Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, August 26, 1863, Image 1

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VOL. VIII-jNO. 62.
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I. O, (). p. Jacksonville Lodge
. ! i... 1. 1 ii. ........ i ..........
,- .W. u lli'l'ir iivjiniiii fiii'vi-
5S2L. Iiitj mi VrlilfiY lif Dm llr.t
G' U iUI rfCr imitlf Iti ivuti liiiiitlli iimiI ....
Tvv5sl.,v' K-'iltititny (ifAarJi Intervt-nlnir
; K v Le&SS week, nt tlit Mrtwinlc Hull, ut
J o'clitk p. y, DrothcM lit guoitotaiultmt nin Invlluil
tu!tliMi.l. . . Wil. HAY, N. a.
Sii.h J, J).vr, K. Roc jr.
Vi iHtci).. .):ii. SI. Hut tun. Henry DnnllnRer and
lou. II. Ifciirl.
Warren Lodge No, 10, A. F. & A. M.
A HOLD their regular communl-
"jjrcntiotiH tliu Wednesday Evenings on
Nor preceding tho full moon, iu jack-
ft. ht.oom. Sec'i.
j. i gkso x villi:, ouhvo.y,
Will hold Its regular communications on the
I'lt-st Mutiirilit)-Kvr. oflOvei-j- Month.
All sojourning Companions in Rood
Handing uru curdlnllv Invited to attend.
' L Paoiis. Sec.'y. di'c8:47
Will pructlfc lii tins Supniin; uud oilier
Courts or thin state. March 4. ;:t.
"HLL nructlea In tins several Courts of
V (lie First Judical District, und In tho
Supreme (Joint. Ocloher 21). ?t!2.
Will practice in nil tho ConrtH oT tho Third
Judicial District, tho Supremo Court or Ore
gon, mid in Yrckn, Cnl. War Scrip prompt
ly colleelcil. Oct. 18.
(SureoMor to Itecd A llnnlun)
Kspccinl attention given to collection
cnr.es. June 1(1. IHiW. 40
Olllcc nt liU Hvxlilcnce on Oregon ,Nt.
Where nil those knowing themselves In
dulged to him. on uolu or book nccount,
will pleuo cull und settle up, or their nc
count will be placed lor collection iu the
bunds or my attorney.
My old utroirs will still And me, ?.
readv to attend to my professional duties.
May li. IHli!!. inuylilf
lMiotoKiupIilc Artist,
Is prepared to take pictures in every stylo
of the art, with ull the lain improvements.
If Pictures do not give Futfuctinn. no
charges will be piade. Call ut.liU new Gal
lery, on tho hill, exumiuc IiIh pictures, und
sit for your likeness.
Jlrlrk llullillitp. Cor. Front Putrteta.
"1X71 LL attend to the Receiving nnd For
Vf unnlinir of nil Goods entrusted to
their care, with promptness nnd dispatch.
I Consignments solicited. Merchandise re-
J .itt.Ml mi ulnrnfiv
VVI "I, ' ''
fimsi.uiit f!llw Anrll 11. 1fifi! IT.
' N. IJ.-No jjoodf delivered nntil tho fremiti
nnl clinrpPH nro pid. D. it W.
Ktixt door to Urndbnry Watte.
Jhavojiift opened a now store nnd Ftock
ed It with a choice vnricty of the above
mentioned articles, uud oiler them for mtlo
t tho lowct living prioea. Tho best of
cigarn nnd chewing tobacco will bo kept
constantly on hand. Those- desiring any
nrtiolo In my line will tavo money by kIv
1X mo n call. J. ROW.
Jaek"onvlllo. July 1, '63. jlltf
Wt'i'klj, Fiauk Leslie'?, Yankee No
lions, etc., retjulurly reeeived nnd for pulo
lo r pu
'nt tho VARIETY STi
1)ACK-SADDLES constuully on hand
my llnrncss nnd Saddlery cstulilisli
ucat. 15 JIENRY 'JUDGE.
