Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, October 23, 1869, Image 2

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S.v.rt liiuY .Moiimmi, Oft. L'J, 1PCO.
Tho conl1ic( now f,'oin on between
iIip tn.oiti-iMit Cuban. nml tliclr pircut
st ito, lin become n -.object of deep
;i i-l touching interest to tin American
.iIt. Alter n lapse of nearly n
.ntiiry from (ho American revolution
f independence, tho trujjglo between
i ic despotic ami cii'lnriug ay-teui of
t tic old worM nml the liberal mul pro
it i-ivc itpitil of (ho How, ha heen
r neweil, nml under very lunch the
miiio tiupie.. The peoplu of (ho
il-unl ol Culm, Fmtc grown weary ul
tin- liamolul torpor nml despotic gov.
cnitnotit of Spain, nml emulation tin
:imi example ol tliu mvolulioimry
lu'iiitnf Amirien, have .Inked (heir
nil on t lie iiiilrpumlruca of their na
tive il:inil. Tho eowciniiMie (lint
tli.y nre now in tliu midst ol it lent Ail
s'lHglo in biluilf of the principle of
lii" I.VpiiMii-nn ',toi eminent, ol which
we lm.o over been, Miteo our first e
t,ile1itiirtil n :i nation, (lie proud
i li impious ntnl exponent, natural1;
n tr.ioti our ympr(hlet very Mroiily
to (liein nml their rniims Hut they
hae n cl .erVlrjim thnti that ol mere
.:iuiiiiiiini ol principle, upon (lie
l.iarli nml .iuVelin nf (In1 Amerirnu
, nplex Tho spirit ol independence
ii w matiifetcd in Cub, mi dinvily
in! iicd out ul ndminition ol ihe hi
t r mul rogrcmol America. I'lttcod
in c!nc prAiiiilty to the gieitl rejmli
lie, whose imrue a synonym ol po.v.
r and grnudehr thmughnut (he world,
mil whoH' bpiiKrii liberality capture
i wry hem t which is rimci plihlo ol n
mii Jc generous emotion for lieedom,
theCiibiu mtiiotsJiavo drawn tiieir
aipirations lnr liberty und independence
directly Irom its jicaP'iiodol. Where
then U tin re it (rue -h fair led, libcnil
minded American cilion hodoos not
l.ae llto liveliest iutoict in (heir be
half" Wheie U tliell mujIi ii nie
wlio-o reverence lor"!v tyinnnieal mul
bigot id giutrumeut would induce him
lo deny that any people lno ihiijjhi
to uioilily or nhidUh the form of
yourninoiit under which tliev live.
when tho nmo becomo odious and
oppreHVo Xo Midi nn Amcricnk
nnywherc oxiit. The greit quiMtnn,
howoor, to which t1ii Ktrujrch' hi
tivn ri t yet ieuirin to Ih considered
! i, n to (lie position we ontil (
rnviipy ni n natimi in royaid (o ihcj
luinvciiw, Spain is mis ol (he ne
ki'owlcdged power ol tho earth, and
her legitimate aulhoi ity over the Maud
of Cuba Imn iiiit until a very iccent
period been controverted. Our.goiein
men! i an fully bmtnd asany either,
by recognition ol the- SpanMi govern
in ut, and has deemed it no disparage
in nt to enter into fiicudly iutcreouiM'
widi herns nu iiidepemlent Hivenign
oxer her own Iciritory, mid liable to
us only on thu faith of death n mid the
(uicial ruliN f intcruntiiiiml law.
With lier interna! adminihtiatiin we
have nothing (o do. It may bo well
or ill adapted to tho happiness of her
piople, but thitus for those people to
ju Ige. Spain has not changed nince we
entered into national comity with her;
mid wo mo slopped by n long mid
ftitnillyinUrcoiiimi from now denying
nn authority origin illy and consciously
accorded. We Ivel that (ho time U
hui rying on to meet us which will dc
(ciinne forever the Spanisli dominion
over Cuba, and wc Miicorcly itjoiec at
It; but wc do not forget that the priii
oiplo of foreign intcilercucc has ever
bcni, and now moid than nt any dinn
er time, JuuMy odious to tho Aiiieiican
people. Wo aro oven now ready, mid
it might bu rnid eager, to light the
nholo power of Knglnml over (ho
Alabama chims, which spiang from
jut Mich an assumption on her pait to
interfere in tho cnil eoutiovcrcy be
tween our goveiuinci.t and its subjects
who wcio in rebellion naainst it ; nml
wo certainly cannot bono inconsistent
as (o givo up and annul (ho iiiiueiiilu
on which (Iioh) claims aro founded,
while the depute, over (hem is nt 111 go
ii'g on. The action ol tho covern-
incut in thu cao of tho Jfornct plainly
indicates its intention to prcscivo (ho
doctrine of nonintorfcrenco inviolate.
