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February 5, 1879
S. M. Fe Itcmrill & Co -. . . Ne w Tork
(Jeo. P. Rnwelf & Co New York
Roweli i- Cbeesman St. Loui
L. P. Fi'her San Fmnc'sfn
D. II. Steam Portlam!
Ilellgloa Directory.
M. E. Cnuncrr. R-'lisiou services ev
ery Sunday fit the nsual hours, by the Rev
frrnrl M. . WilliamR, D. A. Crowell and
A Hardifjon
Catholto Rkrvicks. Services will b
rid t tlie Catholic Church in lhi plac
fvery Sunday nt the usual boars in the
mornins ami evening, Rev. Father 15 lan
chet officiating
M. E. StJSDiT Scrtooi,. R'eular meet
ins every Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
Catholic Suxdat School. Regular
meeting every Sunday afternoon at 2
Finn Company. We thought we
were to hare a fire company organized
in Jacksonville. litis it froze out dur
ing the late cold spell?
Goke to California. Steve IIul
bard is now taking care of stock for
the 0. fc C. Stage Co. at Cole's station,
on the California side of the moun
tain. Separated. We have authority for
stating that Ed. Cawlcy and his wife
Aflie have agreed to disagree. Jlrs.
Cawley returned on Saturday last to
the home of her father, Dr. Colvig, at
Bock Point
O.v A Yisit. Dr. Jesse Robinson,
formerly of this place, is on a visit to
old friends in the valley. The. Dr. has
taken a trip down the river, where he
is interested in mining operations with
Mr. Bybce.
Collecting Indians. We learn
from Mr. Arthur Langell that the
troops are busy collecting straggling
Indians throughout the Lake country.
They are to be removed to the Yaki
ma reservation.
A Treat. Madams Holt, of the
Franco American, has our thanks for
a nice present of fresh oysters from
Shoalwater Bay. Their flavor was ex
cellent and they were duly appreciated.
The Madame's boarders must live
Stock Suffering. We learn that
the stock on Butte creek is Bufferim;
severely from the long continued col
weather. . Many cattle are in a nearly
t-t arcing condition and oven if warm
wather should start the grass a large
number cannot survive.
Cvme Ashore. The schooner "El
venia" parted her moorings at Cres
cent City on the night of January
'29th with a full cargo of redwood lum
ber. She belongs to Messrs. Hobbs,
l'omoroy it Co., of San Francisco, and
will probably be a total loss.
Novel Farming. Joe. Beggs in
forms us that in passing through Cow
creek valley a few days since he found
Mr. Hardy ElifF filling hog holes in his
fence with snow. Beggs is responsible
for the statement and presumes that
Mr. Eliff expects the snow to last all
next summer, which we hope it won't.
Preaciiixg. Don't fail to go to the
Heber Grove school house on Sunday
the ICth inst and hear Elder Peterson
on infidelity. The Elder will preach
at Willow Springs on Sunday the 9th
inst., the subject at the latter place be
ing "The law of the spirit of life."
Position Filled. We are glad to
see that Mr. John Boyer has received
the position in Mr. Beekman'u banking
and express office made vacant by the
death of U. S. Hayden. Mr. Boyer
is a very worthy and deserving citizen
and we offer him our. congratulations.
Bailroad Meeting. A meeting of
the committee of the N. G. B B. will
be held in Jacksonville to-day. We
hope the meeting will be a full one,
and that a good report of the willing
ness of our people to aid in the sur
vey will bo made. Do not let the
jiublic interest in this matter die.
Postal Order. An order has been
issued by the Post Office Department
directing Postmasters to receive any
money that has been declined a legal
tender in exchange for Post Office or
ders. Heretofore Postmasters were
required to receive only treasury and
national bank notes, and since the
change the business of the Jackson
ville office has been largely increased.
Backed Oct. Last week there was
a candidate for admission to a lodge of
Good Templars on Applegate. The
lodge has the whole world for an "an
"te room" and the candidate was forced
to sit outside on a log during a heavy
snow storm and await its action.
