Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, April 04, 1863, Image 2

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I i
Scmi-iUccIiln Sentinel.
rrom Ililtcrnlu,
When freemen neglect tliclr high duties,
1 ...1 li.h. P ....!. I.iltnl I. .ilia
The Ship of Stole, by traUoroim guns ,$,,,, ,lUmtIc,;i(ni lrii.ikur..,'ntul bullies.
.. . " ." '. i . ii ii t!..n .. ' represent freedom nml laws.
' Trliimiilifiiit l;rmt llu-storm the Southern TP( ',, , .,ortl t t.Io wisdom,
' . ". ! . I,'",'r. , , ,. ,,.., ., ! Will rhitcn them wlthrr nml tvvnl,
A (;plnln true, li.-r lutm hntli llrtuly lul.l. x, )f ,,, , ,'., r ,,.,,,
.lt,tl..t lln, ,..,.tiili, iirni ilrlri h.iek tin ;... . . . - . . , .
,im. - ...,.-..,.-. r - - i u nn lumiil in n dill liiilile ill iril Ml.
If. thru, we could mid these bad men,
arms ilrlvu back the
thieving lictil
Mr, IMitortU l. nenrly two years
sinru the Southern wing of the Demnenillc
parly, flushed ly the condition Jnmes Ihi-1
chnnnnV ndinlnlttrntinn liail lift t lie coun
try In, nml inllitrnnil liy the prnmNcd nld ,
' of their Northern nllles, attacked Sumter
nml forced seventy starving men In sur-1
1 render a nntlonul fort into their hands. '
Canyon llnitil Contiiany.
VTOTHW Is hereby given In the stock'
ll IiiiIiIith if 'J'lic Canyon Hond Coin
piiiiy" that there will be a meeting of said
cnmpiiny, helil nt I he oilier or 8. 1'. Chad
wick, In ll.i'cburg. llnliifliwcniliiry, Oregon,
nt three n'ulilck, I. M.i mi .Munl.iy, tin 11 111
day of MuV, A I. IHiill. Inr tin1 .urnou of
ili'i'llmj Dinrioni. iiinl tmii'iictln the gen-
who nmv olucnre the fiinlll.l b.lwr.n lit.. ""t.inw or I ii; i.,iiii,. .,
"TciTiiKKrrtcii.'r AxnrKiuuMM vnr vocn The predietlon nf General Jackson, con-
Union, a Govkiinmkvt mi: Tin: wiiot.K in tallied In hli letter to the Ilev. Mr. Craw-
t.Nnnenvsini.K.'' IIW.in;-feri ford, Unit the next iitlrmpl of South Cur-
- ollnu to dissolve the Union would he on
j.wicnhxvikm:. nttr.uo. i )0 .hivcry ,,,, w,w fHy verillcd
SATAHD.IV KVEXI.MJ, APRIL I, Ufil. rct "l ,l,e "plmtlon of two year the
i M i urn i , Cotton Slates arc further Irnm the rcnli.f
Divine service will be held nt lhM. K.
Church, to-morrow, nt 11 a. n., by Hev. 1'.
The Jacksonville Sewing Society will m"l
nt the M. 1'. Church, on Tuesday nt two
u'clock 1'. u.
tlon of their hopes than they were ut It.
To men who boast of their pure blond
of Americanism, und of being descended
from revolutloniry sires, does not the man-
tie of ilninie flood their cheeks nt the
people of both sections, lulo thut niitwiinl '
daiknvM of polltlcnl damnation they km j
rlcly merit, pencil would come without
hurting Hie pride of IheSiuith, nswnnftlip
North nro not only sensible of the gullnn
try nnd millliiry skill they have shown, but
also tlmt their matron tire mourning fur
their first-horn son slain in b.itile; their
grny-hulrrd fires sinking Into the cruvp
wllli nil the crii'hiii!.' weiuht of Imr.krnplry
mid ruin, mid the wmiN of ,Ti (Ter'nn rinj.
Ing In their mm" that I lie A'mlglity had
no ntlrihiile tluil could fide wllli them In
nicliiironlel,"niid Ihelr durk-eyed iliiugli
I lers weeping for the youths they (hull ee
' no more. I!t ii!, then, whilst we cndniv-
or to bind up our own wound', enter
, lulu no unimoidty iipulii.t our Southern
1 fellow-cliini'm. when liter lay down their
H. !'. CIIAItWKMv,
1. 1). II. V INKS,
MeiubcN of iild Oompiiiiv.
