Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 02, 1861, Image 2

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m 4
SATURDAY, Ffbrunrr tf, 1801.
The Newi.
Wo aro obliged to ilckr a IcaJcr prepared
for this Imuc, to give place (o tlic cry Impor
tant Intelligence published iimlcp the Tile-, the question of lie publican or lKnmcriil is
graphic hold. ll tvoulel appear that a civil t mini. If ii Itipuldicdii make his iippeiirunce'
war Is already commenced In the Hut, uml ,l;laTO,il,,ll,!,BMT,lB.P. "is??!1'
.. . .i tt m . i ii ii . i politics, ho Is told lo hold his leuc.', mr they
that tho President ll making n llrm stand Jin!l, Union wen now, uml ruuly to llb'ht lur
against all violations of the laws of Congress, die Union.
The overt act has ut last been commlltcd byl The wnr spirit U rife elsewhere. I'tnni
South Carolina, In firing upon strainer tent ' U rimvtl1 ."VT.iTv l' h?, I '
' ft ' .suysii correspondent of the Ai-w lo'A UemlJ,
by the I olcrnl Government to convey troops J l(l ,, llsi' tlmt Mr. Lincoln's tiamli
ami nniinunttlon to the Forts In Charleston j through lli.it .Slate to the mil of Unvcrnuiihl,
harbor. The Mbtiiro of forts and l-Vthrnl for lniiu,'iiriitloii, will be iiltiiHUil ttllhilinifer
property I. several of the Soothe,,, State, calls SXSl SfT 'SS
for Immediate nnd vlgorom ne-ll.m, uti.l "p"!' (hN oj luh.ii w.u entertained Iwritnrore bv
the conduct of the rebellious States will do- rn , Ii l, since the koto hm nrivn In South
pend whether civil war shall be waged with Carolina, the convlcth.it of iiiiny. In this
relentless r,,ry or a parous ..i.e, be re ffl.fttSjrrwW.lrl'llS:
stored to Ihc country. I he secession of Al.i- Uncolii's Inauguration, nunc ol tho ltniigfl
bama, Mississippi mid l-'lnrld i is doubllcs u friends iT tlio .South will rally willi the popu
reality, before this, with the addition probably . I.illon Tor the prccrvalloi, of n-aiv.
of Georgia. North Carolina. I-oulshina mil lU,l,'u'fls rn,m Vf."ln,'V,t0n "Tr.
r ' , , .. . ... 'liable souices, conhrm tlic rumors or iilunn
'Irxns. The speech of Senator ll.iker, of ' ,rrctororc clrcuKitu!. They say u single Id.iX
Oregon, Is said to have been very ullr.i In fioin the Houlhrni buule in u united rtnysjlc
lUpubllcaalsm, nml mailo many converts to will britu ten tlioii'an,! ninnnl men In a iliy
tho Secession from tho Comcrvullio ranks.. (j!J Hie btH.lcr lonntita u 'f'," ,'u
,. ,.,,,,, National Inpitnl. In llifl (Minihi .Niulh,
Ihconlygllmmcrofliopo for the Union ln( (;cor,!n ml,i olkrs to SliiIIi Carolina ol
the late news, Is the action of the Commmlltec . hundreds of nun armed uml iimlppiil, with
of Thirly-threo In regard to trial bv Jury of 'lkr ol hnndnils more, and olhir Southern
fngllUo slaves, but this Is not enough. If the h,,?,1w.'!r,Jr.r,!r,,"H,,lu,.,,l.Ir ";'M uf "U,l'r'
I ll r .1 ii it . i in 1 i , . Illil lo the I'llllliCtlO .Stale
wise policy of the President shall I adoptol. ,,.1(. (lj,.,tHUoll4 Mr. I.lncohi'a ndnnt
disunion may yet lie stajnl, but the chann-s Into Washington, ntf the Viihln.Mon corre
for such n consumnatlon arc nl.irmliyly fetble. spondont of the Vir VoiA IkrM-n wry
The Pacific lUllrnad bill ha i,ac! ll.o
Senate in an amended form. Utlcr-wrilrr?
say the amindment has virtually MIIul lliu
measure, as It Is
of a nature reptynant to tlic
case of disunion, we need care
House. Hut In
, ' ....
iHiuiiiieioriispassngonriicu.il, nun icaiiu, ,;0,, ,IH, , nis l nn cIiIiucm, for ll Is ix-
as this dark doom Ii to contemplate wo urr tiectnl that llflnii Soulliiru States will be out
much finr that If not already accomplished, ' ' the ConRxKniry by the 1st or IMinnry.
It nlll bo before the llh of Manh. I 'j'l'O " ro u" c""" ""; ""' ,)"
, day In that month. Mllit'ii Statu nut. thirty
m.. t.. oi.j Senatorial Mites nro gone.ntid If tho Northern
THO Lut Blander. Democratic Senators go with thou. Mich as
lhc .ViifrtMim of January 'Jlst contains n' (lcm ml l.-ui". of Oregon ! Misrs. tiwln nml
most scurrilous article In relation to ournlf. , Lilluiin, nT ('nllforni.i ; lloiiilas, of Illinois;
Wc do not mean to bo dragged In a wnr or "right nnd Pitch, of Indian i: I'ngh, or
svords or an exchangee, hil.lngsgato with the ll
dibascil wretch who holds temporary control r4 tn, or -vun 1irl of n imirii,if nmlynii
of that Infamous black-mall hcit. If we' may bonsurul the Vice Pnild.'iit will immt
have so little reputation that It can lie ilalnnl gle his connnl to have the vr.tii eountcl lr
or damage, I by the fabrications of one who. , 'A ,, ,.
presence In Oregon Is owing lorn, ccapo from Ig tho Capital wn ut Hot rliheulnl, but I
just punishment for nn atrocious crime In the am Informed by parlies wlmnto Will n.tiil,
Kast, and who has since ll ol mainly by the that several i.r the military eomp.mksh.iie
.t., , .,... i:,r .. i r ... ii. Mrsely ImrriiHil llnir .oil, then) lat fiw
practice of iHMty rascalities, any. kfmco that ,m I( C I1CW lnclllu.M Mil nnwnl
wo could make would Imj worth no more than hCo.slonMs. The mod mail i vliuds Ihn u-J
the p.icr upon which It might be wrlltiu. ! out .Mnrylniid, where the mllith nml !nn
Hut lest no abioluto alienee In rvganl to tho l.r mllllnry nro U-Ing wpilpjieil and drilhil,
WiiMDnworiihu.iwi.kTBpii...tu,i.ouH,irtyj'i V;;; wIi Jn(liv mi
liemlsliitirprcU-il.wcwlllsaylh.it from first r,,iher n weak illmt In Ju-tlfy K-reslonV Me
In last, In every word and line, It Isu tbsueofi IhsiicIusI CongrifS In let thun (ihi Slave
notorious lies. Willi ulngular uillnenw the H""i) part In jki.iv. statin.' lh.it in n few
, , ., , , ., ritk I hcv wil ln'iuit of Ihu I'nli'ii lonver.
language of Mocanley ,Kin Il.urieio ran lw .,.,,,. ,,, r ,,, fluh , rn,r rilVl.
npplliil to the nuthor of this mniistinu jet j n (IHiiMiiiimilnr.itlun.ii lies firvin.
ridiculous falirlc.it Ion : "Tln-rc miv have , lr ilescribil the iiil.nnllks of slave ImurrvC'
livetl greater liars, but wc never rrnd of them
nor heard of tlicm." Neither direitly imr hi
directly, In any way whatever, during Ihe
whole course of our e.!stcm.v, ncro wo en
pngnl or Interested In any occupation or n
ihaniclrr with Ihal nlti-gul by this il.iMnrd
villain; nor have wo csir hex'n enncein d ill
rretly or indlnctly In any business, retinue, nr
iH'eupatlou, of a diire putablo or dWiniioratile
nalurr. Tho fellow sa)s ho hns k Iters to
rortoborato his laVe-hond. IK either lies
jMiint blank In this as well, or tho writer ol
any such letters has pcrpctraleil nn ripmlly
liifamous lie. Wc iuc strong termi lint from
ilnlrc but becunre no milder language ran
meet 11.0 case. At pn-senl. wc have no r-
course ugalnst this wlioUdo lying scJuiiilnl,
Harvey (lordou, but us lt? llrnme f.i of
tho petty larceny rogua who stole his only
pair of s,och,gs.-wo shall mevt .. 0 watch
...!.. IT.. Ill ... I..... ll.. tl.. I...
l...lll. Illlll I1W li.HV HIV 1'1'JIOI Ililiill, III'
will doubtless wnkly mid lo the great rata
loguo of faUhooils he hasnhcady falirlc.ilcl nnd
pitblialied, for tho purpose or wounding and
defaming us. It tcmalns Hi be Rvn how far
the public will countenance or eredil the ma
licious lies (f one who has ikllU-mtely lucked
oilier false uiserllons by n f.iLc lutli.
