Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, March 12, 1859, Image 2

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. l . . ... .
isriay, March 12, IS0.
s aw w BW'?!!yWWM
-The rullonlii- mtuu-d ihtmhh arc autborUcd to
act a agrnti for the Pcstinu
Timui Ibiro:
1). 11. llixsaii.
J.so. II. flvimt,
(!wi. V. Catkn,. . . .
X. II. I. ink..... .....
.Fii I'rttiiciwc,
.Orcpon Clly.
. . , .Curvalllf. I
,XiKtiic Clly.1
.t.tX. IllaKKLT,.
John FmnivuH, loouMlcr.
WjlUjg j
The wbwiVr 1. couiiHlltd t make coll.r-
t!0tn rrow llioo who ore Indrhlid to liini
Thrrvfore he again rumeM lho.c hn know
lheni4vc Indol.tol lo make puynnMit, other -
w!e their account mutt be placid nu re they
can he collre trd. W. C. T'VAl'UT.
Jackionvlllc, Oct. 16, I6W.
'- ' ".
. ,1". .Zi.-. n..t.,. vin.
n',..,'' ,,.... ' ... ... .viM,,Wil.!.iiT,Vult,. It would require all the water or,
iiitiii-. iiiiiiit. 1.1IU. a iiuiliii. iJiiiuii-i ivuaa
miToac e be wunts. Thow who oc ror the
' "" ",v . ... -
.Se.Tii:i,orwlio wl.h to Uke It, can pay In
cai p. in
Ilrlng Ihtw
any of I lie nUive named article.
on : mui eni ir we woris.
To the Dciuocrarj- of Oregon.
The Central Committee hcrrbr request the
tl..m.rv nT III.. nrlml pnlllltlm til Oremin to
Hon, to aiw-mble nl .altni, on Wrilnoday, the
Sillli ilayor A,.r!l, IWa. for the purpoe ot
nominating a candidate for Delegate or Itrp-
nieutallvc tu Cnngrc!, anil for the lranaciioii
f sueli othrr hushivM lis may lie Ucenud J.roH-r.
cnnrentlon one delegate for every 75 volsciMt fernd to never will be brought from Apple -
Tor the Democratic candidate for (lovern.ir, tit te. Then where will it come from? Stew -
the laxt lcclIon..l one vole forewry fmellon , J . ,. . , . ,.,,, ilon not nn;liri,
oier 40; provided that each county shall have,1'" "k n ' iriuutur.es iion not m.ri.
i .ii will entitle the rpHn counlle, lo dele -
irtninfi)lloni: Jlanon. 10: I.inn, 10; Ijitie,
.ii...t..n t-iinik.-i- Ynmillt.3;ClaeVamiw.
A; Miiltiiamah, 5; woihingtou, 1 ; Columbia,
1 ; Clabop, 1 ; Wiuco 3 ; Unip.m, 2 ; Douehw,
l-TllCamIJok.?l.,m'J ' ' '
The Commtltei woiiM recommend thai tin
iitiiii.iiji.iiiii"i- r
or the Crntrat Coniinlltee.
Ily order
J. W. .rAMlTIi, LUairman.
Silrni. O.T..Jn. . 1IU3.
Uouglai Ceuntr Democratic ion-
There will ben Democratic Counly Conien -
tlon held at Itixetmrg, on halurdiy, the Uth dsy
or April, 18.19.nl one o'clock. f.M.. for the pur-
piwc or nnmlnatliig Uur delegaloi lo a Terrlio-
The prectnet meeting will be hrld at the
places of lioMlnpllii- last tlmtloii on Saturday,
April 3d, at I o clock r. M.
The roiKctlre i-rrclncls will 1 enllllul lo
llie following mnnlicr or delegates : Calapoola,
1 ; iiiucuenuTo; ifcrr v-hk c, jiirii'.' v-m.1.
cltSlfcA C"nCmk""col. Valley 3.'
tiiomas winrriip,
Kxfcutive Committee
Feb.lC, 1839.
