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Wednesday, September 22, 1880.
UhhI et-Koclrc. d
' Jane M, 1880. j
To All Whom It matt5oiiccrnt
Jtotlce li hereby give a that I have dels
ted the OKKCM NTINEL ttc paper
la which I sU.hereafter pabUia allure
eaiptloBt, kaaneMead jaaA application
rr Bilainc patent for laadi lyUs aear
JaekMBTlUet'JackMB connty, regon.
W. F. Bi:JAMiy, KesUter.
Divine Services. Rev. F. 2L
Blanclict wi!l hold services -atSt.
Francis Church, "Eagle Point, next,
Sunday, Sept. 26lh Rev. D. A.
Crowelltwill preachaV'Phdehi:c"at 11
o'clock A. M., next Sunday, the '26th,
instant .
Bridge Completed. The large
county bridge crossing Butte creek at
Eagle Point, Messrs. Griffon fc Savings
builders, was completed -on the 16th
instant, and thrown open to the use
of the public. It is a substantial
structure, and one that will stand the
freshet however voluminous.
Fekce Burnt. Last Sunday the
fiie got into Tom Hauler's fie'd on
Rogue "river, near old Fort Lane, and
destroyed about 159 yeards of fence.
The fire approached from the side near
est the river j here There was ajgfeat
deal of dry stubble and drift, and had
.got too much headway before it was
Pcblic Speaking. Gen. E.-L. Ap
plegate, Republican condidate for
Presidential Elector, will address the
people of Jackson county, on the po
litical issues of the day at the Court
House, in Jacksonville, Saturday,
Sept 25th at H o'clock, p. M. A cor
dial inritation is extended to men of
all parties:
Dramatic. The Vernel Dramatic
sComany, C. B, Greeley manager,
will perform at Holt's Hall Jackson--ville,
on Fridar and Saturday night,
Oct 1st and 2d. They will introduce
a grand bill, opening with the two act
comedy: "Naval engagement." Every
thing will be new and attractive in the
.highest degree. See posters.
The Wagon Boad Fond. The C.
C. W. R. Committee, under Jerry
Nunan's energetic superintendence, is
doing good work in securing Jackson
county's proportion to the Wagon Boad
fund. Let us come up to the help of
this great enterprise. "Let us remem
ber the adage: "Those who help them
selves, God will help."
m t
President Hayes and Party
The Presidential party were at the
Sacramento Fair on Tuesday the 21st
instant Thev will tirobablv ba in
Jacksonville bn Sunday or Monday,
mext on their way to Peruana. - r
understand the party will occupy rooms
xt Holt's new Hotel. It is not yet
certain whether the patty will hae
time to remain over night in Jackson
ville or not
reaches thecouniiv that the ex-soldiers
arc peppering H.iueock, Biruum tind
Wallace with cont'hpondeu' e us to tlie
status of ex-soldiers iu the ejent that
HancockMs -elected. B&rnum alone
answers them by haying the? hare
'been referred Jo Hancock. The latter
Vcpeaktot a word, and the inference
is that they will all lose their heads if
they occupy positions mow.
Hon. J. H. Mitchbul.' We under
stand, says The Dalies F"Mountaineer,"
that Hon. J." H. "Mitchell while in Oie-
gon will address our citizens at differ-J
rntr points, upen tne ujortant ques
tions of the hour. 'Uie people of
Eastern Oregon have uot forgotten .Mr.
.Mitchell's efforts to give them affen
pathway by the Columbia river to the
ocean; nor have they forgotten Jits
success while a representative at Wash
ington In causing ample appropriations
.at each session of Congress to ensure
jthe active pursuance of the work at the
'Cascades. It is uch lepresentation
that Eastern Oregon wants.
ITianwAY Bobbery. The 0. lz C.
Stage, which left Jacksonville on
Thursday afternoon, Sept 19lh, in
,-harge of Nort Eddings, was stopped
,by highwaymen near the top of Siski
you mountain, at 11 o'clock at nidit
The exress box was broken open with
out unfastening from the stage. The
mail sacks were taken and rifled.
There was only one passenger a lady
.who saw only one robber, but heard
.others talking. In the express box he
jjot 81000 sent by George Grotz of
Kerbyville, but it is thought that it
was the mail w Inch he wanted, for a
,good deal of treasure is now sent that
way, but it so happened there were on
i three registered packages in the
mail on this trip, two of which he1
,qvenooKea. xne niguwaymsji wno
.robbed this stage the last time got
.82,000 in the mail.
Senator Slater. Senator John H.
