Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 25, 1865, Image 1

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JI. 1 DOWELL, Proprietor.
SriMCRirrrov For One year, in nilranee,
Four Dollars ! If paid wllhln tlm first elx
month of the yenr, live ilnllnm ; If tint paid
unlit llic expiration or Ihu yenr, six dollar.
AiivniTHixn One Niiturc (10 linos or
les), llrt Insertion, Tlirci' Dollar ; ciicli
sabticiit Insertion. One Dollar. A ills
count of fifty tier cunt will be miulc In thoo
who advertise by the year.
jry- lt TrntlrM rreihl at current mips.
1,0. O. F. .JiicKmiiivIIIi' JjoiIkc
ri. Ill, llllllls IlK leg-
iTtjulur meeting on every
MW J-S'iiuniny evening nt llie
M----- Oild Ke Ion' Hid I.
Jlrollicrs In good (tuntlliiR nro Invited In
attend. (JKOIini: 1'. FUNIC, N. 0.
llnunv iiKt.Mi. ii.sec'y.
Trustees J. SI. Sutton., Win. Ituy mid
r t-.i. IT- in A Tf . A TVT
wnrrcii ,uuw -s, -i . -. . .. .
a hum; ineir regular coinmuni
catlons the Wednesday Kvi-iiiiiK'1 on
Srnr preceding (he full moon, In jack
DONTIU.K, immiov.
joiin i:. no.w, w. m.
C. W. S ivaiii:, See 'y.
akh solicitou IX chaxckuy.
IMlre yinlfi I lie ('mill lluiiai.
Alt busbies coimnllled to my care will
I promptly nt tend' d to. July .!i. 'it..
j.rjn.""an',-D n ic. R3.-v
-,- Xj-.7V,
Jackson vti.t.i:, Oiikoon.
n'lll practice In nil the Courts or Hie Third
Juillel il DIMrlcl, tin Knpri'ino Court of ()i e
pou, mid In Vlel.a.Cnl. War Scrip jirninpt
j cullix'leil. Oct. IK.
T. T. CABAN1SS, 11. ).
Wll.l. I'll.UTICI-
Medicine and Surgery
-- IN
Jootntisp. k AiuoiMMi Con.
Tackimiville, June llllli. jiMllltf
J. will Mil irm Km Friineirco lor Crvr
ccut City un Ihu
Ot3L cfcj cot la. r i:a:u .month.
For freight or p;j;u linpiire ol Jvv
llalUd.iy, Auent. corner of Fiont uml Jack
tuu itrvvtr. .Nan I'rnncl-co.
DUd'AN.V WAI.I.. A Keiil".
C'lirvvnt City, C.l.
Cfm,-rnt City iluy '.'ltd. 'H.l. J.Hmi;
J.('KM.vii.u: Oiii'.iius',
ltcUne near Ilia Hontli end of Oretjon
itmt. January, i, ltil
OHico nt IiIh rwldeiie on ()re(iii trt'et
Cii be found cither at the City Dni Store,
or lil rcildciice, one door below Hie Ks
pre Ollice, prijurid to fivc prompt at
Uiitlon to those riiiiiriii: hid urvliu.
Jucknoiivllle, Kfil. -Int. deel'itlf
Ik I'UIII'.Mlr.J)
Til TA1CU lld'li:H
is i;vi:nv mtvi.k
If l'lclurrr. do nut gUu Kill. taction, no
clarge. will be made. Call at M new Gal
lery, on the hill, examine hi picture, and
u ir your HKeneM.
Dr. OierUvk wguld aiinouiico to the clt
jxein or JackVon county and vicinity, that
uuha returned to Jackfom illeiuid imiiiimU
(be practice ol iiieiliciuu. lie will alwn).
p tumid at Ida wld l.unl, the OuilcxK
Ilukpltul, iiiikwi ubtellt lirxli-fluu
nl bu.lnckn. 1U- would roi-pccll'iilly tollcil
a tiuunal of former patronage.
S. D. MIX 8. H. PAIl(Ii).
-A.M' Ia.-A7-f
a ua W'ai.u, Wamiiimiton Tkuiiitohv,
OFFICII our Hank E.claui(,'e, Muiu
titrtet, will pruetleu in ull the Courts
ot Ik' First Judiuial District, uUo Hit Sn
piwiw Court. Colltultuiw proiniilly Ht
tetdal to. All bmme.i- eiilriiiUd to our
CJfB will receive prompt utteiitiun, jullif.
