Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 15, 1862, Image 3

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DortMtlo; Manufacture.
" 'I'lio Wlllumctto Woo'en Company, Sulcm,
liave volcd to Increase their machinery 100 per
ont., thus doubling tliclr cnpiiclty for maim
liiulnrc. The order for the lie machinery lias
trendy untie forward, we believe. The shun
of lhl cnmp.tny nrc now selling ut 81 00 nbnv
par. All things coiwlilcrtd, the company bus
tue util water power in Uregou.
Wo clip the nbovu from llio Orrgon Stntts
wait of .Tuimnry 27th, nnd Inlcnd In uu it ns
n Irxt for n few practical observations. We
wire a citircn of Mnrion couniy when the
manufacturing enterprise alluded lo in the
iiImito paragraph was first Inaugurated. It
vus ildittiled by ninny business men of ac
knowledged financial abilities as prenmture
mid unvulled for; and it only ittcciedid
1 1. rough the liielefatlgnble exertions of a few
ii.m, who more clearly apprehended the uctunl
Mints of the country, and the prcfllublc nature
s.f the Investments.
Again, most of the persons who were will
lr.i to subscribe liberally towards the enter
V'l'i', lived at Halcm or In Its tlcinlty, and
m 1 1 c IntcrrstcJ lu having the proposed tnanu
f.iclory located there. Hut here the objection
presented ttsclf, that there was no perennial
water power at that place, and none could be
made without a heavy expenditure of money.
Still Creek, it considerable sized stream,
emptied Into the Willamette at Hulem, but It
only afforded water enough for the purpose
contemplated during icvcn or cliht months of
, 1he jeor. Hut by digging a canal tome five
or six miles long, the objection could be re
moved and permanent water power obtained.
Ill practicability was established, and -the
work was commenced and in due time com
pleted. The amount of money cxcndcd by
1ucm cnprlilng men lo making a perennial
water power, would be all sufficient to put
into successful operation on tome of our moun
tain streams, a manufactory largo rnough to
supply the wants of Southern Orrgon. Is
I hero less energy, less public enterprise In
Jackson coun'jsjan in Marlon? All that Is
needid is for some energetic men tn take hold
il this thing and wake up the people to a
proper consideration of the subject, and Ihc
rattle of the loom and the muitc of the iptndlo
will soon be heard In Jncl.son county. IT the
people of the Willamette can mako water
powers by a heavy expenditure nf money, es
tablish mnnufuclnrlcs on them, and make the
invoimeni n proutuuic one, IS llierc not llnnn-nnowsi i.ati weeK n genueiuan ny luenanie ,,p IIHpin!ii was beiidnl in u cnulrnry ilirec
clal Inct end talent enough In Southern Ore- f lown, who explored Iho country east ot ' lion, under u full In ad tf strain, us If to get
iron, to improve for this pitrosd
some of the-
water privileges that nature has furnished, mid
make the Investment a lucrative oucf Say
not that the wants of the country do not de
mand the Investment, and that the enterprise
Is premature. The country is perishing for I tic
want of it. We sny again, as to havo said
Irtforc, that ynn may sluice out your Kl Do-
rmlnV ninl flunil tin rmmtrr wllli itimipv. lull
""--'" - -' ....rf y. ""i,.i rt.. '...i, .i
If yon have no manufacturing crevices to catch lo I'oitlainl, laid lu
it, the golden Hood will rush out of (ho coun
try quicker than II came lu. nnd your last
ctbite will be worse Iban your first. Hut rs
tublifh a Woolen Muiiufaelnry anil our hills
will bo covered wills sheip, wind will In.1 a cah
urllclc, and it large amount of mony saved lo
tho county every year.
Vm Him Akiuxii. Mr. Ilurrlson Oat
man, of riiiK'iilv, gives us the following Infor
mation : Mr. Sutler, an Industrious, temperutr
Kicrhanlc (if that place', went down Itugue
Jtiver to hunt a horse, one of the coM dujs of
last wetk. He' got text In the hills III the
vicinity of Kvaiuvllle', and wandered he knew
not where. After nine o'clock at iitght, be
' rumc'ln the houio of one Jehu Swludllii, his
iet irute-ii, ii'iiijrj nun 111 a viiriiii.K vui.ui-
thin, lie plead for permission to stay nil
idghl. lie wttscooly Inlornu-d that they .11.1
lint keep drunken people there, und was luM
lluil ll,rn .. n v.m ,.l,nl n .,,11., .Il.lnnl
. . 1 .. 1 1.. 1 1.1. .- -....11
Mr. Sutter started for the tavern, but soon
found that, In his t-xhauitcd condition, he could
not reach It. Ho returned slow ly to the Iioum'
mid aguln plead to be- per mitt, d to stay all
night. He was again Informed that they did
not keep drunken men there. Mr. Sutter
then asked if there was any hay In the burn ;
was told thut there wus none, but thai there
wss soiih1 sheaf oats there. Ilo then asked
pcrmUloii lu go to Iho barn and sluy. This
was grunted. The next morning, Mr. Sutler's
cars were frozen slllf. His feet wire so badly
irozcii.iiiai 11 is itiougtiii.y iiis pi.ysieianii.ai
...... - . .(
ninpulatton will be necvitary. Such, in brief,
is the melancholy tulo as given to us. If the
facts nre correctly stated, wu have no language
sufficiently expressive to characterize the lu
lievpitalllynf ihc wretch tint drove the frizui
nu.' jK-rUhlug man from his door. Wu have
known Mr. Sutler fur years. Ho Is a mode's!,
diffident, industrious, temperate man, respcctetl
by all who know him. We presume he has
not tatted it drop of liquor for years. If there
a so any palliating circumstances lu tho case,
we will publish than.
