Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, July 11, 1868, Image 2

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VOIt TUB 1'ltlMlllKNCY IN 1808,
or rnt otitis miii.
"Writ ilw, thnn rmI in I filtlifnl itmnt." Thr sto
pi lur trt fir piltlolt pHnl.lnntnt for traltwi.
l'ouTiu; vim: riucsniuxoY,
Satuimiay Mohninu, July 11, 1808.
Ashland on .io Jlil ami -illi..
Lnt night nil was gnyoty, festivity
and Joy; lint today gloom, lassitude
nml stupor ittlo over tin village ol
Ashland, All sweet lias its liittcr till
joy gives way to sorrow; nml dually
liittnaiiity, nttcr plunging nt Intervals
through clustering joys, limls n lustre
poe in the quiet realms of death.
The long looked for " Dedication
Hall" camu off last night, ami was it
complete mid grand success. The spa
cious mid beautifully decorated hall
was mnilu to resound with enchanting
nntie, ami n hundred and (illy hand
some Indies, clad in snowy while, trip
ped the agile toe, while n hundred and
fifty gentlemen whirled them through
thegiddymazes of the dance. Long
niitv this occasion find a uiehe in the
memories of a pleusurc-loving people
who delight in elnntc niniiement, and
netive,soul in-piiiug, energetic pa-timc.
A score ol lowing dainels mav have
impressed their images upon the' vichl -
log hearts of ti score of romantic1
youths, thus laying the foundation for
it copious leading to the hymciiial al
ter. To-dav U the L'lmintu natal dav of
American lihert v. Ewrv paltiol who j "V ' lwl ,0 Mot"Ki """ al!"", fc'"" l,,,r
has remained through The trving or-, ,i"" oMl'1, fc'n,il; "ml that it is leally
deal of fi.e and sword, true to the Inn-1 ' ' !' Int-iwiml value ol that
dameutal primiples of our national "wU- 1', say they, it is fed to young
fabric, feels this dav ti thrill of iov in
his heart, and is hiiiMcIt laureled hv
the invisible linger ol approving eon
science; while thoe who denied their
native mother in her hour of sonow,
nnd who in their hearts treasured svtn
pathetic feelings for thoe whoesa'vcd
to strike her doom, this day writhe'hu -
neath the pang ol sell-condeniualion.
Now, ere we close, let us not forget
thu immortal dead, thoe who pouted
out their blood to heal the nationV
woumN, lhoe who sleep beneath the
palmetto in the far South, and those
who returned maimed ami mangled to
breath out ti lew lingering hours amid
the pines ol thu North. Nor should
those ol freedom's soldiers, who yet sur
vive, be passed unnoticed. Let us say
of t hem:
l.il coming yi'nrs fwli I nrt-l Inditf,
llulccii llielr lirmv nllli Jnv nf .Sinns.
Ami pilrlnl-. nlivn In il.-.il'i tlivy l.iy,
Sliitl rati.rg Witt upon ilii-lrclay.
Pilot Hock.
Ashland, July 4th, 1808.
Tin: most sublime peico ot impu
dence perhaps on record, is thu thanks
of thu Democratic Convention in Now
York to thu soldiers mid sailors. A
short time Mucu they weru "Lincoln
hirelings," " bluo coaled riilli.ins,"
'Yankee niurdeieiv," ite.; now votes
are in demand, ami thev arc the bullv
boys that whipped democracy and pre
vented them Iroiu destroying thu Union.
Verily, the world moves!
A Goon Om:. .MeI'licron ot the
Unionist has thu following dig at Jas
per W. Johnson, Kq., of the Yamhill
lhu editor of thu Lafayette C'oiirur
says: We shall he compelled to call
upon Dr. Tiiuothv to bmu for ns,"
The first iustaucu 'that has ever come
under our observation of a jackass
withou brains enough to do his own
Cai-out i.v a Lik. Tim Editor of
thu Ortyonian hns caught Heriah of
the JeraM in n regular Democratic
whopper. It is only strange that he
over catches him out of one.
