Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, January 31, 1863, Image 3

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Liquors & Tobacco
New Goods!
New Goods!!
New Goods ! ! !
Grand Bisplay
"IX7"K Into1 pleasure in iinnnmiciiijf to.tlic
fV public tint' wi' have just ticcivcd a
larger, more fathioitaUe. imtl ktfer selected
stock of
than any ever before brought to this
oceries : :
Groceries ! ! !
12 hive jul opened the best mid larg-
at Mock hi
t4oii4& I
Wines and Liquors,
we feel confident, will iriiurutitcH to u the
roiitiiiiiainv of tin pilioungc willi which
nufcii-tmncis have hitherto favored ;
nml llif addition wc Imvc now made to our
fornn'P lira' of trmli will, we hopr, Fi-ciin in
ii8 thu balance of t hi traiiiiur population ol
tin's town nml vicinity, to nil of whom we
promise prompt ami polite attention,
Please cull and eoiiviiirn yi mi wives.
KAciis imos.
: All .fort of nmrkciuble l'roduce
fatten-in e.xchnuiro for trends.
' JgckQpVlllc,OctV?0,18C?."
Scmr-lUficlili) Scntmtl.
Niw Ymlc 2t.il. A Key West letter,
ila'cil .Jamiiiiy 1 3th. stairs llnit '25.1)00 men
neeoinpanied the ilec't sent to teeupluiv
New Ymk. 22il. The Time' Wi.iinu-
ton pi e nl says llie Senate Cnminillcc on
Indian ARiiiHK iliciilul 10 icpnrt favoiub'v
in icguid lo the plan for enlnuz ug ami
(MU'fitlritt iiifr I he viirinns Italian in lies in
the titles In I heir hunk
Washington. T2A The verdict of the
Court Martini in the Fuse John I'm let
cnc wax approved yisliiday lie llie Fnsi
deiii. einilraiy to 'lot titer reports. Tin
Cnnrl found liiiii irnilty of l lie cIiuil'cs tin-
I'crred, mid In- was nrooidingy enshicied
and distiiis il from the set vice.
New York. Jan. IMih. The Rrpics
say: On Widnc.-diiy last. 5 it. Wwd is
sued oith-rs to tin1 coiimiundiuir officers nl
l In- whole iti 1 1 1 in to r p rt lo him the mini
Iter of eneli eoips ready for duly. Ordcis
were ruvivid (pneily. Some of the eoni
niioid'rs of llie Sicotid DivtMon ic-pondcd
by pieseiitiie' their lepnris: others rel'ii-rd
II 'it y. on the mound ihut Coventor .Sey
mour was (he Ooimuuinler of the ini'itia ol
ihe Stale. This in-w otihr ciinlid coiis'd
liable e.vcili lit' nl in military eireli s. Tin
pievailint! npm'on is Hint it embodies the
design of the National Adniinisiralinn in
p'ace the militia under their emu ml.
Ztucsvillc. O , 2l'h. The snow crushed
in the roof of the market houc loilny.lc.il.
mi; several persons and wiitiiiiliug many
Wndiinglnu, 2llh. The Sicretii'y ol
the Navy n reived a di.-pnich limn Cuim
yesteiday. which mivs : I have ju-t leeeiviil
a di,nileli fii'in MmniliM, written liy nil
acting O'licrnl on bnaid the Unilid Static
steamer lSaek lluu It, nt die mouth ol
While river, u folloiv.- : We have Inki u
St. Chalks. We eapiiiied iwn mulii-inch
(mis. ciiiiiaires. umiimiiilioii, mid 2(1(1 liu
rifles. At Hi mu e. we eapiurnl a ipiatnity
of aims, nuiumuition, anil smite prisoners."
New Yoik. '2fn h. Wu have New Or
leaiixl.itis lo the Mill. The news Iron.
,MiXrco Ik of a Ii ghly iiiipm-iiiut uudix
eiiuiL' charaeler. The Kreiieli enminiinieic
t inn bet wiiti Vera (Jinx and Orabitis
eomp'ctely cut ir by Mexican unerilla.
Il Ik iipatitl I In t the Fieneh had been re-pul-iil
and ilrivm baek from before I'ueb'a,
with leri-iblt! slauhier. Herthiir's van-
mi id. 1.0(1(1 siroii'.r, wns coiiip'etely mr
pnsiil by 8 0(10 Mexieau eav.dry. Two
ihoit-'iiinl Kiiiii'li troops weie killed mid
woimded. Sevirnl of their i.flii-ers wvrf
eapliirid with llie lii-o and ltutr!.'l efl.