Waixa Wamji, W. 'I'.,
Will take ncknuwlidcuienta ordeidi Fro
J't ottB unit dudi made out at liurt no
tice aud acknowKilKid, jucaif
dissolution lVTotico.
'pHK undtrsigmd has th'm day with
X drawn from Hie firm of 'rhouiion ,t
"aviit, uud will eoiitiuuo tlm practice of
J'ei loine, Siup-ry and Obstetrics, in
Jackbonville mid vicinity, and tolicils u
"'re ol the luiroiMge. Ollieo ut Ins tesi
"uce at the old .Murry Iloeinsttud.
,, lol T. L. DAVIS.
Dec. 13th, 18(51 decHtf
ni i1",','?"' ""'I'sSarsparilla Yellow I)
""J Iodide of Potass. iiillm
Dr. P. G. HEARN,
Or Yiifka. Cai .1
WOUM) "yi'i:CTFfl,t,Y ANNOUN
! . i.cc '," "'.l' cltlZ!"" of Jacksonville nnd
vicinity, Hint lie will remain In Jacksonville
lor two three weeks, and 1 prepared to per
form all operation, at Hie lowest ratM fur
Hrst-clnea Ynrk.
Olllce dluclly opposite tlm Sentinel onlcc.
rjiivemlwr 11, 1n;." nuillid
Aiiirrinui Excliimgc Hotel',
roiisnt up
TIIL proprietor of this fntorlt. hotel
would n-HppctniHv Inform the traveling
luihllo Unit Ho Am'rlcniiUxchaugr. linltiK
been recently Hilar gid and Improvid In nfi
II department, lie fit now iin.inr,t in .,.
superior Inducement lo ld patron nnd the
IHlhttfi III tri.lii.t-iil ll.t ......I.
' . ' ' iiiirr eic-
,,m , r illRl(. room)I fup flltI,iitl. nlMj
MiiRle rmmi-lnr L-i'iiHtmdi.oti lermn to Mill
lie iiintw 1 hi Imiiim- coul tin- a liaiidMiine-
iv iiiriilMiiil puiilic parlor, K-atillfiil Inrpe
dlliluellall, conimedlolin nnd plnn-nnti.il-llii),'
mid leading tooini, tncelhirwltli oilier
raclllllc not nect-MHry loeiiuincrate. llin
lnef men mid triuelem will llnd the Amer
ican i:elmiijjo mchihI to no hotel In the
city, whether nc U'miihI" lu.Miry. comlnrt or
it "iiiinij-. nie lame win lie Mippllcil with
nil the iliIleacleH or the mbmiii. Grateful
rorp.Kl Kitroiaip'. the proprlclor rifprct
folly rullvilM u colilliiuiiiiwi of the public
l""r. J. W. -AIIOIJNT,
. .!i?:!i" I'roprlelor.
GOTO Till. CITY Dltro STOIti:
and Ret n bottle nl KeiHtbn .Scrofula
O'lilntrnl, mid cure ynur old fever wire.
The rollowliiK remarkable pm'in iupnli.
lUInd III nreMiit ininilHirof A7r w,. The
Uvld brilliancy ol demrlprlftu and the run-
nial rlchueHi of color which rliAraeterlrc
tli. tlrt half ol the iiem me vary latchm
tlnic. while Hid power or milmal pavlnu In
thu ulifliiK porlloiiH pieKiitH a rliiculariiiM-
uholoKlekl Mtudy:
lleri' CUrwIiin, take my hrnielcli';
They Ur with a purple Main
My turn. Turn oier my plllnw
They are Lot wlwro I hae lain.
0hiii the htttlgu wider,
A imiihc tn my Ihhmhii throw,
And Ii'l um Inhale Ike (Mora
That over tbe jfuiduli Ikiw,
I drenmil I wan with my Atitw'iy,
Ani In hi aim I lay;
Ah, me! tbo Mon m vaubhul
lt inline .h- dliil away
The Ikiiiio and tie prfumlKi'ierMied-
Ar thl iler. aromatic patttll
That wound the blue iniuke of Its bdur
Ii now lu' an e.hy hill.