Mnrrli 'J I. lHli.'l. iii.ii'JH
at XiA.'vtr,
Will prninptly utti'iid lonuy leul
bilfliH1 cwiiiuiltteil to bin cure.
Office in Stnliiiil liiiililmp,
.Iai'Khonviu.k, OiiK.nns.
A meeting oltho-chool Ini'lm. for Jack- nMi hcm in l)l0 ,,,olutlon u( the iiiom
sonvllle Dlitrlcl, No. 1, will be held nt the ' lK,ninccnl forn of K0Vcrnmciit the world
Khool house, on Monday next, nt -1 o'clock ! ia, cv ,ccni flll() ,mti conditional on (lie
i iipitw nml flilltmft In llii (lSi4ltliillnn nml
thought that they Invited HiigLiml In in 1m nwp milK. ,, blll ,,,,. Icl ,
Our friend' are rcipiented to pay
up within tho next thirty iluy-. m
we rtre going IkOow to piirchuwour
Spring (iiiod', nml must hnvu
.l.ckonrllle. March '.M, lHI):i. -It
The Celestials of our town, during yeslcr
day nnd to-day, have been Kiylng their re
iccts to tliclr departed friend, by strew
Ing round t heir torn hi) (jlfts of grub, can
dles, Josh paper, etc
The Uroml Jury or Olymphi. W.T..
Imvo presented tin Indictment charging
Ilorrc with maiislauchtvr, for niurderlng
Illoti F. Kendall. The prisoner tvn xr
milled to give bill. In th iiim of S.1.000,
for his nppearanee nt next term of court.
Mount u crticlfin! Itrileemi;r wnsglviiiL' up
hl life for lliu sin of the world. When
Mary Magdalene was prn.trutu ut the fool I
grouiiii, nun wnuiy soiniiui; inr uie .uii'icr miiik ninwiieii in me ia' lln
vnmncl. wIl ,MM, fhnwn )cf t, , () wllcI n ' " in.iki' jmymenl lo .sl)i:
irv, have ... . . n ,,. m-i I.I.MII.ll(,,liiinreiuilliorl
lv'tmilIVlr,'WH """ ' ' ! ''"""ex; nml nil H-rotiN
Irmue, they offered to rmanelpato their
'skives, and with svrcn voice sung out, Vitt
t ... .
I milt. Il.il the nrlhrrn Hiiiles nt nny
i time mk the Southern StiiltH to eniuncl
pate their slaves? On tho contrary
...t . i. !,. nui-rn amir, rep.in..y smieu . M1lf (. nwhvr ,,,, (r ,.,.,,
It tok.tl.erdolern.inatlonno 1.. Interfere nrmi-ni 0 cr()M WMi w, n nmicr
w i h .he ih.mes.lc (nil Ituthm "wryhkM, ,,,,, , , ,,,,
will.!., the dint. where It existed by law, of w ',,,,. WM ,,'.
mid tlmt what they ui-slred was to pro i b t , ., ., , ., , ., . ,.
t. ... ...... .... .., .... tt-i.J u. e,w'- llw wrlli trembled, ilia llom.in sold-
j lent were ne struck mid I lie Jewish rub-
! I lie had ceusiil their shouts of derision, he,
j with nn expiring rff irt, nd-iil Ids head
nnd cried iiloud. " I-'nther ! forglvu them,
DlHHithitiou if CoiiiirtiicrHlilp.
flit I P. lOIAIlTVKIiSllll tmnilnRin, lIIAUDWAUK,
1. existing iiiiiIit ll.i imnie hi
"Wlioloetnlo cto Xt.otn.ll
-m.Ai.nw ix-
HATS u9u3TX3 OV3P,
Tobacco & Scgars,
it in the Terrltnrlei of (lie Unite.1 Stales,
nnd nbolish it in the District of Columbia ?
Wan not the pti'session of more than one
half the ii nn of the United Stales suffi
cient for the wants of slavery ? Did It nc
I cord with tliu spirit of our iiiMltutinn
I that slavery should go unlrammeled inin
lour Territories mid drive the frrcmen of
thuj knoir ni)t irlml Ihvy ilo."
AnASTiin ox Jackcon Ciikkk. Meors
KMcr nnd Johnson, on Juekinn Creek,
have been steadily pulverizing quartz,
night nnd day, for the pit two months.