Wiki Woi'Mix'r ns: as Editoii f The ed
itor of this paper received a present this week
f 'large, line, and gloriously fat turkey!
AVhosajs an editor don't lite I.Iglif lu tho
latguugeof the Immortal Clayt so far from
Lav lug uny objections lo eating turkey, we are
plad to do ll, if it can bo done without war,
el.aiuion or national dlshonsr.
Tins Wkathkb. During tho wak the
e'.-ies have been warm, but the nights lave
Veen freezing cold. The mow still covers the
.round but, it is slowly passing away. The
number ol stock that have perished on account
of ihe severity of tho winter, Is frightfully
great. There are, we aro informed, a hundred
dead nulnmls in Mr. Culver' pasture near
Fl.eculx, In this county,
CincciT CocRT.The Circuit Court Is still
in session in Ibis couniy. The Jury cases
were nil disponed of on Iho 10th lust. There
nrc quite (t number of chancery cases yet lo
dispose of, und Ihe Court will probably con
tinue in secession during tho week.
Favor. Wc are Indebted to J. II. Smllli,
Fq., of Crescent Cily, for a file of California
papers, received at thut place per steamer Ct
lumbU, Jan. 31st.
Jacksonville & Fort Bolso Wagon Road,
mrouBii "in a Few Days."
Mtfri. Stnllnrlt The Wagon Itoad enterprise
is now n flu-d fast, fully hunched. Since my
lftt letter tn you, the subscription 1UI lias gone
up to the respectable flguro of about $S00, and
Mill going. Tilings inovoj events happen -
sometimes rigidly, sometimes otherwise; emer
gent clicumttituccs have lu days past produced
great general and statesmen caused Ihc wheel
of science lo rcvolvo with greater rapidity
caused new openings on Iho cliffs board of po
litical economy new wrinkles In domestic econ
omy, (Sec " Confucians New Stylo of Roast
Dorg.) lu the present Instance, the Wagon
(toad enterprise nbovc mentioned has Inppcncd
and commenced lo move toward Tort llotse,
Just In llnni to keep us from sinking toUrably
deep In the troubled wnters of the raging sen of
of bankruptcy whh.li ica, when navigated by
tho adventurous snnge, In his solitary canoe,
In search of curlnslllet, tome time or other,
over the silo of our present beautiful home,
would (Mi up a bundle of chancery bills, a few
dilapidated mortgages, and, perhaps, a scrapor
two nf a SsivrnKf., which would, lu all
probability satisfy his limited thirst fur knowl
edge of n oneo happy and well cultivated com
munity. Hut, m I raid lieforn, thing hate
happened to keep down Iho raging waters;
the mad from this time on will hate n chemical
action on real estate It will harden It, causa It
to blovoui, U'ur ft ult, be (Inn, sociable mid com
panionable lo the neighbors especially lu lis
lcllov-mnrlgagrs, of whom there Is now a pros
pect of declaration of Independence! when
farms and houses will numo the pilnt mid
culturo of majestic progrc
Crescent City Is mining with commendable
energy, Just lu the right lime, on Hits same
road enterprise miming up, no ili.i.M, a very
Mi.i.f..lnl,1.i iil.or!,.lln II. I Inlrr..!,! ...,.,.
il.H.ij iij lime, inmuwii ill, n, . mr uiuuilki-
Interested, and should I grabbing n hold of
ihc ropes tonicu here, mid not slay out lu the
cold, when an enterprise like this Is helii'j
launched, manned and navlgatcel. It Is their
ark uf safely as welt at ours.
Now that we sec our way clear to Salmon
Ittvir. tin Ihc l.uke. ncros the desert, eiver,
spur of Iho Illiio moiintnlus, down Malheur
river lo Tort llolse, thence up IJol-e river over
M uitiuu hi taiinon, or itiiywiicM eio we,.,,,,. .,. Ilfll,r .f u......... ...r, .ri. i,'
ihoofc lo go-lhlngs turn up and turn nut bet -
ler lliau we vxptcted, ns they generally do nil-
.!.. ...t.lt.tM MT.AI.(..ltrt.1M..J .f.tttl4 e'l...t. tl
UVI VAI'IIHk V.l Vlt.l.t.VVO r.,..l.,l. IMIIH
rains, ll stor-runi".- (Old provtrb.) When w
in tli.) When we
along In a very'
,, ,, ".
dderaUu s.cfd. a.
get ou Iho tight road, we Jog
nlamatli likes lo soma extent In '.in, In scare!
of gold, showed mo a letter from one ,,r ilie.'i'rl lliul she stemiMl nt the rate of I.M.uots
patty thai wn. with him, staling il.it they .11- ' h'-ir-laslcr ll.a-i she- bail wr gone be
1 ' , m . ,i, ,i ,i , ,i fore. Ilicio whs no lie icsslty for this, lor the
.overnl gold la.t fa I ou II.. west Kim i.f III.' ,, , ,,,, ww f ; mM) ,, ,,x (i
lllne Moinituln., lo Iho south or Illg Sprlug-u ,lf ,(;vy raKf, ille the Sumter hud a crew
slut I of water lhrc miles wide, and Is lhe head r l mi men, ui,l live gum nf small enliUr.
nf ll.ii mil full: i.f ll. (Mnitrs river. Tlii'V-ntao I Wliiiiktiiitv.it stniulln to tho iiorlliivnrd
found rich diggings on tli.i head of I'ow.b'r
lllver, about seveiily-IIte miles nems the ridge
from al.t Sorb.... i...rlt..a.. ll.o narlv ea.no
.. es.nud went Lack
.!.!. .'11 V- I, ,11. I ..I I
mere use inn. .wt, u mis r.iuui.i iiirn ""
true, and I lullcie II I. our road woulJ lap
tliCM- lulnes nlxxit Ino hiindreil miles Ireuu here-,
, will, a branch md In lliimM.lt sllter'l
es.wo would probably Ik contented, and t
.1 , . hi. .01 11.