I)m'.:in.Ki. A number of otllu.d nrll
cits and domettle Items urc difcruil this week
to give place lo the more iniortant and very
inicrisiiiig inicuigenro irom tlic Mates. We
give tho report of Senator linker's speech In
(he-Senate full as wc rrcrhctl ll from the Sac
ramento Union, h ordir lh.it rriukrs In Ore
gon may learn nith ouhhrst ili.p.itcli the
, ., j. , . .
xlcvvs ami action of cno who Is iupposc.1 to
represent them. Wc do not think he diK-r,1 iu w Pnsldiiil.
nod more parlkularly when lo urges thoex. Mr. Iliuh.in.1,1 approves of all the prone-mo
meutuns of Wade, ll.ilc, Wj.IiIiiiiii,) cccdings. His iiepluw- und l-ite Private
liovrliiy. and others or the "Irrepressible" elan, h'wrilary, Henry, intends nil the IVkriil
,., ' . Icaui-iiH's ut the rcsl.hi.ecs of ll.o Colketor,
Mii.itaiiv Iivisio.'lhu citizens of Port
land, Vancouver, and other places north, are
circulating n petition praying for the rc-cl.ih
Ikhoicnl of 11 fcparuto Military lcpartuienl
for Northern Oirgon und Wiisliliigiou 'I rrl
tory. Tho irtition should be grunted, yet we
fear it will not be1. And besliks, some pro
vision should be liuda for Southern Oregon ol
a more beneficial iharnetir than has c.xlitedtn
past years, livery other see tlon is provided
for, while this people arc left out in tho cold
by IhciiDclves.
-- .
Tiik War Dfiit. lion. I.unlng Stout says
in a ktter tlmt he is conlidcnt of the passage
of tho Oregon Wuf Debt bill ut tho present
session of Congress. May Heaven Incline the
tho hearts of the Senators und .Mcmlnri in
pur bebulf. Tho dibt Is 1111 hunorablo uml j
just one, und should have been paid two years
ago. It has bevnamin,. . iH.uJ
cuwed, ilciiouueeHl, defeiidesl and deferred, until
patience and hopo is alike nearly ixluusteJ
Now let it be paid.
' - -Wkkklv
AmniiTiKH. Wo havo received
Iho lirt liumUr of this pajiei, puhli.hei uml
edited by 8. J. McCormliU ami K Uov. (j.
I.. Curry, at Portland. It is a luiiiUome,
well-filled kliiet of Iwenly-ciglit pages, contain
ing a largo amount of original, neiis, and fc.
k-clrtl matter, ami Is furiiisucd ut three dollars
iiyrar. Wo can't well sro how so many news-
pipers aro to livu in Oregon, but the Jrficr-
liur is certainly worthy of a lirt ihauec iu
the Kiucrol tcruiublc fur favor,
Tho Spirit iti tlic Etitt.
From the St. Louis coriespoudciica fir the
Alia Ciitijoniui, we tnko tlio following extracts
whkh Indicate tlic spirit t.r the peop'e of Ihc
Kut. A port ot llio Information, If nny tiring
near tlic trutli, Is posltlvc'y itirlling :
ccotmls Irom tlic Intnltirnf Pennsylvania
ore to llii1 edict that itirulluienls of xoluntCTrs
nro ipikily going on iimong nil clmw, hiiiIit
the name of " Union Mi'ii." In llicciirnllnienl,
unruiaiiio wr.iiT, i.y oewav-i. avoenu. .. v
by Ills taking tin- o.ith of olTic In New Vi r!
III. II. .1-1. .1.1 : ! C...!.. .11 .1.1 . I..,. !....
' a ilnnltt has nrUcn In the minds of sonic lulule
gentium,, : S
,,c,.ir c0"1n,,'1,j '
Jiippoo the iheloral otes nro
ueeoriliu in eoiiMiiuiintiii re
iiulriiueiit that U, in Joint cimmli m of
lions and civil war.
In eonnrctli'ii wllli the n'l'ive. wp nps'i.d
Ihc lollnw lug from the New Voik Cotrupoinl
cut of the S. P. Ilitlltiui. Tiny nro In lie
taken for vvliat Ihey nro worlh, tho writer
showing htmcif very uii'irupulous In what
lie ns'crlsui facts, or Miii.i'rrs n preibabllith',
nil lliB vviiy ll.r iy!i his I..-5 ! tftr. Tl.r
ktter lar difc IKc.-mKr I9J. ;
Von hair Li aid T tin' iiTHi'I"!! rrivi'iii.l.
nil of the .Mobile '!''. . fi.r I have nun
iirevhms oeealon rilinol to his slut M, lit.
lie sign) hliiHolf " ll.irmony," for llio rrasoii
pivnun.'. tlmt his eiiresi.i,i.hiie-o nln.i
I1.1t moulii sn e.Mielly with the truth. 'I In
oillowln.- IsiaUiiliunotieof his recent loiter,
loll, . '$$ pnltv , Vlw v,,,. ,.,
K.vcnd nights In every monlli. Thev mi rut
suiting rmlneut lawyers, nial iiienilv1lng with
V'.'1' ,MI'., 'I..' .1. ''!,.,'. "" ol '"
-;. ni'l. "fv
.1 . ... ." .1 . ... ... .r
i.t.i.. i.ib ..rtiii.ii in iti.. i..,,. ..ii.r ilmi tr
1 Mil... .. ... y....... ... ... . ....... ..
I 2.ll. I'i.r..lin. Civl. J ll t tl .Kliiil itl.Jittil
tlon of the Union, mid thai the Cullis-lor ol
Ihe Hrt of New Vml; 111 d his Pnhr.il in
IsliiuUnro telkvesl fioin n'l further iiecouu
lability, ni.il have u right lo 1 nihil nnd ritulu
the revenues ucerulug lure, mid l.np them
until the U'gWuliire of New Vmli or Ihc city
aulliorilks ntlaeh the same.
If n slnglo Slate gins nut of ll.o Union,
Mr. Sehell 1. yards it in brnl.rn 1111, nnd saw
" l.lueoln Is not Prii-'dint ;" unit tieithir la
iioruuv of the I nlunl illli-iau will iisign or
urnmW their power and tho public tnoi.cy
to uny cms pi 1110 111 iieiiKurv.
' Mr. Jul 11 J. CI co, tl.e Sub Treasurer, takes
ll c same view, lie has nviral millions lit his
disposal. A large poitiou is In bars ol gold
v.tuM at I,IHM) inch. There arc Icing
minted wlule sn us not to ntlruel iitlriiliou in
elm' III UVIII. lilliu.iil lli'in ntr .1111 , iv.iriii .
..,,. ... .. ftf rlu. r .., 1 ,.,,.oll. ... .1...1.
e-tis. of being removnl from the SubTreus
'Siib-Treasiiier nod other iflie..i!s wliu mo ii:
1 the eoii'piruey to prcviut u mrrinder of the
L'u.tom llniisoninl ol tlio uiuiic ue-.is.tiro in
the It'aclc Ikliutilie.ius net Marih. Of
roiirn', nil Ihe iiroiilo lire iiiikIoiis lor the
Sin, hern State's to gel out, in order lo iiive
them ,111 c.uiiso for rei!!i,i0' upon tho public
ticiitire at mis point."
