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"To m iimcscr akd ntMUKUKcr or Tocn
Vmox, a GovraitmixT run tui wnout is t.D!
next tat." IliisAfiijfai.
Iiit of Aienti for the Oregon Sentinel,
who ro aulhorlicd to transact any btnlncss
eoncerulng thlt paper, In tbo name if the pub-
Hubert (
L. P. Fisher
Wadwnrlh & Uayuc.
San Franetreo.
, Waldo
. Althnusc
Oregon Clly.
O. Jacobs. i
t.C. Davenport...
W. V. Fowler
It. . Dunhvp
John I'. I'rlndle
A. II. Mcllwaln
W. V. Rlnctinrt
II. J. Forties
'Vol. M. Kvan
T. Smiley Harris
James It. Wade
KuRti Mietlory
J. 1''. McCoy
Isaac IL Moore. ,
V. U. Elltworlh
D.W. Wakefield
SATURDAY, - - - NOV. 0, 1801.
Keen brer it In mine tlint It I Die iTuty of
every American cllltcn, whether native or foreign-born,
without ri-gard lo part political
associations, lo give tbe Fctlrral Uovcrnmctit
loyal support during tlio rebellion. It l
not the Administration ai an Admlnlilratlon,
bnt tic embodiment of our Institution,
which it latltlcil lo obedience. Who U or
who it net President or Secretary of a Depart
ment I of but little eonieepicncc in the present
altitude of evcnti. lie lias no more at (lake
In llic present coutctt than bai the humllcl
cilltcn, for the pence, prosperity and Impplnets
of all would be wrecked by the overthrow of
our Government. In the tratid nclicnic of
American nationality, Mr. Lincoln's rtgimt
will be a m re point, of Inilgnlficrnec as lo
time, but ol Inconceivable Importance as test'
lug the patflotltm of the people nm! thr
strength of rrpnblirnn Inilitntluns. It It not
Ms policy wc arc nrpilnd lo pursue, nor the
intertill of Ire party by whlili he was nomi
nated we oru to lubrrrvc. lie neither leads
iiur originate public .cutlnicnt. He It not
the author of popular duty. Loyally lo the
(,'nvcrnnKiit Is loyally to ourMlvet ; and In the
Constitution, which it over all, and belongs In
'I, do wu find the measure of our duly.
TliU war mutt be fought to n victorious
eoncltulon. If Mr. Lincoln does not do It, Un
people will. If Ihti generation Iran it uii
iloiic, the next "III tly to arms and ueeomptiih
iX,V7.v W W Anttrkvr thmHifct r.V
Union mid, r the Constitution It cttabllshrd
forcrvr. Abandon It In-day, and to morrow u
GurilmMi will lend the popular licit t to reitoic
it. Such ideui never die. They become the
niothu poi r of tuition i and, until the mem
ory of tlio lit volution, and the glory and pros
perlly of the country under the Constitution,
shall hae bun forgotten by mankind, I lie
American hi art will cling lo the large destiny
which bounds the Union by the ocean and
rnudr the Miubslppi ours frim its source to
tbe Gulf.
It matters not, then, who Is the lender In
Ibli war, fjii Ion;; M hu holds his cfli 0 liv.
virtue of the Constitution, ,c must he suitnlnid
in nil vigorous iff nl to mulutivln the Union
optiosrd only when he fallen or hrsitatet in
pursuing that end.
What we Want.
Wu clip the fillovvliu; from I lie Ilinghamton
Dtmoerat, a known Democratic journal, which
speaks the sent imrntt of Union men iu New
York, at well at Union Democrats in every
oilier Slutc : San Frandico lloaUh
Here are llw coneeuiooi wc arc in favor of
it riot im i
I, We wanl the Southern Sklc lo conced-'
that ours is a Government Indeed, uud not u
inrre compact Ixlwecn Slates.
'I. We wunt them to concede that a State
roiinot dltMilvc lis connection with this Union
I lis own pleasure.
3. We wunt them to concede that this Gov
rr.imcni hut a riiihl to eulurce its law and
protect its properly.
4. We vvunl ibem In concede that it is the
duly of lids Government In retake from south
em trillion its stolen Torts uud urscnuls.
5. We want tin in In concede (hut o'd Abo
wnt constitutionally elected, sod had a right
to his seal.
6. We want Ihcm lo concede that the re
nihil Slolts have violultd the Connliliilion,
ni.il, while ihey are in nrmiil r hellion agalnt
its authority, it is the duly ol tliu Guunumnt
lo put that rebellion down,
7. We want tin in to concede that the luk
ing of the Federal forts and firing upon our
flip are nronvt that khould be utomd for.
8. We wunl them to concede that northern
creditors have s rlfht to sue for and collect
their ilematwls in southern courts.
9. We wnut limn to concede Hint they have
no riflit In lur and feather every northern cil
lui that goe among them,
10. We want them to concede that It la the
duty of this Government to hang or shoot
eviry traitor scoundrel In It,
And in demanding all these Ihlnjs do we
ask the South lo make a sinsrlo concession
which ibr Constitution of the Uuittd Slate
d's no! r quire of them ?
Pkckaskp Soi.Dian'a AcrnuxTs, A circu
lar but been iMiied from the Treatury Depart
n nt in relution lo the accounis ol decerned
soldiio. The widow of an officer or private
it entitled lo recclvo the money due. If there
be no widow, the pay goe In tin Ir children
or llieir puardiuti j If Ihe soldier dies nnmJr
rled, I l.o father, mother, brother and sitters,
or I e'rs In general rro'ivo the same smonnt
due, at tlio esse nviy be, Written applica
tions mnt be mnde under oath, addressed lo
Vmh B, French, Record Auditor of tlie'J'rcas
u:y Deairlnienl, Wsslilni;ton.
