Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, January 26, 1867, Image 3

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    Till! ORKCON Si:TIM'
SlItltPAV MOH.NINO, JAN. 20, 1807.
For tuk SxNTl.xKf..
To uJeve.
T.ikc Ittitntft, tin1 I'titico, when lio sn'ul
"flint' the iu-tion,"
lvV n problem inn li.nnl for my mental
ilip'tiiui; tf
Tor, tlio' ".le"e," I'm sine, is the name
of II lllllllllll,
I eaimot ileeule if 'tiswfi orUirumun.
I've rend of one ".Ie-e tlie l'lower '
Ami tlint win n womnn, I dure to twilii.
I tut then I have heard .xo yon have, I
That Kim: I a id's daddy was nlo call
ed Jv.
However, (-inee, alwayn, I make it a
To yield to a foimtn and wide with a
I cannot 1:0 wronu in eases like tln;
Anil m, he you hloekhead orsimieiiny
I war.not with you go free! you're
Tor Imi I've no hullet-nieie. silent
contempt ! .Ion.
Meeting or the Mount if Trustee.
The Hoard of Tiutees met January
isih, 107, pnruant to adjournment.''
A full Hoard piccnt, the President
in the Chair. The minute- ol the pie
'tott niecliiiy icad and approved. The
committee, to whom win referred the
hid received for grading and gravel
liiiLT Oregon Street, etc., inadea report,
with a condened statement of thehid
on c.ifli tcciinn. 'l'heiepoit wn lulnpt
cil and tno coininittee dieharued.
Alter some converation hy meinher.
ou ueueral tii:ittcf touching improve
inento'upon street, Mr D.tvN deiretl
the -ene of the lloii'e lie taken ou the
p'-opnked ohm for ituiroviii!r Orviron
Street, and ollered the following resolu
tion: AVWivi, That the hid received for
gradintr and gravelling Oregon Street,
under the pccilleation, he now award
ed to the lowest hidden, as they are
reported hy the rominittee.
The resolution was Mcnndcd hy Mr.
Ilrentauo. .Vr. Taylor said ho was op
poed to the whole scheme, and would
vote to rcji'i t all hids under thu speci
fications; that he was nol opposed to
niakini; all ncccarv repairs upon the
street, hut did not tliiuk that it requir
ed, at jirrM-iit, such an outlay, ami that
under the e.visting state of our town fi
nances no money in the treasury we
vi 01 emit warranted in going on with
the woik ami ospondingH or 0 hundred
dollars; that Oregon St root wit certain
ly not in a very had condition at this
time, hut if it 'needed nuy repairs, it
could he done at i small expense, ami
he wa not oppo.ed to that. It was no
time, he said, to make such improve
ments ns weie propo.ed; the season
vvn untuvomhlo for such vioik, and
would, of course, increaetheexpens.'.
Mr Davis wished to know if Mr
Taylor had a right to a sent in this
Hoard, haung hecu ahsent.atonotiine,
over .'10 dav ., and read from Section 8,
Aitiele 'J, which piovidcs,"lfnnyollicer
!iK"ent himself for :in days, or more,
without loftC? of the Hoard, his olliee
shall he deemed vacant," ami ho want
ed to know if Mr. Taylor could now
net heie. .
The President explained, hy saving
that M. Taylor hail had leave of ab
sence; and that the. iiuestiou ought to
have come up nt tlio last meeting, if nt
nil, as Mr. Taylor was thou present ami
noting with the Hoard, nml was ap
pointed one of a committee with Air.
Pax In, and they, together, had submit
ted a report at this meeting, ami there
could now' he no question ns to Mr. Tay
lor's right to his seat.
No fuitlier action was taken on tlio
Mr. Taylor, with regard to tlio reso
lution, further asked where the money
was to come from to pay for tliis woik
R or 0 hundred tloll.tn.
Mi. Wav 8.,i,j tlit contractors wero
tQ wait, and we could issue scrip.
Mr. Tav lor did not favor tho propo
rtion, and said we eamo in with 7 or 8
hundred dollars in the treasury, and he
did not like to go out B or 0 hundred
dollnrn in debt.
