Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, March 10, 1866, Image 2

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    I'llll OREGOK ffiTMBL
LITOF U1KNT Still Till' 'SKNTINll.
ti 1 I'ldicr . Sin Francisco Oil
Tlioini I'm iplfe.ilt Onu
UT li Hill Wllber do
K (i Wrd-eye. Itivck Point do
Tliomi Cmxtwi. . .C'roxloinDiiMliHiln
Win Smcer... . Imtiii-Ofi-Jn iln
Out. (iibb Porlluml 'o
I) M Thonimni U''0 ' '
V. l. He .ins Uthoiisc -In
1 hoin i Curr. . . . il"
Tlnini I" l'tntd. . Kci live Hie il"
S W Swier.' '! '"
I P. Anderson Phottilx do
A. lielund Mtrll.' Creole do
Ceo I. Item. I'.llenbiirit do
TliMO.rlcCmir.n . . I'nUm Town il"
Jami" li. Witl'on Hu'dmrt; do
Ml llattlnjlunler.. . Itopue lllcr ilo
Hinder Itermin of Can) out Me. uoneral
Acint fin Ihmiii'i County.
.lOtli. le-iifi.
Tiiioii Stato Convention.
'I he voters of the several counties ol Or
egon who lino been and arc In fivnrof
nMlnlnliilni! the supremacy of the Union,
the Constitution and the laws o( the U S ,
oiInU nil opposition, are rcpfctfol'y in
ltiil to hold conventions according to the
mini custom for the election of Delegate
to it Union SHte Contention, to I held
ntCorvttllli.cn the '-'Olhdiy of March
lfiiirt, for the purpose of nominating can
did itos lor Governor, Mcmberof Congres.
Secretary of State Stite Treasurer. ai.it
State Printer. Wc respectfully recom
mend the holding of County Convention!
throughout the Hntc on Haturdiy, l"th
iliy of l xroli. ISoY'. t which time Dele
gate to the .Stato Contention can be se
lectctl. And tl.it the Precinct meetina
beheld otiSitunhy the lotluliyof Mtrch.
The St ite Convention from each Judicial
District assembled nt the time of holding
mhl contention, to nominate candidates
for Judge anil I'rosccutln;,' attorney, where
vacancies o.xiit.
Iliktr -I Line 7
Jlwilon J I.lnn 10
Cliclntnas 7 Marlon. .. II
Clatsop 2 Multnomah ...13
Coos 1 Polk C
Curry 1 Tillamook.... 1
Columliki I Umatilla. ..5
Dough) 7 Union '
(Jrant ' Washington.. f
Jack'en Wasco.... 11
Josephine .. .- Vumlilll. .. 5
I It MOOl'.t:?.
('hilrmin Cnlnn 't.ite Central Com.
W C WniTo..Secritiry
Union Comity Con vent Ion.
At n mccllng of the Union County
Committee for Jackson eounty State of
Oregon, at 0 Jnoob's ofliee, Feb. 'SM.
lertfi, It wai ugreed : 1st, Thil (ho vote
for Lincoln be the bii'i rri apportionment
for iMamIcs in County onvei.lioj.
2d. Iltery pre-ciuct is allowed onf delo
gitc, nml also delegates for every 1ft vote
nnd irictiou ot 7 ami ner, less Hun 13.
Under the abate rule the precincts will
be entitled to the following number of Jcl
cgitra Aslihud ...
lluttti Creek
Table lllc 1
TorcH Creek 1
Willow Springs. ..'J
l't. Klamath f.
Steamboat City.... 1
J) in) .niello... . 1
I'niontonn . .'-'
1 Ivans Creek . . ..1
. '1 i
Precinct meelinj:
March 10th, lPfiC.
S. D. VASP'.Kir, Ch'r.
Union Count) Contention
IV.om Vw AtAonu. Ily n letter from
Capt. Sprague, dited 9lh of Feb., we learn
that his command is well. The weather
h very set ere, forage scarce, and their cav
alry nnlnuls were on quarter rations of
barley ami half ntlons of hiy They had
n skirmish with a band of Indian on
Christmas, who attempted to run oft' the
horses and mules. In the action one horse
was killed, ami un Indian wounded, '1 lie
Mtages threw awry their nrmi und cloth
ing and took to tie mountains. The
clothing was burned at.d Ibe arms taken
to eamp
Ki.tMtTit lliiirmr, ,' lim Gonk.
A'o bate been kludly furnished the fol
lowing item of news by Mr. I.. Applegate,
Telegraph operator at the Toll House, on
the California r,iud.
