Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, July 05, 1862, Image 2

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O. .lAC'dtll, Killlor.
1 .
v iu day, - - - - .tnr j, isoa.
" To tiik miacr and rKnu.vxK.Ncr or Tocn
Unmos', a GovcnNXKNT ron tiik wiiui.k is inms
rr.vs tnLB.1' liiAifi.n.
Kot long since n lew members of CongrtM
organized thcniKlvM Into n Resurrection
ncceiry stein
funct organhniti
iiV Hllll ll
t lit fact
.',,.. -. '
c Coogre-,
rejpcnjc from Ilic pntriotlc maittf.
the leading mtmbcni of that party
it 1 ho cold MiMiuIr.iicii.tMIr. '1 lid ( nnirrM.
nun who Imvc made IhemsdrM cowplcuow In
i.i. .. - U...I-.. -n-.-i ... i ....i...
.1 t . . i i .1 '. .
their slaloim.iMl.lp so nine!., as by their nolo.
nous sympathy for the rebels now lu arms
a. I., mn.
ngiilnst tltc best nnd most llber.il Government
In the world. Xo wonder, then, that when the
lifelfH corpse was struck by the magic wand
of these Infamous secession sympathisers that
It gave very fecbte symptoms of returning life.
Democracy, nursed by Dixie doctor, won't
lenpt to thrive much before tltc Millenium,
nnd tltc projiccts of Its e.xblence nftcr that
bliMhil time sets In, arc not very Ikitterlng.
Xfbody lidonging to lliis coast agrees
with Vallandingham's murrecllon views but
the Hon. Mr. Shlcl, nnd lie nt the latest dales
was the last nlny cnught. He k nt I lie lull
end, wlmre lit properly belocgi. If the honor
nblc gntlman did not now mid then perpe
trate such a joke upon the chlvs we should for
get that he was In Congress. The constelkv
tion of great names alumil to that tlocunwnt ,
....... . ... nrrnnt liprwvrltr nr tlip nrotimilil Ktntn rlt.lit mill the ImtlerV Willi IU cauin was llicrebv ner.
, nnti toon wuai tuey iieriueii ine .,.-.- l,n,ij,i in Imvo .Monuay morniiig, uie enemy oeing in inn re-
to pnlvnnlM Into Hfc the ihs "Kn- vnuichy Toieti mricc, wmi nn over- ., y , , ., , treat on fort I epuu e. uur ndvnnce lountl
to gnunuize imo nit uic tic- Cnntt re of rebel steamers continue to be i.i - S .i. .i..... -.i n.
nn i-nnwn m n.n itti.k'iiiriitiTrt wiwiiiimg mnjornv cncii time, in avor oi smy- ,,u .... K"," "Ulv' .,''. . "1"""" ""-
on i.nown ns me lirecMiirnigc .;..,.. ,. . .. . ' i m1" . . . . . .. . . briao btiniimr. Diirliir the forenoon cannon-
Ti.t. ,rr.,.i. l..... .i .iii. ..n ' ing in uic t. nlon. inn ns soon ns uic oiaic Fnti.vT IIovat.. n.. . June 1 nili. T be rwui t ...n,... ..... i,Ar.i .,i.i.3. i i. i.n., .o..
ticcls but tlicndditlon of the chivalrous Stark, or n Kt01 "efro-ioving Abiiiiiionisisi tie
and tln the "galuxv" would be full. pwuehed cletuently about the neeewliy of
Think of Uic Dixie softs nml Hie sterling Im,v,i ft hvt lw1 t0 IWP l"ion ""
Union Democrncy or Oregon In the some 1e.l. f,nm "'"' negroes-thc dir man ! We
conversing sweetly touether. nml vou can form llft" Mnw "'" or four 'W '''
some corrKt notion of the re-c-rgantee.1 unltv i counlr. whom " lxtter hnlm" are a little
proposed br YalkmlinsjlMni .t Co. It wtmld laky only n little. They generally busy
l a bkmctl sight, farcxoectllng In miraculous "! ' P"clilnf to UepublicniH about ,
won.lrs tlw .Millenium signal of tlie Lloii." ,hntT "'"o'nifltlon, and frcptently
nml Lamb, shit bv shle In 1.11-fnl n!. I
Hut let us tee wlwit tarn of tl.i. nt.l n.l
' " " -"" I ----
trletl leaders of tin Dsmooricv think of thU
mnrfranlzntfan m.ivimni H.m r. ivl.il it.. I
clltor of tlie Lynn lfoy SMt, wlw Iws betn
nmong the lead.rs of the Democracy In the
poou o,u v.omn,wea..h, lays of tuts fine
nMS)l t m H.A laA Iha.I H.f m .l.ul..
a w li.tVH Irmt ,lk.rhl i. .... .-m lu..' .
situ was aaa iiiT iittiti iiikwii. niin iih irinsriv
;;i7.I.,7. Vh A" 1 :: .'. V."v. ",.",.V". " I
ilad obiI lxirled. na rwurreelion. It was
more than wounded, It was kllld in tii hwi
nfilsfrienili. The uwtMln'sbnndi were rtilKl'
nsalHit It at Charhni.m ; It rclvl Ibo fatal
or the trailer nl Italliniore. ami at Iks) lust
1 rwtdmthtl electltHi It brwilhtd lu last. One
nr.... v cwiki mm niimt it irom me iicsm.
blm 1.1 hlHwelf. H.tir.e or the recraiiu who
nltletl In tlw murder, now Mfk lo lirliig It to life
ngaln. V will not loin with Ibvm. wren ir
they crxikl rub tin Lhrwly ttalti hem lltelr
TbciekMlUtv very eneoraff; nMhinfi llary ,1 in ifc. Kkimatl, b.kt country will uce'of to taEtV'' "'" luittatr
very complimentary in that, but still It Iws I made wlpnble, by the blood of many of! lumj t. ' ' j ' the JIlssMlppI will be iiudu In this way.
the severity of truth in It. There Is no meaj- our fellow-oltlzens. I Wasiii.soto.v, June lf.lh Dispatches from N,,V Yi'iiV '"Jmie 1 1 Tho IHcbmond !
urlng the selMmportance of some politicians. " iGen. Ilalkck. or this dale, have been rewlved f of i,07tls. I ill'scniirageU. It remarks
Think of the brawn effronterv or the man who T": Hr.AY Uvr. Thli law, judging from ' nt the ur D.-jiortiiient. llenuregurd s nrmy vditurlalljr Hint the IV.l.ral design Is not to en
truck down tte Ttat-LonoS tonnerTf S i " complaints we hear or the man-' ' PPpl lo bo In the n loin ty of gago the tonWerate. In battle-but to starve
sirucK uown the time-honored banner or that 1,11.1 .1 1 n... Okalnno on tlie Mobile nnd Ohio railroad ihein tmt a plan which tho writer considers
powerful and triumphant old parly-slabbc.l 1 ncr In wl,ich " " MCfulc''' " tt mk tnore , and Columbus Iwmles county , net l.npo.slble.
