Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, April 18, 1863, Image 2

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    iyfti A.,
Scmi-iUccklt) v Sentinel.
"totiik kfkicacr and i'kumaxknov )k vow
Union, a Govkiinmknt koii tiik wiioi.k is
ism':f.y.H him:." Washington.
SATURDAY EVlixiiTUWh ft, 1861.
'I'lm wiro is probably down iiguin, ns wo
received no Extern nens by last night's
stngc tj
Thotkk Mkkti.no. The regular meet
ing of the Board of Trustees of .tnckaon
villc will bo held nt the Town Recorder's
fifTlvc on Tuosdny evening next, April 21st,
ut 7 oclock p. M.
Si'RtNn Goons. Messrs. Sachs Brother
will today be in receipt of n choice lot of
spring goods from Sun Francisco, vid Red
Rlufft. The goods are of the latest styles,
and will be open for the inspection of the
public, on and after Monday uflcrnoon.
Tiik Keokuk. This iron-clad, sunk in
the action at Charleston Harbor, was not
of the" monitor" pattern. Slio was an
experimental "Whitney battery." Her
battery consisted of the heaviest gnns ever
put together on one ship three 15-inch,
one 1 1-inch and two rifled guns.
Nf.w and Fancy. Messrs. Bradbury
it Wude arc enlarging and greatly improv
ing the internal nppeurnncc of their store.
On Monday next they will open a stock of
spring goods", of latest fashions, sent up by
way of Red Bluff, by Mr. E. 0. Sessions.
Mr. Sessions is a capital hand at selecting
a slock of goods most desirable.
Tiik Wkatiikr. Considerable rain has
fallen upon the vnllics during the past ten
days, and frOnv ouo to ten feet of snow now
lies upon the high surrounding mountains.
On the night of the l.rth inst., rain froze
to ice on the fruit trees in tho vicinity of
Ashland an.! Phoenix, and on the succeeding
flight n slight frost visited the lower por
tions of tho Valley. Today tho sky is
clear and weather exceedingly pleasant.
Wasiiikotox'h Birth Day. 'I'M day,
nt Florence, W. T. was celebrated by the
erection of a colossal monument of snow to
ueorge Washington. A correspondent of
the Age My it was no pastime affair, but
d real life-liko statue, designed nnd executed
by Charles Ostner, n well-known sculptor
of San Francisco. Tho inaugurating cer
emonies were very impressive, and were
participated in by tho whole community.
Run-aw.iy. Quito an excitement was
created in our town to-day by a span of
liorsee, hitched to a wagon, nindly dashing
through tho streets. Fencing took to itself
wings and flew away, and finally tho wag
on summersaulted, nnd was gloriously
f mushed up ; after which tho horses parted
company, each seeming determined to get
us fast as possible from the secno of dituu
ter. The horses were not severely injured,
Tho establishment belonged to Mr. Samuel
A Warning. Tho Copperheads of
Douglas comity, who have been displaying
t heir loyalty to Jeff. Davis, by tearing
down hand-bills for recruiting service, and
by other means discouraging enlistments
in tho Oregon Cavalry regiment, may save
ihemselves much future grief by reading
mid reflecting upon the following telegram.
Beur in mind that the Military Depart
ment of California extends to the Calapooin
mountains, in Oregon.,:
San Francisco, April' 13th. Mr. T. &t.
Burnett, the person1 who rodo through Red
Bluff exhibiting d secession flag, was taken
over to Alcatruss yesterday, to labor ten
years, or until the dlofie bf the war, with a
bull and chain oil his leg. Gen. Wright
Approves the sentences of the1 Court Martial
at Camp Drum.
Arms for OnKook'. The San Francisco
Bulletin's Wdtrhihtfton' Correspondent says
ilmt'lOOO'RUml of arrti late Web ordered
shipped to Oregon.
What tiik Klamath Indians ark
Aiioct.' From the following item, clipped
from the SMtmantM Is apparent thdt
our Very friendly, peateabh' Indiana have
commenced the practice of their;villainieB
near Canyon City :
Indian Oitraob. From the Mountain'
., . i. ....I-....... ...
ter we ir-nrn ui.ii a iiirjri! p'k irwn u i.
tncked by Indian twenty-five miles tit's
side of Canyon City nnd a number of mil
mn Is captured. A" parly organized to fo'
low them wi'io obliged to return for rein
forcements, finding the Indiana too slronir
for them. The Indians were of the Klam
ath tribe.