Tin: elccdon returns from Xobraska
hulicato that (ho Hopuhlioan majorities
will bo fully oqiml to those of thu Trcs
identinl eleoJoii. In some counties,
henvmer, a portion of each ticket is
olccted, tho contest being moro pciboiial
(hnu political.
' ' - -
Klkctiom rotiirus from lown indicate
-that (ho Jlepubllcnn majority will lo
about 05,000,
' Th0 Mew York Wn,,.str.cct 0nmb,"-
J It i rcpnilctl tlint thcMncknnd gold
,r.icr(, W,ici, ,m.(v oatiHd so niucli
oeitcmetit tliiotigliont tlie country
liao liccn indicted. Tlicy oiifjlit to be
sent to the nei'ltentmn. Any one
. who ill examine into their manner ol
I doine; luisine-, will conic to no other
' euieIuion. So liir ns jifitnin to inon
etary mat lei , wc have been complete
ly under tho control ol (hoe men,
vlioo (rnnsia(:(ionsarenow being made
public. Tho putchn 'S mid Males made
bv theso men arc not teal, and could
not be, for (here is not in (lie whole
country over ?oo,0oo,000 ol gold;
and yc( the transactions ol threo days
in SeptcmlMr, amounted to $I.IO0,t)0l,
000. Their mode ol doing business is
n follows : A dealer will agree to sell
a stnted Kiim of gold, deferable at a
ccitnin date.nt lutipulnted price; when
(he day ntric, if the piice has gone
beyond (lint agreed upon, (he dunlcr
pays tlio ilillercnce; but il is les, the
purehncr siilleis the loss; while not a
Miiglo dollai of gold is handled by
cither patty. Il becomes a matter of
interest for both to influence the gold
mniket to iucronie piice, mid to Icsmiii
(he same. Owing to their loiighnoM
mid freipicut unjust eomliinntiom,they
mo ctdlifd the bulls mid bears ol Wall
strict. In Septeiubri they determined
to inn up gold to 'JoO per eint.; but.
Mr. Itoiilwcll. (he Sieretary "I (he
Trrns-iry, ordered $l,ooo,o0n of gold
(o be mid immediately which was
enough to carry on the legitimate bus
iness ol the country, mid this deflated
their nefarious combination. The
Tie.tMiry has published its intention to
sell $ I -.000,000 ol gold during Oeto
her, and to buy gll,imo,noo ol bonds
in tlit .'mill' time. This will ellecdmlU
de!ca( (hoso tock gamblers and !;;, ,
down gold nt reasonable rati'.
Father llyacintlio-
The New York papers lor tctcntl
months, have el.Uiorately couiuieiitcd
on thewitinltawalof I'atlier llyaclutiie
froiu the Ktimaii coutinuiiioii. I It i
icjiortcd lo be one ol the inosl elo
ipuint preacheis in I'raucc. 1'ilor (
hi ibiioiiuciiig Itomaulsiii his gieal
',l,"li'"'. 'Kep carniM m ss and piety,
had gamed bun many mcmls. lie was
ncetiscil by his supi'iior ol laying too
uiucli ndcs iijioii a spiiitunl in pule
o (o a formal religion. '1 he I'opeoi
jnc sent lor him in order to give him
iiilrjk'tion. Whal look place nt (he
interview has ne'er bvin made public;
but he now piolists agdii't the new
docilities to I'D istddixliid by (he
forthcoming Council. J.a-t wtck (he
(elegniph repot (ml him on his way lo
tho L'nitcd Kl itis. and I t-upposc eie
this lie has allied in Xuw Voik. He
is announced as a heritic, and perhaps
he can now do n)iro good m thu Coil
ed Suds than in I'raucc. We tolerate
all, and ptOM'riho ioue. livery iiiiin
has a light to prcahli in the l.'uited
States according to tliu dictates ol bib
own conscience, and no one dare to
mako him nlnid Thu 1'opo's bulls or
('.Ncommiiuicalior.s Pavo no nioio illecl
litre than a newspaper npiib.
