Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, October 16, 1869, Image 1

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on-osm: tiii:
Odd Fellow's Hall,
Jn'Usomlllej Orrjson.
TtittlT and rt ldcnt boarders will fine
I'lircd Iii f.tft tli" order, ninl In every
Uj Mit'crinr many In tlil section, and
nupend I')' any In llic Stale.
her noons .m: m:ly itrmsio,
An4 a plentiful supply of Hip 1.el of etery
thru the insiktl affords will lie ob
tained lor
11 Ell TA1JLK.
So troubled will lio sparrd In doen e the pst
tmft "f H" IrAvilltiR as well asthcperina
tnl cominunlly.
JVonrlllc March 31 . W.. If
Peter Britt,
Photographic Artist,
j I'W.vr..:. ottmox.
Oartos do Vislto
mr, tv nit: rivixr sti'i.i: or .hit
Pl'ltllCS Itt'lllKM'll
on r.u timnn n ufi:sik
.11. A. KKti.TAffO
(t inors ami CIrua always nn hand.
UK'S lll'SII & .llcALIKTEIl,
OI, Mmki'l Cor. Kenni Sis.-
.s ! i:sfiMO, Cau
DU Mrl.lSTi:it. nf the above linn, will
i ll JiirkMiiivllln mum Urn.- In Aiittn
nri m.. will ntli-nil lo Ml IiuIiii'h In M lint
Ijfmll ir n'linlifpof Ibe I miii? nf lili it tin li
through iliiwiitmniii ol thl paper.
Physician & Surgeon,
j icKSHvmrx. oiinwv.
me at lit' it Miiiri In (ho OM Ourbeck
INplial mi Oii'iinn .Mini.
OFFICE-Corncrof California and Fifth
Streets, Jacksonville, Ogn.
He will practice In JicVmhi nn.l adjacent
tfinntlcf, and attend promptly to pri.ri-lonl
cilia. IVIiiMf
Xa the Ovorbock Hospital,
WILL altrnd lo nny who liny miulre his
unices. Onicu fit II. I'. Ilmu-H's offlce.
on the r.ul shlo 3d A'trcct. Jncliwiivllle. mivW
JiirltMiiitlllr, llrrKoli.
orroitp tixo oici
Jickmnvlllo, Oregon.
- - . . ,.k. - .
Strayod or Stolon.
1 Aiijr. Iflih.pne Uy lionc, llv yerin old,
'out ;,J hanuli IiIkIi, lor on forcbrmJ, wldle
vhllc nntkii.onu white hlnil foot. A liberal
iaiil ulll bo paid for hl recovery.'
J. J, CoMSTqcK.
NOT I OR U In ri'by j-lvcn to ihlppen Mid con
iIkiioph tn or from Crecccnt City, Hint th
.utwni (Jiiy Mijlittr Company will not b rtr
ipimllilf fr ,ny damage to gooih or frclgli
torn am after Uil ihi.
Asent for 0. City l.lnhlrr.
(tckcout Cily, May Ufllh, 16G3. Jiijw-4.
Tiiii biiknijn
Kvrry Saturday Morning fiy
OFFOK, COllVMl ' ff TJIllll) .ST.7.7.T.V.
TKHJIS 111' Nl IIM'ltll'rlO.Vl
IVr one cnr, Iii adrancp, four ilollnr If
not M nlthln the llrl li iiiihiIIk nrtliryrnr.
nveilollnrn; ir mil piM until the Mptrnllon
of th? yenr, l iloltnrf.
TKlt?IS OK AI)Vi:ilTlKlli
Oiif fniire(IO tlnmir lr). fit't lnttllon.
throe ilollnr j cntli ilmqtirnl Iliritlnn, nlif
tlnllnr. Ajllvmnil n llliy mt tcnl. nlll Lc
ttiAilt; to Hum1 who aitvcrll liy Ihcyrnr.
l.PKal Tciiiloii" rcci'iitil nt current tnln.
Tlicc MfM(l paMlug plrtMitrrl
U'c nrtil tint M them wrttlc j
Wp ntnl nut IrniU' lliclr lirMMiro
llililml tiln iiur tiilp.
