Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 12, 1864, Image 3

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TH8 0r jTOML.
(mrtmnn isowmw iotiikb.timi.
aa Franeixo, Blh. 9 P. . Ivulern
tiiic if Bol'l" working et to !y. jljhr
tVeiion In lh' Su,c nJ TJa Pw,c'
ff quirtlr far known. Hat mcsgrr
rtlsroJ have Iwcn rrcciwd from the Inte
flor of the Stste. tiut ttie indications are
that IJoeoln will have ftum 16.000 10 20,-
ooo fnihtiif.
Id ihW city lh vote if upwardt of 21,
$00 ettlmatrd Union iiujorlly from M00
to 6,000, Sscramento plvcs 1675 Union
msjority. Msryville Rim 3P6.
The returns Imm Nevada are too mca
nr lo (otm an opinion, but Indication! nrv
th.l there will bo Union majority in
lilt Stle.
Eo Fff neisen, 9th, 1 1 a. u. The fol
low In retains Indicate it near as can be
I present eexristrd, the ruajocltlcj in
Ike diftVrriit Countiu :
Alplot County, at fr i heard from, ii
3J9 Union, foJ 67 Democratic. In Alt
bk the Unlna majority i about 700.
Ftur prrchutt of Amador County give
Union majority of 153. N'lnc precinct
of Dutte County give Union majority of
317. In Calaveras the Union majority it
sbmitSOO. . Kldoradu gives a Union ni
Julty of about 1.000. lu I fit Angelos
tlit eleeoJ proUttily with a small Union
msjorlty which would be a large Union
pile. Mono Cnnnvy glvra a Union major
It of 2."0. Two precinct of Montcrey
girt Hi Union majority. N'npa in far n
bnri from g ivet a Uuiun majority of ll'O.
TV Union majority in Nevada h prubo
bly 1400. Tbe Uuion msjorlty in Placer
ti (bout C.OoV In Hmi Jattrjuin the Union
tufvity ii about 400. Santa Clara gives
a Uoion majority of 700. Santa Crui
(Wet 450 Union majurity. Sacramento
fitt 3-00 Union majority, a pnlo of COO
Suklyrw will protMbly pirn a Democratic
uliriiy of 50 to 75. Iltr newt from
Treks wyt MeClellan't majority It from
34 to 30 Tlit Unino majority In Solano
it probably 350. The Union majority in
Ttatma U B0 to 100. Totare trill
probably girt a Democratic majurity of
15 to 30. Rrvtii pretlncti nf Trinity
gitta Union majority of 190. with 15
rrrclncti to hear from. Fire, prtcinetf ol
Hxrra Cnnty gilt a Union majority of
Ml Klttm prrelncts In Tub County,
LiMing Ksryttille, gives a Union major.
Ii; of 431. Tat morning papert claim a
UsUrr majority In IhU Slate of from 20,
OOO.bj 25,000. Union majority lu thla
city U notjulitvtd' will quite rreta 5.000
w!7 Copnjjr Jo Nevada fitta a Union
eiijorily of 1,000. Il U estimated Ibe
Kutt will girt a Uufoa majority of 3 JuO
Tie twttro line U still ivst of order. The
turner Brother Jonathan failed thm
Tbt rfleislly rot, of Ik-nton Connty
Lu gitro C maj'irily for McClellau. I,' tin
Cotnty U repie'lcd at 60 to 80 fur MeUlcl
Ua. Une from 20 lo 30 fur McCMIan.
Itaglas Coenly hat given 100 majority
ftr tlit Uoion ticket.
Il k tttinattd Jbephin County will
gift MtClellan from 25 lo 30 mnjuriiy.
Rttarot from all preclnclt in JucUinn
('oaaly, ezrrpt rav, (Ktana erwi.). hat
bttn betid from, giriug a Dmrcrat!c m
Jtity of 77 ; the remaining pfi-einct will
M auttrially allerlhe rtiull.
