Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, June 24, 1865, Image 1

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    , ---is--. l)e rtjdti Senline),' S
8SSSB5SK-rr-S'-- , . .IJ AJS
-- -."--S- T " ., - -, ., 1 111" - "' ''-
k.x.' v. y
Oh J a wonderful stream is the river Time.
As it mm through the rcalmi or tear, '
With a faultless rhythm ana n musical
And a broader sweep, and a surge sublime,
Ana blonds with ific ocean of years.
tstvtD xvcnr SATt-nniv sumxixo.
jj. r. DOiVlil-L., Proprietor.
Cfuccaimov For Oneycar. In advance,
rnf Dollar; If paid within the first tx
inlil ttie expiration of the year, six dollar. I
jurmi-rvn On square (10 lines nrj
t0 nril incri on, mrpo iriiiiiirs: enem .. . ,,.,,
IitawOTil,ictlton. le oMr. A div 1Iwr ' -n'" "o drifting like flakes
wnnt of fift percent will be made to thuao I e" now,
S3 IC' Tttdtn trrrlrr.! at enrrrnt rttM.
I.O.O. F. Jacksonville JLnilgc
y.f. Zir 4i. iiuiin un re-ir-
JlJjVTJJ1'!"' ncilnc "n every
mlrrJ .Masonic Hall.
Croibcriln good standing nro Invited to
llrnJ. Oil A NG H JACOBS, N. G.
Kcwiu Ittrrt, It.Scc'y.
Truces. J. SI. Button., Win, Hay and
5. J. Pay.
j And the summers like buds between,
j And the year In the sheaf o they come
! nnd they 0,
No. IO. hold Its fi-tf-, On tlie river's breast, with it ebb and flow
as u gnucs in tuc madow and sheen.
There's a magical isle np the river Time,
Where the coolest of airs Is playing;
There's a cloudless sky and a tropical
And n aong aMaeet nj n vesper chime.
And the tunc with the roses arc staying.
And Ibo name of Ibli Is the Long Ago,
And we bury our treasures there;
There are brows of beauty, ami bosoms of
j There nro heaps of dust, but we loved them
Wama Led? No, 10, A. F. & A. M.
HOLD their regular common!
-f cations the Wednesday Evening on
or preceding the full moon, In jicx-
,s ' JOHN n. r.053, IV. SI.
C. W. Satjiok. Seo'y.
Thtrc aro trinkets and Irenes of hair.
o. jArom. n. r. ni'sRELL
J&.T XjV."77-? I Thc-e nre fragments of song that nobody
.Ucktosxiu.r., OnciiON,
OIIW njiioille tlic t'otii-t llouir.
AHbnlncM committed to thrlr carp will
be tromplly attended to. July 20, 'C2.
And a pnrt of an Infant's prayer :
There's a lute unswept, nnd a harp without
There are broken vows, and plecei of rings,
And the garmeuts that the med to wear.
There aie hands that arc waved nh(n the
fairy shore
Ily the mirage U lifted in elr;
JiccsoNviu.K, Onioojc.
... .... ll .1 .. .. - M. .
niii nracuci' in nil iur (.ourin (ii inc jnirii j.,.1 -...n i .. ... ... .
Jacl;WU!itrlct.Jht.SupmneCourli.rOre.",,,u."r .' ",l"uvor' ",rousu IU0 lutm
Mii.ai.JlnYrAo.CftI. WurScrin nromt.t.t uuicni roar,
1 cl)xled. Oct. l(tjSrct voices we heard In day gone licforc,
T. T. CAB AX1SS, M. D. ' Whcn ,Le " Oown ,bc r,vtr ' fa,r'
Late of Yrokn, Cm I., t Oh I remembered for aye be Iho b!esi,J Isle,
I Ail incuay or life till nljslst
""h-ii ib? cvrs'Tj rsrnji with tho beautiful
Modicino and Surgery
JtrLfonnrc, June 10th.
I smiie,
And our cjos nrc doing to slumber awhile.
