Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, December 17, 1864, Image 2

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.1. ?i. Mtrrro.v, Kniior.
To tub KrncAcr An ritnAN-r.Nor or Tovn
U.-uov, a GovrnNur.vr ron tub whole is
INDHm'siM..'' V'afMtigton.
JACicsowit.r.n, oukiion.
Mil of Agents for tlio Ontcoo.v St.vmr.i.
K. r. Ilnsscll, general agent rvr Ortgon,
and Idaho Territory.
L. V. Kishcr San Francisco Cnl.
J J. Knowllon &Co .ilo lo.
Thomas Davis Applogatc. Ogn.
T. K. lllll Wllbcr do
V. O. Hlrdseyo Itoek Point ilo
Thomai Crojton, .... Croutons Dlffglnsdo
Wm. Snlccr...... Jump-Otr-Jo do
Hov. Ollb, Portland do
I). X. Thompson, lbany lo
V. M. Evans, Allhouse lo
l homa Carr lo do
Thomas 1-M'loyd Kcrbyvllle do
H. W. Sawyer 'lo Jo
I). 1. Anderson Phoenix do
I). I. 0. Oault In do
A. Ireland MyrlloCrcck do
tleo. I. Dean, Kilt nburg do
Theodrle Cameron Union Town do
James V. Walton Itosclmrg ilo
Ml Halite Hunter.... Ilogne ltlvcr do
L. W.Sullln Tort Klamath do
Dinger Herman, of Cnnyontllle.sc ueral
Agonl for Douglas County.
Never did poet ipeak moro truth In fewer
words than Hums, In the following Hues t
"Man's Inhumanity lo man
Makes counties millions mourn."
Of nil the Inhumanity practiced ly man-
Vln.l. none liso dlitrpttliiff us Ineratlltid
-. - o -- -,
cono which so tortures the soul nnd Larrowt
up the mind, often covering III victim with
tho clods of a tutcldo's crave, or driving
blm In dlrpalr to waste his llfu In tlio Ine
briating bowl. As an Intlnncoof dlro In
gratitude, perhaps unparalleled In this put
of the country, wo would refer to the ctntrre
of tho Democratic party towards their
"Faithful Defender," Ibolato editor of tho
MUijtnecr, Co). W. G. T'Vault, umLr
whoso lcadcnblp they havo obtained their
present power In Southern Oregon. Ha
who first conceived tint Idea of starting a
Democratic Journal In Jackson county. Ho
who since this war began has hung their par
ly banner on tho outer wallt, and cried
aloud In denunciation of Abraham Lincoln
and hi "taudal soldiers'' in tho field. He
has built up a paper In the service of bis
psrly, on wbichbo has spent much train
capital and laidnlg'it oil. Through that pi
per Lo has fought their battler, printed
their lies, and douc their Job work, In gen
eral. Hut now tho election Is over and
they have carried the day. Tower and
ipolle are to be divided among them. A
time bad come when the father of Democ
racy In Jackson county, and Its "Faithful
Defender," might begin lo reap the reward
he had so richly won. Hut, ktud reader,
mark the mournful srquelt During the lat
ter part of last week, signs of disaffection
began to be discovered In tho ranks of Ihoec
over whoso welfare be had long and watch
ful vglls kept. Small knots of tho unter
rifled were occailonally seen In clow com
munion on tho corner, and, ever In their
midst, an ominous looking Individual of
newspaper notoriety. The Colonel' keen
perception soon snuffed trouble In tho
breeze. Feeling bitterly the Injustice about
to bo done him, and knowing full well the
disaster that such a course was sure lo bring
on his devoted parly, be determined If pos
slblo to defeat the Insurgents, and bring
everything again to an equilibrium. A pre
monitory demand was made on him to do
liver up his paper, which, of courte, bo r
fused. A writ of replevin was then Issued,
and the press and material was turned otcr
to tho tender meroles of I J, Malont , aud
tho old deraoeratlo veteran turned eut to
graze, being no longer deemed serviceable.
Obi ingratitude. Ingratitude: how bitter
artlhy sling I Whero e'er thou striken,
thy writhing victim quails, fly thy blight
ing Influeuee tho veteran Defender hat now
to see bis cherished papir In (he bauds of
one who Is a stranger in our rolda Ay,
tho paper which his own inlud devlstd, and
his hands established; a paper which be has,
through many dlflleuliies, brought up, and
nourished, and watched with fatherly caro
and pride from Its first number until It was
ruthlessly wrested from blm.
