Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 25, 1865, Image 3

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    rm ih'tt- mu iiiiniiii
&..", 'nrttiT-SnTCU
.L- n,ill Coiifl for this connly lias
HMlnlnl MpccmlTcrm on Wc.1ncs.Uy. Hie
IhWhitrge M Inrccny. The
1. oilier budncsi of nny Imporlnnco thai
..-.-.I .!,.. mlddll ImUP. WAS.
t,n bcon jriHwicii-u ... -
.cries of amended cnmplnlnli, demurrers,
.tcflmentrnna orders In ll.c caw or J. NT.
'r';.i typo and milerluhi of our lite cotcm
porarythe InhlUntmr. On arKument of
tl, demurrer,, to tho tt'lrd poippUIuli Jhq
plalnlltt attorney moved lo nnioml nfrnin1
which motion was tillovvcd by the Courl,
and lmc p!"11 ",0 roiin" to file Ids
fourth complaint, by Thursday morning
lj,l,nt,a.tb(Ucfrndftnt twenty. days to;ft!o
hit nnewcr to llic ramo, nn.1 llicn tbc Court
tdjoarnril oil .Hint day. Bo llls cniirq Is
eontlntir.1 until the next term of tlio Court.
For tlio Information of our render, mid
or n Judicial ond literary curiosity, we
copy pne of the, amended complaints, nnd
the demurrer lo the same. Tiny nro In
Hxm wonh :
J. N. T. Milter. nuT.,1 Circuit Court of
( the Slate, of Ore
. .. tt ' Won. fur 't be rimiv.
f ly of Jnckson.
. r ftr...l .If. I I.-
n. u. i ii.
Term a. i),
I son.
The pllT., Iierctn for omenilrd complaint,
Tertl)al'ic.ins n special property in Hie
preii and materials, flock, Ink mid paper,
Ijpe, fixtures nod appurtenances 1elnnjitif
to Jbcr (Jregon hiltWgtiittr newspaper, nnd
upon which until newspaper has been hero
tofore published nnd 'printed j by vir
tuc of being tlio Chairman of the lK'inn.
rrntlc county Committee of Jiiclsoicnuj)ty,
Otfpon, and Hid inanasliiR Ajrrntoflho
fltocklinldrra In rnl.l pcnonnl property,
good and elmtlek
And Ihts I'llT., further complaining soya,
tbat he lscntlll.il to the possession of wld
froodj and chatties ns laid chairman and
msnaginu agent.
And'lhls plalillirf further says, (lint tie
f.inhnt lias become pnoicd of, nnd now
wrongfully ik'luin.d from rnl.l defendant,
prior lo theeiMnnirnccmrnt of suit ; nnd up
to tnc time iaf.1 .'owla nnd clmltola were
taken possesion nf liy Iho Sheriff", tinder n
writ of Imied In this cun.e ; nnd n'.
jtkntigh mid good nnd chattel were niton
demanded, prior to conimntcc nii-nt of llwlr
ssllby plaintiff, defendant utterly neiil. c
le.1 nnd refused In dcliv'cr rntd poods nnd
ehnllels to plainlirr.
AVJferf upon 'plaintiff demands Judgment
aen1nt raid delendnnt, Hint defemhinl be
Adjudged to deliver rnl.l poods to plaintiff,
damages for thedeleutlonl hereof, in the mm
of fire hundred idnllnrs, together with the
tols and f ipenra of this ault.
Jamks 1). Fat, Atlnrny for riff.
JrNVlV Miller, in. W. (I.T'Vnull. -.iln
the Circuit' Court of iho Stale of Oregon,
f.ir Hie county of Tnckson,
The drfendaiil demurs In the emended
complalol of (lie plaintiff en the follnwtnjr
5rnnl1.l1 :
1. The comprint doen not alnlo facia
lufficltnt to constitute n mine of i.etlon.
2. The complaint doej not etulc who Is
the owner of the property.
X It stales thut tlie plaintiff hns n spec.
(al proerty in Hip nrtlcles dweribed in Hip
eornplalnt ns the mnnncine; npent of the
stockholders but It does not show bowl It.
plalnltffbrennio the njjcnl orihestoekhold.
tMerilip proK'rty, nor who nro Hie ilock
hnldera In the properly.
t. The plntuttrr In bit complaint, clnlms
iretlnl prnpvrly In the article detcrilied
hi tlie cumplalnt as tho elmlrman of the
1 snocrnllc county Comnilllwof Jackion
cuunly, On-con ; but It dixi not ahow who
are tin Dfmocmlfc Commltlee ; nor who
the Dunocrallc Comiirftteo repreient nor
who nru the Drmeeratle purly.
Umtem. .V T'Vai'i.t.
Allorneys for Defendant."