Jols J. Crittenden, the Union Warlione
rf Kenlnrky, now almost many yean
I'e iry Clay in Ihe publie service, in spile of
ndvaneed a;e, I Ihe first private in the Frank
lb t I Ionic Guard, and has decluicd bll luleo-
lion to bo inlet Camp and remain In service
until every rebel to dilrcn from the toll of,
Liixm or tuk 1'km doc not mean ex
emption from all legal rettraiat, with perfect
ess mrntnelnet liberty to pervert I lie train,
and to publish false and icnrrllloui mailer of
any kind, With mallcloui or corrupl motives,
to defame private character, corrupt the
publio moral, or encourage sedition or re
bellion wills Impunity. The freedom of Ihe
pre mcini exemption from censorship
not exemption from responsibility fur doing;
nsiithltf, bf tbe proportion of fslwhood,
scurrility, or doctrines and principle tend
ing to produce or entourage vice, sedition
or crime. Legal freedom mean freedom
(o do right not liberty to do wrong with Im
parity r it Hcatw liberty to publish what I
Just and true, at' woper time and in a proper
manner, and not llbcriy to publish even the
truth, to the Injury of the pntllt, or to the In
Jury of private, unoffending eillxcns. There
i a wide distinction between freedom of the
press end its licentiousness. Tbe power to re
strain ttic latter It recognized In many of the
Slate Constitution In about the following
wonts: "Every clllr.cn may freely speak,
write and publish lilt tcntlmcnt on all sub
jects, being responsible for tbe abuso of that
right." This I In accordance with tbe com
mon law, and i the law of all the Slate.
To criticise the policy nnd mtimtres of the
Government, and point out their mors and
evil tendencies, or supposed evil tendencies, in
a proper tone and patriotic spirit, It proper ot
all lime l bn U thi mtdft of trar, wlicq tl;
.'.a'.lcn 1 In a critical condition, Iu denounce
the leading measures and policy of the Ad
ministration at unconstitutional, tyrannical
nnd wicked and to do to lo gain a parlizan
advantage, in a mode which tends to weaken
and dcttroy the Government, shows a disloyal
and corrupt partisan spirit, which it inconsist
ent with the welfure of the country. Snch If
cent iousncM may be foteralcdin time of peace,
without very great danger : but in times like
the present, it tends to sow Ihc seed of de
tention, treason and rebellion, among jicoplc
who would othcrwhe be loyal, to discourage
rultstmenli and loans to Ihc Government, to
encourage and aid the rebels, nnd lo paral;xc
the efforts of the Government to prosecute tlio
war successfully. Snc.1i was tho case with
Ihe New York Day Hook, the I)iiisville
Conner, nnd other lvaitcrn journals, and the
publie safely Imperiously rcipilrcd the adop
tion of extraordinary ineamrcs to prevent
their tranrmi'slon through Ihe mulls, and
It was, therefore, promptly done by the Ad
ministration. KO
Thk WriTisn! Aniv. There li every In
dication at present that Ihe Government will
provide nn army for thlt Department sufficient
to meet Ihc foe upproaclilng from the South,
or to be pursued South. Krcry dny a new
regiment marchei into this city nnd quarters
ut H'.'iitoii barracks. The l'lilUlclphlu lluU
lil In of the II III ay!
Tie destination nf most of Ihc noiv colon.
1'iT regiments of Iiinvlvjii'atn will proba
bly be the Wett. It is already stilted In
I'llttliurir tlint n new brigade, under Geneia'
N'egley, Is onlcreil to join General Fremont.
This brigade consists of the regiment of Colo
nels lliimbrliiht, Sliimbuu;h nnd Sim ill. n
battery of fix piece of artillery from Krh.
Mini n cavalry company from I'lilluilelih'a
oillul fie, No.-liv GiunU. The Forty 111 Is
re-glmrnl, uneler Colntii-I Webb. Is eirdend lo
ihe Xt'esl m'sh, nnd ntbrr rrtfiui'-nts will jiro
ewl us rnp'dly us piwt'.b'o In thet mini diree
tton. I'roluibly n many IVmoylvauIuu will
be sent to Kentneky ns to M ifsouri.
Heretofore mnni of the I'eniinylvnn'a reel
nietils Inivr txi'ii emptoje'd on the lino of Iho
I'litnmac, from Willl.iii)oil down Id A lev
andria. The forco Ihe re bi'log suflleiiul, e
are very glad to Irani that the new regiment'
arc lo be sent we-stwartl. Tl.erc is ns gmit it
work to ! done In Kentucky,ln MIssmiri and
ulotiL' the Mlsriwlnpl, as Ihero it In Virginia,
and the galUnt so'diert of lVnn)lvanla will
rejoice to fiiihl alongside of their Western
Ilrcllm n In ih fense of the Union. It'is evi
ihnltliat llic Govirnmnit it eleUrnilned to
have Ihc army of Ihe We-st put on at flue a
footing at that of the l'otouuc. and will cn
deavnr lo have iticli reformi Inlroluiid a
have been introduced by General McCIellan
since bis arrival In Washington, Thu vi.ll
of Secretary Cameron lo St, lmli probably
lnul reference lo lhh, nnd thu ordering of
I'liiusylvanla troop u the Witt show that
it It determined to haec a very large army Iu
Kentucky and Miffourl.
Wa Scntr. Wc clip the following litter
from the Uitgoiiittn :
WAtlllSHTON, Sepl, '.'.1, 1PM.
" The bondi are finally e ngraved und ofllcers
are nt work upon them. They or.' In three de
nomination! of 30, $100, S.'iOO, the first Imv
In; nineteen cnuxin attached fur annual liv
lerest, and the second and third have thirty
I ic counoni nttuelied for umi annual luleresl
Inlerett being alloweil only from July 1 ,1HC1.
The couMini, you will perceive', Im-Iii mi'
nnul nn Ihc 630 bonds, and Mini annual nn
ihe 8100 and 8300, arc of lhc nature or thtn
planters on the Government, of 83 and 81.1,
lo be ihtuelied from lime lo time, at the Inter
est fulls due, vi s 1st of Juimarr and 1st of
July, of each jenr. from 1802 to 1881. These
coupons are eacli about 1 '. or 2 indies wide,
by 3 or 3J long, and call for 33 or 815, as
tin, rni m.iv lu. n( nor Treuiiirv nAlii nf tin
Unltetl Slates, and will pass in Ilank Hills of
thews de nominations, I lie body ol lite imiiuI
Is engnired und prlntci) in blnn ink, like a
fjind Warrant ; nnd is about 20 by 12 Inches
in size. The bonds will not iuuo in Ihe name
of Ihe assignee unless properly transferred.
