Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, June 03, 1865, Image 2

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sbaLBBaEtaVU' .VVrA
To tr srncAcr ahd nmuAxs.Ncr or tocb
Umigk, a Govr.iwrrNT ron tub wuols ts
tDntXIint.l:.,' II asAinjtyn.
. JUNE 5.1 W
X- P. Flthtr, J.J.Knowlluiirff Coaml
W. H.Toby-, ndrcrUskkg for Man
Fmielito, Cat.
K. X. Ittlpv, elrrlUlng ngtnt fbr
aatwaatnto, Cat.
List of Agents far the Obxoos Ssstinkl,
E. F. RttMt'tl. general agent for Oregon,,
and Idaho Territory.
L.P. FUber San Franclrco Cal.
J .J. Knowlton JtCo do....... do.
Thomas Davis,.". Apptegntc. Oisn.
FT. R. HIH wllbcr lf
F. O. Wrdseye, Hock Point do
Thomas Croxtoo,,....Croxtons Biggins tlo
Wm. Snlcer Jump-Off-Jo do
Got. Globs, Portland
D.M.Thompson, Albany
TV. M. Evan Althouio
Thomas Core do
Thomas F. Floyd Kerbyvllle
8. V. Sawyer do
V. P. Anderson Fhocntx
D. M. C. Gault dn
A- Ireland Myrtle Creek
Gra. T.. Dean Ellenburc
Theodrlc Cameron Union Town do
Jataes L. Watson Koseburg do
Kin Hattle Hunter Rogue River do
L. W.SulJIns Fort Klamath do
Blnjrer Herman, of Canyonvlltc, general
Agent for Douglas County.
NCi:. IV alla Walla, W.T.,1
.May 18, 16C5. f
Hen. Elwoed Ev.'ni, the acting Govern
or or Washington Territory, naJ Hon
Jaottt Latater made spwehtt here thl
evening, 00 the political i.wn l tie day.
By mHtoal arrangement, governor Etcm
sspaed tiie discission in bchalt o.'tbc Union
cause with a speech of Ibrre-foL'r-'cj of an
hour long. Mr. Laiater foiloweJ W'
ffeeeb an hour loog, and thtn Ui'vcrnor
Evtet replied in a speech of fifteen m.'o
utes. Gorcrnor Event clearly showed tt.nl
the Democratic party were moitly respon
libit for the assassination of the President.
He showed that various cewipapers of the
Democratic party, and their public ipeakers,
for the last fanr years have denounced the
President as a usurper art n tyrant, and
that its may reasonably conclude that Ihr
depraved mind of Booth, the amuio,
caught these polsacow inflamitcry ideas,
aad the legitimate consequence was the as
sassination of the President; that Booth,
after committing the fatal deed, brandished
a uaggcr uu me sisgc ana emu out " tic
tempur lyrannu." From the teachings of
the, Democratic press and Democratic or
aton, Booth had esiartioated the I'rtil
dent, who was one of the ablest and best
of acts, and then he repeats tb inlamous
(kclarallous of the Democratic (arty that
Mr Lincoln was a wretched tyrant.
Hon. James Losater followtd, nn; the
harden of his song wm the tame old Dem
ocratic tune of Air. Lincoln's usurpations,
tyranny and oppression, State rights, arbi
trary and oncooslitutiona! arrests. If the
cltiseM of this place desire any raoreprool
of the responsibility of the Democratic
party for tbe assassination of the Pittident,
they can fiud it by remembering the tpetchc
of Hoa. James- Lasatei. ile is behind
tvta the Oregon Democrats. The whole of
his speech was on questions that were de
cided- three yean ago in the Atlantic Stales
and two years ego in Oregon against the
Democratic party. Under these circum
tHaaett, unless Mr. Tiltou pursues a diffier
at coarse, the Union party may rest as
sum that Washington Tvrritory nill be
rtaecsaed from the misrule and treason of
the SetBeeratic party, and the Uoiou can.
diikte, Mr. Denny, will be elected to Con
gress, andMr. Tilton will be beaten by a
Urge Bujurily.
Hon. George E. Cole has returned from
the Atlantic States, and talks of removing
to Idaho Territory.
