Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, January 06, 1866, Image 2

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    rlfOIIEffl SESTIKEL.
tr- V. ritlicr, J..1. Ktunilton it Co., mill
W. II.Tob-,iultcrtliliif;ngtiiilii ni-Snn
PrnncUco, Cnt.
H. K. I'lilpjn, mlrirlldnR ngtiit fur
Sncmrmnto, Cnl.
Lilt of Agents for the Oaioo Sentinel,
E. F. Ruwlt, peueral agent for Oregon,,
and Idaho Territory.
L. P. Fisher San l'ranelco Gil.
J.J. Knowllon ACo do... do
Thomas Davis.... .Apptepitc. Opn.
FT. K. Hill wllber do
F. G. Ulrd'ove,. . lloek l'olnt do
Thomas Cro.iton Cro.xton? Digglm do
Vita. Splcer Junip-Ofl-Ju do
Gov. Glbbs Portland Co
D. Jl. Thompson Albany di
Vi. M. Evans lthouie io
1hom.iCarr do ilo
Thomas F. Floyd Ksrhyvllle do
S.W.Sawyer do do
D. V. Aude'rson Phoenix do
A. Ireland Myrtle Creek do
Geo. I. Dean KnVnburjr do
Theodric Cameron Fnlou Town do
Jam L Watson llowhnr do
Mltiliattlillituter... How PJver do
I.. V. Sulllm ... .Fort Klamath do
Binder Herman, of Canyonvllle. general
Agent for Dougt-u County.
I herd of cattle, is to descend to his Infant
snn, as yst unknown to mankind or him
self; and here, on American sjII, tlmt the
bravest mariner nnd the wisest statesman,
relitiqulshtug their natuml rights to nn
empire, npproacb the royal cradle of Max
Imilliun with bended knees, and make pro
testations of everlasting fealty Satire
nud declamation may paint these obvins
topics in the mast dusaling colors, but our.
more serious thoughts will respect n ueful
prejudice, that permits the people of Mex
ico to choose their own rulers; nnd we
shall not only cheerfully acquiesce, but we.
will rejoice In any step our government
may take to compel! JIuxinilllian and the
French troops to evacuate Mexico.
New Yonr.
iUiisonle Installation.
SATfltDAY . .lun. S,.13(M.
The anniversary of St. Jobu's Day,
again having recurred, was observed by
the Masonic Fraternity of Itoseburc in pa'
la style, nnd in n spirit characteristic of
this tinie-hunnretl body. Xo expense was
spared to make the ceremonies of Instnlla-
i tion as grand as they were Imposing;.
j Pursuant to invitation of the Fraternity
I of Laurel Lodge, the Hon. Stephen F.
I Cbadwick. Graml Master over the Jlason
I ic jurisdiction comprising the State of Ore
gon, delivered the oration customary on
this occasion. The honored and exalted
position the speaker occupies In Masonic
Another Year's deep-laden wave
Of sorrow, Joy n'ld cankering ear.
Is burifd In the Pait'.i d-'p grove
With all Its castles built In air
itepe any gild our future highway,
With its glittering lxann of light;
Joy may seem In every by way
Stare tbat welcome through the night.
Hut the Pan's deep-graven l:.ou,
now Ileutlly's cold storm
Chill" the Fancy's conjured blelng.
freezes nil the Future, warm.
Fame has bowed before Ambition,
Honor's naves will tyrants drink,
Goodly acts have no tradltiou,
In Oblivion's blackness sink.
And we'll wait 'till Ju!lee' coming
And the world her race h run,
When we gather 'urath the Heavens,
Drighter far than shining sun.
Salem. December 23th. l.'t'j.
1UU 1'imiMl l)j the Li-clsliiture
Our dispatches show that General Lo-! dnnwnt, with his deep research In,
pan has declined to accept the propyl , nad IM knowledge upon this Iocs.