JnckftOH CoMHty Democratic
Tl.rr.. !lt 1- Ikniocral!e Countv Courn.
v- -- - . .
ttuubeldat Jacksonville 00 Saturday, ihe 2d
oar m .pr.i 11c.11, ai i 11 tu. 1. ju.. iuimi'iin uiv ijimiu (.ui...i mv ,.ui. 'k ' " , the past wc
six' delegate tu allwul Ihe Territorial or Slate wcl uwn fact thnt the Rogue River Yulley n,ini.lr.11P
Convent on to be held at Salem on Ihe 20tb day I ... .. .... appearance
of April. 1H.19.
I I- ....! 1 L- Hun M-.lT I..
held III encli orveinel at the ii.uul iilacr of hold-
n in. imiswin innw iiwirap. ir
lug ch-ctlon, oil Saturday, the JCth dr or'
If..t. tilA ..I I ..--t....t r !.. - .. -r
March. 11U9. ut 1 o'clock, for the purpose of
, . ... ... ..M. ,
appointing uviegaim o aiicuu lav v,ou'iiy iou-
iviiiiun. 1
Jacksonville and Sterling precincts, by a for-
mer apportionment, are eulltlid to four, and all
other prvclneu three delegates eaca, In Ihe Con-1
euiil inn t
It u'thedeslreor the Committee that there !
should le a general attendance and a full dele
gation xiil trom all I lie prvclneu, as Iceru Is
and will bo UuporUut ln!nei to traiisncl.
County Committee.
Jacksonville, ifurch 4th, I80V.
Josephine CoiiHtr Democratic
There will bo a iK-sicernlV Counlv Com en
ttun held at Kerbyvlile, on .SalunUv, Iha 3Clh
SlatoCouieutlou. to Isi hijld at Ealtm on d-
nesday Ibesutb of April next, for Ihe purpo.c
of nominating a Delegate or Uqimcntatitc to
Tho precinct uectlngi will be held at the
!KUlrilaiCV".or "!W-'S 'JTi11?,0' on Ea",rU".v
the lOtb Inst., at 1 o elock I'. M.
Tho prwiIueU will he entitled to the same
representation as at last contention.
JAMIK IIKNlJllltrillOT. CA'iu
- .......l.vn11.- f ... I
Kerbyvlile, March C, Ijw'J.
.. .. .... .. . .
iuco ami rues. i nc commiiou trail
weather during the winter, which U. pluml I
the road In at. almost Unpayable condillon,
will crlainlv cnnio the o,W nf .!
fl...,r to t-vn .!..!, w, t..i ,m n... i
... ... .
" i IW
eriits tier lb. lleefts inws. and nnl v fudl
h.Mn Mtini.1 rw tkAll.rh, Inm I.. ,!.. II.I.IhI
n.. r .... m,i. . !.-. :.. .i.- 'u.l
tUnwill be required tu ihe eouut0-, the dn-l330 Es,,0,1, I1" n.iuute, or 475,000 gallons cv
numl Tor bread and meat dally increasing ojwj wlronrlnr, KJrcU and scv
account of the many miner flocking to our I eul' fw!t ubovc ,I,cwrfa- We-arc sanguine
rich diggings. It must be sometime before ' ,hut I,W' ,ho Artu"" "' ehall be fairly
those in the north having a surplus of bacou j ,wtcd in ,1,U KClw of lI'0 ct""ry( at wa
uml flour en traiel thL- mail. AW ..rH.iti Icr will be oblaiuw! to work tho rich mine
"""" -w --- '- -.
for those who first will arrive with a cargo of,
Ueou and krd. that thvr will meet uith .,
ready market at a fair jirke. I
Maso.xic On Satuixlay evening the Gtb
quite a uumber of Masons, among whom were
several from other Lodges, ntUmWd at this
place to dedicate the new Masonic Hall, and
transact other business. Hereafter lho meet
ing of the Moxoo at tbeir Hall In Jackson
ville will take place regularly the first Wed
nesday before each full utooc
Wo rsgrot that our Utet mv!cj fioai
AVonmctoH is of sack a character ds to di-
lmrlca the nmt faapiliie. will, regard to tho
Isaao m the raeiac ramoaa uut. i un
will the jbimttMtativc lu Uongre act ou
tk'ai all Iwfwtaut matter? Wc can only ray '
-to ear re4 the how, for it Mmbc wilblu .