1. iiin 11.. 1...... .r t.. r.t....i. - .1.1 tlnkcrlntr. We believe that It has been GincAtio. June ttlh. The Churleslon .Vr. A letter from the nrmv or tho Potomac, dated
1. , .,.. ,...;' ,.. ". '
WHitl llsV HWHSlKfM
ilct.1! Will they
patrlotlim and rnanhoot!
nt the humiliating
bat one man left,
nun, t.rai I? tuo rtetirrecuonary power.':
and that man was Stkimibx A. Dou.1r.1s. i
,,.,.' latiire It seen to be the roe!- unon whirl. ' I'nsiideul Davis H nn incubus to our cnuie. ""I'luomiy a worK throwing up n.ltlllional
do It? Kvery clement ofla'"-. Kn to lie t he rock up on which , fm )0t mlljt , n(houi:h ,,-. I works round ho city. They haven so ting rlllo
proposition. Thirc wos ,,al no P1 'rP0M- present mw w 11111c enough has necn tiiiciwcd i.y siern realities to j relwl, orc kupt oll ,,rt ruti0s. dally, the sup-
after the Presidsntiul eleo. ICHIla" license o cai. 11 wc were tic- "" .i .. ..'ii".'wvj lugunni mu ut- ,,y lo each soldier being a pound and a Lair
miiKmmi cieo ,, of ,t) con(ej?racy. ! J,,',,,,,,,. nI1)1 .,01I)U of lttCnn
Had he survived the fearful convulsions of his I PMrP- So- nt Iwl- rne apparently think,
country, he coutd have sken. and the serried . If ,l,e Prwnt ,aw u tLc sum of mman wIs
legions of the Democracy would have answered !dom " ,hb J."e! to eatlle raltcrs.
to Uh call. Hut no other man possesses the I We lrt,',e ,I,Q nMl 8',,,ro wl" Bivo UJ
power, much less a bankrupt association 0,inotl.I..g a little better suited to this climate,
scccsiloo sympathizers. ( at least.
Hut the most unfortunate rmt of this whole , WlIAT 7IK rosnoN Vlim N Tl.NI!S.
afTair 1, that the Oregon Dislellw cannot ac- Xol ,0Dg 5lr)CC ie Uwon Tmu uM 0 crv
cept this Invitation to reorganize. -The Union , down lic Unitcd SlnU8( MJ.inj. ,iat it e01lI;j
11 Ta, auu ine conilliuuon -as Our la lliera
mn,i it i, n,n ....,.io.i ft,...i.,i .i
" '. , . i"-"""' ---' '
Congressional wisacres. Nay, verily, say the
compromizing, secession sympathizing soils of 1
Oregon, wo don't go a continental on tho Con-1
den's m-flnaW n.n,im.n.. .,.. i t - ' '
f.u . amcn:Jmen,, j""1 n'iw-,
tctl witliin the provisions or tho old Constitu-
tion before it can rcccivo our adoration. (Is
niiiiinn n nit iiilam .& im ... f 1.111.
that not so. Judge?) The caudle star In the
t ,... . . ..
s,oDKrcioii consieuaton may uccuon mem',UU t0Oi ,D I0"m0 furm or 0lWi ,llC ia;
on, but poor Dixleltes, they cannot go. got enough to allow of n present expenditure J
Xo parly can succeed hereafter whoso lead-1 of 80.000 a day. As to sending litem men,
crs have been sympathizers with the rebels in "" ",e elective men now serving in Kuglnnd
..... .i'- J-. . ,. . . . ' might be landed at New York without cans-!
r.Tr r. 1 , , "iupiani
.... .-..v iiW ..Uu.v.jr in uppwuiuu iu ne
present unwarrantable rebellion, ir it wishes
the support of the loyal men of this Govern.
ment. The efforts of the little squad of Con
gressional sympathizers will prove to be n
most abortive failure. The peoplo have felt
the benlficenco of this Government, and they
have sworn in their majesty that it shall live
on In all Ils Integrity and power I
In conclusion, read what the Oregon Stata
man says of this fioo scheme of re-organization
" Tho icbeme of re-organizing the Democratic
party by uniting the Douglas men and Ihoso
nrctlestinetl traitors who, wilbllrickinrldgoaod
Lane at their head, slranglrd the Democratic
party. In 1660, will never bo icriomly attempted
again on this coatt. Tho action resulting from
that scheme Is as dead as tho oldest Kgyptlitn
mummy, nud the tiump or judgment will nol
raise.cveu its shadow. It was the child of sc-
cs!on, ttic tirolJicr aiul nlly oT trcnton. and now
Mis the blackened grnvo or lummy. Its memory
will Ikj kept ullvc, (lint the curee tine n parrucltlc
shall rcnmln iir..jicnt."
Speech of Col. itlctcnlfo.
I Wo publish rn tlic outside or our paper to
tint, n speech delivered by Col. Mclcnirc to n
convention of Union men In Kentucky. Col.
Mctcntfu Is fierce nntl bitter in I1I9 denunciation
of the contract of the Stnte rights' men nntl
the Secessionists In tlmt State. Wc of course
. , . , , ,, ,, ,
nrc not prepared to Indorse nil the liercc tie -
minclatlons nnd ndvicc or the Colonel, but It
1.....1 .1... ' . ...
m.9i . nmu luuiu u uiu rungs mm out.
rages suffered by the I nlon men of the llor -
tier States nrc great, nnd If thrv nwoken n
fecllm of revenze In the
minds of the sulTer -
. , . ,
rcdnt. llicirliousra
., t i.t 1 It fii i
- J
crs. u is not to nc vfonticreti nt. i neir itoujcs
linri liriti tttifnfsil iTnwn llmtr Itttfrt nnna lintrn
been driven from home, nnd their fields to
lcn tlesnlntctl by the vandal demon of S.'crs-'
Ion No wonder then that ns tliev vlcwul '
son. xo womicr.tlicn.tiiai ns llieyvicwui
the desolation which lias vfcltcd them, they
should rnlc their clenched fists to licuvcn nnd
; swear that they would be revenged. ,
,. ,' , .1 , ... .
I 'I he speech shows the feeling existing In1
the llonler Stales, nnd forcibly exposes the
''n''x Secessionists saw that she could not be
votetl out of the Union, they organism! nn '
n,,". l0 .forec .l,cr. fr?m ' cf . wti ulonal
nioorlngs Into the fearful whirlpool of Sect
slon nntl disunion. Defrntcd thrice bv the
'neonlcnl the bnllot-bot. tliev no lunger had '
, W nl e ''0 ' " '0,,- '" ,
"? ": 'r iik ii j iiucnucai cum oi ointci
Head Col. Metcalfe's speech; It Is full of,
burning energy and bitter sarcasm. I
.M.nninK Uvriwnnmxtnv.-Mnrried. on the !
