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Saturday, April 30, 1881.
Land OCIrcal Kosrlmrs. Ocn.1
.lime :tO, 1X80. J
To AH AVhom It may Concern:
Xuilrc Ih hereby glicn Hint 1 bnve drsl;
SHitnl llm OKECUN l'..TINi:i, an llic pnper
tn Mlilck I uliall Itcrcatlrr imlilltli nil pr
ranntlous homolruil mid nppllcallou
far mlnlns pnlrnU for InniU lylnc nrar
A.icltitiilIc, J.ieion couuly, Orison.
W. T. r.r.XJAIIIV. Bt-ltcr.
1 L '
Fok Lake County Gen John F.
Miller of Salem passed through town
tan Thursday on his way to his ranch
in Lake county with a band of twenty
five fine brood marcs.
Robbkrt. List Sunday morning,
while taking a nap at one of our livery
stables, John Montgomery was robbed
of 60 in money. No clue has yet been
found as to whom the guilty party is.
Fon Sale Cheap. A good span of
liorscs and harness, and a good plat
form spring wagon can be bought
cheap for cosh by calling upon Rev. D.
rowell at the M.' ii, parsonage in
Portland To Boston A grand
trans continental excursion ill be
made some time next week from Port
land to the "Hub" City. The fare is
extremely low and particulars may be
.had at the St Charles Hotel in Port
land. Social Daxce. A May Day party
"will be held at Lavenburg's hall in
Phoenix on Monday evening, May 2d.
Good music and supper will bo pro
vided by Mrs. Lavenburg, and a gen
eral invitation is cxtonded. Tickets,
52 00.
A Fine ITonsr. Dead. Mambrino
Chief, the fine stallion owned by Major
Barron, died at the Mountain House
of lung fever on Tuesday evening last
This will prove quite a loss to tho
btock raisers of Jackson county and a
greater loss to his owner.
Attended Couht. Tho following
Jacksonvillians paid Kerbyville a visit
this week during tho session of the
Circuit Court: Judge H. K. Hanna,
District Attorney, T. B. Kent, A. C.
Jones, 13. II. Autenrieth, P. P. Prim,
K. Kubli, Cha. Nickell and W. .J.
Suicide ix Laxoeli. Vallet. On
the night of April 20th tho wife of
Xouis Lamb, residing in Langell valley,
Luke county, committed suicide by
taking poison. A Coroner's inquest,
held next daj', rendered a verdict in ac
cordance willi the above facts but dis
covered no reason whatever for the
rash act.
Broom Manufacture. E. F. Wal
ker will soon commence the manufac
ture of broom having tho product of
fcpenty fprudBfces.nf lipiom corn to
nrK uj). lie has secured the services
a good workfcian nnd will have
p.liout 4000 broo.ns in market noon.
JOur people hhouU make a point to
latronize such home industries.
Stock Ix Lakb Coujity. Lake
county 1ms been much benefitted by a
warm, gentle lain which has given the
grain and grass a fine start Stock
arc fattening fast and will be ready
for market by the last of June and
cattle buyers can roll into Lake county,
with their cash any time within a
month and make good investments.
For Ueddixu. Joe Beggs started
for Redding on Thursday, with two
teams taking with him about 18,000 lbs,
mostly forage for tho Stage company.
He expects to haul from Redding to
Jacksonville nil summer as ho will al
ways' be ussuied of back freight and
the cost of freights will be just about
tho same from San Francisco as by
way of Portland nnd Roseburg.
A Bigamist. Wo learn that Dr. C.
IL Cox, the muchly married man, has
gone to Lake county to locate. Since
his departuie letters have bien receiv
ed here from his lirst father-in-law
htatiug that lie has never been divorced
from his lirst wife, who with her two
children, is still living at Dallas, Polk,
county, and it was their desire to see
him prosecuted for bigamy. He would
better move to Utah.
Passed Tiiuoucii. Ryestraw, the
champion running horse of the Oregon
turf, passed through the valley this
week on his way to San Francisco
where his owner, John F. Miller, pro
poses entering him in the 20,000 race
this fall. The liorso is in charge of
James 1?. Bybee, an experienced train
er, and wo predict that the winning
liorso in the race will hayo to make
good timo to beat the Oregon cham
pion. CnAXGE of Base. Mr. Henry
Judge has" removed his large harness
and saddler' stock to tho saloon build
ing next to Donegan's, the room form
erly occupied by tho telegraph office
being occupied by him as a work-shop.