IIKNRY OENMNOEIt, Pub'r mill PropV
SutwcntiTiox Ono year. In advance, Five
Dollnrx; Six tnontlic, Three Dollart.
AnvKitTiHiMi One mitnro (10 linen or
lc.). Ili-flt liiHcrilon, Three I)ollar : eneh
Mibcqucnt insertion. One Dollar. A dis
count of tll'ty percent will be made to those
who mlvertNe by Iheyenr.
ttj" Legal Tendon recclvcil t cuirr lit rate.
By application to PofUmnfder nnd Mall
Ciirrli'iH. you ciiii learn that tho Semi-weekly
Oiikiiox Skxtixki. Iiiih by fur n larger clieu
latiou iu tliu counties of Southern Oregon
and Del Norte county, California, than any
other paper. This fact Miould commend the
Skntinki. to you w w mipetior medium for
Liht ok AdKXTH, who nre uutliorized to
train-act nuy business concerning this pa
per. In the name of the publisher :
L. P. Fisher, San Francisco; Wad-worth
t ItnyncN, Yieka; Kber Kmry, Ashland: S.
0. Taylor. Plinsnix; W. W. Fowler. Apple
irate; It. 8. Duiilap. Williamsburg: John II.
I'riudle. Kerby ville: A. II. McIKaln. Waldo:
It. J. FoiJ.es, Waldo; W.r.. M. Kvans. All
house: Joel Thorn, Cnnyouville; A. It.
Flint. liOMibiir: Is.iac R. Moore.s, Salem: J.
II. Underwood, Kujiene Cltv: F. Charman.
OruKtn City; I). W. Wakelleld, Allmuv;
Heujamlii Cook, Corvallis; J. II. Smith.
Crescent City; Albert Doollttlo, Happy
J)ntc to August 21st.
Fortress Monroe, Aug.. 1 Dili Desert
cm who left Richmond ten days njjo report
that most of the fortifications urouml R'cli
inond liuve no guns mounted, and they say
nnnii to mount. Tho rebel forces nro very
limited in number in nnd around the city,
(jcn. Jenkins commands iu the city. Five
hundred men nro sometimes there, nnd
sometimes in North Carolina. General
Wise wim nc.ir Richmond, but did not
have more than eight hundred innn in his
Memphis Aiinr.. 17th. Vicksburgr nil
vices to Aiiiiust lfith liuvo been received.
Rebel cavalry continue to scour tho coun
try nronnd Jackson (Miss.), compelling
every citizen capable of bearing iirins into
the rebel service.
Adjutant fjlcn. Thomas nrrived nt Vicks
burg on August ;I4th. His business is
supposed to bo;lho organization of color
ed troops.
A gentleman who has just arrived from
Mobile says Gen. Johnston has assumed
command there, and has thrown twenty
thousand troops into tho city.
New York, Aug., 21st. Tho UemU't
special dispatch says : A lady reached here
to-duy from Richmond, who states that the
utmost destitution exists among the middle
nnd lower classes of people. Sho had a
pass from the rebels on account of her be
nii; the wife of an EniHishnian who has
been protected from thu druft by the Drit
ih Consul.
The Times' dispatch soya private infor
mation received to-day agrees with our
own iiircniiy teiegrapneit, tn.it t."e a nrmy
Is daily decrensiutr in strength the num
ber ol desertions from it outnumbering tho
conscripts daily joining it. At no previ
ous period of the war him there been so
great a disposition manifested to desert
from it. Tho soldiers unite in declaring
that iiinC'tcntlm of thoso now deserting
Lee make for their respecttive homes, in
steud of coming this way. They also say
that tho feeling that thu rebel caua U lost
is universal in the icbel Army of Virginia.
Washington, Aug., 20th. Prominent
officers serving before Charleston express
themcelves iu private letters received hero
to-day us earnestly hopelul of the results
of the combined naval and military opera
tions, but do not mention any time for the
reduction of Sumter, as promised by the
enthusiastic correspondents. The work be
in:? heavy, und requiring tho utmost rkill
and caution, they, with n full appreciation
of the difficulties of the proposed attack,
refrain from exciting speculations of no
immediate und complete victory. Nor is u
speedy result of such a character anticipa
ted by gentlemen in Wusliington who are
best acquainted with the plans of tho com
manding officers.
