Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, March 29, 1862, Image 1

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. T. Alu
kUrtwit Jsinws imjjtj nr.aj9W4ia
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VOL. VII NO, 11,
111'M'V DI'.NMMiHU, I'lih'r nml IVoli'r.
Ojjlec over Ciijruge If Drum's SluUtt.
Si iivntiiTiox One year. In advance, Four
llollars i otherwise, Klvo llulluri. Six moiillii.
Two Dollars nml Kiriy cents. Nn Mht dl
continued until arrearages are paid, unless nl
the oillon of tliv proprietor.
AiumitssimiUisc Kitmrc (12 Unci nrlcM),
flrst liiM'rtlon. Three Dollars i each Mihrquciit
Insertion, One Dollar. A ilUcuiint or liriy per
irnt "ill be made to those who advertise by the
lly npi1lc:itloii to IVtiim'tiT!' nml Mull Cur
rlcrx. ton ran learn Hint (lie Oiikiiii.n Skvunki,
In, by r.ir n larger clsctilultou In tlic couiitlcr
f JnokMin. Josephine and Douglas, Oregon,
Ami llrl Norte, California, than any oilier pa
per. Thl Incl should commend the 8kxtim:i.
to ton ik a superior nii'ilhini for advertising.
Lilt of Agents for tho Oregon Sentinel,
who sre authorized to transact nny bisstnc
concerning tld paper, In the name of the pul
IMirrs i
I. V I'ltlicr Pan Kranctseo.
V'm.orth A Urtjrtici" Yrrkn
J. M. McC'all AMdaiid.
j o. l).ivrnport dumnrg
W W. Kuwler....
It. S. DunUp
John IM'rlnilli'. .
A. II. MclNaln ..
W V Itlnrhart...
li.J. Kot hi'
M'i M. Vlvaint. ...
Ji.,1 Thorn
Kufiiii Mullory ...
June It. Mow r...
V M Kll'wortls..
Y Cliariimu
It. W Wakclleld..
jlcniamln (Took, . .
.J. II. .smith
. .Williuiii'hurg
. ...Kerlivllli'
... .Alllioilfi'
Sali in
, . l-.ugcnoUiy.
, .Oregon City.
lli my.
.('ri'fcent CU
(i.v. (:ui:i:i(,
Physician and Surgeon,
oitick, city intfis stouk,
.InrU.onvlUr, tlii(m.
(II K. II. tUlnoKI, U, II I- I". THOMPSON. M. II.
iTnoUMonvlUo, Orogon,
NiivimNr'.M. iMil. -
Inrli'uiivlllr, llirKn,
lrII.I, ntliliil to liiinlnrrii III llic CoiirUol
M Hi.' 1'irM Judicial DImiIi'I.iiihI in iIm'
haprimi I'ourt. Ort. 'Jfl'.II
imm v, pvi.r. id vn mii.ijikv.
1'Vl.i: fc. MAIM)KV
tlorlur. 1iihkI ' '. (..
"lTII.Iatlriul to nny 'iiulnci rnndiliil In
1 1 tin in. in lli' m'VituI ('ourU of tin.- 'irl
Judicial lliflricl of Orison, nml in iIh'S'ii
jprime (Vnrl. Oclnlirr '-'l:ll
KM iiracllcr- In nil lli (.ourlH of llio Tlilnl
JmlJ.'UI DUtrlet, tlio Hupniiii' Court of Oio
gon.aml In Yrekn, Cal.
lie In. an nrnt nt Yitliliii;nn. nml i'p"Cli
( iMtili.il city iiinl tlm All.uilIulliW Shiiiiiht
mul Kill, ami nny burluciu will ncilvr protnpl
attrnllnn. li', Willi
K'runrvii.i.i:, Jiwkiiii.nk Cui.stv, ()un.,
Will punctually ntlcml In lniliipcnlriilMl to
U.firr. Apill IX IM!I.-I:tlf
"W'llJ. ixttcml to lniliii'n In tli foviml
i Cimrlx In tin' KlrM .liiilluiiil DMrict of
tlrrKn. ami In tlii Huprfini' Court. Olllce on
liliforiiiit SI., apiHulle " Srntiiifl " llffirr.
JickMisviil.:, Oiu.iiiis.
r M.iy 2.Mli. iil. l!l:ljw
SA.Ml'KL IJ, ilAY,
InrkHiHTlllr, OrrKou,
Jif liMtm lllr, OrrK"11'
l" preparwl to tako I'ioluri'n In i-very ulylcof
the Art with nil tlio l.itet liuproviiiu'iiti'. If
ill not rIvo catlfacllon.uocliargfi' nlll l mnilo
Call nl Kunk'x CIkbi" Slow, or nt tlio (itilliry on
iii" inn. mul ! hi riciorrn. i nr
' ' Hear of " Ktxe Stnlt Siloon," on Witd St.
SHAVING. Ilalr-cullliiK, Shampooing Cur
liiig nml Hair Dyi'lni,'.
Alw. a nenulno nrtlclo ot KMi'n Him Hkh
"'iuivt:,auil Crintinlora'H Kttihivr llmr J'(or
le. JucknouvlllQ, Jun. M.. .'ii
HAH openiil u'kIioii oppoMto Allilwon A
(ilenn'n, on Calllwrnfa tret, lu IJr. I.
