stallion
Ophir was ahot last Friday when it
was found impossible to cum hi bro
ken leg.
Dr. Wm. Jacktou returned on Thurs
day f i oui a professional visit to Jose
phine couutv and can again be found
at his office.
The quextion'of jurisdiction has ueeu
raised lu the Guiteau case. It will be
limn enough to settle the point after
he is hanged.
Dr. Coon, the organizer of the sever
al Champion of Honor lodges, in this
section, died viu the county hospital at
U) uipia, lately.
The fourth uarterlv meeting of the
M. E. Chuuh will be held at GrauU
Pass on Saturday May 27th and Sun
day, May i'b'ih.
Dr. I). S. Hulton, the only physiiiau
residing in Josephine county, paid us a
visit this week. He leports health
good iu that section.
The genial face of Mr. Sol Wise is
again been among us 'he hav iug return
ed from Sail Eraucisvo this week look
ing as' huiidsomo as ver.
Eighty two tick tits were sold at the
Red Men's Ball on the l"Jih iust, and
it watt generally voted to be the gland
est success of the season.
Hon. Geo. II. Williams Ex Attorney
General of the United Stiues has re
turned to Portland after, an aWuce of
several mouths in Washington.
Wm. Uliiuh has sold his interest in
the baUeiy and saloon UuKiness.here to
Ins partner, Fred Grob, who will con
duct the busiuess alone hereaftar.
Large quantities of suckers are now
ruuulilir uii Bear creek. Thev are
quite tat and easily taken -but liavn too
tuuny bones to be ojuiloriablu diet.
We are glad to hear that Geo. How-
aid is at present steadily employed in
a punting office, at liie Dalles. Ueoie
in a rustler and will uiaku his mark
Mr. John Ustrnire will appear here
soon lit his "dtamatio sketches and
olio of oddities" aud all those who were
present on his former visit will attend
The surveying outfit of T. C.Jjud
kins of ftugeue City passed through
here i esterday. It was bound for the
Owyhee country on the borders of
Jl small bit of a row occurred ou our
streets last Thursday betweeu a couple
of cur Democratic citizens ou account
of a difference of opinion ou political
' Charles K. Klum, of Ashland, has
gone into the cattle business guite ex
tensively, -but he still keeps a full
stock of saddjery goods for bale at the
lowest living prices
Wa regret to say that Mrs. W. S.
Stone is iu such poor health that she
has been obliged to visit San Francisco
tor the purKse of obtaining the best
medical skill available.
Clias. Litchman, the Great Incohone
of the order of Red Men in the United
States, is expected in Oregon soon and
will proVablv pav Oregoniau-Pocahou
tab Tribe a visit while on his trip.
McDaniel k Co.. keen the celebrated
"Davenport," whiafcr. John L. Burns.
the agent, is now on his wav here.
overland, and will soon arrive via
Crescont City. Auk for Danport.
Hon. L. J, Powell will adrfresshe
citizens 'of Ashland on Monday May.
2lM and will speak in Jacksonville on
Tuesday May 23d. Mr. Powell has
the reputation of being a fine "speaker.
L Samuel of the "West Shore" has
issued an edition of that periodical in,
German, for circulation iu Europe
price 25 cents per copy sent to friends
in Germany it will attract immigra-
tion- - x 'i .
Democratic primaries will be held
orer- the, counft tOHlay.-JThe fight
aeems tO'waxwafnifbetweVn.-the rival
candidates forth Sheriff's office. ,but. "
the rest of the litket 'seems -already; '
... ' t t .
hxed up. "- -
Mrs. Louisa Boddy, of Tule Lake,
has been allowed her claim against the
Government, amounting to 5,500, for
losses sustained by the Indians during
the Modoc war, at the present session
of Congress.
Madame Holt will give a ball at her
hall on theevening of the Fourth of
July and invites a'l of her friends and
the public generally to lie present.
Her advertisement will be found Tn
another coli'iun. ' "
Death to rats, mice, roaches and
ant; Parsons Exterminator. Barns
granaries and households cleared in a
singUj;isht.r No fear of bad smells.