"When tho committee informed him
that tho ballot had been favorable he
expressed himself disgusted with cold
tvater, especially in a crystalline form,
and spent his admission fee at Bolt's
for something to siirt his blood into
Stages on time.
Miners generally idle.
The freeze still continues.
Circuit Court nest Monday.
County Court meets to-day.
Weather distressingly bright t
Beggs' team gone Korth to-day.
B. F. Dowell is at present in Port
land. County taxes collected to date $12,
745.10. Chew Jackson's Best Sweet Navy
Tobacco. ' '
Several communications crowded out
this week.
Elegant and comic Valentines at
Farmers moving the plow when the
sun hhines. P- -
Prospects of-fflB"lc market
next Spring. "
Mr. Win. Gass will start for home
in i few days.
Yalentine3 at Kahler Bro's. and
Sheriff Bybee returned yesterday
from his mines.
Over two hundred pupils in the
District School. .
Bead what Mrs. Merriman has to
say as Administratrix.
W. J. Plytnale lost a horse on Sun
day las. Bead lib ad elsewhere.
Mr. Flitner from Yreka proposes to
start a skating rink in Jacksonville.
Thanks to Veit Schutz. His bever
age is fit for a German Prince.
Arthur Langell in from Lake coun
ty perhaps looking for a partner.
We hear that there are a great
many scabby sheep in this countyjust
Chas. Coggswell, Esq., of Lakeviow,
has gone to Salem on State land busi
ness. In the month of January just ended
Post Master Muller issued 192 money
Breckenfeld is still at the old corner
with a large and desirable stock, very
Beanies Bros, invite their friends to
call and see how very cheap they iell
for cash.
jT Coir Stone, Supt cf the 0. fc C.
Stage Co., went bouth to Yrefca Satur
day last ;
Bev. Mr. Hardison will preach
next Sunday morning ' at the M. E.
Mr. Booth's fine hone "Scamper
down" will commence the season on
Feb. 20th.
Capt Winters has gathered Up about
350 Piutes who will be taken to Yaki
ma at once.
E. F. "Walker has a force of ten men
on his Grave Creek ditch and is daily
adding to it
We furnish our readers this week7
with two very important decisions by
Judge Deady.
Land patents for James B. Neil and
Cyrus W. Pickens are in the land 3f-
fice at Boseburg.
Don't forget the dance at Mr.
Balls' new house near Willow Springs
on the 21st inst.
Mr. John Blalock, of upper Evans
Creek, reports the weather .too cold
there for mining.
School tax collected to date in
Jacksonville District 925,23. About
$400 yet uncollected.
Everything in the neighborhood of
Grave Creek frozen up and miners
idle for want of water.
Matt Shannon is now doing th
shoeing on tho middle division of the
O. & C. Stage company.
Outside is "Daisy's Mission," written
several years since by the editor for
tho "Overland Monthly."
Mining matters reported exceeding
ly quiet in Josephine county . owing to
the long continued freeze.
There will bo a spelling bee ot Phoe
nix this evening. Not only fun but in
struction for tho young folks.
The friends of Mrs. Wm. Hoffman
are informed that sho is doing as well
as possible with her broken arm. "
Matt Dillon has something that
would make an Irish lord or any other
man happy if he took just enough.
S. B. Bamsey drove 150 head of
fine beef cattle out of Langell Yallcy
last week for tho San Francisco market
Messrs. Hale and Worden, the lat
ter a uroiner ot ftiKes, orougnt in
a band of of cattle for John Orth from
the Klamath basin last week.
Some of our Ashlaud folks got into
a row last week and a fight occurred,
which shows that our neighboring
town contains some naughty people.
Professor Kugler has sent to New
York for a splendid Chickering piano
for the use of his pupils, and the Pro
fessor is just the geijtleman to bring
Mr. W. C. Myer, the enterprising
stock raiser of Ashland, was in town
last week. We would liko to hear
from him regarding a county fair.