Don't Likk Him. Our Democratic
frictidsdon't icem to like their Presiden
tial nominee very much, mid don't en-1
thusensthey would had Pendleton been
nominated. Seymour fell like a wet
blanket during an Oregon mist!
New Volume. Tho Auburn Stan
and Stripes, one of the firmest nml
ablest Union papets in California, has
entered on its ti.xth volume Like the
glotioiiB emblem after which it is
named, long may it wave,
Tho People's 'of
Transportation Co. ndvertiso lo carrv
freights Irom Portland to Eugene City,
n'distnnco ot one hundred and twenty
three miles, or 813 per ton, while it
costs from Crescent City to Jackson
ville, about tho samo distance, $70 per
Tub Telegraph ofiko has been re
moved to Comstockfi & Cawley'a stable.
Assessment ef Taxes, How Is It?
The newly elected assessor qualified
oulheOtltotJiilynml will immediately
enter upon the discharge ol his duties.
There is tv question ol n considcmlilc
importance to the farmers ot this coun
ty, which, has been dismissed from
time to time, hut which lemains yet an
undecided question. And we propose
In telly to call attention to It now as
a lib occasion lor its discussion. The
lirsl question is this: Ought grain
uncut yet lit, or nearly so, 4or cutting
he assessed ? It assessed, ought it to
he assessed separately ns property, or
as a part of the valuation ol the laud
upon which it stands? The course
adopted hy the hint asscsor was, to
deduct the trice of cutting ami thresh
ing, nnd then nsess thu residue as
property distinct fiom any valuation
ot thu laud. This course was windy
adopted, it grain is to be assessed at
all, to produce iiuiloriiiity in the assess
ment of property ; for some would he
cut, ami some not, when the ttssesscr
come around, it' he promptly entered
upon the discharge of his duties tiller
bis qualification. To assess that cut
am. not to assess that remaining un
cut, would he manliest inequality and
'"J'"' " imiiwi. y seasons all, or
J ,ll,"rl' ""i lll 8n,' " xM vonMi'
cnl ''" tl,u ,,,,,l,w "' jHy- ""i" aMm
'lill' ""'"''"es by theini.hlleof June,
1 m ,K',,"l' "",l "'a l,.v IU l!,t ot '''''J'-
... .. .
"nr larineisinalntaiii tliat tliiHgratu
and hay cut or uncut ought not to be
ustcss'cil at all. Hy this, they mean ol
course the crop ot thu year in which
the assessment is made. The hav thev
i,UBfct "' miiy pay nixes upon me
increased value ot that stock, hut upon
the Iced also, by which that increased
. value is seemed, There is a seeming
justice mid lorce in this argument, but
it looks' to us it little too rellucd for
! l','l ""' 1( 'Iw""-''""" w i be
' l"!",c " ,M,C rccoudile principles, or
I theories, the assewor needs tuiisl be
' mn" l,i ,ino timtliviii:Uiti! acumen,
TIL' trillh l" t,l"t lli'ut equality can
! "uvcr ,,c btiiiuvil by ussessiueiit laws.
This is especially true of our assess
incut laws, lor they yet exist inn crude
stute, wanting system and complete
ness. Hut there is another objection urged
by our farmers against this assessment
of hay or grain,. cut or uncut, which, il
true, is n valid one. They say they
are not assessed in thu Wilhiiiicttucniiu
lics. It not tiseseii there they ought
not to bu assessed here. This is too
plain for argument; for all concede
that uniformity ought to he the rule.
It is not only a matter ol injustice to
t ho farmers, hut it affects us all, for it
largely iucieases thu quota that this
county is compelled to pay to the Slate
Treasurer every year.
