Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 06, 1869, Image 2

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SATirmuT Monxt.vn, TVb. tf, 1600."
Msaoa-...' j.iTTt1..' rrvaU mc
An InfomQui Outrage' . i
Tho patience ol the community has"
been enrcly tried, several timea bIiicq'
tlio epidemic; but novor beyond lorbea
rnnco 'tilt thii week. It aeonta thrit!
there inn female impostor named Round
tree among ua, w ho pretends to bo n
small-pox doctor nnd the disease is not
.eprondir.g rapidly enough to satisfy
her cupidity. Not content with the
most gross carelessness with regard to
her person niter visiting Buinll-pox hou
ses she must make the pest-house it sell
a place (nr the g Miuration of tho ter
riblo diaoaso. On Moudny oho was
bin' I ! iiiimo a young lady who had
bron taken Rick out in the valley nnd,
without making nny examination what
ever, at onco pronounced tho caie amall
pox nnd had tho pnticnt conveyed to
thu peat-house. This sho did against
the nd vice ot Dr. Grube, a rcgular'prac
titioncr,w!io hud been called; had tnade
a thorough examination, and was quite
pofitivo that tho caso was not small
pox but nd vised delay Until thu disease
wno further developed. Dr, Grube ex
pressed himself willing to stake his re
putation on his opinion in this caso nnd
on Wednesday, at tho urgent solicita
tion ol a number of citizeiH, he nnd Dr
Oveibtck, visited the pest-house nnd
found that the patient had measles.
Was there ever a more infamous out
rige committed in a Christian commit
n'fy? Can anything more honiblc,
thuit of actual minder, be imagined
than tlu' cxposuru ot an innocent, help,
less girl to the dreadful infeptio 1 of a
house, where e cry atom of ntmopheru
cotnnius a death for all n ho are tiupro'
tected against tho must loathsome and
appalling of human maladies ? If this
act was done wantonly it is criminal,
if only thi! result ot ignorance it is none
"TMis to fee Kept in Remembrance.
Laborers and mechanics, keep this
in romeinbranee;thnt Colonel Chapmat.,
a Democrat, introduced in tho Legisla
ture a'bill to prohibit tho employment
of Chinamen in fnotniius nnd on rail-'
roads: and that n Democratic Lenisla-
turo passed the bill- and it would have
become, a law, but that tho Governor, 'Chinese suflinue ot couisii
a Hcpiiblican Governor, vetoed the bill; , . 1.1,ui,irnti,111
nn.ltl... ..,,.,...;.... ni......i.t: tur t consideration
endorses and appiovea the act. C'owi- l,ot'n I'fltually disposed of by tho
merciaU 'Senate nmeudmeut to the Into Chinese
Universal Snflrnge.
Tho peoplo in tho Stnto of Nevada
are taking a step in the diicction of
universal suffrage. An ninondmcnd
men t. to tho State Constitution is to be
submitted to them by th i legislature
at tho next election. "Tho question ol
so does not on-
that having
Laborers and mechnnies, keep this treaty. It is proposed to grant the
in remembrance, thht Col. Chajimaii.a frniichNc to all who arc born on Amer
Democrat, jn introducing a bill to im- i,, soil, and not debarred by lenwti
pose a special tax on Chinese in this ' . , . ' ... . . . , -
State, proposed a measure which was fof l,IBf rMt lJiiig subjects of a for
in coutliot with the Constitution of the eigu empiie. This is right. It isjust.
United States, which was in opposition, We do not believe in making flesh ot a
to the settled policy ol the nation, as do- IIIIU1 j 0IIU Statc n j fill, ol , jm u nn.
clmcd by tho Supreme Cnurl.and which, ' , , .... ,
had it been enacted and its enforce-, otl,t'r- believe in a uniform rule
ment nttempti'd, would havo been throughout tlu wliulo domain of the
thrown out i a y Com t in tho Statu ( United States, and that if a black man
or nation Peiliaps we have gone n j good enough to bo a voter in Now
little too far in this statement: lor no I v , -it , . .. n . . .
