Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 27, 1869, Image 3

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Saturday Mornino, Nov. 27, 1800.
I,. I. I'laticr.MO K 21 New Mrrcli-
iil' llichangi;, If our only nittlitirlxcd fijii-nl In
Sin rrXnclco. For 12-iMcrn AdvrrtlftltiK. Mil.
FiiiKR la represented by S. M. I't-TTBNOii.t. t
Co, of New Yotk and lloton.
Iltiilaon K Mcnr-t nrc our only mi
ttiorlz"! Aitenla In the Atlantic .Slnto". Oflic
41 I'ark Itowr. "Time" llulldinjr. New York
flij. All order, tntirt cotnc llifotigli llirin.
r'.vrnnit Hi.ANoiirr will hold illvino
FcrviiTA.tl tlic Catholic clitircli lo-inor.
row at tlic usual hour.
Own and Shipley, and Sheriff Hcnrim
Our report o( the lillh tint, of the pro
ccediiig ol the Circuit Court in tlic two
c.tsoa nyaliMt Shipley eoniinciiccil hy
Alfred Owen, mid thu case n.iliisl
Thunns 0. Owen, Deputy SlicrilT,
cic.itcil tpiitua aciisntioii in Democratic
circlci". In a few Iioum nfler the
piper was out, Thouii'K 0. limine,
Mii'rill' ol this county, met us, and in
(piireil why we dicrihod Owen n
Dopulj .SherilV, and onierod his p.iper
to lto stopped and liU nilvertieniciit a
the keeper of the yumi "Union Lively
Stable" to he diconliuiicd.
W think SherilV Kennies very fon
itlve. Wo slmiilv atttcil that Un
(iraud Jury had found n lino bill fur,n
tn finul( ulili n ,1.,,,,,.,, ,,-.,,,,
against Thomas (J. Owen, Deputy ',
M.erill of this cumitv. without Mivlnif .
mi! mm
vriio wasSherin;or who nppointcd'him " ,,is -.iiitmitiity, both n a man and
to oflUv, and a the rn-o will Mill be ' a "..it, and from the deep and un
investigated by a petit jury, wo did '. intcict manileMed whenever
not sty whether ho was guilty or inno
cent. Wo expect no Democrats to p'atro
uir.u t'to Si:nii.vi:i. tint do not think it to
their interrM to do m. Our minimis
nro crowded with ndvcrlicuu'iil, mid
wo think Mr. Heaiues m.iy find that
thu Sknii.nki. has been ns much or
more ndvantagp to his livery Miiblo as
his advertUeinent has ever been to the
.Si:.iiNi:t. It may bo that Mr.
Keames know the old adage that "n
"iiiliy conscience needs no iirrucr," is
strictly applicable to himself. Mo np I
pointed 1 nomas U.Owen to othcoiift'jr
lie ought to have known he had drawn
his del linger duiiiii tho allray between
his brother and Shipley. We know the
(Iraud Jury louud the bill, and SheiiU
Keames may believe he Is guilty; ut
he is ntill Deputy SherilV. This, per
chance l the caiiHo of his si'iisltlvencs.
Von may Mop your paper, mid Mnp
your ndverliuiuent ; but you enn't
Mop niliic, nor can you muzzle tho
iris. Thu Skmimii, cm live without
your aid; nod it will chioideU' and
rnndemii crime in whatever form it
makes its niipearnme. II it idiovv its
load under judieiil form, or in high
jilielal places, it richly deserve mid
Vli.ill receive the strougcM anlmndver
moii ol tho press We hnvo tucd to
run the Siintinki, for the good ol society,
and not for the benefit of any parlicu
lar individual. Wo have no political
yinp.iUiy for Mr. Shipley. Shipley,
Owen and the Sheriff aro nil Demo
crats. Wo only published records and
chronicled lauls, with legitimato mid
appropriate rouclusinns from theso
lacts. Tho uutcriil facts that Alln-d
Owen commenced both lights, that
Shipley in the second instance got tho
best ol tho fight, and Owen delayed
nearly three yeais bolore he oomnienced
the prosecution, aro not denied. We
envy not the heait or brain of a man,
or his aldeiH, ndvUor or abettors, who
will comiuonro two fights on tho panic
night, get whipped, and niter his crime
is barred by thoMatute of limitations,
commence n pinsfoullon ag:dtirt the
man who whipped, mid thereby put
tho county to nn enormous cud. Tinier
thesu circumstances, if Shciill Keames,
Owens, their aiders, advisers or r-ynip.i-thiscra
don't like our comments, we ny
slop such crimes; stop breaking tho
peace of society; stop your stale or
malicious prosecutions; stop unncccs
suily running tho county In debt, mid
vou will not find your names in the
Sk.ntim:i. "
I.ihi IIiiokk.v On thu night of tho
'.".id inst, ns Klder Mai tin Peterson, of
Ads county, wns rotiirnlng from his
appointment in Josephino county,
when on tho topol the mountain, about
fun mile south . of this place, on tho
Applegnto road, his horso slipped and
fell against tho bank, breaking hi left
h'g near tho ankle. Ho mounted his
ImrMi without help, mid rodo to Dr,
Davis's, who set tho fracture. Tho
next morning ho loft this place for
home, followed by tho good vishen of
many frionds.
