Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 07, 1868, Image 2

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    the mm xBivriMii
Sxvvr.vxx Morxiko, Nov. 7, 1S68.
God Grant and Victory J ! ! i
Grant nml Colfax 2.0 Klectornl
Democracy Pq verized I
The following arc the majorities for
Grant and Cnlfns. tcleerratriiecl so far.
- - 1 e i
Lnough is known to assure our readers
that the IlCOUbllUaU CaildidatCS liaVe
Ewcpt the Northern State, with the
exception ot -Sew lork and -cir jcr-.
scr. with a torrent of enthusiasm, and
aocording to the Chicago 2'ribunf,
Grant and Collar have 230 votes ir.
the olector.nl Collese nearly 100 more
than necessary to elect :
Maine 25,000; New Hampshire 7,000 ;
5,00 ;Ten!i.. 40,00 North Carolina
New York, New Jersey and Mary
land rtrporUrtt to hove gone Dsmoemt
ie by small umjorities. New York not
ovur5,WK Democrat io. Georgia 3,000
F11H netnrns from Connecticut
T'ttmblirnn majority 3,409.
the State known m have gone or 1
-v..-i . iimjnur. an- jvrnuicKy
anil Mrylnd 4S,ftW; Louisiana 25,000;
Geori probably 10.000.
' The iollowineilirMttch wns rereived
t the room of the -State Central Com
tnittiHf in San Francisco, dat'-d New
Ynrk 4th, 4 A. M. The New Enrhmd
State. P'iiiiylvania, WVt Vi-cinia.
Ohio. Illinois Indiina, N'-bra-', ., nnd
the North Vt all cone for Gnint by
large msjoriti.s. NewvYnrk in doubt
pwlwhlv for Grant. New Jersey
probably Democrat ie. Sicned
WnxiAJt Civrtt.v.
Election laOrepea
, The followms wn telegraphed from
Portland on Thursday : 1
The toltowing oouuties give Grant
Dowerlns..... ..
3friH . . . . g . .
. ...........
i. .......
.. 10
.. 00
. . . 120
asiimston 200
Yamhill 75
Coose ami Curry 100
ikoci:atio oouxnas.
Jncksou o20
aco 133
xanc. ,,, 115
Josephine ao
- 15 eouiuicH give Grant 532 majority.
S)ven Huiiiiiive, rmmlv, L'mntilla, Ka
kor, Viibin, Grant, C'nliinibin, Clatsop
TJllnmook, to hear from which in June
jag, gave about 700 Democratic major
ity. This gives; the Democrats about
200 m!jr.ty thus tar, but the same
rate nj Kpnbliean gain in those coun
ties will win us the State.
Later Umatillia
county goes ins
rTiiK Etscno.v. The Presidential
election at this place was very quiet
and orderly. There seemed to be a
scttM conviction iu overtones mind
that Gen. Grant would bo the next
President, so there was no use iu mak
i"ru? a fiue oter it. The Democrat
hall no hope for tho nation, but ott-d
earnestly nnd confidently lor the sal
vation of Oregon. Quite a number
who could not fully make up their
munis to vote for Grant and Colfax,
rendered etlieient aid by not voting
agaiiiht ilium. Wv hope nnd believe
they will yet see the prosperity of the
country under General Grant.
The very latest from Colifarnia indi
cates that that State has ono for
Grant. Forty-nine counties gi e Grant
Qy.'5t) and Seymour 3,275. Mendocino
to'hear Irom'which gave. Hnight 380.
TMs gives Grant California by 505
lp to yesterday evening Grant goes
to'Lmniilla county with over 000 ma-
Love'h Lauoh Lost. The Copper
head1 papers of this State have been
very busy denouncing tne President
elect ua n drunken fool, a liar, etc.
Soino of them have publinhiti, ''Grant
isms fur tho jwople," including his or
der ngnitistlthe Jew cpU'H, for months
nud the cou(.queiice is that wo have
reduced their majority iu Oregon over
1100 and have probably carried the
State by a fow votes.
What has become of PriceV army.