In nil probability murder nnd robbery
will be their game this summer. By being
allowed to live in the settlements, it is well
known that many of them have become
possessed of yagers, fine-sighted rifles nnd
revolving pistols, and there is but little
room for hope thnt they are destitute of
ammunition. The Indiuns here say they
are going to tuko nil their women and
children from the settlements. Every
thing indicates that they are prepared to
commit their villainous depredations. In
case of n war, the two companies of caval
ry, designed Tor the post nt Klamath, will
liuve more bloody work than is desirable.
Gold IIii.i.. The gentlemen interested
in the fur-famed Gold Hill quartz ledge
were yesterday made joyous by highly flut
tering prospects taken from their lend.
Afier spending considerable timo in runninir
n tunnel in sixty-six feet upon the ledge,
they nre now rewarded with n prospect of
the big pay of 1800. Considerable rock
has been taken out, but, we suppose, fur
ther prospecting will be done before ma
chinery is put up for crushing. The ledge
in owned by twelve or fifteen persons,
among whom is Jack Long, who, we sup
pose, is kept in the company " just for
luck." May the palmy days of the spring
of 18C0 return to them.
Racy Description of an Indian Fight.
Cami- Doum.AH, Utah Territory,
February "30, 18J3. )
Friend . I h'kveijust?receivcd'a
Kxcisk Tax Mr. II. B. Parker, Depu
ty U. S. Tux Collector, has been bnily
engaged in our town yestenlny and to-day
receiving and receipting for money for
U. S. Taxes. Mr. Parker informs us that
he has hud no trouble whatever in making
collections. He think double the amount
expected will be realized by this tax law.
The Collector will be in Kerbyvillc on
Wednesday and Thursday of next week,
when ull good citizens of Josephine county
who hnvo Federal taxes assessed ngninst
them, should bo promptly on hand to pay
the same nnd receive their licenses.
Persons should seek the tax-collector and
get a license, as without it they nru liable
to a heavy fine.
The compositors in the Times offico were
one evening compelled to cull to their as
sistance four Philadelphia lawyers, two
doctors and a Chinaman, before they were
enabled to make out a greased telegraphic
dispatch received from Yrekn." Now, if
they will allow us to Fiipposo thnt their
"lawyers" were bottles, tho "doctors"
demijohns, and tho " Chinaman " a luger
beer keg, we will bo ut no loss to under
stand how it was thut so many " r-r " were
discovered in tho word " vcr-rueruz." So
berly spenking, wo think the dispatches
from Yrekn, if not plain as "pica reprint,"
are full as legible as greased lightning re
ports usually arc. They suit us to an "r."
Of tho prospects of the abettors of trea
son in the North and tho positions of the
mnss of the Democratic party, tho New
York Times of March 17th said :
We have always told the Northern abet
tor of treason thnt they would never suc
ceed in taking in either of tho great politi
cal parties, nnd that they would surely
come to grief if they persisted in the at
tempt. Nothing is more certain than thut
tho great body of the Democratic parly, as
well of tho Republican, is thornngly loyal
to the Government. It has no affinity with
the rebellion in any degree. Kvcry instinct
and every principle binds it to the nation
ality. There never was a greater political
mistake than' the assuming that because the
Democratic party generally felt constrained
to condemn the management of the war,
(hey were therefore opposed to the war
itself, and ready for peaco on any terms
with the rebels.
Mamonant to tiik Last. The Copper
head Legislature of Illinois spat upon the
grave of Stephen A. Douglus, by votiug
down nn appropriation for a monument to
his memory. Most of the Republicans voted
fqr th appropriation. Qov. Yates (Rep.)
himself uiged its passage.
who distinguished himself iirMexkM has
been assigned to the, second Corps of 'the
army uuder General Hooker's commund.
letter from I Mr.?- nnd'wns glad to
hear you wero enjoying thnt'grealrstflf nil
blessings, health, and am liuppy- to Inform
you thut your humble serv't is in the same
fix bodily, but mentully getting no belter
very fust.