Wiikrrabovti or Ilnr-rKiNBinoit. The
Louisville Dtnwcral, of the 14!b Oct., ha the
following interesting newt i
Wo hum from unquestionable authority,
that John 0. Hrecklnridge, Col. Win. Fret
ton, Geo. W. Johnson, Lucius Desliu, Colonels
John S. William. Ilttwet, Judge Mooie, and
other nolublet In the Secession ranks, are at
Frcstonsbnrg. Floyd County, Kentucky, or
gan'zlng a large rebel ramp. They have
euthcrcd around them a force of six or seven
thousand men, and are drilling Ihcm eight
hour a day, They arc rciortcd to hare tome
cannon, and are provieliil with other arms.
Mr. Ilrcckinridgc and Col. John S. Wil
liam made a trip to Hlchmond recently, und
returne-d In their rriuUzvous at Preston last
Tuesday, Tlicy arc engaged In Ihe work if
alarming tne p op; ui mu iuwiiiwi j m
iiil,ilor incredible stories a to tho intention
of the Government, a'd are using every means,
fair and foul, to win follower 10 meir camp.
It ! lime tbeto men were looked after. Tbe-y
aro tho chief traitors, because of tbelr Influence
for evil. Ut tho Government teo that a re
quisite force I promptly p'aced In Ihe mouu-
luins, wnere ine union wn
man in driving thew traitors from Kentucky
A rsi.iw advertised in Boston tl at for
four ihilling remitted he would send leant!-
fill annmrt'd norlrallt of Gecree Wull'nilton
n,t n.i.t until l'raiiklin. and bud the Impel-
dene-' to forward lo hi victim three and cue-
teem j-'jiuj,'. in.-.
Exasrcitlr fr the Oregon 8Mtiiiel
From Sentinel Extra of Monday, Nor, 4th.)
Qutxcr, Illinol, Xor. lit.
The St. Leal tttpnMUan of yetterelty ha
the following dispatch, dated, Fremont's Head
quarters, SprlngBeld, Mo., Oct. 38 1 Fremont
and itaff arrived bereyeilerday t ahw Denton'
Cadet, Col. Crr' cavalry, Major nolau.'e
narpMeoteri and Blgera command. The Joe
of Frretoetl Body Guard, la their elesperate
cbargo ol Frldsv lait. mu 10 killed, S3
wounded and 68 Dilating 3 of the wounded
bare ilnce died t doubtlest many of tho mil
ing will report themselves. The rebel lo I
Hated at 10 killed 400 wounded. They were
commanded by Col. A, 8. Johnson (of Call'
fornln), Fraxer, l'rleu and Turner tbe latter
two reported killed.
The St. foul Democrat say Col. Allen,
Quartermaster Western Department, I toem
harassed for want of money that be hai threat
ened to resign.
Wasiii.ioto.i, Oct. 29. Ocn. Stone ha
pabllslicd hi rrport of the battle of Diell'a
IllurTs. lie aya that linker acted wilb Indis
cretion and exceeded hi commands, but per
formed hit duly with unexampled bravery.
The report of the Intended resignation of
Scott and McCIcHsn Is contradicted.
Washington, Oct. 30tli,-.t li understood
tfcM MvC'hltau but limed order for shooting
four soldiers who have been found guilty of
ilcrplng on their picket posli.
Nkvv York, Oct. 31 it. The Jury on tho
Savannali plrato ease could not agree eight
for conviction, four for acquittal and were
A merchant of Brooklyn named llrownell
visited Ueanregard nt kit headquarters, one
mile from Fortress Monroe, on Wcdnciilay
last, nnd converted with Mm. Beauregard
said lie preferred acting entirety on the defen
sive, tatlsfkil of n repulse of the Fcflcral army
whenever it made an advance of Importance.
lie warmly denies that alien wire prevented
from leaving Virginia.
In regard to Kentneky, It It tinted at
Washington that Gen. .Sherman ilecm 200,-
000 men neecsrary, though hu It willing lo
fight the enemy with what ho has. No targe
bodies of Iroope ran be raised In that Slate,
and its defense mutt devolve on the free States.
From Sentinel Extra of Tuctday, Nov. Slb.
Yhkka, Nov. hi.
Washington, Nov. 1st. Tbo following let
tcr was received from Gen. Scott by the 1'ica
ident, Thursday, V. M.s
IlKAiiqtMnnns, Nov. 1st.
7b oil. Simon Ctimtroii i
Sir ! Fur more than three year I have been
nnablo to mount n horse, or to walk more than
few paces at n time, nnd that with pain.
Other new Infirmities (dropy at.d vertigo) ad
monish me that repose of mind and body,
with the appliances ut surgery and medicine,
are necessary lo add a little more lo a life al
ready protracted much beyond the uuial span
ol man. It Is umler inch clrcunitiineei',made
ibuli'y painful by Ihc uiiuattirul and unjinl rr
lisln ijjvv raging tn'Soulhern States of oui
so lately protjveroui ond happy Union, that I
nm coinpelletl lo rnpirst that my name In
placcd on the list of army officers retlreil from
active service. At the request is fuunded on
an abtolutc right, giantcd by a reran! act ol
Congrr, I uni entirely ut liberty lo say il is
with deep regret that I withdraw myself in
these momentous lime from Ihe order of n
('resident who has treated me with much dis
tlngulrhed kiudncii and courtesy, whom 1
know, upon much personal Intercourse, to be a
patiiot, without sectional partiality uud pre
judices, to be highly conscious of the perform
mice of every duly, and of unexcelled activity
and perseverance. And to you, Mr. Secretary,
whom I now bfflclally address, for the last
time, I beg to acknowledge my many obliga
tions for the uniform high consideration I have
recelvei) at your hands ; and have tbo honor
to remain, tlr, with high ropcel,
Signed Wixrin.n Scott.
A spcelsl Cabinet council wa convened to
tuko the subjsct into consideration. It was
decided that Ihe request, umler ceinsleleratlun
eif ihc General's ndvuuceil age and Infirmities.
could not bo declined. Gen. .tlcuclluti was
thereupon, by unanimous agreement, notified
lliut Ihe command of the army would be dc
volveel upon him. At t oMuck, Friday after
uoon the Cabinet waited on tbe I'resideutianil
attended blm to the resldviice of Gen. Scull.