SeutUtr n'tt nie row leave,
They ihioI m attar my abttp,
And wild iwHilal wlorj fan ihu
Till Inlo my u-la tit- erep;
Iivattb down the bit', aud play mo
A iiilaiicholy tune,
To rliyHM with a duain that lm vmWh1,
Ai.il the lumbriii; uftvrunou.
Thetv druwaliiK In poldmi ninll((ht,
l.ultM tin luw, tiMooth N1U,
Throuub alaiider iapyri, Hut cou-r
Tlm kKvpbiK crocodile,
The Intiii lulli on the water,
And ojwiih lU heart of i;old,
And oi'i' r Uuad leaf-pavement
Never n ripple In rolltd.
The twIllKht urvi'M In loo Inry
TIi b athery palm to ware,
And yon little cloud U a motlonleei
An a ttuutt above a grave.
An, me! Ihl lireleni naluro
Opprores my heart and brain 1
Oti I Tor a ttorm and thunder
Fur Ihhlutiii; and wild, litre rain!
FlliiKdoHii Hut lute 1 bate It!
Take rather bt buckler aud nwoid,
And cratb them aud cl.iu lluin together,
Till IhU rleeplni,' world Ii ftlrrtd.
Hark! to my Indian Umiity--
My cockatoo, ci rainy aud white,
Willi row under hh lertlhern
That tUkheeaviOM the llht.
Look! Iltteli! M backward and forward
To hU hoop of gold be clInK"!
How hu irembloa with cn-t uplilKd,
And he ehrlekn nt he madly twines!
Oh, Cockatoo, ehrlik fur Antony I
Ciy, "C'oiiih, my lute, come huiuo!"
Shriek "Antony! iiitouyi Antony!"
1 ill be hiar you uen in ltome.
There have me, and take from my cham
ber That wretched little gazllc,
With its bright black eyes to incanluglei,
Andllsillly HuklinuMl!
Take him my iieriea he uw
The ttiliiK without blood or brain,
Or, by the lody ot Ils,
I'lUunp his thin luck in twain!
Leave me to gaze nt the liindtope
JIUllly btietcblngnwny,
When the ulleruoou's opaline tremors
O'er the mountains quivering lay;
Till the tleicer i.pb'iidor of tuusut
Fours fiom the wet its lire
And luellid, as in crucible,
Their earthly foims e.plrej
And Ihu bald blear i-Uu II of the dercrt
Willi glowing uiotiulalns Is ciuwucd,
That buriiing like molten juweL,
Circle Us temple rouuil.
I will lie nud dieam of "- '"'
-Eons of thought nwa-,
And through tlicjunlcortiieiiiory
Loocn my fancy to play;
When, a miouih nnd velvety tlj-cr,
Illbbcd with yellow and Mack,
Supple nnd cii!i!on-rnotcd,
I wnndcrcd, where never the track
Of n luimiin creature had rutlcd
The fllcncc ortulslily wood",
And fierce In n lyrnnnnu rrreiioin,
I knew but the law or my mood.
The elephant, trumpetlnp.ilnltrd
When he heard my fnoMejH near,
And the (polled glralfra lied wildly
In n yellow clould of Tear.
I nicked in the noontide cplfudor,
Quivering along the glade;
Ila-knd In lh' tJinniM. haiU',
Till 1 heard my wild mule mating,
A the iliadows vt night came on,
To brood In the trer-' thick br-.inche,
And Hie rdiftilow rr Ieep was gone.
Then I rouwl. nnd roared In amacr,
And inifhefttlicd Irntn my citf-lilomj feet
.vy curving dawn, and ctntcbtd me,
And wandered my male lo greet.
We toyed lu the nmli-r moonlight;
Fpon the wnriu, flat sand,
And Uruck at each other our iua.lre
How powerful Ik war and grand 1
lllsyelluw eyes llaabid Ik-wely
An he crfiuolied ami gazed at me,
AihIJiI ijulverlng tall, like a cerM!til,
Twitched, ourtlng iivrvtaitly,
Then, like n I'lurui.he M'lmil lut,
With n wild, ttlumliant cry,
And we met, a- two clouds In lnwen,
U hen ibe thunder Iwfore them lly,
We grappled and struggle.! lo(tbr,
Vmt his lovo, like Ids rage wn rude;
Ami bit twlh In the twvlllug fold -r my
At timer, in our play, drew blood.
