Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, May 30, 1868, Image 1

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opposite mn
Odd Fellow's Hall,
M tt (' -
JncltsonTlllc, Oregon.
Travelers and resident boarder will lino
. Placed In first class order, and la svory
TVsy superior to any In tbls section, antf
i . . surpassed by any In tho State
And a plentiful supply of the best of every
, tiling tlic market affords will be ob
tvr ! tolncd for
No troubled will 1)0 spared to descrvo the pat
oosffo of tho traveling as well as the perma
nent community.
-Jacksonville, March 31, 18CC. If
-x ,
1 stoXoMdS6nl5Tncrttrn-IoirJiM-Ia-
CcMlr .V-CoHtn.- Mrr-Oostcrfo
having withdrawn, P. I). Coffin will continue
the business, and can bo found at his slop,
' Ceraer or C and ThrisI Streets,
prrpared to do work in a workmanlike manner
and ul.nasonablo rates.
Jaoksonvllle, Oct. lfl, 18fi7. octllHf
.K.Cir. CM.AOsjn.il Is. JUoit lll, O.
" "ANn ni'i mn nnsT i mn muiket,
At wholesale or retail.
sKiirlnrviiii rnrturnf Orcjron slid Main His..
Iiv tin (Idil IVIInu's Hull, mid opposite tin
1 riiiii'-.iii' rlmii Itcntutiriuit.
. Jwckr-ouvlllr. Xnv. suili. I ki.7. nu Bw
A"T.i"'tiiosi: iKitKiirmi to va ahk
licnlty notltlttl to come forwiinl and piy
Hii.b.llir llrsl t).iy r Juiuiiiry nwiiiiiK, w II
will rvr:utnl bu lit Iklr lull ri'M IiiiI.iho.iu we
miiihiWiIii buslne willioul iimm) to mtyt our
umi liabilities: nml fiirtliwinorv, tlnmli'S it
rof ibe hrst liilinrt or nil ci.nmneil. wi lme
.luU-imltiriltmsliiltlli.il a Uriel cash basis in
linsliifM iiitiT tlio llrst iluy id Jiuinary. 1808,
nnd'wlll not depart Irnm It.
JiicUonllli Ir. lfllli. 160". ilie'Jltf
ii BiLufciw., asm) otiikbs who uisuti:
lJMInw.wlll tlnd R coiiMmit supply, ollhc
l.calnmllty,luiiu.nlllle to Hilt, nt my shop
uu MiUMtrwt.Jilwwn Orcsou and Third, nn
nvilto.UullBr & ltii'iilnmiV stoic. In royal
tciicr. Mr. AU Murlln will vtuil upon custom-
Stone Mnao.it Work
,liVu on'ti-riiH lit suit tlio times. Orders from
' Jacksonville, April 'id, 1SI""-
- Kolice To Tax-P)crs.
V " Omi's Cm.. IvrrBNAi. . )r,v
rnint iq iiimii'IiV niVKN THAT THh
INI ..'.... 'i ur Taui for the
year IbUH, consisting ut Special Wes. (Llceiu
tcs), Income Taxes. Dulles on Watches, Ur-rlot-es,
etc., has been returned to roe for collcc
' AH &.iaer residing iu Jackson and Je
phlne couutlcs, uro hereby notified that James
M. Sutton, Dep'ty Ool., will bo ut
JacksojiTllJe from tbe 10th day
C"Jar t the 13tk of JTHite,
180MO rcoelvc apd receipt for laws, In Jack
tlcpiintyi d will bo at
Keruyville on tbe 15th,
1 'At Urlt.'6' oh tbe iuiis,
aud at
Waldo en the 17tb.
1 1
UulesH payment Is made at tho tlmo specified,
costs and penalties will be added, in tbe roan
nor prescribed gtJAWF0IlD CoUeotor.
v)tay Idb, 1868. ?B
"iKOTICEf navlng disposed of our Fac
twy..we air now prepared to jrlve our whole
littw Ion to our Leather and Finding busincw.