HtKef hu giten a Democratic majority
ti 2," -
Bio Frtoe'iaco, 9 p. m. Few adJltlon
trretrat rtcetrvd In-day. So far at
Uui from, the Ulon Majoritiet are f later
ti ftllowi, some of llie eoootief being In
f-ppUlt: Amador, 203; Alameda, 216;
A,io, ii llutlu. C2C; Cabrera, 300;
Uoetra C"ra, 453; Kimartlds, 217; F.I
iofJa,JJtt23i4- MiKiterey, 79; Napa, 100;
NenJ4, 7l0r l'facer, 180; Sacramento,
2270; Sn l'nnclico,410j San Joaquin,
473, Hto Mateo, 223; Satita Clara. 630;
&0U Ciui,M3t; Bm, 418; SliaiU.
4J Sohnb, 185; Sutler, 119; Tool
Itawta, 75; Tnlerr, 05; Trinity. 200; T
e,fi0j Yoba, f.00; WilwinBton, I
Ajtl county, including fuldierf' role
469; il"jrllan,rteired two rote; wvrn
ffdaeU nf Iu- A runlet county. oiitaiiK
f Wilmington, gireMcClellan 212 major
i'j; 8Ukiyou gir Democratic mijority
ot'Aeit SSjiCoBef DmocraU 120;
Binltary contriSutloot in thU clly 49G1
X'aTon majority in Xevada will proba
bly reach fQOpv J'ajtern list Hill down.
WfTtodHt 445)ir
I'eilUnd. lOlhe .following U from
,l W'iwAh! o ie Iftth; Multnomah
oo'ygiTM Lincoln a majority of45C;
VtiU k repattH at 130 for Lincoln;
Wataiagto, far m fceard from, Rires Lin-
238; CldtkaiMf girea Lincoln-222;
' Wweo, iwflfi ' preciftct giTM McUlel.
". Dog rlrer 13, Dawhutw 35 for
UfMkaad Tfgb Valley 11; Benton k
'iMatJ fer McCWkn by a majority of 6;
u- if claimed for McGlellan by 90;
iff girea I,!bo1u J00; Marion girt
fac Iiscoki; Polk 132 Union; Laae
ft 4 ((MvMfcCMlan. Up to 10 p m tlie
lw g)yj4 ' majorHUf for Lincoln,
"p tewti 2,100 In faror of Lincoln.
jib Ux. Iota ,of (be jmali Domseratic
ifiHf to ,JaaJrtB, Jotvphine, Lane,
u B"lfi with rtie country eat of
)iatM ty,bfr frew, we may calca-f.omiioo.
New York, Clly Slh.Relurnf iliow
Uncoln. 36,442 ; aicClellan. 73, .127. 105
town and 3 countiet giro Llueolrt 20,704
majority. Six town, alto, and 3 countlrr,
McClcllan ha.t 10,684 majority. The City
gives 37,500 In all the wardi, Uuionlita
claim the State by 20 700.
Philadelphia, Dili. Partial returns from
16 conntiea thow a Kln of 1.200 orer the
Oct role. Heturnt from the Slate almnut
Inrarlably glre majuritirt for Lincoln.
The districts of the west portion of the
State thow a Unlnn gain orer the Octo
ber election. Alleghany district, Including
Pitttbnrg, glret Uncoln 700 orer the Oc
tober election. Erie county giret 3 000
for Lincoln In fact, returns from all partf
of the Stole thow a Union gain.
Cleveland, 9ih Ilrltirns from diAl-renl
parts of the Slate thow a large Union
gain orer the October tlectlou. Union
m-ijnrity on hnute vote will txccvd 40,000.
Union majority iu the Slate It estimated
at 75,000.
Chicago, 9th. Itllnoit girea Union
majority of 20,000.
SprlngCetd. 8th. The State hat prnbi
bly gone Union. There will probably
be tmtill majority in tbe Legislature, which
wilt elect a United Statrt Senator, in place
of Ktcharilnon.
SpringGeld, 9th. 3 r. . It it nnw be
llered that the Unlonittt in both branches
of the Leg iila lure hare a gain of time
Chicago, 9th. Return from Indiana in
dicale tlio Union maj irlty to be 35 000
in the Stain. Hrturnt re-Indicate a Unlrn
majority ot 15,000 in Micblgun on the
home voto.
Louesrllle. 0h. Itctnrnt toil Irate that
the Demncratt hare carried the State.