May that "greenwood"' of soul belli slgLt,
mien monvinan tnm, liable to be laid up
a good part or the time from some oilmen!
coming to one or other cf the imlr. Tho
longer they nre worked the poorer beef
ucy make; for though they fatten readily
ennngh, yet tl.o beef is tallowy, nnd wll'l
not bring so good n price ns that of vonnir
cr animals. There is. indeed, a creat dif
erencc in oxen, yet it is especially true of
uic fliort-liorns, and their grades, that the
period of making fKt,b nnd fat togcll.cr
pawes nwuy at comparltvcly cntly
ogc, leaving n capacity to ratten, but, tot
to make marbled beef.
Among the mongrels which go by the
name of Natives" we not nnrrcquently
find light pairs or cattle, which for cpring,
quicknc and nerve, can hardly be excelled,
but nevertheless, the Devon, "nj a- brt-td.
nrc decidedly superior to all others Tn this
respect, and very handsome, They nie
unally put to light work at three year
old, bnt do not get their Hill gronlh and
trcnglh berore they nrc teun or eight.
They remain servieable for many years
ir well treated, may be worked till shtecn
or twenty year old; thonph seldom dore,
because with oge conic inDrmilies ond in.
aptnpfs to ratten readily nnd uniformly.
For ordinary farm work, especially If tliev
nre to be used much on the road, a pair of
rcu came ilirec.Mnrthi or seven eighths
Dtvon, and weighing together 2,200 to
2.C00 pound, is about ns pleasant a team
as n man can have or desire.
The while-raced Hereford?, nnd their
grades make powerful oxen, not so lazy
nor so lembr ns the nhorl-linrns, nor pos.
scsied of anything like the snap nnd vivac
ity of the Devons, but excellent for com
innn farm work. For cattle to sell, large
pair of shorthorn', fonr or fire years
old, well matched, with as much rid ns
"tho President rnnk ns both."
Arrive! nt the While House, the Gcncr
nl and the Secretary inked to hec tho I'res
Ident upon important business; "and in n
few momciil ihe good nhtcrcd face of Mr.
Lincoln appeared.
"Well, ccntlemcu," said the Piesidtnt.i
with n genial smile, "what dj you want
with mc T"
atncrnl," said Slanton, stifilv, "stale
yor case."
"I have no caso to stale," replied Grnnl
''I'm intisnot! as jt is;' Ihusouifl.inklngthc
Secretary, nnd displaying the same strategy
In diplomacy ns iu war.
"Well, will," said the President, laugh
Ing, "stale jour owe, Secretary."
Secretary Slanlon obeyed: lien. Oranl
natd nothing; tho President listened very
.t.imi.i-ij. i, mil qinmon 110(1 COIICIIIUul
the President crossed hit legs, talnd Ids
elbow on his knccs.twinUcd his ejw quaint,
ly and tnld:
"Now, Secretary, yon know wc have
been trying to manage this nrmy for two
years and n linlf, and jou know we haven't
done much with It. Wo sent over the
mountains nnd brought Mister Grant as
Mrs. Grant calls him to manage it for us,
and now I gness wo had better let Sir.
Grant have his own way."
From the decision there was no appeal.
Nobody ranked the President. So Ucncr
nl Grant went oil" with the army, and Sec.
rctary Stanton went back to his o(llcc.
Tint application of Grant' KarcT-Hke
tactics made Stanton the hnrdest working
eiwuiry, nr.u one or tlic most gentleman,
ly i.fficinis In Washington, nnd it fully ac
counts fur the admirable relations which
hue since existed between him nnd the
L'cutennnt General. It shows ulio that
urant Knows liow to manure men ns well
ISO, lSlior( Horns.
licit bull, 3 years old and up. 1st p 2dp
wards S13 SIO
" 2 ' i0 lo 5
" 1 , 0 3
calf ' i :i 1
"nfc. ,
'ggssst-gCftT; L.ailWBilUlM
NO. 8. Thgsml bV,
Best stallivs) 4 yttrt.oM aiMs.Y
r wt4'
3 M
"l - I . ." ',' I
Best niarc.4 Jt ravo! J T4. !..