Toll Hojsc ath.i' r. m. I learn from
Ilev. 0. II. Nowton, just from the KIjiii
uth Uitir, that tli" bril'i across tint
stream went down eierilny morning, n
portion of which carried away the firry
This is u set ere lo-d, as it uy Impedo
the earying ol the mills for sotr.o time to
Tn . Many )car bate pascd
since wo were more agreeably surprised
than ono morning this week. We went
into our sanctum and found a Leg of cider
from Jimmy Twogood, proprietor of the
Grate Creek House, with directions to
keep it coiked tight. In qrder that the
"Devil" may bo kept QJt. 'I liis, precaution
was unnecessary as the Good 'lemplars
have got that pertomigc , but wo propose
to get in even if tlio devil follows.
Messrs. Hicks .t llcllmger, who htel)
Usvul a prospectus foi n nettspipcr at the
Dalle, to be called the Vmdicalo), hate
bold their pret.s uud uiaterhl to W, G
'1" Vuu It, who is pow on his way with it
to Owyhee, where be purposes to estab
lish n newspaper. IgHcrs.
A slight mistake us to the whereabouts
of Col. T'Vuult. Ho ij hero with his
ItKciviiKU. From Mr. Kelly, ltoglsler
at the I.anil Oflico In Iloseburg, wo learn
that the authorities at Washington have
reeindtd the order to that ofliee requiriug
un Oath of Allegiuuco from Doualion
claimants. Hereafter, tlio filling of tho
Oitli prelimiiury to the Issue of the final
wlllie-ate will be dispensed with
IVi'Cro SuIItagc.
Mr llemlerfou, our Hcprcentnllte In
Conmes, is an olil Kepnblicati. but xotcil
against negro Miflrayc in the District of
Columbia. This l a mnto in the rijilit
itirectiou. liel not only Ortgou but ull
the loynl States ctnlilili ntgro fiilTrngc
at home berorc their Heureentititee Mite
far It in the District of Columbia
Xegroin are now nllmtul to tote in
Mnine. Nen IlanirHhire. Vermont, Mnsa
chuctti, llhoilo Ilanil nml New York
lu Maine, New Hampshire anil Vermont
they vole on the lame term! nml condition
as the nliltiM In .Mninclitnelts the)
niut be nblc to read nnd write, nml In
llhodc Island they mutt hold real estate tt
tlio amount of ono hundred nnd thirty dot
l.ir!. In Nen Yotk they must be worth
two hundred nnd fifty dollars oter all in
cumbrance. Pico negroes xntrd for sev
eral yrar In Mart laud nnd North Caroli
na, beforu the slavery question ttna ugltn
ti.t. A nnjorlty of tlo people of Connecticut.
Mi!ourl. Mino'Otn, Colorado nml the Di
trict of Columbia nrp ngnlnst. ntpro suf
frage. Under the present excitement, no
doubt n mijorlty of the loyal cliiiiiof
Ilia Southern States are opposed to it.
therefore It Is uunfceswiry, useless and
unwise, even If It ttos constitutional, for the
President and Congress to force nrpm nif
frujre on the North or South. The Pie
ident ami his Cabinet are oppo'nl to nn
agitation of the question at present, even
in the District of Columbia, where Con
gresi bus llto same right to prescribe the
quiliflwtlon of the Mite that any State
has. Washington City ami tlic tthole dis
trict of ten mil square, Is under the ex
clude legislation of Congress; jet Mr.
John'on hiys it would In- belt for Cun
groM to ntteml to more important bii'ltte
ami to let nogio sufl'iiige( alono for lite
prcunt. He thinks p' uiiMnstltutioual
nml tiinvlw for (?ongre to try to force
negro luffragt' on any of Una State : nml
'thnt the end would be onr nccompllshed
by each Slate to legislate on the subject
of the,oltv:tlre unchle. Tbfr I the true
policy of the Government. The negro In
many instances is ignorant nnd n poor
judge of his own Interest, much les Ibe
ttuc interest of the whole American peo
ple. The State are better acqnilnted
ttitb his rapocltylli.nl Congress; hence.
I lie legislatures of the States are better
qualified to Judge what restriction ami
tthu CQiidition should le nttaeWl to tie
gro sufiruge
The Corulllutlon of Oregon prohibits
negro tuffriifto, and nt present we are op
posed to any change in this subject, nml
oppotnl to agitating tlic question in Con
grets; and wcare in fiver of tlio atlmUrton
of total member from Ihe South without
lr)ing in force negro suffrage on any ol
the States.