$ii ear nwMN tiw uojw wr . pwwgc wiimu 1
a reasonable line Is a Jextaru one.
----nMMMMMiMBMMiMiMWBiMMMiiMIWIMWWMW.MI I I "" "'" '" " """ " 1 -- -- - - - ' "- - -- . -. ..-..y ... ... . . W. , .
Attenaa WeUs.
The auctioti nf obtaining wntcr to work In
the rich gulcho und valleya where gold Isdogooij. Itccciit hi from 'Williams Creek
posited, has been under consideration fur scv
J '' .vr,n, 0", M J1 n" '""wM H"" ud"p-
I ted. it Isu well knowu Inct that vtry iicr
, 8(cr o JorUllvll!l
' t .. ifi , . i ... r t....t....
ihimi inc inn sines miu niiiira m uvuii
Creek and In the direction of Applrgatc, ns
well a all the inouulain stojic surrounding
....ii-. -ii ii .!.. .i..... ......,. i;..
Jacksonville anU In the direction of "Willow
' fpring, for a distance often niilcs, would pay
' good wages If wotiT could be hud to operate
nt nil wwor of llieycnr, One of the liejt
mining localilic that is now known to the
country It the block of hills below old 1-Yrt
!,., 1C Willow Siiriurs and T'Vuulfn
, , In manv of the rulches it iwvs twent v
Hie CCIltl to tllC Jlall. M high nS fifty dollars
n tlay lo the liana nai been niatio wii waur
could l oblali.r.1 to work, which can only Iks
done while it is raining or the mow melting. , a hca-tolore. In Tact lliea? uiggmgn, wnrii
I C'onixml have been rbrme), charters gnin."cr watrr coll be hod, will pay belter oi u
1 tnt ,rv,, niaUe, and everything bill the ! general thing than any In the country.
bringing or the water to where it is needtd, . Kvans Cark and Ilogue river pay good
, Aow ,() tn ((lc m,njlg ,jjgtricl wagw
. clrrin- nlHi rrl)m ,xetv il,cciiuiitrvnroiml -
Ijiicksninillc, and the diggings nt the Willow
filtrings nnd the IiitU beteeu peon' nnd,
? -
1.1. r...l.. 1 l ,t1Mti nl nil nviwiMn nr im
' " j' "vh""' ,.... ...,, .-.v. ...... -- V i n i .'
.... i i. I .1 i .(..ii i.. In nrarlr n mitllnn mill ii litill nl ilnl am. I Iii'V
less than two luindml
.... . .. ,. . , . i
the first plan-, tin) miners on Applegatc nnd
iiiuurcim tiuiiuin. in
. .... . .,
. . .
linartain cnierpr.se. lei .. niini i iunc
... . I ... ..II .l...!. Ir .1
Yet nil admit IF tho!
water could bo brought to the diggings that
it WOiiM pay well, owl enrich the country
,. , .. "
minions oi iiounrii.
We prwllet that a sufTieient amount of wa.
!- 'nl1 "-
' prooriation. Wca,k. can the mlcrof Ilutte
. ., m.-. i.i ,i. it ir. .i
Cavlcor Rogue Riier bo obtained T Kso.al
what expend? lor the water or Rogue Ilhcr1
wjj .nvc ,0 bo brought oer one hundred '
miles, nnd Is there such soil that It will hold
water, and will not the great distance and
mjnvy expense lorevcr iirevvtit even a com-
: nieneement or the enterprise! No doubt many
. will sar that f the waters of Atmlecate. Slew.
' .. . . .... . .. n- . . .
