Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, September 05, 1868, Image 2

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ct Tat citi mm
Well do. Ihro r! nl Wlhltal tenant." Tk r-
r I. hm rte-anl. tn rattlon puulihmttit for trailon.
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ror Prteliletillil IHerloi-ai
O. JACOBS, of Jackson.
WILSON BOWLBY, of V asbtngton.
A. B. MEACIIAM, ot Union.
SATPnn.vYMor.Ni.vo, Sept. 5, 1S8S.
Humboldt and Oregon Branch Eallroad.
At the expense of being considered
inKanc on tbc subject of railroads, we
recur to the subject once more There
is but one more argument that we will
uso to show the immense importance
ot iraraodiate and decisive action.
That argument is the fact that the
Klamath Lake region has been proved
10 be a good grain producing one, and
before long the farmers there will mp
ply the only market that we have for
our surplus Fort Klamath. Should
the farmers of this valley lose that
market for their grain, we would like
to ask them when they will find an
other with the present means of trans
portation in which they can succes
fully compete? It will be but few
years till the want of a market for the
produce of this valley will be more se-riom-ly
felt than now, and nothing will
civc it to us but a railroad.
There is a subscription list now in
circulation to raise a fund lor the pur
pose ot making an examination ot the
various passes out of this valley. We
appeal to the good sense and liberality
of the people of Southern Oregon, who
arc deeply interested in this important
matter, to sec that nothing is undone
to secure the aid of the Government.
There is no chicanery in this matter,
the subscribers alone are to determine
when, how, and by whom the survey
intr is to be done. But a comparative-
ly small Bum is necessary, and we trust
tbo people will be willing to make a
small outlay for so great an object.
Fort Klamath Correspondence.
Wc have received the following in
teresting note from Captain McGregor,
commander at Fort Klamath, under
date of Sept. 1st:
I have just returned, after being ab
sent just six weeks. The Indians arc
played out ; it was impossible to get
the least show of a fight out of them.
After traveling through the Goose
Lake country, I joined the expedition J
under General Crook, consisting of
companies A, II and 1, 1st cavalry, and
company C, Oth infantry. All the
Suakes and Pitt River's have come in,
and I do not believe theic is n hostile
Indian from the Sacramento to the Co -
. .. . inesc wniencs are so line mni 10 ine
, '-, T , ,, . ., - ' nakvd eve, the thread is iuiiblc. ,
The Goose Lake vallev is the finest ' ' . ,, , '
-. . '.., , . .illicseare sometimes sold separately
I have seen in Oregon, with plenty of . T .
1 ! . j. i ,, to watchmakers. It takes three linn-
grass, wood and water. It is just "0
miles from this post to where you ',
strike the vallev, over a srlendid road
, but which 1 think would
neons up to the month of
at this season
K11 anft 4tr trnrentia ttr
T c ..1 1 . . 1
June. Settlers were beginning to take
1 . . l .. , 1 1. t. sT ..i..-
up raucucs Miii.ii 1 1111
It is twelve
miles from the upper cud of the valley
to Camp Warner; the road runs to
the foot of the mountain, over which 1
.v. .r.itt.-r. !,... rtu. i',,,:!, ,,,i
the military lmcpartUbu.lt a road.
-D.ni.i.. r j..ii tt.-. n
1 UCmJ Union . llrltv
two union majority:
MoNTTEUEr;, Vt., 2d Sejit.
The election resulted in the success
aaaae awe
of the Republican State tieket by a
largo and increased majority over last
year, ilio election oi tnreo congress
men by heavy majorities, the choice of
State Senate unanimously Republican,
and House nearly so. Returns indi
cate a Republican of 27,000 for Gover
nor. Good judges place it as high as
30,000. The vote is the heaviest poll
ed since 1810.
Rejoicing in San Feancisco. An
immense meeting was held in Piatt's
Hall in San Fransiscoon Tuesday even
ing, in honor of tho glorious Union
victory in Vermont. It was estimated
that there were over three thousand
present, crowding the Hall to its ut
most capacity. Hon. Henry Edgerton
spoke for two hours and a quarter.
His speech was pronounced the most
comprehensive and logical review ol
tho political situation, as well as the
most eloquent delivered during the
Talking about groundswelle, the
Union majority in Vermont has null
ed about twelve thousand since last
year. It is a tolerable fair indication
that Seymour nnd Blair will be
licked badly!
The American Watch Factory nt Wal
tham, Moss. .