That was a life tolhefor!
Not this weak human life,
With Its IrlTidoii", bliHMlle-i. miIoin,
lis (trnit.l ptly slrlf!
Ciiiu" In my siriii. my htro,
Tli tUdorrur twilight grow,
And tlwllget ni-k'tit neiwiiMs
in uiy vulus begins tu How-.
Come not orlnulnj to Hie me!
Tike mf in triumph Mid power,
As n Heritor that MoruM lortrr!
1 wIM ho I fbrluk or covri r.
UotiM a you caire In tbe dvivrt,
L'rw w wereuii:.ii-u and turn,
WImhi Ihe tljrrr parslon- im.iv In u,
And low iui yon lrnl m- tln!
DutttuiriNa tub Smth. Tbe Xew
Yotk 7ViAr of October 1 1 th, has tl
folio wiog:
An organisation, under tie title of tbe
American I .and Company and Akiiicv, has
been lormed iu this city, wbiob, when
oarrk-d into piaotiesl operation, will duy
an liiiifortaut part in Ik woik of ritKMi-
HtruoliMi. It iri aires to net nt ugwit for i
ull ut Ibn Simth wbo Uv laud lo Mill or
iCMwrctM to dvloi, uud trHsw of I ho
Xortli, or hWevltere, who Iwve wpitul skill
it labor that they may wish to turn to uto
ful and profitable uuiployineut In ugrlcul
tural or other Industrial pursuits. It 1
oapitul and skilled labor the South neuls ;
the last she never bad much of; Ihu first
the bus lost by ribulliou, cxuvilili that
Imestid in teul estate. This slavery uc-
uumelatid in few hands, but shivery abol
ished, the natural tuiddiey is that il should
be divided Into smaller ijuuMtiliis among
a larger number of ihtsoiis. Large planta
tions should bo cut up Into smaller uud
manugeuble farm lo be tilled by their
owners, unci the planters with no capital
(n money, nnd their capital In slaves restor
ed to its rightful oh tiers the blocks them
selves, must build up their fallen fortunes
by this division of lauds. I'll enhanced
value of thee lauds w ill more than coun
terbalance, in a few ywirs, the loss of the
money ulne of the lue. Tu bring this
about cuptltul Is undid, aud that uiuil
come from Ihe North, and with Ibe (most,
ment of this oapitul will go emigrants fill
ing up the South with a new uml thrifty
people, who will develop not only her agri
aulluial but all the othir resources tu
which she is so rich, but which the exis
tence of slavery has hitherto paraliiad.
To ilffCt these results organization ii need
ed, uud the purpose of this uginey U lo
bring the Iwo uction of the country, one
with its cnpilul, Ihe other with its bound
hn but undeveloped nchoj Into utcful und
profitable lelatlons.
Governor Andrew, of Mass , I Ihe I'res.
ident of the company ; Col. F L'. iloae is
the Yicc President and Usner.il Agent,
uud lluvse gwtleuuii, with L. W. Winches'
Icr, G. 0. Ward and Alferd Gaitherure the
Trmtw. Other geutlsuieii of wealth ure
lo be engaged iu the enterprise, whoo
characters w ill be a guarantee of its uian
ugiuient and success.
The Xew York Tribune toys; "It is re
iwrltd that Alexunder II. Stipbcns, late
Viee-I'iidiul of the ConfuKruoy, Is in
fa i or of wju"' suffrage ho would alluw
negioee to vote who uro quahtkd by the
idiieationul test. It would be u good
Hung to cod hiui as a missionary to Connecticut."
i A Settlement of .lliinti Inns
Dr. John II. Mm.. r xt l r t. ...... I -Vl'w Y,,rk Xovembcr lllh. The
line to the St. Loul, lltpublma a mlaK.'S"' ,""'! !', Mlal .lpnteb y-;
or I. Item from III,,. Janrrlo ilwcrlpllve off Kl,War'1 Mel,"on. ,l,c U' "
the Adventures of the emigrant from tlie I M,cr ,,he TT f !'7C, lfC,C,, ,.-U,T
j the adventures of the emigrant
honlh who have settled In llrnzll
Judge John Onlllet. nn old nnd blpldy
cMrcmcd cltrwn of Carroll county, wllii
cvrml famllfe. nnd ISmvia, of Cooper
eounly. Miwnrl, with bin InlereMltiR fam
ily, nre now here (Atipunt). making nlmnt
forty Xortli Anirrleaii, lu nil, the miclciu
of n good etllen'iit uround Colonel M. I,.