appointment ni Minister Plenipotentiary "tlblc subject, elicited additional adml
to the Juarez Government of Mexico, and rallod aud mf rit "uSbwii the proeeed
that Lewis A. Campbell has bees appoint- ,aP!- ,TuJ?e t-'badwlck has ever jmtnln
ed iu his place bv the Prtsideot This lb "P'aticc ol nn nble nnd efRrctive
proves conclusively' that our Government ' ordlor' M hU lllourse "P ! occasion
Is determined not to acknowledge the Max i wl" M am ftUeit'
imllllan monarchy, and that Mexico mar T,,e foliwlnt; ore the names of the cCi
yet be a free and independent Republic. ' " of Lu,r1 W lwlu11"1 " 2""'
The .Monro Daetrln. wM..h fm.nJ ,J. . ' w tinning year: S. 1-. Uhaii
in our column Just prior to Christmas, is
the true policy of the American people, and
we take pleasure in a wiring our readers
that it is the policy likely to be vindicated
and carried oat according to Iu spirit and
hitter in Mexico, in a peaceful and quiet
manner, 'lite general sentiment at Wash
ington appears to be that France will
make a pie test of the non-payment of her
sellers und withdraw thim from Mexico,
nnd leave Maximlllian to seek aid from
S. F,
I wick. W. M.; John Iteoherr, S. W.j Aa
; ron Rose, J. ; Asker Mark, Tress.;
1 Geo. Hoover. Sec; II. Abraham. S.
U.; I). Ilushy, J. !.; Jeise Darker, II.
Piokstoa, Stewards; John Noble. Tylor.
"Ook CnKnwroybRNT."
Hoaebwrp.Jun. L', 1;8.
Au act to amend nu act entitltd, an act
granting bountus.
An net to amen! an act to regu'atc
ami tax foreign Insurance and express com
panies. An act lo provide fur the publication of
tlte laws, etc.
An act supplemental to an net entitled
an act for collecting, compiling and print
ing the laws of Oregon.
An aet for toe rjlkf of Washington
An aot for the relief of Chai II. FMwr
nad Joseph H. Street.
An act to nnteod nn aet entitled, an act
to loetXorate the city of Salem.
An net to present frsminltot and HiVarnl
An net for the rtilef of X. II. Gates.
An aet to protect fair groundi.
An act to amend an net entitled, an act
relating to common schools.
An act to amend nn act entitled, an act
tn regulate the civil and criminal proce
dure in juitlctV courts.
An act to amend nn act to provide for
the collection of taxes, etc.
Ar act authorizing the erection of mill
dams, etc.
An act to enable the Secretary of State i
Letter from SeiintorWllllnms.
TUB II Ut. moil INlRTMNn TO ronKRT
Washington. N07. 18.1865.
KDiron Obkoomix ,
I write to request, through jour paper,
these persona who propose to bid for the
mall route from Portland, by tlu way f
Hillsboro and Forest Grove to Lafayette,
to nccomp.iuy their bid for the route ns
advertised, with n bid for n somi-wcckly
service on the same route, going to Cen
tcrville In Washington connly. I think n
semi weekly service ou said route, with the
establishment of a new Postcflieu nt Cen-
tervllle. can be procured. Meanwhile, 1
would ask tho present contractor to write
me what further compensation ho would
require to perform the above named addi
tional service until the new letting takes
effrct on the 1st, of next July.
Since my arrival here, up to within the
last two week, the rule of the War De
partment has been inllexiblc, not to tnnkc
any appointments tn the regular nrmy from
the volunteer force of tho country. 'I hat
rule lias now been changed as to first and
second Lieutenants, nnd I have recommen
ded Mesjrs. Cntley. Wnymlre nnd Hopkins,
for appointments. Yours truly.
Uko. II. Williams.
A Union refugee while traveling from
Texas to Missouri, was robbed of ciuht
hundred dollars in Gold by guerrillas. Hi
subsequently served ai n Union spy under
Genera! Curtis. Grant nnd Doge, receiving
one hundred dollars per month, and after.
Xcw York, 1st. 'ashlngton Ihtpalth
says: An exunilnntlon of the record at
the Attorney General' nflicc proves that
no application for pardon lias yet been
filed by Gen. Lee. All the manifestation
of u desire to be pardoned exhibited by
lzs has been tho signing of the nmncsty
oath, prior to eiilcrlug upon tho duties of
President of Washington College.
Washington, 2d Tho Washington
Circle of the Fen tan Ilrothcrliood, which
has been In existence for seven years, nt n
meeting to-night, iiimtilmou.ily endprsed
the Fcnlati Senate, which pnssed n resolu
tion Inviting their countrymen to iny nslde
nil minor considerations nud support the
constitution heretofore utlopti-d at Phila
delphia, for the love of the Ilrothcrliood.
und like true men prove that they can lib
erate their beloved country und nialiitniu
their Republican form of government.