Nw York. Oih. Twentylghl tpwtn
in Maine glre Lincoln 13,264 ; McClcllan
759 1 a large gnln orer the September
election. Maine goes for Llneolu by ir
created mnjorltlra.
Ileadiiunrters District nl Oregon. )
Ft VAitcncvKR, W. T. Oct. 25, 1861. f
(jzkrral Onnr.m, No. 22.
Tlio arituon terries nf the trnnpt daring
the pnt oeniou dtfrrc the notice and ennv
mrniletinn of the commanding Oeneral. In
the 0ld nee enrly spring, they have won
hit thanks. ifTicrrt and men, for tlirir cr
severing exertions In long and dnary mar
chef, often through desert wnitm, with a
view In the protection of travelers, miners
and emlgrantf. The Iroopt undi-r Colotcl
Maury, Captain Curry, Ca'dwcll, Drake
Harry, ami Lieutmontt Unbar t, Waymlre
and West, have all done gnoI srrxlce
tomet.jiet in coullict with the Snake lr
dlans. South tat tern Oregon it no longer an nn
known reglou. from tbt Colombia rirtr
to the Xerada atd California line, the
wh'Je country liat been thoronghly IraTe'
1. From each temporary di-pot scouting
parties were sent tn erery point of the com
Im. Some of the tr'oopa hare I raveled
this season, more than two tlmiiund nilks
During ti summer of 1862 and 1663,
these troop have made honoruble and im
portant campaigns into thu Indian country,
ood upon the (migrant road. If on this
occasion they had no Indiau wart, they had
the satbftctlon, by their piruee of pre
renting them.
It is filling that the rioting terrier of
the greater portion of the 1st Orrgon Car
airy, have been ilernttd to tbe exploration
and development of a part ol Orrgon, here
tofore marked on our map as "unexplored,"
but which can no longer receive that desig
nation. The regiment was rafted thrtr years ago,
la the fervor of the Union sentlnent of ti e
SMIe and many ruibrd to Ibr standard to
thow theirnadtnc to putdnwn.any possi
ble tebeme of tecesilon on this wast. Ti.ey
hare had little stimulus amid their priva
tions. Hut they can at leait rrfl ct that
they hare materially aided in developing
the hidden treasures of the hind.
The country rlplnref the death of 2d
Lieutenant Stephen AVotton, 1st 0nn
Cavalry, killed in the fight of the 16th May,
unit of I lie other gallant men who fell wflb
him. If a choice had Ikto civrn llirm
they would havrlost their livis in support
of the glorious caue for nhich our troop
are contending at the eal. We who
mourn their iKinUc, must be roiWiil with
the nflrctlon. that llx-y died in the defense
of a tuQVring frontier, which will cherish
the memory nf their generous and patriotic
lir onnKR or HniaADir.R Ckkiual II.
lif Litul., lit Oregon Cmalry,
Ati'e A't Aitfl Gtnerut.
The following is the oflk-hd vote of each
precinct in Jaekton county. ,
' I) U
Aihland , 34 47
Kdejl 27 81
Sterllugrllle II 1C
Jacksonville.., 205 135
A pph gat4 ................... 3G 17
Dutte Creek,... 43 J7
Durdauella 42 16
Pcrkiojvilje 23 25
Union Town.. 21 22
MaManeta .....26 30
Evens Creak SO 6
TabteBook 31 14
ForettOreek 13 16
Willow Springs 28 28
Steamboat Oily 00 00
1 hi .
Col. O. S. Drew arrived lo town yealer.
day. He reports a good wagon road front
here lo the Owyhee minef by the way of
Ft. Klamath. We will glre tnort partic
ular next neck.
