Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, October 15, 1864, Image 2

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s&jc mo7Bjr a(
, JP
- tl
J. M. HCTTO.Y, Keillor.
To me irmucr jixb rctttfiycscr or voen
Utoy. x OovKit.suBvr ron the wuoi.k is
tKnuncxmnr-K." JlrtnAnpfon.
jAcicsitvviM.n, tmneiox.
List of Agents for llio Oitt.no.v Slntinkl.
E. 1". llusst'll. general agent Tar Oregon,
and IiHho Territory.
I.. 1. Fisher San Francisco Pal.
J.J, Knowltou .fcCo ilo do.
Thonta" Davis, Apptrgttc. Ogn.
T. It. Mill 'Vlllier do
iP.'O. Illrilwjrr, Itock Point ilo
.Thotna Criutou Cro.itnns Dljrglns ilo
Win. Hplccr JumpOir-Jo do
fiov. Glbbs Portland do
I). M. Thompon . . .". . .Albany do
V. M. Rvans Allliomo d
Thomas Carr do do
Thomt!. rioyd..........Keibyvllle do
B. W, Bnwycr do do
I). 1'. Anderson PIumiiIx do
A. Ireland frrtltf Criik do
Oeo. I(. Dran Kllcttburg do
Tlicodrlc Cameron Union Tom ii do
. JamomlY. Wulrnn RoM-burg do
JOdln Ilnlllo Hunter Rogue ltfTcr do
-'L.W. Sulllni ... rt'Klifth do
Milliliter Hcruianf JJam-onvllle,go ncral
:Ago nt. foRpJtiVCouiity.
Tnts Imck. Tlia National Union Com
mltlec havo laid down Hi; following dls
tiaet platform at the Luuiuof the furlbcom
lug PresidentlaltiteslT'
TKNAN012 0F Tin: UNION, Tin:
with Tin: uausi.tiikiu'of, dy
Abraham Lincoln.
or tf.x.xmim.
' For Presidential Elector?,
JAS. F. 0 AZLBY, of Douglas county.
n. N. GBOROK. or Linn county.
GEORUI L. WOODS, of Waico county,
Gront I'utliiuliiMU over tlio
Nomliiuilou of OlcCIcIlitu
fiO,000 KulilleiA Decline) for
Tlio Chicago Nominee.
On the receipt of the 113 of the noml
nation of McCklluii at Ihrrueks No. 3.
Klmlra N. Y where tin thousand ubtl
prisoners were, conduol, n gram) jiibllru
wis held In thoevrnlnj;. Iwllvo Horatio
Seymour, Tom Beymmirand any other Sey
mour, Mwpt JUJ. Un. bVymour,
echoed forth from tho prison walls, in the
racst joyous and enlhuilattlc noUs. Many
ipeechrs were made, oil drclsriug Yullsu
digham their first choice, nnJ Little Mac.
their next.
One speaker declared that when the
dsws reached L-c's army, thero would be
one grand, bljf, glorious ratlflcallon of tin
Chicago nominations and platform. The
speaker satil ho hid hesrd Oen. Lee say
that ha would rather fljht dfu. firo. I).
MoClellan, than any other northern Urncr
ol, because he always foiight fair and never
took undue advantage ; in fjet, never tool
any advantage. At the end of tvtrj sen
tence tho speakers were greeted with the
wildest applause. From our exchange's we
learn that from every place wbrre .rebvl
prisoners wero confined shouts of joy went
op for Gen. McClellan ond Southern Injo
pendancc. Hut mark the dilYircnca. Some
ewdiys after It was known at Richmond
that Honest Abo was nominated by the Un
Jon parly, it chancnl to leak-out among the
Union prisoners conflucd In Llbby, while
they were in the operu-outls of tho prison
Tho shout that went up Ihtre for nnr Un
Ion and Union 1'rctUeiit, 'waj such as to
carry consternation to (ho heart of every
traitor for miles arouqd. Uut'lnslmd of
their being permitted to make rpevhes and
proclaim their love, fur tho flog ol their
country, they were horrlcd back to their
cells, btl&rej tlw levek-d bayonets ol their
rebel guards;
. . ..Uniou men, be you In what ever parly
jou Dy, can you deny that straw show
which way the wind blows! (tan you read
tbftdcclarallon of the rebel presi, of Davis,
Benjamin, and all who have either Influence
or authority in the rebel ranks, that Ibey
will accept of no terms of peace, whatever,
but'a final acknowledgement of Southern
Independence, and Ihtn lie Iheso mini wtu
so enthusiastic over the nomination of Mo
Clellan, without having some fear that all
is not right with McCleKan I Again, when
,yoa see hlai mount a platform w forelgh to
bb own expreed views, when yon see men,
.wbfiae every worJ Bd act are so utterly at
vsr!aBe with bis words ami actiruslng all
CJtrttou to elevate him to the lVvilikn.