QBrband.,. direct from I ranee, Can Kip,
p(esUftX.eathor, Boot Legs, etc.
t.,., i. iinv it,. Vairk. I John Biur,
.-o'Now York. I Paris, Ban Francisco,
UlAddrss, HEIN BKAY, iSUn Francisco.
tl ' 416 Battery Street,
H .' t
rrto affoixxs.clx-yxics..
e C,uaiUiUn(l and tobls" COAL sod VIO JBON
V, , , 1,000 "oasp
H u
1 1
Peter Britt,
Photographic Artist,
Cartes de Visit
Pictures Reduced
Physician & Surgeon,
Offlco at his residence, In tho Old Orcrbeck
Hospital, on Oregon Street.
. i i i - i
OFFICE-Corner of California and Fifth
Streets, Jacksonville, Ogn.
He will practice In Jackson and adjacent
counties, and attend promptly to professional
calls. fcb2tf
In tho Ovcrbock Hospital,
r. ghuiii:, m. i.,
OFFICE removed to Oregon Street, near
ly opposite the French Restaurant.
JmkMiiitllU'. Hie. I st. IMiT. dcciljr
1)11. MijVIS tlANl'NC,
T1TII.I. nlliiul lii nnv who lur
if in any wl0 may rciulrc hl
VV ..,rilf.. Ufflce uillnlllliu: N.
nine .. l. anj;ei
...,. t.. t?
inn, on norm mio uuuiuniin rimi,
Jncksniullle. "z"
t Tlii ilollcloiK lunmli lillltrs ar rnilrrlr
Vrt'Ctntlt, iil frw frumsUvliul slid cry liurt-
TRY. "1 DH
THEM!. r SELF! .
rfut luirrMliriil. A vUsunt loWe. ana nw
V' "Ti.Cj.i..i. t'.. i.irktl l Ooc.lnl with
!""" "."-...... ......H.lvVI.Ul. r. .nidlf
arrt 1. "rta. ate abmiribly S.nt. a to rty cur. of)
all sffccUou. of lli Moron-U. Klunj s,I J f r snd J
Tlio !! I'niitltrvf Hi llloudl
A ncMl Tuuic
A ivy AiirsW Dilukl
Uu.unnuM fcr lf"S lursl tmt sntly "
th Mrellons of llw KWu., UiU,
for Ml al all wliutmat and ratal! lliuor,
I Ami aad gnKry atataa.
t ii y
lWjr apjKi.
413, Clay St. Sa Frawl-o,
I. O. G. T.
. ...it. t rf.v Vfl 1 T O.fi.T.. I10I.D3
A Its regular mc'ctlnRs on Tuesday evening
oTesib weBek, t the pfilr lei iBehool llou M
JackMOVJlic.i.vuu.:Vw.. -..,---"
DKOREE JiKr-i inuo iuo '"VITu,nnhlNATE
month. ofK-r adjournment or bUBORDINAlb
"uLbers of tbe.OrsJes injgopdjtajdlng
n nn . s?AAT i
JKm 8th, 16C8. felS tf
Wturre Lodgp K, 10r A. F. A. M
jv HOLD their regular communications
on the WcdneAaj Ercnfow or preced-
AA 1P5 b r rooq'JniCHiM' Wsl
eaov. A MABT'Ni "' "'
0. W, 8,AVAa, eeo'f
The Best Remedy for Purifying
tbe Blood, Strengthening the Nerves, Bestoripg
the Lost Appetite, is
i.'i.ii. tu.l nrou funllcfl 'airatnsfal most any
ilcknees, If used timely. ,qompoed ol herbs
only, U oan ue given jaieiv w mm. 5"" v
,A..iinm in Rnffilnb. French. rWisn and Ger
Low U AM1I'. i "1 " V lM'
man, wltbcrery package. TRY IT I
For sale at all tho wholesale and rcUII drug
stores and groceries.