Pkiisonau 0, 0. Beckman and
family roturned last Ti cudny night on
iHMngc, from their Eastern visit.
' 1F",vny CofiiT.-Tho Circuit Court
. .uj.,icu yibiuruay. mo business
done- al this term was unusimllv liod.f
On tho criminal docket, in thu case of',
lm mn. ... it V i . i r
tho State vi. Hrown, Indicted for nn
assault with intent to kill Adnr-y, the)
jury found a verdict of 'Guilty," and
saull with n. ilnniffi-nn u.nt.n.. ......
continued on thu i.llidavit of the tic
(..win. i ilii ,t .. i i .
fendant, till the next I-ebruary termj
uuuit, iiiu grouiiii oi me coimnu-
nncu was the ntntumunt in tho iiflldavit
of the nbsenco of two material wit-
; nes!cs lor tho defendant MUs Xida
mill Mat. lull.
On the civil docket there was only
otic jury ease l)i ury vs. I.ni-y. Suit
by the plaiutill for necessaries furnished
tho defendant's wilu during their ie.v
I'nllnn ff.i.tt,.t n.,it..tt ..tntnlilV
ii.... ... .? , , ' J
I l'fl llll'flfi! lilt- I'Mlfil I mnl mm., .
- ' " -" 'w --...v. iii.iiiiii.iii
wero granted Wade vf. Wade and
.MeVity t'. .MoVay.
.Several olheis continued till next
term of Court.'
Pii:aciiimi. Hev. I. 1). Driver
pre.ulud for the people of Jacksonville
several evenings last week, and also on
hiMl Sunday, both In the moining and
evening. Wo under. tiw.tl the church
was crowded on all ol these occasion',
and we hnvo never witnesn-d a larger
'congregation In this placo than he drew
tog'-ther-on the last day ol his m?j.iuiii
",,,0M -AIr U,lu'r ll Vl,'' popular
ue minus iim appeal unco in me puiiu,
wo could hope much good would be
done if hu wero permanently located
among us.
MuCoitMiiK'rt .i.ma.vau. Wo have
received thu above publication for the
year of lb70. 'It contnin- useltil and
intcnliii'' Mali&tic lelativu to the
(population and resource of Oregon.
1 Wahingtoti Tor., Idaho, and Moutau.i;
-md other valuable inrnrTnation. Kvery
' .irnier,evervbuinesinaiior mechanic
should Imvo ou. It is compiled and
puiniMieii ny a. J. .mcuoiiuk-k, rort
laud, Oregon, mid lor s.du at thu uuw
postolllcu boukitoie of J. M, Sultou.
I.hkiiarv. Wcme rcmieMed to say
that there will ben meeting to oignulzu
n literaiy club, on next Wcdnoday
evuuing, nl 7 o'clock, at thu Com t
MoiiM- in JackMiuville. An iuMltutlon
of this kind is much needed here, and
wo heartily ooiumciul this hclienio to
the attention of the young men in this
Si.vi:ii:ii ItKi.ovv.r-Deputy Sheriff
T. (!. Owen started for Salem lat
Tliuisdiiy night, on thu stage, having
In his custody thu mnii Itrown, who
wns convicted oC making an nssault
with intent to kill on Adney last An
gust, mid sentenced to thrco yeais Im
prisonment. Tn.NK. Wo mv under renewed
obligation to Mr. Wilbtirn rtccsoii, ol
Wngncr creek, lor n largo box ol
splendid npples the finest flavored we
havu taMcd this season. May he nl
ways bu ublo to be thus generous is tho
wirh of all hands.