ey, docs It not awaken doubts within your
Urcast ? Can ynu not teo Ibat ttiero arc
trn reason., to bcllevo that McClellan will
prove true to the men who placed lilm In
Ills present position, and carry nut tlio
principles laid down In their t'ldtlbrm, to
where) there Is ono reason to bell re that ho
will bo for a vigorous prosecution of the
He owes lilt nomination to men whose
every cry Is peace, peace, If wo canuot gel
un honorable peace, peace unyhow on any
Foul Murder.
Dj-KNiDuito, Curry Co.. Ojn, I
Miliar Stntintl t A foul muidcr was com
mitted nt Ibis place last urcnlng, by Jntncs
Lewis, upon George Davis. Lewis succeed
drd In running away, nnd wo think will on
deavor In cr ts the Coat Ilango of Moun
tains, and reach the settlements of middle
Liwls Is about S3 years old ; Is A feet 5
Inches high has n long oral face ; narrow
forehead, running high Into baldness Is
sallow eoniplcvtoncd ; hair black, mlxtd
with gray; mousUcho and goatco black;
eyes black and sunken ; prominent noso,
a few teclh are mining. lie was dressed In
n black frock coat ; light colored canlmero
pants ; gaiters and a welt-worn reddUh
brown, long nap, toft lint, lie Is a western
man, Is well known litthts itcllon, and here
tofore tolerably Mill behaved. Thin Is
doubtless his Hut crime.
Lewis has always been eonild'rcd n llltlo
011 tho 'tccoli." Ilo talked rather wild
that day, under tho tiiflurocu of liquor, and
mccecdrd In gelling up a row, In which he
got much the worst of It. He afterwards
armed himself with a long knife, and, al
though those he bad quarrelrd and fought
with lad goneuwny, kept hanging around,
and Anally, at du,k, as he itarlid off, threw
out taunts, which Davis unfurtuunttly took
up, and which brought on a light, Lewis
thereupon stablnd Datls several times, and
he dlrd In n few minutes after.
Davis was ono of our oldest citizens
well known and much eslcsmed.
LtNcot.N.A- Joiimon Clvb. Tlio club
mel, pnriuant In adjournment, on Friday
evening, Oct. 7th, I'luldint L. S. Thump
sun In the ilmlr.
On motion of 0. Jacobs, It was
RiitUtd, That patriotism and the success
of thr Union cauo dimandi that webnve
a grand Union llally on Faluidny. tho Ulli
tint., when the Hun. Cio. Williams, our
Senator-ekel, Is eipvctid to addres thu
cltljfin ef this county an the pullttea! la
tins of the day, and we earnestly urge the
various Lincoln A Jwhufon Clubs In this
county, to turn out on that day, aud all
others feeling an Interest In the preserva
tion or the American Union,
On motion of-0. Jacob), a committee
of lire wnt JppoInUd on arrangements for.
next Saturday, the 1Mb instant, The
committed consists of L. H. Thompson,
Mux Muller, 0, Jacobs, J, M. Sutton, am!
V. S. Dabcoek.
"The iintllng was addressed by Jacobs,
Thompson, Langcll, Juho Sutton mid W.
S. llabcuck.
AdJui.,eil until Saturdty, tin lSlh Inst.,
two o'clotlt, P. M,
It. II. IIjiixm, Sco'y.