Tlio N. V. Tuna of WidiKfilay, has nn
editirinl vvhleh Is eahututed lo Mir up the
llree'iiters to un unnonlcd plleiiol frenry. ll
rmtioilii-s an usserliou lint the eertulii leading
Hciublle.-iiis are seriously loiitiiniilalltig Ihe
niiiie'xatiun of Mexico, first uiid-r tho forms ol
Ihe Protectorate, but mutuary as a eoni0.
nviit part of the Confederacy. This, ll argues,
Hoiild furnish us nt once n lendy melius ol in-.h-miiifyiiig
Ihe North for the loss of the
.Southern Iriuh, iind ut the same llmoof check.
mitlng the filibii.lerlngseheme-s o( tlo Sires.
sloiiists in that diieellon. Tim Yimr lielieves
the Mexkaiis wouM reudily inter luto sueh n
Tho latest rumor from Miisliliigton having
. . l..n . II ., .!.... nil. 1. (j lr, ll..i
has ehalknged, or ,s about In ihullcngo Mr.
Tlioinpson, of the Interior Department, for
Ihe attempt of the hitler to lounccl his
(l-'loyd'c) name with tho iiibbcry of the bonds.
With iifirenco to tho llucaiem-ildl-graco of
Major .iuhrs-on, it is said that, thoiild the
AdinluUlratlon d.iro to eoii.umuntu It, (ien.
Scott will resign Ids official mltlon. nnd olkr
his Birvhcs to his country. tJrn. Josipli I-nue,
of Oregon, it is iiscrlid, slreuuou'y insists
that AinliTson thould bu Imiuedlutcly dismisced
tho service.
& Col. W. II. Purnir, of Portland, has
(jono to Kan ',uuekeo, to uld in the proccu
t It.it i,f Hoiaw Smith foi tho inutder of
Senator Baker's Speech.
Wuhavu only n tueii'jro synopsis of this
speech, by tilcgruph lo the Unstcrn papers t
In the Senate, Jnmiary 2d. all the naileries
weru crowded bcfiiru J, u'vlorlr, ntnl all thu
lobbies were lllleil full of hulks, nnd a large
crowd was gathered outMu the doors.
A ipirHtion or order aioe'.
'I hu Piiollle Itnilroa.l being tho special or
iter, nml Mr. linker having the lloor on iinfin
lhe.1 bu!uess, tho Pacific Unllroud Dill was
mule) the special order for Sat 111 day,
ribiiirv wi'ri'.; if;v;;.;u .rViic.:
piisencc. Ho complimented the speech of tho
,-iinior iron, i.mutnim ns nemg tne nisi no
1 nenrii, uui sun 11 rrmumeii iiim m nuni
was one-o raid or n famous book ll was the
best way that could be said what never ought
In hiive been said ut nil. The nritu inrttt of the
Senator goes to iirovo that the (lovirnincnt Is
was lint one Mivrrek'ii. nnd Unit 'V3S the Ilea-
ill Till 11 111 11. .iir. nil lit n'liii iiiiiii 11 I'll, it H .r .1.. t .. .. HI..1.-1....1 .11 ... I..I ,... .r.. ii 11 1 , 1 . " ....... .... .... ,.... ....
..... 1. ,..!.,, .l.. ..,. ...Vs.. i"' "-'""" .'..-." .,.1 .e.eTjn .... M.e sn e..-o. , ,r sirecsiin i as iie-c:, or. eresi , ,, ..,-. r.,,... i10 w,,nr of Charles-'illate n-lliM while ca-cs or long nan.ling.o.m.
to ills-ol'vof1,, relation to ll,riI.,,e,artJov,r. -wlon. Ilo was for ,lul ment in Ihe CT' lupiwcii iimi i.cr iicsuim , ,,iw,lir ,K) ,,c P.i.knt will uale.nnd omppsrenlly lncur.,l.lccl.nracter,wlll
uu-nt.nml clnlmesl, i.vcor.hng lo Webster, that Pnlmi, nn.l nppeiilesl to Northern men lo pn- "".y.." V; ,,", ' r",, t,.Vfl been nerunled bvl"IIV"' ".' ,0 "",,;t:."'-11 "ri,,'r ,". I his ; surely yield to Its wonderful curative powers
the (lovcrun.e..l was th.s (lovernn.ent r tho vet dissolution by conciliatory nets. Jfill Hinlc troops mid armorers nml 'men eu- ! , 'i !" P1' C"" ",w, l,reVM'1 'nn-l H-r ur.-nt mhiplallon lo Ihc wanl, of ,,.
w-l,l,i peop'e, rornienl by hid vidua.. Ho re- A resolution approving the action or Major garni in cleaning tlic r ",0-"1 ' ', '"' t ln ,' Si-er,tnrv of War I M,r'" ." u h1,,i.iir,mt l.v li..i,iln.inn V O.
fertinl to un 1 x racl bv Mr. Deiilamln. fromnu . . ,. ..... i-t. . Cu:.r... i.i i i .. t t.ir iihiv l. r Mil n, secretary 01 wnr. InrsMi- u (.aliroruia oy iti.iitingion . i..,
udihev, by .lilu l ,,!,,c A.l.in.slnnd snathe Amlerron, n.,,1 promising tosuppor thoP,..!- 1- lln . m Ul '11w' "T ''" :NT" "MK J",T?, , ' M." J,otrl11' ?",
Senator Imd unwittingly kit out .Ic.h.t part, dent n the enforermcnl of tho hrvs, wa, J'Kffi I then e-etislilerel c,.n.ln,,cs theSecretaryl raric brn ; K .1 . k ma CSamnen
where he snld milllllealion was an hkii too p-scd by iv vote of ll!) tof.fi. or tho lglslnture the honor or the Administration pledged In (ic f '' '""' ,vl' I:' '',rJ' ri VnliiVll) v"
nbiurilfor nrgunient.nnd too odious for di. In the Senate, same dale, Toombs made n A Committee of New York lrinncmt. m'llulaln the troops In the p.Hlilou they i .ecu- "y i.maim,erego. j. ).
ru.don. nml the r gl, or a State o nuili- , , f r ,lc,M(llli lraii ,y- Me.-es Taylor, arrived at Washing- I'M ry hml bevn the a-suraneeglyei, lei v wh , ft, - Hal, llt giul Vnn.
imii.iIIv alxitrd. lr. It.iker atguid that there I . . ' . . . . . .. ,.. .,,,.,. -i.i ... .t.ti.i u i ..i.!!. the irenllenien of South Curolin.i who hail nl ." ""' ," ""v'
pie. He sil.l nil argiimouts iiartsl n-i the snv-Wavhliiglnu. nml reports Ihal complete ills-eri-lgnty
oln Slate are fallarlotis. South Car- 'orgm.lzatliin exists there. Section is vvnrring
o in was not n sovereign Stale, nml a I nrgu-1 ,.,(.. ..i..i ... .i-r ,.i,.. ..in t
mints made with especial reference , Kirri.tsPln;lK'Koi.Url..ii I.TKiliy w II ol
pcan sovirelgiilles were hot exactly npi.l!,-iible,l'W If not prevented by Georgia und other
here. IVrsouil l.tbe-rly Lis, II they hinder
the operatlou of Ihe Piigitlvu Slave I.iw
ought to bo n K'aleil. Lincoln will colorex1
th? laws, whether revenue or fugitive slave
After n furlt.cr nrgiimcnt, he yielded to a
mutinn to udjoiirii. .an mljusimeiit In any iiu.irle-r.
u?. ..:
iiciion in ri-gani in me lemior. was muui.
., , ..- .. .
for men or nl! cla'ses in tlic .orin i.ciieve.1
'iivirrlhcrrmluro or local liw. Ileunotol
g.ird In slavery had ihatigisl. uml that her
Mr. Hunter said he never niluiltleil ll.o
Smith thought Congress had the right In re-str'i-t
slavery In the Terrilori.M.
Mr. ll.iker said that he hud understood that
genth mi ,, on tho other sl.hi wen, iu tuvor of
establishing u line U'twiriifhtshuii nnd slavery.
Mr. Ihnjimln said lb-it ho had never a.l
luilled lint (.'.ingress hud nny power tne.xleii.l
slavery Into nnv Tirrilory. Tim South had
lies,, In l.tvnr of extruding the Missouri Com
promise' line ns n nutter of rnmpict mrrrly.