1 oris irccK, mine, or i.ngue juier cauiioi uu
brought into your rich gold diggings urouud
JBckouvllle, that they will have to remain un-
'uorkwl. This mav all Ik- true, mid we have
' , ,,t about many place llml unuU pay
,, . . . , ..
well remaining uuwnrkixl for the next fifty
Xnn. Wcodn.it an incapacity or Judging
'l?mcll-v M,,,,l,c r"ulUor l fatttra. and
do not know that our views will meet with u
ff..:c corroborative resiwnso ; iwvcrlheleM we
. 1, ... ' 1 .1 .1
N 1'wcnt tl.em ns our own, und linn the
public can dispose of them as they merit.
We will first speak ..r llic altitude or the
Valley anil the mining localities, ns well ,
; Ha CwcaUe range ofinouutahw und Klamath
Lake country.
It will bo uukta Tor us tu ulumpt lo give
llic exact altitude, or even 1
In many case. Old Fort
twelve hundred feet above tin
From three to five hundred
1 1 j lie muny or the mountain mining gulches
are situate, yet many rich diggings that lie
. Brf. i.imi vii n iinv rirn iiif-iiii-u liini .
. . .. ...'' . .'.... " . .. . .
l1""'0 "" loinc are Uwlllute
ii " surrnuiiumg mining region lorm n
I ....... ... ll.. - .i I....- at f 1 i
iu.c uu inu nraivni uae 111 uic t.uiauu
moiintullis, surrounded in all directions by
1 '"6" mniinioiiw nl,u '"" " auniyou on toe
' . . . . . . . . .
'SOUlll, UoaSl lMlige Oil llic West, mill the I. US'
cades on the east and north. At u distance
o( from sixty to eighty mile In nn costtrly di-'
rection you pais over tho Cuicade into the i
Klama"' ' country,
This I probably !
ione of the moit extensive luko regions on the
western slop or Ihe Rocky Mountains, and its 1
allltudo Is from two ,0 Ihax, thousand feet.
..ti.iB ,i.i. ,u m ivSiuii mini ouo iiioui-,
I and to fifteen hundred feet above thu mining
I reglou around Jacksonville, ami within from
I sixty to eighty miles distance.
Ii is u ue!l
known fact that the Klamath
River ! tho '
j only visible outlet to all lhec ast l.ikcs.somo i
,. of them not lew thai, ouo litnulml mllca hi '
circuinferenee. Then wc auk the question,!
of tho Lakes cempared w ith this (Rogue Riv-
vr) Yallev, Mrem to warrant Ihe conclusion
,. , , , . , , ., . ... ,
"M' Artwlan n ell can bo made that will ufi
ford water far nil this vast milling district,
llait has been and still remains unoccupied for
. ... .
wont of water, and without some such process
must remain without being worked, keep!:
faUiriiiliil nil llir!!" itnniAfKJt fri?wiini 9
j A few llmutund dollars would lesl the
' tiuu. It would not be necessary for
boilr to embark in thu tame enterprise
., . . . . ..
aWr ,ImC' , ,Ul U TV"? f lpAff
T" ,urm ,tt,,ua T , ,.- . . '
ldo,Iu"' B,,d U.V "e Ar,wItt U'- l ll ',
thoroi.gl.ljr tried, uot partially, ami we predict
that It will lirnvo f iirf-ftMful. Tim A rti-.i.m '
Kwil.t ini.rliu k'v i .- oenn c-i ,
L' ! LrJ .k,..;,!!.,:-.:,0!
' --... .- -w - ....... .n. ...-.n...
deep, and Torce n slrcaai or water discharging
tUat mlMt rc,naIn UiC,cti unlil ,uch a rwult I
W orougnt nuoni,
Hon Gilbert A. Driuh wus accidentally kil
led in Ixa Angeles, by duchnrgu of u iihIo
siipMMitl to be ualosd.nl. He wiu a Texan
Ranger, mid one of ihe heroic luud kuuwn oa
Meir rrisoner.' 4. t. llerulJ.