Tho Copperheads are wearing very long
faces over the apiieuraueu of things In this
county at the present time. D.sperate ef
forts aro being made to get up a little en
thusiasm, but it is no go. Many Union
men who had declared their Intention to en
list under the banner of tittle Mac, and
were permitted to take n peep behind the
Coppcihcad curlulns, have refuitil to en
roll their names with tboso who never
breathed a won ogainst ircion, or In
fuvor of their country. Many Union Dem
ocrats are beginning to get their eyes open
to the snnre laid at Chicago, by Davis, Na
poleon, Vallaudigham & Co., and are Aw
ing the wrath to come.
If the present political reaction contin
ues until tlio election, we 'will carry this
county by a liaudsome ruijority.
Prominent Democrats have acknowledg
ed that they cannot get as large a minority
at the coming elect lou, as Ihey did 'last
A SioairiCANT A!swn. "What is
tho war uews this morning V said "Tun"
to "Join," ns Hie latter was glancing qt,
tho late news from Richmond. "Go jnto(
the street" replied Jous "ond see which
sldo the laugh is on,"
It was very evident that "tho laugh was
on tho Union side," for the friends of the
Union were jubilant, nml the McClellanltis
correspondingly di-Jv-cicd, Header," do you
belong lo-lbo paity which is sad and de
jected When it bears of glorious Union vio'
tories, and rrjoJcxa and triumplu only when
the enemies of the country succeed. If
so, be sure yon are wrong, and rally your
self with tboso who rejoice when the good
o'd flag with Its stars and stripes, wuvw In
triumph over the battle-fleld.
'-11' '! ! . -
D?vccrai'i( f Jaiusos, Fit to His Rm
cvb. L. P. HoiBer td ln'a speech recently,
at Koseburg, that bo had reolvi,not to of
Delate with th,o Copperlteul party Ih wppor
tlr.g ike Chicago Nowlaee, 'We suggest
that at tho uext meeting or tto'tOCleUHn'
Club In Jacksonville, a committee be ap
pointed and Instructed to procure n few'
copies of McClelbtn's aHdavit, latelyuls.
covered In this county, aad proceed fortii.
with to UoicWurg.and when there, (w-weiN
ately apply Dae to tho bock of Ms tseek, re
peatlngtht) dose every Mleen aateatea Willi
the patient is cured. Said aMlavlst cast be
had at Nock I'elut.
nxroHTxn rxctvsiYKi.Y ron tub jbntinku
VVetlncsday's Dispatch. k
Olcavcland, -lllli. Rnportsv received
from Indiana show large Union gains over
18C0. Morton, tho Union candidate for
Governor, will havo 20,000 .majority
There Is nlso n probability of a gain of
two Union Congrcmen. The rettirn
front Ohio Indicate the success f (he Union
" ' ,,..,. ,,,, .,,
Congre-ssmen are elected In the lsl,2d,nnd
,U1... '1-liM .nt..l.tltitA mm Ii..,, TTrtlnrt
ilh districts, In place of iudleton, Img
and Cox
Wnshlnglnn, lOlli. Augur, commander
at Washington, for last fow days lias been
towards tho front. The railroad ts being
extended to supply Gen. Sheridan. A lei
egrapli from him, dated Rectbrlowu, re
purls that Sheridan arrived at Strnsliurg,
followed by the enemy's cavalry. Sharp
cannonading been heard In that direction.,
Ofllciul dispatch from Gcu Slxriihin an
nounces that our cnvulry obtained scorn.
ptcto victory over tho entire rebel cnvulry
under Gen. Reiser. Attack was handomc
ly mudo by (,'uilnr, commanding the lid
cavalry division, nnd Merrll, commanding
1st. Merrlt captured five pieces of as til
Icry, unJ Custnr six, with casslons.bitlery
forges, etc. The two divinlmu raptured
Torty wngnr.s nml nmbulnuuis, ami abuut
SAO prisoners. The enemy bruke utid ran,
fiilloivcd by our men for s.x mlhii, llirnngh
Ivntlllun and acioss the not tit Foil: of the
Sticnaiidojh. Sheridan ndds, I ilivincd It
best to delay hero and settle this new cnv
ulry General. F.leven pieces of urtlllcry
were captured to day, malting 1C captured
in the Shenandoah since the 18th. Rome
of them uro new and never bevn find.
