Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, July 22, 1863, Image 2

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Semi-tocckln Sentinel.
j $ffiWmW&,
fj -
tl.vtnx, a Govi:hn.mi:nt roit tiii: whom: is
iMHHtWMUiM!.'' Wii'Minglon.
JACKS! . VI TiLK , It K OX .
A nuw I'resbyleilnn cliurub wpm dettienteil
at Oorvallis on llm .'ith. Ituv. H. U. Geary
Ox tlm 1 Ith tnst., ii.ion or Vn.l'.ers, Treas
urer or Linn comity, was drowned in thu
Culapooiu river.
YcHtordny, July 21st, was tliu second an
niversary of the Ural great battle at Hull
Tiik TiiiitrY-nfTii.--Tho thlrly-IIMi ntar
wurndded to tlio national flag upon thu
Mirth or .IiilyWc.-lern Virginia making
thu thlrty-Ilfth Statu
Tiik l'rlnoo of Nuwmiiuii. Jerry Sullivan,
of San Francisco, has laid us under obliga
tion for flliM of Atlautlo Pictorials and
Twenty-six samples of II. II. Bancrofts
" miutl-innilu linon paper" liavu been wnt
in. Tins specimen of " legal cap," is pro
nounced thu best ever won in Jacksonville.
Gun. Conner has ordered that all persons
p.titslng through his department from the
Hast, shall tako tho oath. This order, vc
Hiippoio, is mainly intended for Missouri
butternuts and guerrilla.
Rev. Mr. UohertH, ol Salem, is expected
tu aorivo liero this evening. Ho is agent
for tho American Ulblu Society, nud during
tho continuiuico of tlio camp meeting will
attend to buMness connected therewith.
Gen. Conner and Gov. Doty, of Utah Trr
riliiry have mad" treaties with all the In
dians on tho riuIiiF, excepting ono small
triliu. It Is honed thu Indians will no mom
trouble the mail lino or the emigration.
OitiiKitni) Xoitrn -Col. Drew has received
Instruction from General Wright, to fend
Lieutenant Hand, with his command, to
Vancouver. It is probably intended that
thu Lieutenant's detachment Miall be attach
ed to Capt. Noble's Company.
Trip to Klnmutlt Lake.. .
Col. Dreiv, with an escort, of thirty-three
monriiuder cdmtpaml of Lieut. White, and
a number of citlaons of Jackson county, left
Camp Dakerion tho 7th infttant, for tho pur
pose of exploring tho'country eas and north
of Mount M'ljaughlin. and for tho purpose of
lidding n suitable piliintlon for establishing a
military po't. Our llrst camp was on Butte
creek, fifteen miles from Camp linker. Hero
Judiro Prim came very near being bitten by
a 1 ngo rattln cnake. This camp we named
Rattle Snake.
July Sth wo ramped on Rnnclicrln Prairie,
near tho plnco where tlio Lcdford's party
were murdered by the Indians In tho spring
of Tif). The distance wo came to day was
about twenty miles.
July flth wn eroded the mountain on tho
trail taken by tho Pathfinders in thu spring
of lofi'2, under command or Col. Ross, and
soon come upon places where they had
done considerable work, in tho way of build
ing bridges mid sinking mining holes. Four
miles from thu vomit, on thu west Fide, we
came to a beautiful lake, on thu north side
of w liicli we camped. This is called Summit
Lake, and is about four miles long, it re
minded mu somewhat of thu description
given of tho "Lake of Com,'' Thu distance
traveled to-day was about fifteen miles.
July JOth we traveled down thu west side
of thu Lake and continued descending to
waids Klamath Lake Valley. From our
camp at Summit Lake, to the foot of the
mountain, it is about ten miles. Wo con
tinued along thu west side of the Lake, trav
eling in u northerly direction, for about
eight miles, mid camped. The distance trav.
eled to-ilay was about eighteen miles. In
descending the mountain wu occasionally
caught a gliiupsu of the Lake and valley be
low, thu scenery was bonut'ful.
