Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, April 12, 1862, Image 1

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4h'ViiH.SiWTiimJhMwm jh ftur Mrmait-i&ti-ttS
irtmjaafioLy&JM'tfiiraa.ji.TUJO( csVmj
uii.li llliJiL.
lir.NIlY DKNI.INUKlt. 1'nb'r unit Pron'r.
Offite over Cfogngt If Drum's Stalltt.
Snucninnix One year. In advance, Four
Italian : otherwise. Klvu Uollnr. Six months,
Two Ioiltrn ami Firty cents. No paper dl
toiillnued until arrearages are paid, uihcm nt
Ihc option of the proprietor.
Aovkiitmimi One tiiunre (12 line or les).
firit Inwrtlon, Three Dollar i each sulwqiicnl
insertion. One Dollar. A iIIkouiiI or fifty per
tint will bo made to those who advertise by tlic
Ity application to Postmasters mid Mall Car
rlcn, nu can learn Itml the Oiikuox Skntinki.
hiii l.y far larger circulation In the couutleK
i,f Jncknm, Josephine mid 'Uotigla, Oregon,
and Del Norte, California, than any other pa
per. Till Tact should commend the Skntinki.
to you a n niperlor medium for advertising.
List of Agcnta for tho Oregon Bontlncl,
who arc authorized to tranwet any business
concerning till paper, In the n.imc or the pule
ll.hcrs :
I '. Fisher San V rancVcu.
adnorlli k ltiiynes .u'n
J. M. JlcCall A1iI.iih1.
J C. Davenport Gnsburg
W. V. Fowler Applcgnto
It. 3. Duuhip llllutmburg
John I' I'rludle. Kerlmllle
A. II. Melanin .;--.""!!0
V. Illnihart Kcrbvv lie
II, J. l-oi be , V ,,l,,
''i. M. ivan Alllnmsc
Joel Thorn Cnnyonvlllc
lMfu. Mallory lti'scbtirg
J.a.ie It Moon '
V, M Klli-worlli l-.ugcnc Uly.
Ch.trmaii Oregon City.
H.W.WakeiINd Albany.
Il-iijamlu Cook Corviilli
J II Smith Crescent Uly
ursiNESs OAims.
. y. cueeh,
Physician aud Snrgoon,
.InrUmnvlllr, OrtK'iH.
JTooli.isioJta.-xri.U.o, OroGoa.
XiiTtmU-r 2iLDii I. 1
Jneluoiitlltr, OitRnn.
"lTII.lj utlriiil to business In the Courts ol
I the First Judicial llUtiiet.iind in the
boprtmc Court. Oel.'JOill
j imm . rvu: , w malumiy.
lto.clilirf;. UoK,n f"'ily. Ui
"'rII.I. attend to nny hii'Ines confldnl to
1 1 them, in the M-verul Court of (lie First
Judicial District or Oregon, and In the Su
preme Court. OctiiU-r '.'foil
Will practice In all the Court or tho Third
JudL-lal District, the Supremo Court or Ore
gon, and In YreU, Cnl.
He ha an ngcnl at Washington, and expect"
t Wsitlhatcliy and the Atlantic tliU Suiinner
sn.l rail. and any butlue will receive prompt
tleiitlon. wyUiVJ
c. V. sniAfJUE,
Kkuhvviixi:, JfWKniixB Coi-ntv, Oiiv.,
Will imnclually attend to burfiiCMCnlruMcd to
hi. cap-. ' Airll l:uyni-l:itr
"Wll'l aMnd lo liiulncM In Iho wvenil
V Court In thf I'ir.t Judicial l)Ilrlct or
Oregon, and In the Kiipreme Court, Oltlce on
I'alUbrnln SI., opHle "Sciilintl" Office.
J.I(.K0.VII.1.K, OlIfcUiAi.
May -Will, 'HI. l:fim
,lacu" 'He. rrK"li.
I prerwnil to lalio I'lptw Ui every lylc of
be Art, Hith all tlic at luiproveiiienl.. l
q not bIvo MllfactIon.no charged will bo mlc
lall at I'unk Cigar Store, or at the Culler)'
the Hill, aud ew hl l'icturoi.
lltar tf A'rtf Staff $10071," on 7Vnn Si,
QIIAVIXO, llalr-cuttTnjr, Bhampoplng Cur
O ling and Hair Dyeing.
AIm. a genuine artlcla pi Flli'- Hi" Ibh
T'HTivi:,mid CrUt'dora'n KwUyn hit lhw
falc. Jucknouvllle, Jan. M, :b
HAS opened a hon fipl10'10 AllileronA
(ili-iin'. on Ciilirorilia lrcet, In lf. L.
tlaniiiig. drug ilorc, for repairing
All work warranted to hIvo uatlilactlon.
J4ckouvlllv, Dec. rtllliU. ajy
lAUK-SAHpLS coiwimilly on lwiil "I
1 my Uw& HI"! Saddlery rilnlilUlmipnl,
J "oil PltlNTINU of all ileeiiplloiw neatly
uccutd ut tlic SKNTIN1!'.!. OFFICK
Tho Parting Hour.