Mr. Hiker Ihouglit wo eoiil.l .In nothing ns
it matter or i-omiuet which would violate thu
fimslittilion. Ilo thought that If tliu Senator
from liiillnna K-beveil In e-oii'clene-u lit it
("migri-ss hud nn rhjl.t In i-xrlude slavery, he
iiiii1 havo violntetl his oath when he voted for
sui h i .t-hidoii.
Mr. II nj.iiii'n s.i'd Ciiiigresi had no such
power miihr tho Constitution,
Mr. Hiker said nn Ael of Congress vvus n
sieml law, in.uk' , nidi r oath, mid lr voted In
prohibit slaviry by i-iiluln law whin he miu
nl'y believisl that Coiigtiss had un right muhr
the Coii'lllutloi, In pa. aiii-li n law, tl-d he
not vln'nle his leilh whin he iii.ihml sm-li n
vote? Hi's.ild that the Stlillor fit m InilsI
iiim romplaluiil that the lioiciiimeiit inter
fitnl wlih slaviry Iu ihe South.
Mr. Iknjinilii said thai he d d not comp'.ilii
of Ciuicess, but of the Slatiti.
Mr. Maker was glut to Icr.r ll.r r1 niuplnn
f ti ,v .-. halt tlmt C n,r ss had n it Inter-
drill, but tint his c ...plain' vv.ro of the
Si.i(j. II 'W ci'tiM liliimis, fir IiwImIuv, In
lerfero with slavrry In Viiglnh?
Mr. D.l-Jaintn said sh:- i-ou'd not bv bill, but
nrincil men m'ght go Virgiuln nnd the
I'nlliil Stiitoe i.riui mid murder irniv!ul men.
nnd l,y tni-xelto llie-h'.nes In lev oh. A Tain
'll Massachusetts was louud In say ll wits
right, nnd M.ismcIiiisiIIs hadi-leeiid him (inv
entor, undthus IihIitmiI itiunler. Ma-sai-hil
s.lls had soil Senators hero In iibmo uml vll
lire the S nilli.
Mr. H.ikir sa'.l that was nil n IK-Hir sroiH-
of debate. Iluinbnlttesl Ilmi Individ.; ibt might
.... .. ' .. .. ...
Mr. Ileidimlii raid that Ihe Itipuhliriii:
parly iuti-iul t.isurroiiid llics'avi'Siiiies vvltli
I, e-e Slnli'S, to us In foii-o i in inilpullon.
Mr. Dakir nrueil th.it, ir even thai were
sn, it wns un rnui' for d solution'
Mr. Ileiijimlii I siy, dtr. hilly. yrs.
Mr. Daker iul.l un. und protxsilnl to argue
lh.it il vvus ii iiteesslty tint slav.ry inu.l U-
siirn uiiinti uy- inv mine, ll slavery i u
Hint s. i ll iilil-i iij ii.i.uai iiiw r. iiiiiii. ii, .'i inv
world, .llecluhniiflh.it the North were the
...iu, .. ......i a.... .....i.i,,...d. ..(.......I, ... ...
..uly allies of ll il-viiith. nml nirr hound In re-
...... .!.... '...... I'..... ....1... 1I....I . .. ....i.i
UII.ISIIIM1-, i i.ni.v, liiuiiu.-i i n.-iini
wouM b? bound 1. 1 assist tl.e South, ami uouM
.hi It. lie argued that the rlxht or fiit'SKxcli I
could not bo controlled In n free eouuijy, or a
lice prers. whlibwasu greiitirrar. guild Inn
fteT country. He would not resttu-l Ihe-K' to
nvrrt e-ivilwaror inalntiiln slavery The great I
principle or Ireo government would never lie I
siirreiithie'il. Come weal, come wis', slavery '
shall never be extended by Ihe hwiis of thel
iinvernmiii, m ii.o i mini nun, no noun
i.ol yield oic hub lo Feets.toit, but Hiiro wcic
things whkh he would yie'd, amoug them the
rt'enl of the IVrsonal l.lktty Dills, should
the Supremo Con it prouomiiv them uneonsti
tiillointl. Mr. Clay had said, aid ho would
my, Yield not ono Inch or word to seces
sion." Ha would agree to make nil IhuTerri
totics Slates now, nnd let the icop!u decide
on slavery, lull he would never agree to pro
tect slaveiy in the imno of frvrdom. ltefer.
Ing to power, ho said, die) it not look a little
nskhough, bcruiiso thev had h!t the ofiiees,
Ihc South had i:ot un this rebellion, lie said,
after nil, ho had greut ronlldenee' hi the loyally
of the iH'onlu ot ho noulli, lie henui luj.il
sCiiliiueutsivcryM.ire'.uu.i rouiu sev uiu couin
seu the clouds bre-aklug; nud ho was not with
out llio hopo llit, with time lo allow the re
v et Uh heat to subside, tho Colon would yet
remain safe) if triistesl to tho hands or the co
p'o, Tlio Senator from 1uiUiau.i had said
that a State li.nl actually seceded, and wc
must acknowledge its Independence) or make
war, Ilo said ho would not nckunvv ledge) its
ludciiciidinee, ami raid It would bo no very
strange thing ir u strango Ooverument had
sometimes lei rnfoieo the laws. Ho iiunted
the ordinanco of lien, Jaekson in regard to
collecting tho revenue, w lie n South Carolini
onco beforo rcvolteil, as an answer to the Sen
ator from Louisiana, when ho asked how ho
would coital tho revenue. And nhovc all, let
the laws bo maintained and thV Union bo pre
served. He closed with the words or Webster'
speech iu reply to J I ay lie.
C5?-Tho liCglslututc or California have so
far declined going into an election of U. S,
CSr Gen. Volncy 11. Howard, tho eminent
real estate lawyer of Sau Pranckco, has come
out in favor of u Pacific Republic.
lUsV-Tho list or murders, tssaulls and rob
Urk-3, is dally swillid ihioughout Culiforula.
...,.,... y-.., i ...r.,.iherres.....e. o.s renu.ms., i.,ft .Morg,,,, Is gunlse.iied bv'JOU Alabama e"'i D.parlmeiiti Nor nglon, Secrelury """" ' ) """ ; "'""' i mu irye.ir-.iiini iispiirc.i ny mo growing
lie said he whs of the opinion that discussion """ " """""' .' -uei.iiiiiiam.il ( ,n(inr ' on u pe-.iee-rnl ml-slon looking liilln-iiviiiiliniu iniikioflhe Douse.
on nil points or .l.rrinex-was ,,.e fid. He was l'l". ,,.,,, ,...,. Th.'SVnssl.'n Ihir was ralisl In Wilinlns-' r, ""VkiI. has ro,nplle-.,tol matters in the , r,
will iu In iiint nil Just him or romplaint In I Ihe IVlmvler nt Clurkstni. slgnlfiesl I'l- n, N. C. ,. the :i,l. KnihiMhullr m.x lings rxbllng maiiner. Our ,.r.iul or even.k'i.yto , '.fVimi-y'llvit.! ' '
u rail nnd honorable way. lie ronUn.h-d the liitiiitl.m to hold hlm-elf te'sponslblu In Ihe h.tvv berti la I.I, nml tho siresslou fading In- l'!l,w '"'' " Utlll' "V,,,lv'-V "'l""1 "."',Kr !'.'" I llo-y know- ll In lui p,-rma,.ent marl for sn-
nttutkoulho Keliublle-iins of the Nortli for ...i .. ,. , '. ., il..,i i.ii,. ngrccmcnl invlti-s eolrjlon. nnd mint luevllu-l. '." ' ,h'..,"' ' '". ' , " .'", "'..V' ' .T..I1.. i .: '!
..nn in ... . ..s sp-ivu in ii.in.il. in id . .itHiiroail llillwnsnm-lilonil. K'n-nr Jllnne- pievenl Invasion, supprew liistirirrllun, nml '"' " ",' ,, .""' ,' ' ".' ""H"-' " iiiui.r.
iii-a ml I Us mip.il isl iliii-lr lie ol is.u.i Iv. Al-I ... . . I ' .i in...'. ti i. hii-Miirv ol v ur. In i-iiuu I i-.m nn ontrrr ...