That w hich brings labor and capital
together both the lnbornr ami the cap
italist, liven in Great Hrltmn, where
capital net but loo often like a huge
tyrant, and labor is its sla e, its in the
collieries and great inanufactoiies polit
ical economists have still observed this
as a fundamental principle. How much
more, then, must such an institution as
the "iTnltliam Watch Factory be rc-
garded as a blessing to the community
Here the most perfect of all machinery,
uacKcn n v an nuuiuisiui lupuui, nun
suffers no'thing to remain itnperlect for
want of meausto rectify it, and the
most experienced and skillful labor, at
waccs of from f 1.75 to ?7 nnd 6S per
day, are combined in the production of
watches all reentered so as to tun in
most perfect thne. like chronometers. '
So perfect arc tl.tv that if nuv part ;
whatever is broken oi injured, a new
piece can at once be supplied. There
arc now three of these companies in the about, and 1 say Mmicgnns l.nttgli
United States, but this one nt Wal-1 er and confusion. Anil I say that 1
nil- in urn
tli list niiiu
11 I
nrcc of pros-
tham is the oldest, and for
or ten vcars has been a source ot nro-
penty to the proprietor-,
to the proprietors and still
more obviously so to the sewn hull-
jm,i ,,., nmiilnvn.I in ilm mimii.
ilicil persons empioveil in tlie ntious
departments. The watches thii pro-
dtiecd are so sunerior in tuiilbi
iiforniitv to
any that are or can be made by hand,
, . , .. ... ", .
mat wie nine win sum. come wiicii i.i-
shall cease to import all but the very
cheajicst and communist son made,
perhaps tor show and sale, but not lor
n.c. Already there is a considerable
demand fortliem abroad, noluitl.stand-
ing ineir nigu irn-i-, :iuu c nope mc
day tuny not be far distant when our
citv mnv be able to boast that this man-
ula'cture is carried on in addition to all
, . ,., ,
the others m which we now excel.
The building forms thno sides of a
square, it is light, airy, wiwiesomo, ;
and beautifully clean and well finished
in ever one of its twenty-five distinct'
apartments. Water is on tverv floor, '
and in almost evcrv loom, for drinktn?'
I. . - . ' "
(as well as fifty fire extintjuisbcrs) ns,J""1 I'wugi". m iwiiiib uitk
.,,,!,.. : . r -n i -m from It in, rogtirdtutt the New oil;
a precaution apatnst fire. Hie build- Covcntiin:
ing is heated by steam, and in all its, ..0 it 1 00,000 wi-tc paid out to buy
appointments nearly perfect. delecntes nwav from IVndlutim be -
. All those emnloved exhibited a de-
gree of neatness,' respectability, t.nd
s , ' . ' , ,
refinement such ns is scarcely to be
found elsewhere. The matn-spiinirs
are, we believe, mainly bought in rhtl -
adelphia, and the wire for hair-springs
is broueht on the reel from Knrope;
.."..! . I j
but. except these, everything, tnelud -
ing the finest steel tools and machine-
0 , .,
rv. are inane on uiv iirviinei1, .'in-
cotnjilicated machine, for cttttmg one
piece of the hard steel, works in three
distinct wnvs, and cot over a thousand
dollars, though invented by one of the
, . ., . . 1 ..i" . rrt
worMiiuii .11 inv nuuiin.iiui.-ii.. iv
'h1tceI 6crc? UHfd on0,n? ',!irU ,0
;"'" ",v """ "'"; '' ".'"," ,v
i been ?n, l wo ;'""'. is " eon. ;
7rl1ed ,nt0 ft vrn,nf ot 4- ,0; Sc '.
the beauty, perfection, and value ot skill
t , i' ,,
1 ed manufacture. The preparation ol
preparation ot
the jowels for these watches forms of
itself a most interecting department.
At Crst they used to be imported from
I Europe, wlici ethev were made by hand;
lui -
1 j 1 3 -n t .1 . 1 ! 1 .
. " . '" crtab,s,imc!lt
.n1 bv niaci,incry. fnr more exactly
and ttnifonnly than any made cUewhere
in the whole world. The sapphire nnd
the beryl are used where the hardest
best stones are required. Jliese
nre first cut with a wheel of tin, into
which diamond dust hns been forced by the roads, where the seed had been
the superior hardness of the best steel. , scattered from wagons, nnd all of it was
This cuts up the stone ns marbles is , wo'l headed, and the straw large nnd
,.., ,. , i i-i .i tall: grass is abundnnt everywhere,
sawn. I hen chipped round like the The jnA-iam i,nV(( al cuino in and
old flint arrow-heads of tho Indians, i made peace. Not a hostile Indian wns
further revolutions, with tho aid of dia-' seen on the trip, nnd although the
moud dust and proper machinery, hoi- most thorough search was made, but
i . I-... ..... ...i ,.im. ,i,, two tracks weie seen. Persons himi-
low out a little cup, and polish ilo , t0 t0 Go0(0 Lako to muIb need
the whole, of one uniform, exact size. ,mve ,)0 k.a,.s 0n account of Indians; in
To boro with tho point of a diamond my opinion they nrc ns safo there as in
the pivots may run smooth and friction- ( Rogue River valley.
