Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, May 28, 1864, Image 1

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VOL. IX NO. Ii)'.
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, n P.-Jrhoniii' ijoncf-
Dnitglna' Last Speech.
In nply In t UMnmif Addn-w In hp.
riiWi'A'lialS ' ,f"M,,,' r" ""l-""" -i lpl-of
hr,i...,n.,.rfini.t ' "vi.i.tT.r.iio that plarr. May l.t,
llryi.nl, hsq.. Senator
Vn mii.jjlutMnUriwrl
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r2ftt., JI-ufT t.nllrwf n4
iLtkc N I" A.-. SA.ro.
aVLD vW - fnur rnmininii-
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Max mujtin.wim.
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jicswn' hawm.
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m I llwiik ymi forth Lindi.mJ".t,w'i',,.Ll'W.MLK ii m..int T
fcT-me ' ""T" ( " "
JiilMMVllJ.-, Ormihk.
I rrullf she I'linrt llimw.
fomm'iiMl lo ili'lr care will
,ll, miI l. July 2!'. '.
t jnrficr la .11 lh Court or Un? TUIrtJ
lu! Kmmi. Ih Supn-mi' Court f Oa-
ul irtki,Cnl. Wiir Scrip iirnmnt-
r.W (let. 1H.
mor U tUJ 1 fltittia)
JjfxwiMnr.Mc OiKotiv.
IrcWtU?nllno flvfii tn rnlii-tln
JUII 1U, IKI..T. 411
ti wlycli Vi-ii lif lutti plntMil III w.
im l IliMtik I In- t-iiiiimitirv, I llmiiV the
iii z n nl Oilmen, f-r ilil prutiil w m
i iiir nivpiiini, Hull Ikj rim in tip.
Iivr ilmi 1 will ni. i)n xtm nor mrwlf the
ii iiMlip.-1" iiIm fur nmnviil Ihnl tliln
I'tn'mii n .'nieiNlnl a mi-ip (irrMnitl hum.
Li' I" invll. I njiiio- lint Ii M lord
(tli i'Iti'.mwI'iiihiI hihI expnVM.n i'f vnnr il.
i on in n. I'lMniitntiim. I lie UiiMii umI
tl fl itr ll'i'Ci'itnlrr. IMiiTrn J will
i mil p.iivnl inv irrntinnitiiin it tin IniN.n.
i mn ii'i .
rii.wii'i- pt in, uml hiwivit il ff rfiidv
nr ..iiiii.HK im pdiitirni inpimmHl puriiuii
li. i. .. nmy IiiiW iiVmIii . j I tnil h'I
Ittiv- n )miivi Ilmi tvltvn id), rimntiy
inl Ik- Ik ilanerr my lnynliy nmj x-tv
liiil iihin. I'lii'Mr'.
'Il-Ht llir lUnp.T In llila rniinlry m now
luim nttii. im nun mn riincml frnni liln
tliiMit'liip. ihi nuttier Ihiw much hi niHr dr.
iirr tu miti iln evil. If war mul iiimi-,
If tin. iMyiinw mut Im? u'til in inKinitin
k r m'Ki.i.
1BL" !!
rtifriUy. lAhplnow. TJrrc lmwv.
it m-n time when th(- State Urr not
hil n emn cauf for tfiuntoil thfy
ImVf tttHaj. What pn:i(lcc.iiffffcMi thi-y
-'B ' t-xiMlng now, Kfci tut not n
Un omlit tmy Jm!nWlrl.m ttnitt il
(B iffnlatiMpt.
ran jackso.v coontv.
hftliliRr Dorll.li.
JiCuoiTirxJi Oiironx,
inet Mr lb 8ilh end of Orrjon
Junmry. i, ihut
Pkoto;rapliic Artlrt,
,ppiBtl Me picture In ftny rtyl
- ....nam iof Km improvi'meiiiK.
'mn 4 put pie mtUfitrtlon. no
r'JIWuik Call ftlhU new Gal
l.IL fiwnlnn bU pklntr. and
'twerille. Orejron.
VU Um FWi nj Rran,
wJcul :th. Ikfavlnir trtf.
