Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, October 22, 1864, Image 2

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iTmr VI7I '
J. SI. HITTOST, I'.rtllor.
To tub cniCAcr axo ranvAmcv ok yoiii
Union, a Gotkiixukxt ron tub wuoms is
0CT.2.1, 1SG1. 1
i miiiii.iiiii. iwi
K. V. Unwell, general agent Tor Oregon,
and Idaho Territory.
Jj.l'. Fisher. SanFianclrcoCsl. ,
J..I. Knonlton&Co ....do...... .do.
yTim ,aTI ." 'Xa do'" 1
V. II. lltnlnw Itock 1'olilt do
Thoraai Croxtou Crovlons Illcglns do
Wm. Splccr, lump-Olt-Jo do
Gov.GlbbJ I't.rllind do
D.M.Thompson Albany do
W. M. Kvans Mthouso do
Thomas Can- do do
Thomas P. Floyd kerbyvlllo do
8. W. Sawyer do do
I). 1'. Anderson Phoenix do
D.M.G.(i.uiII , d do
A. Ireland Myrtle Creek do
(!co. I,. Dean Klh-nbiirg do
Theodrlr Cameron Union Town do
James V. Walton Hoccburg do
Miss Ualtln Hunter Ungue Itlver do
1.. W.Sulllns l-'ort Klamath do
Blnjtcr Herman, of Canyonvllle,gc ncrnl
Agent for Douglas County.
Tiik Issn:. The National Union Com
mittee have laid down the following dis
tinct platform a tho huuo of the fortlicoiii
lug Presidential contest :
Abraham Lincoln.
For Presidential Electors,
.TAS. T. UAZLKV, of Douglas county.
II. C. OKOUOK.of Linn county.
OKOUOK L. WOODS, of Wusco county
.Senator iNtnltlt'a Position,
Wc noticed In Ihe J, run of Oct. 17.li,
n long letter, purporting toiiavoueen writ- 1
Irii liv llili llonorubli) L'rntleman. di-finint? 1
MinoillloiioiillidlMUMuriliflilar. Jlr.
Neimltli's position socm to bu this: I
lit, He Ij In f.ivi-r ola more vigorous I
prosecution of II1I1 war, and objects to. Mr,
Lincoln because he has not iucrcared
promptly aud overwhelmnlng the Union
iirmlw, by a vigorous eufiircemriit of the
draft throughout the North. Ho wauls n
more vigorous prosecution or the war,
larger armies, mid more general and wide-
spread war desolation In the territory of
Southern rcUU, und lo occomplitli this
end, lias goiiu Into close oCQliation with
such patriot! m ValhiiJixham, Yooihta,
7jiif, U'ootl, Ic Co. A plain man might
think that such associations wiro in direct
conflict with the object bought lo be recur-
ri, but we big all 10 dIsmi.siuclinoujvn-.e,
n,l nnl mil lln-lr tmlrmenl. I,. n,.nn.l,l..n
-.. j-- ...... -A 't'1ltVfl
lo thatofa LuiU-d olales senator! I If
a ChrislaUi, in order to uccompluh the bu
nlgu purposes o( Clirislbiiily, becomes au
Atheist, although old graales may not see
the logical connection betwteu the means
and the result to be stcurcd, yet we pre
sume that the keen perception of u Sena
tor would at onco apprehend its logical
consistency aud harmony 1 Hah! j
'2ii, Senator Ncstnilh fu'ly Justifles 1
what Ij called by way of opprobrium ar
bitrary arrests, and cltilun that ilcUlcllan
the author of this policy; that he iui-
ld it by tha arrest of the ilanlaml
Iislatorc. This, wo ore led to iuhr, is
ot the uuiii reasons upon which the
ttor rests his belief that the war will
lore vigorously nroseciiled if McCfel.
iU't U elected, limn it would be by the
w4w wi 1 .jvuwi, ireaigo lympaiuiz
uudcr the General's admlulstratlon.
Id not bo permitted lo spout (heir Irea
the loyal North J Well, this Is re-
e ivg, lo bo sure. Uut how do onr
D jocrntic. fiieuds la .this uad Josephine
Liy (iko tub prospect r
1, The Senator thus expresses Us
ton of the Chicago platforms "The plat-
Mi adopted at Chicago, comlsts ol
3(i and glittering generalities, calculated
; lor the purpose of catching votes, aud
.' fccepUulo of diirerent coastructlons."
