Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, October 05, 1861, Image 1

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VOL. VI. NO. 38.
(On tl.c 1IIII)
TAolK.oi3.t7'lllo OroBon.
riMIK Proprietors having lolicn possession
A of the Ulty Hrcwcry, lately controlled by
Mr. rile, nro prepared lo fiirnlli Lager Iteer
to people or this vicinity by the keg, buttle
or m draught.
An experience of many years In brewing
XLiEieox Boer
fllves them on nihnlitnge ocr all competitors
nnd wnrnints Ihrm In promising A HKTTF.H
KL9KWIIKHF, in Southern Oregon.
t& He mre In rend your orden to the
CITY IMKWKKY. if von wish the HF.3T
Jacksonville, Sept. 10, 18C1. Mil
Jarksrfnrlllr, Oregon.
3DB . JLArt .--QR.
"V70UI,I ri'fpict fully announce to llie eltl-
7 T r.ens of JacKmuvllle mm
Tlelnlty that he I uovv (iroitrvl
u ilo
for arllllclal teeth In the bent style, and at pri
ce! In stilt thi) llmi.
All kind or Dental operation attended to In
a skillful manner.
Jacksonville, June M. Uiil. S0ir
Will practice In nil tl.o Court or the Third
Jndlilal I'Mrlcl, the Supreinu Court of Ore
gon, and In Yrekn, Cnl.
He ha an agent nt lVahlnglnn. nnd expect'
to vbll tlml city nnd the Allsulh' this Sumimr
nd Fall, ami any lmtnen will ncelve prompt
attention. n-yWil'J
WILL attend In liu-luc.. In the sevtrnl
Cmirls In the Flint Judicial IK-trlcl or
Oregon, and In Hie Supreme Court. Onlce on
California M oire..le "Stnllntl" Office.
May JSth, 'til. '"
Jncl.ms lllr, Oregon.
AM. Imslm-is pertaining lo Land or Land
Laws pmniplly attended to.
Jacksonville. May lllli.lHfll. I
CHAS. B. BriOOKS. M. D.,
HAS l.()(JATi:i IS JACKriONVILl.t". and
iR.th hl prufenloiuil service tn thl" coin,
imiulty In the practice or MiJifmt, Suryrj ami
Onief on Ciilirornla street, next door lo Nvu-
irr' Jrurlry .lore. . , ...
Call, iiltcndcd to at all hour of day r night.
HAS opened a flmii oppnullo Andi-r'tin A
lilenn'a, on California Mrcvl, In lr. I..
Cianuns'a drug Mure, fur irjulrliiK
All work uarrnnlnl In give Kitblaclton.
Jack.niivllle.J'ec il'W. IM10. JU:ly
PETEi pit ITT,
JmIwiii lllr, On n.
Is prepared to take I'lctuira In every slyleof
je aYi.wIIIi all the l.'lot Ihipmvcniinl. II
do not give sattractlou. uncharge will L'ln.i'te.
Call at Funk'" Cigar Ston. or lit Ihu (lallery mi
he Hill. nnd we hl l'lctiire. Ilir
Pi p. spiiau uiaft
KKMITVIM.K, JlUKIlllM! Clll-NT v, Oux.,
Will punctually attend to 1iu1nerntruitrd t
uu care. aiih ii. iri.-i)ii
N the Flr.t of January, 'CI, tho prices of
Movtrlns nxaobluoM
yero reilueed (riy wrn..nn thufaclllcroad,
A fvw or tluw, tho Iml and chi-npe.t uu
chines made, at San Franclfoi rale.
" ! I! MI."5SlnVJ A ri.nl
JnckKMivllle, Jan. I'.'.
... W. W..WW.W.( ..t.l.
3BrT3or Sliop,
Opposito the Post Otllco,
SHAVING, Hair-culling, Shampooing Cur
ling and HalrlV'Ing.
Alro, a gcniilno article ol Fh-h's IIaiii Hr.s
ToiiATIVK,aud CrMadoru' lucrliior lliir l)ie fur
raic. jacKaouvllly, Juuu -ill, .z;ii
pullfornla si., opposite gentlpcl Ofilec,
STtolx.moi.-xril'lOf Orogon,
flO Iho.o who can uppn-clato truth. Such
,. will not lul to pall upon Ur. O. U. Drown.
Ho a1o luiltes tho nttentlon of nil who uro
mdlrliM with diseases or the l'ye to call at hit
' No Cure, No Pay.
j0 Oftlco hours from 8 a. m. to I r. m.
June I. 'i. ' 80.tr
Office over Clugago & Drum's Stables.
One Copy, One Ymr $1 00
One Culy. Six Mouths 'i'
OncPiiiinre. of Twelve Lines or Km. l'lrnl In'
nTllun, f .1 00 1 nud furuicli stiUeiiuent liner
-.Inn, l uu.
I'tolVnliiunl or llu-lncM Card", Each Foimre,
per annum, $30 OH t Tor Six Month, ill 00
fur Three Month.. 10 00.
A liberal dlKouut will o made to perrons lu
nd(rtl(;c to the extent or lour Minnie'.
The numlx r of lu'erttous rlioutd bo luaiUed oil
the tnnrgtii or ndvcttlfcine nt.
From the I.outstllto Jviitnnl.
Speech of Hon, Joseph Holt to the Ken
tucky Troops at Vamp "Joo Holt,"
In necfliihmca with nn Invitation or Ihe
troops nl Uniiip "Joe Holt," irnucstlmr the
ilisllngulnheil ex Secretary r War tn vlll
tin in. Hon. Joseph Holt went over In thcrn
ciiupnient on dni-rd.iy nllerunon. The
ciinip is benutirully located nt the Falls of ihe
Ohio, in the liildit or the remains or n Touncr
fun-nt. An liiitui use concourse or ladli uml
gentlrnirii, both or li.ilmn.i nml Imtvllle,wi re
premiit on llils lnterellng occasion. The
troi, unirurinrd nnd tn arm, were drawn up
in finiil (T (lie stand ntcupuil by Mr. Holt
uml Din, ltuwuii, nml liny preented n line
niipriirniicc. They Imik as II ICiutnr!y mar
lliil iinowu will not be lllii-ly lo rclrngruilo In
I heir ginitillaiifhlp. About -1 o'clock l-. M.
(Jen. ltorrcnu very gMcvlully Introductil Mr.
Holt to ilia tronpi, iirepurutory tn Ihu ilolUe
ry or (he sik-ccIi nhlih no publMi below.
The rciidii or this (lc('H'iit eiiiitributlon of
genius will ndiultu Its many nnd lis nrlid
bcniitiis, but in the miilst or their ailuilrutlou
no ran truly say wlmt K-dilnm in Id or the
great spi-eeh or Deninstlieiirn fur the Cronn,
.Il'clilius was the rival orator In this print
contert, uml the triumph or Di-niiMtliinis wn
nrcomp.ink'il with the bmiMimcnl ol .1'ihlu(.
lie Hint tn Winde, nml bec.itnc u teacher in
Mini I'luiiil. On one (iceiisliin l.o nsd the two
orations In hl iupil,ntul In llieiuid.it of their
expressii'iis of ndiiilrntlon for the mutton ol
Driuoslheiii'S, lleshlm-s exelaluuil If jini
admire It in my renillug, what ni.iiM you lime
dime bail ou heurd leiniif.thein-.s deliver It ?"