To-morrow Is tho day appointed for the
assembling nf the Fenian Congress. A
number of Delegates have arrived, nud
more nru expectid. It Is understood that
the Senate udjourucd nud all not be called
until nftcr the expression of Congress is
Oalveaton, Texas, 2d. The new barl.
Srwnrd. from Sewurd ol Richmond, on the
2Gth wos driven twelve inllfH went of Gal
veston. Cnpt. Htusspy, wife nnd daughter
... 1kMlinVIB
QJL3am a I""P. nA
nn.1 .,".: "'"' 111
nttoml. 'nt-ntmW'f'lotlW
Wnrron LoiVw No, in a p , .
VAur iirecrdint.il,. r;ri.wnoii
iso.svii.i.k.okkoon'' """nO0ll.lnJia.
ati'oha t.fSKU)U
Ollrc oWHUMle C,, 0UMi
All builncM committed to inv caw m
bejiromptly fttto,Hl,d to. juft j" J111
Medicine and Surgery
-- IS
Tosf.iiii.nk ,t Adjoixi.no Cos.
Jitcknnvllle, June 10th. juelOtf
wards raised nml cninmsnileil n company of
cavalry j was taken prisoner near Atlnuli., were rescued after being twulvo hours in n
and paid a Confederate officer seven bun- bout. Tho ship Is nmrly n total loss
dred dollars far his release. Gcncrnl Grant j
recommended that lii clnlm be paid ; but
(h Commltte on Claims, niter deliberation I
made the following report : It is of opinion I
Xitono Hiotj Tho secesh tlement,
with intent to still farther prejudice the
mlods of the people against the unfortu
nate necresM. raised soniatlon torlt ta ike
Amtria, or return, like tho prodigal son, j ,(Ject tbat there would bo a grand negro
to the IIouw of Hamburg, and aik tboir iwurrectiou all or the Southern Slates
forgivensss. on Chrlstmat. Advicos show that noth-
Mr. Seward dserves groat crodlt for the 0g of the kind waa nttsmpttd by the ' tecruploy counsel to attic! to the iuterstt
adroitness with which h has managed this j laek; hut that thoy enjoyed the annual i of " S,nle '" ,lw Sullrcn" Court of the
question from the beginning. He bee al- , inbiu- in it m,i wv. "a a L.v,lu.i,irt I E"'"'! States, etc.
( Vo.) a riot occurred which wni startesl by
the secessionists, who expected it would
extend over the State, but they utterly
fulled in their nefarious scheme.
The mate nnd crew have not brcn heurd
from, but are probnhly safe.
Xew York. 2d General Swcney lun
l"ucd un nppeu! to tho Fenians not to
that neliher claim preeents any sufficient nt'le their energies in interiml strife. "Let
ground for relief. First. If allowed, it will I deeds not words be your motto; strike be
a (lord n precedent for paying all damage 'ore it la loo late and the golden npportu
eommltted by the depred itlons and robber-1 nlty forever lost. X)n the Held of linttli
ie of gnerrlllas. Second. If sustain!, it , we will forgt-t nil personal rancor nnd (uc
wlll furnish an example lor re imbiirsinp lional pit-iudicet. to remenjljer only our
prNnsrs of war fur all sum cxjieudtd to ' 'lear country nnd her wrongs. I h liut
imieuie their release, nml will embrace in '" way of suocee; It is to call, In each i
ways a;ierttd our rights, and in this matter
proclaimed In substance the Monroe Doc
trine to the .Government of France. Thle
is plainly shown by a short letter of Mr.
Dayton's to Mr. Seward, which Is in these
Pans, Amil 22d. 1564.
Sin: I visited M. Drouyo de I.'huys yes
terday at the Department of Foreign Af-
nf nttlklit.
I surveys on their common boundaries.
-fair. TlwnritnuiJiLcJJiuMiliuewuu ' ,l, " ""! u
cnteriojr the room were, Do you Mag us lin' lltn Xew Mexico and Colorado.