KoauB IUvxr Vau-zi and Joux Dat
Waoo Koao. This road is euming Into
favotable notice with drovers, they bring
ablt to travtl it earlier than any ol the
law reads that cross the Cascade Moun
taka. Tbk road is much nearer and more
sHrtet to tU Ktrtbera country from South
raOfSfoa taaa any other. Dusiug this
weak Mr. McCoy, of Va Walla,
Urtasl with MO bead or bsof aattle over
tWa rtad forUoise. KobiBseaand Davis
tertatl with a drove of 200 bead ; Crooks
aty also atarkd with a drove or cattle, and
State, of (tbe WiUacalte Volley, with a
aostl0f2,Ot) abM.
fuK Fauc Ta anaoal State Fab of
CaMforok it tea bttd at SaeratMnie. 00
aba 11th af Mtfttsabtc apptaaibiag. Kx.
Uaassiiaary tsfcrtaaffsaakiaa; toreatltrit
tfcj sjwat aaaatsafal txhlWttofc tf tbekM
s VnHVilanV "saa'M
)MsJ Mt kar Uf-tbe JWI Ifiiagata
fa sMtssaVtr asrtftaitattat ta-siffbt.
am"Ssa niBiw mm
aaoaUfootcat tiieaewasl-
4 tssf 'i itaat.
Gekkbal Siismdak. We n of an
incidcnt.yestcrdny connected with this dis
tinguished American's life, at n time when
he was a Lieutenant. AVhen about to leave
San Francisco fur-ilic East to join it the
deadly struggle lor American liberty that
lias since blotted the pages of our history,
he was accompanied to the steamer by
Oaptuln Vau Vest, U. S. A. They, old
comrades as they were, with clasped hands'
stood upon the " gang-plunk" until the last
order to haul In wag given. As the steamer
swung out Into the bay, Sheridan, a n last
farewell, called nut to bis friend. " Vnn. I
will win a Captain's epaulettes or n bloody
ornve." Ilow nobly ha, the hero rrdet-meil
bis word ! A. Major General's commission
if, indeed, a " Captain's epaulettes" nun;
and with that commission 0 name that will
be handed down to future generations as
nnc of the guiding stars of freedom In the
Hie late accursed rebellion. L'nntain an
Vent related the above incidrut to Colonel
FI It. Lnthrnp. of Orovllle. from whom we
receive .Maryivtltt Appeal. May 2CM.
Wtt.t.iAUsncna, U"th, 18G5.
Friend Sentinel.--Our usually quist
hurg has been the scene of some excitement
during the past week. Munuel Rose. the
man who robbed Sutton, on Apptcgale
was nrrestrd on Brush Creek, nenr Sienm
limit City. lie had bis primary examln-
Hon here, and in defanll of four thousand
dollars was sent to jail. Antonio Joseph.
with whom a thousand dollar of the stolen
money was fonnd, was nrrestrd en the
tharge nf bring an accessory to the rn!
bcry after; the fact, and bound over in the
sum of five hundred dollars. The victim
of the robbery wns bound over in the snm
of two thousand dollars to appear and pros
rente the ease.
Who soys the scales 01' Justice nre not
evenly balanced Id this burg, when nn ac
cessory to a highway robbery nnd supjio-
rd murder can find hail at five hundred
dollars, while the victim of the robbery ha
In furnish security to the amount of five
times that sum, or go to jail. '
Yours, etc. Occaiioxailt.
ifrpor.Titn Gors vs Two and osf-halt1
Brrrrnn Wclinve profited by the hint
given by our neighbor around the way,
and by gocd fortune have procured a
schoolmaster. Wi submitted the Iltpot
Itr to the nailer's crnorshtp.and he makes
some ludicrous disclosures. In his "Long
Trimmer Hall," an Item of twelve lines,
four mistakes occur, while ui our article of
forty lines he pointed oat but six. Argu
ing from cnasc to t fleet, If e need one In
needs three and a half schoolmasters. We
then turned to his article entitled, "A
week in Josephine," and fiiund
I in the sixth line, art instead of have,
niu'n we requested the pe-dia-ocur todrsist
for 'e knrw three and i half Democratic
'school Tasters' were all that could be
found, if that many, lm this being u Dem
ocrulic county, sucli persocsges do uot
exist In gr ent numbers.
Eartiiqw."e. On thf m ruing. nf May
2Jlb, a tlisllnci" earthquake shock was felt
at San Francisci". Sinln Cruz and Mnnt
rey. It was the .THMt nverc shock tint
hud been known for yirs. No dumagi
wn done except InRai'I-'fanciscoaii wlncii
place a two story frum I onf WB Midi
raied up to a level with li't grade. At
the lime mentioned, the lion e toppled and
fell with a great crash, evrryf-hlrg proving
a wreck los. 82.500. No Jme was in
the house at the time.