" , , , , . ,,' -, , , sola mill lo K ol .Vlo. o l.-hn nimlielini-llls. prwrrvr me- iiniuu iiru i-riy, i uu .niiinr is , , , .. , --. - --- - - --- - - , ..... .. . n. , , s,n ratic sen, luty your
so,lrom hrsiKlehol fcim.lor ll.ii.Hr .(hue ' ' ' " i.a ,nllW lg u ,ii & for tho'imer- hud t uiMhi .nrrimvlethinsof p.i rie.tlsui.m.r ,,,;,,",.; U,,. and save yourVs-
the llnekli.rid.'O t Inb or Charloljesv lite, ml- 'no "" """ ' " nmeu.lin lit In iii.iKi-; p ' with hoiiur.siilijeelesl ns I nni tn the vlo'allon ,,,... ,Vsi, ,t,,:ug. Itvineiiibvr, nt 1 1", 1 1 ami
nun uu i nil I u iiiiiiiii oi lie .-iiiiiii in re-, .sunn i..-i.s rmr n nnii.ii noun was - i, t. ..i ,i.., ...,,.,.., ,.i i.. ,-.i.. in untiiiii p.et..-e.i lion niiuniiii iiiiiii. .-.. i-...i.ii im.l. ia-im
To Vreku for tlio Oregon Sent hicl.
Civil War Threatened.
' -
1 ere sent us fiom the Telegraph Agent nl
YreKit by '.ago nl Tlmrsilay lilglit
,,. nro , , .. 11, . ,t.,nmtv 1
Sr. Lues, Jnu'y 8th.
January "III, Cobb of ALmmnkn K.r.onnl
explanation, nnd prol. sted ngiilnt the enuise
C'-nimoiIore hliubriik hns rctittncd from
sympathising Stulcs.
On Ino "th, Ihc Coinmillco ol Thlrly-Tlirce
ndoptr.1 the nmeiidme-lit providing a trs.tt by
Jury for fugitive sluvis in the Stale from widen
lliey rscnic. 'I'hls Is the on'y progress towards
lrt Morgan Is gun lse.ne.1 bv 'Ji
i-ii. ir.i. iiiniriiiiii-.ti.ti, ion. hi, no .i: n
, , , . ......... .. ......
1 " " r" " " -""i-
In tho St-natr, Jiimnry fill., the PueiuV
,1(,ip0, bv u vole of SA In ,.'.'l. A dnruleh
Scerclnry Tliompinn ms rrsignril on lie
ground thai the. Stirelaiv- of War hud sent
relnfiirixiiienls South without ronu!llng the
Cabinet, nml nftir n dUtli.it underslalidhig
Moiiltrk nhil Mooie's Island. Ten shots were
llrs.il. four of whliht.i.k ill'.el. Tl.estexiuur
turned and put In soi. Port Sumter ill I not
re-spoiiil In the firing.
Commodore Kearney has withdrawn his re
signation iu rnnmpiei.ee of the proceedings ut
Ch trlrslou.
Iu .Mlsskslpp!, ll.o ordinance fur immr.li.ili
smrslnn wns p.t-nl, .laini.ny '.lib, by u vote
of HI to ITi. The lilkvn hud ngirrd In sign
the oidiuiuccniiJ make It uiiauimou'. Plli.rls
In poetp-ine wero voltxl iluwu. liiUucr.c1te
tucut follow nl; salutes wire llresl mid llrcvrrrls
Iu the Aatbxma Cniivoitloii, s.iiuv d-iir, a
rommlllrc vva nppi'iilnl to draft it riri'islon
ordiiimuv. 'I'hcoidiimi.co will iss.
TIlC PrtVel III SC'lt ll Sw'lll IlKNiltf In
Ci'iyriss on the Dili, in vvl.Mi he says, ' Wi
urc lu the n.M't of n gnat tivolutlou, mid
iheir Is nn iilli-iMliii' but to colli it tho reve
nue nisi protect the publle projiiriy nt far ns
pracllrable uiiihr exiilhi;; rlieiim-lauivs. It
devolves upon ('ougiens, In vvhleh Is n-sorved
the power In deelaru war and lem-iio grlevuti
evs which liny had In war, In net in tin prrs
cut emerge ore." Ili-n-eomuiiiids tho. Missouri
, t'omprouilsv'llno ns u basis of iiilliKlmetit, and
1.1 .kl.I, I. I'.... ..UJ .,...1.1.1 . ...,. ... 1.1-
by nggn-sslvciiets. Cniigri-ss should endeavor
to bung the tl.lli.'illlks In iv p-.tivful solution.
MuJ'-r .iid.rsoii had f lithlully but Impirfex'tly
p-rfiirmeil Ids duly." lie gives ns u n-.i.on
for not Muling trn-ips in Charleston, tint it
would hiivururu'shcd u, pretext for degression.
Tlic d-.bitti iu the Sen ite vvas viryexelllng.
of N. V. rniupiMl the South Carolina
Coiunils.lnnirs In Arnold uml Durr. Davlsol
Mis'., bltlirly tkuouiiexsl the Prrsiik-nl.
.... . ,, . ., .. , ,,
tne .xinanv ji.iirmir lias omciauy nnnoiiiic-
l S'e' aril's ncc.-pl.mni or ll.o appointment
' . ., .
rr0" ',lt'"1" "f Sei'rel-iry of State. It was
tcmlerixl in Ik-ecmbcr.
Trumbull Is reekcicil to the Senate from
ini Qt,
., ' ., ,, . ,
'"crnor Morrill is ikcted .Senator from
,m ,. Ki ,,H KV miiiiiiioiiiiI to Wash-
,, , ,,., , ,,,.. ,.,i.i,
,,n,..i, ,.. ,t,.,v .. y nl. ,. ,,w w.ipi.n ii
Skt!.iI d'sp.itehcs say that Ihe C.ibiiict is
iU-IiIh rating uboul the nriest of Toombs ami
Wlgfall for high tivasmi.
ltufecll is released on 61,000.000 bill.
St. bun, January 115 ,-. u.
Major Aiukrson M-nt a note to (invernor
Pieke,is,diiuaiidinge.xpl.iiulloiis for Ihc firing
upoii thu Stir of Ihe U'tt. The liorcrnor
rcturiKil reasons, and the matter is referred to
thu authorities ut Washington. It is sild the
I gte.itncr will bo sent back with a n iv.d force.
Ports Johnson nud C.uk-v.iI, in North Cur
olhn, wero bcleil nu llio night ol tho bill, by
A steamer left lloston on llio 10th, with
troops nud prov Islons, it is thought to reinforce
ihc Florida forts.
At Charleston they arc converting vessels
Into gun-boats, to prepare for tho coming or
the war steamer lliookbjn, on tho way there
with troops. Tho people uim dctetmlncd to
make a descrate, struggle against uny force
sent to siibduo them.
The I-'lorlda Convention on the "lb passed
a resolution declaring it the duly or tho State
to Ecccdc, by u vote or (i'J tu fi.
In the New Yotk Igis'.iiuro u resolution
was lutroeluced, proposing to raise 10,000,000
to iirm the Stute. Kesolutlons were parcel by
a vote or 115 to 2, .knoiiucliig the hostile pro
i.roiceslimrs or Southern States as n declara
tion or wur, niip'a'iding the firm courso or tho
President, tcnelering men and money lo uphold
the laws, und thanking tho Southern hi tiles
whiili had uot joined tho bcecrslon move
me nt.
Tho mllllnry expedition which left New Or
leans to seize Ports Jackson nnd Pike1, am
Sl.n IIaIa.. Ia,.i ns,niilll nA1.HinllLll(ul I Vlrtl !
1 . . ... . ... ..... . . --" ' . 1 oin si nn iiv 1111 i- i ii-ii. 11 hi 1 int ii. I
". T . . ,., r" "V ' '"IT" " iiic.i oriso. tueuovermi.tit. ,tltI.. -nlsUli von have sn kindly i IT nil In do,
Sr. luis. Jan y Kith. to re-lnfortv him. At n pnllu. hiury im-cltng ,.m, nl,tinr!ad the P.wlm.i.'ir Hemral .
