Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 22, 1862, Image 2

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    Scmi-uJcckh) , Sentinel.
Tn;"jme khficauv and permanency ok row
-..- - !"
The Late Elections.
Tbo result or tlio Into elections in the
State, Is looked upon by many ns indlca-
. five of ft poltticnl revolution In opposition
to th o Admlnstrntiou. Hut this Is a nine
' trtssninplinn not supported by any reliable
. Itcts. Tho vast majority of tho grand
'army of the Union nro men believing, .that
.: Utic war, on the part of tlio Government,
U neccary and juj Othorwlso they
would not htivu promptly enlisted jo do-
fend IIh ling mid to maintain Its rlghtfuj an.
thoiily. " It is ridiculous," truthfully nays
tho Sacramento Virion, " to claim that tlio
men who believe that the Government I en
gaged in nn Aolitlon war' have volunteer
t vd to fight Its battles." They stnld at home,
mid have been laboring anil Intriguing to
bring about a revolution in tho rear of tlio
Union nrmles. Jf volunteers chould bo
fulled for iu this Stato, how many who
voted, what was styled tho Democratic
Ntpket ftl tho lunt election, do you suppose
would enroll their names? Very few, if
any.' All know that tho volunteers enlisted
in this Stie. for IN defense against, the at
tacks of Ihwtilo Indians, mid for tho protec
tion of lrt overland emigration, wcro
Union men. without condition. Thnro who
. Toled, voted llio Union ticket. Over a
million, and a quarter of men aro in tho
army, tnd navy of tlio United plates. Tho
Stales iu wkicb tlio Into elections, have been
bold, fivrnlf hod tlw grent majority of these
men. Hud they been permitted to voto,.tlio
result In nil probability would havo been
lln"ercnt. If 120 Union men and f0 scces-.-ion
sympathizers live in u township or pre
cinct, mid tlio Union men nearly all volun
teer for tlio war, and, tho sympathizers re
main nt homo ami carry that township, is
tliis evidence of a political revolution !
The, Indianapolis Journal furnishc sonic
Interesting facts on this hubjecfr which we
subjoin :
Tn tho Ninth District, whpro thr.Rcpubll
cants had 3,000 majority in ltf!0. they have
uow.,'rM more than JpO. Thr so thousand
,'Aliolitlon rebels" havo gono to war from
that district and aro now In Kentucky. If
15,000" Democrats" havo gone from there, ns
tho Louisville Democrat bad nwrtcd, how
in It-that tho total vote of tho Sta to is near
Jv as largo as ever? On tho other hnnd,
tills coiinty. which gave but 3.1 " I.'omocrnt
io" majority in 18(50. now gives over 2.000.
and has 1..100 volunteers iu t.'io field.
Hither thoe volunteers wero all ' Aboli
tionists," or tho last majority was ,'io most
Ififamous fraud over pcrpulratcd. The
Eleventh District iu 18(!0 gavo n JUpubll
c.ut majnrltly of two thousand. It now
elves a "Democratic" majority of '100.
Over 2.000 men havo gono to tho war tn m
tho Eleventh District. Yet tho vote of tlio
District is as largo as it was in 18f0 J
Schuyler Colfax devoted his wholo oncrgies
to recruiting volunteers in wns eiisinci. mm
was warned that by thus drawing off tho
Union men ho was endangering his own re
election to Congress, yet ho persisted. Ho
obtained nbout 220 majority; wheras.tf ho
had persuaded I ho Union men to remain at
homo until after tho election, his majority
would havo been numbered by thousands.
Add to tho nbovo tho fact, that a large
majority of tlio persons elected on tho vari
ous democratic tlckots, aro "war demo
crats ;" men in favor of tho vigorous prp.se
cutlon.of tho war for tlio suppression o
.fhcsjave holders rebellion, and what be
comes of tho groundless assumption of a
political revolution lu opposition to the
udirilnistration ?