The San Fmncltco GiM ay Iho "folloulng
cxipiUtt poem wa written by the late Ed mini
I'ollnck, the gllted California poet, on Iho Cth
of January. 1W7, and ban never liecn publl,hcd
liefure." It n glen by tliu poet to n Wend
ho wa about lo depart on a tlcamcr (or Ore
gon, Pollock faying: "Take Hit. You may
perhapi, read and appreciate tho cutlmcnt
long after 1 have cemed to bo among the
"There1 fomctlilng In tho ' parting hour'
Will chill the Mrnrmcfl heart
Yet kindred, coiurode, luver, rrlcnd",
Are ratul nil to part :
Hut till I've een and many a pang
lla prensed It on my mind
The one who goe 1 happier
Than those he leave behind.
No matter what the Journey,
Advenlurnti. dangerous far,
To the wild deep or bleak frontier,
To tolltudo or war
SHU jomcllilng elioen tho heart that dint,
In all nfhiimin kind,
And they who go are happier
Hun Ihotc tliey tenvu behind.
Tlic bride gnc lo the bridegroom' home
Willi iloubtlug and with lean.
Hut doe not Hope her nitubow rprrad
Acro hr cloudy fear!
All. 1 the mother who ninalnr,
What comfort pan he dud
Hut lid tin gone I happier
Thau one the leave bvhiudt
Have you n friend -n comrade doart
An old mid vnluid friend!
He mi re your term of uneet cducouiyo
At leuglli will have an emit
And when you part n part you will
(, lake It not unkind
If ho who gni I happier
Thau you Uv leavv liehlud I
(ml will It n and o It l :
The pilgrim on their wny,
Tim' worn and nmk, more nliecrfut are
Than all Hie reil who May.
And when, nt la.t. poor Man Hibdued,
Mm down to deuth rM4gnnl,
May ho nut Mill be happier far
Than Iho.e lie leuvw Ulilmlt"
Choose Between Loynlty nntl Treason.
Tli fo!Iowtpf I mi extract from Hie pcccli
of Daniel K. Dicl.liiion, the n'd Diiuocrutic
wnrdiorK-.tlellurd ut Cooper Iu.lllute. New
Yoik :
You who aM this rebellion In nny form, or
In niifmiTniTer; illftct'or Imilrcct; rvmote or
tmnicdiate, nre n pulliy n tie who It In utu
ugalnM the (Joveinimnt. You nru the wov
men In a hivul Sliilc, unit nre tucournging one
ol the uiMt wiekeil, one of the m4t cuu.ele
most il.imtuUc rebelliouj that ever cxi'tul
among mm. Ajiiliiz.ng for It! when you
have wn jour (oMur mirth forward to It
ikTvnieor the Nullon.il Cnpltnl. You liaie
seen them burivd in lilooly grave 5 you liuve
een them munlerid und stricken down, und
Hill you would npolngize for them, and yuu
arc oppuMil to the war. Yw, I urn oppo. d
to the war : to mucli oppotul to It Itml I
would bring out, if It wire ponlble, llio nil
nrlillery of Itnneii to ctuili tliU rebellion.
Yonder U u uiotlwr ulio.c son went a fuw
il.ij. since m.d was sluln upon the luttlo-fleld.
1'oice men, look upon her while the blood o
her on U dripping fiom her fingers. Why
was tar son slain! llecnu? you were en
couraging on Irtntun uml rebellion. And but
yesterday u young bride was callnl upon to
nenve with wiiluw'n wettts Ihc bridal wreuth.
und you were tl.o causo of that, nn.d why?
Hvruusc you were liolding out uld ai.d vu
ciiungvinciit to 1I1U ucciirsnl rebellion j your
hands urest.ilmd with the blond of her hu.
band. Ixk ut that little group of children
iirromiding a widowed inolhvr. At ll.ee she
looks; ut Ihvc she treiublis ; uml the little
children full back ugliast, K-st the murderer
of the luubaiid sliull be the inurdirvrs of the
children nlo. llulw your b'ooily hands to
heuven, if you can, and aid on this ribcliion
further, you lufumons wretch.
'I'hero Is u great mid Imputable gulf ns
wide and as deep between lidility oud treason,
ns that wliieli Kiiraiol the rich man from
Lazarus, und the tune will soon come when
there will be no pacing through Irum one
,Ideto the oilier. You gentleimn who ure
rpilverlng in your shoe, whoever you ure
yuu H,'acv men fly from the b'odoui mid CV
morruh of irmson wlivii iu liave n chance.