Mr. Brush was one of a party of tcu
-- '
were exploring a pas for a road from Port
Oiford to the interior, when, ou the 14th day
of September IBM, near the mouth of the Co-
nnllln rivrr lli tuirtr wnj. llfill hra lar
... . . . ..
"" "" - w i
,...-,-. v "- " " a-
tlirtc Having cluiriereii privm-gra to uscu.c Wo w ,leli1M, 1(, , nMon ml ,lie
wnter, would Disject and refuse to give up nil nbo-c purngrnpli of telegraphic mws has no
the water; In the second place It Is not Ik. ti, to do with our Iilian war dJit oriWS
llievcd practicable; and thirdly, capitalists Qn,t .rlC Tlic mwt rawmuilile cimclwlon !
will not invest llml umount or capital in un ,, ,, ,. ,. ,. ,t i. i.i;n,, r
uumber of Indian. Five men ""lto!
killed, throe wakiag their escape to tbe aorth.
Mr. Hra'sli who wo severely wouudeil.liaviug 1
11 P-rtiop of the .kin flailed off from ll.
.-,,.,.,... ti .. .uJ
r -"". ""'"
iwaw oi iue pariy. .u rvacn.ug ion urwru.
wwul day afler Ike defeat. Inith of them
,,al" "oed. and very little clothing left.
10 ,o trawillg ,w y,)lolc jnace lu
lhe ; b(
Mining News,
Thc rciorl finm nil intnntg district are
.. .. . . .
I i,lace, thry have iierhaiM an advantage overall
' .i ii I. .1 . : .
'otlicr gold digging, thai Is thry can get wa-
Cr nt all time at comparatively small ex.
; nti;.
Sterling, as nmd, contlnura to pay well, and
ttmen 1im Imfn rMiinttiix1 tltUAtl llllir nTnifli
will now reap Ihelr Imrvnt. lor the prwjKet oH
. , .' , . ,. ,. , .
waicr is oeiier nun sunt; inu uiius miv
JackiiM Crcik, Pwr Mnn Creek, nnd Ap
plegate, still continue to pay well.
I "low Spring il.ggmgn are paying better
In tl Iloiw. on
w. on the f.th of Feb., the
Mlllmrv VITiiIm nfTi-ml ihelr
Miiiinrj .Aiiai Nkreinneir
s stibiret nf the Indian war In
Committee on
1 riMKirl mum llm kiiIiiw
Orczon mid WnhlnLl(in 'IVrrltorieB,
TIip n
linrl vlnlnofltist I hi tvttlt nl tin U iir nitiniltll
j - -- - " , . . . ,i
' reeomniend tho reference ir the tubjeet to Uk
, C0M1,!(ternti0l, of ,IC ncxt Congrrts."
v v.
I in Cohmhla miJ s.mke rivers, Inwl.Kh
0cn c.jurj4C , imitifullv chastlfcil the red
.kins nnd broueht It to n clone without delay
,IM"8 nn" "r0"S"1 ll ,0 " CIOfl witiioui uuny,
that Is nlludeil lo. It would be nrcaoimb!e
, rmmt ,mt lirrr t1P PS0,lalIu nd In-
,Wrtu,or .he war accounts, that Mill-
' Urj. Comnillteo or the Jlr.iifo would report
, '..,.,, ...-., ...inu... orill),,.ir1 wi.cl. ..ii ',.
0IIB "nU n,"nl m,H,01l" J ,l,"",r'' wllc "" o11'
r fair ,, nmke ,k cxpilira ovcr fonr
I ,
places Hint among we wry nest oi nigging, mini, anpcniiiciMiuu ui mown .ui -Wc
am told tlint our old friend J. Lay ton it lotion to a Military Tost on Klamath Lake, It
taking out about one ounco per day to the j will be seen that at the moment of the receipt
hand, and cxlcmli evaporations nre Miff or the letter and resolution, the tfrncrnl was
made to mJic this loeulity pay well. At this ! starting all bis disposable force ekmth to t lie
. ,. 1 ., ,,, , . , .... .'Territory by Congress, was most likely forced
There ore times in the life und uffalrs nf man '"'" ' , ' ..
