Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 28, 1868, Image 2

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.SiTCKDAT MORNING, Nov. 2S, 1368.
Semarkabte Prophecy.
.. t
There hangs in one of the dry good
tores of this place, a political
caricature, entitled "Tho opening
of .the seventh seal of Radical
issa." It it br "Jnrap," the inim
itable San Franciico artist, drawn .
3 .-.I 1. .1
over a rear since, ....
high rank among the prophets i ne
scene is in one of the magnificent thor-
.oughfares of the metropolis of the IV
dfic; and tho artist was doubtless
.minting Ol me great eannqu.K.
.... , ., i i .1...
-, 1riri1lorprirhp1m it The.. ' '
r.ri. '. J. S w th Joktcolumns! S" ! " ?roB?
.treet it strewed with broken columns.
Facades and cornices arc toppling,
,spire arc shattered, the gothic win
dows of a church arc shaken and trcm-
h int sinn inn warL ui uciiuLtiwii
1 t . ....t -.t InrlMlflllnM '
reemsall but complete. The group -
. . ! ti,. nn.!1'1'-. u.rauc.u .l". "n5. Ei
ingtoftho picture are not less i1
.ni.;i. A stiilwart necro adorned
with the star of a policeman is conspic
uous. An Indolent looking Chinaman
steeped in a gloriou opium dream, med.
ttatts on a broken column. A digcer
'Indian, skin clad and armed with hi
'nomadic weapons, stand wonderinc
and bewildered. A celestial tea party
haTe taken retucc in the vestibule of
'God's Temple. A Chinese mandarin
'and a California creaer sit as judse
'of an election, while asubdned lookinc
Democrat meekly oflen his ballot'
;Thc absence of the Caucasian race i
nbo remarkable fwtnre of the artist
effort. The whites have evidently fled
in affrieht ft the first subterranean
warning, leaving their pride of race
c 3 . . . .a ri. in tli. Jnnd
fand their household gods m the hand'
. ,. , .. -t-.-v.... . .it aa
of barbarians. They have not an nen
.however, a few Democratic plug nglie.
and a well drced Democratic politi
-eian, whose affinity ior the interior ra
ces is too strong to be shaken even bv j
an earthquake, still linger and give j son C0Unties epe eially, aud all South -
tone to tho grounine. There hang:crn Oregon gonerallv concur in the
tie picture a sad and pointed warn'
ing of the awiul cCect of earthquakes
'and Democracy ; and as it is helping
'to enlighten the people, let it hang !
i The Yamhiller, and the Oregon Jit r
aid are scraping among the splinters
of the great National bombshell that
.blew np the Democracy, and seem anr
was to know what tbe infernal thing
is made of. r.eriah says tho Dcmocra
;ey have been sickly ior a long timr ;
tbe Yamhiller remarks that they did'nt
have votes enough, and finally crushe
TiU big .cotemporary by saying that
'11: ,i. ir.mW it.r-.iks truth the Demo-
.-"."----", .... ,, 91
crauc party is ueaa anu iuc ucr.r
'nent gone to bell." As the Herald
wm never known to lie, Jasper W.
.must be rigbt.
",' .Tue Real Cavse. A few days since
sTral Democrats iu this town, were
discussing the cause of the great defeat
l tho Democratic party, v nou
-reason were given, all of which seem
ed unsatisiactory, when one of them
who says little but thinks considerable,
-rsJramrkcd, "No u.o guiitlcmui, we can't
-win for a halt century yet; our war
record i bad 1" Who doubts that hip
remark- was the frozen truth, and that
in a nut shell r
, m
.. In iti agony, the Oregon Herald,
the Democratic organ in this State,
makes the following disclosure
"The various erperiracntti upon the
credulity of the Democratic masses by
their leading men. had created a wide
spread suspicion and sensitiveness on
the part of the people."
,TW always told our Democratic
friends that their leaders werti fooling
them, and here i. good Democratic tes
timony to back us. Will you believe
o now?
If S""
It is amusing since the election to
read the Democratic papers and see the
tronncings poor Seymour and Blair are
felting. Prior to the eleetion they
were the "gallnnt soldier" and "the
lofty statesman." Now they are thc
"mucrupulous office seeker" and the
bondholder's tool." It is surprising
how adverse majorities open the eyes
of Democracy.
