Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 24, 1860, Image 4

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A Fleutnt Little Life Sketch.
On a steamer between Cleveland niu Detroit
n circumstance oceurretl lately, tvVlcli' Is thus
pleasantly luld by a correspondent of the
. ets .
Ulcvelntnl lleraltl s v
A young girl, apparently nboiit,sentccn
years ol aire, wns scaled nttnn n ulli nf tWsn
boxes, with lier two little brtttlici , nnl . Kvi n
nmi thirteen yearn. They were orphan, hound
from Alleghany. l'cnnylvnnln, to Michigan,
tthcre thcycxpcctcd tollnda Lome tilth nn
un.Mc. ,
After having purchased second rfas llrkt-ti
for three, the girl hud spread her old quilt mi
tho pllo of cheese boxes, and prepared tn spt ml
the night la quietude. She hud hurdly ar
ranged her net, however, before she was nccl
dentally discovered by n second class piiMcngcr.
a tall young man of twenty-three yr.irs, who
had loved her In secret iiIiikhI from in r Infancy,
and who for the past two years had lion rail
ing lumber on tho Ohio rlvir. Ilnvinir. ac
quired about two htiudred ilotlurs In hnrd cur
rcney, he cntnu to Cleveland, recvntly. to pnr.
tlclpute In a celebration, when n hce.xpriscd
It, "some menu cum hud pichdl h!i pocket of
every uurncti rem uui innr titulars.
Ilclng ttnudloto ilnd tho thief or the mrn-y.
ho had started for thu Wist with Ihe th'timid
nation to hire nut nn a farm. To lit" surprise
and Joy he found lilinscll nn bouul tl.u same
vissel with tho object of his heart's cnrliist
Sllilln tip to her, ho exclaimed :
"Why, Cynthia Ann, why. how do
dew t I didn't hardly know yim 1 Whv.
you've grow'd I Where are ymi entne ?''
" I'm going to uncle's, In Mlihlgnn," was
the fetble nply. "You knew mother was
dead, didn't you ?'
" Why, no I" and his voice softened. "When
diil she die, Cynthia Ann ?"
" She died Intt January. Uncle wrote to
me Ihut IT I'd come up there he'd gltc me and
the boys a home."
" Ctlilhln Ann t" ntid Ihoyniiiig mini's tnico
trembled, ' there nln'l tin iii.m'll be so glnil to
gltcynu n home us I will. I'vcnlltrsthnuht
a heap nf you. I tu'd your iiiniln-r whin you
wasn't marc'inn high, that ti lit tt ton urniuil
up I win n gnln In Imie ymi. nit, I'yiithln
Ann, Jet soy the mini, nnd you're To hum
n iw I"
"Wlial'll Isccnma of the bnys?" Impitrid
the nirlluttil imtlitin.
" I'll go tt Ith you and trntv 'unlit your int.
cle's. nthl ihen we'll gn Wist mid hln mil
this I'ull nnd Winter, und ihen ni'.Xl .Spring
we'll buy a sinnll fitrtn mid live In litiiii."
The girl irave n wiitiii sigh nf nrivplniict.
Irani (I Ik r IpuhI nguitisl llm limitM drum of
the hardy ynulh, in much us to say. If you
want Mi)ihliigtukilt.
The m.in smiti hid , rrnnj r ,,. .,,.
liis;sprnn; .lotti.friini lfehim bov mot
Ucialiiiiil. "If there's n MfnUlir nr .lifltci
of the IWetu this b -at, 'v got u Id for
lilm !"'
" I nm n Justin of llio I'.ne.." rcmaikl n
Tcnrrnbli- bs.ini! mm frmu Vml,- Stale," re
mount Ihfclris hiics, mid )nu shall bj n
nurrliil nun hi Inn ilniii llfiMiiliniii?."
" WiII.IimMoii, Squire! I l.iilnl gnl tv
-money, liui I1lgUiyiHii,tiiiji.lnilgiHiiliiv
,' "Nner inttNl itliont t.t. p;,v." said tin
wnrlhy 'Squire, - I'll I j,c tnv p.ty lit stvlt.e
ycu huppy." ' ' '
fl'hp Mlur renmf.r.lid the pile nt rhnsi
clnit.ffltheit:dif hu d urlv Movrd. ni.il
in thiwiiiiinti i1,.r,..,,mwliK.,niM,d-.
he l.nl iiiitv li.to ., , w , .xi.tenre. Kim'ii j
Id lillh.' trula nntv mi lur mnly lips. In
im'iil hill' f mi u blgrhtrsi', nidii'iuiui mul,
inn ilaitv, , f(lf tin. nt . t uvt, ,t I,,.
wim, v.uu l.e win, utnl what iittht til Iv
r rl'.ns up su.Vlrnl.- 1(. rxe'tilinol. hn'l
ii-n'i'., to lilmiir," Well, hy l..kev. this Is
irt-M r hnrd wnv of imssllt-: the CtM lieht .
1 ny nnri tint in .imii iim him '"."
.hu bride blushetl, imd epIW. ".Nriir j
llllllll, .IIMIO, 1 UIU J'l"l iiv li-ij JV u Ml I
tti'.t rlrli, t'mnnslt ilnttn." I
Hut .tohn had nil lihn. nnd he was biuiid
in put It In operation. Hn!ng to his pile nl
baggnse, rtiiiltlng r.f nr.e large nnxtl bag,
enittnlnlng a chaniie ol shirts, !., niTkir
chief mul old boiiU. he IrMik Ir.'in llio let; nf
nnc of the boots mi I'Mvlhnt n. and walking
up to thu clerk's oflice, ho c.elaliuiil :
" I say, Inokn hire. Citp'it. I'te paid for n
tlulc jwnge. but I want n Uil for )-'
mid w I selfund wont.iii. I hain't got n
iiiniuy, but hire is an o!.l j.ifiml i;o"l tt-"
'I'lie g ntleiiinn In the i lllec rrplitnl that !!.'
iterk had ttepxd nut, but wntitd bo buck In n
lew moments j tihiritipon lliuin.tn went hack
to the pile of cheese to look at his pirclou
Hating our sympathies amused, wo h willy
ran arnond among the pissrngi-rs, told tho
story, and took up n eolli-cllou In jiroeure n
ttute-rnom for the yntiug ronple. To the
credit of our lady pacngers. thcv were tho
most Ida rul In their donations, nnd In !. limit
ten minutes we had collected 811 !''. 1'ie
senting this sum tn tho iigree.tblv nt.lnu1hii1
young inun, tte Informed him that he eouM
now procure n slnle-rnom tilth Inn ImN. nnt'
for hints If and wife, the other for tho boys.
Thanking in with his big watery eyis, lie
ruihetl to the clerk's plllee, where he win met
by Cuptaiti Tierce, ngi nl nf tho Unci Cupialn
j'rans, commander of the boat, nnd Mr.
Curler, tho Clerk.