that are difficult to solve. Many arc the times
that when all the world seems combined to dc-
Teat your enterprise, when all or the future
seems overshadowed with despair, when hop-
has en Is nroml throne of no nl up vnu to
success, when the stoutest heart (molls lieforc
, 1 ,- mnf.nl r.-...1i
, Hint ut lIutiwrllcuto'Actwiiriirnilnstlienrncllw to the Art of
,,....,. Congress, and provi ling for " tnul sittings,"
ny or light flashes across . c vnrj()U1 'mml 'n,U ,,,11, r.uceil
moment a bright ray
the hitherto troubled mind, nnd directs the
vision lo the beacon or success. Thru It Is
that nil could sec and tiiulerst
mlcnland how it could
, , ,
-.0, not ,.,.r-,TCld
or even referring you
be reached, but none 1111
take the responsibility
to It until you had attained your object.
Nnr Saw Miu Wc are informitl that
Davis Knins, Ksq., has just ercctwl n new saw
mill on Kvnns Creek, near the mouth und on
the north stdo of Rogue river. This will nf-j
ford lumber to llic K-ttlers on tlie north rule of
Rogun river, and must be quite a.. acmUiton
. l0 ",0 I'enicnis 01 tne country.
Wc shall nmku out bills, nnd forwnrd thctc
.. .. ...
KBve iavc la,i considerable snow during
conin;ftj,,l abot
,bcr or call e ma dw fur unnl of f.m.1'
ti,i. -.111 H.riafiitvl aml..ln il,.,f..n
-,, -i.ouM liulncn
. ...- ..... ... ....v ... n v v.-,
ll.em to save their straw
' wlift nm tii.t.vl.il 1.. ... r... ii... ij.v..... -...I I I'IjiiI: unit I iirimiku ronil ii
,ijiiuiiiw. iu 11 ..i.. . .,, , ...I -it , i,r In ntlwr wnritj jinv.7 111 nl
.-! 1.. 1. ' """" M. ,UI IIIU l.II.H.I, Willi 1 -
I, 1 . M,,J I'wiitivii. iii.iui.- 111 1 twiinntiina uiiu n 111 "i '-- --" .-..,..... ..., ...
.aim ! about' '' ......... . .. ... .'1 1 1... 1. .-..... ...m
1.1 rii receive nnu receipt lorine same, simn tie gmni. 1 iirH1 -uw "" " """'r "'
. icui 111 inc sea. 1 .. , , , , . ,f . , 1, ,,. .i,..,-,!.,.
11.1 hiiuiu t iir ..... . . 1
e-.. -I 1- I1II11J iviniliumiil iimii IV u ui ivitiu.u-, ...... a -..,..,
masters sliall lie at our rk.
.,.,,, , . ... iinisucu tins vrnr: creai iiueri-si is 11ir.cu in ,un int.-ruujn-i, inui me re-insiaiiiieni nir.uion-
that has U-cn burned or gone to wutc. Hay comm(1 c Munition, nnd llm Ks.p!u oru gu us President or Mexico, by (.ciicrul Mini
und oats arc in good demand ut present. 1 detcrmincd'tho Pible shall Imve a plueu lu the mnn. wus made at Ihe distance or Ihe IJritlsh
TmaTKK.-Pr. McCully Im ut coiwltlcrob'c ,
expense erected a good theater at this pluee;
.it i sonicthing strange that tome company
doc uot locate here nnd occupy It. This is n
great l..rieul community, and we have not
"""'- -""i""'; " i-w nwivr.
No Mail hiom
mountain between this
i ,.. . ....
u"i" "" remains impu:
ai ,,e would .nil lile to know how deep, the
'. i on tbc Cruscvnt City mountain. Will
Ceo.j'iuf start over und try it! You can form
n gooa itien iiciore you get over.