Before the election the Oregon Her
aid said : "Hurrah for Frank Blair !
He ie just the raau for tlljjis.es.,, Now
he fame paper is rueanBkh to turn
round and call him an "experiracut."
Jt k' m -
; tA Docrtic cotemporary in Yam
jtill,couuty remarks thai all over tl e
.pnitei Stat, at thc lato elections,
DMcraU have neglected to vote.
.Hetmaani that they failed to "repeat."
ka eamtgh.
Stxamou Pxanc sailed for
CrvsrViit City ywunlny.
Pugtt Sound. Oregon Central and Hum
boldt Branch Bzilroads.
The absorbing questions in this Stato
at present arc how, when, and where we
are to have a Railros 1. Everything
indicates tha't the crand terminus the
moving lever that excite interet in all
the above roads is Pucel Sound. With
its unrivalled acilties for commerce,
its imniensctimber and coal resources,
its proximity to Japan and China,
,ka '"-"
its splendid harbors, it is enmman
1 attcntion al tjle natnra, location 0, lhe
01 lne
1 future Metropolis of the Western
! Tho Pacific Central Comnanv
j bon)d to iMch p Sonnd
. d monj uQ thrpBeh
I r-"
, , , .
., r..M w,u,, , iv .vm-a iiuui.-Hi.-t.-
I BUrTll.il t-W mtm t m J K.lAh n h
ui uit roau useii on tue wnoie counirv
through which it pae, builds up
prosperous way traffic.
It magnetizes
, popnbtoni ba,d, town ,
l3bA3 av,iv
, ries, opens mines and creates
nwrkci Joraiunc products oi the cartn.
The Oregon Central (West Side) are
now working two hundred hands, and
havc fi ve di1 of the Ikii icst grading
over the south Port and bill ready for
ties, mcluding four large bridges from
two to eight hundred feet in lencth,
, r , , , , .
and are making clean work they go.
The Oregon Cvtitral (East Side) have
rt u.j. ..... j s i. r.
""w ": -wu ... H. .u. u.u
Oregon Citv to baUm, grading but
, . . . . "... .
not yet bridging. They will complete
the grade to Salem in a month of good
weather, some of the advance chof -
pershave reached JetTeron on the
.. W-, .. vng.nccr o. w,p Unnc
started with a corns of aitsnts to
W.J V!f ; .i .-
r . ,
Uurvev a route from a point near Van-
I .. ' ' .
, coarer to ijU... Soiind. The stake
0f thc East Side survey are et and mar
he ,een n(W two ftnj ono.j,alf miles
this side of Hawleys on Pa-s Creek,
and the citizen of Dougla and Jack-
.:.;. ,l, ,. .. . , . . ,
v 'Met it co ne "
' . ' .
There are nnmcron conjecture, con-
cerniug the route which the , Hum -
ooiai orancn win take irom tu gene.
This far :t is unsettled and wi prob-
.11 -i , . i
ably remain so untt the next session of
CnnrMi ivl l en
" -n't . r, . , .
gress will be. the Comnanies themelves
can only conjecture at present; but it
, '. . .
is iiojieu mat 1110 route lor whicli a
s ibkidy will be granted will be that
which will mt benefit Snuilicm Ore
gon. Thin much is certain to reach
Puget Sound i the great desideratum
of the Central Pacific Co., and it will
tnkc all the intlnence of Southern Ore
gon to prevent them from getting a
decision in favor of the 'Diamond Pnk"
route if they bt-come satisfied that that
routo is the shortest nrmo.t practica
ble. It is time our pvople were work
iug for themselves and making a res
pectable showing in Congress ; and if
the road i finally diverted from l'ogue
River and Umpqtia valleys by reason
of our lack of interest we will richly
deserve the disastrous consequenccb.
A Qutry.