Thu diltereuce, if difference there bu
in this respect, may arise from the fact
that thu harvesting season is much
earlier heru than tlieie, most ot the
grain being uncut when the assessor
goes round. Forthe sake of uniloi inity
all may bu exempt. We vv ish our Wll
lamette cotcuipomrics would enlighten
us upon lhu practice with them. Speak
out, gentlemen, mid let us know how
the matter stands with you. We know
you nre too geuero.,s n set of fellows
,, , , ., , . i . i i
l0 ,mV1' ,,,u ,,c" ,,twl l,w,l,U
, -" county paying taxes on
e ot Jack-
which under any rule of practice with
you is exempt. We may call attention
to this subject nu'.iin.
A Woiti) to Paiimuhs. Wo have
already spoken on several occasions of
thu excessive rain fall of thu last two
seasons, ami particularly of the remark
ablu reasons just ended. Ww have
shown by tho meteorological tables
compiled tor this coast, that mi excess
of rain in two succccsivo seasons has
been invariably followed by one or
ntoro of drought. Thu experience of
the past eighteen years warns farmers
mid ranchmen generally to look ahead
mid prepare for ouu if not two dry sea
sous. Iteiiiemheriug tho terrible cost
to the State, and theoverwheliuig loss
to many stock proprietors ol the last
diought, it would beieckless loolhard
iuess in those who havu live stock, to
make no provision against a recurrence
tho disasters ol 1 803-'04-'05. A
straw stack will cost little, mid may hu
wot th much before eighteen months
pass over our heads. MulUtin,
He Knows tub Way. A distressed
mother writes to mi exchange for ad
vice, which she gets thttsly : "The on
ly way to euro your son ot staying out
Into at niuhts is to break his letrs. or
get tho oalicQ lie ruuti with to do your
Grunt's Opponent.
After several days of severe trnvnil,
the Democratic. Convention nt New
York have hatched out n candidate
ngainst General Grant. Alter twenty
one hallots, during which the Western
delegates struggled hard for Pendle
ton, Horatio Seymour of Now York
was nominated ns thu national demo
cratic saerilice. It was a fair mid des
perate struggle between the Kat,
where the hulk ol the national securi
ties are held, and the West, where re
pudiation was becoming n popular idea
among thu Democracy; nnd to the
lasting honored the country, thu friends
ol national honesty were victorious.
The result has made It quite apparent
that not even a majority of thu De
mocracy arc yet piepared lor repudia
tion, and the liuaucial views of their
candidate being identical with thou of
the majority ot 1'cpiihlieans; and tin1
expression ol their platlonu on that
subject nearly identical with ours, and,
therefoie, the question cannot cuter
into the canvass.
The issues will then be narrowed
down; and as recontiiictiou is a llxed
fact, on a negro suffrage lia-i, the only
real question at issue is: whether the
work of reconstruction is to be undone
nml the Southern States tlnowii again
into a state of political chaos, or wheth
er they mo to be allowed to resume
their places again in thu Union in
Iloralio Seymour is a fair represen
tative man of thu whole Democracy.
Hu lavoied the war for the Union just
enough to give him the slightest claim
to patriotism; he opposed the war just
enough to give him a good rebel color
ing. Seymour will doubtless carry New
York, peihaps Pennsylvania, Ohio
he cannot win. The West will he a
unit against him, ami yet under the
eiieiimstauces he is as stioug a eamli
dalu as deuiocracv hud. ami as easilv
beaten as Pemlleloii. It only le
mains to be seen whether the Amcii.
can people preler Grant, the tried ami
true man who exposed his lik' daily
nml hourly (or years lor the old Hag,
or the demagogue whoe opposition to
the war was as determined as his sup
port was feeble, mid whine most bril
liant exploit was the encouragement ol
the brutal mob of New York during
the auti-draft riots, ami whom he de
signated as "his Iricml.s" on that me
morable uiu'ht in July, 'ci:i.
Foit Vtoi: Piiiiiu:.nt. The Demo
cratic Convention have thrown a sop
to eerhcrus in tho iioiuiuatiouot Frank
lllair, of .Missouri, lor Vicu President.