Tin: K.von: Si;hi- Sowmt will be
cxliibltod "nt woik," nl Jacksonville,
this iiftcrnoon. Farmers will then
have an opportunity to judge for llirin
selves. All nru invited to ntteud. See
adveitisemoiit of John S. Ilcrrln in
another column.
Kosimriio, Nov. 10.
Ed. Skstixki.: Thanksgiving D.iy
pissed off ipiielly, and was very gen
ir.illv observed; inuuh moro so than
usual. ' . . .,
There is quite an excitement in this
vicinity, based upon a recent decirion
ol tho (Vmimiwsioncr ol tho denera
Land Office, that no indemnity sohoo
lauds in this land district aro recognized
as such, for tho reason that' tho celec
lions wero irregular, and no lh have
been furnished that office by tho
County Superintendents or other oil!
cor. The lists should have been lur
nished nl lio tltnu the selection wcio
made, ten, twelve mid filteen yoaisngo.
Many persons aro taking homesteads
and pre-emptions upon hiioIi hinds,
while it does not appear that tho Land
Olllco has any nutlioilty lo reject their
applications. , , .
Thero nppoara to be much moro im
provement going on In Kosoburg n
tho way of building than has boon ob
served for soveral year past.
Northern iht- !';''' "8. ,,.at V,0";
II. It. Morford wns killed at HoUu City
on thu 7th. Mr. M. ;vas an old settler
in Southern Oregon, had a claim near
ScotUburg in iWa, afterwards i moved
to Hogue river, and Hiibsequently went
north; was County Judge of Umatilla
county at thu tlmo of bli death.
Our County Treasurer, H, 0. Blooum,
ho was sentenced bv Judge Prim for B , ior a wagon roan, their
thrco vow in il. ln.',li,....!o... reports and plans were submit led to a
tl.rco u.,rs in tho l cnitent.ary. mJul o t'U (lirccl0 0, l)0 l7lh
l he case of tho Slato m. Ihomns hit ceitainlya bij thing un paper,
0. Owen, Denuly Sheriff, for nn ns. . their innn beinir sixteen fidA in lem'tli
'Htm ted" for" Sritcm with tin! State tax
or tins county, on tiiostnge 01 Tuesday
"'B111 last
,. 8Ur?0'0 n"a engineers Imve
recently returned from the Coos Hay
Mad survey. Distance from Kojcburg
to nvnilnulo navigation on Coos Hay by
l,1 survey is 03 miles ; said to ho n
bv five kct in breadth.
,, ,9 "P01"1'" J1"1 wc ' wonliivo
railroad communication with Port land,
Ulcro belna only 100 more miles of
road to nuiiii.
Tlio Lite rains hnvo raised tho river
sotno vvhnt, and the uteamer that Is being
built at Giiidiior, to run in tho Seotiv
burg and lfoeburg trade during the
winter season, Is noon expected to inako
bur trial trip. Youi, itc.
I.imc Rivr.u. We Irani froui Ar
thur Lanyell, a rcridenl of Link Hiver
valley, that the Snake Hiver Indians
previouly guarded at Fort Warner
I , .
have recently been brcught to Port
Klamath. Their numbers nru variously
oslinntod at from 100 to 1,000. lie
thinks this baud compiles nil thu
Indians previously located nl Port
.Si-Em: Paviikxt. Mr. Poutwill
has prepaied a plan to submit to Con.
gics, whieh requires the banks lo ie
deem their greenback alter July, 130,
and the Government after January,
Vr.tiKA, C.vt- Nov. 18. The Yreka
Canal is again furnishing water to the
miners, alter n eeatlon of three and a
hall mouths. Times will .oou he uVh,
as I here is a vast amount of rich jny
dirt piled up waiting lor wnter. Last
it Co. have completed another tunnel
on a lower level to their mini 1 7. lcducs
mid find it from six to eight feet thick
ami rii'hcr than any taken out nt thu
upper tunnel. This indicates tint the
ledges on Humbug creek nru of good
hI.u nnd richer as I hoy go deeper, giv
ing quite an Incentive to quaitz mill
iug in thai K'cliou.