Tins OvrnLiSD Ttacaiurii Line to
Hctm. Tbe AVcttcrn Union Telegraph
Company, who ia conjunction with the Rus
sian Government, harelhls great rnterprite
in hand arc actircly engaged in fitting out
ai expedition under the immediate tnpcrvlt
ion of Captain O. S. Dnckiey, U. S. A.,
fur Oregon, the coast of Ru !,in America,
und the country beyond Hvbring'a Slrallt ,
to survey the route of tlie telegraph line,
and make other nctd'ul nrrniigemcnls to
put the vthfllc txtcnt of the line under con
tract the cnnltig yrtr ; and we understand
that the projectors of the enterprise are san
guine that the line wilt be In tueccssful op
eration between New York, San Francis
co, St. Petersburg and Lotulon, by the
middle of 1866. Mr. Hiram Sibley, Presi
dent of the Western Union and of the lias
flan Companies, tails In company with Mr
Cullins,thc projector of the Ruslan-Ameri.
rnn telegraph line, in the Scotia, to-day,
tor Liverpool and St. Petersburg, with n
view to complete the arrangements already
initiated with tho Ruslan Government, lor
expediting the early completion of the I no.
St. Iauh pnptr, Sept. 21.
Ruben and Capt. Haltisanh, rttldcnlt of
thU county, arrived in town yesterday, from
tht Statrt, having mossed the plains this
senton. Ilnben, we understand, since ar
riving in this State, has taken unto him.
rrlf one of the fair tlum-elt of Oregon.
H Bloom's
IS'cxt o Judge &. ZliHiHcrmnn
Between tho
The rent of my new More l to much lew
limn I had lo par at my old Maud, that 1
can nnd will n.11 goods to mr cu-tumem at
cuiuldcrahly n.-duci-d rates. Olrn tut a rail
Jsekiotirlllc March S. IPf.l.
The grrutest medicine ever yet ilit covered
fur the cure of all diaensca arising from a
derangement uf the Nervous System, U
"Watt's Nrrvom Antidote.
It will cure the moat cases of
rUxxiM.il.aMf cJ(U, nijklne )InUl DU1IIJ,
Imliecility, Iinpotvney, Palsy, Pleurty, or
Tie IfciUraui, la a itrj thort tlma.
P.ir i.tr. whnlrnlo. hr Hit AM", .t
' uiu II A.M. corner nt front uiurnts.
Sati Fraiicl'rn, and by rtfpotuiible Drug
giilsi'terynhire. San l'ruiirirco. l,t, '64. ani;20m3
Mnmifnctiirc nml Dealer iu
In Ryan's New Urick, Jacksonville.
THE iindertlgned has leaied one of the
One store room in Ityun'a New llnck
Jfjv Ini'ldliig, for the inannfuc-jCtA
& tun and tale of mJJIervgfr
" and harnot He hat nowTr- -a
large and lino stock In store, to wlAsV h
will bo cou.Untly makls addlllunt and to
which he (iivlioi the attention or rortiur
patrons, and tbe public at large.
Keivllend) for Customers:
I(.,j imuiiht llirom (Kxij ant tliirt tuc).
Cuociml llmM, Uuiy llatimu. dVwal 1 aln(U.
HtnUh IMJIm, with nt pd rlftlne evfiipUla,
U.lla Ba.UlM, Jwkaj PJ.MI.S lUill-U;.,
I'nmtvniU, hurlngl W bljlul, VI.Im,
IIiUIm, Spun, ale.
The store will always be stocked with ai
larpe ami One on assortment acnn be found
un tlie coati, ouuiue oi can rrauciaco.
I1EPAIIIING attended to with ,
pruinpufM.uUfu a mariner to guarantee
jfiGivo.hlm a call.
Jackionvllle, Oct. 2fi, 'CI. octltf
First Premium
Awarded bv the Mechanic's Initltule Fair,
San I'raueltco, September, 1664.
Sporting EraporituB,
418 Watklngton tt., (near the I'oat-olHce,)
Sou Fruucltco.
Iniporttn of all ttatui of SforUug Taellt.
Constantly on hand guns from tbe first
makers in London. vl William Greener.
William Moore, Moore A Harris, IUdfern,
Hallls&Son.and all other makers. Alio
the best stock ol American Hides, 1'lMol,
and Carbines on Ibe Pacific Coast. vlt:Colt's,
Sharp's, Smith &. Wesson's. Remington's,
and all the latest pat". r Pittolt.
Sharp's, Wesson's. BallardV. pncer'f aad
Henry's Patent lircech-loadlng Rifles.
- Carlrldaes of all kinds constantly
on hand.