Inst tM.Pi. The following is n list of
the oftioers recently initalled in Phoenix
r ..it... x. .. i f i m r.. it. ....t.
t IXJjrr 41' U, 1 l. I 1V1 HV CIMIIIf
Orvll DexUe. W. C.T., Hawaii Maeom
btr. V. V. T.j Olney Miekelson. V. M ;
Jjidh Ho.-iie, W S.; IMnard Deeit.
V. l'.S George Ashley. V. 'I.; Ilatlli
Shook, W l.Gj Wni GlfTord, W. 0 (!.:
Mury iliook, V It. II. S.i liable Amkr
eon. I.. 11. S.i i:iizi (iiflonl. W. A.
S.; Clurlw Hoxle, W. Cj Ithoda Shook.
V. D. M.
iMi'nnvKMK.M. Wo notice lint the
Court House square is boiug set oat in
maples. 'Jhvse trees make a tery haiHl
some shade, nml when they get well started
they will be an ornameut to the town und
speak well fur the tusto of the originator
ol tho enterprise. Only ouo improvement
could wo suggest, uud that is, tint tt row
be set on the outside. of the bide walks
Ii.tiiuK Ni'aiiKT. On .Monday lust, n
Frenchman who mines nt the mouth of
Shitely Gulch, on Jackson Creek, picked
up n mass of silver and gold weighing
about fito pounds. The piece was mostly
sliver but had some fine specimens of gold
In it, together witli particles ol crystuliad
KrKiiiMK.Ti.sa. Mr. (,'raiidlv,of Wal
do, is experimenting with copper ore from
his lead on lllinol's river, to the end Hut
some nietlicd be reached to reduce the ore
to such n bulk as will piy shipping, 'Ibe
results o.far aro cry (Uttering.
Tinnsmmi TIkj company tunneling
into tic Shitely gold nndsilter ledge, hate
got in about eighty fiet. 'they ore work
ing two sets of hands so that labor pro
gresses night and d ly.
Krtuhmu). John Lane, Lieutenant
Colonel of the lata Confederate States,
son of Hon. Joseph I.ane, returned to
Portland on tho 21 111 of last month.
Tow s Ui ki ti(.(n.t-1 ho Llretlou for corpor
ation oftlcera was held ou Tuenliy last and
pa-s.il olf very quietly, tho only contest
being between the rital cindli2it' for Mar
thai. Tho number of votes pollid was ISO
an lucre mo oter the nuniU'r polled at the
1 nt election. Tho olllcirs elected were, for
Trustees, J. It. Wade, Augustus Taylor, J
Miller, M, llreutauo uud I.. T, Datii ; Re
corder, U. H. llayilen; 3larliil, G. l.
Ilauks; Treasurer, Win. Kreuer Street
Commissioner, G, II. Hoes.
Got Haitv. We learn that tho Good
Te'iuplurs are increasing in numbers wry
largely ut Cottonwood, and it must be u
good institution, Judging Irom tho remark
of it joung lady who recently Joined the
Order at that place that ' she was never
so happ) in nil her life J ith Jnirmil
'ltnll)! Ie rial. "J !!"
About the first oriastwffksnnll "P
ers" were printed at tho rjiw '
and put up through town, and In miens
other place calling upon the dfn.ocr.it
to trn-ct and emlorse tie veto In this.
won!- .
Jla Meeting! Itallt! Demoerfit. 1UI
Iv! A Ma meetlnc will be l"'d i "i
Court ilu in Jickmitille.Mituila),
Maieh 17II..18CC. to ratify the action or
Ptenl('nt Jolui.in in tetolmt the I reeti
mnr lluriwi Hill " Theelllst-nsof JaeK
son and udjnlnlmr counties are Imltnl to
ntteml Dkmiickitii' (Vivst tovt.
In the feprri of the Puturdiy follow
ing, strange to say. this oil catuot In
found. Alter reading this call, wc invited
the democrats to attend the wake as fol
lows: Walk up stetentl. hour penitent , rail)
all who weic oppoetd to the war for the
Union, who called It nn Abolition war;
"Hint Lincoln commented II war," who
ud that "the war wis an unholy crti'ude
uirilmt the South i' "that the snldlei ol
lh lb public were b!od-ttiirsty hirelings .'