July 11 th, traveled about twelve miles
north and then changed our course to the
ea-4, across thu head of tho Lake. Hero we !
crossed a bridgu over Martin's creel;, built
by Col. Ross party ; eight miles further we
camu to Wood's river, whoiu wu camped.
July 12 th, wo had a fine mess of fish for
Tho Stockton (Cal.) Jmltprmknl says the
lutu Copperltead Convention, at Sacramento
City, illustrated that that is a declining
party. Nearly every man on tlio ticket de
clined the honor, hut were finally induced to i
Kisrillco themselves.
lltti-. A. O. KfiuMmw I Ii. I, .,,.. vit..i .1!. .:...,
r , ; r. ,; : : ; : r, ' w !
- e - -"V "' "I Ulivil-IIIIYIIIU HUM
breakfast ; built a raft this morning mid by
eleven o'clock wo were nil on thu east sido
or the river, sale and sound ; four miles fur
ther mid wo came to the out side or tlio
valley, where wo camped on n beautiful
stream of pure, cold water. Col. Drew
crossed tho stream and traveled down somo
four or five miles further, where they found
La Laku's camp, but thu old man was not
at fiomr, it appears from what wu could learn
from thu Indians who were left in charge of
thu camp, that they weru holding a council
or all tho tribes in tho valley east of where
wo were, making preparations for declaring
war against tho Pitt river Indians. Tho
Colonel eon tinned lite investigations down
thoeat side of the valley until lie struck
the alkali soil, when lie returned to camp.
July lilth. wu have fish in copious ell'u
Finns." .Mount Shasta could bu seen very
plainly from this point. It lay directly
Fouth of u. Wo traveled along thu valley
In u northerly direction, crossed several
branches running into Wood river, thu banks
ol' which were high mid dry, nnd enmpul in
a lino grove or trees near tin centre of tlio
valley. Here wo left a number of men who
I had lulcn tlio miimpi.
July Mth crossed tho head of the valley
and struck an Indian trail running west
over tlio mountain, and thinking that it
cut through thu iiinuii'
trcacberou?, bloodthirsty mid thieving--They
nro a noble specimen of Lo tho
poor Indian I" Persons wishing to yis't the
valley should, be very can thAis and keep a
closo lookout for their " bar."
W. M. II.
I. m . i
Legitimate Itenultfl.
Thoso who have any doubts aR to the
parentage of the late exhibitions of mob vio
lence, which have disgraced many Northern
cities nnd especially New York, can solve
their doubts by rending the following ex
tracts from the speeches of the leaders pro
ceeding the bloody demontrations :
Thu country has nothing to gain by put
ting ' War Democrats" into power. There
Is no dlll'erenco between War Democrat"
and " War Republican''." They graze in
the Fame pas In re and drink at tlio same
fountain, and If the war must bo cniillnui'd
with nil its portents of evil, and the Consti
tution and the Union become the inevitable
sacrifice, it is letter that the Democracy
should wear the chains of despotism to the
grave of liberty than become the execu
tioner or the country's freedom.
Perfectly in accordance with these doc
trines were the speeches of tho occasion.
Fernando Wood said :
I dare and defy the Administration to
send to the city of New York their General
BurnMdo. Groans for Gen. UuriiMde.
And hero in the natin of these assembled
thnuaud and tens nf thoit'nnds inside and
outside of tliNImll, I ivipiesf tlio Admlnl"
(ration In give Gen. lturnidu tliis district.
Deafening cheers. And if this conflict
tnut commence, I want thu powers that be
to try th'dr hands upon ti. Fellow-citizens,
I may have uttered the lunguiitro of treason.