, ... .WKU
3 .
r a
... . ... . .. i
luiuir, anu wcigning ouovc i,iuu pounds as nrnilc. His shrewdness is equally
apiece, nre jKthaps most profituble, at any available fit the Cabinet und In the field,
rate, Ihry bring the liighest prices; but iIhmWIui Is strategy In war becomes tact In
! A contributor to tl e Jmeritnn Arritul.
rpHE BTEAIiIEHIP DEL NORTE '"'"' Wfl, n fullows cci.ceriitng UlC ' ,f-r
1 Kill roil irvm tan riuiiclco lor Cru-, choice of cattle fer Ihc various branrl.c- r.r
farming :
smalUst Devon cattle, of blight but daik
mahogany red color, wlih long white horns,
well maichrd In looks nnd weight, mid
turning the sra'c with lomithing over n
ton to Ihc pair, are the farmers' favorites,
especially In the Lilly sections of the coun
tret City nn Ihc
CtZl t3 20t
. ori:AC'n?ioTit.
The Ulufils of rai.In" neat rr.ti! ilrrrn1
ea strwts. Am rrnnclcn. nllUc iou icaw Uic muJri uf farming, ami
Pl'GAN ft WAf.I. Agent. ore n-c'jjrcetiiy inliiiencrd by ihem,uj well I rctary Siniitou who from the bigir.niiig
r"i...i jt..iii Js f ll- I Sf
wh'-iii wit vai
Crescent City Jfny 23d. UA. JcSinC
A capital story is told by the New Ywk
ilcinll, lo explain how ii ImpjunA that Sec
diplomacy. Cor. livltctnu
the Auburn Sinn and Slnpa of Jure
urn, Irisibe Mlowiiig on the progress of
lliu work on tills road:
The pacific railroad is now being con.
flrnrliil Ihrough this county wiih n rapid.
ily almost unparalleled in the history or
rnuroail building. 'Jlc hills ore bfinir cut
down, valleys filltd nn, lirldgrs creeteil.
7 6
0 3
3 2
3 1
7 6
6 3
3 2
2 1
10 6
8 4
6 3
3 2
2 1
and all Muds ofralliend work going on ns
fust ns 2,500 ublc-bodhi! men. with a full
ns by soil, climate, market, etc. Tho title f Ihc ar was In a ctislant quarrel, cu compliment of trams, can do It.
of thee crt:c!c dou no!, bj ny means, i some point or other, wlih nil llie r-redtv- It I ntnMiiii how mteli uclm force,
express all Ihc ionicts(f piout. but only , fors ofGcn. Grant niter was pnbliiiy when directed by able nnd skillful Kuner
Imperfectly classifies iLtin. Under milk .hnown to bent variance with the LUiim.- inUndenls, ut.d the nppllnnees or moihrn
ant Gimral; bnl, on tl.cconlrury, wos nl-ji'?inriiig, can niconip'Mi. Wo had
uojsruuiidagricir'wiibliimliicw-ijlhiig,huidly brgmi to tcnllrxi that the mill; hod
carding cut his jihirs with (i.erjy ond ' commenced tnst or Ncwcbillo berore Iho
lifrur. ut.d firrrnliitr. lit tiiitmrtit r,n till . Ali-nin hnrro wiit innilli.,. in tf. l.tlli..
'. 1. ....... .1 ..t.... i-i II (I !.. i. i. ... f...... n... .1 . I . .r .. .
iiipjiuiiu yvimm, I liu Iffuili lllillll(l JISI. t9 y'( III lue mull fil IliemOUII
readers that Itari-y, thu horre-tamrr's whole ! tains, li.ily-il.ue mills Tiom Socratmnln,
system of dialing wiili ihc most ferocious1 nnd 1,600 fret above li.o no, Soon his
i i. I f1 tl.f. f-r..U .'.tn- r !.. ' rrn-.i .. .?.., ,. . t .. -I.I. . fl.l
JAcKoM-iua: Or.Looy, arc Included ull dairy products, (ten whey
JitiViK awr the South end of Oregon fit! nork niwl chiiheni: nnd nnd.T lf.