"Hat the) neter rotild suimIih thechltiil
roas South i" Hint the vlcturiff as com
inelienl were " lei lie cripli who reloid
at rrbtl viclorli-. and hung your head In
mrrovt wIkii theexigle ol victor) pcrcliid
mi the banners ol tour country who
openly proclaimed "Hint ou wou'd nut
support any mm for ofliee who had sup
pcirtilthew.ir:'",tliat the Onwrsinien! hud
collaped, awl vou were glad of It , Hit!
the American Plug "whs a dirt) rair." and
snetieil at It In derision, hung the Confed
erate lUir In Its place, hurrihul for the
areh-trnltnr DivU diimneil Lincoln awl
all his support! rs. culled .lohnon n -loorili
tailor," and a traitor to the South s )
who were elmp fallen when Grant tixk
Vlikburg and ltiehmoml. eapiuieil If
mid Johtt'on, and Hlp.d out nur biiaril
Cxninltrney. raled tour toi'eea In mjlnl
acclaim when I.lnenh) wa 'iimiImI
ten rail) iln rally Come from )ir hi le
like craven heartrd Uirtroni. ml lick the
.feet of xiwer In hopv of n few of the
erumli Irom Ibe nwster's table. DGr For
further Mrtienkirs, see small bills.
We go to pre eight or ten hours be
fore the lltpniitr, und. doubt les-h, our call
was read by lite ninnuk'sr ol that paper Im
fore going to pre", and I lie little would be
exndldite for Congress imi) hate forgotten
the action of the committee, or he ma)
hate changed Ids base of oper it ions alter
rending our rally! or ierhaH I reason is
still rankling in III heart so fiercely that
he refuses to publiih Hie nction of the
Democratic Committee in his own count)
Oh neighbor do mblih the proceedim:
of the organiiMlloc of modern H'moctHCt
"What dne it milter to tbt-m that, in
'the meist virulent of lunguage, they di
noiinceil Amlrtw Johnson when in the
Uniteil Stale Senttc. lie breattetl tbe
Irvutoniible ouslaughl of the Datises, lltu
Jimlns, Maonttiml Alaliamaelats? What
di'OS it nutter that they almost hounded
alter hi life wlien he dared, in their teeth,
in accept Hie portion of Military Gorer
nor of IVnmvee ? What II tliiy'diiiouiie
id iter) ofllt.-i.il act of Ills as Itriiinicul
while Ih- held his pnsillnn n such Gmtr
imr? What If the) imligned as 'tell us
rhllcilrtl him when lie wa u cuiHliiliie fur
iln Vice Pnsidenc) ? Whit If tl,i mml
him the target of all the arrows i'i tlinr
sp'ieti whtu lie sureeidid the liunnileil
. l.mcAln1 Hint Iwve e.illeil him n traltnr
I to bis. mrly; is be to be Iruitid utiain
I then T They hate called him a ui'gur
j ami low bom tyrant; will they now, then,
I recojnlre lilm ns III to sit in the sent nnee
oceup'e.1 by n Hiichiiian? 'Iliey hate
call.il him. in deri-ioii, n tailor, has tin
late tela nui:lit them to look up to un
honest cillin.', however humble, with re
spect ? 'I hey bate culleil him n ttomni
strangler, wlrro I their Innir IiojiikI chit
nlrv, tlieir sympithy for "poor Mrs. Sur
ral" und her lellow eiiipir.lor ttlimi they
s'ng loud ienns of iiraise to Andrew
Johiion, by whose hand they say, the was
murdered," ,
"Come one, come all" of the whole Dem
ocratic crcw,,Ht)d rejoice over owe gro,l
deed of tbe President Hepe.nt ojour
Kit slim and "you may lie happy )ct."
"While the lamp holds out to bum, Hie
vilest sinner may return."
Kasteiii iVettj,
Cuiotno, March 1st.
The Minnesota 1gUhiuro adopted n
rfholution by a strict party pte that it !s
to CungriM that the people look for, a Hue
rtcunslreicliun policy, uml ite lely upon its
firmness and wis loin in Hie present exigen
cy of public nil "iirs. ItesoJutinns sustain
ing Ihv President wereTtublid b) u parly
vote, llutli branchth of tho Legislature
udjiuriiid todiy.
'I he Wlscousiu legislature adopted the
following r
Jittchul 'lhat tvldlo wo remember with
gratitude the noble nnd devoted patrinlbm
manifested by President Juluison during
thcilurk ihysnr tho rebellion, wo should
be guiliy of deceiving him uml misrepre
senting our coutitiieuts if we faikd to do
cliire lint the inesrago tetulug tho Fried
men's bill, in its general tono und spirit,
bus called juin atiiiliippoinlment ninong
his truo friends uml supporters, aid has
been b tile il with exuberant joyiindexul
I itmn by ctery nun whosympilhl&Hl w n,
thefebellivn.or who was cold uud imlil
ferent when treason threatened the life of
the lit public,
ifioifd, 'Hut we most eordi illy indorse
and upprnw' the actitu of hen Horn und
Keprismlatiu's in Congress who lute per
.nniiHy assert the right of Congrem to
determine for itself when, nml in whit mm
ner, it will admit represenhtitus from Hie
St ilea disorganized by the rebellion, and
earnestly request them to firmly resist the
admission of reprisentaUtps from such
States until peiee is folly Hcurid. nnd un
til the people of each hi ite h no pojitnclt
guarantees! equal and oxuet justice to nil
men within her borders.