TI10 storm of popular indignation is a go-nl
ileal nearer than ynn Imagine, and the fiiv und
brimstone tlut will drtcend upon you is not
far iu the distance. Then up with you don't
jtaud there faltering. The ilny of khiu pro
positions is our it is treason now j you uie
maiktd out as nn objict of scorn ; you run no
longer be in favor of the Union, will) u dag
ger in your hund.alimd ut its vitals you can
pp longir be In favor of prosecuting tho war
and throwing iuerulous objections in Ihc (ace
of tho Administration, beset wilh every diffi
culty. f you mean lo uld it along, come on
with yon and IiqiIivt yoor muskets 5 If you
do noi, shoulder yfmr musket and go Into the
apposition rnul.s, K.url ofl-.to will givoyon
11 goRil riddance, uml play yoq out rflth the
itogue's March. lu.t none of your lising upon
both sides not being in favor o ypur country
and ogninst it .In fayor of the Uiilou and
lignlusl llln fayor of prosecuting Iho wur
pod ngajnst to Admlnlstrullon, Willi every
einbarrnsnint yon Ciin bring uruuml it N.
Ihc great hall is opened t chooso your partner
and lake your position on the floor, and we
will wo whether you can keep step lo the
music of the ,UnIou ?r not,
Tho Storming1 of Fort TJoneLion,
The X. Y. U'orlJ't nrmy correspondent nt
Fort Donclion gives the following graphic
description of tlic storming of that fort : ,
" The task of accomplishing Ihc delicate nnd
dangerous enterprise of taking Fort Donelson
by Btorm, was accorded to Gen. Smith. Ocn.
McClcrnand liad tried it thrice nnd fulled, not
for want of pluck or men, but tho position of
the enemy was better delendcd nnd less easily
approached, although more easily seen. Tlic
tatk fell into able handt. Homo impntalons
have before now been thrown upon Ucncrul
Smith' loyally by malicious rivals, but yes
terday did the general not only Indicate his
loyalty, but tils ability nnd skill to wield uu
nrmy of soldiersto wlcldtlicm easily and to
wield Hum well. His division was divldid
for the titiaek Into two brigades one under
Col. Cook, Including the 7th lllimiin, 12th
Iowa. 13th Missouri, fiOth Illinois, und fi'Jd
Indintm; the other under Col, Laumuu with
the 2d, Till unit 1-lth Iuwo, 'J5th ludiuun uml
Klili Mioiirl.
Col. Cook trok the right or the attack,
mmuchig the centre of the enemy's position.
Opposed tolhein wire six Tennewee regiments,
eoinmiinditl by Cols. Saggs, llally, Head,
Qtintlcs, Ilrowuund Coomb', with the 'Jd Ken
tucky Ileglment. Col. Cook took tils men
straight up the side siT the hill nt the highest
portion or the formications uml Ihc far.lusi
removed from tlic river. The rcghmnts went
up the stdrs of the hill, nnd then encountered
the barricade or fclleit limber and brudiwond.
'I'ke enemy's Infantry kept a ruin of fire upon
them. A 111 pound gun in battery poured
down gmpc and shell upon them, not, how
ever, with very fatal tfu.ct. The men stood it
without flinching, tlic line remaining unbro
ken. In accordance wilh the plan of attack.
It was drcided that the brigade of Col. Cook
should ingago the ciwiny on Ihc right, while
I.iuman's brigade should make the entree into
the works further on the left. lie kept up uu
IikvsmiiI fire or iiifuulry. engaging the Ten
nivstcuns, who were loTvly fiiscoucid behind
the earthworks. Uu the right, however, lay
an open spaa, up which climbed the brigade
id Uiuman. The 2d Iowu leil the charge, fol
lowed by tlic rest In llieir order. The sight
wus sublime. Onward they sped, hccdltM of
the b'illtls nnd balls of the em my above. The
hill was so steep, Ihc limber clcuriil, lluil
the rebels had kit 11 gap In their line or lille
pits on thin crcU or hill. Through this gap
they were bound lo go. Itight up they went.
CltlUlltllg lip Oil nll-fimtivlicll Uiie.ur lllh-
blue elutliing udvuueliig regularly forward, (he
while line or tiuoku fn-m the top of the winks
oppn.ed by 11 line from our troop.
They truth the tup ! Nnmlier full. The
siisjH-irte Is lirenlhlissi Siv, tliey 0II111I1 over
the works! They fall tliey ure hat! Another
group, and still another mid unollier, clive up
llicgnp! All is coven d with smoke! The
Imlgciiunl Is made the troop iwnrm up the
hillside, their bright bayonets glittering in the
sun. The firing slackens. Wlml is more
wnmlirfiil Is, that Copt. Stone's battery ol
rlll'il 10-pounilers, cloo behind the brigade, b
lugging up the hill, the horses plunging nnd
rider whipping. Upward they go, wheiv
never vehicle went belorc, up the precipitous
uml clogged sides or thu hill. No sooner on
the crest thuu the guns ure unlimbert-d, the
men nt their posts. JYrcibiou shells 11 ml
canister ore shot spitefully Irom tho J'.irrot
guns at the flying enemy. The day is gained
u piultiun Is tuken the troops surround the
guns, nnd the enemy 1ms deserted his post.