Ai'thorird agents lor Henry's Patent
Breech-loading IUV. oeta2m3
I?LODR AND PBODUCK taken in ex-
change for Merchandise. t
July 19--27 MAX MUIXER'8.
SUPEBD Photograph Albums can be
bad cheap, for cash, a J, Row's, oejt
door above Dradbury 4 Week.
- .
- AT-
Next Door te Sachs Ilros.
JNKUDER hot. flocked bis new ttop
with a large and valuable assortment O
lalctt styles and pattern or
Together with a .splendid lot or other
Ilreast-Pins, Brooches,
Ear-Rings, Finger Rings,
Lockets, liucklca, Clnaps,
Urncclcts, Sleeve Duttons,
and Scali;
Alan, onmplele sets of tncnmparab'e
-uLtxr-tsK iToTTtroXary,
manuracturcd fimn the rithrtt and most
beautiful spccimi-ns of Hold Hill and Fuw
Icr quurtz. ,
In addition to the chore, may lo fonnd
nt his store the beat qualities nf
And, In short, a gcnxrul variety of
N'lck-NncUa U Ftrnicf Articles
Alt uf which will be sold at i.or rBlcxs
mil) warranted.
REPAlRtNO.-Clocka. Watches an.W
Jewelry re pn I red with promptness, utid in
a manner to giinrniitn' satitlactlon.
MAUFACTURED lo order, nny ortl
cle ol Jewelry, with nrntnen and dispatch.
CSU Call and tec hit new stock, nt hit
new store, nit California street, next door
to Sachs Ilros., Juiksnnvillr. Oiegon.
Jucks.mville. IK-c. 17. 1802. tf
On. IlatJ. In hit "Journal of Health,"
rp"aktng or the death nl Wahlnglon Irrlnp
aka the above iiueatlon. ntid adds: "lie
mlpht well huvr n-maliitd with in for years
lo cume. bnd It not brrn for advice kindly
Intended, nn doubt, but plu-ti in Ibouglit.
letfueas and K-cklcM Iguurniice.
which, bysomr unjiidlclnu prcfcrlntion.bad
tmsu coiiverl-d Into an a.thinn. Who gnre
that prcfcrlptloti, or wlint It w, the out
IdoHorld may never know." I.ct me m
to Dr. Halt, that that 'prescription' was not
Pulmonary Syrup,
' for that la an article that d(ti not engender
j Ileal t dtriKiM nor II tt productive of aur
aothmoilo sff-ctionii. (Jr. the contrury, il
will cure tuch altvctlout; und at fur
I the world never taw a better remi dy, and
never will, until Nature prrwnlf mm- new
I. ..it.... ... ..e .. Lt.l. ... .. .f. li....t
l(i(,iiliviik wm ui nuivti iu rimir ii. i.uii
v iiiraiu iu me ii iriwiy. cterr nriicie in ,
It la from Nature't onn I.slai-alnry the
tntiiv to-day as they were a Ihou-and yi-nra '
I o alt valeitlated l tootlic, bval and ;
alrentbcu. There it no i
I Better Family Medicine !
Keep It In the bonne, ue It freely, clve It j
' lu your children upon the atlchlerl indlca i
tion of a cold, and von will think and sneak
j uf It aa all do that have U-come acjuiduted
with lit mrrllt.
REDlNtJTON i CO. Sole Afjcntt,
-IIG und 418 Front street. Sou Francleco,
uml lor tale by nil ItrnggliU. JuneM
OlSestr &-tojce ! i
Oppotlte Ive i, Illlger'f, California it.,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
. I ' TOYS. ' ' TOYS.' TOYS f 1
J. rtOW Inform the clt'znns of Jackson-
xtW? "aI ,,',e aWe generallv thai he bus
ua t,C" r"ra'e uU ,uWr,or
aCDCC4 jmutm
2 c
'StatloHarr & School-books'
- Prices to suit the timet. Call and O
; save your raoaey. J
noooooooooooooooo ooooooooeeoooooo.
A jr-rK'
ami Flue Aaaartincnt
of WJtJovv
War on liuml, tor
ooooooooooooooooo 0 ooooooooooooooo
A large collection of tbe latest aad best
Novels isr circulation.