' Mrt roLI In il.- i.
tiwenUf M4me de He-
p.icuil imliT mihI riiiililiitntml lilierly
mn mily y iH-furr GikI Ilmi I fil my
ciinvcii-nct' In elmr nf nil rmponi.blliiy for
tin- ninMucnoi' llmt may ftillnw. I huvc
ftrugirliil Innc an llxre oni Iihim uml
errn Mflir li'ipe Imil ulninut diMpimnfl.
fur llir jiur. fill rolutlim of nil tlw iliffi
rnltirg. 1 Imvr imt nnly tcmlirnl tn llnm
ilimiilciilrtl Stair (till ami umpto juntlw,
Imt I Imve lmiic furlhir.lo the utnuxt rx
trcmlly nf magnanimity and generosity.
Tlie return that we have rtrched It wor
upon the Giivernmeot, the marching of
hostile arnilen to reduce our national cap),
tal, the di-Mriictlon uf our commerce au
the preat failur of waterf, the inulnj; of
letter of manjue to plrutw to commit dep-
retliitlnni on our commerce on the lilpli
ca, and n ciinccrinl movement to blot
out the United Slatrtof AmWca from the
mnpnf the world. JApplnuf Tliein
pie qtieitloa Ii ".hetlier wo will in.inluin
Ik- hih eninif nt etalilirhed by our latlicm,
or allow It to be atiicken dun bv thut'
who, u hen they can uo longer govern, co
druvnr to di-alruy It.
Whut It the cauie of all thli great ca
lamity now bein; Inflicted upon ui?
Uliat excuse do thctt dUunlontiiU f've fur
breul;ing up the Ixft (rnvernment that the
iUD of heaven ever rhnl Id beann upon ?
Imniente npptuuie.'l Thev are diMtlfied
with the rcult of I'refMcniial election.
Hid they never get beaten bi fore? Laugh
ter. Are we to tolerate the Idea that a de
feated party In a national election muy re
rt to the iwnnl, when defeated by the
iofiular will? I anderttand it to be a
fundamental und !ndiiK-nslble principle uf
couUllutlonal liberty that the voice of the
ieople exprefcied according to the form,
of the cointitutloo must command the im
plicit otiedlenca of every good citizen.
lApilauie. 'I'hey choote to owume that
tlie election of a particular candidate ear-
Iric the presumption that their rights are
i nnt safe In the Unloo. What evidence Is
there to sustain that presumption ? I defy
the territorial nnesiinn.
Itwi happened ) an rxtfunrdinary fact
thai for the first lime, llierc is not an act
nf fiinifhin pr(ihlliilin,j slavery anywlinr.
Apptane. If you rfir tn the colore-nv-i.t
n( ll- Uws. the only complaint mude
lm lieen. there has bei-n mllicr too much
emriry and vlpnr emplojiil in the rnfnrce.
mtiit nf tlie fugltivr slave law. I a-V
what pjtiti can llii-se dioinlnnlrls nf ihe
South urer for thrir scheme In brruk np
this cnvi'inment? The slavery qmstlon
is a mi-re i-xi-um.. Applause,
Tlieeheimn of .Mr. Mncnin is a men
pieiiM. Tlieprrstnt secrwion motimenl
is lb.-n-snlt of n tremendous, mormons
ci'li.pirney lormnl more than a year ago.
Oiitrs. This cnnpir.icy to break up
this UiiIihi. was formed by the hsdrrs in
theSiiiillmil Cwifuhraey mnrr lhan twelve
inmillis Mtrn. They use the slavery ques
tion us h im-uns tn accomplish their derlrnJ
(ml. Tin y cleslri d n northern inn to be
ehciHl I'lifidint by i scclional vole in
oiihr In roiKidi-r llmt as cvidrtice that tlie
itI!iiiis could not live In pmce, oml so
liny might brink- up the Union. Ap
plause Whenever the history of tlie last
two jeura shall bewritlrn, whenever the
history nl this country from the lime that
the Ijt-compton constitu'.ion was origfmtttd
doHii to the lost I'ruidi-ntml election shall
be written, it will ojiiM-ur tlmt the schrmc
was fotmed to break up this Utilun. Tlirv
desired to break it up, uilng the slavery 'this continent
qutstion at a pretext, to elect lh Jteptib
lican candidate by a purely northern vote,
ngalnt an united touth, aid then assign
that fact as a nusrm why we could not live
together. The schema agreed upon in
Watktnglon Inst .May was fur the disunion'
flee. lor that piirioe, but when the qms
tlon tomes wbetlnr the war shall be tiiin
ferrvd fri.m the cotton fie'ds ir the Si-ulh
to the corn fields ol Illinois. I cnoiwr tn
say that the fnrthrr fi(T that war the bit
ter. Applause
War does exist. It Is a sod thought to
every -pm rim. -War, civil war must be
ncotjnleeil as existing In the United Slalis,
We may no longer close our estnllmt sol
emt fact. This government must he main,
lalnrd, the cnenili. of the roontry over
thrown, and the more lnrnriiin and over
whelmlnc our preparations, the less blood
sheil and the shorter the itrnjrglr.