'-iii ricrra exclaim : " llrre, my
goosl lenow, in rr s it liliu't ni i-uijhii mi.o
xvlfe logo toChlcui'n. Cet West ui f.nt its
von can ; go to work on a farm, and look nut
for tho Inndi-barks,"
Cupialn Kviins pulled out n clittetlug coin
nnd said l " Here's live dollurs! kuii ymus II
In good cnudition, mid " I. (re the ttorthy
Cantnln forgot his speech and rt" nil Iii''"ii'.
Tho Clerk, Mr. litilir. hnntktl I l.o in.ni it
key. nntl snld, " Vntl tint welcnmo In one of
the best t tile-room mi the boat. It hits two
Ixil- one for tourivlf uud wile, the other for
Cupialn Kvans having returned. rxclniivd
"(iite the lios unotliir room! Tln'f Tiiiinl
no buslnus In there. They h.ilul nn lm-iii.
ii "hein he broke ttouii wills hinhlir
ngnin, and hurrkil uttny In pitc (inlers on llio
boat. The couple now n tin tl In their sump
tuous nparlmentlns happy as morluN are nl
lowed lo bo on this earth, mul thu paeiigi-r'
gathered In knot In probe llio liiHriililvnfull
concerned, acd the comical oddity of Captain
At.JtnsiiNa-Y5:KMi at a Hum. Kioiit. -The
Spanish journals relate nn ularmlng sccno tit a
recent litili fluht ut Snr.tgi.s-u. Alier Ihne
bulls, which tlid not show much fplril, had
been dipo.d nf Iiy the Ion ml. .r Ciielnre.s, it
fiopulnr icrformer, u fotirlh win let looe, ui.il
io displuyttl grout viniii.ci'. Id- tore inio
slircil.s tho lianilerillax tthleh ticru prixnttd In
him by the pieudores, mid then till at nneo he
Icupiilotir ihe jialbade tit it spot win re u
soldier was standing, und t.n pilureil llm min
"that ho dittl slmrlly after. Vv little Inter, the
bull Itimpcil over the barruM uumng the
specluiors. Six iiinm-ami rsom wire a-
(cmlilcu, itnu tvnn cries umi M-reains uu m u ipuru Is innr in Hie moiiniaius. ineiiiuiaiis
to thu Issue to escape, catnimr u sann nlnu. piuteatt'e. A parly nl 100 wcie orgu-
frightful conluslnn. The toreador, snord In nhiiiij; tng.i In Ihe litr iligi;liigs.
liand, attempted, to MH tho uulmal j un.ll -.-. . .
eeverul soliliertt nn duly us sentinel t iideutuiid I 'I'lie lincst idea of n lliiuidi r storm was when
to do thesaine with their swmds uud dayouils'i Wigu'io came home ti'hl. He came iulolhe
snmo of lliesnecliitors. too, llrnl pislnls ut ll,lio..ni wduedis wile und datiuhtir wcie, itud
and In Mi doing wounded cirlnin ih-isoiis. At
lenirlli the toreuilnr L'ol ill Irnut of llio dull,
and with a slab skillfully applied laid dim
dead at Ids feet. The journals do nnt say that
any persons were killed or ft en injured lu the
subsequent confusion.
Sav. I'oinp. you nteciT. tvhar ills'
id you get
itat new hat 1" " hy. ul de shop, nb cours
o Wlmi's do nrlce of mill an urlielc us dui ?"
" Poti't know, nigger jluu'l knuw 5 de shup.
keeper wasn't lar."
Borers in Frnlt Trior
l'V the Unvllt of lliwe hiivlng frn trees,
we publili the nnne.xed conimunleutlnk from
Mr. rhllip Hllz, proprietor ol Qlcu ltur Nur
sery, Corvallls i
.TACKsnNVti.i.H. Nov. 1 Ith, 18fJ0.
KntTMi Hkntixfi. t Sliica.niv nrilval In
J UoguV Hirer Valley I hear gem-rnl cvfupUliii
nl tliu rmnL'cs eoniiuiiuii ny uorers upon
fruit trees In some liwlaiicrx, ihslroylng liulf
or tlinx'-tourlln or nn milium, nnd in tiieiig
irmtutc having dii-troyul sernnl lli'iiwaml
ilolhtr woiih of viilnulile trw. Ill short, so
griut hm bmi toe dipndjtli'ii tint uumy
quile ihrtilr of having mi nreljard. nnd re
Iniin Irom kiting out nny'inoru lriv.
I luxe (Mil ii paint or winh nn my Ireis In
lliiilon cnuiily, lor the lul two year, that
Inn Lent timntlri'lv fu-e finni the nttnekn
of ue little plaguis. nnd luiui f..uud it of
irnut advantage, libit, In pri'iiiitlnir Injury to
I lie tinik mrly in t lie Kprlug iiy lliesnu.nlilcli
1 delicto to do the chief cniiu nf the borer's
ntlaiks, n lliey nlmnsl Invariably commence
on the smith side nl the tree. I thin; that
Jhenpphiallon of lliis paint or nli will sate.
nine out etcry tin itirsuuiK-l.nl, mm wiiiin
unn'il (illierwbo lie tli'Mroviil. 'I'ln! reeltm 1
look from the (Ii-iiksiv f'lirmrr xevirnl tears
flsn. It 1st Onelialf iit'ilc o( fuMi cov urn-
mire, tun iioundi uihlniketl lime, nne-half
pound nf sulphur, nucluilf pound nf lamp
iiliick, niKul to the C"tiI.lmy or Ihlcll paint
villi tt-ry slrnng soap slid" nr lye. Apply it
In the .Siiriuir, ns soon in the rain Is over, to
tho trunk nf the tree nnd In the foiln nf
the brunchis, wlllrn bitiMi, till etrry par
llele ol the dark Is entered to nn Inch be
low the stirlaee of the ground j p'neo d.ul; the
earth about the trunk, mul whin thesiinthltirs
on the Int ttt1 win im the sulplur, It (lulls nil
odor that tt ill pret i lit nny Insect from Injuring
the tree.
.My limine? Is in'lnn nnd sellliu trees,
plants' nnd flutters, ntid I li'.t. to siv them nil
live nnd thrltuiicryithcrc. 1'iiu.tr Hik.
Tiir I.v.xuitv or Tii.ivi:i,iMi.--The l!oe
burg 'rpitM nf Moml.ty lint h.n l',e fullnn
ng sketch nf slngiiig in the tluim Mirouglt
l he L'inpqiia. Singe tlrlterj mini be mule i
strini-r rluiril.tiiinrd'nary fiilntn "illisl.d
itch sennit ihrinigli nn O.vgon inttr l
'I he Inln hm bivn pouring down lit loricnls
tilt litili Init riittmioii iluriii lite pat tuvk
nod ttiry Hiram l (lo..il. Il.iilt l he Noil h
imd Smith Uuqiqiii hate oterlhottil then
lniiks. Thestugti. hy L-rintl i.Xi'tlluii nt.tl lv
ruiiiiliijr night ntid slav. rotitiiiititl lo ttntki'
heir tiiii- up in S.ilutil.iy. The rontN (it
miiiiy p'hii-h win. ., IIimIhI ultl, iiiinl mini
wall r in In b- enllii-'y ii:iM;i'v. mul H- ,n
vrtis title eouin'lliil In lay tlmtti liiiiin nn.t
ituike Ihelr tvuy Ihrnuglt llV'ds, in the n'ulit,
When tin liuillnrn le e.ime lg 'iVinilifs
':r nn S-tUiril.iy, North Uit'jpi.i had sttellttl
iiiliin roiiiii't'iorniit.iiiid It win liuHiilbV
In ero the feirr boat, mid slim llmi liuu tin
iioillp in nut's l'ati'li'iiiM"pxil tit lltal phnv.