And now the Oreyvn Inltllytneer Is
gone. It Is numbcrid among the fleeting
things of Ibis earth, which are no more, and
from i ruins springs tho Orison Htyorttr,
the name or which was never before In print.
A Journal here In silence lies,
W bleb bad oft and loudly luj before.
Klfd friends around did close Its eyes'
tt ben death came In and closed its door.
'Tl lying still, yet lu, no moro,
It' race is ruu, its troubles o're.
For further particulars see the Colonel'
Valedictory in Ibis issue of the Smtinxi..
Mr. James Cummlng, of this place, boa
Just received the sad intelligence of the
death of bit eon, who was killed In an en
gagement with Prlco, near Iadepeodease,
on tho 21st of October. Ho died like a true
soldier at his post and hi name is en
rolled in that bright list of glory, which
(hall forever" ba cherished in tho memory of
American people a those vho fell defend'
ing their neble flag, and the glorious Instl
tution that their fathers gave,
Valedictory of W. 0. T'Vault.
To Hit Patrons ej the "Oregon lnttlti-
Tint undesigned regretfully tenders to
Iho pAlronn of the Onicaov IsTtr.r.toRNCiin,
nnd the people generally, hla thanks for
Iho manner In which they havo sustained
that piper.
Tho Isruo of the Intkm.kikxckr was com
menced tit Ilia Fall or 16(12, without n sub
scriber, when Jackson county bad, at the
Jnno election previous, gono about ono
hundred , Union Republican, or Abolition
majority the first lime that the Democracy
had over licen defeated In the county. Not
withstanding tho officials of the county nnd
the Oregon Sentwtl were all antl-Dcmocrallc
nt Die Into June election, Old Jackson again
returned lo her first love- Democracy.
Tho press, nnd type we used for Issuing
the IvTKLMOTNCKit, wm owned by n number
of prominent democrats, who had purchased
It after tho Southern Oregon Gn:et!t bad bt.cn
suppressed. Orenl foari were entertained
that Iho I.vTri.i.tmcicu would sharo the
snini falo consequently, prudence dictated
(hit a contorvatlve coursoor policy should
be pnrMint htnt. mtny radical democrats
complained thai thero was not enough r
Copperhead poison In Its columns j also the
opposition, particularly the radical portion,
contributed their mile or opposition there
fore, wo bad much lo contend against, yet
wllh nil this, wo contributed nil wo were
able lo carry Southern Oregon democratic,
and Iho vote shows a favorable result. II It
not ourileslro lo create Ihe Impression lhal
Use I.NTKU.triKNCsm cfiVctcd all this, but one
thing Is certain, we done oil we well could
to bring ntioiil Ihtt result.
The owner of Iho prcs through lhr
Chairman of tho Democratic Committee,
b.tro thought proper lo plan Ibe'1 Insllln
lion" under other nnd different persons.
Their object for so doing Is not n mailer for
mo to discuss. If we had a thousand com
plaints, Ibis Is not the time and place to
make them.
It la a well known fact, that wo edited the
first newspaper over published, la Oregon
(7fc$ifr), In 18IC. Aitcrward. In IMS,
wat the principal rounder of the Tillt lloek
Sentinel, nt Jacksonville! afterwards pur
chasing iho entire IntircH In Ihe concern.
cnanglng tho naae lo Ortjon Sentinel, nnd
continuing Iti publication till late In Ihe
full or 1Mb. During the entire period of
our IITe, we have not beard thai our democ
racy was over doubted.
Wo havo no complaint to mako lor lack
of palronago during our newspaper career
lu Oregon. Thero Is no question but that'
the change in the times, the scarcity of
money, and the great number of newspapers
published on tho Pacific coast, pirtlcularly
In Oregon, render patronage more limited
than heretofore.
On Saturday, the lOlli Instant, alter tho
Issue, or our paprr, we wero notified that the
oftlc was wauled, We desired, as n matter
or courtesy, to be permitted ts publlib an
other numlier..nnd give to cur fiicudsaval
vdlctory. Howevir, ou Monday, Ihe prei
was In ken. Through the kliidues of the
proprietor or Ihe fain' wo make Ibis ac
knowledgment, lor past laiort, lo the pub'
He. aud lo the Democracy especially, beplug
lhal us we bae retired fium publithlngn
paper, those who arc Indebttd lo us lor
subscription and advertlselng will promptly
pay their bills, which will be forwarded In
a lew day.