L. Herling, Jr., is father to the
finest boy ever found in San Francis
co. Loui is too happy, and. says he
wouldn't swap it for the Bank of Cal
ifornia. We hear that an iron fence very el
egant in design and finish has been
brought to Bock Point by J E. Beggs.
It is intended to enclose the resting
place of the late Mrs. F. Birdsey.
Walter Moss Is canvassing Jackson
county for the Salem "Mercury," pub
lished" by W. F. Cornell. It it an ex
cellent Democratic journal, and has
the largest circulation of ' any Demo
cratic paper in Oregon.
" -S. Marks i!k Co. give notice in anoth
er column that they havo decided, on
discontinuing the forwarding business,
afte'r-Pebuary 15th, and shippers will
govern themselves accordingly. Max
Muller will receipt for all money due
that firm.
The roads north of here, especially
through the Grave creek hills and
north of C.inyoiiville, are reported in a
very bad condition. Partly frozen
and partly thawed out and in places
covered with ico wheeling is not only
difficult but dangerous
The "Teller" committee are still en
gaged in taking the testimony in the
Fouthern fraud cases. Ths investiga
tion is expected to be a teller in the
next Presidential campaign, but its
work will probably le in Tain unless
tho bulldozing spirit gives way to fair
dealing in the southern states.
Some Democratic papers afraid to
defend tho lata corrupt Democratic
admistration are trying to divert their
readers with a hue and cry about the
Investigating Comraitte. We are
glad to say that the number of papers
that so do is small, but what they lack
in numbers they make up in political
The Bed Bock" Democrat" published
at Baker City, in speaking of the re
report of the Investigating Committee
says: From what we have seen of the
committee's report we are satisfied
that the committte has faithfully done
its duty, and we do not believo any
Democratic paper should lower itself
so ss ic leco.-ne the sj.oioist of Dem
ocratic corrupt officials.
Colt Sold. We learn that Mr.
J. H Penn has sold one of the fine
Morgan fillies ho took to Bo&eburg,
for S200.
Money Order Bcsinesh. The
Jacksonville Post Office issued during
the year 1878 1,G'J0 money order?,
amounting to 1 6,020,03.
Confined to Bed. Wo hear that
School Superintendent Fouutnin is se
riously ill at his home in Ashland,
having been confined to his bed for
several days.
Festivities at Piio3nix. A few
days ago the head of a gentleman at
Phoenix collided with a brick-bat, dis
charged by a juvenile catapult named
Nicewarmer, and was seriously damag
ed. The owner of the head brought
it to town on Monday for repairs.
The Stockholders of tho Grave
Creek Ditch & Mining company will
meet at the Grave Creek House on the
20th day of Feb., 1S79, at one o'clock,
p. M. A full attendance is required.
By order of .Directors.
Danl. Cronemiller, Sea
Drive Slow. Ths last legislature
passed a law to provent fast driving
over any public bridge at a rate faster
than a walk under penalty of 1 0 to 1 00.
A county or public 'bridge on any high
way is one whose widtkexeeeds ten feet
and the public will take notice that
the law is in full forca and effect
AHint to Young Men. A few days
since wo asked a young lady acquain
tance why she remained single among
so many young men! "Well," she an
swered "I have not been asked yet,
and if I were I really do not feel stout
enough to mako a living for two.'
Tho answer we are afraid, contains a
whole volume of truth, and may teach
a lesson for many places as well as
Precinct Jury List. Following is
the jury list for Justices' court, Jack
sonville precinct, for tho year ending
Dec 31, 1879. It was drawn on
Monday by Justice Huffer, assisted by
Wm. M. Turner and C. W. Kahler as
provided by law: L. J. C. Duncan, J.