Ik'Ing seated, the I'reshhot read to the Gen
eral the follow Ing order : "Upon Ihe lit of
November, 18(11, and npjn his own applica
tion to tho 1'rrsldcnt of Ihe United States,
llrcvct Lieutenant General WlnBeld Scott is
ordered to be placed, and ! hereby placid, on
Ihe list of retired officer of the army of the
United State, without reduction In lit curicnt
pay, tubiistrncc or allowance. The American
people will hear with tadncst and deep emo
tion that General Scott ha withdrawn from
the active control of the army, while the Pre
Ident and unanimous Cublnet cxpicst Ihelr
own and the Nation's sympathy in bit person
al afflictions, and their profouud tense of the
imnorlunt publio services rendered by him In
lit long eud brilliant career, among which
will ever gratefully bo distinguished his faithful
devotion to tho Constitution and Union and
the flag, when aisallcd by parricidal rebellion.
Signnd A BKAiiAM Lincoln.
Gen. Scott then arose and addressed tho
I'resldcnt and Cublnel, who bad also arisen,
a follows i " Mr. l'rcsldeot, Ibis honcr over
whelm me f It overpay all service 1 have at
tempted to render my country. If I had any
claims before, they are all obliterated by an
expression of approrul by Ihe President and
Ihe unanimous support ol in uauinci. r en
I know that the country hu placed It Inter
est! in thi crlili In safe keeping. Their cob-
c'ls are wise 1 their labor are a enuring at
Ihey are loyal, and Ihelr course tbe right one.
Mr. President you muit excuse me j I am
uoablu to Hand longer to give utterance to Ihe
feeling of gratitude which oppres me. In
my retirement I (hall offer my prayer to God
for thi Admloiitration and for my country.
I (ball pray for It, with cooSdenee for IU sue
cett over all enemlr. and Meat speedily."
Ih. Prnldi-ut I bin look leaf Of Ut. ieolt,
glvlnif blm hi hand, itvlnv i He hoped M"" '
to wr te blm a private Irllrr exprartlvc of Die1
gratitude ami apprtciaiiou.
QvixcT, HI-. Nor. 3d. 'lite Louisville
Journal of Oct. 30th k the detail of a tklr-
mlali between. Federal and Kebel troop at
Saratoga, Man conaly, on Oct. 24th, between
a company of rebel cavalry, under Oept.W.
D. Wilcox aad a company of rebel mhnlry
under Capt. Wake, and 200 Federato, omWr
Maj. Phillip, of tk;Klnttt llllessk Major
Phillip took the trailer by erprie, kllllag
from ten te twcnty.'loeludln; both Wilcox
aetl Wake, aad taking 40 prisoner, 68 gain,
2 wagon, a large amount of provisions, a
negro driver, and 80 bone. Tbe victor wa
The London rimes tayi Ihe blockage of
Southern porti li now rBeettd, and Ibat lor
clgn nations are bound to reeognln the block
ade. It also thowi .that the cutting off of Ihe
cotton supplies I tbe work of the South at
much a tho North, and It also teem quite
truo that all cotton exportation ha ban
forbidden by tlio Confederate Government, in
order that foreign nation, especially England,
may bo forced to take tides In the American
Nxw YonK, Nor. 4, The New Jersey brig
ade marched Saturday morning. They will
doubtlcta complete preparations for tlnppii"-
tticpatinge of rebel Into .Maryland Ui.dcr
lo'rr.c Mtltrln.
A schooner from Savannah reported that
on the Slit October she raw a fleet of thirty
iteamcrs, but r.o sailing vessels, bound South.
All the regiment of the army of Ihe Poto
mac have their camp equipments, wagons, mil
mats, and other appurtenances, ready for luk
ing the field at nn hour, notice.
Cimi'Innati, Nor. 4. Advice from Gen.
Itoscncranx are up to the evening of the 2d
On Friday the enemy openeel Are with two
guns from a point opposite (Janley terry and
Camp Tompkins, and a fire of musketry,
they iiiccccdcd in linking Ihe ferry boat, and
threw about forty shells In Ihc camp of the
11 th Ohm ; but titled none and wounded only
a half dozen. Tic boat was raised that n'ght
and commmttealltii owned,
The posidon cf forcet Saturday evening
wai ns folluvvt j The rebels wero In posies
slon of the west bmk of New Itlver. Gin.
Sclienek's brrgmle wa a few mile above the
Junction and New Itoek, on the coil tide ol
New Itlver. Gen. Cox' brigade, nnd Gen.
Iturcncranx't quarters near the Junction ol
the rivers nod between them. Gen. Buiiham's
quarters were below the Junction, on the
rlght bank of Ihe river.
Floyd' force Is believed to be ",."00 men.
It wai thought In camp that Scliciick't and
lloiiham' brigade would be thrown ncrom
the river, and below Floyd, and e-ateh him.
The ou of Ihe- ti-n'rnpli communication
wai oeeailoneel by the alarm of the operator,
who when he heunl the filing opened, sent a
hasty dispatch to Clarksburg, announcing n
battle, nnd then commenced to move his eiffice
up Ihe Gauley. He was two or llirce mile's
up the river when overtaken by onler from
Hoteiicrnnlx In return, nnd while returning
his wagon w a driven over a precipice, nul
Ihe apparatus elolnrywJ.
.'l.vivvil.l.K. Ky., Nov. -ttli. A pentVman
of that city from Gauley bridge on Saturday
morning, rrporlt that Floyd had cut a rood
around tho hill where Uscncranlx wai en
eampteil, and shelling hl camp, llojcncruntx
was rclurnlux lhc fire and had silenced l
ballet Ics. He nln sent a detachment up the
new road lo attack him In the nnr. He rays
Floyd is completely unrounded. No 1
era's kllleil when the' gentleman left.
Al.nxv. N. Y., Nov. 1. Thurlow Wenl
and Archbishop Itughet are about starting
fur P.ngland, to endeavor to counteract the
operation of Southern Commtstlnncrs, nnd to
prevent recognition of the Southern Coined
eraey. It It understood Ucucral beott goes
nut on tho steamer
Government hat contracted with parties In
Philadelphia for the cnnttruclion nf an Iron
clad steiimdilp, 210 feel long, 78 feet beam,
and 30 felt In depth nf hold, lo be armed with
sixteen of the largest rilled cannon. The keel
has been laid,
Coiwivtiox is Mkxii'ii. -Thu following
Is frnui the Muutluu cuinrpundeul of the'
Wu.lll !
