Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, August 13, 1859, Image 2

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S&turOiiy, August in, I Hot).
' The Crownlcss Monarch.
Tlio cute little Vmiliw fellow of the Suiln
man newspaper might jvcll ho termed the
crownlcss mormrel) of Oregon.
The B"G't-Baruhart Calumniators.
It o i!il bo well fur tlifi c who live In j 'a s
lio .-les to meditate upon thi ud.igc nboat
"throwing stones ' before commencing to in
Tho nts' Sta'o Convention.
I r f.i iln ft niri ill J I- 1 '' I '
Oregon City. Jointly with Augusta.
Lafayette, must fall 1 That's thc'oi
The following named poisons sre authorized to
l Kffcnts for the Skxtinki, :
Thou is ItorcR. . San Francisco,
T). It. II inn m,.
Ikc, II. Smith,
V. H. Link... Corvnllls,
Ammc. Huikki.y,.
"""' " -"'-... iiulillnif
the Issue now before the free people of Oregon
will they be the l'ge sulyVctsof n crownlcss
trimtannt'iitmulv tvlmllt sncli.'he'tViimbl. dulirr in that exercise. Had lho Hush-Darn-
tious to be. "He enn brook'iio djvklcd'illlegl-, bart calumniators taken this lesson to heart
Alice. Thu.,far ho has Insen pretty jgencrullyj they might hare avoided n public exhibition
ncngnlisattts the landlord of potylonplace of themselves In nn nttltudo no less comforta
and'patrIoJ,!m nmI n" ot,lcrs nnre been but b!c to them than that which they havo placed
his subordinates mere tcnnnls-nt-wllk ' ' ' Hon. 1. Smith in can be to him. Tho Salem
A9 we said before, he
emntre he will have no
"lo. Lane" .or 4- coiistltulnl inonu censors
order. I "" till, sir. who and what nro they? IfJIr.
The last Know Nothing Fraud.
M' ,"iHs t.till C'liiiiitiM Ins Wflifa -rupon
o ,r Mi'' Minted c.liz n. Notlnnsr enn more
i .-nt diott h'siiltci tlHregnrd of ih( r riglits
.iiiii inn regis mini iin- cuuisc wnrcn ic is now
can brook noiliTidcd, correspondent ol the Oregon Union ilrnws the I Iwroocrntlc votes , "thrown at t
AnthimyrcWc?.-1'' graphic pcn-portralt of these rclf-fcK11 'Ktbtfi,
lie will havo no olTlccrs, Slnfe, or Federal,
tfnilth uns to be stoned for hi) "drunkenness
In ii I r lo gbo o prre ni J I-' '-' ' uh,i
nl tl 1 1 1 t llerttetlt (ioD7rivluli.il Cii'-li'Ml
must have in ndjii'tlnjr the opportionmi'tit of
iriiriMitiilixrs to tho nevt Democratic Slate
Convention, wc l.rtvc mnek- up n table, show- pursuing In refcrewv lo their probable condi
lug tho roprrclitnlInti, ns based nn tho nppoc ' tion sliould they return to tho States of their
tiumneiit established by tho State Central jintlvlly. With rt wantonness ntid reckless
Committee In 18.18.nnd confirmed in rolling new nliogclhcr unpardonable he seeks to con
the Convention which nominated Jmlgc Stout. I vcy tho Impression that, whatever oblipatlons
That is, we five one dclcinitc in any event llroy owed, nnd whatever penalties they had
to each county, and one for every scvciityfivc 1 Incurred, nt the time they lelt their huroponn
licmocrntlc voles "tnrownai me insi election, nomes, nicy may co nacK to ino nnmrtnmi
Inr llcnrescntn- "0 niiir protectcit oy incir natnmnzation hero
riiltmr l.n,. a fl.n Trntt, nnt- tlicnlinrrrn nf enpti ftlillrrntlnna n.l
I ll,U III UIII VPS. llliaillUtUMIIUIVI WIU'IO IIIU IIVIII I1I.J .....u. u..v.f vw......w.ij ..l,y
' I ..f.t..t .lu I. .-l .. ll.n .il. ... r.. n..., .utmiiAtil rF ai.nl. n.,nllinA "W.f IT l..w
lllllllin.r III UUIl'gllll.", IMll mi IIIU IUIU vusiiur n jr.iuii-iib Ul niivi. it..,io. &v ii 11IUJ
the IJetnocnitic comlitutc lor uovcruor, more nei upon tins opinion nun inns return, Mr.
, ,.! , ,1 . I , , l.f- -It -
l',..nii. . t . 1 ... . .. win iccuciy ns nicy iicniiiiniiaie ins onences,
.hugeneoty. j,,)0r fron, Orrgnn but such ns will do Vij nrc they in n condition to cast the first stone
"lnchc"cr' bidding; nnd nothinRlwtWs bidding That's nt lilntT Arc they without sin tlicmselu-s?
than n jear ago:
I'erson knowing themselves Indcbtnl to the
fxnlintl offlce fornilcrlptlonortulvcrtllng will
plcato call and pay, as the proprietor nwl have
roR nnwtDKXT,
monarch (a despotic one at tliat) or retain
their own Inherent sovereignty T 116 hat bun
the Exccutlrc, the Judiciary, nnd tho legisla
ture of the Territory of Oregon for years he
now aims, by controlling them, to be its .Sena
tors nnd llcprcscntatires in Congress.
All the departments of tho Territorial gov
Why sir, It Is but four years lust 8lh of Janu
ary, nt n Jackson Jnbileo in. Halem omc one
Lofthalr number nno whom they wish to put
in .u r. annum innccf in ins imciinnuaiiau or
gies, nnd lieforc hundreds of men who are nllvo
i ()mron toilnv mid ran IrallTv In tlm truth
of what I write, publicly and shamelessly
uonstcti 01 nis iiiiny utnours. mm tiicir citccu
i upon his own jierson I' Another of thoso pure
fault tlmlcns with iMr. Smith's morals, who
held n poilllou under thu one Just nlludcd to,
Rnhltrl t tkr W-rmVnl fit 1, .V.,.,, DmH, t -...-. !..- l.- l.t. -U-ll.1 III... StlClll Whit Ot IMS limu WI1S JlOt (lOVOtCll 10
arr.'ti. ' , , l Ti f . . r . . BHnjr wlibky, In drawing bandy portraits
.... of ,Imt hc ""'d 'antn nm' r 'o his ,i mllng them through tho po3louico to all
pleasure. Will ho bo allowed to perpetuate the young girisjji arid uboiit this trnvKf As
Crescent City, Korbyvillc, Jacksonville this one-man power with our new Htatooxis. for the arch m-irnui himself (Mr.'ll&sli) has
and Yreka. tcnce7 he foi gotten tho interostlng laUeau which he
TIip rr-l-i I Inn llmt nrli n'f 'llm Ia-j -,,-. i.-,. . - Hlltl TrCvItt lll.lllo ill .'Sail I-'nlTlCICO Oil llicir
flic relation that each of tho tonus men-, tnCR4 us UM of ,ie Vflriou9 iuh,,, W (1. lu ,lo s,alc, , ,e51 , 1f ho ,1Mf lIiC
llonoillntionbovccaptionha-otocachother (wt lawo Fat nt .Salem, for his own personal publlo nmynntharoj for Dryer took good
U of moro Itnportaneo to tlic inhabitants of the icn,i, tc .cnl ti,cro tn , ti10 .,.., nmi cure nt the time to copy Hush's portrait in the
Curry. ... ',
Lane ." '.