Yu linil the iinp(iilub!o pleiisuro of lirarlng
Mr. Hull dellvir the rpcu-h nt tho cnuiji. u
p!c.i-mv that mi one run rcncli from rntillny
or Inuring It from nny other noiiict. It was
llftci.nl In wltli profmiiid itttuitioii by the Im
im-i'fo nudiloty, nnd It rrnpieiilly c.illul forth,
In lis prngrrf, the most r.ipmrom app'aus'.
Mr. Holt turn here tomorrow. and eiirrh
with liiin thu piori-uuil gr.itilihL' of tlosiuiN
of the L'liloninin and woimn T Kiiituel.y.
ivl.o.-o linrts Iijih-Imu IoiicIhiI by Ihu ilerlrie
litis of his putriolIegiiiliK mid ihrpn-ico:
rn.i .v l itih:sii .isn eri,wtw : 1 rny
ell a-ik, rti.ee ou nre still such, nud It is onlj
bicaure you Ii.ivo n-solvnl lh.it no earthly
power shall rob you ol Hits proud title, or In
uuy manner euriuil Ihe privileges nml bleiti.gs
ti.Hvlainl with it that, ll.nt nu h:uelC"mo
snldkrs. Your suldlrrrhlii is but the htately
urmor vnu !mve donuitl for Ihu purpose of
lining Little in dehiice of lh.it cltixushlp
which Is nt once the iwwt lull me nnd the
iim-l truthful cxpw-ton of your polilieul life.
No pour wonN of rnlnu i-ou'd nihquitel.v
convey to you the grutiful (motions In plutl
hy the kiiHinnu uiii wnriuiii 01 11ns w-iici'ine.
I rhoiild Ii.ivo I inn nlolciil In uuvt jou uny
vvhere. Iou- full, Iherelure, Ihe misrure ot
my h.ipp'ii.ss niii't ba In n.eil )ou hero In
rut li 11 pretence, uml niuid the thrilling nici
itlloni iiii-iirub'e fmm sin h n ret m-. you 11111
will tinderjlaud. I rhould have felt lirniid li
hmu myniino couiM-tiil with the iiumbhsl
iriimiluL' of your eurutuiimeiit. but to hu
lluliill it with Ihe iiiMiupmctit llnlf. nml thus
lurrlbul as it wire upon 01 vol ll.c mile stout
lli.il marl; your progress towanu tiioso Iieiii
ofihingcr uml of f uno that uwall you. Is tit
once nn liounr nnd a toliin f I your conuil.-nee
npil goul will fur which I cannot be too pio
fiHindly ihniiKlul.
It Is not niv purpose In occupy you wltli
anv inlic.il ifireutsiou. Tho gli-.iuilug ban.
nir, I lie g I -tilling b.ivonetF, and the murtlul
liimle, nud iudetd nil llint meets tho t-yo or the
car upon this tcntul lleM, ndmnnMi 1110 I lull
with you nl h-ust the argument l rxluixttil.
and that you Imie nn lunger iloiihts to solve
or hrsllatiug cnnvietioni to cnnllrm. Your
resolution li tul.cn, and you onculy prod.ilm
that, let otlurs tin in they will, its for our-
nlves, unchllliil by the Arctic nlrsof uculrulity,
you are ilelcrmliiid tn love your ounlry, uml
iiii.iuid by tialtnrs, to light its luttles, uml, If
iiuil ne, 10 lay now 11 your lives lur lis iiner
vutiiin. It I ludi-nl transporliug In llm pa
Irlots heart In look upon the faces of men that
uro thus sublimely resolved, nml (here Is In me
a pnsIlIuMiicliaulunul in tho very atmosphere
who;c puh.itioiis Ii.ivo Ih-cii stirred by ll.e
brealh'ngs of their heroic t.p1rlls. Now thai
tho booming or tho camion of treason uml
tho cry of mm stritken iiutn ilenth for fldelity
lo our Hag arc borno tn us on almost every
bretze, it is huriowiug to the soul to be ding.
gld into compunlnnshlp with thnsu who Mill
vacillate, who nre Mill timidly bil.uiclng
chances nud cn'dly rulcuUtlng lorses nml gains,
whn still persist hi treating tlil-t ugoulxlng
struggle for national rxUttuee ih u petty (pies
lion of commerce, nnd deliberately lake mil
their scutes am) weigh In our presenco tho beg
garly Jewels ol tr.ido ng.ilnst the life of our
Soldiers, next lo tho wouhlp of the Father
of us all, llietleepe.t and grandest or human
emotions Is tho love or tho luud that gave us
hlrlli. It is an rnlargi-nu lit uml rxallatlou
of nil Ihe tcuderrst and Mmugcut sympathies
111 hiiitiitti unit tn uuiiit. 411 mi et'iiiuiies nun
climes ir has lived, nud lias ill fined chuh-.s and
dungeons, and racks to crush it. It has
strewed Iho larth with its innnuments, and lias
shttl iindving liKlre on a thousand fields nn
which it whs ImIIIiiI. Through the night or
uges, Tiiermnny'ai glows like somo mountain
iiciu; 011 which mo morning sun lias rieu, iw
ruie twenty-thrro huiidretl vrtu ugo, the hal
lowing Passion touched il muiul pr(cli!cfp
and ll? li inviting crags. It U easy, howevtr.
to bo patriotlo In piping limes of iicace, and
In thasunuy lioiir of iiie rl I v. It is national
sorrow it Is war, with its attendant pe-ills
and horrors, that tests this passion, and win
nows from Iho masses thoto who, with nil their
Invo of life still lovo their country more.
While your present position Is a mnt vivid
and Impresslvo illustration ofpntilntlsni. it has
a glory peculiar and nltngeihcr its own. The
oicrccuary armies which wepi viciorlom over
the world, nnd hnvc gnthcrctl rn many or tho
laurels that history lias embalmed, were but
machines ilniflcd lulo tho service of ambitious
rplrlts nnd lltllo umlcrstonil or ntiprccliitcd the
problems their blood was poured out to solve.
Hut while you have nil the dauntless physi
cal courage, which they displayed you odd to
It n thorough Knowicugo or the nrgumcht on
which this mighty movement proctitis, nml n
moral hcrolMii, which brtnkitig nwny frnm the
entanglements or kindred uml friends nnd
Hlnte policy, enables you lo follow your con
vict Ions of duty, even though tlicy should lend
mt uu tn tho cannon's mouth, It niut ever
be adiUil, that with this elevation of pnItloti,
come corresponding responsibilities, .Soldiers
that you are, by conviction, Ihe rnuntry looks
not tiiymirtriicir,chlvalrlc and skillful ns Ihry
may be, but to you, nnd inch of you, for the
safety of those xust national interests commit.
lit! to tie fortunes of war. Your camp life
win expose ott in many temptation s yuit
should resist tlicui ns you would resist the ml-
enticing of the cut my. In every hour of peril
or or Inclltnu-iit to r.cifs you will my Id
yourtcivcs, " uur country sics us," nnd sn net
as lo stum) fiirlh (oldiers. not onlr wllhnut
feur, but also without reproach ; each niomiut
not nbsnibed by the tolls uml duties nl jour
military life, should as f.ir ns practicable, be
ticvnicii 111 mni menial nml moral training,
without which the noblest of volunteers must
sink In n level with an nrmy of mcrctimriis.
