Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, August 31, 1867, Image 1

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voa Tin: i-kksioknov in 1808.
or tnr L-jutrn itate,.
ttll done, thou mxiil itml ftltliM itrrnnl." ti,.
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or pntuov.
Bjlh tnliect Jo lln ilscl.lgii of l!io Kallaul .,)..
SmriuAY3roiLVKo; 'August ai, 1807.
Uiv Situin-. Wo" are .timiblo to
give our readers but a half sliuet this
week, owing to delay m receivinc our
paper from Crescent City. "Wo inako
no npologics, but Imvo taken stops to
prevent so unpleasant an ' oeourronuo
vol. xn.
SnvEni: Orni!.iTtv . ..,.
othiB Biirlnni ,...:. uucn" ",tcN Km-
. , "1'HIUUI1 Wi
NQ. 32
'l MoiilAv:l vnnr" I,or,0"-,y '.
uii uy iJis.
iaeo, on
Thfi filllowlnrf lilmifl n..,1 1 .1... OHICO tilO
n ,. ,,,,1, biiiiiiiiur i ..
ilract is from tlio A'oittAem n.. "'utrcssii
lBht,t7AnAV""T,,oA',,,mft- icr"
mors Sroitv. The Hank of
pot'sics houh singular trsuli-1
'uuuiNni iin.i ii...... ,. uive ini un.i.i i Mil nmi nviuiripiirrs. n i ncurii nil'
Was Mrs. Ti..i , "" J"00' trouble. The firm f .i... .'.' ni.i-.1 v no nnec.lnto from mi uuthon-
burned about ,'..?!? - "i"9 tm"Cl1 t f -loom for !,".!?' ource, although it related to some
AutoJoin, fui. :..,,r"",,v,or5 nd now. cv,,.i ,.. 't he tlint lappc.io,. many years Bo,
n,'i ' ",sl JJ,11c ". afterward ... V "-'""years I ore the Htetime oi mo present gen-
accident. ui,n i. , . UL1"niis, comes n flrnwi...i-... . .. i ., tm.. i: . . ,.i ....
------ ii.-ip necti in n fl rstfaiiiilvci.M -'"" oi ui0 ciuon. mo ''"," ,l.'.Y ".
ii' I'diiiK ... . i --- in r. nil iini.i...i a i .... , inivaii UTiiiiifr ! l ill lit
o -..... uuuiMo flesh nnil m..! ...s.i - "'"eiiiWiMn,nig0. ininii-'i"""-
- -...... viru , -..nun -intj I I'M 1 ntwl ..i . . ' "'"""-'i illiam. lll0 "",' """ ,v " I - "-
ltou: muscles of he.r ,,t, i Ls" "'"' nmi with n feu- .t,.ni.. i.i V.0' -t. 1. ..1 ti... mean- of opcpk-i to
-l """ "IIIVII IT Prvlit......... 1 ., .. - '" UIUH'H llllll-flllt. V . i .1 .if
Wlicnevor the party in powoi-cvceeds N0 ","c',, ns lo lmw her oh!,, ",,,ts 0,,t 0,,r wnrHko otrnnwirn 'lt""r",,,,, , ' "fV ,m,u, ,M0 V ,,u
'iiroiutittitiniinl1 author ty, t ho oeea ! '" 'iwahi d ro . , ' , " (,w ,Sel.lom does the ,c 2 ' ' 7 n ,,,mxni" ,' ,ook " """l0 f ,
Ion .leiaands an 7yw, j, . J aloslni- T , ' ,e.III0,"' "wm 'singlo the S ' i . t0 "fel Al,nl. MT ",0l, "rI(M: "" "'vV
li.like ns mueh as anyho.lv the , lea of ed in , IH,,0",'' knife was call, neid.b, ' !,! , '""S1'1-"""- wcrrii.g'fiM letter tailed to iou-o them. At
mother civil war, but if tlio S ,v n, c'lltUm, mid i dissect!,,,, ' ' ,i ,WI ''. ,,U l,,,MV,,nlkow en2ht the writer ollered to jneet them ,
Mm of the people cannot SeSi " !'? t,,U "V"m Ih the , J S r Cri!,t-,,iJ, n,l wc M.i.,t, J'! "' ''-I' ',?"' "'r. "'
iflicty to tiiouaiuiwonioi incoii- ., t ,,u "i i hi a Ktstaiia; uii Urwonnui ocrnMnniTllv iiitiHYiiiiOfl HnmcnTiirk nmi . t.i..:,.t.