M - Orvil Dodge desires us to say" that
he will close Ills Phntncranh Gallcrr o.io
week from next Monday, as he leaves fi r '
Ft. Klamath nt that time. Those- desire '
In; to get good pictures at reduced rates
should avail themselves of this npportuni
There desiring anything in the line of
canned Iruils, Jellies and sauces of all kinds.
oysters, etc., should give Messrs. Uradburt
Sc 7nde n call, as they have a very large
stock ol these delicacies, of every variety
and brand.
Death or Db. Mutt. Dr. Y.atenllne
Mntt, who died recently in New York, in
the EOtli year of his age. ranked deservedly
ns one or the greatest surgeons of modern
times his reputation being universal.
Tux Tidb or TnAvn. WxsTWAnp, .
The post commander at Fort Laramie
counted 90.000 teams which pa-ssed that
place nnd Fort Hall last season aecom
ponying 270.000 mills, destined for Idaho,
Montana and Nevada.
Onr thanks are relumed to Mr. Deed
for those fine strawberries. Our capaci
ty for snch things is truly wonderful; In
fact, we might say fully equal to all such
Remember-that a "jolly good time" is
confidently expected at the United States
Hotel on Wednesday night next.
Notablk DtATit A. H. Latta, invent
or of the sleam fire engine, died at Cincin
nati, April 291b.
We see by exchange that our Califor
nia neighbors are preparing for grand
demonstrations on tbe Fonrlh of July.
O. Jacobs, m reterard from tbeWll
lamette Valley 00 'Wedatsday last with
hit famllj.
Tbe racte over tbe By bee course will
eeatsBt next Tbaraday. JL rare asBoaal
ef avert it expected.
Tbe greatest rate next' wtak "will We to1
' beard and lodging at tbe Fraato
Aawltaa Beetaaraat.
Tbe ktatsMtabwd by tavWaT Jdaae,
is said U rtatfc CM.ssM.
Future Kraiilrnri' of the Pres
ident' Widovr.
Vt'e learn from Washington that it is
tiie purpose of Mrs. Lincoln to make this
city her future home. Mure than a yrnr
ago the i!cccnni "President declared to
some of his intimate persona' friends here
that after he hod laid aside the enres of his
great office nnd retired to private Hie, It
was his intention to spend the remainder
of his days in Chicago. He had commis
sioned one of our citizens to look about
the city, and before the close of the present
term nf office, to secure the refusal of it
comfortable residence on snmp plrasnnt nnd
suitable street. He felt nn nttnchmrtit for
the people of Chicago Inr wlmt they had
done for him before he became President and
for their unwavering nnd pnnrrful support
through the dark days of his first term.
If the matter had brrn left to the first
choice- of the strieken widow of the lallcn
chief, she would hove dirrcttd that his
iishrs shou'd repose on old Michigan's
shore, near those of Ids great compeer and
friend, Stephen A Donglss. There would
be a manilest fitmss or things In placing
the mortal remain of thne grrnt sons ol
Illinois side by side. But the strrnnoiH
desire of Springfield friend nf the Prrsl
dent prcvcnitd him from expressing any
opinion or preferoncc in relation to a choice
of cemetery. Chicago Tri'mnt. Apnl'ld.
Ditsinrntox or Idaii Grrr nv Finn.
Thc Urtgontan r May 27th says: Intt-lli-sence
was received lust tiltht by Wells.
Furgi) Jfc Cn's Express, of the destruction
of Idaho City, Boise county, on the night
nf Thursday "the I81I1 Inst. The following
letter from Ex-Shtrlff Pinkham. pub-
lilhcd in the Umutllla Advtttiur, and that
from Jacob Loeb to his brother in this city,
is oil lli.it U authentic wbleh Lai yet
come to hand.
Mr. PltiUism writes:
FntDAY. May 1 Dili. 1 A. K.
nnnneck Is all burned from the upper
Theatre down to Powell k Co's. They
are not burned. I suppose everything
mut Imvc been lot, us the Gre did not
Imt more tlmn two hours. E. Pim;iiai.
Mr. Ijeh writes:
Fiiidav MurtMMi. May 19th, 3 o'clock.
Lost nlsht Idaho City caught fire. The
whole town is burned to nshes not one
home left. Further particulars iu my
next the Express is leaving. Jacod.