CMimiR'n flniK (lore, for repairing
All work warranted In give Mtltlactlon.
Jaekwnylllo, Dee. TiA, 1800, llily
J Oil I'lllNTINd nralldeMrlptloinniMlly
Mtcululal tbc HKNTlNIJIi Ol'lMUH
How thoy Did It.
They were filling Mile, by Mile.
Ami liu Mglieil.nml then Miu Mglinl.
Ami ho lilleil, nml t licit flic Idled.
" Von nrecrrnltoii'n belli'."
Ami flu' bellowcil, nml then ha bultnwnl.
" On my nml theru'11 mch n wcIrIiI,''
Ami he iMilleil, nml llieu he wullul.
" Your Imml I nk, co ImM I've grown j"
Ami he groaii(il,nmt then the groaned.
" You Mntll Imvi-your prhnte gig,"
Ami Mie glgglul, nml then tic giggled.
FnM Mie " .My denrrt t t.nko ,"
And I c looked, imd lliett ilio looked.
" IM have thee. If Ihmi will',"
And olic wilted, nml then lie wtllud,
Tho Talcing of Fort Doncljon.
Fort Donclnoii wn, mrrfiidcml on tho ltllli
of Feb., nml Hie following, from the Ht. 1niU
carrrrpniuk'iit of tlio -S'- ' Mil, U n full nml
micclnct n.irriillvo of Hint glorlou ami invrnor.
able victory 1
The following nre the ilolnllo nl llic nltnck
on the lnli, pnblUliiil in tlio Kt. ftU Ihmu
tin, of Feb. I81I1, retclvul from Iti tjK'eial
corrMponilenl 1
' 'Vkfft nilvnnclrjf Mowly nml lrnd'y
for nlioill half mi hour, when tlio order wan
given to a!.iel cnglnci". fo n Jut to previ nl
Hie bout from drifting down tlio curriiil.
The firing then Iucrcncil in n terrific mlo on
both MdtT. the ci.nny pouring !I"J nml (5I.
poiiiider Into our vcwi-l with Rrnit ilhcl.
nml our gnnncru irlurnnl their rlghtlneb
Miell.i nml 01 pound rllle b.illi mUIi rmt Mill.
We hud not bnn long In tlio hit or the nc
Hon, wlirn n Mint from the enemy' watir bat
teries ciirrinl nwny Iho llagtnir of the .SV.
iin, nml 11I1110M the next bot took the elilm-
tiey jrny of Hie romo boat. A well-wnt lull
from tlie .SV. Imih mon ilruck Ilii'llafflnlVol
the enemy, whleli ww luttileil on the lop of
H.i- Fort, nt 11 good dlnlmice from nny li.illery.
Thin ten idle lite lanbil nbout half mi hour.
when 11 ttl-pnuml bull from the tuMdk' Uillcry
of the fortftruk liic tiller rnw4ortliij;iiii ImiiI
Ismiwillt, leuVrlng l!m ic rliijj iippirnliM of
Hint bout umiiiiiiigiilili'. About Iho whip
limp n Mint filtered 0110 of the window of Hip
pilot liiiun'orilii' Cuioiiittht. npilul'y wimnd'
Ing I Iip pilot. William Minimi. Tim IIipcoii-
Irol of iwn nf our ImuU wm loM. Hhorlly
... .... . ,1 . ....1 i.A ..iti
niter WW u iK-ponm nail R-iiur.uni mi- pmnj
Imiw of ihp .SV. h.im, mortally wounding one
of the pllol, F. A. Hlley, Injuring two oilier
plloli, mid liglitly wouuilins Flux Ollievr
l-'trttr. There were live men in tlic pllit
houw nt the llnK', IIk1 four I Imto menltomd
nud u young man, H10 cornpoml. nt nf Hip
CinctniMll f.'.i:rr. Oi" Ik' five the latter on'y
ifcapiil injury. In mldition to 1 1ll ilaiii.ijjo
Hie Mini Mtuik tho wIki-I of the .SV. I. mm, to
111 innli'tinlly tnillcct it working, nml for 11
Miort lime Ihc vell wn iinmaiugublo. The
(Joinmodipri'. woundul Ihougli he wa, JihiimM
up. und H'lxiiiK llie wheel iillempliil to rg'il
her, but found It impoMlble to manage her.
The rillevln;; luik'o wan Ihrn Itul, but could
not bo Furraefnlly woikiil. .TIiuk Ihnv ol
our veeU were dUabhtl by neoiilenls Hut do
not happen twice in n liundrul llmw.
The men 011 board of all of them were un
willing In give up the flghl, n the enemy Imd
Intn drivi 11 from tlio loner ba.lery. mul Ilivir
Are had Mackemd H'rivptibly. To remain
nml fight in fuch n current with ruiMerlM
boaU would, the Commodore knew, bo worn-
limn folly 1 m lio relucluntly ordered n slow
relirucy. Our vectiU then stoppnl all Ilivir
engine, nml lloalctl Mowly from their position.
They hud been within '200 yard or the fori.
The enemy food raw tho condition of our licit,
ami redoubled their fire. They ran to the
lower battiriif, and ocmi! Iliem on ui with
Icrrillu illi'cl.