,:i:.in m- n revolution J1 iim.ny lor liuriiintiutit rL'rnvi.rv. , i.s .1 .... i . . . i; f.. i. 1 "
iinuiv i - ---j- utiiu iiiiii it NMiii itiir uiiiti ifui. !.! iimii nri tin- M'miiv.vnim . ij
I - - .. I - - " -'-.. V V I II lltll IIIIII
Coiiecriiiiig the nbove, the Dramatic
Vhtoniclc suggestively reniurks, "give
l,e fellow n dose of castor oil." On
he eoatray, wo recommend a mild mi-
Ii cathartic. Alas! since the foregoing
kimlly advice was given, the patient
m gene mid died, and is now beyond
tk resell of physic.
Uovnxor. Wnons. Tlio Union jiress
,..!.. :.. :...- ...i.i n .1..
IfllJmonim i ivuiiiui wiin uiiiil"
fcrrnleeoiiiums of our Governor. He
aMnH'd a large Union meeting at
(irn.-i alley, on the I (lib ult., and the
Nevada 'Jhtnum'rt remarks of him :
(lovernor Woods, of Oregon, then
Ifllowed in one of tho. stroiurest and
it eloquent speeches that has been
.livered in the county during the
iinpnigu. I lie dovoruoi- is a man of
omiiinnding appearance, excellent orn
n :il powers anil good voice. lie is
r nniuiced by critics to bo second to
oipcakcr that over was in this State,
illi tiie e.ecpiiou ol Colonel tiauer.
TuiavTS Ati.viNHT liiri:. On Sntur-
lUy List, J. II. Howard was arrested
v. toniplaint of Win. Justice, who
ktavolsniri Howard with hostile in-
nlioiij towards him. Tlio caso eaiuo
", tit (rial beloro Justico Havdeu, on
Jltmlay, and Howard was discharged,
'llie complainant having failed to make
iu( a good case. The wholo legal fra-
crnityof tho iilace waseiiKaccd Col.
jTTault for tho prisouor, untl tho bal-
z.c for tho complainant.
Tin; Unionist. This Htorling Union
1 ner has changed hands, W. A. Mc
riier..on having sold his interest to
Mr. Morgan, his former navtiier. The
1'iiioniit has entered upon its second
vohuiio with tho most flattering hopes
tl success, of which it is deserving.
School Hooks. Wo notice in Heck
win's Kxpress Ollieo n lino stock of
fchwd books, just received by Mr. UoH.
!ma- Tho eataloguo comprises all tho
MmJard books in use in the schools of
: liis county, and Mr. U. oflui-g thorn at
, tho very lowest rates.
& i -. "
ammi.t. Un Tuesday, Win. Kd-
(3 was bound over in tho sum of
three Wired dollars. bv.liiM,. it..,..
If", to answer tho eoniiilnint nf v it
Myers, who charges him with assault
mm a deadly weapon.
AssAt-i.T nv iv fiiMM..... n.. c..... water, but to no lmriinxp
luy nfternoon last, one'Archie Chris! J"' f . Te.Uonie member of the IhTm:::;!,:;:,,, llSru!;. Xn!
man, and some other parties, had made AlUm '"""'J' to give the .s0,m f il. ,Nwferioiii eoir,.t.nd..i'i
Peter Britt,
Pliotogrnpliic Artist,
JACKSOX I7..K 0.'?O.V.
(l,jr Ambro typos,
Cartos do Vislto
doxk ix run Ftxi:sr srvi.K of aiit.
lMrtuie llciliiceil
imiln. -w m ..
'..... r. .i.i , . ".'""' Ifhiriiiiiiiii. U........W...