Gen. James Shield, recently of your city,
It lure on a prospecting lour asorl or colo
nl&Ulon and miiilns i-nlertirlse. Thu General
is now in the interior, .nrur Durungo, wlierc
are locnteel tome run surer mines, in vuncn la-
bus Imvii nleresteil. It is hi inlentloii lo se
cure lumb) ihi the Fuerle river, ami etnblih
a colony, which Is lo be supported by the
lolnl Interest of minim: and airrirullurc. This
it all very well Ihe scheme It well cunceived,
ami llioluneU rich in everything neeeHil iy a
new iHnnle. Hut there is one grand and great
obtlucla to overcome before llw enlerprlKi can
hn for a moiety of succtss. und that is,
dii'P, keartfell uud natural haired of this
o success, unit mat It, the
to all foreigners, particularly American. To
ovircomc thlt there it but one way. There
can be placed no reliance on the nromUe or
iirofefcsloui of frlcndthlp from till pe-nple-.
The cutcrpriio muit have within Itself all the
element of sell defense, ond from Ihe very be
itlnintr. exhibit Ihe dUernilnatlon and the
power to hare II rlvlils rcpcclcil. Tho teal
ouslv and incessant ntttv aniioranec which
come, mil from Iho ixior clurses, but from
those clothed with any power, aro enough In
lliemsclve'a to break up the uet anil most com
pletely organized selu me that m tve-r tried
since the uov when the old Greek and Koman
colonial system wai In its glory. General
Shiv'eli Is u Good man, with treat uilnilnln-
tratlve abilities, and immense influenco with
just that data of men (principally Irish) moil
raluablo In such an undertaking. A man, or
a nation, who found a colony in a country
like lisle, occupied only by semlwvaues, ex
tends, by so doing, the empire ol civilization
to an IndtfixJl oVwrce. itd deterve tbe sun-
port of enry Christian people ou tbe face of
me carlo.
Tux I'i.ax or tiik IIxukiji. We cannol
believe Ihe plan at ltichniond 1 for tho lin
nene Southern army lull ly on or neur the
Polumao rillier to attack Washington or
winter in Virginia. They know that they
cannot attack Washington with success, ami
lliey know loo that the whole subsistence of
Virginia is eaten out. Such an army thai
of toe Pototnae could not subsist through tbe
winter in Virginia, Notoriously the Impres
sion In Ihe minds of the officer and men I
that they are to find their ntuttr quarter in
Ktntutkv. The sumo impression pervade the
mind of the people o Virginia i and what to
more, it pervaeki Hie mlod of Ihe leading
Hecettloaistt of thie Stale. Tbo 8ecrlonlt(
ofparowBRelehborbeod. end wa doubt not
all of the nelgbberbanito of Kentucky, fiilly
brlkv Ibat Ike CmiHiWrate amy in Virginia
Intends pecunrlivfr (Mir. Klalr t''miah the ap
proaching Winter, leu'iv'V.t Jvunml,
The r.O.C.U Ohio.
tFrom.IlK Columbus JoHrntl, Oct. 8lh.
Il lit long been kaowti that a gang of
" Confederate' calllod H Knight of (be
Golden Circle," bare beta Meeting tbe whole
country. That they were working secretly in
Ohloirslntt the war and the Government
hai alee been known. We have been In poece-
Ion of thew bathe, tbelr grip, their peas-word,
and cipher fur secret enrrefpoudenee, for
more linn a month put. But knowing that
the officer of the Government were upon their
track, we refrained by reqnctl, from any pub
lication of the document that bad come Into
our pcerMlon rrom Rncrreeti "rcliatjlo"
source, 'llic Mnrihal of the Nortbern District
ha made a " desetnl" upon them he assaulted
one of their rwetles" In Marlon yesterday,
and bore off a "commnnder " a a prisoner to
tbo Clcnvcland jail. Their record was also
telard. The excitement in Marion I Intense.
Publie Indignnlion I aroused. But remem
ber, fellow-citicens, that the rente vicious nod
treasonable organisation I everywhere nmong
ut. The man Court, who wai arretted, Hated
that there are nine hnmlreel of them in Colum
bus I Arouse, friends, and crush thi villain
ous conspiracy ngatnst our counlryl Below
arc found th sworn statement upon which
tbe Marshal made Ihe arrest.
I, Sutnual Cheney, of Marlon county, Ohio,
of lawful age, being first duly iworn, depose
nnd sy that on the evening of October 3,
1861, 1 wa at Carter's Mhoof'iiome', In Green
Camp Towns':'-,, in sold county, and wlthoth
rr? present, being deslrout of ferreting out
and exposing a secret association knonti ns
" Knight of Ihc Golden Circle," called one
Peter Hopklni, who wot present, out of laid
tcliool bouse, nnd after some preliminary talk,
It wa arranged that I thuuld be Initiated iu
regular form, said Hopklni informing me that
tic wai a regular member ( whereupon we
proceeded to a wagon some little distance
Irom the school house, and in raid wagon 1
wot eluly Initialed at a member of said asso
ciation by laid Peter Hopliln, he administering
Iho oath and giving past-words, slgni, grips,
Ice, which ore, to the best of my knowledge,
embodied below, and arc a nearly correct ns I
can recall them from memory. 1 em particu
larly positive lhal the part In Dailies rclallrc
lu snniViig In blood up lo my knees to serve
Jefferson Davis, a contnliieil in Ihe oa'li
below, wa in lhc oath, and my memory I par
lletur und tlirtinct nn tills purl nf the tubject,
ntso a to tho algni, grips, posi-word. etc.
The oath at given it true in substance, if nut
in form, at I have lo elcpcud entirely r my
memory fur Ihe same1, and further salth not.
rtnsT OATH.