ip fltlegatet.
l 7ZZ ,-Z
I Holts nnd his know nothing associates must
know Ihnt the very opposite rulo will be np-
pnrii in mem nuromi. Jt lliey were iicerier8
from the nrmy, they will bo in danger of being
treated ns deserters. If they had contracted
ileitis, tney mny OQiietu to pay them, if they
had Incurred the penalty of n broken law, thnt
pcimlly m.iy bo enforced ngninst them. This
is the rulo with respect to native cUImin, and
It is the rule, nlso, with respect to foreign-born
citizens. It is nil very natural for Mr. Holts
nnd his confederates to convoy n different Im
prcfslon. They have no regnrd for our for-
uign-iiorn citizens. They make constant war
upon them. They are quite unconcerned ns to
wnni may nnppcn to mem uuronu, -nicy
would Ikj very willinjr, itcrhnM, Hint thev
.'should never return to the United States; nnd
I licnee, they fee! no responsibility iu giving
them lad ndvico
I A'cry ditrerent, however, (8 tho condition or
, tho Democratic nnrM. This grcnt orcuiiizn-
I tiou has always maintained tho rights of our
TIll'iWT J. I
. countrj- surrounuing cacti than many may im- renrcscnt (ho wWietof ilmlr rmutlinr...!. n, """"'"J'Oi grasping ins money nags nnu uaw-, tor of the defection which
ngine. That Crescent City is the nearest port ' ,L0 or wW or llra!roonc(i nH' t,'v "Rc,U i ll,u.,n"J"v lor "u "iT'ff' lr01" I '"f n JteP-Wlroti Keprncnta
. i...i . ..,.."'. . . ..'.. W"iiW cwjo.eil, or uragooncil niter they t,u Sun Fruuclsco uiners. iu whieh It nnneur- nii mlwi ,, h,r in mi Uw nn
, .. num. ija.u enn no inniKii .o supp.y me gol tl.erc Into doing his. Men sent there ns ,ctl. Hadn't you belter turn to It, "Tom," and ! n, ortej Sd ,Mimiu In i.
............. ... ... . ..rvj u ., R(W( j,cn,ocriuj, ciiilorseil hy their comtltii, in a ieirnn n nugni neip iu mi i guiemlioiw which luui now el
Jackson in Ornron. and Del Noite. Kl.iiiuth . 1...1 ...,. h. 1 .. ...... ,.... still nmro fnetnlly terms with the 'dcur Ilusl.. ' ....i.t,,. nf il. tnR-nil eitt-V
.,,,., . , viii.i niiu iivn mis iiijiiiiii 10 inein uy 111c
Marlon .... 20T
Multnomnl . 43 i
l'olk 281
Tillamook A
Uinpqtia 43
Wnsco 22f)
"Washington 1)1
Ynmhil . 31S -t 3
A glance ut the nbovo figttrw. will show' Ji'Vttiralizo.l cltiMiw, , nnd Icels n ik-en Intcn-st
thu most- obtiue, the locul sent mid chump-! " ' ,dr wcl iu re. W lies they have bwn un-
runic so near rcnd- il,ll.v lusnucii u nas sukhi uy man, nun, in
tlve from Oregon, 'rcqiU'iil cases, has pcnlini Its majorities nnd
i-nni! ili.it It luui lU power in so doing. While Mr. Holts n-ns
uruly icMonnlcoii.'w,PI,or","f ''l0 secret order which struck at
Ighl or inlluellCU ulu" '" ul" uiuk, iik ucuiurriu-y iiiuiiu ojK'n
tlint t. it ill, ii.,. war unoii the onler. tnru off its disuulscs. nnd
Itcs. ' 1 Drmnerntlo vntera ol muit of tho eniuil!o In ' lii'M It 111) to the licit of day in its true char-
Tho-JackfonJubilw- scene uliudul to '"w Slate. Any o.ie in.iy sec rroin this table, I or bigotry, intolerance, ut.d wrong.-.
. . . . .. .Ml . . .. I for example, that while Ilenton, Jackson. Line, i L ndcr this rxptwire, niter n hard conflict, il
above is very well remembered. Ah to the MllItI10mul( WLing,,,,,, IHH Vamlilll will wits completely vaiulshc.l, nnd our ru-rclgn-'I
revltt nnd Hush "fix" in ban I-mticlsco In 'enter the next Convention with an Increased 1'orn citizens were relieveil from the throalcn
1854, wo do not recollect having seen It be-'delegation, all tho rwt of llw counties will re- fd danger. Mr. Soils knows this perfectly
fore, but we how, if it Is on Dryvr's li!e, that ! ) their strength, sive Curry, .Murion. I'olk, $. for iiowhere was the order more warmly
- - i, in., ..ttti ,,,,,. .... A, ...11... in.it. .. .1.. ... iii'ii.iiiii.ii uinii it, iri.iiiin. null linn iicrn i-nair
.,....., ...... ui..i..u ..ii.iiuu living UK, UIIO ....... ,- ....,.,.
where llw work or detection did tho elder moro triiimpiuiiiy put to rout, jiui now
harm, nnd conwuueiitlv. that cottntv will bnUhwo very inei who wrrc then scourged back
1 tho nuiiii nuirercr. In an article to be round'10 ,,icir caverns not only dare to fchow their
In thuftdfownii nowipapcr or tho 10th Janun- mCM nTa,n K'0TV ,,, persons whom nt that
Northern Items.
Gin Tn'er nrnvcil in this cilv this week
Iroin I'mm Rier. lie cnim with n pack
tra'n from near !hr Fountain to the D.dlc in
cighirrn ihj,. Tf brought with hln tienr.'yl.MBiy Ann )ltr.
icvrn hnmlml mincnofdust. Wcsaira tiug-T 'j. i0l), .1
f" "l winnii T,eipiung iTnriy fix vmicm.
The news rrom Frnscr Is not very ilntlcring,
yet rather Tavornble. New diggings haT been
struck thirty tnilca nbovc Fort Alexander, nn
Cannl riTr. Ti,cy nro lil.Tly to pay-Troll.
One rnnn had dog as high ns 850 In a day.
The rows Irom Colvillo is hlglily encoura
ging. The miners nt Fen d'Oreille are doing
better limn thoso nt Tracer.
Lieut. Mullen Is snccreffnllv progressing
with tlio Fort Hcnton Military rwtl.