' is a plain confession that the plat-
iii)va3 fornwil for the purpose of deccp
ml frauds that its -ambiguities arc
' ibo result ol ae?t4f n(, but of premrdl-
W 0slgo. Its object, fays our Senator,
h to catch votes, and benco to veil the real
iutentlooi of Its authors. Is do: this a
tiii; oraii
nielancholly confession lor me icmocrncyr
'I'Iipv stand convicted, on Ilia testimony 01
n distinguished ronvcrt, of n formcil nml
! executed design todiceivc and defraud the
American- people.
Wc call upon homst men to como out
Irom tlio associations of socli politicians,
leit they become occomplices In o deliber
ato and premcd'talcd nltempt to defraud,
delinuncli and defclvo.
Lincoln niul flic Mcxlcnu War
It Is frequently and curtly said liy Cop
perheads, In jollification of their "not n
man and not a dollar" policy, tlmt It Is ho
worio for Democratic Congressmen to volo
agalml nippllcs for tho Union anny, than
It was fo' Lincoln to oto against furnish
Ing supplies for our eoldlcra In tho Mexican
war. The best answer to this clincher Is,
that It would be n better one tf II was true-
nut It Is not Jinic, and every man at all
I A.IM.1 It. il... 1.t.1.iltvfl l.t.lni-i- nMhn ratltl.
try Jtnwi tt Is not true. In the rtebilea lie-
JUllll in iuu ivrtir,"", ....--. -.- ---"
t con-Douglas and i.iucuin, in inc ceicurn-
"' Senatorial contwt In the State of III..
nol, at Charleston, In ha Sla elurc
Iht-y had a discussion, Mr. Douglas nude
ihiirrmarkt "If Mr. Lincoln's course on
l!l0 jMcftn wnr VM not accordance
'"' nfl,lon" of I""'''"" nJ ?
to our caoulry, as ngulnit n pulille enemy,
Ileavoynu In ascertain the facl-i''--pge
HO, debate. Mr. Llueoln rcipstitlcd lhu:
Judge Dough", lu a general way, llliuiit
pulling It In a direct shape, revives tho old
charge against me, lu reference lo the Mm
lean war. He does not take the rcsponil
blllty of pulling It In n very dJflnllo form,
but makes n general reference lo it. He
knows, too, that In regard to the Mexican
war story, the more respectable papers of
his own parly, throughout the Bt ite, have
been compelled lo take II back, and ac
knowledge It was a lie."
Mr. Lincoln, then and there, called upon
lion. 0. It. I'lcklln, n Douglas Democrat.
uho was In Congress nl tho tlmo Lincoln
I was, and I'lcklln stall d to the nmlUneu
(hat Mr. Lincoln always voted for tho sup
plies sec page 10H, dehatcx. Judge Doug
las, Inn sp-ccli made mbiiicnlly, at Al
ton In said Slate, thus explained tho gener
al charge made by Llm ai Charleston. "I
never charged him (Lincoln) with voting
agatnrt the supplies In my life, lieoaure 1
Jlnw he was not lu "emigres when limy
were voliil. The war was commenced on
tbu 13th day of May, IMG, and on Hint day
wo appropriated In CoiigrrM ten million of
dollars, and flfly thousand nun, to prott
culclt. Durlug the seme session wo otcd
more men and more money, to lliat by tho
time Mr. Lincoln entered Congrrss we had
enough men and 0110113b money lo carry on
he war, and hail no occasion to volo for
more" see page 230 debates. So much
for this Copperhead tlandcr. What licit.
Tito Gram! It ally .Saturday.
Ou lull Saturday, the Union men of this
-county held ono of the largest and most
enthusiastic meeting In Jacksonville, that
J lui been witnessed here for years. Judge
WlllUms uddrcixd the meeting for near
three liourj, yet every ono present would
1 L'ladlv have llilrncd to him an hour lonccr.
u wa, one of the most able and convlno
l"T wc; ever delivered In this count.
and completely brokn tho bark-bone of the
Democracy, do where you may, you can
- "l0 "S"" of dl,r Imprlnlwl
on their face. Several members of tin
McCMIan & IVndlelon Club lure diclnr
vt fbr Lincoln aud Johnson, and many
more who hare t.crctoforo bit n lukewarm
have become enthusiastic for the Uniun
At night Ihe streets were lit up, and 0,
Jacobs addrrstMil an iinmeute audience in
front of tho I-hpmdt Oflke; after which,
Judge Williams made some telling remarks,
which were cnlhnslattlcly rrcciu-d.