This dmnrc r.wns of coro smtuliud by
the eanrPtfliitt the 'vJu.lgo In dfllwrlrff
Ida opinion remarked, Hint lie f upprucd Hie
lat ivirl of it, nbout the IHmocrntle parly,
was Intrpdii only furn little fun." Doubt
leaajt wano Inlfnricd, by the author nf thp
diauurer, becaure It wo'ulil be ImpoMllite
(or the plnjitlfr lo pneas who jl.o, 1). mo
crnllCparty are niMldiifay mid ttitfe. niueb
Jen oogiit ho toN- rrqulrrd Jo swear who
t wy lire. "e hfiW ar mo ' TrW D. mocrals
who do not lumen! Ihelnaa of Iho I.tttlli
K'fe'rlio jen(ally before; lo the Union
War.ty We ImVe nlhera w'ho nre wnr Drm-'
jt.nl. .,.- I 1 At . m .. . If
"'yniiu lUlllcniTllC IOH ,01 tlie lilltUt'
grnre'r.' Hut there ore another clais In our
MhUt who hn,ve Iota of braas and conalder
able copper In their eomposlton, who pro
lti'" M JcnocjaJa, vho lorulh nntl in
ifuct wigtttitQre 'properly bodlkd Stcia
lonlcU nml Copperhead. Tliis class arc
delichted ut the downfull of Iho .huillu'tn.
"fiJll'j'HfiverinjrfWI .vctoiy.nud
'the bright proapectt ot tho U,tBon llepor-
!ir' mJ"l n 'reo Copperhead clrcula
,ion for four jnQiiilia longer,
, A L-ood lawyer woulduaturntle conclude
'inat-it wpuhUreq4ite coutldarahiq bra.8
iwr Iho plaintiff and his attorney to ilo
.euc i 0 complaint s thii, ood then arguo
I . V? Wd one before an Intelligent
Wirt of JiuMjce. J t will l,e Ken on ex
amination Hm it la demurrable, on two or
nree L'rounH ,m .i...,..i 1.. .1.' 1
i, 1 "tunu in inc iic.nuuif-
tin- i 11' ""Wain whether Iho pl.itn
irfor.T l',eProPrtjrlnllUown right.
dlVu """W'tlq parly, or for Ike
-,ir . " .' "' ,l ,"" uo vinno lior un-
nd-fc' " ,roPer,Jr' .V' I'C plnlntltr
-, : - Hiii-iney claim ,:
OOO damage
-, ,. ... - ...
--V- tasu (111)
!';S to Dcrnocfa?:
lo be loietci-
.rtrinJ iiirii'ii SiVliH
i .wwim
Hoivard Private
7fii.8.T4, Catiimrrrlnl Slreel,
Consultation by Lettor,
on other wish, fhrx, .
TpSTATJUSItnt) fr tho euro ofdiseaea
V i o P,r.,,,", ""IPI!- Such an Conor
riiW Syiihina, 8pctBetoVluo.i Mefcujlal
Complaints. Olcel, Stricture. SJ'mliml Weak
mm, lmpotency, dthcumatl-in. Ferer and
Affile, qkli dlaeii,SdmldBl TJnrulbfilauJ
till dHeft.es liroughl oh Uy liidiilgonofi or
by Occident.
!JA',CS.10 mmcdlnto chareo of OU. r,
IIO) AIll). who has hecome JiMlly celelira
ted by his siiccefurul treatui.ut of dlacftH-i
of the nborohialnre.' ' '
Wittwut the utt of Mtrcury art anyfotm.
In rr.opentnR llii(old and populiir.Imtl
Mile ojica inoruio llic people or; the rocllk:
Ciint. lire Doctor U poxfriud hdt olily bV
? ',.L'!iro.,,0..Ili".,, an "Vbmi fur llicnllllclcd,
hill In Of rtMHIf t3t at iikimhi . '
..... ... v.u 4 J"3 V(UAIIUU1 ,-Wllieil lift!
or lato to boldly nn.1 impitdciitly come b.
inn.- mo iuuuc. 1 ney ci.um 10 nave certn
cat.s of rcmnrknblu cure, or fomo before
uiihenrd or illllncllnn.nf fim-iun tcullmu
ny. of Kuroppftii uliicnlton, nml Kurnpcnn
remidlrsj thus mlsK-nilliifr tho anilctlcd,
wliu nro not nwnre of tlio utter nsvleHiiess
or Jprciatii r.'iiii.lles nnd irncllce. when nil
plW to dUcavH In this vnrlublc cllma'tq.
Ofauch prcleiidi-rs the Dnelor warns tlio-tc
iccklincmcllcnlri'llef to U'unre.r.ir they
snk but lo deceive you "nlid ruin TITir
lunllh. 'm
To hi) old pitrnn and H15 "public In Ren
em! llio'Hoctor would fsys They can rvbj
on hl known kill and lutrttrlly, n herein.
rore, Willi every nMiirniice of n apce.ly and
permanent euro. In iH iclli! cae.
The Hoelnr'a cliariea iiromodijriile, nnd
fulli'd toHie turaiia of Ihe patient..
the"ho"w!ard INS riTUTE
Is lncnlid In the center of Iho cUy,attuMi
llttiil up with pry convenience fnr-lhe
conirort uf the nllllcUd. The liatlcnl will
nero un.i rvcryiiiinj; in liln in, nu.l can
Enltr ami iMitlht liitlitule trilUulftiir 1 ih
rrsnn,rcIdlnK In the Interior." h7i miy
pr-rr iH'inft Cured it IIoiiip. bv reiulliiK u
careful description nf their dKiic. top'th
er with a alalvimiiil of tho kuilli nl'tlmt
they have lieen afllleleil, ran hnve llilrm' .1
Iclue carefully lint 1111 nml MMit In nny p-irt
of the I'aollle I Wl by IIxnri'M nr mall, In-Rtlh-r
with lull nnd explicit dlr.rlluiiuMi
an to ennbbi them In hrlux uIhiiiI n rpee.lv
and prriii.tuent cure, without elilnllliij; up
on tliciu lli( iii-c.vlly or viiltins the ully.