KMIL VRKSE,1 Wholesale Druggist
Sole Ag0t,41O Clay street,
juyllyl 8n rmwlfo-
Every Saturday Morning br
for one year, In advance, fonr dollars If
noi paid wiuun inc nrsi six months or me year,
five dollars ; If not paU until the expiration
of the year, six dollars,
One square (10 lines or 1cm), first Insertion,
three dollars ; each subsequent Insertion, otto,
dollar. A discount of fifty per cent, wilt ta
made to those who advertise by tho year.
Legal Tenders received ai currint rale.
Snow Sonic.
fr-"ire Gathir ShtfU."
Ono wintry day with careful foot,
I wandered o or thosllppery way (
Tho snow, In balls beneath my boot,
Made It a task upright to stay.
And so I waddled In my walk,
I jostled every onn I met j
Fo lliat some, In familiar talk,
rtemarked, " Ho's very light, you bet I
Remarked, " He's very light, you bet.1'
I stoopd and stood upon ono leg,
Willi cane to clear my n
hampered, tread ;
But o I Hooped a Ixiy did " pec
AnM1ip snnw lin.lt lit tnv head.
And thus I said, as down my neck I felt
Tim melted snow ball run,
" Wo gather balls, and llltla reck
Where'rc they po or whenco Ihcy come.
Where're they ro or whenco they come."
Ilysun of tlio Mnrsclllaltc.
The Mnr'eilhiNo was inspired Is'
genius, jvtiiotiMii, youth, beauty nnl
ehainp.igno. Itouget do 1-islo was ai
ofllrer of the gairison at Strasbuif,
.ml n iiniivi. nf Mount. .Turn. lie wis
nn unknown poet and composer. Ws I
had a iieasant fiiend, named lictris
wlioo who nun naugiiier were up "-V
... . i Y i .1... ...tin. i tkn.
e 1 I ..l.alllltk.. . . . . .. aais
critics nun nuiiiirers oi inuru-"-- i-
IVO tllO COIiniUW Ml I. rw......
lieaiC; I Mill linvo ono liottlo lelt in
the collar in nig 11, my uiiugmur, nun
let in drink to liberty mid our conn-
The young gill brought tho bottle;
it u-nsHoii oxhniteil. and DoI.iMo
went Ktaggeiing to bed; ho could not
hlcepfor tho cold, but his heait was
wa.m and 11,11 ol the beating of gen.ni
mil iiatiioliHiu
Ho toik a small clnv
iconl and
to compose "O'ln
woimii iiiriieii -an-, . "IJ ; " rj ,
then biin.1 forth into a cry of cutl iim ,
pale, then they wept,
into a cry of outline
num. Jt was
the soiil' of tho natioi
nml nf tnrrnf.
Two months afterwards, Dietrldc
wont to tho scallbld listeninjf to tlo
self-Mimo music,
couiPObcd under lis
the inspiration of its
own root, aim uy
lastbottlool wine. Iho people satg
it everywhere It Hew Irom city .0
city, to every publiq prchestra, Mw
seillcs wloptcd tlfp song atthpopcniig
n.l .nkn nf its clllbs llCIICO tlO
inline, "Hymn of tho .Marseillaise;"
thcii it sped all over France. Thoy
sang it in their houses, iu publio as
semblies, and in tlio stormy street con
vocation. Del.islo's mother heard it
and said to her son: "What is this
revolutionary hymn, sung by bands of
brigands, ami with which your name
is mingled -f" Dehislo hcaid it and
shuddeied as it i-otmded through tho
streets of Pails, rung from tho Alphio
passes, while lie, a loyalist, fled from
the infuriated people, frenzied by his
i,., ..v.' -- - -
own words. Franco was a great am
uu v.o. ....-- , i 1 1
phitheatro of anarchy and blood, nipl
l)r.!lo'fl gonir wns tho battle cry.