I forgot to mention in the proper place Il1.1l
one of the guns of the iVinoiuiVfi' Imrstul In
the middle of Iho action, and that Iho Villi
bniji reeclveil two balU below her water mark,
cauMiig lier to leak rapidly. N'c repliitl well
lo our reinvlgoraliil foe, and lirwl tho m
The following details of the frilling by
land fon-if, terminatinj,' lu Btoimliij iho rlgln
wing of Ilia tneniy'H fortiCralloiu, are from
the Culrn Gustlle Kill at
On .Saturday morning, Iho l.tth. tho battle
was returned with unusual vigor and determi
nation. TI108II1, Ifilh mid 20lh Illinois oc
cuiilcil n poMllon nbnve the fort, tho 6th hold.
ing Iho extreme right, the lfith next, then tho
.Hit ami '.'Dili. After unolher severe ii'ght,
our men were about lo prepare a little food,
when Iho riluU opened upon them a fir.of
mus'kctrj, thut was well calculated lo create
the wildest confiitlon, If not n panic, but the
line of battle wiw nt once formed, and the
storm of leaden hail ro turned, perceptibly thin
nliij; the rebels' runks as they udvanovd.
There nre many rcufons for lieliering Hint the
real object ol the rebel was to ovueualo the
fori, mid lo cut Ihtir way through Colonel
OgliibyV command in doing so.but nllhough
they seemed os an overpowering l'f"l. B'"'
from advantageous positions showered on our
ranks Iho most inmderous volleys ofmunkctry,
grii)C and canister, killing mid wounding pur
men almost by companies ut every round, yet
Iho Stars und Stripes moved not n foot back
ward. JJrnvely, determinedly, without flinch
ing, Ilu-M four rcclnienU held their ground,
dealini! dealli. dying mid lluhliriff against ap
palling odd und iu the face of every disad-1
vanlnge. The I8H1 rtglmiul seems to lime
resisted tho soverest storm, ns against their
ranks the rebels directed their heaviest fire,
but Instead of falling back they advanced In
the very face of the enemy, aid ll.cro stood,
ns It were in the very jaws of dmlh, fighting
bravely and determined')', wills scarcely 11
propect that n single one would escape sure
mid B.vlft destruction.
For three hours thritc four regiments num
bering scarcely three thousand men, held their
ground ngniuit Iho whole rebel gnrrUou. At
one lime tho lHth, being partially flanked, wat
expo cd to u cross lire of both musketry und
urllllery, but our right wing securing the re-
11V left, ut once nlievcd them, During
this critical moment Col. Mlcliscl K. laiwler
fell, plerceil with Iwo musket baits, dipt.
Ilrash, Acting Lieutenant Colonel, assumed
command, but was soon wounded, dipt. Crit.'c
was shot (Und, dipt, uiwlcr wm mortally
womideil, Lieutenants Miuuford nml 'I'liomp
son were killed, Lieutenants It. Kelly und
S'canliin wero wounded, Captains I Hilton und
Wilson were wounded,!) that the daring Kgyp
fun regiment stood before mi ovcrwlielmlng
foo ulinivt without tho olllccrs actually re
inilrcil to direct Its operations Mow ik-spcr-
alely Ihey fought, how terribly they sufferrd,
cm never be fully kunwn. They fell in hrup
dead and wounded ; companies were In. reft nl
Ihelr CuplaiiK mid LlcUnauts, nud ('aplnlni
were u'most bereft of cnmpaule. The lHth.
'.'Dili mid .'list did llieir duty nobly. CoIouciV
Og'iHiliy, Marsh mid Ijigmi dashed along their
mule, waving their hats mal elucring tin ir
men 011 (o the conflict. " HnflVr diiilli, men,"
erieil UHinn. inn disgrace, never. Miami
linn ; yeild, never," und well Ihoy heedid him.
.Many fell kilted und woundul ; uuiuug Hie
burner we nre pained to name Llcutcnant'Cob
White, nml nmnng Iho latter, Lilian.
OgliMiyV. the lHth. nud MarMi's, tho 'Jlllh.
fought doiipi'mlely niidaulUreil severely, iosing.
like the oilier ipgiments. mi unduu proportion
ofofilivni. t'lilmiel Oglwliy diiiplayul 11 cool-
ni and immgo thut has clieilid the highest
pruliM'i which K'rvi-tl in stimulating hi men
to deed of valor. Nivcr. iierhap', on Hip
Auifrli-an ('oiilineut has a mure liluody liallle
ban fought,
Aii ('flleer wlio partleipatul nnd was wonndi it
in the light, iuforiiu 111 that Iho scene iHgguni
Ipseription, nml must ever bo Ixyoud I lie cnu
oppllnii of iIiosq who wero not present. Mo
snvs he scarcely Hilnks he exaggerates when
he stiys that so thickly was I lie buttle field
strewn with I lie dead nml wounded, that 1 10
could have tmvcnkd acres of it, taking nl
most every step upon n prostrate body. The
rein In fought with dcspi ration, rccmiiig to hi
In'pired with what will prove mensurably (rue.
Hint Htclr Impe for nicer.! in thU uIhIIIoii
wem intimately cniimclul with the results of
the Initio then raging. Their nrtillerists weie
skillful, serving their pieces udroilly und witli
fi-urful iflect. On cilher sido could bo lipurd
the voices of llioo In ciimmnud, cheering llieir
iii'-u, luing every menui to li Ihem In purpose
in die rutin r than to yield the contest in such
11 light. The four Illinois regiments we have
iiumcd held Ihelr ground for full three hours.