Aflalrs in Spain continue untitled.
IVcipicnt oiitlneaks ate npotteil in
dill'ei cut places"; but I liey am general
ly optedily suppioiscd. .Much anxiety
is fctill inauilcsted in thu cliolco of u
Mivctcigu, I'ioiii picseut nppearauceh
it seems probable that tin Duko ul
(iciioa, a nephew ol king Kinaniicl,
will hu chosen king of Spain by Ihe
Cortes. Victor Kumnual ban iuiimalcd
that a pliiieu ol his houu would only
accept the crown by an unanimous
vole. Tlds condition will probably be
lulllllled, by the Republicans, CarlUts,
and Isabcllisls not voting.
California EIctian News.
Stockton, Oct. 20. Linden precinct,
Crocket, I)., 108; Wallace, JOUj Saw
ycr, M); Pratt, 81; Dist. Judge, Hook
er, 1)., 100; Carls, It., 80.
Santa llosa, Oct. i!0..-Suprcino Judge,
J. It. Crocket, 37:i; Wallace, 7:i;
Sawyer and Trad, 111 each. District
Judge, W. (J. Wallace, 7fl; Southard,
101. Shasta city gives (iartcr, Judge,
U., !)0 miij.
Vrcka, Oct. 21. SiskiyoV county
will givo Hosboiough, )., about H)'o
majority. Wallace, nml Crocket run
behind, porhaps about .'J00,
In San Krnucisoo i( goes Ucmocratic.
Humll vote, Wnllnco badly scrntohed.
Los Angclos. Oct. 20072 voles
counted givo Crocket and Wallace 100
majoiity. Forl)itit.Juilgol78. Hon.
.Murray Jlorru6ii hag 00 innj. over O.
ii. Thomjrson Jor County Judge,
Tho African becomes a bone or Contcn-
tcntion In thoDemocratic Camp.
The Democracy of Wisconsin and
(he old style Dciu'iciuN ol (ho Xasby
stiipe aro' hv the cats on (ho nigger
niiestiMii. Though (lie icoliidoiis ol
the Wisconsin Dmioeratsiiio not given
verfitilliii tt tita'ittuii, we inler liom the
loud wail scn( lorih by the Xcw Voik
My too,- thai they mo hugely dis
tatclul to (he unclouded ami itntaller
ing iion of the old school Democra
cy. It is piesunit-d that (hey haw sig
nified (lieiraeipiioeence in the tesiills
ol the tar and their endorsement of
tho radical doctrine ns taught by the
I .Mil amendment. Thu hvi lUtok
openly denounces (lu-ui as daitors (o
the Democratic ciccd lor tho sake ol
plunder. Xow, hele at ibis point of
(he cotdrovtrsy, a lew reflections pre
sent thcinolw.s. What light has the
organ n!oioiiid lo disipa(e foieter, nt
.... !l.. ...!. ..! I... 1.... I..
one mcieiies looieiiiio, nn- m-i imiti
ol the lamlshlng Deinociacy of Wis-con-in?