N. T. Miller, J. A. Cardwell, James
Lawrence, Wm. Jackson, Peter Britt,
John Orth, Nat Langell, E B. Reames,
E. D. Foudray, W. A. McPherson,
L. Solomon, G. W. Holt, E. Jacobs,
Henry Judge, A. M. Berry, Jacob Ish,
B. C. Armstrong, Pat Donegan, I. W.
Berry, Kaspar Kubli, Henry Pape,
Jame3 Elliott, A. Martin, Michael,
Hanley, George Stevenson, Gaorge
Browu, David CronemilMr, Ed. Smith,
ciHcrrr corax docket.
The Februrary term of Circuir. Court,
Hon. H. K. Ilarms presiding, will
convene on the 10th inst The docket
is as follows:
State vs. ArchvChrisman; as3ault
with dangerous weapon.
State vs. James Hards; murder.
State vs. Daniel Doty; assault with
a dangerous weaponl
State vs. W. B. -Cummons, Frank
Williams and J. Elliott; larceny.
State vd. O. Harbaugh; larceny.
State vs. J. F. Smith; assault with
dangerous veapon.;ti
State vs. Wm. Caldwell; assault with
dangerous weapon"'
State vs. Samuol.Tlith; murder.
State vs. Indian Stevo; murder.
Civil. Cases.
Jas D. Pay vs.5'P.' J. MJvlone; to. nv
cover money. ' iL
:ieHowe Sewing -Machine Co. va. Jesse
Houck; "to recover personal proper
ty. A. W. Cannon vs. J. W. Manning
and Jesse Houck; to recover personal
Haymond ic White vs. George
Magerle; to recover money.
Haymond & Magruder V3. G?orgo
Magerle; to recover money.
Wm. McCrindle vs. O. Mickleson;
to recover money.
Thos. Smith vs. J. H. Skidcioro and
n. C. Hill; to recover money.
Suits in Equity.
DeLashmut A Oatman vs. G. II.
Marshal et aljsuit for injunction.
Antoinette Fewell V3. J. M. IV.ve!l;
suit for divorce.
Boxanna Farris 'vs. J. W. Hayes
et al.
Martha Binder vs. Bobt Linder.
suit for divorce.
Coyote Gold and Silver Mining Co.
vs. Wm. Buble and Walter Buble.
F. H Cox and L. H. Shaw V3. B. B.
Griffin et al; suit to foreclose mort
gage. josh-hive roi.vrv itejis.
WiLDERVitLE, Ogn., Jan. 27.
Ed. Sentinel. The long looked for
storm has came at last and the miners
were happy for a season at least, but
their happiness seems to be of but short
duration as it 13 again freezing of
nights. , -
Bybte, KawkeSe '& Co., at the Joso
phine diggings, have commenced piping
with two pipes. Tho other companies
further down the riveraie also at work
with the exception of the Pickett creek
company. Tho Green Bros., at the
Suyir Pineledge, are now running two
arrastras and have six men in their em
ploy taking out quartz.
An exploring party of seven or eight
left here the other day to explore the
new cave lately discovered on the left
fork of Cheney creek, and within about
four miles of this place. Tho cave-has
been but partially explored. Some of
tho rooms that have been explored are
said to be very beautiful. It is of lime
stone formation and bids fair to become
quite a curiosity in its way.
Messrs. Watts and McAllister have
completed the survey of the Cheney
creek ditch. It is something over four
miles in length.
Mr. Weatherby is putting up a new
saw-mill on Jackson creek,
The "Times" rather broadly hints
that we are the author of our own
correspondence, and in so doing
makes an ungenerous and wo trust an
unintended charge, as it is beneath
tho dignity or manliness of any editor
to &ay elsewhere anything ho is asham
ed to say in his editorial columns. We
assure the "Times," that the corres
pondence is as genuine as it is appar
ently distasteful. It appears to have
been stinging to the "Times," but it
should have stung more ' deeply, and
it is difficult to expresji the disapproba
tion with which a lato scurrilous and
profane article in that paper has been
received by the public. It is a great
mistake to suppo3o that we were the
author of the letters jreferred to, and
which do credit to the intellect and
morals of the writers, and it is 'a still
greater mistake to suppose that we are
either afraid or ashamed to express our
opinion on any proper subject in its
appropriate editorial place in the
Serious Accident. We regret to
say that Mrs. Jano McQully met with
a very painful accidant on Thursday
last. Stepping outside of her kitchen
door she slipped on the frosty ground,
falling heavily, fracturing the radius of
tho right arm near the wrist, and also
dislocating tho wrist joint Mrs. Mc
Cully is under the caro of Dr. Aiken
and doing very well.
