Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, May 23, 1868, Image 2

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UIlflflKS a. GH.AVT,
or tni crm mtu.
"WiU na, tboo. good tad filthfol tarrant." Tbt to
pi ba-t"lwnl for ptrtot pnuhbmtnl for trkrlort.
D..M..C.QAULT, - -
Saturday Moitxixa, "Slay 23, 1808.
Union State Ticket.
Fon' Congress :
4 Of Xtltatvak Comity.
Fon PrksiwextiAi. Electors :
Of Jacksox Gouty.
Or Waihiagtos Oowaty,
CH Pmi Camaty.
Jukwa CewtyLegialaUTe Tick
et. J. C. TOLMAX,
.4.JMrliiaeCHHtr Ticket.
For State Senator:
, For Assemblyman :
. For Couutv Commissioners :
. For Sheriff: .
"""For Clerk:
For County Trensurcr:
' For Supt. Common Schools:
.. For Assessor:
For Coroner:
Tiix trial ol John II. Surratt is con-
tinued to the June term.
Tiir. State Fenian Convention met
nt Louisville on tho 16th, General
O'Neil Fresident. The brotljerhood
made a stirring address.
uv c,uVv ir Mr T T 1 mi. i "eeii so oacuv couuucieu mat u is me warning uiui eouuuci uiiiimmi hi ii man-
i. LANTfeLi, U. Jlr. J. l. wu , dreftd of ojr bkk nnd n d,b nt.r Wcointii-- tliu Chief .Magistrate ol
den, who Is on the so-called Democrat- gracc t a dvjjiswl commuuity ; and if ' a great people. While the trial has
io ticket for the Legislature, declared people pay a tax for its support, they been progressing, the woik or Recoil
at Ashland that tho charge against have a right to demand that it be ox"-1 struetion has been going on at the
hi in. of beiuir a Kuow-Notliiuc will
give him fifty more votes. We can't
i,iiu mm n; w
bee it m that light, nor can the natu-
rulizcd citizens of this county either,
Who tried to force negroes into tho
schools in Portland to sit with the
wh'Ma? Hon. Dave Logan. JM
Co. Siffnak
Who laced uegrOes on the face of Grant nmt Colfax,
the earth to contaminate the air that ( - iuublicau National Couven
some piejudiccd and narrow-miuded . tjon Jnct 011 tie 20lj,f ,mj 0I1 lll0 2lBt
white men thmk is to bo breathed : n0IU;,mted U. S. Grant aud Schuyler
alone by themselves? A G renter thnn f Co-fax jor prc8-Mient nnd Tice Prcsi-
the Hon. Dave Logan.
At the demonstration on Saturday
evening, Mr. Loudeu raised his voice
to a tremendous nitch. and tumniuir up
nni? rinn-n frnntirflllv. like a "lUinninL'
jack." exclaimed: uTm a hor amid the stormy clash of the forum and
nc ' . ,, 7'"'v . , . found true, when questions dear to all
The Indications are that tho people of, wLo Btrng0 ngainf( ti,0 chains of ty-
Jackson County dpu't want any . muts vital to all who prize or pine
' equine" representation in tho Legls-; for freedom, wero trembling in tho bal
lature, ond will scud a man to Salem r.ncc, nrc to be our standard bearers.
. j c .1 i r i .i i j- No eartliiv power can stav their elec-
nuu-ad of this wonderful Kob. that 13 ' w, fi -t,,0 country
-asking for their suflrages. with a torrent of popular ajiprobation
r- Vr '7 ,,.. ., wild ami resistlcst"', d tho yearnings
,..Gpop nut Uncxk Ijillv.-AN hen the r liberty that haniT trembling on the
bo-called Democratic candidates had ii,)g 0f lmJ down-troduii millions of
uxhausted themselves on Saturday Europe, will surely be fulltiiVcd. Grant
night on the political issues, etc., they is a lnaguanamous soldier; Coi'wNk"
.got u druukeu "-brcad-aud-buUer" mau c,ral aud eulightened statcsmaii; '
on. Uic stand to finish the performance , ?r "ftHS $$Et
tand giyo it tone Just ashccommenc-lTirco j,wlrty c,een, Jor Grant u,i
ed gesticulating, " Undo Billy liurko" Colfax 1
came along aud enquired in his pocul- - '
,,., .. ., u. it, Oti: Lkoiulativk Ticket. o call
. iui-'WAy. "if it was tho sjieaker's dis-. . , .