Vermont 30,000; Massechusettes 70,-!, Sot.unlv njJ wuMvWQ hnve iml been ejected bv the op,.ositepartv gives lSono for Grant-Cnessional ' uUi" .,jr!. mSl!" ft
ol0' SStaTn?. Conri "onoaoo." takcn the l,,n(,'e ' threascne'l reim,,ia- U ! lw?hMe l,m"1 wc h-lvc to n ' 'K',0?a,5nn 5 '"""wl- ""rf-"s ' w at WL'r. S S"-, -m--. M i WVffll
v ' L jiwm v- ' .'hmi1'""' The strait forward, round about loudly, am? can hardly suppress n Grant SO.ooo. and Congressional dile- as F eo Ti.r.iiiii.iiui,h"L771..r,k,lrMlcl. .
frVr .L "'n -"':; common sense of the American people cuffaw hen. we meet a member of cation same n l.-frc, except that pos a.-jaaa yer AN" expenses nA!;,'l'VV.i?"P
est irg nin ,(W0; Illinois 45.000; , , , .111 1 . 1.1 . int. .... ... -i 1 i 1 1- 11.1 'J-wwW i aii. m imr:. n ii. tMtZiitf,.Mr?!2V?-a'
Vln.rn.niii - ono Tn jo nnn - Knn.ni ' "1"" ' '-' 'wafk ' mor-1 that rtwarkuble body. There is still sibly Kniun, Republican, is defeated .i .m min Z-?K2i$Z -iTir l"" f,' toB,2.Uj
Mlnuosotn 1,000; Iowa 40,000; Iuuisas i-i..,. ti... i.. ... .. ...:,,..!... i... .,.. : .1.,. ..: j. .i:..-:-. ti... i?i....:. '.,' iri im iiuiix.ni.iii. i.. .r.Mi.t..h. rplW.i?..l'I.rl,!'
The Resale
The Democratic party litis met with
another Waterloo elcleat. Its hopes
have all been disappointed, and its ex
pectations have evaporated in smoke.
Its negatiuu have hoen signally con
eicmneii oy inc wime voien m xuncn
i vn. nml il nnlr vhilorios have been
won bv the aid of nero votes. They
have been crying "Stop Thief !" while
I t 1 t a t t '
inev nail liiuiee secureiv in wie
and were hustleinc him with
I ted speed into the Democratic fold.
Tli have him and he ts ncrfeetlv inrv
dnrnns!! Rliwsml mav be their I'liion !'
!Our rooster is ttnncht and vociferous
i v vi iiuiniiiii; iitu m iiii.iiFiii.i. i.
i tiIL, mot ntguinc had dare anticipate,
; T!niin:tmnlinn lini tini.nmi. n fivm!
.nctt nud peace and ptt'dic tranquility
win hc l!ic re,uU 0f tlai glori
orious I'll
ion victorv.
t 11 t.:i K .1... I.....-. I..1I l t.rt..
.111 iiiiii i.. niv iiim.i: iiiii ui i.uj.i-,
i i ..-.:-..-! -i..- m n. .
liniiuvii iiuii itaviiiiiiii i;nii .. in- ii-
naneSrtl tmle of i!h nation ha already
felt the beneficent hock, and gold has
now! In his early attempts to crow memorials, cravin- Coi.srressional aid majority will He contested. .Morgan ,'PTIIU SAN IMIAM4SCO 1M5H- OT",;,"V'"'
last Spring he threw himself out of j for various project in this State. He mid Schenck publish a card stating LpSuHwws iimu. "d Superior nbvfatoUmZJSL.
!-!... ...! ...I I. -.. ....., l t... ' .1- ........ ..1.,.,... ..:...... ,!. flinir niiiniim lm lln tinlilin n viirlinl- I). .-...I .. f lnmlli- nml milium f'Li ,v'f "1l,.,?n' . "Sl'SWli ill! i-f n,rf., "'
IJUIlli illlil nill'il l(iu iviuiiti t.iim- in,iu-jHivM ii vi iiv.i".iui iiiuii; ui niu ...v.. v- ' ' "" .....w ..-.,. .-i ... ... .......,....,....... in tiirn or M I. Mil. rUhflllnh h'llt
had not recovered from his early de- Legislature ol this State marching In- requires the attendance of a quorum ol iIu,'iV;fc,1T,i5ra7S.;;bt " CXti ulZ
morallzation. Km he is all right now ! to Congress, with the awlul resolution members of Congress on the tenth. CnUfm niu nindojllaic lies "n?.m.fT.'imlTiI.0hVVrti7L"
. Grant is elecv-d ly a majority more in one hand and the other stuffed full Green, Democrat, is eiet-ted in 10th S3VIN VlNCINT & CO ffluni..li?rtPt1,VXn?S!,hrwV'K
....M...i...i....... niui . w.....i..i.i..ir rutin ' ... ..... .1 ....... n..ii .... n. ...nH..ni iii.ipiht nvnf nil 1'nu iit fi vinnii i . .... . ........ . . ...i-....... ... unu.. uu wrairn im ii.r .1 . ' .