Itespeclfnlly W. 0. T'Vavi.T.
Jacktonville Deoemlwr ICtli, 1811.
The Sucramento ulley it n natural to
bacco growing country. The wild tobacco
plant Is nn Indigenous plant to this country,
us it was Mast, The Iudlans used It (o the
same extent almost that it was used by tlio
Indlaus in Virginia, but they did not cul
tivate it, therefore it wui of an inferior
quality, Colum Sun.
Wild tobacco is not confined to Sacra
mento Vulley ulone. In Rogue Hlver Val
ley it Is found in abundance. In Jackson
ville it U frequently seen growing out from
under Iho side walks, and on unoccupied
lots. Mr. U. 1'. Sillier, near Table Hock,
has been cultivating tho Indigenous plant,
by way of experiment, for the last three
years. It is very prolific, aud improves
greatly by cultivation. Its Civor is pecu
liar, but not dUagreeablet and is prtfercd
to any other by the Indians.
All Si'n.'CMUKiu who arc in arrears to
tho Sk.ntimcl can pay up at Ibe rato o
81 00, per annum, until Ibe first of Teb.
Those not paid by thai lime will bo charged
ut regular odvertlred ratcf. All bills sent
out before that date will bo subject to Iho
above conditions. We liopo our patrons
will bo prompt la forwarding Ibe amount
doe from them, so that we may be able.to
meet our liabilities for paper, printers birr,
Mr, George I). Prentice published a card
in bis paper, staling that bis only surviving
son, Col. Clsrauce J. Prentice, in tbe Con
federate eervlce, killed a man by Ihe name
of White , of Ablnglon, Va., seme time ago,
In teir-derencc. He standi a trial for his
lire at Ulcbmond, and bl counsel has ob
tained permission from tbe Confederate au
thorities for tho Elder Prentice to attend
the trial. Ho sar ho shall go after tbe
election, If tho Federal authorilie grant
Swan Accident. On last Wednesday
morning, .when tbe Yrtka stage bad gone
about one mile from town, tbe horses sud
denly mired down in tbe road, at a place
where it bad heretofore been perfectly solid.
Mr. King, the driver, returned to town for
assistance about 7 o'clock. After much
difficulty tbe itsge and bones wero extrica
ted. In sending out bills to our subscribe
mistake may occur. W shall always be
tcu'ly to correct any error that may arise.
Jotirnnl of Drew' Oivylico
I'.YtlflflM Itltl.
nr a. n. Mit.t.Kit.
Continued from the Sentinel of Deo. 10-j
September 2 lib Moved back 12 mile?
over n desert, nnd made c imp Nn. ItTnbont
three mllci south of old camp 30, on Horse
Creek. Good grass nnd wntcr. Willow
nnd sago Tor fuel.
September Sillli Moved 1 1 miles S.ond
8. W. over Sliins Mounlnlu, nnd made
ramp No. 38 In n beautiful mountnin
glade, wllh excellent gruM nnd water.
Willows for. fuel. Itoutc somewhat rough,
but of good grade, nnd can easily bo made
practicable for Iho Iwnvlcst wngmu.
September 2Clli Moved lfij miles,
meandering out nf the bate of StclnV
Mountnin, and following nlong Its western
haiv, generally In nlinnt n K. course.
Made enmp .19 nn it mountnin sln-am of
good water, with excellent grass, nnd wil
lows far fuel. Considerable Juniper grow
ing on llic mountain near by. lljplorn
lion being nccsnry, wc remained In Ibis
cmip Ihrco days, and liaJ six animals
stolen by the Imllunt.
September flOtli Moved 27jjf miles
21 miles nearly due west, nnd llicnce 3,''
miles south to llealy's Springy, on llic
nr.it side of n conical bultc rising Imme
diately out nf the iliscrt, nnd made camp
No, 40. Good water i.ml grass, small wll
lows and sago lor fuel. Itoutc, level nnd
Cdty except heavy rage fur about 12 miles,
October 1st Moved 10 1 miles, n Utile
south nf west, over rocky ground, nnd
reached our old camp Xo. 23 In the sent'
If ring pines. TIicm: pines wrre Iho last
trees that we ruw on nrr onlwiud trip, un
til wc rcnc'njd Jordan Cmk in Use vicinity
of llicj mines, nnd Ihe first Hint wa have
ecn since wc left there.