;c the frols and Icicles of Palmon and tar-
nlrtleilhnriesleil by olher.
The whole country from IIiiiiiIkiI.U luCarrt-
boo will Iki prospe-cled the coming Siiinnier ; '
and with this mad, Itniie Itlter Valley will!
turn up lu nlmul the right place, a fan. eapa-
tide of piexluelug supplies are scarce uloiig the
I ' ii v
coa.l. r,p i-lully since the nWd. , ' ,,r' """ I" 1- " v "v nlt. u-.t nu.l sare.l reme.Iy lti.it can !. u.,.1. II
Old Wli.lerla.Lloekad.d.i.wllhmo.v.aml S-rlyKona IMbiuw..'4wUiI,I.uI Iflwlup. iuw p,Cullarly kncllclal f.,r purging the
It will U hard lo break that blockade anywhere' P01"' tlm,rU mUuU' ,0 Kcl 'ira" O"";'1" . hlo'l. evpcllln' (.tntriiclluiif, .Iru.nous and
lo Ihc easlwurd until the llrst of Apill. Mean-' lrasrjpli, he citel.es from the entire emit. scmruh.iH humors, pu.tules, pimples, nnd all
lime, our ndienlurons miners maUsatnge at- ,,l,llll'.v' II he omits nny thing, he is lary. ( dl.llgurlng eruptions upon the surface of Un
lock Ihu crliu walls of snow on iho North-. If ko speaks of things as they nre, iwplo nre . 'kin. AH111I
rrn ri'Ules, nu.l Hiiro 10 itvalli l.y l.iiu.lieils
My n.lt leo l-luke lluu', ke'ep eoo (not free-.-
lug colJ),nid wait fur Old Sol to break the
j blockade. Mr. Downs cautious people In keep
I clllir of till) Asl.V lll'M-rt U.t of Kl.ini.llll I lie.
. -
1:11 nr Ul IHU .TO I'l'MH IHMU. i 1,1111.1111 I liir. 1
The route north e.r Ihe lakes should bo nl..ng '
., ,ii,r., . . 1 i. . I
Iho south bank of Ihe eu.t fork of Des Chutes
rlter. The oiitl.ein route (euilgrant i.iI ;
I ..1 1 I . .... .11.. .11111 I m I
linuld make the rhlg, which Is low, Ufme
Ixurlng unrthwnr.1. This rhlgu Is one running
southwest from the lllue Mountains.
Tvut Jinn, Siiiirn.
r.H. Place wrllluis llm nbove. I Into re-1
gl-Ii-iiI n luttir from Creseenl L'lle-. stuttiii; lb.it I
thev bud rase. 30U for Iho road enleri.rl.e.
' " 1
and would do moioso.
T, I - Itll
liey forwanbtl tlu-ck
for J20U, la bo followed by more of Ihu same
utrt 1 Kit (t sir Is isimii lit .Im IV'iitl Ij tn jtii
,...,. tutniuA.u ,,, eu,.Itltue.
- -.us. hi.t.ii, " i .
I ---. r. ..........
Tnilitit, Saw.
. i i
Wk have rectlvcd a communication from
" IVle I'hiiz." He delalls at some length un j
''hinlcri'Stiiig' conversation ho hud not long
since wllli a Seceher. He sutsi "Seceth
to.ild lo him If he wur unwcl he Ink Co laities
Worm Me-diiin, Kurry'a hullltr, Whltlykcrs
llye Wutter k TuminUs Wbkc and uzeil ih.t
Oregon DtmiLml fur bliitern crpues ou lli-i
stuinaek, then got hiis wif lo ti a Thurmond
lur on hlz back and stud him In Ih.t sou til
Ilia Thiirmouillur iudiknted Dixie. He scz ll
has eoopersevded praro with hlui, I left him
jind tu liU Mils and wcut out to sea how meny
dill Kutlle 1 had.
Yurea wilh rcspccU 16C2 Har ltlvur, Feb
wcrary 10 1'ktk IV
" Tiik great mass of Ihe people of the North
areopjioH'd tiiubolitlunUm." Oiegon Union,
It is refreshing to strike a truth now and
Ihcu In Ihu Secession organs of this Slate.
Yvt, the great mass of the Northern jieoplc
aro opposed, not only to ubolitionism, but also
its twin sister Kccwilonlsm, And yet you
ullect tu believe thut the littlu squad of Abo
litionists in ihe Northern States, contemptible
in number, wlilnnit official position, and op
poH'd, luted und eUplscd by Ihc greut mass nl
the Northern people, are governing Ihc coun
try wltli u rod of iron, stuping its official ends
und moulding its destiny. What terrible fel
lows ilicio Abolitiouljia must bo I
ArroivniKM. Col, Cornelius has p
pointed I). W. 1'orter, Ksi., quartermaster to
the Oregon Cavalry Itegliucut, lu placo of 11.
F. Harding, Kmj., who icfcigucd ou account of
ilMicalih. Ihilij Oregoniun.