The location is an excellent one and
displays the stock well and it is really
refreshing to see a saloon turned into a
place of honest industry, and there
could be no objection if some more of
them here wcro similarly transformed.
Caught at Last. We predicted a
year ago that our friend Sikcs Wordcn,
of the tirm of Thatcher & Worden, at
L'nkville, would got caught in a mat
rimonial net and it transpires; that on
Thursday next, May 5th, he is to bo
married to Miss Kate Pearson. The
wedding will be at the house of Capt
Ferreo and in advance 'we tender best
wishes. Only ono word, Sikes read
elsewhere our description of a brilliant
wedding, and if any friend brings you
a silver spoon, n perambulator, or any
of those safety pins, stick em in your
vest pocket and don't let cm get in the
papers give us u change.
Read the new advertisements.
Flour is quoted at 1.12 per sack
A. Fisher is expected hero in a few
Brockenfield-will receive new 'goods
next week.
Tho Police Court has not held a ses
sion this week.
Chili has determined to annex Peru
to its territory.
The County Coart will be ia session
next Wednesday.
Drummers are as thick as ants
around a molasses jug.
2Jo services will bo held in the M.
E. Church next Sunday.
Tip Justus and wife havo charge of
the county hospital now.
Dan Sheehan, of Josephine county,
paid us a vi-sit this week.
James Kincaid and kister returned
from Roseburg this week.
Mrs. Samuel Taylor is in town from
Applegate visiting friends.
Mrs. and Miss Prim keep tho latest
in hats and -millinery goods. -
G. Karewski is expected back from
his Eastern trip next Wednesday.
Parliament will build a monument
to Beaconsfield near Westminister.
Last Tuesday was the 62d anniver
sary of Odd Fellowship in this country.
Singer sewing machines, the best in
tho market, at Feather's Singer Agency.
Several surveying parties will start
out from Jacksonville about July 1st.
We hear of several weddings to take
place soon but we have promised not
to tell.
Dr. W. Jackson returned this week
from a professional visit to Josephine
The anti-treating law of Wisconsin
has been tested and declared unconsti
tutional. James S. Howard and his daughter,
Nettie, are expected back from Port
land to morrow.
Sheriff Bybee offers some desirable
property for sale by advertisement in
another column.
Capt Caton says that violent exer
cise on an empty stomach is the very
best cure for dyspepsia.
Miss Ida Klippcl, preceptress of the
Foot's creek academy, is expected home
to-day for a short visit
Chas. Strang, step-son of Dr. Vroo
man, is purveyor for several surveying
outfits in eastern Oregon.
Dr. Hostel, assisted by Dr. Brown,
performed a surgical operation on Wm.
Bleckeit's hand this week.
De Lesseps says ho will have his
great ship canal, across the Isthmus of
Darien, completed io 1885.
Hon. E. B. Watson, Judge of the
Supreme Court, is expected home
about the latter and of next week.
Dr. L. Danforth and family will
start for Idaho Territory next W ed
neday where they proposo locating.
Frank Kasshafcr is fitting up the
Old Franco-American as a saloon and
will open about the lirst of next week.
Isaac Doboll has some intention of
buying a farm in Kansas while there
where he will take his family to locate.
Joo Overbeck, formerly of Jackson
ville, is telegraphing for tho O. R. k.
N. Co. at a station cast of The Dalles.
If you want a pleasant meal or a
nice stopping place go to Taylor's at
the Applejate crossing and hitch up.
An interesting 'etter from H. Gas-
quet showing the true htate of the C.
U. wagon road win be published next
F. M. Plymalo will start for Lako
county in a few days with n band of
175 head of cattle gathered -in this
We aro under obligations to Peter
Britt for soiuo cauliflower raised on
his p'ace one stock weighing near six
Bilger it Maegly will receive some
of their new goods to-day. Several of
tho celebrated Walter A. Woods mow
ers are in the lot
Fred Ottcn has just received a sup
ply of Kennedy's repeating rifles. They
are acknowledged as an improvement
on the Winchester.