J....1.1 1I..1 1.1-1. n .... 1 101k.JIass.1ch1 setts or Georgia, no s
noulit the nigh Courts ptcidcd over .' ,
by JiiHticos iJull rind Work in Ihiseity, JB0,, iBh to bu a voter .any where,
wolild have aflirmed the eonatitutlona- Wo havu been intlexibly opposed to
lily ot Uiapmnn h lull, Liboiura and , Uie exercise ot tho electiro liaifchise
mrnmnHrp m.s a so 1, leiucm- , j ,a , 0, wlU!Vl.r t.0r
brnnce, that Goveruoi ooK 111 veto ' , , . , . , , .
ing shis bill, stood on the highest an-1 UHl luv igoram wimes aim inoignor
thority in tie United Stntes, and tluit ia"1 ''lacks in a mnjuiity of thu States
his position in 1 espect to tho bill is ah-(now enjoy the light, and it will he
Bolutolv unasiailal K: that bv thin no- 1 .....!. . .. . .1. . .. 1 .1
. 1 , ... , , ... ', . , , 1 uimcitii. 111 iiiiiu ii awny iiuin mem.
tTon ho killed n lull which was n sham . . . , , ,
nnd farce, which never could have been 1 l''""i'li " thu class of coloied jieo
enforced nnd'uhich would hate resu. I plu who would bo made voters by any
ted 111 nothing utii trouble nnd liliga- leoiistitutional aiueudiiieut. uro ironcr-
igeut aut immpasur.ibly but-
1 to vote than ihoiiiiaiids ot
accordance with law, and because the lKlu"t whites, wo say make tint rule
Uregoman knows itlmt.oeiy attempt , uniform, mid give the right ol sutlr.ige
to enact and eiilorcU suiih n law as that n nil men alike. Tim Constitutional
lT,V"r.lS. "U,li",l"' l "r" j" an.cudmentoUered bv Co,,B,c c.,v
the Legislature, will bo deleuteil by' , , , .' , , ,
the judicial tribunals. Slieh ,t.',. ,'''- wjiole question, and excludes
gogues an Chapinau may iiiimbti" a ,1'10 Asiatic lacu, and tho action ol the
untisaii Lvitislaiiirv, buuthey enifuot , Nevada Lcgiidat lire is indicat'no that
!t,? S! ClIm,ls-U;l.y',' ,,J Ti' l11"-' lcoloof that State will accept it.
excepting the honorabli'CouUs of J u.v J '
tices Mull ami Work, iilurMiid.
In 1B07, II. TI. Hniglit, a Denirtciat,
was elected Governor of California.
lhu iiiuiii arcuuii'ui
lea in noming nut trouiile nnl liliga- constitutioiiii
tinn. Keep this also in leinembranee, tlllv iutullii:e
that the Oregon ian approies the Uo-j, ' ,.,. ,
vemorV net beuniiu that a t was in ' "' tl,"u,,ll',l
Tho Epidemic.
Since our last issue we havo only to
!.. . 1 . . . .1'
iiiiiiii iirciimi'iii used nv 11111 urn ' ,.t i, ... 11 n.. ..
i. , . 1 . . , 1 iiiiui 11 iuiii urn niwii m ruiiiiiMiiu, lull
his friends in the camnihrn. w.m tiU' ... .....'
the leas inexcusable, for no ignorant same "Chinese queMiuii." II.,H,t was ' , uu,""-an "w"ititHMr.Miiloinno
' ruiriiif t urn in ik on fi.iiii ........ -1? 1 1 uvwiiiL- oiL'uun. mtve tiruurrim 111 liii
ftorle lunicittvcl tlio nnd coudi. ' nllev. One ol thu ntlivm. J. Wnll.
. i . 1 . - , . . 1--
u .qua ifiedopinionjof both these respect j "" ?"!?." !"" J'n """" 1 " h ' "' 'T,,cl80n Cn,ok ,,",, h ,0"h W,n'
-I!.1. .., t..:' .i:. i.i. ..,...,.. MS Ipiced to eoi k-Io Willi "aluion- vjr,1 n..A i !- ,1...
firat appearance of tho fearful scourge,
J we.rount sixty-five, case, fifty eight ol
en in and near Jackson-
lannu in tho oouutrv.
person sliuttlcl lit; allowed to trille with terribly
bitman life and health. Even after tho I T'1'1 ''i'1'1
.......,,.,. .. . 1 turn of u
u iqun iliedopiniun,of both ttieso resiiect ..., i.
ii. . , -'!---
'.le physicians, this tcmale charlatan ' Pyt.,l ieathens." J)ul almost the iiist
had the impudence to insist that the 1 olHcal act ot this wliite man's clinui-
.case was varioloid and objected tp the i,lo"i n,t"r '" inauguration m (over
atient being vaccinated. It is with I ;'r, as to preside n.t irbauquet given n-liiali have bee.
iflicul.y that the people choke down , 1"' fL - vlll. am. thu b.
their indignation at this shameful out-1 inirnoso of ustnlilinliimr ri..Mil.iii,,..- 1,. ''There have been eightutm deaths un to
ii. . c - -e - 1 . . .