I ho .s.rr r Mr II r.f, with IT. S. Hemps c l" 'el j of rrsidull wi ro olkrnl ; one iir- flljmtMCr ,,c nir.lrs ol the Department until
luaril.Inntlempliiu In enter Charleston bar- J'1";; ""'.I f1'1 ,,"7!,"i ' ''"'"'"'''lyoiir sue-exs-or M.-ill l nppolntesl.
, . , ' , Mug the military rstiil.Ibhiutiil or tl.e Stuto liii' -,, ...... ,r,... .t ..,,. it,, ,v.v
'wrylMliy rtiliw nt daylight, wn llred be put on u wnr r.H.lh.g ni.dn.i.-mentiil. Tl.r im'" r';,V V'1-1', ',AJ,J "" ,"NAJ"
upon by Ihe South Carolina garrison, ul Port ,011a rsupimrlliu tlf S-ulh, nnd while deny-' ..rrrJraJ,,. u.i-i m u tiw,a,
IIII1L IL KIII1I11II lllll IH I1llll.
IllU ('Uiuil liuuiiv hipviui'i tu uiiiiiemii iiivi
obiect on the morning of the Uth, without,"0"' ,,IU3C B,vl" ,,,rw "M "'''
Oenoral Intolliffcnco.
St. Louis. Jan. . lHfit
It Is rnninrid tint tho forts nt Key Wist,
rilisacolii, I-ort .Morgan, .
. liko llorgne. Port Johnon
und the niseunl M ll.ilon He
aid gatrisonesl by the rcspcctlvo Slates It,
" .' ... .
Slates iu
whtrii lliey are locilcil,
Tho Suitlli Carolina Commissioners left
Wushlnrlon, tienting thorefuenl or
the Presl-
dent to grant their demands as n declaration
or war.
.1, 1, . i.f 1, ,1.1
oombs has been tkctcel n ik'egnto to t he
Umrirlii Conve'illon.
ui rgiiiuoiiveiiion.
The slru.mv IP.iruMiM has liecn onlcred to
I !f ' Wl,,i,fl' t,l,',Mc1,"''r0 In llwMccn.
I tlon of .1I5 duties, ns Colketor near Clinrles'.oc.
,, . , ., . f , I ,, .
Ihc n-ijirt tlmt four companies, hi 1 orl
Monroo. iu had been ordered to C-I.nrleston,
ere.. ted n great ove.ten.en n Norfolk.
l.kuteiiant .North had olfercd his resign.,-
nn approval ol the Irltlrmleit
littl ( tlltl liJISII lltinnaafitl
Ha In e-s un liren res nl ,w or K. ' i a -
. .'. a. in
iuii nil iiivii imi srniii sjijesiusis iiismi . . -' . - . .. .. tt iviiiniuir r
nnmics nun iiecn urni ni .-sew inni, riimiM", -...... w ... ....
.kb.l.la, Sem-rn Pulls, nnd seviral other places. ' 1'uJ1r";,lM ".r1.i,","1', ' '' l'rT!'-V..,,t ""!, " ll" . W,IV W '" "!'V!y cl"lomcrcl
In imnoror Mu.ir Anderson. 'I he Ncbm-Im l!' !I"U''' ' 'T "M " Ja'1 "'. I",lh ,'"rl11" , I''1"11 '""c ""c" "' Jl ,M'V lh,"T
ImpMulnre passed n vote Tor his gillaut eon- t r re-ei) r-n-al p.edges was to piivu.l colli- Iti-euu-en bl-r., advertising
.!.... shin und the illusion of blensl, in the hope that iLiinuii in t he m. in (lie fuel-
Ikiijamn Mordrral has prMcnte. South
Carolln l with 81(1 (mil
Oovemor Pitkin's Cabinet con!t or Mo-
it... i. u.-... i r o I .... u
. iiiiiii. ,. nil i.i tnii.- . ii.iiui i-i'ii. .. . i. ,ti-
rv of War t Mrrrlmjrr. S.eretarv of tl,
Cl.l. Chare Slona has rrrnmmen.l.il Unit
,..,, -n,.. ,.. .,,!,. ,i i ..... , ir f 2, . ml ,.r
,i, ...tii,..,. r !l. nt.i.I. t l i..l M.i.'i..'
In ns.usin-ito Seniors Wiuk'nud Ciiuronl,
The Si n.ite Commit lev or thirteen have re
pnrtml thnt they could not agree; on any plan
of llilJlKtllH-lll.
Illalr. iiovirnor of Mkhlgnn, In Ids Mes.
s-ige, takes the same podtlon us his preikces-
sor, relative In tk' Personal I Ilsr-rly bills.
,Vima!i" "r tilTl.M. ." . i r'i ." i"
- ..in.. ., ,.
. Ic-fiim l- , HilsTit- I '.Ml.i.ni.Ni niul I.I..1.I
I ,1 11 llllll-'lll lllll llll lllllll.llb 1,111 l-V llli.-.U
. .. -1 . . . . ...... , . ..
whirell rx'sts, nnd miniill.nrilvi-lsi-wlico In
hiierfero with It t rern.',d.!ng the prnpr!
of exe-eutlng the Coulili,ii..u nn-1 lives reh
live ihiretu: reiii-.'itiring nn such i-nt.ll-ctiug
tie menu hi the Ciiu-lllullou,orsiit)lt'hhtriiiir
freiii nny rourev for a dissolution of this (im
eminent. In Ihe Si u lie on tho .'1.1, Dk'Vr pn-s-leil
n'tllIon extensively sun.xl by cltfo inof P-n
sylvaiihi, iu f.ivortf Crlltind n's i-omprom'si'.
The Arsenal nl Mobile was n'rt, I'oiitiihi
lug seviiity eiitlit thousand stand of urms und
llllitu lunula. barrels guiipuivikr, nud other
l-'rnrs nro interl.ilnesl Unit the India, s
wnu'd Interrupt rnmiimule'.ttkuis at Cettto,.
wihh Springs.
Cnl. M.l.s. ul Port Ke.iiny, too'; steps In
prevenl the Inlerrupllon.
A mm, Ills n-portisl, wns hung ,t Into-peu-kii'v,
Mn lor inmpi ring with sl.ivri.
The (lovemor of Nebni-ka vctoe-d tho bill
prohibiting slaviry. ll has pncd ono heuie,
and will pass the oilier over tho vein, !
(or. 1 1 oils tn Is i r.piriug ncluatly for tl e
ikfemxi of the froutii r ngnliisl tho ludiani.
Iud Dilhoudo is.kuel.
Tlio Wndibigtoii rorrc'pondent of the Cin
e-liuiati I'liimntr. writes, .liinmiry '.'.I ;
A coii.olid itei) South nml n consolidated
Vol III nro umv predicted. P.ll'nrt will h?
undo ut ouco In Cem-jrc-s In ttiengtheii thel
Presldeiil's hands.
High pratso is showcieil
upon him from nil shies. Ills policy is not
s ii
Icviiop-M. nolug uiiiiscii ny poiiiiei.iinoi nu
tug in right oi serrssion, that u wom.i or "r V I M I 1.' 1"
right to neknowleslito lis hid. Ni,.knrc In.lend il 1 1 U I l .1 .
or w.iaing un iiidiiwful iwir. After nn r.xrit- In Jnrl.souvilli. on ll.o vviiibig of Tm-sd ty
lug dt bate, the ri.so!ullous win rekrrisl lolhr January- '.'Mil, nt tin' home or I'o bride. I.y
Salurilavm-sling. 1 lli-v. M. A. Vllllain. Mr I J. P. IIiikvivn ami
Niws'or Ihc rescind ing of the md.r for tin-1 W.li i.ii , P- lloiiiivv.vl.ksl.h.iiiMeror Win
removal of the i-inm.n nl Pitlntuirg was r lloiTiuin, l.-i,
exivesl the ro wl'h the llvvl 'iM natlsfurlti.ti. J A ltrge n-srinM ig. or Ilo frirmls of Hi
(Invirni r Pinks presldnl our n illomr nl you-igniul h.ip.y eo-ipb' hmmitd dy tlelr pm
I lie Cade-Is of lloston, on lb- IM, nnd mad nn ,.c (, m,tA',. ni mid Hu ncca-lnn one I
iloouiUlsiMih. In cm-'n-ion hopr...ns.xl(ll, , , .r.,.niy ri.m.niri, ,y ,..