Uy what Hiiihuiiiy was Ihc above oppoint-
UKUt UuJc?
Josephine County Union Convention
The nimllfiid voters of Jo'ephlno County
who endorse the proceedings of the Chairman
or the Democratic State Central Committee,
of the ltepabltean Slate Central Committee,
mill others who have united In a call for n
1 tTtilon Stole Convention j those who are in
favor of Ignoring all parly connections, and
arc In favor of sustaining the General Govern
ment In Its ((Tufts to suppress the present re
bellion, nrc rcqustid to meet In mass Oonvcn
llonnt Kerbyvlllc, on Saturday, the 22.1 duy
of March, 18C2, at 12 o'clock m for the pur
pose of electing delegates to the Union State
Convention, to be held ut Kugtnc City, on
Wednesday, the Olh day of April, 18C2.
N. 11. A general attendance of all (rlciuls
of the nbovc measures is curncstly solicited.
C. 1. SrnAni'K, Chairman Republican Cen
tral Committee for Jo'epMna County.
M. C. H.tiiKwci.t., Chairman Union Demo
crallc Central Committee for Josephluc Co.
V I! ('randall
I)S llnlton
V V Itlnehart
It I Kuibci
I II Cone
U'wls Ivtihn
I, It Witk
W It I'rlekett
fcse Allen
A II Mel Ih nln
Unite Tlioiiip-on
Oust Ollii-ilahi
Stephen Onto
T II Thorp
I'lunk 1 1 r tin
.1 II Wells
V, V IsToinpt
W.I Mntlhewi
David Foster
W V May
Held Norton
A 'fuylor
Tim MiKira
Win Suilih
W W Itidgill
SS llovy
A S Lure
V Muloney
(IK Iigmi
A O Spooner
W I Sunders
N II Warner
(leu Drnehiufcldt
Wm Mm lln
Wm .""'uva'jc
Wm II Joliiisoti
W V Monro
S.ilnl Sibley
ltobt llauiitcr
John It I'rliidlo
(i v .tlonro
'.Mm 0 Klder
1 Win Sutherland
f Iiln I tines
Unlit I, I'tlMICS
( y VtlltU
y J Kvum
Tub I'uiVATixti Switiiii. Wo take
following ttatemeiit from mi exchange :
The jirlvutecr Sunite-r was ju Iho ported
Miirtlniiinu on the l'lli of Nmcmber lat.
Idle she was lakiiu In coal, tlat U. S
I . t . . i t . .in
sleanier iriHpmu ran nit" me nari.or. I no
' ,"1" ''"''"" ' "' ? . "'I "' ,''!'
. ....i I.I I.I.I .i.l.. I i..
Iiuiinciioriu uiej niuiiu iiimui hit muni-
.1... U .. I .f. IM. f...
! ,., ,, l nnclior, but lay wllhuut I lie har.
ln,r. (lu Saturday, wind was brought on
It.ll.l I t.J. Il.ll.lll.U llltlt tl.ll Sllllltf. Illf.'M.l.xl
lliUUMII) IIIV lin,"",' """ ' " ,it ,miii,'i
' l.k lltll 111 ... 11,111 111,1111. , Itltllt 1111.11111,1,1 nil
" l"' ' "l,u ,,,i,'u
"r"lU",ul ","' "'V!'
wn gelling un.hr wegli
J 0ll,,ir.1. In place
I . . . S ." .
I llial Hie privateer
I lllld CnlilllU out to
,., - ... " ni i(1 ...-, of lhat dlrrtilmi.
lout nf the wny ns fast as possible. Tin' erew
from Miiillii.ipie.sho passed n s booiiir. und
" '," I.itut. susgo ni in u.e' i-.ipmiu in.ii
"." """ " 'I""'.4 '" " "'.""I" "'"' "'V "
.... .......i... 1,,,,,,-v.r. i.ut him olf suvIiil-.
I.... !,. I.. ..mill i.ii.ipniiiiiiiii .! nm .ii.i'ini.'P i
i :.. . -"..-- . . . - .. - - - --
, "Tin. lilt 1 .". sir I ll.'ii'l her uway nr HI.'
Thnums." Hit then went Mow mid lurmd
' In
The ruplutii told Ids nlllnM thai Im was
""' scxilinituorihc eaptulu id the .Vw-,
' " i;mmiiI I" Mark htm.
'I 1 mors mil crew i.f the tViwi epr. s
. j.,,,, i,,,),,.,,,,!,,,, nl ,, 'ltnthiy i.f
I ll.elr i-.itilalu. nnd s.omo of lhr nnio-rs were
nni"in In have the vessel whle.li had lieeu so
willfully dlsr.ieiil.
. l',,,""M,1,;,,r, l'.;'i'jcr. nf Hi-; i 117111111 has
!"w ,KUI ""'" ' the sirvlevj
I ... ,. in
'.'. I. 1. .v.... In 1,1. ii.iiu,!. 1 n t.i 11. all
!. 1 - .1 . 1 .1 . '
ni.iil. II lie' glosses ntrr sinnotuea imwii 111c
rough points, he Is lsrilse.il. If he calls things
hjtthi'lr right names, ho Is unlit for Ihc pnsl-
tl d eilltor. If hedm-s mil liirnlh bis rend
CrS W itll JoliCS. 1.0 Is n IIUlllll. If III' ll.HH, he is
' - "J "- - -- - - -' - -
'' ratll.hl, wanllnif t.tl.flly. II he eon.
ih inns I hu wrong. I.e is a gniol fellow but laiks
,., ,r ,, ,,u ttr(ll ,. nnA l,;,,,,,.