The .'ll.pnuniKr which had caused so much
luvoo Is silenced by Col. Cook's llrigade, and
the rebels fly to tlic main fort in uluiin. The
day is gaintd ! The foo is running ! Cheers
upon cheers rend the air, aud iu u few minutes
all is limited.
In the m.dU of nil this warm woilt there
rod tliu while haired (Jen. Smith, his suowy
mustaches standing out like bustles, his hand
wuvlug miji-slieally, Ids Inuring erect ni.it
proud undaunted by thu deadly hull, und
uiimovid nt llio biilliaul success. Sure
of Ini point, his batteries placed, the enemy's
guns ure turned upon lliun, und he ordered
his reserve Into line wilh nil the coolness uf u
Hannibal. An oillr conns lo him of more
troops. Thank you gentlemen; I think we
havu already more tlmn enough,' 1a inly re
plies the (Jinerul, and Iu fiftein minutes the
lines wus deposed or nir Ihc night. 'I'lie lo
1 1 our farces wus small compand to Ilia uniout
of tiring. Our lord in thu storming of the
wotks will not e.eed g()u hilkdnml tvoundid.
That or the iiieiny must have Ufn qt least
that number, notwithstanding that they wen'
entrenched behind breast works.
Wliut follownl may bo told in n few words.
Tim enemy seeing that we had guinul one
or his strongest positions, tuccwsfully nputsui
him in Ids iiitut daring pltemplii to rube
the siege, took advnntngo or the darkness,
call.d a council ol war, in which it was deter
mined to surrender. With ull the basic ios-
sible some 7.000 troops wpro dispatched up the
river by night. The rebel Hens. Floyd and
I'illow made their c.cupe. The fort, with all
its contents, Ml Into our hnml. More than
l'J.000 prisoners, two Ilrlgudicr-Ucus. (luck
nernnd It. IC. Johnson, with 20 culoiifls aud
other officers in proportion; C5 etiniifin, -16
fleld. nml 17 siege, Si ,500,(IU0 in stores, pro
vljious and t?i(lliutjptii-p glorious irsnlt, pur-phasc-d.
t a comparatively sumH loss.'1
An editor says when lie wus in prison for
libeling u justice of the pence, he was politely
requested by the Jailor "to gie the prison u
Almost Cut to Pieces.
FottT DnNRMOX, Twin., Feb. 17, 18C2.
My Dear Fttther : Sad, lonely, ond down
hearted, I nltcmp't to write you a few line, to
let you know that I nm unhurt. We have
had n most bloody fight ; there must hnvc
been fire thousand to seven thousand men
killed and wounded on both tides. Hut tho
enemy surrendered on Snlurdny evening, wi
having taken thirteen thousand prisoners.
Hut, dear rather, the hardest part of ihcstwy
is, that out ofilghty-nvc men In my compmiy,
only seven cunic out tlic most wholrtulc
slaughter that was evir heard of.
.Nly company wrw tlic color company, nt
which tlic rebels took particular nlm ; ns fast
ns ono man who carrlrd'lt would be shot nn
other would lake his place, but the Uug was
brought through. Only one hundred nnd six
teen men remain In the 11th lligimciil unin
Do not wonder, dear fattier, Hint I nm
down-heartdl. My bnys nil loved me, and
need I say that, in looking at the poor rem
u.iUt of my company the men that 1 have
tnkiu so much pains to drill ; the men that 1
thought so much or, now nearly all Iu their
u'mvcs I feel nulauclioly. Hut I do not com
plain ; Und spartd my life, und for what, the
future must tell. 1 will write you rnnn nguln.
Thu Ktcvcutli HeglnKiit'wIII, I think, (what is
rviiiiilntng), Lc left lo guard Ihc prUnurrs nt
Cairo or Alton, whilst they recruit.1 Whether
t shall attempt to mine another company. I
do mi, know nt present. Uood.byc U-t
the folks nt home know 1 11111 sule. Yours,
I.. I). Wadiikm., Cnpl. Comp. K,
Kleventh lleg. HI. Vol.
Win. C. II. Wml.tell, Fsq., N. Y.
Cot not Cocntkii. That excellent paper,
tho lied llluir Iiiiltptnihiil, In commenting up
on the edicts nf the recent glorious I-derul
victories, thus uloses 1111 article :
One by one, their strongholds have fallen, and
the Union Imsts an' In the heart of Sieessin.
Hut what a change iu the tone or the rebel
journals. Despair is written over their doors
and breathed in their columns, und the nut
unit result or despulr Is nckletsness, and they
fuoliflily talk of fighilug until the last man ex
pires, und, says one journal : " If this country
(.Southern Cuufitleraey) Is to escape the ml.
irlisofu protractul wur which may render
the Confederacy it hell on earth, this wnr
should be made one or cxtcrndn,',,"-" T,,r
hive mrsercral iiecnlnns tailed thebtack'llag,
but thu while has euch tlmu soon after fol
low 11I it. The tenders of tho rcliclHon vainly
flatter themselves that the South cannot be
eonipicrul Just us If iuulhern men were nu
exception to ull general rules ; just as If they
were not iinslbte beings, and gnVcrned by the
same circumslniicrs us any other people.