,intl Jnoiy, 2, lSt,l ' nr course, v. ol and liidrMulh.w, etc., which
Office at hi rrsUe nee nn Oregon slrcet j all beer callic. sooner or lattr.come to. In
DR. L.S.THOMPSON 'connection wiih all stull.fril or stable nnl
nriicu I mul, annihrr product not included in our
- GJTY DRUG RTftRF enumeration ought lo bo considered. z.
...,. .,.-.. ... -. . ...... ... i
nrtwt.h'iK j mnnurc iimi proiiuct witiiout wiiiih In animals conHfini in lying ap nn animal iHiriu yiiisnc will ic Moid at JllinolMnun
leiini Ilia t tho dinctors hue fixed
Cjnoic n,i Cirtinlv dnll.
JCAoallle, (Jgiu thx'iUt
Alroniej and Counsellor
Jackson lu.r:, Oih.ohk.
0c at tcfidiiice on California Street.
aii utiim entrusted lu bis cur nroiniit-
many pans in tins country, and still more , lure leg. at.il lying liiin upon his side, frnm e
..... - i -
in l.urnpe, it Is Impossible lo realize any
1 allendtd to.
to takis ritrt.,ni:s
If Ticturw do not glio satl.faetion. no
teartrt will Um.il. r.n . i.i. .,.. r-.i
iy. oa the hill, esainiue kin pictures, and ket.
"" vnr iikCUCSS.
profit In keeping cattle. This most tin
pnrtnnl problem is therefore prtstntcd In
the runner in connection wild whaicicr ob
Ject lie reeds cattle for tu secure the iarg
est quantity of manure, and or the best
t quality, consistent with the amount or la
bor he cau afford to lay out for this iiui
In some parti ofSouth America and per.
haps still in California, cat I la are herded
und cared Tor fur the sake or their hide
ulone, or for their hides and tallow. In
i esus, ineir urn nas value also, and sol
which moment he Ucamc partctly undtr Srphmbtr 1st hr that unit, and If It can
Dr. Ovcrbcck would nunounco to tho ctt
mm or Jacktuu county aud vicinity, llmt
Miss rtturneil to Jaekhonvillcnnd ruumtd
iiraeiicr of medicine, lie will ot
U Iwud at his Ud stand, the Ombw;
llirougbout tdc prairie btutts, at prmm,
cattle are raised for bcf in some dis
tricts, Ihc chief business or most or the far
mers being to raise youn cattle, which ure
sold toothtrs, who fatteu them for mar-
pi al, unlcm nbnt urvffkrlon
Wbtulnw. Iln ould tL-fncclfullr aolletl
rtal of fornjir patronagu.
w. P. MIX g. B, rACQ .
i. M,X & FARGO,
'aoi ALUj VAsu;.aios 'Xaarnqvi,
nICKorfr Bank Kiehange, Main
f Hiretl, will practice in all the Courts
l. r,lnx JuJ'cwl District, also the 8u
ttZEi ' c'oIlt,clion promitljr at-
An '.? A" ,'u$ln cnirosttd to our
V'H receive prompt attention. juSif.
"Whkii, w a. 14J.GSOUJ).