From the former letter It would nppcar
that the destruction wns not so ci-nrtnl us
that implied by the latter both writers
reside at Placervlllctwelre milt distant
but it mint be certain that the l)iiine" por
tion ol the city, as indicated from the up
prrTheatre to Powell and Co.en.hraci..g;thiiiI S(aW lMiWIU Mn tlma,
1111 area nf five blocks one nny by three the
other or a distance of about 1301) by 800
feet which inciiidis property to the
amount of many ihniuamls, U totally con
sumed. The origin nf the fire was nn
dniibtedly the work of incrmliuriw. as it is
stated in a private note to F. M. limit
nf the Dulles that the town had bi-n fired
in different places three- days pn-vims.
Idaho City was so situated, nnd construe,
ted of such cnmhuiiihlp materi
als, that its entire destruction Ikis oly
lieen preilicleil In cue or n lire. It was
built nn a portion of what Is known us
lllch Bar, the lot and blocks originally
Jumped" in most ears. The Bur has
yielded the best py iu the enmp. wherev
er accessible to tiie miner, but being Inn
flat to work to udvnntage with the build-
loss on it, frequent disputes hsve arisen
cnnKf ni,lfr ,lr nmt sw i8C3, which may
hflVe ,omelhing to do with the drttniciloi.
0 1 he city. It would be Lard to Inrni any
enn cVt Idea of the reul losses of this eulani.
ity. M.tny will be reduced to poverty by
it, no di. n ,,l uho were before in easy cir
cunutunctS. '"ll '' 'ias i'pK-ned at a most
luvorable season for nil, when the gold
claim nf the country are being actively
wiifhid. which ' K0"'1 "me ,0 r'Pa,r
damages, nnd as IM"-"' Krnond lies adjacent
to the destroyed site It "1" very probably
bo immediately rebull.-. and stand tirwtn
more permanent basis li an ever. A few
trains well loaded with p.'''ion. will
soon set things moving us 0.'" 'd ut Idaho
City. Should there be no c ' or lire it
will be n miraculous event, In n'ch n con.
flagralion us this' one mull have L'.'eti.
SiiRntDAN. Among n hostnf lieines it
is almost unfair to mention a single mvn-v
only. But the altinlive reader of there-
ports of the great battles before Peters
burg will not be able to restruin his en
thusiastic admiration ol Gen. Sheridan.
For two days be was bnQIeil, and his de
feat would liuve imperiled lie tthnlemnvc
ment; but with masterly skill he retreated,
resfiirnud. knew no such vmd nsfall, asd
finally, grasping his army with the bund
nf genius, hurled it nt the enemy, routed
them, and secured thu victory. No name
will be swtetcr to American ears thuu
that or "Little Phil Sheridan." 77arpr's
Revival or taii.vtn Mania. There is a
revival of enterprise at Reese River, and
ooee Bsore astonishing dlicoveries are talk
ed r, Tbe rusb lUllUer.frow Tireinia
eity it anpreeedepted, aad passage for Ass
tlo by stage baa to be eagajed srfortnigbt'l
ai'tad x jy, 7ag.
Dasoaimrc-Btrawberry festivals are
all tbe go at Stoektoa.San Jose, aad ansa
ereos other p!se4a-lKe interior. , A oor.
respondent of tbe Fetaluma ArgU4 speaks
of tbern at pieaies made up of lee oeeam,
ftttr ttop, ttrawberrite, psatiy girls, aad
'otbar good tbiaga."- 8. F. Tag.
Wasiiisotos May 23tl.
Arrlyneveiio'clo.k thl? morniot;,
the people assembled on Pen'ylvnnnia A
nue to witness the grand review. The
dv was beautiful, and everything was
rea'dy for the march of the war-worn troopi.
The avenue, nt nn early hour wm washed
by the Fire Department, so as to have It
clean in Tront ol the President's hou'e.
An immense stand was erected on I lie
south side for the gallant officers or Grant
nr-d Sherman who are to review the troop.
Another stand wus erected on the north
side for members of Congress, and other
stand nl the Square for wounded soldiers
In the vicinity. TI10 President's ho""
was adorned with digs and evergreens.
The route of innrcli was packed by pjoplc,
all eager to give his or her hearty welcome.
The column commenced to more nt nine
o'clock, the first being liendeil by Stujnr
General Meiule. followed by his Stuff. He
was cheered along the route, the ladie
waving their handkerchiefs. At the Cap
itol, children ore assembled who distrib
ute bnqiie ts nnd loose (lowers to the gallant
men a they pas. The sollul nnd tatter
eil fljgs of the soldiers nre proudlr borne
by them amid the cheers of the lookers on.