All IcttoiH alioulil itini1itrit
i'll. Dr. 1'. Howard, Howard Institute, No.
232, Commercial titrvct, 'mi U'rnticbco,
Calirornltt. " " " -
Tho llfectoT JiTnHlf oninajand a'nMrcn
nil lellrrs, nnd ciirrepoudenla cull rely on
tho MrlctrM aecreey,
Conaultatlou by Utter or othuwlrv, free.
" T "? s "T.
When n Femalo l In trouble, of whatev
er nature, or nllllcti.1 with n ilbene Mich
ns wtuhueM of tho luck nml limb', mln
in Iho lieml. dimus nf f IkIiU lo or mus
cular Hifttr, p.ilpllutliin or tlio heart, Irrl
liiblllly. ncnniiiii-M denmci incut of Hie
dlKcatire ruucllons. peiii-mliUbllllr, nil ills
enes of tho Womb, listeria. Mtrlllly. nml
nil other difeauva pi-uiiflar In renmbf . Ihey
uould pi nt once, or "ilk", to Dr. Mow
aid, iith'a Midlcul liiMllne. Let tin I'alfe
tlullcuey prevent y.m, but npply linniidiuli
ly, ami mve .viiurwlf from painful mfiVriii(;,
mid pniiMliire ilwilli.
Tho Dnetnr'a oltlce Is o nrranpil Unit he
can Iki coutulted without fear of dhcoveuy.
Mr. llo'ivarrt's Fcmnlc Tills
Are iinlrcrmlly ncknowltdKed to bo the
only compound lu bo ilv-cinkil upon for
Ihu remiiul or nil cn of iiiiiimu nr Ir
reaularliy. or of olntruatioiia of wlmtour
nnluro nml or however louitftiunllnu.
I..bea hnviliK icutoii tu belluie Ihey are
prejtiiuut. linuld Iwcari'TuI to nvold uslilc;
them, n Ihey uould m rely i-nnro n nilicnr
rUco. They will lifuf wnrditl to nny.parl
of l)i I'ucllifl Coast, upon the receipt ot i-
per box.
OTIIKKWISi:. l'lllil!.
All 1'tlers must lio nddrusud lo J) R.
X. 1 IOWAH1), Howard liitmiiie.
.No. Mi. toiuiuuelul pliecl.tnin rrnueitco,
CaliforuU. aepliinU
The.) bittera nro highly refill' d, Jirnlfful
to I bo lute, mumlifj:. climiiliitlni; uud lu
vloralliiit to the dubllltaled ynnn. 1 hey
are n tlioi''.ui;lily inullcalul uompoUiiil.
powerful nnd cuiikViiiratiil, und huvo U-vu
bruiilil to ilielr jiumut alutc of perfection
by maily twenty jenr e.x;rIei;oo, and un
U'voiid iiueitluir. one of iho best 1 emu-die.
Tor till .ll'(i.'s of the iHjiwttve or;an,
Wlioru Iho aytin has been reduced by Ke
Vtra, elo thoy will prove onoor the most
valuable auxillorlea tor a tivtiy and penna
Dent iftlort.tloil to health uud iIiviirUi.
1'rioo- 60 cents per botile. , For alo by
alliliii,KUtan.j (irocer. ooUHnit
IN1 the County Court, for Douglas Coun
ty, Oregou. ., v
Splomon (Abrnhaqi ouiyiytoaiAb(al)a,m
tj..JIarlic ilotiilion uud liauvllaMou-
ohon. a
To Martin Moiiolioi) nnd.lsabella Mono
lion, the above named defendants, you are
hereby summoned to bo and appear in Hie
xA Court, on tho lir.t day at the March
term thereof, to wit : the (ilk day of March,
A- D, 1805, nnd answer the plnintitla com
plniut, filed ugniojt you or paid plaintiff
will lake judgement against yuu for ihefmm
of three hundred dollars in gold coin, with
interest nt ten per cent per nupuinn und
their costs ond disbursements la this cauw
to be taxed
Jiy ordtf of I be court maiio Jan. J pa.
J ' ' Alt'? lor plalfitliT,.
3Unjb.org d. SMW". " " ' ' jati.23fg.
Opposite the McCully Buildings,
;7JTjACKs'6i!fviLf.E Oregon.
Madniie Jeanne Be Eoboain.