r.nnp ilntrn. ntiil I.o-!il 'IViilnrs nilvnn. i Ion in riiiii. u-lion .tliiMii nmitlniiinii Mate liV a'nMt 12.000. ISCOIISII1 ' I UTMM nllliB IP UIVMrM illoiurT OHia t . . . H rlim il. hh...ii .
i... , .. Tl . . ..i.....' ..,.,....., ....
lire iniu vi mc iciiiuvnikii; l'.ri m
1 Kdmuch that eo iimon sense by an ap-
pc.il to solfdiilerost on tjie Iwnil qne
lion, has proved a great failure. So
mote it ever bv "Lot us have peace."
Th Prnivftinn
un -Monday night, aecorsiinj: to pro-
sramme. the Heiiublicaus of this place
Uad the most enthu.mstio torch lisht
procession ever seen in .laekspiiville,
Mnur cititn were in from the eouii-
try, and everything iaseiIntVuUii liar-,
mony and good feeling.
The prm-.-.i.i!i, which vvns under the
Mar hal-hip ot Mr. N. Langell, num.
bered probably about three hundred,
The boy. imd provided .juiu' a num -
Imr nl tr-ui.-uiriiiif... -iili nnnriiiiriiiti.
tier oi iraiis.HHunit.. nun appropriate
mottoes, e of whieh declared in the
word, of Colfax, that "those o lou -
the Hag shall rule the country." An-
other, for which the Kepublicnns are
indebted to .ur. ihos. t.rooKS, rcprc-
sented Messrs Seymour and I'.lair .ail-
,ug up the boi.terous waters ot M.lt
l! .t. !.. :.... .!. 1 .
nitur inv iniirr int. iiil; ine hihii,
. . . . . . '
and scvmuurneeuning nmi 01 iieiiigthc
-..- .!...:-...i -1:: t..."
. . . '
d J t Nt n vf ul ( Jdl-.VII r it! i,.L- Ivnni
"'" Bimivmiin-iui u v.wur. iiuiii
the Court Ilotiic, preeoiled bv the
. , . ., ' , , , ,
Jacksonville lirnvs band, and marched
. . ...
through all the principal streets, stop-
r . ' . '
ping at various jioints to ehoor for
N i r m i .i i
Grant and Colfax; and the bovs were
so lull of enthusiasm that there wns
so mil ot ctitnusiasin mat there was
nearly a continued cheering along the
wholeltue. Ilaltingin front of this
iiun.1., nivi ... niui iivimi ...tv-rr
for the SuNTts-Kt, which rung out with
a will, andhow-ed that our cilurt.
were appreciated by the part v whose
principles wc have eve advocated.
At the Exnro,. corner whero ih, D..,n.
oeratic nuetiii" was bein" held the
narties salutudlaeh othermid n,.,..a.
tonally n Hepublicau gave a hurrah for
rnink Ulair, tceling no doitid that the
iiniir li.llrnr iii..ul..il .I'r.lliiil I.r - nml .in
. . .... -j "". "i
by tthlier party during the whole ev en- inml C.,,rr-V "" " " n" ' f X ' . " X "'v" 1.,',,,U; ' 4 "LlUVVlOLrt
i,,g. After the procesMon an tmmense mem now agitating the people o. ; -. ; - , Sau franciwa ; A
motif inrr u n Ii.wl fit t In I TjiiiFf limit ilin nniinfiod in .tii.KSiiiiiiiitjt rt fli. . .J.. . . . .. ' I al. u wi .il J'lult
.7 it j l if -- ! v Vw vr, . .. ,.,v... w. ..v ,ut u.onj ei. niiioii hctturn trial want - . . "
which was addressed by Hon. O. Ja- AUem erv 0f a rich gold-bearing quart. 0 be had iu some other county .-.V7e- F FnX2iMAl
cobs, Messrs. Harden. Lancell and 1 1. . B-i...... n..i-i. .,...!!, i. .....,.. J - "UXXiXflAWf
Credit is due to Messrs. Langell, casi.oi rou unoru. a nvai company, giuix 1'ox. This loathesome dU
Dick, Watt, Ilrovvn, I.nmsdell, and supposed to be in the interest of Sun casejiin. juade its appearance at Card
several others for '.he intere-st thev LFrancisco capitalists, are pretending ner, in this county having been brought
took in arranging matters ; and alto- to claim the ledge as a spur from an to that place from San Francisco by the
gether, the demonstration was the unknown and imaginary one of the-irs, j lenmer, nnd the liol ease has proved
pleasautest and bent tho Union party which will probably lead to litigation. I fatal. It is probable that the .licence
ever had iu this comity. jSome silver and copper ores have been has been communicated toother, nnd
-s- .found in annus localities of Curry the greatest care should be med to pro-
An Intelligent Legislator. (county, which will ultimately prove a vent iu spreading further. Jioscburg
T T T , ,r . . . I fine field for tho miner and the miner-1 nalgn.