Hluir is an old original abolitionist, was
the 11 rst Republican ever sent to Con
gress from a Southern State, he was
a Federal General early iu thu war,
was a radical ol thu blackest stripe,
ami his nomination is probably made
lo tickle thu colored voters and war
Democrats. As a German Iricud ot
ours remarks, 'Mie is thu woisest kind
of a abolitioner," ami from his daik
complexion mid must have been select
ed as the pall-he.irerol the Democratic
party in November.
Com-MMUXTAitv. At the dedication
ball at Ashland on the evening of the
third,, two holies of mature ago weio
observed "measuring " a little knot of
Jacksonville people, who were resting
alter their violent efforts to make them
selves agreeable. " Well," said ouu ol
them, who appeared to bu in thu vine
gar business, " iheui town folks unit so
wild alter all ; I don't see hut what
they can behave most as well as coun
try folks when they try." We smiled
slightly, mid c.tmu lo thu conclusion
that thu speaker was about the sweetest
old maid wo ever saw.
Ckmb.st von Fuuit Cans. As the
season for canning fruit Is approaching)
we give the following invaluable re
ceipu lor cement lor thu benefit ot our
readers: Take ot rosin, 7 parts; bees
wax, 2 parts; gum shellac, 1 part.
Melt together in a water bath, that is,
place the can containing the iugreili.
cuts in boiling water until thuy are
thoroughly melted.
ExmnrnoN Aoai.nsttiik Indians.
dipt. McGregor, commandant at Fort
Klamath, will start in a few days with
00 men of Co. A, 1st Cavalry, on no
expeditition against the Snake Indian.
Ilo will joh Gen. Crook, now in the
southern part ol Grant County, Lieut,
Small will be left iu command at Fort
Han.nku County, Curry County
is thu banner county in this State, anil
as such, thu Union citizens ot 1V
Norte county Ciil, met in Crescent Cily
and donated a flag ami transmitted it
with appropriate resolutions to the
Union men oi Curry County, Oregon.
Count)' Hospital.
There has been heretofore n comld-
erabiu loose talk about the manner in
which this institution has been con
ducted. Thu last Grand Jurv Of this
county examined into these rumors nml KuglNh; Maine, (leu. 1 1 uncock; New
completely oxonorntcd Dr. Davis from Jersey, Gov. Packer; New York, Sail-
imv negligence, want of care or wan' " (J "'"' ' MTl." I I'!
. . . 5 ' d clou; I'eniisylvnnln, m. 1 Parker
ol suitable applianues to properly taku ' T(1im.;w,.t Andrew .lohiisou; Wiscon
care of the indigent sick ot this county. ' Hj(lt James It. Dooliltle.
We havu latelv examined the institu- Kueh nominee madu u brief speech,'
tion ourselves, and concur in the judg-i which win received with applause.
., ,i ,-, .. i i m- , . I Kirst ha ot resultei as o ovvs:
ment of the Gaud Jury. V ilo nut. J,Jn ,., ... llm,M(,ll.,. ,0
now, nor ever have we, gone n couth' ,,lU.1))a( I.n.llctnii, I0T ; Johnson,
iientui on ir. jjiivis political notions,
bill we must say that no man ha- ever
suitablv provided 'for the afllicted
.,,'.,. i i . i
poorot this county us cheaply lor the ,
tax-payer as Dr. Davis. The prices,
heforo Dr. Davis took the contract i
ranged from one thousand five bundled
to near lour iiiotisauil Hollars per year.
Dr. Davis lirsl obtained the contract
lorn little less than nine bundled per
year. The last contract was awaidcd
to him on a bid ol, vu believe, seven
hundred dollars per vear. This is ovv
enough, light ennujjh, cheaper by
lar than thu same kind of labor is done
lor in any other county In this State. mimmiy thought they should still ad-
We hear it whispered about the I,m '""'he gentleman from Ohio, mid
sirecis that our honorable Hoard of " ''.ajorilv e.xpiessedlhe highest res.