Xiurly otia third nf Iho wholo number had
liecn killed nud wounded, yet Iho balance
stood ready mid willing to fall facrillcis In
lluir country. Over live hundred of the ifllh
were still in death or suin-rliig from wounds.
The other commands hud suflcrcd less, but
still greatly, nud thus far, all without relief,
and it iippparcd that nothing short of annihil
ation could be expected,
.VnillVAI. 0' IIKI.NI'OlllT.MK.NTH.
At this juncture reinforcements arrived, nud
the balllo was waged with renewed vigor on
our side, but '.villi scarcely less determination
on the part of the rebels. Fur un hour it was
cnnHuucd, the slaughter on both sides being
frigid Oil, but on Ih.il of the rebels immeasur
ably the greutest. About -I o'clock, r. i. our
right wing turned their left, giving 11 turn to
Iho tide of battle thut soon operated greatly
in our favor. Tho rebels fell hack into
tho Fort, und the Slurs nud Stripes were
plunted upon tho position occupied by their
lift wing, and for tho time, nt least, carnage
und slaughter ceased. The number ol regi
ments that composed Iho reinforcements have
not all been ntccrlulnul ; but iu this einu:c
Hon tho 7th, Mill, -IBlh Illinois und 11th In
diana, nro spoken of, but others were engaged,
two or three of Ihcm flinching for n mmuiut,
but rullylng speedily mul fighting like heroes.
I.icuUiiunt Colonel TI103. II. Smith, of tho
18th regiment, fearlessly leading his regiment
in Iho thickest of Iho light, fell, pierced by u
ball, and died upon Hie battle field. 1)iis-ih
mid Schwartz's batteries were brought into
uction, but were soon taken by tho enemy.
The 18th Illinois Heglment, with clubbed
muskeis, recovered Drrssus' while the 31st re-
eovued Schwurte's. The ribels had run the
horses off before litis, however, compiling our
men lo bring ny ho guns, etc., by hand.
.More daring deeds than Ihcso did uot charac
terize the battle.
ri'HTUKR raiiTiri'i.Ans o' tiik south:.
Full particulars of tlio fighting of tho day
before tho surrender of Fort Douelson, arc ex.
tremcly interesting. The sortie preceding tlio
storming of tho enemy's battery was leceivcd
by our troops iu Iho following order 1 18lh
Illinois 011 the extreme right, und tho 8th Il
linois next. aOth next, then tho 29th support-
Ing tho right of Cupt. Schwarlx's battery, tho
ill st deft-nding the left nud McAllisters guns.
Ilaok towards tho ndouht our troops drove
Ihc cucissy, Ihc firing on bolh sides being terri
ble. .Men fell by dozens on every s'de, yet
not n pause or falter from Iho Union troops.
Suddenly reinforcements pouted out from their
redoubt, ond slowly every foot was disputed 1
each remnant of tho regiments fell buck, nml
their leaders lay dead or wounded j whole
companies seemed minlhilatcd every buMi by
their sidu blared with fire directed nt them ;
but there was no conluMnn not n man lied.
From their thinned ranks they llrcd their last
volley ; their ammunition was exlmuilul ; the
foe perceived it, nnd 11 rebel cavalry leader
shouted to his men, " Charge i" l wns n
moment of suspense. The reinforcements were
hundreds of yards nwny,llio last bullet hud
been fired, nml the cavalry enmo thundering
011. Puddeuly there wns nn Instantaneous
flash of steel 11 forest or bayouels rose up!
Tho fnc hesitated ns Ihc sharp pohils braced
by resoluto hands barred their way. They
faltered 11 moment as If undecided, and walled
fur n wavering iu Ihc lines of gleaming steel,
then relmitid.
The infantry renewed their fire more fiercely
nnd some co'ifuslon been 1110 visible iu the
Union ranks. Just then u couple of Ircsh
regiments tin I veil, nml again tho enemy were
iblven back. They too, spcullly received re
inforcements, nml the Union troops retreated.
The 'J.Mh nml l'lh Kentucky were ordered
up by (leu. .McClermird, but for some cuuc
hilling into 11 panic, they find n terrible volley
into the ranks of the 'JOIh. .'lOlh, nud .'list,
which wero retreating toward them. A lain
ilrtd were kllliii or maiiiuil In this lire liy tlieii
The sicelai correspondent of the Hi. IuiIs
Dimiifuil gives the following nccouul of the
lust day's light :
Saturday, which wns destlnl to wllnrw ll.e
grnnd denoonment of the tragedies wh'eh lain
sceno nhnut Fort IloiiiNtin, was cold, damp
and ehecrlisi. Our troojis, however, hud hill
little lluio to rngllnlc upon tho wenllier, or
any oilier suiije:l,ere they wire cuiiui upon
tn uttciid lomoif rcrloiHiiiattrrJ, The enemy
during the night Imd liuiMfcrrvd several nl
their li.illrrlM lo inrtionof their works wills
in a lew huiidnil feet of which our right wing
was reeling, I'pon tho first coming dawn
these hattcrlcM suddenly nn'iicd on tho Dili.
I Kill. 29ih, ! 11(1 nnd Hist regiments, composing
Ogiesby's llrig.ulp, mul who had lliu ndvauee.