Best and cheapest vermin killer in the.
world. Sold everywhere.
Hon. Binger Herman will address
6 citizen, of Jackson county on!
behalf of the Republican ticket at
Jacksonville, ThurMlay, June l&t, at
7.30 o'clock r. ., and at Ashland, Fri
day, June 2d, at 7:30 p. VI.
It is probable that a picked nine'
from the Jacksonville and Ashland
base ball club will challenge the bovs
at Fort Klamath for a game to 4te
pi:)ed her on the 4th of July. A
rattling game may bo expected.
Some fine work iu the way of pi as
teriug, by George W. Holt, aud psitlt
ing by Reed & Savage, is now being
done on John Orth's new brick resi
dence, and when finished Johnny will
hav e one of the finest homes iu South
ern Oregon.
H. F. Phillips of Ashland, the
present contractor, is said to 4ie the
successful bidder for the the Ashland
Lakeview route. Mr. Phillips has
given general satisfaction and we are
glad to hear of his contract having
been renewal.
If you want to save your money buv
your Harvesting Machines of K. Kubli.
He his the boss machines The Buck
eye Harvester, and Mower, and al
so the Taylor Ruke, Haines Header,
aud Morrison plow. A word to the
wise is sufficient.
M. W. Parsons, who camn here in
the interest of the Singer Sewing Ma
chine Co., to straighten out the affairx
of J. A. Crosby, the former agent, rr (
turned to Ins home in rc-lk county last
veek after having appointed E. E Goio
as the rcsidcut agent.
Col. S. G. Whipple was registered at
the "Grand" iu Sin Fraucitcu last week
and will probabl soon reach his. post
at Fort Klamath from which he has
been absent for several months. The
Colonrl's f i lends will all be g'ad to See
his pleasant face again.
The Redding "Independent" of May
10th. says a man passed through town
Vbsterduv, bound for Oregon, with hi
worldly goods packed on a wht-elhar:
row. He had come from Lincoln, Cat,
and said hn preferred bis wheelbarrow
to a mule for a traveling companion.
Henry Thornton, of Josephine, will
probably be selected by the KcpubMfc
cans of that county as a candfdate for
the legislature. Henry wflultl makn a
most refipeitahle aud effieient repre
seutative something that county has
long needed, and would be a strong
1 he Red Men's celebration at Yreka
on St Tammany's day is described by
the Journal and Tribune as a grand
success. ToiMk were responded to by
Messrs. Vance, Burrows, Peck and
others and that of Al. 'Burrows on the
ladies is said'to have lnsen particularly
happy and appropriate.
The New ,Champion Front Cut
Mower is without a rival. Has new
mechanical movements, running al
most noiselessly and'w ith less than one
half the gearing, Wrings and friction
K)ints of anyother successful Mower
ever constructed. Cuts 4 feet 3 in
ches. For sale.aCBilger & Mscgly's
The3an,FrancTsco "Chronic!e".iKav8:
"The Democrats of this Stale indulged
in so much rejoicing --when Arthur
vetoed tlw.sirstrestrtciive, billtlmt
they have none of tho sentimeHt left
to expend-ovejr the signature of an
act which will mitisate the Chinese
vil in this State to micU an extent
that U-svill ot he used as a political
football hereafter."
Tlie'Champion's pic nic at Phoenix
last Wednesday is pronounced a grand
success by the large crowd of youti"
folks that attended from this placet
Festivities dosed with a ball in Cul
ve'r's hall ifi1 the-evrning; and all'pres
ent say it was a-fine affair throughout.
Mrs. Lavenburg furnished the supper
and as it is acknowledged thnt she al.
ways gives the best to be had in this
locality, no further mention is necea
sarr. The Lake county "Examiner" is
sarcastic In its last issue we found
this: "Jackson county ha two Re.
publican pattern and gives 325 Demo
cratic majority. If it was afflicted a ith
another Democratic paper like thf
"Times," this order of things wou d
most likely, be reversed." The "Ex
aminer" should credit Mr. Nickell with
being thft savior of his party, inasmuch
as he refused to sell a spare press for
the purpose of starting another Demo
cratic pajier ( Ashland, prompted
solely by the ileaire to spare tho peo
pi such an affliction.