Portland is to have grand 4 th of
July celebration which will includo
boat racing, horse racing and other
patriotic exercises.
A paper is to be started at Etna,
Siskiyou county to bo called the Eye.
if its politics are Republican it will be
called a black Eye.
M. Marks has opened a tailor shop
in E. Jacobs' store where you can get
a new suit made to order or get your
old clothes cleaned up.
Jerry Nunan started for San Fran
cisco on yesterday's stage to purchase
a stock of goods for tho store ho pro
poses opening here soon.
A great failure of crops in England
is feared on account of drouth. Such
a result will make a good market for
Oregon wheat next fall.
Charles Hughes and M. Ryder are
tho delegates from Kerbyvillo Lodge,
L O. O. F., to the Grand Lodge to
meet at Portland on May 17th.
Wni. and Walter Ruble, of Cayote
creek, have been in town all week tak
ing depositions in the case of H. Kelly
vs. Wm. and Walter Ruble et. al.
Only about 500 remains delinquent
on the real estate assessed in this coun
ty for 1880. This speaks well for our
Shoriff and Deputy as tax collectors.
A man named Newcourt has been
murdered at Empire City. Two sons
of Jake Evans and a son of J. T. Jor
don have been arrested on suspicion.
Deputy Sheriff Caton wilj offer some
personal property belonging to Dr.
Cox, and consisting of furniture, etc.,
for sale at aucticn on Saturday, May
There is a great deal of opposition
to oleomargerine or "bull butter." It
is hard to understand why; as it "ranks"
higher than any gilt edged butter ever
Most all of the horses in this section
are again afflicted with tho epizootic.
The stage company will probably have
to delay changing to fast time on this
J. W. Robb, a prominent citizen of
Astoria was shot dead on April 25th
by J. G. Robeson. The killing was
supposed to be en account of business
Walter Jackson, solicitor for the
house of P. Wasserman & Co. left for
Portland yesterday. Walter is net
a mere drummer but is a whole band
of music.
Mary had a little lamb, its fleece
was whito as, snow, she washed it off
wilh""Mensor'H soan. and that's whnt
made it so. Call at M. Mensor's and
buy some.
A. A. Fink of Roseburg passed
through the valley yesterday with a
band of over 500 cattle bound for the
Lake country. His family accom
panied him.
Norman, the Yreka jail breaker, is
still supposed to bo in this section, hav
ing crossed the Klamath river one day
this week. Deputy Sheriff Hendricks
is in pursuit.
The Scientific American thinks
babies should have a market value like
pigs and then the government would
investigate the exorbitait death rate
among them.
Our friend J. II. Hoffman has ar
rived at his home in Lakeview and im
mediately registered in both hotels.
"Harry" must have had short rations
on the road home.
Tho Jacksonville steam mills are
again running on full time having com
menced last Monday. Parties having
wheat for this mill are. requested to
bring it in at once.
Rev. M. C. Miller writes, that on
account of sore throat he will only
preach once to-morrow at Ileber
Grove 3:30 P. jr., and will not be in
Mai-zanita or Jacksonville.
Horace Tsh, of Warner valley, was
in town several days this week. Dick
Ish has charge of the band of Jiorsss
belonging to tho estate of Jacob Ish,
deceased, during his absence.
Our Deputy Sheriff was slightly un
der the weather last week but we are
pleased to say that he has recovered
and is now: fully able to attend to any
business entrusted to his care.
Social parties will bo held on May
2d nt 1 Idlings, on Poormaii's creek, at
White Bros.' hotel at Rock Point ami
at Lavenburg's hall at Phoenix. No
lack of amusement on that day.
D. II. Feathers, the "bon ton" tailor
of this place can now ha found at the
old place, next, to Dr. Aiken's, having
removed to make way for Mr. Judge.
Go and see him if you want fits.
ThePort Orford Postsavsthat Henry
Ro.oenbrook, charged with the murder
of Wm. Black at Big Meadows on
Rogup river, last December, has been
committed to jail in Ellensburg.
Nixon of Yreka proposes to issue a
daily soon. Wo hope he may bo able
as his enterprise deserves a reward and
a "daily" is the highest point of am
bition looked up at by the printer.