. . ' ... . , ' , . the uttcution of the people of this
tinguished privilege to close this moil-, . . ., T i .i .-i .
b . county to tho Legislative ticket put in
ey suow nomination by the Republican Conven-
. Tiik Democratic papers try to make I tion on Saturday last. Roth the min
apcople,beliovo that Congipess has foro- ing aud agriouUural jnterQsts arc rop
ed negro children iuto the sc&ools with , resented in it. Men of the first ability
"white children. Why do they not , "" sagacity have been selected, and no
, . . i
prove .the assertion, l cage was nca
.ip.Porliaod. in this State beforo Jijdgo ?
Shiittuok. fa Uenublicau UuJ Civil
the Civil '
Jtiahl Bill was thoroughly tested, .and
'it was' found that Congress had not""cai isiuua in mc x.v-gieiiuiu mini
V chanced tho rolativo position of white year, aud iiow is the proper time to1
and black -children in any way whatcv-, send wen there to guard our local in-
cr' IfCo'ncressbaspassodsuchalaw'terests. The peoplo of this county i
' t'yri'iiA iosee it in operation, even in will do well to Bend every ono of them i
' the rcbol States, and think tbf.ro Is some , as .tbeir Jleprfiseitati vosjto Salomj and
bl" mistako on the part of our Demo- thcro is little danger that they will
..rat.o cotempornrics over regret it. .
Facts for the People.
A speaker at the "bread-and-butter"
meeting in Jacksonville on Saturday
last mado a statement that wo cannot
allow to pass unnoticed. He declared
that when the Republican party in this
county, went out ot power the County
was JJccjViy in debt, and County war-J
ramyworth only UiirVj-fico cents on tho
dollar. The revcrso is exactly the case,
and ire dare an; man Jo (llitprovc if.
When the Republican party of Jack
son county came into power in 18fl2
the Oountv wbb sixteen thoiuand dol
lar in debt, and its warrants felling n
low as thirty cents. In 1800, when
the " bread-and-butter" Democracy ns
sumed the control ol tho County, not
a singlo dollar -was owing; there was
money in tho Treasury, and Scrip was
payable on presentation. These are
actual facts, well known by ciery citi
zen who has been a resident of this
county since 1802. Thev are proved
by the ofllcinl exhibits of' the County,
and any person who can stand before
the people and make such a talsostate
ment as was mado on the occasion re
ferred to, must cither bo very ignorant,
very unscrupulous, or have a wonder
ful degroo of effrontery.
Now we ask : What have the " bread-and-butter"
administrations dono ior
tho Countv? How have thev lichtcn-
cd the burdens of the peoploV Let us
sec. From the organization of the
County in 1852, to the present time,
nearly our hundred thoutand dollar
, have been taken from the rockets of
thepeopleiuthe.hapeoftaxe, -T 'ere
'has tins JuiiuCliH' sum "one V uOWlias
' it been applied ? Loofc at our Count V
! buildings. A Court House scarcely
fit for a barn, a Jail somewhat like ii
"snring-housc" on a first-class Pcmi-
sylvama farm, nnd n dmgv and dilapi-
dated buildine, in which are the Clerk
and Shurifl's "offices, comprise them,
I Look round at our roads and bridges
! Start out to California, and it is over
a toll road. Travel northward, anil
you pa toll at the crossing of Rogue
river. Go east, and a ferry on tho
same stream compels you to'put your
uniiu in your pochci ngiiiu. u csi-
i ward, you'nrc stopped by Applc'gatc,
which at times is impassable for want
of n bridge. How many head of stock
havo been stolen since the organiza-
I tion of the County without the thieves
1 being punished V Facts arc stubborn
will look around and ask themselve'sl
, . i i i i . ..