... ... numiui, ...., ...... 1.-....1,.-.
the late Assembly at Salem, declared
ou the stump on Monday night, that
he had stuck to the Democratic party
in the Legislature, and voted with it
. . . . . ...
every time
ne riyht or ieroiy! Is this
i-u..,.:.. i,.. i.
... . . ii- . i
ing pretentions to intelligence to make,
in a public speech? The people of
Jackon county should bo proud of ,
their representatives! Smith did not '
have brains enough to keep him awake '
and Louden just onoiigh to make him ,
watch his leaden., and vote exactly
a they did, right or wrong. We think j
not a pretty
the people ot mis couuiy uovu iiuu (
enough of the services of putty men, ,
but if not, we would t-uggest as a mat-1
ter ofecouomy, that a Chinaman be
ho i
uGiild live on riee, work cheaper, and
vote mat as intellige
acknowledge that
but party right
The Oregon Legislature
It seems ungenerous to kick a dead
dog, but Senator Williams made the
late Legislature ot this State appear so
perfectly ridiculous that it will have
to be entered upon the record. The
members from this county will have to
take their share of it, and if they are
not all as stupid as "Sleepy Tom" of
j Ashland, they mint feel the force of
the Senator's sarcam very keenly,
Mr. 'Williams alluded to the vviiulv res-
olution denouncing Congress and re-
' seindinc the assent of Orcz-vn to the
fourteenth amendiiiuiit. and then una-
1 mcratt'd some twontv petition and
thieves, you anarchist, you traitors,
,...n l.lnnl- l.n.ifli..1 y.n.iiwt..i1 llml tin.-..
i no business in those seat! ple'a, oh
J do please be kind and condescending
enough to grant these humble repre-
I .Aitlnlln... nf !... 1. I !..!. . 1. A .. ,. ft
viii.i.i.v-.Ui wil.iii, nun iii.-ki.iiv iiiiii,
r i i i.: :n:... r
"ii vui ii;vi, .iiimi tiiiiii iiiuiiiiii? ui
dollars more or 1os. The modest re-
' quest of a partisan body to our Sena-
in ii.i' nveu u iiuvusviy aiisoruoo nv
the Presidential camp linn that there
. i a ehunee for the wonderful capers of
. that hunl of nse called the Legisla-
live Aeinblv ot Oresnu, to have es-
( cHjini -uuuc utii irt.- iiiriiiigiiiiui inr
eoumrv. o wnmicr tuv wore tti
terestwl in the Iu-ane Asylum ques-
,;..,.;, lnc .:,..i :....", .
, lneI1 ., Wv rimW ,M0 llml 5,
ui i'viiiivii nii -.. i .lit, . iinvi ii.ii ...-... . . ..... .. .vn .., .. i; rnuir i.r mi i noli .hii .y iirinn iiiiiiini in
the llepublieau membeo had not put dunil mnjnrity. Hiteigh returns u
a Miininnrv stop to the disgrneelul fl- crived from most lirccinet. but not
y 0f tie u.,tH.ratic umji.ritv, the hit-
j ter would have s.khi required trniht
y to have restrained them. Hen-
after if the people ot this State do n,.t
take warning bv the hue assemblage
' of htiflnnu at tlie Suite Cnpitl, their
"Iteresl 111111 sutler; ntHI II It l lieees-
,.!..,,' ..