The rntlnnic tnkes this method of tendering her thanks
to the public, for the patronage 'which 1ms hitherto been ex
tended to1icr;"ftiftVV'ould respectfully solicit a continuance,
, Her Tallin,
nro always under her Imni'
dlaln eontroli'nnd b) Ifer lotij
I'xperlenco In the hudueti stio
ff els conddont that ih will
clvo eutlio i.Mlifaclloii'to oil
i o; i,.a.x
Jacksonville; Oregon, January 1-tth, QSOo.
l'orr Orrica Dki-'t. Wasiiinotox Citt,
Tlctober 12th. lSl!l. f
1'RnrrMAM will bn received nt tho Con
traei Onice or Hil Department until 3 p. u'
nr March rilli, 1MM. (to bo decided by tbo
tilth.) fur ronveylnc the Mulls or lie Uni
ted Slatea, lu Ilio.Vtnto ol Oregon, Trom
July Ut, -1805, tu Jyn 501I1, Uiitf, on the
mute -mid by the fchi-dulc"' of depnrtnres
nml nrrlvula herein fp-cilUd ; bclujr. mutes
eslnblblied by Act of Conpre.s, aiiprovcd
Juno SOlh, 18(H, (nnd others.)
IflOM rrfml'.irlland.by Taylor's Ferr;
and Clirbnlem Cap, lo Lafayette. 80 miles .1
back, unco n wetk ! lenic l'orlln.,.1 llmwl.ir
llnhilur 1
hi ii n 111 1 nrriie tu i.ninyi'lio njr u p in;
leave Lafayette Tn'Sdny nt (i n m ; arrive
nl I'nf tliiml 'by t, p in.
1502fi rrmn I.nfayette tn Tillamook Vnl
K'y. -to miles mid buck, oneo n week ; leavo
I.nfayelle Monday nt I! a in 5 arrive nt Till
nni.iok Valley by li p in ; bnive Tillamook
Valley at C n,ui : nirlve ul Lafayetto by C
p in.
15027 rrmn The Dalles, by Csnvnn Cily
mid ludepeudunoj lo lblm City, 'Idaho,
:ii!(l miles nml bnek. mice n we.k. Didders
to proo teludulu or departures mid
J8028 From nnselmrg. by Ten-Mile
Cmk. Camus Vnlley. Jnticlloil ol Middle
and 5liiilli Forks of Cmpillle, I,"nhani'
Prairie, mid 8it .Minis, to Port Oifotd, 120
miles ngd bnck, oucenv.dk Illdders nlll
pmpose schednloofdepArturis uud arrivals
lflni'J From Jaekinnvlllei'b Itnck I'olnl.
)ai,duiivlles, Lelmul. (Intesi Ulu.Js'urtli L'un
yonslllc, .Myrtle ;Crk Itmebnrg, Wilbur,
OaKIhihI, Kngeno 'Cily, Cottage drove, Cor
vallbv. AHauy, Kabm, JtflVrsini. IMpiod,
Aurora Mill, Orrpm City, nud Mllwnuklr.
t.) r.'rllnud, L'OO miles and back, dully,
leiue Jiiekrouvllle dally at 2 n m ; nirive nl
1'nrllaml. from lit April tu 1st December
in three days ; remainder uf the j ear lu live
days ; leno Portland dully ut 1. u in j nrrb
vbnt Jftckmuivllle, friiui 1st April to 1st
Decembur, in live days. If service on this
route, uud UOH, CalKornln, be let, that ou
..in. u..ui... ... t .... .... .... '
route 1 ivu, Liuiiiornia, win not Lie,
Ilids mnl provide Tor the conveyance of
tlc mail with curtolnty, calrrlly and security-
"uilng tlie terms ot the law.
Fur form of proposal, gnaranteo nnd cer
tificate, and Tor iiistruotf.ini, riipilnmtts,
Ac, Ac, bidders nru referred to the pam
phlet ndvcrtliement or this dale, nt the
principle 1W Ullleea
I'oslinnster Central.
A row Young
fill up (Jomiuny
men or good character to.
0, or tho First llesl.neul,
;r, t
Oregon Voluuliers.
(iuvcrunient II(Miiit)'. 8-100; ,
ra,.--- ,-,. -.,.,- tunti- ,
l3ttxtoX3owx.ty,l.BO. '
viiuiuiiirf uiu.Tnno. .r inoi.ii,. ,j.,. '
llorso, nnd borso Miulpmenti. arms and
nro.lntrenii'iili. will tic rurnlilieil . Cin.rn. i
ineut. tJiiltleleiit good nud whulrsome 1'ro
rlslous, Midlclnes. nud .Medical MUndanee
will also be pruvbled. Fur further particu
lars apply to I,t. 1). C. t'udvrnood, or Scr
cenot U. II. Morse, at Jacksonville. Oregon'
W'u. KUI.hY,
. . .. , , .-j ,.,. . . .. .
Capt 1st Car.. Ogn. Vol
Fort Klamath, Oregon.
i Com Company.
10 Copies HorjKT Mugszlnr, commrn
'iiUfJ'ilu Juno number IbOi, eud'uig with,
Mny'nnmler IS05.- I
10 Coi'Iea New A.rk ledger commrn-'
clng July 9tb, 1BC1.
Harper's, Leslie's nud Dewurcsl'i IIIim
truted wiihly tmperi
Niek-Nax, Yuiikie Xollon, MirrymanV
.Monthly, I'hun.'Fuct and Fancy, Jludet
of Fun, l'huimy Fellow "etc.,' etc.
Cireuluiiig Library of new nnd select
Novels, iidditlons bv every Steuiiur'i Mail.