It fell to '""V"'"1 "" ' M,ari, imiiern in hmtil. "J ."sikiii .v jiii -uuilj
I li nil' MIIIHMITOdlll. ni'L-nil . . ......
i I .K'A.'W.t VII, I.I.. fJ.'AT.'W.V.
Oniei- l lil ti-niil. iiciv In llm OM UvntircK
lliiiiil. mi l)r'Kiti Sltvi'l.
a race, to lie run over Jio Hybeo track ' w'e!t'm ''" the coup (to race. Kor- ' "nciiiai to tin- hour n tioii vnhcni-i1
whim their sport was intoriimtod bv ' Ailam I thy mune shall live in ""l'0"- '"e boardi in thelloorwen..
the appearance of Deputy Sheriif ;" "; -T. . nBl. -led and SSrS,!
Keaiues, with an attachment for the "l0",,i 1""1 )' virtue of thy miwele, Dmik stood it, the iiii.M.ifilii.n.imiU..
horse Chrisman was backini;. The of- yo" "K,t ,,IU L,l'y ""d did for hi
norso Liinsman was Imckini;. The of- '"" ",lt ",v enemy niiii oni lor Him. en uiiveiomi liis story wn simple
licer proceeded to serve tho writ, when ,,,roJly) Hku an Ajn.v, did the rejne. mi' Mniliilil forward. 'An old drain
Chrisman drew a revolver ami warned mmWv r "'' '"""' r Southern Or-' J. J,, ;;!!!i;:,:::i,:r'J,,r P'"'
bin. that if he entered the stable where ". y '- W- 'ate. It X ,,Tli,1,lf,,i!j;y ttT5i!::
tho horse was, bo would shoot him, and waH uilcllrct versus muscle, ami when carried away luormou
saying "he had inonev bet on that "I"telleet"got its eyes bunged, inuicle ry wn niiule. N'othi,,
s Muni. I,iiui
ir had been ab-
horse and was bound lo win." Heaines l"',,v"lll,,l haughty Adam! vou have " '",,t"1. '" ',e o, rector rewinle I
"";l " ',' ' " ;!;:""r' Sm'7' I ""'V',"" """ - --',-iS JUS
bherill Owen, returned to the ground "' '," All-.M.-iiily.Arcoinilislitiiuutf.- ninn, who had beenemploved in ivpair.
and arrested the L'ay and snortive iren- ""bini'mid-Virtue, and weeping De- imr the ccwcrx bv a iireoent of ei'l,t
i:. ii. ui:i:t.MA.v,
OFFICE-Cornnr or Cnllfornia mid filth
Streets, Jacksonvilto, Ogn.
Hi will irncMrt In Jnckmii nmi mljnrcni
tintlci, unit iilttni: i,'iimiilly in iitiilVnl.niul
tleniM). broiiL'ht him before .Iiistlee "'wiiiey is not to be comforted. , hundred pounds,
Huydcii, who, after an examination Moi'.nt Hook Our northern co-' A Mi:xtcvv HmiTiu.. -T. '
that lasted several hours, bound him temimnmi.s Hi...m m i... ,i....c..n.. f Minimi i-e the lollowlntr liri.f
over in tho sum of four hundred dollars 'oxeroNcd just now about the lii-ht oV ";,,7l,l,'"r,,l Mexico and Vem Cruz
i;;;!;:::1:,:;:' tcrm r co,,rt Mr " , a ...... ci,y u-rvey. i 'M,,,,,,, ., ,,, thU roml
and uiishci tho chaigc. or , mJ i1h, illl)ll(K,n(.c t0 k .wk j t)ml it is , ,,,,, Wl1 , w,n ,1V(1,
" "m several thousand feel oil' of the too of ln '" elevation of 8.100 IWt within a
Hooic Ivi:i:i-iN(i.-A rare chance is the giant of the Cascades. A travel- "lis,n"r, ofI-r '"Hi-Vera Cruz i
ollcred the young men or. Jacksonville, i:,,,, ,.mri,llmi fl., r..llf.M.t.. n..n 12 miles Imm Mexico. Much or the
by .Tames . Wade, to ac.uiro a tho I a " " J ' s a c d ,7 "'P "?"'" ".M" ,n M,,,,,1
ough and practical knowledge of book' " ' i.i Z. ' . " n " S ! S 'K" ft" S"'''! 1
m"t .... ',', 't,rtn Vliorilll .... , . ...'iiMi ' MM II IIIIII.