Kjy-We have delayed our publication for
Severn! hour, so as to obtain the latest States
news. It should hnve been l.erc earlier, but
has Urn detained from some cauac, most likclv
bad road and snow on the Siskiyou mountain,
. - .... ., -,..
It be T Territorial or State T It is most like-,
''' rrm" ,,rSCUt Tinmen., to be a State
Wo regret to learn that our siiUcriber in
Josephine county Tailed to receive No. C of
YoLIY. a the Package was made up. and
omitted to be token to the Post Ofticc.
shall not occur again.
Un.' ... lliiinu'!.!!.. a. ..v ..Y..
m 'r r- ii : . i i . i
UEHS.!.'-Geo. Cornuall amies ami depart-
regularly with the Creteent City mall, making I
good lime from this place to Wuldo, thu pre-1
eut fcrwiinu or the route. AVill it never quit ,
snowing, and tho weather get nurin enough to J
melt the snow off the mouiitnlw, wo will have
lo wait. ,
A Stu- The rumor was circulated in
. , . i- :i... .1.. r iii i
' '. S ,T i. bc"B!1-,
"",";' u ,0 ,-'"1'' JJ' ll w" id. ,0
be telegraphed from ban t runeisco to rcka, I
brouvlil. tlienec to Jacksonville livi-mrru mul '
so ou to uorvauis, ni wmen piaee posier an
nounciii" tbc important new were printed and
..(d........n.. -in. iviiii,,. nm . . r '..b n ..u .u.. n.ii
.. . .. "" . .... -.. . ......
Hu A - .. ...
. i. "- "" , n nitu ,
i,.,! lm furl ,ir rniirwlitlon thnn I .n muilni. nf..
eluuit wger to sell otf his stock of good. It
1 ery Improbablo that such ury Important '
rfLKr' "
ioriiia - omiuiTO.
It is highly probable llmt much Important '
...,-'. .. ..,,, ,m. '
, iiifl)rn.a -. lt j, ,ll0 inin.tlon of tho neonle
Y' , ,; M U, , nU,,t ' or u' P"W i
,uuul Jueksonviilc to havo the teh-graph ex-
Ul)dcd l0 lhh yaK kri ,w sinumcr
CitiarcNT Citv. llie ' an npi.lientlon next year for the admission of on J 'l 'i' provides : I-irst contr.itcs to
g JsUflvu have nothing new in tho political "n"uiieiii lias lire iypu in loriy-six uiiicrem ciiiung a rv-iiomiiiaiioii to uongrcs.
n,,lil,. Il.,m.,..f I I.I . i"rii miu ib. i in- nuniuiT in iircs n uu .,. ,,., ... ,,.. . , .
riues- going to hold their County Convention on the v,,.lir..t....t i vr.r. ,... ...in,.- r H.lrtJ ?' tlw L"'"" U-".k or Jackson, Ten., was rob-
hwi vino " -vim. . u. . iiiiiiiu uiv , ii. -..,:.,.., ij .....i. , I,., ,i- ..,. ,,r ,. ,,,,. ' , ., i vuiuurr jiu.. vv uraiieii
every :-j6tl.i.wt., to elect Delegates to a Territorial Uheets. could bo struck off in a single day. , ?' ?. 1 'S0'"'?"1 5 T"? 'if "I1" tt'"1
ut tho . K.-i. r.,v...lo. What H,. vn .,v .t.,... ' About 50U workmen are cmployetl by the e- ..i ." ?"' r.w ' J? lIuo..0 lho Wl"
Military Port at Klamath Lake.
"We have been fnriush-.d Willi lhe follow ng
copy of a li'tlcrfroni Urn. Clark to.T.U . Ncs-
... n . . . ..r t.. I- .. 1 fr.t I.. -..
Colorado awl Mohave country, to suppress In-
Ulan hostilities in that quarter.
We want a Military Tost nnd Indian Ageii-
cy in the Klamath Ike country In fuel our
iieonle nro coine there tlie present upring by
i hundreds und tho country will lie Killed.
