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Satukdat, - - October 25. 1873.
f -
New Adventists. For several suc
cessive evenings during the past week
our citizens have been entertained by
thd preachings and teachings of Sir.
and Mrs. D. D. Keed, traveling joint
lecturers in the doctrines of New Ad
ventiem, -whose principal discourses are
theorizings upon the. second coming of
Christ and the rnillcnium. They strive
to demonstrate their .theory by the use
of maps and charts, intended to illus
trate the prophecies of Daniel and the
visions recorded in the Book of Rev
elations, supported by random extracts
from other prophecies of the Old Tes
tament And.tbn payings of Christ. An
acceptance ot the soundness of their
theory would easily enable one, ,by
their skillfully contrived interpretation,
to believe the doctrine to the end, and
Ibeir cunningly detised explanation of
Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchad
nezzar's dream would effectually set at
j-cst all speculations in regard to that
otherwise pizzlmg ision. By the
"same process they throw full light up
on the stunning isions of the author
oL Revelation1:. But to be convincing
the demonstration of a theory must be
clear in detail and -definite as to result,
and as they fix upon no terminal date,
leaving listeners to do that lor them
selves, wc think that lact a'one destroys
their scheme, as also any chances of
our being "one of the last of our race."
.Our attendance made ery small inroad
upon our fund of bkepticiein. As they
charge nothing lor their lectures they
thus turn the edge of the main weapon
of criticism. Theirs is truly a woik of
charity, so far as they are concerned,
-yet wo cannot help believing that their
efforts arc more calculated to fill niad
liouses than to eradicate sin or sustain
the truths of the Gospel. Their lec
tures were deliv cred in the court house,
lo fair sized and attentive audiences,
and were interesting, it for no other
reason than their novelty, though they
may have failed to carry conviction to
Personal. During the past week a
number .of our citizens, taking advant--ago
of the dull beasou of the jear, have
undertaken pilgrimages eastward and
to the father land. Among them was
one ot our principal merchants, 3Ir.
Isaac Sachs, of the firm of Sachs Bros ,
who, alter an absence of twelve yeais,
goes, on a visit t olhe home and bee lies
of -his -childhood in that far-off and
much Germanized land, Bavaria. We
were the gralelul recipient of his part
ing testimonial of regard in the shape
of a bottle of choice "wine, in which all
bands drank to his good health and
wished him a safe and pleasant journey
there and back. lie will be absent for
several mouths.
Also that well known and highly
respected citizen, .Maj. Jas. T. Glenn,
who, in company with his family, goes
lo spend a season in visiting relatives
and friends in Missouri and other ot
the more eastern Stales, as also a tour
ot general observation and iccreation.
With the Major'b numerous friends in
this county wo join in wishing himself
nnd family a pleasant trip and safe re
turn. They will probably be absent
several months.
On last Saturday's stage there also
departed that old hero ot Southern Or
egon and whole-souled old gentleman,
Gen. John E. Ross, who, for the first
time in many years, has gone cast of
the Rocky Mountains. He contem
plates a general tour of the Slates on
this parallel ot latitude, and during his
absence of several months will pay a
visit .to the Rational' Capital. We all
wish him a pleasant journey and safe
A DeadTuing. Now we've got tha
deadest thing out on wood thieves, and
we don't expect a patent on it, either.
Wo haven't any wood for them to
steal. Even our ax fails to excite cu
pidity, it having a jjap iu it as broad
as the "bloody chasm." But wo might
split wood with it if our subscribers
would bring us some to split. What's
the good ot plenty to cat il you can't
kecpjvvarm enough to taste it?
Oregon Chestnuts. That the chest
nut tree -will fmitlully tlirivoin this re
gion has been fully demonstrated this
reason by Mr. Jaquett, a nurseryman
scar Ashland in this county, who has
laid on our table a chestnut burr, con
taining good sized, fully matured nuts.
The burr was taken from a 4-year old
tree grown by him in his nursery. He
has a large number of trees of suitable
age for transplanting, of which he will
give'iull account in the Sejitinel in a
short time.
From Goose Lake.
A. Tnnbrook, Esq., arrived in this
place on Tuesday last from GooseXakc,
coming by wagon. He left there on
the 14th. He .brought in the election
returns from that portion of the county,
and reports the trip a little cool, but
on the whole an ordinarily pleasant one,
the roads being in very good condition
and no snow having yet fallen. Every
thing is again quiet and prosperous in
that region, though for a while things
looked a little squally in Goose .Lake
Valley, and all the contiguous valleys
where settlements had been formed,
and during the latter portion of the
Indian difficulties citizens had in many
places forted up rnd prepared for de
fense. But the danger has all passed
and the settlers were all buy in pre
parations for Winter when he left.