October 2d Mnvct'l" miles over old
route, to old camp 21 U Warner's Valley
October -Hh-Moviil 10 miles In n N,
W, course, nernfs Warner's Vuller, nnd
made camp N'o. 41 nn n small crrc k pf ex
cellent witter, ptilllnp In from the west
ward. Good gran nnd the largest willows
of the srn'on fot fuel. Willows nnd grass
covered Ir. many p'nes wills honey dew.
October filh Mnvd 15 miles nenrly
duo west, n'fcndlng Iht welern rim ol
Warners Vallej by an cosy grade, and
tlfnco ovr some fmir miles of rocky
ground the balanrri nf Ihe distance n
good route, and made camp N'o. -12 In the
eastern foot hills of Iho .Sierra's, nnd on
Iho same stream illscnvrrcd yesterday.
Ornss, water, and wood, nbnndiint and
good. Hero Is the first pine timber writ
or camp 23.
October Clb Moved 15 miles,, wllh
some meandering, but grnrrnlly In n near
ly due wesl course t crossing n few points
of rocky ground, and two small mountain
streams, and mado ramp N'o. .13 In a largo
glade pulling out of tlio Sierra's lo the
caitward. Wood, water, and grass, plenly
nnd gout,
October flth Moved f,l miles In n ill
recllon a iitllo north of west, crossing tii
summit of the Sierra's over nn nlmntt Im
perceplable up grade, nnd made camp No.
1 1 In n small glade putting out into n ra
lne to Ihe westward. Good spring water,
grass, nnd wood,
October Otli Mnvrd 11 miles in nearly
n due west course, passing ont nf tlio Sler
ra's by an easy descent Into Ooose Itkr
Vulley about 15 mites from the lake, cross
ing several fine mountnin streams pulling
in from tho northward, nnd made camp
No. -15 nt a duller of dirge Springs in a
small tributary ol (Jnote Luke Vulley open
ing out from the northwest.
October 1 1 tls Moved 1.1 miles forming
junction with old ronte between old ramps
Nos. 9 and 10 and made camp near old
9. Junction 9 miles west of old camp
10 In OoosoLako Vulley.
October 12th Movtd along old route,
keeping tho same until Ihe 18lb, when we
nrrlred at Fort Klamath.
Regarding tbe route traveled on our re
turn, very lllllo need be. said. It is simply
a good one and will commend itself to
thoo who chpojo to pass over it. It
brings ibc'Owyhee mines within 4-10 miles
of Jacksonville, or Yrekn, and Its requisites
for n good and permanent road, cannot be
equaled, nny whero else between any point
In Southern Oregon or Northern California
and Idaho Territory.
This Minks. The prospects of themln-
.ers were nevermore Uatlering, in Southern
Oregon, than at the present time. At
Willow Springs, a much greater yield Is
anticipated, than at any former season. On
Poorman's, Jackass, Humbug, and Foot's
Creeks, thero will be an increase in )he
productiveness of the mines. On Jackson
Creek, the miners are Jubilant over their
fine show for a good winter's work.
OALiron.NU Youth's Companion, Wo
havo received the first number of this pa
per, published In San Francisco, by Smith
k Edgar. If this number is it fair speci
men, we havo no hesitancy in saying every
family should take it. Prlco 82 SO.
Wsutiikr. Wo have bad fine, bad
good, stormy, warm, cold, disagreeable,
pleasant, sunshiny nnd rainy weather dur,
ing this week, and from present Indications
it Is likely to continue so, unlets a ehangt
Ojul at Mr. Krkuzkr'h Btore and see
tbo many fine thiuss In store for tbe boll-
days, and hear tbe dolls in IV.
Vote of Oregon for PrcBiitviit,
November 8tls, ISO-4-Onlciiil.
couktiw. u.vcm.y. jiVr.M.t.iue.
linker 217 2-18
Kenton 3 IS ,1.fr,
Clackamas. 588 3Ct
Olutsop MO -It
Coos 101 CI
Curry CO 2fi
Columbia 71 57
Douglas fifit '151
Jncksnn -107 5R9
Jotephlno 151 lilt
Lune A.. 580 COO
I.lnn 822 934
Mnrlon.. 1222 C79
Multnomal 1224 771
Polk 472 392
Tllhtmnnk 33 15
Umatilla .190 515
Union 323 405
Woshlngtou 457 221
Woscn 1148 1208
Vutnhlll 48G .148
Total 9888 8157
Five scattering votes were cast In Cur
ry county.
Lincoln over McClcIInn 14.11
" " nil 142C
We copy the above, from the Statesman.