Swnln, of Iniiimiw, whnlmn loon I nl mid
paid for a body of laud on the Aunguy
-a biuncli of the Serin Xegro river.
rmptir Into Hit Imy from the XortlinrM
and wldeli in on tl only practical roulc to
the inlnw and to the rich open country be
yond, We have already boue mid a llt
tk' More, nnd will won luve n blnckimllli
flinp nnd n fclinol hou, the tiowtnuirnt
giving u Gve hundred milreu a yir to sup
jwrt a sehool. We lave small crojn rf
corn, bnin nisi potutix- groniu finely,
uihl c.Hct to keep nheud of tbe wutita ol
ww csinwrs, in, tlic way of fo.xl. All n'
this dates from about the time I came Into
the Uiy, n riod of lee limn Ihne innnths
Judge (JulHet, ami tlw othere, my ull
llx i.en. which tiny bad with their
H'raooaI eff. eta wa to Xew York, wlemee
veeel lime room enough and charge no
thing extra fur bringing them tu i'arnn-
agua, from wbieli wo nre distant ncroiw
the luy, nortlmurd. forty mleM. Thev nd
vise the f-lilpmcut of nil clotbw, tools, and
every tiling Hrlabl wHiicb may be on baud
uud uiunot lie wld for n fair price, as '
furint'r nisi otheis w (IihI cvciy thing
useful liere to which lltey have lat'ii acrm
loiiuil, nml perbai4 find ft deimr hihI infe
rior. Clothing l ebeup iliiMili Irfre. otini
log from Knykiml winl Franco, but blankets
and bsoVlnib ure always wanted In n I
M Mttlemefit. Game Is plenty, uml n
shotgun wuukl not be amiss.
Kvprcss coinjwulct ought to tend uiovn
blm through tu Xw Votk with dliwtcli,
but tlwy elmrjre imieli mom than eomuils-
iiw inetclwnts. In either line, lilisl the
iartl( to deliver (Ih-iii by a sjieeiileil Hurt',
uisl exniiiliie tbe ,Mckaget Iwfore r)hg
tfce ekuiges in Xew York, tu see Hint they
ate ihiI broken nn or Injured. Any ri-
peelabW ooiihiiImmhi uierelutit In St. I ni
ls or (lie white oujiht tu urrmi(je all llient
mattert belter llmu 1 eu.
You ought tu Iikvv mnw frinsl or n.wit
iu Xew Votk In Dial yon iKwnl and liHjy
inifs, or )0H may er flow It. Ho, also
yixi ought to eiigaje psusHt to Hio fiom
some (esjHintible ship agent or niviwr, wIhi
will stipulate dfiuurruge, if you ure detain-
id un r.penwi
When (migrants urrlve lu Hio tliey euti
go limiinlluU'ly to the I'ruln, I'or
tiuMH, where Hie GovermnHit has lutniihed
eomfoiluble (juarlws fur theiii, oxeept buil
ding uud cook lot; uiiieiwils, ut forty etui n
da) eaeli, till they uie sent forwurd giulin
on' the Urt sti-omsr, to their destination
The vtxatiou of Iwo dollars gokl, a pkc
fur IlriiKiliuii pawjrls from llrt) Consul Ii.
the purls of tlse Unlttd Stutos is not jet
dune uwuy with, as it should be, In tbe caw
of buna fide emlgruuts ; but a man und bis
whole family pass logslher, so that Ihe ex
H'iise is insonskleruble. I have written lo
have the whole fee rimltltd.
I opened u corre-pondtiice with Senor
Mureoudes, the Minister of Agriculture,
uud obtained favoruble coucossIods.