Alike In Iho Inaction or the camp, nmid the
laiigues 01 1110 in.iren nmi ihe charge mm
shouts or battle, yon will remember that you
hove In your kirplng. not only vour own per
sonal reputation, but the honor or our native
.Stale, mid, what Is liiflullcly Inspiring, the
honor or that blood bought uml benllleeiit He
public whoso children you nre. Any Irrrgu.
Inrlly on your put won't! rndilcn Ihe land that
loven you ; nny r.iltiilng In the pr.fCiiM or the
fou would cocer it with luimi-nsutable humilia
tion. You will soon mlrglc In the rank whh
the gallant xolunterrs from the North nnd
W'esl.nnd wllh me you will ndmlru their mod
trillion, llelr ndmlrubtc disctpllne. and lli.it
inrp iieKiminnllon whOM! cnrniftness with
thciii has no lungu.igo of menace, bluster or
imsslon. Winn the men from Hunker Hill
mid tin? nun frnm the -'tilth' nml blood c
groiiml," uuestiatigeil from each oilier by the
low- arts of politician.. hnll slnnd sMc bv side
on llm mine 11ntlon.1l battle field, the hunt of
ITCilom will lioglml.
Curry villi you tho complete assurance that
you will ere long have not oulr the moral but
the matt rial support or Keniueky. .Nut many
wet ks can clapc litfiiro this powerful ('urn
monwrnllh will make nil rxullniit nvnwul of
n r loyally, nud will stand errrt.btfnrc tin-
country, Maliilr.' mid true, ns the truest of her
sisters ol ihe Union. In He scales of Ihe mu
mttit'iiis tvuits now occurring, lur weight
should be nnd Will bo fill. Already rlie Is Im
pat'int, nnd will not much longer, under tin'
in-sMire or nny policy, mlunll to shrink awny
ntn Ihe mrieiliit of the lulniiic'.
Have no ft-nrs ns tu ihe vigorous nnd ulti
mately niccnt.ful prnticulioii of lids wart
.11.1I fill nn nl.irni i-llhtr a. In the rxpuulitiire
it must' Involve, or as Ir, llioie slarlluig sti-tn.
cin'ngly sin it king of the iwi-irtsonf nliso-uli-niillinrlly,
whitli (ho Atlmliilstiutlon may
lu foretd fiolil time In llmu Intake. While
hiiibtltssnllimssililft'cniiiimv wlllheolKeivtil.
It Is npi.itiut tlml nn i-oii, ih rations of llial
Mud ran b.' pernullid, Tor 11 iiimiicnl, In mml-
IP.. .1... ..!.... .1. .. I. . . I . ..,.. I
m. itiw M,m- iii.ik 11., mu, resnivt'ii iijhiii
When the lifuof ihu pitleut I eiiiifesedly nl
Hiake, it Mould be ns univNo ns It would b
Inliiiiii'in to discuss Ihu rpiestlnii of ihe phjsi'
clan's fee befute lummvnlng I1I111 to the bed
Ilotilc, nil inw rcallr.i that thesvstrni nf
arill. untie lm yd tn he liiitnlul which t-oiild
i-stlmalt! in dol'iirs nnd e-'iits the worth of our
Instltnttoiu. This liriibleciin-rgehi-y, with u!l
llkilangtrs mid duties, was unforMvn by the
fi.unders of our (iiivernmenl, nud by llioie who
KiibMiiiicullyndinlnhlertil It. ami It mini iniike
laws (or Iih-11. 'I lie (invciniucut ha Ikvii
lil.o n strong iwlmmer riiddmly pneipllated
Into the sen, nud, like that swimmer, it lias un
hesitatingly uml niiHt jiMill.tlily selziil upon
any and evciy iusununiitallty with which It
could subdue the Inuehcrous eurrenls nud
waves by which It has loiiml il.nir Mirioiunlxt.
All that was irregular or illtg.il in Iheuetlon
of the I'resldiut that has Ikvii approbated by
the coiiiitry, nnd will nn doiilit Ik- npprnhilcl
by Conuress, on tl.o blond and liu-ontolllilo
principle that law nml ii-ngrs i,f ndmlnlslrn
tlon ililgmt 10 prtservo u f.lttneo or the
nation shall not he siiflticd to become the In
strument of its death. So, for the future, I
do not bollnlo lo say that any nnd every
im'iisiire rerpiiiid In s.-.vo tl.o Heiuibtlc (nun
the ierils that let ll, hot onlv may, but
ought tn be tal.ui by ihe Administration,
pnuujilly nml renrlessly.
Within so In ief n ierlo. no such eleantle
power has ev ci Ihcii ptaeeil nt lheilispn.il of
uny liovei nmi III ns lli.il wnicli has rallied tn
ihe support or lids within tin- last few- months,
through those volunteer who have pound
alike from hill nml valley, cliy and village,
throughout Ih) loyal Stale. All eludes uml
all purMilU hiivu been rpieneli bv Iho mine
lolly uml iiienchlesrnthul.im. While, linn.
ever, I would nuke 110 Invidious tlNtluctions.
whtroall have so nolily done llielr ilulv, 1
eaniiot refrain Iroui remarking how coinplcu
nus the hard handed tllhrsof the noil ol Ihe
.Nurlli uml West have nude them-elvts In
swelling Iho lunks of our army We honor
coinmtico with ll Ini.y marls, uml tho work
shop with its patient toil nud cihaiutlc. In
genuity, but still we would be unfaithful lathe
iriitti 01 history tlul
we not confess, that the
uiot heroic champion nf liiim.ini frcci urn and
Iho most llluitrloiis npiMles nf it principles down upon you from I.
have comorrom the broad lldd of ugrlcullute.i10 f c'viiilan I'yi
Tlw.prt c. n.,,3 n l. D 1.1...- I.. .!. I - I .'.. . . .
of nature, In her wild nnd beautiful landscapes,
hi her cascades and cataracts and woodlands,
nnd exhilarating airs of her hills ami mountains,
iinivnum vj kiv .".111. lllllli; III IHU kLLIIIV
that embraces the fetters which man would
rivet upon llm spirit of Ids hllowmin. It
mi. ui ii.u ii.iiiiiiis in mu piiiiv ami niiiung me
breatlilug otlors of Iho newly oKned Inrrows
thut tlio character of Cincinnatus was formed,
expandid, nud matured. It was not in the
cliy full, but in the deep gorges uml upon the
snuw-clud tuimmtU or the Alps, timid the eagles
mid Ihu thunders, that William 'IV 1 1 hiid the
foundation of llmse alter tn human liberty,
iigulnst which the surging tides of Kiirnpnm
despothm have beaten lur centuries, but thank
tjuti, have btatcn iu vnln. It wus nmid the
primevul forests and mountains, the hikts and 1
leaping Mi etuns of our nun hind i nmid livlds
.. .. .... ...
mid waving grain ; nmid Iho songs of the
reaper uml the tinkling of the shepherd's bell
that weie nurtured llio-o virtues which elm.