Two thouwnd two htindnil nml ncVenty
head of cattle urc on their way to middle Ore
the bark Industry, Cornn. en route from
ivy 1 orK io i-oriianii. nm cons mini to w.
s- Iw, l'Uq cxpcrlcnccil very heavy gales
.. viinw nurn nnn narrowly escaped lotal
wrejk. She wns oft" tho Horn Torty-slx days.
Several other iblps were oft" there nt tho same
Stevens majority for Congress in Washing
ouT7itory over Wallace is 408, with Wnl
I u alia nnd 8poknn counties to lienr from.
in cxpcoiiton lias been organlrcd to search
Queen Charlotto's Island for gold. -Portlund
Christian Advocate.
nil , seday July H, uff
troril)Uofn,niiil ,
.1.. ., M. . ,,. .
nun iiiinr ui nun.'
by Edwin Oty, J , Mr. W.ll.sm Ma,
MI9S Mary lies, nlf Douglas conntT iwj
On the 14th ofily, at the jr'dt n J.
Jmtg., Mr.F. M. tranl and MIm Sara, R
all of Umpqitii coity.
At llroWnn llli't.tnn countr. Jnlt 11 u .
Lewis to Miss L.njon alt of Linn coIt(W1
At llarrlsbnrcnly M' Mr. Wetler Lt
to SIIbi Wllon nlof ItarrlsWirg.
July 2M. bv Jt! Utrktcr. lUhtltt
Jonathan Itsrrira Hunt to Miss Luciftdij
ley, nn 01 jiarioncoumy uregon.
Juh 21th. liy tic sumo William D. pfcU.1
MIm Su-n It. Smth, all of Marion coaasft
At i)lymp!a,on theZtilult., Hon. CWl
I Inn TamIIi.bw '
(."" .
Of croup, al Wm.xclfaj, J
i.nnc conmy, uregonirtho 14th ulL 1 "
1 f.l f. ......... .. 1. . ...
mm qhkijou couni.es m v.....iornu, none will , Ha!cm Inquisition, and lr they lliuchcil they
deny. Tho lniH)rlant qnntion next to be, wcro run through n Wlltlcn'l auto, le fee.
soiveu is ura lanuiiig 01 groitj atM the trans- WHnm his uo or the Legislaturo nt Yuri-
porting them to tho interior, tfp to the ous times on the State cnpllul question j his
present time largo ipnnlltici of goods llVe .iwi.-nat.on or whenn session must beheld,
been landed without much difficulty. Only n.i mi1(. ,,..- I.. K ,,iw.r ihs ' 1
occailoiully In case or a heavy blow have ves- j Witness his use of them for procuring the I ho wHI com' w,,h lho mUwt of l!,u V,m"
selslwiconipclWlolayon or steamers con-1 am0Val of Federal ofllecn. ami the nppotnt-1 corrcpojidcnt.
tmucd thtir trips to tho Columbia without imct 0r olhen, his tools, and among Ham his tTldi wo uiidenUnd was n favorite pxslimo
laiiJing their freight. In fact, few or no losses jdaddy-ln-law, iu their stead. oriIlc Instrument or the Clique Cnbjncfs cal-
have been sustained at Crescent City in land-1 Witness his uo and nbuo of "nnor fnn-v" """'J' of Mr. Smith, whilo he (the iiiiriimeiir)
ing gooils, and as tho country improves and J on lho war ami other questions Did ho not "''lined the head clerkship in the oilico of our I cl in n licht o iwrtlncnt to ItiuBtilijvct In liniitl, ' W'- rlpl lave Ay tonddressn nntumlircd
the quantity or goods necessary to meet tho mako Currv virtually abdicate' Dm (Inren.nr bite worthy (?) Superintendent or Indian Ar- thnt no feel nMiired our renders will thank us ' chM , tl wonls or ft ieniNhip? Who dtXM
demand Increase, the great neccl.y of njship Into hfsi
breakwater will becomo more manfrtst ; ami ami removal or olil.-crs of the war were con- with lho morals or nny body! utilio public Surely "lho representatives or the democra- TJo Inocniry. however, havo n light to
theainjcsor I allfomln and Oregon, through ccrncil? , nreaskeilto convict Hon. Dalaxm Smith up- cy or tlw Terrilory, ncting ns delegates in n flHntk with Ir'endly conlidcnw to this clim of
uicir Jicprcsentauvcs in longress, will unite, Wit. ess his mp nf tiro Tn.linLv nr tl- on Am oviilcnce. Would they conikmu a tit- eouveiiiioii 01 iim party, represent no body "" l'l"1' ,"" ' kxih-ci huh uieir wpnitwiu
. . .1.. i, -r ... 1 . . 1., . UI.C nielli iii'iiiih.-iiiih mi'v 1111 mil r,.tirii..,r -'w iv.-.i.iti m- .tv ...iiiij. ui tii.tii iiiii, niiii-i.r.
itiu hoc uiiwi me nun 01 until n ri imu f , ., , ,, , ,-- .....- . i-. 11.1. ,.,.i n .. ,1 , ,,.;
J know nothings or black republican. Audit ) lVn "" cxjiectulion they net. They
mciiliy aumcl lTho 1,nnllM,(.nil.Bt,1, ,hn WnmB.t.Bf, Tn,., i.nul uu "' "l l lt'! H.o other wtli- "V" ".. V" ' V T ",nK l" ouior.
....Ir. il l.lll ... -. ".j- -.- ....n..,in
ry, 1858, the propriety ir lho basis according tln, ",l,7 oatrngcil, but lave tho brazen linpu
to which wo havo tubulated nbovc. Is exhibit- dence In ninimocvrn to give them ndviccl
, .., --.....,., ,U( nui.cssins use or tim Juillcinry
and obtain an appropriation to erect n break- country iu deciding upon the original
tru.tr at Crescent City that will enable ves- ,, eall(J, ,. UJ U not reci M
tcis iu iiucnargB incir curgocs nl All limes.
'i v
1 .
Next, M to III
tlmt d'ov
aa sH-HiiffAvidingiro!
HI I rtamfMlitoWfriMOTt,!
s 'Amlllortlitn Q,
iwoploor Oregon! witnesa
ffi?rLtffllaY; ' "a Ti Y"?r'
oTTM&U. -.-.il rl "' ;: rTtf" W"'1'" direct voles on the loen
-.- --- o----"u-.-.. r-uji tWl HIHI TV lOni HftM ljriATi ium r..l f 1 1...1 a
in ourmjiiot, anil we think cry Utile in your
firliinnfPmintrrrrliirin " nn n In it.-fi-nt'llu.
tram rirtllvi.tUt j in.1 m.iI.m...T IiA.l. 1 ul .V. .-,S , . . ....
......,.., ., i,...., u UUI.U-! WHI OI.lHClDCODW. CIHI P III. II 1110 Cilll Hal. I IN.