tilings, nun ii i in- copic oi mis county
how the taxes have been applied, thev
will fail to find any tiuswor. The peo -
pie of this' comity pay a heavy Mini
annually for hospital purposes. "How
."! " r ..
arc me sick poor proviucu ior? n:
, nearly every instance by charitable
contributions. It is not a month since
t u collection was taken up to aid a tick
miner and enable him to co to Sail Fran -
l cisco tor medical assistance. It is no-
i torious that the county Hospital has
pemleU to some purpose. He it under -
8lood thut f "ol, ?B fuil on
I any person, but sav that ti thorough
,, bcarci,ir, rt.(onn m.eded in the
'administration ot our county affairs;
and wo presume the people euro more
for j-ut taxc8 nild jccurity fo
, rroiertj- tlmu tliev do for th
'oi .Political wire-pullers.
- -
lor lite nuu
he success
dent. What mau in whose veins runs
the lire of liberty, wants a better tick-
ct than thtsr iiie souner irieu oymei
stem nlohcmy of fiery war, the firm
statesman, weighed
one can ueny i
Q w.. j ay
legislature, ai
interests of th
ivo much weight in thel
ana in whose bauds the
interests of the county will not bo nl
lowed to suffer. Thcro will bo no no-
As our neighbor accused us last
week of mis-representing the fair party
record of some ot the candidates on tho
so-called Democratic ticket, we tako
tho following from the Suntikkl of
April 12th, 1802:
., "Union Ci.rn. In pursuance of a
call for a precinct Vnioh Clttb, on lie
Pth of April, at Mr. Humphrey s school
house, quite a number of persons (com
posed mostly of young men) responded
to the call. Tho meeting was organ
ized by electing Henry Dcnhngor to
to the Chair, E. F. Russell, and T. Jl,
Ii. Shi4cy Secretaries. After trans
acting tho business of the evening,' the
meeting adjor.rned. The Club meets
again at the same place on Wednesday
evening, April 10th, at 7 o'clock."
The following are among the resolu
tions of the Club:
Jitsolcedi That the Democratic par
ty has proved recreant to itself and to
the principles of our forefathers, and
can no longer be safely trusted as tho
guardians of our sacred" rights bequeath
ed us by the founders ol our Govern
ment. Jlesolved: That rcgnrdless of nil
former ties and party pi edjudiees, we
the members of the Young lion's Club
of Jacksonville, Oregon, in the present
crisis, involving the existence and per
petuity of of our Union, cheerfully no
cord our support to the Executive of
tho United States, in ndmmistcriiig
the laws of the country, practically nml
The forecoimr. toccthor with extracts
from t1ll. !,,, WorM bcnr m ollt ln
a , .j b - - f
'" dividual who comprises part of a
ticket representing the tunc honorcu
j,rlnrljU of Democracy, and we hope
.,, .t.t.tl7t. ,vill exonerate us from anv
, ...... . . . . ,. :
tk,sirc t0 wls,f.v or n-tnle the politi-
eal record of any candidate on the
' miss-called Democratic ticket. The
' political complexion of the balance of
mo hckci may oo jungou y mm oi
any cue candidate on it, and ii the poo
pic of the county decide that it suits
them all right.
Act-uittnl of Johnson.
Last Saturday, the final vote was ta
ken in the Senate on tho impeachment
question, nnd Andrew Johnson went
scot free by a vote of nineteen to thir
ty-five. Seven Republican Senators,
lWcndon, Fowler, Grimes, Trumbull,
-. .:.. i.i.. i i ti i.....
i Van inkle, Ross, and Henderson,
! voted against the articles, ft is hard
( to, judge their motives; but it n quite
i probable that the unpopularity of Sen
ator Wade, who would have succeeded
to the Presidency, in ease of Johnsons
conviction, had much to do uith the
final vote. The result has not changed
1 the opinion of the Republican partv
with regard to Andrew Johnson; mnl
j the only hope now is that he will take
' -mmuii; ami miring .lounsou sbiiomen
tire of office, it will scarcely bo undone.