Cincinnati, August 2 1st .Returns from
ull but nine counties in Kentucky inuku
Dramlette over 50,000 ahead.
LcAvonwortli, Aug., 2lM. About six
o'clock this morning the guerrilla chief
Quanlroll, with a foiec 800 strong, crossed
from Missouri into Kuusas, ucur Gaiduer,
sixty milen below here, and immediately
started for Lawrence, nrrived there ut lour
o'clock this morning. Me posted a guard
around tho city, so that the citizen could
not escape, and with the remainder of his
command pillaged stores, shooting citizens
uud llriug houses. A gentleman who man
u (,'ed to escape by secreting himself "In a
cornliehl near the town reports that ho
swum the river nt right o'clock. On reach
ing the bluiP, this side, he hud n plain
view of the city, uhich wus then a sheet ol
Haines. From what he saw, he thinks the
loss will roach two millions, uud by this
time is perhaps much more, us they seemed
determined to destroy everything that
would burn. Wocuuiiot leurii that uiiy
resistance was made, the citizens being ta
ken by surprise, the first alarm being the
crackling (lames and shout of the rcbcN.
Gen. Jiimes IP Lane was in the city, uud
it is feared has fullen into the hands of the
ItuerrilliiH. A hire iiumh;r of Union
troops liuvo been sent iu pursuit of the
rebels, but with what success has not yet
been learned.
Cincinnati. Auir., 21st. Tho Uttselte
Ins private advices from the Army of the
Cumberland to Ait".. 17ih. A movement
was in progress. The public may soon
look for important news from East Tennes
see. The Nichvillo Union ol Annual lfith
states that Gov. Jnhnsnu und his private
Secretary. Col. Drownint;, have returned
from a viil of several days to the front.
The Governor's trip extended to Fayette
ville. a short dNtutice from Huntsville. AN
abam.i. The Union says thu army is in
motion, and very prnhuhlv will tuko pos-
I sescsion of Chattanonirii without resistance.
Kefuirees report that liniirgiuirmy m mnv
lug iu the direction of Atlanta, uud that
his force is greatly weakened and discour
aged. We cherish u strong hope that by
tho lirst of September we will have posses
sion of nil of glorious Enst Tennessee,
There is no power in the Southern Confed
eracy equal to resisting the great urmy
which on its march to Chattanooga.
Louisville, Anjy., 21st. Nothing U
known positively as to the mova meutH nt
Roseerani' urmy, except it is in an eusterly
direction uud supposed to be destined fur
Chattanooga. It is presumed that Ilurn
side's forces, which ure now on the move,
will act iu conjunction with those of Rose
crnus -nntl will, it is thought, sweep
through Eastern Tennessee nnd occupy it.
Sending army news from Tennessee is for
bidden ut present. Nothing will bo known
of the present movement until tho object
shall have been accomplished. Negro rej?
intents are being rapidly oriruni.ed iu Rose
cruns' department. Already some fivo or
six rcsrimeuts arc well under way ut Nash
ville, Winchester and Tulmhouiu.
Jackson. (Miss.). Aug.. 18th. Tho Fed-
I eral cavulry from Ynzon City readied Do
mini Station, on the Mississippi Central
Hailroud. captured a train, 'ut the tele
graph wires uud did serious damage to the
railroad northward. It is apprehended
that tho Yankees nre carrying two engines
mid truius northward from Viodeu, uud
that a heavy raid is coming south ward
from Memphis und Chut leston road.
Washington, 2 1st. Advices from Head
quartern, Army of Potomac, say there is no
chanco or indications of u change of posi
tion. Advices say that rebel forces around
Culpepper have been reduced to A. P. Hill's
command. Lnngstreet's and Ewell's have
moved southward, probably to Fredericks
burg. Washington, 20th. Prominent oftlcer-,
serving before Charleston, express them
elves, in private letters received here to
day, uh earnestly hopeful of results of the
combined naval ami military operations,
but don't mention any time for the red not Ion
of Sumter, ns promised by cnllui-iastlu
oonvMiniidcnts, tho work being heavy, and
requiring tho utmost kill uud caution.