St. Louis, lOlli. Rebel demonstrations
on Jtfu'rinii Oily wen- only to occupy our
forces while tho encn's main body creMtl
the Ottago river. They paed westmird
during the night, sntne 20,000 strong, with
1C 10 23 cannon nnd u long train. P has
ten arrived oil thu morning of the 8th, and
assumed commiml. In the nfiernn,on he
followed the rebels with 1,100 cavalry. It
is reported he had cngagid Price's rear
Wellington, lllli, In accordance with
act ol CnnflreM, the Nuvy Depiirlmcnt to
day telcgrnphrd to tho proper uuehoritlis
In San Prunclsco to arm and equip a tn
set for the use ot Engineer Buckley nnd
patly, who arc soon to proceed on un ex
pvdillon north, to commeiicv ppvrntlnus for
the completion of the grent overland tele
graph, from tho Columbia river in Wash
ington Territory, to tho Amoor rher, In
Asia. Tlie expedition will probably e-om
iiicnce active operations, in northern lath
tudes, by march.
New York, lllh. HergU'i Olh corps
correspondent, of the Olh, says this morn
!ng a division of Wllcox'a corps, In tlie
center of our lines, madu no advance, with
the Iclvntlou of advaricinr; our linn and
recounollerliig 1h.1t ol the cntmy. They
Lilvancul a mile and n half
Willi stlghi !
skiimiihing, when the 17th Mauchujciu
was Oriil on, and somo fifteen men killed
Tho parly was accompanied by 0 battery,
but no nppotuuily wus tff.rcd foi using it.
Thuihductlon from the rcuomiolnunce is,
that tho em my ore not in force this side of
Petersburg and Appomatax. An effort
mi our part will foroi them to a new line
of works on the other side of tho river.
Special la tho lubune, Washington 10,
says, Wu learn from the front that a mo te
rm nt commenced Saturday, the object of
which l not known.
Washington, 1 lth. Advices from tho
Army of the Potomac, today, state Sun
day night the enemy opened fire ou the 2d
corps, which contlnaed 30 minutes. When
tlio mail boat left ycstcrtliy morning, all
was comparatively quiet.
New York, lllh In all rebel accounts
oftlieaffiir oil the 7lh, they stale that IhC
severest Ugbling was done In tho nltaele on
Ivnutz. while our accounts stnlo that the
heaviest part of tho eugngmfiit look place
after the rout of Koult Theact.may In
itial the enemy wero made to poy dearly
for their victory over ;Kautx, as his. cnv
ulry were armed wh repeating rifles.
Enqmrtr says some excitement prevail
ed at Gordonsvllle the night before, from
the rumored approach of a raiding parly.
It was" deemed prudent lo removed Govern
ment stores and railroad stock, which nus
accordingly brought down the road. A
body ol Yankee cavalry anprohched Rap
IJun Station, and burned tbe bridge there.
Rebel Col, Slanthwalte reported to bo
moving tqwards Iloonvlllo with 5000 mu.
Tho rebel MaJ. Dowo was killed and Col.
Shunts mortally wounded.
Jow York, lllh. An Army of tho Tuto-
mao letter, of tbo 9th eaye. Yesterday
morning tho two armies confronting each
other Injjrqnt of Richmond, were In state of
lermeniatMw, eaetiexpcctingnn attack from
the other. -tiSr army waited but (he rebeli
dtdiiTt come. Enemy jrathertd luemsolvea
intejlljclr works while their rams and gun
boatila.Jm?a went higher up than usual
for Mar hi; monitors would pass the ob
tru04fsa and attain sretM aorost tho
river to bnpedo progrot, Th are three
rat la tbo tlvfr; 'Virginia, IllchwM.
FreJerlc-Wslwsg, mm! fe-nr Kanboats 1 brnw
,Ha4ift, NaoeiBO4 aad'Bllh. These
are mvw mure MWI wre igoat thoijgli
asW wt( tc4ng cottstraated aad oih'U"
bea fomtctiod but tu redy for service.