M" If you wMi tho very best C.vn
ivn PitoTiV.it vims, vou must call on
nitADLEWfc KPLOVSOX, 12!) Mont
gomciy street, San Pranclsco.
A Family Sew ing Machine, or n Sil
ver Watch" given to very u'.ub o"l sub
sciibors to Aiixomi'h M vo vzixi:. Per
sons raising l.all a club have the choice
of n set ol Silver Folks, Table or Tea
Spoons. Agents wanted, male and
lenule. Large wages paid. Send lor
lull particulars. Address
c.irc ol Itox 20.! 1, San Francisco, Cal.
Olttcr, No. l FltONT STHKCr.
AilJ-ilnlne TctMpli OIUi;, I'orllivtiJ, Onjiin.
Account. Not.-, HnmJ. )rn. nml Mrcan
lilo CUlm of erory ilocrliiloti iliriurjli'iul
OrojrnasiilllirTctillnrlts. Wild. UK MAUI."
l.i:0Ti:. s wi'll ' wllli mine p-jtrl to cnii.
niiiy In nil Imdncm innilcu Inlru.lul to til
cue. nnil Ilio prncwU 'M r iiiiiclimll.y.
n VIN KIM.f.U Cvnr. Souk Tiiiiovt.
Ar'avoilttf Mnl'fliiP with nil cl.i-.
TV jou laro I'alnlrrs' Colic
Vak tiik I'aix Iviiun.
NO Mnllclno l f ipiiUr. j
As tiik Pain Kiutn
fKKI lli Pais Kim.kb alwajri on Uanil.
II-' jon Imve n Ciicnii nr Cm n.
rOOK out nnil mil ! roinlit vvlilnmi n
U ll'ilHtf of VMS KlI.I.KB III III "'"I"-.
Ilir ivrry IidiIt ii llu- 1'aiv Kii.ikii
j V'n SrnW'j a'l lluvisKr.
VKIIV sailor sIhhiM enuy a ImiIIK' or
VMS KIIJ.Klt Willi I""".
CMKMIinil, tin Pais Kiij f for
OOIII liuvrnni aim r.i'iiii u.v.
ClIltltY-Totliowiro of T. Ccsiiv, ol lliln
place, n ilaujliler.
IltnitT On the J3J Inslanl near Van
llnniV Sclioitl lloii'o, In lM county, to tho
ivlfe of IIoiociit WiuoiiT, n ilnuijlilir.
"iiy nic huviiiS clulms iiKiiliut
Ilio Uiilleil StutMWlll nnil It tii
tliclr mlvniitago to soml u suite
nicnt of tliclr ensoto
L'ounttlornl .hit, SJititor
Ufort the Couit of Clmmi.lft.,
47S II Hired, Whliigton, U C
Notice of Tinl Bettlomoat.
Statu ok Oukoo.v, )
County ok Joskki
IN TIIK COU.NIV uiiuhi lis asu run
Hid County or Joupliln". In Iha mutter of
thu clnt nr John Curler, dvcesseit,
Nollco It hprfhy clven lo nil perom Inter
Mini, Hist DnvlilSoxInil. Ailmlnl.trstor of Hi
nlMTO catutf, hss.llli-a Ills scciuiU therein I'
U ilirrcfore nnleri'J hy thu Cuurt that tho (lf'l
Momlsy heliig the 5th dy or Jnnimry m-xl
1870, bu et spart for thu Bul lelllement o"
'!! order nf Hon. 0. Csldwell, Judge, thl
10th day of November, 18(9.
botV CHAnLES I1UOHE3, Clerk,
I will fay lo tlic Farmer, of Jacttion county
lint I run Imvlng tills tuAcliino put up nt tlic
CaIiIni'I blmp of Dnvlil Mini, wlirru It enn be
icn 1 will exhibit tlita machine on SaIut-
ilny. tlio 27tli il.iy ofllih inoutb, ns n linnJ ma-1
vuiiiv. niiu ui.u uiihi;ii.jii in a Hamuli, i ai mtTB
nre rcipcEiiuuy inviuu lo cximino lum nm
chine ami see It ow ftrnln. Mr l.llin Is niitlior
Ized In till llit- nlmio tnjcMnr, and give re
ceipts lur inoiuci nc"irni tiiiriior
joiin s. HKimiN.
