Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, April 25, 1863, Image 4

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Hprtng Meeting or Jackson County Jockey
The foliowlnR purse wilt lie run Tor over
Near .TucUnonvllle,
Commencing on
Thursday, June &th, 2.BG3,
Ami continuing three days.
nan day'h ItAORS.
Puro S1U0 Sintttu ilni.li or one mile,
free (or all Kiitrance ten per centum.
Puro S100 in tliy ratio heat, 2
In 3. tor three-year otds. Kntratico ten per
rkiimii hvy'h iuckh.
Purso $200 Mile heats, 2 In 3, Ircofor
all KntrnnH- ten per eeninm.
t ciun ........ .i,v.iim1 itn.li nf
-.V. .ii.. iv.-. r.r ..II imiimi. SiLinltli nml
..( v. .... .... -- . . . .
hntr-liruil horse. Iititranoc 9IU, to ou
added. Catch velfrhtn.
PnQ S25U-mlIo Heat. .1 in o, irec ior,
all, l. carry 11)0 II... nil ieh. excepting,
tttree.vear-ol.1 colts, who enrry ciitch
weight. Kn trance SI00, In bo added,
itfr The nliovo Itace arc to lw governed
hy the rule ol tin Metario CoutH', except-,
lug mch alteration a nre herein mule. In
all ease, three to outer nml tiro to start.
JOHNS imt'M. IWt Jockey Club.
Jacksonville, O.W., March .11. IN'J.
ll-CCftWOIt to
.V. At UllUiN'NJSK &. HHOTIIliHjh, ,.nlniil from prnecutinKhlMilt nt law
The tiiulrntitnetl, havlnc piirclmfeil from
J. A. Dimmer & llrother their entire
Slui'k of ' MeiTlianilisc,
Now onVrn the uvm for talo at
Groatly Reducod Pricos,
Tho i lock consist of
& Fancy Goods
Anil. In fact, a Tnrleil nnrlment of
urticlc pertaltiliiK to the General
Mtrchaudln) butiui'M.
ploao to Ktvo mo n call, ami examine
the fliMxh ami learn tho I'rlces, iHToroyuu
make your purchaK-.
Do not furtiet tho nlaco tho llrlck Store
heretoforo occupleU by llrunner A llni.
Jacksonville, July ID, Iii2. 'J7
California Strctt, Jaclisomlllr,
HAVE Juit recelvcil from tho Atlantic
titalea auil San Francltco, n complete
jtock ol everything' In their lino, anl will
kpcon.stanlly on baml an awortiaeut or
Uio bet Tin, Shell-Iron ami Copperwarc.
Ilrai1 I'lpeii. Hydraulic- Nozzle, Force
1'ump.s Chalin, I.tul 1'lpe. Hose.
or all rlze:
liar, I'lato and anxorted Iron ;
l'aintx. Oil, Sizen and (Slana:
All qualities or I'owdcr J
Shot or all number;
llrushetof every variety, etc, etc.
Alto.nlwayaon band, a larxo lot offttovca
or aborted siizea, " lluok'ii l'atent Cooking
loa'," and tho "New World Sluve." the
two very lietland approvetl pattern in lho
world. I'arlor, Oftlco and Cabin Stoves,
fancy and plain, constructed on latest fuul
Having plant. I)oller, Kctthn, 1'utn, l'aim,
and ovcrylhliiK connected with theeo (tove,
warranteil durablo and perfect.
All article wild by them or tnanufac-
tuud. WAItltANTKU. Their work la mado
or tho best material and of choicest pattern1.
fco-Ordeniatleuiletl towithdlrpatch.aud
lllhd accordiui; to directioii8. In every-
lliini;. their stock U tho larKeet ami best
over broiiKht to Jacktonvlllc. and they aro
determined lo eell at uw iiuct rou caw.
Call and oxamluo their stock bel'oro pur-
euotlug elsewhere. Juno TX hio.-:j.
Agent for HalUday & Co'm Wire Uopo.
roil 1'hlNTINa neatly xecuted at tho
00ICS. All lie Blanilanl Worku for
ia!e at the VAKIKTV STOHU.