W...I., ...Itr.. it. -"i I .-. 1 .T "-TTJi.'.,."' . . '
"'V; vuMijj uiuug ivvivt to iiory wrjgon
frtkhtcjl,wHlj.four cr fiixrtcns ns tfce-cltclcctt
KKiinrMi.i.1., Aug. .1, ib.vj. vote of the Kncral counties than bv Ihuiote theynto tint nfrniil to declare. When they
laWrsfiffili tlds pl.ee hare pro
" Ctyi by vvtgm. It U n 'iilttcd thatb?
nrniu our re nmiosi tuny ot tux maw
? Qf;erclin4ic. b not ofctdtifij m
luttaker would veto llw bill pro
l.l.Mitr...... ,1.. I ,r... .,... .
''' "ll Uk'""' quwiioii l KiiiTnn Sk.XTIN'KI, : I nm not In the Imblt nut for llm rnriihir nniiiimvi nf (In, imrlt-
nl llm liln utiilni, I. n.t II I . . . . . .. n. . . . . .1. '
-.. m,w omiviii ,iiii ii . ., rltPni.i,ini nrlh'lniA rnr iinivmiii4rfl tml llm
w. ..(. .....g .......v. .v. (.. .r.(...c, ....V ..IV
following oximct from Horace Oreehy's let
ter, dated .Manhattan, IC. T .May -Otli. lw.VJ, raci, 0f
factory mule of determining the democratic V'",t ""' ';no,v ,0 1)0 ,',c '" v- S l'',,rI-'
ptt cfitwj niijorlly of lho voters of the coutt-
TiMEr4pcctirc glance nlall these acts,
Xo ,
Del lo von naturalixeil cillrxn is sure In return
honest or coiwialent deiiioerut uill complain Ing hone they nro willing to tell him so; and
or this. wcn tiey believe otherwise they tell him otli.
hupiioso there nre two thousand votes in wwlsc. 'licy cannot nwiru him or arcty
1. -i .!. if .. . ri , . .tilmt, ll.it- I. tinlv Itn I. in .1 ...... '11 Ml
mo ciiiiiiuiM 111 i.:nu nnu aiarinu. i ,, ,n h.hvi, iiwj win
U A81HN0T0.V Matters. A Washington
correspondent or the Pioneer ami Democrat,
writing under date or June 4th, says:
"The Catholic Mlulnn rlnlln nl'Vonos.,,.-,...
has been settled to tho snti.ruction or Arcli
bishon Hlnnchel and ilnv. M. Itmnilt.,! ..l.n
arc both here. Krnm n reading of the decis-
iuii, ns unnounceii, u noes not seem to vicld
all that they claimed; but tlcy nrcgratined
with the result, which concedes all thr substan
tial points.
01 more Importance, however, nnd In fact of
general importance to the whole Territory, is
nm mini ucitrniinaiioti ut tlic long twilling
in iiiicsuon in i ne jiuuoii ii.iv
nnd I iigtt Sound com)iuiics rights; which, 'l
doubt not, will be received with shouts and
hurrahs. Their trading license has expired,
nnd the Secretary of Slate (Gelt. Cnss) has
ilcchirrd that all tlmir nVlitu l, n.,.. ...i
m "'i1'"?10" cxl,'rwl nt tlie Mn'c moment.
. uu iiu.ua citinncu nv iiicm ns companies nro
nil lironouiidcd "public domnln," mid on yes
terday tho Htnlo Department wns preparing
Its coinniiiiilcnilon on the subject, lo bo nil
iltcMul to tho Department or the Interior, up
on width tho said lands nre to bo tnken pc
session of by the Ui.Itcd States nnd their aur.
vcy ordered. It s n comjilelo forciture, nnd
tlio most lutiliidiiml construction enn now leave
them i nothing moro than their Improvements,
.. w). .iiv-j .-uu ju... In nninniir. n ,iiu ,,n-
nppcar that tho government intends to lie n
iiireliuer ol tl.gCl but n-gnnls its duty as
mving lK.m inrformcd, ntid the case Is closed."
Aiwrt, mitnt son o. o. n. Savior. xrT,
months and twenly-nvo iW J ' lp '
In Corvnllis, Jnlr 2d, Infant iWw,,.
V . and Mary Doollltle. tuti
In McMlnyllle, Yamhill county, J!t lb .
Mrs. Nancy Warren, aged 30 yearn. "
Near ISethvl,
ilil. ....
"iw iiuui, i uu Kounij, June 27 v.j
Jane and Sarah Margaret 1 rler, antl uT
ami Tour rnnn llis. nn.lln inn,..i7. .
ornutrld rnro Ihrnil ..... I i. .... . "
from a foul well. ' ' """ l
Ofeoimtmplton, nenr Sublimity, J.A.
lllltv. Jlllv 1. Ift'n Tl,n P.ir..".""
5W . ' "-WM
if,",orAfrn,rtS!:?rt,c,! timS&U&xn do not recollect, but
-- iiii hhiu -FitynriTjMiijittttijMip- tM tpi iriiai i1.ii.t.iihi .... i. ....!... ...
Its MCilcmenran.1 iulcn-st. Tlw price of own mlnd, and then mk yourselves iryou can ' ,.
(rrirrht Ic nnnr en , In tmilf.. I...I1I... , . i ....,, 1 .. ... 1 laiors
more severely than. this. Tlic specu
In broadcloth arc not one whit more m-
1 tho only business in which n man can tmbnrk
mgni a, us .0 jus.iy leaiii.y compo-, boast a share In the inheritance of American ' ,clous 0r wruiclous thai, tho peculators In
llllon and to ow a to meet with no objections rrccmcn-"a Htntc without n kin-." I P , ,? I"1 tm "o 'I'vculalow In
from themjrchanl ,! ,. njj. t..... ,,, " ... , 1 ' , " .. Ur. 1 WKS Wto " ,ttUcr ro rr,y H"'"1 '0 "'"o
lwbHhllbrWtl;ir 'J -l-tl" h -l-t
City to Jacksouvlllo ami vicinity for five cents I on their browj. Ills object is to rule you.