The Jacksonville 1 1 rasa lUnd, and the
Lincoln k Johnson (ili-o Club, were prt-s
cut. and added much to tho tntfrfulnnunt.
Kvrrvlhtni; went oil in the but nosslble
tittvlt Willi ttii PTf-i-nrltHi nf nn np I it A.
- "m nm 0,H or 0,wf- "W 0B "'av-
. OJl COUrlCOUl UWIllier.
Ariiitiiaiiv Powkr. As a specimrn of
the unnarruntublc asi-uinplion of poner on
the part of Ihe President aud hli Cabinet,
and which nt the simo time displays the
modesty of "Young Napoleon," Ihe hero
of the Chickahnniluy, wo will ipiotc from
pago 218, of MvClellan's Iteporl of the
Army of the I'otomse, us follows:
If I nm reinforced ns 1 ask, nnd am ol
loan to lake my oini coiiivc. I wilt hold
myulf rcspoujlblo for the safety of Wash
iugiou. Nolwithilnndlng thh ovtrwhclinnlng
eurlly, the President and Cabinet J id not
smn to tee it in that light.- What an as
sumption of power was there displayed
The wholo executive department of tho
Government refusing to bo governed by
the great "Young Napoleon." Full well
Ihcy knew lhat he was a man of truth and
honor, and would have made it all right,
even If the rebels had taken Washington,
although, forsooth, they did oot exactly
see how he was going to do it.
That Hox.-We received by exprew,
on last Wednesday evening, n box of mag
nlBeent opplcs and pears, from our old
friend, Jimmy Twogood. Por particulars,'
sec his letter In another place, Snfflco It
to say that it was the finest fruit of the
season, for which the generous doaor bdi
our thanks.
Salku, September 21st, 18G4.
Received by the hand of Harrison I).
Qatman, 82Q9 in currency, and .823 60 In
colu, contributions from the patriotic, peo
ple ol Jackson county, lo t)ie Sanitary
Kitoheu. Fmba U, DAVKsroRT
Sup't Sanitary Kitchen.
,Oin.,l 1
,18W. I
c...;.;.o l,n nnv you -blow
about big apples through the Skntixki..
one would Imagine there wn no valley but
that of Uogue Itlver In Southern Oregon.
.,-, . ii.ii. ..11. .r 11...... '..t. 1. mm.
plc.ely Ignored, and -kli out In the cold." i
Nowfslf, we can beat your mammoth p-
Ouavk CnRKK, Josephine Co
Oct.lStli. 1
pic, for we have one-ralml on lids ranch nrrcstnl on suspicion or iwiug engugcu in
-that measures Ifljf Inrhrs. This puts telling gtiiMli to bloefcide-rnniifrn.
me In mind of n Utile Incident: A darkey Cincinnati. 27th.-Tho Cmmninrt
had caught n fine basket of Irout, sml Nashville dispatch, says communication
markcil It wllh the 9 spot or diamncds. ' has been opfned with Shermm. Ifc was
Another pheler, In his obacncr.ramentAnp nt Tlllon, nine miles snulli or Dallon. Sat
tn, tt.n in.nf,i nml lonk ll. lTnnn thai ! urdav nt noon. Hood Ivft Dullon on Sun
principle, wc will try and take jour big
npploMn out of tho wot." Yon will also
dhlilrcr by the contents of this bo.x, that
we are some on pears. Our peaches and
plums were like unto the vulu Little Grsivo
Digger nipped In the bud.
Yours truly, Jas. ILTwor.ooi).
'' -w..sr- ..- -- - .-
1'IUESIX, Ogn, Oct. 18th, 1BCL I
Mr. i:,lVvt.-l write Unit y,,n y I " ,l0nw ,, fll 0r pr.nWons, and lie
know what we are doing here. U have j hefo nfc h p M m lw ,,
an organized Linen!., .t Johnson Club ol wth ,,,,, m,0J u nt
about sixty inrmlseri. and It Is Inre7''"f rullahomii. stnd Schotleld at Chattanooga,
all the lime. On our last club nty,', 0. . prWnlc (mn ,,, wltrcM My
Jacobs. l.p, made an nddr.w,whcU-ra .irdv,eventn-. Hood's nrmy
forcible, strone and unanswerable. He
proved that the "Arbitrary Arrests," ru
much spoken of by Copperheads, wcro not
In violation of the Constitution, but sus
tained by tho decision of the Supreme
Court Taney, Chief Justice. Ho nlsn
proved that Lincoln's Administration had
but ono object lu view, and that was set
forth in hli Imugurat address mid tils first
McsMgo to Congress. He mnda urgu
incuts against the much-talked of uimlsllce
lhat would Turn nny thinking man, unless
he beset in n copper ease.