Ieat or do yea bring ut war !' I asked 'Vhnt fys have been required for scv.
him to what 1 referred, and lie said be ! "' .VMM ,0 enhic ,nc Surveyor Gener-
referrid more IrumedlatelT to those reeolu-1 nU f ,lM!e Sla,w ond '1'arrltorter properly
lions reeentlv nateed bv Conffraie. in rf. . ' ''! ond connect the lines
ence to the invasion of Mexico by the
French, am tbeeitabiiihmenl of Maximll
lian on the throne of that country. I Mid
to him, in reply, that I did not think
Fncce had a right to infer tbat we were
about to nuke war against her on aseount
of anything contained In those resolutions;
that they embodied nothing more thun had
constantly Ino held out to the French
Government from the beginning. That I ' December 31!
had always represented to the Government
Lere that any action upon their part Inter
fijriug with the form of savernment In
Statu Howdakx Survey The Land
Comnitaloaer bus recommended an nppro
pekUlonofElS.OOO to run the boundary
line between California nnd Orecon. and i etc
n.t.1 U, ia run tU An not In nlqtinn lo bsuntlM of volun
An act lor the relief of the sheriff
Douglas county.
An aot lo appropriate money for tho
jwymtnt ol the present legislative Assem
bly. An act to improve lite breed of sheep.
An aet to osssnd un act enlitbtl. nn act
to establish and regulate quart! mining.
An act to regulate roads nud high
ways. An act to amend an act entitled, sn net
relating to aiseesnrs.
An act lo provide for the loaning com
mon school fuooi.
An act to omsnd nn act entitled, au act
to organize the mllith. An act to author, i
Nbw Yuan. Day This day passed ell
quite pleasantly. The ball nt the U. S.
Hotel Ml ljr."lv ntlnits.1 nr.l nil ...
deavond to moke the night pate merrily. ' iu " 8"-v of l'0aai to open, lay out
remembering that it is only one oof'wlJen street.. alleys, etc.
tkrM hundr1 ant .1-rlr-fiW Tl- r-1.1.... I An a!t ftfr licf Of IrJUtOD OOUU-
its sphere officers und privates. The ap
plieutlon II adopted, may lend to the ex
penditure of immune sums : (Wsilbly in
same caie lo the payment of large sums
for ransom, which may amount to conaidsr
able more than the services of the peti
tioners were worth lo the Government.
Tlw Commltte thcrcfuc recommended the
cktlm to be rejected.
State, councils of delegates from diuVcnt
circlet, to tltcidi' in whom thry will rrpoe
eotifldeiice, then leave tliem to work nut
tlie rMtective plana for the freedom of Ire
land." TIk) Fenian Congroea nscmb!etl to-day.
A guartl from the 'Jlli Kt-vimeiit refund
udiiiisiiun to nil not l.nviiig crcdentiuls. j
The Suite Center of Muti'nuttan District
culleil the body to order. Mujor Ki-lly
was npH)inteiI Chairmnu. The Congress
then proceeded to the truntacllon of bus- I
MAiSACiuimf It la doubtful If any
other State iu the Union has done so much
for tho eunie nf Inl.nr ni t,m M ,.,..1.,,
setts. It was there Hint the old svstem of ' m xle ,I,Uur(f "f wI,Ich lms not JQl
"jvpetual wotk and sleep" reei'ived It. ,rn"l'!fCl'- 'l'' wore two ilenipotciitl
Hrst cheek ; it wat there that the overtask-1 uric from Iri,,n1"1 Pr,w,1l- II is tM y
esl factory operatives received tlieir llrst ri'ut:l11 Ictlcr froni Btcl'lll;ll wl0 istald
curtailment of the hours of labor, and it lobc '" rra,lcc' Itcpurt says MiglMi do
was there that the jirent tight hour ,yc,ivM wore pntld cud riTotcd ndmls
muveinent was Inaugurated. The cnthusl- '" ,u t,ic c,,nCr"
aim inanifttted by the leading men of :he ' J,",w iorf:' -''' "- Stilfinan, late
alate upon the latter tubject I imite char. uPrv'")n'Iinpector of tho 2d District.
acterltltc. When the question of legalix
lag eight hours as a day's labor came be
fore the Massachusetts Leshdatiirc. last
winter, it received the earnest support of
nnd Superintendent ofri-pnlrs und supiilln
for ll.e U. S. Ilevonue ami Marine, dud at
his reeidence this A. M
W'i WujhtngtiuiJisputcb a.iysn rum-
men complain that the "Alelican isan" las j '
stolen their thunder by firing cubs u!I ulvhl ' .. .
for tuc rsllof of Cyrut A.
An act to amend an aet entitled, an
act to provide a code of criminal proce-
IIWUNHT There bis.Uen a .oslm- or.
gunlwd in California, known as ' (hu Call- i dure. etc.