1st of June, A. I). ItfiW. by I.. 0. Perkins. Khi., i
of Jo plilne county. Uahkv IIaii.v and Jcu-
.. rf- . . . ...
axa Jtiii.vsTO.v, all of Josephine county.
Mr. ll.,lly belongs to the Caucasian race , ,
.Tn'lllltt ' linlr ll n lllll.i L-lttlv nml l,.r r.il.ir
i. . . . , r-V"' ''" f"'",r
a little dark. Mr. ll.illy is the most loud-
mouthed nntl blutnnt secessionist In nil Ore-1
... ,i ..,.,,,1 ,i, nut,, ii-b.t tviii.nnt .tntin
gon, and obrd tlw Dixie ticket without dot ng (
u.l I ur l.uss.llg .1 I. lie nui .linU;n run; u..
tlie Itepubliwn ptirly were In favor of pulling ,
tlie neuro on nn cipmllty with tltc while man.
-i n.. iu .. i r..... t i,-..ii.
' n 'I
tlmt Itorrid thing. He was perfectly certain
,,,al ,l,c l'nIon P0'1 Oton was made up
wwrb' """ l10"? w" """""S w " "(euci.ing
... . ..i
m Praw'' M c apiH4 "7 a I
im,r oommtseiomu by the Dlxleltes to preach
tllC lieW Illllll
ll,ua fliers pleaH! copy.
A ru n ,,..,., 1)rt
talHr,.sl irt..j: ".Imlni wo were
, ,..,.,
gmug to pre a report canto imo inn piaci
. . - . .
lurotiis in I'nutler river, '
" tv '" m en,1!
".B,rMar,,, "' ImllaM in ,,ic
h-nwin tjnte cmin
country. 1 he party wns mi-
uerstirftti to iw
from .Tackwmvllk'." This re-'
jvort Im created a goo.! (Will of nn.xic ty In this
..j,. i..,. i, .. -ritf .iimrMiiii!.! ,v nnr
', ' UulJ ', ,H B"1"" rwtw by our
eittaerrS. Col. lteV iwrty was iindersttwtl to
be two liumlrtd 1 1 rone, am! well nrmetl. It '
. , . ,-iull.W. lluil h oamM
" l ,0 w !" that he caiild
ban been tuken In by tlie Indians, although
they nrc known to be hostile. We have no
dtxtlit however, tlmt, if not now, yet before
...l uiutm Ml, ! iml ..I u a.irK ,
amendetl nt nearlv everv seHion of the lycis.
. " ' " , , I .. 7" . I
law ,vm,IU nlIur" nn n''"1"""" Pal t"r the
nnt obt..ln soldiers, mouev uor credit. It now
. .7 ' I
.umioatcs thus : ,
vot if 01 H,c resources of this conntry
were nt tiiC disposal of Mr. Ilright and his
friends, and nil iir power were thrown into the j
' -- 1 ,.. . .A Aiiii rt ilia siSAitiaiii 1
or bc chances of iho Fcu'jrols in this singular
contest. Ve might send then. ihla. but they
havo got as many os they want. They have
already cot possession of the seas, anJ the ,
iirini'rii stilus rnn.ti tr uwu in hit; aiicimin
wl,0,e ,,ri,ish mv? ""M Blve ,l,cm nothti.?'
more. Wo iniirht lend them nionet-. but of
log any perceptible increase in tho fabulous
number ot orthern armies. We might scud
them three times as many soldiers ns wc sent
to Canada, without adding nbovc five per cent,
to their forces in the field, ho ruler in the)
world, not even the first Napoleon, ever dis-
Kwd of so many men or so much money ns
Abraham Lincoln. Ho has now 050,000,
incn'in the field, nnd it Is boasttd that he could
double that number. His finances may rest '
on a stable foundation, but he has, nt any rate,
enou'diand tosnaro for the time In no nn! 1
mca or mllllasy operallons have tho lederuls ,
been hampered by the want or men or money. .
nnd ir they had to spend some time in turning
citizens inlo soldiers, their enemies were under
the same obligation. Intervention, therefore, In
behalf the North would be simply it nullity,
for no alliance could odd to Its power nr pro
mote lis ends."
1'oiimc DocujiBJfTtoWc nrc under obliga
tion to Hon. J. W. Nesuiilb, fur valuuble
public documents.
In tUlrnature revolt. , -'" M.on. nave n.woys p it, nml flly cnvcrcd ovcr with secrecy by Congress. I CrrTrJrZXratJr
1V,ssmNnTO!,JHno 13th The slcnmcr Mas
sachusetts from Fort Itovnl has nrrivcil. Site
stopped several hour nt Htono Inlet nntl there
picket! i
etl up rumors concerning tilings on James
uls, where Gen. Hunter hail muldciilv
fonntl hlmscir confrontetl by nn unc.ipcctcdlv
lnrgc rebel force. It was reported by some , took the center of the enemy's position nntl en
tlmt Ilcattrcgnrd himself was there. Not less camped there to-night. Our force was oiitnum
thnn 'Jfi.000 rebel were opposite to General here ' nt nil points, but hajo occupied the reliel
IfnninM .... tl... tln.i.t u... nl.t..... i. -. i ' linns nnd fnrord them In rfttrpnt. Tim low on
' token ptnee Several butteries hail been car-
, ried by storm. A gc.ion.1 engagement was
ii,i, , i . i i ,.., 1. .. f .. i i i
, '""Sht to bo Imminent. It wns understood
lm 0,!.r ror,cc?;Lwl,1lcl' ,vcrc "V1"',' "T0 .r
bHirinilesof Charleston, were to bo the nt-
, tacking party, liight vessels were blockading
. Clmrleston. Firing In the direction of the Is -
'n,u' w Iiennl by the passengers ns the
! 8,c"incr M"tncliaiciU loy offllic city.
i New loiiK, June Mlh. New Orlei
Mrs of the fith have been received. Tl,
:v im s tit .innn i.iiii -v nf iii.iii mm
I " wiiniMunj -i tii( ii;ii VSIIVUM9 IHl'
,, nr ,i.. ij.i. lnvp lppll ..--i..-,! n, nil,.,
nitnuli .hi.nnt.nAJ Cnulm. ...1 ..4.....t. r?-
j 'fth.t '
nrolpRrdf,T "', .n,rl .,, .on c?"on ,?&g'
""" ,l,c;f"" "."'.o JUt.wc lenrn hntlort
Morgm)i bt,loW MublCi 8,,,, ,0 otlr
mnrliir llrct on Thursday. The same pnper
e'ves the following In regard to the nffair nt
" 0,,If : Wlillc the forces under Genernl
illlnms were tleeeiiillng tho river, Iher were
nrrd tnm.i when off Grand Gulf bi-n lUd l,i.