Tim rnnitrili-llnn nT llinlr mill tt T.iI
-n.nl rr,.l!t nn Mr .Tnlin tnlnrUr , , UlC Unltfll StlllCS, mill the foreigner who
.klllfnl architect who .U-sIgne.1 mid rrrclr.1 i 0,,B!'1 0,r '-. back to the north pole ' following nppi.Inln.enU in the 1st Keg.
ml style nl
of the cr,,,. her long hnlr sw.eplng the liaV'en'AU
grnund, mid wildly sobbing for the Mn'tcr tons luib-lileil lo tin la linn nre reipieslnl
miii;a. .v nut..
irirril lo settle the
hnvinir claims
ngalii't the linn will pre, ut t lit- samu fur
ll.pililalliiu. II. J. SI HUMAN.
.signed ii. woi,li:xiii:iig.
Cnnynuvlllc, Ogn., .Miirch 1 1, 1 Hi;:t.
qilir. lirSIXIMS lin.of.in enn.lucled by
J wi)i:ia. W()i.i,i:xin:it(; ,v co..
will be cnutiiiiii-d nt Hie old f.nii.l, iiiiib-r
Ih'i tlrm mitiii. mid sljl.i i.r SIUUMAN ,t
WOI.MIN'lllllKi. win-re n lino slock or
cloth inc i citoci:iui:s
will Iw fouuil nn haiiil und for sule on the
mint rc.iimlil lermx.
Signed It. J. SIDIIMAN.
mh?.1w2-K II. WOl.liKNllKlin.
OitOANizatoN or tiik Fimt Oiikoos
Cavalry. Oovernor (llbbs has riuule the
All of which will be sold nt low prices,
for CASH, or di-sirnblo mODUCK.
ALL DK-SCim-riONS 01'
To iimko room fur TALL STOCKS.
. i to fitrnirli Ice for the mint jul.-p-i nnd
't'fii rntirtitni.rl t run liv nn nt-i.r.lifil
u,.,.l il.t..,..-,n r.i ... .1l....,.i.. '1-i.u,.. I "ninny siiinsiics m uie ooiiinern iirmoc
arc no cog-wheels und In the mill, gutta-
irclia strap being ued entirely for com
nitinlftitlng power, und till of the in ichlntry
eemi to run n amnnth nnd true us n pat-(.it-lovcr
watch. While the whole cot of
th mill was probably not tnnro thnn 82..100 1
or 8.1,000, the accuracy with which every I
Mirtion of the machinery perform its part I
cannot fall to excit
have two nraitrus
rale of two tons per d.iy,
rucy ? Slavery has liecn, nnd from lis nn-
und clerks, uu.l elected the bogus legiilu-
xcile udmlralion. They ''' lw lu were enforml by Federal
. which crush rook ut the i1'?"1'"' ",R,k' lw" "ocrotlo ..dm ills-
iriiiinui. ii pianicti camion nn I lie .11 in-
of quartz is put in each ur.Mm. und by ru'"" "' "'"'"' "- "' i".e..r
lw.,lv Ii,.iin i-rMil.l,... I, .,l,i..,l ,,!,.. .'vii.iiire in uruuBiiim, mm iiwirnieu
eonsUtency of paite. After four hours'
Cavalry Oregon Vohuilifrs : It, 1 Mau
ry, Colonel ; ('. S. Drew, Lieutenant Colo
nel ; Sewall Triinx, Major j Jesse Ilublii
luro mmi lie. gginiv. It repwlvil the j son. Quarlermasler ; S. It. Hammer, Com-
Missouri Cunipromiso Act, voluntarily mlfwary j It. S. Cnldwcll, Capluin ; John
lin.leml by llio Smith to the Xorllitin M. Drake, Captain s John M. McCnll, Ut
Stnlw. It invndwl Kansas ut the licuil of Lieutenant ; John Hopkins. 1st Lien
five thousand men ; look posiession ol her 1 t.nanl 5 Clmrleit Hubert, 1st Lieutenant j
poll; muted the legally nppolnted Judge .lames A. Wnymlre.'.M Lieutenant. Also
the following In the Oregon Mlllltla;!
John McCrnken, Colonel ; G. II. Ilehlcn,.
Lleuteniint (?iInnel. !