.'far. Position op Seymour. The fol
lowing passages aro clipped from a speech
mafic, by this gentleman, during the late
political campaign in tho State of New
S'ork. Seymuor was triumphantly elect
ed Governor, and, the secesh arc jubilant
over the result. If there is anything in
Seymour's principles in harmony witli
thjeir oft-repented declarations, wo would
.bo glad to know it. Are you gentlemen
.tojfttv.or of settling the Southern contro?
ycrsy by tho uso of bayonets and ballets
Arc you willing to make the declaration
iV'.J-J.JtUv Ji..!.
that this Union shall never be destroyed
a) lopgas jrou have a voico to raiae,aiyi a
fW tftytyffifteg t"tt i.
Abolition raid upon' the constitutional
rights of the South ? And now you are
rejoicing over the .election ofaf man who
publicly declares that the Southern higher
law men must bo BclOedrby.hbay.pncta
and bullets V .Isjiot S.ejmouran Abp'l
tlonlst according to yoijr .most approved
definitions? And have you all' it once
become an admirer of that ublqutous char
acter ? llutrcadwhat your fh soys ':
But with another class of higher law
men the higher law men of the South
who havo also erected themselves nuninst
tho laws of the land and right Till authori
ty, who have undertaken to resist, its de
crees, who would riot content themselves
with the ballot, but would havo the bnv
onct and the ballot, to them we say we will
settle that question, then, with tho bayo
net nnd the bullet.
We tell you, anil, we .toll the whole world,
that this great conservative party will
erect the shuttered columns of. the Union.
Cheers 1 '-We will lift it higher up still,
nearer Heaven than it was before, and
from its lofty top and growing greatness
there shall ever, .wove your nation's Hag,
with every star nnd every stripe that has
been placed there in the wonderful progress
of our country ; nnd whatever other men
may say, as for tlio conservative people or
this country, nnd its for myself as an indi
viduallot other men say and think what
ilicy please ns for tho division. of .this
Union, and the breaking up of that great
natural alliance which is made by nature
and by nature's God, I never will consent
to it, no, never, nn long ns I havo n vloce
tn raise, or almnil to fight for our glorious
Gn.v. John A. Looan. The following
noble sentiments wero uttered by Gen.
Logan while on a visit to his home iu
southern Illinois. They have tho ring of
genuine patriotism iu them :
" I was nnco a politician, but so help
you no ires".' ,fnwW ifff T&
'jjagcty; ifo Gornment for t?he prcwr.
Ration ;of , lwitorfol IntegrltjriM m
me God, I will never sheath my sword for of the bottom leave, which should be re
courtly halls and civil honors until my I movct nt tho time tlio plant is topped) the
country is Fiiveilfrom thu ; b ondy tornado I rfioM kj aki.n TQ Muskcff
llllll IH lil'WJIUllllg I ML- IIIIIL'M lllll'l Ull VIII III
never until the old flag floats in triumph
trom every hill-top on (Joliimbias soil.