., ., . . ,. , ., . I peet lor llendiieks, but he said the
t.oiiniy Loininissioners llnnkol huviiiL'ii;,..,,. r in,... I....I I,... I ,.,
mi in aim erecting suitaiiie imililing
thereon lor the accoiiiiiiodation of the
alllicled. We advi-e them to ponder I " I""'1' ' 'ennessee voted lor Ten-
over this well before thev make Ihe in- ,,.l'"" "'P' "'"", :,'"'' ','l,;,,t",.v
. ... . " ' eheereil. A recess nl ir minutes was
vestment. YW fear it will eieate aiil ...ken. On Htl, I.mII.u I.i.uUi.um
leak in the County Ticasury, which went over to Pendleton. At the con
will engulph thousands belore the end elusion ol call, New York withdrew
will be leached. Then, alter il ;h he name of Cliureh, tiu.l ea-t a solid
i.,i -, -il . , , vote lor Hendricks: this was rece veil
.cached, .1 will cost at least th.ee, .;, (n(11il, lN.,H '
Junes as much to run the machine nsj The remaining ballots nhowed little
il now takes to provide for the indi-, cluing" till lhu I'.'th, when Calilornia
uent sick, in suv nothing ol thu inter-' mM "ne-hall vote lor Chase. Tlieie
ests mi the in.uiev invested in it. , ."'"''. J-'" "' '""If "linm'il applause
.I .. i . , , , ' ill Ihe galleries'. A scene ot contusion
lbe have ueai Iysel, cunty m-1 ,.,,,,,,,1, Ill(l Iulllon was made loeleai
Hon in Siskiyou County, mid it ! the galleries, but not insisled on. Ten
costs the nice little sum of $:i,i!o0 per nessee gave lirsl vole lor MeClellait,
year lo run it. Then, the idea ol buv- and the galleries applauded, but not
ing a farm for sick persons to labornp. , Z.TA ."" .'"," ITr 1','""SV,lv',",i"
,, . , ,..,, i . , '"I slid kept voting solid lor Asa Pucker,
in is a little paradoxical. Hut we A lecess ol tilieeii minules was had.
don l suppose our county Falhers' On i Uth ballot Norlh Carolina voted
thought of buying a very lar"c larm, ! solid lor Ilaiicnck instead of Petiilleton,
Let us offer von a liltle' friemllv ml-1 '"tilniiriu ottil vaiioiislv diffeieut
..!,.. v.,..,.,.!,,,.. i ,'. i b.illnls, generally giving Pendleton a
... .Neve, buv a mm or lot, or, .fr. On'ih biillot Pennsylva-
block, or own a building for hospiiul
purpose ns lung as you can gel ihe in
ligciil ick ol this county ukvu cart
ol for the pi ice you now pay. The pen
pie appreciate your economy il tin
Doctors don't.
Income Tux 1. 1st.
We herewith pr.sent n list ol per
sous in Jackson and Josephine conn
lies who pay an income tax, together
with the amount of their income.
urn iiiinn ll. .. SXll l.iiionj r. .
V'li''Niisil J V
l.'nn H.irM,
11 1st Wiii
HllX'T Jnlill,, ,
lltvir Win
"limn II V
UnkllMII 0 (!..
Ilriiiiiiiin M
llrvhUinli II. .
I lull John
;""l'' l
:irn I
W'ltOU (l I,
U-Kinil.-r T II..
li.Knl.. l'T..
MiiMir M
I ill!.!
A lion
Hs'.iW A.. ..
I trlli Join
.Irtrn A P
I'rlinl' I'
2 (I
l n
.''in l'.irMin.l ....
733 IttHii I .I
4Ull huhT C . ..
.'lonimltlir I).
liriiin Joint S.., yho
IHllllll Jis VI...
mcI' niiiui-l,,,
i"'""l lnuie.,
SllWlr ,,.,
rilMIIH-llll ImI.IC.
llmii-uiiii Put
I'Miidin I, J (J..
li'i is lli-nr)...