Property Sold. Eighty acres of
the "Home" projierty, levied on to satii -fy
a judgment in favor of Ahler Band
was sold by Deputy SJierifF-Seybert on
Saturday. It wai purchased bv
A called meeting of the Board of
Trustees wa3 hold on Febuary 3d,
President Linn in tho chair and all the
members present The President or
dered Mr. Nunan to act as clerk. Mr.
Lingell moved that all business bo sus
pended and the business of the meeting
bo to draft proper resolutions on the
death of our worthy Becorder, TJ. S.
Hayden, when tlw following were of
fered and passed:
Whereas. It has pleased Almighty
God in his wisdom to remove from our
midst by death since our last meeting
our worthy and efficient Becorder, TJ.
S. Hayden, therefore be it
Besolved That by this sudden and
affecting, dispensation of Providence
this Board has lost a useful, energetic
and upright meirbrr, sodciy one of its
brightest ornaments, the Townof Jack
sonville a trusted officer, doing his up
most to further its interest ami "pro?
perity, filling the office of Becorder for
eighteen years with credit to himself
and an honor to the town of Jackson
ville. Tho community loose a good
citizen and a kind benevolent gentle
man, whoso absence will long be felt
in our midst
Besolved. That this Board tender
their sincere sympathies to the bereav
ed relatives of the deceased.
Risolved. That u token of re
tpect for our lamented friend and hon
ored fellow officer, that the members of
this Board, anil the officers of this town
wear crape for the space of thirty days;
and also that this hall be draped in
mourning for the same length of time.
Besolved. That thoo resolutions
be entered in full upon the journal,
and that the clerk of the Board for
ward a copy of the same to the rela
tives of the deceased.
After tho adoption of the resolutions
the Board adjourned.
D. LINN, President
J. Nunan, Becorder Pro tern.
We regret the apathy that has been
manifested by our farmers for many
years with regard to an annual exhibi
tion of stock and agricultural products.
There is no reason whatever that we
should not have a yearly gathering of
the farmers, stock raisers and manu
facturers of Jackson county that
would not only be instructive and
profitable but enjoji.ble to themselves
and families. With our neighbors
across the Sikiyou rang3 the County
Fair is the great event of the season.
From every part of the county farmers
gather to show their products and to
interchange thought on tho noblest
pursuit of mankind, stock-men to try
the speed and strength of their road
sters and discuss the relativo merits of
their shep and cattle, and their fami
lies attend to enjoy the society of their
friends and neighbors. Wo do not
suggest a mere horse race or a fair de
voted exclusively to the trial of the
speed of fine hors.es, although that
must necessarily be a prominent fea
ture, but we mean an exhibition of ev
ery product of our industry. The
Agricultural Society of Jackson coun
ty is still in existence, and we tiiink
that if they would take early steps,
the first one the securing of ground for
a half mile track, they would receive
substantial encouragement from the
community an I make a fair a success
next Fall.
THEI.NJill.lf KlUEAl'.
The joint committee on Indian af
fairs appear to bo almost unanimous
in the reeom.mpnd.tiion that tho control
of the Indians bo transferred-from the
Interior to the war department. There
will, no doubt, be a tremendous effort
to prevent the change but it is to be
hoped that it will bo made at once.