Mews Cleanings-. ,
( I . t
WAsinxcToX, May 14. Tfia "Post"
of Monday will have the following
L positive statement : Chief Justice Car
ter and --Justice JlcArmur, .riagner
and Jaroesdieitra consultation- ousat
unlay for summing op the arguments
of counsel ,in the application of. Gui
teau for a rehearing, ane consultation
lasted four hours and ws marked by
the most searching xanrnation of
authorities andthe'most rigorous analy-
a of every jioint made mtiiearguments
Tbo Judges were in thorough harmony
all through, alM in' reaching their
lecisio'n not'forone minute differing ia
the general-step by which the decision
was reached, although, ot course, each
Judge had individual opinions on point
of law and their application. Their
decision will be announced on Mav
22d. It affirms the sentence of the
court below, of course overruling the
exceptions. This disposes of Guiteau's
last chance. He will be hanged on
June 30th, I8S2.
Victoria (B. C), May U Advices
just received from New. Westminster
state that the run of salmon hi Frazer
River has commenced, but they do not
run iu sufficient numbers to make'
them profitable iu the canning business.
The cannery proprietors are making
greater preparation than ever for the
sockeyea run this summer, and judging
from the number of canneries now in
!I,j,,1rte orkinB order, the amount
nsh mt ?P l,,w s!ason w'11 far
exceeu mat oi any prev ious year.
Victoria, May 14. A large force
of railway men heretofore employed
on the Canadian Pacific, this side of
Maple Ridge, have been transferred
kto the section between Emery City and
Hope in order to complete that piece
of the linn and avoid the difficult nav
igation f Frazer River. That being
accomplished, rvvrv effort will b made
to pus'i forward the construction to
Pitt River, near Port Moody. The
owners of property at that locality are
effecting rapid .and remunerative sales,
and Port Moody is now
place of importance.
becoming a
Hollowat's Pills Never Despair
Something that never fails Fever
and Ague To the sick it is of little
consequence how they are cured,
whetlmr from a rational v iew of the
disease or by the rules defined for th
guidance of the profession, so long as
the cure is certain and expeditious.
To a suffering man the question ou the
relatirc merits of quinine or calomel ir
uninteresting. The faculty may
wrangle and discuss their various theor
ies, but Dr. Holloway't. treatment dis
jiels doubt ere the disciples of Escula
pius have finished tint Gist stage.
Hollow ay 'sPills'are the only remedies
which effect a speedy and radical cure
without danger of a l elapse. Read
tho advertisement elsewhere.
Important Cautiox. Noun are
e;iujn unless the signature of J.
Hatdock, surrounds each" lux of" Pills
and Ointment.. Boxes, at 25 cants, 62
cents and $1 lach.
iSgTTJiTn is considerable saving by
tnking'lhe Urgefstzes,
Uollowav i Co., Now York.
Valuable Publication. "Our Fam
ily Record" is the' title" of ait exceHenj
work copyrighted by W. II. Parker,
of this county, and published by J. K.
Gill and Co. of Portland. Lit will sup
ply a want long felt, being convenient
Iv arranged for the entry of all
family matters proper and necessary
to be recorded and from its very nature
will prompt the record of events .too
often neglected until forgotten and in
after years tlie"RecordV wi'.l boa val
uable treasure in-every family jiosses
sing itv TJie wgfkjis neatly boondand
in all res.eeth neat and creditable to
the printers art and it should be in
every JioUshold. The prices vary with
tho style of binding, being S3 75, ?3.25"
and S2..i0 and all three stvles within
tl e leach of any family. We have no
hesitation in calling the attention of
the public to this work as a very nieri
torious one and an examination will
prove the correctness of thisjudgHment.
W. J. Stanley is the agent for Jackson
county, with the exception of Apph
gate precinct and he will soon give the
public an opportunity to examine and
subscribe for the work.