.Slate made a very modeiate speech to
'a Very moderate-sized audience at
Holt's-Hall last Saturday afternoon.
,Owing perhaps to the depressing news
ifrom Maine, detailing a Bep. victory,
.neither the speaker nor his Democratic
listeners felt very jubilant, and as a
'consequence the cheering .was quite
Jreble aha" confined to afewindividnals.
-The Senator is not a very brilliant or
ator, and it was a question to a num
,ber in the audience whether he did imt
.do Garfield as much good as Hancock.
The comparison of Hancock with Geo.
Washington was tuoie vigorously
.cheered than anything else he .wiid.
Jn"186l we heard VDemocratij fyeak
4r, compare McClellan to Washington
and we think theeffect the upon pco
aile.'will lf about as great in ,1880 as
n 1664.
Ply male is still furnishing turnouts.
Uewman Fisher is improving his
A tm mm
i SDont v forgets Breckenfield jfj
want bargains.
Fruit'cansl Fruit cans Tat Bilger's
Hardware store.
J. L. Wilder, of Wilderville, gave
us a call yesterday.
"Mens boots worth 85, for $3.50, at
the New York.Store.' 3f ." ."
A new stock of stoves, hardware,
cutlery, etc., at Bilger's. f
Wintjen ifc Helms received a large
stock of Jiqdors''tbis'weeki '
Al. Ferree, Jr. of Lake county, is
paying Jacksonville a visit
Fred Otten and S. Kocster left New
York last week for Germany.
The best carpenter's, wsgon maker's
and blacksm; ill's tools at J. Miller's.
Lewis Boss'has so far recovered that
he was able o come to town on Friday.
3Iorris Baum of Ashland was in
town on Thursday and favored us with
a call.
FihewhiJe "linen shirts, "oncii.back
orfront for $1.50 at.the NewYork
Uev."3IrStahl of Albany has been
adjudged insane and taken to the
Asylum. '
Postal agent Ben. Simpson was here
on the 20th iust, looking up .postal
The oest assortment of Bodgerg and
Westholtn's cutlery in the market, at
John Miller's.
Representative Thos.. Smith will ac
cept our thanks for a copy of Governor
Thayer's Message. i i '.
The atmosphere is again very smoky
caused by the many fires now raging
in the mountains.
The religious debate between Elders
Sherrill and Peterson commences to
day at Eagle Point
The new bell for tho Presbyterian
Church arrived this week and will be
noon placed in position.
Hon. B, P. Earhart, Secretary of'
State, will accept our thanks for the
reports of the State officers.
Newman Fisher has received he
contract for furnishing Fort Klamath
with flour for the coming year.
Prof. Scott will give a farewell dance
at Ashland next Friday night He
expects to move to California soon.
Go to the Court House next Satur
day afternoon and hear General Apple
gate on the political issues of the day.
Travel is on, the increase. The stage
which left here" for the South on Mon
day afternoon had on 14 passengers.
Juke 'Marcuse, having refitted and
enlarged his place of business, is now
laying in a utock of gents' furnishing
John Lanterman of Bilger's Tinware
and Hani ware establishment, is put
ting a tin roof on Kahler Bros, new
By trivato letter we learn of the
death of J. H..Stiiifon at Eureka, Cal.
He was Police Judge at the time of
his death.
Joseph Bapp and D. W. Anderson
have placed us under obligations for
a supply of watermelons. They were
very nice.
There will be a tremendous "change"
iu November, but it will be found in
the increased size of the Republican
Mr. C. B. Stanley has taken an
Agency for CoolidgeV nunory at Ash
land aud will canvass Del Nort county
for orders.
The best assortment of bolts, screws,
tire and, copper rivets, rasps, files,
pinchers, nippers, tongs and hammers,
at John Miller's.
Miss Minnie McCain, daughter of
Bov, J. S. McCain, passed through
here Tuesday on her way to the itlam
ath Indian Agency.
D. H. Feathers started to Dke
county last week with a load of cele
brated Singer sewing machines He
has since come back.
Miss .Mary Langell who has been
going through a 6iege of typhoid fever
is rapidly convalescing. She is well
enough to be about
Jas. S. Hovvard'ti store building, one
door East of Post Office, is being made
ready for occupancy. It Is quite an
improvement in the old. structure.
Drs. J. M. Hinkle and A. H. Tru
mau of Indianapolis Ktopjiod here on
the 18th, 19th aud 20th instant. They
took in hand several complicated cases.