The Yreka Journal Fays a saloon in
Yreka furnishes an elegant drink call
ed an "elevator." We have establish
ments here that set out "settlers," cal
culated to settle anything but a whisky
Robert Taylor, mnnagp r for Jcse D.
Carr of Clear Lake left the valley on
Saturday with 750 cattle mostly pur
chased in Josephine county, to be
fattened on the ranges in the Klamath
Remember the races here on May
2Gth, 27th nnd 28th. Everything
will be conducted on the square and
no swindling gambling games will -be
allowed on tho track. A largo crowd
is looked for.
We aro under obligations to Lieut.
Thos. W. Syinons, Chief Engineer De
partment of the Columbia, fnr bi& tn.
nual report, which includes an account
ot his work: between here and Rose
burg in 1880.
Henry Brown informs us that the
horses in the Butte creek rpgion are
generally affected with tho epizootic
but the disease is mild. He thinks it
will make considerable difference in the
increase this season.
Fisher & Colin have determined on
closing out their business here and nre
offering their goods for sale at cost.
They are in earnest and mean just
what they say, as an examination of
their prices will prove.
Rumor says that one of our most
popular teamsters between here and
Roseburg proposes joining tho majority
tomorrow. He is now a Freeman, but
will he bo a free man when ho gets the
silken bonds around him
The Board of Pacific coast engineers
estimate the cost of a break-water at
Port Orford at 4,114,369. This is
the minimum estimate and a majority
of the Board still think it tho special
point for a harbor of refuge.
There will be a social dance on May
20th at Sam TaylorV, the old Benedict
stand, on Applegate. The j-rofits are
to go to the public school. If you
want a nice time just go, contribute
your mito and havo lots of fun.
The Mercury gives J- P. Thompson,
Mayor of Portland, icredit for having
induced Villard to. buy out tho O. S.
N. Co. and also shows that the hand of
John II. Mitchell is visible in the trans
action so boneficial to,PortIand.
B. F. Reeser, of Ashland, is now
tho age'nt for the celebraled Osborn it
Co.'s farming machinery. He is a
square dealer and invites the public to
read his offers before purchasing else
whereread his advertisement.
Among the appropriations for the
Department of Agriculture, made by
the 4Gth Congress, is ne of 17,000 to
continue experiments in the manufac
ture of sorghum sugar. 10,000 is
also given to experiment with beet
Sheriff B bee has deferred his visit
to Oakland, Cal., but instead, will so
journ for a few weeks at the Emeline
Quicksilver mine across tho Siskiyou
mountain and regain health by drink
ing of ihe iron and soda springs in that
General Miller, who was hero this
week, expresses a very decided opinion
that we are at lost to have a railroad
into Jackson county. It must be con
fessedt, that the "indicat ions, are vcrv
f -'LI' 1 l" ,.-... J
larorauio auu,we.np;ins'Opinion ni ay
be correct.
The only strange ' thing about the
Mahono business is that, so pure a
party as that which claims his allegi
ance, is so anxious to havo such a
"deeply dyed traitor and villain" re
turn to its ranks politics,liko poverty,
makes strange bed fellows.
Sheriff Bybee started on Wednesday
with a private conveyance for Oak
land, Oregon. He was accompanied
by A. W. Hawkett who is going to
Portland to. attend to a suit in the U.
S. Court. Mr. Bybee will probably
be back by next Thusrday.
The Indians in Dakota aro vory in
dustrious. They are now engaged in
scooping in wood choppers and white
hunters with their little rifles. All
this conies from the Senatorial dead
lock which prevents a head for tho In
dian Department being appointed.
Whitelaw Reid of tho N. Y. Trib
une has just married a daughter of the
banker D. O. Mills and the bride's
father makes a wedding present of
55,000,000. That may be called a
"fat take" and there's many a poor
printer would take it even without a
John IT., eldest son of ox-Senator
John II. Mivhcll, has graduated at
Ann Arbor, Mich., Law School at the
head of a class of one hundred and
sixty students. His father, himself
one of the distinguished lawyers of Ore
gon," shcaUV'be fisqud ofjlis, jbou's
Messrs. Walker and Wrislov
nlauted bout'sixtpen?acrps of. Amlie
cane. most'oLvh'itnTwvldok'in!?' well
Several olhcnfpnrtifsvftre alsoVperi
menting with it, among thvin John
Watson who has planted an aero from
which to make syrup and sugar for his
own household. '
Corn soaked in a solution of chloride
of lime and copperas, equal parts,
comes up as quick again as dry corn
nnd urows faster. As planting will be
late this year with many of our valley
farmers one ought to be sure of the vi
tality of his seed and not los any time.