keeping. Ho gives fifteen lessons, yi
lainson, of the Knginccr service,'
loaches an elevalion or about I.iiho
either in an evening class or privately, I an,i i :.,... ii.. .. i . . , J feet; our own Hidtimore and Ohio road
ohiugingonlyfivedollni-sforthoeourse 11,1 attains its hil,es. point, at 2,0'M) feet ;
Mr. W U ,.fcu.,.,lm..l f l, .l. !... ' T" "8 . t:),t,l.U.t01M' omitliood, inil ,,o Mont Cenis road can tfo no
;""--" - "-- (nmi iney uceuie nmi tlio olil mounter higlier tlian fi.Slfi. It should lieadded
ii.iuMvfupui-ni mi iov.ii, Miue(iuanojm8 WU U'w )tua, 4v..'.,t tl.oull.l
any in this country, and wo know of-rwt iiutH.r tliiui hu wbh fiitllliul toilii.
1'uiTOItUI.CllAN'ni! W V l.'I.I.IIn-
I tlhwlvwl his editorial connection
Willi the J,tsi. It is a fiiir "-tniwl
wwfer tho 7Ve nor tho retiring edV
tOrlosniL' nnvtl.ii,., 1... .1 i
a v " (, ..J IIIU UllllllJJU,
good Sam: 'i'liS'.....i. i7 r.,....,.
3ri". Ivmg oil tho stngo road, about
wntlle. south of Jacksonville, was
2 for live thousand two bundled
s' It contains f.02 acres, making
"if Pf CO nvn.. ...l. .1..1I b
. .. .jjut nuiium jior acre.
Hay Co.vntACT. Wo learn tlmt tl.
Jt'ict to furnish Ft. Klamath with
Jy lias icon awarded to Nourso and
Hnguc,nt reasonable figures, thoy bo
WS the lowest bidders.
Too Much Dumooiiaoy. AVbisky is
o or tho great lovers of Domocraoy
jo lover hit "tho Southern Orenon
i' tho eye this week, and nut its
'-. The verdict of tho jury is
AJW-niwiutoh.-m" F. Mj-cr
"n appointed administrator of
lately killed at Ashland.
,r -
kw Gooiw. Mchbw. Mullor &
'fell till in i..!ll I
tsliln.. "",0I""la stock of now and
S1'10 godson Monday next, and
uET iuvilcd t0 caU '
no octler or inoro uxcltil maimer in
which a few evenings can be spent,
than in taking lessons from him. Mr.
Wade has already organized ipiito a
large class of ouiiuitizens home young
and some not so young married men
and others who ain't.
Livi:i.y Tunis.' Our town has been
unusually vi, acinus the pnut week.
One arrest for threatening to kill an
ollicer. Another for playfully chasing
n fellow down California street with a
big knife. One for threatening the
lilo of n crippled old num. Some very
luclous drunks, one of which culmina
ted in nn extraordinary black eye. The
three first cases are published in detail,
but in tho latter the names are with
held, on account of the re.spectubility(?)
of tho parties.
Haokiio Out. Wo understand that
Mr. Wortley, of Oregon City, who was
to Imvo purchased the machinery for
tho Ashland Woolen Mill, has conclud
ed not to go liast. The Directors are
now undecided whether to send an
agent to the Atlantic States to pack
and purchase tho machinery for chip
incut, oi entrust tho biiMiiess to some
of tho lending houses there and take .we hope Gault can and hence are
tho chaucos. nuxioiis to know his whereabouts, an
- J hereby oiler a reward of ten cents in
IloMi: iNiiusTitv. .Air. A. J'rater, oi
jthaj iinniii'.nl tliijse. roads iiniti; Irom
'sea level; Two hundrrd miles 'of tlie
'..r.. I'.:., 1 1....... 1 I!. .!..!. ...I
rm i . .... , . i i i , 1 1. ,.. I...... nn,,' i.i'rii iiiiiiMirii'"
I hey place his altitude at only about ' ,,,,.,, vwl , ( , ,.,
11,000 feet. It is tho way of the world The-o eompletA parts have proven
to put on airs, mid if anything stieko very usefirl m tho miliiarv operations,
its head too high, let it bo snubbed. ' ''"'n' wholerrmd is u'lnd.'.j, and the ICu
Science has snubbed Hood most ,.f. ' W""" !l'HlM who own it are now
. , .. . . , wnituiif lor the M'ttleineut orthe i'i.iim
lectunlly, but we see no rcuton to , trv ln v ,), h.,,,,,1,,,1,.,. , ,. niiU
grieve. J lie great mountain is neither and open a new line to the public.