And 1 have taken ulus to Impress Ihe
llra.illiatis with the fact Hail Ibis is no
oolonli-ttion scheme to empty poor hoiiie
and n'nlten:iurlw on their shore, nml lo
tell our oountryinun ut Uio that il is no
ppeeulutluu of mysi'lf nor uny other Individ
uul, but un emigration of Ind-pendeut fain
Hi, like" the pioniers of Kentucky and
' 'I -llflf-l-nf wlllllll lIlM InrtUtil-l nf i. ilrln.
....v--r.1 , "u'mh miii iviminani it ijriiiifiM
ble war have mude refugees no. I who swk
here an asylum. We believe iu the future
greatness of liruzil, und are willing to brave
Ihe ocean and the wildernifs lo begin a new
und prosperous career uuder Ihe patronage
ol Ihe good Hmperor wboto character, In ,
ll.e testimony ol ull narlies. is most salmle i
Strong und shurp as our wit may be, it
is not wj strong us Ihe memory of looU.
nor so kieo as their mtnlinenl; be (but
bus not the stiinglh of imud to forgive, is
by nu iiieuus wtuk tnouyh to furgit; und
it is much (usier to do a cruel thing thuu
to Buy u seviro one. lies ides
There uuur jet was human power
Which uould evade, if uiiforgitcn,
The iialient search and vigil lung
01 him who treasures up a wrong."
He who thinks that he tun find within i
himself Ihe means of doing without others.
is much mislakcii; but he who thinks oth
er, cuniiot do without him, is Hill mote
Thu foot- limit ou the wild is washed out
by the ocean wave, uud easier might wo
wheu years ure lied, Uud tbut leot print i
than recall lost hours. j
i rrn.m n.n nm,rt..t,.n i
grcM by the late rebel State on the roll
ol the next llouee.
The Tiibtine't special dlepalrh pnyst
Judge UnderwiHid ha eotidemiird (Sover
nor Vie properly for roiinVntlnn. Ills
real estnte l not worth that formality.
The total number of sick and wounded
in Government hospitals throughout llie
country Is les than five thousand. Might
monilff flncc there were over a hundred
flincnil Anj-ur lias ImiicJ on older for
blddlnjr llie whipping of colorul uicn under
nnylnwor Vlrglnln within the limits ol
Mi Department.
General Ingralmm, laic I'mviut Mureli
al General of the defcuroi north of the IV
tonuc, is being vigorously urged lor Si r
gennt nt nrmi of the next llourc.
A genlhm.in o( Intelligence who has
just leturncil from the .Sniitliern Slates as
II i tlw Intention of most of those Statin
to appropriate pensions to ribel oflieeis
ami soldiers woundid during the n hellion.
Xo upproprlntion will bo made for South
ern Union Soldiers.
Tlie UtrahVt Wiiihlngton (1lsMtrhnysi
Il 1 understood that Proton King ha re
signed hi position in ('ol'ector of the
lH,r- "' w i inn.
Tl'1' mntitrrhur out ol ilclachmenlsol tlm
Vt1rrnn Uonrve Corm, In Urn District of
l ''. lfln lo day.
r,vn- "i won't neeept tlm mistin In
it i
' .KtlULM IIILilil- fllt tlS-itlliiiBtiisi-.u I
-s" "iniM ! VII V lIIIFIIIIIV11
Ihe Uurlift erelal diKitch Miys: A
tilirmn from Governor llolden Indlcnlw
HhiI ho i eK eli d by u small majority.
The ll'oilil's ep'chil dliiHictb says: Gen.