The above experiment will help very
Tho Ladies' Bazaar, with Mrs. Evan
Roames and Miss Aba Ross in charge,
will be open to-day for business. Onlr
a portion of their goods have arrived
but another installment will arrivo in a
few days. Tho latest styles in every
thing required by the fair sex will
always be kept and their prices will be
A hog and mutton, that were slaugh
tcrcd and dressed for John Orth's meat
matket, wero stolen from his slaughter
house on last Tuesday evening. John
ny says ho would not have cared so
much for the loss if they had only giv
en him Rome warning so that he could
have killed othrrs to supply his cus
tomers next morning.
Hon. M. C. Georg has returned to
his home in East Portland in good
health and spirits. His experience in
Washington last winter, where ho was
only a looker on, will be of much ad
vantage to him at the next meeting of
Congress and those who expect in bim
an honest and live representative of
Oregon will not be disappointed.
A cedar log has been found in ono
of the Galice creek mining claims at a
depth of over one hundred, feet The
wood is perfectly snrid, sjfcipfr1 neariy-
ly no heavier than if it liad always
been exposed to the air. Jt is a prob
lem, how and when it was buried un
der such a mass of earthy matter.
George Milo Dutcher of Wilming
ton, Del., and Hon. Mrs. Judge Wat
son of Philadelphia gavo two temper
perance lectures hero on Friday ami
Saturday evenings, last They had
been preceded by a brief item in the
N. Y. Christian Advocate, of March
17th, advising decent people to give
them a wide berth and their receipts
were light; so they quietly slid out
Characterless people nre hardly the
persons to work temperance or other
reform b.
A story is told en an- editor who
died and went to heaven, but was do
med admittance, lest he meet a delin
quent subscriber and bad feelings be
called up to tho detriment of that
peaceful abode. Having to go some
where the editor next appeared in the
regins of darkness, but was -positively
refused admittance, as the -place was
full of delinquents; wearily , tho editor
turned back to tho celestial city, and
was met by the watchman at the por
tals who smiled and said: ". was mis
taken; you can come in; there is not a
delinquent subscriber in V heaven."
Kind delinquent subscriber does this
;'ketch you?'
Miners on Cayote creek have gsner
ally cleaned up with fair returns for
their labor.
John Montgomery has cleaned up
1600 for the season's work on the
ground leased from the Dean brothers,
at Willow Springs.
Tho large .hydraulic mines of the
Blue Gravel and English companies at
Galice have discontinued piping on
account of failure of water.
The Schumpf tunnel is still being
vigorously pushed ahead. It is yet in
hard rock with about fifty feet to run
before the lode can be struck.
Green Bros, of- Galice creek, are fcHl
engaged on a new tunnel but are con
tinually washing quartz which yields
from forty to fifty dollars per ton.
Alex Watts of Williams creek ro
ports suspension of operations for the
season. He runs a small hydraulic and
averaged 12 per day for the season.
Sturgis it Beckner aro now engaged
in cleaning up on Jackass creek. Their
gound is panning out well and within
tho past two weeks they have picked
up about 300 on the bed rock.
J. T. Lavton, of Applpgate, hasfsent
"fori 200 feet- of I5fnch'hydraulic?pipte
and will lay down the old Bolt iluino
which was torn out 1-at winter. His
claim is said to be yielding very satis
fajto.ily. A new tunnel to strike the Ilolman
ledge, between the branches of Jackson
creefe, at a greater depth is spoken of.
Wcro that hill in Nevada or California
it would have been honey corned with
tunnels long ago.
Tho claim of Saltmarsh, Klum it Co.
is evidently yielding well, as last week,
two piece.s of gold were picked up in
the ground sluice, ono weighing 14
and the other 30. Work of cleaning
up in this mine has not yet commenc
ed. Tho claim of Hosmcr, Lanco it Duf
fiehl on Foot's creek must have some
rich pay in it It will average twenty
feet in depth and every cubic foot will
yield twenty five cents. Only1 a quar
ter acre has been worked off, yielding
over 10,000.