tered Marble iu the character or W'lishimrou.
mulliflol lii tit in mnrul rlaluie 11 lieud and
shoulders ubove even the demigods of undent
'I here is 0110 most ftrlliing and dlstlugnhJi
ing feature of our 111UI011 thai should
never bo lot sight of. You nre not nboul
to invade tho territory or n fotelgu enemy,
ntloii. ShC'lId voi mcupy tn Pouth, yo-i J I
nut ,. iiiu iiiiiuju 111111 ui i-(iiiiiu'0i or hiioi
will do so ns friends nnd protectors, jind your
aim will tint be lo subjugate that bclrnyed
and tlistrnclcil country, but to deliver it fitint
tho remorseless military ih-spolism by which
It Is trodden down. Union men, who ore
your brcthern, throng In those States nnd will
listen for the coming footsteps or your nimy,
ns the Scnthdi mnhlcu or l.ucknnw listened Tor
tlienirs ofliir unlive land. It Is true, that
nmtd the terrors mid darkness which prevail
icre, they nre silenced nml now riferfju, but
0 niircd that by the light or llie Stnrs you
carry upon jour banner you will find tllcm all
it nns iiecii conianuy nscrteii uy ihe con.pi
rnlors throughout the South, tlml this Is n
war of subjugation on the pait of the Oovcrn
ment or the United States, waged for the i.v
termination of Southern Institutions, and by
vnndals nud tu1icrciits, who, In the fury ol
of their pa;slons. sparo neither nga nor sc.x
nor properly. F.vcti one of the Cnnfulcrnte
(Icucrals has so far steeped himself in Infamy
as tn publish, In choice billingsgate, this h.isc
calumny through an official proclamation.
In view' ol what t'ongrtsi has recently so
sott nmly resolved, nnd In view of the contin
uous mid consistent action of the Administra
tion upon the subject, thc whn, through the
press or In pub'le 1p.11 Irs, p.-rslst in rcpculin,
ihu wretched slander, nru giving utterance to
wli.it everybody, themselves Included, knows
fo be absolutely and lufamoiidy false. It
will be the first mul llni highest duly of the
American nrmv, as it advances South, by Ms
moderation and liutnaiiity, by Its exemption
from every excess ami Irregularity, nud by Its
rcrupiiloui olnnrvniieii of the rights or all, to
show how foully both It and the Government
It rrpreicnts hnvo been Irnducctl. When,
therefore, 011 enter the .South, press lightly
upon her gardens nud fields ; guard sai-mlly
lie r homos j protect, If need be, nt Iho point
nf your bayonet, her institutions nml lur con
stitutional righls, Tor you will then by, not
only respond fully In the spirit nud eildcdi of
this war, but you will ext-rt nvt-r, nliko the
oppressed nnd the Infatunlcd portion or her
lieople, n power tn which the most brllliaut or
your military snecrsx might not attain.
Hut when ynu meet In bailie nrrny (hose
atrocious rnnplrators, who, at Ihe head or
armies, nnd through woes uuutlerable, ore
seeking the ruin or our commnii country, re
number that since Ihe si'iiid ft until over the
portals of parndlM! until now, it hns Urn
thaw 11 in no holier cause than that In which
ynu nre engaged. ( iiioiiiIkt Ion. the nillllnus
wIiik- hearts me brnikin under the niigulsh of
this terillile crime, ami Hun strike linMly.
stlke In the iiontrortrulh and duly, silke wih
.1 bound nml n shout, well tis-iinil thut your
mow win tall upon lugrulc, ami traitor. uml
parilrlde. whioe hirl lor poutr would in ike
litis blight laud oho vust Oolgiitlu, rather
than be bilkul of their guilty ului. uml m li
the HikI ofjinir ratlins glvu yuu the victory.
I should liavertj.ilcfd tn meet you vvlihlu
the llinlls of yomltr proud Oiimmoinvrnllh.
rroni whence you eanii-. and whose name ynu
bear, but wise nnd pitrii.tlc mn. whne inn
livtn I ri-.K-rl whl'o ilbst-htiug from llitlr mu.
ehiflon., have vvlllnl It rhuld Ik- olherwlr,
lleri'.linwtvrr, vou nre in the in'dil of filunlt.
nud have tluuliilis ruihiil 11 brotlur's wt.
iiiini. on the soil nf n .-'inte which is not only
luy.il.but pioud of her loyally n Slate which,
by Ihe inatchinr "f l.tr volunteer, minouncc
every hour what n porlliinul her people have
tri-ienllv proclalnml bv inriuil icsnlutinn, tint
1. . .... .... '
tl.o Mll't'iwloo ol this iiIh-IIIoii is worth
more tu the world llun nil our llvts nml nil
our ini.niy."nr.d that she "cares noihirg fur
life or worldly goods, when they can nn'y le
cnjoyttl oinld the ruins of our country." Nn
Sp.11 Ian hero und-r the gramhst Iiupiralioni
ol p.ililolhni evir iillerul nobler siiilimiuls
llian llio-i. Iialluiia nud Ivenlueky, it Is true,
are Kcrntcd by a broad river, but lu the r
history ll lias provctl only n thread nf light
uml b nuly, ncross whleli Ihrir hinds mn
llielr liearl have ever b.x-u clarj-rd iu friend
ship nud faith.
In llio-e Mlrrlng cnnfllcls far principle
which have arisen in th"pit, Ihey have stood
logellirr, imd on more than one blotly IK'ld,
khiiuldcr liisluiiiMir, they have borne I'lmiinl
thriiiigh the thickest of the llht. that glorious
banner, whose, start-, I trust, will never grnw
iliui i and now. ymr presence here to d ly Is 11
glinldiiilng nssiiriiiieo lli.it in the iioinintou
con !cl, on whose lhn!i"M we rlaiul, there
Slates, so long iiIIIhI, will not hi divldisl.
Fur niv-M-lf, I must Im Mnloiinl for sijlng.
dial next tn our own hi loved lenlueliy, my
boMini iiio-l oviill'iivs Inward the imhlo .Stale,
uiiihr wlio-e liospitnlile slieltcr uu haic met
tiMl.iy. it was my liiriuuu in pas my chll.l.
Iiii.hI ami yoiiili on my father's farm upon Ihe
hanks of v ndir river, nud lu the light of Ihe
morning nml of the evening sun myt-jt-s rested
upon die (ne homes nnd fur-M of Indiana,
I played upon lur lulls, nud li-liut lu lur
streams, and inlnghtl wllh her lieople, whin I
was tn jnung lu know, what 1 trust I shall
nevt r be-n'd citoagli tn learn that this great
country of ours has cither North or .Smith,
Iviit or Wot. iu the ull'.-cthms and faith or
true lovul citizens.
Sohfiers, when Napoleon wiis nbont tn spur
on his hglons to eu.ili.it, on the sands of nn
All lean doer I, pointing thim to the Kgvptlau
I'yrauilde that loonud up against tho lar-olf
liorizen, he cxe'almtd, " I'rnin yonder I'yra
in'ds twenty ttnturies liehold your nrllons,"
'I'hu thought was mldlino uml cleetrlc: but
you have more than t'ds. When you shall
confront these ii'tritriated hosts, vvhoo bittle
cry Is," How 11 with Ihe (Jovcrnnient nf the
t'nitcil States," let vour uusnrring t-lionl be.