In tho Ovorbcck Hospital,
BL'ii.nr.its. and mi mis who iiimiii:
llllli'. will Unit ii rnii.liiiil Mii.ly, nlllii'
Ih'M U:illl. Ill iimnllllif In Mill, nl my flinp
mi Mnlli rtii'pl, IhIhhii Oii'koii iiiiiI lliliil. up.
pdsllc Mullcr A llii'iitiiiuiV Hiiti.'. Ill my nil
unco, .Mr. AliA. Murlln wilt wall upon curluiu-
stonhTTutting -
Ntoiio .Ma Ho ii Wink
iluiiiMiii Icrnii- in Mill ilm uiiimc Oi.Krc friim
ili country will riei-lvn iinmipi itt tn tl.ui.
. , .IOIIN It. I'KACOl'IC.
.iiicloiii', April 2il. I Mil. up27
llKU.0t UtTl.fKlll WllATS AM. TIMS SOUR t
IIaI tltcs. IIai.i.kck oxk t t-.w t '
On Hak s"ik sswgUAliT i.hdk ukkn ruc.tni
Nut so, mt Imnn yuch ocr-s i whoso
Ir voei.t. iiur on n tiik ' 'itt Uhi'm .Smski
Seen riMitmu cuki-tius as n.rim:.
A "" c'li-t' f",",l " ' I" '
in ..ill -illij.1''', ' Mil" nrtnl I'lT 01
a,,.. n.iiu h-. rtir.'S'itivf iiujwi In diC fcii
.. ... ........it.. ..I., n
1'liii.niiil "' ,( inj'l"' """ r""- """ '"
Hi.- Cu Di-ii' Ht.,"r- o Ih- doiif up in li- '
,. .. eins'ir ImiiU ol hi S. I" jl' i ""!'
r ,i ,vT. Iihilnl ir.' wiill'T I tin IOll.Uiry
Driit, Slur nl ' lln'lf ' w ' H'k'1")1'
Hivll iiT
niuniM. . x -
llrilllM Ih- IuhI ilMoilllli'ill nl ItWVI
nmi I'iiIiiiI Miil'i'inn rrr IimihbIiI ll!jii'lf
nn On vnn. I'ntr silH'k cmliilim utv.il '"'
iv it Huh 'K It' iit-iii.oic.. 11111?
iiu' (!iii.iinif, Wiio-t. Ki.mIii n mr
K..llrrAili, tiriifti. J SiriSriVS. Wltffr '
KxiiiicN, mill iiiIht hihiIiii infiiiii.rini.
A llii" HM.iittiiuii nl I'liiilnitriipli AIIiiiiih.
mill. 81 nil In 81.1. A tin.- In. nl l'liiirli
nolo upi r nmi i'iclnpi-4 in n. iilil. -
rtiimlliliii! li.w wliiili i,ry IiiiIt
tllllot lllllf
II. .Ill I'...., Ink SIhii.N.
Huh-", fiiiu'i I'.i.-I.iiIiI.th. ',im '
Vi.lii. b'lui rtii... - 1
II.'.mi Clip.. Ink
I.im r Hpiiti.-r.. ,
8llliu V.i, '.irfnli.,
I'.'Mlllllllll ,it, ,, I'him.,
l'lH'l.1'1 II."!,.. Clll.iH.
rvrry i.-.,iiii..u, U.,1. Ill.i..