They uppreclatu tho difficulties of the pro
posed attack, mid refrain trom exciting spec
ulations of nn Immediate and coiiplete vic
tory; nor speedy results of such a-oharaolcr
as mo anticipated by tho gentlemen in
Washington, who nro unacquainted with the
plans of commanding officers.
Now York, 21st. A letter from Charles
ton says that during tho bombardment
.Monday night, engineer Ileuj. II. Porter, of
tl(o new Ironsides, was enabled to reach the
obstructions between forts Moultrie and
Sumter, and spent fully half an hour on
them, thoroughly Investigating their char
acter. Admiral Dahlgrcn declared himself
highly gratilied at the information thus ob
tained, saying that, ho now knew all hu
wanted to know. Tho information obtain
ed is of course kept secret, but will bo
taken ndvuutngo of iu n few days by the
Admiral. Thu engineer had been endeav
oring to make thesu observations lor bever
ul flights, and finally succeeded.
Norfolk, 21st. Tho Richmond HV.iV eon
tains tho following: Charleston, 20lll.-
During thu last tsvo days wo have been
closely CJuUucd to itcudy, continuum uud
deafening bombardment of Sumter, from
Parrot guns on Morris Island. Their lire
begins to tell on Sumter, which replies at
long Intervals. Tho defence of the harbor
depends mainly on that fort, but should It
bn battered down, the harbor may still bo
held. Gov. llouhan ha Issued a proclama
tion, urging thu removal of non-combatants
from thu city as soon ns possible.
Tho two htindred-nouuder Parrot cuns
of thu enemy nru too much for the walls of
isomptcr. anil tliu lort only replies at Inter
vals. It has been determined to defend the
city street by street and house by house, ns
long us a lout of earth Is left.
New York. 21st. The World's dispatch
lo day, soys Xavy Department has received
fiiriher ail vices from Clnirloston conliriua
tory of ihoo already published. Tho dis
patches received tire withheld from pruden
tial motives. Gilmnru eoinplaim of tho
pernicious ell'ecls produced by tho publica
tion or .any correspondence iu his lines, and
requests that no more bo allowed.
Cincinnati!. 2pth. South Dank or Ken
tucky, nt Cawllus, was robbed at an early
hour this morning, by sixteen men In uni
form, who represented themselves as belong
ing to tho rebel cavalry. Tho amount of
money stolen was $100.01)0 In gold and sil
ver, uud 3:i0,000 In paper.
Returns from Alabama elections show
Wall elected over Shorter for Governor.
Curry has been beaten fur Congress by C.
K. Critlkshauks.
Memphis 17th. New Orleans advices to
the II til have been received. The health of
thu city is only fair. There nro numerous
eases of yellow fever at Quarantine.
Vlcksburg advices to the 1Mb, say the
news Is iiuluipnrtnnt. Tim rebel cavalry
continue to scour the country around Jack
sou, compelling every citizen capable of
bearing arms to enter tho rebel service.
Gentleman just arrived from Mobile, says
Joo John-ton has arrived and commands
thcic, uud has thrown 20,000 troops into the
Washington. 2th. The following Is tho
languugo of Gen. Hnlleck to Federal
agent for exchaugo of prisoners : "It Is di
rected that Immediately on receiving offi
cial or authentio Information of tho execu
tion of Captains Sawyer and Flyiin, you
will proceed to hang W. II. F. Leu, uud
other rebel officers, designated as herein
ulinvii illrentnil. und that vnn lintll'v nnd US-
-ure Robert Old that the Government of
the United States will pioceeil lo retaliate
for every b.ulurous violation of tho laws
of war."