Kny Jic 1 1 ... .
linr limn ,' ,
Ulfiiii JhT ...
IIhIIiiioii U'ni.,
Iliusiilin- It It.
Iln)irii L'si.,..
Il.xlu IV II ...
inUi- Hun.,.
billet. I N .
I :i7n
I 331
vvaiKir .iiilin p.
WiilkirMlMi',,, V.iiiin
U'..lk.r K K.
4 ni
imu.WiiiMiii jiiim ,,
asnv.iKi.ir j
8'Jil WhIiIiihuiiIJ.,
ll.w.f. on 'tin. in inii.AII the
ties given on the national holiday vv
vei.ll .,n.l...i i i . . !
- ii. ...I iiimi "uve versa satis- i , , ,
faction Tli,. ..... ,f, v ii i ' , " ilmlividimllii vole except wheie the
attion. lie one at Ashland was thel sSinio Convenllon insl.ncied how to
largest. Ilieie were about -100 per, vote. 1th haidsou said, Illinois had in-
sons present and 110 tickets sold .Mr. .
While at Hock Point sold 38 tickets.
and we learn that all enjoyed them
selves in a very pleasant iciinion. The
party at Veil Simla' Hull, in lliisj
place, gave entire satisfaction. Tlie
iinisiu by the Jacksonville siring band
was the best wo have hemd for ninny
a day,
Tk.vxskkii. Miiliclit Jhiughman has
sold a six-eights interest in his rieh
quarts lead situated on Lightning
Uuleh, a tributary of Canyon creek, til
Josephine county, to a gentleman from
San I'YaucUeo for a consideration of
61,000 down, nnd a stipulation on the
pirt ot tho purchaser that he will,
without delay, place iiiachicliiiicry on
tha lead ami work it. Mr. liaugh
man's interckt, by agreement, is unas
sessable. Had Roai), Across two depn cuts,
at tho Hockyfcllovv diggings, on tjie
road to Ashland, nro two exctifes for
hiidgee, which sometime will break
down nnd kill op erlpplo tho unlucky
team that may bp on tlicw the time.
T K B O It A I II 1 C.
Proceedings of Democratic Conven-
tioii, on "
. ...i.. .i
Alter tiiiojHioii to piuuorm, iou v,un
vciithiu proceeded to receive nouiinii
tiinis. Counecticul Humiliated Gov.
oi; Cliureh, III; I'-ngli-h, IU; Uoolit-
tie, H' Hancock, :injf Parker, 1.1;
',,,'k,,r: m ,T,,V l,i,l"1'1' wiim waltvr-
hie;, heveral other ballots were then
jjjjj. sixlh 1mio1 ,,,. Kll H,I(
0. Hancock, ; Pemlleloii, I 2- ; Pur-
ker, l:t; Church, JW; Packer, 27; John-
' sou, 21 ; Doolittle, IB; llemlricks, fill;
lllair, 6. Con vein inn adjourned till
10 o clock tomorrow.
NKvv Yoiik, 8th.
The Convention met at 10 a. m.
The Hall was Illicit in every part, No
prayer wits offcicil. Alter the exeen
live Committie was imuoiiuceil, Fitch
ol Indiana made a short speech. He
kitllil I 1(11 lltllitlPPlt lllll lit! it t lltitll (I full.
Unliable time lor Pendleton, thotitrh a
Die roll was then called.