Nn nip- would tako the rik itl Irvlnj the li.n
n even In n si; IV pr iimov. 'l'lr niornlng.
Mr. II. W. Mil loo, nil nl tT Tittey A (Vs.
Ilxpris', ttttit down In Wlueht'sti'r luilf-el n
eiit.s.n.' if piis l'l'. It will priihihty li.t tun
it tliM-il.it' b.foic tit-ferry can resume Its
regntiir crolni:i.
llH'H.t.vfiiuii the Pniiti en l"rM.iy w.i
il-'u.i lit III the I'ulit nils'.'! nr light hoUK le
, h ttd t nn-. nnd wm nut it'll iili the gr'.' l
dill. illy. TKMie.k w.ts lil.nl to nulllnw.
iii, tln'witler in lite mid in miny pi ie-s lie
iiigs.thi. hrt dsp, 'I'l.e Ideii wlndi h.ul
l.l..i'!ul tin l l.o tool Mills fillrii limb r, which
Ihetlrttir winnilii'lliiWi clutrniil by chop
pun. Visit id.ty 'r$ nn. tl.e I '.tnynnvil!.
l.r:o IttK li i tl tt sluilt d rtilluv this siih' lit
Cunt niit-ilii-, i,t it pi tit ttln-rv lit.' tt'iiti-m id
lt, .....!. I'..,... l.ltl.iVllt till tl.l. tllU
... . . ... ., ... ;.. .... ...".: .....I
TiiliiU,'" Iw""!' '!", ""' I 'kii ..
,,, ,ml ., ttim tihimlmi lnrt In Inf.eoit
. ,.,,,,, ,1m,. ....mud the IIhmI. nnd
brt'tiuhi in I t-t-t ln.rli by tragmt. In piln .
iirouini ine t tui' nr the watt r, iin irnne rm
d.tibylhe pttsMUk'tr sllppsil nnd pliusnl
liimlloiii; ilnwn thelnil into the Ilo-t.1. II ith
l.ir-o und r.ihr eitiiii' ninr ilrnnulu. toil Una''
ly suteiiili'd III giitlli'.! ndioir. Oil- mill III'.'
by ihinueei.il nl w.islot in tin- walir. ii'iilulii
biir nil the muiiIhiii null lor the ll'i'lnir
otllei-. It Mlniiiulil li.it the e'l-e Him it turn
from .litiks'itt iiii'ti'y. und pow.b'y lhu: nf
.lin.fih!lie title In the l"-t loir.
S'.iitl Mninltr iiti-l lm'n I'.inlnii. t'' li'itnl
chiii p'nteis. weie In New Vmk nl hnt ne.
ennuis. 'On llio r.'lh Ihiy were liolli nt the
riMinn i.r the Che (lull In I lie rniversiit
litidillng, but did iml play Ingillnr Mr
Morptiy pl.i)ul wild Mr. Jinn-Thompson
.tt.il I vol I Im two games lit the nM nf n
Lnt.l.i. Mr. l'jiili-en hud a hiiic ttllh Mr.
lAlit.'tihelu. whom hu Unit. A contest If"-
(ween Mv?rs. Murphy nnd I'.tubut l spoken
nr, but it point of itiiptelte may ktxp ihun
apart. Tlte former tt nlli in m. simv hn Kur
tiniii nieciss. laisil.cliiiiil p'aying ttllli liny
tKTfon in Ihls I'l.tiuliy uiiVhi nl the t this of it
pawn ntid mote; iIb-m'iH Mr. I'mi'seiiiiiay
lint uect pt. hut lioilM he do Hi, n lii't Intel,
i-hilii-' contest iniiv be iiutieiiialeil. Mr, I'.uil-
n will nl'fi iirntiali'y L'lto nil cxhlbilinii of
Ills ttnudi rfitl lilinOr.il.l plating, mi'l If hu docs
o, will play ten games nl u tune.
. J" .".. 'ft.u ftaiilliief'ttrii Iwlt
linii in.i i... - .- , , , ,
,...; . in i ii rat ft lei Hie, Ail.amns.ls
resiHinslblu for tho followlm: :
II n ('ii'iikir wits ilcccr'thlng, the other day,
In lip Omlolt, ihe ., ul n sporltii'tn
Mbi.l1iili wills ihe sholeun.
" Wltv." sahl I.". ' I hate sren him take
two parlrid.'. i ., -it. .olh iro, ouo in
T. ut and the nll.ir Uhlud him, und lo uon'.l
lite und kill tho ouu in Iront und thu whlii
und kill tho olhcr."
' )!d hi hate n double-barrel Bun,!" In
tpitiit. I p.
(). cinirrU he il'd."
Well.'ipileklyripliiil Tip, "I ran beat
lint I .iw u'nu'i tin the luiuo with it oij.'r
tan tit"
It Is again! the laijipie swim dogs, on Sun
day, lit Ihe King I'.fun lit II. "Ion. This i.
not ginirully kiinvtn, und one Suhh.itli ii.oin
in.' tl ilblnigiibluxl military gtntl. unit, wlm
l(n S SIUVMI. ! Ills- i'-S"S V'Olilt I ""
nprlmaiid.il by n polliviinn beeutiw he mil' r
i d his dog In inter tin w.nVr. " Tin re," mid
was union:: on llio lio-inn i,..iniii..o, wa
II lib ny don't ton no the sign" Ibys nre
nolnlloHo I in llu-water on Sunday?" ' Vis,"
r.'rpiiiidtil llu Cohunl. " lull llmi' n d d
illiltrruie dog i he uiu't read." Tlo iioliee
nun was nnfoiiuiltil, und il was not till nnc
ol tin ileltclltts poiutid it out tl..ilhes.iwllie
iiillitary man's Joke.
Annll.fr go'd eve tiiuu.l lias broken nut in
llu Northern country. Capt. 1'ieice. wild n
pirly nl nun jnl rilurniil luuii u privpi'itiui'
tour of ("Icur ritir. n tribuinry of Ihe Cnliiin.
In.i. IfiO iinlis iiorlhe.tt of Wall Walla, had
bro'iu'lit In unite tiiyllue gold thud lliey
f.itu.il. I hey cite most Haltering icpi.it
ihe mints, nnd say lliat u greut tlnil nl goiil
lust llmi he lunibled over the cr.uHo und lUi
whop on Ihe lloor,
AlUr u short time lie rc
ami s.ii.l :
' Wife, nro you hurt?"