.Memphis, l.'ilh. The 17th nrmy corpi is
the only one now nt Vlcksburg. Tho
health of tho troops is becoming seriously
Impuired. A species of intermittent fever
prevails, and thu mortality list Is Increasing.
Sherman's army corp is encamped near
tho Hlg Ulack, on Hear and Clear Creeks.
Portions of tho lleot nro scattered along tho
Mississippi, from New Orleans to Cairo.
Tho navigation of the river is still uninter
rupted by guerrillas.
None of tho Richmond paper of Satur
day icfer to tho execution of Captains Saw
yer nnd Flvnn. which was to take place on
Friday, and It Is very probably postponed.
There Is little danger of its being carried
nut, so long us Gens. W. II. F. Lee and
Wilder are held as hostage.
San Francisco, 2lst. Legal Tenders
Dates to the 231.
Philadelphia. 2Sd.A letter, da'ed tho
18th, on llig-shlp l)inmoro. oil' Charles
ton, says tho attack on Sampler commenced
day beforo veslerday morning, by slego
guns of GmJ. Gilmore. At six o'clock
Dnhlgrcn p'oqeeded on board Welmuktii,
and with ll.o Ironsides and entire monitor
fleet, attacked batteries Wagner and Gregg,
with great fury, completely slleuolug Wag
ner nnd almost silencing Gregg. The wood
en gunboats, seven iu number, nNo joined
In tho assault, and enabled all tho shore bat
teries to pour their shot and shell Into Sum
ter. At ten o'clock, tho Admiral changed
his flag to thu Pa-sale, and, with tho IV
Innupiv tirnmx'ili'il H-ltlilll 1 .-1011 Vlirils of
Sumter, and shelled tho soa wall with Iho
rilled guns of tho-'o vessels, lor niiout an
hour, with marked effect. Sumter fired
about fifty return shots, doing no damage
to tho vessels, while Iho walls of Sumter
were badly scarred. Captain John Rogers,
or tho Cats-kill, went within 100 yards of
tho benoh lu front of battery Wagner; after
firing a number of shots, a shot from Wag
ner broke through tho vessel, nnd a piece
of the Interior lining struck Rogers, killing
him instantly, us well as a paymaster, who
was standing by his side. These were thu
only casualties on laiul or water, during
six hours' engagement. Thu damage done
to Sumter by thu siege guns of Gilmore, is
visible without glasses. Tho rebels had
erected a false wall oppofcilo our batteries.
It extended to within ten feet of thu top of
thu wall, and was forty feet high and ten
feet thick. This wall Is now a mass of
riilin whilst: tlm nlil wull Is broken full of
deep holes. Tho parapet is crushed and
ragged, anil inu uortuwesc wan is guppeu
mill ei-ue.keil down almost lo the water's
edge. The Inn bor and Stouo liver are tilled
with torpedoes. About a dozen of them
have been Us hid up In Stono. One explod
ed under the Patnp-xo, raising ber a, foot
out of liu water, but- doing no damage.
No damage was dona to any of the vovaI.s i
during the fight. Tho Admiral nnd 'the ol
flcers nro confident or tho ability of the
monitors to butler down Snmter. He K
however, Inclined to save them 'for tho
heuvv work required after Sumter railroad,
M The army reduce the fort, lf possible.
Tho licet, with the exception of -the We
liawken and Nnhnnt. rotired nt two p. m.
They were required to keep Wagner aiilcl.'
and prevent removing of guns. ThcVhoro
batteries continued firing nil the afternoon
nnd night, with good effect. Tho butteries
nro still at work this morning,. tbo 10th.
The Wehawknu nnd Patapseo arc alatlqni'l ,
in such a position as to be able ( to, keep
Wagner und Gregg silent.' When the A'r-'
kausas left, the fleet were at their moorings.
Gilmore announces that tho work thunifar
has been entirely satisfactory, and Out
Sumler has been damaged greatly. Tpo
los of Capt. Rogers Is much rcRrettcapy
tho Admiral. When the Arkansas icftal
seven o'clock, on tho morning of tho lOtli,
huge volumes of smoke arose from -Sumter,
from the burning of cotton. Officers
of tho Arkansas believe tho fort .was cap
lured, silenced or entirely destioycd by
noon. Her guns repliod feebly to onr.