We ninl nnt ilmiM tlit-lr filhi"
U'lierv milli rt rliAilum full j
(iil kI'"- " I' wllnrr
lint weMitll wnnt Ihrm nil.
A niM the nlil Mtl r-inry
Of limnin id itnc rttnl rln,
If II'' (.'He li'ntu r titf
UV uniilit In Id ihrm In,
Atnl ili. win n lirimulit In fore in
Whin hmrl ni d mil can iw,
Mini Highly tit ititnie ii"
I.uiv'h lllllr (l):lir mny In I
How to mnl:o Money,
nv iirx-iinNK iuiii'ik.
I nlll It'll )oi n plnn for Kltilnp wmllli,
Hi tier limn Imtiklni:, trnillii, or lrac :
rk n liuik-nnl- ninl fnM II up,
Anil Ihvn )oil will lliiJ yuur wealth in ticnti
fill woiuli'iliil plnn without danger or !
I'ni yuur cn-h In your tuinli anj wllb no
lliliiK lo trnulilf It.
Ainl ctuy l lino Hint y uu f,h Ii ncroir,
'Tl pNIn ii Ihu llcht of ItiO ilny that yon
,WJt It.
Water Klchts and Irri(jation, No 7.
nv nowiii.t. a WAihtiw, .vn'vs at law,
Since our I:iL artldo on this nulijcct
w.e have Wtfil the Ctijiilal ol Oruon,
ninl have caicfulljr fxainincil ninny ol'
our licet law wiilcif, mnl many rcportp,
i i a 1 1 b a i
;v vvt;1- f
V ' o
on tho mibject ol iriK;itoii, and of ,hy r(,fcrcIIrc ,s t0
now propose to jiublUh live or wxk iJ(ny BllMa,l0ll lhore,y
mote artlcus on
Ourpationi would do well to keep
each number forlutuioicfeieiicc. Wo
have consulted no author who cwprecucH
the law more clcaily than Jlr. Wnli
burn, who defined irrigation to be "the
application of tho witter of luunning
Htream by a lipaiiin propiietor in tho
cultivation of bin land by nrtilioial
inenun, ninl not tho oveillowing ol Its
natural ban!; by peiimlical and extra
ordinary lieshotH or swelling of tho
Kticam beyond tho ctistomnryvpiantity
llowlug tin rein, TIiIh, of eotiit-e, lin
plien a greater or less degree of diver
sion of water from thostieain, ami the
dijllctilty to whloli it gives iie, of de
termining tho icsjuctivo lights of wuc
cchmvo riparian piopiictor upon a
Urcnm, ix, that while a right to divert
iviUer for such purposes, lo some o.tont,jf (cn millions a yenr. Tho J'ontilical
and under coitnin circuniotances, is itrcnsiir- will immediately receive Imm
eident to tho ownership of tho soil, i'(l0 Italian government seven millions
it is eanied to a greater extent, or e.jvo imndreil frnncs on account of tho
creiccil under different eiicumslaucc
it becomes a wrong, for which the ot
causing it is responsible in-ilnmag
unless it can lie justified by evidenl
of grant or niscnt on tho part of M
whoso piopcrty is thereby injuriouV
nficcted. '
"Thq point to bo determined in tjpo
cases is, where tho right ends nmlfiu
wrong begins, in tho scalo of odnK
iircment of such diversion ; fori a
riparian proprietor transcends tho ytt,
he is subject-to nn, action by otlifrl
paiian proprictois whoso rightsjire
thereby affected, although no altal
damago enu bo shown to have Jen
thereby occasioned, Tho rcascjof
this rule, which is now cstablishcby
a multitude of cases, is, that for ry
wrong tho law professes to provS ft
reniedy, nl if n I,arty v,,oso riB' '"
lesnect to his land has been invi-tl
were obliged to show nn actual dar jo
........--lw.frtin im could vimlicati is
t7rUliv an action at law, tho re l
m -4k" niy
tloti ol the net inli,lit oltcn be contiu
tlcil till nircciiitltjri!:ht treri'g.iinul
Iliy mii'li nilvcrso ucr in favor of oik
whose oiiyinal ncl was coufcsci1ly a
, wiontf. '
" lieu uitf in miiiil thai it in tlol for
i'cry 'livcr.iiim of water that an action
will lii, 1ml otilv for cuch .11 iolatcn
i the rijjht ol soliu other jufcon, as cv-
plaineil in Klliot r.. Kilttljurg l(. Ii.