Applause. I have certainly paid more
limn the language uttered by our lamented,
glorious friend, Vtillandigliam. who was
struck down. Hero the confusion and
cheering for Vallandiiigliam was so great
that llm lift portion of the mmiIoiico was
not understood. And I may lie thu next
glorious martyr upon the" altar of my
country's fiei'dom. Applause, mid voices,
4 No never.''
Proceeding still further in this strain, he
submitted ten reasons why tiiis war should
cea-o, ol' which wo have not room but for
three :
Ili'causc there was no necessity for It. An
amicable adjutm Mil of the ipics'tiou in dis
pute could have been, and can be still, pro
cured on terms ol' fniruus.s mid equality.
A voice you'ro a liar.
llecause there is not. In (he civil nor in
the military power of tho government, any I
I niiii i in- iie-ii oi siiuieicnt iiiouini power to
siiceessrully proseciilu the war against tho
vastly superior statesmen and generals or
the South.
And. finally, becauso experience should
admonish us that the over-ruling power of
God la ngaiut us. Wo cannot proceed In
what we have undertaken. Ileneo every
dollar expended Is thrown away every life
lost Is little less than a murder every acre
of lam laid wato is so much toward na
tional impoverishment and evjrv day's i
eoiitiuuaiico ot the war places mi additional '
harri'T between us mid re-union, and drives
nuothcr nail in the eotllu of tho Republic. ;
Theso were Wood's Hlrongcit reasons for
wMiing the war to eeao. Thu llrst wa an-;
swered on thu spot. The second shows that
Fernando's grand mistake In life was that
ho was not horn black with a Southern mas
ter's boots to clean from his infancy. The
the third is important as showing that the
God of his worship U one who hales justice
and loves oppression but tlio South Sea
Islanders never made snich a mistake in the
name of their Fitch.
I. O.O. F. Jacksonville Lodge
NO. lOlioli U brimiiUrfiifcet-
iliKl h l'rl.luv of tfiti first
wmik to i-tirli inontli. itnci on
r ji rmrlBFl
L J A '1 T'SA . ftlfttf-ilflV nfifiell IlilftrVi.rilfti.
J-f'''"5, VS5 WUIltC, III till) MlMOIllO Hull, lit
8 o'clock P. m. Iliotlun In giKhl nfitmllnff tiro lnvltrd
tuiiUuinl. W.M. HAY. N. il.
Sill. s ,t. IMv, It. Si-c.v.
TiiiitoiH. ,tiw.' M. futton, Itonry Dentlniipr niut
(loo. It. DurrlH.
Good Qnnrtss Miners Wsuiteil.
njltVI! OK SIX A Nn. 1 Qt-'AHT. MINIMIS will
it foul limncillntu oniiti nictit nt tlm IIhIuimiI-xi
(Jmrtz Com.iii,v'h l.i'il;ic .Ici-iIiIiio count . Thu
very li!lict iiici urn iwlil, lint nono ncrl to ni.
ply u.uvpt tliiHn wlio ii:iilcrt.oul Ilu- work tlinroiigli
ly, Apply nt thu JIntiTprl.tu dnnrtx Mill, up to
SJ. A. IIi:tI.Ni:il.
Altliuiiia Crock, July 15, lSft3.-JutvJ2.ir.
K.vociitors Notice.
Tl.VTMi: JIATTCIt of tho KMiitn i.f CHAttWIS !'
.U. .l(l.i:S, ilcruim-il. Xotli-n Is licrolo' fslvcti to nil
limn It in.iy eoncorii, Hint Ii-llrm To4titiuint;ir' nful
nf Ailinlnltriitlim Imvo liocn kiiuiIv-I to tlm o'lidor
Kinsriifd In tlm nf nis"til l.'ituln: llioicfiru I'll linen
I10MI112 rl iIiih nirtltiit tlio ilil ltnti. nro rpnno)i..l
l'iiriMtiit HiuHiUiie to nn-nt iiiv riliiiMieo mi Ilo.tr
Croulf, kIx iiiIIi-a ll.i-t r f .liioK,nvlllo. within nix
iiimitlH from tho it ito horntif. with tho proper voiioh
crt for iillowiuirn, niut If nol piociitoil whlilnotio vnr
iiiiiniiiiiu win iiitliiriiverliittnl,iiiiinlllliiHiiiiiclilcil
to tho wilil IIkIiiIo. will piy tlio k hup to thu ll.vuciitur
within tho naiiio lime, mel hivo tnmMp.