.Slmulluneously with tho opening of tho bat
teries, 11 force nf about ll'.OOO Infantry and n
regiment of cavalry wns hurled ngniiist Ihc
llrigudc,wlth n vigor which, made against less
steady mid disciplined Ireops, must surely
have resullid in their entire demolition. Sud
d 11 nud une.Kctctl us was this sally on the
part of the enemy, It did not find the gallnut
llliuoiaiii unprepared lu meet them.
Thcnllnek wns made iu column ol regi
ments, which poured in upon the little baud
from un Icm than three dillirent direcllons.
Hvery regiment found itself opposed lo lluw,
nnd, in many can's, to no Lsm than four ililfer
cut ri-ghnenls. Undiiiimyiil, however, by the
greatly siinrtor forco of tho enemy, nnd nil
supported by mkquute nrlillery, Iho lirigmle
not only held their own, but upon two occa
sion actually drove the rebels fairly Into their
Intrenchnienis, but only to bo pressed back
again into their former pn.llloii, until nt last,
having expound every round of umunitton,
they wero obliged to retire, nnd givo way to
Iho advancing regiments of Col. W. M. L.
Wallace's brigade of tho llth.'.'Oth, 17lh.
-1.5th und -ISlh Illinois mid -IDth Indiana regi
Hero again was the battle continued with
redoubled vigor, now one side, nnd now
another giving way. Our troops fought with
Iho coolness of veterans, nnd tho desperation nf
devils. I would not diminish the gallantry of
our own troops, by saying that tho enemy did
not fight bravely und well they did both.
An exact statement of the varying fortunes of
iho field for the three or four hours (allowing
Iho first nttnek, It Is Impossible Just now to
piesent.1" Suffice it to say, our troops fought,
and not only fought well, fought courageous')',
but fought coolly and scientifically. In the
thickest of Iho fight, when tho officers had to
remove the dead bodies of the men, nt every
one of Hie backward wheels, regiments coolly
performed manauvrw which Scott in Ids
tactics pronounces impossible to be snado on
I ho battle field. The battle, for tho most part,
was fought In n forest, with n thick under,
growth beneath, nnd tho regiments acted
mostly on tho principle of hitting a head
wherever it could be found. Snarmlug on nil
sides of tlicsn, they wero not ut a loss to find
One regiment was only driven from before
Ihem. whl'o another sprung up to tuko Its
place, and there Is hardly a regiment of our
(orco engaged but was apposed to Iriplo Its
numbers. Thus went tlio tide of battle for
livo hours now gaining n little, but, upon the
whole, Ihey were obliged to retire. Officers
nud nun dropped upon all sides. Field offi
cers were borne, killed and wounded, from the
field, and their next in command coolly look
(heir place, nud commenced tho light. Lieut.
Colonel White, of tho Hist; Lliut. Colonel
Smith, of the -18th s Lieut. Colonel Irwin, of
the 'JOIh ; und Major I'ost.ol the 8th Illinois,
mid scores of company officers, wero oil killed
gallantly leading on their men ; nnd still with
unyielding courage Ihc gallant llllnoislnns nud
Indianluus will not ocknowhlgo themselves
vanquished. When tho last cartridge had
been expended, und orders werogiveu to ictiic
for oilier regiments to take their place, sold'crs,
p tm with smoke mul powder, would angrily
Inquire for what, nnd bog to be nllowul to
uo tho bayonet. Hut It was not In tho power
of mortal men occupying the position ours did
nnd oxposed lo such raking fire as tho enemy
subjected Ihem to. lo maintain their ground
against the ovcrTvhchnuing force which Hie
rebels continued to push ngnlnst them.
Oglcsby's, "Wallace's nml McArtlmr's Hrlg.
ades wero necessarily obliged to retire. A
portion nf Schwnrt.'s nnd McAllister's but
teries hud been lost and gniuid.nud lost agn'n.
mid It was not until the mlvmiclug cm my had
reached Craft's Ilrlpaile, nnd Taylor's nnd
Wltlurd's batteries could b" brought Into uc
tion, Hint wo were ttbtc to stem the tide.
These two butteries outdid Hi msclvc,
(J rap?, cnuulslcr nud sclirnpncll, nml nn unin
terrupted musketry fire from the First No
brnskn, -IBtls nud fi8th Ohio, proved too much
for Hid so far victorious foe, nnd Ihey we c nl
last obllgul to retire, lly tills time It wns
tionn. (Icn. (Irnnt had just returned from the
lauding, where he hud n conference with Com
modore Foole. That officer had Informed the
iH'iicnil Hint It was impossible for him to put
his gun boats In condition to make mintl cr
attack fur several days at Icnst, Notwith
standing Hits, nn being informed of the seven
repuLc our trnnps had met with hi the morn.
lug, 1 10 enw Hint some humcilmtc notion 011 our
part wiu nccnwiry 'n retrieve the day. lie
imnieillnlcly gnvo orders to his Ocneruls of
Division tn prepare fur nn immediate nnd gen
ernl ntluelc nloug tho entire line, ltrglmenis
that had suHcrcd most in the morning were
withdrawn, (leu. lew Wnlluce wns given n
division composed of two rrtjiincnU of ids
own Ilrigade, the ith Missouri mid II Hi ludi
una, nnd several other regiments whose lossos
in the net Ion iu tho morning hud been but
slight, wero given the Job ol clearing the
ground we hud lost lu the tunrnliig, while
den. Smith, cniniiiaiidliig the left, reoched
orders In ktorm the works under which his di
visloss was lying.