On the seventh ballot, Mississippi and
ilia went solid lor Hancock iiuiid L'teat
cheeis. This ballot stood: Pemlleloii,
1211.1; Hancock, "llj; llendiieks, 82. ;
Pucker, .Johnson ami Dooliltle each fe-
! , .,,,, i,1 il,.. ktniiit tut,, flu ft.,, litil.
ballot Arkansas changed liom I'eudle
lon to Hancock. Geoila gave six ami
a hall lor Hancock. Louisiana mid
.Mississippi letl Pendleton mid voted
solid for Hancock. Tho icsult wns:
Hancock, I ID ; Pendleton, 117.; Hen
dricks, 70.1. Several delegates icliied
lor consultation. On l"lh ballot Ala
bama changed liom Pendleton to 1 1 tin
cock. The vote then stood, Hancock
l.'I'Jl, Pendleton 70, II tricks 70.
Tildcn, ot New .York, said, a careful
eousiilliilioii between the delegates was
now important. He theieloie moved
lo adjourn, Yalmiilighain seconded
the motion, which was voted down,
mm ine iimii naiioi was taken, vv hen
Illinois was called, Itichanlsoii said the
delegation had instructed him to vote
as a unit. He theictoio would give
the entile vote lor llemlricks. One ol
I he delegates piotesled, and wauled
his vote recorded tor Pendleton. An
other wauled to vole for Andrew Joliu
soii A gieal sensation ensued, but the
Chair proceuled to announce (lie vole.
Iluucouk 14 1 J, Pendleton 3(1 j, Pmker
IlJ.Jolnisoii 1, Dooliltle A, Hendricks
87, Hoffman I). Delegates insisted on
the point that each delegate had
the right to vole imlividtinllv
ami olfeied a icsoltttiou to iha't
effect, which was ruled out of or
der by the chair, because il was iu
contravention ol the rule The tide
adopted at the Chailestou Convention
vvus leail. leeoL'lilZIHL' Ibi-riL' lit ol eneli
"iruclcd delegation to vote as a unit;
also to vole lor 1 eiiillclou 1 bey had
derided now to vole lor another eamli
dale. He deemed it his dutv.to cast
t he entile vote oldele-Mtion, Here I here
vvasjueei.eofpeatioulush.u. Adjouri..
ment was moved mid cmried.
Nt:w Yoiik, Oth.
Pendleton withdrawn. 10th Hal.
lot, Hendricks, 107; Hancock, 13.;
Field. 16; Sevinour, ol Connecticut, 0:
lllair, 13. '
Chtcago (Illi. Massnchuselts went
for Seymour on 21st ballot, Ohio again
iininiuittcd II. Seymour, wjio again t
ellned The ilecliiiation was not accep
ted, Several Slates chaugid their
votes lur Seymour, who was nomina
ted on the 2'Jd ballot with great enthu
siasm. Frank lllair of Missouri wns nomina
ted for Vice Picshlcut, and tho Con
vcutiiui adjoin md.
Syracuse, N. y oth. The Hepuhli.
win o i ii 1 1' v-ooveiiiion uoiiiiuiiteil John
ate lor the long, nniT John Harris for
the short term. A Hill has been u
ported from the Military Committee to
icaucc the ar0iy 9U0
A. urisvvolil, over Honieo Grcely for
Cov eriior.niid Stewart Woodward over
ft. II. Cornell for Lieut. Governor.
J he I.oiiisiiina LejjiHlutuie hav e elec
ted m. Pin KellouLMo tlu.ll. K ......
Wnalilnrrf ntt Jiilo af. c?
' ' " " ' "'. " " ' oicveiiR ns
nintter of prirHcgc, presented n resolu
tion proposing appoint incut of ,a com
mlttee to report Articled ot Impeach
ment. First Artielo charges the Prc,i.
dent with abuse of government patron
age 2d, with usurpation of power in
establishing provisional government
3d, with attempting to bribe the Col.
orado Senators, with appointing deser.
tors to oflh o who could not tike th
test oath, restoration of forfeited prop,
erty, and with belling orullowlngtobo .
sold, pardons.
Till- oiM Mo'l of l.D.s .n.) JuJjm.nl hurt tilrlifd t.
1'I.AM'ATION lllTTKttn.
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Oluutiilor, !., AukuiI 1, 14. p. Stiir.
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