' tcrv. A ciinboat then opened on tho town.
i...' .... r
. - , -.----.-.-
of the i'ort Republic battle, so fur ns nicer-
''. f " y''lo1ttJ Mnny thought missing
arc tloubllessly bndly wouiidcd. mid nccea-
r kh m ic'ndi, ,,; w Nlnal Mon
' riur uiitiibers. Tfie fiirpp rntrnirpd wn mrMtlv
thrice by thc'Xcw F.ngluiiders. They funglit liruvely nil
enemy or more than five times their n
lour our. uml ,llfn rctrfncil in onlo-
r. rxet'iil
' nnn np tlvn riv.ltMi.till tvlilrl, rnirn eitrriinn.1i it
, . ,.., ,
I-"- "; - ........ ..... .................
who took to the mnuntnins. I lie ah Iiitlimin,
which lelt Frcilerlekburg 800 strone. num-
!r;rT,!,V,,,Il ,l! ",".r ,"'c C"1'1' 'Jl,c -9l1' nml !
.'IClli Ohio nho lost lirnvlly.
.. .snixiiTox. .nine lsnit. a ttispnieii rrom
.Mcl.'lellan roys that lite movemenls of the en
emy lo day have been extensive, but ns yet in-
. t .t i .
! vidvetl In
l,i,., nnnn ,.'.i.i -. i. i-r. i;..t. ...... i ... .
tidl A nniltiliiiiiil titjBl
lV.Vn '2.: , L. ' T ,," Z '
",' i i ' m.i ""i i "-""" " "-
ncksburp. 'I he rebels opcn.tl a sharp art I lery ,
fire this morning In front of Sumner s division,
lasting nbmit three hours.
?! YonK, June 10th. A correspondent
of (B ,,,,,,,,,,,, ;,M wrU,ljr ,j ,)n(iri,
,0 gpmer inNlklyn. OlT IlatOII KDUgC, MllV
.linh, says that Fort Morgan had surrendered";
nho, that tieiicmi iiiaimj liatl ciiciiunterwl
n lursc uotiy oi renew uiiisiiiu uio ciiy m na
,ii iFitiire.i A Irtrritli (iurrirrfrtiinl fpfiititiirwsl
the result tif which was unknown.
ii ( v t ' r"P nival i.-"iiii
Gen. Hut-
ler tmd sent relnfiucemeiits.
TIlC Hartford
nntl Iticlimnm! Iiml llred inlo Ihiton Itouge. ,
killing nnd wniimlinc severnl persons. Itlsi
supposctl that (lie intention of the llset wus to
run by Yicksburg and tiltack the rebel Heel,
eimsistiug in lour wm, tintierkiooti to ue in
tlrf vlclniiv or tlw Ynnoo rh-er. '
Wasui.sotox, .June lfith. A dispatch from ,
cClellan-s nrmy tin riulunhv night say that
reliek .vc.ter.lay. nftcr ilnvinr our pickets
tlie rvitcis yctileriiay. utter driving our I
from Old Church. (Ilnnnvcr county), went to
Garrick's binding, mi the P.iir.uiumlicy river,
four miles above While House, where they
burned two schooners nnd some wagons, mid
tlncf lltev lirneetftletl In Tuiwlall's Station.
(nn the Itichmoml nml West Point Itullrnail), I
with the view or biirnlne the railroad bridire.
A train which wus Kissing nt the time was
r,,i.l It.tn nl,.n u.vrul ,v.i.. un. IIU...1 .,,,.1
.. ..I. . ...
l-lh.slnles that Ceil. Wright had landed nt
'ciu..;; 1,171"."
mUlt with the relieH. drove them nero tlie
river nml took poseoslon nl tlie bridge. On
the :itlt two L-nmnaiiive nr In eta . rt-L'imoiiU i
n-iiuiitli-.l. Alter tlMtrovine the telM?ranIi line '"v,."
Ilu. r..l..r.,.l tn lll..m'n...r " " lallH 111 UregOll. l l
J Nw YonK. .Tnne 17.hTI.c Port Ilol ' JnVt,heKTllf
cunraiiuiiiiiiii u, uiu j iirin, niiii.iu uu inr i rr.mi II. n i,.ci,t nr lit
on .tunies Island iienelrntetl the enemy's line! ,u ho 6th. Male that f;v. Itwior, the
and IkiiI their relrent cut oir. Tky were, how-' "'' il.atf u,r,,,r' ' 'orinft ,,vttV"" n!!,, ?rxU ''!
. . .il...i i. .i.n oil. m.i.i.. ... ipin olilaiii rulnftiiwiiipnls. Many r-cru Is from ull
ever. rcllel by the fill M.chW I he r S , k J , , ,
,'inf""1" &lun Wah.iimit.in. Juno 18.- Dispalohei from
Ihc 2. Ih Peninylvotiia nwl t.lli .New wk Com. 1'nrregiit. dated New Orleans. June 2.
reelments were ntlHcketl, but aftor two hours' mTe ln rici-ivnl. Ho went to Vick.burg.
I fighting, the reikis were repulsed, with the ! but rlurned without attacking the plao hnv-
of fovftitet-n kllk.l nnd 110 woiiudetl. The lug -fi n ntinilM-r or both the blockading npiad
. I'lilmtl im was 1,1 killed nnd nouudrd. On , runs llierf ; and tli- town Is within iwiclt ol' our
lutwl liiformution was to Saluril.iv. June 7th
the Hlili. the 8lh Michigan mid 70th New
--.." ., " --".' I" ; " --,
tarij ol May 2M, In a long wlitorinl, says that
Wasiiinotox, June 25th Tho fullowinc
has jtlit bevn received :
IIkiioit, No. 3. .Tunc 2fiih. 1 :J10 v. t.
jfb Stirttarif (if U'nr: Wo have advanced
our pickets 011 the lelt considerbly to-day, un
der n sharp resistance. The men behuved
hanthnmely. Some firing still continues.
3:1.1 p. t.. The enemy are making desper
ate ri-SMiunco to the advance. Our picket
Hues Kearney nnd one-lmlf of Hookers men
are where I want tliem. I havo this mo
ment reinforced Hooker's right with a brig
ado and a coujilo of guns. 1 hope in a few
uunuiva in uiiisii tuu wurK iniciiueii lorin-uay.
the men nro uenavmg ipicnuiuiy. tuc en
cmy , fighting well, alio.
This is not n battle merely nn nffalr of
Heinlzelman's corps, supported by ICeyesj and
thus far ull goes well. Wc hold every foot
dertnken, it will be a very Important ndvan-
tagc gained,
The loss thus far Is not large. The fighting
up to this time has been done by Hooker's d.-
uuiiikii w duwwii sis stisub isu liutu usi
itn.nuii sin ninitf.ji ill iimiht tun imirn .
vision. lie has sucnecu tho enemy s battery
o.: his front.
'' i
5 p. .Tho nffiilr Is over. We have
gained our point fully, with but little loss.