" Nn."
" (Ilrls, arc you hurt T"
" No."
" TtmNt dap, untn't it 7"
A ruscullv old bitehelor sitvs llntt n man
freipiently lulmiis tbnl l.e was wronir, but u
.... ,.., ..u.i.r clot w,.i .. nu p niuKiKun "
Treasure, I'arcelt and 1'itckagr.i fonttrded In
charge ot Messengers.
Hoods l'urclmed and Coimnlvtons tilled tilth
Notes, Dralls, Dills or Accounts Collected.
Wells, Knrgo ,V Co's checks nn i.tn l'ranclsco,
nnd their Drnfls nn l.omlnti. furls,
Dublin or the prlnctpal cities
In the Atlanta)
Can be obtained nl any of our OfTlees.
OfScoa and Agonts.
Cu'cadc , . . .
Il.illoi. ......
Wall t Wnlh
'Ire. mi City.
Ilutlitllle ...
J ifoin
Wills. I'urgo X Co.
Ilrajfoiil ,V '.
,...i,. KlncMuii ,'.
I ...U win A. Whlln...
N. tl. titgalU.
J. 1 Crturortl.
, 1'. X. .Vnt'ows.
William .I l.li'p iicnV
t't.ieli .V Kniilmaii.
SlitP.y A- Co.
W. A. Aide.
, ...bold. I'elers A Co.
It. A. Ilarton.
I'trry. Wind A Co.
... mills
CitKi'iiu City
I l.iklnit.l ........ ,
I,' tiiro.it l...
Ilct'kuinii'it Kia.
OtintcrS" It
Livery and Sobs Stablos.
lot in nil fiilirotolrni.il font lit misrls.
ci.rcici: k
fl , Tll STAIU.IIS are cell
AVwl irM H ted. und cunt enletit
viU I" nn L'iriiii
Until. Ilotx
iml mules will w , nt by the day or wul.,nl
tiiinl.'Mle rhar,..
Ihe proprli'lors linteieteral line
for one nriwo horKu to let on retnniinhlu terms.
Good SaddloXIciKcj&LSulos,
ttlili'h Ihi'Vwilll.'t In no to rivn.irliif llm roun.
try, tut rcuMiu tiiii ternn.
Animals Uoitrrht mil Sold,
and hon-i' Lmku to lite MnMIe m li.irn.'".
llu propr.eliirs pluuo IIumiocIk. inijlto sal
l.fncllo.i to all ttlmuny f.nor tlitiiKtliha call,
Jiii'I.h.ihiIIo. II. T I :n
-A.t tlio
CiuiM.ii or Cii.iitiiiMt ami Oiii:t;uN Srui.irrs
-'oi!rt!og In part as fuilotvs, ttx :
nmi older Mbcellaneous v,.ndliiu'. 17.
By (icorgo 1. Yluliig.
'Pill', proprietor wbhestolurm ,t (r(n,t
1 nnd the trait ling fiuMjc g;l.rttll) Ih tl In
has puriha.ed the utmiu llot'l. lone,lv Kipl
l.j-1). J. liv.un, ami hits newly fiirii'luii .t.ul
llmlViiuhly relltled the same In the llitwl t,,
Ifinifter mul Ir-ividrs tblliug KtiHlli
and Crescent Clly will Ilnd exeilletit iictniiitn.
ditlimsnt this Hotel.
'Iliu llouwls lii'Mliil nl.ni .Uy Iwtttre.
I . .... w.lllliu .1.1.1 ,.. , y .1,1V.
1'iTMiii di"lrou of ii.MIii;; n few weils i.
reei-ittln.i will llud nl tills pl.ico uu e.xclhni
oiitinrltuillv of enjoying lliem-ilim.
T)i ' me to lettirti his thanks lortlit' tirj
lit llliei.il p.llloo.lKO heriloloru cMuudil t't
.ion In thu old III m ot'lliKiu A liunM. iii.il
Mould ivMi.ctlully litloim ilueilli'itil lluytii
Kit i r Vitlh'y that, hat Iiik puteh txd Mi.l!;iki i I
utlio Inleient In lliocoiieiin, hu Is nov iloini
l.ii'liH'i-s nmi. r Inn own minie, nt thu old itaud
ut llr. McCttllv'. 1'ire-rrool' Ilrlck store, eoruei
! liri'Kon nun .tl.iiil sireeis, nun ti.n leiinuu
Vi'om .Sun Traucdco with u dirge mid ihufv as
orl men t of
Boots, Shoos, Clothing, Hats !
Ifanhfinv, Groceries, CroeJ:eri,ctc.
And etery assorlment or Goods needed lu thli
iiMlket. All of willed will Ik- sold low.
Jack'onillle, May 1!. Ibl.t)..tf-I8.
T IIAVt: appointed J.itit:s T, (i.knn-, my At-
x lurney,
toaet for ni'J lu nil liiiiincss miitleis,
nun g niy nutciico iioin-iiiisntiiii-.
-I'xu.'ri VA.H,.pi. IJ. ity' '
over iw moui,-. ji in ona or iwo
at his old stand, hi -JneWnUUe, continued dur
ing his nlwiironl Ilia lint, Iiy W. HomliNi
Ki.. will conduct the Uslm-m n More.
The lltpress hut cs Jnrkronvillc by the Call
Ifornla Stage Co.'s cnaclif fur
lUtry luci'huj, Willfully "in StttiriUtj,
Itcttirnwgoii .V(in(. M'tiliitiilnyniulTriitay,
ami cmlnccllng nllli
impress tn nil parts of California, Ilia Atlantic
males nmi i.nrope.
Sight Bills of Escliaugo
procurcil, pavaUe"M nny of the Atlantic cities,
Uuiinii.is, nr i.uropc.
prncurid Iniin nny lltprces or I'ol Onlco In
Collections nnd". mul every thing npprilnln-Im-
tit llio Kvolo-" dii1nes iiroiiilillyitllcudeillo.
Particular iitliiitlnii tii.it to tilling Oiilersnr
.. .. . .... ,t '-.i i ... t,. t ...
cttry iieciniuvii,iu rvi.u, iinu m.j .juh v
The patronage or the public Is le-p-clfullj so
Hell .1. ,
.dukfouvlll.'. D.-eenilH-r III, Mtl.-oO.
TTAH ireclrd'n Ne ml (.
. (Minns Tut
XX cm
Hliitul nt the South iV .f (ho lib
J)IIUtllH 1,'Ur.MV, U.'l.,
tiliere ho Is pnpai'.d to ii.Toinmodato lliejnil.
l.e In gool sltle. Tho lo . n slid'ttcn or the
iiroiirVlur nl ifils nolnt iireclud.'S llio necvslly
of sa) dig Unit
Hih Tablo
will dens will niriibheil ns the country nlTordf.
Is Him.!'. ..!! 1th Hay mid (trnlit In titninilance.