" I do trust nnd solemnly nm!c nnd swear
Ihwt I will not refcal any word.either directly
or Indirectly, of vthut 1 nm about to neele',
exei'pl II be lo some true and faithful brother
nf Ibis Older, nnd nut unto him or them until,
after strict examination, I shall bavu found
blm or llicm ns justly entitled In Ihe tame ns
I myself nm ntmeit lo be, umler the mi Irtr
penally nf having my body tcrctcd iu four
purls the first part cast out at the north
gate', Ihc second part nl the south, the third
part at tho cast, uud the fourth part ut the
west gate. 1 further more promise lhal I will
ulwrnvi hull nnd uneuer all tlgtis and signal.
lliut lire given lue by n brother nf llils order,
if In my power In do so; and I fiiillicrmnrv
prnmbe und swear that I will protect am) de
fend all Ceiiutltuliouul Democrats, their prop
erly and personal liberty from molt violcuci
ilurlng Ibis southern tnsiirreetlnn, so long as
Ihey obey the laws of the C. S. A lei It come
from whuterer seairce It may llil ulilU'ulIor
to be binding ou me a lung at tbe war shall
' And I further prnml und swear. In the
prerenre e f Almighty God and Ihe mcmticrr
nf Iho Gulden Circle, that I will no! shin or
rrsfiinti'f Afi.MJ.vffr-MMfc. nvir Pm!J.:r
shall bo rcinovid from the I 'residential cliiilr.
nnd I will wade lu blood up In my knee, m
soon nt Je llersnii Davis Kit proper lo msreb
with bis army lo luKe I lie city ol W alilnylon
nnd Ilia While Hoime, to ill the same S
help me God, and keep lue steadfast to do the'
The undersigned, nnde-r oath, slule that we
have reud the nVive stall nicut, and say thai
we were rriu-ii! and heard lliooullis nduilnls
lend as tlulcd in the above- affidavit, and that
llic itaUmcnt therein are true.
Sworn In and iihciM before mc this 7th
day of October, A. D. 18CI.
J. II. GAnnxnnx
Mayor of ihe Incorporated village of Marion.
Maxai.v mi G hic at Ciinw. Mr.Ilnsscll,
In his first letter relative to the bat lie. left bin
readers lo Imagine Ihe exultation in Ihe South
over their victory. Iu a recent letter to the
Tmiti, he says however l
The more close-ly Ihe concqucrier of Man
ursas arc luvesllguleil, Ihe more serious lliey
itiiii to be. Il must bo granted Ibat Ihe Con
fiih rates fn'l Ihe Ir losse-s moro than Ihe North
does. Their colonels and eiflleers are men of
mark, and even nf private kil'cil or vvmindeil
one seft notice' Implying that Ihey belong In
cond fuinilln'. and are well known people
'I lie) O's und Macs nnd Vons (few ofthe latter),
the Corcoran. Cameron', anil Ilruagers, prls
oners, wounded, or killed, are of less rouse--(lucnce
In Ihe social system of Ihc North limn
lhc Hamptons, Prcslous and Mannings aro to
lhc South. If Mr. Davis and a few of lh
leaders e-c lo fall in battle t'icrc would be
less cbunei) nf the South continuing its strug
gles with the tnniche'nrt and confidence! but
if all ihe Cublnel were to go from Washing
ton Ihe spirit of thu northern Slate would not
bo eliinliiliheil onu Iota. From the South, as
yet, we have only a few scattered details of
Ihe fight and of it results, but it can be seen
that liicre was no very great exultation over
the victory.
Horisr.s 0.x Tiie Potomac Small at I Ihe
price paid by Government, (8120) it tome
time bring in a. horse (through contractor
who have bargained by Ihe lot) which I fully
wnrlh two, and even three hundred dollar.
Altogether, In tbl department ol hit purchase,
rough a the lot may look, after a few weeks
service, Uncle Sum does not cet much Ihe
woisl of it licit lur doe he suficr iu ihe rates
he pay for feeding. Hay I furnished lo Ihe
ceirernmeni, ny me contractor, at e-:u me
thousand, while the price to oilier purchasers
In the same market I 825 ; and oat are luh
itnu'n In litin ml rnrli-.llir.-n i-niila llin Kiwi,,.'.
wjien you or I euiinot obtain them at hf
man liny or uuyiiwo crnit. u i ine saw
with beef and poik, and all other unifies lor'ire
enough lo attract tho rivalry ol dealer. At
Ihe sumo time, Uncle Sum is a pretty ijiarp
bsrgulner, and with all (ho popular eatery
against " conlraclors," those who ileal lrranny
inpplle1 are a vastly useful claw of people,
und Uncle Sam profit more by I hen than
Ihey do by him, Tho clamor about frund In
thu subsistence and qiurlermasterVi depart
ments of ihe armv of Ihe Polemic, li the
merest humbug In the world. l'Wet, Cor,
lo Sat, Union,
Tliomts Musulrr.of Sun FradscoJiat com
menced lull alut l!ie etlalo of 'David ('.
Broderlck for 812.o55.Mld lobe do for board
and money expcndeil at request deceased.
'Iho claim 1 disputed.
The erlxxlle In the Coast Ilange of Cali
fornia have been making d havu among the
cattle. At the Tin Kuucb,fuureo bead were
dcttroyea la one week.
A rorri.K of irenllemer wrla to ns Innnlr
In i where Ihey can Und John. Breckinridge.
If Ihe traitor be alive thcr hal better look for
him In Vtrg'nle. If .leadAe fmr wo mitt
bl I them so lo - vtn-fi'l't Ji mo" j
Man Mimixu. Ji-ph 1111 left Hit pleo
imo four or five week ilnee, In company
wilh ii man named Rice,. 10 go to Cresccit
Uily by lam). He had ndt arrived at I'm-
cent Oily on tlte 1 llh Intl., ai we are Informed
oy a noie rrom a irictM, tsetiher lie no keen
heard from along the route. About Arc sley
after tho two left here, a man itahJ at tic
Klamath lteirrvntlon over night, who fe'il
hi name wa Itlce, and that he woe going to
Crescent City lo ace Ihc copper mine. Sot t
ten mile further on he said be wu bound fe r
Sailor Diggings. He was not teen In Cm
cent City. Atoncoflhe plice t which Itlce
stoppeel lie stated that be had a brother at
.-vinrytriiie, iai., wno Krpi a eirug sinre.
Hall wa a steady, reliable man, and he had
business which rcuuircd hi presence at Cres
cent Oily no reason can be nsslgned by hi
friend for any voluntary delay In making lie
trip. When ho left here he hud several hun
elred dollar, In coin. It it feared he ha been
foully dealt by. Any person knowing any
circumstance which will explain the disap-
oenrnnce of Mr. Hall will confer a favor up n
il friends by tending the information to thts
office. Ilwnbofilt Timn,
'on paper Id North Carolina recently Intl-
matM that a scene occiircd in tbo Ugiilatuie
of that Stale on receiving the new of tl c
capture of ihe Haltcra fort which wa nol
creditable, bnt did not mention the character
of It. The New York TYmM clear np the
mystery by giving some lutclligenc.! fjtnilied
by two gentlemen recently from that State,
who found many evidences of loyallly nmong
the people. The Timet say I These gentle
men confirm Ihc rrport we have already puli
llshed concerning Iho idcctofllio receipt at
Itulelgh of Ihe new of Iho taking of Haiti ml
by the Union troops. Before Ihey left lion e
letter had been re re I nil from Itulelgh ttutlig
that Ihe Leglilaturc wa in session when tie
capture wai announced, and that Ihe Unhn
men roso up In their places, ond ebeir.il ml
swung their halt, nnd were set noisy in thr't
rejoicings that nil bostnet was for Ike t'me
ufpended. The tamo feeling, to a conflile ru
ble extent, pervaded I lie people of that city.