1 State of Oregon for the County of
tinu-ry K. fre, Ailm'r or llio I-.tnto or
ltnih Ann .lone . D.ivli Kvan. Adtn'r
or tho Ktale or John l. Join, and other.
Wiikiikas. In lho Circuit Court or Hie
Plato of Oregon for lho County of Jackson.
lho cntnptrtlniint In Hit cairn1 ha Wed hi.
Mil In ttptlty praying that nil account lo
taken or nil tho personal property, money
nml effect, or tho foul John K. June. Hint
hare come In llie hand or the said D.wl
Kvans.nml thnnccessary e.ipcncnl Admin
istration ; nmt Hint liy u Dual thcree ol said
court lho mid Han Hvans. (loo. K. llrljm,
nml the heir nml illtrlbutt-e or M.irtln
Angel, ilecracI,lio compelled liy u decree of
mm Court In pv uie nmniuii loiinu m no
ilue rrom Mlil Ailintnisiraior. ii.ivh r.vau.
to ntlil estate or John K Join", ullh
lnleret on the immn : nml lho said com
pliilnnnt 'javlng also tiled nil affidavit. !
tins Torth that llio defendant, Havl Kvnn.
Administrator aforesaid, i n nim-rildeiit
nflhttatf. nml Hint ho 1.4
luierosiui in
llitx Hilt. Therefore. In llio name ol" llio
.. .........,
people or the Htnte or Oregon, you the Mid
).ivl Kvuim. nrti hereby nolltUil to I1 nml
nppnr In tho mM Court, on tho 8th day or
Juno. A. I). lf&), nmt answer tho said bill.
,. .. ., .., ., ...t.,.,, r... (..,iir..Mnl.iuiil
. ihermr irniiilnl by llio Conn.
...'..,. tt-tt ttfii.-i.mtv fiut..
W.M. IIOt'lWIAN, Clerk.
It F. llnwKM.
Solloltor Mir Comp I
TN Til.
(MttCJUlT COUItT of tho
1 Hmte
of Ortvon, for the county of
Allen 1'. I-'arnlntn i. John It. Homl. Jw
ItoWnixm. Jowfph Jueobii. John It.irrftt.
Ulolmnl Itiirr-ll, I). R Il.irrett. Hubert
Ihirrell. Cnlherlne Kllii)r. Peter Ker-llux.
Jatneti ll.irri'll. nml Imlt-lln Aim Itorrett.
Illll In C'liiinirr)'.
U'iikiiku. lho Cflinplriinnnl Iiih llleil hi
bill In ttpilty In Hi' Circuit Court of the
sinU' of Oivrimi fur the county or Jnok-mn.
(.rrtwl.lt. tl.rtl III. ilirinl.lnl. .Illllll It. Itllllll.
nicninut llio coinplaiiiant, ami uiai uie ii
reml.iiit. TIioiiia ll.irrelt. Jnmes ll.irrell,
ami llolt.Tt lUrrett. I' reipilnil nml cum
plliil to make a (ToimI ami rulllclent title to
the ti'ii ncrrior l.inil iiuntloniil lucoinplalii
anl'nlilll; that nil lh ilili umile to the
mlil ili-reoit.iul. John It. Iloml. In' ilectimt
fraiiiliileiit anil vohl. nml Hull all Hi" rilil.
title ami Interest or the IicIm or Margaret
Il.irrett ili-cenHtl, lNiillvi-liil.aml U'ftiil In
Ihecompliiln.int. Anil It nppiitrlui; from
llie aniil.wlt or thociiiiiptdtiiaut tltril In Ihli
oa.oe, that tho tlcrrmt.inK John llirrvtl.
Jamen lLirrett. nml 1iIm.-1I.i Ann llnrrett.
wile of nalil Jame llarretl.nro not resident
of tho Ktato or Ore-inn
ntrtort. In tho name or the
neonlo or lho Stale of Orocon. you, llio mIi!
i John llarrell, JameH Ihirrelt. ami Inlillla
Ann Il.irrett, are iiotllliil In o- anil iipieiir
III nahl Court on the Ivlghtli D.iy or June.
A. D. IH(!3. anil anwer tho complalii.tnlV
bill, or lho tamo will lw taken forconre-setl
ami the prayer Hn-renC will bo prnnliil by
the Court. Hy nnler or the falil Cnurl,
inli7 W.M. HOFFMAN. Clerk.
