Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 06, 1864, Image 5

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biAXa lAbliUAUUi
rjfjnipStJrtin Vnka to Jtuhontillt fjrtlijr
v "
fnm (Ae ."Wirni i'M. 6. 1.)
Dutc to Jnntmrr a7ili.
Uroilqiirli'm, West Virginia. 26th.
flm. HuilivMti has Jul Inhumed Hen. Kit-
. frmii llar-rV Kerry. that his scouts
have J"" rtfunml Willi Kichmnci paper
i.f the 22d Tim paper' .v '" IJrs'
Ihium wui rultixM uii'l ureil. Hits is aiR
tiineutit. l-Ve was di-covered hi tlmo to
, the budding. Major Qmtstan of 1st
S'tw Ymk cat-alry, who commanded the
,'rouls. rcpotl llml bunds nr men are form
jmc t resist rebellion ill tlic liclglilKirlmod
of Wood-lock. The scouts took nine prl
oners. (' n. lviirly W report rJ to lie ot
llrrsh'irir with Hint1 mounted reclments.
j'lll lluali Uv has K'if hark to (.unions
ville Willi In command. Col. Mulligan,
ln ! j"" icturned fnim I'nrtonshurg,
West V.. n-Miriii no enemy in force in
Koaili Hnwrh.
,Vw Vmk. .Tun. 26lh. A esblncton
special daiicli li lln1 Timti ny: I'mml
iirnt lirriimn from the U'mi liuil arrived
here, wliu report tlitt I lie Hermans liuvi
iwiilr.-il iii tint intii the nVI.1 for the Presi
dency n candidate irrevocably committed
in HiiMlirtH'iM'ii m slavery.
Tli" llmi" (annmiiiiv will report. In
ninrmw. hill isublishitii: SillMiintliilly
llie rt (ifurv money tinier svslein 1)1
Kiiirlunii. fi'rn .Mi-Cli-rnaiid ha turn or
tiered In ni irl in (Jen. Hank. A stMjial
ili.ia'rli I'i'lic Tnliiiiie says: A continuous
stream of tWrtfl friun the rebel. 30
d.vrtera enm In In day.
TV II mid' Army of Ihe Potomac dls
nitrli sv (trn. MiihIc. lm l III hi Phil
adelphia, in rccnvrriiii:. "nd will soon re
sume iiiniiiiiiii'l. li l sam llml we tiring
lean! "ii ih' 23d nenw I he Uoptdan mm
miiMil uv the aiiiiupi ui imc nr two rib
ill In ll S-Tt.
New Vmk. 27 An riplnslnn occurred
nt C.VMnhloti lMiir. I in- nptier purt of
tin1 huddim? vm entirely distrovcd loss
875 000. One nun killed irne wounded
Nii.lirll!.-. yfitli. (Jen. Il'NMfmi btily
recrlfiil Information Hint a iirlcmlf 01 rcb
ti ravalrr uihIt Fnrnvt. willi u luitli-ry.
rnuhml In crirw lhi TVmnwe rlrer nt
I'lonnrr. (or the piirpow; of n ruld through
MliUTcTiiiii'fMt1. Thin pvtiilnjr Cnlnnv
lit It-tamplm I lint the rmniy lit J Iffl
Atliriw. iiih! wrrc nlmill to innve tin i'n-
iuniliu Tin inom'iis ihe pirketn nt Co
tnmliin ww1 nMiit'lnl, Ihr i-n'my arrivlmr
1nm th' iliriTlInii of Mount I'lnuiit. It
ibiMielit runi"! M inrfIne urnntiil Cv
liimbM. ihI will itHlmviirt'iilpolrny Nusb
TiL'e niu) Wtnu-m lUilruuJ am) obttruc!
C'lir-mmll. Jnri 2ih. I)inntrhii from
Uricli'i -rl, Alufit)M Itvbrl ilixrrllom utv
uniiolu ly wrci.
' hut vole fir S'TMnr)n K'nlnrkv I'c
tOutnn piihhI: IJuilirlf, M ; Hell, 42:
)lilmm, flB. Il'irWr wu willnlrmni.
New Ymk. 27ili. A (1iutti-1t to tlr
Wt mv: I U lliiMiirht llml Giirn-it
)tU will lie Crtwtn-il lull lint rxjrllnl
from tin Hrnitii1. Wny ami Mcnnn Com
iiiiIIm Imvr ii!fr-ri) in rfroninifinl an up
prnpnnliiHi iif 8100.000 to defray 'xrfn
k of milium out (riKip la Ihe srvrrnl
ItonU-r Siuliii.
Miininnl. 2"ili jMmii n. Olav, nn of
lit-in- Clay, iliiil In tliU Ciiy MM hirlii.
(-HVfiiMrnrili. 27. Troop ut Ft. Smith
are mi Imlf mtiuiit, "rim; to tlefi-rtlve rrf
tin nf nipptj, l'oruge U alw very
Th" il.fTit-uliy Mwei-n Uen. UnllMI unil
itn. Fnninnt llimilrin to ilcluy work on
III- t'linlie Kiiurnuii.
TmUvilli. 2ih. Tho Nnhrlll' Union
ray iloerlcr who cunie In ynl-rilny with
aevfml well inTunnwl purlin, on' nf whom
i a n Iiizi-6 frnm rit I rniwwi. platen
that fvi-ry iram from Korihirn Virginia
mnn-a lotnlnl wh troon frnm armv.
It l li-lii-viil tVint I?e himlf. fHin" l lie
I'hwilntc mrvrrily nf the rrorcnpallnn of
Kil Ti-nnvir, will leure hi nM mm-
tiinixl unit tukft r.lmrirp of thr cnmpaln
In the rej;lnn nf Xulivilli. He nnl J-ff
)Tla orirue that, if Ti-nnmee be not re
jKviaf(. lltclnnoni) mut lie abandoned.
Xew York. 27-Gold 157.
J)ii(-s lo Jniiiiury 28.
lom ttte Seitiiitl Extra, U Jib
New York. Jan. 28ili. The New York
corriiionilent with Ihe Army of the I'oto
ruue, tay ie had u long intt'rview with un
fljwr'liili m rank in the army, who lm
opporltinitlm of fuijiu-nt convt-reatlnu
Hh J'-H-rlcn', uikI he belu-vi-H tlieie la u
Vdirnil ilintrml nf the fiiMity of rvbul
picki'ip; thai ftoldiera in Lee's unity will
prunp, ut tin curliest possible vnod, the
olive brunch nf pence held out by the
Amnenty IVnelainatmn; that there u out
ml dtvtilution In (lie rebel urmy; ilmt
the$uiii1y gf raliona la exlrt-mly ilnyl,
ii wiih tlic Kreatwt diflicully rracliea the
"my. to make even thu tinftlhtt allnwunce;
lhat thy suppj;- oj furpje U 60 ahnrj that
ralry har-a ure cared for very tenderly,
and nearly nil ptckutlnir is done by infantry.
The object la lo keep ihe linraea In condU
linn forterv(c, wlivii the prinjj campaign
jirmy J'otemic. 2 Till. It w n Mis-J
"wlj'jil regiment tlut opened tU ball ou
'Saturday last, by attempting to Oght their
way out nr Hie rciel line lor me purpose
of takinjt the ontli of allecinnw. Unfor
tunately they nid not nuecem, tnougii iney
made it brilliant attack. It in expected
that full information will rcuch here short
ly by which Mime Idea will be forrm-il of
the lo?. Twtnty lo 40 oNmtera come In
to the ronka of the 2im1 corp dully, and
iia many lo Hie M corpt.
A r-peclnl In Ihe X. Y. Time Mys a
letter from a Uencral fnim Knnxrille, tc
ceivrd here, Mya I " Tho Itebels here are
pathcring together all their cavalrr, pic
paratnry to a grand raid through 'iVnnev
e and Kentucky, to crt hor-s and np
pllct." If Ihey are uccifitl in Kentucky
the writer wys they may be templed to
crwi Hie Utiio.
Cincinnati, 27th. A Chatlanootni dis
patch pay several unimportant r.arnlry
rains hare liren maile recently to cover
rebel movements. The UaxetleV Naali-
ville dhpatcli rain penons Ilmt lelt Knox
ville nn Hatnnl-iv, Jan. 23.1, rt-nort nkir-
mWhlng U-lwren Ijoiicstrcet'a caviilry and
iSo rioubt is frit that Knoxville can
.. . . .- ..T '
be held. (jov. Jnlni.on ImihiI n tirncUma
tlon for the clecllon of county titncers In
counties under the Union flag, llirloyal
persons are not allowed lo vote, and u very
rigid oath Is pntcribiil. It Is reported
lhat John Morgan, with several regiments
of Civ-lry. will muke n raid in Ky and
i hr on eh the gups of tho eiutern urt of
the State.
Chtcusn, 28lh. A Chattanooga dis
patch says JohiKtnnV army has fullen buck
from IMton. Col, Ilnrke, ol tho lOih
Ohio, with a flag or truce, went out 43
miles but could find no enemy. I lo has
sent In for pmvilnn and followed nn. The
nbel adranct1 pickets uro near Kinjnton,
40 miles south nf IMton. probably to
cover Ihe retreat to Mobile, where Clinith
nn's division went last Monday. Jan 2.Mh.
Nnhville, 25lli Later Informallnn from
Gen. Dotage at I'uluskl. Tenn., dnte2Cih.
says Ihe eii'tny ctosm-iI Tennessee river last
night and attacked Athens this imiriiiinr.
They were defeated, nnd are now trying to
ret back. The troops at Athens hail most
ly gone lo Florence to attack Johnson's
forces. and crowinir there Col. Harrison,
with COO rrbels anil two piece or artillery
trmk ttdratiinzc of their ab.ietice. Rebel's
badly defenlitl.
Still later advices reeelvi-d Hodge liadlr
whippeil. Jiilirmton at Florence, lu ail
probability the mid Is enditl.
San Franclfco. 2f'li. They commencetl
d!'liAri;ing the Aipillu tnilny, and the
work prneeeit steaitiiy. A large lighter
load of iron plates is o'rmily revelrtil, all
1 1 it- wrxvl work is spoiled but can be readi
ly replaced.
Gold in Kew York yesterday was 158.
Yreka, Feb, 2nd. Tlie Jury in oi of
Tom King. Indicled fur munlrr of n limn,
on South Fork of Scull river.some inomlia
since, relumed verdict of gnilty of murder
In t!i Ort degree.
Dntc-s to lVbruary 1.
(Viwt Stittiutt Kiln. FA. 3
Chicago. Feb. 11. The fullniiitf bus
licen recel ved from Watlilngloti: MUali
iiiL'ton. Feb. 1.1. It is ortlrnil that u
draft of .Mill 000 men, In serve three jears
or during thu war, be inude ou tho lOih ol
Signed, AmutiAU Lixcoit."
Under rail or Oct. Tor 200.000 men,
about half that number have bevn filled by
voliiniifrini; imd riM-nliiilinentri, The rail
now made for Imlf u million Is Interpreted
to inclunn Ihe ulmve
nve m'ntione.1 call;
II for JOO.OIIO. iiIuih-
iiiff in i ll'ect n cu
leerini; is miiitexml to furiiiuli ut preK-nt tin
average of 2.000 men per day nr week ?J
New York. Jan. 28ih. The lltitdd't
army disputch rt-pnrl llml 130 dm-nt-re
came into our line in one, iqnud on Wed.
Kew York, Jan. 3lit. Riclunond pa
per have the following: l(uelh'ille, 'I en.
Jan. 1 Gih. Our cavalry ia ktill in the vi
cinity of Knoxville.
Dalton, Ua.. 23d. Forrest I doing
good aemev. lie ha lupied the enemy
ut Lu Grange, Colbyville, anj German
lowu. 'IVre is a large forcu In WestTeo
iieiee, ready for him.
C'hurletou. 20th. Tlie enemy huvu been
engaged ull day In Imuhng uintiiuuitiou t.i
bitlteriea Gregg und Wagner. Seterul
hellhave betii bntl Into tho cily tiuce
lust n-port.
DlNuitisraclion In Lee's army, In conse
qu'iiec of the ritlueilun of rations, bus
reached such a pitch i to ri fjuire the
Coiiunbury to iue un order upjMullug to
their HiiriutUm uud religion tu prevent
Fortress Monroe, 30th. Richmond po
ller ol jettrrduy, hate llie following from
C'liarlestnii up to Jan. 28ih. Five slw-H
were llnil into lite city lull night. Knemy
Mill nt work on tho liuMerim ut Cuuiming
Point, ami hauling ninnimiilion to Ureg
uud Ciimmings Point atlerii. No
chunge la position of the fleet oa th21ih,
one shot un hour wits fired in tho city.
One hundred anil three fuo ahclls wu firtd
into the city on the 2Ul.
Kushville. Jan, 'JQ:h. The enemy, COO
strong, attacked nnr forces ut Alt (lia).
but ufler.u fight of 20 hour duration were
reptilacd, Our Iiuj wus 200; Ihe enemy'
irus intieli i.rp.itir fin llie ''Dili. Cut. Mil.
ler had u severe light near Vhm nee, A In..
repulsing tlie enemy
killil and wouuded.
(Jur Joii was !
" "
Wasiilnslnn, Feb. Ut Frum Informa.
tlon n-ccivrd from the Navy lK-parlmenl,
it appeurs llml few of the ibtruclioni at
Chatlwlon, have been washul away.
About 100 fcclorobdrocllntiufWiililown
al one lime, and nil that liaro driflet to.
wanls tin1 fleet wcro rafts, built by the reb
els for Ihe porpoi of crippling our vcmcI.
Clilcn?o,,In. 30 A Knox ville dL'nalch
nf the 22d Niyii our enliro forces crojwil
IIi.lMon river In Hlrnwlierry Flaln, mid
lill back to n new rxxlllnn. Our loss In
itorni at Strawberry wai tptitc vere, and
several caiwons were blown up. Two hun
dred strapglers were plt-ki-tl up by ihe rel
elsafliT our cnwlnif llnlstoit river. Our
corp liiirnctl brldpvs and everything likely
to (all into Ihe hand of the niciny, among
oilier thingc a large lot of clothing. Karly
mi the morning ol Ihe 2.11 ihe n-hcl imil
nnr slmrphoiiter were nkirnvphiiig acnes
the river ut Armstrong, plx miles above
Kunxville. A rqtiid u( l)iiL'trevtV men
huve since bct-n rrHirltil within four miles
of the cily. The movements of the enemy
are nnl clearlv tuiiJcnMood. and an linprv-'-
. . " . ....'
ninns guin grnuml tuat Knnwille U on
the eve of a ecige. Our cavalry went to
Uoltiyviiic, out un) not llml uny enemy.
Dispatches of the 21st say Longtlrcel was
within 23 miles nf Knoxville. Heavy
skirmishing hid tnken place, hat on-ini; In
the Indomitable, firmness of tin Folernls,
the enemy was cninpellnl In full back on
their line, tweuty-two miles from Knox
Knoxville, 2Cih. General Foster tele
ernphed on the 28th that our cavalry, un
der Ge.i. Sturuls, achleveil u victory over
enemy's cavalrv, ten mile east ol Slever
ville. Gen. .NlcCiaik's division drove the
enemy two mile, after n stubborn fight,
lasting from daylight In 4 p. m. We cap
tured two sin-l rilled cannon and 100 pris
oners. Km my' lo-s cmisuleralile, seventy
live U'in killed uud woundetl In the charge
or llodfenl's division, which came up in
time In lie sent In pursuit.
New York, Jan. 31. The Herald's dls
patch, dated headqiiiirlei West Vlrt'lnU.
say the garrison at Petersburg evacuated
that place on Friday night, having received
information that tho enemy In large mini
bers would attack the place next morning.
The m my did ntluck the place us expect
ed, making rrgulur approaches, ami flnully
charged l lei woiki when they fnuud the
place empty.
Washington. Feb. 1st Prlvaf dis
patch"- dateil Cumlichiiid. (lu., yeslrrduv.
anys there was it it enairemnl on Ihe 30ili.
lai.tin? four hours in Hardy county, near
Willlani'porl, lietwetn part of Kelly's uud
tvtriy a coimimmis.
Iiuisvllle, Ftb. 1st. There wai no bal
lot for Senator Saturday. It belni aeer
luinul llml by the Cmisiullon of Kentucky
the el" ciion n'f Urumleile would nipilrco
ia-w tiitiierniilorlal elect inn.
New York, 31st. A New Orleans let
lirsirys theru ure nn signs of a forward
mnvemi-nt r ur army. Some com-sjioiid-nl
sy unnMier fight Is expected ut Port
IIiiUmi, and lurge rclnforccmciils have
Imii pent theic.
A neelecltil Coueh. Cold,
an Irrllatetl or Sore throat.
If allotted lo proareM re--nils
In serious Pulmonary
Itronchlal and Asthmstlc
DiH-amii online IncuraMe.
ItrottiiV Itronchlal Troches
reach tirrrty the affected
art mid ulru
almo.t Immi'dlatA relief.
L'. flr....l.tll. A.ll.... fitli.rrl. tit .ii.
le-(mlnpv Cnugli the Troche are useful.
uhllc Si.-uk'r and Singers rhnuld hate
llie Trocli'- in clear uiul sireiiguien nieir
Voice. Military iittlcer and soldier who
oterlat Ihe voice, and ure excised to sud
den changes i-lionlil n- lliem. Obtain only
Ihe gtitutnt. llrowit' Ilroucldal Trochtv'
having ;W their lOleuey by a tet of
many years, are highly ri-cninini-iided and
pren-rilml liy Physician and Surgeons In ihe
Army, and hare reolvtd tetlimuuial trum
many eminent men.
Sold by all thri Druif.'lsl and Dealers In
Mcdlctnu In the United State uud luol for
eleu countries al 'ili ct.. r Uix.
tputtforCahforiil, ittliiMJTov .tCo
Ban l-rouclsco. Jau'jtn
s T--iood-x.
They purify, rtreuiMhuu and r.Oi'i
They create it healthy untie
They are an antidote, to lint- water
and diet.
They oteicome ctTects of dUMpatlou and
late hour.
Tiny strengthen the system and enllvcu
tliu mind.
They prevent tnlasmto and Interriiltteut
fevei s.
They puriry tho breath aud acidity or
the stomach.
Tlu-y cure dysxp'lit and constipation.
They cum dlarrhica, choleru aud cholera
Tht-y cure liver complaint nod ncrvou
lu ad ache.
They are tho best blltera In th world.
They make tho weak mau strong, and art
tzliautlrJ utituri't artat rulortr. They are
made of pure St. Cro'x Hum. the celebrated
CaUrityn Hark, roots and herb, and are
taken with lUo plcawre or a bejerage, with
out regard to ue or lime or day, particu
larly ruciiiuineuiletl lu Utlliulu inrfoiu re-
jquirlug it geutlo tluiulaut. Hold by all
UroCr,lrUKIFl, liotei nno oiv"i-
1', II Uiukk A Co.. New York.
iiy Smitu ADavi. orPorllaod, Agynls.
I TIOUK A N D I'JlODUC'Klukeq In ex:
i l rlmnve for Merchuodbe. at
I " -' r" .. . ...rrv. n,n
July 19. "J7 MA a HVW'Wp..
SctHCHirTtox For One tear. In advance,
Four Dollar J ir paid within the first six
mo'ilhs of tho year, five dollars If not paid
until tho expiration of tho year, six dollars.
AnvKHTisisu One sniiaro (1(1 lines or
less), first Insertion, Three Dollars; each
nlcqucnt Insertion. Una Dollar. A dis
count of llfly tier cent will bo made to those
who advcrtloby the year.
- lKl Tcaders iwltrd l rurrr nl rle.
Dy application to Polmaslcn and Matl
Carf len. vou ran learn lhat the Semi-weekly
Ohmiox kxtlnki. has by Tar a larger clrou
latlon In the counties ol Southern On-gon
and Del Norte county. California, than any
other paper. This lacl should commend the
Skntinki. to you a n superior medium for
I.ht or Aiikvt. ho are aiilhorltnl lo
lmtiact any bushiest concerning this pa
per. In th' iiamn of the publisher :
f.. V. Fisher, Man Francisco; Vadworlh
A Katnes, Yteka; KUf'lImry, Ashland; S.
C.Taylor. I'lucnlx; V. V. Fowler. Apple
gate; It. 8. Dunlap, Williamsburg; John It.
V'rlndle. Kerbyvllle; A. II. Mcllwaln, Waldo;
rt.J. Fotbes, Waldo; Wj.. M. Kvnns, Alt
house; Joel Thorn, Canyonvllle; A. It.
Flint, Ko'cburg: Isaac 11. Moores, Salem; J.
n. Underwood. Kuccno Cllvt F. Chnrmau,
OrcEon Citv; D. W. Wakefield, Albany;
llciijamlu Cook, Curvullls; J. II, Smith.
Crescent City; Albert Doolllllc, Happy
410 anil UN Clay Ml. Ma I'rnnrlffo,
Importers and Dealers
Drj Goods,
Carpets, Oilcloths, Mailings,
For sale lo quantities lu suit
Snuff and Tobacco
10 und IB Cliiuiiiivrs) St., N. Y.
(Formerly ii Chatham street, New York.)
Would call Ihe attention of di alcr to the
article or his manufacture, vie :
Broken tSlsx-ixlTi
rta rupi, riit riridnu.
On. IUi'w, NkIiIix-Iim,
Amrlesa(Inlltmui, ;.f.nlijrt,
TTollO'W j5.sa.-u.lTs
Scotrii, Itiwr w- Hc.arli,
IUku Timt Hnarli, irr.li llun. ih,w Bwlcb,
lrllillUliTiaul, Ki.4iKx.lcU.
vr l.unJjfM.
Attention I callnl to tlio large rttluclloii
In nrlce of flue-cut chettlnu and smokliiif
Tobaccos, which will bo found ofa kujivrlur
M.-Q 130000 a
SH0IIS4I rinKft caniiMi mtiisii
Unt, P. A. L,W)llln, 8. Jp
No.1, (tiaMi,M-aM'tl hul!i,
,S'o.i (..(fV.iilwllfTMiK'o, OatMlrr.
Hut. I A 2 uli4, Tiu t'ull UhikU.1i, Turkf
N. II, A circular of price will Iki foul
on apiiliratlnn. Nor. VH. 'lill vl
UtUU UullUlliK, Cur. 1'ronl .t Cilmld
chesui:nt CITY, CAU
WJf.1, allend to tho Deceiving and For
warding of all Cood cinrtltled to
tbelr care, with proiniitiupsuiid dbpatcb.
Consignment solicited, Meicliandlse re
ceived on storage.
Crescent City. April 1 1. 1&C3 13
X. JI.-No gooddellvert intll tberrelght
an J charges are paid, D, & W,
ON ornbout he Ilmt or OctoU-r, 1KC3,
Mr. Wilbur Iteeinu uuvo mo a note for
tho sum ol ouu hundred uiul ten dollar,
with Interest from date at tho rate of ten
u .vnl tu.p inniim flni. ill nr utmiii llli,
1st or Juue, A. D, lfcii.1, und payable .to
' V.rf.iiin I . Ijm, ,ir linr.p. ptnlil nnlH lian
Iieeu tiMt. ami tin, mill Wilbur lleefmi lias
j paid to mo tho fujl'aiuoimt of Ihe sainpt
Any person mining mo amo i nereny nm
lllltdof widfact, ami I requeued to scud
tho surue.to me. N()IOIAN J I.KR,
JflcksoqvllletJ7, I8U3. Janilwr
i Y)U I'JtlSTJNO n'talWncuted ut the
Masonic Notice.
rpilR regular communication of Warnrt
X loilgc, mi, id, t, ami A. M.. Jatksou
Title. Orciton, for A. D. 18C4, wilt bo held
on tho following days, to-wltt
January ,20 July.,,., Pi
February, 17
August,,,, IT
September 14
Octolier l'J
Novemlier, 1
Decemlicr 1
March , V.I
April 20
May 18
June IA
and regular Seml-annnal Festival nn Jiiim
24lh; and tho regular Annual Festival on
The hour of meeting will lie, frnm March
to Scptemlier. nt 7) o'clock) and from Sep
temUr to March, at C o'clock.
The brcthn-n am earnestly reiiursl.tl tA
meet early, for work will be com mound it;
the appointed hour.
Ilrellireti will do well to savu this ndttt
tlscnicnt lor ruluni reference.
Hkiimw lliaaiM. Sec
Jacksourille. Jan. 7.1Pf!l. Junim'
ft .In. . -mw. H ii airy
For sale at the
Near Corvullis.
TO clo'o up. 1 will sell splendid, largo
tree Tor 1.1 eeiiN. Cheny. Mulliery.
Chcrluul, Itose. I.llnch, mid all kliuh nt
ShrtibU-ry, very low, Lverylhluir will io
Ittvely lot clocd out ut soino price befoM
April 1st.
1 will also sell a good lot of I'enr und
Cherry stock.
Come lo tho Nursery and see.
Glenn Hun Farm, Jan. H, '(A Juniltt-I
Inimitable Hair Restorative.
Hut restores gray hair to Its original color,
by supplying tho capillary lube with ntl
unit uiciiunce, impairtii oy ucn or '!!-
ease. All iiHttttilimnmt tt'jtt uru chiiimi.!i
orfiinnr Miisri'f. detroyln tho vitality uud
beauty or the linlr, unit alloiilor lhemeit
nn dres'lng. Ileimlrevl's Inlmllablu cue
orlng not only restores luilr to It nntuml
color by an eay process, but gins tho
hair n
Xjtxx3C.xxxl.xxt XJonut3r.
promotes It gmttlh. prevent It falling
oir, enullcntrs tho daudriilf. and linparti'
health and pleasantness to lint head. It hiti
stood thu test ol time, being thu original
iiuir-cnioring, aim is cnnsutuiiy incieitniip
In favor, Ustil by both genllemeii and hi
dies. It Is sold by nil roiexlablo iliiilh,
or can Ik- procured by theiu of D, ii. IUunH,
Proprietor. New York. '
Tito sixes, flOe, and SI. eow2ty1
Smith A IUwk. of I'ortlaml Mvt.
'"pUK house and lot occuplid by tho un
I. lliTMJIIiei!, HI III" umvii in Muenriiuviiie
Idnir..r,f1 rnr Mibt mi verv lib nit terntit.
The lot I 230 feel lorn: by IIU wide, and U
in a gorai siiiiii oi cuiiituiiuii, a koihi ti
tle will lie given,
Korfiirili'riwrtIcuIar,en'iiilreiif lliosuo-scrlU-r.
Jacksonville. Jan. 2.1. V.:i. JanMlf
riuervisi' who huvu not madii their
report Tor K'ttlemeut, are required to ai
leiir before tho Hoard or Cfiinly Coimnl
Iouer ror that pin po, at Iho regular nt
Inn or the Hoard, t'omiu'iiclug on Ihe llr.t
Monday In February, Ifliil.
Ily order tr Ihe Hoard.
WM. HOFFMAN, County Clerk.
Jan. 9 Hi I. Jiinl'itl
AilntliiUtriitur'a Nutlet1.
BY onb r of Iho Counly Court. In and fo
thu county of Jackson uud ritaie or Ore
gon. I ttlll ae to tho highlit li'ilibr. ut pub
lic auction, on thu land claim or thu lal
Michael Krlly ih-c-ssnl, at thu mouth of
Sam' Creek, two mile and u halfabotu
Dardauells, on Tuesdny, Ftb. U. IHOI. tw
tween the hour or ten a.M, und four l1, IJ ,
thu persnual pruH'rly bvlougiug to thu
tato of Iho afup said deceased
Term of rale gold and silver coin,
down. liilKK.SONM.flOltb',
jauV3tt2 Public Admliilttralor.
Phiciiix. Ogn.;jftii.. 22.IHIW.
Ailniliiltratui'H rialf.
BY order of the Counly Court, in nrxl
for the county of Jutkiou urd Klnln
of Oii-gcn, I will fell In the highest bidder,
ut public uucilrm. al the Ash'und Mil:, on
Haiuid.iy, l-'rb 0, 1604, between the louru
nf tin A. M. and fur I'. M , the ptrrooal
pnjieriy In lunging to the etiale of tho
lute John IkuKii, dueuHil,
Trims of side gold uml silver coin,
down, ESIlvllKON K.'0HK.
Jitn23w2 I'ublio Admin ttrutor
riicciilx. Ocn. Jan. Ti. mi.
I) t-nine of Ui-duiibuck Men,
MliltCIIANTH and traders or Jackson
county will pleao taku particular nu
tlco whom Ihey trust. A certain )cung
man, wliosu namo.ls Duvld reiiiil(er, con
tracted a bill with mo lu Juno Isut, In irord
faith, amouiiling 'lu Iho euonnoui sum of
di;u 50 100, aud to-day when I urt-henlM
his bill to him for payment, ho conjpvlUd trial
to Uko greeuuacK at par,
Drccember 30. MX jauZivl
Aiiiiu.nn at
. . , MmlmltaulMtamt j