The condition of Indian matters is
now ?o bad, owing to the parsimony of
Congress and tho total failure of tho
"peace policy," that it would be diffi
cult to make it worse. Fear is the
mo(t powerful argument with an
Indian, and under the present system
when all else has failed and ho be
comes unmanageable tho aid of the
military is invoked to restrain him
The restraint should como direct and
the transfer would end tho continual
conflict between the civil and military
authorities. The moral culture of the
Indian, if it bo possible, need not nec
essarily cea'e. If the churches bo
honest and we would bo loth to think
they aro not, they can tak tho
gospel among the Indians more easily
than they can carry it among foreign
pagans, and of cour.;o they will bo fur.
nishrd every facility for hfs conversion.
Wo do not desire tho change because
we endorse tho hue- and cry against
civilian agents. We believe they have
been much belied and their failure is
more the result of a misunderstanding
of Indian character than of dishonest
practices. A change would simplify
tho government of the various tribes
by bringing them in direct contact
with tho only power they fear and
would .return a large army of civ liann
to industrial pursuits. Wo earnestly
KiSOUD. U t!i; residence ot his moth
rr near ViII'onitmr, on Thursday, Jud
nirj 30'h Q-'o. Kinrbid, aged 8 year?.
Notica to Shippars..
liuuir.jr t!? Forardinr business w
devr? to aivo notice thit from uatl aflrr
the 1 5 h uf February out wb will iiot re
ceive any ci'ire frriL'ht into our war liou.-tr
All prisons IB arnai tor freight t'largrg
art) requested to make immediate piyraeot.
For liii" uicocKocdatioa of those- who live
n uinl abiat Jbclconvilhr. hv Lioii comer)'.
Mr. Uni Mailer will rrceivp uoil rcript lor
Roscbure. J ,d. 29. 1879.
t V I'ijut ve.tr- oil with whi t? stria Id f.ici?
li J all ronifl. rordon I. ft MiRuMer. Wns
jxeoriili'netagj liorpej. Lait sepn near
.vimi .irn.. WilUuitab V reward tny
P".-in rrturniuc or sivluK anv Inrnrmatloti
about him -- W. J. PLYUALK.
jACfcfiiuT He TW. 3.h mo.
. ij ,
iiotice of Final Setttenont
In ths Oonnty Court of thn S'ata of Ore
gn.lir the Cimnty of Jackson, siting
mi Probate on Janutry 25th, 1879
In the tn itter of th rat ite of Wm. II. Mcr-
rinon, il-c aS'il.
Artewca Mt'iriiiuiii Kxtrulr'x of the Kv
i it- of Wm. II. Ver.iimn. l(-ceif,l hu.
fi'i il In r fi isl nrcnimt ol the o unhtion fietcol
"n iht i (T'Cf of lie Onuiy Ulwfc of JncLm
County pMvtni; tor a Cm I s'ttli'.
m 'lit. aiil irl-rcil that Tiio-dy. M-trch -tib.
187j, at 10 oVImk a. u. ht hecn set by
onlrr of l lie Co.iu'y Court for the final hear,
in il.tr i of.
Oivm tirjl.r my h.md Jnnusry 29'h 1879
ttrrst on ScIiimI Fund notes, t-i.h
t tliroii!;h the pu rehire of land (T on bur.
riwetl iii'inry, are riquolttl to settle the
Minf at once uml save cot..
U) onlrr of the Uoinl of School Land
CuruiuUdiotitn. NfcWMAN H3I!R.
Local A girt.
J down th; feme of my pasture near
.n. thereby ticwsioninir a considerable
I.15 of cattle ami hetp, I llierf-fnre caution
and warn oil personi against farther trrs
h-s upon "aid IjnJs under penalty of rig
unlit) prwicntion.
Jacksnnvillo. Pec. 4, 1878.
Dealehs In
Cor., of Secosd and California St.
produce taken iDiiclun.'f lor work.
California St.,
JacksonTllIe, - - - Oregon
pr-pred to do all viork in Iih line in
the lest manner and at reasonable, prices.