II. V. IIowklu Solicitor for Coiapl'i.
1TATH OP OIIKUO.V. County .lack-
'O noil. In lho Circuit Court of lho
j Htnlo of Orrj."") fr "lu un'i' of Jatkion,
Juno Term, 180:).
John Amleriou vu John William. Arthur
f a1I .Trtntitd VV'iillirislirai mill
Hy order of tho Court.!
To Arllmr IiiikII. Jaimw Walbrldiio and
It.ildwlnSellf.Jr.: You aro hereby notllleil
that, unli'M you apH-ar in the Circuit Court
of the Stale of Orejio.i ror tho county of
Jackson, on tho lift day f lho term, lo I"'
held at tho Court limit) in JaekHinvllle. on
the recond Monday in June, ll lin;; the 'lli
day or June, HHi, unci aunwer lho complaint
on (lie in raid cause, lho same will lw laki-il
for confront d, and lho prayer thereof urant
ul by tho Court.
Vf. 0. T'VAUsT, rialntllf's Attorney,
March !. IHB3. mhTnKI
IN the County Court, Jackvon County.
April Term, 1811.1.
In lho matter or lho estato of K. 0. Hki
MiN. deceantl,
Notlco la hertbv civen that Frederick
llelH-r. nilmlnlstrnior of cald estate, ha
(lied hi petition, praying for an onler to
Mil III" real I'ftnU' ueionpini: in inn naium--ceawd
! all iM-rronH Inten-sletl In said estate
aro uolilittl In apiiear befor-t said court, mi
Satunlav. thoillh dav or Mav, A. I. I K(;:J.
ami show ciiim why an ord-r fur tho Halo
of Kild real estate should not be made.
Hy order of Hon. J. C. Tolnnn. Co. Judge.
April 11. 1P03. 4t
I.N me Uoiiuiy Cniirl, Jackson County,
April Term. IRC:i.
In tho matter of tho estate of A. 0, Wil
l.sa, ileceaiH-d.
Final ScllUiimit.
Notice l liereby iilven to all pesona in-
terestetl in mid t-slnle, that Wtdnesday, the
tlxlll day of May, A- D. 11153. ha Iwen et
apart fur the final rclllenient of raid estalo
with K. Slajirud.r, tho administrator thereof.
liy order of Hon. J. (J. Tolman, Co. Judge.
7 W.M. HOFFMAN, Clerk.
April. 11. 1863. 3
Noticn o lliililiirrt Co. Orilfrs.
JACKSON. IVrsona lioldin Hie
IoIIowIiik county order aro hereby iiotllliil
In prvmnt tho tamo for redemption : No.
Clt. preKcntcd July 7. IMS N' 23. 8M
presented Sept. 8. I&M; No. 727, presented
Srot. 11. 183..! No. 1HW. presented Deo. 10.
1H.VS8 No. lllti. Dre.entetl Pec. !iU. 18.M:
No. 1152. presented Pec. St. 1833; No. 11.11,
presented Pro. Ti, IMS; No". 1IC7. IHS'J,
prcKiited Deo. 27, IMS; No. 1 158. present
ed Jan. U, IWfi; No. 659, pres.-uU.-il Juno
1J. 1830; No.63,671preH'iiti'd Oct. 1, 18511.
No Interest will bo allowed on these or
dera after thia date.
K.B.MOUOAN, Co.Trea'r.
Per K. K. Huwkli., Deputy.
JacksODTllle, April lii, 1803, -lw
lair or John Fortune ilinitt-il.
ltv an onler or Hie County Court. In and
for lho county or Douala and Stale ofOr
croii imiil- at Hie March Term or said
Court, A. 0. IHM.illreellti): m t" sell cer
tain real elate or the l.lte John Fnrlune, I
will nfler Tor sale, on the prvml. In Myr
He Creek I'reclncl. In mid county or llnim
la and State of On-ji"ti. on Tliurnlay, the
Jtillh ilar of April. A. I. Ipfi. Is"wecii Hie
hour of !l a. si. ami mmlowii r paid day.