Aoili:.il' tt lip celt e I'lirlii uinr itllenlloii.
livery ulleiilloiiir'i In lend, r tltoo trim rail
cotnbitlulito mid Nil -IKi.s -tftlf
TO WHOM IT Ji.tv cosci:n.'i
XII I'AIITIcri.Altl.V TDTlKHi: Willi
l wish lo gam strength, wu ricuitiincnd to
Co tw I hi Kuglt Hit'Wi'i'V,
formerly nw mil dy J. J. 11111111-111. wl'eh hm
Isi'it pureti.nit l.y the timli-rslgiird, wlm will
carry uu the l.iiln.'s, mid deep emnlaully on
hand it large stuck nl' the
which they nlf r fur sale nt wlind'itle. In llt.-li
lur room on ttie premises they will not sell In
li.s ipiaullly than tun Imtlle or ipl.trl. which Is
llu sni.illi-st doM tiny can iiresrrlde for Ihenf
lllctiil. The p.ilroiiif.-ei.riill Inters oftlio Ikv
entge, Is kindly sollellnl,
.tosKi'ii wiriTr.mnt.
.tielfsonillte.H. pi. ;t, ln.V.1, .Tl
OroRoii Stti'ont.
r Pill', uitid'i'lgiiiil Ion on ha id, und Is always
.1. rnt'ly lo mtuiilai'liire to mVr, nil Mi.d' ol
(.'inert ct,
IMt'i, ..f.,
for WnMln. I!all, ur r.irlb', gut up In gonil
1)1.', uud ul Ihe shortest notice.
tsiitvnipplli w tilt n el.olc" lot of I A ij 11 tu
'tiin Wltii'. iindVliouiisA Jaontw'tvln.l.-stjini
l'A('.i:iC ItKC.tt.
Jaek'oiidlU., 11. T Oct. '.'. 1S :t.:iMr
rPllIJ und i.'.'ikiI, rmpni'lnr or tho ndote
I. Klniirlu Mills. Is now pripaud to
.'Mtiiiiiri.iL'liiir or KxtliiiiiRi' I'lour
for Wlu-ui; I'liH'hithtt W'luiit ;
(iiiinl loi'Tiilloi.Moiic)' kiiiu
iiiiIiii it koimI iiillclf or riiiui'.
tr sale ul llu I.OIl.M'l' l.s ;,'t'.'. I' loin
-ck mi hand, ii'i'l iur sale, or git en In ex-
en .1 ,-elor wiieiil. V
I.. It. 1'01'I.KAV.
JJii'iitf. o 1.. .'epiimisT 1. imo.ii'-;i:i.
Shooy for Salo,
'liHEsMiifCi 'i-il..il
1. , u . i;t! siu:r.i,
Min running 011 tin n.. f , u t uuo m'.i. U.
low llad'V I'trry, nil Ifogue I, tier, till lu gouil
lie.illli mul lino cnudilloil.
Vurne rs iml liul.'h. rslnnanl ol Sl.eeiiwoud'
do well In cull n.i. ex.. 11 uu thi'iii soon, 'Id.
iretilKiiil twi.liuinlrid llu rs among Ihe tit
limy will Im'. i.l.l nu r.'usnnnl.lii tiiuis, uiil
p-rl e tslt itipilrnl, Tor fin lit. r p.n iletilar Ii
ipironl'J, W. S'lptul llm Willow .u.rliiBr.Ji
.11 hu l. Salmm 1',. In iv, oiut nillu Udw
lladj's I'trry. of ' O. J. KVAXr.
.tl.'IOl I, I1lill.-ll.-'.l. ,
mmmw aiusV
subeKlier ivmectrullv Informs tho til-
ns o' J.icl.Mjn uud Ju.ephluu coulls
that his
nre cntnplettd md lu suecessful npcnillnn. Tie
Mills nre IikmhI nu Hear t'tivk, uhutit lie
miles iiinlheiist rJ.tcltMimlllc.
The I'luuiliiir III Is eoit.liucted lo ttim oil
Ihe lines! ipialltlciof
Thi-eio-o-c -.'nu git ell In llllliig o
il.lilic.lt til, . v.iiiiU.ill-1'acloillyl
4 ISOKiJ2 FK!-;i 7
'..1...niUlill ll.llb). r.vi't'V l til Il't Itl" I.I'M'IF
nt n tij "-! 's -.-- w
lor snJiv
A slittto of iitldlto pitinnnKU Is mVcllid.
TllOri. UOl'WUO
Jnno S3, lPntl,.23ir. J
Oh! Yen!! Going! OrtmMl
r"PIIK tiiulerslgned lespelfully ofl'ers'ier
J. t ices lo llio cllieiis ol' Jaeli.n.i cm us
All miU'li. I.iliielualli ittleinliU isutfiutroil-
ago 01 ino puuno is wiieiii
ail'. " i"tt in,
I Jneksontllle. Juno Hi.R-IW.
-.,..., Ti,... no J.- ii,iJ..,,.iJ 1 . .
'A' ceitMlnv nr.M-iitr " oitir..
t v
j rsm. 33 Hi
at x;
Mam-M. nr3L-a-iisi-.J M !
., not., mi I. .ind 11 full
.-'' .
-". AM
All six t'ntl isiote Tl.. KUIIri
Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper &
Woodon WiitJ.
Wonro now linpoitlng our gooi illriil from
mul will
Soil for On;! ns Low i
ns nny house In Pan IVucih'.i. Tlnno wishing ,
lo p..rclnse in our d.te,
Stoves it Tarticulnr,
nrertitiesln to ' '"di'Mitnliitfoiir 1 a'td
) I t M) l Vllljr -
k.v.1. r. DUniiiH tc into.
slnrrli :t.-7 .Vole A ;mt. InrCiliforiili
XJr'lols. 33ixllcllxitd
COll.M'.H I'UONT AMI !' Jfl'S.,
rn.i. nut n.l in tin i:i:ci:iviN(; uu.i ion.
WAiti,f,J.. or nil
(Iiioils 1'iili'iitliil In Ihilr I'nir, tilth
l'iiiniilin .. ul'il III. (mil Ii.
X-,'nu'!;tiiin'iit snlle.lt d. .Much null,,
reci'ltitl nu sloiage. Oct. I.V-Xiir
rPlli: proplietornf this well known llmise.
1 (inn i.tuiii'-r mi uKr niiMsin ins citu
rKNTiiir) rrsp eiriilly lalnrin. hi. Irlvinl-11.1.I
the pulille gt-iii milt tint til-Is imtv ptiiiiidli.
eiilirlaiii iIiim who may l.nor him tt.tlt ih.-li
lillrotni.-i-. lu 11 .Itle lln-uip.i-M.l l.y nnv nihil
lluttl in Nurlli r.i (.'itl.for.ila.
TIil diim', lit'ililiiijr iintl
Ftiiniliiri; 1110 entirely new.
will, nl nil limes, do lur.lislied wild llio list t!i
miiktl nlloiils, itful uoepi'iii'ori'ellliilpai'.
nl lo 111 ike his iiiie.1. .l .trilutiK.
..iluchid lo ihu IIuiik'.