Wc aro trying to iimko tho light lo
shine Ir. all Uio dark places," and we -nrr
meeting with coitsiderublc success. Our
club mrcts every Saturday night.
Yours .tc, Asnrrs.
In the last number ol the lUvitir, wo
find what purports In be news frcm ull
parts o( the Slate, telling of tho large ac
cession to the Copperheads. Union men
will noil jnbt "unlltf uudibry" whin they
read the fallowing :
An old friend In Jnekionvllh' writes:
"Wcari'Just swiTpIng thliigi lure. Ymi
will Imi nirprrsiil lo Iniir ll-at Judge Hay
den Is lur .McCliltun, and Ike Hollies unvi
usa gnml Demociutlu talk Ihe other day.
ami Doir! Is likiwho with us. I could
name ph-nnly more who have come over
from the lKmkj, but the polls will tell tho
Here In Jackson county these names nrc
sung In our ears from eight o'click In the
mottling, until eleven o'coek nt night, and
couilltuto the bulk of Copterh-nd converts
In the county. While on the other hand,
we have not n claimed u Judge, nor on ex.
Hepresentatlve ; but among thrrpitet.peac
cable citizens, a truuciiduous reaction Is
taking place.
tki.gqimi'iir n to jAiKsojtvn.i.K locftti-.rn.v
Wcduetilay's TJispntolt.
New York, litis. UttaUV Po'oinuc
correspondent says I ho u cununhmncc wsi
made, last Thursday, by two divisions of
ihe lOih corps, under Torrey. They went
to tho right of our riglit whig, and .qfler I
advancing some ditlunco down uniting the
rvltl pickets, tlipy continued on on the
Darby town road, which runs up to Mich
nmnd. They had not gone far, when Ibey
were met by opmsltion iliiriuisbtrt.niid
pressing ou, our men found llirniitlvra in
front of n new and formidable line of works,
strongly garrUoned by I look's nnd l-'leldV
divisions. This wan an important discov
ery. Tlieto woiks have been built since
the battle of Sept. 20, and aro iloigmdlo
supply the place of those taken from the
enemy. The rebels npcmil on our men,
aud a severe fight ensued. Gen, Terry
inude an assault on the fortifications, but
deeming it impossible to lako them with
tho force at his disposal, und having satis
factorily accomplished his design, returned
to camp. AS soon as our troois commenc
ed to withdraw, Ilia rtlnls sallied out and
allnpLpil llim lull ivrM Bvrplt, r,tnla.l
iMi.-i. ...... .i ii ... ' .V1.1.1..
i inir uran nun nguiiuni wvru iuichiv
strewn over the ground. After thst-our'
force. allol . rMurn u.0lHir.l
A orllon of Ihe Army of the Potomac
Isso near Ihe south side of the railed
Ilmt Ibc-lroop, can hear tho Irafe. pv.sT
The report of Gen. Asbothe's expedition
report of Gen. Asbothe's expedition
Js confirmed. The General had his knee.
Iione broken, and his Kit arm fractured iu
two places.
A cavalry expedition, under Gen. A. T
Lee, captured Clinton, La., Oct. Oth, with
thirty prisoners, including rebel Provost
Murshul of lint District j also a considera
ble quantity of stores aud ammunition. ";
The expedition sot from Roding, Mis
elaslppj, composed pf colored cavalry and.
Infantry, reached .Fayfettc oo the 2d, ood
captured COO head ef cattle, and a large
number of horses aud mules.
The cavalry expedition to Port Gibson
eapturcd N, J. KIloU, formally U. 8. Sen
ator. Cairo, IClb. Letters from New Orleans
slate that a rebel mail Iwa been captured,
containing full returns of fgrceaon tlw
west sldii of tho river, and n letter -from
tho Governor of Louuwua to the Uoafrder
ale Gevernnenl, recomnwuding the arming
of neirrocs
ii.. ,-L ....
Ualtimore, l7tb.-Tkrc was o great
ure, by military uuthorllu, or several inrgc
ImsIneSS llOUSCS. nnd clojlni lllCnt Up,
Is-aaid they nro cngigcd b conlrnbuml
lirado with rebel.