popular I Dung about- it Ireer coiuuu-uial and ' thistune,.tour p-itiouts aio now undo
rage. There is a citrrnet ol
wrath stirring and if ibis miiortufi.it I personal iniercouiM- between this rouii-1 tieatment, nnd the remainder nio eon
vnung ladv flhouhl contract small pox 1 1,1";,"'"1 '"i"'1 WlIl"1c1,,tl,.,H ''''"" I vnleK out. Fo le.irlullr maliginnl Inn
:',., , ' ., "islMiico of the remarkable cons stenuv .. ,, ... ., . " ." ,
by reason of her unnecessary nnd cru.-l t Denlocrnlio profi-siioiis and pnietia. -- lii been that not n hingle eon
exposure, or tho convalescent patients
on this Mihji-ut. lluie
lliieiit caso has recoicred. There
is uiioiher in
at the pest-house tako the measles from staucer bucliapan s treutns hi ought 'one encouraging fart however niuoiig
bcr, it will be hard to answer for the l,, l'' I'W, nnd now tho Demo-1 mi much sorrow mid death, none ol
consequence. We are loth to war with XI lhl I co!& tiTJK '"" ' "" 'M.wll
a woman but it is oilrduty to warn tliutwtt1iCliineBe!" JJm'i Ungui,utntan. ,'"r tn'rlJ' or ,,,r,y y03" '"' there i
public 'against imposteni and quacks, !26fi. ' innuh doubt whether nny ol them bad
(linugh they ahoiilil beforty times dis
guised in petticoats or claiming tho
deference supposed to bo due to femi
ninity. w Tho Unionist say:
"Secretary May has taken the very
proper prec.-iutiiiu to employ a night
watch, ami is determined thut the State
treasury shall lie Hiirrounden with ev
I he Oregouiau could havo added: UVL'r "vn v.n-ciuited at all. Thi-
That since tho introduction ot Ohinuie ' I '',v,'(' conelusivly thnt vacciuilion i
labor into California thu Democratic l01"' "'v hope. PersNt in it continue
leaders in that State, both in the Legis
Iituie and 011 the Supreme Ilonuh, have
bitterly opposed any iizatiiuliun on
Chiueso immigration.
In 1803, the Chiueso l.ibor question
was agitated in California, nod the
.....:....!..:. .;.ii ii'i.! 1 .1
i-iy iiuici;iiuii lur no iii.-nciuicuuni.j, i it nig Mriy vucueuiieil III iroutirill ; till'
'. Secretary May's precaution is a very 1 pass.igu ot an aut imposing a capitation
'win one, and woi'tnmend him for it. tax of titty dollais on every iiniui"rant
"The eyes ot 1 ho "riotous ring of irres- not competent to become u citizen of
ponihle rufhans," and thoso of a few
mciccnary Republicans are on tho
strong box of tho State, and it is well
' to watch it.
, Wo tako the following items from the
Unionist of Jan. 20th: ,
SIr.F. N. Wood worth, of Ilowdl Prni
rie, a few days siiioc.sold eiuht hnirs to
Mr. Cross, weighing in the aggiegate
2,208 'pounds. Tho average weight
was 324 pounds eiob. The extreme
-weights were 300 and 2P2. We doubt
if thfio.o.tn be many such lots otJiogs
.obtained in tho country.
The material of Iluriah 'iirnu-n'a
new paer arrived hero yesterday.
it 'until NatMii'd that tho nutter will
not "lake,, betoie fi oling secure. Soine
otour citir.enshave tiied vaccination n
trequenlly ns twelve nnd lilteen tinms
without Mtcccss and at last Miccccdcd
in getting a gi-unino vnceino sou-.
Never bo satii-fie I until a compctem
physician, prononucci vaccination pur-lect.
A Handsome Letter.
California. Iu the subtiodueut vear.
three ,ory promiuciit Democrnts ( Asiilanp, Oo.v., R'b. 3d, 1800.
Murrajr.'IIeydunloldf and Terry occu-1 Eihtoii Sit.N'n.vui.i -l'lease necept
1 led tlleSupmue Uenchtof that Stutv: J" "t,V,nl,',y,"B fpeyjineu of manu-
Court, as to tho validity of!thonct,'and ' pliincuts of tho Co.
fceath of1 a Pioneer.
The last ictitn ot small-pox among
us was Col. W.T'Nault, who died fit
It, p. in., on Thursday. Although in
the fullness of old age, being 02 years
old, it is painlul to retjuct that.afler a
busy lifu and prominent services he
should be struck down by ho dieadltil
n malady that not n single mourner
dared follow him to the grave.