les, is the work which the delicate- fin-; F. P. SivtAC.uc
gers of only two or three of the girls i jAYKV( Paiitv, Don Piatt, an Ohio
establishment, guided by the jeweler's Kepublicnn, recently declared tho Dem
glass, can with all the aid of machinery ocratic party dead." Ho now discovers
accomplish with sufficient exactness, it mnrvclously lively, or as he says:
Even then the most accurate tests and j "As tho sun breeds maggots in a
measures for every hole are used, and ' d doS?5 t,ie "un of our republicanism
, ,, . r .,- i seems to have called up from the bogs
every thousandth part or an inch is aml fg aii Mvamps ail the vile things
carefully noted against the number of tj,at crawl and hiss and fatten on the
each watch, in case they should ever publio weal. There never was a period
want replacing. Twenty thousand of in tho history of this or any other peo
these jewels per month are sometimes pie that foul sorrupt.on so poisoned hu-
Brass wheels and steel cogs
have all to be cut. with a petfeotion of.
accuracy which nothing but machinery 'lttnn things, but perhaps Ohio Cop
such as this, and tho most skilled and pcrlicads aro a different breed ot Snakes
practiced workers can. insure. .Most of
the finest woil: seems to be done by
females, vault devoting her whole time
to one process. A single part of the
wntch will often involve from twenty
to seventy of these processes When
it is all done, and tempered and polish
ed the parts are put together, made to
run, and regulated. Alter this it is nil
taken to pieces and the brass i all gold
washed by the electroping process, and
then put together again. Hut so accu
rately do nil the parts and screws fit,
that this last work of putting together
seems hardly to lake five minutes.
rpM,iV Ledger.
r. - -
Blair to tiiu Fkxians. In the sunt-
mer of 1980, Frank P. Blair, now Dem-
ocratic candidate for Vice-President,
rnnd a speech at St. Louis in response
to a serenade by a Fenian procession.
e spoke as follows: j
"Glxtlvmk.v: I am with you, heart
"d o.ilf and heart..,- say, 'God Ai
the Finnegnn.' A nvc-' Fi-ii..m. ,
Gencml.j 1 know what I am ttilkini:
- j -
hone to sec the cause ilotiiMt and pros-i
. ' , . ,,,.,. .v., ,,-.. ...i, 'Tl...
per. and shall bless the ilaj v hen Jte-.
latut i trovcriieii ny iriMimen. tune-
complMiiui; this inuitntucitmicrinKiui;.
T..IU.1.. ..II I ,.in ... n.!f vmi. l I
.... V .
wjj acv xm.,f t m.0,js i,,,, at your
head, maivh'uith yntt tnStatcti Island.
ovcisi'o vour embarkntion, will stanl
' ,,,i' elevated lilufVol the coast,
and as nu raise the green emblem ou
t.Suif.all(l Gripes, while your steam,
crii umit.r n headway arc turninc
their prow to the eat. 1 will say gotnl-
J " 'les you, mm may you ue
nl mJ' "nJinsr. -May
ftI1(j wnt inm j.j, ?rai., ,i)C ;,!,:
pom ot i no sea; ntu wnciner or not
you shall succeed in ihis endeavor, mr,
'now tach and all remnm in Ire
lT Z")) ? "' v f'7,"'" "'
Joot uitoH tietc ;;(' l on nre wan-
twl ti,oru, na , C(, gtt W()W KiUt.
i cut yiw,"
Poor iJrick.
I'l'iiierov, the oracle ul Di'inncrney,
seems to have had ti t"l:ipe since he
made the snasmodicintetiiiit at truth
t .t. 1..1 J II .. !. .. . I.
tween the 1st nnd 4th oi July," nn.l that
"it i now i,s we write as u has been
, fur some inniitli, and u til ever he tu the
, fHture, n wnifnrc between the slimy,
j corrupt, reckless, dUhnnest, iniuii'V us-
t ins. ioIilicnl ttteK-ter- oi -New orK
" ''? WMHoemi-y 01 u.e great
' ' . , , ,, . . , ,
riinrllnek! lat a few davs elnpse
, , , ,. , ,
!V-T , ' '" y", , v v 1
1 " hili' the artmii ul the ;tuw iurk
Pilll'l lllll.ll U'fl lint 111 ult l'Ollfillta. kll.'ll
n the pohivi' Demoeraey hihotwl for ;
nnd ilvmtindeil, the zvik-ihI rvsulis weie'
ot nn eneountging ulinrnetvr.