A large lot of vnr ,Mbis.
A nuiiilxr of auperior lithographic
Kiigraviug. '
tivhoul Hooks nnd Stntionary.
At The Font Ofliec Uuildins.
Scpt, .MlbC-tv tT.
33xocutors IVotico
V0T1CI5 is'henby given, Ihut letter
i wttumeulury ou tho estate o William
flluibj lulo or Jackson county, deceased,
lutvo been grunted to the undersigned, by
the County Court of said county; all per
epns Ujijfbicd to said.ejlatc nro requited to
mukeTmmedfule payment, und those having
claims Djfuinjtsmd estate will present ilicm,
properly uulhejiUruted, to the; underslgnrd,
nt their residence, in Htirliiigvillc, within
six months from this date,
Km enters.
February 11 tbl 8Cri. febllwl
Dissolution Copartnership,
"VrOTJCl-: Is bereby gVcu that tho copart
li ncri'lilp hcretoforo existing between
Jfanne Do Itoboam and W. Matbcis, is llila
day dissolved by tho mutual consent of tbo
Jacksonville Jnu. It, '65, janUv
Iter Tltl nml Itoflmt,
arc (ltt.1 up In tbt motcin
forlallc style; suited lo lln
nccommodatlon nfilnplo oc
cupauts, or famllica. Iter
bt da are alwayt kept cliau
The latest series of School booki will lip
found on the shelvcr; to which uddittons
are being constantly m.ule.
CmislliiiK of Jlalicmns CeKbralcd Linen
Writing l'npers. SM no other kind.
KSVnt.Ol'EJornU kinds, sorts nn.1 sites,
Cony books, lle.1, blue, black, copying
nml Indelible Ink. Alert m; 1'ocket,
: counter nnd d.f k Inkslunds, Ink and p'licil
I Prn.i.r. 1i,,i k'nlr,. ManAi. Wl.l.ir. Lwi.
I . ....i,., -.. vi-t ..n
I,c,!(' ' '."rpentlrsiHuclli,l)rwlnc penclli
"" "rawing liai-r, .c. AC.
Bancrofts Diaries for 1865
Contatulug 111 of slump duties, and other
ueful Information. Theo diaries are tho
finest nnd tho mod complete llilug ol the
kind ever got up.
A good supply of Pass books, I'ockel nud
nlphnln't memorniiilumi.
F.astrrn Pictorials, magazine nnd couiio
papers kept constantly on baud.
A ClItUL'I.ATIMi l.lllUMtY of now
nud aelict N"Vel, to which additions nre
made by every steamer mall.
Orders fur any book or liooki not ou hand,
promptly llllid In ten .Viys notice.
CM. I, and gtt a letter, nn.1 If thcro I'
mine, buy material and irite one, thetxby
patroiiixelug both I'ncle Sum nnd
Be sure nml Stiltscrilic fur ,1.
T. II('iiillc),A llnronv nr tuk
(iui'AT Ki:m.i.i.iiiN ; ibo most authentic nnd
Impartial mk on tho pitieutwar In the
Unitid .Stale ; thuulng lliu cauw, rite and
procn-ss r tbs Itclxlllon'; the uprising nnd
euthuilasm or the I'vopU, the l'nlrlotlo lib
erality nnd cheerful volunteering at llic
North nnd Wntl,tho Immense military nnd
tliinucial resources of the (Jorermniul ; Ilia
raising, organizing, nnd rurnlthlnx both
Armies und .Niilcule etc.
Ir Is F.mtft-lllilird Willi ovrr rUty tlrsl
class ktccl rngrnvings. and over forty For
tinlts or nllleers, prominent In Iho war
hold North nud Ssulb.
This work la sold by Subierlpllon, ouly.
Cnuvnsslni; Agent for Southern Oregon.
N. II. This work cau bo had lu either (Jar
man or I.'uglish.
Jacksonville, December 23d. I6CI. tl
, Administrator's Salo
NOTICI. Is hereby glreu, that by. virtue
nr nn order, made by tho County Court,
1 1 will sell for rash, to Hie highest bidder at
I auctlou nl the court bouse dour.ln tho county
I of Jut Wkmi nml State of Oregm,on b'nturday,
, Hie tllst lust., betneeu the hours or nine
o'clock A. M., nnd four I'. M.. nil the real
prp.rty longing to t!m astute of tho Utc
;"', ". drcensn, rltualed n JW
nronsnld county nnd Mule, bulug claim No,
7-t In tonlili 37, south of It. 2. west, bo-
ginning ut tho N. W. corner, on the south
iMuiud.ify of claim No. C7, thence south
20.-00 clntrif. th.mo east 80;00 chains,
tlccc ,,ri, jottZ clinlns, llieneo we.t 711:96
chains, to Iho pluca ol beglniilr.c j contain
illg IU1 Ut-IDO nens.
.. ..........
dcrlOuJ 1'Imi-iiU Deo hih. Ibfit.
T II 15
Standard Souing Machine
or tii
-V QSZJ-i 13,
From which nil others derive their vitality.