There 14 no national air that will
compare with tho Marsellniso 111 suo-
limity and power; it embraces tlio sou
cadences lull of the peasants "".
. .. . ia...aM ii slli'nr mill
aim tno sionuy ciuugui . ;
.i 1....1 wlinit nn empire JS over
thrown, it endears tlip memory of Ihpf
j 1 ' ,- ..... .ml tnnkff, tllO
VlllU-urvBBi;i o iu..om - .--.,
Ficnchman, in his exile, cry, "La belle
1.. ii TAtinl nf tbo torch, and
"""'' .""tiTrir.j :..i.:i.i.v'n.i
Bword nn'g?l0l"":"',f,T1"" : Tn
J. itoinn tr. u auiif hV n compaiy pf
Vf .in.w. r , r - , , .
exile or oxecutetii oy "u '"'
clans, without feeling that it is tlio pi-
broach pf battle, aipl .var,
Tiik DiKFEiiEKfK. Tlicye nrp l,iP3
fionvicts iu tlio Illinois oiare s:iiy 1
coiivicib,.. si -. ;.":- ',-
tiary. lliat mBtiiuon "".
ctV song. Ono night he wcntsiipptr t0 ,,lrnrVf j0wocr, its slavery op
with his fiicndV fntnilv, " tlioy liml .,01j,j0l, to cu0 (,)0rj ,s i;mv N,(l,.
only coai so broad ami ',CI! ol , ,1"' 'lug iieiHcciition and opposition to tho
Diet rick, looking soirowfully nt lie- f,,,.,,,',,,, H hitter opposition to freo
UMc, said: " 1'lonty is not our foa-t, h(.OUN ,01. ul0 i,orcr ilH ced at
i.ut liavo tho coiinige ol a Mimiers ..... o foivo slavorv inioii Kansas
....... il u.i.i ..- oiinnnuiwi
somcuine uiu viiiu i"- Vii"inia iilong the ImiiKkoI tlio iliick-
(IrM sometimes tho nir. Diicctly he , e n,,.,,,,,,,,, thu .lames
loll iihleop over tho instrument, and , Aptiomaltox; Its sae.ed dust
waking nt daylight, wrote down what t,;B,0I,M ,y Gaines' .Mill, by
he had conceived in tho delirium o "a . tjroftou, along the
illlll PilllU inn miuuuvhum. ... -I "" I..I !..... nml n I inl I VHlllll
ii 't t Tun in
(From tli VairalTllV Mswin(fr
Naturalized Citincnn,
It is an iiuljfttmtnMp nnd uuaccotmt
nblo fnct that n Inrac umioritv oi for-
( clgn born citizens habitually ro'towith
' tlio Cpjijcrhca'l .party, ignoring tlio
I fact that in so doing tlioy nro lending
uiuir niu 10 viuviuc iu jiosuiou iiiobo
who ha,vq ever been opposed to their
interests, nnd tho interests of frco labor
those whoso boIo aim hat been and, Is
to keep tho foreign born citizen whera
ids voto ran be controlled and mado
subservient to their sclfisli qd4
Tito chicfend nnd nim oCninc-tenths
of Uioeo bont on foreign soil, who seek
this country, is to find a homo, whqro
tlioy may by tlielr own freo ni)d well
paid labor1, gain a position nnd nu hit
pottanco as frcb men among men, wliicii
tlioy had longed for but were unablo
to attain in thoir native land. Tlio
cmigraut lands upon our' Micros and
what does ho find? Ho finds (or might
ltavo found a few years since, nnd it is
practically tho samo now n, far ho is
coucorncd) tlint tlio opposition of the
Cnppcthcnd pally to lieo labor has
practically closed to him all tho south
ern portion ol tho country. Upon tlio
poitals of oinc fifteen laiga States, ex
clusively controlled by tho Democratic
patty, ho finds pouted tlio wanting "no
lieo labor wanted or ttllotcal hero I"