Mrs. P. P. and Miss Ella Prim have
just received an elegant new stock of
Md glov es. Giv e them a call if you
want the pick from the largest stock iu
Ben. Haymond, of Bock Point, re
turned ftom San Francisco last Mon
day. He purchased a large stock of
goods for his store- at tho" Point while
Fa? Jacobs -wishes it distinctly un
derstood that he will not'be undersold
by any one. His goods are "all first
class and his stock one of the largest in
Saturday afternoon, the 18th of
September Pi esidenb Hayes reviewed
20,000 school children in San Francis
co. It was a scene of great brilliancy
and excitinginterest 5
L S. P, Marsh paid" Jacksonville a
flying visit last Monday. He reports
several new buildings -n course of con
strue. jnthatjiilace and the town
improving generally.
- II
.through. Jacksonville 'on Tuesday, on
tlieirwSNor'thr3' -ii"e
G. A Hubbell will commence teac
ing tho Wagner creek .School the'first'
Monday in October.
;f Tompiurphy, dn of Deunfe-5Iur-.'pay
fihlstowji, we regret Jtafeam; Is
dangerously sick of some allection ot
the lungs.
The case of A. Fisher li Co. vs. J.
feojrlandTiS'beenBConiproniised' and'
the property., advertised willnot be
sow ac anerm s aie.
W. C. Meyer, .of Ashland precinct
attended the pioneer re-um"onT on
crutcheF. ,He. is slowly recovering
from the injuries he sustained by be
ing thrown from a horse. -
The rate bills at the Jacksonville
public school, 1.60 per scholar are due
quarterly in advance. Last Monday
a number of the scholars were sent
home for their rate money.
Senator Boss will accept our thanks
for Renorts of the Secretary of State,
Superintendent of tho Penitentiary,
state Adoranan, oupu oi ruunu an
structfon, andState Universily.
The CountylClerk advertises that
sealed proposals will be received by
him upto 12 o'clock, Sept'24, fpr build
a new roof and 'skyliglit in the old
building where the Clerk's andishlrifTs
offices are in.
Capt O. C. Applegate of Lake coun
ty attended the Pioneer re-union on
the ICth. The Captain was warmly
greeted by many of his old 'friends .in
Jackson, who had not seen him for
several years.
Thomas H. Brents of Walla Walla
and Thomas Burke of Seattle are the
opposing candidates for the Delegate i
ship from Washington Territory.
Brents is the Bepublican and the pres
ent incumbent. '
The -vingdam of Keaton k Co., ou
Boguo river has been completed and
the water pumped out of the enclosure.
The work on river bed rock is being
vigorously pushed, and a good yield of
gold is expected.
The Board of Equalization was in
session .Monday and Tuesday of this
"week. So far as we could learn very
few, if any, changes were made in the
assessment of the property as made by
Assessor Goddard. i
Joseph Tj. Hocket, of Phoenix, has en
larged his business and now keeps all
kinds of liquors, wines and cigars. He
also has oysters, sardines, crackers, etc ,
for sale, all of which he sells at reason
able rates for cash.
One of the stages taking the Jack
sonville Hancock glee club to Ashland
on Saturday upset when near Etgle
Mills. The singers were badly scared
but fortunately no one was hurt. Bad
omen for Hancock.
Beanies Bros, will receive a good,
-portion of their new goods to morrow.
1'he first installment will consist mostly
of dress goods, lauie' fancy goods,
clothing, etc. Call early so that you
cantake your choice.
Wm. Brodbeck and Launes Klippcl
returned from the Cinnabar mountain
on Thursday after an absence of ten
days. They report deer plenty but
bear scarce, bruin having gone to low
places after hazelnuts and berries.
Our law-makers at Sa'lom have got
into working order. On the 14th
both Houses met in joint session to
hear Gov. Thayer's 'message, which is
a very lengthy document Already a
large number of bills havebeea in
troduced and, referred.
New Sowing Machines at E,. C
Brooks' .New Drugstore." Four differ
ent kinds of the latet and best im
proved machines made -in the world
The Crown, the Eldridge, the New
Home, and New American Machine
Price from 40 ti 550. "
There is a demand for a reissue t f
the fractional currency formerally in
use, and sev eral members of Congress
are moving in the direction of legisla
tion to authorize it The complaint
against silver is that it cannot be mail
ed with convenience.
The Southern Pacific and tle Atch
inson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroads
are rapidly building their lines in op
posite directions, and by the first of
January next the gap which igrlSO
miles, will be closed. Both lines are
iu Southeastern Arizona.