All ollirrs fuy license to How, Jr.. Ibv
urigliikl inventor nnd patentee. These Justly
crlebratid nuclilnrs combine th dsilrablc
oii.illlles of.sll others, and nil) sew collaa,
ilk or thread with cou.vl faeillty from the
tmuKnPM or line mustin id miructf uaiinr;
they run Un.t and rnpld: make a utat lotk
'(llcli, nl.ke on bolb s.'dci; never drops
stitches: will gather and sew on at the same
time. Th'y nro very simple, easily undsr
stood nnd managed; are durable, belur of
glcmt strength and of perfect jnrcbsiil.ui,
upon correct at.d tcleutiQc utchaulcal tuiu-
Family mncblne has nornual. II docs tin
entire tinge of work In th most approud
manner. J'rlce 600 OO. with tiilures
complete; and wltb cap lo cover tha am'
chine part,' locklog accurely. (iJ ()(),
rncc oi mo "A," penn iioietied macblao,
with cap, $75 00; LettiT -11" light wanu
(acturing machine, SC3 00, and with cap,
570 wu; Letter "u," neavjr manuraeturlug,
price $83 00; 'D,"cylaudcrmaeblue,$UJ;
"K." lurgecylander machine, $H0.
t ahobavo for sale the Improved Little
Giant mnchlne-
$20; tho New Kaglaod ma-
chiuc $15.
AilVlUltHU . SwU.
No. 3,' Montgomery Strict,
Siu Fanciico,
Sole agents for tho Facifio Coast,
tan Froucicco, Oct, B, Uo'4. oottSm
Jucbuuville, Ogn.
'JicwsTtoaleVs nml Bookwllen, Read
And Jiemcmbcr.
Wliolcsnle Xcws-D'cnler,
rels Ivnd fornahh nil tbo Ihlly and
Weekly Xevvspapvrs. Magazines, etc.. "to nil
parti or the counlrj, vvilh Crent Dipaleh.
That Dofy Competition ! I
Kvery Nw Novel received nt soon
n published.
I hare tprttal arrangements with all lb
different publishers, stationer, tic, nnd
furnish tlio trnda nilh
Books, Stationery,
lllnitk Ilnnlta, Mlutc,
Irlolainotypos, etc,
na aid. ;, ;hc"cu:w
I have unrnuale.l faelllllcs, nnd guarantee
dialers Iho closest attention.
rrSciul for n price list, and give ma a trial.
American Flags!
With full complement of Stars I printed on
Muslin do Lulue, Imitation oi Hunting,
In Fast Colorant tha
Slxe, 1 foot Jl COperdosin.
Plr.e, 2 reel 2 50 p-r doten.
Sire, S feet JOOprrdoicn.
Size, luche 10 00 per dozen.
Or all sites, Irom sixty cents to
ohi dollar per fool.
In tirrst Vnilst).
Slsjv'r First fallfornla AiMli-ry.
nmpIrcNewa D'uol. narlbeail ci-rner of
Washington aud Sanu itrteli.Sau Fran
lico. llrtliitlion In rtlffs to St.!hrrlru.
A TTKSTION Is called tn tin- following
XI. list or Amenenti nud lotvlirti rerloiu-
cuts, for vvhleli 1 n-oelvo suliseripll.iiis.
I'erniatient arrangements have Imni mads
by Iho I'nited f lutes' Cuvrriiuwnt fur the
cum lug of Iho Malls from the Allaiitle
tntva bv itenmer, thru' times n month. I
am enaidnl Iw reeelisi snbserlptlrms ul u
mucli lower mie man mritieriy. jnsrame
care nud attention will be tmld tu the fur
nsrillnc uf nil pucka cs, for which thla ea
tabllihmaut has gained tuvli nn enviable
reputation througliout the l'aoiac Cvnt.
Atlantic Period I call.
rax Tats
Masszlns $3 5U
ok , , 3 50
aroer'a 1 onllilv .
(.Kiev's Lady's Itook,,..
Atlantic slvntlilj 3 SO
Lrsllc'a Family Maganlne, 3 50
Rulekerlioclier slagailue 1 50
Continental Monthly 3 30
Peti rion's Ladle ilagaalns 3 CO
Arthur's lloins Magatlue 3 00
Ladles lteK)ltory .". 3 50
Tales or IbeDay 3 50
linntl.lr Novrllette 3 00
IVlectle Magnalne 110
Hunt's Mriehaul's Magaslna 6 OU
Ilanler'a Mussilne C HO
I.' lion Ton
Ilrowiiiou's Uevlvrr
Rraltlinalto Ketrnip'ut
Turf Itcglster (esrly)
Dnllnu's Macaxlu ,
Yank le Notions (comlo)
Lsslles Hudgel of Fun (wimlc),,
Nie Nx (eumta)
C-inilc lloullily
.1 OU
3 110
1 Oil
ruuuiir i-cii.mr iwnoioj.
Ntw oik U'ctkh llersIJ
" J'ill)(.aitt
" Cllpjier
" Homo Journal ,
" Wekly Tribune
fiiudy Albvs
" ' Tlmas
2 Irktsntssii
', " tiMi-my
" " Gmihrr
" Weekly Time
" Win Id
" Journal of Commerce
" Iudeneiidcut
- Lesulrr
" Leslie's i'iatoilal
" Ilarper'a Weekly..,,
llliisliat.il News
Leslie's .Iclung (fj'eruuu).