" The liovernment us our fathers made It;'1
mid when jnu strike, rcip inber that not onlv
tin the goiMi nml tl.c great 01 iho pint look
tight lultultely nbove
rnmids, but that un
counted gcncititlons jet tu como are looking
up to ou, nud elaluilog nt your hands the
iininipairid lruiimiinu tn them of dial price
less heritage which has been committed In our
eeplng. I say its ijnimp.iircd Irunsmlsslon
tin all the amplitude r.f Its outlines. In nil die
stiunieiry 01 ns maicniefs pronoriious, in nil
the palpitating liillnc.-s ol Its bli'sslugs ; not n
mtserniiiy ihrivclt-d ami chatternl tiling, char
ml by the lire nud torn by Iho tempest or
icvoltillnu, and nil ovtr pollutul nnd tear led
by Ihe bloody poignant of traitors.
Soldieis, you hayo conic up tn vour present
exalted portion over many obstacles nud
through many chilling discouragement. You
mm-proclaim to the woihl that the billies
which uie uboul tn be fought In thfeiiseof our
common countiy. lis
iMitutlons, mul homes.
uteyour li.iltles, anil that you ate determined
In bin
. .-.. .
t,hure with jour !tllow-eiliZ',in of oilier
.Slates, ulikc tlu-ir dangris nnd llielr laurels:
uml sine I mn tli.t Ihlsdetcriuinatioi) lms betn
in uotliing shaken by die rteent sad reverie of
arms vvhae shadow Is still resting upon our
spirits. Tho countiy has Indeed lost n battle,
but it I1.13 not loot lis honor, nor its courage,
nor its linpis, nor Its resolution In conquer.
Onu of lho.se chances lo which Iho fortunes ol
wur me ever tnhjict, and ngalnst which iho
ino.-t eoiijiimale gcncruUlIp cannot nt uli
limes provide, has given u moiicntary nil van
ie tn Ihe foien nf llie rein llhm tlrouehv
did not pursue the column or llu'o.v, nnd thu.
Wuterloo was won Tor Wt Illusion nt the mo
im nt that victory with her laureled wieulli,
seemed stooping over the head of Napoleon.
So Patterson did not persue Johnson, nnd the
ovcrw helling concentration of rtbil troops
that in coneqitence isueii vvus proi.niiiy ihe
true cuiise why the Unlled Stntes was driven
liack. excellent ns vvus lis dlslplltie nnd self
sacrificing ns lias been lis feats of valor.
Panics fi 0111 slight mul sicinitigly Inslgn'll
cant rnuses. have occurred In the best drilled
nnd bravest or nrrnles, and they prove neither
the want of tllsslplluc nor nl courage on the
part of thetohliers. This cheek hns taught us
Invaluable, lessons, which we could not have
learned from victory, while die tl.innthss dar
ing displayed by our volunteers Is full nf prom
ise for the future. Not tu mention the Intrepid
bearing of other regiments, who can doubt our
rnture when ho recalls the brilliant charges ol
the New York Sixty-Ninth nnd ol the Minne
sota First nnd of the Fire Zouave? Is-onidas
hinseir. while surveying Ihu Persian bust that,
like 11 trimb'fd sea, swept onward lo die pa's
where he stood, would have been proud ol the
leadership or such men. Wu shall rnpldly
recovcr from this illreomflture, whlili.nflir nil,
will servo only to nerve to yet more extraordi
nary exertions the nineteen millions of people
who have sworn that this republic shall not
perish ; mul perish it will not, perish ll can
not, white this oath remains.
When we look nwny to that sccr.c of car
nage, nil strewed wltli the bndirti of patriotic
im-ti who coiutnl death fur thumclvcs, that
their rnuntry might live, nml then look upon
I heir homes which their full ha rendered des
olate forever, wu realizewhat I think Ihu pop
ular heart iu its forbearance has never com
iilittly comprehended tha uiisKiikuble mul
hellish atrocity of this rebellion. It Is pcrlect
attmiiliu of di-monlao pi$!nn. From die
rt-ddriicd waters of Hull Hun mul finin the
gory Held of Jfennssa. there is now going up
an nmx'ul lo Hot! and to million, of cxhsh-.
rated men ngnlmt thou fiends In human shiiv,
who, drunken with the orgies of an infviii.il
ambition, nre filling to the btlui the cup of 11
nation's sorrow. Woe, woo. I say. to Ihese
Imllnrs when this npie.il shall be nnswrml !
1 must off.r vnu 111 v slueeiu coiiL-rntulalliins
on die ItudiTshlp nl that true patriot nnd sol
dier, nrtiiiuil wlo'e stnudard you have guth
cntl. Wlieii iilhers heslaltil he vvus declihil (
whin oilier, fiillm-il he was bnld. Tho tStiv.
ernmeiit laid lis hum I on his loyal bosom ntul
fiiiilllit burning with the lueMiiigulsh-ilili-llres
of pjlilotlsui ul n lima when sn many
others from Ilia best motive in the world, weu
can fully palling lluiu'ehes uway In hup
iu die lees nl neutrality. I honor him. ICiu
lucky will honor lilm, the nation will honor
When you move, ns soon ns you mny. In the
scut ol vvar, Kiiitucky. despite the vlits)crcil
cautious of p'.llllcluii", will chor you on, nml
will hang with prayerful Mlicitattun our you,
alike upon your march nnd uiiild Ihe heady
current of batlle. lyul men rvcrvwhero
nre exclaiming " I Jivl s;kt,1 jiih," nnd - All
hall to ynur courage nnd patriotism," tltory
hcckmis you onwartl and upward, nnd could
the Illustrious dead hear lu the grow where
they slcvp. your evi ry fimifiill, a ynu ndvanee
In your c iiiutiy's battle Ihthls would be music
tn their ears.
I urn grateful In ynu nil, lint ep chilly tn
our uir e-iiunirywoinin, lor ih's iiisiingiiisiiisi
reception, ll enn iicvtr bo (urgotltn that ll
wiisfrouin Sinrliiii mother that came tluw
words of hemic patriotbm whlih have ncvir
been npi i'cd bv uny thai have fallen from the
lip. of man. I'or mare than twenty icnluric
the diVien!ng sliudows hive falleti upon the
rlveisniiil the sens, upon the iii'iuiilalns nml
the iilntn of die past, and yet, from the 111I1M
of nil this gloom tluo words still gleam nut
upon us like lightning from u Summer's cloud.