Grass "Lodge Officer? , I. .). O. F.
This body rnet atvSalem on the T5th
insts and elected4 the following grand
lodge officers, for the combg jear:
Grand Master 'John A'.sJSoyerlof
Jacksonville; Deputy Grand Master,
Cliai. Sitton of Portland; G. W,, J
J. Waltrn of Eugemj Citv; Grand Sec
retary, J. M. Bicon of Oregon City;
G. T., I. R. Moores of Salem. I. 6.
B irker of Salem and W. J. Snodgras.s
of La Grande were tlected RepresenAa
lives to the Sovereign Grand Lod"e,
tho former for two years and the latter
for one. We are glad to hear of Mr.
Bover, our ft-lluw townsman, reaching
the high position of Grand Master of
thi order, and we predict that no one
will doubt his having filled it accepta
bly at the close of his term.
SCHU.MPF In Jacksonville, May
16ih, 1882, Maria, wife of George
Schumpf, of consumption of the
bowels, in the 45th vear of her age,
a native of the county Clare, Ireland,
and formerly of Philadelphia.
Let her sleep the eternal rest J
The just mav never fear;
Her past and future will bo blessed,
Her friends -"ill weep a tear.
But God has greatest mercy shown
To call her to the Redeemer's thmne.
Masonic Temple iu Jacksonville,
May 17th, 1882, by Rev. M.'A.
Williams, Dr. J. W. Robinson and
Mias Tiltie MHler, second dauphur
of John Miller Esq., al of Jack.
noavHIe! -
' " r ' J " -' n v
Wednesday evening the
On Wednesday evening the 17th
instant, the nuptvtls of Dr. J. W.
Robinson and Miss Tillie, second
daughterfof John Miller, Eq.'wcre
celebrated in the Masonic Hall at 9
P. it , aud the occasion will be remem
bered as the most brilliant and pleas
ant o the.kind .that ever occurred in
Jacksonville. J. he spacious hall was
ta-sieful)yTdecratet! and Jat,idi early
hour. the invited cuc.stsber.an to assem
ble, one hundred and fifty carlUliav'inJ;
been issued.. Extending across frou
the summits of the pillars in front of
the ".Masters turone was an ever
green arch, from the center of which
was susjion-led a beautiful floral liell,
and at precisely 9 o'clock, while Miss
Carrie Beekman performed the wedding
tvsrcli, the bridal couple advanced and
took, their positions under the; bell.
The bride was exquisitely attired in
cream colored satin delaine made
I "princess" ana elegantly trimmed with
banis.li lace. On her head was a
veil of white tullo with the conventional
wreath of orange blossoms, and she
looked, as she was, the sweetest and
daintiest bride that was ever won from
among the daughters of Jacksonville.
The groom; looking his best, stood the
trying ordeal of inoiuenUry expectancy
bravely until the venerable Mr. Wil
liams, in his most impressive and
tombing ceremonial pronounced the
twain oue flesh. The hearty congrat
ulations of friends were warm and
sincere, for there are none here who
do not feet the deepest interest in the
future of this joung couple, who have
promised to love and cherish each
other forever and foiever ; to be parted
alone by the hand of Him who joined
them together. And may we be per
mitted to extend congratulations; and
hopR that every tuomeiit of their future
may be as bright and cloudless ns that
Fpent under the "marriage bell," and
that their whole life may be musical
with the sweet chimes that angels
mingle with the mutual lovo und trust
of .those who live for each other. After
the ceremony and congratulations the
guests adjourned to the club room
adjoining, where the supper tables
weie laden most bountifully with every
delicacy that could be thought of and
where ample room had been pro
vided. There was not the slightest
confusion and the large number of
guests seemed to enjoy the marriage
feast vvi'h real zest and pleasure, lin
gering until a late hour and seeming
loth to disperse. The presents from
relatives and intimate friends were
numerous and very elegant, many of
them costly and such as will be tteas
ured always in kind remembrance of
the giver recalling the sweet
moment when, under tho "maeriHge
bell," the plighted faith and love of two
souls was cemented into a tie that only
the lfand of God may uiito&t.