per ound, hut no liavo lately learned that I Ho came hero for that purpose, and he will rc
only four cents Is now paid ; in fact, we under-' main no longer than you submit to UU nbso
sland tho .Mcsn . Livingston, merchants of lute rule, Hut he will do nil he can to ruin If
A reka, havo contracted forgooJs to bo freight- ho cannot rule, lie will ruin the Democracy
cd from Crescent City to that place for five, I If hc can, nnd icavo tho Htato in tho hands or
cents per pound. The entire distance, over a I the Kcpublicans. lie thinks ho holds the key
good wagon rtud, from Crescent City to Vrc'oflhe Democratic cltudcl, nnd reusing to vote
aa, uanotil uoinllM, ami most assureillv him tho snnreme command, ho will nltenmt to
that distance for five J put the roe in possession. In laboring ror Lo
gon h election they have already passed the
postern gnte, and arc In the court yard. Shall
they enter still further T
pposu ihOM! or .Marion nre Just. ",""UI"J"""" ""l" uni mm nu pent, mo
fifteen hundred opposition nnd . contrary course Is the courxo of the know nolh-
iVm'dWV.ill unybotb- lire- "ffi , 'V, "V,1 ,"8 ,eo"nw "r Jw. "inccr-
rr.i ni ,1 ni "ji ivtiiiii'.-ii viim iii'iit ir liii? rmintat
is so plain, potnteilnnd strong that I cannot Suppose llm. of Linn nro fiaicn humiiid 1 "cilncr itiltc Ium into difllcully nor refuse lo
forego tho temptation or sending it tnyou. I ucmocruu tu
f IJmV jtJi 11 rnnM hnvo k-vn r.ir,ii.i.,i o ...ii. 'be revcrre. nr
v -.fww,, "vJUici4U.cJuimirc,1
Idler Ureclcy tjKos occasion to give tho'Tro
shivery Democracy" (ns he rails tlwni) n sly
dig Tor defixiling Ihu Homestead Hill, and af
ter writing on nwliilo he IcmU c!I' on land
ccu!iilion as follows :
"As tn the Infernal spirit ol html speculation
and muuoiioly, 1 think no Statu over suffered
two thousand opposition
to havu the s.imj number ol delegates in u
democratic coineuliuii, that Linn, with fifteen
hundred democrats, has. Nobody will pre
tend this. Vet nich would bo the principle
of tho population Uuit, or tho basis of tho con
stitution representation, ror that was biued nn
Herniation. Delegates to a democratic con
vention, represent Jemocmtt, urn! thu Justice ol
basing such reiirescutiition upon the democnt
lo vote Is manifest. Iu the coonticn of l'olk,
Linn and Douglas, we understand thudunoc-
with no oilier capilnl than nn easy conscience, rucy iiuve hercloloreoiuul llicir representation
I1UII 11I1UI1L IU 11UVU IIIU Bllllf mi.
nuking democratic nominations thai 'oto in I "'. tlcniocmtlc party
livn Inniilnil nF linn Imt-i. U. ........ . Hf. I It is to be blirtlO in (uinii. nn llit tnl.t,.!
wire no ik-mocruU In Marion, but the niioM J'"11 JU' ni,o thing to unnouiice what the poll' i.,
ii ought Mur.uu then ",,rl ,1'".r'l' '. ronn-ni.ng radilury service ou
Loaxji to thi: FmiiTiKo 1'owkrs. uronr
on the lb ml f lhnlniitcy.Vrtm the news
Irom KurotH) It nmienra t,t Ixjuis Kupnlwm
Hn.nr.n ,on" "' "'0".00,000 frnnks (8100.
(100,(100) to curry on tho campaign In Italy,
in which ho is to take command in person.
I Ik- limn lately put in the market by ltussin.
,r v .,u,ui,vuii. iKMiiin tiicse thett are in tin
market a loan Tor Austria or 530,000,0110
which hitherto she has been uuublo to sell, but
has n-IzmI histcnil the inetallio currency or the
Austrian hunks; a loan for Sardinia of 823.
Michelbach & Dioa,
Cm. Cnlirornln nkit Ort-Kmi lr,u
Hill always keip on hniM
larce nuiirlunni nf l'i,l,i,,r CTtl
uia nnd Oregu .sildh -. WIiIim-W
llridkv, and Harm- w f.i we will aii
II C 11 a o II
tM. Miciiki.
Kraiicbrn. w
I Irlcei.
iiinl froai
i ) Kur
gomls n bo hauleil
cents per pound.
Cun tho merchants at Yreka get their goods
ns cheap ai.y other way! We think not. A
llDO 01 Staves from Vrt.l. n...-i nn-
will now carry passepgers in three days rrom We noticed some lime ngo the visit or .Mr.
ono place to the other, Iraulling tho whole I''rnner,of tho Crctcent City llerahl, to Hits
distance in the day tints, so that passengers P!aw ln "1C WrnW of tho 3rd hist, tho lead
can sleep and take their rest at night. ' '"8 nrllclo is n "trip to the Interior," from
As the country Improves and the people of ' w'''c'' wo um ",0 following extract. From
Southern Oregon ami Xorthcrn Caliroruia dis- ,ljo stylo and feeling inauifcetnl by Sir. I'mncr,
cuss their own Interest, no nro well satisfied ' towanls thogooil ticoplo of Ihu lnterior.no
that tho merchants of Yreka ami Jacksonville should not bo nsto.iljbed If he becomes one of
will ship their entire stock by way or Crescent
Tiik JUDD8.-1IIH uml Kly Jmhi, v,.j10 Lnvo
been confined In the Crcccnt City jail Tor
over a year, clurgwl with tho murder or Hod
enheimer, and who brokojail to.no tlmo since,
nre reported in tlie ndyhborliood of Yreka.
They nro well acquainted throughout lho north
crn part of Oalirorii'u, ami southern Oreiron.
mid from their kwwii dwrato chuiactenror king" solid
muriier ami robbery, It will not be astonishing
tn hear or some or their dejperato deeds before
Just read what he says about our own
The town of Jacksonville Is pleasantly loca
ted nt the head of Hoimo 1 liver Vallcv. Tho
piincip.il buiiiie3 buildings are flrc-proof and:
nro or the must kubstuntial structure, llscit-
izeni arc rich and projerous, reuncil ami in
telligent, llverywhero upiwrs lifo and ani
mation, a sore sign of prosperity. Not a in
cant houso is to Ijo round iu lho place. All
are KttiMktl nnd contented; for thev urc doing
ncu. liio Lirmtrs, n, in me u'ley
I or e.vamplo : I rode up tho bluffs back or
Atchiton, and out ttirco or fuur inllw on the
high rolling pminv, so as tn li.ive some firtccn
or twenty square miles iu view nt one glance.
On nil this inviting area there wcro perhaps n
half dozen poor or middling habitations, while
not ono aero in each hunJred wus fenced or
broken. My friend informed mo that every
rood I saw was "pre-empted," nnd held at
thirty to ono hundred dollars or more (icrucrc.