,llM"' ,1,c 0l!e P1 f.-i'iitiil.-lfiii.tit j
of our tiatty, its iiiiii ninpirntMiii nnd
. ... . ,.( ,h .,.., ro x . ... ..,
power-rni.M.n.K-th;; iriutiiph' was
gmnwiis Mini viiinpivir,
It would he inti'ifstiui: to know tin-
, . . , . ..
exact sum paid bv the "timiiey-using
... ,..',. ;, , ., . ' f
political tiieksti'i"forthissiiv.'i-MTiil-
, .,,,,, , l0 II,J,gl.,oWll ,,
dirt-eating Democrat.
Letter Prcra Klasiatb.
Ft. Klamath, 0j.v., Scit. 1st, 1608
KiUTor. Sentinel: Having lately
accompanied the expedition from this
idaeo on the scout through the hostile
Indian country, it mny lie interesting
t0 fome 0( Vo'ur readers to know that
nil tho unsettled country east and south
f , w,u , cf , , ,.,
and that it is eoitsidered perfect I v safe
fur settlers In Grc Lake, Chewatteat,
1 ..,. :.. m...,, ..it..... 'c,.,.,.Mt ,1Iir,
nous hno ahead v settled in Goose
Luke Vallev, and I heard of inany who
I 'I 1 lt iallll IHIIV.rt JV "Villi I'Vi -
- com -- ' ": n - -
neH. countrv 0 til0 pttcifl0 Coart. I
. wilwU m( barit.v crowing along
. ' ,-,- .,....,
IV IB Vly IIU" V -vm, ..wuvnuvi.l-
edge, to compare Democrats to such
from tliOFc oi urcgon i
CUNNINGHAM At Wllllnmburp..nite 2Slh,
Itlnnclic, daughter or J. W. and A. Cunning
ham i aged )cart, 11 months nnd 12 day.
U. F. DOWEIili,
Jitkientlll. Oregon.
. A "OKI) TOl"l. " ''
A.i'uiwlIiiC.1 VlKuiIlu1-Vm7rf
rromvU:iim:tuT.iniiiiii liiVieil'lateclllcinr-ntl
woiii) to tiii: wisi:.
of the liii-inuis of both the Skntinki. nnd law
itllro I. .Va ri-tl. Mnlir ill t In' 1,1 II" or IbC SIA-
tintx nnicu have K-eti running n loiiRiirnr
(he partle to uch nccuiint alipuld hil
Ight and jiitlcor.-qiilre their prorr.pt all. i
,0bM.mi ',,, rll(.r ', m' ,,,., t,.. cn
Ttsrx olllcu hnvo Ivi'ii'miinlnpn Kmr time, and
i mat
led la mini' innnncr nnd old nulrj tmewed. II
i luiidl that nil will viilimlurily enmrforttiiril
""" accoiims w :'".".
nvniil linniilc mm nniiovnnce, JU1. A Cl.1-
Pennsylvania Itnilrond Co.
Orricc or Tins Gen' Firi:i.iMi:.vM-.M. I ,
Altosi, I'a., Die. 15, Im.7.
(fr.vrLr.utN : Tlie wntchc mnmifiiettirtd lj
ymi linn- Uhmi In utc on ihl Itnllroad for tci
vrul j-far by our eiiliii!-iiieii t whom c fur
nlili walcliw at lmtl or imr Cfin'pmcnt. There
nrc iiofl- io:n Tur.ui. Ill Mmtn or tiicu CAi:r.ti:n I
us ihk l.tsr.. nml tvo mn-ldfr Ihrm GOOD'
AND Ui:UAllt.n TlMUIClXPEUs. Indnd.i
1 hare print mibfclliiii In Miinj; YOl'I!
Imvv with nad d wr tnuth loupvr without j
rwlri than mil w-nlehvi1 we hava cvit hud In
tl-v oh thl rund As ivti ntu nwnrc we for-
i itirtly Inula! to ihuxi l Uillth lamili noluir.
l 1.. ... . I. .. .. tl. ...... ft. I. Ill H
... -., . ,
I elms ttcy never litil itmv r eutrerllv. nor
l-me tl.y d....ei. c.d .ervkf a-yor. !
' '" iln statfinnt. I nm utl ifUj my '
! predi cor, Mr. I.twl.. nhuu ixinrkncc ex-
!Tl""VlB'?: c.".,,.,r':
i:ilVAi:il WILLIAMS, ttrn. .tuprrlntr.id'
it.t, Amcricnu Wolcli Company, W'altliam.