Who Appointed It ceieir
over llieir eoiintl; and who but Re
publicans will laugh c willingly oer
this sdiinge discord in the Democratic
wigwam? It wasjii'l n m-eessarv lor
the Deiiiocracy ol Wisconsin lo do all
thec dingrecnble things, which they
have done, to get a smell of bread and
butler, as it is ncoi'sary lr (he Demo
erney il Xew York lo stand by (he
old Imidumrks (heir lathers set in (he
good old limit ol long icin, to accom
plish tho task ol keeping it when they
hnve il. Uut tin uid mvly m net i lie
ihe iiionns, nml why l.dl iutodissiti
-ions mil' in; theini loV 'I'ln sinne
ei'iniiion purpo-e aeliii'is all the Dem
oerats I'ioiii Wi-consin to Tvxn, and
liom M.iin" to Oiouoii. Itepiiblicnu
even do mil doubt their devotedue-s (o
I lint put pose, and (hey surely ought not
to que-lioii each other's siocciily. That
purpnfc I- nothing less than the laud
able ib sire lo proem e lin nd nml butler
cunugli to coinloit their declining day
und to leaw a small slake for tho in
lancy of their po-ierity. Then, we say,
pies-- mi in 1i.ii tif-n v together; keep
our vision idewited to (he dignity of
the common irm ; and when you cone
Ingciiiei finally, nl the goal, lew will
euro to i iction, whet her you ba come
by sliiii.'ht or ile' mi way; or wlieth-
r you Imveiiibleu ibiilnr ili ivriinniiit
eri'diililx ola Wi-cons'ii uit'L'er, or the
'uiiik'ti and bi-.'oied piejudiie- ol a
Xw Voik city ImsIiiiuiu, mm Oregon
Dnrlntf the w.ek Admiral l-'nmgui j
.asbieii lfliigfioii.lv ill at Chicago
Si:n.1i i: Wii.i.iam- ninth a spieeb
.1 1 1 k.ti.1il.t-ir .in I.iiiiIii lticl
1.1 ...-. -.Ml fi, .... '..-.,..,, .-... , i
.liic.i: 1'niM leiuincd homefiom Sa
lem, on S.itiiiday last.
Dlt. W, 11. McAi.i.i.miiii ariiwd in
(own fin Tiusday night. He is stop-
iug at .Mr. Horue's,
Tin: 1'icsidcnt, (Seiier.il Sheinvui,
and l'li-tma-ier (ieneral Cresswell at-
Iciuled the Fair nl 1'iedirick, .Maty
lalul, on the I tlh inst.
The Woman"-night Association in San
Tho following ciii'iilar has bcceii sent
tti eveiy county in Cnlifonila, and oc
casionally it has been piihlMicd, It
means business. Wo wUh them sue
S.N I-'llAVtlhCO, Sept. 'JS, 18(11).
tl.t'ASi : Viuir iinme has bei u giv
en to die Ciililoinia Woman's Snll'iiige
As-oeiiiliou a that ol a person of judg
innjK and aliiliiy, who is waiiulyin.
luuviid in Ihe piogicss and wella're ol
As the leading minds nf the. lav con
sider, die bulbil a great educator id the
people, why should woman be excluded
liom its bciu Ills? This wiuicr we
wish topetilit-u our Igihlatuie lor thu
sufiragc lor woman, nml at thu same
(iiiiu ihnt wo me obtaining signature
tithe Mate IViiiion, we think il will
bu well lo gel too sunn siguaiies to
tlio Xalional Petition: which hbonl.l
be ready bcloio Xo ember I full. I8U0.
The ladies of San I'ranci.eo I. ..v..
. . . . . . !-.-
oigani.eil a Calilbrnui Siato SuUuitio
Asocialion. Santa Clam ami Sanl.i
1 Ciuz counties hnvu each inuniiized a
Society, joining uiih Situ rr,iuccu
County, as auxiliaries tn the Stato So
ciety. Wo disiio thecooiioradoii of
all (he ((unties in this ood work, mid
will givo Instructions for oig.iuJzuiou
I eueloho a fow specimens of a tract
which each county might distribute- lo
advaulnu'ti among tlio people. Tlioy
will cost flvu iirh'u dollms per tliou
sand. Larger pamphlet aru to be
sent to us liom New Voik, containing
tho views ol able men and women upon
till subject.
Please communicate cither by word
or hiter with all who will im workers
in this cause, ami scud us nntnim fi,.
adjoining eniuides of thos0 whom we
may mldioss to mlvntitage.
Kckpcettully. Cokua Ouutjb
Cor. Seo'y of Cal. W, S. A.
Lnto Telegrams.
Xj.u. VoIt; Octrio.-Tho IhhthV
Washington special says he has seen
'a letter, purporting lo bo from M.
lViuet, asjent ol the Hothsehihl", in
.New 1 oik, to a menu in uuingion,
tnting (hat his proposition mid cones.
pondeiicu iclntiw (o otbring an nn
limited loan liom the Kolli-cliilds to
our (lovcrnincnt nt ( per cent., ha
been conducted by him directly with
the Picsidcnt, at his request. M.