The record shows that when a reo
utiori, binding Ilolliday & Co., in the
sum ot one hundred thousand dollais,
to run thc railroad through Uinpqun
and Rogue River Valleys, was offered
in the House, every member from Jack
son county voted agniu.t it. Why J
Was it because they were opposed to
it, or were they captivated by the
blaudishmcnt. of those gentlemen, and
surrendered at discretion ? We do not
intimate that any member from this
county would accept of a bribe they
aro all too high toned and houest but
rumors are current that at least one of
them is poe.ed of a large amount ot
railroad stock, and perhaps it is imma
terial to him where the road is located
so h'm stock becomes valuable. The
people of thii county sent their repre
sentatives to tho legislature to work
for the interest of this county and not
to vote against it ou the f3n.t opportu
nity that offered. They should ex
plain why they opposed the resolutiou
binding Holiday fc Co. not to divert
the railroad from the Valleys of South
ern Oregon, and if unwilliug to do so
they must stand convicted of misrepre
senting our best interests.
PiiSOj.-AU ilr. Felton, travelling
correspondent of the S. F. 'Jlmtt, call
ed on us during the week. Mr. F. is a
gentleman of much observation and
items pretty well posted ou railroad
matter iu this State. He is gleaning
every Item of interest on tho subject
ior public benefit.
Read onr new advertii-rineui.,
Kn Klux Sentiment.
Thc want of magnanimity on the
part ol Republican lias been the con
stantly recurring theme of the Demo
cratic press. Demand were constant
ly made that the Southern peonle
be treated in a lenient and christen
like snirit. Charitr and moderation
j motives were, no odds how lofty their
, position or how spotless their private
bb.. --.
' lii'M tmnn itf.-itti.il nn.l tlxM-.. nu r.,11'
. who have not been eharccd with the
.... ....... .-... ..-v.., ... .ww ...v....
. ..,
i innti inn m nn !- iti j-i trn 1111- nnrii-
I " - w.. .-, . j......... !-.'
spue or secure party auvatuage. tveii
I -- the Presijential eleetioif there .
spite or secure party advantage. Even
. . . .
nnu.h ot u,is spirit aj,parcnt.
., !,. r.,..: ..... .,. . - ....
, fCct bitter sweat and it is impossible
ui liil- lyiiiaiLuuiL iMiit'ia uiu in ih uri
tnr Um tA ...n.j . .;nn.in iiofil,fr-..l
jor them to accord a sinslc worthv nu
,;,. t0 a ..Wark KcpBbl,Cau" or ac-
' . . ... ..
L'linu'lnnrva n &tmrli luttiAr i tiT nnf fin
I ""w tv " & v.v..v ..v. v..
the part of any member of our party, j
c..p o .... r),mo,ra.:,. . ol tl.U
Sute .Mn ,0 be C(,itcd hv draft sneaks
am, ,klllfce froln U)C c'onfederacv-
aaBt ono h wheB not dnn.
,,nt w coward, v w Jtrik? a Ur fcr
the!r c Lw the A,anv
..,,, i4,j ..!.. .. -j i ..
i ocrat lauded a speech made iv one
rt, fPML,i .. v...:-.. "
'Vlttfc'lll A VlilltHllf 4Vlll, l'.lIUP
sie and eloquent, and gloated with pe-
-'i '
cuIjar dt,liirhl over llP jc,;rf tl! the
... ,.i... w- i r- w j
speaker "to have Gie-nor ood
aancling at the end of a rope." The
Mm; ,,,, n rovi , t,It,
. viUotiai TvtmtU 0, t,ie Gra,d ,;,,,.
fcwrf conrcrn,nc llic hmtins (l
lJat h w rcrl,ct,v ,awhjI t0 d ,
i . , . .... " ... .
ana ne micui nae auaed, tue only
. w, ... , ,
. manmrin lhich a pack of coward v
hounds dared to tent their imiKiteiit
. ...., ,..a j .:.k .i. v. .1. i .i ...0......1 .it ., 1 In n vnnrlnnm the Heiniblicnii i.artr in Southern Ore- " rr"ijic
' i. i j . . j- I ii i 1 1 .i t i ii uon. Mav lie never Iwi spiked. i mtm
. insult, slander. Tituncration and invrr. : m.innrr. l'lvcw.ii'.l liv tlio.Tncksonril e ,,.,.. . i ! plaxtatih Rm...
,, ' , ' . ( 21. line peace is our mono, vei ..
ana tive were heaped unsnannclv upon our i band, the nroeesslon started, haltincr ,.. i,n n linnitimi in Plnhl Slnitt ' r.."!-'. tii u. n.Mf. n.....
ding nublic men. No matter how pure their Lt tho Exnrcss eorncr. where the Hon i Pndii l, ,ii, n v.,, hilfrr and irowliMl4wMK5TitS.",,'!
rage. Last wtek the Republicans ol , it they did uot outnumber thc Repub
lics enmity propoccd to be friendlv I lieaus. The utmost "ood Ictdimr tiro-
',,',, ,,. ,-, ,li 1 " 11.