- " --....
Mexico would be looked upon withdissat- "" "a l ",CR '!n'"ou, Having for Its An act to amsml an act to prevent the
isfaetlon by the peopie of our country, asd , "'' lT w ,0 . "Hfulnei.
bumupouthe foUndat,n of XSS
which was our next oe.gnbor. That I bad highly commendable, and hope It will prove
reason to believe that you bad held the a sucee. Cndoubledlv. crime would be
same language to the Freneb MioUter In Weol If the criminals could le morollv
the United Slates. This allegation he did lvatd Initead of depressed as they are by
notjeem to deny, but obviously received 'he present prison system, lo a greater or
the resolutions in question as a serious ,tfM tst.
step upon our part; um! I
am told that
llin IAn rl inri tuafj Aniili t .i. l.i.tl.l I I
iul iLttuiu jnen uuuii i.ttii iiiiiiii MFfaic i
,i. " i.,, .. "7 , ' I nlS"1 ,a3t-lu" question of expelling Max
in. ni7 ii .7" ,ii , ' imlliaD from -Mico "MdliciBie.l.nwj the
ing Ill-feeling between this country nnd .ui s . i i . """"s
... , ,. ' I deciion was rendered that t s the dutv
some other3 nnd ouriolvps. Mr. Umn ' . v uuv
and his secretary have gone to ru,le ,o ' t ' T, L"Z aU " , Us0 " ''
confer with Mr. Dudley Mann, who 1 si " , W. ! , P T U"'
their commisiloner at bat place. M r. ? ?, ti" ? 7 ,d' ' 0(1D"l'
Slldell. it b said, m. to have gone to "i a 'U
America, although he ha, not yet g off UDal h Bat'T' " g
spread ot contagious or infectious diseases
among domestic animals.
An oat to repsal nn act to Incorporate
the town of Umatilla.
An act to legalize certain acts of J. U.
Underwood, a notary public.
An act to amend Sec 5 of an act crea
ting offi8 and providing for tho govern
ment of the penitentiary.
An act to cbauge the boundaries of
, " "i-i"" ' "i j "s'ossiJuwpuicii wysn nini-
tne ablest men in that body ; aud since or not getiiTullv credited is roll)" the
sent ltni& f si. . J . (lO
I nm, sir, your obedient servant,
William L. Dayto.v.
Mr. Mson, Mr. Manu, Mr. Slidell, ncd
the whole Southern Confederacy, tried to
bring about a v.ar between the United
States and France; but tby were all com
plelely outwitted by the sagacious man
agement of Mr. rieward, until the rebellion
bos been crushed. Napolwn would not
have dared to have
there bad nut been a
T lfT.lrtn nniirilrs .1 1aI,1., ..-!..- .. e
Uenxtisa Vt il, ,.h -i-i,...i.- T" ' V -." jwnion o(
. 7 . .7 V ; ' I Wasco county.
An act to amtnd an act entitled, an act
to establish an Institute of learning in Polk
An act to amend an act entitled, aa act
to regulate the Treasury Department.
An act to amend an act entitled, an
act, to provide a code oi criminal proce
dure An act to incorporate lbs town of Ia
An act amendatory of an act entitled.
nn act for the utablishment of pilotage
on the Columbia and Willamette rivers.
An act to amend an act to provide a
code of civil procedure.
Anosysiocs We have received a let
1 tcr from uu unknown writer, signed, "A
lilack." Now, we like to receive item3
and correspondence from oil, but in order
to have them used the author's name mus;
accompany the production.
I are four feet wide
At Wouk Groucd was broke Jan. 1st,
16CC, in the Tunnel of the "Original Fair-
nl.iv l.n.il nml .sllmr Hut! Tt,l M '1-l.t.
JtThT1"1, M.M,,C?,,lf I ,nnncl i3 bci"S PQ3l'ed ito the mountain
rebellion In the Lni- . ,,, ,, rL. .t u, u- n-...
4.l .... X ,... l. . I t t a " "v "' MMMM l H.V IU, MJ . t iJU
ii-ii niiii- i-iibv iiii-r wiir i urn una nin-i.i -
. .Li i , ,. -."i i dimensions of the tunnel
uu miuiTB iukic u au tuuuv iqr Aiaxinili- I i t -. i . t
,IUM, MMM ... ...I. F...MU.M.. MM UlMiV( U
peace and leave Maximlllian to follow.