Tiik Nnv Com Tin book binders
Messrs. Win. Sibert A Co , urc uow deliv
criug to Secretary May, who arrived from
tho Capitol on We.lnesda) last, tho new
code und laws of Oregon, which is a very
fine book, nnd one Ih it reflects much credit
on both tho printer and bindir' Secretary
May hi" already bei?an the b-lrl'miiQ,, f
Hi w ' (I f, -
IH'iiinciallr Stiiiws.
V drowning tneti cateh nt the (lightest
hone for succor so hate the Democratic
Journal In HilJ Slate grasped frantically
it lhetruw tint President .Inhmon ha
Hironti to them in tbe sli o of " I'rel-
driitliUcto At firt. Itune iruniic rxii
Ixwiice of their Joy they forgot the Detn
oentle ti"it of the pmt four )ears "oppo
sltlon to tyrunis," and the miledlctlons
which they had henpeel upon the Adnilnis
trillion of Johnson and his ircdecesor ;
urd now the lip thnt arc seared with curse
deep and bitter against the President nnd
lleloval parly who elected und hnvostn
tallied him, ate slobbering wilts eMrnta
pint pr.iles ol Jolmon for eommllling nn
net which although constltutlimal nnd nee
eiry Is no less arbitrary. They have
been pufl"1 up wil1' Vrt'" ","1 'I1'1"'0
hope. The lireach between the President
and Congro"!s not Irreparable, mid Hie
delerniiration of I lie late Union caucus in
Washington not to nttaclt the President
hut to work laltlifull) and earnestly for the
country regardless of the checks of arid
trary power, brings Hie democracy but
little consolation. Abend) they met advis
ing caution and announcing that they will
nielaln him if be does right and carries
out what he profiles. So will we. When
he makes "trenon odious" nnd "brings in
telligent traitors to Justice." and curries
out In practice his frequent abortion "tint
representation should be bied on the
actual number of votes, wc will say nnien j
but II ho almmlons this policy und proves
unmistakably recreant to the princlp'ev
uihiii which he wn elected, the democracy
lire welcome to him We fear no such
result. We have still confidence in the
patriotism uml Integrity of our President,
mil in the wisdom ami moderation of Con
The great popular voice has lieen lieord
swelling from city lo city, from hamlet to
hamlet, saying that the Republic shall not
be robbtelof Hie fruit of their sacrifices,
and doubtless n bill for Hie protection ol
the freeilmen will be pieil that will be
npproud by the Pre-siiKiitaml his Caliincl
iind more full) endorsed by the people than
the one which bus just been .tciiud. The
denioeraey find lhat Ihey line reckoned
without their host, nml Hiey dare not give
Andy Juliiison their unqualilltd endorse
ment. He Is not IlKel) to sell himself for
a "mess" of democratic "pottage." Con
groM ami the President still control the
question of Southern reconstruction, nnd
'the country nnd the porly Hut saved it
'bus nothing In fiar Iteconstruction will
continue nnd the Untonwrty will poijier
with or without the rrceiltimtis llureuii
Conx cntioii orComl T(iiiiluiH,
'I lie following aro the proceedings of the
Convention of Good Tunplirsi held nt Sa
lem on Ha- 'illlli and 'Jlst February. ICIIO:
'I lie Contention was called to order, uud
orgnniil by cketlns; W 11 Paine of
Piirll.ind Hi ('li.ilflimn mul IT.nrv II
i 1 -
I l-.ll... l L .1 I' .. ...
viiurj u. caivm n .--ecreiiiry
Alter Hie transaction of some buslnei
uirecting the iutcreit of the Order in Ore
gon, n committie ol three consisting of
(bothers Mordant), Pouisonnnd Gilfrv wus
upiwluti-d to draft n solutions, '(he com
mittee reported tho following resolutions
which were udoplcd:
llttoluil, 'lhat it is I ho sense of this
contention Hut tho fearful prevalence of
the use of intoxicating liquors on the Pa
cific coast, and especially in Oregon, de
mands at the hands of etery Inter of our
rue', earnest effort, and untiring perseter
oucc In the great work of mppres.ing (Ids
grcMt etil.