T.M. SU'I'ION' is leippjr to nnnonntc to
t In I lie public lint liu hits opened n
Now Book Store,
aposa OPPIOE,
Oil UltgOH Slltlt,
Wlicrc l.e will Tor oml In ion! (ration nf
Sell lilirxtcntitc Affoilnunl ol
At pric to ml lir Iiipi'. II i (.lock in'
!! of S hoJ Will, l',tptr, t'tnt. Ink. GM
1'ent, 'mi llooln McnviiiiitluMi. Illiiuk UooU
nit eiml ti .( imilitlioit 'I'm Lui l.cl'i.t,
JniHhuli. Iliwnlt Hint l)iy Ihvkt, .S'urI di'ln,
I'apti ditto MiKtltiiiiriitti llii-ki, (Sift lltukt.
A'mt, tiiiii miml'tilt'i oilier
xc oTiowa
not now nfcri'iiry lo ihiih-.
On 11 nvoxtiicl,
Atil In will iiIumj eii.linvur to liuvc Jtinr
thihg nnr to ttioM lo you.
Spu-UI attention psij lo tlio
3NTow XXixrwlaiomiA.
Any paper otiluei) nn tlio dtt notice,
.lacfcimvill", Xor 20, 1C1. t-f
1)11. W. JltKHOS
Denial lio:ims at Homes Jfotcl.
l'lUliculAr ntlinlloii (jlfcii to the tradition
i.f c!iiMri'ti' lei'lh.
Tclh r.vtrac'iil nllhont pain, by tlio uiv of
Ih? I lie iiu'IIkM of ntiLltii-fla.
All work Mumnlul, and lull.f.icllon guirau
jAck.onvllli!. Nor 10,-lf
On Orrgon Mrcrt, Jackomillr.
3 &t &
'l.irlnc jnt rrcclicd from .V.m FrancUco n
linn .lock nf
IIAUNKSd, IIUlitilKd .t CAIUtlAtJlW,
WVnri' prrpue.l lp fnrnl.li nur patron, and
llu public j; ncrnlly, with at
An can I had on I lie 1'iicllla Coatt. Paddle
liiircr hlrrd to go to any part u( the Cbuntry.
Ilnrrrs I roVe to nnrk Ingle or duuhle. Ilnr
u bniirdid.nnd lln lcst caro beilomd upon
tin-in ulillo In our charge. i
A IIIhthI harc of tlio public pulriinnc U i
ollcll-1.- I'l.VMALI.W MANNINU. I
Jic!ioiivllle, Ogn., Oct, 17lli.
For restoring Gray Hair lo
ils natural Vitality and Color. I
A dressing which
is at. onco nrccnhlc,
lionlthy, nnd cO'ccliinl
for rn-cscrvlnu; tho
Imlr. I-'wUil or jni.y '
AniV i J poii rtitorcd
to its original color
xrith tlit gloss ami
fmhncn of youth,
Thin hnir is thick.
cnctl, fulling hnir checked, nnd lidd
ncss oDcn, though not nlwnys, cured
by ils uso. Nothing can lcsloro tlio
hair ivhero tho folticlos nro ilcstroyed,
or tho glands nlropliiod nnd dccnyeil.
lint such ns remain enn lto snved for
usefulness by this npjilicntion. Insicnd
of fouling tlio hnir with n imly ecill
ment, it will keep it clean and igorous.
lis oecnsional uso will prevent tho hnir
from turning gray or fulling oil', and
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from thoso deleterious substances which
inako somo preparations dangerous nud
injurious lo tho hair, the Vigor can
only hcuclK but not harm it. at wanicu
merely for a
nothing clso can bo found so desirable.
Containing rjeithcr oil nor dye, it docs
not soil wl.uo cambric, and yet lasts
long on Ilia hair, giving it n rich glossy
Instro nud a gralel'ul pcrfuino.
Prepared by Dr J. C, Ayer 6i Co,,
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
rxioa i.oo
here we abe aoain
"Xa -! f 3kT
. jp
iftW H 00. Z
'incst nnd most Cunideto Stock
TORACCO, Ac, tc.4
And ilinit.ini2i ofollicr MtlultJ ton ntimtroc'
to uiiiitloa.
Rut nlll nute you t'nt ne can and nlll itll
Goodiof all MnJi
Than any other houieln Ihli county.
It nisi t ncid, and Gvcdi re MUST Sill.
Call sroutid to our Rlorc wi Cullfurnta itrctt
and ice ui.