" Demiikrat
" Criminal Jelling
" Family lllntter
" YaultyFalr
" Irish Aimsricau
3 50
3 50
3 50
3 50
3 50
3 3U
3 50
3 AU
3 AU
3 5U
3 30
3 it)
" FoleutlHc Amerltau.
Wilkr-a'HpliH or Iho Times 3 5(1
" T.blat 3 at;
11 Utuntry ueBtlenwH..,., . , 3 5U
W.ekly 3 5u
" Mfory ...., 3 50
" Ilrmld of l'ruurusa 3 30
" SksutlWi Ahhh&4ii Journal 5 w
" AlbUwi , C bU
Hwud'llalUtiUirUH) a ou
" L.v Crojiltiv (iJpauUli) 12 00
Jloitou Wkly JouriMl ,. .. 3 30
M l''lag of our L'uloi 3 50
" FUot ,ift0
41 Wvrly ilajpulne 3 30
" Dauaer of Light 340
" True Flag 3 jy
Invsa-lltfatar 3 AU
" Llleruiy Companl.m .150
' LllUdPa Living Ago 7 00
l'hlladrl4iU Foruay'a War 1'rws.. .. 3 50
" Dollar NsHilieV 3 00
Saturday Hvtiufug I'ost 3 00
Jlaltlmoro Wi4klr!uii , :j ad
l.onl, villa Wvekly Journal .1 50
Cincinnati H'kKIy Couimerelal .1 mi
tit. Loulaltepuhllcaii 3 30
Foreign I'tirioillcali,
London llluitrated News wltb sup
plements til 00
' Weekly Dispatch 13 00
" Illustrated News or tho
World II 00
" Illustrated Tlinsa J 00
" Weekly Times lo (jq
Hi-lie's Llfo 13 00
" Athemrum 12 00
" Fundi . 8 00
" OucenWenk 8 00
Liverpool Wilmir A SnrHh'a Tlmj.. 15 00
Dublin Natlm , 13 QQ
Comhlll Magazine fi 00
Teiiiide'llar Magsziru; c 00
Kt. Janvoa Mauazlue c qq
Loudon La ocet. r nn
World or Mb Soo
Chambers' Journal , 4 gg
All (he Year Itge, DUrkms, .,,.,". c (m
Loudou Art Journal 12 Jo
Ittaskww'a Maaaxiw.. i ot,
Wciti.M.r Qiwrtily Itlsw, . , . . ,. . S off
7.o lb U1HW1 ' y .... so8
fitlngburu " " 3 00
Lomiim " " .?,
Tibe fwir TJovlows and Illackweod IS 9f
T-ynicrlptlon recelve.1 for nil th
San Francisco dallren, nt Fnbllslier'a prices,
Anr Newspaper, Mnpulnc or llcvlcw, Aol
menlfone.1 In lli atvo list wilt bi rurnMv
ed to order. Orders Tor Honks. Music Fnsv
oy Artieles. cte.. Illll promptly nt tlw low
est market rntis. Sulncriptlons payabls
invnrhvlily lit ndvance. , , ,
A.mn-4, J. STKATMAM,
mv2llf News Agent. San Fronelseo.
mllforuh Strft,'JncKonilll,
HAVE Just received from tha AllanUa
Stntea nnd Ran Fmnolsco, n eOmplst
stock of everything In their line, and will
keep constantly on hand an niorlrusnt of
Hie best Tin, Shett-lnut nud Coppetwar
nrns npts,1ly.1mnUo Noes,'Forea
rumps. Chains. Lend t'lisc, loia.
or nil lre: ;
liar. I'lale nhd asotled Iron
l'alula. Oils, Hlies nnd Olassf
Phot of nil mimliers I
llntshea r every v arfrty.ola., tla.
Also.alwnyaon lialnl.n larga lot of stoves
of nwrUd siaes. " Duck's 1'ntejit Cooking
Slovr," nnd tho "New Woild Slore," th
two very lieotnnd approved pllerns'ln tha
world. J'arlor, Oltlco nnd Cnbiu filovss,
fancy and plain, constructed un hirst fus
..vlng plans. Il.dlers. Ketll. Fols, Fans,
nnd cvrrv tiling eonneelfd with these siorn,
warranted diirulda ond petTcd.
All nrtlrle aol.l by them or mnufsa
tnred. WAtSHANTHD. Their work Is made
f the best material nnd of choice! patterns,
Snt-Crdrrs altcndetl lu u lib dt'iovtch, and
filled neeordlng tn directions. n evsrj
thing, their slek Is tho largest and beil
ever brought lo Jacksonville, nnd Hiy ars
determined to sell at i.ow rnio; inn vim,
(Jail and exnmlno their st.vck latrorc pur
clm'lng Elsewhere. June 23; IdtOASS.
Agenla for llnlllday A Co's Wire Hope.
Walt'sS Nervous
Thu wot Ilomtrkablo Motllcin'o yet
DUcovcrcd I
orutioxs of Tiin cAUFonsu
Oneiif IhoRrenlast chrmleal dtrcoverlss
nfmoilern linos Is Wall's Nervous Anil;
dote. The tMnllelno Is perfrelly hsrialvsa
lu ltarflfrts. IhiI nt lit samo tlino acts so
Hisverfully ujivn Hie nsrvous system that
the worst eas-s nf nervous dtsmdrri ara
enmpletelyeup-d lu n very shorl lima.