Superintendent Ennis of the Sterling
hydraulic has piped oil' about seven
acrQs of very rich ground the present
season with a good prospect for over
two months more of a full head of
water. Work on the ditch extension
is going steadily on and next winter
three giants will be used.
Barksdale and Cunningham havo
struck very rich quartz in their tunnel
in the Blackwell district. Tho quartz,
which is quite yellow with free gold,
-Uvassjiruckjn tho top of the tunnel, is
nearly a foo wide aud"ffao"o ners-feel
sanguine that they have a valuable
pocket The rock just discovered
yield)--, in a hand mortar,- 24 to the
Bp.eakixg Houses. Henri Brown
of Little Butte has lately been engaged
breaking hoiscs. Last Saturday he
had for the first time succeeded in put
ting the rope halter on a four yoar old
filly and tied it to a tree. The animal
not relishing the enforced disciplin and
in its effort to break away got entan
gled in tho rope, fell to the ground and
broke one of its fore legs. On the
following day, (Sunday) Mr. Brown
broko another horse, this time a four
year old gelding, but with no belt r
success. , The animal would not stand
the rope at all, and jumping high in
tho nir fell backward with its head on
the hard ground and broke its skull.
To put an end to tho misery of the un
fortunate beast Mr. Brown had to kill
both of them. They were both of su
perior stock of horses and would have
been worth 100 .apiece if they had
outlived the breaking process.
Large Sale. Probably the largest
transfer of propf rty ever made in this
county has just been recorded in the
Clerk's office. The property consists
of all the realty, 5,550 acres of land,
with all improvements, all live stock,
agricultural implements and all other
personal property beronging to Wm.
Bybeo in Jackson county, the consid
eration therefor being 20,550.00.
The purchaser is Mr. Alex. Martin of
Oakland, who" had a large lien on the
property and the sale is said to be
quite satisfactory to all concerned.
The land is choice and in time must
become very valuable but Mr. Bybee's
failing health precluded him from
handling it longer. The family still
hold the dower of, Mrs. Bybee, two
hundred acresjiear-tovuij-on which-thci
hne family residence is built
Fossils Fousd. While tho excava
tors were at work on tho new ioad
leading from Paisley to the new saw
mill, last week, they unearthed tho
bones of some monstrous beast, some
of which have been sent to a United
States paleontologist at Philadelphia.
The teeth of this animal are very large
and indicate that their possessor was a
monstor. These molars are three or
four inches in length, by ono and a
half in width and ono in. thickness As
to the species of animal to which this
creature belonged, conjecture is var
ious. State Line Herald.
Josephixe Circuit Court. The
only business of any importance trans
acted at the April term of Circuit
Court for Josephine county was the
trial and conviction of two young men
named Wm. Parks and A. J. Bunch
for horso stealing. Judgo Hanna sen
tenced each to a term of ono year's
imprisonment in the penitentiary. No
new bills'were presented by the grand
Clothes Cleaxixo. Ladies' and
gentlemen's silk and woolen clothing
cleaned nnd repaired at reasonable
rates and made as good as new. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. Cull at my place
of business, next door to tho W. U.
Telegraph Office. Ricuakd Mee.
UUILLIIM Mil 111..
Granil Ditnlay of ttrliUl 1'rciruU.
The greatest event of the season was
the happy union of Thomas Jones, Esq.
and Miss Pully Maria Smith which
took place a few evenings sinco amid
the most "bon vivant raquet" Wo
sent our Mr. Jenkins to report and he
describes the affair as brilliant beyond
description. . The bride, belonging to
the well known Smith family, was "au
revoir" in every particular and leoked
a perfect "bijou" and the groom, rep
resenting a long line of Joneses, a very
solid man weighing 225 plump and
worth not less than 000,001. What
could be said to express the "resarchy"
cut of his apparrel and give an idea of
his "bon jour" and ci-devant grandeur!
During the impressive ceremony, tho
bride and groom stood gracefully un
der a" bell, composed of the leaves of
beautiful "cabbageiana" a little out of
season but contrasting sweetly with
the sprigs of Osage orange in the
brido's hair, which was tastefully ar
ranged by that princo of artists, " Pro
fessor Frizzeleihup. After the cera
mony, during which everybody blew
their noses, tho gifts wero . presented,
1st 10 cents in solid silver by the
elder Smith. 2d amagnificentcbromo
oLUio inthcrotlusCpjuitryjJrining.
wheii young, for an acrobat ono leg
up, presented by the mother inlaw.