Stwdc, who IuisJimI reluriird fiom hlscom
maud on the Ulo Grande, bud u long Inter
view yesUtdsy with the I'lisldent and Sic
nlary of Wur. lie slutra that military
nNrutiom along that Hoe ntii.iln utiehan
oj. Our army Is simply one of otxrva
I ion and will piobahly shortly bo wltb
druwn. Xew Ymk, Xovember, 1 lib. The
H'urU'i Coluuibiu coirisjiniHleiit, under
dale of November tb, wjs: IIesolullo,is
were rrurtoil from the Coinmillteon l'il
ernl relutions to llie I-isluture tu ihe ef
fect tlwt Sooth Carolina bad fully cum
pliul with Ibe lititiuieuts of the Auims
ly proelatnation of President Jnbrsou, niul
Uaving i luineipntid her slaves, I eulllUd
In Ibe briiHItt of wild Alnllisly, alal ue
knowkilglni; Ibeir posilkon its enMpMied
lieoule uud niovpling the Itrms iilleml
Ihun, they ask tl withdrawal of mllitury
rule, to wlilib they my 1 1 fullb of the
Govuiiiiurnt slumls pbOgid. Thu rcpoii
ia)S llay have, with honest purpose uud
intireloyulty of hcarl.gheu solemn phdgis
to be henceforth loyal citizens. The iih
olutiuli will probably be adopted uualii
iiiously. Wuihinglon, Vovembtr Hlh, The
Pnenknt today ujipo.nted Genual John
A ligan, of Illinois, iinuister, and William
A Drowning, of Teiu.csxe, becnlary of
1'gution lo the Itepubllc or Mexico. G'tir
liguu Is well Lnnw n us u strong nnd cum
est supporter of the l.ibctul cuuie of that
Governor Hamilton, of Texas, writes lo
ihe President that bo expects lo call u
Hlute Coimiillou lu December.
The Hoard of Common Council hut pass
od u resolution ulmost uuuuiinonsly that
shoukl uny bill hu introduced iu Congress
for the udiiil.iou of the colon d men of
Wa.hliiglon tu Ihe right of sulfruge, the
Major lieuulhon.cd to cull Ihe Counul
logeiher for Ihe purpose of lakiugluloooii
talaratiou imtiiuiM for holding u sja'Clal
eleotiou lu get Ihe sentiment of the cop'e
on the subject, 'I ho Aldermiu bavu not
yet uclul ou the resolution.
Xew Vork, XovniiUr lltb. The
llurlfonl Curuiiuf ol yesterday says It is
Informed semi officially that u company of
""'no from Canada crositd into Alulno
Tor Ihe tiurpco of arresting ilestrkn. The
nun ttfuacd lo return with Ihe olliccrs, und
upplieatlou was made lo the United Stairs
authorities to have I hem given up, which
wai nfutcd. There wui duugir of on out
break. Hancock's corps is oidered to
rendi'.vouj iu Maine, A company attach
ii lo Hancock's corpi In that city (Hurl
I'urd) left for Augusta, Maine ou Sunday
Thu Hartford J'oit says; The company
left the city ou Sunday for Augusta,
Maine, it h rumored, either to prevent
,il0 i,'lnaa frm,, entering Canada or lo
,,ruVeiit llrithdi soldiers caiituriiur deser-
i ' . . .....
ters from their army who Imvo lad to llie
United Stutosi.
Xew Vork, Novtmber 1 lib. The Hit-
i aid' i Milledgewllu dittiateli says: The
- ew Constitution of Ueorla, wnsltucUd
UJ" ,uc Hla,c Convcntiou, was udoptid a u
whole ou November Gtb. As it was adon
VOL. X. NO. 0
'ted, Hie Stnlo debt contracted lo aid tbo
rrbelltoii U repudiated.
Phlladolphln, Xovembcr 1 lib. Wash
ington L 1nnc, etlilor of the Aeifgrr,dt(0
this morning.
ii -
Tiik I'ACiri- Hvu.noin. The Xew
York Tribune, of October -Dili, has tho
following on the early completion of this
'We hear wllb great sntifnetlon that
both forks or prongs of the eastern division
ol this great work nro being pmlicd vigor
onty forward. The southern (Ivann)
fork, connecting with Ihe Mlsourl Parlfla
ut the tuoulli of Kaii.is rivet, is now In
full operation to Isiwrrnee, nnd will soon,
lie nHn lo Topekn or beyond, nnd Is to bo
pushed on lo Kurt ltllcy next season. Wo
hear that lis completion lo thl point will
save the Government one million of dollars
per nnnuni In the transportation ofprovls.
ions nnd intinlttitn. In our forts nnd forces
ou the Plains; judge, then, what must bo
the saving when the whole Is completed.
' Xew blood has lately leen lnlucd Into
thli enterprise by nu association of capital
ists connected wllb Hasten roads looking
for lncreard Irnflle thcrelroui j SJ1, 000,000
was put In by them a.i n first Installment.