the follottliijiilweilM trad or land, known
m the Donation Claim or Isaac ttalley, In
. . ... .... i. ..I t... t
lllg III linviitiup ,iu, soiiiii ui nuiKu in v ,..iii
Iteiiiniiliiit'nt a point sevenli-en chain
and fin- link north or tho soiilh--itt ronnr
ol claim niimlier rorty-one. townMiip iniriy
soulli of ranee live wet. riinnliiit Hience
north elithteeii chain nml Torty live link,
Ihencewest slxlr chaln and Iwenly-sevrn
links Iheiico south IHty-tlve chain, thenro
etil thlrtreti chain nml Ihlrlv-seven lltiUi.
Ilienee north Hiinr-seven chain nml llfiy.
live links, thence eat lorly-.lx chain ami
iilm-ly links, tu the place nr iH-alnnlns. lho
PIt, iH'iiijsS " fiHiui iniii in' '
claim or Isaac llalli-y, In lown'hlp SO, mnlli
.at ... 0 ...! j ..ft k...tlrtt,iiii. 1 1 a
ni rnnse " ami " "-"i. t-""ii"i"K ""
linmlml ami twenty ncni1, more or less.
Term. ir sab all down.
Al.l'llltUS lltKI.AND.
Ailm'r or lho etale or John Forlune. ilec'd.
March lo. ISii.'l. iiia'liMliilnap
iH-come an object of miieli importnuee,
IhiIIi In tho .Settler nml the dot eminent, a
well a In the public irmi-r.illy. that tlte
Hunt and TtTI.IW In DONATION Claim
I., H.u .li.trlAt tliiinlil l ii.rni.ini'iillv estab
lished ; ami In onli-r that lhl dedniiili end
may lie aeeoinpll'iieii wiiii as nine ininy n
hiIIii, t heroby retpie.t that nil ibtna
ti.,.. Ml.tliti,intd lit tint tdllntvliii town. hlo.
who have not yet made their llual proof,
lOKi-ll lite IMIII til AliVKiuim-, no" I""' "
lifiiinK Iti-Ir Hunt certlllotiteti. tlo so within
nil. ..iv .lit ri..m ,t tip. viz :T. SIS. It.C W:
T. IK'S. It. I Ws T. ais. It. 2 W; T.tWS. It. j
7 W.j T. .m s. II. 1 .; r. ;i , n. i r. ; i . ;
3B s. it. 2 w.j t. mis. n. a ; T. :t 8. it. I
i w . v m. s ti .-. W : T. an .s. It. it W i T. I
nn s. it. 7 w.; t. :i7 s. it. i w.j T. :t7 s. it
2 W.j T. 37 8. It. ft W.j T. :W 8. It. I W.j
T. Its 8. It. I II j T. 3 S It. 2 W.j T. 38 8. ;
u n w.j T. :ts s. is. 7 .j i . :w f. is. v . j
T..T.I8.II.I W.jT.JlUS. It. I RjT.308.11.2
W.j T. 3U S.lt. 2 Ii; T.'l 8. It. 7 W J T. :t'J .
U.H W; T. HIS. II. a lij T.lti.S. It.7 W. Alter
ul.lMi tt-u ..III lam nn lii lbt eoii.lilerallon
.if niliwi t.iivn.liiii. until Hut uliiilu shall t
li.ivo been ono Ihrouttb with j prvt.inilory ,
to ri'iioriinii in inu L.oiniinttiuiir ui tuu .
(5ciier.il Land OmV.
JOHN KKI.I.Y. IleBiHter.
HI'Mlim: I" IllttnilS. lteeelvcr.
Land Oniw. ltoburit. April 7. 18113. Id
I." II. ijm & BRO. i
Aro now closing out1
thoir entire stock of Dry;
Goods, Groceries and
Provisions, at tho Very
Lowest Hates,
SiU Glvo im n call, at the Post Offlco
lliilldhiu.onicr of California, and Oh-koii
sirecls. April IS. 18112. lb
Harness and Suddlory.