When liny dud thilr cause is gone, like any
other ieople of common seme, they will grace
fully submit to tho (iovcrmueut they vainly
thought lo overthrow, notwithstanding the in
sane ravings of ttieir lenders who co visions
of the halkr looming up but n littlu wny in
tin dlsiancc. 'I'heir paM-rs tell u thut ahrudy
traitors and lories" (Union men) till their
sin-cts uml invite the hinder to their rivers
and coasts. 'I'htsc same " truitors and lories"
(Union men) will increase nnd uceumulute, and
maku liieiiisi Ives known as fust as the oppres
sivo ami grinding nuarciiy wliieli keeps them
down is broken, by Hie presence of Federal
troops. Thu tdeu thut rebels cannot bo con
quered, and that llio Federal Government can
never again extend Its authority over South
tm soil, Is ull u lurec. The people or the
North und South will know each other better
uflir the close of the war ; they will roped
each other more, for the Smith will leurn tl ni
the true chivalrous spirit Is not confined to the
territory south nf Mason nnl Dixon's line,
und that llio great North is not composed of
a race of flunkeys, but rattier ir n ieople n
chivalrous uml bravo as tiny on the face ol the
Tun Daiik D.w at Hiciimonh. If the sol
emn farce of the inauguration ut Hiehmond,
which desecrated thu blrthil iy of Wusliington,
had been suddenly urrested by the appearance
of a Xutlomil army, we doubt whether the
dismay und gritf of the cliief participants would
huvo liven greater than they really werc.nn the
pwi'inu, by the bursting nf llio storm in
nuother qn irtcr. It seems altogether proba
ble tlut at tlic very hour nppslutcd lor (he
ceremonies, t'10 Fresi.lent elected wus apprised
liy Ulegrapli or the occupation or the Cnpltnl
Tennessee by Gen. Htitll's furces, and tho ill
banding uf tliu rebel troops thrnughout that
ilepnrlinent or tho so-called Confederacy, Ills
giinio fur u permanent government wus up be
fore it was fairly entered npnn. Ills control,
ills power and ull but the empty shadow nf
authority, were struck down Ihc day before
thev were to throw off their provisional char
acter, tfven the lllclimond press could not
be kept longer iu subjection, for this single
day, if only for the trnf or tho thing. TI10
sublimity of tho bursting itorm was lost upon
the scene, because of Iho indecoious taunts or
tho Richmond Wing Hit) whole pagcuut of tlm
morrow was to bo a bitter niwljery nnd a
miserable compensation fur Iho ruin of a free
people." " An old man with a young wife
u child with a bauble." (udds that disenthrall! d
and disenchanted J'"U.tl.) 'aro parllgl illus
irutlons of the deplornblo folly." The rnneral
bakid meats coldly furnished forth the mar
riage feast, nnd nfter this mockery camo the
impious proclamation ofifdsting and prayer!
iV'. -1'. 7Vt. "
Tim followlmi letter appears in the lllcli
mond Examiner t
Tt) tlit Etlitorqllic Richmond 'xnrni'nsr,
The, independent conduct or your journal em
boldens mo to venture n crilichin upon the
late reverses at Fort Henry and lloanoko Is
html, which may be grating to cars polite, but
Is rcmhrcd nrccfsnry by the condition or the
coutitry. It Is high time that these surrrmkrs
should cease, Tor, considering the churacUr ol
the wur In Its consequences to ns, they hare
been truly amazing, commencing with that ol
the cavalry at Alexandria, down through Hint
or Col, I'egram, nt Ilteh Mountain, that of
Commodore llarron, at llatteras, etc., etc., to
tho present lamentable Instances.
At Fort Henry, a Ilrigadicr-Ocncral, nn
wounded, having a garrison nlmost intuct,
lowers Ids flag over n dozen guns of tho lar
gest calibre, nnd with n hackneyed compli
ment, yields up Ills bloodless sword. How
withering and humiliating lo our Southern
manhood was the sorrowful reply ol the Yan
kee Commodore. That the general should
have neglected to mako preparations fur pre
venting the enemy from ascending the river
nnd burning the railroad britlgc, mny be
pased over, because no commission ran make
n man n commander unless it be given by
nature 1 but If the statement ns to his surren
dering be true, Is he to bo retained upon the
rolls of the Kmillicrn nrmy ns nn ofiecr ?
The ltonnokc uflalr is pcrfu-lly incompre
hensible, The newspapers ure filled with ex
truvngant laudation! ufour valor tlic annals
ol (I recce and Home uS'r no parullil whole
regiments were defeated by companies, and we
yieldid only to death. Our men finally sur
rendered " with no blood on their buyonels,"
and what is the loss? Hiehmond Dines, 2
killed ami 0 wounded ; MeCullough Hungers,
1 klllid und 2 wounded ; the other four com
panies lost In all 2 killed nnd 11 wounded!