Nwyork, Uth.-i'Aklter-datfdMartlur.
btiag 9tb, says destruction qf mills, Uftnts in
that vicinity wll be severely Mi, Siatkh
ent supplies havebeen destroyed axl aap
sarad to fe (h wholo of Enrlry'a com
wb1 tbrso months. The whole couatry
preMBt th appearane of abarren region-
All ablcbodlcd ncgrocn being collected nnd
sent to tho rear. It would be uttoriylm
poslblo to subsist fiO.000 men In tbo Valley
for n wocktio liaio of Supplies from which
rebel army 0? occupation could bo fed.
iVls reported Union parlj Imv made n
clean sweep or nil tbo Uastern S tales by lc
ercascdimajorltlc. Thursday's Dispatch.
Chicago, lUlh. Returns from Ii'dtnna
ore Incnmplcte, but sufliclent is known to
place Morton' majority ol not Icm llinn
10,000. Return 4th, 7th nnd 10th con-
grcsslonnl districts show large Union pains,
-.,,. ,. , . . , . ,
Indicating the probablu defeat of llolmnn
Dean, Voorhles nnd Bdgcrton.
Sufllclcnt returns from Ohio to show the
election of the Union State ticket by n
mnjority of not less than -10.000. Sam
Cox was defeated for Congress In Colum
bus district. Egglcston, Union, was elect
ed In Long' district, and liuyes, Union,
in IVndletuuV district.
Philadelphia telegram, this afternoon,
rays vote In that Slate Is so close that the
soldiers' voto will probably be necessary to
decide the result. Fuimy'i Pins claims
a Unlnn'inajurlly r 10.000, which (he
soldiers will probably increaso to 20.000.
It also thinks thrru will bo gnln In Union
Congressmen. Tho Philadelphia A$t
claims n Democratic nmjortlly of 10,000
or 12 000 mi the Immc vote.
Cincinnati, 12th. Ohio elected 1C Un
ion Congressmen, and perhaps 17.
Ilurrl.liu'g, 12lh, twelve M. It is be
lleMel that the slate bus gone Dimncrntic
on the homo vote, by from three to Ave
lliO'isimd. It is expected the soldiers' vote
will give from 10,000 to 12,000 Union ma'
New Yiiile, 12tli. Jmlinunpolis spcc'al
to the Tiibiwc, rnya Union StMto ticket
dieted by 10,000 to 20.000 majority. Six
Union Coiigii-ssmeii elicit d certain,
Slgned.l J. II. Wr.ionr, Chalr'n.
IJ.iltluiore, I2lh. Returns rrum thu city
sliow the ro election nf Mnyur Chitptnun,
over Sterling, Independent, liy n large ma
jority. New constitution will have from
b tu 9 thousand majority in thu city.
New York, 12lh. UoM' correspord
cut, with Sheridan, under dale uf the Dili,
alter slating that Sheridan had driven
Early out of tho Vullcy, destroyed nil th
grain, and rendered the iiirrcuiidh'g coun
try iiiiloifiblc fur nnotlitr tibul nitny, had
delermlned to return mid take up n posi
tion nearer his supplies. When he was nt
Ilarnr-onbutg, his subsistence hud to be
linuled In wugons 100 miles. Ou retiring,
he was not followed by any cuMidumhlc
number of rebels until the Bill, when a
large force of rebel cavalry, under Hcsser.
u.'sumed the iflicslvc ond utlaekvd 11 pur
tlou of our cavalry. They ncru hands une
ly repulsed, and our troops bivoucked for
(lie night Nixt morning Sheridan, hav
lug hailed tl.o principal portion of his
command In the vicinity of Fisher's Hill,
Instructed Qen. Tuiln-tt to alUuk llicenc-
"'J & drivu him away (mm such close
proximity to nnr rear. Torbelt ot nnq
carried nnt the order. 1'imu'i Washing
Ion special sajs Shermiin'a olTlulul report
of Atlnuln has lircn publikhed. He esti
mates the enemy's n to lutvo been lo.
tween 33.000 and 20,000 infantry and ur
lillcry, nnd 10,000 cnvulry. He maintain
ed about the, sumo strength during the
rnmrulgn, as the numbers Joining from
hospital and furlough about compensated
for lours In battle pr hy tlrkntVi. fiber
man pays frank and conliul trlliulc to
corps commandera for aecomplSlshmcnt of
his designs,
Dy steamer Eagle we have dale from
Vera Cruz lo llio 1st, just as the steamer
left Vera Crux thero was n report that
Maxtmillian bad been ntsuuluntcd, but It
wns nnt belicvid.'