Where he could soonest gain a compe
tence tho Democratic party foibids nix
going, unless ho will saeriiico all tho
attributes of manhood and Aecdom
which ho covets. Of tint millions ol
ncics of laud lying idlu there, not an
aero was tor nun, because no wnsntico
litljoriiKj man, and tho terms woio
I " such nono need apply." Let tho for
icign born citizen ask himsell what tho
Copperhead parly lias over doiib for
him that ho should give it such ii hear
ty suppoit; in what manner linsitcvcr
sought to olotnto him in tlio social
sciiK1, or encourage him in his dibits to
liceoiuc nu cuiiLriiieiiuu uhi'lii i
whore in its record can it point to any
tliinir it Iiiih done to entitle it to hi
; fiiumlly cousUIeiation eenr liiero
I. . ... ... r.
n noiiiiinr ntiso titoiv iioiiunir. wn
,,,, to ll
,() ,10 t,xe),lsi 0 tliu cmigiiint its
in,sro lc,,or,i fity years is lint a IHh
o( y,, Ojtf0iitloii to fioo Inboi
mil freo emigr.itioii.
Tut: N'uw York Ti'lmnc m tho fol
, . ' ni ,'
h I ,cf
S,;.'";,,, X
nml touching words
iconic of tho 60,000
majority which .miw irn put- n
make A'iiiia ham I.i.m'oun liviulcnt:
Its blood fertilizes tlio liungiy foil ol
a i
Uood-soaked Wildeincis where our
.. xvadswoilli travo his life to his
countrv, nnd along tho deadly lines or
Cold llnrbor where Porter fell nt tho
head of his men. 1'ioui tho spot by
tho Potomac whoro Kllsworth mwin
massaorcd to that far Louisiana end
nunco where I.uwis lieuodiut met his
fato, tho iiiuii whoso votes decided that
this should bo tho land not of Slavery
but of Freedom died iu making good
ilinf. vnnlict. until 13.780 wasall tlio ma
jority lea us iu 1800, after our soldiers
had coiiiolioino to enjoy tlio peneo tlioy
had wiought. And that is just about
tho measure of our actual juniority to
day, after offsetting tlio monstrous
frauds iu naturalization and in. voting
whereby wo uro inevitably swindled
iu thh city,
Tub Spiiit pt DuMonurny-1 he
truo spirit of uiironquorcil rpbels crops
out iu tho following extract wblcb wo
tako fronua California Dciiocratio ox
change, Hear w hat it has to say about
Hill l'll"('l'l"t, i'"tf.;" -T-... ,-..
tlon nt'oiticagp; Tho cditpr 119 doubt
i,t(inu to tliu Wilkes liooth family:
JSulItl a wj(rvimi. In no other
, outside of hell would such a mob
e(1g bp ,,CflI,el (q congrogato to
conopcltliordninnalosqlicmes, Hujld
' E . -ir. t . ....Ajl.
a w L'wam 011 ao owihiwv "i(n
tr A(t( JstncoiH mm trie cmwn jrii,
protJvce qnothcr John Wtlket Jtooli
ulft (c at)i))(r lyriinnUJ' in nccor
ilnncfl with tho La Crosso Jhmomit,
TOVT-- ; , di .....,. .,;
and tho m'an Is cyoi now icndy for tho
Tub telegraph
informs lis that tho
Democrallo Governor
ol t;alornin
prcsmeu yuHicruiiy rv"'""w
1)or, in Spn Franeisco. Of epijrso a.11
tlio pemocratio celebrities were pros-
ii i--.l n Pltifinun lln-
Chincso din
'. ' .. ' . Ii. 11 ...l.!l
wifai is nut uu"j t,wniiH
wncn tinj cnampjons oi mu imu
man's iroVernincnt " will thus put
1 .imMivM on nn "efiualitv" with a
1 ,-"". f0(rftded. rice-eatlhir China-
NO. 10
t tt
Female Friendship.