Comment is needless. The whole army had
Utter surrender nt once, for It" will eventually
come to it.
1 nm, sir, etc., An Orriccn.
Hi'hkian Disuii'I.ink. Having found a tier
man rriend In the head physician of thu mili
tary lioipltal nt Itign, I accompanied him one
morning on his visit thither. On the way he
told me how difiieult it wus to elicit from the
men the real seat of their complaints, us every
ailing In thu upn.r purl of thu body, whether
In thu lieiid, back, or stomach, tliey call
pnlu in thu heart ; und those in tho lower
part of tlic body, pain In tho leg. Hav
ing nrnvcil nt the uospitni, nil ttie pallcuts
Hint were ublc to do su, urrujed tlieiunlvi-s in
u row, dumb nnd still', ns Ifon military pantile.
" How do you Icel to day old man V uskul
the Doctor of lite first. " My liiurt pains,'
was the expected, timid reply. " Tongue out,"
suld the Doctor, nnd out it was. Turning to
the next, the hiiiiq question, tlic same unswer,
und same tonguo operation. More tlmu thirty
iu tlic row underwent the rumu medical in
quiries nnd proces: 1 wus about leaving,
when my friend told mc to look around.
'o my utter astonishment 1 saw tho whole
lot still stuuding in mllitury altitude, wilh
llieir tongues wide out. Wu looked on for a
while, when the Doctor loudly gave the word.
'Tongues in," and ull the urliculallng organs
vunishul in nn instant. My risible fueultlw
nae so excited by tin- Nlicrous scene, lliut it
wus some momvnts alter vc wcroin the open
street ere I could, ralher rcproachlngly, oik
my Iriviiu how he could play such a trick on
the poor fellows.
' You must uot judge," said he, " by excep
tions. I merely wanted to niiow you to what
extent the blind spirit of discipline prcvai's
umoiig the Itussluu troops, Nor ure tho fel
lows worse for the joke ; on the contrary, ihey
behevo that tho cure is greully promoted by
keeping the tonguo out iu the presence of the
doctur, tho longer the belter." (Jure a Week,
'I'm; Yoixti Man' Cai-jtau It is a con
solution for all right-minded young ineu in
this country, thnt though tliey may not be
ublc to command ns much pecunluiy copitul
us they would wish, lo commence business
themselves, jet there is a moral capitul which
they can havo thut will weigh us much a
money with those people whoso opinion is
worth having. And does not take a great
while to accumulate a rcspeclublu umouiit of
this capitul. it consists Iu truth, iiouesiy aim
integrity; to which they nmy mltj iKpision,
firmnets, courage and icrscveraucc. Willi
thetc qualities, there pre few obstacles which
cannot be overcome. ! rands spring up nuu
surround such a young man nlmost as if by
magic. Coi.fi leuce flows out to him, mid
buiiitcss accumulates on his hands fasleritjjsii
he can nsk it ; and in a few short yearsTsucIi
u young man is far in advance of many who
slurlcd with him, having equal talents, aud
larger pecuniary mepns; ere bug our young
friend stands foremost, the pouomj. trusted
uml loved. Wuulu thut we pould induce
every youthful render to commence life on the
principal that moral capital is tho thing after
. . .ii m
An Kufi 1! A Uotti.18. To accomplish this
teeming Incredible aH requires tl.o following
preparation : You must tuo pn egg nnd
soak it io vinegar, ond, in process or time, its
shell will become nuile soft, so that it nmy be
extended lengthwise without breaking; then
insert it into Hie neck or n bottle, ami, on
pouring wuter upon It, it will pwumo its for.
liter figure nnd baldness, This is really n
curiosity, ond baffles those who are not iu the
secret to Hud out how it is accomplished.
.. pi-hii'I' wi mam mm
Tii9.vu.ut k the father of words.
A Khnu'ckiax Srjtf-Tlic lion. Mr.
WndsKorlli, or Kentwly7i a late speech In
the House of Representatives at Washington,
" Let the friends of the Union callicr round
its standard, nnd do what It becomes brave
and patient men to do let them do ns the
greatness of the causo calls upon them to do
and will teach the lenders of this rebellion a
bloody lesson. Overthrown in battle, tliey
shall wonder, melancholy ond degrndid. cxjlcs
in a foreign land, or Ihey sbull deliver up their
accursed lives to the judgment of the courts of
tho country. It can be done, ond it shall be
done ; the fortune of the republic, aud the
bravery of her eons, nnd Iho wisdom of btr
Government wills it. There are freemen
cnongh In the West, who nre determined to
preserve this Union, to. do it 5 and they will
do it. The States or the Mlssiatppi cutinot
part. God, wlfcn lip formed this country in
geological scasjdtcreeil I's pcrpctuul amity
und union."