Thbv W11.1, Stk.u A rirs-liMikliis speci
men of the llng-eyn Klngili.ni. nuu thy this
the citizens who were moving into Kansas I ww,k went l"1" "", l'IeilnWIliiiient
lo Millet nnd it concocted tho Infamous ' nf Invo 1I,lor '" ",,H lmv"' "lraIMy
Icompton swindle, that whether ll.o pen. ' " P'f n.fclnB jmo puiclmscs,
. ' . ... . ,' ThopriiprltorsiilleullnnlM;ngcallidawiiy
mulling, (tiiclilvr is added, mid fort-lglit
hours llio iinarlr. is knit in 11 iniuli.lll.p
.... - . .- .--., ., . ,.v.i...i.,.w..i, r. ..vll.r.n.tlVlllll ll,T
mte by oecoslonally pouring in lint water. I' vote.1 yw. or whether they voted ".j rr ,l(irt me. his Asiatic customer pro.1
whlflh facllilate llw miulganiatlou of tht-i " W0I,M eUa'10 i'ny. ! cr,Kd prlvatuly to purloin n small brns i
gold with the qiilcksllvtr. At the explra- The old political fossils ol the Democratic look. It wns, lion aver, mbsed by ll.o own-
tlon of twelve limirs, the gold being thor- party wlio pmir out libations to l.icuhin,r. who proceeded. In n civil n maimer ns
Highly nni.ilgamaiMl. Ih dro- mud hi then i rowl '" ,'1" atm r Venus, ar.d spt-ml the , H"' cireuiiulnnco" In ll.o easo would permit,
wiulieil out over rillw, whllu the nm 1I211111 1 mi'liilglil I'ours In orgies to the g.nl of '" Iniproni upon his mind Ih.- moral pro
lix secure In tliu crevice Iwtween the chanee-who study Iloylo ratlu-r thun iheiol!,,,m'1 m811' c.tnm.ii!.hr.-iit : Thou thalt
itonts which for... tho IhiI nf the nrustrn. I Testament of our Lord m.d Savior J"'1 ih'eul" Howover well John" may en
Thepropri.oWl.,..d nt.aehing n b.,1- 'j CrM-iire now howling all over JJ' lve malterHnmong his kind It ,.f .0
fry of stamp,, which will cnablo , , ! Union beeauni the President did ,0 far .f H"
eruili from four lo six Ions cuch twonly-1 trend, upon the ConMilulion os to aider 1 ,,,.,..,,',., ,,
four hour. u" increase lo Hie regular nrmy. nt the)
TIj rmarlz llwt U now bebur eriuli.d ti most rrltioal period in our history, mid , Maudtim J. M. Davis wM.es lo stnle
which net on Ids port the people have fully
endnrwd j und they cry over the fii'pen
slon of the writ of linheat corpin, nnd nt
mine of them being obliged to cut po.k
nml brtiiH, drink their colTa nut of tin
ciqw, and being kept In secure custody by
my brnve old captain, Martin llurke. com
ma.Kling thut modern bujtlle. Fort Ifay
etlc. Sir, the people of the Union know that
slavery, nnd slavery nlono, is tho cauo of
this civil war, and they do not intend that
slavery (hall have Ihu tumo tlalutai the
close of tho rebellion it had previous to its
advent: therefore nny peace that is made
will havo to nrovlde lor Its extinction, i Juck01 J"" u'rl". A. . 1303.
,,nt Inn n..r ,n l,.l.,. ...... f ... . ' I'eUll.iu fur lllvurrr.
..... ...m ..s... ... iiijinu UH Ul IHU IjlVUb
Selling OIT!
Olfcm to sell his entire stock of
jOJT" cost,
, rrnTTiT
A Ctiolru Selection of the
! .
; p Kvcr oflTcrt-il !n llilx nmrkt, cmbrndng;
u nrictii.i) of !
Illacli, Crvcii Si. .lapain'Hf, '
; In bulk, piicrs nnd ciiihllm. nt '.
'. prices to suit the most particular. ;
HAY mid MANUllKFOltlvS.
ikn from the claim nwnril liy .Mivsni.
Johnson, YJbUr. Hrentano and Max Mulk-r.
loated on the mountain lt(ween tho two
firki of Jackson crwk. Whllo It Isot-
jiectwl that the quirlz will uvemgn 81'0
ier ton, the proprietors will be well reMi.l
if It ' pans nut" CIS to the ton. They ex
pct to clean up the nruitr.w nbout the
tint of May, wlwn wehoxj in recur.l that
(he mojt raugulno hopts of the enterpris
ing proprietors havo Lien reuliwd. And
is it too much to hope that Mr. Lohacl.cr
will be called upon to superintend the con
struction of similar mill, not only upon
Tjoktan creek, but upon many othr avail
able streams ? Wo think not. There nre
hundreds of quartz leads in southern Ore
gon, gome of them partly opened mid pros
pected, that would yield fortunes under
Minilar circumstances. Jacbon county
will yet produeo more gold annually thai,
tho has dune heretofore
All hoso tlcftirliig Jlttr
Kuiiix ishiMild tall I111
iiit'iliatcly, an ho will
closo out forthwith.
All who think that
they havo ht'ti'tofore
ah! too much for
Cooils, hhonlil call at
wIsIiimi to statu that on uctniint of u snow- Jl. KL003PS STOHIJ
storm In Junuary lint she 1ms lieen delayed
l,v dMiiiuu III liinL.inni.lll.1 lu. ,,...,,11... I.,. lllltl gt't CU'll.
I"' r " """ ""
will gat liur Hook out us soon as pnutiU'.
Sho lakes this mthod of nxproftdng her
1 gralfull tlianks In the kind I'onplo who Ims
Intliml her In get out Iter Hook to Innblo br ' - U'C Wlt, V WIV1C. rtU U
to Hud the gmvo of her Ion l'alher.
God Utw nil good frlvmU to 1110
whvr oar tliuy bo
ottrlaml nml mmi.
Agricultural Tools
I"or Salo vt Coait s
20 Steel-point PLOWS, complete,
of vur.utis sizes :
! lfi cast Plow-polnls;
' 'J Mils extra sleel MouliMlonrds,
Points nml I,mid Sides.
1! patent Strnw.Cutiers ;
(i (urge Iron Kettles, fur farm use.
The iilinvn will bo exchanged for flour nt
, the market price.
Juclomivillu, Oct. I'll, iai;'- :mt'
Jan.: Mi mm Pavw.
Jacksonville. April 1. 18BX It
Noilhurn papers pleasu copy, verbatim.
X Slate of Oregon for the county of
Now ia Your Time
As he positively intends
sbllitjc orr AT COST
Jacksonville. March '.8. 18C3.
planting interests of the South, und M?&Fti7An&.
too remote but what some of us may live , Ims llUd her petition In mid Court, praying YTV havo this div sold our stock of mcr-
lo K-e it, for n divorce mid illsolution from the boiuh I chandise to .Mr. Max .Mll.l.v.n. From
,-. ,.. . ,, , .. ! of nin.rimoiiv now existing botweun mlil our friend und nations wo would solicit
wiivuiiiio causes in which we oscriDo, ,nrtiw. and for lln- custody or the children. Tor Mr. Mnxcit n coullnuiino nf their 1 i t-
our .roubles is, .ho cmintltr of many of I uiul Unit if jou do not nppoar In ihu ald eral patronage. .1 A- llllUNNKIl & IlltO. j
Hid citizens whom we return lo Congress. " "", "", ,:ii4.1,"1' l).V "! ",u;' A- " - 1'",Jii0"5L1i" J"JV 1!i", -" '
, ,, .... b IhC?. mid urmier tho 111M iietilloii or com-
I he heart sickens us we think of n Snuls-1 i.lnint, tho mine will lw tak'-n for confemd. TIHLKS AND TKfTAMKNTS.A
.arson's HoV. by the . breakmg '& k ! U? -w. . Wood of New York. I ! - W r thereof will bo Bnu,.ed by 1$
0. J ACOUS, Sol'r for Comp't. I tory of the Jackson County lllhlo Society.
ApriU.lSC-.N wl 1 WM. UOFl'MA, Depositary. 1
The Pugct Sound CmnicIt teenrds that
.lumen Hughes was iiHlnntly killnl ut Hco-
.!.,., 'j II ... I... .1.. I I.!. r it
iHtwcen two logs,
stracting a rait.
while engaged
1 1'.. 11... ,i:..i ..r nt.i.. ...i . .i.i..
C0I1- " ' "' iK'K.ium Ul u.liu, UUU U t ICH.IUO
of Kentucky,
Will lind It to their advantage to
purchuto of us, us we ihull kei-p
011 hand n good tupply of
We will take nil descriptions of Produce
that cuu bo d.spost-i) of without .1 loss.
Phoenix, Oct. aoth.