Nothing could be more ditasterous now
to tho United States than to permit a he
reditary Emperor to be forced upon the
people of'Mexico. Of the various forms
of Government, an hereditary Monarchy
on the borders of the United States is the
most ridiculous. Is it possible to relate
without an indignant smile that, oc the
father's decease, the property of Mexico,
like that of a Dock ol Mexican sheep or a
that lime many of the rjoiteclneot stale-
men in that Slate lave allied theinalvi
J with the movement GUd UM A'urs.
To the Point Suiator Howe of Wis
cousin, in a sjieech nt Milwaukee, on the
10th of October, said :
"One jeur ago, when large rebel nrmlea
were fighting on SoulUin fields fur tl,r d.
feat of our ticket, then 1 held up to you
only the flag of the Union, und I nppealed
to you to stand by tho parly which ttocd
br It. Then I niked you to sustain the
Union party because It would save the
country. .Vow I ask you to stand by the
Union party because it has saved the
The difference between great men aud
and little men :
Governor Gibba, of Orogon, Las Issued
' ismarisauie an awe Message, which
rounds to the iffect that in two or thice
weeks, the President will issue n prnclu
matlon declaring that the work 'of rostor
Ing the Union Is complete.
Many members of CongriM have gone
to llalliiiiure to attend the funcrul of
Henry inter Davis.
Ilaltlmnre, 1st At the opening of a
new billiard hall to-night, Mlclwl Phchin
nnd Mont. Carmc played a match game of
K uuiidrcd poluls. Carme was victo
rious, running 200 points in one score.
New York, 1st Advices from llrozll
say the Commissioners from thcBouth.np-
pointed to proceed to Urazil nnd examine
it eligibility for settlement, are dissatisfied.
Yieka, Juuunry -1th,
John Wifenbnch, nn old nnd wealthy
citizen of this county, living nbout one
mile from town. commltipl auir-i,i ii,t
is the subject of the highest commendation ,uorni"t' b)' blowing ihe top of lils bend ;
Tuc pirate Semmes is soon to bo tried
by court martial, in Washington. The
charges against hint are various; among
others, that of leaving bis vessel after rais
ing the white llag, and then engaging in
the war again. So says the New York
WfATiiEn Since last wee'k the weath
er has been improving, and for the past
few days has been all that could be wished
Favors Wc are indebted to Whito .(
Ilauer for files of Eastern papers, and to
Major Stratman for two packages contain-
ing uarpers anil t rank Leslies Illuslra
by the Northern press S'.w
As a political document it is very shal
low, and as a literary production beneath
comment. If wc thought its pubw,,n
would have enlightened or benifitud our
readers It would have had a place In our
columsjbutwe "couldn't sec It In that
light." .'eorrer.
Mb. Xeshith The Washington corres-
nnnilAnr t L C3
.r v. , K qacramento (mon, under
dale of Nov. 30th, says:
Senator N'esmith was one of the lint
Congressmen to nrrive. and Is the only one
"" tut- i-aciiic coast now bore; need I
add that he was warmly welcomed, especl-
by General Rufm Ingalls and others
who frequent the "ranch" opposite V.
tred Weeklies, Chimney Corner, Harper's I 'r"E Jkb-sal Hevjs.nue The receipts
Mnntllll. nntlni-'j 1 n.,na' T I. ..- i ffOm llm Inls.nnl I . .,
"'""' i:uue, icr ine week
ending December 23d, amounted .to five
minion, making a total since January 1st,
Monthly, Godey's .Ladies' Hook, etc
New Paper It is understood that a
new paper, of the Democratic persuasion,
is soon to be started in Lafayette, Yumhill
Penmo .Documents We are indebted
to Senator Williams qnd Representative
Henderson, for favors In the above men
tioned line.
Notice the card of Fisher ic Brother
in another column,
of nearly one hundred and seventy miL.'
A railroad and river connection from
Salt Lake to (he Columbia rjver can be
njle by less tbn four hundred miles or
railroad construction.
There have been seventy-fivo marriage
.censes ued in Jackson county, within
'tic last two years,
ofl with n ehot gun, loaded with revolver
bullets. His wlfo WOS fuund In lu-,1 .l-n.l
having been shot through tho head wills a
revolver. Wifenbach sent off one of bis
children to a ueighbor in .the morning,
with a note in which he had written that
bis wife had killed berseir. The child sta
tcd.that its mother was dead, nnd its fath
cr had gone in the room to get the shot
6'in to kill himself. It appears that three
shots had been fired from the pistol ut the
wne, only one or which lind taken effect.