For more than two lliou-aud year the earth i
ha turn convulsed nnd shaken In ItJ unrali
foundations ; tiitlons and gimrallons r.f 11.1
lion have risen and nerhdictl by s'ow decay or
nui'il Iho Shock of b title i nnd wail Of our
stritken race his gone up over the H-pule-hre-n
niihii 01 nun nnii 01 empire
id nnnvenii. iiich- wonis have llaiiniiioau
In ns, nod still lloitiiliroi Inpon Ihonirsof die
world like some klndlin; si ruin or music, ever
cuuglit mi nnd ever renenttil withlltshltigiTis
nnd It anl with wildly puhatlng hrnrU. .Such !
isiliepowcrofpilrliiilMii.niidsiKliiliesiH - lllisi
It Itlllllll ..(tPJ.Iii.. nii.O.t.MN ll.n.rHil ... r.l
",", , !"" ...i... .., -,.v ..... rr..i. morning, mil nemv.
ol huuiauiiv. 1 1. women, ever tlmhl iu the J l.Kvits.iiiTii. "Hept. 20th. A cltV.'n of
sumhlne. but ever brave In the jlof.n.weoli.r,, ,, !,!.,,, vl,,, as nt Islington nt Iho time
our Ihaiiksrorlhl, nnd r.vl that we must shut nr tl0 Kiirrnnler nf the Foleral.'slaliii that
our ear to the voices or our love, nnd veil our ,1(, ,r0(,. , bwii tlfi Imurs wiihnnl water,
souls from the Illuminations or her presence. t".T, surrender was inicoui1iiloii.il. The reikis
oru vvc can cen-e in lie wilting 10 live ami ihe .i,,!,,, t have .'IT.OitO men. tint were badlv
In tlefiiise of ino lnlllulloin. vvliieli. more llirmrt) ,) ihout orgai.Uitloii, n nnny lull
Ihan nil others Hint I. ive rxtMcd. have Rivs-H , j.,i but it day or Inn liefure. Our Infiiriii
tn her that position of dignity nud moral power mlt rnnCil in this town nfler Iho surreuiler.
hlch the shining Impress shu bear from l.er
Ciculnr's liuiidi o fully iiitilli-s tier lu occupy.
J'nAMiFor.T. Sept. l.'l. The loue pvied
n hid tuhstiiullally the niniu us lloii.lon's,
which in.iktis felony of the waging ol war
ngalnut the L'nllid .Stale. tnliMlng troops fur
the Coufetleratt or indacing uuy onu to dn so.
or Joining or parading wllh iinyYnmpiny wllh
Ihe intent tn join Ihu Confi derates. The 1 11
vti.luu of Ktnliieky by nny t'oufuli rate sot.
diers I punishable by tUutli, ihe Act tn gn
lulu ilhrl in It 11 iliys, mul will not Ih nppllen
ble In those who letnili tu their ulhglatice in
sixty day.
den. UiniKT has been nslgnei a command
In Ihe nrmy or the Potnnite. He haves (or
til romm uid to morrow.
Iho Siilicnnl tilting, n (termini paper In
New Yoik, has been cut oil' from mail facili
Av exchange relalis the followiu
luciiieni .
1 f'' 'he.
ns hiving menrrul ut Ihe hut tirin
lluliviir l.inmly Court I A liMii was eon
vleted of ling Mealing, nnd nnenreil n the
penitentiary. u leal 11 that 011 nelng nl,eil
what he had In rav why sentence should not
he p.iul upon him, lids worthy vtry rnnly
told tho court that he killed the hag lu fccll
defence ami lite lilm out of (pile.
As tlio Maine Iroop wcro leaving the field
nf battle, a soldiir slepiud up to one of the
officer, am iceiucMcd him to lend htm 11 knlle.
The ollicer tool; out 11 common puekel knife
and handed it tn iho soldier, who sat down ul
die side of the road, nud pulled un the leg of
his Irqwrs, uml tlellbuate dug u inu-ket lull
nut of Id leg.Junped up, and re-.umed hi
A Lipv nsketl n gentleman tho time nfdiy.
lie said he kept no wulch, uml dial, In the
morning, Chautii leer vrns hi lime piece. " I
did not know," iijoiniil die-luilv, wllh n seri
ous uir, " till now, that the lowl wus fq accu
rate n (iciniometer.
No mm em go down Into the dungeon of his
experience and huld Iho torch of truth lo all lis
il.uk chambers, ainj hidden cavities, and filmy
accesses, mid not como up wllli a shudder uml
a chill, and nr, carucet ciy to heat en fur mercy
ind 1 le.mdn-.
r.xpifssl rentliL-OrcgiuiSfiitlnel
. s . -
Arrival of the Pony.
Ykkka, fcpl. 2S-8 V. M.
Svn I'uixe-iseo, Sept. 'JTtli. I'ony arrived
nt lluhy Valley nt T o'cloc'c this inoriilnj;,
with dates to the 'J.'ld.
Advices from Hlchmond to Sept. loth state
that It is generally conceded that Sliikll goes
to France soon.
(Icn. Floyd had an engagement with the
l'uler ills on the lUth, and routed them, killing
COO nnd wounding 100.
Things arc unusually quid on the Virglnlu
side nf tl;c l'otomac.
There is no rMngn'tlon of the rebel fbg In
Spain. The reported proclamation of the
Captain Uciicru! occupies the attention or the
State Department.
Subscriptions to the Federal Nutloti.il Loan
exceed SMOO.OOQ.
Thu Spanish MlnMer assured Secretary of
Slate that die report's from Charleston, that
('apt. (icn or Cuba had issued a proclamation
rtcngnWng the Southern Confederacy, were
Owing In Information receive, nl the I. O.
Ih-pailmeiit, that the Hun. iSt.do.It.lt.
was unprotected from rttu'lr:. that St. Jo. was
lu their hands, California malls will be curried
by way of Davenport In Council llluirs.
Wasiiinutiiv, Sept. IC On the 1'Jlli the
nrmy inidenn ndvnnccon Hkwnter, Ya.,wilh
n force of 1.1,(100. driving bad: adelaihmcnl
nf fi.OOO under Floyd.
Il was rcpnrlcil.jin Ulh, Hint Trice, wllh
17.000. surrounded I'xInglon, Mn., and sum
moned Col. Mulligan In surrender. He re
fused. I'rlce gnvo to Monday morning, Tour
o'clock, lo surrender t tr ho did not, lie would
march on him under the black Dig.
Il l confldenlly thought In military circle
lint (Jcncnil Rlurgm (Fttlernl). has rrnelml
lAxhiglon from SI. Joseph, nud that Price
will Ih cut r.fr, or forced In relrrnt.
Thestcnmtr .Viins'tiiic was rebvd by rebels
nt (Jl.ngnw Mo. The sleainer ."Jour was
utlarhcd nt Olasgnw. hut rsrnpcl.
All the bnnks nt New Orleans lave ids
pritdid ft'icclc pa) ment.
On ll.e ISth Intl., Ticnsury nolcs were nl
The gun boat CVursfagii, raptured Ihe rebel
stenmer Sttplitmon and Gmtlle In the Cum-
Iwlund river on the lClh Inst one contained
100 Inns of iron.
Reliable lhform.it Inn from Ixlnglnn up tn
.-'aturil.iv evening, sliows that there had liecn
in n-.-ht up In that time, though the I'tilernl
troops had lietn iuninini.ei In surrender by
li Ire, whose nrmy was 17,000 ktrong.
thu I'ojie wn tn reinforce Ix-xlugton on
Ihe lSlli. with 11,000 men.
'Ihe Union men In both Hones of the
Miiryliii-.il J-egli-'nlurc rcfuieil to meet en the
mnrtiltig of the 1 Oils.