A rrw day since, Gen fame telegraphed In
the i.'pnrimi'ni ut Wellington, requcntiug
that Giuson' battery, which recently came in
from Utah, and I now on Its way In Washing
ton, be attached to hit brigade. He received
n reply to-day from llic.ilup.irtmriil, In which
hi request was granted anil Ihe buttery or
dered In bo allacheil to hit command. This
battery coik'ih of six pieces, twonf which an'
twelve pound howitzers, nnd the remalnek-r
six pounders, lhc mnvrmenl made In occur
Ing t'lls battery for Knun it a goesl nnr.
it win dq ot iinmeii'o iK-nctit lo us, as Juki
now the brigade Is without sufficient artillery
for iffectlvc tervlcr. Lexvcuxeorlh C'oiisrs ti.
The Si, Iiuls Corn-spondi-nl of Ihe Sacra
menlo lite think slavery It doi.e for in that
Slutr. Hcsnvs :
" Wlmti ver other result may lie the Issue
of llic war iu this State, It Is now pretty well
settled thut sluvery will be nn Institution nf no
particular linHirlnuce If the present exodus b
kept up. A gentleman, well Informed nl Ihesr
mnlters, gives II ns his opinion, lliut Missouri
ha lost by emigration, kldiiapplntr, and tun
ning awuy, full 10,000 sluves lu the pint two
Tux Katm er TKLKoiuruixn. We learn
from Ihe Muryrville Appeal llmt Ihe rate of
telegraphing from llmt eily are ut follows :
To New Ynik city, for lhc firsl ten word-,
$8 7.1 1 Phtla-k-l-ditn. 88 75) lo Boston, 89;
to Washington, 88 73 ( lo Ihe above must br
iddeil (10 cent for every iiib'cqncnt word
i 81. Iilt.87 !.UinclnnatL$77A i Chleugo,
80 fill. To Ihe lust numeil, neldCiTcenfr fvt
uchsubiuqiieiit word.
"Coir or War." Now that the booming f
iho eanuoii of lrraon and Ihe cry of men
stricken unto di alb for fidelity lu our flag an
In r ic lo u on nlmot every brrixei, II Is har
rowing In Ihe oul lo bo dragged lulu cumpan
Inmhlp ul.h IboMSwbo Hill vacillate, who an
till balancing chance ami coldly calculating
luiK'saud gains who still perrbl In treating
this ogont.Ing strugglo for national rzteuc
ai n clty quc-llou of commerce, ai d d liber
ttrly lake out their scales and veelgb In our
presence Ihe beggarly jewels of trade agaluM
(be life of our country. JrjJt lUt,
Tiik Natiuxai. Army n Ihe Potomac la well
tupplleil with bread. A person who tatrly ri
lled Ihe army baking esUblUbmeiit saya thai
the troopi nro lupplled dally ' with abuut one
hundred llwutand loaves of soft, sweet bread
all of b niillful quality, Uildct cracker oi
hard bread In considerable amount. Tho en
lire cnumnptlon of Hour each diy, In brvael
and crackers, Is abuut nine huudred barrrcls. '
Cot D, Vli.i.ir.k.1. lately returned from
Hlclimoi.il, wIhtc be u u prisoner , it lu be
upoIut(d to u HrigaJie;r Generultblji,
A little girl named Josephine Armrt wa
severely injured by wild eallle, In the slreeU
oTSan Francisco, that her life I ilespairrel of.
Circuit Judgt P. P. Prln.
County Judre, J. C. Tolinan
touniy Cleric Win, HotTnian
Prewrcilliui Attorney Kufus Mullory
SherilT W. 11.8. Iltdr
Depuiy SVerilT J. M. Sulion
Treumrcr David I.lnn
Assessor.'. Win. Kahler
Publlu Administrator 0. D. Hoxle-
Count; Surveyor. Sewall Truax
Cornier Samuel K. May
Comvilssloncr D. N. Uirdseye, F. Heber
SuptrlntciMle'iit Com. Schools'.., 8. Humphrry
7rmrs nf Court Circuit Court, first Mon
davit In February, June and October.
County Court, First Monday of each month,
i'robate Court, first Monday of each mouth.
JAncsoxviu.K rar.rixrTT.
iutttce of the Peace U. 8. Hnydrn
Conilnblc M. W. Davis
.Uoad Supervlior , 0, 0. Beekman
town or Jiraoxriu.it.
Truitec Wm. HotTumn, A. J. Brunnri
J. 8. Love, Jo. 8. Burpee. II. T. Davis
Recorder ,....U, 8. Hoyden
Treasurer Janir T. Glenn
Marshal , G, M. Bank
Street Commissioner I. D, llalue
Pkacalz, OrMOM,
Offer Ihelr large eM welleelected iloek if
At Man FranclKu Cm), aiMHnaj Vnlght,
Having purchased our Goods cheap, aud
king deslrout of CLOSING OUT. tunerior
inducement are offeree lo euybody who wiekn
to purchase.
iir.WMivii uubirsMii ,
Oct.. C.-38m3 Brick Store, Pliccnix.
1' other Mulru luvirunu'iitslean bo found ul
tlioJaek uiivlllelluok ind V'iKiytviv, I?
I, 0. 0. F.
Jacxiion'vii.i.k Loiiuk Nn. 10, hohMts regu
lar Rwellngt every SATURDAY KVKS'lKa,
at their Hall (Mc'Cully'a Theater building).
Brother In good ttandlng are cordially In
vited to attend.
, n. f. MAunr. x. o.
K. V. Ittasmj B. Scc'y. (32;6m1
WASIIM LODOI X. 10, A. I. A. M .
A HOLD their regular communication
arho Wednctelay Krculuga on or preceding
VStbe full moon, lo
li. w. ontiKR, W. M.