Whether tho seven licpuhlicau Senators
who voted no, were actuated by bad
motlvos, or not, their action will refute
the charge that the Senate is a partisan
body, and incapable of divesting any
question of political and iinitisaii asso
ciations, mnl judging i'airiv and impar
tially. .Mr. Smith not n Hondholder.
Some time since wo stated that Jo
seph Smith was a bondholder, but in
accordance with the request of Hon.
L. F. Grover, we correct tho statement.
We were misinformed, nnd uow think
less of Mr. Smith than ever. Mr.
Smith, tho wealthy mnu who accumu
lated his fortuuo iirosccutiuir the early
pioneers of Washington Territory for
trespassing on tho Government land,
noes not own a dollars worth ot gov
ernment bonds. Wo regret to hear It.
.Mr. Smith, the chrlxttiln lireachcr, did
not lend a dollar of Ids immeiiso
wealth to sustain n christniu aud cu-
lighteuud government Mr. Smith, the
patriotic Mr. Smith, who can scarcely
speak to an audience with any spirit
without the Stars and Stripes tloatitig
over the stand, buttoned up tho wull
filled pockets of his pantaloons when
that sumo Hag was in peril, and would
not lend n single cent to save its in
tegrity. We are sorry for Mr. Smith's
own sako that ho is not a bondholder;
sorry that his new-born patriotism had
ju't cropjKsd out, when a small sum
from bis ample means would have ren
dered material assistance to the strug
gling caiit.'! of hiimail liberty, ot jus
tice, and o.' civilization. Tho Rev.
Jos,S. Smith is 0"ly a demogoguo not
a bondholder ;anur more's the pity.
Tke JViitionat Platform.
Senator Corbctt f elographs that the
platform adopted by th? Chicago Con
volition is the sarao as the .Republican
platlonn of this Stale on fqrelgd tuuni
fratton, public, faith and auffrt!ie
iuc carnesi nopo oiino ucmocrucj
that our national articles of political
iaun woum cuiutuu uu uiiuorsuiuoni oi
negro 6U..Tn.gc. Js gone forever. The
Democracy can take tho opposite po-
sition, and advocate it if they choose.
Read our Stato platform on thc fourth
pagCj and askygurecl ves .candidly if
every American citizen cannot stand
safely and securely upon it.
Editou ok Si:ntini:l: Sir: You
yen well know! am a Democrat, and I
to use the language of St. Paul, "of tho
strictest sect, so far as national politics
are concerned.' 'I have been voting tho
Democratic ticket for years without j
dotting an "I," or crossing a "T," from
Presldent'down to Constable. TTiave
j alwnys waited until tho caucus "sot
and hatched" beforo I ever expressed
an opinion. In fact, so far as offices
and nominations were concerned, I
have occupied tho position of the man
who was asked what his religious opin
ions were: He said,"r"bcliovc what
the Church believes" "Well what docs
the Church believe?" ''Tho iChurch
believes what I behove.'' Well, what
do you nndtho Church both believe?"