Mr. T Vault was one ol tho caily pi
oneers of Oregon, and hns tilled a prom
inent place iu its Territoiial rind Statc
history, lie was a native of Missouri,
mid came ncross the plains ns captain
of a company ol migrauls, iu '845.
To him is duo the honor of editing tho
fust newspaper puhlitdivd on the IV
ciliu Coast, the Spectator, whieh was
fiialisaueit.in Ki'linwy 1840, at Oregon
City. Col T' Vault was connected as edi
tor w ilh tho Table l!ocki)eitiitclho firrt
papi r publiihed iu SoiitheruOregou and
alterwards published and edi:a 1 thu
Jute ligencer, which was suited on the
material of the Crescent City Herald,
iu this county, lie also published and
edited thu Index al Silver City, Idaho,
and was Dlntiict Attorney torn short
lime iu that Teiritory. Mr. T'Vault
was a member ol thu piovUioiuil legis
lature of Oregon. He was a 'member
ot the first State Legislature
ot Oiegon, from Jackson county,
and was elected Speaker of the House
ol'liepiesetitalives over lien Harding,
Hllurwniils U. S. Senator, which posi
tion was tilled by Mr. T' Vault with hon
or and and ability. He took an actit e
pail iu tho Indian war ol 1830 iu this
valley, having led a company in the
last battle that took placo before Gen
Lane's treaty.
Mr. T'Vault was a prominent polit
ician, having acted uniloimly with the
Democratic party and tit tho time ot
his death occupied the position of Dis'
trict Attorney ol thu 1st judicial dis-dinr'u-l,
to which he was elected iu
June U'OS. Like nil piomineiit men he
had many hitler enemies and wnrm
Itieuds. lis was a man ol strong and
yenctoiH iiupuNcs, waim iu hit friend
fhiji, poMtiio in his opinions. What
erer limits he may line had are now
torgotlon covered with t!Tu clods ol
thu grave, nnd all that was good and
generous iu hiuikhould only be remem
bered. He was baptised into the
Catlmlio Church a few months since.nn.i
in his last hours was fitithltilly uuimmI
hyihu Ciilholio Sineis ot chaiitv,
leceiting the last ollie.s ol tho Chuu'li
nun lhu hands of Father Mum-licit.
His remain.'' lie in the Cntholiu 1 cmeier v
and let us hoputhat liih ciirit is at 1 cbi.
Tin. D...M11 Hi nor In.nojunci:. One
ol the most touching, the saddeet, jtt
lhu hullost scenes ot lite is the couch'
of a dying child. Just 0110 week ngo,
us the List hours ot thu day weie eb
bing, and tho hand of Time turned to
ihuiuidiiighthour, thBKpiiit of little
Maggie. Line joined its mother's In the
belter laud, and lhu scene Is de&cilbed
by Ihosit who Mitmwd it as peculiar
ly touching, liven the hhadow ot hope
had vanished, and the heal ot thu den
trover was on the littlo biilferer, whuu
shu biighlened tip and coninieuced talk
ing to her mother. No ouu was in the
loom but the two nuii.cn, but tliechil.l
iniited that her mother was standing
in the loot ot thu i.ed and had come inounlaliislbiforu Ioiil'.
1 I""
tor her. A lew convulsive breiithbuud
the little heart btuod still thu we.u v
little lect had ciossed liiu biiuk ol
A Word to the Homeless.
EniTOii Skntinku As there is a
geucial movement being uindo through
out Oilgon to rneourago emirntiou,
and show what inducements our young
Slate nllbids, as n desiiablc place to
locate, 1 would liko to any iik'tc words
to the homeless about their chances in
our, nltnoMt isolated county. '
Cuny county lies on the eoaBt, in
thu exit cine south-west of Ocogon, is
apaiaoly populated, is broken wild and,
mouiilaliioiist nnd ponsea thu most de
lighllul and hcalllitul climalo of Ore
gon; indeed, it is much to bu doubted
whether any other spot of tho globe
surpnsxes it tor health', and even tem
perature of climate. The wind blows
hard here, some winter ; but never iu
whiilwinds nnd hurricanes, nnd not a
whit harder than it sometimes does in
Web-foot. Along the const wo never
have to contend with snow nnd ice,
and their siisequciils and alternates;
thaws and slush,, heat nnd cold.
Thegrcat body of the land can nev
er bu occupied, as it is heavily timber
ed mountains; but there are tnnny
places, yet vacant, that will make pleas
ant homes, nnd, iu time, bo valuable.