The cavalry is first in order to pass in re
view, under General Merrilt. llcnerul
Cuter bears n beautiful wri-ath on his
nrm, presented to him nt the Capitol. In
the vicinity nf the stand, nt the PrrIdciit's
house, a dense crowd is congregated. The
avenue is perfrclly clear nf nil vi hides, and
the march is uiifiitvrrtiptcd. Tliiuiininl.
or persons, including ninny from other cil
itJ. ho have come tu ree the pugeunt, line
the sidewulks from 'he Cupilol to the Exe
cutive mansion, n distance nl a mile and a
half. The windows and baie.inics, and all
ti,.lli!.. iwwtlliina tliiTtntti-f. til, lilllllistilll.
" '"" 1 "" '" f ' '
are occupied by deeply intensUd l-ctn-
All UlDUi: DI.9Hirt9 IS MUJKI.l.n.
There Is a pinirul hnlulay, IheCapitnl
bore the mntlo, in large letter: "The ntil
debt we cull never pay is the debt we- one
to tin- victorious Union soldieis." At tiie
north nf the Capitol at least 20.0(1U ?
school girls are asemh!ed, neatly dressed.
There Ma much pleunuit excitement mining
them In pressing forwurd to present flow
t-rs to the soldiers. These children also
sune patriotic longs. The troop, n they
ni"Td along Pennsylvania nveiiue.preseut
rd it grur.d nppiornnn'. All arms of the
service wire- nprisentid mi full force. Tke
i-crosiiinnl iiisertioii of a budy of Znnsves
srrvrd In rriiete the siiiiiiihss nl uiiifotm, I
nml fruvp n fim ifTrrl. I.nnldnr nn tin-!
uremic there vms a continuous moving
lim-ss far in the lye could rruch, u na-
tat und other fiiiui. Sume wore new slurs,
stars nf gold, glltltiilng in the sun. Thee
coiilruslid slnmgly with ihr (lags borne j laughter, nur mirth is dieckul by the vivid
in the pruwsion. lutlered In liuttle or torn I recollection or the awful tragedy nnd up
ln shreds. Oiiurs were thickly cnver.d I pulling horrors lliut liuve gone before. It
wiih the Mines and dates of battle-field iim Inn like untimely revel in u cemele-
v.lp victnrns ssere won by those prmtd
Vetera ns;fitignr.drillr wereducoratedsvitli
flowers; muny linqm-is hung frm the mus
kets. The t riM)jr tlUl out. as to dress, pre
nt a wurwtini upHnranee. All were
well und clninly clad. Their line marelilng
elicited praise Irnm every locgnc. On the
south side of the uvciioe fronting the Ex
ecutive mtnsion n stand wus placed, liuml
somely rtstovned with national lUgs. At
various points were the inscription, "At.
Inula. Wilderness, Slor.e P.iver, South
Mountain. Slillnh, Vicksbuig. Savannah,
P.ichniiind. Petersburg und Coal Harbor.
This stund in purl, was occupied by Pnsi
dent Jidimon. members or the Cabinet.
"'"""'" unl"" aoerniiiii niiii inner ills-
iinguinieu nrmy 1 Ulcers. Un the left were
members nf ihe Diplomatic Corps and
their families two hundred tickets having
been issued to tins elais of f eclutnrs. On
the stand provided lor thu purpn were
George BiiiicroD nnd the following distin
guished Governors: Crnpn. Biickiuuliam,
Andrew, Fenlon, Fuirchildn, Bradford.
Curlin nail Smilh; Senators Wade, Sher
man. Wilson, Johnson, Chandler, Harris,
Her.dricksun, Dixon, Foster. Morgan, Con
mis. und I-oiif nf Kunis; Bepresentative
Hchenck. Hoopi-r, Murslon, Lynch. Huge.
Purler, Kelly. Jenk. Loan uud ex Speak
er Gruw. Tl.ero were at least thirty na
val officers bearing the highest runk, and
as many nrmy officers including Generals
Hancock, Wilcox. Hiichenck, Cudwalader,
Newtun and Iluwlmgs. As the cihda and
j -livisions pasrd in view nf w President
n,d Lleitteiiaiil General Grunt, their sever
n 1 c ommunders left the column und look
tee, Is on Ihe platform The Judges or the
Cou.'ls, chiefs of Government burrow, and
other ;iublic officers, were similarly aecom.
inuddlcil. '"ie crowd in iLul part of ihe
city wus extremely dense, it being the
muin uoint of attraction and tho place
where wos .usttmbled Ihe highest digniu.
ries. Ueiiernl t.usii-r roue a powerful
linrse, restive und nt times ungovernable.