Ilaohtil, That while wc fel ourselves as
friends of the Temperance c.iufe, In array
ugainst no political purly, ami promise our
support lo none bill that which accords
wilh our political sentiments, wedeem It
the moral obligation of every member of
our Order to u.e his inlluence to secure the
nomination of such meii fur oflico. as favor
thogre.it work in which we nro engaged.
Iluolnd, 'Unit the success of our Order
hitherto, induces us to beliete that no
method better ndipled, to accomplish the
great object of n perminent Temperance
reformation has yet been establi.lml Hun
tho s)stem under which our Order Is tturk.
Ing and that, it being un organUitlon, in
which all parties and sects can unite with
perfect harmony, wc earnestly and cordial
ly invito all (riends of tho Temperance
cause to rilel m in bringing about the day
"when etery thing that cun intoxicate
sh ill be driten from our 1 md und, when
the ong train of evils thai follows Ha u,e
ol alcoholic drink shall be scattered by the
"golden beams of truth and temperance."
Jloohul, 'lhat wo hall with joy tho
news Hi it our petition praying for u Grand
liodge for Oiegon mid W.T . has been uc
ee pled by the It, W. G Lodge o I North
America, und the ussuraueeof the larjy
completion of tho organisation of oiir
Grand Lodge.
littvhul, 'lhat we recognle in onr par.
ent Lodge, the Grand Lodge of California,
u zealous, ublo ni'd eflicient bod) of Tem-
lieilllice laborcis. nml imp ll, ,!.., i....
und are hereby tendered to tho ofheers of
viK'iiiiimiiiii ior me wiilolilul care
inuullested for tho subordin He Lodges of
Oregon, and Washington Territory.
I he following resolutions were also
adopted ;
lhtd ', That we slumlil njn nup nn...
eneo to nenre the passugo of a prohibitory
lllilinr l.i in t ,... '
...,-... --... v-iiKiiu,
'l'jf. ' 'I hat u copy of tho proceed
iugs of this convention l,..i rn.'....i.iu..
Hon to iho iieiv.iiaiieii of Ore mm, Hie
mis mi l- . . ..
.... i,r..(fr, iU Wl0 j(tS(ue
mv . ia.r,,liiill lieu
j"l,r'!l W. II !,
cuer.in inio. im ii.,.....,i ......
H II GiLiftv, Chalriimn,
sur tar)
Owjlict! lli hum.
JckoviiiK, Mnreli 8. Ifiilfi.
,Diiiim Skstinui.i Col. T'Viiiill tins fo
vnred me with the following, which I nllcr
W you for piibllciitlou, dt lulling that It may
be of grent interest to )oili n nders.
.TjtrKsoNtiii.K, Morch 7, 18(50.
U. H. Havdkn, i:g DfAti Km: In
compliance with your request 1 hasten to
glte you n brief und somewhat Imperfect
dc'criptlnnnf the Owyhee quarts-. District,
In the southwest corner nT Idaho Territory
Hy reference to the act defining the east
crn boundary line of Ori'gou, which is the
western boundary of Idaho Territory,
commencing in tlio middle ot the main
channel of Snake ltiver,i)ppollc, the mouth
of the 0 ivy hec riser; thence due south to
tliu -Vl" parallel, said line lenvlng"Sllter
uml Ittiby Cities, uml the rich mineral
monntnliiH of Oro Pino uud War Fugle, to
the east some tweho or fifteen miles In
Idaho territory, nml the Inrgo und ex ten
site valley of .Ionian Cretk to the west, In
Oregon Thus fur, tlic vulleys nlrciidy set
tled, nml tlio'c succptlblc or settlement,
itttlie0wyl.ee countr), ore cnnfiiitd to n
small portion of Cow Creek, (ensl of Fort
Lyon,) Ituuulds, Sinker, Catharine nml
the casern portions of Jo dun Creek vul
lo)S. The valley referred to luivo been
mostly iipprnpriatul lo the production of
Negetub'es uml making boy from the wild
gra, which is iibttnihuil nml' luxuriant.
The greater portion of these articles nru
obtniiied from Jordan Crci k und. Its tnbti-
tiry vallots. in the Stnte of Oregon. Ow
)hee' county, bouiiilid on Hie north b)
Sniiko river, mi t lie south by the -ti!"" pur
nllel, neter can be it good iigriuillnrul dis
trict It must be confined lo buy und tig
ciubles on account ol its great ultitudc;
hut for Its
lllin.tT MlNKUll, WCAI.TII
It is hardly surpassed by uny district of
country )ut developed. Silver nnd Knby
citle. situated on n small trlbufury of
Jordan Creek.th.it IIuwk into the()w)liu'
Uiter, nnd immediately nt ll.c ban' or Oro
Finn and Wur Iluglu moiitituin. The
mineral wciillb of these mountains Is per
hups better developed Hum uny other por
tion of Hit country, silver iilwiits pmlom!