Following. !s a list of tho presents:
Pair pL'. bracelets set with pearls pre
.n,ed by tho groom; Walnut 'hedtomn
set and China tea service, Iry Mrs. N.
Robinson; Two large chromos elegant
ly framed by Air. ant Mrs. Weather
fold, of Salem; Set silver tablespoons
by Mrs. Leuch; Lurgn silver waiter by
Mr. and Mrs. C. C Beekmsn; Red sat
initoilet set by Mr. aud Mrs. Nickell;
Silver card receiver and boquet holder
by Mr. and Mrs. Newman Fisher; Sil
ver sugar bowl by Miss Annie Miller;
Silvtr cake basket by Mis Kate Hoff
man; Silver cake basket by Mr. and
Mrs. John Tupper; Set silver teaspoons
in case by Mr. and Mrs. H. Pape; Sil
ver tickle castor by Miss Cora Linn,
Silver cake ItastTet b) Mr? nrid'Mrs. H!
v. Helms; Silver sugar spoon in case by
Mr. mid Mrs. Chas. Pi im; Silver salt
and pepper stand and napkin ring by
Mr. and Mn. T. B. Kent; Silver svrup
pitcher by llr. nndMrs. F. Luy; Silver
napkin ring with salt and pepper stand
by Sol Wise; Silver teaspoons in case
by J. Boyerj Pair silver unpkin rings'
by Mrs. Qlwnchain; Pair large vases
by Misses Ish; Rocking chair by Tod
Cameron; Pink satin toilet set by Dr.
and Mrs.Aikcn; Largo stand lamp by
Mr. and Mrs. Kr.iuse; Clock and soup
tureeu by Mr. and Mrst Jacolts; -Pink
toiletet by Mr. and Miss Smith; Ster
eoscope and views by Miss Britt, Lace
bed spread aud shams by T. G. Realm s;
Damask table, cloth aud nnpkins by
Mrs Judge Hnnna; Gilt cigar stand
by Willie Leech; Set china cups and
saucers by Mr. aud Mrs, Howard; Set
glass sauce dishes by Miss Nrttisi How
ard; Parlor chandelier by TV Furrv and
sister; Large s.t-.nd lamp by Mr." and
Mrs. Minpus; Wood saw, ax and saw
buck by "Red Front"; Oil painting,
representing bride and groom, mar
riaj; bell etc. by Misr Anna Benner
her own work; China bread dish by
Mr. aud Mrs. WatsonjTabJe linen and
nankins by Mr. and Mrs. Prim; Bed
pread by Miss Aba Ross and Mrs.
Evan Ti'eames; Large chrochet tidy by
Jlrs. Ivreutzer; Bed spread by Veit
Shulz; Sot vases by Mr. and Mrs.
Chris Ulrich; Set carvers by Mr, and
Mrs. Max Muller; Sat knives and forks
by Annie liilger; Set glass dishes by
Mrs. Judge 'Day: Fancy tattd cover
ami glass pitcher by F. Heber; White
celluloid comb, btush and glass by A.
Bameburg; Lace tidy by Mrs. Furry;
Bonk by Prof. A. . Johnson; Stew
pan and coffee pot A. H. Ma:gtey; Ta
lile linen and napkins by Mr. und Mrs.
Grobe; Threo sacks flour and ham by
T. T. McKenzie; Mam by Mr. Furry;
Kitchen outfit from Chan. Hanna, J.
R. Little and H Pape.
Loxa Service Prof. John B. Far
ley one of the best educators of this
county reached twenty years and eight
raon'ths rervice as a public school leach
pr last Friday. Mr. Farley thinks that
in four months more he will be entitled
to vote as twenty one years'devoted to
public instruction ought to invest any
one even an Irishman -t-with citizen
ship. You are right John aud entitle
a roan to public rtpoctif not to u pension.
Following is a list of patents in the
Land Office at Roseburg, waiting to be
called for. Before sending for your
patents read what W. i. Benjamin
.Register, has to say about surrender
ing duplicate receipts :
Jackson county H. Itice, Samuel
Bozell, Rosa Rcillr, Ttagsdale, I.