(J. I'A'Iflll.V,
March a, I8C0..7. l't...rlilor.
ISM. zb -fl; & JL 9
Ore j' yacy.
ipiulliil l.y III. iv -I ifiy s.o In UJs i.ul n
tin' M.i'e. 1 ho liOOMS in sp ich.ns hi.iii it It
liruMnd. nuJttiiy ulleilloii p.!li u llu- eoni
nnt id lodi'is.
ii lll iieeoiuiiioi'alloii csii ' eleitidd I.
FAMl'iM- " ' t l"""1 mixlfliilo i.ties.
M. .1. .M..V.UIAKA, l'i,.pr,tlor.
Ap'll'JI, lM.i)il-lf. '
S. A. m i,v .
A .V It
i,mv...c-i.i.i...... ,,.z:.r.rrr"vK
i.w. i ., i .ii.i.i . i.i.t j;;- y vn j
Orosoout 3J.tv.
rO-Alllii.Jnessi-Hirii,i.l U .uu will ea
Ciltepriiiii.it nllelitlnu. I-'sy.t. .B.
JloM'iimg, o. t. 7
fu:a ltoss has takiints.
VJ Iht'liiilldiiig on tho coimr iiiiiuv. jSrtfi
lie I u Aiiitrlrun llolil. tviliii.l ...iMIli
.iil.inji.l tl.u same mll.il. k. ,.-1(
Wleo ho l.eejw Horses mid Jlngglesat all limes
leito' in aecoiiiiniiil.ilo eiisluiueiis.
Iioiii Ids long and ti ell-known expeilence, hi
ililu lo i.roiuiie I'i.U nil niilii.'il. i..ii i i.i-
iTtrje .hall Ik) will und laltlilitlly iitnnid'd It'.
Adtiils reuilv lu neeoniiiin.l.it.. ' i i. ..
lliM'tmrs. Nov. 1. ISSR. 4".ir
Cliarlos Sarrott, of Portland,
VyiMs eiul dy Oteilaml Mull.eveiy day, II
! ,17ll'l,'1l!!'.v .Neuspapi r. I'ti Inillcul, Nut tl
or .Sotels. mil, II. ...I h. il.;. tt.,ti..i ...... ' ,...
clii-ururi.iliNvttsp.ipi-r leu cents lucaslini"
stuinpi j ror Notuls generally, lllly cents a tod
Mine, luilmuiiil, Huli.'crliitlniis i,,',!,,..! 1... h...
Si niOlllllH nr liv II... v..nr I',,,. ......
slntltu Aineileaoi'uliioiil, Dealers In Mu.le.
Musical liitruuuiiis ol till kinds, string for
llO.R I. lli'U. II..,. ,i .!,. UIII 11 ...I 1
ii . .'. "",lu's, lie., cic. j'lsiiing Tuo
nil . . .. .. . '.. .".ill J , llliuivn ut
nil soils, Cutlery, I'rillt, C.indles, tie. enu-
send lu your ul dels.
Jgi-pt. aa 27-t.nil
AOlOOlS.61 1
(sOOPVisOilnieiit nl' Clocks at tho Jack
,,IlrM"V'T Hook and Variety More, corner
morula ami Oregmuliecr ' n
lH? TBRf ' "
JL uii oo"M,Al1 iwitipiyiu UI
(K -vjby i,y
-' 1,1 ,, ,,, dll , 1
d 1 a 1 hit U A ro..
mm nmm
1 nitvnit oKiniVrEU.
tsnii . nmi it ilril (Mill
1 tutlrecoiixi nr( iblltirl fMl. W
Ail i
liiiisrsiiri.Kil" uliit ftuiJiailCd In
.V All tl.tt
r. .-...... 1-.1
II l.S Cln-I Itin'IMSl'
i,iL. 1 .1 inn rssrs
li. I s 1 Clin. ll; sii i'i
tiiiMllcnrl csrl.lict In mi
..I w..rfl. n.l II.M I ftrtu S.
piilr II..) uuuicnms
n III .....,ft! PI tllS
, Ul IIM iliculct ul )mir
wl-lcura l,lvr Ciutf
tneks, U-rinln,
UnlftSMiUn jra n l"
nlnll llllliiitsAt-
Cltritlll .lllnxs.
,. nt in 1 Com
Iil.ilil llysriils"
lomV,ll..l Hunt
I r', ftropsy.lslonr
Custlvriitss. Cliul-
Ir, V It. "unto"
Infill litSU'iiiItt
Iciire, .In unit lee,
ct,knl msf l. tns.1 sis
' rr I'nniliv stitll
cri.rull;i rlnllnn-
llnr. Ill!l..ltl.
thmi.imll rsltlfjr.) In
Itto or Iiy Ten
iiitAOAcit r.. n
isrt'inv lill.ililr", II
st'ooufuls nrti ll-
! turt .
1 iturt .
I . All wll
IA11 who list) II me
alt in rt itifiY'iimoiiT
MIT iviTI'.ll ttl THIS MOfTlll'ITll
lioTit roui:iiii:it. 1
Pilco One Dul'nr prr Uolllcl
Pui Vrisr.nlile Ks.rnrl., ni.il I'til Ii In
III.Ais. C.!lM, Air llBtil, unit wllltp
tn nnv rll..,nlr.
lint frnlltllv T
t (tut, nrli t-Hki
U..M.I lit ht i.rftk tnissJ
Ul "l.lrli "" rn'l.rlsl list
st'nriir i'ii.i.ii '
iiinnwiAnn i'::r"'nr
t.slAnsitiaMllriSS l'lfsli
..I lt. ...r.rlWrtl Ihlrh
II iiirp4 in n-MDlMil.Hr
u-i'SSluJuitJ tt.sl.lacs
n"1i HHIIl linrresiiioi sin
1 1. 1111 sumdirl rp tnntt
V !-?...' .V .
Int. with d rfl-rrTu" in
t.cfl cvrtr-oMihUI riiu
lttlt Kitrafti, wliich rt
Iiointirr einl ol f
M nhrA A rtliHJl Ii
Sfd", IhI 1 I" I'lf
tlir whnlr Wly,
fiMU-miy, if iiMiti-ul
.iinn nt Cnlil iiVrr
lirt, linMtnrhj, nr
ftll I H Iinui nininr)
fhllilp-Mw AiIhMhj
iirlllrriri!irt IMihmI
r-ri l-dif. ioi i Mitrvtw
r IV It.llOMl IB Ib.iMlTtlUMl
1)11 hi. !- I ' '. - - -
rr f
; Wir.V VfisVwV WVi.u VZMr. s3
4Mlsbiril.1rJsl.illiUItsssvis. .'l
T. W. A'O..I. M. ..; , l
in n.ssilwsy. lirw lori..
t.lvrr liiVliin..r nnd. smllrCs
HliSlt.l !! JBPlSn. SBBSrB VaBRIBa
lr I
3B llronilwoy. nw
Bull t,r Ids Pmrrl'ss rf rrwtnrr , in.t ht
u a, U'llllsV Fn' Aswls
r..r Ihti I'sclK Co.lL, 133 VaBlBlti ts f
GirxM. "Pi"'''W','u",
VaA.fivJjinr ""
". d1.
woptu or sua
rXJNfT'.ST (10 OILS!!
literdlsphtjul hi nny country. Such n
-" w.wM.jPim jmm im m,
In lllugs. I'lus, Kir lltngs, llmcehl..elc.
n.w j. rar sjcs :d u. m: fti 9
101 rineCold Wntihes. fnmi nil lie) cele
brated makers, liielinllug llm rvltlim
ltd I'l.tlliri Mov. in. nl, nl prices
tanging Ii out tji'.iO tti( 100.