Xotwilhstauciiuj the strong opposition, our
men did nil that could bo desired. The uffulr
was partially decided by two guns which
Capt. Decmy brought Into action under very
ilimcult circumstnuct
stances. The enemy wos driven 1
from his camp In front of this. All is now
tpiict. McCi.klw.v.
jlAnnisoxitcno, Va., Juno 8. Jackson made
a stand six miles from hero to-day, nnd we nt-
tacked him this morning. Gen Staples on the 1
left was first engaged ; Milroy in tho center,
and Schenk on the right, soon nftcr found the
enemy, nnd the battle was almost Immediately
grncral- )tWr th r1cbcI,!I,'!M, V??, ,,iJl,ed Ge'' '
hbiplos advanced tho 8II1 nnd 1th Ohio rcgl-,
,,l0 olljCr ,f;let T)l0 8,h ndvauced gallantly. I
und(.r ft j,cnvy fire frora u,0 W00.U, but being
largely outnumbered, wcro forced to retreat, the ,
whole regiment being badly cut up and losing I
not less lliaii 300, more than half its strength.
Tho enemy followed, but were checked by the
artillery. Gen. Staples Anally withdrew to
march to a stronger podtion, repulsing a Hank
movement and holding his wing. Finally, Gen.
.Milroy adtancetl upon the center, nnd with his
nrtillery compelled the enemy to give ground.
Gen. Scheuck, 011 Ihe right, alo drove back llio
rebel, who had attempted to turn his position.
I ASiit.soTox, June 25th. Tho following Nnw Yiiiik. June 13. Tho llrltlsh Queen
Along the whole line, llio nrtillery was served
with great vigor, nntl the position for flnnl suc
cess wns largely tine to ltd effects. Tho enemy
suffered severely i one rebel regiment lost two
thirds or It number, In attempting to capture
one oT our batteries, tthtcli cut them to plccei
nt n tllitnncc of only filly vnrd. Tho rebel
batteries were frequently silenced nntl forced to
abandon their position. Col. i lowscrrs urigniiu
l"3"1 ','('8 '8 henvr. the enemy suffering espcel-
"I'Fnn muT
nl boo it lied, wounded nnu missing, i tic rebels
f , ,,,,' l)Ucr eoWf wll cnr ,
were forced to advance through open fields.
Skuiijuik. Vn.. Juno IB. -Gen. Shields ad-
vnnced with 1,01)0 men, under Col. Carroll, nntl
' reached Port Republic on Sunday, The next
morning they were opened upon by twenty
pieces or nrtillery, which tne renew nnii pinccti
In position during the ulght. Our olllccrs tried
to liuru the bridge over which the rebels must
come to nllnck them, but were driven olf by n
opposing them every step. After driving them
')oktnn enemy bolng'i.enrly live to ono-ll
ttMIHp0WWl, (0 hold our poltion. nnd nrter
fulling back Ibrecor four miles, n body of rebel
' envnlry were sent to nttack us ngnln i but they
were compelled to rutlre. nnd the engagement
ended, having lasted. five liours.
Wahiiisumn, Juno 12.-A dispatch for the
v,ir ''''parlmi'iit, from Fremont, d.ted Port
....... ...u . .. 11 .. &.. .l ..h ......... ....
..VII'.IIW. ri.Q. I.W ,l...,.l. !... ..IH.b.. v..
lining nug mi
tntucd was Jit
loss. In tho b,
was PJ.i killed
,oM , nol Ur
Jackson's jtttack on Shields. Our
ntttio or oro.s Keys, on buntiny,
nnd fiUO tvoundrd. The cnemv's
known, ns ther were cnrrvlns olf
some 1 1 rail ami wounncn tniring tne nigiit. c
counted ou our march 200 rebels dead on the
Ciurwii), June 1 1. The lVnhlngton Star of
the lltli, siuaklng of Jacksuti'a nttack on
Shields, on Monday, says : ' Immediately niter
It, he resumed liN retreat by the road to Statin-
. i . -. .. . .-. "...
The rorl Iieiiubllc lirltljc In his rear was
destroyed, thus fur n time putting nn ellVcliml
i to pursuit, nc is cvitientiy rt'ircniing nn-
mrtliatclr on CLnrlotlevlllo. where he will prob-
ntdy make n stind for the purpose uf having
0 "eniinrg, i . en niucwm.
u itiitvurnv .In in II In (in .Stnnln Air.
I.ntlinm olforcittl nrrsnliitlon that Mum. Cnntinu
!'-I"T- -l"'!R I-Senator, from Flah,
htf mill. Itetl It) UIU lloor. WlliOll Was laid OVer.
Ciiit-Atio, June 12.-Trom New Orlmns. via.
.Memphis, we have IiiMtlxence In the i'Ulh.
I'ierru Smile has len nrrcstca by General Iltil-
lor, unit Iilgl political chnrge, nnd would be
,', Nl,rlll ft x 'fuw daJ. Vory little huitness
wn lielne tlooe In'thecltv,
Kasiivh.i.i:, Junu 12. The reliel lmttcrles nt
Chattanooga wcru silenced on the Tth, utter n
heavy oauuunailing of three hour. Our forces
oiHncnd fire the nwt day on the town, nnd on
the rlllt-pll, driving tho enemy out of their
mu.I. h.i.I r...(ilt.f ll...,,. ti. ...... minti. flu. nlftf
Tl...v I,....,.,! nil ll, l.rl.l.v. In urnrunl tuimtlft.
Tim cnnunnadliig UHtd hIx hours.
v..... yuiik. Jiiio 12. The TrAunt snvs:
" Our (vernlilmlni,'sniierl(irlly In the battle of
Fair Oaks was ful'y proved by a p.irllnl list of
iiniiiini puuiisiini mv im-iiMiu.m ,..i.;..ir..
the ui lias naiiuii oi woiiihhhi in Mxiy regi
""'"' nll'l '-' lnd"pndent corps.
I.'nsvn.i.B. .Inn. 12.-Tlie ledera! tni
''",,B.?t ? c teS' W
reps at
Gnu. to Oft IVnnetsec. on Saturday
tVAHlliMiTOX. June 12. A tliimtch from
Gov. Jnhiitnn says that the rebels huve fallen
Ixtok front Uumlivrhnd flap.
DiMKilehes to tlio War Department, from
Gen. McClulUn. state that n rt'Ciiiiiinlittiuce was
made this morning as far ns Meadow llridge
Tho cinmiy were quiet, but lu Turco i sume
sklnnllili had taken place.
W AKIIIXtlTOX. JllllO 13. TllC rreslllflnt llO
nlTuM.1 l.w .irjiMl-.n...tt.,n i..,rl.. JIIA llflfl i.i-m4 nT
v,r... ........... ....... ;j -............- ..
inline suie, 111 uciouvr.
lit In moveil an nuit'liil
bill, providing n mule
o superior to J'uget
AluxiMir.t. Jm. It l)r c rr'i.iinnlfnnrf.mnili
ilown the river tw.-nlr intlps. beavv butteries
wuro round, nnd the flotilla Is now lying here to
receive wiling nrdors.