We hope soon to bear that the obstacles
which have hitherto prevented the payment
to Ihli enterprise of the subsidy stipulated
by act of Congress Imvo been htpplly re
united, nnd that tho work Is henceforth to
lie pushed forward with ample meant and
lesoluie energy. Irtt us once get our cur-
ifiicy bark In rock bottom, and wo shall
Insist on tbe construction thenceforth of nt
least one mile per thy of tho main track f
the Pnclfie Itond till It Is llnlshnl. l'or
that road Is destined In develop nnturnl
wimIiIi hitherto bidden lu Ihe earth, stimu
late the Industry and Increase Ihe wealth
of this country beyond ull precedent. We
look lor an niiiiiiul product from our mine,
of gold and silver of live hundred millions
ol dollars per minimi within lLo next twra
ty years. And tho most potent agency
whereby Iheeo magnificent results arc to b
seemed Is the Pscltlc Kallrond, which wo
pray may be puihcd forward with all pos
sible vigor.
KorMiihiiKii at Ska. Tlm brig 'Mania,
Cuptuln G. W. I'rutiii', which left Pblla
dslphia ou the morning of the Hlh Instant,
with a cargo of coul und liny, for Mobile,
rnroiiutirod a severe gale ou tbe night of
Friday, the l.'ltli, which ciiumiI her to
spring n li-ak not long nficrwanl. Iloth
pumps were nt onie uiaiincd ; but It was
disi'oteiisl thai, despite eviry effort, tbo
water was gaining steadily To lighten
her as much us pmndblu the eurgu nu deck
wu thrown ovcihoardj but ou sounding
(be pumps again live fiet of wuter wat
found iu Ihe bold. All on board now went
to work with redoubted uiergy, wllb tho
hoH) of kuplng her ulloul until Ibe arrival
of succor. 'I'be water still gained, but not
so rapidly ns ou Ibe first night. Two day
passes) In this Incewsant labor, when ou
i' ding Ihopuriips, It was dlseoieied that
tho waltr was now eleven feet deep. At
tho wssel In IhU condition was liable to
sink ut uny moment, It wat dctirmincd to
abandon her without delay ami according
ly u iu ft ten fiet trpiaio was coiiliuctrd
arid faunibiil, and on Ihe lClh Instant, tbt
caw nnd us:teiiger, ten ersons lu all,
embarked upon il, Tl.u party conilstfd of
nine men and one womuii. Iavlnir the
ship, which wtut down two Lour after
being abandoned, they dilfled ut thu toercj
of tho winds and wuvet. Tbp weight pf
the jHrsorij on tho rut sunk It one foot
below the surface ol tbo water, which thor
oughly saturated Ibeir plollilnv. lu Hill
wrelchtd slate, without food or water. Ibee
Honied about '.'I hours, until on I La
17th, In latitude 3. degrees UU inluntes,
longitude 71 digreit. they were dlscowml
by the United Hlatis gunboat Florida,
Acting Volunteer Llenlenant Males com
manding, which Immediately ou sight of
the raft steered for II. und look on br.urij
lis famished voyagers, whom thu ciouro
of their situation had renihnd helpless und
almost lifelrss.-A', 1", eniW, (ht. Wth,
A IlKAUTiyui, K.pt.KonuM liulwcr elo
quently says "I cannot bclievu that earth
is man's ubfding place. It canuol be that
our life Is cast up by the ocean of eternity
lo float a moment ou lu watts, uud Ibeu
sink Into iiolbingmsil hhw, why Is It
that the glorious utp rations, which leap
like angels from tl e temple of tho heart,
nro furoer wunderiii(f about unulls(led?
W by Is il that rainbow und clouds come
over with u beuuty that Is not of earth,
and then nuss oil und liuve us In mure up
on their favored loveliui-M T Why it It
that the stars, who hold their festival
uround tl.u midnight throne ure wt ubove
the grasp of our limited fucultlc., forever
mocking us witli Ibeir unapproachuble
glory T And filially, why is il that sucb
bright forms of human beauty are presen
ted to our view und then luken from us,
leaving tho thousand stream of our ulTtc
llons to flow buck lu Alpine torrents upon
our hearts ? Wo nre born for a hicher
dustiuy than Ihut of earth i there Uu reuliu
wtiere mo ruiiibow uever faibd--where tut
.tars will spread before in like Ibe Island
that slumber on the ocean' and where the
beings that tins, before us like shadow
will stay Iq our presence forever."