n? ?ilu w Ciif, W. TM
Sore. WMl of K'r i:tcw' mck
vr F" 'FARGO,
Wau Waua. W. !.,
AlSl.i!i,,?il.dn,lD of 'ds-r-
ti .B.f d out t fbort no-
uwieog(.ij. JUf3tr
Here it is that some oflbe steers must
bear tbeyohe, nnd cattle arc worked two
or three years, or until their sale is likely
to be too much ufll-ctcd, when they arc put
off to tho r.)er. As we approach the
longer settled States, or come into the
neighborhood or large cities, the demand
for milk and the improved modes or farming
which render it possible to mako butter
and cheese with profit, lead farmers to val
ue the dairy qualities of cows in proportion,
while the feeding and fattening qualities of
the different breeds arc not less prized than
elsewhere, nor is the Stress of the males
for the yoke ere rlookcd even iu such dis
There nro (wo classes oi working oxen,
namely, those require., ind udaplcd to draw
heavy loads, at a slow pace, and those of
un active, sanguine nature, quick walkers,
and fitted to draw inode-rute loads, at a
britk pace, and ito throw thesnsvives wjih
great vigor into their work, livtwecu the
two extremes there is every variety el
course. As typo of tbo slow, powerful
ox team, we have tho hortborns cuttle
o raugniCciot proportions, getting Jhcir
full growth und perftetiun at nbout Die or
six years old, weighing from 3,000 to 4,000
Ijfwwuw jjr pair iu uvu wuini viurr,
servieable Gve years longer, but if worked
control, and docile as l.c was previously
tlciuus ond intractable. App!;lii this II
lutnalion, ihc journal narutd says :
It is not generally known that General
Grant once Run; did Mr. Stanton, and
that this accounts for the phenomena which
have so astonhheJ the public. When
General Gront was nbout tolioio Wuth
inglon lu enter upon that sublime cam
paign which began with the bailie of the
Wilde-rmss aud ended with the downfull of
ihe rebellion, he called upon Secretary
slanton to say good.bje Tlic Secretary
was anxiously uwalting him. During the
two and n half jrais that President Lin
coin nnd Sccretury Slanton had managed
ihc Eastern armies it was the first point in
their plans to keep Washington henYlly
gairisotie.il with troops. Large bodies or
mm were stationed iu Ihc foiliL'culioiu
arouuu ilc cny, ur.u oiuer iurgc uuuna
were kept within supporting dittaccc.
Now thai General Grunt came into power
Stanton wanted to tec that the defir.ee of
Wuthlogtnn was not overlooked. Accord
ingly, atter a few preliminaries, the Secre
rclury nmaiked :
Well, General, I f uppese you havo left
us enough men to strongly garrison the
forls f
No," raid Grant, cooly; "I can't do
Why not?" cried Slaninni Jumping
nervously abcul, Why not f Why poll"
Utcuusc I have already nt Ihe men to
the front," replied Grant, calialy,
That won't do," cried Slanton, more
nervous than before. "It's contrary to my
phlus. I cao'l uilow it. 1'Jl order the xntu
"1 shall need the men there," answered
Grant, 'and you can't order tbeui back."
'Why npt T" iuquired Staotou again,
"Wliy uot T Wiy not I"
-1 belie e thut I rank Ihe Secretary a
this iu utter," ' the quiet reply.
Yerv well," old Stanton, a little warm
ly," We'll see Ihe President about that.
I'll have to lake vou lo the Presideut,"
That's right," politely observed Gronti'
be accomplished In that time It is sure tu
be done. Tlic woifc Is heavy, bnt the force
is strong bud thu zeal is irrepressible.
Our citizens now fully realize that the
Pacific rallrond Is breomlng n fixed fuel,
and not n.nr.y years will t'lapte before the
completion ot tins gigantic work wllllc
celebrated, end what a celebration It will
be. A coulinuaneo of (he energy now dli
played will soon curry the road otrr tho
mountains, and then for a rapid race for
Salt Ikc. Thel.eay woik ru the line
west of Suit Luke is right here lo Placer
county, and is now being vigorously ol.
lucked by the company, c wir imag
ined Ihc work would be so heavy, or that
It could be completed so rapidly,
One of ihe most interesting excursions
that con be modo by hl-ners sn trip
on Ihe railroad from Clipper Gup to III),
noistown. The cuttings aro all In rock of
greater or less hardueis, and (lie boom oi
the powder blast is continually heard
frowning embankments rlrr as .if by msglc
high trestle bridges spring up in n week,
lit those persons who are skeptical about
the construction pf Ihe work visit that por
tion or the rosd and (heir eyes will be
Prisons who have never seen Ihe llne'jc.
ore tho. woik commenced, or while it u in
progress, can form no correct Idea of the
immense amount of lubor required to eon-
struct Ihe railroad over the mountains,
A Wood Anncr L'liAtnsAn eminent
ph) siciun, speaking )l our chairs, remarks
thai they nrc too high nnd loo nearly hor
hv.nlal. Wo slide forward and our mint
tube. The Mats should be fificen or sir
let n inches high iu front fur men. nnd rrom
eight lo fourteen for iliihlim and women.