('en, Fmlih is emphatically n fighting man,
nud, us maybe Imaglmd, tlic events ol the
morning had tended to decrease In no measure
his pugnacity, When ho receivid the long
desired outers for nu nssnssll of the inemyV
works ids eyes glistcntd wills fire. Ills tir.
rnngements were completed by tlnee o'clock,
mid his column was tn motion soon aflcr. The
force under his command wns 1.8 fullows : Col.
Cook's Ilrlgade, "lis nud fiOth Illinois, 12th,
and lllth Mistourl, nud 'J'.'d Indiana, Col. Lin
man's Ilrlgade, 2d, 7lh, nnd 1-llIt Imvn, 'Jnth
nnd flCtli Indiana. Under cover of Capluiu
Stone's .Missouri buttcy, their Torcc begun the
usoiill. It was n formidable undcrlkking.
which, iiud-r n less bravo nnd skillful com
innmlcr than (Sen. Smith, might have proud
a disastrous failure, The hills at this point
nre among the most precipitous of nil tluse
on which tho enemy vvcri' pos'ed. Selecting the
'.M und "lb Iuwu nnd.TJ Indiana (or the storm
ing parly, (tin. Smith tit fleeted the main por
tion of his division to tho right, und having
siicecdcd in engrgiug the attention of the en
emy nt this point, himself heuded the storming
parly nnd advanced upon tlio works from his
extreme Icn, It was u most magnificent sight.
Unnppalled by tho perfect storm of bullets
which mined ulioul, t'.'o General on horseback,
und with Ids lint on tho point of his swoid,
preceded his troops nud inspired them with n
furore there was no standing against,
Steadily, with isnbrokcsuliisc, the gallant
Ilnwkeycs and Iudianiaiss advanced j Ihc en
emy's grnpo nnd canister eaino plowing:
through their ranks, but not n shot wus fired
in return. Closing up their ranks ns one uf
tcr another of Iho bruvo fellows droptied lo the
enrlli, and animated by the feurless example
of their leader, they pressed steadily on. 1 he
works gained, 0110 tremendous volley was
poured Into the oslouished enemy, und with
fixed bayonets a charge wus iniide on their
ruisl.3 which tl.?a was no withstanding, und
they lied lis confusion over Iho hills. At lust
we had pmctrulcd tho icbcl Sebastnpol, oud
the misfortunes of tho morning were iclricuil.
Cupt. Stone's battery which, iu Hie meantime,
hud been doing truuendous execution in the
rebel ranks, promptly udinnced lo Iho posi
tion gained, nml Instantly mpporlid by ll.e
remainder of his division, the point wns se
cured ugninst nny forco the enemy could bring
to bear against It.
In tho meantime Ccu. Lew Wullacc had
comp'eled his preparations for nn ntlnek on
tho enemy, occupying u position they hud
wrested fiom ns in tho morning, some two
miles and a half to the right. Just as Ids
columns wero being put in motion, a mesen
gcr arrived with Joyful tidings that Smith
was inside of tho cntrinchmciits. With a
cheer that resounded far and nenr, the Irrepress
iblo 8 tli Missouri and 11 lb Indiana, who occu
pied tlio (rout, advanced 011 n double quick
into tho encounter they bad long been seeking.
These two regiments, from their suju'rioriiy
In drill and lighting capacities, hnvo ban con
sidered crack c.tjh, and most nobly did they
uphold to the letter Ihelr enviable reputation.
They did not tarry long to bother with pow
der nnd ball, but with a shout, of itself ter
rifle enough to appal Ihelr foes, gave them the
cold steel with n will thut will be remembered.
Shell and round shot, grape nml canister, were
wero hurled at them in vain. Still onward
they passed, and regiment aftor regiment lied
before them. Valiantly supported by ihc 1st
Nebraska, l.llh Missouri, mid other regi ncnls
of Col. Thayer's nnd Croft's brigade, a steady
advance was made, until by dusk, the ground
which hud been so holly contested Is the morn
Ing, wns ours. Agitin nml once more the reb
els were forced to seek the protecting slmdow
of Ihelr earthworks,
The cfTcct of these successes on tho nrmy
was electrical. Six hours before, wills gun
boats disabled nnd the enemy lu possession of
11 portion of our ground, the position of ullairs
was gloomy indeed, but now nil was changed.
With victory, nnd the knowledge thut nt
last they hud obtained n foothold In the en
emy's fortifications, and savage nl the thought
of tho many privations they had encountered,
nnd nt being so long bulkid in the poseulnu
or their prey, officcis und men ulikc olamorcd
for on Immcdiato ussuult that night. Ocn,
Grant, however, mindful of tho risk nttendimr.
such nn operation, even with tnops exhibit.
Ing such Veteran characteristics ns those un
der his command had displayed, wisely pos,
pnned the final twi tie i.min lilt the coming
of tlic morrow's light. What thut morrow
brought forth, nnd how the rebels, worts out
und dispirited by the protracted beleaguer
incut, concluded to give up their stronghold
und lay down their nrius, is nlrendy known.