3d. Imitation silver spoon, manufac
tured from block tin, with the Jones
Smith monogram, presented by Dayid
Jones Esq. 4th. Box of hair pins all
the way from Paris, finished in Japan,
presented by Hon. Solomon Snide.
5th. Dozen diaper pins lacquered with
Cornwall tin in artistic style, presented
by Mrs. Snide. 6th. Beautiful bun
dle of dish cbths, a little used, pre
sented by a lady friend. 7th Beauti
ful boquet holder artistically made of
newspaper, presented by lion, Char
Snickell with remarks, very appro
priate. This gift so impressed sovoral
of the company with the insignificance
of their contributions that they told the
bride's small brother to shove them un
der the sofa. Then, nfter a very
"bouillon" rendition of Straus's Chef
D'Over, "The Monkey Married the
Baboon's Sister," by Prof. Thomas Cat,
tho wedding guests retired -the young
hoping that the benutiful custom of
loading newly married people with
gifts would never fade away; and our
Mr. Jenkins, sighing to think ho had
not waited till it came in fashion.
Those presenting tho beautiful gift
were very happy as they knew our
Mr. J. would put their names in the
An instaneo of Brady's rascality or
close connection with tho thieving
mail ring can be found in his neglect
to prosecute the bondsmen of lluutley,
Cue of tho ring, who obtained the route
frohf Ashland to Lakeview at 7,500
then had service increased, receiving
13,000 therefor, then failed nnd forced-
tho Department 1to re let "it -at
19,000 just aboot a fair prico. If
lluntley s bondsmen were not "straw
men" they should have been made to
fulfil the contract There is a marked
contrast in the caso of Mr. Garrett,
who carries the mail to Crescent City
from here. Ho was not in the "ring,"
took the contract too low, with good
bonds, and as he is honest, carries it at
a loss and is fined every timo he fails
to connect even on account of impassa
ble streams.
Time was when under the head of
"personals" tho papers recorded only
tho movements of royal personages,
great aristocrats, and celebrated thieves
of the former for information, of tho
latter to warn the people. Now every
body is noticed, and "the thing is run
into the ground," if over anything was.
Every man is "that genial gentleman,"
"that highly respected Mr. so and so,'
"one of the leading citizens," etc.;
every woman is "the elegant and ac
complished," etc.; every girl the "fasci
nating belle," "the leading, the beauti
ful and intellectual." It's very dis
gusting everybody knows it means
nothins; it is perfectly Chinese in its
unmeaning excess of politeness, and
among sincere people is deemed in
horrid taste.
New Lodoe Okgxizei. Last
Wednesday morning Deputy, H. K.
Hanna, assisted by W. J. Plymale,
instituted Climax Lodge, A. O. TJ. W.,
at Kerbvvillo with the follow-ins- offi
cers: P.M. W., John Seyforth; M. W.,
J. B. Sifers: G. P.. T. G. Patterson:
O.. M. Rvnerr Recorder. V. M. Ninfc-
erson; Finaqcier, 'J. M. .Smith; Re
ctuverTiN. Uclamatter; Uuide, A. J.
Chapman; I. W., Frank Dessengpr;
O. V.. Moore. The lodr-o stnrtK
out with a charter mei.bjrship of twen
ty-one and a lair prospect ot doubling
that number soon.
Quautekly Mketixg. The fourth
Quarterly meeting for Jacksonville
Circuit, M. E. Church, will be held at
Manzanita, Baptist Church, on the
14th and 15th of May. Preaching at
11 A. M. on Saturday "tho 14th, follow
ed by the usual services on Sabbath.
Services to be conducted by Rev. W.
T. Chapman, Presiding Elder. All
are invite 1 to attend.
D. A. CROWELL, Pastor.
Lamd Officeat Uosejiuico, Onx., )
April 20, 1881.