Uliivh nmi (Vimiiv Ink, flik ,
I.Iih t'ltlnnit rucUrt. Vi.,in, SlitCK".
bigger nor smaller, ami all diseimsiou
is set at rest. If Mood is really only
about 11,000 in highth, we doubt very
much if his big brother, Shasta, don't
hold his head a little too high, aUo,
and hope that steps will he token to
decide the actual bight of that moun
tain beyond a doubt.
A northern coteiupoiary snvs the ed
itor of this paper bus committed matri
mony. When ho left thU section his
notions were clouded in mystery; mmiic-
lux! number of the Vancouver lUijirtrr
ha an article niginir tho addition of
Northern Idaho to Wuohiiigioii Terri
tory copying into it column some edi
torial remark ol a Minil.tr purport,
from the I.ewihtou Jimriuil. It has
been the habit of people east or the
mountains to clamor to be eui oil' from
the section wet of the Ciisende inoiiii
tains. Wonder how they will fike tins
reveiM' proposition of the Journal un
llryUtfi' ? Orrtoit it in.
Ciiiviiiii; Fioiij'. Home bolligoicnt
D. C. McCLELLAN, Trop'r.
! Ill- ItotVK ll.h ItlirilN'TI.Y iii:k
I i. iilli-1 nmi ptnr.-. tnr lln ,.-chiIhiii ..
Kilrl', uhI llie iriiiri''!iir nuul.l my In lli
rlllK " ol .Sum, I.. Ole.illl, miij ii) Irillrllim
I ai lil if 1I..1I I... i .. ii.ih i.Hiljr o iiii'v uii. fi.
i.'i nun nil Mini inii Uut linn Willi u o.ill. in
pi ICW III ll.
Tin1 Talili.wlll in. Iiirniliil wild tin. I -I ,i
murk' I utliilil", iN'riulllliiK nn tiuuni In i'Xi I
I'lll.iT In ipmllly nr tiiilvly.
thing seemed i.iipe.ieding exactly Chinumen were ei.guged in a regular
wiiat tlio liiture Uilglit miiig lortli we J,w,.,0. flhl.iuoiioort heir bonnes
did not know then, and are not ijuitc
certain now. Where his. exact local
habitation may be wo are not iiitormed,
and we beg thoio who are "spoiling lor
a light" to wait in patience. Sixteen
challenges have been received and ac
cepted by ii" for him since his absence.
in town, yesterday morning. Scehi"
Deputy Heaines approaching, the by
standers formed a rinj; topicvcut them
from interfering, but "Tom" walked
into them a la Morrissey, and clenned
the party out. Tom wasn't particular
about "strikimr above the belt." inn
Matters are in-Miming a serious aspect. ,jli,Mi..lj ,,lt leather freely, which
W I .1 I I ... " .
Muiiiii niiiiiu iiiu iMi'i.i nuiuiiyui h0( nded the ruiiiiius,
Applegate, prcsouted this ollieo with a I
specimen of Ins skill in tho broom man
ufaotiiro, a few days since. It is a
splendid article and far superior to any
of those imported from elsewhere. He
also brought in soeral stalks of broom
corn, over twelvo fuel in length, tho
heads of which measured ovor two feet
in length. Mr. Prater isjiist commenc
ing tlio manufacture of brooms at M.
II. Drake's place, on Applegate, and
should be encouraged hi his enterprise.
Indeed, if the articles aro equal to tho
specimen abovo mentioned, ho cannot
fail to command a icady sale for them. J
currency for hi nppruhciikloii,
Thank You. Ths week our friend
U. S. Duiilup rushed into thoofliceuiid
made a violent assault on us with a
ii i' ii.
SAVA0K In JwMulllr, Auu, 301 Ii, llrrj, youn
unt -..ii of O. . him! IiuU Samic. aiftil lwuyrAfHiil
tll Mtkjl.
film fuutral Kllllak .m at two u'clbrk lliUflfr
noon, from tk Uiull rvltliu oruir of Orruii ui
C HlfeU.)