Cheice Gree rruit
contlantly on rand.
Dec.19.18C3. J. ROW.
Pketegraphlc Axtlet,
(s prepared to take pictures iu every style
or the art, with all tho late Improvement.
If Pictures do not give satisfaction, no
charges will be made. Call at hit near Gal
lery, on tbe bill, examine bit pictures, .od
, tit for your llkcoese.
"WChe -'
State or Okkook, ExtcrrtTK Dir'T (
October 24th, 1864. (
Whereas. I have received a reaul'l'lrn
from Major Oeneral Invlu McDewcit. com
ma'idlne the Deparlmrnt of the 1'aclCe, ae
tine nndcr anthority of tbe War Department,
for one regiment or Infantry, lo addition to
the volunteers now In the service of tbe
United States, to sld In the enforcement or
tbe laws, supprem Insurrection rn I Inn s'on,
ami lo cnartlte tiostlle Indian! lu tills utlli-
taiTT district.
Now, therefore, I, Anntsov 0. Gmn, Gov
ernor of the State of Oregon, and cotnman-1
der-lnhlcfof the militia thereof, do hcrebr i
mil upon Ihecltlient of thla Sute to organ
ise tliemu'lvet lute eompsnlet lufflclcut to
till the forecolnir rraiiltitlon.
Ia witness hcrvor, 1 have hereunto
set my band, ar.d caued the sval of
L. a the Slate nf Oregon to be stilted.
Done at Salem, Ibis 24th dsy of Oc-
tobir, a. t)M IpRI.
Governor of Orecon.
Attett: Siuti;L E. II at, Secretary of
The MIowIhr It hereby promulgated :
The plan or recruiting and organising the
above furce, will bo at folluHa, until furthir
Dolltv l
The regiment will bu known as the First
Infantry, Oregon Yoluntctrt. Tlio Deld.
tlslT and lint oftlcers will be comtnbvlonod
by the Gnri-ruOr. The Slate will bo dlvl
did Into dlitriott, areording to the numUr
of ersniii In each district liable to do mili
tary duty, Whcu tuch district has furuUh
idltt quota of men. there will be no draft In
tbe rame, under thlt call. Each dUtrlct will
furnbh one company.
Coinmltsiont will be Uturd by the Gover
nor, tu company cOlccrs, coiidltlonid that
they thall recruit tbulr rr-rx-cthe cumpa
Dies, and bo n sdy to bu mu-lirrd Into the
service, within a time htrrarti r to be named.
A company rendi rvotn will be elabll;h
rtl at lume cuitral point In tach dUtrlct.nnd
II practicauie, recruits will be rctniiieu ttirrc
until the company It Oiled and ready lo be
muttered Into service.
The State hu provided by law for the
payment uf a bounty of $150 In State Inter
est bearing bondi parable tn gold lo each
volunteer, tuuitcnd Into the service, In ad
dltlon tn the bounties authorized to If pild
by the United Slntci (S-e lUtutn 18C3 4,
Tbe vregci of a soldhr tu addition are $1C
per month, herldrs clothing, tqulpment, ra
tiout, and allowances fitrnbhid by the. Unl-t-d
States. See Mtttitc 1SCH, page CC2.
The proper organlzitlou und strength of
a regiment Is at follow :
One (I) colonel, one (1) lleuttntnt colomt,
one(l) mnjur, one (I) adjutant ian extra
tenant), line (1) quartermmler (an tltra
lltuleuaiit), one (I) iiirgeuu, two (2) anlt
tanl turgiou4, uue (1) chaplain, one (I) ser
geant major, one 1 1 tregim ntalquarterman
tcr tergeaut. nno (I) j-cgimeiital cominlnnry
tergi-aut, and one (1) hunpIUl itvMarJ.
T"uc(mpauli-s luria a rtgtumit.
coMi'ANr or tM-ATt.r.
One (1) Captain, one (1) t lirutinsnt,
one 1 1 1 2d. lieutenant, ono (U lit. sergeant,
lour l-t) avrgcautt, eight iK) corporali, two
(!) inuilclaut, one (1 wagoner, alxty-lour
C.C4) prlvatci, minimum, and eighty-two (t2)
prliatet tnaz.muiu, bvtldvt the nun commis
sion! d uQIccrt.