Can be lnd at this place at alt hoar? of the
The People of tills Valley Saw
Dry-Goods and nncy-CJoods
SOest door to Post Cfiico,
Where Highest Cash Prices
are paid.
r'V TuNk
Get i ?..V wsSHjs.
Sheriffs Sale.
and order of pale duly taceJ ont of
toe Circuit Court of the Stale of Orejron,
for Jitckron county, on the 28th day of De
cember. 1878, upon a judgment and decree
in futor of h F. Walker Hnd XV. O. Myer
an! iwair.al J. II. Sk'dmore and A.'M.
Skidmore f.ir the f nm ofS3C72 28 and in
nvor ol Saxe and RohertsoD, and against
J. II' Skidmnrp anj A.M. Skidmore lor the
Mini of Sl,G:t3 33, all in gold coin of the
United States, and the costs and ilisbnrse-GiPut-i,
and to rue directed and delivered,
commanding and riqnirinp me to make le
!rl levy and sals of the following described
P'eraists, vz. Beginning at a post for the
SW corner of lot No. two (2) in block
No. gjven (7) in 'the town of Ashland in
paid comity and State. Vnriation used 10
iitc Ka.it, thence S CO tieg W 7C3 links to a
post on the West boundary line of Donntiotf
cliim Xo 40 in Township 39 S of R I
Kjst. tl.eDce North 468 links to n post on
aid West houndary of claim Xo 40. thenru
X 7 de' E 5G8 links to n post for the X
W corner of lot No one (I) in b'ock No
Feveu (7). thence S 23 dog E 332 links to
the pluco of beginning, contain ng 2.C0 noes
excepting therefrom so much of said land i as
has bleu deeded to the West Ashland
Ditch 0'irnpanv F.tttt
irrsrii'ux uifr
A;i'TiflU'''No. one Ml and two f2?
Mori: Xo peten (7) in the town of Ashland
In faid county, and Slate, belter known as
tha A-h!and Aculemy and Io'., ar.d that the
proceeds of such sale of .id above described
premije be applied. First to the piyment
of th. eo't- and disbursements of suit taxed
at 332 02 1-2: ami the nccrnin-; p. ata.
Second, to the pjyment to Plaintiff:). K F.
Walker and W. C. Myer the sum of S3,.
ISO 10 and interest, from November 22J
1878 at 10 per cent per annum. Thiid, In
ilicpivmrnt of the judgment ol Saxe and
Rubvrtion for fhesum ofSI,C33 33 anil in
terwt at 7 per cent per nnuuni Tom the 22d
day of November. 1878, nil of said turns
payable in United Status gold coin.
Funrth, the lemaindr, if any there be,
pay over to the said J. II. Sfcidmnro and
A. M. Skidmore or the'r asoni. 1 have
levi-M upon and will oiler lur sale ftr ca'h
in U. S. in!l ciin at p'iblic nnct en, to tl.e
h gh-Mt biihUrat tho O-mrt Hotted sor io
Jacksonville, Jaclcon Co. Oj;n.,
SATini) IT, rCECCABT, Sill, !!
nt 1 nVIocK I". Jt. of said day, all te r'iht It
tli! and ir.tf rist ol tfie dihndai ts J II Ui I
morea'il A. M. .S'cid-ii i.v n and m tha
above described primes. L ied u ion m
t he-property of the above nnmeil IMcndant.T
J. II. Skidmore nnd A. M .Skidmore, to
fatify the demands of the nhove mimed exe
cution. WM. IIYHKK,
SheriiTof Jnrkwm Co.. Oregon.
TacWnvilli'.tlun. Cth. 1870.