.... , ., '" .' ' .
ami in -
1 atj
I MtVtl HIVUJ iU U( 41VlliV 111
a social
icring where political aerimonv
u-m.l.l li. f.irfTfttf ..n nnt l. mi.1...ia.1 1...
- - - "'ivm ...
' ,,"-'1,bl,r,y '.g-our Democratic
' cotmporarv was perfectly fiantic and
(lcnouncea in bitter te.ms anv l)t.ln0.
' who C)l,d fc0 fur f MmcI
crat who could so fur forget him
't.... ,i.,j- .. ...7:.i , . :.
' ... . . . , ,
W!X pUMlhiiimon-, but it showed a
., ',,.-. ..: . . , ....
I 1 IUL'. lilt" I'll 11 1A. IV Hit XI .IlIllI'Drl 1. 11
uihvuviiiimii iv avvj. uji mi-
! bitter animosiir as long ns pursible.
... "... 3 .'.
i c cry peace, out now can mere ue
, B,Me .-, ... .... ... . t.
it. r- .i- .- j i- 1 1
ed ? vv e oiler tricudliip but how can
.... , , ,. .
we U fnends when the utler is Jj.urncd
with contempt J The better cla.s of
Democracy deprecate the unwortiiv
and liendi'h piril of their guerrilia
preip, and whunevtr wo find one :
that olass willing tu profit by tii. had
I lesson of the pat we will strike hum!
with him iu fmndhii. nr titusf who
scorn our friemMdi. we havt- none to
"IlC V021I JJllYHtCS.
The small pox has again apnea ed iu
i-. !!,.., "
irg.ma ,.Nev.j
A movement i on foot to organize u
oeiievouni society at urass alley.
Turkeys have been selliug in Sacra
mento as low as 12 cents cr pound.
!.. .. . . .- . . ,. ....
The Capital Woolen Mills, of Sacra
mento, have commenced to manufac
ture blankets.
W. H. Rhodes will lecture iu Sacra-! l,'r journey up Salt River be pleas
meuto shortly on the Philosophy of 'l their sojourn theie bo ,,,..
Earthquakes. 1 fj;' Oregon Lost by a doubtful
The friend of Senator Williams, in j scratch.
South Idaho, have presented him with I -1' u Jacobs Just beaten as usual
a silver briok 1 jus political lile remains harmonious
- - ' lf lie linn. ....!. If... I.. ...Ill
'!!...-. II .1 - 1.-1.
t "iv mm a luilliuu uuu a nail
pouuds of wheat ou storage at the Ne
vada rlouringmill.
The Central I'aciiic Railroad Com
pany paid (5, 335 4S as taxes on their
profHirty situated in Nevada comity.
The Marysville Appeal foots up
Johnsou's majority over Hartsou iu the
Third California District at 150.
General P. E Connor has built uuthe
River Jordan, and ready to be laueh
ed, a steamboat to ply o"n Salt Lake
Grizzly bears are plenty iu Mountana
and the papers ot that Territory con
tain frequent items of their being tilled.
The Salt Lake At of November
IPth anuouiices that John McCullough
will appear at thc theatre in that citv
At Nevada (Cal.) last Sunday night,
the saloon of Carley fc Recker was en
tered, the sate broken open and robbed
of $423 75 iu coin.
The last freight stages make the trip
between Argenti and Austin iu lets
time than Wells, Fargo & C.'b stages.
Distance ninety five miles.
Tho "prairie schooner" hare r.o i...
to good business again transporting
freight interiorward trom Sacrn.nfn
The cars can't take a tithe of what is
iloNSTi Quite a quantity of beauti
ful white honey in the comb can b
found at Glenn Drum it Co's
The Jnbilee. '
i .
Thursday night ws a gala night in
Jacksonville. The weather was favor-
ablo and according to programme the
crowd assembled in front of the Court
Home, where the torches were lighted.