.v. Y.cn.vniAi. UAjj.no.U).
l.oeuuuTii : Hi r'T . Wutkiin I)iviiun. I
IIiKtnyri it. Ic. !. lys. 1
Ginti.kvkn : I Imic no lii'eltnliiHi lu mylng (
tbat I Imlli'ic that tin-(.'rent majurlly or lo-'
uhiiIvh ctiirliw r 1 nrc found dr r.vrii'nec llml
Ti'Ai.TKjiy Waiciiiu nre the imit ruii-fiictnr
f nny fur Inelr ni Tli'-r run MU tb- vrout-
Maf itMiHfal nh.1 IuhiIIh. ln.ltt IlLhlantltli
th reujii rlilim.- i.r mi i-mtlm-. nml. nt I Imre 1
n-i-r knuMH ime iu ursr ihii, tliey tnnt U-!
duraWr. I bt t r ib time VWu rnllHnj
aMmpink lll p.wmll nJ-ja jour unic'Jf.
n-l fiiriil'H tem tu nit tnisliescrs nnd cw.diie-
turt. In iity nlnioii It mm Id gtrotly li-tid t
mmU' n;uUrlti aud fafvly, Vuure nej'ivl-!
fully. .
CIIAUI.US WILSON, 0. Clilcf Ilnrintrr. '
UrulliethtMid of I.civoniolliT L'nclutcu. j
Aruetlcnn Wnlcii ComfMiiy, U'nlibnm.
i:in-j- Wnlcii I'llllj- M'mraiilnl. !
Fur ta'.e iy fit'C!n dtuUri in the
United State. '
No. 16'J Ilrcndy, I
Ui-nernl Agents.
It. U. GltAV k CO.. fun IVvncl.co,
Apcntt for Cnlifnrnla. I
Tu Juiues T. DoFseft, n Home
l,rM" M'ltlcr.
-rou ,.. la,,..v , ,, , , , Bffl
i. wvtta of V . Ilurk nml 1 hoinae Cliarm-r
Ur,, fucd In tl... ffi ull?ln,: tl.u, ynu
stead Settler,
liaic lur nunc tlisn luo )i-nr Mlmiidiinnl Tour '
lloiiif.tfd Kntry. No. CO, nn K. J. of N. K ,
ii, mm .. . M oi . I. j-r in oec. I, r.
3t, S It :i W..mid N. W. i of .V. W. U of
!Stc C, T. 30, S, U 2 W; und tl.at
October 2tl, 808,
l.ni btrn ret for lieariiip I lie evidence ol mid
filleted ttliandnninenl ut ll.ta i fTice, and that
untcga ynu anprar and deny the allegations In
(aid aflidiivitf, tl.ey will be taken as true and ,
jour entry cancelled. I
T ami ..fTtna li rlAlrrw terrfw A Mn.i.l '
2Slb, 16G6.
JOHN KELI.V. Iterlster.
Sept. 5tb. 16C8. sepl5-w4.
X Treaiury draft t for the bounty of the follow
ing named Kentletnen :
Ueort-e W. Asliley, Cbarles S. Balrd. O. 0.
Ually, (Miarlen E. Ulmppell, Garrett Crocket,
James M. Hoiie, Wm. A. A. Hamilton, Jo
tepb Moran, Darld A. Taylor and James
Tbee gentlemen will please call and get
their pay.
JaeksnnTille, Sept. 1st, 16G8.
hides; hides;
Illdea of all kludr-, deliiered at the market
of tbe undertlgned. lu Jackaouville.
December Stb 18CC, If
A .large supply of this necettary medicine for
beep, may now be had at
viv k- ra ur? ww
fiTr wirtSions. II It nol nurprtiln T "iA b
XlZK w lryniUiln rl nrr ihe wyn.
Knit ' r" c,rwlB "" but
Pulmonary Syrup
I. fr.l'T llio Vnr.Y r.rSTrrm)TTrrcmrK!Jill
or Ih cure i.f lujli ColiU. Kre Tliiw Aillm. S
i hwrlns Coob.lltinfhllHnil Comuinptlon. Tlmu
nilf iwHoln CulirutuUeiiJ Orrgon huo l-n
lltnJf Uuctlllcil l' tba suipruiag cuwllv faw.n
Pulmonary Syrup
nitwrh on pot j si fiuiifir uiminsi rr-
Ution IT.. Iir. iiit ir-!vclo.lIWfrfiin
, .,i..iiill h llnv it"' l-r.Ji'fH fuiwcn.i'1 lliput ,
IW lli blin of al ilwii'n of Ibc Tbnwl .ii
llCf SMUtlLd ll'l
Pulmonary Syrup
l.t. csml I'-juiiiJ ttJ tl will euro YOU ir yoj try
TJiH mmlniUe mwllclM l rJM lo l "
, MHu.Bi u '.ilmii una (Uxngitiruirg lit ll i'BU, iu-
tl.Tl. llX f till bit UI-WU lr UclflffKWl CtUJI,
ki.d irilTluaulftuiiil.TiiIlclrcunituai.