He says the emigration has not been
near so large as they had anticipated,
the war having deterred many lrom
going there who Jiad written to their
friends last Fall that they intended to
come this season. There is nothing
now in that whole region to cause
Having but a weekly horseback mail
the residents of that conntry are some
what troubled vvilh monotony duiing
the Winter months, but they expect
soon to be of sufficient numerical im
portance to attract the attention ot
oiher localities and to induce the De
partment lo grant them belter mail
Good crops have rewarded the hus
bandmen and abundance ot all that the
country produces "in vouchsafed (he
settler. They are stilt compelled to
rely upon Jacksonville and other older
and better markets lor their groceries
and luxuries. The establishment of
the proposed military post in the
north end of the Valley it is thought
will be ot great benefit to that whole
section by increasing their future se
curity and furnishing them an increased
market for many of their products. Mr.
Tinbrook started ou his return yester
day. Foe lDEXTiriCATiox--Some time ago
one of the San Francisco papers gave
an account ot the remains ot an un
known person being found somewhere
near Linkville. Simply the skeleton
remained, from w hich the lower j.iw
has been foi warded to Dr. Jackson, of
this place, to asaist in discovering, if
possible, to whom it belonged. The
teeth were peifect in the jaw, but have
been so long exposed to the elements
that some ot the front teeth have fallen
out and the enamel ot the remainder
has shelled off to some extent. The
first molar on the left side is filled in
the crown cavity, or top of the tooth,
will) guld; the second molar has two
of the cavities filled with gold in the
same manner, and an amalgam filling
on the outer or buccal side, while the
third molar has two gold fillings in the
crown cavity. As dentists usually
keep a descriptive rccoid of their work
it is possible this jaw may lead to an
identification. A gun, knife and pipe
were found w ith the remains, and can
be seen at the Postofiice in this place.
A SriTErcL Celestial. One of our
Hebrew citizens tells a joke on himself
which illustrates the-aptnes ot "John"
to pick up and apply taunting phrases,
w hen of a mind to do so. After much
trouble ho had compelled "John" lo
call and settle. Tlie irate Celestial sup
pressed his indignation until he reached
the door, when he turned and spite
fully ee!aimed: "You thinkee you heap
d n smart ! Oh jes; you belly plenty
good man you! You Killce Melicau
man's God you! Me heap sabe you."
And then he strutted bravely away.
Jewelet, Tots, Etc John Neuber
has just received important additions
to his stock of jewelry, watches, eta,
and a fine lot ot elegant toj s and trink
ets for the little folks when the holi
days come. He is also agent for the
Florence and Grover & Baker sewing
machines, and has just received a sup.
ply of these instruments for sale. Go
and see his latest improved Florence,
which is now admitted to be ahead of
all other machines in every respect and
is handsome enough for any parlor.
Religious Notice.-Ucv. P. C. Hetz-
1er, Agent of the American Bible So
ciety, will preach in the M. E. Church
to morrow lorcnoon, at 11 o clock. A
meeting in behalf of the Bible Society
will be held at tho same place, in the
And Again. There came a "Rapp
ing, tapping, knocking at our office
door," the other day, and Mr. Rapp
stepped in and deposited, ft generous
I measure of elegant pears npon onr floor. J
Rcaioval of tbe JHedecs.
We clip the foljowingconcerning
the removal of the Modoesf from tne
Portland Bulletin's correspondence,the
writer of which visited tbe Indian en
campment made' the second day at
Capt. Fan-is' ranch, two miles south ot
the Reservation : "
I went into the circle and inspected
these people closely.- It-was, interest
ing to take' a new view of these braves
who filled a, hundred graves, and, pro
vided by nature with an almost im
pregnable fortress, made the most de
termined resistance recorded in the
history of the American Continent.