intlngr As to (he placer mining ofOw)
hce, thus far it bus be mi of little luilorl
niice compired with Ibe di "oterics of neb
silt cr uml gold bearing i 'iirlK lodes. 1
would be glad if 1 had u full nml complete
list of lite Dimes of the ludtH dNcotercd,
and those iilrtudy tested nnd now being
successfully worked, on the Oro Finn, Wur
Lagle, and other inountiiins in thai section
of country, including what is called Flint
ilisricttomcc7ghl .miles lo the south of
Silver City, where Win. Fugus Is erecting
n large mill this spring, uud where several
other mills nre in )rogrcss. That the
Oro Fitio and War l.ugle nmuntiilns nml
the Flint district nre rich is no longer n
question to be solved; for they nre) lidding
diily nn amount of go'd nml silver bullion
that almost n'tntilshes the1 iiiiildtious tnll
liotmlrn nml plnei's n quietus on the skep
Hci' portion of Hie community. There lire
ten mills immediately iirouml the base of
the.e two mountain!. Fight of them nre
siluutcd within one uml a half mile's d s-
tatiee, nn the small branch on which Silver
City Issituited. Tho "M Incur" mill some
three-qu irters of a mile nbovc, nnd the
' Vew oik" mill near Kuliy City, sumo
three-quirlers of n mllo below, Ilelween
these two mills nre tho "Shiuinbar," the
Web-foot," tho "CiniM," tho " uss,"
the "Moore & Fogus," und tho "Lincoln,"
making in nil eight mills. Tho exact i.um
her of stamps worked In tins eight
mills, I do not now recollect, but It is
somuwhero near one hundred. Then
there is the 0. S. N. Co's. nml tho "Grim
geiback" mills, on the east of Hie Oiro
Pino mountain, on the waters ol Sinker
Creek, that (low into Suako Itivcr.om!
I do not know, or recollect now, the e.xact
number of slumps used in said mills, but it
is not less tlinu Iwenly, As to tlio rich
gold nnd silver bearing folks of the Wur
Fugle and Oro Pino mountains, I can only
eompiro them to tho ribs of nn inverted
basket, ami the dips and nngles of each
lode to tho Initio) work of tho basket
when completed. Their is no question but
that their tveuilb is beyond estiunte.
Lute last fall, just bcfoio the snow com
menced filling uml thereh) put un end to
prospecting, liiero was quite un excitement
at Silver uud Ituby Cities in regard lo the
finding of diamonds on Sinker nml Culhu
nuocrcc!8, which form u junction before
fluttiug liito'Snuko Hiver. 'Iheso creeks
have their sources in the eastern slopes of
the Oro .Pino, War Knglb nnd Flint inoiiu
tuius. The period ol tune between the dis
covery nnd the first fall of snow was so
short that it left but little opportunity for
prospecting. Tho stones found nnd sup
posed to bo diumouds, weic o a small char
aclcr but very brllliuiit, and pronounced
by tho knowing ones to be diamotids of the
first water; however, Hieo precious look
ing stones when tested by a No. 1 Lapida
ry iiiay be declared not diamonds; yet they
have created nn excitement bufllcieiil to
put thu peoplo ol Owyhee In n ferment,
euch man calculating his wealth by bun
died of thousands, to accrue from dia
monds obluiucd in tho diamond district,
that has, jn tlo Htimntion of nmn'y, al
ready promitcd to far ou rival the dia
mond mines of Itra,11.
Would at uny tlmo bo pleased to give
)ou,oriny of my old Iriends.ull tho infor
mation I can in regard to gold und silver
mining, diamonds or uny tiling else in tho
Owyhee country. W. G T'Vaixi
v.. . uur ingres in if t..i.. " l".eii.
-At Hie fiimlly ItesMpncc.iTTarT'
.lacksimville, oi, Satru"J 'jj '"
Allen, yniiniet ilmniiio, J , cn Hit
Cluila (jon.tnnt .3 h 'u?t on"0 "
mouth, and tend"),? r,,rlccn Tn1fw,
our Alice so dear,
esorrowlsrrcnt, if,t; d
Angel nroiiiul lt m"H,
.., ... Areknvcrliigneir,'
y uftlng her soul from this world lo anotlK;
The trial and cares
Of long weary years,
She tircly would meet on life's ilormyM "
Are happily pt..,
And salel) at tt
She swcejly sleeps, on her' low eatthlp,
-Of Dlplhcrja, iWruary 2,1.' Utt, aiik.