Rees, I. Q. Smith, G. W. Stowell, J.
Sturbrick, Jacob Smith, C. Slagle,
f William Sorensen, W. F. Wilkinson,
O. Weare, A. I. .Vutts.
Josephine County H. Simpkin'1,
M. J). Tolin, B- M. Thompson, O. W.
Wimer, W. York, G.W. Yokum.
JacksonCounty G. W. Apger, T.
J. Allen, Ed. Brooks, Henry Boat,
Thomas Bickmore, J. W. Barckdull,
Mark Conger, A. J. Cook, M. Chap
man, Joseph Clift, J. M. Childers,
William Coutner, A. D. Carlton, W.
Croxton, Heurv Davis, A. Darueille,
J. D. Fountain," B F. OotcheUe, Ed.
Graupner, John H. Haufc.'m, W. II.
Hamlin, T. J. Howard, F. L. Xob'ison
Knighten, A. IL Kincaid, J
Looruis, C. W. Leake, J. J. Lucy, L
B. Low. T. Miller, M. A. Ml ler,
Thomas Mw, S. E. Morrison, J. K.
Moore. F. M. Miller, E. B. McKnee,
McDoldt, William Oliver, P. N.
Olviat, O. Olster, A. Owen, O. E.
Rose, A Rumnell, J. H. Knutzen, J.
B. Rodcers, John Roten, Chas. Agpe,
T. A Fountain, L. B. G. Hall, T. G.
Harmon, J. A. Ilawke. D. L. Hopkins,
Jacob Lueinger, J. Q. Lanterman,
R. Murry, McDanie, H. Miller,
Delia Noland, W. H. Ober, J M.
Pavne, P. R. Pratt, W. A. Rumlev,
T. W. Reed, J. W. Stockbarger, G. W
Sturgeon, D. Sheehan.
Persons claiming patents must sur
render duplicate receipts, if in their
possession or can be obtained of tho-e
in possession of them ; but if th
duplicate receipt is lot, destroyed or
beyond the cluimnnt's control, an alfi
davit accounting for its absence, that
the claimant is the present owner of
the land patented, and that the ntj'uln
vit is made for the purpose of inuring
patent for the same. By obsei ving the
above instructions, parties desiring
patents will save themselves much
trouble and delay in getting them.
W. F. Benjamin, Register.
ti9nc Home
On Tuesday, Mr. Maria SchumpF,
wife of George Schumpf, of this pluce,
was called away after a painful and
lingering illness of over two months
and on Wednesday her remains w ere
followed to the grave by a large iium
ber of friends. Mrs. Schumpf was a
native of the county Clan-, Ireland,
long a resident of Philadelphia and a
siiter of the late Mathew. Dillon well re
membered here. She was a firm and de
voted belieyer in tho Catholic faith, a
worthy and devoted wife and lay down
to rest in the beautiful faith that
smooths the pillow- of the dviin:
mid lemnves the stones from the
daily path trodden by poor
mortality. A moat touching ami im
pressive sermon was preached by F.uh
er Blanchet, her , pntor, and all that
was mortal of a beloved wife was laid
away in the beautiful ground belong
ing to the Catholic Church to wait for
the coming and for the peaco eternal
dial after all is the tlm greatest boon
vouchsafed humanity May the rest
be peaceful!"' Mrs. Schumpf leaves no
children but a husband aud many
friends to mourn for her.
Homicide In Uaaslas County.
Friday morning L. C. Hill shot and
instantly killed'his brother in law, Ca
leb Young, in front of the postollice
There had been a family feud existing
between them for some time. It up
p-ars that Hill, in a lit of anger, pun
ished his stejt-daughter for refusing to
obey him. This so incensed her r-la
tives that they sent him n written no
tice to settle up and leave the country
in twelve hours. Hill, not wishing tn
be forced to leave-, remained in t;n
until tho next morning. WhiJ;. stand
ing on the porcb itj front of the post
office Young drove up and jumped off
his wagon ami approached Hill in
threatening manner, ufciiuj insulting
language, when Hill shot with an X.