-tl.e triilluiit Miijor And. ismi. Mnv the us . , " . . ,,,, , , , ,, .
p'o give him the W r he d.-serv.-s. nu I (!. .1 i " ,,",n,,,n ,,,,Hto "f ,,,,, rl",", ",", '"" "
g'v Iheliiiviriiiiiint rnnrasri' M lurk him." I frlrndslilp.
D'spati lies vviin fi.rnnrtl.il lu New Vml. I 1h! n'Sei was l-oTitlfully fa mm by lie
on the '.M h.il., slating lb.it H'tfltr hud ru'.l , luppv eoupl '. nml we irrn-l mnl'ally wl-h Hi n
tliiil Hm d.n'i-allli's vvimiM Im m-ttV-il by ll i , tir.,',i ro-itniliiietit nud JoyoiM forluno "I,
I Dili. Her wirM-'ri-u'iiliilforllriUTialificcI i... ,,,,, ,
nllogelher, nnd urn. wilh-nt nulhorily. I !!!gnn,.,. IJT.,wr,T.
Piig'Mii.mb.'r fiim An., hn for licme ot ,
In Ihuhouiolhi C-niinllt.s'i.r 'lulrty.lhrv. I ..,.... .....
on the .'., ru iimtlon i.r llilsi.w, I.f ICy.'PHOlSillXL'jnOKKo.W, A.F.&A.M.
irsoluthuis vvno mhiptiil iii-ii.'n'xiiig slaviry HnM llu-Ir rrgit'tir riiiiimiuri-.il Inns the A
pirlicis for pursuing u ik-iicu iwI-v, lioil.pir s ... , , ,,
finuiit now- imIv be.-au-o p'.iw lino lingir Mas. Wtxsu.w, nu rxperleneed nurse and fo
K)sslbk I'nlirihat vvas ile moiulatcd ho vvrs ' m-ilu physician, has a Soothing Syrup for child,
auwlllin,- to.hi nn net which would I'lreclly iteii let thing, whkh grtntly facilitates tin. ,r.i
or Imi rettly Invnivo Uiu tiillon in tl.e catainl
ties of war.' L'poi, those who have provoked
the employment, of force imut all tlio eon.-o-epienecs
'Ihe vigorous enun-cls or Slanlon, lllick,
Toucey und Holt, have greiitly rnntributesl to
the stiviiglhenlng ol the Pres.ehnl's purpose.
Against them Ihe whole force ir Souihern In
llueneo was elirecled, in the hope) or obtaining
thu adoption or nn oppnslta policy.
.... -. . .. ..- .. i ....
Tlio rrcsieleiil is reporiest in navo s.viei in-
d.iy.inip.li'ugor.lov no,.l'sr,,son
resigning. " Ihe agwine-nl was nude between
the herniary of ar, who had no ylglit to
make it, und the leaders of ihc mob nt Charles
ton, who havo uot the power lo hep It,"
Mr, llakcr'K speech was one for cewcion
throughout, and maele secessionists of conscrv
nlivo men. This dlscti'slon is beginning to
divide) the peop'e) into two pn tics one! in
favor or coercion nud the other iv.'almtit.
The Union meeting lo bo held in llillimoro
in ii ri-vv il-ivs Is to ue'aildreteCilhy Vlco-Picsl-dent
llrrckliiridgo and J. J. Ciltlcnden.
There has been u goml de'.d or talk hero
to-day nbout uu ut tempt to ii-,a-iiiate Senator
Wude ; but I have hcaid that the very trivial
matter or n stranger calling to sec iiim has
bee n magnified into the merit or annssassin.
Thomas 0. H"yno'ds' I.lcutonant-Oov. or
Missouri, nnd n South Carolinian by birlh,
Is just back rrom a two week's y'slt to Wash
ington. He has di'jlea-ed m-iny ol his polit
ical fi lends by in.iuik.Htin,'. eluco his return,
cxlrcmc Secession siiitlmcuts. He aUcmk-d a
meeting or Ilia Dcimcrallo Club night before
last, nnd made a Secession seveli, urging
lliem to re.-oho thimsolvcs luto n company of
Minute Men. About twenty persons look
his advice nud cm oiled ll clr name-'.
Mahkkts. Tlcro is no ehaugc
in pi ices
. , . ., t
I firm ut tfl 00 (i SIM per 100 Iby
iwuumiii'ii j-iai
Secretary Floyd's Resignation, ,
I ho following it, the pnie-ial lorre-spomlctiro
r,5M..nlni .Si i,.;'1 wlsts.li wusc.cliangi.l betwtru S.crilnry 1-loy.l
nn TCincI-Wn vir.!fllt!' Preside nl on the reslgmitloi, or tho
" i. in 1:1! r. iv ,.. 1...1.,
Wa,iDkimiitm,:nt.Dcc.'.'9IIi. IPfia.
Mir !t)n it,.. .-I.-..I..LS of Ihe ''Till nsliiiit. I
rend tk folluivliiir tinmr to you in presence of
K. sjtll-iu.-t :
1 Col'M'll, CiiAvtmu. Mxitutivk
.11 am.i,i, I'ei.. -1 111, ioiiw. 1
1 hi. , 1, r... . r.i. ,,. . iv,,m .L. m-iionnr
' ., Sir ! , U l , ."l 'I '., ,1 ,1 . 1
the commander of Port .Moultrie, Unit the sol-
Mansiov, Dee. "JTtli, leiill.
vK , I 5 M.-J., Amkirnn. In my judgment
. ,mniJ u mnv l.rt us bv which to
enu, p'nUcs of Ibis Oov eminent have lieen
I'lll- I'OU iL.lll.llV 13 ll'll IVI. 113 l'J Mlliw,, ," - r
rMlnXe our winortni prevent civil wnr. Itisdr.
, , , , , conftkiieu on Ihe TM, ,,
t . , s y ,,,, , ,, This 1,
rlkr , ,' , ,lt.llcloll()rthomililury.,,,!UrJr
n vvllfo!
right to fin-iik for her. S.iulh Carolina, on
he other hand, gave reelpronil plnlges thai
ttrsj Titi-iNi iMidti'il li.t Iss-ixii flit
y the,,: ngii'nst
. "." ',vv "" --
-i.ii lr ,1
rm"v '" " ""' 'K "" "" '.' r ',r'?u,P
romm.Hl itlmi ol the rxislln troubles, fie two
Houies of Congriss l,.,viu both ruU-l Com-.
vinir imi
! nbji-cl.
Illlle-e-S inoMUir 10 nun
.... ....-' ..-. .. -.. .
I lm nu.ilrs stoo.1 until he ni Ion .r .Major
IHK'IMils IUUVII llllltil UllHllCIl IMU Mil' Ulll
,..., ...i.h t .
",- iiu.iiiniicrni war. . raiinin e-uiium ,u
' ihengeiii ol sum it calamity.
I dtvply rrgrel in feci inyse-lf under Ihr iie -
Willi Ihe highest RTSiiual regard, I nm iinxt
truly yours, Jmiv II, I'mivii.
To his Mxcellcney the PrisM.ut ol the Cited
W.VsMIMITOX, Her. .11. lPfif).
.. t it.. . .. . .. .. i i . i
f v...,r nslt'U.illoi, or llieofiko of lhiSii-n
lary .r W.r, nml not wLhliig In Impose m.i.
vot, me iau oi in-riorniiiitf ns im-re rouuu
miiiiiivv I.h.mmh on or pnieil.'iig tin v-
-1 uui miiou, in ri ii-u.x. ur.'uoii. i -v x
M. WAIT. W. M.
S. llcnii.-ii. SerV.
j.ivh'sox !..:, m:i:i:ox,
Will Indd Its tegiitir coiiutmuleilious oi Hu
riist sni until)- itviniiirf i-rr.v. .j- M.nitii.
All N.Journlng ('ouiiiulou In good I.iii.IIii;
are ciinllnllv linll.il In nil. ml.
J v s. T. ( I l.r.x n, Sce'y. ikiMlT
VAimHH LODGE No. 10, A. F. & A. M.