I'eguet fcijn the pultlic nniiouiiceinent
in the llvruhl was evidently lb'.- icsult
of iealoiisy on (he part ol (heSecntary
ol the Tn aury, who was nol lousuld d
in (he matter. .M. Fignet will letruii
to li mice to-morrow, but he believe
die nuillir will bo Micccsfully c.aiiicd
out. .M. I'eguet is said to be a partner
in l'othschilds's banking hou-e, ami
was for many ycais (he spirit of their
ui firm
dm. TlnMiin' llfjintl nn Aln'hn Mllr.
CiiiiAim, Oct. IS. A Wa-hingloii
pecial says (Jen. Tlioinas, having
made a thorough inspection n( Alaska
and studied its condition mid re-ouiccs
dining (he pa-t iiiunii-r, lias just for
warded n icpoit (o (he War Depart
ment, lie lake n wry dillcn nt icw
ol the subject liom the one presented
by'.Mr. Sewaid. lie think the piin
cipal, il not the only piecnl wiluo ol
die new Territory, will be iu die ell'iet
Ii trnii-fir (o (lie 1'iiidd State will
haxc upon (lie losing hold by Kuglaiid
upuii l!iitih Columbia. He think
die sending of l.'cwnue nod other civil
ollicer ih-ro a techs e.t eiec, a the
only bei.cfit is to those who draw llu
saluiies. He thinks the military posts
-hoiilil be ii dined, and that die oxpen-
-is ol supplylm: mul keeping up a civil
seivice vciy lai excied die lewnitc
collected. The Teintory was a con--taut
bind i ii to Itus-i'i. She held it at
a gnat expense, simply for tho bciufit
ol tho I'm Company. There is no
probability o''any i migration in that
iliiection, a tin re i not the slightest
iiiiluceiueiit tor tiny. Xo mines ol
valuable mineral have liccn discoveied,
which would piy M wink. There is
nleiity I timber and coal, but plenty
of a-good quality and ensier nccc-s,
enu lie had 1,000 miles south of the
Tlieie has been no chnngo in trade
on the pail of our meichnnts. The lew
boues eiignged before ihe puichno
-till eoi tinnc, but the lur dadc in tliu
i int'iior must coulimto lo be can led on
bv (be unlives. As mi nsriciiltutal to-
l() ,, in vnm, .ntevcr. cr.iin-
,., , j.,., nili ,j,e tvw V()f.,.,n.
blcs (hat can be proilucctl, rot if not
u-iil wiiliin a lew weeks. Mock rais
ing tanuot lie cnriicdoii.nud ihesnptr
iibumlauce ol lain and tho greet lack
ol sun preclude the Idea of any profit
able cultivation ol tho soil,
Ki. Skmim:i.. The Circuit Court
for Douglas county adjourned yestcr
d iv, nfier u se-sion of eight days; die
docket was a full one. There wcio two
ciimluai caM", one for laiceny nml die
other lor assault, the first found "not
guilty," the later found "guilty," and
is now lying in jail. Tho number of
Imise, cattle, and hog ciecs weie num.
emu, involving great expense, nml but
liitle profit, one case for twenty head
inhuinr hogs, has been tried iu this
county beloiollircc juries, taken to die
Supreme Court once, and Is again ap
pealed the only point now being
whether parole evidence can or will bo
sustajmiUji coiiueulioii with a wiitten
conduct. Singular lo say, thero was
not a single diwncc case this teini,
times in this'counly are too hard for
pi oplc lo pari, I goes. At the Uar the
legal linleinity wire well repioseiitcd
this term. 1 noticed in attendance attorney-
J, K. Wnts-oii, L. 1. I.ane, W.
U. Willis, L. V, .Mosher, C. W. I'ileli,
H. Ileimaii, . A. Skiner, S. P. Chad
wick, Pioscciving Attorney II S. Stra
linn, and Judge Kelsy; die attorneys
mi moieor lebs iiitcresieil; tho court
held night sessions nenrly every night.
maKing iu mi a very biihy term.