Mr. Davis said sixty citizens had pe
titioned to have the" work done, and
this was sutlicieut to justify the Hoard;
that California Stieet had been graded
and gravelled, while. Oregon Street had
had no work, done 911 it, and everybody
could see that it was in had condition
he zealously urged that tho work go
The President said ho was opposed
to tho whole thing, and asked where
the money was to come from. He said
wo could not autieipatd tho road tax,
that was collected and expended by
the Stieet Commissioner, and no part
of it over wont into tho town treasury,
nml it would be a long time, with tho
ordinary receipts of tho town, before
tho debt could ho paid; that wo wero
now near the end of our term, nml ho
thought wo would not bo justified in
saddling u debt of 8 or 0 hundred dol
lars upon tho town. You havo propos
ed, lm said, to let out on contract, for
grading, and gravelling over, n tract, n
part of which is private property, where
you havo no street, and whero no street
was over laid out or declared; that it
was a singular proposition to contract
for grading and gravelling a street over
private property. He did not doubt
that the street would be established
there, tteihaps, before long; hut let us
have the street before we exercise an
thi'rity ovort it. There had been no
grade established for any one of the
section, on nnv part of Oregon Street,
nml tlii- should be done, ns it had been
on California Streetj before gravelling.
As regarded the sixty petitioners, he
knew many of them wore opposed to
Imvtnir the work done as proposed;
that they were not committed to nny
such scheme; that to put ten inches of
trravol upon section first would raise
thu street above the sidewalk; that the
street was already of a high grade and
ouiiht not to he raised nt nil. He snid
he had ever been in favor of expending
allot our money upon the streets of the
town, but that'we had no money now
to expend, and if we had he would he
opposed to expending it ns proposed.
i'lio ipiestion wn taken on the reso
lution, and resulted as follows; Yea,
Davis and Urenititm; ntija, Tuylor, Mil.
lor and Mr. President this defeated
the whole scheme.
Ou motion of Mr. Davi, the Hoard
Only a llntf.
"It was onlv a half," was the remark :
of a handsome, frank-looking, beardless j
youth, n few Qvenings since, after hnv-)
ing lost his hist and only "half-dollar" ,
at n game of chance. Silently he turn
ed nway, with nn illy repressed sigh of,
regret; nml the iiunatuial lustre in his
eye, ns his look lingered ou the tempt
ing treasured of the "hank," seemed to
1 av, "I will come nciiin." Did that ,
! bov onlv know the real value of that!
half-dollar, could he only feel the yearn-1
ing pangs of want nml hunger it might
allay; ouiy realize tutu , princely lor
tunes have been .leciimmulated by
tin ill and industry, from as small a he-
ginning, he would not have said, flip
pantly, "only a half," but have reolved
stoutly never to tempt fickle fortune
again. Could he only feel that in the
act ol losing that piece of money, he
ventured within the charmed circle of
the tempter, took into his heart a
kmiw ing worm that may sap his man
hood, destroy his usefulness nml make
him n fit companion for tho depraved
ami vicious, he would say, "never, nev-
or imam: I'lii iieouiv know trial tno
1 knowledge of the not would have ,
j wrung a loving mother's heart with j
lenr and ngony, or suffused tho eyes of
a gentle sister with trembling tears
for his folly, he would havo hung his
head in shame and lied forever from the (
presence of temptation. Could that
boy only sou tho yawning gulf his
young life's shallop is npproachiug, he
would tremble. Might ho only look
into it nml see the human ruins in its
abys; the many splendid intellects,
maihleuid, iVi-niel, wrecked forever
could he hnk further, deeper, and see !
Drunkenness, Murder, Want, Theft, '
D"sp.iir and Suicide, criishingtheirvic-,
thus in its lowest depths, ho would j
thank God that he had not yet reached
its vortex. Youth! Never hopo to rocoi
erthat lost piece ofinoney,and the lesson ,
will bo liko the food of tho Cassava to
you, feeding nml strengthening your
resolution nml shielding you from fur-'
tner temptation m-ck 10 regain 11, ami
it will bo to you liku tho Cassava's
poison, tainting tho springs of your
young life, ami preparing your young
heart for all tho vices that follow in
tho train of gambling.