When neur llie'l'misury Uviwriim-ni Ihe
animal mudly dah d lurwutd to ihe heuil
ul ihe line. The Ij'eoerul vainly ntii-mpt.
tu clieck his course, at the sumu lime en
deavnriug to retain tle floisers which
hud bwn previously u.'ucvd on dim. In
Ihe flight lilt General lewl his hut; but fi
nally confirmed the horM and reiulned ih.-
eolnmn. Fussing Ihe President's stand dr
. r , "" - ";"" r
m.dc a low bow. uud was app-l.md.d by th-
mu litude. T is muni nivnmn i. 1
mu.,..u.iv. a un uijn IHLUpieil BIX miUIS
n.ictien, liuril lllipA- H. 10 liirve r, H.
The cadence step was taken from the
tapllol to Seventeenth street, from winch
point the various nrgunixulious proceeded
jo the mareli to itteir st-iierutc quurlerv.
The review is sHiken 'of-as ihe greatest
that has ever tuken pluce nn this conti
nent Jt was a Brand ff,ir, suggestive (
tbe trull aod ri.loc'm of tbe Ahbv of
lb Poloauc. '
r.. a.i....1.M
at Charles ile Cazotte, French Consul In
this city, waited on Deputy P-rlColleo
lor John Burke Phillip'. e co vt Ihr
latter, in the Cuslnui House, with regarrl
to the mntter ol certain vessels; which were
reported as filling l " M V !"
men and niui)lll"nsof war tor the Liberals
in Mexico, for the purpose of hnring the
sailing of the v,ies preventrd. This slrp
011 the port of De Cazotte was purely ex
tra official, and his Information eonwrnlng
the character and intention or the vessels
Imh finite nnd uncertain, while their papers
showed that they had cleared for the Col
orado, on n voyage for lawful purposes; so
thst his errand failed to accomplish nny
results. In the latter pari 01 me samp imy
he. In company with one or two friends,
again called upon Phillip nt hi? residence,
De Cnzotte seeming somewhat importunate
that the vessels should be Immediately
placed tinder surveillance. Here lie enter
ed his protest ngnlnst the snlllng of the
Brontes nnd Pontlac, they being the ves
sels in question.
As Spanish was the only language mut
nally understood by Phillips nnd De Ca
xnttr, the conversation between them was
conducted In that tongue. Phillips asked
the Consul In what character lie appeared
a an ngent for the Mnxlmillian govern
ment or a the French C'misnl. The qnrs
tlnii wo u pocr, nnd occasioned an excited
colloquy in the French language between
De CuZ'itle and his companions. At li ngth
he replied tlmt lie nppiared ns the Freiidi
Consul. 'Then." said Phillip. "I enn I
s-c tlit point of ynur inlerfen nee. Tills t"
ti nmtler In'tween the G'lvernmi'iit of tin
United States and Muximllliiin. Neither
the English Consul nor the Dutch Cim-m
have been here to enter nny prntest. and 1
enn't see that vnn, a Cotiul for the French
1 are any mure en
,..,., TTlv
re concern'd In the mutter limn
nn receiving thi reply De
I ' J sss i'
Cuzntte beenmt very much exercised, inul
wpiiI off In n tnwrring piiinn. Prom
Phillips he went to Burke, Special Diputy
Collectnr. from whom he obtained 1111 nr
dcr tu have the vee!s detuined until ml
vices could lie received from tht-'f tnnsiiry
Department at Wuhlngtnn on the subject
These bstructlons wre hourly cxpc'rd
Alde from any question of International
law, public Tieling seem to lie favorable In
allowing tiie vesu'ls to depart. Probably
Be Cuzotlc fid some degrie of solicitude
lor the pnrumi Duke de Owln. Naps
protege, and Frenih prtstlyo in Mexico.
There is lit-re, us well as in Feor.ce, no
opinion hatiomtU, which, when uttered
through the nrgunV nl the people, is a"vcr
million edict. " 5an Francis) Call.