Lusi .Monday evening Senator Wi.
limns spoke to a largo ntidiencu nt this
place; die greater port ion ol his time,
was occupied iu discussing tho rnilioad
(piestioii ; he said Oregon ami Califor.
nia would soon be connected by rail,
That may bo so, and under the manage
ment ol Hen. Ilolladay net benefit
Southern Oiegin in the leust. Tho
people of thisdisdict are getting died
of (oo many fine spun, iliiiirilitu iiiifronil
stories, if theio is uny inteuipin of put
ting dm railroad through (ho Uinpnun
and lloguq river valleys, why not at
onco givo the "land grant" to the
company (hat will ns6iuo us that they
intend Xo do this?
The act ghing the grant ol land to j
Ilolladay eonipells the railioad t.o go
thfoiigh t'mpipia and Kogueiiver al-'
leys, nml it will be built soon. If i( is
not built by Ilolladay it Co , it will bo
built by the California Company. I( '
is now pushing (lie work (his side of
.Mniysvillc. Ki. I
, The political sky in (his county i
gelling vciy cloudy, the storm .v 1 1 1 be
a lieice one, eandiilatis on both sides
me already dotting thitnsclws out;
iu number (here is no lack, I hey will
dain well, and idiovv nil nvailablo
I 'ochurg improves some gradual-
ly. Two new buildings nn" nt ptoeiit
going up, one for n saloon, nml tliu
other n shop. The stone is on (he
gtounil lor (he foundation ol thu new
court house, the brick is burnt, the
lime delivered; nml just ns roou us
spring opuis even t lung win no in
rendiucs for the masons mid caipenters
to go to wotk.
Votirs, t&, I'l.l.ifs.
Tut: wheat crop of .Minnesola nver
age 20 biehcls to the aeie, ami will
yield -"0,000,(100. ,
A Family Sewina .Machine, or a Sil
ver Watch, given lo very e'ub of sub- '
scilber to AitNiu.it'ss .M.mivzim:. Per
sons lai-ing ball a club have the choice
of a ret ol Hlwr Pol ks, Table or Ten
Spoons. Agents wanted, male mid
lemate. huge wages paid. Send lur
lull pai denials. Address
PKAXCJS 4fc CO., i
care ol llox 'JO'.'I.S.hi I'raccisco, Cal. i
n i ..... ...:-i ii ...,...i ... ...
.-' If you wish die very best ( .ail
IM'.l rnoiiHilivl'lls, you must call oil
IH(.DIJ"ViV Id l.(MSO.,l2H3loiil
gomciy street, S.iu I'mnclsco.
omce, N. o-i i-iiiiNT.sm:i:r.
Ailjnliilii); To!i'i;rili OKIcr, Porthiiul, Oregon.
srncfM. coi.uxvDit or cuius.
Account. Nnlr, llotnl'. Puifls. nnd Mt-rcui-
lllo Clslin at .-jrrv ili-cililliiii ihrniielmiil
ntt'cnn nml llicTrrrlnirlrr. Wll.l, III! . MAHIC
. .sit.ciai.tv and imiomi'ti.v cm..
l.l.'CTi:i. will n with mhie rrissnl I" icmi-
tun; In nil liiliirs nuller liilriclul In lil
care, and Ilia iirt'Ct'tib I'slil uvi-r I'liiicliiully.
imc, uu .hu 1 1 i i .
in: a i. ctr.vri: im:ai.f.ii.
1) I 1'. D.
Ji;rr-iniiN. .on r Win H.'l'-e. f Ibis !.
-I I. y r. on tin- :.'inl (-li.l.pr. -.
nKil ti Jf ur. on tin-I.'ml (Irtnlicr.
jilttv a?urlnirul of
Patent Medicines,
Trusses and Supporters,
Photograph Albums,
mia-ts-ukc :::-,
Ami a larpr cnllccllen of mlccllmi-oui
Worki, comprlilng
Ulogrili)', Travel-,, ltomancr,
ii.-.iin..u n .... . .
-..,....., i rvuiijiiiiiia una
I'liiiiily Hfclpet carefullv ceui-
Country Orders jwomptly at
tended to,
Jickion-llle, Octolwr 23, 18C?. ''"'
jyjEir goods.