"r. -" w.-hiib i.i. .iiiic mm. imimtmc,
Kvn. ami will I onpluretl Iwrore ninny days.
u .... ... r,f .... .... lnll,Wlt.. Ir'.im ll,..
J""? 8. saysi A deserUr iorU the rebels
Nnw Y.iiik. Juno 13Tho llrltlsh 0
rrom Havana, Willi dates to the 7(h, bus nr
, rttcil. The news from Mexico fully confirms
1 the .lefi-at or the l-'rencli troops, by the Mexl
1 cans, COO or tho furmer lwing killed, und 700
. taken prisoners.
Citv Point, Vu.. June C Tho Petersburg
'Hrprttaot tliollli, stales that n dispatch 1 rom
I MuIiIIh inrurms thtmi that tho Unlou Uect had
paiM.il tho lower bnttcrlc.
Wasiiimitox, Juno 6. Dispatches from Com.
I Diipont stntu tlmt our gunboat have po?c&iun
I or mono Inlet, near Charleston.
Dispatches to the War Department, rrom Gen.
I Mitchell, dated lluntsvllle. Junu C, stata tlmt
an expedition under lien, ftugb-e tlrote llio en
1 emy from Wiiiclictter, through JtuiK.T,and back
I to Chattanooga, utterly defeating nnd routing
and supplies weru capturul. and htill more Im
portant results nro nnliolpated from this move.
iiicm nt inui point, gtiantllles or ninmunltion
WasnixtiTOX, Juno 0. McClellan gives the
following losses at tho battle of Fair Oaks:
Killed, b90; wounded. .G27 ; niUalug, 1,217.
lUiiniKOMii-nn, Va-, June 9. Tho ndvanco
cuard Of l-'n-inoiit's nrmv rrachoil liorc vestur.
day arteriioou, Jnekson having left In the morn
ing, a riconnotKs.itice itniU-r Loi. wvinllmin.
came up on a largo rebel cavalry force, and the
Federals were beaten back, loning thirty-live
killed, wounded and mining. ISviuforccments
wcro scut forward and drove the enemy Irom
their position, capturing their camp. One
company from a Muluo regiment, becoming sep-
P" ' " LV' '"'J WW were tianked by a
'".'.K. " .. r , " "" SJ"Z ."JZ V.ZV"
kllul( woudcd nnd missing. ' The enemy con-
tinned retreating.
Nnw Yoiik. June 9. A prlvnto letter gives
tho number of tho Confederate nrmy at 200,000
men, well d'ulrlbiitul. aud determined to make
a desperate fight.
Wasiii.soto.v, Juno 0.-In tho House. Mr.
"rj,"1012-1 Pr"nVl ,ha Uo",',,itlt"1 r C'nh,
with ft memorial asking permission to enter Into
States, relerred to Committee on Territories,
Nkw Yoiik, Juno O.-Tho Itichmond Vuwtch
of tho ails, states the rebel loss In the late battlo
at 8,000, including live generals, twcnty-tliree
colonels, ten majors and llltr-suven captains.
Louwvn,i.K, Juno 0 A dispatch from Gen.
llalleck's headquarters slates that Ihe Federals
now occupy (he Ituldwln Junction ol' the Jock
son and llollvar railroad. Tho repairs are pro
gressing rapidly.
The enemy passed through Guntown last
night. It Is stated that they have lost 20,000 (
men by, desertion sluce they left Corinth, mostly I
from Tennessee. Kentucky, and Arkansas regb
ments. All tho regiments from those States
pftpjed down closely guarded by .Mississippi nod
Alabama regiments.
IVasiiixotox, June 10. T)ipntclies from
Harrisonburg, dated the 7th Inst., say thai tho
attack on the enemy's renr tcMcrday, precipita
ted his retreat. Their los In killed nnd
woundi'd was very severe. In their retreat
they left many wagons loaded with blankets,
clothing nnd other equipment. Paring the
enemy's retreat, many ol them were killed by
l...fl n..1 A.l.t.M .. I. -A..nK1 .1... mmhmm'm
shells. Col, Ashliy, who covered the enemy e
retreat wltli Ills wiiole envnlry force, is nmong
tho slain.
l'liitAtiKU'iiM, Juno 10. Our troops have
been within three miles or Richmond, on a re
connolwanetf. V -nm. T..m In TI.A C. ... I... M ImI. 1
.11... 1 Ulll. .1 II1IV .... 1 III! AtMl'TTZI I1..S II II.-
was the concurrent testimony ol spies nntl tic-
scrtcrs that not less than a hundred nnd fifty
to two hundred thousand were behind Ilenurc
gard's entrenchments, but upon the occupa
tion of Corinth it wns proved beyond n ques
tion that he never had more limn twenty-five
thousand. He laughs at llio report or llcau
regard having rcinrorccd the Richmond nrmy
to the extent even of one soldier. He conshl-
crs tho war nt the West virtually ended. Tho
only thing yet to be done being to possess and
hold the Immense breiidtli ol country nlrcntly
rtnllv connucrcd. In answer to n rinistion
concerning the number of prisoners token by
him. he says he took .10.000 men. They
could hardly be ended soldiers, ns they had
onlv 2. '.'00 stand of nrms. Having no menus
to feed the enptives, and believing there was
little Umptittinu for them to join tho rebel
rout) he released them on parole. Many ol
litem were from Kentucky nml Tennessee.
Jnckoonvillc mid Snlmnii JUvcr
AViigoii-Houil Kxpcilltltiii.
Report of Col. John E. Ross.
Dcs Ciil'ttrs HiVKK.Janc Gilt, 18C2.
To the CitisentoJadipn Count y:
Ilcing Intrusted by you with the command
nl the iTnckxuiivilla and Salmon Itivcr Wngon
Komi Kxpcdillon, I submit the following brief
report of our progress tip to this dale :
iVIIcr spending one week In breaking a trail
tlirmml. tf.i ttimt' nti tlin mnttnlntna i.nrll. rtf
M,...r.t Mf,,,mt.tin Mr 'M.i. i.f .
...-........- .h..... ,...-, ..... ,"-". ........
nnti mnvcu 1111 10 tuc snow, nnu campeu on a
bald ridge j distance from Kanchcric Prairie,
ten nines. c my mere until next morning.
May 25th We stnrtcd ovcr the mountains
nt -1 o'clock a. v., and reached n camp, with
good grass, five miles east of the snow, nt 12
o'clock m. The distance across the snow was
ten miles. Cnmiicil on n Hat near I-nhc To-1
qua (commonly called " Klamath Lake").
The snow nn the summit of the mountain was
from fifteen to eighteen feet deep.
Mny 2Cili. Moved on nlong the shore of
the Iike eight miles, nnd camped on a gra
velly prairie three or four miles from the Lake.