Ella and Emmet Conger daughter
and son of Mark Conger, of Eden pre
cinct, have been quite sick of' late,
Ella of typhoid and Emmet of bilious
intermittent fever. After a six weeks
s!ege Ellat is slowly recovering and
Emmet is also convalescent
The Portland Bulletin Sept 15th,
says: The, atmosphere yesterday was
awful smoky and heavy and to bo com
pared to a London fog. Many forest
tires are raging and they fill the air
wjth smoked It has cleared, up. sorao
to-day but clouds hang low over adja
cent hills and forests.
Tho Crescent City ''Courier" says
the surv eyors who have been searching
for a favorable route for a wagon road
from Smith river to the Illinois valley
have at last abandoned the survey, be
ing satisfied that the route is imprac
ticable or, at least, no better than that
of the existing old road.
J. Van Horn, who lives on -the
Linkville roadabout a day's drive from
Ashland, wishes Jo inform the travel
ing public that he keeps constantly ou
hand hav and train, and that he
charges but 25 cents for feeding liayj
Meals can be had also for 25 cent.
Horace Bice who resides on the
Rouge, river wagon road, "half wiy 'be
tween Jacksonville and Fort Klamath,
was in town on Monday bn business
connected with proving jun his land'
ciaim. , xie reports ine roaa in toicr
a6le 'passahle condition with consider
ablcteiming going ovr it all the tjme.
Auntie.Ganungand.Mrsr.Dr.. -Kah-.
ler, we regret .to learn, aie on the sick
list-Therfs nowconsiderable-sick-uess
both in town and country "but so
fayiQihing very alarming baa. been re
ported. Our oldfriendA..,J. Adams, School
Superintendent of iJosej)binertcpunty,
6th of last month, the otber'contracU
ing party being Miss Annie Vhite of
the same county. It's rather late, when
'fe found It out;Al.,bu; he'roluck
all the'same "
The oldest horse in Jackson county
is the one owned by Mrs. IX. N. Bird
,ssye,ton'Rogue 'River below Bock
Point He is' upward ofs thirty years
of ace, has seen a jjreai deal of hard
Uejcvicejboth in the, , harness and otherwise,-and'althougb.Wis
not yet "hors
du combat, he has been plated on the
superanuated lest by his'owner.
Last Monday night the Aurelian
Literary society debated this question:
"Resolved, that even in case the Mexi
can people were willing, it would be
bad policy to annex Mexico to the
United States." It was ably discussed
on both sides,vand much'was said both
for and against the pluntary annexa
tion of ouc Southwestern neighbor.,
The government telegraph line has
reached the summit of'theCoeur JJ
Aline Mountains, coming Westward.
Within a month there will be telegraph
communication between Oregon and
the Atlantic coast Via Idaho, Montana
and Dakota to the "Western, terminus
of the Noi thern Pacific railroad, thence
along that road to St. Paul Minnesota.
General Hancock on the morning of
the 14 tli sent a flying dispatch to
PlaisteJ, thd Greenback candidate, con
gratulating him on his election as Gov
ernor of Maine. Tho Major General
should not go off half cocked, as it is
dangerous for a Presidential candidate
to congratulate a man upon his elec
tion who is not elected. Thos. Nast,
the great caricaturist, will bo apt to go
for the iuipulsive Major General and
the would-be Governor. It is never
best to crow until one gets "out of the
Whilst the venerable Bishop Simp
jon was preaching in Powell street M.
E. Church, San Francisco on the 12th
Just, to a very large audience among
which were President Hayes and famil y,
he was suddenly taken ill in the midst
of his sermon. The attack proved to
be a . conjestive chill, and being
removed to the lecture room, he soon
recovered sufficiently to admit of his
being taken to the parsohage; The
last account); w have of him was that
he wa3 recovering.
A. C. Jones Esq., of Jacksonville,
Grand Scribe of the order of Cham
pions of Honor, has been organizing
councils in the Willamette valley.
The quondam brother, Dr. Coon, who
demeaned himself so unbecomingly to
tho ordor in this county, was ahead of
1iim, and as soon as he passed over the
mountains into the Umpqua valley be
gan to orgauize councils and give them
his auspicious benediction. His foibles
will no doubt be pretty .thoroughly
advertised by Mr. Jones. Tidings.
Is the nipllenium dawning upon the
country! We should think so from
the manner in which our Democratic
hrethern .were rejoicing over the Re
publican victory in Maine. The kind
ling of bon-fires iu Portland, the tiring
of a salute of 100 guns in San Fran
cisco, on tho evening of the 14th, to
say nothing of the brilliant ditplay
lines in some of our exchange. All
seem to point to the fact that the
"kingdom is coming, thayearofjubilo."
What a tremendous shout there will
bo when the news of Cat field and Ar
thur's election shall be heralded across
the wires!