On ! Our neighbor of tho Pre nev
er lets an opportunity slip to express
his extreme admiration for tho fair sex.
It's no use, neighbor, to advertise your
self so much; tho admiration is all pn
one side.
Haiid ok tuk M. D. Mr. P., tho
Jacksonville joklst, met one of our res
ident physicians, not long since, carry
ing a nick and shovel. Ho accosted
him with, "Ha ! Doctor, for which of
you patients is that meiilclnoiuionucii;
Applegate nnd Jackass Creeks wero
higher (luting tlio flood than ever be
fore known. Tho Crescent City stage
has not been able to cross Applcgafo
since the 1 Tlh inst. Wo have not heard
what damage has been done, but it
must bo considerable.
Light Snow. Tho snow nt the head
of tho valley was only about nu inch
deep on tho morning of tho iiild, nnd it
all disaiipeacd during tho earlier part
ol tlio (lay.
Hviikk's Kkiiky, on lloguo river, was
saved. Tho wire rope stretched across
tho river last fall, gavo way' on tho
north sido of tho river. It is not known
to what extent it is damaged.
Sold Out. Mr. John McLaughlin
has bold his interest in tho "NewStato
Sulnoii ." on tho corncrof California and
Third Streets, to Ashor Wall, who will t
. 1
continue tho imsmess.
At Sachs Bros.!
Selling Off
Owing to a chaago in onr firm
aad business, wo offer
for tho noxt
M COStfl
Marketable Produce,
Will find this tho best
ohniico over oilcrcd
in this county to secure
Hush In, rserylmdy1 Wo mean no humliiiir.
Our goods inut U sold durlnir tins tin- "ik-cI
11,, 1 ,uv.. SACHSBROiS.
Jscloonvllle, January If, ibi.7.
Odd Fellow's Hall,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Travelm toil rulilvnl boarOcn will fine
Placed In first cIbm onlor, and lu emj
Wartuptrlor to any In llili iccllon.aud no
urpatied r any In the State.
And a plentiful iiipply of tlio beit of uvcry
thing tho market affords "III boob-
talncd for
No troubled Kill bo spared to dccne tlio
palroiugo of the (ranting as well as tbe
permanent community.
Jacksonville March 31. 1868. tf
Having purchatd the right to prepnre
Murray's Magic Oil, would cordially Invito
everybody lo go to tho Ully Drug Store ut
oncu and procure a bfitllv.
It cures Neuralgia, liheumatlsio, Tooth
ache, II urn 1 and Scalds. Earache, Crainp
collo, Flux. Diplberla, Sprulus and lirulses,
and is ready death to Corns.
In future, 110 will regulated family will
bo without a bottle of It In the bonne.
jtMr Dealers will be furnUhed on liberal
terms. Send In (or a Dozen bottles and try
It. marVOtr
Jacksonville, March 7lh, 8fifi.
Thl valuable preparation, containing In a
highly conerniralid form nil th iiMpi-rllc nf
Jnmuli" (Iingcr.hn" ln'cumi" nun or tin1 mol xi
ular domcf lie remedi!' Tor nil disvan-. of the
ynm.ich nnd i1Ik"Uic organs.
A n tonic. It will Ik' lonnd Intaluible lo nil
peron rrcnvcrlna from iUilllly.lipinr pro-d-ierd
by fever er iitlipric. for wlnll it ija
pnrtu In tin' )lrm nil IV glim nnd xlgnrtlml
cm lm prmlurid by wine or brandy. It lrntlrp.
lyfne (rum the reactionary vlled tlMt follow
the ue of tplflt f any kind
It l aln nn excellent remedy for female who
tuffer from dlfllcull incn'turnllon giving nlmn.t
ImtmrilaH relit f to the sm m thai so frequent
ly accmninny that period. II gins llnmilble
rellif In Nhumh. riiifil lii ruling In a railroad
ear, nr by n lekn. or other cniir
It mi laliiaMe a nn exUrti.il application
lor gout, rheiiinillMn. muralgia etc.