Found good grass. Two miles from this ramp
wc built n bridge across a small stream and
over n mirery swutc.
May 27lh. Cloudy nnd cool ; snowed dur
ing the forenoon.
May 28th. Moved camp from Gravelly
Pralnc. Wc could not travel the old trail, on
nccoiint of its being mlrrry, and much or the
way for severnl miles under water. Tho Lake
.. ll.f.a i!... M..ta .. l.tI. ll.Kt Is I.A.I ,.... It. ....l
tcr dated New Ifrldge, filh Inst., which says (hat not thinu it advisable lor tricm to smrt lor ni
all the troops except Porter's nnd Franklin's . 'oast fivo or six weeks. I think tlmt, Inter In
dlvliilonsantl reserves crossetl the Chlcknliomlny. the season, cnttlo can bo driven by wny of
Nkw YonK, June L'Ctli. Dispatches to the J Klamath Lake lo the emigrant trail. A com
Xcw York papers sny that General Pope be" pany of Callforninns passctl here yesterday,
lives tho force nt Richmond to be overrated j only seven days out (rom Yrcka. Wc nrc
ns were llcnurejjord's forces nt Corinth. It camped eighteen miles nbovo Union Falls, nnd
z:rrM on,,ao, l0 dmac0 or
on the west side of the Lake. Wc passed "'"
along the base or the mountain for four miles,
making a new trail, through dt-nsa timber, nnd
ovcr several rocky points. Four miles from
Gravelly Prairie we came down on the prairie
forming a part of the I .ukc Yulley. The pra
irie for two miles wns mostly tinder watrr mu
te two feet in depth. Ono mile from the
mountain the troll crosses Wood's Itivcr. This
strrnm wc bridged. At this point the river is
forty feet wide uml ten or twelve feet deep.
After crossing llic river, we found the prnlrie
mirery. Camped on Woods Itivcr, eight miles
rrom Gravelly Prairie.
May 20th. Moved on to ColTee Itivcr
dUtunt from Woods Diver, by route we were
compelled lo travel, eight miles. Iluill n ruft
on CnfiVc Itivcr, nr.d by four o'clock hod the
(rnln on the opposite bank, where wc camped,
with good grass. Tlie rjver, when within ils
pmicr banks, is seventy or eighty feet wide
and twelve to fifteen feet deep. At this time
it was out of ils batiks, nnd extended ovcr n
surfiicc ono hundred yards in width.
May .lOih. Moved four miles to Spring
Creek. This stream wc were compelled to
bridge, nnd had also lo brush the trail fifty
pnils tn id A noil mIiIa 'I'Iia aIIah Avif n.1!.. 1
juiucj smi iiiv S.U-SI runs iiw vuiivji r.Miiiuiii);
Irom Wood's Itivcr to Spring Creek, is a beau-
llful prnlrlo of good soil, and contains at least
one hundred i-nd fifty sections of good land.
June 1st. Left
ennip on bpririg Lrtclc.
Ono mile from tho Creek the trail leaves the .
alley, and passes over n low divide lelween I
Totma and Klamath Lake. Six miles from I
Spring Creek the Jacksonville trail passes into
the Yrtka trail. Eight miles from Spring
(Jrcck Use trull strikes Williams lUver. This
Is tlie outlet of Khunalh Lake, and connects
it with Totiun. Wo attempted to pass up ' which, tho Philadelphia College or Medicine
ncur the ricr, but were unable to do so uyi complimented him with a diploma and the hop
reason or the mlrerr nnluro i,t ilm mlln,l oraryairuioii degree, helectlng this as Ids Held
iX"ln lhoirnrJihona!raTl nloS tK r . ?EAA.B2!
and lake can b. travclied and grass undoubt -
idly foand. I welyo miles from tho point
i.m.u ..w uml tun uiu u,i.-i la u cnmii miuiii
nnd good grass. The country is a level, pum -
ice stone bed, covered with a thick growth or
small spruce limber. The trull, earlier in the
seaion, had been very mirery. The Culifor -
nianshave encountered much difficulty from
tlmt cause. We have seen fifty or sixty dead
!heirWcanni,nUlra "'
t.. .Pi xii 1 .. . .
June -M.-Modc several attempts to get
down to Klamnlh Uke alley, but wiis pre-
vented by marshes and mirerv nnd snrinev
ground. After fording a swale, finally found '
a point irom wmeii wc made the volley with
out difficulty. Found a large prairie and cood
grass not more than live miles from last camp,
in straight line.
Juno 3d. Explored tho ronto across the
Yulley, wilh ihe view of crossing a rango or
ills east or Klamath Lake Valley. Found
inij.t'.-aiuiu iu mnu UIU iru.ll UlTUM) III JIIT8-
cut. We were informed by the Indians that
if we could get across the level country, we
would Cud plenty of grass to the emigrant
road, the distance of which, from the trail, is
not more than five or six miles.
June 4th. Left camp for the Dcs Chuttes.
Found the country level, covered with pumice
stone nnd n light growth of timber. Fifteen
miles from Klamath Prairlo Is the first water;
a small creek ; no grass. Ten miles further is
another small creek ; no grass. Uupacked nnd
rested the nnlmals here two hours. From this
stream to tho Dcs Chuttes tho country Is n
litllo rolling otherwise ils natural features are
unchanged. We reached n small stream, emp
tying Into Des Chuttes, nt ten o'clock r. Al
ien miles from last creek : no grass : camped
for the night. '
Juno 5th. Left camp early. Eight miles
from the last camp is tho Dcs Chuttes. Hut
little grass on the cast side at the point where
we first reached the stream. On the west side
I think crass can be found. At this time- the
stream was spread out over a surface oue hun
dred yards In width. Wo here left tho river.
nnd eight miles further on found a swale and
la r grass, having driven the animals over fifty
tulles without feed.
nine tii. six miles irom the swnlc we
renchctl the Dcs CliottM. From this point
uown mo river llio grass is poou. e trav
eled down the river seven miles, then tnrncd
op n small stream, nnd thrcc-fonrlhs I n mile
rrom the river found n fine prnlrlo, on wliieli
several companies of Calilornlans were tn
camped. c shall lay here nntll June 9th.
W c hare encountered some difficulties, but
hnvc not lost nn nnlmal. Wc have met with
I no rcriotis nccident. 'Hie character of the
' MI.M I. .1 1 It.- 1 .. 1
cuuiurj is viiuiijjiii inc puniiev-tunc una
ncorly disapprnml nnd sand Is found. Iter
in the fenson tho trail can be shortened very
much. I tlo not think it advisable for parties
driving slock north to follow our troll from
Klamath Lnko I'rniric to Pes Ciinttra. I tlo
....... a . . ..
nrc one. imntircti nntl ten miles Irom the Dulles.
Wo intend to leave tho west fork nt the falls,
and strike for tho east fork, with n view ol
traveling nround the southeast side of the Illue
Mountnlns. Jon.v K. Koss.