These are my politics, and ull there is iu
tho iirmyut Jackson. Indeed, I am sur
prised to find men talking of anything
Logan was ever the warmest friend of
the South, ns long ns she wns steadfast in
her constitutional moorings. Hut as soon
ns she broke looso from them, nnd launched
forth upon the bloody sen of disunion and
rebellion, ho forsook her, nnd has sworn in
the firmness of his patriotism Unit he will
" never sheath his sword until tho old flag
floats in triumph from every hill-lop on
Columbia's soil." We can honor such de
mocracy. It is filled witli Jackson's in
vincible spirit, and will conquer all opposi
sition. How poor, how sickly, how con
temptible, the secession twaddle, misnamed
democracy, in Oregon, when compared
with tho noblo and patriotic utterances
fulling from tho lips of a genuine democrat
Tiik Nkxt Coxuiikss. Wo condense tho
following statement from itn able nrilclo Iu
tlio S. V. JJullctin on tho above subject :
" Iu tho l!l States that elected during Oc
tober and November, tlio meagre returns
indicate tlio following results, all tho dis
tricts which have been announced as
' doubtful' being left out. Iu classifying
tho members of tho present Congress be
low wo havo allowed nil tho ' Unionists' ns
In tho next Cnngrcs, tho Republicans
If 111 II It t II 111 IIV AIUI llltilll WtlM' (HVHIMIH)
Missouri, Maryland. Kentucky und Tenuis
sec, 89 and tho Democrats 81 members. In
tho present Congress, tho Republicans hnvo
105, and tho Democrats (52 members. Thus
it will appear that in thu 23 Slates included
above, tlio Republicans will havo a major
ity of foven in tho next Congress. In tlio
present Congress they havo a majority of
ntll linttn (fi llin 'Nrtt1wiin Qfntna frwtlit iltnr '
" In tho present House, five districts of
Virginia an represented. If thero should
bo am.nany Virginians In tho next Congress,
and If 'lTorth Carolina should bo represent
ed by a siuglo member, they aro a little more
likely to It." Republicans than Democrats,
for, though irr some respects situated ns tlio
Unionists In ot.'jer Border States aro, they,
tho free men of Western Virginia, nro gen
erally warm advocates of Kmancipation.
Iu some of thu Jtordcr States, too, which
havo to elect, It will bo strange if there uro
not somo gains to tho Republicans."
California; has not been reckoned in tho
above, because Ijer Congressional election'
is yet to tako place, ' "
Sso far as tlio Senate Is concerned, (ho
next Congress beyond a pcrullvetitura' wll
bo Republican; ahoVlmost' oV pli;oncly no
as tho present one. l M ' " '
Toracco. Tho writer of tho subjoined
article is an experienced tobacco raiser, and
promises us aperies vof articles upon tho
culture and manafacture onhis.foo eitea'
sive v nsea nurcouc. .mc assures us .mat
tobacco ofN the finest qMlity can.be.pro.
nuceu in mis vucy. in iHciiiiBe.ipcri
ment has already been tried, and, tits re
sulted in a complete success. At present
good chewing tobacco is worth, in this
'.'town,, two dollars and a half a potind. Our
correspondent avers that equally as gooa qn
article can The afforded here for twenty-five
eeitis. " VTc Invite the attention of' tho far
mers of southern Oregon to this subject :
Nov. 17th, 1862.
Kn. SRNTrxw.. As I have frequently
promised to give my views upon the rais
ing, manufacturing, und profits ol tho to
bacco plant, I will try at this Into hour to
fulfill the promise. In the first place, the
need should be sown by tho middle of Feb
ruary, to have the plants attain sufficient
8i7.o to transplant by tho first of April
sowing tho seed inter, the plant will bo too
backward to get tho benefit of the spring
rains, which is very csscntiul to the growth
of the plant while young. Tobacco needs
more moisture than any oilier ptnut, on
account of its rapid growth, lienco the
necessity of early planting. This ground
should bo plowed, and hills formed, at least
ono week before transplanting, ns thu
ground will retain the moisture much long
er titan if transplanted immediately after
plowing. Tlio plants should bo set about
three und n-half feet apart, which will give
room for about threo thousand nnd five
hundred plants to the acre. The place
where the plant Is to be set should not be
raised above the level of tho ground around
it, us the wntcr would bo thrown from
the plant. After transplanting, tho ground
should not bo disturbed us long us the
weeds do not interfere with its growth.
As soon ns there uro twelve perfect leaves
formed on the stalk (besides two or three
should bo broken as soon us possiblo, as
they tuko part of the nourishment from the
plant. When the tobacco is ready to cut
it should be done ns early in the morning
ns possible, ns the hot sun is very injurious;
nnd. us soon ns it could bo moved without
breaking, it should be taken to tho curing
house nnd hung up immediately, us it will
soon go into a sweat if left in heaps
Tho house used for curing should be as
open as possible, without having tho to
bacco broken by tho wind.