Tho following Is a pnrllnl list of rebil reg
iments surrendered ; they are given mo by
rebel officers, nnd may bo depended on ns not
exnggerated : Col. Omul's Cnvnlry llatlnllon,
100 men ; Forests Ilrlgade or Cavalry, from
various Slates, 1.200 men s Forty-ninth Ten
nessee, Col. llalliyt Thirteenth Tiimesscc.
C.d. J. II. I tend 1 Finyflrst Tennessee, Col.
Vonrhlcs 1 l'llllotls Tenncwcc, Col. Abcrnethyi
Tenth Tennessee, Col. Mirman j FKty.thlrd
Tennessee, Col. Suggs; First Haltnllon Ten
ueswee liifunlry, Col. Churns; Third Missis
sippi, Col. ; Fourth MissiMdppi, Colonel
Drnke; Fourteenth MisslsMppl, Colonel s
Twentieth Mississippi, Colonel . The
Flfiy-flrst mid Flfiy-sevciilh Virginia, and aev
ernl Arkansas, Alabama and Texas regiments
were ninong the force which left with 1'lllow
and Floyd.
The following disposition will be tmiile ol
prltoncrs tukeii at Furl Donoison 1 3000 will
be sent to C11 in 1 1 Morton, Indianapolis ; .1000
Camp lluttlcr, Springfield j and the balance
700(1. Cuiiip Douglas, Chicago. All tlic i-ffi-ccrs
will be cent lo Cuhunl.us, Of the sick
ami wounded SOO go to Cincinnati, tho
balance to St. Imls. 'lie regiments that
were most cut up will bo detailed to fjuard
prisoners ut Camps herein designated.
About 2000 prisoners from Fort Donelson,
nrrivid hero by tlio steamers .lcxiiiuffr Scvtl
und Tuiipa! to-day, They nrc sill Tenncs
scuiis, und Imvo generally Ignorant Ideas ol
passing events, (Irmly believing that Price ha
possesion of two thirds of Missouri, nnd de
claring with emphus's that Hie lluriwide expe
dition is ut the bottom ol Iho sea. Ten
bonis brought up lO.GBft, In addition lo
which about 2000 Imvo been sent to Chi
cago by the Illinois Central Itallroad. As
fast as they arc landed here llieyme forwarded
by railroad lo Springfield, Cliieogo, Indium
upollsnud Detroit, where cliorls will be made
lu provide Tor their proper accommodation.
The news of the capture of Fort Doneison
entiled tho wildest exeltiment of Joy through
out tho loyal Atlantic Slides. Thousands of
dollars were subscribed in a short time for the
relief of tho wounded. In Hie cities, business
of ull kinds wus temporarily siispendid; gin
erul llliuulnutloiis were had, wills bonfires nud
fireworks; national solutes were fired; bells
were rung, nnd flags displayed on steamboats,
and from public and privalo buildings ; cui
us and uiilitury turmd out in grnnd proces
sions, wllli baiiucis, torches and rockets ; and,
hi fuel, in every manner, there was manifested
a neifict furoie o( patriotic Jubilation. The
" Seeesh " In llultlmoro arc overwhelmed wills
lids Waterloo defeat,
John IIli.i.V Ls-nwKX'i'.-0ur Kngli.h cous
ins have a lively appreciation of tho merits or
treason nnd rebellion, when their own govern
1111 sit Is ntlucked. They even carry their ran
cor against their own rebels beyond tho con
fines of lids mortal life. The body of Terence
II. McMunus could uot obtain Christian buiial
lis Ireland, becauso he hud beeis gullly nf the
great crime of rebellion ngutiist Ihc lirtlish
government. Not content wills excluding his
body from iho church yard, wo notice that the
Loudon AVi exults In the prospect that " the
remains of Ihc martyr will be consigns d to
the unhonored grnvo or the dogs." The Mac
eltsllcld Cauittr is gratifinl that they have
failed to elicit the "sympathy for treason and
dissntisfacttou lor established rule" which had
been calculated on by tho friends of McMunus.
Jlciuld mid Mirror,
Yi t there nre n few Irishmen in Oregon
who would like to get under the protection of
John Hull, to save them from what they sle-
nominate American tyranny.
.. . .
An amusing lit tic Incident occurred nt a
city hotel. A verdant looking chop sat down
to luke "somo filliu',1' ns the iminoriul Joe
Juekson would 6iy, nnd in n short time a wai
ter presented himself at tho back of our hero's
chair, and politely Inquired : " Ten or collee,
sir? ' ' Tea," he answered. " Wlint kind of
lea, sir?'1 Orecny looked up in the waller's
face, anil, with considerable emphasis said 1
' Why, sfoie Ita, of coarse 1 I dou't waut any
ol your susiufias stulf! '
Wortiii.fss Uootv. The following is nn
article from the London 7'i'hics, of Jnn, I lib.