Muilclans may be cnllttid lu each compa
ny, who will bt rated und ps'd as privates.
OlUir Slalct have filled, with comuroda
ble promptitude, every call that has been
made upon tbvtn. The people have a ttf
natural repugnance to a draft, under which
otery drulted msn mustscrreor furnlih a
iiibtllttur. Undtr It there mutt Ineillablr
be soinc cavs of avure but uicctsary bard
hip. Opportunity Is jiow given tu aiold
uch a drutt. The meu arc needed prompt
ly, and cr.ry cuuildeiallun of pulrlotnui
and uf Mate, local, and tierrotial p7de r
uium that vdu tvirm'nct pnmiilu, aid vrvtKUt
iipitvuily l.'u lutiiM tijiiting yUuniart. I
l no oruccrs or m cuu neitug me ino.i cam
t desire that the entlrdataieT.hould. void
itaft anneal to the tutilollo elllzi-na ,
. !M.ffTt. LX!l )t ,11 ? :-..m
cert and legal and naturiil renrix-nUtlics.
"" v .""-- J w" ""w - " ""
A guaraiaiit or tiiclr rlgult ami or llie.r lio:i.
or, it Is Incumbent upon you to rcPoud to
this apH-al by earue-tl und rucceoful uork.
Call tu your aid the atUlauce of tbeactlie
and luHnenlUl cllitcui of ibe oouuly, Let
every loyal citizen of the county uudiTiUud.
ami, it orfiiiie, tnauce rum iu realize mat
nertonai Interest
IT II " necetiMy.
lie lias an imroitiiaie auu
In the tucccit of your ttfor
call meeting! Iu yjur tcboul dlitrlclt and
bring the matle-r borne to ecry Inhabitant.
Kuiida will be nedid to pay etpuuitt, not
provided for by law. Lei auUcrlpllunt be
circulated la each county fur that purjKU-,
audprcH-rte a re-cord of Ibe names uf the
duiiort among the archives of the couuiy.
In hort, the Governor, upou whom tho re
ijulilllon Is made, expects, and juttly, that
yuu will respond to this cull uputi yuu llli
au cariicttte'i of purpoae which iball Innire
ucxen. Due nolict of lUodiatrlctiugorthe
gtatcwlllbe gitcu a soon as il cau be
tiackdn .......................... o
Jote'tibii.e. -5
l urry .................. o
Douglas ., ........ . 50
Coe 12
line ,.......................... of
linn ......... ............... ,iuu
Denton , 41
Polk 40
Marion 98
Clackamas 4'J.
a amhill.. ....... ... ......... -u
'J'lllumojk 3
Mulmomah ..12-
Wathinglon 43
Clatsop ....,....-. 7
Wasco nud Oroot 120
Umatilla , . , , 35
linker and Union 58
Sem-Wceklr lino of Stage from Jack
tenvilllc to Kerbyvtlle and Waldo, Or
egon, Leave Jacksonvills ctery
MeBday b. Tbunday, 4 A. J1
" Returning, leaves Woldo every
Tuesday & Friday at S P. "I.
Through ptssenrert will be furnished
with good laddU-horsM at Waldo, for
Crticent City.
Oct. 28ib,18Cs' octltf
why wlilTWsiHr
It It strange that to many persons Mill
suffer for years with disease, when thty can
be to readily cured. i
faas been eilsbllthcil tn fltn Francisco fer
ten years, and, during that period kas not
failed to effect a cure In a tingle cut that
I., i .i ... r
ur una unut-rinKeu.
Dr. Call, after a ttudy of forty years, hit
snececded In compounding a tuedtclnt of
riiiii.Y VKiiKTAm.it rxarPAno.v. that will
cure the worst cases Gonorbcca,Gleet,Strle
tnre, SypMII. Jmpotcncy.Skln diseases, and
all complaints arising from immoral prac
tices In let tlmo tin by any other known
process. vnniotT rxicnr to Tins srtTrii.