Hut my Ttiunirymrn, we mul nitiemWr
that IhervanVcertain restraints upon nien's
actions In the lime of war. We must nev.
rr forpel that wp are a civilised and fhrls
tlan people, and that war must be pne-
cuteil only for mrp..sis. and In the modi
nnigmfi by Oirlialn nations. Then-
must not In a war wain! airalnst the con-
r-tilullunal r'ghts nf any people on tarth
nor must it be war attains! wimi-n nnd
children and innorent person. Suvnpes
must nnt be let lnor, nor ihehnirnrs nf
Imtiserlinlnitle disiruction rnrnurtik'eil. I
suy tu rim I will mv-r sanction such sets
of warfare upon the rights nf nlhers. but I
will berei'di ami impure my couiilryimn
neer n lay down their arms, until lln
ri-cognize our constitutional rights, f Loud
and prolnnu'itl cheers and applmis.
We were born under the Cnnslitullon of
the Unltnl States. Ill provisions und itr
gimrnnters arc our birthright. Applause.
I ntn then pri pared to demand und enforce
that Inalienable right to the last exlrunlly
Applause and cheers. Wt have peculiar
rintoni, from our position In the centre nl
llltS fmtln.lt tollt Mn Mhnnl An....ta..
I " - tij w miiiiu iii'fuir.r
I lie rigiit o any number ol Slates to se
oiile at their phuiute and break up our
gnvernmrnt. When jou admit the right
of one State to secede, you conccdu the
right of every State to do the same thing
lien yott recognla the right of secession
- - j - pr
nnd dulj. Applasi'. lvctIut be
mm kill ns nn true patrfot who will net
abandon all such Isswt In lime like this.
(ApplMtiH1 My countrymen, I have saM
more than I Intendeil wln-n I ooinmenetd.
Il Is ii sad task to iiitrr into a dlseuslofi
nfn qiiestlnirlTlhls mau-iilmde, 'liiriilvlnj '
cinisiipisiipfi so lent ful as must result from
this Ii rrilil.- oonll.pl bid sad n Il Is, b'omly
and distislmus a I expect It will lie, I. be.
Ileve, nnd prnlet my sincere conviction bc
fore Oil. that It Is ili,iIntyorV(rirjr"Amfip'" "
Iran patriot to rally nrnnnd thofronsllttt'
linn und the flnir of hit country, (treat
I nnew to yon my expression -f irreaP'
.fill nrknnwuMettHi'iit of this mncnltlrmt'
iin! Imposing dintiMistrallon. Illslhervl
itmec nfvoiir loyally ni-d di'Vollnii o.'llitb
flair of vnur counlrv. You are pn ptiml to
show by this deniontrnilnn. n ilniri tn lay
uMe all pnrtl'nn feellnjr, and unite In p
pirt of nil trii men, In the tintnl tVM, tn
ihe conorils of l he nation, and whrrevtr.
else a man may make hlmelf moil ii'iful,.
Illinois occupies a proud position. ITnl
liit, prepnreil to ih fml our right, demand.