Along the const nio broken, hilly prni
rii s, adapted to grazing ; w bile along
nil our mountain streams ni email) rich,
but small bottoms, often lonienient to
some good stock ranch, that can be
inclorcd, and Hindu into hotuc6.
Our county can never bo nn agricul
tural region, for we hnvc few exten
sive fiel-li; but there ate innumerable
tortile plner-Hj where men can cultivate
a lew noes, make nn independent liv
ing, ami be nil rounded by the hlcus
ings of that inagiu word, "Home I"
I wou'd say to those men uhodesin1
to locale, come nnd seu our coast conn
try; but mine (list without your (ami
lies, ami judge for yourselves. We
have no wagon roads, only n trail over
whie.li the settlor must puck his tamil)
iumI Im tunc on hoticbnck. Tho trail
iu places might (lighten a man of weak
nerves, and no want you to come and
try your ncrus; for this ia no fibre
tor the timid, and tho mi enterprising,
to settle; besides we do not want boll
you, and ouisulies imposed upon wc
wnu't men to know whnt they ate do
ingand w e w ant men J
A Strni.M'M
Klloiubuig, Jan, 20th, 1800.
I'llot Kuck furuishia us with thu fol
Mr. A .1. Huruett arrived at Ali-
hind yestenlay troui . ink Klver. lie
came iu on the I'Jttti 'rant toad without
d flletilty. He Hates that lhu wealhvr
has not bun ut nil tcciu iu the Lake
eounirv, and that iheic is not miom
xulh'i-ieut to prevent thu htock fiom do
ing well on the raiigo. 1'woplu at
Klamath confidently look for an caily
i pi ing. - 'I
Durnett Mart on his return on
Tlimsdiiy next. Agent ,Applegate,
Trot. Stanley uud Maj. bverlon, Ktarl
lor Klamath to day. They go ton the
Immigrant mad.
Thu inot bci ions epidemic raging
hem now is tho Goobu Lake fever,
which is likely to curry off tunny ol
our eilui'iif, iu boon spring opens. It
is teaied Uncle Iko Miller has got it,
ami that ho will break out (over the
t M '
"U. MM
r.nM '4
j '?' '
mlLJZBiSPPWii to
flV ,7-w
A petHUn. tmmJjj
Konln.,, I, ui, ilLu.L'.WIfc
1'srJoa.oHUaWl t , n I j"S' It
llAU.Kh, D. V fv. ,1.
moulbila lbs eonst. i-t ""
thr i-q.i. .,r ii.. ti.i. .. WH4
- uinwasiiidt, En 1
'"Iwliodpoafta ,,!&,;; Jj
wsiitolUILnuiiia i:. f
Hu.x) Irsm-Tli K.Lk h.iIWm..
IUtircc t)tucT..-tyclc.rn 'tWiL
llreb.. it.rtha ihrugb )rtw froa fi$
lu tl.u other, wins outlWt-df.Wr, ,W 2 ,
Milling !01 vililmui uiug proptrlj ut
It In ulj, br Imn routii) uiro.ci emsili thtttf
linen uti whhli Hinnunt til kbuat $JO,l)U0,tfc
IIih unonse. Wo luru tbat tli nnti trooitu
iSonlliii Oregon,, yinfl6m ft
TlieiU-liitlre, wliniTir Immhij U, wj,
lirDII 1,-ih.iJ llilugnul ortMi.'Mtij&n Ui
tlio flutrn imiMi.ul' lwum'ij. t C
"AnExp!anitfon-,J &
'Mr. tuiTna.-lti t.c Imi hrat It itth
tinki mii mlii If nimHil tiiitUr liii ripiiua (
UIU t'hj lotk la iii (.mb trf CbriAtaa'jifcick
I ui.n.f uh in il In nijn.ll, uijf"bim. M
liven iicciiniil li) llieviiiluw iIhoiu ipukca if
vt lilt li Liiiiliiililil.l.itHdVuli lUl wen miit.
j Ulnv anil tin1 Ut ilin.tini luuiitlirtt upun tbrta
uero l!tf lnu Rhd tcuiiittliiiu ni Uk' Ulrfti.