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line of lm:ltir. ciiioI'IIiik' lit isrl ol
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Hunt mil l'.umntltl Ktlllt ntnl
Sunt IKint t Choppm)! Axil,
Hrmitl Axt, 'timt nml llillc
Cluiim i S'invtlail Tmiffi,
Firt thp, Slwtt Fuiki,
S.'i(,tt!t, hot bxkt, Hull
and Simp Ihnpm Kwitt
ami link; Sptwtu awl lullm
Mail Culltrt, Stiit lien, I'ubf'iiiij;
tmut, I'otktt A'ii't(, Sntii nud
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i Shut nml I.-nil bill I'liinp mul l.t-ml l'lv. j
' It'ip", (itl'i'.i.ie. (Mir Mill, Cul.ir 'lul,
. ItiKkvU. mul Willuiv lUskc's.
Of every iicilitlon nhrjyt ou luml mul
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... , .. ,, ., ,, . .. ,
yP,n0 ,e Kticutlun of Knnotrt to our
IMP Ma m9
Cultivators, ard Harrows,
, nf (lj,. n, ,,,,,rvrrt fMiirrn. nml lilchl
niil.1,,,1 1 l.o ?. If SLarnoulim SlrJw Cutlrti
(IiiI'IhiI j nlxi Pi( 9tirculiiK lraw Cullvrt
mm nn) M.ivit.
Jncb'nnvllle, Octotxr IC. lsf,j,
10,000,000 KKKT OK LOGS,
Of Sugar Pino,
Wbito and Rod
Cedar, and Yellow Fir,
To lio delivered between tlio month
oi'Aiiril nml November, 1870, to tlio
For mrliculur, enquire nf Geo. 31.
Scunnnu, at Kllcimbiiig, Curry Coun
ty, Oregon.
Soiit. 11, J SCO. am.
Administrator's Notice.
L Annul CIihiiiIiitk ilrcinml,
Tin' nniliT'Iniii'il linvlnu Ih'i'ii diiljr nppnlnlril
Ii' IIih CimnU (Ninrt nl' Jncti'nri cnnnly, re
uoii. (In rniliAtioiltlni;) Ailiniiilnulr nT '.Ud
"tu'i'S 1 h-ririire, nniice l lii-nliy ulvni lo
nil H'r'niit Inili-liiiil in mill i .Inti-. in inik" I in-
lisle imtint'iil In I lin uiilt-rttrii-l at hl ri'-
lili'iici nn l.mi'ii Urt'ck Oimniy mul SuIh
iifiiri'niiil, All pirou .Imvliii; cUltn aunliikt
llic iili -iiiii nm r(iilrcil to prr-nt the aino
piupi-rly vi'ililnl hi In ii'Diilcnrf. afiirrMl , cr
lo W. II S, 1 1) Mi'. Jnckiunvlll-, wlitiln ill
inuiitbi Irom Jiilu htrior.
Jnckon?llle, Orccon. Si'pt 2l, 18C9. 37
5 urge nit 3l)ijoician.
Having talih'il mjr tlfraplilo liail
liiiirti'M at Jni'k.oMvlll", I will npuiiil a Ur)je
piirtlou of in tlni'i In your mMt. and will at
li'inl In urli urnlcnl prucilcn aa may nre'vnt,
plvlinr cpt-oll ttll'iillon lo Ibt, urilcl treat
ini'iil nf remain inalaillei.
October P, li-CS-Cin
Tho thrtlu nuiilln are informr-il that Pirn a
Savaok i.r iln- NKW 8TATK SAMON will
niluimll limit i1.Im.mt Uftlti ili.l inM.I hIkiIau lnltC'APa
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nij- in Uf touna in Jurknonvlll inriiNr. un.
M'" ,,,c lo lone money by It, bnt timet am
hard mul we eannut er penn an Ihinlu
lOnctfiO l'APK & 8AVAOF.
t'T-!nw&iH 17 t'
hrii rrTrtmr"1 "-"
P i Ik . ct-
' w''.ifcyiirfti. . k "
i(iB-'t''r'- '
Warren Lodge No- 10. A. F, 4k A. M.,
Ji IIOI.Ii ihelr regular communlcaiioii
Jyoii lh Wfrtnc'ilay Kventngn or pri-crtl'
Arlng the full moon, In JicaaiiKViui oi
kuok. A, U.BTIN, W. U.
0. W. SiTloit, 5c'r,
wwiyf in