"Pre-empted," I exclaimed, "how pre-empted I
by living or lying! "Well," hc responded,
"they live a little, nnd lie a little." I could
sec abundant evidence of tiicir liing, but none
at all of their Hi ing. ToobtnluapWnptlon
tho squatter must swear th.it hu uctiully on
lho quarter section ho applies for, has built a
Jubilation and made other Improvements there,
uml waut&tho land for his own tin- mid that of
his family. The iquattcrs who took pivwwsion
of these lands must every one liavo committed
gross perjury in obtaining these pic-emptious
ami so it Is all over the Terrilory, whcreicr
n lot is supposed likely to sell for more than
tho minimum price. I heard or one case in
which u squatter carried a martin-box on to a
quarter section, and, on the strength or that
martin-box, swore that ho had a house there
'eighteen by twenty" lenvintr tho onieir tn
presume tl.o feet. Ho it is nil over: the
wretched little 'nb shanty which has aufllcni
to swear by on one "claim." is noiv movnl iiv
and tulntuntlul imiirnveuwnU on unci serves to swear by on auolhur w-lit-n iln
their arms. Like lho biuinc nun of Jack- first swearing is Hone. 1 mil conCdeiit tliero
sonville, 'hey uro generally wealthy. Nearly ! is nut tit this hour any kind ofn housoor other
eiery foot of arable-land is under cultiialioii. sign of improvement on ono fourth of tho
Jackson county is now considered ono or the quarter sections throughout Kaiuas which
iieulthiekt in the Statoor Oregon, uml when havo been tccurcd by preemption. Tho
her mineral resources are Hilly developed, she , sipiutler who thus cstablisliw u "claim" sells
will rank, in point or population uml wealth, , it out so soon us practicable to some specula
fecond to no other county on lho Pacific coast. ' tor. who follows in his wake. trctHm- rVnn, s-n
All that is wanted to dmclopbcr vast mimrai I lo 8300 for that which tho future bmm n,in
wealth is water. A ditch can bo constructed, ! .otllers will be required to pay S250 to 81S00
, at n. nio1irnto cnat. In llii pyIpmsIvo rn'tnn In f.- KnMi. In nmelii-.il niii'p-ill..n l.ti... .....
nflcrlho"oro," was under tho prescription of id around Jacksonville, which whenoier com-1 em designed mid ostensibly cilculatid to
Dr. Thomruon. of this n!are. John Imd nnili.P't',Vl. will enable hundreds of miners to lind shield the poor and indusliums M-ttltfH from
Ing, nor did tho Doctor expect unvlliin-. us! "H1!! .!?'tf"; W''vcr that H aeconipljslK-d, ,-upaclty and extortion, but wSiJt, . , ope
Homkst Jonx.-lt sceim that n Chinaman
wiio was afllicted somo four jears ngo with u
sore fool, and who was, under tho treatment
or his couutrymen, nbout to Ioso that portion
of hts locomotion so necessary to perambulate
Ihliis"!) inr oiiligulionf, ami ,,in nixiil,. t-
fairly sccsiustlfy It. Our (jiiviriiuu,,. .......
nnd Irrnli-. l.llianL'U this in) Iicl bv lieiroliatiuii
until it haa !um, cannot uuiiouticc the change
from his published rfKlWicd. It Is obvious,
Crn. Cuts has been for some linn dlscufsim;
this subject with Ihu Ueruinn government',
wiin tlio very punioso ol uUluiiiiug greater fu-
tilities for our naturalized citizens. It is
ciieilly with icfenncu to Germany tlmt the
iiucatlona In respect to military service nrue.
Tlicylmicno tiijilicstlon to (Jreat llriinln,
tml urc seldom miiod In Proucc. Whenoier
j)iitiet Journal. I ""'-' nr'w, l'"'v nro l,r0 to '" "Hcutivcly rc-
... .... ,, , , ... gnn-w-'yinogoicnisiwiiniiiiouiiiu-a&iutw,
1 ho Democratic State Ccntrul Committee ( uial concerning Uickgul principles: which miut
was appointed by lho Convention that noml-. antrol them tlu.rc ran be no honest dillcreitic
nated Mr. Stout. Tor Coutrress. Will that opinion. . fllr. Holts muy seek to comcy n
iu their convdil.ons iipnii thu democratic vote."
committee act upon any other Democratic
vote, as a basis to upvort!oii delegates to t
Slate Convention, than the voto of the nonr
nee of tho convention that -gave them their ap
pointment? It Is not to be expected that .te
state Central Comniitto will repudiate the ac
tion of tho convention in purt, to suit the
whims of a local ruction. K tho present l.Vm
ocrntlo Stflto Committee act, they muit be
governed by Mr. Stout's, vote, us n bads to
apportion delegates to a Stale Conientbn.
Official Vote.
Cnnvaas or votes for ltcpreecnUliveto Ci.n
gross Irom the tfluto of Oregon, by tlio iitnlcr
sigm.il. Governor und Secrelury of btate. this
- in u.iy oi .nny, a. ji. looo, al lotions, to
wit: nErniMKTATiVK io i:oxou:ss.
Countitt' lMntinu Stout. Jatid Loaan.
S.A I ...1 I ft S IV
,K.i.a vmy prescriueii. itouever, alter an
absence of four years, Join returns finds the
Doctor, and makes him n present of a very
.pretty black silk cravat, oud says; that "very
don, by and by," ho will give tlio doctor some
"oro1 This is mai in Itseir, but should Ikj
remembered by.lv niako an iuipivfsioii oil
iiuiiywhocluini sujrority over the Ohina-
we iin-tlleiili.it Jacksonville will rival YnLu.
and bcconio tm Urgcst inland town iu Oregon.
rates to oppicss und extort from the real act.
tier to ptiy a premium ou jmijuuj (0 fatter
and eilendllietulation lo (llmntnlt-, ih. .
IIoiuck QnKW.Ki,n,is gentleman is Wplt.yaialyzt miluttry, and rum Vie taunt ry."
Iting several populous.iiurlcu iu California. I Ilcro wo luie tho visits of ono of lho lead-
giving all lho aid possible v tho Antl-Lecoimi
ton party, ii ell, l.o Is a pruty runny assocl
crsoftho Kepubllcan party, expa's.-l in tho
sirongese leruu m regarns pre-e-mptiou, ami
iei una 111.111, unu un mo party 10 ItlllCIl he
aie, ror u preieuueii wing ot tin Dmocrallc ixtongs nmi oi wiucli he is a leader, pretend
party. tonntocito lho pajagoof the "Ilonieteud
i inn, mm ici uu up iriuii iv sin 10 in.ik-i. nr
Nkw Hhick. Pat. ltjan's uaw brick is
Wild Plvms. Thero are great quantllles ' "orly finished rcudy for lUo rccepllou of
of plmas In the plum thickets on Hoguo ltu- gols.
ev, anu near lho, mouth of riUntutiVs creek,
they are about ripo enough lor making pre
Svn l'nvxciuo, Aug. I.J8S9.
Hltamcr ."lew ivomi tvw inaKo uiiiv.ur.
.Mrtes. l-rom Mrlmt we can learn the finest $lon lo Sacramento onMumUv
uegrocs. A military en ampin
try to nuke, capital out of it against th. rio,,,.
ocrutlo tiartj charging tho defeat of tho bill
to tho Deniociits. Any man of coinnion
sen8, who will wivstigato thu subjsct for a
moment, can sec that tho chances for snecula-
tiou. which t.rcelty so Uevnly deplores, arc a
tkousaud tunes greater undu ilic houifsUad or
John tier, iloiutiou act, than uuJit tin p.c-ejintion lb-
pnn l,nt. i . i.. ii. .-... .o. . . "I. ' w
tOlltrurV opinion, nnd lir ni'n-at ilinlnfmii.-inl
eagle nonsisfeu may lend a casuul render into
error; hut eteil he leuvcn hlmieira looixlmlu
of escapo shsuld ho bo called to uccouut lure?
niter by admitting the obligation of every for-clgn-born
ciliwn to dNcharge every debt which
ho owes lo hit native laud. Mr. Hotts sats:
"If the (kit la still bludlnL". there Is m-ill.or
justice nor mcsulity in any attempt on our
pan m ucpriviiieogoicriimcuts crwhat they
nre iustiy entitled to."