I hid rt'rt-M.iiltr7ti.iiitilii;Jultii tic i of
tliuili'iiuriiiru ol .Mr-.Ciluiiiru- nj Ormittj
r.'ii. ilnit '-flu' liluiil ).ntL-iiv Mlii) IHkiI iu
-liii-Miriililc," nil of which ! Itl.e. Ibe trou
li .lit r liu-Uhd wim luilrlniil iu mn Inr himUt
unit riMil.iiinl Unit I ui ut I lie Imu-e jmt Uloit
Iiit d'iuilnre, tlit lic ttl'd lu .ll Ut Cvcr
mnl litoc-rli iul(rn ut tn trnl tioiii Ul
cnnlil mil mi citil; hi f.iit 'li ItN lu tlllbra
ul 1111 lutitttMil mill ulitr licr Imlatf ,'ki'Hll
rtiC it-k. O nil- II 1 wnulJ Uti-tin Ul I d'dw,
mnl tli l lit Itiv In .ill suil loul uImj im1ii(.
I 1II1I I.Ot ih-liiuml lid1 Ti'UI, raik'li lei iuiS M
urytiJty imfvrtwit MriTi'tiUd. 1 ioi(illji
i'... lui tn.iut- lli.nr iiuid li tbi'hnj 'uaCt rf
Kiui'irU-. which rlientlil'd mi ud cunld M
.oil. The arlicld alutvn lUl'-n nutuwet offa.
mils' B'-mriiiul Inrnvtrvrai 4tUi cunlnfr
led I.J Iit lil builiand, 1 furwit MltJ;
it Jurjtr U lit ll.aii nnjr i.ljilit mV't.'fciiM
lli.ru i- mini Uilni; 'Jill due in. id Ucim
I hcc j.Ud Minn, (iri.lliti.l, 'ttuitU.tc ui
liellhiri'. II Mir luku ultiPijnil tU-Mtf, Iml'iJ
ul imvili); nii'in u iiuiluPlll'jiu.jHui inui v
ntl,; vl. T i n tui'Xi'n; lur y maI-ic It
IU mil hum in mm injum r utiniv mc yvm
untl I a.k (luvl Ibi.. t'jqiluliulluH luttalitti
ymir culuimio. L. !' Uma
' rnoiKfxJiN,:iiu im.
Wbnauf. Die nil 1" x l-ln-w UV4.!i
thu ItiVli t.r JaCKO'lOUtr, Ul iu uiuai nwiijiu
luriii. Mlienilril wlih u"Mti(!ti)itd utl
r.lrlv liid.cilin!: tt tiichlr Inla-tluu. i4t
d tnic cliuiKiltr 5 llaMere we lt Wt
a H"t'd CUZi'ur el 1 liiHtl X. uud ticliiilr, (kw
mrii"u ul milium i.drrt.iuhdu.lluiK
ihu inllluliuii ulu iiMitcd tu act va alli
iiiiiiuiilUc lu mlutiL uli.u.iuluUuliJWifr
iiUturn. t,i dull, il.c nint.eri.iTa at
luailiMiiia nllii'nt", A .'i whilw.JI. J1W
ut JuiUiiivilfftWharxJu Vbojii-nM
i.l ll.ucilircti.nl 1'iiui'iiiX aim antrm'
liCtl l'f III nl-ili.uil uf all bu-lucai !
iZLlla lur tun I allien. MirOIJUI i-uiim-
kiliiliitliiriUiiu LIIU Jalt.nuuTini'Uiwij'
IHi val' lite ul Mitull-liiix tlKru, Im, IMufif"
.I..H..I.I . ii.utluii iii imr ntiticu 10 lit r-.
il.UU Jail"' kiaatll IIW "T!
iwtu nur'et.itna. "nr
it vvaa pionolincetl null ami oid. "end you tlua m n token of our cluriiily ! If it be Hue that invisible
Why? Ueciuao in the opinion of the nirt cinlloii ol yoiirryinimihjr uiul .Ih bplllJclU8lt.,. 0I, tbl, llok, . .
Court it waa clealv uuciiiifliituti......l. ''Hicem our tiiigglen in atari ug the '- , ' , .... lHOl,,lU
i, .! i i ,? f . filUulul i euteiipnte, and hoiw you may havo ii i,lr wf, C,IU ' l,,u ull''' J'l "t aeo
it violated tho npint of tho law. which ,iLt. ,...l !,.'.. L: f i .1 "ili. ' hue ...oil V 'l. ....
II - w W..I. .J llllb 11 II UH
Gamiilixg. A Eugene paper atntra
thnt they ha vr a concern there at which
the boya apend much money. They
call it the "Tiger." At last, accounta
(it wna at laigp. x,
I And arrange to Bay, the more tho
boy tickle the animal tho larger it
, Bkwaue or VAitioLoia Wo bag
our citizens not to treat varioloid light
ly. Shun it na you would a coufluent
caBc. Ono of tho most terrible, inalfg-
nautand fatal caaea of variola contin
ent weibuve had, wna contracted from
a case of varioloid, so light, that tho per
roji who had it waa a subject of deria
ion no one believing that lie bad more
ttian a'acvero cold.
it ' . i, -. .