It is a wonderful advantngo to a man,
,!n every pursuit or nVocat!on,tosceur.q
an adviser in a sonsibio w6man. In
woman thcro is at ouco a subtlo deli-
cacy of tact, a plain soiiudnoisof iitdrr-.
ment, whch nro rarely' cpiubined to nn,
etpini iiegreo 111 man, a woman, ttjiio
boivnlly your fiiend, will hnvo n sfcn
sitivc regard for your oharncter, of hon
or ami repute. Sim will sold 0111 coun
sel you to do a shabby notion, for a.
woman fiiend desires to bo prqud of
you. At tho samp Umo bor constitu
tional timidity makes hqr moro cau
tious than your inalo friend, blip thorc
foro seldom counsels you to do nu. Inn
prudent thinir. lly fcninlo frieptbhiu
1 mean piiroiiienusinii tnosoiu wnicn
thcro is no admixture of tho. passion
oi love, except it; thu married ntntc.)
A man's femalo friend it a wifooj good
sense ami good hentt whom hn loves,
nnd who loves him. If ho hnvo that
ho nood not seek clsowhorc. liut 'sup
pooing n man to bp Withuul such a
helpmate, femalo fiicpilshiji lie mitsl
still have, or his intellect will bo with
out a ant-den, nml there will bo many
nu unheeded gap oven in its strongest
teiice. Hotter and snier, ol course nro
such friendships where disparities of
circumstance put tbo idea of lovo out
of tho question. Middle, life lint rare
ly this advantage, but youth and old
ago have. Wo may lias c female friend
ship with tlioso much younger and
those much older than oiirsclvcH. 3lol
liers old housekeeper was n gieat help
to his genius; mid loutnigiio's philos
phy takes both gentler and loftier char
acter nf wisdom from tho date in which
ho finds in .Mntio 1)d d'oiirnay, nu
adopted daiighlei, "certainly beloved
hy me," says tho Horace of essayist,
'1th moio than jiateiiml love, and in
vohett In my sollliido of retiromcni as
ono of the Wit pails of my being."
Female friendship is, indeed, to n man
tlio bulwnik, sweetener, ornament of
his eitencc. To his mental culture
it is lnwtluablo; without It all liW
kuowledgo ol books will never givo
liiui kuowledgo of tho world. Lytton.
Dknohinationai. Oxiis,--A gentle
man Inn cling in Toaiis mot on tho
load a w agon drawn by four oxon
driven by a countryman, who, in addi
tion to tint skillful flourish nnd crack
of tho whip, was vociferously encour
aging hnrH-s after this fashion:
"HawPnsbyleriaiil" "tico llnptlst!"
"W0.1I1 Kiilscopalonn I" " Get up Meth
odistl" Tlio trneler stopped tho dii
vor, remnikiiig to him that ho had
strange names for his oxon, nnd would
liku to know why ho thus called them.
H.iid tho tlnvcr: I call tins ox rresny-
teriau because ho im true hhio and novor
falls, pulls through nil difficulties and
holds out to thu olid; besides ho knows
more than all tho test. J call this Hap
tlst, becauso ho is always nfter water
and coins as though he'd never drink
enough; then again ho won't eat witli
tlio oiners. 1 can mis ox r.piscnpiiii"
n. because ho has a mighty way of
nlilliii his head up. nnd if tho yokes
get n little too tiglit, ho tries to kick
and draw clear out the track. 1 call
this ox Methodist, becauso ho puffs
and blows nnd bellows as liu goes
along, and you'd think ho wrts pulling
nil creation, but lip don't pull a pound,
unless you continually stir I1I111 up.
Mitryavllle Apptul.