0 ttm.tli.ii-.l. Iki I rsmarsl. Ifhi'iinhold
" ... . . ... ..
a putilic mini, no iims sn 10 grutiiy spue is u
tool of 11 clliiue, nr U'lmigi lei Ihe " outs." If
he indulges lu 'rsouulllies, be Is a lituckguard
if ho docs not. his uitr i Insipid. Th.y
mil .li,l. llirr,i.,ili n lir.lll l.'tr.l i.nnr.rt lit
"fronts, iiiiivrdlnir tn Holy Writ but there
Is no record of his Mils obliged lo servo OS
' " ","r.,,, 'V I "
1....- t . ....m. - ri.-i ...
I'hnt would
W'MtMIWri IIIIIV IAII lil'Siv lllkSit , titi M-
,,,., ,,. .,.. .,i,i,.,..1ui. i ,,r..l,.it.1v tn
.1. .tt.l tn.a linl'.k Lm it sufilil tli'tn sttull lit nt.
i IM., ntv w01lM (,.. Xnftn ,l0 u,4, of
I.f. rf... I ...I ....1 .II...I II..1.. ... 1 ... ..
11 im iriiiiiiit-tL'iirMii. miti 11 n .-ititniiiiuc i ii;irt,
. :
... .,
Tim Minis. try III tie has lieeu done In.
the Mine of late, ou account of tho cold und
frevziug weather. Hut we expect soon leihemr
nf greater activity, rich clenu-ups und gloriou.
Jac!;sonvil!o Prices Current,
ItrlKii ti il for I lie Si nil. u I tun rrlrit tt i tUI-
.I.eikosvii.i.K, i-aiurday, Feb. IS. 18C2.
Wheal, per bu.hel SO it 7..
Oats, do :S 4U
llarli'y, do HI it .Mi
Kinur, In ir. sacks, per 1U0 lbs.. 2 fid to 3 00
Chlckcnx, per doz $:t UO it .1 1)1)
Corn Meal, per 100 lb a I ou
Hay. lur ton.
33 to 10
16 lo Is,
8 it 12
18 a
Itaeou, rides, clear, per lb
elu do with bone
do hams , ,
elu shoulder.
do hog round , ,
lleef, licit, per III
I'ork, ilo elu
Million, do ,
Lard, leaf lu tins, per lb. ...... .
do lu ke'gn (lo
Mutter, fresh dairy, du
none C21
... . i
ei in kegs, uo
Cheese, per lit
Kggs, liesh, per doz
Potatoes, per lb
Onions, do
Turnips, do ,,,
Uabbngii, ilo , ,,
llcauswliltu elu
fii.'.ui Anpk', per lb
Dried App.'s,per lb
Drii'd Peaches
Criiiled S.ignr
Drown do ,
Klce. ,1,
3fj lOAU
I ll
:i a
K it
10 It
10 a
23 a
20 u
10 n
WARREN LODGE No. 10, A. F, & A. M.
A 1101,11 their regular communications
'jPsr Iho WeducNlay Kveulugi eu or jiucedlng
Who full moon, in
jackso.wim.k, mis'.
(I. W. OltKKR, W. M.
II. Hi.oou, Sec'y,
Circuit Judge 1 P. I'rlm
County Judge. I. C. 'Column
County Clerk ,Wm. llnlTinnn
Prosecuting Atturney Unfits Mnllory
Sheriff W. U.S. Hyde
Deputy Sheriff J. M. Sutton
Treasurer David I.lnn
Assessor. , Wm. K abler
l'ublio Administrator O. I), lloxle
Couniy Surveyor...... Sewall Tnmx
Coroner Sumiicl K. May
jO'nnilssloncrs.....D. . J ird-ieje, !. Ilcber
DHIII 11111.1111.1.. VU.K. .JV.1UU.6. .U. .Ill.l.J'ttllJ
Tcmrt rf Coxitis--Circuit Court, first Mon
days in I'ebruary. June nnd October,
Counlv Courl. I'lmt Mnnd.iv nf each month.
l'robate Court, llrst Monday uf each month.
j.rKsoxvit.t.K fiiKcixerr.
.Iiitlcc of the I'euee U. S. tlnydeii
Coiislnble M. W. Davis
Hond Supervisor.. '..... C. C. Heekmnii
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice Is hereby given that the partner
ship heretofore cxNtlng between Henry Den
linger mid Wm. M. Hand under the (Inn
n line nf Denlinger & Hand, Is this day dis
solved by mutual consent, Win. M. Hand
withdrawing from the firm. The business
will be contlnue-d by the said Henry IKlilln
gcr. lie will collect nil Ihc debts duo the late
firm, mid is responsible for nil their outstand
ing obligations.
IIkvuv Dr.xi.txeir.n,
Wm. M. Hand.
Jan. IS. 18C2. .
Dr. Hojtctter's Stomach Hitters uru uni
versally nekiuiw bilged to bu n sine preventive
and cure for Keter mid Ague. I'latuleuee', Hea
viness or the Stomach, or any oilier IlkunUcc
lion. Their effect upon thu system Is most ml
raculout ; llii'.v give n healthy tone lu the sys
tem, relievo nil morbid matter, mid In fact
thoroughly cli'anse the system nf nil Impurities.
In no cao has It been known to fall, but, on
ihu contrary, new virtues have been found lu
its use. To those nnilctetl wllh uuy or the
abovcjllsof the tKidy, the Hitters ore ulfe'rcd
" .