Dr. lUu.'s utrr nrusr. for the radical
cure of Weakness and Irregularities te
which so many Indies of the Fac-lDccc-ait are
subject, owing prlnelpaly to the peouliarilltt
of the climate. It ibe best preparation ytt
dlrcorcred by Ibe Medical r acuity, at thou
sands that have nstd It can bear testimony.
Dr. IUl.t. is ko Qvack ; be Is a regularly
educated physiolan of forty years standing,
and hot a diploma which be would U pleated
to thow to thue who may with lo tee It.
Persons living at a certain dlttance, and
lendlns a description of their complaint,
can bare their medicines put up In a package
and lent by mall or express. In such a rasa.,
tier as not or.ly to sevurc fetj in Iranillu,
but so that uo person would iupect what
are tbe contents.
Uffcrcuccs lent by rnal to those who nay
with lo Inquire as lo the Doctor's ability
before placing themselves In his cburgt,
ff Address A. IIaix. M. D., 3!a afOBt
gomery street, San Fr50lsco.
fSr Couaiiltatlona, either perianal or by
1-tter, FREl- JySOmS
Now ! Now ! ! Now J
Dttween New State Saloon and Bradbury
,V Wndu't, Jacktonrlllt,
Host Cigars and Tobacce,
C ! Js.03B.i3e,2K" '
Mr. Krntrer havlnj rmrchsted lh nsw
store one door south of Itradbury ,V ITsdt'a,
calls the attentlou of the public lo bit coin
plctoilockof imokliigandchewlngtobteeo,
Alto lo hit various brands of cigars, from
tho common balf-ipattb to the most fra.
grant llaranu. All told at the most liberal
You can I best supplied with any arti
cles la hit line, aud save money, by bItIdj
him a call. December 18. liGJ.
Slnndanl Sewing Mnclilno j -
or tiiic
Prom which nil ollirri derHe their vlUllty,
rt".u"r" W "ceiiw iu siown. rfr., id.
MIBIiiilliiwiliirtnaMtenKe. Bftoluillf
wl.br.tttl machines combine the de.1r.bfa
dualities of all olhet and will tew cotton.
ilk or thread with equal facility from tbe
Iblcknetf of tine nui'llu in harness Iratbr;
they run llg'-t and rapid; make a ueat lock
ftlteh, allk" on bolu sides; never drops
atltcbet: wilt gather and t-w on at tbe same
time. Tlier are verr slrotde. eaillr uadtr-
itood and managid; are durable, belag of
K'"1 ''" " f !'' wrcbanrim,
"j'00 eorrecl at,a leullflc mechanical prln.
Family toacblue baa no equal. Itdesstbe
entire range of work la the moil approved
manner. Price 00 GO, with tlxtaret
complete; and wltb cap to cover Iht ma
cblne part, locking tienrely, $Ge OO.
Price of the "A," pearl Onlt'ied mathlat,
with oip, S73 00; Leuvr "II ' light mana
lactirog machine, HA 09, aud with cap,
170 OOi Letter "C," heavy matiufaeturlng ,
price tU GO; 'D,"cyianlermacblutl$lU
"E." large cylander loscblne, H0,
j We ul.o tmve for i alo tbe Improved Little
uiani macuiae jiyj lucitw liuianam-,
ehlue 513.
No. !i, Moutgomiry Street,
Ssn Kanclo,
Sole agents for the Pseinc Coait.
SiiiiPiuiioUtQJ)ct.ti I6CI. octlimt
Sachs Bros
Which will be Sold at a Great
Pacrlllce. SACHS I1ROS.
lOUsolHtioa Notice.
NOT! CE U hereby given that the co-partnership
heretofore existing between II.
Judge and J. F. Zicineiruao, in tbe har
ness and saddle makisg busioeM, if tbit day
dUsolred by notnal conseot, j. F. Zim
merman will receive all debit due tbe tsid
firm, and alto the debit due Ilcsry Judge.
Tbanltlog our fritndt for the liberal patron
age bestowed, ire subscribe emrtieirt
The upderIgned would also notify the
public that be will ttill continue to do bw
laes at tbe old eteud, and solielts a contltv
uauee of former patronage.
JacktonvllU- Oct M 'Ci in
it 7
, i
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