But to-morrow, that- field of volcanic
rock, with its caves where the sun
never shines, and its, chimneys nearly
a thousand feet high, where once a sea
ot lava seethed and billovved, will pass
from their sight forevermore. Hook
Jim, the individual who conceived the
hellish scheme of murdering the citizen
ot Tule Lake, and afterwards actually
took eight ot their lives w ith his own
hand, and who also assisted in the
Peace Commission murder, .was .here
with others who would eryappropri
ately have ornamented two unused
ropes we saw dangling between" Scon
chin, John and Black Jim on the 3d
Bogus Charley I saw bent down
wrapping his ankle with old pieces of
cloth to shield it from the galling ot
the heavy shackles. This is a tall,
pleasant looking young warrior; -who
was, according to the dying statements
of Boston Charley and Captain Jack,
the person who proposed the Prace
Commission masxacre, and who after
wards by his genteel manners and
smooth tongue disarmed Gen. Canby
and Dr. Thomas of any suspicions ot
tuul play, and they went with him on
the fatal Good Friday to the place de
cided on for the murder. He said to
me, as the wagon containing him and
Long Jim, Shackuasty Jim, Steamboat
Frank, Hooka Jim and nine others
rolled away, '"Good-bye. Maybe I
never see you again." Maybe not,
but I guess I can become reconciled
to bis absence after a vv hile. Mary and
Lizzie, Capt. Jack's sister and wile,
had their hair closely cut and their
faces painted with pilch and charcoal,
and kept their blankets about their
tares. Mary had Jack's little girl bug
ged close to her bosom, and was last
evening sitting on a rook in the cold
north wind embroidering a pair of
moccasins for the pet of th departed
The orders of the officer in charge
require the greatest can; to pievent the
escape ol Hooka Jim, Shacknasty. Bo
gus, Steamboat Frank, or "the scouts,"
as they are called, from their aid to
Gen. Davis last Spring in hunting Cap
tain Jack. This order may indicate
that the Government has some pretty
severe punishment in store ol these
men on their arrival in Wyoming.
A few days ago John Badv, a semi
civilized Piute, was killed near Yainax.
bv a Summer Lake Snake named Che
che-da. Bady has the reputation of
having introduced into the if enervation
two years ago the bloody gospel called
the "Smchulla Religion" and he has
lnllen a victim to a lawlessness perhaps
born ot his own teaching. Che die da
is a brother to one ot the Indians, In
die vvaw.can, killed by whites last
Spring, and it seems that revenge for
killing hi brother prompted this last
affair. His chief, Check toot, says that
John Bady, when he left Yainax early
last Spring, circulated the report
among the whites, all along from Yai
nax lo Camp Bid well, that .the jSnakes
were about to take the war path. This
excited tho whites and made l hem very
suspicious ot the few Indians who had
spent the Winter in Summer Like
Valley. This suspicion terminated in
the killing ot Che che-da's brotherand
he ihiristed tor the blood of the disci
ple ol Smo bulla. Much care and cau
tion vvlll have lo be observed in visit
ing the murderer with the "white man's
law." The Reservation Indians are
much excited about this affair, aud
fear, as it look place on iheii soil, that
O-die o, ihePiutc chiel, may hold them
accountable for the spilling ot John
Bady's blood. Jvlr. Dyar and Mr.
Harer arc now at Yainax to investigate
the affair.
The Yreka Union ot the 17th says
the Modoc train reached a camp within
five miles of them on that day. Scar
faced Charley has been made chief and
was at liberty, while all the others
were chained together in couples. There
were 155 all told, 42 being ablebodied
men. They were guarded in a space
of CO feet square, and no one was per
mitted to talk to them, although many
acquaintances visited them lrom Yreka.
One Modoc joined the cavalcade on
the way and three arc yet in the Lava
Home Aqain. On Saturday last the
Rev. Father Blanchet returned from
his trip east, after an absence of several
mpnti8, during which lime he bad vis
ited twenty-one States and the Cana
da?, lie expresses himself very much
pleased with his trip, and returns in
good health and spirits, to meet hearty
welcome from his parishioners and his
numerous friends among all denomina
tions and classes.
Catholic Sebvices. Divine services
will be held at the Catholic Church by
the Rev, Father Demers to-morrow
(Sunday) at the usual hoar.
NatifarjDecay-Pr'6tect tbe '
Tbe human -body is a machine, tod there'
fore cannot endure forever ;Tat. likT a watch
orselrlna machine! it" will Jut mach lomrer
'il properly "rtgnlaled and Half repaiVed,lban
D0 P.11.0' ere taken to keep it in order.