Aitgii'l.. f-(f
STOP THAT imiilllMJ !
O ipii. Vim liri' li ml eitry temeily but the
onu ilrllnnl. by ltlntrlno,in'tll. In ruperxdc
all similar prepirntion. 'II I not riitprlfing
you himld li" itluctiil y l-y nmMhlng ele,
after the tinny i'iprlmiijtyu bairnudeof
lUlir coinp'iiindi foltted oil tti4 public a
certain cutis but
fi really tho VEISV HIST rrm-ily rvrr rnm
pnund'd for thi euro of cmnh cold, mre
llinut. atthmt. whiHiplm; Ciiik'ti. I.mnchltia and
contiimplion 1liiiiiaiidnf p'ople '.'iCnlllcr
nil and Oli'k'Oil bare Ihmii aliendy bcuflltid by
tLc surprl'ing cutatire oir it
and with one senrd gin ll their iiuiuillfird
approlullon UV now mllriMiuirwhr. In all
vilin are unariimliitiit wilh lln. Ili grralit
IMuacea (if the age, for I he lualiuit nt alt ill.
r of the 1 liinat ami l.ungr, autlng yuu that
ha.curtd thoufandi and It will cute YOU If
you iry it.
1 lit liuntushle medicine Is p1eaant to the
latel Miullilng. healing and tiengllKiiiiii; In
lltirct"l enliteSy Iree Irmu all hiIoiiiiii nr
delelerlou drugs, and perfectly bartnlem uudir
Certillcate from many prominent citizens of
San Prauclico accuinpauy wiry bottle of
ItlUHSnTON A CO. Agent.,
San I'rancUco
'Martha Washington'
TmM nen.elUr. Lorr tnnl
,.!,. .., 1I.1 ht lint 1.44 il....,
Trr II l.. I"' It 1 im.iiI--
ImIIi. li.nli. Matlnucfun"
ll li UM'd by all and acknowledged In be supe
rior to any niher preparnliou In inatkit.
II keep, ihe hair .oil uud glny.
It change. Ihe hair In It. orgiual color.
ll pn iriils the hair falling nut.
ll preieul. premature hahl'ieii.
ll makes old head look young, and; In fact,
It will do all cxprctid of a good, genuine llalr
Do not be h.nnbuggeil by buying any oilier
prsparatlou, Try ll, by all iikuiu Iry It, aud
yuu will never regret it.
Tntj ihiu.nl hl. rrmlnj n.
W k.l a Uvt.l. Ir. ll. .I...I.
Hilliun. iilw. lull r.iu Ulnn-I ol,
II llll llirir IIM.r. all I.I1.M.J.
N. II. He ure to ak fur Ihu "iljriha Vai
inyfcrt" Jhir itaturtrr. and take no other.
Price $1 00,
KIMOM) A. Co., I'ruprietort,
IIi:i)IN(JTON A CO. Pole Agents,
4 1 C ami 118 From St. San Francisco,
Uterine Catholicon
If faithfully ti'ul according In directions will
cure enry cae of Dinta'te., ind greatly miti
gate the troublesome ell'ects eauivd by a relax
ation of Ihe outlet of Ihu bladder, ll Is a int
tucciiuful nmiily for fi ravel uud other iIIh'jw.
of the Kidney and llluddcr, and for Female
Dl.iH'fi l ui.enuallid. Ihu (itl,olieuii mil
Turinly cures Prolaii.ii Uleil. Wbll.a, nil Irreg
iilaillle. or the Monthly Tutu., Sjupprctlon,
luciiiiliiiencuol t'riue, llloatliig nnd lroplci
Dwilllng", aud all Dimbmh nl Pregnancy. Ihe
ppivillo action of this imdiciue I. Immediate and
certain upon the Uterine ami Abdominal Mus-ch-a
and l.igumeul. ; renlnrlug llieni In im beat
thy a statu tbont of ctiIliltiiM.il and youth, o
tliHt pallenta who hale uihiI Ihe (Ini'ftnUryC'i-l-ang'i
Ulmm (klhclicon ciAinul suftlcieully ex
pri.s their gratitude fur Ihe nllef atluidid.
ltedingtou A Co. Ah'eut,
4K, and 4I Front SlTSan Fran clscn.