.- , ,,,.i.. miutun", run Ol A
J. and ru . Ann Co.ikley, nKe-U tno ,,u,
seven timulh and leu days. "'""J""'
si 1.1 II,. IH .n.tlrtl.i ig,
M """ lrIinu ,ili, Ih, .,: f.11,
lloji.li I th, Irlhl, .il.r j,,,, ' "
' "li?."1".1","' onM "' """'l1 Mr Us tip
All in tul, nm, I fliwlij u. '
Tlirv r Ultr Urn, ., tll,, , flr
T(un Invtllng lit, norm; ,, '
"11 Iho lUttitic iImis the lit nlllwHt'
e 1 1 riulf m ntrr I hr horr.
As Ihn )rfi W l.y, , I w, J.
Ami nirtt in nit i n i inert "
1 "R nW""iff MEMED
!. . 1VV-. ' ' ,0 nel all klndmj
I'riMiiice on I niumlsulon ami Stors go.cn th
most reii'iiiiahlv terms. For pittlcolirs
tall at his I'lre ('roof store, corner ofCtll
foi ilia and Orettuii streets.
March tilh. IHl.il mulOif
Till CMll.JU 211b, Iff.
lltT IIAV. MtY!llh-SIJ,li,, Ull I.1d
Ihirv, l'iir,St,&
KirOMl lit, Vir iilli-fit.l, .lull (( n
lnllr. Iirr fjr nil thtrr-iMrlli Ioim.Hjx
MlnriliJ, .illjtlrai.liif kilt UlU.fr,, tlC
I'lir-o, CIj,
J.tPT 1HV.MW yih-.!-pV, WT(4k
nrinilr rut tis "Km'k. lt"e"ii(ei.iM
M.m, I. . li , if I, k iih til), llnsli -Sl W mm vlf,
tirt- rirli.'t.r. Iliit tu vii Ui l-CiiU.I
lull 1'iinr, f Im
Trti T rTit tnltJuf, t ll tf lb lUnivte
)rrl thrhrr,lllr AllorihailMtl lW(.
sinvUIr e'dlll.iiilirnlri
(llmiliil I llrllill.'lrrlilKi
j4Ckinltlr IUii, Mirth H',t,
1 lie Onltrt to draw your share ef tk
t'liinnion r-'cliiiol liind nro left ilibtbt
Tn iiMire-r of the enmity, which you cjo ftl
when toU call lur the money.
Sup. ConlWoa ieboMts.
March 8lh, lHifi.
bAVAc;i:.t sltion
llatbiR iiiirchand the rilit W,re
Murray V Maic Oil would cotJUIly Intile
etery iMidy lo pi to the City Hrinjbwwst
once und liroeurc a buttle. .
It cures Neuraliila. Illie uiMll'in, Tools
tiche, lluriis and tcahls, Drscue. Criitp
colic. riuV. l)litherl.i.Pir.iliisau(lIJruit,
uud Is ready death to Poms ... .
In riiture.no well miniated tmf
Ik. wlthuiit a buttle or it in Hie hesisf.
r-iJ Oealers will Im fornblml on llUril
ter'ins. Sci.iT in for a Holm toM!
'ja'cksontllle M-iiWijrjh.jf'jfi.
jiomi sY.Arnit Tin: (.
March Olh.lfiCC. jil!?!L
Salo of School land;
IN auce or an order by the B,9 "
,,,iioners or JMl-, ""iliS?,
signed wll.l oiler lor sale, ut put
ut iho Coin Iloue deer '" JJffn.fg6"
of. laluubi), the fill, day of Af, . W.
hetween .the hours of 9 clocn a. k
school !'? M3i ,&
ot Mfe.awl ll'e-""1,1 1Wi st tf
I11W msullioiiili. "US&i
per cen per anin.ni. jiayatici at, l
ul derer ed paymeuts IXTJ
notes ol thcpmeliAeeriM
r"y- SimfcohSliooUJC.
........ , ISMtB. I2.
1U(V,U "iv-
..ovvwns OI.AIMAM '
I 3ihM.3..s:" ..VfaiidtoiW?
Here... iuf V, 11 at the pjrli fvr
olllce. setliun toyj$to 6.C$
..tte,,ualnte.l with Job fJoa ,otJ
jjth ot SiiUu)ber, W"' m, coa;
ore.ide..coauac.i m-
jo yeaio, -- f ,o3, iou -
nosebuiB. Ogn "" KlU,Y,
losebuiB. "' yo,;N Ksu-v. Wm'
ffC';' ., Fl.M.ltur ('
'"""' . , p.ikT. new"'