.Inly '.'0, IS.d.-it
Petition for Sale lienl Rttate.
TJjWATi: OK l H. SI V.VATT. ileoeiW,l.Nw this
MJ il i.v onne- JOHN (I., mil WATON It. JfY.VATP,
K.Noiiilon nt tlm c-tnto nlxivo ti-iniril, nml pptlllm!
fir tlm i!o nf Iteiil IMiilofir tlio ,ivmtit of llm
iMiNnf llini!ooiwl, nml tho Court IioIiir fnllv tn
v!m. In llm preml'. onlr Hint tho ilevNom' nml
Imlrx, nmliillnlhoM Intoro.-leit In tho mini... Ii.inn.l
iiioiipponrnt tho Court llnii-n In tlmclim?, D.iiiidni
rntinty, On-Kon, on tho llrct Mntnl.iv In .Seplomlior
next, nml hIhw nunc, Ifimy , no lit-.'why mi nnleror
, r I . nriiin hi in inn pennon pniyoa fur
i J t-' "."' " v" "" ' """ Pi'iiiina l In .Section
14 l.i, In roivnlilp:Wf.nilhi.f lltnmo fi V(Mt, run
JiilnliiBjiliont a-.'JnoHx. It N fiirtlionmleioit hy llm
(joiii-i unit mini-,. .,r Hit ..ti,. n.... i i . i... .... ..
rillmi nt li-wt finr wrcki In the Ori-Knii SeviiNKb at
I'er A. It. I'l.lNT. Ilypiitv. '
Itoii-liiirK, .Inly IS, lSrt). JnlJlwl
1 Statu of Oregon, for the Comity of
.Ion:; Anzxnit and Anuv.n W.u.i,, I'lnlii'ITs.
FitKDitninc RnsiiNSToctc and M.utriAitKT
I?n?i:xsTocic. Defondants.
T.i tlmo-iM ilefenilimiH In mm I, I nrtlon In k.iI.1 rmrt.
.VoiimolmriliyMiini oil lo !o met np-mir In tho
h.iI.1 (.oin t forMl.leoiinty.iit Hmmnl ,.,.n,- tr,
hereof nii-l upon the Stli tt.iy of Not-emlr? IRi-.-i
Miiul inrt ilwnf th k..I, !,., , tl.,,r ;
voinp iln of pl.ilnlllN, llloil In nidi r.tin.0 iiL-nlint von
mi.l Hint In il.-fmlt i.r mi mi-wor to khM i-ompliilnt!
Jmltfinoiit will l.o tiilion iiRiliHt yon r,.r tho -oun i,f
nOeen Immlr.-l iIoII.im il.iin.ie4 Cr th.. viol itlon ofa
...mi... i.. i Hiunimy iiiiiueiHi mi,t, .v yon to it.il.l
.loren.int;..f.rn.it..t.-ituil :,M ,-onnty, an imiyi-.t
fur In ciM (-oiii..ilnt. ' '
... . .- .. '"TON.AtfyforPhii'fri.
Atti'it: Win. HortM.N, CUirlc-jj-a-iUw.
0iinNll llii! V. S. IIolt-1,
Ki:i:p.s i IUWPAXTI.V on hand .sut'iiitioit
ipiallHoiofiill klmNi.f
W uolowalo db nt.il
Dry goods,
Tobacco & Segars,
All of which will liu sold nt low price,
lor UASU.nrilesirablo PRODUCE.
I &
Largo & Well-Selected
Spring &
Irivo n fiiperlor iinllty of f.KjIJOIIf!, WINIIS
iin.l t'ltl A US, to tiny other iUn,
Tve1vo niiri-n-Iiair Cents.
io i. si. iot: in
Lorn-hut II nVlorlc A. 31.. mel
iioiiHii'inro - in a ttnv i ,v.i. '
J3---0 It. K. 3IVi:itS, & 00.