R. Dl'OSK. J, 0, W1U-
CorHer of Frout and F streets,
lug and forwarding or all goods entrusted to
their care, with promptness and dispatch. They
havo lilted up two largo buildings for storing
goods, and have made arrangements so that
merchants dolnc buslnesi tbrouRb them will
not suffer by any overcharges, or Iom any Just
claim for goods lost.
p1 Consignments solicited. Merchandise
received on itorage. uo2dly
l'eron of Mileutnry liabils. trout ted with
weiiltne. Intuilt', pAlpllation of (lie heart, '
iacK 1.1 np'iite,tiiireunllereallni; inr nil liv
er cini'lipitinn etc. denrie In .lifter If tliey
will not try thecelelirnled PI..WTA1 ION III I
1 Kits, which areiinwrecnnimeiidiil by ihchlgh
e. med cal nuthorite.. and warr.inttil In plo
diiec an Immediate Ix'tieneint 1 ffi-et. Tliey nre
exceedingly Agreeable. 'lfeclly pure. nnd inut
Hht, ie nil other toiiie whele a heallhy, gen
tle "tliniihiit l required
They purify, strenirthcti nnd Inilgoratc.
They creal n ho.ilihy npp-tllp.
They are an antidote to change of water nnd
1 hey strengthen the syitcin and enliven the
rnln, I.
They prevent mtamatlc nnd Intermittent fc
They purify the brea h nnd ncldlty of the
They cute llppla and Constipation.
They euro l.licr Complaint and neriou
They tinke the wr.ik trong. the languid bril
liant, and aie ihail'teit nature's great le.lorer.
They nrorumpixed of tin' ccIolir.sl.tl i"illnyi
Inrk. winlertfio'ii. ta"ilra. rnol. nnd lietln.
all preervnl In crfecllv pun St Croix rum.
far parlieuUr.. see circulars and testimonial.
itrnund each bottle,
tlB...rt ,.f ItHhAtla. 1-BA.tHA .. I.J.HU
,.-.,.., 1 .., iiiitv.i 1 . i,inuillir LI inilll".
S.e tint It la. our p.-lvato t. ,s" l.mp iiumii
tllatid mer the coik. with plantation cue.
nnd niir siirntturi' nn n fln tee plain fid" la
U I. See Unit nur liottle I. not llllei! with rpu
rlnii. and d'I'lerlott tuff Any iwixin pre
ttnillnit In sell I'hiilMlnii lllll.r l,y llipgalbm
nr III bulk Is all itiipu-ler Any pernm Ituit i
ilnif ihi. Iiile. Drilling any niher nuteil
al Ih'teln. whither railed I'laiitnllnu llitlirsnr
lint. I a criminal mnlr the I' S Law. nnd will
J lait plneciitid by ll". The d maud li r llrnko'o
I'Mniaiimi liiliec". rrnm lmlio. e. ra)Min
merchant., ele . . Ineriilible. 1 lie linpto trial
fif a hniil In the eildeucn we pnenl nfllelr
worlh ninl Mi.rlorlty. They are mid by nil
reM-clable drugglt. emeer. phy lctnn. ln
lelt, lalouiii, itemiilmal" and country ln..,
I. II. Drnki .V Co.
A toilet 1I1 lit hi I The ladlin' treasure nnl
gentli man'. Ikiiiii I The 'metet thiiia" and
latett rju unity. .Maiiuf.ieluret fruui theilib
8nulh.rn M.ignulU. L'.'il fur btlhilltf the p.r
mil ml lace, tit lender the kln .ofl nnd fie.li,
In prevent vrupiiuu., to perfume elntliiug. etc.
ll oicicuuu the uuplvassut bdur of .rrplra
tlun. It remove, rcdne". Ian, blotches, etc.
ll cutis' ntriou. btadacho and allay, luflam
ll cools, snflrns -n, aiddelleaey tn the skin.
ll yield a ul.lneil and l.'tliik' iierfume.
ll cure. inuietn lile Mint llllg. .(T ill'fCta
ll contain, nn material Injiir'u'i. to (he kln.