Co., report oil in 10 Motcal, the follow
ing tttscK have been jclccleil from n
miiuh linger number, tixliowthat such
netion nny be .Minlaincil, though no ac
tual damages can be mown to have
been occasioned by Mch 1iveiiiiii,
fiiiee the law Mill impl; a ilatnage in
Midi cae, ninl otabliih t'io right of
the paily afMimeil to b' injured by a
Milonin judgment ol curt.
"Theieforc. lo limit a land owner to
the ineio beiielil of .laving a Mrcam
flow thir.ugh his Imd, without (uy
light to iI'imtI the fl'tnu or any part of
it, would bu defcatin;, in agieat meal
lire, the purpose forwlilcli Providence
had Mipplicd thcM' otirecu ol comfort
and convenience toman, ami thomeaiin
of fcililizint: thoxul. mid giving junlit.
nblc implii.MMi'iit lir 'nditry and ait ;
and it U accoidindy held, that if, in
any ipieMiou ol d'.veiMoii the jury
nhotild find, It wa. only of Mich Mater
ni the ct'inptaiiing parly could not
havo used for my luuiliclal pinpofo,
or that it was made in a're.iMin.ible
manner, and font proper pinpo-e, mi
action would no lie. Hut n every di
veiMou 1, irhiti fiieie, a iid-itioti ol
the light ol he ripaiiaii propiietor
below to ha i) tho benclit of the
Htioain, fit rwtrc rolJnttt nn action
will lie theielr, iiiiIcm the parly cans
in" it can round hit delcucu upmi
such n ue o it ai ii above Mijipoiivd.
"The rigbto d,U'cit water, in apply
ill" it to ii' abinu Hpokcu ol, will
ol course b tiniloi Mood at nno that i
iin'.tir.iltv lcident to properly in the
j laud, and 1 any one nhouhl lote Ihl.",
or nhotilil pqiHio other and more, ox
tencive rW in thi rccpeel, it could
only bo I; having become subject to a
ttrvitii'ti or by having nvrpilrcd an
rtMi'MK-iiitiiilcr some giimt, actual or
" It iy be fiuther romaiked, that,
in dcteiiiuiug what in arcasnnnble life
bv oinJis will ns tho bencflt obtained
by f other. Thus H might be of
great ilMiutago to tho owm-r ol a dry
ninl orotts pal eel ol land upon u
strc.vi', to cpro.ul tho waters thereof
ovcris Mirfnce at ficipicnt iuteivals,
but, in m doing, tho water which
opiAcd an e.ihtlng mill below rhoithl
bo jjoibcd nnd wasted, it would, oh
ioly, be nn unroafonablo ttr-o of
U ought to be, within properliinits,
foihe hem fit ol both."
Tho Topo and "Potor Pcuco "
alio Pall JJ Ou;lte fays: Tho
jfily 'rather is said to have derived
pin tho I'ctcr-pcnny, from 1800 to tho
leseiityoar, tho large Mini ol eighty
pillions francs, which gives an nvciago
Pontifical debt, this amount having
been brought to Homo in gold by an
Itnlian functionary, and lodged at the
Krciiuh embassy. Tho arrival of such
supply has produced a good effect on
Pontifical consolides, and also on Ro
man bank nolop, which had becomo
seriously depreciated, The impression
has been (lightened by tho investment
of eight hundred nnd sixty thousand
francs in consolides by tho Roman
Mont do Picto, mid tho wholo result is
a rise of 7$ in conrolldes. Tho Tope
appears to bo in tho best health. Every
day iio takes long walks, nnd Inst week
ho went as far as tho cloister of St.
Aloxis, on Mount Avcntine, and then
out ol Porta Via. '
Onk ol Greeley's strongest recom
mendations for the Chincso mission Is
hishsndwiiting. Ho coithl no doubt
add considerably to his salary by
marking tea-boxes during his leisure
A Talo of tllo Karly Days of Jackson's '
from the I'aducali Ki'nlnckl.in.