Washington, 1 .111. .v nunpier m ur,
nnrtils ami shoo stores were closed today
eLl today.-
by military authorities, and n guard plaml
over them. Tim prlnclp .U nd clerk wcr,-
duy, moving In tho direction of ttrhlgc-
port. Shermans command was moving
iu Ihe same dlncltoii, tloic on tils rear.
No battle been fought, bill ut last accounis
one was prut ly certain. Hood hud nearly
hj wholo nnny with lilm. Sherman ia
lno days' ratioiu nt Atlanta. KnuxvtHc '
has ubundant provisions for n six months' j
. K .. ,,,,,,.,. .... (Jrtvsrnmeut
"wni between Dillon nnd Iifayclle, making
for tho latter place, wllh Sherman pursu
ing Mm closely. 1'rnnilnciil gentleman
say that Ilood'ts last move places' Mm rx
nelly In tin1 position dilml by Sherman.
Thursday's Dispatch.
San Prancisco, 18lh. Tho fi)!lowlug J
prlvule dispnlcli was ricelved, in answer to
one sent yeslenl.iy mornlnj::
New Yotkt17ih. llslS p. m.-To 11.
W. Ciirpentf r Tho vole of lNun.ylvo
nla IsjuU iibout even. Probably nboiit
1,000 .Union majority. The vole In the
army Is four flllhs Union. Probablylho
Union majority will bv 10,000.
(Signed, HniiAUK Ohkki.y.
'Philadelplilu, lOlh. Dispatch (mm
Uarrlsburg snys ofllchil returns from M
cnnnlle, show o Democratic guluoflG,
,'l(in. and n Union gain of 2, 'J (10,
over the
(Inlicriiulurlul vnlc oflBG.1. Thin ixce.
dcilucled from the Union umjoiliy uf that
yi-iir, leavm n Union tiiiijorlly of l.U.lt).
with the counties ol Clnrron, Forrest, Jef.
I fersoii, .Merirr, Yenniza, Wyoming mid
j Yoik yet lo hear from. In IHtill, thisi-
coiinlh gavo Woodward a Democratic
tiiMJorlly of 2,efl5.
Memphis, Kith. Hcbi-ls lu large force
again thrcalrnlng llilscily. They are iibout
four miles writ. A portion of the Mem
phis an,d Charleston nmd his been torn tip.
List night nil clthvn were under arms, an
iT'putlng an attack. The nbvl force Is
vaiiuusly esllmatetl nt from fhr to eight
Ihouisnd. ll Is sapposid by some tl.nl
this Is only u feint to cover movements in
Cincinnati, lOih. National Pence Con
vention met here yesterday wllh clil
doois. Fifty iK-hgatis were prcw lit. A
commltlt on renlulloin was appointed,
and the Cotiventlor. ndjuirnrd. Il It iimlvr
stood lliat indfpeniK'iit Pii-sidential noin
Inatlom will be made.
Peace eotivenllon In-day iIIkiishiI the
report of Ihe committee on resolutions, '
which was adoptul. The p'ulfotni do-
dares for peaer on the bash ofKiviclgnily
of hlntt-s. Il com!
M, ,. , , , I
ndrim the Chlcgo con-
is McClcllaii, and cull
veiitiou, repudial
for n convention of Stales to settle our
difficulties. Ling, of Ohio, and Singleton,
of Illinois, are spoken uf ns candidates fur
tin Presidency nnd Yice Preildeucy.
Iiulvlle, Kentucky, lBsh. Much ex
citiinent prcvulls throughout the country
respecting the raid being nudo'ln Western
Ky. It was the intention lo rcoccupy
MnylUld this morning, but during lnl
night Information was received of Ihe prob
ahle udvunce of a large rebel force In that
section. Report siys that Forrest Is nt '
Corinth, hating crowed Ihe Ttnncstee, rlv
er ut Tuictimbia, on Ihe I Otli. living hard .
pressed liy Federal cavalry, he Iut a
lnrwl Visit IIP lili.n lirtrasi it nil nsim Om. '
q.. ,.,,,j -., iivirt tii Ml (lift win-
naiuoai on wn.cn we rcneis were crowing
sunk, drowning n number of men and
horiy. In a speech to Ms Kentucky
troops, a few days since, Forrest told Ihem
he was going lo free llicir State aud make
the people vote right In the coming dec-
i Hn.
lledford addressed bis force no the
.j., .-.., , ,
"'"' ' ' n,s "'1' "' "" l"
" W, ,h",'",H V"lfr Of Uenll.cky Were
being misled by the Federal Generals and
j1'0 "MS" " ,to ?P ' , 1n , ,.