Sheriff's Sale.
duly 1--' e 'I'l-'hc Circuit Court of
ihe Stntp of Oregon, for Jack-on County,
on the 3d il.) 01 Ju.iuurv 1R7D nnnii tho
follow r? imii'iiiTiiK in favor ' ) l jrens
ki and Hta nst Jusi-pli Uh. for fro im of
S7l 00 and i ii-.if ntc pr
mjnlli fruiii the th day of December 1875,
u ' c s's.fiwid in li-orj it ti Knttw-ifci mid
again I ,J(eih Raih lortihr pmnofSG3-
6. I ami iiveie.n al 10 rVctru mrl
oum from t'-e lS'h day of January. 1877
an I cos'i. The coN of said jndjments
tend ut 531 10 md al'O the r.rcrni"
pnti and to me directed ami il I vered. I
hire levin! upon uml w.ll oCer for sale for
ci!i at public auction, to th- li ir' et bidder
n: the Court Hou6 door inJJack i-uvilio
.TacK'on County Oreiron. on
SATTEB.iY. l'ECSl'ACV 8th, I8T0.
at two o'clock p. si. ol said dny.ol the right
titk'and initret of Jo-rpli Rath, deceased,
in and to the following de?erd(n premfces
v;z: The S I 2 of the S WW nfKcti.n
17. and the X W l or the X E and
the XE of the X Wofsectio Jli.in
towaJi'p 38, S of R2 W, coiitinin; ICO
ncnu. situated in Jek on county, Oreg n,
levied upon ns the property of mul d leauant
.Joseph Rath tn pntttdy the dtmuodj of iL
above named esecutior.
Sheriff of Jackso i C. Ogn.
Jacksonville, J.in, 6ih. 1879.
Estray Notic3
ern, li vini; at the Meadi.ns, on Evan'd
creek, in Tab'o Rock precinct, Jackcon
c.uinty, Oripon, two head of horns, to. wit:
One bright biyhorso, fourteen and a half
hiimh hiph, with n whtte stripe in tbtr fore
head, and a email white stripe around tha
rdv'e of the. hoof on the left hind foot, nnd"
Home small paddle marks. Supposed to be
12 yeara old, branded fcO" on the left shonl.
der. AUo one drk bay or brown mare,'
with three white fret and a small white fpot
in tho forehead. No brand i perceivable.
About the same height and age of the horse.
Mad en when she came to my place a larger
h-II and was appraned as follows, io. wit:
The horc at forty dollars and the marc at
lorty five dolbr.i, by XV. A. Cnilders, Jus
tice of the Peace of Toble Rock precinct.
.Jackson county, Oresxon. on this the 16th
day of January, A. D. 1879.
,Tu'lice-of the Peace.
Administrator's Holies.
In ths matter of Ihe estate of EvI Schrinf,
the un-lerslirned ha? been appointed by
the County Court of Juckcn county. Ore
con. Mttinjr in probate. Administrator of
the rtate of Kvl S bring, deceased.
All perfo i h indebted to e.xfd estate are re
qaertnl to stttle the mme immediately, and'
ihow b.tvinc; claim) a;nin?t Ihe estate will
prifent them with the proper vouchers to
me at my residence in Jackionvllle, Jackon
county. Oregon, with:n nix months after tha
first publication of this notice
Administrator of (aid estate.
Dated Jan 28, 187(i.
Settle Up! Sottlo tTpl
accounts on our bxks vte hereby give
nonce to hII thine indebted to ns by boolr
account to' come forward at one- and settle
ip. We mu3t have Ihe money, end unless'
a (ttliment in made immediately forced
collection will tx- uiade.
SettlQ TJu Savo Costs
move my pluco ot business from Willow"
Sprincs I hereby give notice to all thocf
indebted to mi either by note or book c
mnt to come lorward nt once and settle op'
and thereby ?i.w cojts linnet have the
money due m and nnle thry are paid im
m.dial. ly the accnunN will be plactd in the'y
hands ol an officer for collection.
DwmVr 25 ti 3m
i circnlnian atraiiu rfL
maiuc irom it.
k K " A
J. B. .fctowxrd.
Whi. Hoffman fo;
hono it -will tw
.T733xa.'gr DBfCainiox ot cut-