A good stoty is told ol .lolm V.
Crockett and John Clibou, both of
them nblc lawyers, mid in lull practice,
in the citily days ol .Inckon'f l'urehae
They both resided at I'tiltcm, in Hick
man county. On one occasion they
Mere emilo,vcilou opposite sides in mi
ejectment ease, before u magistrate.
The court win held in n sehool house.
Crockett was icadii.g the law to tho
court, and, when bu got through, nib
son asked him for his book, uiying
that the statement just lead was new
to him. Crockett reluu'd to gie it to
him on the ground that it Mas his own
privato property, and il .Mr. Gibson '
wanted the benefit of law books there '
were somo for sale. The couit ruled I
that the book was piivate property,
mid that (tibson had no right to see it,
except with Crockett's foment. (Jib
son M-a.s-piulcd, but being it man of
lesourees, he fell upon a plan which
completely upset Crockett's calcula
tion, lie stepped back mid found un
der n desk mi old ropy of Ximh Web
ster's spelling book, and in ndilicsing
thocottit, ho tcad from the speller:
"licit enacted by the General Assem
bly of the Commonwealth ol Kentucky,
that all laws heretofore puid (here
fitting Crockett's law) be and the same
are hereby repealed." Crockett sprang
to his feet with, " Let mo seo that
book." "Xo you don't." says Gibson,
"this book, sir, is prixale property, and
I am not in the habit of packing law
books around lor the benefit of others."
It is needless to say that Crockett lost
his ease, Gibson having the last say
on him.
This reminds us of another sloiy wo
have heard, which is too good to be
lost. Years ngo Judge C. and Judge
K two ablo lawyers of Western Ken
tucky (and we are hapy to say they
nti) both with us yet), were on oiipo-
ito sides, in n lawsuit,- ami in tlm ar
gument, Judge C. read some law appli
cable to his case. Judc K. rose mid
said, ".May it plcaso tho Court, thcie
is no such law in the hook as my com
petitor has just read." Judge C. re
plied, "if it was not there it ought to
.xaiiuai. Cuiiiosiiv. A very cuii
oiih incident occiiir. il in tho survey of
the iron .Mountain Road in theeypicrs
swninps of southeast .Missouri. Thu
engineers, having orders to locate
their surveys in connection with tho
United .States laud surveys had occa
sion to tea rcli for maiks of records
made ycais ago in tho swamps. The
laud surveyors had marked thu icsults
of their woik by cutting into thu body
lo a hoe, and engrossing their record on
tho tablet thus picparcd. Tho engi
neers found tho ticesol tho old survey,
and iceoguizcd thu scars of former cut
tings, but to i each tho records were
compelled to cut into tho tree again.
Xew wood had grown up over tho old
iccoid, completely hiding and protec
ting it. Hut niter cutting into the
body down to tho original tablet, they
found tho surveyors record at. plain
and distinct as when liist made
To Piu:u:nvi: P.ujis. Prick tho
plums willi a needle, to prevent burs
ting, nnd put them in a bowl. .Make
a syrup ol lump sugar, pound for
pound, adding only sufllcicnt water to
dissolve it ; when it is perfectly clear,
pour it boiling over tho plums, cover
them and let them Bland two days;,
then drain oil tho syrup ;"Wl it ninl
pour over tho fruit as before. After a
day or two put all together in tho
preserving pan nnd simmer very gon
tly till tho plums nro clear; put them
ono by onn into small pots; il tho syr
up is not vory thick, let it boil a littlo
Tin; Tehaitntcpeo Railroad will bo
17; miles long. It will cost 8,623,000.
Tho diflbrnnco in going from Now
Yoikto San Krnncisco, by tho Tchaun
tepco route over tho Panama routo,
will bo 1,477 miles, mid from Now'
Orlcaijs to San Francisco, i.',il34 milts,
saving six days in ono caso and nine
in tho other,
Tiimtn nro seven cplorcd members
ol the how Virginia Legirthituic,
Nt). yo.
Memphis El Paso & Pacific nnd San
Diego & Gila Railroad.