Till! iindersljineil would resH-ct-(XJh
litllv Infonn Hut citizen ofhrW
JaekMin and mljoiulni; cnuntle I
dial lie lin on lianu ami win iii-inuinciiin' m '
order All IvIiiiU i hauilicry ami
lIliruuHH, nicli nn
ll.iiiv DruiiL'lit llaroe.j flnnc ami short
lua). Concord Ilnrne, Hu(f(,'y lliirnes
(double and siniile), Spanish Haihllm. tritu
and rifttfbij; foinplele j Iilnn' Kaildlw,'
Jockey Baddies, Katldlt-baun, Hiidltit.Kur-r-inuli-t),
I lulled. Bpur. Currycomb.,
Wliips, Wltip-lasheii, anil all other urn
clea usually lound in a firat-clat stock of
Store In " Benlinel " Huildlnt' Call
fornia street. IIKKltV JUIH1K.
Jm-ktoitvllle. Oct. 22. 'I!2. -II
rplli; iinilerslgiud liavliiR leawl lho
J. " Wahlnton Mill." tlvo mllta from
Jaeksouvlllc, haa thoroughly lepalred It.
and erected
Now & Improved niacliincrj",
which, from my tuiivrlviico In conslructinj,'
Uie iamo, an well an in manulacliirliiK Hour,
warrant mo in wiylng that Hie OreRon Mill
can and will do better work than any other
Mill in tho Valley.
Jacksonville, April 11, 18011. 22:tf
milK undtrslL'ued. nrewnt owner of theso
X mills, would notify lho public that ho
iuv wen in I tiie eervice oi nu cxpcricncm
mllkr, and will furnish llio
Very best article of Flour
in exchanxo Tor wheat, nt lho following
ralv, to-wit For each bushel of j(ootl
wheat, thlrty-slx p.-.uuiU or Hour, two
jwuiidi of mlddlliiK mid elnlit iiouiuUof
Jackwnvllle, Dec. 25, 18C2. tf
I One Iluntlrt-il
Volunteers Wanted
For Comimiiy "CJ.
To Sorvo Thrco Ycnrs, unloa soonor
Will lie paid alter two year' service,
or sooner ir lho w-,.r Ik ended.
rpiIM Compiur will cmi'l't r one Cap-
lulu, itne First and one Second Meillell
nut, one Flrsl Seritennt. one Quarleriiiasler
Sereant, one Commls.ary 8erirennl. live
8eriiuitii. eltilil !urionil", two teainler,
two Farrier or lllacksmllh, one SaiMler,
one Wauoner, nml ovtmly-eliilil private.
Total, One llnndrtd enlisted men.
Ini-linlhiL- itav for llitr.m,
First Sernt-anl (p'r inoutli) SH- 00 j
All oilier serjicuniii " ""
Corporal" it'1 '"'
Fairieritor lllaeksmlih '-7 (HI
I'rlvnlen and Hujileiv 25 1)0
tn addition, lho men will lio fiirubliril
with clntlilii?. suli'lsteiice. iinarlera and
mtilical nltenilanee. Tho iillimaiui' for
ololhliij; I three dollar, nml lllly cnt per
month. When nn i-iillslnl man draw w
than hi venrlv allowinee or clolhliiK. he
will lw entlll'il In the dim-renee In money.
The men will I. enllslrtl n prlvntes. After
IwIiik inuslen-tl Into the service or the Hill-
led Stall-, lho aimoliitiuent ul iioii-coiniul-
sloiml onieem will be m.nle.
EnrolHurr Ofllco nt Jacksonville.
Hull.ltil men will be sent to Cmnp H.iker.
In smalt pnrtli-. at (.nyerniuent viene. lo
lie ilrllb-il nml mustered Into the service of
the Culled .Slates, when arms uud clothluj;
will lie furnished them. .
WW W IAX ll.erti Hnif lintrer.
JaeWouvllle. Jan. 2N. IHilH. JanJHlf
Tho Imported Fronch Draught-Horro
LION IIIIAIIT. will slii'id for Jffl?.
mare uie eti'iiiuu mmsoii i ein
.Samuel Culver. (tiwbiirK, Hie Jr
xvi.oii lii piiiniiii'iicit on llie U-i-'
lirst tlay of jirll and ending on tho Ilr.l day
or July, 18IKJ.
Term.. Ten dollar Tor sIiikIo leap; $20
for wni.iiii; $30 lo In. lire.