Tint Hkm- Yi:at in nu: Wouuv
Boll n pint bowlful ol hops in two gal
lons of water, strain and add a teacup
full of flour, ono ol sugar, a teaspoon
full of salt. No yeast is miiilrvd to
raise it. Let it staiul lor tlirco nays iu
n warm place, and H will then begin to
foam. Then lioil threo pounds 01 po
fntnnx itinhli fliio. mid add thoill to t
yeast, and stir llo wholo well tegofe
or ; then put it into a Jug and cork light
aud set in a cool place. It should bo
mado at jcasi iwq weeks neioip usepig.
nnd It will kepp good any lopgtli of
time, nnd grow better all tip wjillo,
small tenotipfull is sulllclent for six
loaves of bread, Wlipn this nJ gonp
make ;i now jye M i tbo same vay.
and keep cbrked tight, and you need
npver go fp bakers' or brewers' for
veast. Slnco wrltlnir tlio nbovo, my
wifo opened a largo bottle full of this
viMist that had been sealed and put in
llio ceuur lor niuru iin I '
tho usual nunntity risvl nor bread
splpnldly, Jlruf Nm 1 ofr.
In tiik Kaii." A farmer who had
omployod a g'ren Kmealder, ordered
him to Ky tbp nmlo somo corn in tho
ear. On his coming in, tlio fanner
"Well, Miko, did you givo tho nmlo
tho corn V"
"To bo sure I did."
"How did you givo M"
As Vp told 1110. In tho ar."
"How much did you givo 7"
VWelh you soo tho old crathcr wouldn't
hold still nnd kept switching his oars
shout so cpijldu't ml llt ftbout a
liflinui ,.. ww r -i
Fijiit, Dried apples and
Portland CerrtinerfdeHce.
1'ortlanp, Mat 20th.
hPiTonSKNn5r.f.: I send you a few
items which may prove of somo inter
est to your renders. Tho litmht of
tlio 17th hist., published a slandcrotn
charge against B. J McCormic, the
Itcpublicnn candidate for County Trcas
uror, stating that, a certain amount oH
money (U. S. coin) lind been placed in Jiis
charge by tho Church of wliioh ho in a
member, for safe kceninir. and had
paid oVor U10 saincj-yhn' callor) pf.lif
grtonbheks. Tho" nhoVo was 'contra
dicted in this mornings Ortgoniam
"Kditor of tho Jftrald. I hcrby pro
nounco tho chnrgo mado against S. J.
MoConuiok; in tli'd Jeratd otlhe 17th,
relative to his having paid tho Church
any pjonoyln gtanbaeWnHtrnc.Mr.
MeCormick nover was tho custodian of
any money belonging to tho Church;
novor lost any money through, or by
any action of 8. J. MeCormick. The
chnrgo is entirely Jalse. ri
Ahciniikiior "ni,ANcrtET."
Hcriah lirown tcfuscd fo publish the
nbovo canh '
Our qity was in a groat excitement
this morning. TUcn wife seen na'rryf
ing from nll.dtrcctions;. draymen run
ning their horses towards the Jnrald
ofllcd, the mora oxcitod ones shoHtinv
flrOnOthoniA fight; tho latter-'pro vod
domot. 8. .VMoComilo 'had called'
'oifDdriah Jl., caught him by the coltsr
as no wns ascending 1110 stair, ana
gnvo him soma striking illustrations in
the rear with his heavy boots, "drawing
blood which was black," sofcaid McCer
mick, whoMiuincdiatoly called on the
Itecordcr aud paid his fine, s)3&, bsfere
n ohargo was mado out ngabist.hiM.
It is reported this aftornoon that Me
Cormiclc tins coinincnced suit against
Uoriah lirown on account of tho article
of slander, placing tho damages at
Multnomah county expects to do her
duty, Juno 1st. Every man will stand
nt his post, Wo hnvo a good ticket
and expect to elect our candidates.
(Irom lli San Ir.wUpi Jtlalnf aad SctsntlA fraaa.