While tie ignominious termination of
Davis wicked career provokes derisive1
J ry, und the merry voices sound hollow mid
pulcharul. Evn the holy joy tlmt am
tntw every true patriot at the restoration
of our tmtiiuiul unity und glory, gives plutv
niter u while to ine.nnclially thuu-jlits nf
the heiied.vp deud, tin- broken household
und tl.u long lines ol sabled widuwhued
that go up tu the churches for cousolittion,
and the multitudes of humuii wrecks who
must go hulling painfully uud slow till the
way along the road of remaining life. Fol
lowing tlnse ud reflections comet the stern
.judgment or Justice, lliat death, temoora
uud eternal, should be the piiiiishn.enl ol
the.uutliurs or this horrible mUery. To
inilliona of widowed hearts the winds tlmt
cukit frum iluwn the Nurihem Pole and
up along Ihe mysterious wuy or thu Gull
Stream moun there Muererw in a lund id
graves; ihe bright sunlight is lull of linger.
inglwpesoroero,und the ocean seems
to lift up lit nwe-inspiring voice in sublime
lamentation. The earth, the sea, theuir
is full or righteous judgment. Death!
ttemul death to tho traitors I und the voice
or mercy is silent in the universal nccluma
lion. After so many ages of suffering, pit
ying Religion might celebrate muss tor the
s..uls of Nero und Caligula; but for Davis
uud Ills bloodstained conliderates, blanch
mg under the crenking gibbet, the lonuue
I of Intcrcefsion U palmed, and Us generous
tips ure dumb. While Hell is opening her
yawning ubyss. Ihe Angel ol the A'i.ii.'
went tnrnsawny.iu despair. &'. F. Flag.
Tub WiNniKSTKR TIittio v.. ..
I urn writing Una upon the edge- or the
battle field upon which the en at Imiil.. ,,r
Wtnchesier was foiighl.on the lOHi orSeiit.
lfifil MM I . . . '
.-v.. ,.-,uu reiniiuii-rs ol tlmin-vm-and
memorable confla-l urt Mill abundant
Tbe field is coveted with I he iM.ru i.r Imt
He, such us tattered clothing und ucevu
ireinenis. bullets nnd shells, son.- e.r whirl,
have uot explnd.d. The trees 11, ih ,ie,..
borhood ure riven unci spalti-inl bv -I,..,
and shell. There is upon U.w field, ;,
three miles from Wiia-lu-sier. n deepruviu,
lined with woods, in which Ihe reiieatiug
rebels concealed Ihemselvee. Our men
pressing nn Iu the ardor of victory were s,ir.
prised and temporarily checked by the
nddenDprislRKor. foe from (his .ravine.
, -" "i"- '""ey irom me en.
e.ny made-learful havoc with our linen .n,l
1 .. "" uur iinea.ana
.e,mICK ,1U ire-qnci voe, rr, ,ie
lr a IlinH iKm- ...,...... , . . '.
ia i niiid mi, .duo, ihe en, my, and again
putlhem , illhl. M(i k4d h
ep them running ,. ,mWt
Iln nw "l1' -'rv" of fr,e"d "'d foe.
Humble nmunds mark the spots wl',
J-eeJertlaadJkebel lie In ,L L-....'
aiuiiv t .i.-.k -.-. : ". '""snsinen
-----y .cm. mc.eruM
Irtslilj ever this war
aoriar iiur I
A flrrieiors RCTnAI. Wii cmuiiuj
worn field, sud to to I
riur wearied country the frl?"?'
dure or pence nre rapidllZ!N'
clous nnd costly Is .this btMt2' "
purchased ut nn tmaensVV''!
crowded craves nnd these to2.fe
Jtstiry. It Is mel.nebolls $&'
huninn nature that it rwi-h.: ..7? "
e-s to nb diner p.-i.ce onlv tbrnlT"?
sunVrlntf atul l.n.Vl .... "?
vr:...:.".. "?"" 0m. w
1 1 ' BBPBMk
...r.u... . r-tiiui auvnfctmrnt " "
Dnla of tlw rrnrld Is a bla nrr.?f!!J
und maityrdoms. Our Imtd hisUi!'
yesis b en enriched with the bW Z
lyrs beyond .11 precedent inhTort ?j
tiie )atet nnd most j.rrmlnrM'rfi
marlyrs, Is our nob'o, nor great rCfi
Ii'ncnln. Snrc'y lhec are 11.T1 dd t?