Six things ure requisite lo create n " harpy
home." Integrity must be the nrchltcc, and
tidiness the upholster. It must bewnrmed by
nlUdion, nnd lighted up with cheerfulness, and
industry must bo tlic ventilator, renewing the
nlmosjihcrc und bringing In fresh salubrity
ilav by day 1 while over ull, ns a protecting
canopy nnd glory, nothing will suffice except
a blessing irom nuovc
Some weeks ago a cltnp was Indiscreet
enough to advertise for a better hair. A
lileaslnc young lady of Mansfield, Ohio, thinks
the will " sutu" blm, and gives the following
remarkable description of her pcrsonnl charms :
"Inm lwcnty-1 years old, cood nachuni,
have a tolerable good education, nm a millinir
by trade, lito hair, lite blue eyes, Tawl, well
proportioned, and of a respectable -amity.
ItATiir.n Low Neckkii. The following out
side touch l related by Mrs. I'iozzi.ln n letter
rroci Hath, in IBlS.whcn the jatldon (if Indies'
dimes exposed '' considerable" of the nude.
She writes ; ' A genteel young clergyman In
our upper crescint, told bis mama, about ten
days ogo, that lie hud lost his la-urt lo pretty
Miss J'rideatix, nnd thut ho must absolutely
murry lier or die. The mo'.her gravely re
plied, ' My denr.you have not lieenncqualnttd
with tho lady above u fortnight ; let mo re
commend you see more of her.' ' More of her !
exclaimed llio lad, 'why I've wen down to the
lirili rib on each sido already ! I ho letter
writer odds n Joke of her own. that our bitles
ouMnp those or nny other nation.
Haitixksk. Now let me lell you a secret
a secret worth hearing. This looking for
ward for enjoyment don't pay. Fur whit I
know of It, I would ns soon chase bulterflir
for a llvlnir. or bottle nn moonshine for cloudy
nights. The only true linppyim-i is to luke
the drops ns Oud gives them lo us every day
ol our lives. The boy must leard to bo happy
when ho Is nloddlng over his lesoni tho op
prentice while he is learning Ids trade; thf
mcrchunt while he is making ids foituue. It
ho foils to learn this art, lie will be sure to
miss liis enjoyment when he gains what lie
sighs for.
. -
Co.nsiiikhkii DuaiiACKrt'i- To coll a man
u secessionist In tho Sluto of New Voik Is
considered rather u heinous oflvnec. The New-
York J'wt lias rtcrntly been mulcted to the
tune or 81.000 for culling one David Smith n
secessionist. To hold sympathy with seccs
ion there disqualifies a man from liolding
a position in decent society such Is lliejmig
ntent ol the court. They ore considered in n
worse light tlmn the old lories or the Itevolu
lion. It is n stigma that Is unendurable
something they do not desire lo transmit to
their children, to be reprouched with iu uflei
Unir-Ai. ucr l'HQi-ASK. That queer duck.
Major Ucncral llolines, or Iho Mariposa 6'u
zeile snys: 1'rJeeession papers, or which,
thank God, lltcre nre In Ibis Slate but few.
aie or luto harping about tho reorganUutiun ol
tho Democratic parly. Tliey ure tho paper
llmt sing " Fence ! Fence !" " Our distracted
country rent with wor" " lllualif wur"
Lincoln and his minions"" Subjugation of
the South." Why, don't ti.e d-n fools know
that no war was mode by Hie North, and at
though South Curoiina set-ecded iu D.cember
CO, and fired on the Slur of the ll'fl, Cover
ment took no notice of it until the bombard,
mcut of Sumter, mouths afterwards!"
A CocKtKV at Ska " I soy, Mr. Pilot.
ain't you going to start soon?" said a Cockney
011 board a steamer lying to during n fog
L" As soou os tho fog clears up," replied the
captain. " Well, it s starlight oicrheail now."
said the Cockney, "Oh, yes," replied the
Captain," but wo are not going llmt way."
A Goon Hint. Send joqr child to bed
happy. Whatever cares press, give it a worm
good-iiiglit kiss us it goes to its pillow. Thc
meinory of this, in the stormy years which fate
may have In store for tho little one, will be
like Uclblvheni's star to the bewildered shep
herds. Turn; seems to be n fatality nbout the of
fice or the Vice President of the Uullcd States.
Aaron Hurr, the third Vice President, was p
rank traitor find conspirator ; John 0, Cal
houn, llio sixth Yico President, wus Another
virulent conspirator against our nallouu) life)
John Tyler, niuth Vice President, and, by an
accident, President, was n zealous rebel ; oud
John J. llrcckinridgc, thirteenth Vice Prcsi
elvut. dares uot show himself iu WwMngti'U,
VOL. VII NO. 13,
The Frankfort (Ky.) Cotnnonvtdlth, of tho
19ih, contains the following! touching letter to
the enemy :
My Dear Reh 1 I now take my pen in hand,
for the purpose or hoWing communication
with yoq through tho silent rncdjum, o pen,
and paper. I have just learned that the lines,
nre now open ns fa,r ns Fort Donctson, In Tcni
netseo, nnd I nvnll myself with alacrity of the
opportunity now presented of resuming our
correspondence, Your many (ricnils in, this
section would like to ho Ipformcd 011 variouj
topics for instance.