Like tho fust Pacific Railroads the
Southern route has commenced at both
ends. A telegram from San Francisco
gives information ol tho departure ol
Kxb'ccrctmy Seward nnd Generals
.Sedgwick and Rosccraus for San Die
go, to witness the turning of tho first
eaith on thu Sati Diego fc Gila Rail
road. At the calern end, General
l'remunl nnd his Company, are push
ing the .Memphis, Kl Puso A. Pacific
road with gical earncsnes.
Appearances indicate the completion
of thu cntiie lino in two yeais. Ami
there is every rensou to believe that
neither energy or means aro lacking
to this cud. I'Vcniont and Rosccraus
pcifcctly iiudcrMnud tho task they
have undertaken, mid they mako this,
lor the time their sole employment.
Thu picseut is a favornlde moment.
All railroads enterprises are discussed
with leferenco to their lutiire connec
tions with the Southern system, mid
the South itself is deeply inteiested in
this route to thu Pacific by the !!th
parallel. As u menus of opuuiug up
thu fertile regions o( Teas ol devel
oping the inexhaustible- mines ol Aii
xoiui of piolceling the frontier it is
ol incalculable iinpoitaueo to thu Unit-,
ed Stiles and ol special value to tho
Tho remarkable rase with which il
can bu constructed mid operated should
be latticed. There are no heavy guides,
no alkali plains, no sago bush wastes,
no snow blockades, to encounter. Tho
work need not be inibeded lor n day
at any season. Wood and water
abound, and tho route has been so care
fully and lopctlcdly gone over, that the
work will proceed at a sure and uni
from pace to its completion. ;.
Sf.v Piatiis cost nothing, and aio
tho most refreshing, lilegiviug baths
that one can take, sick or well. Kvory
hoiisi keeper knows tho necessity ol
giving her woollens the benefit ol thu
sun, from time to time, mid specially
alter n long rainy season, or a long nb
scut ol the sun. Many will think of
the injury their clothes are liablo to
from dampness, Mho will never relied
that nn occasional cxpoMiio of their
own bodies to thu sunlight is cipially
iieccsMiry to their own health. The
sun baths' do not cost anv thing, and
that is a mislortuni), for people are
still deluded with tho idea that thoso
things only can bo good or useful
n hiuh cost money. Let it not bo for
gotten that tin co ol God's most bene
ficent gills to man, (threo things the
most necesxiry to good health,) sun
light, fresh air and water, aro free to
nil; you can have' them in abundance,
without inonoy and without price, il
you will. If you would enjoy good
health, thru sco to il that you aro sup
plied with puro nir to breathe all tho
time; that you batho fur an hour or so
in the sunlight ; and that you quench
your thirst with no other Huh) than
cold water. Joiinud of' Jfculti.
Tin: Oinr.sr. M.vsox i tiii: Would.
Tho oldest Mason in tho world is
supposed to bo a resident of Giles
county, Vn., Mr. David Hilton. Tho
Puiishburg (iiictle says ho was born
in Iiehuid, but docs not know his ex
act age, He has, however, threo diplo
mas a llluo Lodge, Chapter and
Knight Templar. They nil bear tho
date ol 1812, the year that Mr. Katon
emigrated. The Knight Templar di
ploma states that ho became n Knight
Templar in 1700, n little over seventy
nine years ago. He cannot remember
how long ho had been a Mason before
ho beenmo a Knight Templar, but he
thinks eight or ten years. Say eight
years, and ho hns boon n Mason eighty
seven years, and ns ho must hnvo been
twcnty-ono years old nt his initiation,
ho is now 108 years of age.
QrnmiiB. Parton nsks, "Will tho
coining man diink wino?"
Dr. Adams aiks, "Will tho coming
woman wear criuolino?"
Josh Hillings wantu to knoM-, "If
tho coming dog will whinoV"
And tho hend ot tho family inquires,
'Will tho coming boy bo mhio V
Tin: man who lives for himself,
lives lor a mean fellow.
Tiik MntrtiiitiH says, the Supremo
Court adjourned on the 7th ilist., hav
ing cleared the docket of all cttcs set
(or trial at this term. More decision
of the lower Courts havo been reversed
this teim than at any pievionsone, and
the questions adjudicated have been
inoic diflicull, and of more importance
than heretolotc. Tho Har, too, lias
been better, and all the cases havo been
ibly tried.