Description. Lion Heart I n beautiful
dark lirown, 151 hand hljih. and wctith
l-'ild iMiiiuils. flocoiublniM In a remarkable
ili-jjiri' IIiom' ureal i-rwulluNof u (jnf.il lnirse.
utt.jKnttr. rjvnl nml IvUmh, Willi a iioeuuy oi
temper peculiar to Ho noble race of hors'-s.
l,etIlree--Llon Htnrt wit sired by lm
ported I. Ion Heart: hi dim by Pa-haw,
nwneil ami bred liy It. Ilniso.or Moutn-al.
I.inn-llntrt took the first premium nt the
principal Fair or Lower Canada, In lM7,u
iluhlilraiiiiht- Wo confidently rvnmineiiil
him a lho l-st romlser In the ritate; hi mi
iierioilly ansloek-hiirsohalK'en Ihonmsh
iy elabllshtil In till Stale, oun of hi coll
takluil lliellrst preuilum nt the Oregon Stale
Fair lull year, in awanl to Daniel Coll', or
Polk con uly; but wo havo other irooU or
Id superiority a n stook home In till" coun
ty, In tho superiority of M coll, bred hy
J. I'lnkhain. F. II. Cray. J, Wrl.b-y. J. 0.
Tnlman. J. Hill, A. Itocknlellow, II. Amer
in in. W. llewon, ami in fact all who have
8tock-raler arc Invited lo call and we
for Ihemselve.
Pasture will Im furiitslietl nn reasonable
term to mare from u distance.
l'licunU. March 18, M!3. If
Tho Fino, Importca English Draught
Ilono, coitiiuu, win iw
kept nt the slahlo or tho sub (ln
sender, nl the Mount VvrnoiiVf-
Uaiicli, mar I.iule Mill, Irom
dale lo fitpUmlier 1st.
Description -liuin.iiu win ooixyenr
old IhUspriiiK; ln Uniillful Uiy. wllbtuil
mitural while: 171 hand Mali by fair inea-
sureinent (would iiviimiro 1K the way some
ptlnn measure slallliMi)j welRh'SJIDO IIh.j
iflrlh seven felt lour Incbett: ha n ooihI
coal, la well formrd, (mil lia jiood action.
COItr.ltO was broiiKht ncro tint iilaln
In Ihlll; waaslridby u bor.e In IlliunU, ln-
111 inill. w rut,. ... H mtirv ii. .....,.-
i r i.-,,..i .,i i'..w,. wiiiiiti. to
rabo horw suliable for llw plow and wan -
nu would do well In take a look nt lilm nml
Id coll. Hy noticing hi weluhl. It will bo
evn that ho'l heavy Tor Id bljiht. m most
horw- wt-lcli about 7.1 to 77 lb, (o tho
hand, while lw weigh over 131.
Term 310 In coin for any time but May
anil June; in May and June, SI.V If not
la!d till tho end or Ihu season. 31.1 ror any
time but in May or June: in May or June,
30, W. O. MYKK.
Ashland Mill. March 21it. I SOX
Halo or School Luna.
NOTIR1. U hereby itlvcn. that In pur
suanco or an onler or Hie Hoard or Com
tnl.sloner or Jarksou Cotinty. Oreu-o.!, 1
will offer for Kilo to the hhzhuit bltkler, at
tho Court Hoiim door, In Jacksonville, on
Saturday, BHIh day of May. 18113, between
lho hoiins of 0 o'clock, a. si., and I. o'clock.
1-. h., lho fnllnwlnj,' tlescrilsed School Land,
In wit: Section Sixteen (Hi). In township
3rt Koulh. or Hanjio 1 West, oxceptliiK so
much or the laud in raid section it nrocov
ertd by valid claim; raid laud lo bo
nUervil In 4u acre tract as near a may be,
Tf nu ; Ono fourth of the purchato mouey
lo lw paid on tho day of eale, mid tho re
mainder In thrco tonal annual payments,
bearing Intercut nt the rnlo of ten percent
per annum, to bo tccurcd by notes with ap
pruvid nvcurlly.
Superintendent Common Schools, JackBon
County, Orejiou.