"I and tho Church both believe the
same thing." So it has been with my-
willingly surrendered my right of pri
ri -
vale judgomont to an irresponsible can
cus of iiolitic.il demacosucs. Som
mucs mey nave reuecieii u.c puop.UB
., ., , .. . i ., , i
win, nnti sometimes tney nave not. 111
either caso 1 liavo onened my mouth
liku n vouiil' bird, nnd swallowed the
caucus dose. I tried hard to swallow the
, ... , . . , ..
dose prepared after a short incubation
uy me lasi emocraiio caucus in uhr
county. There was plenty of bread
nud butter, but where could a man of
principle stand? Let me ask men of
'..', . ,
principle of all parties, was there ever
a more shameful surrender of prhiel-
pies for n mess of pottage? As a Dem-
oCr.it I am under no obligations, villi -
,. . , . ... . ...
cr political, moral, or divine, to I -
pon such a iicierogcncoui iuiicii-j.on.ii
as eomtiosc that ticket. Let any sound
Democrat look at the record of the men
whose names stand upon that ticket,
mid then let him consider that he, as
a Democrat, nnd because he is n Dem
ocrat, is expected to vote it 1 Shade
ol Andrew Jackson ! are they in earn
est, or is it some stupendeous joke!!
Well might they employ as their prin
cipal attorney, an accomplished gamb
ler, for it is a part of the game of
now vou see it. nnd now von don't I!
; that
.,..,.. v . 1
ticket, for the simple rcn-on that such
n vote v.ouiu not lurtuer iemocratiu
ideas or piiiinples. Nor do I believe
that any other sound Democrat can
support that ticket without st ul! tify in
liimsell nud surrendering iusriuciiles
On the same principle these hungry
llrcad and Uutter Democrats might be
expected to suport Thad. Stevens for
President, and II. V. Rutler ior Vice
President, provided the loaves and fish
es are secured. Thev say the record
amounts to nothing if that be true, nominate n staight Union ticket, which
then I know not uliv Stevens should 'dieyil.d by nominating the following:
. , i i i t . Gavlord for bhenll, Cook lor Probate
not be considered nsgood a Democrat j,,. Montgomery lor Recorder and
as some men on that ticket. Auditor, and the other nominations I
In eoneltiMon let me nsk in all can- did not leant. They made night hid
dor. is it true thnl the Democratic i.ar-. ous after their adjournment, by shout-
tv of Jackson county, Is held together
by the cohesive tics of publiu plunder
of bread nnd butter? llm Rock.
P. S. If you publish this I may writo
again excuso errors for I am not ac
customed to scribbling for newspapers.
Politics 1b Josephine,
From an nfiidnvit in to-days issue, in
ml...,w. .n tmn ( tl. 11 ....l
.a..V....W .V MW...U V. ...w a-l.,.V1V ,, W ItVHVV. Bl llllt OIUOB Ulllll W0llJJ,
candidates iu Josephine Countv, it lJunel'h. 16C8. for auppllai. -i.37y lb.. 0f u
., , ,.,' ,. .;'.. I con, anil fi3.m lbs. of flour, for tho uk oflhe
seems that some of theold Ivnowoth troop at this fort,
ingshavc crawled among tho Demoo- Th lcop iaut b or good wircbantahle
t .1 . . ii iualitr, well cured aud put up In packacva or
racy of thnt county, also, and aro run- loo lt. each, to be tlellvrred at place 0f ,tor. i
ning on their Domocratic record. Tho Z?W Mo ,,te 3.l,l dtt r Jul' 6W.
principles and ideas i.romulKnted iu the JfcX ttVSZ l.lf,hA. !'.; lr! .!?. 5" I
Jvnow-Nothing wigwams are powerful
arguments to electioneer with among
tho naturnlired citlnens aro thev not V
.Men who stood belore God and took
solemn oaths never to vote for a for-
. .. V '
iigu-uoru eiiueu ior uuy oiugo wtiatev-
.. .!... . . i n
vi, iiniBi uutu ii un-uv uiiiouui ui conn-
denco in the forsivliiir nnturfl nf 1,,..
inanity, when tl.ovl.xi.ect tlmt rtn.Z23XJZ.