The other two passing through the side of
tho house. The evidence before tho coron
er's jury went to establish the Tact that the
nuii hud killed his wire, nnd then blew his
brains out. Wifcubach wua partially iu-bune.
X will roil iroiii San 1 rauciico for iv...
cent City nu the
Gtli cto 20t3a'i:.iii!u.Tii.
Fur fr-ijjht or pvrage Inquire of Iwt
Iliilladay. Aut-iit corner of 1'ruot and Jtcl
sou streets. .sn Train-lrco
... Crent City. Cal
Crewent City May gad. 'M. j.aC
Jaukhinviixe Oiicqok,
ltvflJense near the S.mth end of Orfyon
sirv-t. Jsuutry.!, bit
Officejit Ids resilience on Qtaw iireet
JArtXiNVlLLt. Ostoox,
Cun be fuuud either at the City Urn; Store,
or bis lo-ndcucf, one door Mont ttV. Ki
prrss OHicc. jiri-jmrnj to gie ituuintst
teutiiin to thiiH- riijuiruig hlsseivicis.
Jacksonville. Sept. .'list. (k?3if
totaici: iitnt'iir.i
j.v KvuitrtfTiu;
If Pictures do not gHc nilifact!oa. w
charges will bv made. Call at kit dck Cil
lery, on the hill, examine his pictures, 1
sit lor your llkcut.
Ir. Ow-rlKek would nuuoiiDeo to Ibeclt
ixens of Juohsuii con illy and vicluliy. tUt
lieha rulurii'-d to Jud.rinrllleaiidreuostd
the practice r nwdieiue. H will alw'.'
lie luiilid nt bin old stand, the Oiftlut
HiKiiltal, unless nb-nt iref'la
al buiilnt-ss. He would rcMtf"" Mllc"
u renewal uf former patrouaje.
JAS. I), nix t. b. rsnoJ.
Walla Walla, Wahiimiton TmnoeT,
OFFICE over Hank Kiclaage, Msle
Street, will prueliee In all the Courts
ol the First Judicial District, also tbt bo
preine Court. Culltcliuos promptly t
tended to. All business entrusted to w
care will rcwivc prompt attention, j3-
Walla Walla. W.T,
Will take ncknowUdgmeuts of detd'-rro-test
Notes mid dd made out at rlort M
tlco and acknowledged. .zL.
Uissolution Notico.
rpiIK undersigned has this day wl
I drnwu from the firm of 'I iiowon A
Davis, aud will continue ibe j raeiw
Medicine. Surgery and Otatel net. '
Jacksonville and tlc.Dltr.owI so. cits a
.bnra of the natroiwBC. Ofliec at his resi
dence nt the old Mutry Hwnitteaaj
Dec. I3th, 18C4
At Waldo, Josephine, county Dec. 19,
?.' 'he residence of the bride' father by
and Miss Emma Scott.
T-.Pec. 2lst, at tho residence of the bride
n m ' if, JWT' ,M- A- wlllmnw, M
cs M. Plymnio and Miss Juno E J
kj:gi'j,ak wispatcii link
t rietween
f IMIE Mloviog new Wd ilrst-clMJ
1 will run regularly In the aVuie 11
Schooner, W. P. Down, ."$$$",
Schooner. PaelBc ft,to)lUr.
Sclioouer. hojo. . . . ' . ,
per. to Sjonthi-rn Oregon, ror ireit
parage apply to WJUG,JTi
.. e."; si . San Francisco.
ili, fllMU-t- -"
r. l-ran-
-December lOlli, to (he wffe of John
au Dyle, a t0n.
December 2Dth, to tho wife ol William
Hybcc, a son.
"" -Rvncutor's Notice.
TvyoTICK Is hereby given lb. Wi
IN lMiieui.rr hav e been SJ
County Court. t"ffi$S& 'uW,
der.igiud.on l'e:ta,1'S all lu
lute of Mid county, i J;1 ',
Imi lug claims 8-'" ' ,, ,he proper
diilrid to pfcut Ibcio wuu iM
?Hucher..illbln s X mon J neJr
EUWAlflJ isKLL.IGfc' jrtifijjj
UeceintTj51ii''l: TTX.