,( a speeily ami certain cure.
Try them nnd
form yoir own oplnluu
.einlil It.'itrn i,!.f ninl
j-.. 4 4 ""
.,,-.. ,.,,. ,,,r, .
I" ' -..-""....
XVXasonic IvJotico.
Tho re'gular Ciimuiunleatlnus of W'aiiiikx
. ... In I 1. tl .1 .11
' -" ", I J VI .... .'II...I. ..-
' .'- I-..- .. Ill I.- I. ..I. I -- - .11 - .
, ivirt nm iiv imu hi iuiiuiii
Tn nun.)- II,
I'llniiur)' vt.
Ma. eh II,
.1 pi II IS,
31nj- 7,
ilimr II,
Inly i,
.tiiuil II,
Hi .i in'irr .'I,
iitt .iitirr .t,
Dirrmlirr Ut
from October !
noi'it or mi:i:ting,
April, nl 7J o'clock r. M. I'rom April lu Oclo-
, '"'r l 'i o'elock f. M
(. w.f!i!i:i:ii, w.m.
II. ItlJ.'lM.PCC
Jackxiiiclll.i, Ogn.. Jan. 1st, XI.
I. 0. 0. F.
J.vi'k.invii.i.i: I.oimii: No. 1(1, holds lis re-gu-
ar meetings every S.lTt'!t. )' .'IV.'.W.W,
, u.r Hall (Mc'Cully'sT
T ,,'ebK.li.
irallirr In cnn.1 stnnJIn
v" , , ,,7i,!,"t
I'henter building), ut
g aro cor.IUlly I si-
I f r.siiv Dkni.imii:ii. N. (.1.
.1. M. StTfox, It. Se-c'y.
Satld'n Slinail.irilla l nil evcilleut nllera
the anil Ionic. Hellenic females of Irre'gular
hiblls, oral I lie lurulug K'rl..,l of life, llnd ll
- - - - - -
()Ui:(2(). C'lIAI'Tr.ll .NO. I,
Will hold Its re'gular commuuleatlous ou the
I'll.l Nut. inlu)- Kvinlugul Kvir)' M.ii.lli.
All sojourning Comptntous lu gol laudlng
are cordially invited lu ulleml,
W. U.K. HYDE. II. P.
.f.ts.T. (I(,ksn, Sec'y. elicb:l7
deduction in Prices
, nPfflt .4 uyTTft Ar Y.rilltrj ITVlTJ
mk xa,kM w m-Kr mr vnjki .i
I -at Tin:
Board anil Lodging, per week
$( 00
. 7 00
. X ro
j Himnl, per week
Hem ret, per lav Single llooui ..
I LnilglllK ill' .N'lKllt, single loom
i l.oilglug ir Nltilit, double room
Slitglo .Ut'itl
LOUIS HOItNl-:, I'roprietor.
Jaeksnnvlllc, Nov. 'J.'l, 18G1.
mis. i.iviiuroor. onouNn
SALT, lu ttoio und for tulu by
Hardy Illllf's, south end Dig Canon.
lliruury 8. 4d
Administrator's SJotico.
NOTICE Is hereby glten that thoundcrstgucl
will upply to the County Court, nl tho
Much 'film tlnriof ensuing, lo re.lgu his let
lets of Admlulttiatlou uu Ihu estatu ol Godfrey
Kiguer, lalu of said County, ihceavcil.
o. c. hi:i:kman,
Adm'r l)e Uiii nan.
February 1st, 1862. H
1)ACK-SADDI.KS consluutly on hand nt
my Harness und Saddlery establishment,
fil HKNltY JUDUI5.
TOll l'HINTINO ofalldescrlntlonsneatlv
0 cscvulcdatiheSliNTINKL OFFICUl
I$Y teli:ok APII :
Good News
Dress Grooao,
Silks and Shawls,
Jut COBt.
llemembcr, Gents,
Jjt Cost,
tBlas Bros
Cheap Cash Store.
.TACICSONVII.I.K, .Tnn. 19. 1
ill. A. IBlSKWTAiXO,
Orogou Otroot,
Is now receiving a regular weekly supply of
TT'fOiltl. tyy 1 1 "fr.&i
Applos, Toars and Foachcs,
And ull others In season. In addition to Ids large
mid varied stock of
Candies and Nuts,
Which will Im' sold on liWal lemi'. lo suit the
times. Ileal If. rs to tl.u public his will-
known asMiiiiue'lil ol I nu
Several hundred
i..vi)ii:s' HASurrs,
Pipos, 2?orfuraory, Toya,
And many other
JaeksLtivllle, August S, iMil. '."J.lf
Attention, Everybody
You are hereby nuliuVd that
Can bo found ut his store' ou California street,
ulwa)s ready lu furnish vo'i with
J3?m?!h'M. JtCjB.aam.l.Crtf9
Of every Description, tucli as
Applet, Fears, Fcachcs, Luscious Grapes,
And, in short, ever) thing usually found in u '
rruii Hiurv, tpgciucr vviin u urge una win
ussorted stock of
liver of Choice
Will lln.l the best epiallties ul his eiiuuter.
All of whlili will be sold at prices to suit
the limes. October Uf., I SGI. II
Coorv w Jacksox, (
T OHN I.. SHI'.I.DON. jou nrc hereby no
t) tilled that u Writ uf Atlnchmeut has been
i.iiidl ngaliit you nnd your iimiwrly At
Inched to salKy the ele maud of H.CllANIlY,
umoiiutlug lu Tuinty-iuie' Dollars and Sevi'iity
cents. Now uiile vuii slijll npiH'nr benue
OHO. M. IIAIIlU.S'.a JuttlevorUiu i.ev
lu und for said County, ut his Office In Dar
.1,. nulls, on llm "8lh day of February A. D,
iMi'J, Juilgniint will bo rendered iigulusl
vou und vour proH'tly sold to pay ihe debt.