More nnon, Toiiaccoxist.
AVoor, Statistics. We condense the
following facts from tho Oregon Farmer:
In 1810 the number of sheep in tlio United
States was u fraction under 20,000000.
Iu 1S.10, the number was n trillo under
'J'J,000,000, and their yield of wool was
put down at f0,000,()00, pounds. The
gain in tho decade being only 2,000,000.
' I It is presumed, says our author, that the
increuso irom itsau in iouu nus oniy oceu
about 3,000,000 giving as tho probable
number of sheep in the United Stutes at
this time, nt 2."),000,000. Tlioy produce
about ono third of the wool u?ed in the
country annually. Tho lowest grades of
wool ure worth -10 cents per pound iu tlio
Kastern State.
IlRWARK.Tho lean, thin, and cadaverous
genius, who delights to call himself propri
etor of this paper, is prowling nrouud in
tho mountains somewhere, with u Sharp's
rillo and u hair triggered Colt's revolver,
seeking whom ho may devour. If any
body should come ucross him, who is not
acquainted with him, wo hereby givo him
an introduction, not forgetting tho legal
Ksculupius who accompanied him. lie
is a deud shot when hc has n clear percep
tion of the exact locution of tho bruin
but ho oftcu mistukes an that point. Act
ing under tho instruction of the csculapius
accompanying him, ho is absolutely dun
gcrons. Ueware.
-. -
" Associatkii I'rkks." Tho Associated
Press consists of seven newspapers pub
lished in tho city of New York, to wit :
Tho Journal 0 Commerce, Jerald, World,
Tribune, fimcs, Sun and Ejcpnw.
11kmoiou8. Rev. M. A. Williams will
preach at tbo Methodist Church to-morrow
at tho usual hour.'
Received, Mr. Wood's pamphlet re
viewing Thomas Paines " AfiO of Iteason."
It is well written and able.
i it ii r j . s ,i
Tiik PntvATERR Ar.ARAMA. A gentle-
ShartlflWwaswsbrlMt'thttt was
'JlcV understbqif.fSl.a,dvertlscd $
'for a plpasrtre Mtcnrsmni'nnd a large num
ber or Knglish ladies and gentlemen went
onboard. Aftprshe got out sufficient
.distance, she wns met Bt an appointed
plscc by another steamfcir, wliicV brought
the passengers back, nnd left her to 'pro
ceed with' a crow oi English sailors.' At
another place designated, sho met another
ship which hBri brought ont her stores ana
ammunitlon.'nnd she' thrri proceeded to burn
nnd destroy eVery ArneHcah'-ship stie'mrt.
She is now on. this crnise. and her supplies
of coal, nnd Indeed of everything else, ore
to come from Knirfnnd. Somfr half down
ships nre said to bo fitting otit in Krigllsh
ports for slmllor enterprises. In this wny
onr rnnwicrco may be nil swept from tho
sea by' Englishmen, while they profess' to
bo nt pence with w. Mean while onr Gov
ornmont. is so absorbed in other tnntters.
that it does not senm to be nwnko tn the
real truth. The fact is that while England
is keeping us nt pence with hiT.'sho Is aid
ing tho Confederates ris mnch ns possiblo.
Who nro running onr blockade for the sake
of supplying the rebels? Englishmen ox
t'luiively. No other' nation troubles u.
Where 'else could tlio Alabama hnve been
fitted nut? Nowhere out of England.
And if thero is not- n speedy change onr
commerce is to bo destroyed by 11 nation
professing tn be at pencil with us. Wo
must submit to it tamely or resist. My
own bupropion is that wo ought to be
quietly buying up nil the saltpeter to be
had In the' world nnd manufacturing guns,
so ns to turn all onr merchant ships into
privnteors. nnd determine that if our com
merce is destroyed that nf England shall
be destroyed with it. We can do Iter a
th'nunnd times mnro hnrm In that contest
than she can do ns. Our commerce would
go into neutral hands, while hers would
not. Tho West nro im'much interested ns
the East, and it is vnstly more important
to ns limn those petty election squabbles.