L,Var, ,)''' ' W "',,n,0"'1 "'.-
fthk " l0 J" li7 I us morn-
ng, from n Kconnoisaauco lo Iloonville.
Glasgow Is garrisoned by five or six hun
drvd men. A reln-l force ol-four tliuiipum
uutK-r Clark, attacked Utussgnw, while ten
thousand more, under Shelby. sheJUd the
town from the opposite side of the liver.
The rebels lost from 2 to 3 hundred kill
cd and wounded, Col. Harding surriuder.
ed Ihe place, en condition tt.nl his men be
paroled and furnljlud nu escort through
the rebel Hues, the oQlcvrx retaining their
side arms nnd horse. Quai)trc and Jack
man were" In the rebel army, Price en
eofoped ot Marshal, Lafayette county, on
the night of the 16th, and occupied Ihe
country between lhat nlaco and Le.vinglOn.
tile talks confidently of regaining the Slut -.
Says Jaeknian and others enlist lurgeHiim
tiers of recruits north of the Mtrtouri riv
P' New York, 1 Oth.-, Herald's special from
vfHKuoouuKu, oo 101 il, snys Hn'rinuirs
army still in llm vicinity- of Vllhtnow.
!,,s retreailnix on Muriivrvll e, 15
mi,ea """'"'"l r Vlllonow. They re
; 'iProl lo be falling back loiyardi the
Illuc Mouiitolw.
sensation nere loiray. cnuso. . ... .-
MmM,jl'i""'ll' TZZZ!
Mf Mother.
Ah I deiirct Molln-t , thon rtrl tf me,
Nu moie oilearlh (by Hico l'll'i-cu i
Thy nliH-ncq mnWfe in "'l """l l"n,,
For r..M.yJo1.avtfB:.uu with thee.
And thou ..mil ""'"'SrtriSl.vrf,
To dw on r h -da k. drc si
I Tl.r ilv. nri nnst. lllY Work 9 llOIU'i
Thine earthly pilgrimage Is o er.
Yet, still, I would not call Ihe back,
To bo again with carus oppresM-d,
Kor well I know thy fainted soul -Hath
found, at lat, Its long sought rest.
Could I've sll btfkliltf thec, day nml night,
When wasting idokneM bowed thy frame,
And wlluc'fcd to lire farlhcnst verge
That the lamp or faith still burned the same.
I know lhat Ihou hast gone lo dwell,
Where tears no more will llll thy cyis,
I-'tir when thy spirit left Im'clny,
Ily faith t'was faced up to llic skies,
Aud yet, memory lingers o'er
Each former sco-.ie of chlldMi glee,
W'lu-n I thy fotidcarvs'rssharid,
Vint you was all the world tome.
I seem to live my llfo anew,
l-'nrgt my loll, my p.itn. nnd enrr,
And fi-el thou nrt my Mnlher still,
And I thy lender love ktlll Hhare.
I lancy ot I hear thy video,
And feel ihy hand upon my brow,
Kor I seem lo fcvl thee near,
My friend mid guardian m.gnl now.
llul when lliht mnrl.il frnmo dlsrnlves,
My soul to brighter worlds shall rlre,
And bid ndleil to nil In-low,
And join thee, Mother, In the sklc.
Jacksonville Ogn.
Oiikoox Sk.ni.inku Wc wcru favored
yesterday by n call from Henry Dcnllngcr,
Kstp, Into rdllur of the exn-lleut Union pa
lter, Ihe Jiicksnnvllh- Skxtinki,, which he
conducted with nbllity, dignity und great
usefulness to the cnine of freeilom. He In-
fi"'1' ,0 locnte In Northern Oregon, where
he will iliiervo Ihe rrsptct of all the fricmls
of the Union ."?.'. I'frg.
Those who win " b'g nintuy" nl the com
liig rueii", nnd il.slio to Invist somonfll
lu goml "bill nnd board," should npply nt
the Frunen Am-rlcnii lb'slnnrntitnnd Ho
lei, where Ihi-y will receive every nttenllon.
Jll.TKIi I'roin rnttiu came, iiukiinwu tons
Ihe Ittviwe hns cea id coming to us In ex
change. We scarcely know hw lo gel
along without IhU excellent Secession sheet.
I'Atmr M.m.onk has mndo his appoarnnci
In Ihl vicinity don't know what he's aflvr.
but expect he'ii going lo start another dally
paper iu Portland.