Tb great object or every one who desires a
Ion? and healthy lite should be to pat his
body in a.cnndition .to resist the life threaten
ing ioflSences by which we are all more or less
larronoded; and no insijjorant' and corrective
at present known so effectually answers llii
purpose aj the vitalizing elixir which, under
tbe unpretending name of ilotetler's Stomach
Bitters, has been for more than twenty years
the Standard tonicxf America. In crowded
cities, whereQEe.. etu76pbef U'jrcnlaminated
with effluvia inoperable from large popula
tions ; inTmarshy rrgfcns, where ibe soggy
soil reeks wilh miasma; on the pfajries and in
the forests, where every fall the air is tainted
wiib pxhalations from rotting weeds and grass
es, or decomposing" 'eaves in short, in every
locality where malaria exists, tliTs powerful
vfgtlab!eantidote is urgently needed Fever
and ague, billion fevers, dysentery, congestion
of the liver, jaundice, rhenmaiim, and all dis
eases which are generated by infected air. im
pure watt;r,,or sudden changes of temperature,
may be averted by strengthening and regulat
ing the syslem in advance with Hosteller's
Bitters. Autumn is always a season of peril,
especially to weak, susceptible organizations.
Even the more vigorous are apt to be in some
measure depressed by the humid atmosphere,
loaded with deleterious gasfs produced by
vegetable decay. The fall is'a period of the'
yeai when the renovation and regulation of
the living machine h peculiarly important, and
the Bitters should therefore be taken daily at
this critical season.
A Teibcte to Our; Fellow-townsman.
The following tribute was paid
to our fellow townsman, J. H. Stinson,
by jthe annual meeting of the Agassiz
Institute, held at Central Hall, in the
City of Sacramento, California, a 6hort
time since:
"Rev. J. n. C. Borte, Corresponding
Secretary, presented., a resolution of
encouragement to J. II. Stinson, of
Jacksonville, Oregon, who h.ts diseov
ered a new science. It was passed
As the Agassiz Institute is incorpor
ated and composed ot scientific men
alone, the resolution is highly compli
mentary to JJIr. Stinson, We are in
formed by him that this discovery will
soon be made known to the wordl.
Accidental Death On tho 18th
instant Mr- James D. Appleton, who
resided near Grant's Pass, in this coun
ty, came to his death by an accident.
near, bmith river, not far lrom Crescent
City. He was engaged in freighting,
and while thus occupied tell from his
wagon-seat, IheAvagou wheels passing
over and crushing him to death almost
instantly. He leaves a wife and seven
children to mourn his loss, besides nu
merous friends in this county, who sin
cerely regret his tragic fate and deeply
sympathize with the bereaved family.
County Hospital. D. Danforth,
to whom has been awarded tho con
trsc. of keeping the county hospital, is
engaged in putting up quite extensive
additions to the building now occupied
for that purpose, and intends making it
complete and comfortable. There are
few patients not" in the hospital, nnd
the Doctor will spare no pains in the
effort to properly care or them, as also
any others who may fall to his charges
Sale oy Jackson County Stock.
W. C. Myer, of Jackson county, his
sold four yearling colls-of his Percheron
stock: Sconchin,to Joseph Sawyer, of
Yamhill, for 400; Capt. Jack, to
Thorn. Cooper, of Yamhill, for 400 ;
Bird, to J. C. Cozier, of Hebey, for
S40O1; and Frederick Wiiliara.to Isaac
Wagner, ot Salem, for 300.
Peofitable Lambs. Cameron &
Goodwyn, of Linkville, in this county,
sold eight lambs at the State Fair fur
$100 each. They also took the firet
premium on three entries of Leicester
sheep. Probably they have the finest
flock of Australian Licesters in the
A Present. Mr. Henry C. JJreer,
Seedsman and Florist of Philadelphia,
has the thanks of the "Sentinel for a
generous package of bulbs and garden
seeds of choicest varieties, presented to
Mn. Dowell. Beinsr entirely unexpect
ed the gift is tho more highly prized.
Game. All kinds of game, from a
jick rabbit to a grizzly, seems unnsuah
ly abundant about hero for the season
of the year. We haven't heard of any
Nimrods tackling a grizzly yet, but we
seo considerable of .the smaller game
on the street deers, and sich like.
Agents Wasted New Books.
A. L. Bancroft & Co., the principal
publishing firm of San Francisco, ad
yertise in this issue for agents to sell
new and popular works Just issued by
them. Read their card, under head of
"Wanted, Agents,"
'' . ' "' ;
Read It. Major Glenn gives notice
of importance among the new adverv
'tijements. "iteadit.