... --- ---I --
u uui kiiiKviiB io Bmipon litem ior OI-
I? f ..l -. 1 .
nee. -ueu wno iook the oath reouired
.1 . -a.... a 1.
iu mi; 1MIU
as they di
inred men
Tho oath
er, with no reservation, aud if thoso
who were known to bo Kuow-Nothings
ten years since, now protest friendshii) '
for their forcign-born fellow-citizens,
they have no honesty, and no right to
lay any claim to fixed principles. Who
can blame naturalized citizens, if at the
polls they vote against thoso who have
taken a solemn oath to cmIu,! ,
n-.o.muir wicwams. nate il .u .. i . . ..n .. , " :"'l"'u'
eitina tlnu 1.1m-M.. . . ,,"T.;,.r",.u' "'Bur' 1-uveiope.
d then, or else thoy aro per-. ce." and to bo addrcHd to the uudraluned al
i, and recreant to tiriiicinle. ''er'KlamaibOgn. j.f. SHALL.
7- - v uaaia iiu unaLi i 1 a,u ain aiiKi .ni. w niiu.iH ma a ri l .
. J - w. m m varw-i-iaB m UI r r III w I I aal atV .
was to be held saored forov-1 ,"' lMut" '" c'-. A. 0, S.
from all participation in tho SQ'em.M".i&ftXx&&
ment of their adopted country f They , XZl mot ' ennjunc
only uxerciso the riuht otnnfornlZZ2P'"irmtihto0n
nnd political selMefenee. ..i it n.a.
do not avail themselves of it, they are
not wise.
CoJiKEaio.v.'VVo were in error last !
week when wo btntcd that .Mr. Shipley
was OTvreiary oi uic ilcuiocratlO Con-
vontiou. He was not mi officer ot that .
body, and, therefore, is not nnnnMn '
for .tho perplexing statement that was i
current abo'ut the'tinal ballot'for School I
Superintendent. j
a .' ' . . r ' .-.--.a aaa
rrrora tbt IJ1 TftU Mwcli 4th, IMS
Letter rrom ueitc iiiy. -- JZ-" " f ,1!
' tioiTon Would :-Thc Republican Learning Itat llr.'WlllUn Chpn.nVM Ja
Consent on was ono of the grandest aft- f ! . tooMort m . fsU
ain ftU ever came ofT in this part of oi. tU cme uXmihjm Ptr.U coo.
moTerritory, Yoj.rWr-rf.n.1 '"Pitch- "???St
cr. uiu "'i "- -- " I--
.. 11.1 -1,:.il..f nfllin .V,ji)ittl. itt.irl-
thcToiso City dclegaiiton to iho Coun
tv Union Convention, but having a
strong desire for tho loaves and fishes,
and knowing the, weakness of the Re
publican party, ho crossed the line
orjln tho lauguago of tho immortal
Tom Coflec. who late announced to the
people of Ada county, ho knew no
party lines. Otthc strength of that
lie or his t6ols. -went 'ronifd with a pe
tition and platform, which was jiumer-1
ously signed, "and in his issuo of-Tucs J
. . .r :...i i. .i.t.. u..
' jttV. out conies tho whole thing. En-
clo'sed you will find a copy.
I 'ovv c'cs the othor clique, or the
UouusiKUonigomcry wing, wiiu a
count Jr petition, of which I also send
you a copy.
( After all this wrangling they went
into the Union Convention and organ-
ired. Tho Reynolds clique having a
iiiuiuniy, iiiuv iiiaveu i
!... .!. .. 1 I..
placed tn iiomtuation
II. V- l.p.'u'li. n tnnn
iiiaced in nomination
I. W. Leach, n man
rnniiiin nrbfinirlinrno
fortuno or being borne
11 being questioned by
nonl:nntpd i
wj10 1A& tue ms
very young: upon
apolitical wiseacre, hu stited that be-
'u l,,c Wf ' was, n Den.ocrat, but
at present he had no politics but
W0UJ(, npccpt tie llonilnBon from t!l0
KcpuUlU'ail tonv.eiltlot). Tim next was
your friend ol the statitiuun, .Inmcsb.
Reynolds who received tho nomination
or Pwbato Ju.Wow -comes tho
, tug or war for Auditor and Recorder,
Tf . . d ... ,10Mliniltioil Mtsr.