AsniAND Garfield" Cmjb. On
Monday, night last the Ashland Gar
field and Arthur Club was organized
James Kilgore president; Jac Wagner,
Dr. J.H. Chitwood and J. M. McCall
vice-presidents; A. Y. Gillette 1st sec
retary; W. If. Atkinson 2d secretary;
C K. Klum treasurer. The club now
has 116 names enrolled, and the list ia
steadily increasing. The example thus
set by tho Bepublicans of Ashland pre
cinct should be imitated in all parts of
the county. If every Republican wi)l
but do hus duty, Oregon can be carried
for Garfield by 2000 majority.
Brought Hiji to.Terms. One day
last week two drummers,' whose initials
are Chatley Kohn and Yjpi. Wright,
while stopping over nighVat Smith's on
Wolf creek, concluded 'next morning
after getting up to go a short distance
up the mpuntain aud brings in some
wild game for breakfast; Tln-y had
gone only a short, distance when they
met a black bear (Kohn ' says it was
the largest he had ever seen), and the
aforesaid drummers, considering dis
Icretion the better part of valor, con
cluded ,o return to the house. The
bear was also travelling in the same
direction, and noticing this the first
mentioned parties hurried along quite J
iiveiy leanng mat tuey woum be too
late for breakfast. Wright, being the
fleetest, succeeded in getting ahead and
jumped the creek, where he was on the
opposite side from the bear, while
Charley only got half way across, when
he noticed Wright holding a double
barrel shot gun on him with orders to
halt unless he would agree to forever re
nounce Democracy and a harty sup
port to Garfield and Arthur. Kohn
looked at the bear wishfully, but re
ceiving no encouragement he struck out
for tho bank on which iVright was
standing at the same time promising
all that was asked him. Since then
Cherley has been tryiiig to orgaiiue a
Returning Bo..r1 withthe liopoof count
ing the othsr fellow out, but we still
have lioppihathe'willkeep his promise
. French and Russian calf boots worth
S6.5Q for ?5, at the New York Store.
,, PjosEEaBE-UwjTharsday,,
oept 16th, was a galajriay for the old
Pioneers of Southern.Oregon. At an
early hour in the day the Pioneers and
their families were seea wendingLtheir
w ay toward 1he Court House enclosure,
which had been tastefully decorated
and comfortably seated for the occa
sion. At' about 11 o'clock Capt J. M.
McCall "mounted "the speakers.'' stand
and called the "multitude to orde.r, and
announced- music by the String Band,
consisting of Prof. Scott, P. Folk,
George Brown and Pat. Donogan play
ing the accompaniment on the piano;
next, an anthem. "Traiss tho Lord
by the choir, consisting of the Mis:
Ella Prim, KatB-DofSin. Maggie a
Cora Linn, Kat Hoffman, Tillie Mil
ler, Tillio Klippel, Dr. and C. W.
Kahler and Jolm Boyer, Miss Carrie
Beekman presiding at the organ; after
which prayer by the Rev. M. A.
Williams; next, song, "Memory of
Galilee," by the choir, with instrumen
tal accdmpaniment' by Miss Ida Klip
pel; next, music by String Band; next
was a scng, T,Only an 'Emigrant" by
the choir, with Miss Carrie Beekman
at the instrument.
At this stage of the proceedings Win.
Hoffman, Esq., read resolutions on the
death of members who departed this
life within the pastg'car. First, Mrs:
Bithel M. Mench, born 1838 in
WiTmebago county, 111., died March
30, 1880; nextMrsMary J. Benedict,
emigrated from Illinois in 1853, died
May G, 1880, aged 53 years; next Mrs.
Louisa C. Neil, died April 30, 1880,
aged 57 years;, next, Mrs. ElizaWth
Hill, came to Oregon in 1853, died
Dec. 14, 1879, aged 73 years; last Sam.
D. "Van Dyke emigrated from Pennsyl
vania to this coast in 1849, and died
Aug. 13, 1880, aged. 71 jears. The
tribute of respect paid to each nf'these
deceased members was pathethic, but
we have not thn spaceto reproduce the
full report. The funeral dirge in hon.
or of tho deceased" was rendered by the
choir in a touching manner; next,
music by String Bind.
Judge P. P. Prim then delivered an
oration which ras replete with a vari
ety of historical lr'uiiniscences of the
early settlement of Southern Oregon.
After the oration, a charmfog piece,
"Come w here tho Lilies Bloom," was
rendered by a quartcte, consisting1 of
the Misses "Kate Dorwin, TilhV Ilip
pel, Dr. and C. W. Kahler, with. Miss
fda Klippel at the instrument, which
closed tho forenoon exercises.