L- revolver, forty calibre, instantly
killing him. Hill was immediately ar
rested and taken to Rosoburg. while
the Qrand Jury was in session and in
dicted for murder iu the first degree.
He wi 1 bo tried at a special term of
Court to bo held iu July.
tly I'n I renal Arronl
Ayer's Cathartic Pills ure tho best
of all purgative fur family use. They
are the product of long, laborious, nnd
successful chemical investigation, and
tlitdr extensive ue, by physicians in
their practice, and by all civilized na
tions, prove them the bet and most
effectual purgative Pill that medical
science can devise. Being purelj veg
etable no harm can arise from their
use. Iu intrinsic value and curative
powers no other Pills can be compared
with them, and every person, knowing
their virtues, will einplcy them, when
needed. They keep the system in per
feci order, anil maintain in heulihy ac
tion the whele machinery of life.
Mild, searching and effectual, they are
esjieciiilly adapted to the needs of the
digestive apparatus, derangements of
which they prevent and cure, if tiimlv
taken. They are the best nnd safest
plijrsis to employ for children and
weakened constitutions, where a mild
but effectual cathartic is required.
For Sale by all Dealers.
ot to le Suezed at.
That ure, sweet, safe and effective
American distillation of with huzel,
American pine, Canada fir, marigold
and clover blossom, called Smiford'a
Radical Cuio for Catarrh. A few
doses instantly relieve the most violent
meeting or head cold, top all watery
discharges from the nose aud eye, cure
headache and nervousness, and banish
, ill danger wf fever. Completo treat
. ...
John Ilailcr, one of tho new con
tractors mi tint Redding Roseburg
route, went north, on Thursday to
Roseburg. The new company is get
ting eveiythitig in readiness to begin
service ou July 1st, the stock, stages
and nil other property of tha present
company having been purchased, bjr
Mr. Ilailey in San, Fraucisco. Hajler
has aNo full control of all important
stage lines east of the mountains and
in Southern Idaho, Sanderson having
transferred a controlling interest to
him which had been previously pur
chased from "U joiner." There will be
no increase iu the service over the
Redding Roseburg routp, the report
that a doub'c daily was to be put on
being untrue nnd made out of whole
cloth. The formal transfer of the
property ou this line will not be made
until late in June.
For Sheriff.
I hereby nnnounc" Hint I nro a candi
date for Sheriff of Jackson county, inde
pendent of all p irtics or "rings, subject
only lo IheiUcision of the voters in June
anu ai'COtmtaUo only to I lie people for my
official conduct if elected, jlv p atform is
my rccoid as a citizen of Jackson county.
Jackson vil c, May 0th, 1SS2.
For Co. Commissioner".
The Undersigned announces himself as
an Independent candidate forCounty 'Vmi
missuiei at the ensuing e ection, subject
to the votes of the citizens of Jackson
county. My platform 1 j economy and re
trenchment P. N. FICSE,
For District Attorney.
I respectfully announce myself as an In.
dependent candidate for the office of Dis
Ir'ut Attorney tor the First Jitdiclil Dis
trict cf Oregon, subject to the decision of
the voters of slid District at the (lection
in June. , J.W. MERRIlT.
Jacksonville, May Gilt. 1882.
3Tojc" Tronsuror.
To tho voters of .Tackwn county. At the
solicitation ot many friends of a'll parties.
Ih rcby nnnouftce mye f a3 an indepen
dent eandidatc for Countv 'treasurer, at
the next June e tction. and I would think
the majority to stand in.
Jacksonville, Vy Cth, ItsSJ.