I l.efore starting, it wa addressed by
' Mr. J. R. IVacock in nn oiM'ronriate
, 0. Jacobs, with his genial countenance
'beaming with friendship, made a short
' -
himi luiKiiiiii.'ii rt'ii.11. v ......-
' .... ..nn. Minn. mni,nli TT nri-ii.1 nil
, to fori?et the bitterness of the nat and
.,,,.. ..l I.
r ivi-ujiiiitv ui-ivi ipn'ii . uu "i-i
t aiiai ativn inn nnniiiiiin rw inn iiiiiimi'
just had, a a final disposition of the
just hail, a a tiua uisposiuoii 01 wn
intricate' question of 'reeonstmelion
The speaker was greeted with three
ft...... i u -...i . t. ...A.A..:,... !.
, iii'.irii inrf is. jiiiii ills' iiitLi,i9iuii uu'i -
ed to the El Dorado corner where it :
..... . j.i..j t... . t? n ..n i
11.1? IIUIllL'P-i:tl I'l .111. iM l-. 1 .iiru.i, ..
i dented vnmis lawver who has jut
I k.
It . i it? ... t.T
locaiiHi ncrr. 111 mono wa -ici
bo friends," and he hoped that no po
litical differences might ever again
arie that would separate families or
destroy social harmony. Moving on
to thc "Franco American'' it was ad
dressed in a pleasant and humorou
I vein bv Mr. Nat Lanjcll, the old poll-
ticiau, who was greeted with cheers
and laughter. Tho procession which
was under the Marshalship of Mr. Sol
Farrcn, then marched to Shutr.' Hall
and disbanded after three glorious
cheers for Grant A Collar. The ball
was the grand feature of the ci cuing.
Youth ami Beauty were llit-ie. Old
men forgot their gravity and mingled
in the gayety. Democrats, heedless
of thc admonition oi their pat ty organ,
came in right good feliowkhip, not us
discomfited foe, but as tho welcome
guests of tho victors, mid it is doubtful
- - - c C t
' vailed, nmt alter a spleinlid supper a
I number of toasts ucro offered from
! m Inch wc select the following:
I . ri. . i..:... ... -.... .... . .
i. mi. t hioii, me v.oniiiii; i iii, ami
, the enforcement of the laws.
I 2. The Flag The sacred peion:ti
, callon ot a freeman's right and ot a
I ttrcmnnt home ; may ,t ever wav e in
'i " win-uruau v. mvii,
m. &. . .....
i he Mates .May tliey all wlieI into
tj,..ir constitutional orbit nd th.ro
, coiistiuuionai ornus, uiio ti re
j c rr ani'ru ur n-i vi c UIIUIT me VOH'
btitution uitb the same order and liar
iu mi V ns thi! L-t-li stial .i.!nti-!!-liiuw
, 4. The Constitution-Fhc noble. t
.embodiment of widom ever vouchpa'
I ,, , ,. :, ... , ,.
.eatoman it ivecgiuses the progris
ltj the world and adju.t. itself to meet
' the demunds of an advancin detinv.
5. Our Army Intelligent, valiant,
in.mcilile in battle the pnde oi
America, the terror ol dc snots all over
lhe world.
, C. Our Navy The creation of the
' inventive ingenunity ot Aim-rica her
j'aMacmevem.ms3r.-gioriouiv su. ur.-i
"""""wnSi vMinincaawmngo:
national glorv.
' 7 liciieml Grant, our I
eleel He wrote hi. hti-torv vi:;i tht
. ." 1... ' 7 :.
1 puim 01 111s Mv.iru tut- .i!uriou .w-
I ,lf Jtad n"'' ''d-aud concluded
to iMVuiour of li:n
B j;(.liur(.r tv t Ui(v wiii1
1 1.011 in the Republic the fmikheil i.ar-
I .... . . .. . .
liaiueiitariau, and accomplii-hcd btatcr.
man thank Ood, he is no relation to
Andrew Johnson !
0. Our political opponents Social! v
they are good fellows politically they
are very odd fellows beli''erent in
, politics genial in social life. Mav
1 " -" "'."' "" .-V lll
ome within one of it
1" C. C. Hek.nn'i...
oil, generous iii action fruitful in ideas
''Let us have neace."
in coun-
13. N. Langel A mender of soles
a jigger of Demoerats inavhe wax
.- I .!. a T.
inmrr l.i.i 1inrv oi-i, 1.1. 1n .-
jlilieal tight, and claimi his tiolitical
1- BJ ""- "" ' "i.rv.utuiH no-
loes with everlasting logical pinchers.