i.triifl-iiin from nwiir Miiinitii ciluiu er Sn
rrmciKO Kiumpaty viurj- bolUo of
Pulmonary Syrup
ntDIXGTOX L Ca Afnt, Fm rnnelMO.
A pvnrrnl Knmlly Medicine. It li soivr
clpi mni-dy lor
And Unwind iIimuki nt ll.e THROAT, nnd
uiiKiimlliil in I'iriiiK lyfiittry. DIurrl.au,
Cliulrra, Cilc. Chlrt MhIhii nml
Fovcr and Ague,
Nsurulclu, lihtiuiiiit.'in, Ci'ltt-. To'itliuchi'.
Ilmii", .Vpruliu, iMiil-t'i. tic, vie, nrc ut uiice
ri'lli'icd iijr It Him ly uo.
Truly a Vcgotablo Prepar
ation. n-.S'om- gumliiu ullheul rl;ualurMf W
tsr. Nn cr111.1t.
Unrxri'll'il fur Tmlit !'! nnd for tlie lUtli.
lsshnci: OI'
Tliti inliiAldu irrnrn: on. rontulntni; In n
Idelih cuiiiN'iitrnt'd iiirm nil tlii iimiiorilra of
Juni'iHM lilpefr. I.n li-e-nnie ii nf lln'tnui
tippillnr ilimi'ftie rrirodoa fr nil dlniinr of
tlif etoiiiicli nnd dii-ctlie nrenna
Ae 11 tiiilif, ll nl lit li.iiml invnliulilt' to nil
pei-mii- ricovorliig Irmn il.li'llty. whi!nr im
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rnn lit prraluivil l.y wine ur lirnnily. It I-on-lirily
flfo li'im Hi" nHdiiuimry Hltutt lliat lul.
Iiim I lie mv of ejilrU" of nny kind
Hie uleo uu ivrollvnt ttmuily fur foinnlc'
ulio sufli-r frnin ilifflrult nn ii'ImirHuii, clvltirj
iilni'i'l ImweiliHi. ri'ltif lu tli-M-m luut m
frni'iilh necmi)uiiy tlnit ii'rluil.
li i:ltfi Itiiinvil.nln re-llt I In NmtM.-i. ciiiikiI
ly riillm; lu n rullrund car, ur by fra-lckui,
or nitiiT ciiu-r,
It It nl-ii inlimliln at an txtfrnul nipllrtlon
r Gout, libi'umallam. Nnirultlu.clc.
UC nnd -tlfi l'ront fct., San 1'runeltcn.
Uc Klrciro'SJlron,
Or Magic Iiiilllunt,
Tlila aelti.1i. hfiiGM.Iiin llin mnct .lAlta.ila
frngranco of I'lowerr, It tiucijualed an a per.
fume for the Ilandki-rchitf.
Und in bathing. It Impart energy and
tri'i.Rlb to the eyttcin, and plu Ibat Mifluet
and delicacy to the tklu to much dinlrid by all.
It removes Snnbnrn, Freckles & Pimples,
Diluted with water, It maku an excellent
Oenlrlflce, linparlinr- pearly wblleuew to Ihe
teetb, aueetuets to the breath, and renders the
gum) bard ami of a beautiful color.
It ehuiild always be uMd after eliRTlng, di
luted with sater, it rellevea alt lullamatloo.
41C ut.d 418 Front St., San Francisco.
Use ElertroSlllcon,
Or Magic llrllllant.
Tbe beet article ever discovered for Cleans
ing and Polltblng Gold. Silver and Plated
Ware, and all nmooth Metalic Surface, of
whatever defcrlptlon. Including Kitchen Ulen.
alia of Tin. Copper, Dram, S'eel. eto.
To Jewelen and Workera In Gold and Silver
Plate, the Electro-Silicon It of inenllmable val
ue ; the time eavd. and Ibe lexatlon prevent
ed by iti use, Mill forever endear Its name to
all who have bad evidence of Ita merit.
Sole Agent, Sao Francisco.