This is the whole doctrino iu a nutshell.
I lis Is what lho Administration buhls, nnd
what every Administration has held which
J'' oter lad to deal with tho question.
I hero is no need of nny disguise nbout it. Gen.
i-ois holds fully to tho right of expatriation.
Ho does not bellovo that nny man cun be pun-
siieu unynieri fur exercising that right. If
no iioos extreme it, Ins natite country lias no
c aim on h!m as to tho future, and no other
claim on him as to tho past than the discharge
pfsucb oblifatlons lis liu had incurred before
lie changed bis home, b'ubjert lo this singlo
condition of "a debt still binding," us .Mr.
Holts !ms it, ho is as free to go lo nno country
us lo unother, and Is entitled to full protection
ovorytthcrc- IfWimgfou t'oiiiiinftwi.
- - .
Tiik Active. Tills lino sttuiuer. lho sur
vey of our harbor being completed, left yester
day on her uy north. Wo uro sorry wo did
not hate lh pleasure or meeting Cnpt. Alden
und his offlcers, nil r whom wo hour, won gol
den opinions during their stay here. We nre
glad to lenrn (hut Cupt. Alden expressed him
Fdf very fiitnrnbly d'mpoed towards the object
Tor whieh thesuricy was ordered, the building
a breakwater, hi opinion being tlmt It is both
feasible nnd necessary. Hi cry opportunity
tins ntfunkil him to ascertain the cost of prop,
ctmateriiils, which wu understand ho consider
ed low, nnd no think wo can safely rely em his
making a report that will entitle us to a tery
fiitoruhle, as wen speedy action on the part
or Congress. W. sincerely trust such may bo
the case fles. Citu lleialil.
.Skvriui, Miu.ioxfl ok Huhmloks. Horace
liret-ey, on tho plains, taid :
"t hat strikw the stranger with tho im
amazement is their iniiueno iiuiubers. I kui
u million is a great many, but I nm confident
wo eaw mat number yesterday. Certainly ull
wo saw could not hato stood on len square
lho hiehct number oKatoa east Is hoelv dc ri,ib . "'V' Y"?"'. l,,ur ,"r ' m,w
el.irr,l,.iv i...:i ifon,i.,ii - t. .!, I 7w ;." r'u ,,w,,,", ,l'w o nun mem.
-,-,,,., ...... VVVHll U SIVIIVMMIIIIV 111 IIV jUIHItlLT in'W Jl Sin.j.
. ..,.. . .. "- mm r iiiiid
Ik'titon -122
Clackamas, 370
Clatsop, f)(
Coos,. 0:1
Curry .'17
Columbia 72
Douglas -tg.l
Jackson, G03
Josephine ,, -111
.Multiioiiuh, . .
. ..... 1
.,. ...i
'28 1
Yamhill ,...,. 318,
ttulla Walla prccliwei In tho county or
it asco. whieh utriorts t'hnvo given Ijuu'mg
Htout 2 1 vote, uml D.itd Lnguu oso vote,
was not counted in thu piregniiig ror want or
regularity in tho rclurm received nt tho Sec
retary of Slate's ofiioe.
Lansing Htout reccird flvo thousand six
liumlred and forty-six tfitcs. uml David Ugnn
received five thousand, six hundred and thirty
votes, therefore Lnnjjig Stout having reeolted
plums arc near, or op Ilia ranci of Wm.M. vcy Uail UU throat cut Dy "Napoleon 1 botj,iwlw, ithoon. cawapiau can oulynreciunt,,uc1 fora Masoio Hull, fell in tho otby day
.m,.mk ...,. mv ,.-! mui mo umi cornea vito msrket, when ho 1 Wo havo
" mull iuv bii. miiuu 111 inn niitnr . ic.. i . n'.i..i.. . . .. ,. , .
r. .. . ir. i 1 1 .,: ""r " "i ii"" uamatre. uui suppose 11 is nominal.
llug.,es,q. Several ofllio boys from town JSWito
naveDcen iiown there, and wo would refer Hi minus Hnrai-n iir.iuiu ii
. . . ,?i. ., . . r- . 1 .JrfMii.--ir. .. ,
fVee gift, and ho can hold on for tptculiUion as,
n Miim Iriivotjiil niAri tli 1 st
onehuudred milts 111 ividih, sinco no first
struck jhe-m, nnd that for tho most or this dis
tance tho buffalo have been constantly insight,
and they contlnuo for somo tv.ciily.flvu miles
rurthcr onthis being tho brendth of their
present range, which has a length or perhaps a
thousand mile, and you Iiuvo omc upnroaeh
to an idea or their conutUM millions. I doubt
wlrathvr thu domeatiUed hornwl catllo or tho
United St.iiP3 pm, 1 ,i. ,. ..... j i.,iii,n,.
havo pot bf 11 ab'o to team (ho extent or mint full considerably short iu weight of those
30th Congraw of tWUulteil States, frota tho
tiiiuu oi uregon. 1
Licie.-j Hk-vth, Stc'y ol State.
, Statesman.
' . -f. ..... ...
Few. Ik Tho upper story of tho brick
store of Messrs lnmlltoii x Co., fitted npatul
SlIABTA Ttirca 'I'lm niw nt-. ll.n ai.,a.
SS&JS?13 Willi ItitCr CblllEn Mlnnhm.l .!. ntl. I... I
I -w.. vv..,IMUIWU Wt, ,,1V ll ,HJl '
.,0rr0Wi ' Tho Stairo froinYrtkn nrrlvwl l-n m-onW
p bringing no authentic news of tho result of thtf
first, second, and third day's runnlmr. Thu
it ro- friends of the Oregon horses cm determined
ter' to keen the result from coing before the people
00(1,(100, which sho Iim succccik-d in obtaining:
n lonn for Prnwin or 8-IC.000.000. und 11 hum
for ; Liighind in iH-lmirof India 830,000,000.
im iiiuu uiiiniiiii 01 new loans In the mar
t Is 5280.000.000. baiid.-i nt-nr filnm.n
000,000 already duo by thewj governments
I . Ii cfli-ct of the coming war will Ins to mnke
Uu'iujill bankrupt. The annual Interest on
annual esl',w,,ofu,jPJJ.000. The
?.,(10B;l)oli: llussln owei 898tCo7)o7ooi1,
and tho annual expense of her army uml navy
is S73,fi00,000. Pninco Is In n slmllnr pre
dicament. They will not lie ablu to liny the
Interest, and a criudi will tukc p!aco that will
shake all Kurne. JV. 1'. I'aper.