Gregg was entirely silenced. Wagner .idlll
held out. Tho bomlnrdmontof WodnoKlay
innrniiiir. 10th. continued ns nirinatfy ai
ever. The Ironsides nnd five monitors, and
the shore batteries being engaged.
Refugees from Savannah report that
there is nearly a famine In that city.
Philadelphia, 2M. Uy tho Arkansas, .tho
Navy Department received dispatches con
firming tlie above.
New York. 22d. The tkntld hai the fol
lowing: Headquarters. Army of tho Poto-
man, 21st. Information from different
sources leads to tho belief that the rnbals (
are leaving our front, nnd going to Rich
mond. Deserters from Loo's arnv ,ajy
movements of troops toward Frcdcrjqkr
burg was only a ruo lo cover Lee's real
object, which was to lend his troop ikiViUi
ward by way of Gordonsville. .Day .before
yesterday, large bodies of rebel cavalry
marched towards tho Rappahannock, and
crosed at separate fords. Driving In,qu"r
pickets, they came boldly out In Ight.pf
our lines, nnd deployed in line lino oftlo
order. All the corps nlong tho river wefc
put under arms immediately, in which' po
sition they remained until morning, when
tho enemy had withdrawn. A cavalry Jte
conniovsanco was then innde, which went nn
far ns Culpepper, but found no enemy;
they on the contrary obtained such Infor
mation as leads to tho belief (hat th.o yvhqlo
rebel force hud left in tlic direction of Gor
donsville. A comploto panto prevails in Rlohtrond
In obtain greenbacks. Many dealers twill
take no other money for their good. Tho
Enquirer pitches Into tho .lew peculiarities
rough shod, mid classes Ilenjamin, 8ccrv
tary of State, as of that kind.
Tho Army of tho Cumberland has match
ed to Chhttanooga In three divisions.
Chicago. 22d. A Washington corres
pondent of tho Cincinnati Gasette says Gen.
Itosuncraulz has been authorized to mount
Iho whole of his division; to armthem with
Sharpu's or somo other quality of cavabry
carbine, and to add to the mounted force
thus raised, a body of from 300 to 000 rcg
ular cavalry. Tho odvantno to be .gained
by this arrangement, cannot be over evti
mated. Louisville, 22d. Tho Nuhvlllc Union '
says information, or a rellablo character,
confirms tho previously published reports of
tho demoralization or Hragg's army. Ten
nesseeaus nro especially averse to partici
pating any further In tho war. ',
There Is t great deal of suffering and
destitution in north Alabama, poo pi being
confined to a very Fcnrco supply of flour
and vegetables for food. Meat Is not toJbo
had except in tho smallest quantities,' and
tho prospects for Iho coming winter aro
dark and dismal. Unless relief is afTaxdcd
the poor, hundreds must starve.
i m - '
Paris correspondence of tho London Tel
egraph of date ICth July pays : We hear .to
day, nnd from sources usually to bo trashed,
of preparation made by the War Minister
for Portland ? you nsk. No, with a
view to the recognition of the Sonth. Is
it po&siblo thnt the French nre really go
ing to establish ' diggings" nftor ull ? I al
most hesitated to send this report, though
I am told I may do so with safely.
They arrest folks for hurrahing for JefT.
Davis "sometimes. An Irishman who hail
enough " mountain dew" on board to m'ako
him noisy, was perambulating the streets
tho other day: and asserting his indepen
dence of all the Governments in the world,
exclaimed : "It's mesolf that's u robel !"
(Just then he espied nn officer a few yards
from him, nnd ho finished his pentence, '
" from the Soulh of Ireland, bo jubers !',
-.. ..... . i...B.-... .wmm
Why is a darkey with " no hair on the
top of his head," like a candidate i'or n
club who 1ms been lejected by its members?
D'.'cuuse he's a black bald iudividual 1