Kept. 5tb. 1SC8, wpt5-ly,
Tlif wntlJ riilf rf ! '! JuJjnunl h lwm4 U
t'JfrT-K w"li II' ytnloni. Il-.llir. Ilx.ittrarn,
lertrl.li l.l". 1UJ llnntli, Sllu CmiifUxUn, r, ran
be currd ly tulng PuMittof Uinoa.
Tlil l llit tnil nccn"fnt tonic of lli tf. Vnnnn
inliMlrHrtl n0 ol.l rp drllxlilsO "till lit rDrct..
Tlic flril trial nloxj-t ha- nintdxl pl ITt.
Noflishprcfif illcl U iiMranarf-. Va all jon fi.hf taa
i lrp niHl iiiiHt nutrition foil.
It I- 111" grrati! rnrr vrr t.nowiirrnnnifr1ia.11aj.t
dltr--intktvinaili. mlilcli II fvlltiira In a f momentt.
Wf anitw that r liatp thf lrfl ati.1 mn-l (Kipular inf J
Lint Inllic fuil'l. llfaroiiul afralj l.i hni ohtl It I
fiimpl of.
I'UTfKiiss r.r courcnts to rtrsnnts ir.
Ciutiri Ilir.1; In Ntii r-lliralf.t for otrr lnl,ua
ilrM )it, ami fiMavM iliiring: llir rilpn if lmli l
Kliiitiif rraii. tiT tlif fiioiinuturrlcf nf It, tn tf;iii
Inaitmr It l rrniMKaMf.r tM-.fil, lr'.r., a
lie, C"Mll,ntlrt. if
Ct"-(l.Ill.v t'.in. Tor Marthra, Colic, anilili-NiMfjt
tlif atuniarli and k'rl.
tHMUrti. lot IhllATitallpn or Ibt Lolm and tirnptl
CM .inllon.
CluKinIlt riottir.f-ror rnfrtbleil dlcllon.
t.trtrscft ItntitM. .Irmnitlr, nlmulaot anJVmlt
lilclill liills"rallii In nrirout .Iil.llltj.
MlMitaMLs tor Scrofula. Itlirumatlfiu, ie.
Asm Anarnmatlc rnnnlnallfet rrratlnt: DmIi, ra at
tic and mill. much uir-l I'; ini'tlirra nur-lni;.
Alw. riot e on J, nroii!r. nrmif. mrranltr, uitXt-
Jut. A.
Ani'ttiirnnilrtfiil Injrnlirut. of ."iumMi orljln, In.
I'trlhie l-cnnit to Ilia fini.lfi..ii aiil orltHaiirr lolha
mind, l rl utikntinh In tlif citiirurrrv of Hit utlJtia4
rr xltl.lii'M It. until f It tlif rrnt.
Willi thl. ttrlpr lvf.nr Ilia nmimunllr, and t M-n
of rffrrta nirftlnp tliim on alt aM-, tlif urrro of lt
... ..... . ...1 ...u.. .1.. 1. .. .....I. . .
I'K.a. .iim .1111 iin. .iii. .i.r ii. v. .ih.m. ninrai
. tcrr fjfiitr Iiii Mint nt.r of lUflVritij; Klilcb tLr Iliari.
T10? 1UZIU.I T.111 aiifTiair ami rurr
Tliryart rrranmriidnl I'jr tlie liltifft modlral amhorf.
lira, ami arr vrnrrMitrd In rn-liirtaulmnir-llalr krnrStlkl
rflMl Tl.rrart rirrrdliijiljr uglimblr, jTifi-ctlr pura
aiol liannlr.
.NuTtrt. Any rrnn ri tending MI t'lartatl.ai Elu
Irra In l.nlk or If lli calliii I. n -uli.Jl.r anl linrxatcr
It . fill up mil f In our Ins-mUii Uitllr l'iaiaoflittU
trflllrd "(Hi Imltalli'n drlrtnloni atiifT, f r vihlcli -titral
lran. ate alrrady In tirl-uii. Srr lliat rirry lattla liaa
vnrl)nllrl State. .UnipoTir llie roit. uiitiiutlUted, and
sur alnnture on ttrel .att etd lioet.
Sdd ly te-irlaUe dealer tlinutlixut ll.l Lalltalte
P. II. liRnKC, .V t'U., .tw VurK, Sole rroji'n.
l!F.DIn OX K 10.. Sun Frmirlifo.
ACKHTsriMtCAI.iroll.MA am)m:vah.
Tin merll.of ll.lf IJiilihentarrxll anrn. ItiePetta
are tin taiitaneeu.. ei-Hliliig, and viaetvifut.
Cuia, l.ruUea, iralna and ai.tllliip.arr eornuininn,aa4
rertalii lo ucrur In etrrr bnilljrrtliai a bottle 14 Hit Ua
Ittitiit It tlie tr.t luiettmeiit tliat ran tv nia.1t.