nobV lives shall surely pa 1 JJ
1 fhcicncy nnd a more snered and teemiu
niience In the cherished !!,?.;
regciictnlrd people-Cor. S. F. Fhg
Thr Nkw P oksidk.it om Tmusea -TU
' views" or Andrew Johnson upon Ufa 1?
portant question are aptly Kt fcrlb h
decluratlnii In one nf his more ihhi u
ters : I desire to have It nnaVrstet4 tu
I conlder treason to be the grettauT
critneg.nnd nut a mtrtilifftrenanf
The pnpulallon of Portland has nenmt
one thiiuiand In the last year. It atvaZ.
tnlm n population of 6S0.GuUt,
lasi; ef Lettsrs
I J niAIXIXG Unclaimed In the Tost nt
V flci. nt Jackson vllle," State of OfB
the 1st day of Juno., lfG5.
Adnms Josiub
A cock Win
Grayson If.
Hull X.
Howard J
Martin Iter. R
Murphy J yr
Nminile J
Powell Bees
Piitmerli.n 0 K
Puxinn Wm. 02
Perry Hoi
Uiiimel A D
Hntilielt Will
Willit. MissWK
Wody Wm i
Antnliie Old Jnck
Bluicer Frank
Biini-icr Hiiln
Bailey SHiwtirl
(!..rer It D.
t 'until 1 K V.
Cr-k (5"Org(
It,vi.-eW. (J
Duvk.M L.T
Kl-intt lli-ii'V
l-'llf v J- w. 11
1-Vncli Win.
Frrli-r Audri-w
U"iiidini iYriinm
To nlitnln any of these letters, tbe iU.
cant 1111K call lor"adrertiH-d)etttrt,nii(
tin- il.iu-11 r this Hit, and pay out eentfsr
If not called for within tnt rmA, taw
h dl Im- M-ut to the Dead Letter OSee.
in miilllng letters, place the pcttsf
-tump mi tlm upper right-hand corner. lei
I Hive fpiice between the stamp aiirj dirrttltt
fur pixi-murkiiig without luicrferrlotli
then riling.
s.e. nAiNES.ri.
TlinSlenm.slp. Drl Norte will sail frsa
San Frnnelsco fur Crcent t'lly. ta
1 lie .'.lli mid L'Oth nrsch tnnatb. Fer fmljst
sir pas nge Inquire of Jesse Uollassf,
ngent. corner Front nnd JncVca Streeta.
San Prnnclsco. DUGAN 4 WALI
JiiSiiiR Agent.
.May :3d. 18W.
s. n. rAses.
Walla Walla, Wahiincit.ix Tatrretr,
OFFHT.ovrr Bank Excbetft. aftta
Sreet, will proclln- in all tke 0-sirtt
of the Firsi Judicial District, sltn the 8s-
' in did to,
preine (Jotirt. (!(illeelinns premrrtll St-
All bumess rntrrsttd tt mf
care still receive prompt at'eotcs; J3it
J. 11. UMATi'ti, w a. usarost
Walla Vtnlltt Ciff, WVT
One door west of Kygcr 4 Iteese's Brk
Si ore. Jn3tf
Walla Wua.W.T.,
Will take- acknowledgments nrdeur-W-t''t
Notes mid lined made ool at sonrts'
tlcc nud acknowledged. Jaf 1
Oood "Xewnr LiiM
Agtntsfor GroverJk Baker's eel-i-briiti-d
Elastic Stitch SewlHg MtMkVt
Uavc on hand a variety or thess
chlucs for trial and In
TO these machines wo awarded WH
Premium nt the State Fairs or r
Vork. Indiana, Vermont, Ohio, Iows,ll
nol, Ki-nlucky. .Mlehlgnn, PcnnsylvaataiM
Oregon, over ull op,uiitloii. .u.
Call nround. ladies, before aartitJlsg
elsewhere, nnd examine Ibese asaeblajt.
June 3d, IhUft. i2.-
T count nfl" in the evening at tbe
Good music, and all the cralwe
will bv provided fur tbe'oacas.ltti,
' ,
GustHtJ WiUno .- Kfrtfy-.
Laue Tbuinpsoii f . jBttih 'sl."a
William M.Kvuii., V'-2.k
David KeUllull i'SflS''
Juu white. ...,., J W: vCE
A-. 0 Sleveae.., tJ, ,aW. "
Uaosl natic eafHtfrftl ," I"
Jurm let. 1B65. JStti
rrUli DE!' RKMEDT FOKfc'
I HxlUaUlulls ttosttwHI XsWflT1
aadleditkrretat. r '