Pti B.'D k-:ii" 'msjk- :asc2
."nrti ns Ttn fes, Dlinnr $; I'ilehirs,
('iil.lels, Nipklii ll'ngs. Cups, l'i,i
K'ttltos. I'io Knltts, l.n.llis, H.iH
l.'t liars, ('ak.llal.i'ls.t'a-liirs.
Suiters. Cuttillislltks. .-'iittr I'.fliel', Office
mid Ten t'rns. Ilnili-r ICii!it,.-'iigiirSHi.iii.(
Ie. iMinit'. (Jnity s-'ihioiis, l.'ipior
I . Hlainl'.Tll lit.. i-'..Min ami 1'mks.
j (j- :a:i "ovr .n: :ciu Mk ;r z
,v-'.ifli as t-itti R.'s, (.'aimn .St., .It I Sets,
Oonil fi l. time, lit., lluiklis.oleieiy
discrlptloii, l'ro''s, Ji I umi (iold,
Witltli I'liulus, lu tin ions
sl d s,' liluihles, gold uud
lit s r, ."-l.-i'tu lint-
Ion. nmi Iti.U
1 1 tut tnrle.
ly, UU .Nu kl'h.tins.
Qinrta To vsr olvyt
" id" u-Var ltlii, Ilrttft I'lns, C.i 10 IdaOs,
tlvuu llitltniis unit .Studs h'liuih'lii.
Wllh'y.il.l, (juari. mat Itory Hinds.
Illll llill.l, , s, 1. (i,,., I'mk umi h.i.uo.
3VZn.xa.tlo Oloolcsxl
Two duiiiy Han cili mul brnuxe sialiutto
.Mantle Uoihs.
,V large as.yti.it of Mttriur Table nnd
J'teket Ctildry.
rn-AllorilV m.ito (J,.ods ttlll do sold
tho lotli't mltV ntlis. us llm nn.l, rl.'ii. .1
id'slr.!" ol edisllitnut Ids luiliieu.e slnel. Is'ltire
Hi.. lint ol Maivh., :l-y
. ww.,w... 1IIIIU1IIIIU WHW1 ,
ririi hi., sm. rtiiucii.co.
yi: roatlii'i. i., i.tmuraeluroot llaadote
I will-l.iiimu bilaWisliitieul,
Quui-ts, riour, SawfiClll uud
other J&Saclunory,
nr eycM- iIeiiiiUioii. Abo, .10N m; Jliiiss
I'loin llio Ii.ml' enil,..i-A .... I, ....i... ..
,!"' M,,"S r ' " "' '""!''''..:. '.;.'!
... 'r.: : .. vv ,"v,',l'.",':','-'nihigi.ut
llm burnt lalts, nre liotsiiipaiou iu'v j icilie
' 'v- ur. wu u sptlelt. iim!
Kusslii lion Si'ictvt rorliunil.
.it I II-, iinulu nt slioil iioliee.
Urdus lor nil klndi or ttoik will r.'celte
plollllil iillinll..!!,
Jul 7, lM.o.-'Jj ..iu (jo.ld.ud A Co.
VJOIU'IIIIA.ST foiniror .Montgomery umi
1 Wiishiiigloii .Sticils, San I'uncko, Is
4iilhorIil Agent lor tho lulluwliisj nciia
i'3: OlIWIOX SlINTINFI., IlU'l.SOIItill-, OfCgOll.
riiciiie.iniiin.il, isigeno City,
Oieguii Tinny, I'oitluud,
Oregon Argus, Oregon City, "
.Mercury, ijariiuiniito, Cul.
i:..us, .Miirysville.
Ilutlo llecoul, Onitlllc.
llepubliciii, Kliasla. .
Kierui t'iilen, Uottntctlllo.
I'lilivr lleinld, Auliniissjs
rimvr t'omier, Vnnkeo JimV.
.Mnuiitaiii Messenger, Ui 1'oite,
I'lutvr livs, Auduin.
SUkiynu Chronicle, YrcUa,
riuinai Argus, Qtilncy.
80I11110 I It mid, Ueiilciu.
Ahiincdu (iu.etle, Hon Iseuiidio,
Democrnt, Htnckton.
Amador i'eiitiiitl, Jinkson,
llemld, Citxviit Oily.
1'iieillo Hentinel. Simla Crux.
Tiinliinuw Courier. Cnhiinbia.
Union Democrnt, Sonor.i,
IiKlepemleiit, Sun Andteas.
Tl'ldunp, ,Sau Joe.
Roiithein Viiieynrd, J,oi Angeles.
Y. Clamor I'udlico, " 3flf
. .,. 1
ft... LAM a PililrtffU WJtiMiin
(nil "" Jl
v Weak, AViwm i'PfP'"
p...- mi, ami Kmw rwif J thwryt
'"" " r.: ... .1... .11..,,.
oon.reonv. -,- . ,
ul itiraite tutiuriii '""- . ,ii.,-.
or. IM limn - .,.,.. tl,.. nil. tho
r.l a e tlercr. nt 1. ,"",,' . j,,,,K.n.
revive lliiil'T us iiinio.". -- "
"' Wl.enCet'ery other remedy has tfAl
c,!ry'H! ' ll, telir ca e, Ull bicoiiio weak.
r:;;;,drrdw;i,ng.ti"..'rVt.' .si tva
. .I..I..1 l?ii.iriiclkllll.
II""1' ------ ...mnrDiS
riPt. MQUH Yiiow.w.-
mriilwl. Iflif ! n PhiI rtnmicii. ,i J --
rti ,ii nr uiiiiii hi. ..- - . ... ...
1 . ..l..t. .1 nlu
It tmm.tll
rl,.. nn nt liTUin.