St. Louis, 11th. TMwIs destroyed the
Latmit brldgi on the Paeftlo railroad 173
miles from hero. Price reported lu the vi
cinity of Boonvllle, with Gen. Sanborn bar.
raxing his rear ond llanks.
Indianapolis, 12lh Uvtiirnsrrom ft) Go's
parllully ofllelnl, show an aggregate Union
innjurlly of 23'0Q0. Nett Union gain of
over 19,000, over voto of 1852. which gave,
a Dcmociatlo majority In lb Slate of over
4,000. From pre-sent Indicntloas, Congress
will eUud 8 Union 2 Democrats, with the
Tib, Voorhccs district, iloubtru).
Hntrlsburg, P. M. 12lh.-It ,1s believed
tho UiilmiUt bave carried the Stata liy at
least 30,000 majority on the homo vole, and
eerlalnly 16 Unlqrt Congressmen. Ji gain
of fuur. LegdUturo (s largely Uniou.
IluUer's Head Quarters 11th Voto Jn
renylvanla reglmenla In the army to day,
passed oft' quietly. Far as can learn Uulon
ticket every whero successful.
Wftiktngton, 12tb Deipalehea hate been
received today from Grant, Sheridan and
Bnerman. No military movements reported
since my last telegram. The following do
tails of tho cavalry engagement or Sunday
have been furnUhed by 5-hcrIdan. I havo
seen no signs of the enemy since tho brill
iant engagement of tho Oib, II waa.a severe
cavalry flgbt, n which Hie enemy were rout
ed.beyond my jmwjtr of description ; they
lost everything Wcarrylng on vrar except
one peco of artillery. When last aeeo.they
were pa.lng.over Retd 14 lit near riVw Mar
ket on a keen run, 26 miles fioin tho Utllc
jbl to wWeb polui pursuit wss keirt un.
JUlterkwi, men, h.vrss, ,l,wi;ro enptpred.
upraat aro lu.goo conyiltlon and ar all ex
chaaged by oik- eaa!ry, for bioken puwn
anlmstU, -Oyir eaualltl9sMVlU not exceed
sixty mep, Que, hwadrod.Of tfce 8th Ohio,
who were ditborsml whlla' guarding the
UrWg at tho TorUi .Fork of .tho Shenan
doah, havo all eome In except eUcas.
1 - Jkantim.
, i i,i n ...
!. U4ii.To.y, ah experienced Surg-on
Pentlit Is coming Jo town. I
A correspondent writing from Idaho Ter
ritory, on the subject of'snafces saya :
I percctvo -jttiat you are down oil nskc.
Thts jou koowis Ihaliallve Hnd of snakes;
outlaws Trotti diticr ttlbjtj, calhSj-ornellmcs
rcd'klns.jfuei9 ilatjetrfrYtreratlveri out
of this section of coanTry nbotlt two years
ago by other species W snukus. Some aro
green, r-ald to havo clmo from tho bogs of
tho "Green Isle ; " otliera strtped. tnm
the Northern Stoles, lying, seay, coppery fel
loes; tho rnltlcsnako has n constitutional
rattle, as It was ; and also tbe full-blooded
tejftrhtnd, 'the latter Is said to have come
from the "Sunny Sooth,7' Tbsy mhceijcnato
with the fcmalo rediklns, aro icry vlcloii",
linvo ffMtn tirdt round their neck, and
are provided with two fangs, usually in (he
rear, In sheathe, one resembling llio Arkan
sas Tooth Pick," tbo other cy lander idiaped.