Novad.v Trans. ,,t.
It li not like Ihu Ibmnnnd and out rims
dies oftircd lo the public that curs every
thing, but It Is n r p. I do remrdy for all
casra arising fioin nervous dcraugsmmt.
Its merits have lieen proved lu mimeroua lu
stances known to us, from various causis,
and many n bed ridden Invalid has been r
nlorr.l lo hvnlth.- H'olloo (,ai.'lto.
'Ibl Is 0110 of tho pilrnl nrtliles af tho'
thy which Is really vvvll worthy of Iha toti-'
r.Uueo of His pilbllo, and Justly entitled lo
tho popularity It ei'jnyi. -S. F, llurald.
It la Iho bast Hilug vvv have yet found to
produce a quiet and refreshing steep. Nerv
ous wsoua should try It by nil means t It
will burl 11.1 one, aud Is good for nil,
American ltglo,
K tho editors or the l!4trn newspaptrs
nru lo be bvllitrrd, tills Is mi oslraordlnarr
eoniHmnd. It la said that II will cuta tha
worst ensea of lllivuniitism, Niitl)tli aud
ulldlsensvs arising rrmn n derangement of Iht
uirvous svstem. .Sim Jio 1's.lrlut.
Walt's Nervous Autldule bus, tha reputa
tion of In-lug one of the womKra or tho ae,.
- I'asltloCunilKiluml I'rosbylerlau.
It has Ihshi known lo mire lllisuioatlim of
long alniHliiiK, even nflrr Iho oust had buen
glvoaiirer ns hopeless (Oakland News.
It Is a great dlseovrry, ns Iriousnuds that
have lMiu lellovid by It cau bear Usllmoiiy.
-- Nat ItcHirisr ,
It Is k splendid priparallon. Amador
H Is iiuipiesllonably tho greatest medical
dlstiivors uf tbo age.- Monterey (Inicltu.
Dr. mill's Nrrvmis Antuiulo cures
moro nervous dlsinsn than nil Ike i.hfsolsBs
"'I tlie l'adt!cCu-wl. -IJauUou (UrtHwai
UllM MUlau.-This terrible nml palnfal
dlseusu i very rtMdily e.irid by tie use of
Wutl's Nervous Aiilldole," Itslfur.li laa.
iimUats relief nnd cures couipUtely In afsvf
weeks. -.SUu Joo I'alrlot.
'His reinaiknlilouudlslnn does not' enn
lain auvthiuK Injuiloiu to tbo stitoni. btlur
rompoaidor vegatablo ubilam;u eullisly.
It coutttlni no meroury oc opium, atul ;st
its RVu nro like m tylot uudur tho talk,-
w ui 11, iuv uiiiuv nervva Moouia
julut aud he fulls usUep.- Holuno l'ns,
I'orsonswlji Imrusnll. red for vesrs nth'
physical ilubllitv nro relieved at onoo by lU
umi or IhU tn.ilMiie. nud In n short lime ara
(KHHidtiKiy ntorud (0 hvulth niuj kgr.
tjulney Union.
Tlw Autklutu vWII ouro IHieuaiullim', nsa
ralgln, ami In fnui nil ilUensis url.lng from
ileinngnueut or tim iivrrous system.-t I'la
vtrvllU l)mcral. ,
Ten drop or Wull'aNersoua Aulldota will
(iiilal n errfiif ehil.l in (ho mliiules. Tko
Mnllcliw la Hifty hunulis, nud mothers
nud not U ufruiii t0 uy H.rcTttnln Cru
ll UlbTgrMUsit remedy yd disouvsred,
for iho euro or all ditwiusea arising from is
ileiuiipmeiil ol the nervous system. Wood
ii.u .iw, xiini. n
sr Clay uud Front its, San Frajicfsco',
lo at retail by nil DruaBlsls.'uTcIJjnS
For so
roil jt,K AT TUB
City Drug Store;
liul..oiivlr, Ormoiij '"
TN tho Circuit Court or the 8lato of Or
s Ron, for tho County of Jackson,
Hannah J). MtCumbcr plalntlir, h. Henry
Jl. MeCnaiber dtfandaiit.
lllll for invoice,
s,iTon,uf; i1',' Mt;'r 1 yon are hereby
S1 lul i Pcar lu suid courl, on tbo
wtr a coming,,, on file ngraluit you In raid
court, ,n tbo about enlllUd eauw, and ywi
are hereby nollflud tbul If yuu fall to an.
war wl.l complaint, na almru rritulnd, tbo
plalntlir will apply to thu court fur a decree,
dlaeolvlng ibo bonds or marriage exliiln
Ntwum the said (unties; and tor cost ami
osiHiiut-a of tbls suit, to bo taicd: ' ."
Hy order of I', '. Film, Judgo of said
Court. -" r
AtlorueysTor plalollr.
Jnckionvllla, Jan. 12th i&Ci, : w6llj.
i is.
ito puicH ..