Inif nnlhlnt more than the cojislllntlnn has
given, and detrrmtneil never to peimK llila
irovi-riimeni to be destroyed. 1 thank yoS
mice iti'ire. " '
Istt to carry every simihtrn Slate. oiaJ Mr. J00 ot only dutroy the government, but
Lincoln every norttiern hiate, ono ttc Ui destroy soclnl order. You have upturned
biihhiims men were io ie pwsiou oi , all l lie foundations of society, and Inougu
the I'edcral Government, UueoiuVr to lite I rs J anarchy In its wort forms, and wil
army ami navy, umJcr tlie ul ol the uni
ted States. Tlit-y expected to have po.
Kl!i of the government, ami titer relied
upon a divided North und united South,
and thus bring civil war tn our doors. The
K'heme wui only defeated by the defeat of
the disunion candidate in Kentucky, Mis
tnnrl, Tennessee and Vlr?finta. Applause
soon cxperiince all the horrors of tl
rreneli revolution.
Tlien. tny friends, we have a soli mn duty
to perform. It I. to uso all the powers
thai God has given us to maintain the con
itltutkiu and government our fulhers (stab.
IMrt-d us. The iiiore energy and unsnlml
I tv we dimlav iu the txrformance of thl
Wlnevcr the litoory shall be written, It J K8t duty, the lew will be the disiruction
of life and properly, und tho sooner will
come the dny of peace.
1 am uwuie that we have had some diffi
cully and pnjudico to encounter In produ
cing unanimity. It it not supposing thai
such should have been thu case. We must
remember that it hat In-en but a few short
months filncc we came ouj of a fierce polilh
eulstrifu which ingendcred much bitter
nest of feeling. It lakes some littlo time
tn baniih those puMions from the human
heurl.and substitute unalloyed patriotism
In their place. Whoever Is not prepani)
to tacrufJcti parly organizations and plat
ill record tliat grand conspiracy, und the
present diiunion mowmeul ut the ntult of
Hut this Is not the time to go Into di.
cuision of the couset that have produced
thiw results. The conspiracy to breuk up
the Union Is a fart now known to all.
Armies are being rul.id ami war levied to
ucwmplirh it. There cun bo but two s:des
to the controversy. AppUuso. llvtry
man must le on the $ult of tht Unitttl
Statu or cgaimt it. Immense applause,
and cheers and cries of " good," ' good j"
etc! There can be no tMUtrals in this
T. WlLLiti-..!.. ., ..
u u. ET.r" ffV??"""! -nl For-
ii. .."l "" wu entrusted
TlBJKl ijjrj PAMVirPiriiinyiimii on earth to show me any one act
jfaaa,-,- IIUIll. UI WlUtll IIICVUU VWHI("'I"
f UK, C. Froia A ...
Inc their rich!. In jeopardy- Appluuse
What one act has been omitted to be done
of which they can oamplain? I proclaim
to these assembled thousands that, so lar
us the constitutional rights of the South
em Slates are concerned so far o the
right of slaveholders are concerned not
one act has been done, not one duly has
been omitted to be done, under thlt odnnu-
it.ri"'uu:,,0'--"'e freight litration, or which they complain. Ap-
iii'n.... " l pubs" i uere iiuo "" -
nAxninniiT..77T 7 .:. ... J . ti..i.ininn ... to.
"ssttfor i i ,wv,""M.cnincx. m 'n6 wen ueorge "nis "--
leM'fe,it;-,T UiiKurated as the first President of the
ir- LHi- United States down to this moment, -ben
tho rights of tie Southern States stood
firmer under the laws of tUe land than they
Urt .,!. wus c
-. iiu ummrrtnAj . .. . .
tucau .AT,,r. j ?m "'I'fttcu.
lS1,elW' Merchandisvre.
JOlAprll U. 18C3.
""1 PL'NelW
war. tt'roiongeu cneeis j jnerecun ne, lorms on the altar of his country, does not
none but patriots and traitors. Appluii'e. deserve tl support and contenance of lion
ThailkGod! Illinois will not be ilivhls-d Jft people. Ch(en How ore we to
on that question.. Cheer. I know that lomeome partUan sympathies lo the minds
I hey have rxpcctxl to present n unitwl Hf men ofall partiet,so ai to prent a uni j
south agaiiift a diviiltil orth. I he con- tvd front In supiwil of our counlrv ? AVi
spirators Iwve been led to hope thut In the
N'orihern Steles. It would be made a par
ty question, producing civil war between
Dciiu-erats and Hepublicans, and the South,
being united, could step in with their le
gions and help the one to destroy the other,
and conquer the victor, Laughter and
applause. Tbetr sckines were bloodshed
and all the horrors of civil war In every
nortWn Slate! There is cue wuy to prevent
It : united action on the pan of Illinois;
closing up the ranks, renders it im'HlbIc
that war shall rage on our soil. Appbute.