They have an nnlmal they piny with n good
deal, called tho "Tiger." The animal preys
on all who comes ncarhlin, uud particular
ly on tho grcc 11 map'. These snakes requtri'
liquid nutriment from tin til tide frequently
called Ilotirbon. When thry arc tilled with
this poison Ibey frequently appear In packs
lllto wolves, and stop travelers on the load
by extending their fangv. They arc very
destructive ou sclilrrs, and miner's burses,
charming Ihcm away, so that their on ncra
never seo them again. They nljyicJ a good
horse from mo. a shoi t time since
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complcto anortinuut In nil nf Ihn abore
cMiiicf. Ilioo gnmli witu srlLClrd In San
I'rauobco with grent cure, by a invmbcr of
our linn whu hn hud u rcnldeuco ol tlilr
Itonyrurs In iHmtlicrn Un-roii, and well
knows the wants of Ihln locality.
Confident that we caiitiorTra imdersnld by
any house In Jackitou county, wo pledge
our patrons that our prices sbnlj bo
"Cheap ao tho Choapcst."
Thanking nnr f-trmer natrons for the fa
vors herelofltro rilcudeu to imrbniixe. n
would retHcifully solicit a continuance of
"'" t'"K-
Call and givo us your tQr aud fuJtt n
JBflk'onvlllu. Ogn.. Pel. 13. 'CJ. ncllS.f
Simulnrd Sewing Alaclilnc
or tub
From which all others derive their vltullly.
All others pay license to Huwu. Jr., Un
original Inventor nnd patentee. These justly
ee'lcbraUil machines fuinblne Ihoderlralilo
quallticanrall utheis.and will sua cnttou,
silk or thread with equal fffilllly from the
thlckuet of flue iniii-liu to harness U-ntlur;
Ihey run HgU and rapid; mako n nc-nl lock
stitch, alike nn both sides; uevir drops
slilches: will gather and suw on at the fit me
time. Thry nro very simple, vally nudvr
stood and nianag d; are (luntble, being of,
great strength and of perfect mccbanUiu,
upon correct ni,d scleiitlllo meehnutcnl prin
Tamlly machine b(w no equal. It does the
entire range (if work in lli.i moot approved
manner, l'r.oo-. &0O 00,' tvltli ilxJnres
cnniplctoj and wild enp ip cover lite ma
china part, locking hcciirely. 05 00
Price or.th,-'A."eiiid lliiinhod maclilia-.
with cap, 73 (10; Letter "II" light maim'
laoturliig innchioe, $(J5 Oo.nnd wllbcan.
870 1)0; Letter O." heavy inaiiufuoturlnk'
price- $85 PO; '," cylaiider machine, $1 13
"h." largo cylander machine, SU0.
We aUo have for sain ibo Improved Little
Giant machliiB- $20) the New England ma
chine 815,
No. 3, Uoutgumiry Street,
, , . , Sail Ftincleeo,
fiolo agenls for the PacIfU Coast.
Sau Fraitclteo, Oct. p, I8C4. ool'Sml
tiHCKBOVMse, Ursjtgtsu
'PUP HMerslgtied, a(ii r making bis best
4. bow to bis friends end patroni, okvs
nlcantre In niinnnnctiw. iht rn, i...t- i
clalodlficmlouthu.nlfi glvei ball, at iho
j., ... ,.v,v.4 liriiay, iuo j flay or
November nex. '
A general Invllstlon'U cxlc.ded.
fTlckcU-Flve Dollar.
JacUsonvIIl. Oot. It, 'C4 octlSid
t - -T i 11 IM
Cigar JBt-tor t
Opposite Lovo &. Ililger'a, California it.,
JnckKonvillc, Oregon.
J. MOW Inform' the clt'ztms of Jnckon
vlllcattd (he pliblc gcnifallrtbat he bi
Jiit icoi'lved and ollvra for sale bis superior
slock or
Staticnory dk School-Books
Price to suit the tlmsa. .Call and rare
your money.
Choico Grocn Frail
continuity on Land.
Det-.lO. 18f3s . J. HOW,
11 ' ' !
Now! New!! Now!!
Tlt'twrou Ni-w State Hainan nnd llrnjburj
A Wado'11, JackMiiit-illc,
Host Cigars and Tobacco,
Mr. Krciwr having purctiAsrit 'Ihr net
storo one door suuili nf llradlmry A TVmlr's,
calls thu allRJillon nf the ntiltlle to hi. com.
pli-lt' stock of smoking and chewing lohaccn.