Dinner being in readfuess President
McCall announced the order in which
the guests should sftat.he table. The
earliest emigrants first, Gen. E. L.
Applegate having come hero in. 1813
lead the column accompanied by Mrs.
TTault, who arrived here in 1845,
then Judgq Magruder who came hero
about the samo time, and soon up to
1855. The tables literally groaned
under the weight of tho good things-
uif this world and there was enoueh
and to spam fdr all the Pioneers and all
the new comers on the ground. It was
a glorious re union of both old and
young, and cverv thing pissed off as
"merry as a marriage Cell."'
In the afternoon tho multitude met
around the speakers' stand to listen to
short address a and -singjng and music
in alternation. An original poem,
"The Pioneers Song," by Mrs. Jane
McCully, was sung by the old Pioneers,
with Mrs. Shipley at the instrument.
It was sung to tho tuno of "Old Lang
Syne," and every old hero joined in
"with a will." Addresses and speeche
followed by Judge E. K. Anderson.
Capt. 'Goodall, Gen. Applegate and
others vvhp related theifarly experi
ences atuljmany valuable'femfniscences
of thoir fVonteur life. Bjjt "Poor Lo,"
the red man, was handted -without
gloves throughout.
Real Evtatk Transaction?.
following are the transactions
in real
estate, recorded since tho last issue of
the Sextixel:
J. H, MayfieUl to J. II. Cusick, par
cell of land in Ashland precinct. Con
sideration, 1.
J. II. Cusick to H. C. Messinger,
same properry as above. Consideration,
$350. '
J. R. Boos to Silas J. Draper,- min
ing property on Foots creek. Consid
eration, 1,700.
A. D. Heald to A. Dennis, mining
property on Foots creek. Considera
tion, 1,200.
John Conway to L. A. Nuil, 1.28
acres land in Ashland precinct Con
sideration, 8500. '
Abram Dennis to Samuol Duffield,
mining property on Foots creek. Con
sideration, $1,200.
John Donegan to C. C. Beekman
and David Linn, 160 acres land on
Jackson creek. Consideration, 1,000.
C. S. Sergent to John Hcckenjos,
40 acres land in Eden precinct. Con
sideration, 125.
L. S. P. Marsh to E. L. Watson,
parcel of land and certain water rights
in Ashland precinct. Consideration,
Dexies tue Allegation. Captain
Doig, who has been charged with the
responsibility of the loss of the "Great
Republic" at the mouth; of the Colum
bia, denies the allegation that he left
Oregon to avoid arrest. He says that
upon the contrary he remained in
Oregon some seven months after the
wreck, and then he went to Casta Rica
upon private business. He had been
in San Francisco tlfreo months when
ho was arrested.
First Flour. The firs flour ground
at the Jacksonville Steam .Flour
ing Mills was made there last' Tues
day, and proved to be of exfcra quait
Messrs! McKenzie & Foudray have all
the latest. -inqJroved'macliinery for
mtkiug flo'Ur, and they are both good
millers flo'their flour promises to" be the
staple article in this market Read
their advertisement in another column.
Jotcnhlnr County ltcmi.
ifcwij" 4r -
A corrcsjjondent from Kerbyville
sends us the following items:
Times are improving in Kerbyville
somewhat.. Miners are-coming in oc
casionally from Silver creek and nearly
all have done very well this Summer.
Talk about your Westons and
OTiearyp, we have a pedestrian here in
Kerbv that can "knock the socks" off
:of-either,of the.ii,;and tha.beautyof it
is that 'itsva woman Mrsi-Krnse
walked from Silver creek to Kerby
Fday' before yesterday j-the IJth. a
feat winch the sterner sos tbtnar'worth
coasting pf. ,
Atex. Watts is at present engageulin
ditchingand preparing.his claim on
Cannon creeSfor.ttie; WinterS-cam-panign.
Our old townsman, George Grotz
thas recently- "purchased the mining
property iornjeriy owned by vm.
Borgmail pn that stream and jnte'rtds'
suun iu non-1 iib canvass, ana it is- tne
wishes of his friends (anil he 'Earf lots
of them) that he may be well reward
ed for his oiL
Brown Bros, are, still bottoming up,
and arc tloing veryjw'cll,intjcedfXhey
wiTThave nlentv of water to clean uli
I'vvith the balance of the" season, J,They
are working eight men at a pronCn
from six to ten dollars per. elay to the
hand. "" ' !
Taking everything into consufera-
oion, we predictf'a bright future .for
Josephine county.