AiliuliiUtratwr's Notice,
Hi'KciAi. no mm
Warren Lodk-e No, 10 A. F. & A. h
A llOM ili.-'r i.'xuliir uniiimuiiii'ul,uii
XvC ' "iiiiiwlay Kvrnliis in prir.il
fr Uttt tin' lull moon, In jackim',, .,.., mi-Hio-N.
U. . SlAVAIIK, Kioy.
NOI'IVn. Il.nnin iIim.-I nl uurl'i
Inry. wi hi w .r..ni ,n ulu-nur ub..i.
iillililliin to mi' I, ullii.r nmi I-'iihIIiih Ihi.h,,
Oil hand. 1II1111I Ii.mu I'raiui', C'ulr .1 Kip
Doi.Hi'llo l.iullnr. limit l,m. i'to.
Joiix (!. IImv. i !. I'.viik. I Jims IIhav.
Ni'tv York I'orln. I Hun l-'ritiiclacu,
A.Mr.. HON A HltAY vm, Fiunelmo
-tlli ll.ltiry Slnrl
Tlu- lli-iii Itt'iiKit)' for I'liill'jIiiK
llm Illno.l, rtlriivlliciiiiik' tl.o Nirvui. Ki.luiini;
lb boit AiH'illi', U
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cull. If we cuii'l .'ll id. in iiiivllmik'. w will
liil.e kTM, plniiiiro m limlnif t-itt "tnn
lliliirf new. SIT'I'O.N A. HVI
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yil I(S I Uni ,' ,i ... niiiiiu.,, il,,, .-,,.,,
tlrmul i'ii..ii l(i-IN.l.,1 ut iJi.Hii loin.
I"1'" I !' "i, I nil M-MltTii luipinwsiiitk.
Ki-r l'iii,i.ol Htuifin'fl lUt y.,f, MioIh
in .It 'Iw -mi., rvi.ii, . nl ,1 i-, ,,
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8. W. Cor Uontjromury C'aiiibrnl.i St's-
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All Loes l'ii)iiltlo In C. S.
(iolil Coin,
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-I UllKI.MHI s. Vio l',t. ill.
II ltiiiiincini.il. Situ imy.
pail ol peaclies. lliey were as soil as tvjotiuk I.S IIKUCIiVGIVKN THAT TIIK imco to ib,iibriiiuiu iK'nnriwi-ni i.f
a maiden's cheek mid as lueious as the - iiiwermKiiwi im ini Uniy uppoiuml, by n, liANOItnrr. A CO.,
lluoknllw A l'iil,l.l,.r,
Sun FiuiiuIm'o. C.il
rosiest pair of lips 111 the WltlO world, l.lrulorol lli.'i'.lul.. of Kzrn ,(. ltliliiiliiirt.U.i-'Jyi7iii3n
and by way of punishment, wo hope "'' ,1,,B r JwIchui ci.miiy, Kia,.- Ori-Kon. ,
' ' ... ' , . .' All iH-rMiiin liitviiiK clnlnijrliiliuiil-iBl. I
(tU.l ...... ...." .I'lll ..Kill 111, III lll.hlkllhhlll.. .... , 1 .,., 1 . ... . I
.j.nfi. i.,,1 ..in ouw.. ..v. ...,.,......-....,. in.. Hi'ii'iij iiiiiiuiii in iri'i-iii in.- mnif. Hilly ' IV;f Kll'k.'l
ol tho "thin-'b" to which we havecom- tIiI.-iI. iwriijinu-u l.y lv. iu thr nmi, r-liriu !. I 11II1'j II llllli
" m ct ul liiri I i.kli1.iiiu Iilh ..II..., ...!... ... i ..I- l...