My loyalty abont one year nnd u half
ago, I think, run off with my judgment,
and if I have to winter out in this ever
lusting lirigid zone another winter, I think
it will freeze the last particle of patriotism
out or inc, as slick as u smooth bore. We
huvo had one tirifliek fought with the
bloody logins. You have probably seen
an account of It in the California papers,
but as your humble servant was n partici
pant in that ere bloodly muss, I will give
you n few facts thut came under my own
immediate observation.
Well, to begin with : wo left Cnmp
Douglas, just uftcr a full of u'onut twelve
inches of snow, near sunset, nnd by the
limit tho sun was half uu hour high the
next morning had made seventy miles, just
to tuko tliu wire-edge off our ponies. You
hud ought to of hud a iloggcrytipe or my
feelings the lut few miles before the first
halt. The second night was u repetition
of the first, only n little shorter. Aficr
three tcdinns night-marches we reached
the south fork of Bear river, within about
three quarters of u mile of the spot which,
it few minutes uftcr, was the scene of one
of the bloodiest tragedies nnd wholesale
slaughters, according to the number en
gaged, that was ever witnessed by mortal
man. The Indians were located in n deep
gulch, that runs nt u right angle with the
river, the ground nearly level on either side,
affording no protection whatever to the
troops. I am not much of a descriptivo
writer, and occupying the position I did
had n poor chance to picture n battle.
You can just imagine about two hundred
men, some with frozen feet, others with
frozen hands, u portion half starved, nnd
the d d savages making nil kinds of sign.
of defiance. I say you can form some idea
of the feelings of such a body of men.
Now wo nre within three hundred yards
of the bloody devil, already two of our
number nre slain. There is n momentary
pause. Now n rousing cheer Is raised,
and, as by mutual consent, every man is a
commander, looks out for number one, and
goes in, red-shirt style.
Some considerable sklimishing ensues,
when It is discovered very sensibly that
the Indians have the best of it ten of our
men are dead nnd about thirty wounded.
About this time tho infantry, one compa
ny, nbont seventy strong, have got ncross
the river and are coming up on the oppo
site side nnd upper end of the gulch. Now
there is a rush from ull hands, nnd in live
muutcs tho Indians are in n perfect panic,
and trying to get away ; but there is only
one way to escape, nnd that is to take the
river, but thut is just as destrnctivo ns to
rusli np to a battery, for they no sooner
get fairly in the water than they nre shot,
and flout off like dead hog. At the mouth
of the gulch, a few rods beforo reaching the
river, forty-one dead Indiuns were counted
in a pile, just as they fell. Wo killed, nt
a low estimate, .100 ; nnd left of tquaws
und children about fifty-five. Old Sim
mons had nine holes through his coat, and
six through his shirt. Ono shot went
through his overcoat, soldier jacket, n news
paper so folded as to cut eighty-two holes
through it, about twelve holes through a
silk handkerchief, three woolen shirts, nnd
lodged against his ribs, jsjst fomest the
turn turn ; und, by the way, stove a like
ness all to flinders. All of theso fixing
I had in tho breast-pocket of my soldier
jacket. By the way, theso Indiuns are a
tribe that was a terror to tho whole coun
try, and moro particularly to tho immi
grants, and have met and defeated, on two
former occasions, a greatly superior force
to ours of regulur troops ; but I tell you
we came very near totally annihilating the
tribe. Wo had fourteen killed und forty
two wounded. Eight of tho wounded
have sinco died.
I am scribbling in the uproar of a sold
ier camp. B. E. Simmons.
nEMAistira ixfirJiiiiposT oppce
i at.nokrthvillo,rOgn'.y'Aprll 15, 18(Wt'l
Anierntuni.T V Jones' A
Anderson N 2 ' Jackson Win
Ahrowcihw Keifi-r Chna
Litchfield Uhns
There are enlightened peoplo down
South. Ono of our bold Zouaves asked
an old1 farmer in South Carolina why he
did not take a newspaper. " Becauno,"
said lie; " when my father died ho left me
a imp at papers, and I've uever had time
to read 'em yet."