Oun CkmeterV. That the 'Jackson
ville cemetery is one of the mo'st
charming-snots on the Pacific. Cbasfjis
acknowledged by every stranger who"
visits it. Tho ground's, comprising
about, J3Q acres. of woodland, are dotted
.withbeantiful, evergreens 6f laurtl,
cedar, fir, spruce, sugar pine, manzanita,
'mountain mahogany, and live oak; also-.numerous
black and white 'oak's.
the grounds are situated on a senile
Vlmmirr frrnf 't,!ll ' .'i
from the Valley below, and are survey
ed t,ff into eight subdivision for 'the
accommodation of the ditferent orders
and religious beliefs. Wt4 have hefe
the Odd Fellows.atho Masonic,, 'the
J,evish, the Catholic, the ProtesFant,
Jthe American and Geruian'Bed'Metij
and the Pottersficld or Chinagra e
yard, - "
Tlie Jacksonrilfe Cemetery had been
established for nearly twenty years,
and during all that time Sargent Dun
jlap'has been Sexton. .. Mr.'Dunlap has;
taken e'reat nam's in keenfn"- 'tho
grounds Jn'good order and otherwise-
improving tnem. no has ulso kept a
list of all the huriajs for the past 21
years, cause of death, etc , which list
if published would constitute an inter
esting page in the history of Jackson
ville and Boguo river valley. Ever
.since the establishment of the cemetery.
Persons have been brought-here for
sepulture from a ditanee, hence the
large riumber of graves. Mrs1. Mirgret
Love's, Aug. 1859"was thetirst, and
Mrs. Margaret Hart's, Sep. 10j 1880,
was the last grave.
Considering the isolation of Jackson
ville and the difficulty of reaching-
the railroad, it is a noteworthy fact,
that the giaves of the dead are'adorued
with a number of nice pieces of marble
work. Wo learn that a' number of
new, monuments are shortly to be
placed on tho graves of deceased friends,
that will go far in beautifying -this citv
of the- dead. W. L. Becord, of the
California Marble Work-, 1112 Mis
sion St , San Francisco,, who is now in
pur midst, hai already secared over
$2,000 worth of fine marble work, to
be erected here early In tho Spring.
Tjie Independent Parties.
Among the members of the legislature
on tho train yesterday from the South
was Col. John E. Boss. The Colonel
is usually good humored, but this tinio
he was short in his auswers. All al
lowed for the fact that the Colonel had
not slept since the night before, and
rodo on the stage ninety miles during
a part of the time, but feeling there
must be something else in tho way
they asked him what was his trouble.
The answer was: "Dem John Burrnett
He resigned tho position of Senator t
run for Judge, when if he had re
mained, the Senate would have been a
tie, and I would hav e had the casting
ote," slapping his hand upon
his stomach, with & twinkle
in his eye, tho Colouel continued,
"then you'd have seen what we. us
and the Independent party, would have
done. Wo would hated ruled the
State." This isall true, since Col.
Ross would have held the deciding
vote. Salem Statesman.
The nish Water or 1SS0
Did not reach a point equal to that, of
187C, but it was high enough to do a
deal of damage. Time, however, will
repair this, but time only makes worse
every case of disease of the kidneys"
and urinary organs which a single
box of Oregon Kidney Tea would
cure. Sold by all Druggists,
""1omm"nced 3Ianufacturing the best of
v uour on
We are prepared to do all kinds of Ctu
lom vo.k, in the. way of exchange offlour
for wheat choppings feed and grinding
corn. Wo have superior machinery for
manufacturing flour and wo feci safe iu
saying that We can da better work' than
ijUT mill in Rogue River Valley.' , j i
i, m i-AuituiKv, w-o win give ior good
clem wheat, SU lbs. of flour and 0 lbs. of
mixed feed for each bushel.
DAY In Jacksonville, Sept 15,-1880, ta
the wife of Silas Jt Day, u daughter.
Lasd.Offick at Boseburq", Oox.Jf'
Scptcmbw 10, 18b0, j
Notice is hereby gWen that the follow,
ing named settler has filed notice of bis in
tenlion to make final proof in support of
his clalmvnnd cecure final entry thereofba
Saturday; October. 30. 1880.- before the
Judge or Clerk of the Court of Josephine
T 40 tf, R 8 W, and lutnes the following as
bis witness. Tiz:Geo. Simmons. Din Hiinn
Paul". Lantcrback and Cbas. Decker.'all of
Waldo, Joscpaiue county, Oregon. - f
Wii.F. HEXjAupO'eglst.