II It nil certain tlian tbe Jia-inr II iiim tlxe In
erielinc Dr lle il. tnr it I. rl.eajr tutu tlie tl'lr, l'l
lljoulJ litler U ilt.TIi 11 It.
l'.lMll Tilt: lOI.WMINOi
1 I laVe ileatuit In ixmuiiieiMllne Ihe Mttlran Mae
1 tens IJnlnienl ft. a talmUeaiiil lnlit)tii.l.aartlrlt f'f
. Srlalll. Snrea SrtaUlie. nr Hall. m ll.-r.re. Dor m. a
I U.e iiMl It mi lluni-. Ilnil.e', iK'ie. l.leuinail.ni, it.
' ahJ all t4T It fcrt. like inaRe ' J Iftniii,
I Im-ruan fr Abi"iK Millt, ai; anj ILrnd-tiV
1 " tin ai-rHHinf DieitftHKl.iMa anile nrca.l oieil wl.lt
allni: l.t Mlulir. a. entliili ciiie-l In una r.k tRer
lie r"tllllirli,rd ll.llif tfturrelrUatrJ Jill.lauK Ulilmelit.'
lllvwr.ier. )!, Aui:u.l 1, HC5. , Milt.
Cjukl. ami tnre II reiwlnl.r It. All fctiiuliie It vt.)-l.
In aliel'i-lule rnsrailn;, Uarlnr tnealciianue if ti. 11
Meat 11 null. Clienil.l, poj Ibe j iliate C. h aiaiup ..f ia
Kt lliaact X (V. tnrr ll.e t.-a.
Ah enVrt l. teen mail lu ruuuleifeil ll HL a il.ttr-.
UHiet4i.lc tat el. Lw-l rlimlr.
Ma by all Iirii;:Ill'. auJ Sloie. at "J, W eta. anl t.
Lvov i'lca powonrt.
II . veil kbuwn that Lrrm't (lenulre Mtnitle re-J-r
will ierfll; ile.tru.e eirrjllilu; la lie tuaai cf taw,
lickt. Uilbu;., rundift, Iti that 11 la lH-rfrtt polWB '"
the lit.eet ttlle, but en'lrtly Larmlatt tu Ike kuiuaa )
clea and duniettlc animal..
lieJOu.-.. Am., lluwliei, etc, are In ererjr l.oa.t Tlilt
l-imiltr It llirlr natuial deatli. .LvuJJ If In fitrjti'l
Unril. John L. r.M, Uq, Seperiutendent tt tte Sew Titk
Clle lluallal, .till eat )! I, tit Olil; ml, aitl.it
Lave efer uaed.14
Ntw Yvtc llvin I'tornitoit hti -IVt but u'e-V
for titcrmloatlnj la.ecll and ttrinln, allb tntllttaik
ftctloo. Cot.Kutv ,V HtrTkON-. Astor Hoii.e.
S. T. Coi:., American Hotel,
Ackmii Jr TiiriUu:uSt. Nicholas Hotel.
S. Llumi A Co., Metropolitan Hotel."
Tettlinooe of tklt character mlcht U addtd It ta
Itnctli. M hereter II It uted II ailtcrtliM ItttlL
Tl.t genuine liaa tlt tlrntluit cf II. Moy, and lit
riiate ilanip uf Iunti lltaxil X Co. AaitkUf flat
cT thl. klud It ao Im.iailoa ur counterfeit Any ui
citl villi procure Ike ituulut ft jou iutUl jou vill U't
no other.
Sold kr all druesltlt arid general ttortkeeptrt Is tf tf
town aud lulatluc uuu pu the I'aclflc IVatl.
100,000 feet SEASONED LUMHEH.ooe-.
bulf of it eugnr 1'ioe, on eaiy term.
Five or tlx"yoke ofcallie aad tome borei on.
the euine term.
J also propone In sell at Public Auction,
Doe lot ol DRY OOODS.coD.Iftio?. of
Sales to comeoce on Saturday, tbe 15th 0i
Augvsnt, and lo continue every Satufda
thereafter, uutil tbe majority it told.
Under 820, caib down i over that um W
day time (with note of approved aecorily..
with one per cent. Interest), will be giB'
Suma our 800, four raooiha time.
Jacksonville, Augusu 7lb. 1868.
M. Mcoor, Dealer ia General Merckiodtaf,
has reoosed bi store to bis new bricc bf
log, corner of Walo apd Oregon Streeti, oppo
site coruer from Odd Fcllowi Ial.
August 2Ptb, 1 88. ug29w3.