Latest Foreign, Atlantic, nnd general
The Singe Inst evening brought us the Sac
rutuento tVnion, or lho 9th Inst., from which
wcglcatiuutcrut itcjpior inlcrvsting news
Tho Overland MiillurritedutlO o'clock, P.M.
August 6th.
Disturbances have occurred Iu Messina,
A French Division haa bceu bcut to Join
Prince Napoleon.
Tho Picdmoiilekc troops hate surrounded
Geu. Unribuldi is in Tyrol witli 5,000
troops; he is maneuvering (0 isolate Verona,
and cut off tho Austrian communication with
Tho total loss of the sneond Austrian army,
wus 23 ollkcis, and 0,000 privates killed uml
.Literpool dub's to the Cth of July. No
further buttles had occurred, the siege of Pes
chicru wus progiesslng.
TheFreuch troops were threutijnitig Verona.
lticiiMOND, Vu. July IS.
0. Jcnuings Wiso nnd P. 11. Ayleltinct
this iiiorulng, Iu N. 0. Mr. Aylett shot at
Mr. Wiso without effect, Wiso fired in the ulr,
The Topogruphicul Engineers have surtey
eel tho harbor of Cresceut Oily for u break
water und found it nuilo practicable.
Thanks to Cupt. Hillmau of the "Kl Dora
do," for a bottle or "Sparkling California."
Jacksonville Wholesale Prices Current.
IlrMr(cit for (lie Scnltncl Corcrctcil ttUly.
SiTCliiuv, August 13, 1829.
Transactions for the week inmlii huvo been
quite limited, owing to the unwilled statu of
the market. The hart est is all gathered and
reported to be nlnuit one-hair of the last year's
yield j consequently tho fui inein expect, ami are
asklug higher prices. The millers und ouUlde
speculators nro uuwlll'ng to (ako hold. Veget
ables nud luxuries uro plenty in tho market.
.Melons aud plums In abundance. Tliero Imve
been a few greeu apples offered and Mid at high
prices. Wo quote the prices for Domestic Pro
duce this week ns follows :
Win at. per bushel Slo0n2
Oitu, " ., 1 25 a 1
liarley, I 25 a 1
Klour, lu nr. sacks, per lb, ...... ,
Corn .Mial, (scareu) per lb
my, timothy, ptr iou, , v Axa 00
Ho wiiugriisH" - IU 00 n20 00
both or California iitd Uregon St) lea,
reniifyltnnla, Cenoonl Coach, nnd all u'
(11 leant
3ECrxLess I
Contautly on hand. All
done to order on Miort notice, In the best st;!
AXargo Stock of Harnea nnd Saddle
Hulteil to the wants nf the country, nlnajit
W'c Imvo u)nuul abia.iuh ttoro nt YUm
if2),itirtt,) wtiero we nro at nil times rwJ;n
ZWteB'is k'xi inirini n ..ii...
ns nt the Jacksonville More. ""
All our old curtnuiers nro ln-
mumlne our ni'"" --"' whlcb we iruarsntvdi
sell n low ns any other Louw Iu Jackma (w
rjfT'lteiiilrliia dnno nt hurled notice.
hum lo ; experience In thisLiuln,sil
by a jirouipt nttintlnn to orders, we Ufek
nn ra 11 uiKnii vnnru 01 puiiuc liairouuirc,
Alisust IS, IKJ9. SOif
X Iiik thanks to the citizens or Oregon iA
mid thu truvelliuK public for the very fb
liberal imtroiUL'0 bvstowed upon Ikein M
durluK tho pout two years that they hsrc Ui
ofllciiitliije u proprietors of. the 'ri lute CM
Honhc," and would now rcipectrully limn.
inr-ir numerous irienus nmi tuey tntena gtm
a iaitiiw.i.t, r.unr on mo evening or
September 8, 1850
on which occasion tin WjntnJi nro exp-ctiJu.
particularly Invited to attend, Without fore
notice, as no cards of inrltatloii will bo ln
No palus will bo l pared to render their pi
ooiufortiilile, und they tmtt lhat none rosjr
away (Unnitlclicil.
Miw-rc. Jam. Hkmimimiott and TiioMts Vtt
lime kindly volunteered to act ns Floor M
gers. lililVKll J. JJVA.NS
SOwl J'rpd
Attachment Notice.
Htato of Oregou, )
Douielas Countr. f
In Jusilco'sCouit, before G. W. CrunT
IO N. 0. UOATMAN : You are benh; 01
1 flilthatawrltoratlachuieuthas bo'
sued agalut-t you and your prom-ity attacbfiti
satisfy lho demand or Jomph I'uluam, auioJ
Iiik to forty dollars ($10) and lulerel. N"
uulewi you tlmll onnear before (1. V C'ruKt
JustlCH of tho l'euce In Hiid for wild Count (
bis otlice on tho iilth of September, A. V. W
at 1 o'clock 1'. M. ofaid day, judjjiucnt -!
uihen nteuiiiiiyou anu your properly . '
puy the di hi, JOSI.1'11 VlJViML
l)utid July 20, l&Mi uuU
I J. W.
J 1 u i.'
this day dip-oli 1'
llOUSkllOWlUj.' t
linn will pluue'
? lu
ll.icon, sales, clear,
do hams
do tlioulders
Mutton ,
Chlckeus, per doz
uam, leaf, In tlus,,,..
uo " lu keeini...
. 22
Butter, freh d!ryM ,C21a
do old. in keirs Un n
Cheese 30
feKK insu, per tiou 60
Potatoes fi
Oulous, . . , C
Turnips, 4
Cabbage , . 5
Iiiii; M
inlr) .tl
id Dorad,
f u- mi
, .,,..
Jacksonville, Auaukt 8ih, 185. 30f.
Thu busbiees will lie continued by the uaif
iKni.u, nno uewH py nines attention v "
wants i4 tho public lo merit ufcharc of p.i'f
iijee. amj j yy JIII.I SIA.
A Ohallea go!
'"PHE undesigned otrers to run or walk
X. gnbut nny man who can bo produced
the Slate of Oregon, from 60 yards up to uf
distance desired, for a wager of from HW "
4uuu u r;ue. Auurets
SOtvl Shasta, ft! I
1 U.rje1' 1 -
IO the 1lT VntltYi nf Ir.imhint C.L Ml
T Villh attend at tho Clerk's Onke of wj
X County on Monday, Auj?. K'Jtb, 1WJ
with the ni!)ancv 0 the Clerk rtllpuHv
examlno tho'iucucut rolls and correct all trJ
rofs In valuutluu,', docr!iionN iw quail' if0
land, lots, or other property. A11 percns W
kAvo-bceu uggrluud uy H-wyaar nt on ttf"1.
oa nave inu atcsMiiiiii or tneir woucnj w
AFcworol Jympuine to-,
Mipoicoa, Au 1 IWJ sow;
HK? r JiWilrffl I ssTiTrwB I i m H I Pf! H 1 fl rtl yf "i