UNCxnTAiXTY or tub I.iw. A Inughablo
llliKlrntlnn or tho bmillug or this nrllclc
occurred In Illlnots Inkly, as villi 1m Mn
by llic following from Ihu Peoria News:
Mr. II. wns out hunting wllh liU title,
nnd crossing the field of Mr. C, tt French
man, C's largo dog nttackod htm snvngcly,
while C. r.tood looking im, without attempt
ing to c ill ufTlih dog. II. gellng out or pa
tience, shot the dog and ho fell apparently
d-nd. IJ lu high dudgeon, furtliwllh got
out n warrant, nnd had II nrreslitl for kill
ing his dog ; snore to thi killing, and na
corroljeraled by two nHils neighbors who
were present nt thr (hooting. The magis
trate filed II, tun dollars ami coils amount
ing to about le.i morn; II. paid Iho fine aud
eotls, and when the parlies cot homo from
Ihe trial tin' dag had cumonlso, mid was not
kllltil. II tin" col n warrant itgalmt the
I'n'nelimnii nud bis Itto nvnclntr lor T
Jury, lu swi-itrlng It. hid killed Iho dog.
Thi'y wtni rrlghleiKd.nnd made peace with
II., paid him Inick his twenty dollars nnd
ten more Tor hit trouble, nnd no tutl wm
hud ; mid when the parties returned homo
Irum the lat suit, lo, the dug waidii.td,
- -,ti
A IIOIMK roil QkN. I'll 1 1- SlIKIIIDAN.
The old neighbors or Miijor-G ti.ttnl Slier
il.ui, living in Ynmhill county, snys the
Uiigoiiinn, Imvc undertaken the project of
furnishing him with the best Mack Jlitwk
horse that ran l0 purchased lu the Stntc of
Oregon, In forwatd In the Genrrul in Ihe
IK Id. Several hundred dollars have h I ready
btvn mind lor the purport', nnd there Is no
doubt but the present will be purchased ns
soon as It 1h lilt upon. This movement
speaks well for the est re in fell by formir
tissocintes for the Illustrious nmn, who is
now so energetically leudiug ihu hosts who
nre fighting In preserve the Union under
the badge lutely In Id itshlo by Urnrgc II
McUlrllnn. M'iy he ever rldo on to victory
that shall bring us icacc.
Cnunwo A Haciikldr " What did
vnu como here ulierflmpired Miss Susan
l)iaMr, nfn bachelor frit nd, who made her
a cull when the rest of tho people were
gone out.
" I came lo borrow some matches," he
nireklv replied.
" Slntclu-t I tlml'it n likely story. Why
don't you make n mutch? 1 knnw whm
you cume for," exclaimed ihe delighttd
MIm.os the crowded the old bachelor into
a corner, ,. You cunio here to kiss and hug
me almost lo death, but you shn'nt with
nut ) mi are Iho strongest, aud Ihe Lord
knows yn nre."
A trute'er coufcusts to Imviiig ridden
fotly miles with the sweet and Interesting
Mrs. Urimis, whom notwithstanding lis fas
tiilluoumcsi, ho would have kissed hut lor
Ihrco reasons, which lie thus gives: "Fu-t
I am such a good husband I wuu'du't even
bo guilty nf the npptarunee of disloyally to
my sweet wife ; secondly, 1 was ufruld our
lellnw passrngura would tee me and tell
(jrimes thirdly I do not thluk Mr.
(Irliuei would lei me."
Gk.nkrai. Qrakt on tiir Election.
Cily Puint, Thursday, Nov. 10.
KJwIn M Stanton, Secretary of War ;
Knoiigh now sevm3 to bo known to say who
Is lo hold the reins ol Government for the
next four years. Congratulate the President
for me for Ihe double victory. The elec
tion having passed off quietly, no bloodshed
or riot throughout thu land, is n victory
worth moro to tbe conulry than a battle
won. ltebeldom nnd Europe will construe
it so.
Tin: PncaiDK.tr'a Mmbaoc We regret
that circumstances render it impossible for
us lo give tbo President's Message tills
week. We have taken measures to furnish
It to our readers in luplnmenlary form, In n
few days. It was delivered lo both homes
of Congress on Tuesday, I)tc.
6th, but did not reach California until the
8th. It is ft brief nod comprehensive re
port of the condition of n great nation.
Why is Jackson Counly likely to be
'short of funds this year?
Because it has but one Bill Ourtn tor
tbe tax Collector.