If. BirOox, Stt'y.
..Q ft ..
SAOKsoyrn.r.N, okkciox,
Will hold Its regular communication on Ihe
Vint HMnraay Evening fK very MHlh.
All solournlnB Companion In good standing;
are cordially Invited lu attend.
W. W. FOWLER, II. r.
Jas. T. Oi.kxn, Scc'y. dcc8:17
Hold llieir regular communleutlons the A
8.vTt'ttnvr Kvrxixu on or prcccellng the 'Off
mil mouu, in luiciux, uregon. -w
a, m, wait, w. m.
8. nxnucti, Scc'y. jau2C:2
.Dr. Hotteiter'e Itameoh Xltten.-The
operation of Ibis palatable remedy upon Ihe
tomarh, liver and excretory organs, I ulngn
tarly roothlngandcoiiKrvattve. It rrgnlaUs,
recruit and purifies Ibem. Dyspepsia In all
its form yields to It control and Invigorating
properties J nnd It ts recommended lo mothers,
enfeebled by Ibe cam and dntlrt of maternity,
a tbo surest and best tonle lhy can probably
ue. In all Ihe crial or female Ufa It will
found eminently nteful, nnd elderly person
will dertvo much more benefit from It tbau
from ordinary tlnmltult. Sold by all dnigglat
and de iters evrrywl e.. 41ml
Band's Bampirilla t nllke cfBetclout to
check Incipient malady, and to counteract ac
tual disease. In cotn of scrofula, entanron
erupllsns, erysipelas, liver complaint and gen
eral debility, It will speedily purify Ihe blood,
remove all nnbeallby secretion, and simulta
neously prrxn'co a hntlihy action ef the (torn
,ich and bovvvl'i, thereby relieving many com
plaints arising frem a derangement of thedl
tfesllra rnnetlon. Tho IngredlenU eoaapiKlng
this ceiebrntrel remedy bring entirely vegeUblr,
no unpleasant symptoms are left behind afti r
cure-. 4tm
37 - ' ' -f -j? -r; Bi.'STgr -STW
Stove & Tinware.
Has now opened a
Stov and Tinwar 8kop
Oa Third Stmt, near the feet Often,
Jacksonville, Oregon,
Where lie will keep on hand tbe belt pattern
And every kind of
Tin, Iron ami Coppcrwurf,
Resides a great variety of Culinary article
tiio numerous lo mention.
I'rrront wbhtiig anylhlng In my linn are re
pcclfully Invllid to call aud examine tbeiinsl
Ity uud irlceof my gne.
Kvu-y kind or JOII WOltK done lo order.
Mjr h War Heiwltwl Wltlwwl ratrp,
JabVunnvllle. Nov. tl, gCI. 43
rilEREA8.at the October term, A. 1).
1861, ef llic Clrrult Court of lie Stale
f Oregon, for Jarksou cnuniy, a'dn-ri and
Jud.-nieut werv obtained by IIKNJAMIN HAV
U. ADAMS aud riAMUKI, It. TKMri.hTON.
for lliu re-cove ry ot ihe lollowlng sums of
innney drrl, tn a!d Itenjam'u lUviuotu Ibe
urn or Twelve lluntlnd and Thlrly-sewn aud
Ixly-fimr one hundredths dollar (tl,23T tl
I0U), wllh Interest lliereon at Ihe raloof two
and one-half (2)) H-r cent, per month and col
of sull und Mi'oudly. lo Thomas Cbavruer th
-urn of line Thousand Nine Hundred and Hlslt
live and sUty-,lxoma-hundredlbididUr(ll,9u
(iO.)iiU), wllh luleretl thereon at tbe rale of two
.vuel ono-balf per cent, per month ; and, w berets,
iho sa'd several suuia of money bare not been .
paid according to Iho terms of Ibe said deoree
llierefuro, by virtue nf the decree aforesaid, for
Iho recovery or Ike said several sums of moneys,
and an executlou duly Iwueil lliereon and to m
directed. I will offer fur suto, for each, lo lb
niguvti welder, on lue premise, oa
Saturday, the 14Ut Say f DetemWr,
1801, Iho following de-crlU-d Real Estate, to.
wit t The Iractlenul tiorlhweat quarter, and Ibe
northwest ejuartcr of Ihe norlbcat nutrler, of
se-ctlon Iweuly-tbrea (its), township Iblrly-tlx
(Set) tonl'a. ranso Uireo (Hi went, coalalatur
noe hundred and twenly-laree nnd tcu ono-hon-dredih
(I'i3 16-100) acre aud Ibe soulb-wcit
ipiarter of Ibe soulbwest quarter of section
luurteeu(14),nd Ibe south half of tbeaoaKi
hair of section flflecu (IS), and Ibe norlb frac
tional hair of tbe north half of section twenty
two t and Ih fractional river lot number Ua
(2)liiM0t'oii Iwenly-lwo (ft), and river lot
number three (9) iu, see lion twenty-two (21),
and tbo northwest nuarter of Iho norlhwot
quarter ex pcciiou iweniy-iare t-rtll In lwa
lilp number thlrly-slx (98),' suulh ot range,
three (3) west.; coiitalnlng Five HuMrii. ami
aixly-nme and fortyono ouu-buadredlbt (4(9
H-IOO) acret-Togell.er wllh all Bad singular
Ibe tenemcuts, hereditaments and appurtenance
hereunto belonging or In any wis appertain
ing. bale betwecu ibe hour of eleveu o'clock
A. M. aad i P. M. of meld day.
. , W. U.S. HYDE, SbetHt
Jacksonville, Nov. 9lh. 1801. 4314
. Mttmyi wr PUkp, , .
A BRIGHT BAY HORSE, from Iho farm
of Robbina k D.iinon. neur Tublo.
H'K-k, on Friday night, lBih instant. Wfevt
The borw It about b$ hand hlgb.iEXl
hu a wart on the under jaw. near llic lip j
ulso a mal wart ou the breast t luit no brand
nor no white hair heavy made, good baggy
and draught horuu I a fair (roller r 7 year old
ne-xt Sprlpg. A liberal reword will be paid
by tbe unek-rtlgneil for tho rel'irn of the herte,
or for luluriimilon that will lead In" hls.reeov.
"?;.. .. . .uiiahlks I'llUIMCK.
lub.'e H-tte Juekiou t., Oct, V3, IS1.