Zlno to Improve tire rtetlea sf
It seems not to ho generally known
thnt 7ino nnd tiuipksTivsr about one
ounce or loss, to ten, pounds of quick
silver InercaRO tho retentive efllciencT
oi the ipiieksllvcr for gold and silver
to a remarkable degru.. This may be
attributed to tho rough and barbed
edges peculinr to the fracture of cast
nrscml-tluidziuc; similar to tho stato
In w hleh it appears iu tho amalgam.
Somo similar nctioti Is effected by
sodium nmnlgnm, by tho use oi gritty
silver for amalgamation of battery
nprons. and finally by tho uso of amal
gam, rich in gold, iu nrastrn, batteries
aud pans. In olt,hcr enso tho effect is
superior to that of plain quicksilver,
tlio suifiico of which by its smoothness,
oilers less resistance. Zinc, of all met
ats, exhibits tho strongest inclination
to this peculiar barb-like crystallization.
Kven In tho melted condition, tho pas
sago between tho particles is not smooth,
but rather, ns it were, bristled with In
numerable barbed hooks, which grap
ple tho gold and silver, instantly tak
ing it up Irom nuy siibstnnco jinssing
tliiopgh it; mid to this peculiarity may
bo traced tho extraordinary rotontiyo
faculty of tho molted rine, for gold and
silver, far surpassing that of any other
substance iu distance. Mlllmcn will
find it of gieat ndvanatago to use slno
with their quicksilver. The uso oi it
iu this manner is not patented, but has.
been employed in Mexican mines, and
is therefore freo to ull. It requires on
ly to bo known to bo uppiecialod. One
dollars' woith ol zlno saves pounds of
croid nud silver.
It fchpuld bo remarked that it dose
not Injuriously nller.t tho bullion, for.
iu molting this into bars the zlno ia
volatilired. H. iVIIkuukusk.
Hau Francisco, May 7th, 1808.
- a
Tin: Knrroii-iN-CiiiKi' Takks a JIen
Efir, On Bunday last tho Portland
llerahl published a foul lip ip rela
tion to Mr. S. J. MeCormick, to tho eff
ect that )io had borrowed money be
longing to tho Cathollo Church nnd re
paid it in greenbacks, lllshop Mian
qhet ut ouco mado out n contradiction
aiul hunt to the, JlnraUl, which refused
to print it, or muko tmy oxplonalioa.
Tho Uibhop's card was published in
tho Orciviiiuit. after which Mr. Mo
Coriiilo wont niter lleriah llrpwn asd
gave him a thivsliiug. From tho re
marks of tho OrtgpnUm it is inferred
thattJiocitUonsof Portland coustder
thnt Mr, MuUoiuuck ant right,
lionah puts up a wolully pitiful Up.
about it. gie? thp physical dlmonslowt,
of his aiiversnry, togothcr with his own.
ago and corporeal 1111 rupiy. anw do
haves nltOKothur contemptibly; Th
foul-tongiiod old kna.vo, hrts tfoserved
that a long timo, nnd pcrhaM will kceny
a civil tonguo u h hoad; in tho fu
ture. evi ion W,
KMimiATiON. 'le travel to aad1
from Orogpn has aommonced, aud emi
grant teams pass our offlco daily. Tfce
OregoniaiiB ure probably leaving he
nnitn thoir countrv is too wet. and the
L'alilornlaiis from below are golag
N01 tli on account o tboir sectiees Be
ing too dry. Anything for content'
tncnt. filch is life. Yrtf nuk
In Germilp the moon is inaseitlsae,
tho sun feminine, and a maidea kcuter
geiidqr. Will nop, somo gr4u4SB.au1 aue
ionary voluntcor to refprn the Us
gua'go ovor tho jhlnoi
lkueflts, like liowers, please ouljs
when fresh.
In Slyw and Aftout, fur 1 br
f H11'
J. 11. DOYX.E,
8 1
i!3 awl 415 I'aclfio 81, Bin iraucljco.
port them.