Why should Jackiovllle be a desirable
place jo start ft'grlst mill?
Because it has plenty of Milltr and
Dr. Thompson will bo fouud at tbe City
Drug Store, his card In another column of
the SENTiNKLaind his recommendation in bis
great success during bis long residence In
this place.
Kbhdwille Staqk. On last Wedes
day, Jo. Land is wag again obliged to leave
hi stage, and bring the mails in on horse
back Applegate still being to high to
Jnmes Mllcbel was fouud dead in his
cabin at Sleriingvllle on the 10th inst. Hi
death was supposed to have been very scd
Gksmut.WAMiKx General Warren. says
an utcht'igo, h coneed il to Ij Ihe cr ' t
working General lu lb Army. Ho "Hen
superintends wo.klng pitrlles In peiscn, and
nrien ndds example to precept ly us
Ing the nx or pick, and beenn handle rt spm'c
pille n well n nn nrmy enrrs. and vl c
verst. He Is very striking In bearing m d u,
pniinncc, and nller seeing hint onco you nre
likely In kno blm ever after. Ho Is i n
thu sunny side or forty, tail nnd slim,
straight ns an arrow complexion diirk.fnce
shaven clean, excepting mutiiche. Imlr worn
long reaching to Ihe collnr ol bis oont,
stritlght and black n nn Indian' ; his eyes
nre black nnd deep-set ! his nose nqulfnc,
aud anything but small.
Pat was helping Mr. Dlnnk lo get n safe
In bis office one day, mid not being acquain
ted with tbo article, Inquired what It was
"To prevent pnpera and other articles
which art- placed In It from being humid In
case or fire," said It.
"An' sure, will nothing iver burn .that'
nut In that tblugi"
'Well thin, yer honor, ye'd butler bo nr
Iher gelling tutu thul tnuio thing when ye
Mr. Ulauk "wlltid."
In conformity with the old custom of ad
vertising from the publlo slynivost all Inten
tions of marrhigr, the following announce
ment was made : "Marriage is ilitcndid be
tween Mr. Williams, of U'llllumtion, nnd
Miss llelsy Williams, or Wllllumsbrldge.''
A mlscliUvons wng, to make II more tx.ilc
It, wiute t.nderneuih : "Fur particular, tic
small I) Ms next year."
I'.soiiMoi's A'oTKor Kastkus Ctw.-Thc
tntul vole of the city ol New York ut the
Presldeullnl flection wns 110,471, and yet
several thonmidi of vote wtro sail to
have b!cn exeluiled for wane of time. Tl o
total vote of Philadelphia, including the
soldiers' vole, wm 90,370.
The President ha promoted fighllns
Phil, Sheridan tn lie rank nrMnJ'irlii i er
ul In ibe rt'gulur nrmy, ihu posiiuu resigned
by the ri pi wild hero of graveyards ou the
If five nnd n half yards make a pole,
how many will mnku a Turk ?
If three miles mnke n league, how many
will mukv a Confederacy ?
Men who Intel In crinoline slock, pener
ally prefer thci'iWuvifii lo the sereii-tViirfiss
Snow fell In this place, en Thursday
night, tn the d'pih or -t luches.
N33W TO-IUy".
Dissolution KFotico.
fPHIi nnderslgnrd has this day with
X drawn from Im firm nf TlinutiMn &
Davis, nnd will contlnuo tho prncilcc n!
Medicine, Surgery nnd Obstetrics, In
Jacksonville and tlclnlty, nnd solicits n
share nf the piitrnnuge. Office ut his rcsl
dunce opposite thu t'ntliolir (Ninrrh.
Dee. 1.1th. lfi&l d.-cl7tf
Wm Krulxer ha now on hand the finest
stock of Toy ever brought to this market,
coniUtlug or
Dolls for the Girls,
And trinket InnnracrabV, for all. which be
ha mado up hi mind to bell cheap f. I
Administrator's notice.
NOTICi: I hereby given that Utter o
administration, on the estaln of Junnif
Mltchc), deecastd, lale of Jaelson County
Oregon, have been granted to Ihe undersign
ed. All persona having claims, agalutt mid
tutate, are requested lo present lh-m wl It
Ihe proper vouchers, to the undersigned at
hi resilience, lu Jncksouville, wllliiu Ia
months from this date, and all person In
debted to said eiliite are requested to make
Immediate payment to Ihu uiiderrlgntd.