How arc yon, any how f
How does ''dying in llio last ditch "ngro
with your general health !
How Is the constitution " down your wnji
How Is "King Rolling !"
When will UucUucr take his Christmas dim
iter In Louisville?
Is Floyd still " rifting " cannon, and other
small arms?
How is Pillow's 'i last Melt," nnd when will
ho gratify his numerous Mends by " dying hi
th same ?
How is tho " Southern Heart ?''
Arc you still ublc to whip fire to ono ?
Did the recognition or thu S. Con fed. by
Ktiglmid nnd France benefit you mucli I
Where is the" Provisional Government of
Kentucky," nnd w hut's it kept In ?
Where is tlic Louisville-Nashville-Howling
Green Courier now published ? Say I
And lastly, what do you think oryourscirrs,
any how T ours, in a horn,
A Lu-poiA Max.
United Stales, Feb. 18, 16C2.
" What n censorious liar !" exclaimed old
Mrs. Partington, ns she read in q certain pt
per nn account of n new counterfeit which
wim said lo contain three women and a bust
or Washington on each end. ' Wlint ?" said
.he, "Gen. Washington on a bust? 'tis not
sn !" and the old ludy lifted her specks and de
clared she had known the old gentleman for
the last thirty years, nnd never heard of Ids
be.ng on a but much lev with lime iromM,
In China they bake Ices ! An lee is cnrcl
rnd In n crust or delicate pastry, and Intro
.lured Into the oven. The paste is quiikly
buked. ond thu Ice unmclted, having Urn pit)
tided from the heat by its envelope t ond
thus the epicure has Iho delight of biting
through a burning crust, and then immediately
cool ng his pulato wlih lite grateful contents.
Not every man who dives Into tho sea of
mniriumny brings up a pcnrl.
Many persons have a particular ambition
10 seem exactly what tliey aru not. We know
.1 rich man who bought a splendid library,
and signed the contract with his murki
Polite Oamudatu. Mudam, is your hut.
band about?
Lady. Yes, sir. He lias gone to haul
awny a de-ad dog, and will bo back directly.
CuudIdalc.-.Shcep killing dog, I reckon,
Fierce-spoken Urchin. No, sir-just barked.
hlsself to death at candidates so pup said.
S) ! I--
Goon Fou Hnt.Mtf.-The Visalia Wusaysi
The Marvsvllle Uiprtu hniiestosee-oll Dem
ocrats fighting together urnhr one banner, nut
election. If he calls his stripe Democrats, thu
others w III fuse with them about the lime u.a
apostto Paul nnd old Owlu play ioUt to.
gclher nt t-vo bits ante."
Asa cood reason for discontinuing a paper,
a Western printer thus gocth It J "We strlkn
Hie nnmes of two ol our suiwcriix-rs irom u
books this week, who have recently boe-u bun:
iu Texas. Wo do this because we ure nr.t udi
vised ns yet, of llieir present locality." cry
good reason to be sure.
Don't let your children learn good, nml bad
tilings indiscriminately. To bo sure Hie ba.
misfit be eradicated in after yrurs, but it Is
eatier to sow clean seed llian to cleanse dirty
Wixti vou cot a sister 1 Then h'Vo ond
cherl.lt her with a holy friendship.--M'rrloek
If you have no tlsltr of your own, we woeiM
adviu you lo love somebody else's.
I ll I I H
"That's a h'nu tlruin," said one gentleman
to another, alluding lo tlie tones or a singer nt
a concert, tho other evening. " That's so,"
raid n countryman, who sut near, "but if In)
strains much more he'll burst 1"
A M11.1.10 is Gold. The weight of 81. 1
000,000 United States coined gold, Is 53.75U,
Trov ounces. This makes 4,470 iiounds 2
ounces, or nearly two Ions and a quarter, reck,'
oniug 2,000 pounds to too ton,
... 1
" Ax bom st man Is thu uubU-st work nf (lift
l.ord J" cnlbui-Ioillcidly cxclu.lin.ed, a lianLVI)
Hapti.t, and then, srtor n rmiso, atVK-d " bu,$
the Ijrd hasn't hud, A Job for fifty years."
Mr. Jenkins U about to gut married. lb
says, that to live single is not only singular,
but "agio natur, law, gospel, common ..tcps
and, and fuu generally," Jenkins ispbout
It is uiTOirt 1:0 that at a prayer mt-cllng ou Iho
Potomac recently an old negro spoke, and re
ferring to the war, sold J ' Mto 1 halnl got no
religion, but I tauk do Lord for dis mlgbiyblg
fuss. "
Tins Jug is like the humau heart. No
mortal can ever look into its recesses, and ymi
can judge only of Its purity by what comes