We nil) thowyeti our OooJi i.h p'ciiUM'.Jt
Zffl" Wo call your particular ntlru
lion to our finu stock ol I.udios', .Mis
ses', nud Children's Shoes, nlso .Men's
Hoots, which were made In Jjan 1'inn
Cisco. Jncksonvlllc, Oct. H, 1800.
Ayer's Cathartic" PillsT
For all tho purpose of a I.axatlva
rriliai in one innn
clno I u iiulfrranlly ir.
quliv-l by eiei)tnnly ut
n rallurlle, nor it ct rr
any licforo to uiiIutxI.
y aduptnl Into iiic, In
nil rlii.ci. at tlili inll.l
Init clUutcnl mi;allva
I'M Tlio ulivloiu rr.v
iialilo nnil r.irmure iffnc
tunl rcmi-ily Hun auy
..iii..r. -l'li.i.u uha liftta
I.I&.1 I. l-..n.. li-il It .nr.il IILMilt llm.ti uhi Il3ltt
nm, kninr tlil it cure Ibvlr lu'lrfliUor iiml liicndi,
niul nil know llnl wh it ll itoe ' U iloe sl a,
thai ll ncrrr Wl llumigli miy lautt or nrleilur
ill rumpuilllnn. Wo liavu lliou.nmlt upou tliuii
iiml of rerllili-.ttn uftlirlr renmi knlila nic or tlio
MliHlnf roniilalnl, but niclii-iirrt nry known In
e cry nc-Ulibni ln.., nmt wo ncisl not iiilllli lliciii.
.Vhi'U'.l tn all a'ii nnd romllllan in nil i lluintc
lontiinliiir nelltier rnlnnul or nny ilcli-lrrlninjlrii";,
llity may 1) t-iki-it Willi MMy by nnj body. Ilulr
llicin le:inil lo tike, w Wle Uln purely vwKablii
no Imrin can arlJ fro n llicir nu In nnjr iiiautlly.
Thry opriala by llicir pnwerAil Inllueiiro on Ilio
Intrriial l.rrr.i lo piirlry tlic Mnu. ami llniiilalo It
liilnlioillliyniljii iciiidw lliuob.triiclloniortlio
itnmarli, bowil. liver, ami oilier onjint of Oia
lNiy, rc.torliiz Oieir Irrcjriihr action lo nealln, an'l
by nirrfllnx.Mliereier iliey pUI,iurh Uoraiig.
incut ui nic tin) lint oiUIn ufillica'C.
Jllimto illri-lloni nro Kivim In ilio wrapper on
the li'ix, fur the fjllonluj complalnli, uhlcli theio
j'Hj niplilly rura
Kor Iypt-i.l.i or Dinlls'Ollan, LUlIrt.
nr. B.mitfiiiir m"l !. "f tii-llii, they
iliuuM be Inlun ino.lcrnti'ly tu tllinulato the itoiu
acIi nii'l rcttoiu ill linillhy lono nnd Action.
Kur D.l.rr CiiiiiitMlnl nml ll inrloni ymp.
toin. Illlliiu IIi-.iiI.ii hi-. Wit k IliniiUrlir,
Jiiiniillcn nr i.rrru UliUnrx, llllluu
Cullc ami Illlliiu 'irr,lheyhpiili bo Jii-iHrloiiilytuVeiifuruiiliraie,loRoniH-llliodlic.-Mcil
action nr ii'iiuno l!.J iibtriirll(im wlilrh camo It.
nr ISy.rnlrry it ltlurrbueia,but one mild
dii'ii Ii Ei-nuMlly ru.!iireil.
t'nr Hlieiiiiiull.m,Jiiii,rri'l, Iliil
lulliiii of llit lli-url, laln In llin Hlilr,
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Patent Revolving Double Mnjis
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Pulmonary Syruj
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Pulmonary Syrup
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Pulmonary Syrup
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Pulmonary Syrup
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Uliolvta, Cullc, Cliol"in Miubiia and
Fever and Ague,
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It removes Sunburn, Freckles & Fimple.
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ni:mN(iTON,v Co.,
dlC nr.d 41B Front Bt,, San Franclico,
Uao Weclro-SIIIcon,
Or Mat' Urllllant.
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To Jtmelera and Worker" In (lold and Silver
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Role ArcoIi, San Francisco.
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