Jjg J fJit'.ILdent VZt
j ne WM, a nie,bwof the Oregon Leg.
j.-,, KNlll.K 0,." vict -Oil. '05
, - . . r ,llnilfllll:IW ,,nt
been U)c nort dMtncl,vc
l( l)C H M T(tf wi(,
. .11 111
most iiiineiiftrnble woods and brush
' ami brush
.7 , . ...
are swept awuy as with
a besom of
ter in Currv
;er 111 v.urrv
' mtttruuiioii. One old hunter
,..... .!.. i. i .1. ..t...
..nil. ill- Atntaa flm Iia f.i.iiiil fit., .il.nr.
. , ( 1 1 1 r n
red remains of r. large band of elk,
.. . , , ., , , ,
that had up pnrentlv been .urrounded
, r , 11. .
by fire, ami unable to escape. All the
vuiihi s-iiiii-. in. i. hit ii.iiiiii mi; uiiur -
, ' ', , ' ' ',",
Ji.1i... A 11 II,,.
huhsc. iciiees, iirn. tic, si I (in Wf
. , ' .- .i -i , .
wivV""Z " ""'vnvy ,., v;i,.i.
Ti(.,l(JI)or.uui Mr, nlinm., wm. l,nml.'
Mrs. Tii:llcnor is now in' a critical con-
... ...., ... . .
lllllUII iruill HIIIll ll'l'l'lieil III l-.l . II1LT
, ,,,.,. vi-,,1. .... ri.. . ..;,, I,. r
8nd a,ullP. vritl, the nnsrvflamos ,'
- rack auil W-' tt ftll0lU
, , , .. w ..
'ninl'nl fcne. ...I.ii, a
. '?0t U " ' d th"'-'h . '
u,ue8 ,lur c,oUn"? was on Brt u " ,,l,nr
tan hearted vvoniui. saved her home
i from denlruetion by sacrilieing heielf.
Important di-emcrie ol ores me he-
. . . . .... , .-.
nig louud iu various H.caiitif!. ol Uooe
JIUaitlllfHU VllbUU.l ..,. a IOUQ
D.v.ni'Di- n.....-- x-r... n.l icnc
r , oi ii- t-.
Charles Slocum.sonof in. Slocum,
ir........i..i :n... ,i:...i . .i m ...l
"" j " "' "" m niu .uu.nu
f tho Uinpqna HJvcr on the IRthnlt,,
of Small Pox. No other en... is v..i
U-nnu-n m o-isi in t Imt iti.i..iii- Ti
known to e.ist in that viem.tv It
was taken from a man put ashore
from the Steamer Del Nort a lew days
heforc, who after exposing the entire
population of the lower Uinpqua, took
his departure down tho Coast
Aside from the great issue to-mor-
row, Douglas County has local issues
to jiuna uiiuu. j uiei io uu iskcii ii-
on the question of dividing the County
by the line of tho North I'mpqua, and
voters North of said proposed line are
to elect Conn'y officers for tho new
Couutv, and those South of said line
ill O......WII WUIV.ll, t IIIIIV3 IIUIUI- WM-..,... . ml ,v ,, ,
ua men who , are io vote upon me location ot a toun-
Zau.- tintl.inrrtT.uat T tin. iliviiiinn f-iil nl ,,n.
. .i . .. .
V . ... , -. -wu.bv
tne other fails also,
New York -tilt.
Seymour seems to carry e w 1 ork
by about 8,010, but he run? a long way
behind his ticket, Hoffman's majority .
being estimatod at 20,000. Uepubli-
can retain the Legislature. In New
Jersey the Republicans havu lost the
Legislature, and consequently a ena
tor in place ot Frelinghttyson, theeon-
gressional delegation is two HepublU
cans and three Democrats. 11 char
ics enormous trawls upon Tammany
loader.-.. Estimates that 20.000 fraud-
ulent votes were polled. Hoffman's'
iiryority. His election will probably
In. fiMllntti..! mi till, It-ittllll1 nl fl-.lllll.
Latest returns show Grant's inajori-
tv in Indiana not less than 10,000 audi
.' ... . ' i
t win perhaps n-acu rj,o'ij,
I01 .1 re
fflliia rnla ...n.Aritt f.O OlIO Tli.i
-, .-. ....v..j .. . ...
m.nm mTn. n i.....t ;. ..-:...i
.i..v. .i umv mi .7 v........
in that State by 25,000. Missouri rc-f
turns incomplete; Grant cirries the
.1. t...j.i t 1 .,
ii-.i-iiiiiiii'ui.nvi'ii,i:iii.i iiirimi'
stood 40 Kepublican to 1) Democratic,
South Carolina i undoubtedly Ui-pul
lienn. In New Jersey, irrent lin'ids
wen iwrpetniMxl miii' places. The
' '
iiepinniriiiis u in piuiiu'i sue vw eiinu.