Tim N V JXty .'& oitip brnvcly up to Ihe
suppnrl nf McCb-llaii nnd l'c.idlt-lon. Artmi
What a cruiber lhat mi Ihe Union par
ly only think, the Jhy llvok coming ovir
I)c not mAiithropu's Utter, on Ihe out
side uf this week's pnptr.
Thanki to Dun. J. l) l-'ny, for Legldatlie
-On Mnmlny, Oct. tilh. IHSI. lu Juektoi
vlllo. l.- IT .rl . HaVln .J . 1..M. A. Hum
tano, to Mlts Hki.k.na Hi-m, nil of Jucktoi
Tho Skntixki, cnrpi ncknowb dges n mil
nlllce.it supply ol cake and wine, and all
nulla In wlililnc Ihe happy pair health and
happiness for a hundred yearn lo conic.
A Caul.
Till. Is lo certify that uue Junior II. I'ool,
for and lu con.hlurntlon of a certain tract of
land, sltinted wllhto the corporato limits of
Jnckrouvllle, gave me (wo promissory nnten.
each for two hundred dollars, nhleli note
ho pledg-d me on his word and honor as n
man, In the presence of Win. Iloflmriii, Clerk
i - v "" "" --v " ""
uf lliU f-Aiinli- lliitt lift u-mil.1 ,.av It Mnl.l
and silver coin. Tho dwd for the Inud wn
executed by me on the faith or lhafproinlw
and Mr. Tool, on Tiuiduy of this week, paid
said notes In greenbacks nt pur. I submit
the fads lo tho public so tlmy may know
,vnrtl eoiilhlcnco lo place In the honor of Mr.
Jacksonvllla Oct. 2 1st, ltd.
Albany, Linn county, Oregon. oci22ll
First Premium
Award! bv tho Meohnnlc's Iimtllute Fair,
Ban Francbco, September, IHH.
R. LID3DLB 8c CO.,
Sporting Emporium,
IIS Wellington it., (near the l'ost-offlce,)
San Frauelfco.
Impoitirt of ull tlathti of Sportiug Tinkle
Conilanlly on hand guiw from thn fir.t
makers iu London, vlw Villlam Greener
William Moore, Moore & Harris, Hedfern,
HulllitBon. ami all oilier niaVup. Abo
the lct stock ol AmerlcHti Uilles, l'lstuli,
n ml Carbines on tliu raclllo Coast, via; Cult's,
Shurp'c, fiinlth i Weuon'i. Remington',
nml al tho latest pali-nU of Pistol.
HlmrpV, Wesson's. l)allaid. .S'peneer'a aad
Henry's Patent Urcveb-lnqillng mile.
a Cartridges of nit kinds conilaully
on band.
Authorized DRf-nla lor Henry's Patent
llreechlyudiiig Rdle- oct22ui3
' Bradbury SWaHe,
Cnllfornin St., .TncUsonville,
Wholesale Retail
Dcnlrrn lit
Clotliing, Boots nml Shoc!,
Groceries, llnnlwnrc,, Irini
mill Steel, Agrlcultnrnl nml
niiniiic Impleiiicnti, 11
qnorR, Qneenswarc, tlnu
M'nrc, Cdnl OU Tnmiis niul
Clitmncy, Tolincco nnd
Cigars, StntlonniTj Pliote
Kraili AIbuuij Ciirtc UoVlw
ete, titc.
IN addition to iiMtal slock wc M" how re
ceiving lnr Hlilpmcut, niliracltig a
complete nssiirtiiient In nil nf the hbnre
clasAes. These gnnds were selected in Hnn
t-'rancifco with great cure, by a member of
our flnn who ha hail n rcsiUcncenl thlr
tienyeiiM In .S'lmtberu Ompn, auiPVrclt
knnwn the wniils of this locality,
CuuhMciit thnt we cannot be unilepnliWiy
any kuusc In Jaok.-ion counly..w pleilgd
mir patrons thnt our prices chall be
"Choap as tho Cheapest."
Thanklna nnr'fonner pnlrnns
r imlrnni Tor Ihe u-
....km l..t..t..r..f. i.vl..,i,ltil lit mir It.liM. ..
would repecllully solicit u coiitlnuauce of
their patronage?
so rttoi'Jiu: w snow coons.
Call and give 11.1 your l$r nnd fnis a
Jack.onvlllu. Ogn.. Oct. IS. 'OUwXlM
T 11 V.