Tlic back part of the scut sliould lie from
one io three o,r ban the front pn,
'I'bis last Is ve ry Important, The ih pth pf
Ibo seat rrom front to baek should bo the
same as tho bight, 'Die chair back Is
liken Up unphilosnpleal. The part which
meets the small of the back should prijrct
tl.o furllurwt forward. Instead of this
at that point there i fireilcrally a hollowr
MJifi if miv iuc u inutu pain ana weaie?
ness In (lie ;nwll or the back, The prfa,
ent seats product difcoriifort, fcucd should
ers and other distortions;
Ucst cow, 3 ycais old and up
wards , JG JO
" 2 ' " 10 fl
Host heifer, 1 year old G 3
"2 ,32
NO. 2DcToui
Same premiums us number one.' .
NO. 3IIcrcrords.
Same premiums us Not. 1 aud 2
NO 1-Ayrsklres.
Same premium as No 1, 2 and 3.
Same premiums as No. 1, 2, 3, and -I.
Exhibitors or nuiinals In Nos. 1, 2, 3,
4, and 6 must furnlsb satisfactory evidence
of age and pedigree.
NO. C OiuDrD Cattmc cross-breeds.
Dcst bull, 3 years old and upward
si i ..
" 1 H II
Uest Dull calf
Ucst cow 3 years old and upwards
" 2 ' ' ,
Dcst heifer 1 ysar o!J
" calf
Dcst milch cow of any blood
NO 7-Wonxixo Oxkx.
Dcst pair, 4 )curs old nnd upward
3 ii it
i j ii M
1 ii ii
' 1,2, or 3 j ears old,
tralrcd by boy under
10 G 3
Competitors lor this department nro re
queued lo fllo with the Krcrclury n state
mint ol tlieugoof the atiluial, time, man
ner, kind, quantity, und cost of feeding, and
ull cxk uses connected wild tho fitiwilng.
Dist fat ox, G years old and np.
" steer 3 tears old
sr- g i
" litifir 3 years old
i i 2
.NO 9 SwsxrsTAKts.
Best bull ofuuy breed
Dett cow "
Dcst bull and uot Ins thuu two
cows or hcllris 10 10
Joseph Magou, Clurkamas county, Su
icrlnlendiiil; Jumis Durion, North Yam
hill; John Johnson, Polk county) Martin
Luptr, Albany, Linn county; John Cogs
will, Eugene city, Iinc county; Samuel
Drown, Wncondu, Murlcn county,
NO 1. UuRSksor Am. Wonir.
The "Homes or all Woik" ihoulJ be
fifteen hands high, qulek, lively ears, brond
Letwecn tho vjn, round barrel, short loins,
well up In iho shoulder, deep elicit d
squnrc quarters, flat legs, short bcUren
the knee und ptiiein and hock und r.obltro
liindlrgs well under liim, ij.ee d equr.'i 0
eight miles an hour on the road 'and at
least three miles at the plow, rib sufil.
cent blood to Intnro spirit und tmlursuct;
and no Aours in llih or ar.y itr tfati m
be allowed lo compete r,or n premium uii.
leu ht It icunJ-lho t Do cousllturional
Dett stallion, 4 ;ce(1 old and up
wards 920
20., IB
10 8
10 S r
0 t 3. an
lft !
to" ..'
ft A
.. a
8 4
G 3
4 2
3 2
3 2
2 1
23 1G
15 10
5 " 15
2 10
Dett brood tnsro (and coll) 4
yiars old and upward 1G
Ixtl maie 3 years old lo
i. g ' 8
IVit suikiug celt 3
NO. 3-Djnrr Honsw,
Dett stallion, 4 jrsis old sod up-
ward lo be lesttij by actual iris! 13
Dest stallion 3 year old sod up
wards 10
2 " 6
l " a
Dett broodmare (and roll) 4 yean
old and upward 10
Dett mare, 4 years old and upward 10
3 fj
" 5
" I 3
Dest colt or DIy (sackllpt) 3
" sbod draft, horses, tested by ,
IrUI 13 10
" " " 3ytsri 13 8
Cotnmilltt on A'os.1,2,
Somuil L. Coon Sllvertcn, Marlon
county, Bupcrlntendenij' E. llarlltsf, Cor
vallis, Denion coufaij lenrlaik, For
est Grove; Waihlucloa eountvi Jm El.
liott, Needy, Clcckamsi ctuoly, I
Dest colt, 1 year old
in inc eieparimcnt oi iircwjrerf aaf
(mats, whether rattle or horses, now, w!l-
be permitted to compete bat sneli M aWst
iitisfactory Jiedtsfrecs'!