April lllli, 1803. wC
CM.0CKS Diflerent Btylei, gootl time
J pieeiti. lo bu bail nt tho
October 21. VARIETY STORK.
A p v
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Rust Door to Snclin llron.
tit with alar:
arae nml vntiiaiue iisoriineiH
litlest slvle. mid milli-ril-nl
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Together with n splendid lot el' other
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Hri-at-Flni. Ilrooche,
l-!urRiii!. Kinaer Rlwr,
liekel. Iluekleti. Clii'ipH,
llruceletH, Sltvvc Huttons,
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Also, complolo selii or liimiiipntnh o
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ninnufavlilrtil finin the rnliHl mid innit
. Iiemtliflil SK;iiiiKitti nniold Hill mid Fosr-
Vi'niliminn m lho nlmvo, m,v lw fonivl
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I A1II.I". AMI 1 Ol Iv.-.l 1 I I l.l'.lll.
I Jhll nliort, u voneral variety of
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All ol which will bo MOlll ut l.ow- rutiM
and wnrruntiil.
RKFAIRINO.-I'lock. M'kIcIkh ami
Jewelry repaiiril with prompt ne, nml Ii j
n maimer to utinriiniee sniiiaeiiiui,
MAtM'Atri'l'RKD m nnler. nny nrll-
do ol .luwelrv, with iieniiie uud ilispnttk.
XtPOm Call mill wo In new Mnrk, nt lilt
new More, on t'nlirornla treet, next door
In Baeli Urn., Jacksonville. Oiej.'on.
.raek.mvilti-. Dec. 17. lHOl. tf
1 COMPANY havu n first olati Blent
Wheel Sleamtioal leavlnp Corvntll every
Tuesday and Friday ut I o clock, r. i,.nrrlv-
Inir ni l'nrllaml nt -I o'clock.!- M.. next day.
Person leuviiiit Jacksonville for l'ortlauit
will nivo much dlsareealile laije traveling
by taklliii sleamlHial at Corvnllis. We hare
nl'o nu irregular boat runuliig nlmvo Cur
vulll. whlcli pa'i-e down every week.clr-
Inn three iler.iritire overy wev-K irom i.or
rnlll for Portland,
for any further Information, nildresa
TltlX). .MYOANT,
Bec'y Union Tnuia'n Co.,
march" Orvjfoii Oily.
(In-tfon City. Feb. 25. IflCII. jhn
Corner or California nml Fourth strecU
0 1. U O A U K k I) It U M, Fropriclon
I TII165K 8TAW.IS1 nre u
Sl&tceiitrally located, and con- 538
lUvenleiit to lho Union Ho- .1C2L
lei. llureand mule will l kept by ttie
j The propiielor have a ouinlwr of fine
I UllT tV n'vn. ti iiiuiviuii- iMiiit
.!.. n.auul. nl tllltililHIIII nlhlfoul
i i.'orono or two horse, In let on modcraU
,..,,,, At.n utwul mulill.- hore nml multrs.
ji, w, wp et tK0 to any part oflli
co,,niry, 0n reasonable terms
Horses broke lo llio saddle or Harness.
Animals Bottcht and Bold.
The proprietor ple.le them.lve togl'J
i -.. ,-.r.. ,-- -c - - i.k
i sat sfuftloii lo all who rnav favor them wiu
' a cnll. Jacksonville. Oku- Awr .il--lfllJL
la dally In receipt of n largo
ufsurlnieiit or
Groceries & Provisions
And nil kind of
Ho reconiinciid liU lurge, new stock of
Toy and Fancy Waro.
Ami u great many other nrticle too on
inernus to iiiention.nll of which hi)
will wll LOW FOR CASH,
Or in exchange- for
Jacksonville. Aupmt 2a. 1 8C2
" Jluttcr! lluttcrSl
JUST received 1,300 pound of Onaso
) Coilntv Huttkii, or recent Importation
via lho Islhmus. It an titra utluUf"'.
Mbj need, ami tetlt itltl, In p.cknuv '
lutl pound; which will keep anywhere,
and 1 superior to tho greater portion oi
to-tdlM fresh butter.
v. n. RI.'SSTONS.
With llratlbury & WJ
Jack"onvIllc,Nov,5th, 18fi2.