It I. whit every lady fhnuld hair. Sold el-
irywhere. Try Ihe .Magnolia Water niic and
)nii will ue 110 other cologne, perfumery or
lollit water aflerwatd.
Denial Bnrnes & Co.
Prop. eiclillr AKenl. N. V.
It . a mn.t delightful hair drelng.
It rradlcale. fcutf and daudruir.
It keip the heaii cnul uud clean,
ll makes the hair rich, soil aud (lny.
It prevent! hair turning gray and tailing
It restores hair on prematurely bald bead.
Till. I Ju.t what Lyon's Kathalrou willdn.
ll Isprelly-lt la cheap -durable, ll Mller-
ill. H.il.l l,r llm ir liit.l. an.l vt ll. alnintl In.
cndlblu dimand I. dully lncrealug. until there
I. nanny n country .tnre III it ilot. nol keep It,
or a family that doe. not 11 It.
E TbomM Lyon, Chemist, N. V.
yon' Sxt't of Oiogor.
I.yon'a Extract of Pure Jamacla Ginger -for
ludlgollou, Naiifea. Heartburn, SJck lle'idarhe.
CliuUra Jluilm, Flatulency, etc.. where n
wanning stimulant l rUln-d. ll. carelul
iirepnrallnu and entire purity muko it 11 cheap
and tellable article fur culinary purpo.es. Sold
even where at .11) els. in r bottle, A.k t "Ly
on'. ' pure extract, lulu nu other. See that
Ihe private U. S. stamp of I'emu. Ilarne. A Co,
U nu the cork of each bottle. None other Is
Muslnng Liniment.
Havo you a hurt child or a lame boric ! Use
thu Mexican Mu.lang Liniment,
Fur cuts, siiraln., burns, rwelllngs and caked
brea.ts, thu Mexican Mustang I.lnlmeut Is u cer
tain cure.
For Ithcutnalli m, neuralgia, stllTJnlnti, Ming,
amniltes. there Is tiulhlug liku the Mexican
Mustang Liniment,
For spavined horse, tho poll-evil, ringbone
aud sweeny, the Mexlcau Muitang Llulinetit
never 'all.
For wind galls, cratches, bldiead nnd splint
thu Mexican Mustang Lluluieut Is wtirlb its
weight In gold.
Cuts. bruies, rprulus and swelling., are so
cotuinou mid certain to occur lu every family,
that a bo tile of this Lluluieut It the best Invest
ment that can be made,
ll Is mure certain than the doctor It saves
lime lu sending lor the. doctor It Is. cheaper
ihau tho doctor, and should never be dltin.nl
"In lifting the kettle from tho fire, It tipped
over and ecalded my hand, terribly,
Tho Mustuug Liniment extracted tho pain,
caused Ihe sore to heal rapidly, and left very
little ar. Cms. Fohthi, I'JU llroad St. Phil.
Mr. S. LItch. of Hyde Park, Vl., writes: "My
lioru was considered worthier, (spavin) but
since the uiu of the Mustang Liniment, I have
sold him fur tM. Your Liniment Is doing
wonders up here."
All genuine Is wrapped In steel plate engrav
ing, signed G, W. Vsestbrook, chemist, nnd nl
o has the private U. S, stamp of Demas Humes
.t co. our Ihe top. Look cloely. Sold by all
druggists, at 25, 50 cts, aud $100.
Xyoa's Fit 7owd0i
Death to Fleas.-lt la well known Ibat Lyon's
genuine Magn tlo powder will purfectlv destroy
everything In thu shape of fleas, ticks, bedbug,
roaches, etc ; that il Is perfect poison to tbe in
sect tribe, but entirely- harmless to tbe human
species and domejtlo animals. The genuine bas
the signature of K. Lyon, and tbe private stamp
of Demas Barnes A (Jo, Anything else of this
klud Is an, Imitation or counterfeit. Aoy drug
gist will pxocuro tho genuine, If you Insist you
will have no other le-3p-ly
OsTti. 1 s:aiL
SN ""
H4P 'CSo ,
'If v
Funxcii Mr.nit'Ai.orrici:.