A IIUI.U Hi. lr reguhir iiiummukalliiu,
jvvtlio Wnl'u-siliy l.'t tiling-on. irpiee'e.llnj.
rlhe lull moon. In
0. w. (iu:i:it, w. m.
II. Dl.ll.IU. .Vic'..
1. 0. 0. F.
J ve-knovv im.k liiiimi: Nu. H, holds ll regu
lar meetings every S.iriHUlAV WKXiXH,
'.eeptlng In thu llrt wiik or caih month
when ii is held on rmu ,t:.7.v;.
Ilroll.irs iu good standing mo cordially In-
vlled lo attend.
W. 0. HANSOM. N.O.
IIkniiv Dr.M.is.ini, It. See'y. (.'IL':(!m
i-cs of teilhlng, by soft, iilug Ihc niu-. rulue-hi
nil lullaii inatton-will allay all lulu, nml Is
sure lo icgiilalti tlio Ih.wiIs, Depend upon l,
muuiers, ll will gite rise to yourselves nml
health to your Infants, l'trfeelly safe In all
can-, fii-c nnveriisvmeui in another column.
fr- it is much to be regretted that
ee Idle) hi thu enjoyment of health so little ulten-
Hon Is pil.l liy many to thu pre.ervallon or si.
lucsiini iniu a nie-ssiue'. Luxurious uv Hie;, hao-
',, of ,K,V,J Iiro ,0 .,!cn
; ,-., lu.yut, TKcu upon th
Its or Indolence, e.xpojiiru to suildeu cliaugi s ot
erurors ol
.inn lltft Ui-.t In.
Ilentlon of nn nllack. If nuvlhlui! will relieve
the niflerer, purify the blood, lestoro iv v li.'oruui'
circiiiiiiioii oiiit iiiorouituiy ii-uovuiu iiiusy-Mtms
ll isaaniiH Miriapartna imi.'
Dyspepsia, Fever and Aguo,
Indigestion, sour stomach, water brash, heart
hum, lillllousness, liver complaint, acidity, flatu
lency, jaundice, ihingo or climate, slek head
ache, loss or appetite, feiinlo complaints, oppics
slou nHcr eating, nml general debility aro laphl
ly, eflcctuidly and tiiu-ly emed hy thu 0.xv
(U.N.eTt.0 JIitti us,
MiAihimm Ilill. Oil.. Jmit lfilh. 1858. Hav
ing sullered for lllteeii yenrs wltli Dyspepsia, In
Its worst t'oiin, uml having consulted with the
liesl physicians, nml triiel cvciy tiling recom
mended, without lellef, I was Induced lo Iry the
Oxvui.vvti ii llirri.us, and before) I had taken
ono liolllu I found myself much belter, und con
tinned tuMii" them until I was entirely cured
ami now enjoy as trood health us 1 ever .11.1 in
my lire. I Iuko ploasuiu in recommending tlicm
lo all wnu ure Minimi ly uuucicti.
JAVIKS ,VMI-.lltlllK.
For f.ilo In California by Itidlngtou A Co.,
Henry Johnson .V Co., Charles Morrill. Sun
l-'rancbeo; It. 11. .McDonald .V Co., Sac, auiento;
s like, Coillu .V Co., Maiysvillu ; Smith .V Davh
ll'uitl.iiul, Ote-aoit. March l7.-lyc-.
Wistar's Batiam of Wild Cherry.
The only pure nnd genuine llalsnm Is, and
for the h,-l twenty yea,, has been prep-vml by
Sktm W. Kowi.s: .V Co., or lloston , and their
Willful name, us well a- the wrlllcn.lBnalureof
I !--- ..... nt llift tilitt urnhluiM A si
-. n- " ...-1.. ..-
yu would uvo.d Ilia spurious nnd hnvc the gen-
nine, tilt wmi'thr I This Invaluable remedy
U'istiii'h IIvi.svm or Wn.n Cni.mir Is the best
one r.xlant for Ihc safe, sperily nml ivrmanent
cure 01 eo.iu i", tun., riuu uiruiii, iiruiivniiis,
., " , " ,' , ' , , '
'"' I'k'url-y. pneumonia, croup, whooping
1. i.i..h, , i. i t, !....
curcorioiighs, colds sore throat, bronchitis,
cough, like ding ut the lungs, pain In tho breast
" M. l I" f t 'l. cto.1
and lung comphilnts, ns well ns wnscmitiox It-
IioiihIihIiI remedy (sliould lie In tho hands
family nml Individual, nn a timely p-
pllcalliin ofll lo n slight cold will rnuse Imme-
bco, so popular t
llrcniiM ll..' prices there arc Irresistible argil
u.outs Iu ll raior.
constantly mnk-
Hitlcy has made
uml morsian-
'i-inu.-i. is i ip nrui-s "!" ",u
goods ollen.l. the liesl ami llio eheaiest.
WilV nro Ihreo salerooms needesl at QciMr
... , .1 . , I .1 I. .... I .1
Th.-v are Ihe efle-ct of n h-glllniale cttetislnii
of liti-Ini-", foundi-d upon Ihee-mrgy nudfallh-
. , , . . .. , , Itsomra-
I,i ..in, i. '......riM.illiv nt rlnrLwnrk. m..l
.1..vileservliiif of the conlldenco of llio
New State Saloon.
II) John .Mi'Lniiglillii,
rPIIIS rslnlill-heil and popilnr llntio m
L Ins-ti ri'iiireha-cd by Joi.v Mi l,viiut,.ix,
uui will Is-eoinlnelcl by him In Ihe san uni
form and i-vcellrut miuiitr that dlstln pd-heil
I'm lliui'i' In pahnlc-l dirs.
He will kiep on hand mine bit first clas
Liquors and
MAIP 11KV13HA013S,
il.VI. nro rrviiliirly forwardnl Irom m.lnl Im-
p irliug hou-es In Sun I'rmicbco. Ills sloc'e of
nlll likewise bo of Ihe lust .pinlllles. Taj
re of I'lo I ii.'s Itt-st buprovisl p.llirn, with
Miil-h II .1-un. I eomlil, nlfnii ru-lilon.
l-i iiild't'oii lu tin- retail lmlm-ss, Hm propri
etor lull. i in- Us frii-od- ami thu pi.l.lli- that hu
p- inl to riirnbh eu-loiners wllli M'lnii
ind l.lipims or ls-. ipiallty In bulk or pickugrs,
it stub pikes a will iiinl.u It an linluet m.'iit
.r p.ncliiHrs In ucilu- fiilr supplies fiom
i m.
lb in- mis r tlio old stand, corner or C.illfornU
uid 'I l.lr.1 sins l, e-nntlguom to the' 1'n.t Orrl.'u
uui Milkman's llvpn-". Kith 2 .'I
J1.1? OOST.
Orri:i:.s in s.n hu hn'tiiii: stock nt
i.i-l, eoii-Ulliig e.r a wellM'Iccleslttvikof
IKItiT.-a d .sunns.
HA IS ami CAI'S.
citoci-:ini:s mj
CltOCKCIIV and J I.A.S.S V A ItK f also, a
fine iissurimi'iit of
Ciigllsl, and l-'rcnch Merinos,
iSeoteh I'l.ilels, Alpacas,
ll.ire'ges, Tni.llns,
Subs Muslins, I.Tivns,
(iin'-hnni", llouut'ls, llnnuct Hibkuis.
Cmbioid'-rrd .Sleeves and Collars,
Cugllsh, Amirlcau and l-'rcueh
and n large stock of
l.-ulie-s' ni.il Children's (Jailers and Shoes j
all ol which will i'tuiUitly I SJil nl IW.'as
I Iniend lo char out my whole stock by the
first or April. v
Su)'"All those iiidibtisl lo ma will pleao
call and pay up Immediately, to save rxtiensos.
Jacksonville, l-'eb. 2. 1801. 3tf
-nor eiiiioi..'j. i-iiiiiiueini nn ii.i; siricn-si in,-.-
1l-Ml'T, stfi-rr - . . 2 !ir..ii.i.i lUItT ..nii. Iu
htTsi i
ffl;..'y.aaaft.Y3Mteac- uhmhipih imamizmfmmimm: