Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, August 29, 1863, Image 1

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I. O. (). J Jacksonville Lodge
,N0. 10 lioliH (In rejzul'ir im-ct-
iM Jv).-. itifCrt on Jii'iiiy m uia him
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S o'clock i. m. Iinittipn In irooit ftiiinlliijf run InyltcJ
toBHcml. WM. JIAY, N 11.
.yiui J. Mr, It. Fee'y.
Tnnteo.1. .1. !. iftttton, Henry IV'.nllnjur ami
t!oi.JI. l)Dfr!i.
Warren Lodge No, 10, A. F. & A. M.
A HOLD their regular communl-
gycutlons tliu Wednesday Evenings on
Vor preceding the full moon, In jack-
KuNVII.l.ti, OltKtlO.V.
II. Hmiom. Sec' i.
ori:;on CHAPTER NO. .J,
- o F -HOY
jackson vii.i.ti. onnaos'.
Will hold Its regular coinmuiiical ions on tlio
first Mntnnlny Kvt. otKvvvy Mouth.
All sojonrnlntr Companions In good
Mantling uruconliiiHy invited to attend.
G. V. GREER, It. I
L. Saoiis. Scc'y. (kc8:17
ti. w. imirriiiTT. jamks w. kay.
i AT Xj-A-TW,
Will prnctfeu in tho Supremo mid oIIht
Court of tli i Slate. March 4. 'OX
.1 aoksonviux, Orkuon,
WflM' pructlru In the several Court" of
T the Fiit Jrvdicul DNtvIct. mid In the
Supreme Court. October 'JO. H,'l,
Jacksonviw.k, (Vswiio.v.
Will prnctice In nil tho ('ourts of tlio Third
Judicial District, tlio Sitcnno Court of Ore
Kim, mill in Yroka, Cut. War Scrip prompt
ly collected. Oct. 1.
(awicfisngr to Uot A- (lirtton)
Especial attention given to collection
cu-cs.i .Tnim 10, 181!?;. 41)
Olltcn nt Ills Il-llcttcMii Oregon ht.
JAnrtio.Nvii.iiK, Orixiok.
Wliiiro nil tlio.Ju ktmwiiiK IIiciiihs1vp8 In
vlclitud to liltn. on uutti or .book iivcomit,
will pli'iiiu cull und hultlo up, or tlii'lr nc
fount will bo piuct'd for collection iu thu
liuncN of iJiyMtonii'V.
My old i-utrons will etlll And rr.n, as o,
Tfiufy touttwid to my ptolVHsiomil dutw.-.
.Mnv li, I MX iTiitvlitf
lMiotoKi'nphic Artist,
1h pri'pnrtd to tnko picturt'8 In wi-ry ftylo
of tin.1 urt, with nil thu Into improvcmcutH.
If l'iuturi'H do not givo FntUf&ctlon. no
KiiiirgcH will lie miidu. Cull ut IiIh iiuw'GiiI
lury, on tin; hill, t'.viiinlna his "picturon, mid
Ml "for vnur llkonip.
'Ilrlrfc Ilullitlii, Cor. Front ilt Fatreet.
WIIJj attend to the Kccolvlii? nnd For
wnrdiiiK f "U Otnd entrusted to
their euro, with promptness nnd ilipputch.
CouMKiunents solicited. Merch&nilieu re-
culvi'il on ctoinRe.
Cri'HJont City. April 11, 18fi3. 15
N. IJ.-No Koode delivered until the freight
inJ rlmryoB mo pnliK P. & ',
TSiftt Uoor iu UrntlUmy & AVartu.
Ilmvn jijHt opened u now ftoro nnd Ftock
wl it with a olioico variety of tlio nhove
inentioned artioloy, mid offer them for mlo
tit tlio lowest living prices. The host p(
uiKnra nnd ehewiiiK toimcco will ho kept
oiisUntiy ,on Imud. Thoso desiring any
tirticlu in mv line will eavo isuniiy hy glv
iHg mo n cull. J.'KOW.
Jacksonville. July 1.JB3. jlltf
rLLUSTRA'l 20 PAPERS Kiirpfrs
I. Weekly Frank Leslie'?. Ynnlcee No
niotis, etc., regularly iwdvi'rt nnd for sa'lo
TJACICSADDLKS cnnnluntly on ham
JL my Harness nnd Suilillcrr estuhlish.
uK'o-t,, 1 i
IIKNKY I)KHN(3KIt, PubV nnd Prop'r
SniiscitifNo.v One year, in advance, Five
DoIIhih; Six months, Three DoIIiuh.
AnvKiiTirtiMJ Onu Miuare (10 lines or
less). tlrt insertion, Thren Dnllnrs ; each
niibxequent Insertion. One Dollar. A dis
count of fifty percent will he iniulu to those
who wlverltst' liy theyenr.
ftil- Litat TcnilcM rucelvnJ ut currant rule.
Hy application to Postmasters mid Mail
Carriers, you can learn that thu Semi-weekly
Oisi:iion Skxtixiii. has liv far a lamer circu-
lalioii in Hie counties of Southern Oregon
nnd Del Nortu county, California, than any
other paper. This fact should commend life
Skmim:i. toyou hh u superior medium for
List ok Aiiknts, wlio nrc uutliorlzed to
transact nuy huslueis concerning thU pa
per, in tlio uninu of the publisher :
li. 1. Fisher, fc'nu Fritiicisno; Wndsworth
it Hivynes. Vroka; Klier Kiurv, Ashland; S.
C. Taylor, Fhicnix; V. W. Fowler. Apple
gate; It. H..I)uul:ip, Williamburg; John It.
I'rinille. K'erby ville; A. 11. MclUuiu. Waldo;
U.J. Foihes. W'rW'o: 'V.r,. M. ICvtins. Alt-
houso; Jnel Thorn, Canyonvilli'; A. K.
Flint, Ro-'i'liiirg; isaito li. Moore.i, Salem: J.
H. Uuilerwood, Kngeuo City; F. Charmnii.
Oregon City; D. W. Wrtkufleld, AHi.tny;
Ilenjnmin Cook, Corvulll.-; J. II. Smith.
Creiceut City; Albert Doolillle, Happy
TKi.Kr.KAriicn to yiikka koh tiik skxtinku
DntcHto August AlitU.
Memphis, 'JOih. Oenerul Hurlbert star
ted mi expedition Ironi Lagrange. TVon..
on the Illlili inl., miller comuiaiid of Lieut.
(l. Pliillip?, of the Ninth Illinois mount
ed infantry, nnd readied (J rnnada on the
I7th, and "driving (.Sen. Slieiman (rebel)
with '2W0 men and three pieces of artil
lery, from that place. They then destroyed
,17 locomotive?, and upward'; of '100 car.,
depot buikiing, machine and blocks, with
shops. A large (juuiitily of ordinance and
stores were captured, together with fifty
railroad men, and u number of other priso
no if.
New Voile. 2-tlli. Tlio lkrahh' ppr
eiul pays. I-ec has been receiving reinforce
mints for thu p.ist week, nnd is evidently
preparing to attack us. Our scouts icpnrt
the i.'iH-My making another campaign,
which coutemplate.'i n movement similar to
that of August first. Deserters corroborate
this rntelligunce.
"New York, X. 0., 22. Rebel newspa
pers in this part of thu State clamor loudly
for thu FttRpriwsinn of tlio R.ileigh 6Vim-
dard, thu nflicial paper, which cif lato bids
iii'iiiince to i.ivis nun me ucMriiciivci in
tlio Houihern (Jonfedi'raey. The llolton
(Tenn.) Journal, speaking of lirngg's army,
sayu we don't know itn jiresent strength.
lint taking the present statu In considera
tion of 'well known adroitness and sagacity
of his untugonisu Tlrngg will f.ud his posi
tion most huicardoiis nnd perplexing, un
less greater energy is shown than now cuem's
to exist. It is uppareut that Rosecrnns
iiilends n (Link upon both sides, und will
no doubt throw another division into KaM
Tenn., by way of Sparta, nix! thus com
pel! Hragg's force to fall back to Atlunta.
Fortrw Monrnn, 2'lth. Tlio etfamer Ma
pel lnf, Irons oil' Charleston, Thursday,
20th, arrived. When she left Sumter's
guns were silenced. Several -breaches had
been made in 'tins walls. Tlieru was no
doubt that rcbt-ta would foou abandon it.
The monitors ero elose under the walls of
Wagner, and by uid of ehtirpshnoters, guns
of batteries were nearly cileuceS.
MempliU 21st. The "Oity of ATmllson
was blown up, nt Vicksbnrg, Wednesday,
111, while loading nmuuiuiiiou nt tlio levee.
About GO lives weru lost. Thu explosion
was caused by the- careless 'Imudliug of per
cushion shells by u luborer.
Tho division of thn Army or the Oimi
bcrlmid was before (?hiillanoo!ra. Aul' 1i.
. .. .- , -j .
und opened firo on tho city. Daring the.
forenoon the enemy suilereil from ilf guns,
mostly small, doing little damage. Our
fire was very destructive, nnd every bat
tery which opened fire on us win disabled.
Thu enemy's works on tho river are reported
to bo very strong, with parapets no less
thun 18 feet high. Several water batter
ies on a level with tho river weru discover
ed. 'Out' H'.earner moored in fiont of thucitv
wk5 distioyed by u?,nnd an other disabled.
An utlempt to ruin a pontoon bridgu'iif 17
bouts wa fnistruted by the enemj's sharp,
shooiers. h is reporied that there are two
rebel oivimoih at Lhattnuooga, niiu one
the railroad towurds Bridgeport.
Contrubuuds report that Jobustou bus ju-
perseded TJin'jg. Manv pnroled men of
I Viuberton's urmy tire arriving in our lines.
They say his command can never bo got
together nguin. The rebel right nnd left
can not co-operate, on account of the im
practicability of common roads.
Lenvanwortb, 23d. Up to this morning
128 bodies were hurried nt Liureiice.
Many of them were so disfigured ns to pre
vent, recognition. (Jitir.ciu are continually
pacing between this placo und Laurence,
and their details of l he scenes that occur
red in the streets of the doomed city tiro
sickening and heiirl-rending. Thn last nc
counts we have of Quuulrell is to Saturday
night, at which time ho win being closely
pursued by Lane, whose force was constant
ly being increased by farmers who were
flocking to him with aims. It is his de
termination lo follow Q'lnntrcll into Mis
souri, and if the gatt!r is disbanded to hunt
them down like i obiter. One of their
number who was captured gave the name,
of fifty of the gang. The people of Jack
son counly, who arc well known here, and
have always been considered good Union
men, and the lust informed citizens of
Laurence, are of the opinion that Qtirtn
trell's troops me mainly composed of pa
roled prisoners of Pentberton's command
and soniu from Pricvs army, from tho fact
that they are munli sunburned Iu appear
ance from being long iu service.
New Yoik,2flh.--A special dispatch this
morning from Washington contains but lit
lie news : A Morris Island letter, of lSlh.
to tin1 Ilcxiltl, states that thu uppearaiiee
of tho gorge wall of Sumter is not like
that presented by Fort Pulaski on the
evening of the lirs't duys fire. From thirty
to forty large holes could be counted on
the face of tliu works. Tint baricade.s of
brick covering thu magazines and sand
traverses have been H-ricusly damaged.
Three days of such work will bring down
Sumter or tho head of its defenders.
Fortress Monroe. 24th. Richmond
Whiff of 21st says the loss of Vicksburg
and failure of Gettysburg arc tho two
events of the year which seems to render
highly probable a long and almost inter
minable conlinuanco of tho war. Apart
from victories which wo may achieve on
the field, there arc but two means of coun
teracting the baneful efl'icls of these events
and bringing hostilities to an early close.
Thoi! are events forcing intervention or a
determined opposition by thu conservative
masses of the Xortli to the ubolitiou fac
tion who have control of thu (joverument
at Washington. A long protracted war
will prove n great evil wholely unmixed
with uoml, for the longer thu war coutin
iich the more thoroughly exasperated the
Southern heart will become with the whole
Yankee race und Yankee institutions. We
want the uid of Franco. Wo are able to
nay for it ; let us do it. We shall then
have peace, or a power to work sweet re
venge on our foul foe. The Richmond tfru
nlnul says; from the region of the Uup
pnhaunock there seems to be growing an
expectation Hint iv collision between the
two nnnies is thawing near. All accounts
concur in representing our (rebel) urmy to
be iu the very best condition.
Fortn"? Monroe, 21. General Letcher
Imp ordered the rebel 'General Assembly
of Yirginhi, elected in May last, to wet
at Richmond, in extra session, on the T.th
of September, -for the.purposo of devising
means for thu public dofoiwe. ITo says it
will n quire extraordinary exertiivwi on
their part lo meet the advancing large lev
ies of additional Federal troops.
The steamer Oity of lllehmniul, from oft
Charleston, Tuesijay noon, brings the fol
lowing intelligence : Fort Sumter's flig
wus sliot nway on Thurtidny. On Friday
thu bombardment was constantly kept up.
Hie whole south end or tho lort wag demol
ished almost to the luse. On TYiday
morning nino breaches were discovered.
Wagoner. (reg und other batteries fired
nt short intervals; An expedition was be
ing fitted out to silence Jumea Island bat
teries. Tio Ttichmond Sentinel of to-dny hni
the following important dispatches fiom
Charleston, of date 221 : Tho fire of ene
my's laud batteries has been kept up on
Sumler, und more guns have been dis
mounted. Thero is also a heavy fire
uga'mr.t Wugeucr anil Gregg from the fleet
anil land.
Gilmore's ilemnnd for tho surrender of
Sumter nnd Mori is '-JhIuik, with n threat
to phell Ohrrleston in four lioum nfter the
delivery of tho papers nt Fort 'Wegener,
was received nnd returned this morning,
ijteauregnrd in reply, charges iiihumnnity
and violation of tho laws of war ngniim
Gilmore. nnd affirm that if the ofieneo is
repeated he will employ vigorous measures
of retalliation. Up to this time the threat
to shell tin? city had not been executed.
ChaiJcston, 2.U -On Saturday CIO
slots bud becu flrcd at SumW, 4iy of
which struck Inside or outside. The east
wall is scaled and battered, und thu pnru
pet under the wall is ruined. Thu north
west wall tun arches have fallen in, nnd
the guns me all dismounted. Lund but
teries opened from south und north, and on
Sunday, tho monitors on the cast nnd west,
coming close up. The fire is vtry damag
ing. The shot swept through the fort, and
the shot wounded several officers, including
Col. Rliett coin'ng. He is ordered to hold
on until relieved or the place taken. Col.
Gailortl of Wngcner is killed, unit several
wounded. Twenty-three vessels arc inside
the harbor, including Hie Ironsides. Gil
more sent notice on Sunday. that nt 11
o'clock to-morrow ho would open on
Charleston, in tliu meantime iioiicombnt
cuts could leuve.
Chattunnoga. 22d. The Yankee? conr
incnecd shelling Chuttunongu yesterday
without giving notice ol their intention.
All is quiet today.
Chicago, 2 5 ill. Gold this nitcmoon on
ly 12'-
Dates to the Gt h.
Fortress Monroe. 2(!lh. Richmond paper;
have the following, dated Wilmington iMlh:
" Veslenlay morning the frigate Minnesota
and six gunboats boniiianUil J'ort Iwshcr.
at New Inlet, N. C. wticru stunner Ilebo
grounded. Kiieiav attempted to laud, but
were repuR'il. Iking reinforced, they fi
nally destroyed tho goods lauded from tho
steamer, anil fired her. We held the works
last evening."
Norfolk. Yn.. 2Tth. The IMohmonil lit
aminer, of to-day, has been received. It
contains Charleston dispatches to tho 'Jtth,
which say last night (Sunday 'Jlfd), all '.'
o'clock, the enemy opemd lire on thucitv,
firing lll'leeii 8-inch I'nrrot guns. Non-com-batautb
are leaving iu u continuum stream.
New York. 20th.- A letter dated off
Charleston, Saturday, Th, mys sevcial de
serters were picked up last night by the Mon
tauk. They report tho rebels ns preparing
to uhniidou Siimtur, und say they have been
taking guns from it ever since the attack
In April, which demonstrated tlnir inubili
ty to hold it. Thero are now not more than
six or eight guns in the fort, the remainder
being "quukcrs" (imitation).
New York. 2r,lh--From Army of Potomac
2fltli ; Rebel pickets called yesterday ncro.vi
the Rappahannock that Fort Suin)itcr had
been taken by our forces.
Tho position of the rebel in my in now
somewhat thus : Kwcll lies near Orange
Court Houso, A. P. Hill near Rapidau Sta
tion; liougstreet stretches from u. S. Ford
to Fredericksburg; pickets on tho Rappa
hannock are now to Port Royal ; Leo has
his heailipiarters about two miles beyond
Ornngo Coilit Ilou.'-e, on the (iordouhvllle
Railroad. Prisoners nnd deserters continue
lo report dUalfectlon in the rebel mniy.
Two wholu companies had dcH'.rted from
the Eighth Georgia regiment. They report
that Stewart had been relieved from the
command of thu cavalry, and Gen. Hood
appointed in hW Mead.
Tho lltrahl's special from V.'ushlngton
says C. I'M ward Lnster. Cletk iu tho War
Department, was arrested last Monday at
Harper's Ferry, with important dispatches
In Ins poseN.ion, intended for the enory.
He wtii suspected of having Jjccji iu com
munication with tho rel'i.'ls for some time,
und litii doubtless given them much vuluuble
Gen. (illinnreluii demanded tho surrender
of Charleston. Tho demand hero Ik believed
to be ImM'd on his succors iu reaching thu
city with tint Parrott gnus.
Returns from 100 counties in Kentucky
give Iirmulette, Union candidate, for Gov
ernor, f)0,U!)2 majority.
New York, 2Gih. The steamer Consti
tution, from Hilton 'Head, S. 0'.. with
dates to the 2,'M, passed Charleston Ilcr ut
half-pint 5 in the afternoon of (he same
day. 'I he bombardment was then going
on with great energy. Tho firing wus
very rapid. The lust report from Morris
Island was that 'Fort Sumter had not res
ponded to out guns for two days.
New York, 50th. In latitude 37 nnd
longitude 71 u negro wai picked up in ti
bout belonging to tho U. 8. Iliig Rain
bridge, He stated that on tho 26th, during
u violent galo, tho brig foundered, uud all
on board weru lost but himself.
Kansas City. 25th. It Is reported that
Majs. Rlmit nnd Thatcher overtook u com
pxny of guerrillas, In Lafayette county,
uud killed thirty. A detachment from Lex
ington also met t; company of guerrillas,
new Pleasant Hill, on Saturday, killed 6ov
eu und recoveted u considerable quantity of
goods, taken front Luwercnce.
'Draftkd. In lioston both of Edward
Everett's sons have been drafted und are
going to servo iu person. Tho father says
that he shall do thn same if drufied, pre
ferring to do so rather thau luruifcb u hub
slitute or pay SHOO.
It is odd, but ti tie, that tho first apple
was eaten by the first pair.
APKAtns at VtcKsiiURtt. A correspon
dent writing from Vicksburg, under dum
of July 14th, says:
The obvere side of the greut fcene thni.
was witnessed here on the 4th wiih to hnvu
been seen jeslerihty morning. The busi
ness of paroling the prisoners having been
finished they were inarched nut of thu lines..
About 9 o'clock the procession started out,
on the Jackson road, and us si-en from the
cupola of thu Court House, reminded one.
both in color and its tortuous wiiullngn. of
a monster copperhead snake. The men
moved nlong without spirit or energy, and
were, in appearance, quite tho untipodes of
tin idenl soldier.
At a point some miles from the fortifl
eitt'ons the road brunches to the right, the
branch being the toad to Warrenton.
which is some seventeen miles: below Vicks
burg, on the river. When this place was
reached, thu Second Texim Infantry refit'
ed to go any further, and without "bolting,
turned off from thp Jackson road, lenvitiL'
the three field officers to represent their
regiments iu the parole cum p. As all
were without urtiis there wus no wuy of
Hopping them, und they coolly took their
own courcO in spito of threuts and expos
tulation.'. The Confederacy was played
out, they said ; they wanted" to go home
and were determined to do so. Most of
the Third nnd Twenty-sixth Louisiana, ttnd
Sixlh Missouri followed them. They tiro
now nt Warrenton with hundred? of
oiheis from Texus and other Southwestern
States, nnd mo availing themselves of
every opportunity to cross the river,
A horrible discovery has just been made
on the rebel line of fort ilico't ions. Quite :i
number of men have been engaged in re
pairing the rebel fort that wus... blown up
on the night of the .'Id instuiit. In the
course of their ojK!rations they have ex
humed sixty or eighty dead bodies found
buried in tfie ruins of the fort. Jt seems
while our miners were nt work making nn
entry into tho side of the hill that was
crowned by the rebel fori, a strong work
ing party of rebels wero ret to work sink
ing it counter mine within the fort. This
party, consisting, it is said, of more than
u hundred men. were in the mine when ours
exploded, and those of them who were not
killed outright were buried nlive. Home
of the exhumed bodies are terrible lacera
ted mid mangled, while others have wot ti
murk or bruiso upon them. Two headf,
one that of u negro, have been dug up.
They were completely severed from the
bodies, the lutter not having yet been found
The bodies urt found iu ulmost every eon
ceivablo position fowe standing erect,
others sitting or lying, und in one iustuncc
a body wus head 'downward a if it had
been caught in that piwilion by the crumb
ling earth while fulling headlong into the
pit below.
A Cam. run Mahtiai. Law ovku thu
Whom: Coxhuokhaoy. The Richmond AV
quxrfr of lfith July says :
There tiro much more than 1 00,000 men
in the Confederacy who have hired sub-di-tutcs
for scrvlci. They have pnld for them
from $:0l) to Sit.OOO. mid have up to this
time avoided tho rinks of bit tin, nnd te-ed
their timo in eruwing rich. Now, do those
men ostimnto tbn value of their country's
Irecdom, cacti ot them at his janti or $:s,0Un:
When tlmt sum Iikh been paid, is nil ihnt
they over owed to their nutivo land dls-
churKcd -forovcr? Are -they willing to in-
vest just so much to rescuo their children
from vitsMxlago to tho Tttnkeo nation? WIH
they not bid u little higher? If not, wo
must have tho levy en ninsso, and take them
all. Then let uuvbndy visit the neighbor
hood of General Winder's office. Jt i.s
choked with crowds of cowardly wretches,
calling themselves iforelgnern German
who wero buWoo glr.rt to got out from un
der tho tutelage of their grand dukes und
serene hluhuesses Irishmen who lone k
renounced with a malediction their allegi
ance to Queen Victoria all crushing on
another in tho rnco to Miow "protections"
from thoso very queens mid serene high
nesses, and so fly from tho land thut shel
lered them In its utmost porll. We cannot
estimate tho number of such men iu thu
whole Confederaoy, but certainly they
would make a .corps d'armeo. All thiwo
points, which ore here only touched upon
tho strengthening of our military organiza
tion, tho application of martial law to tint
wholo country, as in n, stale of.siego thu
nbsolute control of nil tradintr (especially
trading In drink), ns within military lines
tho abolition of substitution, exemptions
and foreign protections tho material en
largement of tho .President's power to ro
viso elections of officers, mid to make ap
pointments and get rid of incompetent of
ficers these things form too large and mo
mentous a sulrjcct to bo disposed of in uu
article. For to-day wo only deslro to excite
reflection upon them,
.. ,
Among the killed ut tho battle of Get
tyshurg was a Chinamen known under tin
Yunlee name of" John Tommy." Ho
had Lecu in service from tho opening of tuj