Millinery Good
Fancy and Staplo
33x37" C2-OOC3LS
Oil Cloth, Wall Paper,
Spring & Summer
or tiii:
evening, anil will Return in tlio Court i
House on to-morrow evening, nml each mu-fei-dlng
evening or this weclc. Ilu will nNo
jircncli nt tiiu tamo plnco on Sunday mwt,
at 11 o'clock a. m.
tains toward Hoguo river vallev nml that
FuiT.--l)uring tlm wotik wu imvo io
colved ii small box of goiclu-rliM from Mr.
Nlier Emery, or Aclilanil. Tiioy wore tlio
llucat and largest wo over tested. The
largest measured II indies in circumference.
Mr. Wrlslcy sent iii a Inicket-full of
' lied Juuo " apples. Tltoy were very tooth-
it might po.'.sil)ly connect with tho wagon
road, wo ascended tlio mountain and camped
Fast Timk. Juno 2-1 Hi, on tho Fashion
court-c, near KoMon, tlitro waa a trotting
match between tho famous nags, ' General
Jlutlcr" and Gen. M. I'atchcn ;" mllo
licatfl, best three in five, under paddle. The
llrst three heats wero won hy Uutlcr, in the
extraordinary timo or 2:28, 2:21 and 2:2.1.
Ocu Confcderato neighhor over tho way
calls the Sbntinkt. " tho greenback organ."
Now, Colonel, if you don't liko greenback?,
step this way, with $3-1.00, and redeem your
own paper, l'romyouwo will tako them
at par, and deduct fourteen months Interest
oa your noto. Wc fhall consider it no
moan transaction on your part if you re
Hjiond ; nor shall we talk of "Court record',"
through our paper, as you did of your cli
ent, Mr. Justin, because ho paid you a feo
in greenback.!.
about eight or ten miles from tho valley.
far tho trail lias been voiy good.
July l.rtli after following tho trail a num
ber of mill's It gave out entirely and wu
traveled for r-ometimo on our own hook un
til wu brought up nil Mantling by a deep
canon. Wo retraced our titeps u few miles
und camped.
July Kith, wo continued our rot runt in
good order." Our citizen friends being
anxious to return homo, concluded to-day to
tako a t-Iiort cut and left us at tlio placo wo
campsd on tlio Mth. AVo hnvofeinco learned
that they had a hard time of it, and at Inst
wero compelled to beat a retreat and take
tlio old road.
July 17th wo rebtcd on our oars and
caught fish.
July lSth wo turned our faces towards
homo und camped at thu foot of the moun
tain. July 19th wo crowed tho mountain and
camped on Lick I'rairio.
July 20th wo reaulied Camp linker.
Klamath Lako volley is ono of tho finest
griiFs countries I iiavo overseen, tho water
is nuro and cold ; tho fish nrohplendid, gnmo
i u.vcoN.-iTiTrrioNAi,. ii h not uncon
' Ftlttitional for Governor Seymour lo bo or
jd'Tlug lVnco Democrats to ho Mint down in
Now York city by tho military? Where
docs hu tind thu warrant in tlio Constitution
of thu Statu or of the United Stntes for la
king Hfo outsldo of tlio Courts? Whv
Miould ho play tho tyrant and re.iift the mil
itary power when tho Courts are open ami
thu Constitution exists? What ha" ho donu
with thu writ of habeas corpus? Thoso
ipiestious nro jnt about rn sensible und
reasonable as thoso which Mich IVaco Dem
ocrats as Seymour Imvo been nklng about
the courso of tho National Government for
tho past year and a half. Seymour as Gov
ernor has fallen back upon tho doctrluu ol'
necesslty, and uses the means to put down
tlio molt which too National uoveriuueiit is
employing tii put down tho rebellion. Ik
is making arbitrary military arrests upon
his own seusu of discretion and necessity,
and ho orders men to bo shot down on tho
streets becaii'o they wero resisting tho an
thorily of tho law,' which is also liis author
ity. Tlio Pro'ldent is doing no more, nnd
yet Seymour has denounced him as a tyrant
who had trampled on tho Constitution. Had
tlio arbitrary military arrests which Gover
nor Seymour denounced so fiercely been
persevered in by tliu National Government.
ow lork would haw been tpared the lato
bloody riots. Seymour would havo been
spared tho pain of ordering tho soldiers to
tiro on his party friends and political tup-porti-M.