Fii neli pni'peeis look bad. They eau tet
no supplies Iioiii the country, and iiieMii-
lomiilid oy n iii"-t (letermoieii enemy.
Smallnox, m llie most
maligmttit lot in.
has broken out al Vera Ciuz
Wasliinjrloii. 2.rnli. A d'pnle dated.
II inhpiiirler-i Aimy of the I'otomac. up
n'.euis every tiling ptiet th's moiinm:.
Ileado'tarters. Ariltv of tl.u INitomie.
Jan. 2l! Ii. Tliismoimiijr, Mniniile liinnd
over lite Aimv in (jitieial llookir. Til"
following is IbiuHide's iiililns (o iltearuiy:
" lly iliieciiou of th
Ireideut of the Uuiltii Stales, the Com
iiiuii'liii-r O tteral this day liatisfeis Ha
eouiaiatnl of this iiiuiy to Major (leiieial
Hooker. The hw time thai he has di
i U'li d your mniYiiifiits lax mil been fruit
iit uf victory, or the iidvaiitvne lit of mo
line.-, bill il linsil'iiioiiiiliatid aiiumoiiut ol
I'oiirau'e. ainl piin nc. uinl eiiilurauce. thai,
under nine f.ivonililc ciii'iiiiiiaiice. won d
have iiri't'inplir-bi i uriitul iiMilli. Coiilitme
In cxeicise these virtues. Il' line in yoiu
ih'Voliou lo yiiiu'coiiiiiry and iliepriiic'ip!i
y il have hvvoin to maintain. 'ive lln
it live nml r-lcilllnl (jeiieral who has been
idiiii'lied with vni' oruaui.ition, ami who
ii now in eomiuaiid. your lull and eotdinl
xiippoit and co-opeiiiiioti, and ymi will
have success. To the (jeiieials. my pui
eis are thai j"'I mav be with you, and
jrniil yai eounmied ritccei-Ktiiilil thetvbeh
lion chilli be ciil.-lied,"
It is tnd'istood i lint I'liiiikliinind Sum
- have bivtt it It ved of their coiiuitoeU
of the riulit. and left wiiiL" ol tlieyuiinl
diviion of the A i iny of the IM'imae. Tin
uaitl'S of their silecssnii nie mil kitouii.
nor is i i known who takes (jeu. II"nkei'.
Itlai'i'. Iliiriwiile and nmst o his slall' were
ailowitl 'M days' le.tve of alienee.
New Yoik, Jan. 2(!ih. The siramei
U iinlmin. b'oiu New Orleaiw, I7lh.hu
aniveil. Tlie U. S. sln"pn.war Ibooklyn
u company with six oilier Fulcra! ciiane
ei', weie oird'alves'on. They 8iw a cleaiie
c in ih" ollinj;. ami the steamer Haiterns
jot iind r way to "peak to In r. and when
with n liuilimr dis'anee asked who she was,
and iceeived in iiu-wcr,
hlooii nl-wiir Spiifee."
' Her Maj RtyV
The foiiimuudi i
of the llntl'ia-' I overod a boat In eo
aboaid when (he Spiifiie filed u broaiUide
i ilo the ilattetas. Tlie Ibooklyn ol in
ilir way, but iiiulil coiniiiy on, she nave up
the clui'-c. and on rciiupiiu.' found the Hat
iinw sunk in nine faihouw or water. The
of1!crs of the bout had no further purlieu
hits Thu btctiiiK-r was doubtless the pirate
The, JYw' Wnshlngton dispntclt says a
conference wus held yesterday, in which
Sccreiqry Styutop aud eevcr eminent
Setmtors and Kcpri seutativi s participated.
Ibiritifr the coiilereiice, political matteia of
very grave importnnce weie determined
upon. That u clintiL-e In Admititctrativi'
pilicy will be the rcciill is ieunleil as eer
aiii, even if it nccaintw ollicial chaiiL'e.s in
iinporlanl places. The Sieielaiy ol War
has uotiliid Conines.-that he is making such
eh.inires in his D'pariuii'iil as will lelieve
him ol the inc. s-ity of liaving nmre tlaitt
niH! Asislanl in Inline.
New Yoik. 28. Special dispatches
'late that a list ol nunc than riurlt' v army
oTi vr tins In en pr.-parnl, who me lo be
ilsiii'sil Irniu inn M-rvic.'. for viulatiug
tlieiotuy i.'L'ii.iilniM by tlien.-eol' impiop.
er Inniiiie in ieleirm; to their siipeuois.
A letter in llie llentlil HuUv lli.it llie
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ir iiins'er of tlie yiihlnial llaMnas.
who was on I in n In in id the sliane
sleamer oil' (la'vislou, miv tlmt he laid
not shovid If a .-li'"s hiclh before the
Alaliauiii pound in her l'n-t InoaiWide,
which was iinne il'ate'y n'plieil lo hy the
lliitieiiw. Tin.- neeiii red al dark. A-llie
llil bioaiNide was exclianuid, both Vis-els
s'eamid aheiid. s de by sale, e.tb,iie.'iuj4
bioml.iiles ih l'ut as lite uuih cnild lie
loail'd utal lirul. iind within a ihort dis
tauee of each oil er. Ibsas Iheciimiou
mlelas'ul thiiy minutes, when he hemd
the sound of nuiskeiiy. I!y hard piilliuj
he cnilii' ayaiii in .-iiflii of the ves-els ami
louia! lie in toppid. with llie Ahilnoaa
iiIoiil's lie llie lliilieiiH. blowing oil' sie.no.
lie said.he Inmd chiermi' lr.no the Am
bama. pMviiu: tint the Dalliias had linn
c.ortid by le'iinlinir. I mii it lie.-t not
lo be lakin pr'soinr, he tcliniiii! in llie ili
nelion ol lliesiUadioii(aiid wai pickid up
nsliiiiolon. IS. A scene occurred in
the Senate Visli nliiy. owing to a lively ilw
cussion. San .buiy, of New lciey. sp.-ke
dsnspi dliilly nf the 1'iisiilein, and wn
taketi into ciiiiody by the S. rue.iiil tit
AriiH. He d.iphled a revolver and
lhteaiciiidloslio.il the HeiL'eanl ul iimii.
(Jharues have b eu made llnit Simon
Cam ion iiMi uip'id to Imbe a member of
the IN uu bnuiu L-iMs'iilnre. by oil'
S'.'ll (Kill for Ii vole in I he late S initor al
emitisi. The matter is lo U' iuvisiigalnl
bv the Senate.
Winhini'tnn. 28. In ihc Seoile, Clark
of New Hiiup-hip', oII'miI a rc-o'iiiii-n
expe bmr SaiiMmry for disoiderlvuud tuv
bit cut conduct. Siu'sbiirysiid lie ueitlnr
ackiu'Wleilg d or ib-avnwul what is
ehiiur'd. I "t proof lie in id to the Sell
ate, and lit the Setiaie act according l
its own judgment.
Ca'ro. 18. Sieamer fioui Memphis li
arrived. Tmop-J are bene; dally inns
pnrlnl loM'lhkiiV lleiid. just above Vieks
New Y-.ik. 28 Kxclmiw, J 09 am)
170. (iol'l billion It'll o;-.;i.
IIimi'O1 n-ii'is. A i my of I'otomac, Jmi,
27th. 0 neral lloolor has ifsied mi ml
iln-s' in i la n riny, in winch he -ays. he n
t i- iipiu iln-d Hi'lmi'L'i' nl' liisdulns wi h
ii ju-t np r e ulion of tin le-poiHilii'.lie
Slice the I'-'iiieiiioii of ihe army, he has
b en indent li-d wnh its history : he h.i-.-hioed
Willi the soldiers iw glories. nml re
Vtf.c- with no nt her de-he iliuii the rein
110114 iniul'l M main uneliani.'id unill il-des
liny hhould b- ncc 'iiiplisliiil. Il ndiU :
I.i the leeinil of ymtr aehieVi nil'liH i
much to b- proud of; and. with the lies
iin.'"' of Cod. we will coolribule soiii'lliiiij
In the n It iwn of our uriu. and In lite i-uc-c
.fi i our urniic. To secure thc-e cmN.
ih" chiirlul nml .'nlon- co operation of ev
eiy lliei r utal sold it will b n ipiircd. In
iii'ielliiicnei- ami valor the em my is our oi
ferior. fit u n.'V.r Ins'tate lo irive I dm
Imltle win i ever we can thai him."
New Y.ek, .r.itt. 2"ili. Tint Nnfihrn
Vt'zMias ariiv. il. (i.ild imsellled al fi-l
mid f).ri.
A sp'eial di-ipn'i'li to llie yVmci.savs
( ; n Couch Mice id-Sunt' er, mid (j n-ral
W. N. Smith Miceceds Franklin.
The Ti'iliiwc'x correip.inilei)i "iivu that
upon (ieiieial Itiithr's aiiival al N"w Or
eni-. In will ie-iime coiuainiii) ofilio (Jul I'
Dinks will be oid. 'lid In Texas al ihelnad
of a siilli"i nl foic lot the pai po-eo ass SI
inir (he Union lien in that Stale.
Sin Fianei-i Ian 28 Advices fiont
Mm zooPo. slati' llmt l la wreck if. hiue
I scoviicd Ihe localiiy of the (iuilen Gale's
ina-uie. lull c.iiiuot ."'t il on nccoiii'l ol
ihe tremeiidoiij -nil'. It catinol be neover.
d iiute.x n Imlkhead is built to keep ofTthe
Fr vale lc"graiii anniuirc.' the rale of in--uiaiiee
on ireicure from Sin Francisco in
l.ii'iil.in. Iiii-iidvniicnl one pi'i'cn'. On'v
My cent- is ll'er.-d for Irani tinder notes.
Arrived. steamer Senator, from the Soutl .
Too Smaiit We know of a matt in a
'it i n We.-iein coy who was very fond of
ducks. Inn, on account o the imuib. r lie
o.iiiiilil al. uinki'i.he wu not null, ipienlly
Ito'ibled with tough on'-s. One day, wi-h
tug for a L'oudly unmlier, he went to the
poultry deu'er nml mi'iI ihal hit was an
(tin cud boarding house kieper that ItU
bo.iiders were ruveiioiw, (specially wh n
things weie ynuiiu' and lender. Now."
said our charaeler, with a wink. " I waul
von to pick me out nil the old ones nl
the toiitiliones you've vol." The delight'
i-il dealer finds do d.flictilty in pickimr out
a number ol lough ones. "Are llie.-e all
the ixuly louali ones you've t'ot I" "All I"
was the replly. Then." said our epicure,
' 'l uk,e ull the other lot, if you please I'
One Hundred
Volunteers Wanted
For Company UG.
To Serve Three Years, unless sooner
Sioo 33oxa.3.ty
Will lie paid alter two year's service,
or homier If llie t r iseniKd.
rpUlO Cnmp'iuy will ennxist of one Cnp
J. lain, one Fir-t and uae Second Lieiiteii
tint, nun Kir-t .Sergiaul. one Quartet tiiusti r
Sereiiiil. tine Coinmls"iiry Sergeant, live
.Sef''-antH. eight CorpuraN, two lcuiiMi'i.
I wo Farrier- or niaelinithJ, oiiu Saddler,
one Waironer. and M-veuty eijlit iirivalcs.
TuUtjUite lliinili.il eul sti'il ui.-ii.
Fii-xl SerL"aal (per mouth) $20 01)
All olln rS'fgeauls 17 IMI
Corporals II (III
Fumciv. or IIVii:l;.iu th 1 Oil
Private.-and lluulers WOO
t'oreuulilimvufiiriiirlnd Ii! Oil
In add lion, lint men will he fiinii-lnd
with cliilliln.'. Milcti-nce. i lartcrs mid
in d eul alteiidiince. The allowaiicu I'm
clothing ii- three dollars and lilly cents pT
umalh. When an enlUliil mail draws h.
lit in his yuirly allowance of clolldiig. he
will beeul.tl'd to llie dill'erenu.' in money.
Tlu" men will he. cuhflcil a- privates. Alter
lieill imoteied into till! Ml'Viue ol' the Uni
ted Stales, the appointment ol' mm-uuiumis-s.mied
onicors will lie iniide.
Enrolling Office at Jacksonville
Kiihi-lid men will In: i-ciit to Camp llaker.
Ill Mllllll pat lies, al (!ovi llllllelit expense, to
lie drill il and iiiu-t.'r. il into the M-rvice o
the Uuiiiil Stale.-, when armi nail clothing
Will In- furiii-heil tin ill.
WM M. If AND. U.erniiing OHieer.
.bwk-ouville. .Ian. i!K. INCI juiSlf
Wlv tieg lo liilorm our Ir.eml- and the
puhlu in p'lieral, that we have on
hand and are cnii-inutly receiring from nut
M-itiur pirtuer. le-liiiug in Fans (France),
hy every -te.uu.'r. a large nml choice cclcc
lion of 'French gnwK consoling of
Huavers. (Miilules, Doeskins,
Velvet, Cashmero and Silk Vestings,
Of lint tiewiht tetyk'S. Al-o,
Furniture I'lnsfirs, liilfiiirif Cloths.
- ASH -
llutti'iV IMiislies, Trimmings,
l-:tc, Ftc, Ktc.
OvlG Clay anil GUI .Monnim ry hi.,
San I'VaucIs-uo.
m. i.ANii:Nm:i:c
IS niu Ncttvu Si. Ivi-tnche, 1'hi'Ih (Friinco).
j7rif'r,oiuilry unlcr recelvul and prompt
ly alleudid to, and abo orders for all parti
I' Furope. i.ei:im:i
Is daily in leceipt of a laruu
assortment of
Groceries & Provisions,
And ad kinds of
lie recoinns'iiiN his hrt;e. new slock of
Toy and Fancy Ware.
Ami a gieal muiiv other arlieles too mi-
iii.'iou-i io iiii'iihoii. ii i ni wincu iiu
will Mil LOW FOIt CASH,
Or in exchange for
Jack.nnMlje. AtiL'U-t 2:U8(i2.
'"PI IK limler-'Itflieil. present owner 1)1' llie.-e
L in ll, would notify thu puliPc that. In
Ini' mciiimI Ih" M'rv'ce-i ol' an experienced
in Iter, and wdl furu'sh Hiu
Very best article of Flour
u e.Nchaimit for wheal, at Ihe fnlluwhi'.'
rati n to-vvil ; For each Ini-lnd of good
wheat, lhriy-ix p'-iital-i of Hour, two
pounds of uilddllnir- and elulit pound-ol
I, ran. tl.LK.N" I". FAIt.N'llA.M.
.r.ieKiviv'IV, Dec. 2'' IS '. If
U. S. AssesMir' Notices
'PIIK aM. uieiit under thu U. S. UvcIkc
I l.uws ol' the United Slates, lor Divi-iou
Nn. Nine of Collection Dii-triut uf the State
of Oregon, haviutr been coinpl. tul thu A---ecsinent
llnoks will be open lor iin-Hctlnii
to all intcre.-liil. until thu Kleveuth Pay ol
February, I8(i:i, nt the cmmtiui: room ol
Such-llrnl In i. C. W. SAVACIO.
AhMMiinl U. S. ACK-or Dili Dlvl-ion of
Collection 1), strict of I ho Statu ol
Jack ville. Jan. 28lh. Wl, jun'JStl
NOTICK is hereby given to all persons
iiali bird to me by note or Dook tie
loiiut, to pay llm mine lo my uieiit. .bsi:rii
.l.xcons, on or beforu thu lnlh Fehruaty,
1 81.11; otherwii-u the t-uuiu will hu placed in
i he ImiuU uf an attorney tor cullectiiui.
i'cr JosKi-n J.iC0ua.
Eagle MIUf, January 2Dd, 18UJ.
Dissolution Notice.
rpilF FIRM OF RYAN & IIIXI)ti!ian
A been ditsolvcd, by mutual consent, thin
day. I.l. UYAN,
10. HINDI-.
Jacksonville, Jan. 8. lBO.'l.
Copartnership No bice.
"MIK uialeisiLMied have this duv iwsnr'-
aied lln nwelvcs toyclher. lor the pur-
ii.ie of coiiiluetiii'r a snnenil iiieichauiliM'
biHines-', in Juek-Mivillc. Oregon, under llm
firm iiniue mid si lu of H V A N . M 0 li( i A N
&0O. F.J. UVAN.
K. II IN 1)10.
Jacksonville, .ran. 8, 18(52.
V. .1. IIYA-V. . .K. K. MOIIGAX. . .CDW.Utt) HINDI.
Fine Japan and other
Paints, Oils and Glass,
Crockery & Glassware,
And other Goods snitod to
the wants of the Public
a- We sltall nim to kei-p up n full -g
6Sy and etunplete stock ol fresh "i
' tOf and (lesiniUe Goodx, al -X&j
B" all seasons of the a
&&" year, and we "ta
fiSyvun confidently say-a
OSf to our olil friends ami "1a
B"- (he public, that we itiieuil "Xiii
SQT to make it to their inti rtst to -
J0g- deul with us. a
Jackeonville, Jan. 8, 1863 Jltf.