A icue V tMIS
Allen Elijah
Btnekert'l' Win
Crawford Win
Collins Jerenriub
Con tine Ivigcnc
Coriell Selu
Coslen S
Debeugcr John
Davidson Jus
Dunlup Mrs E O
Klniore Win II
Fllnn John
Farris Floyd
Fngnto Colebert
Fogjr Calvin P
Goodwin C C
Gruv Dan Y
Huli Jlisekiuli
Hay A J
IJenricli J I!
Hull Chancy
1 f udson J 1C
Henry Andrew
Hampton Jas
Hnrgedine Robt
Hughes Win M 2
I leaden Tho O
Johnson Burket
I Kick wood Win II 2
Lawless W F 2
MuCliiin W J
McConnell Mntilda
Mnsun Walter
McArthnr John
Miller Mrs June '
Miller E A
Nunii Miss O
N (clinics J M
Newell P O CI
Nye John
Olscn Abraham
Plnttnes John
Pickle Thomas
Pease Jesse
IVIka Jeremiah
IVrkira J W
Robin Win
Roberts Mr R
Robert John 2
Sdntn Franciscd
Snvncc Jim
Stockton Sam G
Sears John W
Stephens II L
Stewart Tho
Williams Mrs K
.Tnlnixlnti Ifnnrv
Pcrwnis calling for nny of tho above let
ters will please tay they nro nrtverlimr.
S. ft. HAINES. 1'. f.
U. S. Assessor's Notice.
ALL iicrsons nre hereby notified thnt,
under tho provisions of the Excise
Law of the United States persons who are
engaged in buying nmlsulliiig Stocks, Coin
'd .Money, Hunk Notes, or securities, lor
themselves and others, or who deal in ex
changes relating to money, buying or sell
ing gold dust, uro regarded a Brokers and
must take out u licence therefor.
Persons whoso business it is to buy nnd
hell (told Dust, Hank Notes, etc., as above
stated, without a license, are suljcct to a
ticnultv of $lf0.
.-Im7 IT. S. Amvor ! Ohtricl of Ihjn.
.Tuckvoiivillu. April 17, lb'lili. npl8tf
llrlck lIulldliiKt Cor. Front A Fvtrceti.
WILL attend to the Receiving nnd For
warding of all Goods entrusted to
their care, with promptness and dispatch.
Consignments solicited. Merchandise re
ceived on storage.
Crescent City. April 1 1. 18i;:i. 15
N. ll.-N'o goods delivered until the freight
and charges nro paid. 1). & W.
II. Bloom
Offers to sell his entire stock of
All those desiring Bar
gains should call Im
mediately, as lie will
close out forthwith.
All who think that
they have heretofore
paid too much for
Goods, should call at
and get even.
Now in Your Time
As he positively intends
Jacksonville, March '.8, 18M
TflTJbLClciflMMlo db Xl.otn.lX
-IHMl.KllS IS-
Tobacco & Segars,
All of which will he wild nt low prices,
for OASII.orilesirnblo l'HODUCK.
To mnko room for FALL STOCKS.
A Choico Selection of tho
f- Ever ollercd in thismnrket, embrncinjr
varieties of Z-
r- -
Black, Green & Japanese,
: In hulk, pnpers nnd enddies. nt .
: prices to suit the most particular. :
t'jr jn ,
Agricultural Took
3Po:r Salo .t Ooatc
20 Steel-point PLOWS, complete,
of various sizes ;
10 cast Plow-points;
2 setts extra eteel Mould-Boards,
Points nnd Lund Sides.
2 pnlent Stnnv-Cutters ;
C largo Iron Kettles, for farm use.
The above will be exchanged for flour at
the market price.
Jacksonville, Oct. 23, 1802. JWtf
Will find it to their advantage to
purcbnpo of up, as we nlmll keep
on baud a good supply of
Wn will tnlrn nil i1nurIntlnnR nf PrnilNftS
' "- " - .(-..-...- . - - -.--
i mai can uo uiFpoceu ot witnoui a iocs.
Phoenix, Oct. 30th; a