11. II i:S,MS. Publlo Administrator.
Dumber I7lh. 18IJ4 decl7w4
I U8TICE Court before U. 8. Hayden &q..
J Jiullco Jacksnovllle Oregon.
Jacob Thonipaon, plaintiff ti E. M. Platte
To the abovo named defendant ; Yon aru
hereby nntllkd and Ti quired to nppiar in
said Court, on TucMlay, the 101b day ol Jan
uary, 18WS. nt 10 o'clock a. m and ijnswer
tho complaint or the PlalntiiT filed against
you In wld court, or the same will bo taken
for coiireued, and Judgment will bo rend r
rd against you for the turn uf fifty six do.
1m, aud f(ffl and dlsburineut or sulf.
aud tbe amount due you from J. M. Snllon,
garnbhee, will bo collected to pay the am',
Uy order or tho Court, U. 8. Hayden J. p.
G. 1), UOltlllS, Alt'y fur Plalntllf.
December 31b, 1864. deol7w4
Wishes to announce tn Ids Irlends tl at
be may be found at his old stand at Iho
City Drug Store,
Where he will continue the practice of his
profewlon, In all its branches. A conlin
usucoofhls former patronage is respect
fully solicited.
lie also keeps on hand a largo supply of
the best selection of drugs uud mulleine,
Toilet lelan, clc.
Watt's Nervous
Tbo most Bemarkable Medicine yot
Discovered !
One or tbe greatest chemlcul discoveries
of modern tlmu is Watt'a Nervous Anti
dote, The medicine 1 perfectly barmltsr
in Its effects, but at the tamo time aots so
powerfully upon tbe nervou cysttra that
tho worl cases or nervous disorders are
completely cured In n very ihort time
Novada Transci I it.
It l not liko the thn"nd and one rem.
d'rs offered to the pul la thnt cure cery.
thing, but It Is a specific remedy for ill
eiso arising f om nervou dernngrment,
1 1 merit have liven proved In numerous In
stances known to n, Trnin rnrloui cnust-a,
nnd many n bed riUden Invalid Imx been re-
! stored to health - -tPoPci Gar.elt(,
I ins is one oi me piicni nriicirs or Ihe
day whtch li renllv well worthy of the con-fid-nee
or Ihe public nudjuMly entitled o
Ihe popularity It enjoy. S. V, Herald.
It Is Iho ln-t thing wo have yet found In
produce n qntel and r- frrsirn; lccp. Nerv
ous persons should try II by nil means ; It
will hurt no one, and Is good -for nil.
American Eagle. "
K the rdllom of Ihe Ut'lorn newspnpirs
aro lo lie Iwlh-vi-il, lhl Is nn extraordlnarr
compound. It Is snld that II will euro Iht
wnrstcnes ofnhi'iimatlsm, N'-untlgla, aid
all IWeascs arlsli g from n del a gemoiit of l!i
nervous system. San .lose Putrlot.
Wall's Nervou Antidote hn the reputa
tion or beliic om nf the wonders of the age.
Pacific Cumberland Presbyterlnn.
ft has lioeu known In cure Uheiimatlsm of
long standing, ccn nfter the case had ling
given over n lnicle. Oakland News.
It Is a great discovery, as tlinu-niuli that
hnrejwen rellevid by II can betr testimony.
tNnpn ItfporlT.
It Is a splendid preparation. Amador
It h tinquctlonably Ihe grealet medical
discovers or tho ope Monterry Gazette.
Dr. wall' Nervnus Antidote cures
more nervous diseases Jban all Ihpphysclans
on tbe Paclllc Coa.t-Jnckson (Oregon)
rtltil'MATisM. Thht lerTlhlo nd polnfal
dluase very rrad'lr cund liy the use or
"Watt's Nw on Antidote," It affttnl la
tnedlale relief a id cure comptvtily In a few
week. &n Jo-e l'ntrint.
This rrmnrknblc tanHtlnc does not eon
tiln nny thing Injurious lo th system, 1lng
compandor xrjf'lablo sultlnncn entirely.
Il cnntalns no mercury r nphim, 'and yut
lis n'elnre Ike mtiilc t nnd r the Inila
encu of II, thu pnlienl's nrrrg's Worn
qulot nnd be falls nslerp. Solano Prcrs.
Person who linve sutTered for yenr with
phyle!il deblltty nro rll"ved at eo hj th
iite or Ibis mulleine. nnd In a short time nro
comnlclcly restored lo health mitl vigor.
Qiilney union.