Tennesse Leftwiek. Democmtie
probably fleet, to Congress in
Ar..,,,i.fa .lij..;,.. n.i... t. ,1..
!... Grant enrriei. the State bv a u-
enough to determine the result in the
State. Sulmber. Democrat, uleettil to
Congress. Ilartford-fnll returns gin.
Grant a umiority of ,S72. Little, ha.
been received fr.nn Ar!caii.m; a- far .
l,eard fnm there was no di'iurbanee.
. it... i i
Newark Latest returns show ulxmt
W i? for IMndo.ph nnd 2..00
for Sevmour. Wilmington, N. C. -
Democrath claim the State forSerinour.
Ti' StU1, I'Miuiates the llepublieau
maioritv at 9.000. Klecl'ou ot Seho
J r in Jth di-triet regarded as certain ;
, ,,,, mKiwr ttW X. Uoy.lin. Dem-
nnre eoiifi.lent that Durham U
' '. in 7th district. Savannah Our
eitv perlcctlv quiet. Two polieeim -i
.1 . i 1
i - - . . " f
H-fire slint veslvnliiv lie imt.nwi
is dead tliu other dying. Ni
geeelo-e rond reiorte1 to l.e aniu .1
mm ..itlli.iri.tf. l.i ln.wA ......iIim.- III. 1 1...
I""'-""--"" t- " -- .-........-
de.ign ot entering the city under the
i.ail i l.iinlv An nriiierf ntlnil U ....." '"' - . .i . . .... ibv ii.
,, ' "." " "mien pat roiH.n. . ,. ,,,.,. u. ,UlW0 t( t.4 ,r
iiiiv lo-mgni. iiemoenuiu mn.Miiv
in the city over 1,000.
San Frunci.co 5th.
- . r!nt.i , ...... v.
'iivvHii.ivhi lilt "inn in. Ill .ll'll
i V.irL The Into is !ai tinl M'tl P.i
. ......
c..l eo.nt thus far Grant in 785 . FV'nu' r.,:?? " !V
ahead. 13 t-onnties to hear from which Ie .mo'iu 0,M Tricks.' Quu'rplment.
gave 1524 Demoenitie and SfiO IJ..pub-1 l'""M iu !'..., IbUr... .. a a u-
llcan luajorilies ,U!ll ,,a. MimO
Central Coinmittee thii.k. P ubhihc"' "J' Bro0mfio Ait' tona
"'"t""" '' douMfnl, but thinU the
State will go for Grant by about 700
Majoi: liiNviiAirr. .Miijnr Itiueliart. '
who was sued J.v P. II. Miilky for faUe
Movky Foi .so. We mentioned last
week the fact that Mr. Atkoon. of this
. I
' piace, iohi quue a large sum ot money
.. i,fn. L, .,i,. T.mi s.l,.i- .:.
, ; . .... " . .
i niiiKirid iiniiars was louud in the hack
part of die building he occupied while
here. The niuouut lost was six bun-
' 're' a,, twenty-five dollars ; so the
lllk.r u . onHjft fir ,,, 0Ul.Htv
i The money found has been forwarde'd
I to him iu California. Stale Journal,
. - , . . ., . . ,,
, iU 'Thu'mon 'Slo
ro,i0 to Gettysburg and broke the ad-
vnncing columns of Lee, have a right
to live where they please. They may
inKe ineir KnupsaoK or their enrpet-iiag
with them. If Wade Hampton don't
like their earpuUtug, if South Carolina
is not largo to hold Wade Hampton
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Woolen Machinery
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Addre. W. O. M. BERRY A CO.,
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Goods can be cold
Willow Sprlajs, OeL 9. 18B7. c,u
hides: hmk-
llldei or all kind, dellftred at IM aw
! of the undersigned, In JckOOTHte- QRTgt-
' DMaabcrSlh 18S.
Si8gltiM f Frtrda.
riMIE Dtttlpwi-Up baelorore m''"'"'
Ibis ilny. Tb accounts or Dr. Grefnaw" r
ir in V. C. lirtenroau. "--
Aof. tb, 1648.
" - ' ' .MHII.