Idled Ihis 1 :i 1 1 day of Jnnunry. A. I). 18li'.'.
Ill KI.UAII CHANKY, I'laintitl.
Oregon War Scrip.
rll AVI! ma.li' arrangements with a rcsouslhlc
llanKiiig Hoiimi luatleinl lo Ibo eolle-clluu uf
Wur Scrip In U'adilimton t'lty. Having nccu
nleil Ihu poMlioiiof Clilef Clerlt lu one uf Ihe
lli'pvrtmeuts .lining tl.u war, scrip holders will
Hint mo pre parol to glvo nil nccie.-ury Infurina
lion relalivei to tliclr cl.ilnn.
1 will aim glvo my attention to posting and
itrrauclnir IhiuKs mid accounts,
sis- Olllce lu Iho StHtiiul building.
Jacksonville, Juno 2'J. IbUl, 2ltf
fPIirdtr. was left on my ranch lo v
1 pa.turo one OKAY MA UK. of iSfel
small size, the property of one II) le, ' l
on tho 27 Ih el ty uf lleccmlier, A. I). Ifcwi. Now,
a sild II) It' iloe' nut nppeiir nnd pay eharg''
on llm same. I will sell said mart-, nnd n coll
foaled sluco said uiaio has U'eu ou Ihe luuili, J
On Ifie'M iky of t'llniiinj, le'ii'-'.
AT I'IKK.S'lX, Jackson county, Urejon, nt one
o'eloek lu Ihu ullernoou, lo pay charges ou luu
same lur iiasluriug.
Assignco'3 Notice
AM, persons Indebted lo W. W. UOi-S aro
heuby uotillcil lo mako linn ill ute payment
to tliu uiiitcrslgued. The creditors of ihu said
W. W. UOSS ure notifleel to preseut Ihclr claim.
properly uutlieiitlcainl, un or beforo tliu 231U
l'Vtruary, lbtiJ, or the tamo may bo Uirreel.
2o Asslgne-o ol W. W. Hosi.
Waldo, Josephine Co., Ogn Jan. 20. 16C2.
lUal'lUDi ObANTCS lor sale at'
wi:li,seIiKcted stock op
AltK Ol'l'KltUD AT
To correspond with the hard time.
rem hi'.adv pay,
is in:sr l'ou ali
Ktrry Arllrlc Wnrriiiiltil ns llrprcstiiltil.
I'leasc give us a call.
Jacksonville, dan. 1 lfifi'.'.
rpili: undersigned would resx-ctf'illy Inform
X the ellleiis of J.itk-.m nt.it u.ljiiluiiig
counties that ho has ou hand and will numifac-
turn lo. mil r
All Kliiels uf Siisliltvry J- Iliirucsn
Mflt AH
Heavy Draught Hntnn (Ion? nnd short lujf)
'Concord lliiine'ss, ll.iggy Hurucsi
Moub'e nnd finals-)
( Spanish Hnil.ll'-s. Irecs nnd rigulog complete
jiiiie' n:i. i. lie1', iii.eiisi .m.hi.iv,
Saddle bags. Ilrl.lles,
Sureiuvles, Halters,
Whip. Vblplahe.
And all other article usuilly found In a
llrst clast stoeli of
Store lu " Sentinel " liuHding, California
iu:.MtY .n:i)ci:.
Jacksonville', D.c. '.'I, I to I. I'Jif
SVL1M). 1CI1IS!!
Witliin .Sixty Days!
Joir Ostslx !
Without Rexcrvc !
We are ili'tt'iiiilucil ami Cuii
IK'llctl to ilacv all our lltittU
Accounts ami ' Notes lis
tliu IiuiiiIs of our At-
tot uey, for action
Al the coiislm; tctsis tf I lie- Dls-
ti let Court, if not iHtlel ois
or tic fore tliu
JACKSON YII.I.K. Jun. 11. f.2
lu Ihu 1'ilcis of
Board and Lodging !
Hoard and Lodging, per week $0 00
Iloaul, per week 7 UU
Hoard und Lodging, per day, with prl-
tatu room, best style 2 25
Lodging per night, lu private room. . , , 75
Lodging, per utgut, in double room. ... 60
Siuglu Meal go
Induction lu price, but no reduction or
chaugie lu table. My tublu shall not bu Mir
patacd by uay In tliu Statu uf Oieguii,
Jacktouvltle, Jau. 10, 1SC2, Aiml
MMmm ' ijimswui una iw. a"
I'nllfornla Slrctl, Jiitksontlllf,
E.VVGJist received from the Atlantic sldo
and Sau l-'ranolscu. n cnmtilel -tnek of
I'tcryihliitf In their Ibw niel will kiiicoiintaiil
ly nu hand nu assortment of tl.u best
Tin, Hln'i't Iron fc, Cot'' Warn,
Ilras' l'lpe, lljdraulie NoMb'i. lulcu
Pump', Chains. Lead I'ipi Hose.