On Sundav, Oct. 19, 1873, at the' Baptist
Church on" Wagner Creek, JaclUon county,
by Elder Joseph Ritter, B F; Moboax and
Mis9 Mabt . Baeeb, all of Jackson county,
Oregon- r k
.Accompanying; the above notice came the
compliments of, the newly wedded pair in the
shape ot a beautiful cake of most excellent
quality. Tue happy conple will'pleasc accept
our kindest regards. '
At Shingle Camp, in this County, "ou Suu'
day, pcioberniJih. 1873, oE general dkbility,
M. JL Jvlder, aged abuui 60 years..
Dectased was un olifand well-known resi
dent of this place, but waalatterlystopping at
Linkville. Fueling his end approaching,' lie
attempted to return to Jacksonville, but the
fatigui) of, the, journey was too great for bim
to bear, and placing his ifH-cts in the hands of
a friend he laid down and died at the time and
place above staled, lie Is not known to have
any relatives living on this coast.
i. i I, jc - ' i i"1 it. i
In Jacksonville, on Wednesday morning,
October 22. 187J, Lima L. Ukf.kvav. young
est danghitr of C. C. and J. E. BeiLman,
agid 5 years, 11 months nndC days.
''Lxttlz Ltcu," aj slie vu unni&rl called, vru the
Jv.y or ber parents and tho pot of her brother aod slaters.
Ueruaoommoa Intelligence and childish graces readily
won for her tho regard and affection of all her plajmatos
and acquaintances, young and old. Tho Angel of Death
ta his flight stoopod to plucV iho brightest Jevol from
the tunily gronp and has placed It to shine fvrcreimore
In the diadem of llcuven.
Kciiains of Gex. Rawlins. A
Washington telegram, October 8tll,
says this :
The remains of General Rawlins,
wiich, since his untimely death, have
been lying in the vault at, the Consjres
sional Cemetery, were to-day consigned
to a grave in that ground, The Presi
dent, General Sherman, General Bab
cock, Mr. Rawlins, a brother, and
i-everal friends were preent. The con.
ditinn in which this gallant soldier's
remains have- been left so long is cer
tainly a scandal. It was stated to-day
that the fees ot burial have been, up to
date, unpaid, and that pending the
event of to-day, he has had practically
only a place in the vault by the good
will ot lhoo controlling; yet there
was about $35,000 raised lor Mrs. Raw
lins, who has since remained.
A St. Louis dispatch, October 13th,
gives this intelligence :
Tom Allen, the pugilist, in reply to
a newsijaper paragraph that certain men
would back Joe Coburn against him,
publishes a card, in which he says he
ill cover any sum trom $1,000 to 810,
000 as soon as it may be put up by
Coburn and hi friends in any respecta
ble handc, nnd that he will fight Co
burn Inlt-way between St. Louis aad
New York, or in Canada, at from ten
weeks to three months' notice. Allen
clones his card by saying: ''I have
been alter Coburn ever since I came to
this country, and this is the twentieth
time I have challenged him."
Compliment to Senator Morton.
The telegraph says that on. the 17th
instant in the Constitutional Conven
tion then in session at Philadelphii,
ex United States Senator Baijk'w,
referring to the course of Sen: tor Mo -tun,
of Indiana, npon the propus-ed
ammendments as to the manner of se
lecting Presidential electors, said Sen
ator Morton deserved the thanks ot
the Nation for his course in that re
gard. The substance of the Senator's
proposition will bo found on the out
side of this issue, of the Sentinel.
Insurrection on the Istujius An
insunection has broken out on the Isth
mus of Panama, between rival factions
of the Government of Columbia, which
seriously threatens the security of
travel on that route. The Government
troops stationed on the railroad line
bed joined the rebels at last accounts,
and Admiral Almy of the United States
Navy had ordered a detachment of U
S. Marines to ride on the trains for
their protection.
Vlcn applied with Dr. Pierce's National
Douche and occncipanitiKwilh Dr. Pierce's
GoMm Mtdical Discovery rs conslilationar
treatment. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy pro-
daces perfect cores of tbe worst cases of Ca-
Inrrh and Ozena or many years' ttandm;.
This thorongtr coarse of mtdlcatioo constitutes
the only scieniiSc, rational, safe and successful
manner of treating this odions disease that ha;
ever been oQered to the afflicted. The Instru
meat and two medicines sold for 52 by all tbe
Fevers seldom make an attack without giv
ing warning, and may often be thrown off by
soaking tbe feet in warn water, wrapping cp
warm in bed. and taking two or 'three of Par
sons' Purgative Pills.
A Missionary. ust returned, fays he rgard
Johnson's Anodyne Liniment as beyond all
price, and effiencione beyond any other medi-r-ice.