Notice is hereby given that the follow,
ins-named settler has tiled notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and secure final entry thereof
on Monday June 20, 1881, before the
Judge rj Clerk of Josephine county, Ore
gon, vi.: John W. Stock barker, 'Home
stead Application, No. 2727, for the E
orN W if and S W If of N W , Sec. 33,
T 3S S R 5 "W. and names the following as
his witnesses, viz: Alec. Watts, J. I
Powell, John Johns and Moses Davidson,
all of Applep-atc, Josephine County, Ogn.
Wn F Bexjami.v, Register
The Otlirr Sl.l.
A correspondent at Waldo writes inl
referenco to the Crescent City wagon
road thus:
Editop. Sextixel. You will recol
lect the bargain which Mr. Gnsquet it
Co. entered into a year ago, that they
agreed to build tho iuiddlo section of
this road, and that Del Norte county
was to build tho other end. Have they
built any road? Have they ever com
plied with any part of that agreement I
Why did they not tell us six months
ago that they would not, or could not,
build the road, nnd not keep us in sus
pense so long. Why havo they until
completely tornered persisted in say
ing that the road would go, and that
they would get a chaiter in January
&c &c and then failed to let us know
just what they did do. The peopls
ot this county have their opinion
about it Waldo.
A Fixe Stalliqx. Granville Nay-
lor's fine Sligart stallion, Taylor, will
be at Cardwell's stablo overy Satunlay
and at Mr. Naylor's farm, three and (v
half miles east of Jacksonville, tho
rest of each week durinc the season of
1881. Tavlor is a fine large roadster,
a beautiful dark dapple bay, six years
old, 16 hands high and weighs 1,200
v..,i-"t wT ..Ti rrrrrrrrmi n
pounds, 'fcls well proportioned,"?!
good bone and action and excels as a
roadster. Taylor was sired by Young
Sligart, he by the well known Capt.
Sligart, imported to Jackson county by
W. C. Myer. His dam was a fine
whip mare; grand dam was sired by a
colt of old Black Hawk of Illinois, who
trotted 100 miles in 10 hours. Wo
advise stock raisers to look at the
nl-amTs Caros and novor disap
points. Tho i7orZd3 croai Paia
itollovor for Man aai Beot.
Cheap, quick and reliable'
Is not Narcotic. Children
grow fat upon, Mothers like,
uud Physicians recommend
CASTORIA. It regulates tho
Bowels, cures AVInd Colic,
allays Fcvcrlshncse, and do--siroys
Vftrtrasr " "
reTC7nzrc-u.';.v;:y..":. w i my
TARRH Caro, a Constitutional
Antidote for this torriblo mala
dy, hy Absorption. Tho moit
Important Disoovory linoo Vac
cination. Other rcmcdioi may
raliovo Catarrh, this corps at
nny eiago Loforo Consumption
cots in.
to nn oivns ny
Orcgonian-Pocaliontas Trlfto
io.l, Iini. 0. R.M.,
At Holt's New Hall
MAY 12, 1881.
Committee of Auraxokmextii.
J. G. Iiinl-ey. H.I'.ipc.Sr., II.K.IIann.
T.TiMcKcnzie, S. Wise.
Fixxiic Manaokrs.
E.D. Fondray, T. J. Ktnney, B.W. Dean,
C. W. Savage, I). II. Feathers.
Kkceitiox Committee.
E. II. Autenrieth, Mis.s Sophie Nickell,
C. IJ. Ilo&lul. Mis-s Ismc McCully,
D. Croneniiller, .Miss Anna Miller.
jTickctj, including gnpper, $3.00. TJio
hpst nfTnimin nnrt annnAr-tviII'lm nrtitriil..!
Tickets can lw procured of i$. Wise. A'
general np'iinuon is oxicnocti io an.
White's Hotel,
The undersigned will give a grand ball
at their hotel in Rock Point, on 3Iond.ty.
May 2d, ami invite-everyone to come and
participate. Prof. Scott's string band will
furnish the music and an excellent topper
will be provided. Tickets, 82 GO.
"WHITE mtos.
Poorman's Creek BEouso,
Xvlonday Svc. Slay 2, 1880,
The undersigned will give a grand par
ty at the Poorman'.s Creek House, Hire
milc:J south of Jacksonrille, on the even
ing of May 2. 1881 The best of music
and supper will lie provided.
Tickets including supper), $2 00. Come
one .dune all' and enjoy yourselves.