AIo In Ids' tariiu IthiiiI, or cigars, frma
the common hairspanUb to llio nin,t fra
grant Havana. All old nt the mo.1 libers)
Von can lie rxt supplied with any aril,
elcs In bis llnc,und uto,rooni-y. by giving
him a call. DrcrmlK-r 18, UCJ.
It Is strange that so. many 'prrsons wilt
sulTcr forycar with dlKiue, wben tbsy can
bo so readily cured.
has Iteen ralal,lrtiel In San Francisco for
ten ycnr, anil, dil'Inc that period has not
rnlKiKo-fin-eiia'cnrv In a slngla ease Ibat ft
1111 iiunniMicrmKru.
Ir. IIai.u. alter n utitdy of forty years,
'. has ,, J
! of
sticceedtd In compounding n inedlcln
niiKl.T Ti:uKTanuiwrniasKjiTio.v. tlmt
euro tbu woM cases Gonorhit-n. GIt-t.Htrte
lure. Syphilis. Iiitpotenoy.Skln d lint .(-, and
all complaints arlxiug from Immoral prnc
tlfea In lea time than by any other knoarn
pn,-f. wiriinr r inji nv to thk rtu,
Dr. lUi.i.'ri tAMM'Ht.ui r. for thu ludlcsl
euro uf W'tnliii. ei nnd IrrCL-iilurlllio. la
svliloli 10 many Ibdh-a orilwPrj.-ll)oeeSi'tar
iiilijijer,6wlng prlnclpaly to llio peculiarities
vi um cinmiiu in 1 mi uesi iirerxtraiion yes
difcnvrruby the Medical Jncultv, as thoa
auu ibit'diave uvd It can beaMellmoay.
Dr. l)au. in no Qtacs ; hn Is a irgulsrly
fdiieated phyIolaii of forty y vor slnudlDf.
and linn a tlijdonm which he would be ptesed
to i-liow lu lltiito who inity wlrlt to xcc it,
lV'ixms Hung nt a cvrlaln dlklanee. and
sending 11 di.cilntlnn of their oompUliit,
can havit lblr initl clues put up In a package
nnd sent liy mail or cAprese, lu such a ruo
tier as not nuly to secure sanity In trau.ltu,
b,ut so that 110 periou would suspect what
are llio coiitenu.
Ueforeneus snt by mall to Iboso who may
wish to' Inquire an lo tho Doctor's ability
before placing tbemsoltcslu his charge.
fXf Address A, Baij- M. 1., 32S iJont
gumery stivei,San 1'raucltoo.
&ConinltntIoiis, cither personal or by
Utter, VRP.Ii jyaoms
Conn r or California mid Fourth streets.
OLUUAOU&DJtUM, Proprietors
J,, THlSi: STADLia are
jMBflocntrnlly located, and.con
ivenlentto tho Uniou Ho-
tul. Hopicaattd mules 111 lio kept
t by las
nay , or wee, ni moucrato enurges.
The proprietors have a number nf fins f
For ono or two horses, tn.et on moderal
terms. Also, good saddlo hones nnd mules,
whlob they will let to go to any part of the
country, etu reasonable terms.
Horses broke, to tho saddle or harness.
Anlaab Sought and Sold.
The pronrlelorh ideduo thomselvcs to erlva
atlsractlnu to,al kI.O may fuvor them with
can. jouKsonviue, ugn. auk, 3l.-ltiii
For Sale or Rent.
Is the best Hotel Stand In North
ern La ifornla. or .Soullirrn (Jreiron.
ueing tne Hull Woy House, on the Cres
ovnl Ctly and alor Riggings WRon
road, and situated In the miiLl of tbe Cop
per IflllK.
xThe subacrlber, wishing to retire front
tho leUl busjne, wjll $11 pn xeatooable
terms, Applv soon to
1). O. LOUI3, Prop'r,
SUP.RRB iPfwtofraph Albanw can bo
Inul cheah,ifr catdi, at.J. Jlow's, pext
., -..v,y MMutirj is siftyy
.' ehanga for Mcrchamliac, at
July 10, 27 MAX MUELER'8.