Sctc. Union.
- - - TT A HPO A TTT 1 .4 IIO f
1. O. O. F. CRLEIIIIATION J - Jl X O 211N U j t IO !
Fine Apartment of
Ladies, Men and Boya'
Boots and Shoes !
I.v Good Si'imts. A fuw days slnco, wc
observed a miserable, dilapidated specimen
of tho copperhead trlbu " laid out" on
Flumo street. Tho sun beat upon his bare
head, but what cared ho? ho wa- happy.
Ho emitted an ancient Democratic odor, bis
fnco was blazed," and ho boro evidences
,.. .v.., b - () pyvero HtriiKK o w i " tnrantn a."
docs uot appear to be plenty at this Feason Somo of tlio passers-by endeavored to arouse
of tliu year. Tho soil is light and dry, and I ''' '' I'ls drunken Hupor, but the only
' llllllll.l Il II I llllm.1 llll.lll. .. 1 I Ill.li) I.InN tlm.
uwiin hu iiiuilii uiu il rr.tii tinu; II
Leu regard. Davis, n' Jeff VI (bio) lau'in
appears to bo formed of pumice-stone, of
which tho ontlro upper part or the valley Is
covered. The Indians arc good looking,
'am I" ami composed
nap.--Sj;i.a I'rat,
himself for another
ox tiii:
IStli Day or August, I8G!J.
Jacksonville Lodge liiw determined to coin
memorato tho third nuuiver-ary slneu Its in
stallation. Thu member of the Lodge, ami
Iran-lent and visiting brotlier.s will meet at
tliu Hull, at I o'clock of abovo mentioned
day. At half pa-t ono they will form In
procession, under direction of tho Mnihal
of tho Day, und, preceded by tlio Jackson
ville Ilrass JJaud, will march up California
street, where the citizens generally nro re
quested to join tho procession, which will
then proceed to tliu Court House, where tho
following exercises will bo had :
1st Music bv tho Hand.
2d Opening Ode.
Ilil I'raycr by tlio Chaplain.
Itli Musio by tho Hand.
Ath Oraliuu by 0. Jacobs, Ksn.
Mil .Music by thu Hand.
7th Toasts : lt, regular sentiments : 2d,
volunteer sentiments.
8th Music : songs, etc.
All Lodges and members In good stand
ng Invited to participate, and tliu public
uiviii'ii iu imunii,
TXJ- A HALL will bo given in tho even
ing, at tho United States Hotel.
G. II. Doituia, Hk.miy Duncan,
K. F. ItL'.ssui.r., John M'L.u(ini.i.v,
II. Dexi.ixiu:ii, Jak. .M. Suiro.v.
Coinmltteo of Arrangements.
.Tncksonvlllo.luly 21. 18(i:i.
TIIK undersigned would offer for sale, at
auction, in Jacksonville, on Hnturdnv,
tho 25th lust., his entire stock of Honor'.-,
furniture, etc., for cash.
July 1.1, 1803. jvlu-Jt
Will be supplied with u Good As.'sortmcnt
"Which will bo t-oltl at
SAN FltANGISCO Woolen Mills.
Ulankets, Oveisliirls nud Armv L'loili.
at imAUIJUltYJfe WAUK'S.
I; .-di:g"afr'''i''"iiwiitiy-'
u v"1
"'"acniSnt-tf15- "rcat w
-t-trct -.v
ycm?3tUAa'!tfV-iM-J- t.MJr-.j