NO. 4. DoADtTKn. ,.
Dcst stalllou, 4 .Years old and tip. " '
ward to be tested, by trial. ;H,'' t
-3 ' IS 10
2 ' ' 1$ I
Dett brood mart (sad colt), 4
years oM upward
Dett mare 4 years eld and up-,
,. ' 3 '
I 2 i .
ii l
Dett tuckllns; '
NO. O.-Colts Without reference te o4
Dcst stallion, 2 years old 10' '
" I " I .
Dist mare 2 .i.-.
Dest tackling . . ft .fia
CommitlM en Not. 3, 4 end 0. '' "
Warren Garwood, Dallas, Polk otnty'.'11
Superintendent 8. W, MMS.Orsgos) Citjr
Claksmss county) II, A. ilcCartoty, Pe-'
otla, Line county; J, Uadlay, Laae eoMtjr, I
NO. C Matchko CAantAOt, DcoaiAjiD'.'
Saddlk Ilonsit.
Dett span carriage hortet 20
" hup-M hortet 10
" saddle horse 9
NO. 7. Match xd Roioimt.
Dest span trotters, to draw not
lefslhan 1,600 Ibt
NO. 8. Srixo.
Dett trotting; bone, mare or
" pacing horse '
" walking horn
To be tested b trial.
Commilltt on Not. Oi 7,'or f . ' '
John Longhlin, North Yamhill, Siferr
Inlendenl) Alfred Sanlon, Salrsn Marioss,
county; Davidson, J'iilk eotulji Oiv
II. Daber, Albany, Lion county.
NO. 0. SrixD ah BoTTOtf: '
xtunnlns;, ,
Dest' running horse, roareorgtd
lag, 4 miles
i nil.
Dtst trotting stalllso, mllo ).eat
, 2 In 3
" " G miles
rlwerpslakes Trotting.
Ilest horse, mate or gelding, 0,
Twenty per etnt entrajeeoa 'BrMslsMtani
In class No. 9. All ttUU te tust.
NO. l0.-74Am ixo- Cotts. " " .
Best lot c.f'tnr.rts and cells, own'. ' ' m'M
ed 'jy oasj mm, oa'oat place,' '" '
Vxhlb'itrd kt the Fair, not'"' "
mote than & nor lest thso 3" 'I6''f6i
Sweepstakes Tor Iioiks, mares and cbrlt,-'0
wllboat Vrcard to blood.
II, . i .V
j ii j0
i I g'
" " suckling ' 0
Sweepstakes for Siallfons:1" ''
Oetl tlallion aadhls family of
colls, (not Ich than G) best'
calculated lo IroprbVe the Ore
gon stock of horses, 33
ComtniM m Not. 9 tn'J 10.
Pavia 0. Stewart, North Yatklrt.-lri1 1
prrlnlrndrnf Join brrrb, Peltf4A:,rstil
A. Abbey. Cwrallla. tUmtnm iii--'-
K. Cornelius, Hillsboro, Whlf(wi' m
ty. A t
NO. 1i.-Jici.,,xK, ,,& ul
.T ww"
l .3
loo tn
Oft m
J w
Oett Slblllo.n
" 3 year eld
15. X
15' '
H ll"i
1 2 " i limit
I ' s TL . Ja.t
7$v.v WMP-a ii o
tt.-v :ji
pssi4 II , 1i)
I- ' ' '' CftJtH
ft .If kit
mat efsy-ktsf'jitk ,hVj 4,.Nf wft
Bjpk OrfW bftd SMise laio lift 1 14V la
0et JficV, tivejer 8sMatU -i
"'t.iwdwltiwtifci , .,,
ruftf iI.iam1. i Ar .
Boiduj w,y v
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