":: . 1. 1.1,
v .ji.i.mtlfntlif. luintey nmi
Willy ..lbs, 100 ,.re,
,,,, ..... .... ..- , . ,-., , .
id r- when loti.t-ti
,Jr lllr, llltl'fgm
J,m t We hat e
sickness, wlto-e I
IllVs Wlieil Itllllinillll ni.u ..
ersnl ttc
iintl nun s--
tale liku ikls,
icily and eslr.
sickness, ttlto-e llle Is
"1 have pawed lliroiigli
'tnuera e anil debauch.
tloviortu 11 ut ii
tthu liato been nearly
lln-til Willi uieiwiij iiihck ini-niciiies,oriiy llio
tliou sick raf"ij" ttlm have linprcgualitl
rangemeiP'iiry. riiif.nnl.Ae. UlMieli.iind
oils cm M'Hr vurlt.tn tausrs, as geueiiil de-
s, .i " -ystuni ttuMiess irom tari-
iinngu ul cfiiimic, long ilek
' meicury. sr llng oilientbo
rnrn uI.i.m. of iiiilntM .....I t ....
orrrsi'Kior I
Intvs, r. uti . i uiirss. rounii.iii.llilni. ,1. Ii.in.'l,.
crjr nnst ..ttt. t- exci-ses, Ireinlillng, rever and
ague chills,. . iiinntte.ncuriilglo and other p'llnt
In the body nr Hinds, ttniit nf nppclllc, stit-11 or
lii.liiory. sour or L'llloin sloni.itli, llchliuj In
the curs, lie doloriin. tie., etc., try this.
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Mr. D.itlil.-'cnmiell, laleSlierlirnrtlie Clly of.
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to".lHtiin 1 s . ., i.iIMHn,iinlunil
iat s iiittgoriiiing (.augulllcr.
Mr..loliiil. Vlemlng. u Merchant Tailor, of
Dphlr, III talllornhi. cerlllles, Stpl, 27, 18.11,
that Inn Uilileiii.ritr. Winder' Cunllnl ctiretl
,Ir . . "t"' ir the same place, ul'mlns In
llielsiily, tlysjip.hi, thill mid hacking coiikIi,
tiigtllnr Willi igeiieial tlelilllly, iiriirulglo uiid
rhi'iimatie pains.
llr. .lames Idmuniit rrrlllles lo the euro of it,
plthit.lo cne nr iKvnyiil manhood, (uhtre tho
sjrengili, nert is, memory, and the whole tidy,
sumo wiispio-trntiil) Iiy it. use. "J
Mr. JaiiK 1 111 in in. ol Abiki'liinuie IIIII.mts : .
"My ru'llug was nu elmutlou, 11 ttiit V
strength. 11 tnrHir. n tiunl ol t!pir,niH 'S '
iitlnriiidiiitl,j I'tilliiKs, One iMiil.t olVsT,.' 1
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We rnttld cite flllv olh. rernlil,-..!. ii,,t..i,t.. .
stailillll llntt 11111.I iN.r.niirf in.. .....Iil.... ..1
son oi.iieuii mil me atsivo luti.l inll.ry any
reitMiiindb K-riin.
V,v !?'' r '.", c","t'""ll"i'ly ns,i,r(, , ,, ,,,
rti.t iMntonlliiary .tuact.t Null It Is nine-
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.1 . 1 . 1 "' """"' "'" '""Iriitns ,.r tho
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I' I'kliillor hutlug.....e si,'. HI, Ttamiitled
:,',,,".,.r"!:,.,'..,",;," "" m""' i'iuim.
I.n.1. or 1.1 llhvr n. ur use. lo contain nu mers
ettry or ulh. i mineral. 1 1 1. , m , v,.rv 1 ZL-'J
f. ''"-'"in"-'!. In-pntlt ls.lles."!rici';,t.";M
lor., fold 1,1-rvtry reK-cladle Uruggl.t lit f
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H-j.llMt.in nl eounliirills. See lh.it llm
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I he lup nf Ihe untshlti wrapiier, uud dluwu In
thit;li.s. Hut- iioiiDiiltiir.
Ax.nls.l'AftK A WIIITIi and all wludesalo
llruggi'ls lu Am l-'runclscii. March Ifllm 9.
A.n l.viii'iiiiirt'il Aiiisu anil Pe
niiili I'll) kIiIuii, pivK-uU to ihe si
liUtil.il ill III' Illl. . Ill r :
S O O T 1 1 1 is G SYRUP
l'or Children Teethlutr.
Wh't Ii grenlly f.icllll.ili Ihe process nr let thing
ny sot it-mug itie gum', rtnuciiix 1111 iiin.iiniillon
u .11 itllity allium itml ipiisiuiMre action, and
Is if lo rtuljlt lit Ituinlt. Hi (kiiiI iu.ii t,
iiiolhiis, il will ulte l'.'-l to tuurstltes, and is-
Ih umi l.r.illl, h jmir muiili.
tin into put upiiii.i sum mis anient lor our
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tenl.t 1 kit I i;,'.ii.. S ,,w " ''
tanco ul dl.siit v. v2A2llJce. 1'faclloii dy
niiv ouu who mill Ii. (lu thu contrary all are
1 I xhtid wild llauiH'ratluns, nndspeuk' . terms
...jht'-li .iiiiieiiilatln'i i.r lis magical ''tels
a, .il mill en i 1 lues. W 1 t.k In this nulla'
" H7wr hi it 1 kiuii;'' tiritr ttn .tears cxH'rlencv
awl jtVAr mir ttmUlwuur tlitj'ullllmtnl of tehat
i'i 'ir.r ilirtiire. In nlino.t every iiulanco wltero
Ih. '.iiiinl Is mil. ilng rioni pain and exlniiollnii,
lelU'i' will do foi. d lu IIIK111 or twenty mliuilts
ntt r tliu striipjsuilmlulsttrt'd.
'lids titfiiiililu preparal'ou Is the prescription
of 0 no ol' lie tiiosl ttjineiiectl tiiuhkiHfitl iitiimUt
.tew i-.ngi nu), nail das UiCii usid with imtr-fml'
injiimcu, In
TIiuiisuiiiIs of Cases.
It not only redetes Hid child Irom pain, but
blileonites (hu iloui.icli mid bowels, coiriets
iteldily, and gltes touo und energy lo Ihu wliulo
sstiiu, Il will relievo illmoit llisliiiilly
Griping iu tho DowcU and Windcolio,
,v....,.v.i, 1 in .svjvvvs, 111 tieaiii. ttt
min to u me
lltmtJu In Ihu
For J best and mutt
f;iilll'tli6 world, In till
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rlnc.1 lu hlld o-""- mil tiK.UT
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would say lo ettry inolher who Im. a chili; .u(V
ft 1 hi'- f 1 0111 unr of tho liiiei-olnirconinl.-tliil. .1,.
not let your prejudice?, unr Ihu prejinKci, f
inner", ktniiii ueiueen jnur Himriui; eiiiiiiiimi
the n Ilel' Unit will Ih mrt -yes, ultUittttii 110,
In rullow Ihe iisi ol' Ihls medicine, ir timely ui(,j,
l'ull dlrtcllnns will nccunipauy each boiiU
Aonouetiiiliiu unliss llio luc-slinllu vf CnTs
I l.ni..M ..Uil IUIA, IB uil lu
iH.odl Iiy itnigKlsts lliroiighouli
1 nnc.i.ii wiinv, ia tyiu.tr Uriel. N. v.
I'slrr Onl- -43 fii. ,isr llol.le,
. , , 1'AHK & WJUTH.
.ole Agents for tho I'uclllc' Const.
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apir, uartis, ouu I'rlulcr's Stocto wiir,'
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