Nor should 11 moment, of time bo lost in
preparation. Even today our wholn sen
coast is exposed. This state of things
confirm what Colonel Corcoran said nt
.Springfield, that the war with tho South
is 11 war with England. Cor. of the Jios
Ion Joitfnnl.
Knit ata. In the statistical article of last
week, tho following sentenco appenrs :
"California up to 18(50 had hipped to tho
Stoles six hundred dollars in precious met
als." It ought to hnvo been tit hundred
millions. In theso hard limes slight mis
takes must bo attended tn,
IltTTKR. Nino thousand firkins of butter
wcro brought to California, from tho At
lantic States, by tho Constitution. Califor
nia and Oregon can't inako butter becnuso
the cows keep fat tho year round without
Somebody, who writes more truthfully
thnn poetically, says "An nngcl without
money is not thought so much of nowadays
as a devil witli n bntr full of cuinens."
IJarlkv. Large quantities of borley
has been, and continues to be, shipped
from California to Oregon. Our soil is us
rich nnd prnductivo as any iu our sister
Stato, but our farmers, many of them at
least, say it will not pay to raise grain nt
tho present prices. California farmers en
tertain n different opinion on this subject.
McCi.kixa.v. Wo clip the following
trno nnd correct sentiment from tho Port
land Tunes: " ll'e Intra aibnirnlMcClellan,
Iml our loveor (lie Union is far above our
admiration for lum." Tho Times has al
ways been a consistent democratic paper.
Wo should be careful that our admiration
for a man does not become paramount to
our love for the Union.
Tiik Oukoox Intkm.igkxckr. Such is
tho titlo of n new paper published in this
town, by W. (J. T'VuuIt, editor and pro
prietor. The first number has been laid
upon our table. Its typographical
appearanco is good. Its position on
tho absorbing topics of tho day, doubt
ful. Tho editor in his solutatory says
tho Constitution is his platform. Well,
that is a pretty brond platform, and quite
a variety of people profess to bo standiug
SoitancM Siui'i. Mr. S. E. Stearns
Esq., sent to this offieo somo days sinco n
lino present of Sorghum sirup of his own
manufacture, from cane grown in this
Valley. It bus a fino flavor, i3 richer
and much heavier than tho ordinary cane
Yrkka Journal. This excellent news
journal comes to us lately with an im
proved typographical appearance. Our
friend Nixon is an enterprising and irre
pressible genius. lie is always up with
! tho times. Success to him, sny we,
man just returned ..from,. England says the
Alabama was'-'VuilF'pMcly, every, one
kooVlhit hcrWct. .tltfjehable her, ttPket
'vr.t4. " unT
-.Ajrm -a.3t:
Tobacco & Scgars,
All of which will bo sold ot low nricrs.
for CASH, or desirable I'llOI.lUOK.
To mato room for FALL STOCKS
........ r,.
A Clioico Selection of tho
rK?ociw :
r Ever ofiored in this market, embracing -
UUl'UV9 U pl
Black, Green & Japanese,
In bulk, papers and caddies, nt
prices to suit the most particular.
Agricultural Tools
For Snlo txt Oot :
20 Stccl.point PLOWS, complete,
of various sixes r
1 0 cast Plow-points ;
'2 setts extra steel Mould-Ilnnrdi,
Points und Lund Sides..
2 pntent Strnw-Cutters ;
G largo Iron Kettles, for farm use.
The nbovo will be exchanged for flour at
tho market price.
Jacksonville, Oct. 2.'), 18(12. . .'Mtf
Will find it to tholr advantage to
purchase of us, as wo shaHkeep
on bund a good supply of
t " , - ,....
Wo will tako all descriptions of l'roduco
that can bo disposed of without n lo'H.
Phoenix, Oct. 30th.