Stnndnrd Sewing Machine
or Tiir
From which nil others tli-rlv Ihulrtllallty,
All olliers pay llreusu tu llimv. Jr., llm
original liiveiiiopuinl iMteiiteo. Tln-sv Jimtly
celi-bniU'd machines coi'ibtnn ttie derlrnbfo
ipliilllleirull otlnTMilol wilt n-W cotlnn,
silk or tlinwl with eiiual raetlliy from lint
lliltkne.H r line inii.lbi lo harm liulh-r;
tln-y run UkmI and mpldi make u m-iil lock
llleh. nliki- on bold sides: never drops
stileb-r: will gather uud i-eiv nti nt the. nine
time. Tln-y uro very simple, i-nlly under,
flood nnd tiinnnged; nro diirablo, being of
gri-itl tri-ngth nnd of Ix-riVcl im-clmnl-ni,
upon correct und teltiiitllle iiaeUiiuIcul jirlo-
l-'nmlly iiweliluo lm no vinn. U ile tb
entire ningo of work In lb- tnwl opprovid
nmiinrr. l'rleu- 800 00, with ,lulur
o-iiiipk-U'i nnd wllli t-ip tu covi-r Him ma
chine pari, locUIni; Hecurety, pCJ 00.
I'rlco ut the "A," m-urd lluUUol innttiliie,
wllh cap, $75 00; letter "IP HBht nwuu
lactiirlng maehlni. SOS 00, and with cup,
$70 Oil; Letter "U." heavy manufacturlnir,
price SKI Ull; !," eylunder machine, 1 13;
I"' large oy lander machine, $1 lu.
We nlu huvu Tor nilu thn Improved Utile
Glnnt nmehluo 5J0; IheNVw England ma
ell lue SI3,
No. It, Monlgum ry .Siu-el.
Sun I'uncbeo,
Sole a'genla.fur tho Pnclllo Coail, -
Son l-'rniicbco.Oot. H. IHU t. ikjI l.'itnj'
Inlmltablo Hair Retorative.
IT JS A'Ciy A Dl'K.
Hot rcMnrc grny hair tn its original color,
by supplying llm capillary tuln-a wllhjiat
urnl sustenance, luipalud by ngu or tll-i-ase.
All iiutnititiiitu ifyu nro eomsi-O
of Imi'ir tmiilic. destroying lln vitality and
beauty of Ihe hair, nml ntlnrd nf thcmshea
no drevlng, lli-liu-lrot-l' lulmllable col
oring not only ui-tnn-s Imlr to It upteral
color by m easy process, but gives the
promotes Its growth, prevent,-! Its faUlug
nlf, eradicates the dandmtf, nnd loiparts
health and plensmitnriM tn tlK'liend.1 'It baa
stood the tent nl time, being tho original
hair-coloring, aud Is constantly dikraailng
In luwir. Li.-d by Uitb gentlemen mid la
dle. It Is sold by all rcip'-aluble dealers,
or can be procured by them uf D. S. IUmmu,
Proprietor, New York.
Two sizes, fillo. and $1. enw','4yj
Smith A Davih. of l'orllaml, Aenu.
Thine bitters are highly r llnd, gralcfill
to ihe taiie, warming, sUmiflullugt ciud lu
vlpornllng to the dthilltatcd tem. .Tbojr
nro a thoroughly m-'iltoiiK-d compounil.
powerful and concentrated, and luive'lieen
brought In their present lutu of pt-rfietlou
by nearly twenty yours exjivrleiioe, and area
beyond questluu, ono uf the Jm-1 remi-dle.
for all dlseasca of the t)Igo-tlu organs.
Where the system lias tieen rvducrtl by Fe
vert, etc., they will prove one of the most
vultm'ilo auxilUrK-x (or a spevdy an,d perma
nent restoration to health and streu'glh.
I'rlcu SI) cents per bottle. For sale by
nil drnggl'ts and (iroci r. ootn'inS
Jacksonville, Oregon..
rpilB undersigned, altir making hi host
JL bow lo his (rleuds sml patron', takes
pleasuro In nnnoniiclntr that fur .their spe
cial edllicatloii ).u will glvu n Ull, Mt.lho
U, S. Hotel, on Tueed.iy, Uio ,1st oNiy,
November next. .. i-.;f.
A general Invitation Is cxtcr.di-d. I
rickets-l-'lve Dollar.
WiU.13 HORNK. ,
Jackenvlllc, Oct. 1 1, 'lit. ocllSld
fc.jJgi- ,.-. l..l. . ..ii,ftT)tfM- j
--V" -ilruiMn