Knight Monttromerv and Shinier, and
j balloted four limes, )iit still unntceess -
, ;-;.v 5 on thc wco,,,i1 lHot Shipley iiimI
Montgomery received each twelve
1 volwJnilli fo.ht one, nml ll.eii Mont-
UOmery and one or the delegates with
drew j nt the next ballot it stood thus
Knight four, Joo Rogg one, Win.
Yates one, 1 JInnk t wo, and Shipley elev
en. Then theChalrmau arose ami said:
"Gentlemen of the Convention Here 1
ts 11 question for you." Mr. Reynolds
stated that he thought Mr. Sliipley I
should be pronounced the nominee; it
wn (rue that it took thirteen to nomi
nate, but how in the name of God were
they ever to get them. The Chairman
then announced Mr. Sliipley the nomi
nee; he also stated that he was aeered-
. . . . .
Ul" "" a ueirgnic 10 n t uion conven-
!.... .....1 tA -If 1 .
!""' ' "er 11 nKii g sue. n iioinina-
l," ns 'r- Shiplev, he could
U I70u Convention, and I
Hot Call
1... ..nt. I
withdraw. .Mue other delegates lol-
lowed him. Thev then moved nn ad-
.-iiinni .ti 1" ..l...l-
JOIirillllOllt Ulltll 0ClbClM
The Seeeders then nuiiuiiiiecil a m.nss-
... .. a. a
.t . . I I . .1 t 11
meeting at 7 o clock, nt the Overland
The RevnoldV clique met
in pur
fiui'lied umineo to ndjournmeut and
their nominations.
Now comes the Ilodfish"
clique. They met at 7 o'clock nud n
point eleven "delegates to go iuto the
Convention with the Seeeders, nnd
"' Itn,l.v 1ouml ,,' '";, "".v."
jj0ibC CjtVi pvuniarv suh." 16oV. '
. .
OriVK or Tin: A. C. S.. Kdiit 1
Klamath Oon., May lllh, 1HC8. f
Kltll(Ml nrtnAtala u-t.tal. In. t.. .l....tt I.
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place or.torace, on nrUfore the Slit day of!
,JuJy. SC8i the whole (article and pcknKf.)
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gl uniance wiiu me lernu ol Hill notice, and
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Ashland, Oregon, May 19th. 18C8. ' tf
"'Mlai f CiMirterlili.
rVJUTICE Ii hcrebr ElTen that th.
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"J a..CU II Bl .UN NA.ata.a.a.a.
Blake. lnite'iMj;..e!.?,",irn .M..Ka)W wxl 1
, . - T - --. M V. UU81U Pattl . I n 1 h lnan aat
cd to hcau on iuo pnucc oi uriuium-uu ..v-., .. r. -- (-.-..,
Dolitieians, properly called Codfish, but principles, nfl bcllcrlng tbt I ctonoi; wftb
L-,.nmislv tit ed Rodfish. bv securinc Jostlco to mjielf. p unnoticed so public and
i i-.i. - i r ix ..i.i iihii imi inf. nil ,p xniprir.n. nr Knnv nnihta.
A,'h,,aDd 0rfin, U'tUa daTdiaaoirati iuJ?. ' '"'sUJ"ur"'(
W'-' "' ' 'Sliria
AtLlan(li 0.D OK. BUKE. 'l
Te tke
Citizens t JeseBklnti
i i ; : i
,bmiiiwi"i " e-
direct sn tsssnlt upon my rersclt, I feci
compelled Uim pubtlelj to rcrm n'iUU
ment, and to rostalo It b tb UtUtnony of
oilier well known gentlemen, wbo r, cojnl...,
tant bf llie Mine TacL Wm. V. EYxttS. '
We, tlic nnderslgned, wera well aeqaainted
with William Chapman In IBM, and arc aware
that be did adrocate and support the Know
Nothlnc doctrines, and that lbs 'abote state
ment of Mr. Erana la strictly true.
i ntcn.Ttie claim uelooRlng to Mr. Will.
mf or, jackaia Crrelr, Jiot abort that of
i nucKocr & jo u rajmg ireu (di is qi
dollars' per day to the hand.