The latest ndvlct-s rroni T;xlngtnn .Mn on
Mniid.iy .v. t., say that l'rlee ftnt word In
Mulligan, demanding hi surrcmhr; Mull),
gnu replied " (bi to liell." An 11 II a el; wn
t,r,,wl1fiiilt- mn,l..nnontn ulil, nriili-n-mul
i,,n,ir lis euver mnLlii-m tmhrmt llm'limo
They were rrpulsnl wltli heavy lnj, liy Mul.
ngiii urccs, wiiii uu; nine loss 01 v. s.
Later Pilcc coinm-nceil nn ntlick on our
Intrenchim-nts at I.lugton on Monday. The
n.t.i .. .. .-... n,,A nil .1... 'n.u iiiiin.i
,? ,.nri , i,.,, ,.-. r.,lm,l ultl, .kiv,,, !,.
- pi.ffit ,H r,.n,.nci by fico en Tuescbe
. . .... - "
The V. S. Mar.lial seized Iho nfllee of die
Louisville (nutitr, ("rrslnn.) mid n'sn nr.
reslcil ex (lovernnr Mnn-lirai mid Heuben
Diinean, one or Iho proprietor'.
Later ndelre from l'xlnglon say. that the
Fiitfra' nflcr fl.ditlng two days "wen coin-pi-lled
to surrrnder, being rut oil" from walrr.
The rebels were niceessfullv repulsed three
times on the 19ih by Ihe IrUi brtgmU nt the
point nf llu bivonel, and had iml water given
out they won'd huvo ihiublles held llio reliel
nt Iny" until reinfortvd. llvrry volley from
Ihe Fttlernl cutis mid with fearful ihstr'iicttnn
on tl c t nemy's ranks. No statement of the
I oh is given.
The following items of news nre taken fiom
the tlelnlled telegraphic news of the Sacra
nu'1,10 Union i
A K'c!al to iho New yoik llerahl, datid
W'nsliln lnii. Rt.nt lllli Lnxi flu. Ilnvi rinni ,il
hci'ivuI a dii.ilili from (ii-urr.il ltuencranlz
that Ihe lallir was driven to his uirihivorh
Ho-eneiuniz will give battle to Floyd again
A large party, under Col. Slephcns, of die
New Villi llighluuth-is, leturuing IVom 11 ie
eouuoUiuee seven mile beyond Chain Ibldge,
weiuiiltiicl.ed by 11 large lurce ol iiIk-I, con
sisting of Inn reginieiil ol iiifantiv nnd Col.
Sliwart's Virginia Cavalry, iind u billiry nl
four nieces. Tho battery opened wiih shell,
which was replied in I10111 (jrilliuV lulltre,
Allir M'Vi'iul rounds, nur tionn ctasnl firing
in give lln-11 In I an uppiirluniiy of meeting
tin in on llie nien II Id, Ihe n bels being iu I lie
woods. Our lories icsumid nclion with 11
ihiily.twn poamler, 11 shell bom which soon
ilencid tlio nbel bitteiy, mid the eavalry
wire soon Mitt flying, with 11 number ruling
fiom llieii sadillesi Thrte hill-d fiorn Nine,
tieiilh I'u'n 111a uml two fium Tlind Viiinont
Itegiiticul, nud four wiuiuitul. Lieut, lian-
.-oek is fnppOMil In bo liipid.
Uu Ihe l.lli lirltig was again resumed In
theilliectloii of Chain HriiLjc. The ujcaiop
not known.
(ie.i, McClillan, In his report, rays Ihe men
behnvtil most udnilrnlily under fire, mul con
clude, by rcnuiikliig, we eIuII have no mote
Hull Hun iiiribs.
In view ol I liu increasing importance of
1Vhii-, ,M 11 1 a a li.t 1 1 ' t) 1 ' .11. .
tlons ngtlnst rebel. 11 large lncrcnt' of npll'u
ry nud naval force will be placed there.
Sept. 1 1 heavy firing nt Hew-all' Point.
Conlederalts were trying lo range their guns.
The rtbe's there numb r '-'.000.
Pi.KHtNr IIim. (Mil). Sept. 12 -Firing
was li'ard on .Sunday in llie direction of Con
rad's Ferry. Pickets saw rebej cuvdrj- cti
r.iniKil two ml) s from llie river, dipt..
'I'l'iiipkuis, of the It. I. Hittery, threw twenty
shells Inln the camp. The rebels will meet n
warm leeeptlon. shouM Ihey nliiempt lo cros
betwee-n Oiiat Hills and Polnl of Ilock. wltli
n view id marching on Hdlltnora slnviltniir
oudy 1,1(1) their ihrcalcKcd uttack on 'ush
ington. ll Ureporlctl that the nrlvntrcr Sumter Iind
gone usiiorc on '1'riuidad Island, port or Spain,
about Aug, 'JUlh, und was a total wreck.
I'dRTLAxn Me.. Sept. 12-Ninelccn lpwp.
casting two-llilid of Ihe ngereg.ito ynlp nf
llie Slate, gave Wahliiirrie (Hep) .10.008 (
Jameson (Union), lfi.17? : Dana (I'tnce Dm.),
12,1 II) majority Tor Washburn. 11.347,
Bgalint 1 2,0 "il In lists smne towns last ytar.
Ct.viiKsiieiui, (Vn..) Stotcnilter I2ih. A'
Inltle tnnk place about eight o'clock Tuesday
iiflcrnoiiu, neur uuiincrviHi. (Jencrnl Hn-n-erantz.
nltir milking n rcconnoisa nee, round
Floyd's nrmy fi.llOO strciig, wills sixteen field
jilte'es, lutrtnchcil'lti 11 powrrfuj ppitlrtn c
the ton of a mountain nl Curnlx Ferry. on the
west stile nr (laiili-y river. The n-nr and rx;
Ircmc or both tl ink wire Innrccssible. a,nd Ihe
front vvus mashed by lunvv rurest nml otoi
Jungle. Colonel Lyl.leV Yenlh Oho Heel
incut or ll.tihnm's brigade was on thcndviiiieo.
mid itrove it detachment ol th" enemy out of
llm camp Hit. side at- the portion, tl e right nf
which was unknown. Sjfrtfy tifterv, nrt! hit
scoul, cnnjlsling of fiuir coniiitii!e, suddenly
tliscovirtii Iheiii-t-Lea lu the fare of n (pitRtn-t
balliryand along line nf palisades for rifi't
men, wlu-n die li it lie ncned fiercely: The re
in iludcr of the Teulli nnd Tirrlecnth Ohhi
weje liroiigltt Inln nclion siicits-fiilly by (Jen-,
end lh iihaiii, nnd tlcTwelrli OMn nfliriinrds,
by Cupluln llarlsulT, wh'i'C nbj rt was on
nfimil it-connolskiinie. 'I In cm my p'nycil
upon our forces teirlle.vliy wllli miskc'rr,
nil', eaolsier mid shell, causing some en-tuli-lie.