."Weekly-CoMMKiiqiAi, Wo Ijave
rewivpi Iho firat copf of tlis' paper
ptiiiHtflieiTby Dull &Tfoxr' in'Portland.
It ia a neat looking aheet, but ita Dem
ocracy ia rather "undiluted."
I'U'Arlt- finrniiitim.fi i. ..!.. ...... .l I. !.. .1 . .... F
o" jjiuiuii, nun in nir ii us iiiu proiiuciion 4vacur
abrogated a aoleinn treaty ol comity hoiiio iiiaiiulaotury, of which you noted
and iriendHhlp with tho Cluneao Em-1 !10 i'looimiduublo part 111 nabiating to
pire; eutured into by the treay.makiug 1 "m"K"utot
..-..., 1 . .. " . with reanect
puwer, ruiiiieu oy a aemocrauc senate ' T nm v..n- tn.i.. v...-
nud aigned by a democratic Pieaident. J. M AIcCail Plea Co.
It waa held by thu CourUhnt tho inten 'With tho above haiidaouie letter wu
tionofa tax waa prohibition; that it I received enough cloth .ot Aahlaud ma-
Ahhlaid, Feb 2, 1 800.
waa equi v a't nt to prohibition, and 1 hero
fore contrary to .be-apiiit of our Con
alitution, and in diiect .violation oi n
boleuin iiitvniatioiiul obligation. Uero
'it. a conatitutfioual wnitaiit Jur a inon-
grel race niuong ua an inturprefed by
a rtcwiocraacisupieine Com t,no imposed
on na by ia camocrrtfio AdniiulHtriitiou.
' In 1857, a prominent lteiiiiblican
niitactui-o to irinko a full suit. It ia a
apleuditl urticlo ami good enough for a
millionaire We will bo proud to wear
it and while thanking lhu Company lor
their generous iiikuowledgineiit ol our
efforts iu behalf ot an important iudua-
uiaioniurjir.ee, no may bo permitted
to oxpruas'lliu hopo that the public will
appreciate its importance to Southern
member of tho California Legislature, ' Oregon and Hiixtain it liberally, May
Jir.'Georjre li Tincrlv. introdiieeil I thu uioneeranindles of Snnilini-., r...
w. "- '- "I - .."..w. .. WIV
.yt of Olii j gi nevtr ceaB humming ind may
jibvery oitizonfof Jackson Ouuiity soon
.w n....niiu in uiu npiuumu pro,umjt ol
thu Ashud looinfi, (
In ou'r'reilfaVka oh "Week-day relig
ion" a'ahort lithe ainoo weintoudod no
refletili6h oifRev. Mr. 'Villlarna. That
gentleman kindly Toluntcored hia aer-
vicea,m any capaolti.''but na bo twk
not a r'eaiflont ot tho town they ware
doolinwl. . "
uni, iiiieiiiieu 10 Hton mo mill
ncae immigrnnta into Mint Suite, which
nun ujjpweu unu acjeaiea oy tho De
mocracy, on thi gruund of uncomttitu
"a(i1!, ;foui the fjra ngkatipu of
thonucHtipn, to this day, the moHtpio
ntiii6nt KepublicHna i.n California havo
raised iiieir-voicea ngninst Chinese la
bor and Immigration (unconstitutional.
Iy,.wqduit)anbyet. in tlio laoe ot
'.miqowtrpertublo Jiaota, tho Uepiubljcuiis
ra uuargeti wiwi "mongrc.lizing"' the
not given to childhood to pieieo tho veil
ot the liiliuile, and 8eubeyolid,iio glory
and the bijglmmsa that ia only vouch
aafed to huintiu dieams? Sad as such
ccencB are, they have their lesion, and
tenon us mat autuly: all n r0t vacant
beyoud the giave.
JBcTbk Noticea
The new inngiiziue oi Wayne TJeid.
Qnoard, ia uceived. It is entirely
filled with original .matter from the
pens of some ot the first wijteia iu the
country. The fii st number eulillea it
to a high innk iu tho literary world-
published by G. W. Cai'let'on, 07
Uioadway N. Y.
Vick'a l-'loial guide for 1809, has
come to baud. It coiitaiija a coinplote
catulogticof tho most choice flower
and garden eeeda, and should be in tho
hnnds qf al who have a taste forfloW
eia. Addren Juines Vick, ltoohester..