WAHHEN LODGE No. 10, A. F. & A. M.
HOLD their regular communications
Ihc Wednesday Evenings on or preceding
the full moon, in
G. W. ailKKIl, W. M.
II. Ili.oov, Src'j.
I. 0. 0. F.
Jacksoxttm.e l.ono k Ko. 10, holds Its regit
,lar meetings every SATURDAY KVLWJXO,
nt their Hnll (Mc'Cully's Theater building), nt
7J o'clock.
iiroiiicrs in goou stanutoc nrc coruinuy in
vited to attend. 5-.
nF.xnr DENtVotn, N. 0.
J. M. StTTON. It. Sec'y. "-
ohi:c.ox CIIAPTK
royaza aucii ivias
j a ok's o x vn. i. ;:, o it Eats
Will hold Its regular communications on the
first Mnlni-itiiy Its ruing of nsrinMonfli.
All sojourning Companions In iml stanaing
are cordially luvited to attend
yd):, ii. r.
" ' -
J Tas.T. Gi.ex.v, Scc'y.
Strengthens the-SxsUm. The best means
of Imparling vigor to tlic''l-okcn-down frame
nnd shattered constitution, Tjluch tins yet been
Invented or discovered, Is proffered to the feeble
of troth sexes nnd all ages, In
Debility, from whatever causo arising, may
be cured ; strengthen whatever manner it may
have Wen wasted, may be restored by tho use of
this powerful nntl healthful Imlgorant. For
Indigestion nnd nil Its painful effects, bodily
nud mental, they nrc a posttlvo specific. Sold
by Druggists nnd dealers everywhere. 2."d
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a hcnllky apjietlte.
water and
They overcome cflicts or dissipation and late
They strengthen the system and enliven the
They prevent mlaimle und Intermittent fevers.
They purity thu btcatU nuil ooldllj- .cf the
They cure dyspepsia and constlpallrn.
They cure diarrhea, cholera aud cholera
They core liver complaint and nervous head
ache. ,
They nre the best bitters In tho world. They
make the weak man strung, antl arttxUuitnl mi
turc't yriat rttorcr. They nro made of pure St.
Croix Cum, Iho celebrated Callsnya Dark, roots
nud herbs, and nre takeu with the pleasure or a
beierage. without regard to age or time of day.
Particularly recommviidtd to delicate K-rMu
requiring u gviitlo rtimulsnt. Hold by all Gro
cers, Drugglnti, Hotels and Saloons.
P. II Duake&Cu., New York.
25y Smith .t Davis, of Portland, Agents.
The Mkuicai. axu SittuicAt. I.nstitvtb of Dr.
L. J. Cui'kay Is already secured In a po.ltton
which places It, as well os Its proprietor, far
Lio the assaults or cuvy and proreulonal
Ina,lc Tn t10 gchools or France, tho ldL-hest
prizes nre ofteu awarded to practitioners in
this department or Medical science, and tlicy
occupy with others an uiually lofty position lu
the profession. Itlco
pic, a rhlnlng light
stum of his age in I'm
tticord is on illustrious exam-
nmong the philosophical
urope. aud Dr. CzankaY has
ful'y iijualled him In this country, ns a proof
, tf SZV&Mjff
1 mora extended labors, Dr. L. J. Czapkny has
ik-ih his earnest uitenuou to the cure ot chroalc
, diseases. In which he has become so great nn
expert that lie Is now regarded as the leader In
1 "'Is brunch or Ids profr-wlou throughout the
, Culled States, nud his portrait nnd biography
nre published as matter or Interest to thefr
.tSJ'inw. ?!". nClu1 'if Joun1ft',, TU
I KitW
I dorir. nearly opposite the buildings or the Pa-
clnc Mall Stenimhlp Company.
We aik the particular attention or our read-
'crs totliusworncertlflcatcsof remarkai.inri.ri
In another column or this paper. ICciu
In the matter of the Estate of
Coc.NTV of Dei. Noiitk. 1
NOTICR Is hereby glvcu by tho undersigned,
Administrator of tho abovo named estate,
to tho creditors or, and all persons having
claims agnlitbt fold deceased, to exhibit the
same, with Iho necessary vouchers, within four
months from Iho publication of this notice, to
the undersigned, at bis residence In Crescent
City, Del Norte County, Slate or California.
JOHN MALONE. Administrator.
Crescent City, June 26, 1802.
First publication, July 4, 1SC2. 25d
Anniversary Ball !
- AT TUB -
LOUIS HOKNE announces to the nubile that
ho will give a HAM, at his Hotel, in this
place, on the evening or the FOUUTII OF
J VIA'. A general invitation Is extended. No
Invitation caries ulll bo Issued. Good Music
will be provided.
Tickets, Six Dollars.
21b LOUIS HOKNE, Proprietor.
.1 js .
THR copartncnhlp heretofore cxtttlns bs.
tween the undersigned, under the n.
and style of WADE. MOKOAN ACO.ilsiM!
day dissolved by mnlnal consent. Kilhtr rtt.
will sign in liquidation. AH person, ".
debled to the houc nre hereby respectrullr r
quested lo settle their ncconnis, either litta,,
or note, nt the shortest possible dati and
debtors or long standing nrc urged to nsitta
payment, as the business must lie elosej nr,
Creditors will please present their elaimi for
adjustment nt tdetr earliest convenience
I.KW13 U lIUAnuunr
Jacksonville, Ogn., April 12th, 1802. M
''pun subscribers hereby form n connection hv
JL the Geneml Merchandise Dullness it
Jacksonville and Phtcnlx, Jaekson county
Oregon, under the nsmo nud slylo of llllAli!
1IU11Y k WADIi
They nsiimo nil the liabilities of the lilt
firm or WADB, MORGAN .t CO., and r .
thorlzed to collect all demands due that houe.
Debtors wilt please toko duo notlco and ti!i
up without delay.
April 23th, 1662.
HetluviUm I
Spring Arrivals,
AT -
For Cash or Produce
Very Small Profits,
To Correspond with the Times
HAVING bought the Stocks and Mtrctnlil
IliulueM of Messrs. UKIJLICII A COLD-
SMITH and P. V
McMANUS. Esfi., st IsU
point, and leased
the Ilrick lluildiog U"V
occupied by the first named parties, vie o
oUer inducements to tho Public to fsror U
with their patronage,
Wu t)lp(k' fiili-Mlvm In Venn ftHOD Alt'I1
CLKS.und to sell them at tte LOWEST JACK-
SUNVll.l.KJ'JlirjlvS, which are fast ceav'l
down to Summer rates. Call and tee.
We will take all descriptions of Produce m
can be disposed of without a loss.
BIUDBURY & Willi:.
riKISNIX, April 25, 1862.
lewis i. imiDiienr,
San Francuco,
Messrs. JANSOIY, IMD & CO.,
ORDERS for Goods and cocslgnmcotJ i
. Oregon Troduce solicited. '