Tho Antidote will euro llbrumntlm.nrt
ralgln, and In fact nil dWmris arising Iron
dxrnugemi-nl oNnu nervous systuni. t'la
cervllii' I) mocritt.
Ten dropf or Watt'sNcreoax Antidote will
quiet n crying child In two minutes. Tin
Mtd'clne I M-rfcctly harmless, aid mother
need not bo ulrald to try It. siantn Crux
It I Iho grratet remedy yet discovered
Tor the cum or alt Oil tw arising from a
derangement uf the nervous system. Wod
laud New.
CKANE.V IlfllGIUV.Agrnls,
Comer Clay and I-'ront sis, San t'ranelsco.
Tor snle at rein 1 by nil Druggists, declTuiS
Th latest series of School boolti will be
round nn the shelves: tn which additions
nro Itvlng em s'nntly made.
STATIONEIIY nr the nwr orauTr,
Consisting of llnncroft CVKIirnted Llueu
Writing Pitpt'ss, .Veil no other kind.
ENVELOPES or all kInds,sorl and: lae,
Cony IkioU. Ketl, blue, block, copying
and ludullblo Ink. .Steel rH-us, Puekel.
counter nnd desk Inksluiidii, Ink and ptmcll
Ernsirs, Pun Knifes, l'air l-'ulilcra. Lead
pencil, CitrMiitirs iencll. Drawing pencil
mid Drawing pajK-r, Ac, Ac.
Bancrofts Diarios for 1865
Containing list of stciup duties, suid olLte
useful lurormittlnn. There dlurles uru tli
finest and tlio most cuiupietu thing of the
kind ever got up.
A good supply of Pass books, Pocket and
alphuhet memontnduuM,
Enslern Pictortnls. nwgaxJne and, coraio
paper kept constantly nn huiiiL
nnd select Novels, to which ad!tluO ar
mtdo by every steamer mull.
Order fur any book or tiouktuot on hand,
promptly Mini lu ten day nutlee.
CALL and gel n Idler, aud If there I
none, buy materia! and write on, third y
putrunlzulng both Undo Sum and
8. K. II A INKS.
Mimufncturo nnd Dculer in
In Eyan's New Urick, Jacksonville.
fpiIE nndendgned has leased one of tho
X Ono store rooms in Ityun' New Hrlclc
fk building, for the iiiauufac- CiA.
srHsX lllru B"J rallJ r '"ddlery hQA
"" nnd barnes. He ha now
a large and lino dock in store, to wblfb be
will be constantly making additions, and lo
which be Invited the attention or fornur
patrons, aud Ibo publlo at large.
Now Iloady for Customers:
Hmtj Draufht Itsrntu (lone antl tliort tf(
CuueutJ lUrnMt, Uiisejr llaruot, UuubU A Iu(l,
Spuldi HkUIm, villi lrM mid rlcrlnr tvuirltH,
LaJIti SMIm, Jktjr tJdd.Hu, C,ialt.-nt,
Curncuuilti, guicitiiW bl-luliei, liln,
Ilrldhi, 8iiui, tic.
The store will always bo. slocked wltb s
large and fine an assortment as can be foand
on Ihu const, outside of Man PraucUro.
REPAIRING attended to wltb
prumptuess, uud lu a uiuuuir to guarantee
Giro blm a call.
Jacksonville, Oct. 8, '(A. octltf
Inimitable Hair Restorative.
Dut restores gray hair to Its original color,
by supplying tbo capillary tube with nat
ural sustenance, Impaired by ago or dis
ease. All intlaiiiantout tya nre composed
of lunar oiutlic, destroying tho vitality and
beauty of the balr, and nllbrd of themselves
no dicssing, Hclmstrcet'i inimitable eol-
As1nn tint rtl Miilauu hnl 4k fla mtlnral
wtsj MV VIIS IIBIUIIO Mll U SQ uaiiui
color bjr ftu toa proccw, lut gives tbo
nrflttinroa (! tttwutU (. It. .1lln
on, eradicates tbe daudrutT, and imparl
uenitn ana pieasanincu 10 tlio bead, it na
ood the test ot time, being tbe original,
balr-coloring, and I constantly increasing
In fnvni. Ilut.1 t.0 t.yill. ...., la.An M.irl I..
dies. It is sold by all respectable dealers
ui mu uo pruvureu uy tuem 01 U, a. iUAAtH
Proprietor, New York.
Two sizes, flOo. and $1. eowWy)
Smith 4 Davw, or Portland, Agent;