Tho New York 'Teacher and cduoa.
tiounl monthly should bo procured by
everyone having an hitereaidn jioiiillur
education. Prjco II 60 In currency
per annum J. V. ohoinnwliprn" ,C
Co., H.llondSt., N. Y.
Pacino t'oatt Havities.
The San Joso jail ia crowded.
Smnll'pox has iluapneatcd
'J'hecaisnovv run to Elko Station
four miles east ol Sacramento.
Mr, New m.iu has fifteen looms weav
ing filk at San J use, Cul.
Los Aiigele!, Cat., ia taking d -lively
interest iit the bilk cul lure. ''
Tho Is'aynjt) Indiana uro ut ivar with
the Apaches iu Aiizoun,
Tho' removal of thu Capita! from
Carson ia being agitated iu the Neva
da Legislature. ' '
Fittteii luucinlrt of victims "of the
small pox totik placo in Milwdukco in
one day leceutly. ''
Tliniligh truys by rail from San Fran
claco io Nvvvoik may bo uuutitius ea(
ly us May. i, ,4
The Sun Frnnciaco Hoard i-Police
now noliceiueu.
Theie niv eight Cases of smSM-pox in
the Custro tttntily near Yrvka, all in one
room. The house is candidly guarded.
- - a
luJittoai',OQU, lit
Athrottdmill ii H6yoki (Masa.),
strings out 23,000 diuen apools daily.
iIn California there, is, ono. wai) to
threo wen; fn Nvdij ou to iglitt
in Colov.-vdo.ooeto'twvnty, ,, '
I. i.lk IA lltallllll
III" ill W -" ' i.
.illlliutillia Uid o'u-i'O liii .line I'lJ Jt.
M.i.l m ia Lia'cMf lu'lne iiW-hos.--;-
.nonit. llmt lliiaCuiuimtK WirlcoX
vuo.HOUiul4,b it llKal"J'l,l,j
lit lirwliiililiofiiutf lifiU'Ufi, l( ?$(
iiii.iay. ii.Kiivil, T, ,ft auijr, J. T CJ
Jimi Lli JtoLnu.un. .m'Mir,J.AI'-f7
N. K. i(,i. i . li )ii dj.j.VJ.! iw i
h. t.ore. L, A It. e. rf 1.1... 1 1 v, B-Cl'i' V
lad I...C & a.i).el, K.K AiftJ.I,
O W lullv. Wm lluuir.i. eil '"
If Hub r. ,A by,J.'Uuatjnal.fcl,i
num. i: .a; Ijiiiui. iimaiK i.vit
Jiihn'C'ieiby. S. Jl. J.utni.-AW2
Jikei.lt alct.ulliilc,'. Klu.rhi WW
. ti' a i.-.'l, I V Aiuatiltt. r '
llienr. Jobu J'uliiiniii. lias. !. J7
1'l.uniton, Jlwiri Axlttl, ft ..VT
j. u. Urotvii, ai. arjio, s- tuun. f-rz
liuris. U.ll tJjUTl O. '',. VI
W. Ullr.-r, 1. Uutuburc, C.Ui.i-f
dal.ti. r'mrujf.
vv e, tuu tuurctiuw " ,",,w .Vvaniit
M, i.eui r. iu ile.M Irym iVtf'K Hto
tie pmf uluueu ul nuall-'X lit "'Jil
ii.urUlliire luiwnJjfIWrjnrs'
iKjmupll aiiutiilutl i W ty"f
uuonlilH'. ' T i '
Ed. Se.NTi.NEb: At a Vrji
ing ot tlio ciiizeiia ot AshWS
ll.Ts date, tho foHf 3fll
were' mianimougly adupM hLy
Wri' Thai lw rijjtW
Hie Inlmhllanuu y &," iall
ilculurly JMkevi I'llSrVf'Sir f
iiixi anil vW"lt : TfSm fe
v en tu A.hlai.il. nfc ".JTaWr
u, his. lliruuiiu f",P'TJ,tiSwi aflFp
eTtly luhUl" ua PhKiiw WW : Ur
who are rroin W" "tsoQJL
Jtaulit IM "'"0,"d.or..f7wioH?f
... .....ui.i.l b kummury an'"-' -La&j
Kill? nai ! J . J wm tr
...j,,... ... .
''l1' ... i-HllH,
O -Q. Arptsemia ;
Aah lailll ttmiLua-
nm p
d vf-''niJtWco.tt tsr wVrf
.mm ,.!