' '
Sept. 20, 1880. J
Notice is hereby giyen that the follow.
lug1 named settler has filed nbtice or his in
tention to nuke final proof in support ot
his claim, and secure final entry thereof on
Saturday the 80tn day of October, 1880,
before the Judge orClerk of Josephine. Co.,
Oji., viz: Delia Poland, Homestead An
plication No. 2449 for lhe H of SET Y.
iK X ot XK if, Sec. 7 ami SW Jtf of.SVV
. if. .-ec 8, T 37 6, R 0 W and names the
fiitl6wii;r as bli witnesses, viz : X. S. Wilder,
W. JI. Ferrin, Louis McAllister and John
Cheatham, J of Wilderville, Josephine
County, Oregon. '
Um.F. Benjamin-, Register.
' Lad Office at Rosebotm, Oov
sept. 20, 1880.1- fi'
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler haf filed notice of hla
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and secure final entry there
of on Saturday. October 0, 1880, before
the Judge Or Clerk? ofjacksnn County,
Oregon, viz: Horace Rice, Homestead .Ap
plication No. SMI, for the W of NW Xl
and W M orsw if. Sec. 8, T 33 S, K '3'E;,
and names tho follow ing ashi witnesses,
viz . D A. Hudson, C. Kv c, of Eagle Point
and omar Burtfand C. Jfagrudlr of Cen
tral Point Jackson County, uregon. .,
Wm. F. Benjamiv, Register.
' f
Land Offioe at Rosebuk& Oo. f
Sept. 0188O.. , ,
jVJot ice is hereby given that the follow.
-I i iug named- settler litis filed notice of
hisiiitenion to nuke final-proof iu sup
port of his claim, and secure fitn.1 entry
tumuiH uu luu zm uay oi uct., issu oeforo
the Judge pr Clerk of Josephine County,
Oregon, viz; Clark Nickerson, Hpinctead
entry No. 22S3for"theEi.ofSEU,M-c.
14,-NE 14 of XE, 1-4. Sec. 23, NW U of
tNW 14. Sec: 21, T 3TS, R C W, and names
the following as his witnesses, viar: Wm.
Frakfs, John Taylor Wm. C'hipman and
T. Harnian. all of Kerbyville, Josephine
County, Oregon.
Wm. F. JBhnjamix, Register.
Cv. settled their last year's account for
hlocksmithing. are requested to come for
ward immediately and settle", as I mint
have, money. I Can't wait any longer. '
T , Blacksmith.
Jacksonville, July 27th. '
alljtiebfs-dhe the estate of Daniel Hop
kins (deceased) must be settled immediate,,
ly. This is tho final call and coats will be
saved by attending wit at once
Davro'L. Uorxtts.
Jacks:nviixe, Juno 8, 1880.
Given, thit my books are In 'Squire
Hufll-r's hands. Those indebted- to'me
the first day after next election-, will have
to bring a written excuse from 'Squire Uuf.
ter. Excuses published:
. . jrAitrcr VaooMAx.
Jacksonville, Aug. 31, 18S0.
For Sale.
Thf Mining Ditch, known as the Goose
quill ditch, running from Walker Creek
to aiiiow Spring. Parties wishing to
buy said ditch will apply to
, At Chavner's RancV.
Dated July 8, 1880.
iness the undersigned must have a
settlement. Those knowing themselves in
debted to them, either by, note or book ac
count wilt settle before August lOthorsuit
will be instituted.
Jnly 21, I860. A. Fisher & Co.
1 ring from 20 to 8 Inches, and owrNo. 1
1 Giant. Also COO feet of hydraulic pipe
13 inches square vt head ana tapering to
'i indies. I or terms apply to the under
signed in Jacksonville. . t
Aug.5,tf G.KAREAVSKI. ,
I am settling-my business and alii
parties owing me must come forward
and settle their accounts" immediately,'
as interest at the rate 6f one per eerif.
will bo charged from this. date.4 I
mean business, anil must avo mon
ey to meet my demands.
D. A. COVERT.' ' 1
Phoenix, Aug. 20, 1S80. ,cj
Medical Wotico. ' '
tain explorations, I offer my profes
sional servi6cs td the people oi Jackson
county. James M. Bccb, 31 D. '
Eagle Point, Sept. 6, 1SS0. , )
Hardware. Cutlery, rithln: Tickle, U
Powder, Lead, Bo, .Ic.
. Jno Milier, Propr.
Boots t Shoes, bn,t'stock im town'
at the New York Store Call and see
nomtstcaduitryTfb'2300 for llio E'wot'
SW if. Sec. !iO-and.E 14 of N.W U. Sec. 3.