Coloutl l.yllle leil MV.-ral eomialil(-S f
tils Iil-li in ctmrgis tl,,. )ilf,ry, wh tl he wis
brought dim n by n shot ill Ihe hg. Colonel
Smith ol iho Tlililiinlli Ohln Migngeil thq
I nemy on Iho Itfi, mul (.Voie-I Olive's Ttvi-llili
Ohio ihri-rlly in front. Cnhmtl L-twu Ml
dead nt ll.e head of Ids regiment, inrly In the.
holli-st fin1, by a ball In ihe On-lii-nd. Me
Miilhu's linwitir bnlltry nml Snider' I wo
field p!i it", In the ninintliue. wire k"l into th;
bei-t jinsiiion pnuib'e, under Ihu ciicutr.-tunc.ej,
uml sunn slli nail Inn of the nbel gipi. The
lire s'.icld-neil ul Interval, lull greiy m-m fu-
rlou it night iippnueliiil. wlt-n tl.c (lertn.vri
Itrigade wit lol gallantry Into action by Cob
01 ll Alet.'iM.i;, ipider the d'ret timi nf Adiitiiut
(jiiicral llarlstuti'; b.it nftir n furious light nf
lliree hours, night cuuiH.-lleil ihe remit of the
troops, nm the iiimi lay- on llelr arms within
ushnit disiituceuf the i-tu-iny, t-neli rt-ndy In
moinie Ihe cnulml on the nexl'uinmliig. Floyd
II d ilurinj- the nteht. mid sunk die b'nit In
ihe river uud ili-i-troynl lie temiminry lirhlgo
whith he hud miiih-when he firM ociiljilnl Ihu
li" t on. Tlio lurb ilcme of the river nnd s-x
iiau-tion of Ihe troops made It Impnssib'e In
In'.'ow him. He lift hi tvuip npnpagi-. via.'
on. Inure', n large ipiantiiy id iimiiiutiilinii,
and fitly head ol cattle, liar In i till)-. i
1. libit, uml about sevuity wound -tl, ginernlly
lh-.Ii wound. The r Ih I loss is not urcr
tatm il. 11 they cirrhd I heir dead nnd wuunded
wllh diem, but it was certainly serlnus. Cap
tain McUriiily of Cinvllinnli, mid Cnplaiii
McMiilhu, ub'ti L'culiiiaut Snyihr or ()hh,
nre miiong the wuiimlnl, but iml it.iugcroiily.
'I'tviniy.tlvi men of ('ul. I.yllleV, wlm wcro
iiiken by Fh-ydul Cm l.-uics, were icmp
liirid. Floyd nrMiml biggnge, with that
of !d (illUvr, was inheii. (bu. Hiiihnm'tt
In Igude, which suir-riil tho nnVl. was coin,
maudeil by Is I lit In 'x-rron, nnd .Me Cook led
Id hi Igr.ih. litneral Hoseuormil; nnd "n
ham, Colnnvls McCnolf Ivllle nml Iae,
Captain llarlsulT. Snyder ,0111 McMutlen,
Major Unike of tho '1 1 nth 'Ohio, nml otlur
olliccrs, displaycAl e-onsplcuous pergonal pal
lanlry. The lronp wcru (xelu-lvcly frvm.
UiiiD. mm Showoii great iiravirv.
I'lsvn.i.i:, fcepi. 12. A W'lislili'g'nu ills,
loflllh, tn the 'Journal, says (Jen Me.
patch 1
Clellan has r.irriul Hall' Mil', lox'ng tillivn
killetl. Itjuks' tomniiud I clo.e by, und a
general fight lr.Hctcil Ininorifiw,
Floyd, ut l.iM urenuiit, veil, ubiuit a mlhs
and n hair lityiuul the (iuu'ty liver 'I'li-in
e-uiy, lu full lar.v, was at liau'ey nr.ii.v, w ini
wu strongly posted iu Ihe yiciliilv n( Itiuilev
rnud. Tho enemy bad In-fit ou'll.iiiked by
Ynrr.ll Chapman, vvhq held h! position wltli
'.'(Mill militia.
Tin lllcliiiinnl V.xiir.mtr siys .LIT. Divls
has so lur n coven d fiom Id recent illni.' as.
to till.: nn titling on Salon) ty iu hi einringt-.
Wasiiimui. i-Upi. 12. I'l Is tho opiiion
lure lliut n gtiierul engagement ranool mueli
longer Ih ilcl.iMil. (iiiotl inilitaiy crilie., ho
eve,-, ihcl.iro lli.it tlicy uKivt'nii'eriuii Ijjhj-"
lug fir two or llmv wek.
Hept. l.'l 11. P. Catitr, a f',-.ter of Xi-i
York, was do. inoinlng (irdtitd lo bo M-nt to
Fort Lifjiette, fur printing handb.lt far the
11 Ix-ls,
Wasminoiuv. fieiit. 12. I Correspondence
of the New Yi rk YVmrsj Tl.e (iovcrnimnl
is iu rcceiptof 'atuabtc information, relating
lo Ihe prei-ml st. el; of cotton iu die Hog l-h,
wmnliou-es, nnd ttit'proptcl ol 11 riipply lioni
oilier n111r.es llian the nUI slabs. 'I'hu Man.
flu Mir mil' will In -ilile to run on lull lium
far one entire year, cv'tn willuail louehing 11
pound of die 1 ew crop. Inloiui.illon reiviviil
Irtuii die Spuinei'. Ai-oci-iion hi gn-nlly
mid iigieiiibly surprU'd ll.. iiuuur.ieiiirir,
nnd hit Iheni' tu sofieu down vuy much In
llielr tltliiaiid fer a speedy ttriiiiuatuai of thu
Caico. pi. Ounboats did raore rxrcutlen
Tiienliy l.i.'t Jli.in u; (jiippo-id, Hy 11 rl"
p.ipii iiienpil lioiu Ihe-il e-iuiip. tiny siy (lev
hud 03 l.illnl mul' 11 lar0-e nuiiiber woiiiiihil,
'e lim two uoniukil.
Hvt.riMonK, lltib, Puininnl or.leisiil.
ttct lii'lll die Wur De'iaMinm'. the Pinvn-t
M11r1.l1.1i, at iliybri-iik, ainMid Major Htiinu,
I'l. S. Win ins. Cli.iilos uiijl' I-'ii. Linri'iiee
SangMon, T,,Wiliuro uml T. J'. Senll. in in.
hers nf llm .Stale L'gl-l.ilnie, und iMueiiil
tin in at Fi rt Melliuiy. liipml rays lltmy
.Mny, im mini ol ioiign, iiniiy ,v .Morpn
linil W. (i llnr.iM.li tuinilieiH m the -gipl.i
Hue I10111 tin illy, nud l. njaiolii (' Hou.inl,
ku',-a e-audidat; fur tlpyeriior, iavcuhn Ikmi
uriited. K'glil iiildilionnl un'i;s li.ue bein
niiide scvin iii'inber of lie tspisatuie utnl,
Ihe editor ot the llalllrmiri .S"aii.
The ,laiylai)d Is'gW.ilmv w,i tn lirvc met
on Tuiiday, when it wus stippos tl luilher
Ipgis'alioii booiitc 10 tl.e ( tveriiiiieiil vas in,
tciidid, Tlo Picldent lia urcl-rrd den Firmnni (q
inodily the cl.iu-e of hi. pioi'iani.ition ittllv;u
tn the eiiiiti-calloii of proity nml die libera,.
lion nl l.ive, hi
I 1
in fiuiioiui with llie Art
1 M-'t