I repeat that so long au It was possible
to settle this question by peaceful nieanr, J
was willing to make any reasonable cacrl-
must cease discusing parly Issues, make no
allusions to oil parly ttals, no criminations
ar.d rtcriminationi, indulge in no taunts one
ugaliisl the other as to who has been the
cauff of these troubles. Applause.
When we shall huve rwcutd the govern
merit und country from its perils, and lien
Its ttjg floating in triumph over every Inch
of American soil, it will then be lime
enough to enquire as to who and what has
brought these troubles upou us. Ap
plause. lien we shall have a country
end a government fur oar children to live
in (Kacc aid happiness, it will lie time for
each of us to return to our parly banners
uccordlor to our own convictions of right
Onroon Ixaxk Asvt.i'M Kcw persons
mn ii-alizi the Improvements and extent
of the Onoon Hospital for lh Insa.ie.un
der the pniiiol of lr. Ilawihone k Ior.
j ea, In Must lVrlhud. We may really
ny It it the only public institution in thu
Stale that one may Invite sfrnngera to vil
li, ns nil index of development nf cnlcr
priso III Oregon fur the public hem fit.
'Ilierp oro few place In the Slate, and none
near Portland, that afford n moro beauti
ful rrtieat ; where one may spend ,a pleat
unl and profitable afternoon, near Us mag.
nificenl crystal spring, surroumled by fine
landscape scenery. Il Is n short walk from
the firry landing, and a circular drive Is
nearly completed for thoto that are fond of
a country drlic." At present there aro
forty-one State patients ami five prlvatu
put lent i In the 'Asylum. Willi the em
ployees, etc., there Is a household of seven
ty person n " town In thecountry." Drs.
(Jlisan and Wilton, gentlemen of well
known medical capuclty, arc the consulting
physicians, on the part of I ha Male, who
visit the establishment monthly and cxnm
Ino the condition of (he (mliuilt und the
institution. The Governor takes prlda In
lis proitress, and visits more frequently
than his offico of Siierlulcndeiit require.
The proprietors arc cndravorlng to Intro,
duce mucliliiery of n costly ehnrucler for
warming und ventilating tho building, and
rulsiu water to the top of tho institution,
In place of the hydraulic ram In present use.
When thise plans arc accomplished II will
beor favorable comparison with older ami
more costly establishments of like charao.
ter In the llmt. livery one should visit
the liitiiiulinn, fur III merit and oblict
are deserving the praise arid good will of
the citizens of the Stale at large. Tha
charities of the present day aro the
brightist. noblest, and the most endearing
monument of America clvllizution.
Thk Kky to Mjmiswicwatiiin. It la one
nf the funniest thing exlunt, to hear tha
nrgaiiM and stmulera of the slaveocracy d.
clu'ining against the abominations of " mis
eegenalioii." Who are tho vrtitticnl stoa
ihs of "mlwegenolloii?" Whoarf upon
the Ihiory. and reduce Its abstraction to
pwtiitt Who but the chivalry T Whenco
come the mulatto, quadroons, and oo
Kxuis, that make Seccasla us piebald and
spnllcMus the cutllu that propigated wills
willi the rxe'cdhajyl-rodnof the patrlatcli
leforn their eyes? J it tho nholitioniilt or
lUv tlinehclJtri who have been most ad
dl(td lo woolly locked mlslrrssei? Is It
the uholiliouiM or the chivalry that have
rui.ed fjnrti colored olf-pring by practical
amalgamation, nnd then Milt their own
!hh and blood lo the auction block ? The
fuel K tho slaveholders have had a monop
olyof m'kcegt nation, and they ore now
raising a howl brcuuse a sly, satirical Yan.
kre has sold them, by publishing a book
which, as they conceive, threaten lo inter;
fire with their uio.t cherished privileges.
tx 1'
. u
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