Il is adapted to a great variety of spe
cial caes, and is the be-t paid carer in thr
Sailed. Hon. J. H. Mitchell sailed
from Portland for San Francisco on the
steamer of last Saturday. We presume
he has gone on his way,.loi Washing
ton. Thenameof HW.Scott76f the
Bulletin, also-appears in tho list of
, jGe9.P. Trai-A" dispatch 'of Oct.
18, from New. York, saya: "Georgo
Francis Train,' who arrived only last
week from Europe, having become dis
gusl.ed kiwi J be country, politics-and
people, sailed away again to day leav
ing, be says, forever.'' And it is sin
cerely, to "be hoped that the learned
lool'' is. acting with candor, for once,
as'liis1 leaving tbisr country will certain
ly be for "his country's good."
Cool The evenings about here, but
not more(so than the manner in, which
tho Oregonian, gobbled Gen. Wheat
on's response lo Judge Prim, commenta
and all. v
. '
Ku Klux Sentences. A State
Court in Georgia has lately Sentenced
two members, of tho Ku-KIux one of
tliPin, strangely enough, ablack man
t.o be executed Jor whipping a negro
to death. This is, wn believe, tho first
itibtanco. where the civil authorities of a
Southern State have nwarded'a 'just
puiiMihient to Ku-KIux outlaws, and
it is to be hoped that the cflecl will bo
to put an end to the operations ot thy
organization m that locality.
JVJlKi VV.IHUT) HUH niragent to attend to
all necessary business during my absence Iu the East. T
hare alsu placed my uotea and accounts in the hands of
II. K. II INN" A, Eiq1, for collection. Parties Interested"
U! gOTern themselves accordingly..
Jacksonville, October 18, 1S73-M.
Wanted, Agents!
Pon OUR GREAT pictorial work just issced,
entitled '
Or, Skeicllea of Life In the Golden State.
BythoIateCoi-Auntl S. Etas. A beanUlnl o-taro,
iJenilldly Illustrated VItM Pen Paintings cf Lift la
California, etc etc Agents also wanted for the
"Manual of American Ideas."
A most Invaluable1 work for every American citizen. 0c
taro,M8 pages. Alsojiut lmud,TUE FARMERS'
JOURVAL AD ACCOC.NT COOK. Send for terms upou
these rapid selling bocks.
MI Sinrrancisco.Cal.
Piano for Sale.
cheap, will do treU to caU on MRS. M. COLVER
October IS, SiZlt. Of Phoenix.
Dissolution XSotice,
b. twecn Jobn Orth and Tuuuiia Gitnlnl Is dissolved
by mutual consent. All those having unsettled accounts
wilh the late firm are ropuested to call and sottle vri&out
delay. JOlI OKTIL
Jacksonville, Oil. 18, IS-wl THOMAS GIASISI.
Improved Order ol Hcd Mcii-
be prewrut to participate la the dedication of the
Hall and Cemetery Giounds to tale place on the first
nieeUug In Beaver Moou.ICl.SDAY, nOV. 4, 1873.
By order of SACUEU.
P. D. Paasov C. of It. octtSirt
Ryan's brick building,
Intends remaining here the coming Winter. The t
bte will always be supplied Ith
7 lie Ik st the Market nfTorris.
SParticuUr attention paid to tie comibrt of guosts-CO-
Wo have very comfortable rooms.
ThanVful fur p-ist patronage, a continuance of tho aime
is rnpoctfnlty solicited. octlSu-l
jr :
vmr jcr ja. jtart. not
stock of
siiru ASD TUCT
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hardware
Ever offered f. r sale In tie tovn. ,
Prices to Suit he Times,.
luuu for Quods. Illgliest yrlee puld, auil
OuucU at Coat Kutea. t '
J. H. KcCALL & CO. .
Asliland, Of toter 18, lST3tr
Or Exchanged for Other Property.
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v and Outside Lands, on a Ions; tlm. or will exchange
for other Iiroperty He owns real estate In all part of,
the tj, and can seU cheaper than any one else.
For any person, on approved real estate In Ibis cltr- lay
-tere-t collected quarterly and remitted to tender. Loana
can he made 10 rebuild hi Uk houses ip the, burnt, district
secured by tha same property. . otcs. Vouchers, Claims,
and Accounts in the United States collected.
Address C--M, CAST EC
Oct. IS, 1573ml. Carter'! 3Iodc, Portland. Oga,
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wfpek In. the tipper slnrj or fhe. District School.
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