Hit. Ji lis Pitiaii it. IWlnmf Medielni.
pf tho I'arulll nf l'ir;. Ilrndn !! ( the
t'lilveHtl (ue. i'" I'i.II- j and Pli).'i'inn
nf lb" Si Juhli llapl.Me Sicl. ly ol Sni
I'l nelcii.
Ha Psaii l rlii). lie plraxtrr to Inform pa
tlotil. nml nlh.r. M.k'ii f e f T lilnii
leal nils lee. that he , , I , ' d ilsily
nl lil..tl-. Arm, rv II ,;i I', ! North
llll rorn. r Mmilrfoii n o I - i ,m nlo
fln-ot.. San I 1 11, , ,. ' ; i js. lo.
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bii.t.le.l ilnclnr. nml Ibat ili rll.nl phj'l
clan, llll worn out uud ilbcoiiiagtil, to call
upon us.
Low oharges nnd rpilck cum.
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dental in ihelr ev. can eoiiiiilt tbe diKtut
with the uiHUiauce of islltf.i
Female .Mimllily IMIIs.
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Dn. PiniutlT l Hie only ni;rnt In Call
Ifnrula fur Hr. llioi'a I mule MohiMt
Pills, Tliiirlmiueii.il shIh has laiiibli.lml
their leputaluiii u' n f male leinnly. i,.np
piiiiU'lud.uiiil lur in ailianeunf tiiirs ol' t
rilllnly nr uppleiiiii uud iireculiiiU' s.
aiJ ot'lu-r nb.iriielinii. lu fun. I" On llm
receipt nl Use ibilluis. Iliesu Fills vi.ll be
sent by inni ur eprs to nuy pint ut Ihe
world. M'curi' from euilo.lly 01 daiuii'.
Per.ou. ut n ili.t.iuce enu Ui en ml at
borne, by nildut'luir a lilbr In I'll Pfll
luil.T, enrmr uf S.icraineuuiniid Minilgiuii
ery slreiK ltuom. Ill uml 11. nr llx 'J'3,
P, 0, S.111 I'ninc'.cii, sl.itinit the cae as
ml mi t. ly ns poible, geiiernl balill s of liv
ing, occupation UC-etc.
All coinmuiilcnilnnsrnnndenllnl,
San Francisco, July Tib. 1m:u, Jyllyl
3u S5'000 la
Tbo undersized would mot respectfully
call the attention of tho public tu his
On Oregon Slrifl,.liicli(nr.vllle. I Imvo
a line stucli of Ii.iiiims nnd leiims, ulso n
good supply nf suildlu liiitnn. lu let, 1
tUtlrr injHtlf that I buve giscn sutU
Tact Inn Ihe post yrur, uml 11 in ililiini'iiiil
lo do so the ue.l. 1 solicit a living
share of Ihe patronage,
A good supply ol finl rnnstantlv ou
band. H. PI.Y.MALK.
Jncksnnvllle. MavJSfid. ilei'.'lf
WestclieBter House,
CORXKIt of UllOOMt: St. ft liOW'ERT,
TStosxr Yo'rlt.
Aernininmlallun. for Three lliinilrol
Located, aud near to nil bulue. points,
City curs pin. thu hotel to nil thofirrles,
railroad depots and place, of nimueinent
every Ihreii inlntiles. Slnule rooin.wii: dol
lar per day; doublu two dnllur.
J. F. DAIIKOW A Co., Prop's,
march 3 ly
Blore you will find the best uttlcK-8 of
paints, oils, vuuiishi'S, benzine 0. Kpuio
brushes, varnish brushes, while wuili brush,
es, thou brushes, icrubbing brushes, wlo,
dow glass pulty, putty knives, filling up
glue, bronze powder, gold leaf, uml many
other articles lo this line not named.
buy your blue stone.
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