" J" HAVE hern -ifllfcted for twenty years
I with an obstinate skin disease, called
by some 31. D.'s Psoriasis, and others
Li pny, commencing on mysraln, and,
in spite of all I could ilo, with the help of
the most skil tul iloctcrs. It sowly but
surely extended until ajrear ago this win
ter it covend my entire person in form of,
dry scales. For the last three years I have
been unable to do nnj labor, nnd suffering
intensely til 1 the time. Every morning
there could bo nearly a dustpantul n
fi-alcs tnlvXM lrom the sheet on my bed,
some of them half ns large its tho envelope
containing this letter. J;i thu latter part
of the v Intc r my skin commenced cracking
open, I tiicd" cvcrvlhlng, almost, that
coil d bethought ol,- vv ihout any relief.
i-t. in. . e i t .. .1 iv-. . : i.--
IIJ KU IU J IUIU 1 Mill III' It CSV, 111 HOlJr
I could reieli the Hot Springs. I reached
Detroit, and was mj low I thought I should
have to go to the hospital, but finally got
as far ns Lansing, Jlicli. where I had a
sister living. One Dr. treatrd mn
about two w et ks. but did me no good. AH
thought I h id but a short time to live. I
earnestly prayed to die. Cracked through
the skin nil over my back, across my ribs,
arms, hands, limbs." feet badly swoolen. toe
nails came off. Anger nails dead snd hsrd
as hone, hair dead, dry and lifeless as old
straw. Oh, my God ! how I did suffer!
"My sister, Mrs. E. II. Davis, had s
smill put of a box of Cuticura in tha
house. She wou dn't giye up; said 'Vf
will Iry Cutinira. Somo was applied on
one hand and trm. Eureka! there was r
lief, stopped thetcrrilile bnrnins sensation
fiom llie "vvoid go. They immediately trot
the Oitieuri li solvent ihlood purifier).
Cuticura and CutictiriPoip (the great skin
ritre-.) I commenced by taking one table
spoonfu' of Resolvent three times a day,
nftermea s; Ind a bath encc a day, waUr
about blood heat: used Cuticura Soap
frrclv: implied Cuticura morninsr anH
evening. Result, ret in net! to mv homo la
jiM six week" from the time I left, nnd my
skin ns smooth n this sliect or piper.
Tlcndercon. Jefferson ( o , N. Y.
Sworn tn before trie thi 10th day of
January, 1SS0.
A. Jl. J-cr rinuivjiiiij,
Justice of the Pc&ct.
Cn'tcnr' pf m d'" nrc for sile by all
dni!:s;i;ts. Trice orCcrirrnv, n Medicinal
Jelly, smill boxes, -in.: lanre Ikixcs $1 ; Oct-
trait Rf.soi.vest, tin new Blood purine',
1 p-r bottle. Crnrrnv Mfpicinai.
Tott.FT Snxr. 25e.: Ct-nrvnA MF.mciSAi.
Siiwino Soai 1!W. in lvtrs for barbers
end larje ronnm"rs IV. Principal
depot, "WEEKS & POTTTn.
lioston, Nasi.
Sanford's Radical Cura.
A c!nrl ltncotntt.nfltr rn'ti.Teo the mnt
violent sneezing or Head Colds, clears tha
head as by in igic, stops watery discharge
from the nose nnd eyes, prevents ringing
noise in the head, cures Nervous Head
achu and subdues Chills and Fever. Iu
chronic Calunh it cleanses the nasal pas,
ages of foul juurns, restores the senesof
smell, taste and hearLns when affected,
frees the he.ul, throjt unit bronchial tubes
of offensive matter, sweetens and punfli
the breath, stops the rough and arrests th
progress of cainrih towards consumption.
One bottle Radical Cure, one box Ca.
tarrhal Solvent and Sinford's Inhaler, all
la one package, of all druggists for f 1.
Ask for SA.ono's Radical Cure.
100 Timfs ypnc IT
kectuai. than any oili.
or plaster or electric
lattery for pain and
weakness of the Lungs,
Liver. Uidneys ami
Urinary organs. Partial
fi, TZ!zl.aCt i'ara'ysis, KheuinatUta
-iijivi" iscuroiKis, uysiens,
Fcmilo Yeaknes3. Nervous Paiui and
AVeaknetwes. Malaria and Fever and An.
vyli til Jja2JS22Ju
, meat icr ju dollar.
i Price "35c. Sold overywhexo.