, r ,.r.,vv, inn IIIUIP tf lliniTt ' I IH "
It's a pity to SCO such n A.bluml .Milk In ull county mi.1 8UI-. Willi rpili: IIIOIII-ST UAI IMIfl'Krt I'.MIJ Foil
villi' alone. I '" N,x "lontlm Irom lliu ilutu bdiof. AllpiT-l I llulwiif nil klmlii. il.lhirwl ut ,b- niuik.l
paled them
good fellow living
I ron Inik'btM lo tliu cutatu are itriitivkltd lo ir "' uin)nlKiiud,m Juikdiiivilli-.
wunu niiiiit;.iii.i;i puvinvin. I JUIinomil
SuiTEItYlIOinO.V. iCStOldaymorn- It V IVKIt. AdmlnMr-itor Ut. iuImt JJII. lSfi
ine- Denuiv Sheritf Keames discovered Auk. 27ib. Bi;t. fmciiwt
A JlltlMllliHrtiAr.li VkST..AlA
that bis boarder had secreted soino AdmiBistrator's KTotice. XTOTlcK H IIFIiFliV 0ivr Tiur ini'
' . .. t 1.11 ...1 IV Tll'l'lf IU' Ik. IIL'IM.'llV HtM kT nil .,. 11,11. I U
T..r itnori-v On Moudav ast n.biaeK e Koys, a Kinie, auu uio nicnucai V"'.! , V . "'"V" " ' r f'imi.'rik'iiii,,miH-Biiuii,yup.iimi.'.iio u.u
IA.G JillOKI. Wll juuiuiiiy i.ioi i j. uuiIvrflKiuil ban bron ilu y oppolnlii, by I'romti. Court, for IbuC'iiuiilv o Jackmii Slali-
little son of .lames Bnrnott, living on piece of iron he used to make his escape ,,,. 'robmu Court, for jMkM.,. 6Wtr. AOml.e , ir OreKo... Au.nlniMr.to, ,' f it", Jftle c, TZ
W...-.V-Pi-nnk- linil his thiL'h broken, before, inside of his cell, and was ap- '",r'l,?r"; "' ."'J"0 "f Jami' F. Siimrt. le- Sirlcklmut iI.c-hh-u, Uto or Juck'uu county
Urtl M tilCUK, IIIKI His ll)i,ii uii'M-"'! ', , . , , ctanul, latuorJacknou Comity, futeof Ongou. ,S,ute of OruL-ou
nn... it,.i c,i... .i i.tnvlnir iii tho ' parontlv iiiakiiiK iiretmrauons lor an- All ut'r.onlirtviii claim ulmIi.h mi,i . iil ah . ..,. imvin ,,.i.n. ,.,.. ...m .......
nil iilliu iwiivn ,. .. .-...j .a - ,
hod of tho creok. and fulling among 'otljer
some looso rooks received the injury, closuly
The brokoiijimb was sot by Dr. Cabt-
"break." Hois watched pretty ru jiereby iiutliled to picn-nt ilio rumv, duly i are bvnb imtlilul to priH'iit' tb tun
.. .i it So i.ml.iblo thit liiHu-ibl .W' nftnlinl liy to. in tliu uuilt.nip4 utIiM, m nlrnl liji law.iqiliif uirdii
) and It is piooaoie mat ills w HU ftt lil ri-RldviiCM. fn Juckranvllli', In mI1 cmu.li ul hl ri-slilvncV. In Jpekmvllo, In ulil
.... .! . . i ,.nl lil.l. .. I.I.I.. .lu .1. r .i ." . ... . ... . .. '. '
nunc, duly
Jackxoiivllle, 0 inrtT-ir
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ll.i'lr I'lui". hIiIi .ii,niplni' umlil .jmicli Tbc
bum II,, fit up imo l.irif- iiiiilinii;l'"r loruin
k'oodn. uu. I liuvn 1,141)1. iirruiiKi-iui'iiU mi ll.iil
in.'rch.iiil. iIoIiik liiir)iii;i-i. Itiiouiili lliuu wjjj
mil .iiilcr by any nvirclmrni'. or low- nny lii.t
cliilm lor huoiIp. lint. ri
fir" Oi)iijiiiniuti' iolcIlii, Uircliui.ifo
rice I v ril omloruK" lurVdly
career is checked Ulltil HOXt term of !incl ''i wllhln rx niiiiillm from llm dulv uud liliiti'. willun tlx nioulha I nm Ibn dulv - .
... .iwreor. w. a. t'yauit. aiiiuv. ibi(. w, a. t;yaum Adw-r, Averi Cathartift PHIm
court. I Augmt 15, 1667, rK7i; I Augmllfi, 1867. ?'t8lTw' "' WrT-W. riij.
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