And Nails all Sizes ;
Itar J'lat' und twrl-il Iron)
l'aluts. Oil-. ?!. mid 0 ns:
All'pialillisnl I'nwdur
Shot nfitll nnml.cr";
Urusbes of every v uncty . etc., etc
Aln. nlwnvs on baud, a 1 vrge lot of slot c of
aort' d ,.!.
tiii: nj:w wom.n srovi
Tlie two t cry liest aud iiisiirnvt.il palleru tu tho
Parlor, Olucn nu.l ral.Iu Plnvev rtney ntnl
plain. cniMriiclid on lalesl fuel ".ivliiif plans.
Ilo'.l.rs. K'.lll". l'.il". 1'aiM. and evi r.vlhiuif
eouiii'Cli.l wilh these stuv is warranted durabli
and pirf.ct.
All nrlleh's snhl bv Ihem or iniinufaclul'd,
'AllllANTt:i. Th'-'lr orl l made of Hit
Im-1 material mid ol'ilio'cest imtte rn.
iij-"rib'rs alleiidid In Willi quickest ells
palcli. nu.l lllb'il iieeordliiir to illn-eilou.
In 'V rvllilnir. Ili-ir stock Is the tnrtrc-l nnd
ei.mpb'ti'sl i vi r brought to Jacksonville, und
llu'y lire ileii rmineii m si u
Call ami examine their slock Ixl.in- purehar-
iiigeli'ewlirre. June Sit liU.-ia.
()lloute llit lmifl Sintt INrl. mil Joor to
JlriLiiuiii't UjpieM OJhe.
lornrr or Ciilllo.nl.i iiml 'llilnl SlriiK.
IU'OI'LI) respectfully liiform my old rriendt
. und Ih. tuil.lie ciin tulle Dial 1 hate Just
uliirned Irouifiau Iranc.Ko with uiiunl llm
Ili'sl Si'lt'Ctt'il Slotles of beitli
3L-XC?TJ03FL 3 ,
Fine Wines, Cordials. Sjinps,
i:ri. i:to,
Tluit ha i'ii r I"1''!! off. nil fur -ute In this put
or the country, wh'eli I will si II,
Orln nny .l"ind ipieiillly. nt n inoilcr.itf n.t
titiiei' i... iii-t.
Tliaiiliful for Ih" ptlroiiai' I hate nci'luil
'or Ihr 1. 1 i.Mir, I (.op. It will .i.i.iliiu... it. I
will spin no . ili. tu ii-.llli upon my cu'loin-
rs. I will till on l-'i-isfriiiu Un' town or country,
o tend Ihviu uloiig ami k'i peH.I,
U'lll pollvily It- supill'il Willi mi'li' bill Ihn
rtrylitt ipialilie's of L.pinrsui.il the nl tlwct
iiraiid-nl Si'Ktrs.
itiiumKrihuEXPnESS SALOON,
I'. II I.Y.N ill, I'r-isr.
Jnck-ouvllli'.?.j.i II. llaif
Reduction in Prices !
I 'Mil iiu.lerstizuid iiiii.ouufi lii pri'ei.l pi
lrnii nnd lb.' pul I e that Im Im r i
In.itl ih.- pricr lor all l,iid nl wi.rk u SWN
ins hue, In ci'uliTiu In tl..' llm. , r
in s sisor
sin tho liii'Muiu- fori.., rl iKinpl. Iv Mm.
Iturk.'. ou tiilfvtui Sail, dually Jiitt u Guy
s jr V S .(' .V.iWh.
Li cry p, el.' ol work ibme lu (he best ni.iuni r
mil withipiick dippttch.
I'lougli Iroiii iiiititt'iiiiil iriutlri'it
W.iU.A, UIIl.UI .11 .v'l.lll. Ill IK
.ixecill.il lu the neiilest nuil sirimKesl llise.i rr.
.Mining Tools, I'loU, Han, fee,
mad.' looiil.r, of lie- v.ry Ul ma'.vrliU u
tin' ino-t iipprotvd slybs.
I'urllcilar mti'iitlou ultin tn c?
ii()itsi:-sii()i:iNn, t-y
or which lln-nrieei l vdueiil i l'.l and $11
run hi. i r. I'm Its made und tiltitl vvucliy iu
inb r
III" Iim I, of Iron and Slivl lnf llrt ipialp;,
ind ull work don, ul In. Ihi. miuiewi i. .
Jlicksoui'llli' Mmell y. iMl. lllnll.Nir
I. ii. maims.
V- W-i to" .t -' ij ,.-ij'
Corner Cit I ilo in in .v, Oifgou Sts
WII havo reibireil e.ur price- to su't t
' Ii ". 1'or stle, a large . Aud varied a
xirimeut of
c; Au'MrM h. ;2t; s-
Fui'iiisliiisg Goods,
At very loev rules, ion cv-ll.
Knr sale, 100 ca-e and cartoons of
Soots, Shoos and Gaiters,
or l.adiir. tli-iit.'- iiml I'll I, Inn,
I'.ir sale, nu i't.-.ilve stock of JJcu's, Uovs'
Knr sale, a lull (.ck of Ocot-hiuta.
I'or sale, n larai ii-i.rlinciit nl U l braml of
For sale, ToUtecit, Cigar". Mulches, I'lour,
Uultir. Ilggs. und CucNTiir I'miiut s: u'liiiiully,
7 0UI.D lesii ctfully annoumv In ih.-rll.
: i zi'im ul Jnckx.iiv llln nm) ,
ticiulty that Le U tiuw pit lured;
to ilo '
or artitlcliil teetli In thu best Ilk', nm nl pi
ers in suit tin' llnit-
All kind nf Derntal operations attend, d lo I .
a KIIH'iil manner.'
Jackaouville, Juuo 2d, ISnl. ?i(