(Jkkat I'Yooi". Tho Kaslcrn dis
patches niejiuidcneil with accounts of
damages by storm and llooik In four
counties on thu Hudson, Now York,
tho los eannot be less than J.1,000,000,
In .Maine, the injuilcs aio also severe.
J." M. Thompson, proprietor of tho
Glen IIoum, White Mountains, was
drowned in tho Androscoggin liver.
The loss by the Hood in the Kennebec
liver is estimated at lf0,()J0.
Di:. CfviMtxo lectured, recently, on
his liivoiitc lopiu -piophcsy, nnd di
vulged another singular discovery. Tho
Marquis ol Rule has given lo thePopo
1,11011 soveielgns in the shape of Peter's
penci'i nud Dr. Cuuimiug declares that
il is ''marvelous to find that that pre
cise number had been selected, becnuso
it represented, in the opinions of stu
dents of prophesy, the duration ol thu
Papacy on caith.
Oviin a Pina ii i:. Col. Long's in
laut daughter was riding in its baby
carriage along tho brink of a precipice
eighty feet high, nt Cincinnati Furnace,
Ohio, leccutly, when the iiuiso left it
lor n moment. A gust of wind came
along and forced the vehicle, with its
baby occupant over tho fearful highl,
who'll, slr.iiigu to say, it win found un
hurt, and the child uninjured.
Mki.on-ciioiv. Recently, thico ne
groes were found dead inn watermelon
patch, a low miles from Columbia,
Teim. Two ol them were shot with
buckshot. 1 1 is supposed they were
stealing melons when killed, The other
was owner ol n patch, mid was shot by
a man he had employed to watch for
Tin: Seattle paper learns thnt fully
sixty immigrant wagons are now on
the eastern shlu of the mountains, near
the Snnqiialmlo Puss, walling for tho
effects ol tho recent storms to subside
to enable them tifcross tho streams that
obstruct their journey to the Sound.
Ir is slated that tho Central nnd
I'nion Pacific railroads wilt soon com
mence running trans continental ex
press trains, "with boaidaud lodging,"
tho train to leave Almeada nud arrive
in New Yoik in II vo days.
Di:. William Sviiiii, of dictionary
fame, nud now editor ol tho Quarterly
Jlrclnr, is writing n "dictionary of
Cliristinn Antiquities," from tho days
ol the Apostles to thu timo of Con
stantino. A riuvAii: letter, iccclved at Now
Oilcans, from Jellcrson Davis, says that
he will probobly rcsido in tho United
Kingdom for tho rcspn his days, nnd
tliatrepoits concerning his ill health
nro greatly exaggerated.
Aniiv Jnn.NhO.v is said to ho tho
strongest Demon alio candidate for
Senator froiuTcmiessco ; but it is piob
able the Senator will be neither, Dem
ocratic or Republican, hut a Conserva
tive, like the Temn'sseo Governor.
A man named Herman Hall was
killed by Indians near Diamond City,
Montana, on tho 1 1th September. Do
had recently arrived from Willow
Creek, Oregon.
Panama dnles to 'J8th of September
stato that repoits havo been received
by steamer Jiyta of a heavy earth
quako nt Callao.
Ax immense- deposit of coal iiasbcen
fptind ifcur Iloyenian city, in tho Galla
tin valley. It is near tho proposed
routo of tho Northern Pacific railroad.
Music rou Tim Pacific Railway.
Tho Sony Mmeiiycr, of Chicago,
says : " Thoro is on exhibition nt Root
it Cady's, a five octavo Mason and
Hamlin Cabinet Organ, designed for
tho Pullman Palaco cars on thoPacifio
Railway, to bo presented to the com
pany by Root ttj Cady, Tho caso is in
imitation of ebony, and is beautifully
ornamented with various designs in
gold. Tho instrument is as remark'
nblo for tho sweetness and purity of
its tono ns for tho elegance of its ex
ternal finish, nud wo nro confident that
whoever may bo playing this instru
ment when tho aboiigincfsmako a raid
upon tho train, will bo excused from
tho scalping process, if tho influence of
sweet sounds hnvo tho power wo think
thoy must havo coming Item such au
instrument as this.
" -V