' A turn of Ihc wheel, whlch.thc American
Cabinet lias managed to make ns sudden m
possible, brings us a new question. The four
American gentlemen who have rjot us into
our late trouble, nnd cost us probably 11 m.L
lion nplcee, will soon be In one of our ports,
" Mow, then, nre we lo receive these Illus
trious vis tors. Of course they will be stnred
at, ami followed and pl.nl ogru plied, and mado
tho subject of paragraphs. There is no help
for Hint. Mr. Thomas Sayers cannot walk,
the street with a friend, or ask tho Mayor for
permission to put up a booth In a market
place, but the erowd immediately conclude tho
rough, Imrd-visnged, ill-favored pair ore tho
Confederate Commissioners, Messrs. Mii'ou
and Slldell, with their two secretaries, though
not so handsome mid graceful as their conn,
trymnn, lllondln, would certainty fill Iho
Crystal Fnlacp, If ihey proposed to address
the visitors there on Ihc merits or their cause,
Hut for tlic benefit of Iho discriminating for
the giitilanre of tho tnlnority that prefer nt
least n respectable idol, and that does not
wish lo throw away lis confidence nnd urv.
plause, we may ns well observe that Mttirt,
,Viiti)ii and Slitltll art itliout the mat ttvitltttti
liaoty it vouhllt imnUc to rilivtl fiom the
jawt n iht Amtruan lion, llity Imvt long
Wit known nt Iht Hind and hiibilual halcrt
and tevilert of tint wuntry, They have done
more than any other men to get up t he insnno
prejudice ugalust Lngluud which disgraces
the morality and disorders the policy of tho
Union. The hatrid ol this country has been
their stock In trade, On this they have earned
their political livelihood and won their post.
Hon, Just as there nrc others who pander to
the lowest passions of humanity, A diligent
use of this bad capital lias mode them whnt
they ure. and raised Ihcm to the rank of Com,
missloucrs, It is through their life-long hatrid
nnd ubuso of Knglnnd that Ihry oomo here In
their present conspicuous capacity. The tm.
tion under whose ll-ig they sought safe passage
across the Attain lo the nation that lias now
rescued them with ull her might I mm ihc rer.
tnlnty nfu dungeon and the chances nf retails,
lory murder, it lluil itgttnnt vluth limj havr
nhraiji dour ihtir bcl lo fxaitiatt their cot-ii
Irymtn, Mad Ihey perished In the cell or on
tho soutTuld, nttiM the triumphant yell of the
multitude, tiiiiuoiy would liuvc supgulcd (but
llieir own bitter tirades had rubed the storm,
and that llieir death was only the statural pud
logical conclusion of their otMi raluuiulcs nnd
Tsik 1'asiis JocnxAia, ox tiik Si'nnKxurn
or Mason and Si.wr.i.i, Several of Ha
I'uris Journals express their sulltlacllon at tl.o
settlement of the Trent difficulty, and ccngrol.
uluto Ihc United .Slates on having acted with
so much moderation mid self command,
The y'rw;u expresses itself In these terms 1
Honor to the Government of the United
Slates us well ns tho public opinion in
America! To admit the necessity of a situa
tion, nnd to conform lo it with a manly reslg.
nation, is a proof of wisdom which Is not very
common utiiong nations and (jovernments,
The American Government, In releasing Iho
prisoners, lms doubtless done nothing snore
than apply tho doctrines which it has con
stuntly professed, und nt tho same ttmo it
words oil" a greut danger. To do so lms not
tho less required gieat strength of mind, great
modcrnllou, nnd creut command over itself.
We have fa! Ill iu thut strength, In thut mode
ration, ami in that self command. If, more
over, ('resident Llueoln wishes to crown his
work, and restore to iho Incident of the
Trent its true nud general signification, he Lns
only to solemnly consider tho remonstrances e f
Ftiglnnd as an abandonment of the old snarl
tinio .policy of Ktigland. Tho satisfaction of
the moiiHfUl is for Kiiglnud ; tho reul lrlussij.lt
Is In every way lor the United States, and fur
the cause of the freedom of tho seas. This
precedent is bound to be deeply engraved In
the memory of nations. It has bet 11 suid lb t
Ktigland mul tho h'nglith Government hold In
reserve other motives und other pretexts lor
wur. That may be possible, but the cun nuw
be defied to snake uso of them, as public oplu
inn would now forbid it. Already divided,
before the victory which the Cubluct of Wash,
lugton has Just guimd over itw-lf, public fell
ing will become unanimous, if wo are not
mlstuken, n greut change In favor of Ihc United
States is about to take place, not only lu
Knglaud but in every country. This Incident
was perhaps necessary to moke the Old r!d
fiel by what bonds the United States were
connected with it, The South had cotldcred
the oupturo of the 1'lcnlpotcntlurlcs as equivo
lent ton victory; it will not be mlstukeo in
regiiuliiig tl.cir release as an omcu of ilsdefe',
lima -(lux. )KKCKlNnll)QCI)ol'al.AS, I'sik
iuutis'n. On his memorable journey homo
fiom Washington, shortly before his death,
Si nator Douglas remarked to a distinguished
Kintuckluu whom he chanced to meet at In
dianapolis, i 1 know your man Iirecklnridge
better lliun you do yourselves, Mork my
words, sir : vilhin out $tiir Jrcm tin timt
John C. Hictkinrtdgt xeitl be a litnnal in Iht
Held mmijt" The result shows how thor.
oughly M r, Douglas did know his former friend,
Tho year had but half passed from the time
tho prediction was made, nnd John C. Ilrrck
Inrldge held a commission as Urlgadicr Gen
eral in the rebel army, under Uuikner.
Fkah, The timid man trembles before
danger tho coward during It toe bruvs)
suau, when it is over.