I fa ock of ooit on ,, w,
' about Wednesday or Thursday next.
Goons Comiko. siuller & Drentano bare a'
from 5a
and open them
, , 7- ' . -7-. .
Hiix-Dorlng lb. forepart of the week t,r
wealhcr naicool'and cloudy, with some rain;
M(J M wc o tlJi TMk trenlog, rali
,, fining. B
w mucK.-Mr. P. r.hely b-rned . brick
kiln thlt week una now Lu any amount of lhl
nDC building msterlal. -
RKuorriuNii Mm . 0. W. Rooik, wbobaf
been sick for sometime ti now recorerlng and
ablo to lit up part of Ibe day.
Contracts. Nolle Lieut. Sinall'a adtetlto-
mcut thliwcck, for propo'! to furolih Foil
' Klamath with fionr and bacon.
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alw.j, lo.nM. rule all ibt lift. U Hula lalttur.
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Pbl tlUfIjr alKl lut Ibt Mfilt ul iMlf hi Uti dtHk.
iBspertaut Certtflcsttes.
luwi rowb lui-j. I trrllf UII.- lb
tlrr. Lar--Jtar lib.
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Ktr. W
Tbo llti4a. two Iwttl- mart cf Ibt
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aud bad la Ua4iu rratbla. Tb naaUlba
Ultlrl. Lt rut4 tut.
IltV, J. S. CATilOK. lturbnlrr, N. T."
! bait jiiro Ibt Hinlall-a Biltan U
. tuuJi-J. uf vur dliallJ avbllrta ltb tbt tuoi ttU.
lug ttlnU
' 0. W. D. ANIiRKUS.
SuitrlultiKWbl SuUkm llvow, CloctoaIU, 0."
T llanlallun Uilltnt pukt lb tb ttnmr. tbt laa.
pi!4 brilliant, and ait tibaiulnt .Naturt't (rtal rttlurtr,
Tb.' public uiar ml ka-tirwl Ibat In wc-M kill Ibt
irtWi.T it tundanluf tbt I'LANTATIO.X B1TTCM
! U d-irlwl (rvia. r.rrj buttlt Uan Ibt UctimlU tl
i-ur tlgvaluit on a tlttl lalt tnpat loj, or It caaavl U
, AurKvtirtttidiu(tiixiU 1'LANTATIOX B1TTEM
In bulk ur by Ibt j.lluu, U a ivltrdlrr and Inputttr. 9-
irart of rrrllM bvttlrt. Stt tbat our I'rliatt Staaw U
I'.SMUTILATKl) ortr ttory ouik.
Suld bt aU llruFvl.t. flnHra Abat flrl.r lV-MLL.Iauul
tbt world.
P. Jl. DRAKE, CO.,
IVcw YrlL, tlc Prr'"
ana 418, ftmmt Street,
Kan Fraaciac.
Agents for California aid Serais
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Wbat UjMrullMljr anrprUliU rtMd tolotbitani-
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ttttluonjr of tulntnl dUlli.ful.b-d cbtaiiiti tbat It U
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III rrpatatlou U wtll known. It la ns.ll and raaddt
ran oa inlialsd tw ..i.. a.m. iH.-...i.. t. ,k.
, u.ixl dirrrtluna acromnanr tach Saak. Bawara aTcwa-
" terfcilt. ' '
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curt tbt ftnulnt If you ItuUI you will katt uw Uktr.
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i. .bouid i- ir,, m ,.. k ... ..a.,..d..v. Ac
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M U rappad la tltid nlali taanrlaat, Uarlai
fold. W. WtatlVclui. aodTbt pril
ofBtiMAB tUilNHA Ou ortr It loo.1.
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,iux camp on I'aclbr to-iil,