14. itoii. James JJ Justly the Fay-
vonte of the Jackson Count v Deinoc -
racy. He accents his paro'l like an
houorable chivalrous toe.
is ti... ti .: . i.s.. ...
.v. ., ii-Hiuviituu eiiiji 1 nen
she amid thestorm, shipped oue Sea
more she missed utays and got her
cargo damaged.
10. General Grant May he be as
successful as President of these United
States as we have been successful in
electing him, aud may he like General
Washington, be iin.t iu ,..,... ,..i r. " '
iia it i i
:.. !. I . . t l .
... .... ...... ,w w. ...v vvuiuituivu.
1". Under Gen. Grant May the waves
of our country's troubles, like those of
the Ocean, break at his feet and calm
ly disappear.
18. Republicanism Like thc dews
of Ileareu, dispenses its bletsings alike
on the rich and on tho poor.
18. General Grant As he has prov
ii... ui' in. an ..ih ...... ... v.. ... .... i
ed hnnsell to be our ureatest so dier. .
1 a
20. To our Democratic friends-May
cry succeeding day strenirthcn our '
boraay he prove himself to be our .fJOOD rOUTHE GOUiy-lllE tMEKl
greatest statesman. Vf..1' WlT- 5U e" r. .4ddre
friendship and lucrease our admiration W WAST BVEUVliOUVTO UIti.UKIBC
until political animosity shall be swal-' LltlA,?EulCAt. Wl r, 60 ceau s jer
l-tWopl. genial -b0elal life iJSrUf VT KZ C- W
21. The Fatherland Its gallant chil
drtn shared their guilders with tu in
tlu, ;10Iir f 0j 0r eJ:t,vrnin ,,, bid
us God
oil p
nd wo will share our hori-
them mill bl Wm
22. The Udirs Tor l!ic I'lnor
j a
man li-d bl ea them.
s m.Tn
r The Ithtninc mn
"swamp angel" of
nirul.itor nn I t
Karuky for their good management,
to Marshal Fan-en." and to Thomas
IIVCK3 HIT 1115 .11 UM1U IUMUII1 Ul'lllllL;
r 1.. 1 I.! .!.! ....-! ..:..
., irnintinrnnri... Wn mn milv
"f - "I- --.
( uiiiiiK me la.iui j;cihicuicii a sjiati-
i. am ..ai.ua... .. ....
w not nprmit n full description. Al
together the occasion was one that will
0c i,e remembered with good feeling
and pleure ; and may call live
see anotuer sucii.
i n IIIaI. '
LKVl-.On Hip 2SJ kit. to tie wife of II. I.cvl
VOl'NG Thl morning to the wife of John
Yuung a ilaugblvr.
Xorth'Vett Cor. Oregon it Mam St.,
Jaekanu- ille, Orrgot..
Ilarlne pttrebil tit IjuIhm lirtilBfotc
eomlvct'd -j Mallrr A- llrcuunr, luoluJtng
W rt mhtij. ilJ In call ar-iHi llol owtit i
Ue iM firm lir.iu forM nu4 pplik- ikrirur- .
ucuhIi k itlreut O'lkT Tto Hklclliij: l4u ,
to will Sod their te'roaatt la tl ben.li f en
Sirtr. ' I
And e !; that I'jr dur aj-plicatloa Iu tu;!
urn tu rarr.t
A Liberal Sliurc of Patronage.
Tocvb. and prompt psjluj cu-lniM t
Tk.n any hoa I J.ckiaavtHr.
J.ck4uafuto Xn. S.t. llUJL
Christmas M.
l. 3. " -
1 1. . . ,
3rfT. fiy-tJx r , -"
L. Ilorne uniinii-r.. to
will fdt a Grmiii U- I
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S V. I' O. Box CG93
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-JMEKIO.tX WIT" CO., 69 Ced.r itreel, N.
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S. T. Cozzim.. Amrrlcn Hotel.
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Willow Springs. Oel. 9. 1W7. ' rtW
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X Jwbu Ortb'a, ou Oregon Street.
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