""D Q"''TK,",'t1,:!,T.M,:" "Hj"-
Han I'nmciieo, 1-eb. 1st, Ifsiy. J
.-,., x i ,.v..., , i. -"'-'
S,r :- our letter of Pee. 2 IPSSto llrig.
Oen. Iliirney, in refercnec to tl wtabliihnunt the public domain or Texas. The Indian ap
of n Military Post war Klamath Like, In propriation bill was taken up, debatcil ami
Southern Oregon, has by him Ihtii referred to , Iaed.
llrlg. Urn. Clark. HorK. On motion of Mr. Kregan, the Ju
The General directs me loay tint ut tho dleiorv Cmiiitlec ware hiMrtictwl y enquire
i ne ucnerai uin-cm . into ihcexiH-diencv of punWiiiig polygamy in
moment or receiving that letter and the rcjolii- -p, rrilories, and a'so of tvstraJuhig llw author-
linns enclosfd, he was in the net offending nil Hirti therein Tri.tn interfering with the Federal
his disposable forces to the Colorado river, to Judiciary. The IIwmc then passeil the Senate
suppress Indian honlllitirt; this work nccom- bill relating to the New York Indian mem-
.; J , , , . . . Hon in Kansas.
..Il.t.n.1 Iw. tvlll InL-n nil llm mpflll III Ills HOW.
; cr , give security to the northern wllon or,
. . . . . t .. t i. i. '
. menl nnd meet the nisliw of III ch-
, '
I .. ' -
I ...
I am sir, very respectfully,
Your n'Kxlicnt KTvnnt,
(Signed.) W. W. MACKAI.U
A. A. Gen., U. i5. A.
To, J. W. Nwmitii, ICsq.,
Supt. Indian Affiiini,
Oregon ,t Washington Terrilorle,
Salem, 0. T.
The editor of the W-Wsay. the act or
August 10th, le.'iC.wus modified so llmt courts
could 1 held In each county In Ilia Territory,
providixl the county pays the cxjienw. Is not
tho net of Congress the same now that it was
nt Hnt t I not this modification only an In-
tnrnn,,nt,nn nt n,,.!,,...? m,, there I C0llrt J
twprclnHon or Hk. laI can llpre ,co,"k ,
, held at more than three plum In tho 'lerrito-
, , of CmigrrM! ,Mi unions
i J" "' J" 'P1-"1 of n MuB tntc? Tn tii0.
upon the country by a wrong interpretation
of the same law that is yet in force, with re
gard lo United Stales courts.
Corr.TS.-Py act c.f Congress or Aug. lfith.
IMG, it was provided that Courts should be
1...1.1 ,.w ., ii.nv. ,itn ! il.n T,.rrtinrv. In
' Pecemlier fnltowlng. the Iz-gWalure pusied an
11I111I. mul directs tne nMiii u by Congrrss, wit teillous and opprrs
' success. Thru It Is ! sive. In on instance, nn innocent man. de-
., u by Congress, w teillous and oppn
si ve. In on- instance, nn Iniioeentmati.de-
, , . . 1 . n 1 1.. 1 11 '. --1
I " "..""i ttnr ? n.ni n , ' Ja ,n,r
eight months waiting for 'trial sittings Inhls
....y, ,ieh was situat.,1 some distance rrom
tie ,,a nf holding courts.
The Art or Aug. lGth, lfl'iC, was modified
last Congress so that Courts mny be held in
each cnuuty In the IcnMorv the counties
iiayliig the exieiiMii thereof. 1lie Into Legi
lattire. In ocenrdanee with said Act, has re-or
ganized the system of Courts", so that we will
now hole n Court, with Grand Jury, ic., In
ctten couniy.
Is a Qi'ANHAur. A Mend ut our elbow
says the Crescent City IUrald lias but a small
i-ppt nl country tu operate in ; the hitherto
now tilcxLcJ vp,
id hu Is ut a
say in its le
tlud you will
A Hiiuslnn fTexnsUcttersavi that tlio col
ton crop of thai State has turned out better
l . . r.l.-l ...,. . t... .i,..,. l...il. I
rnrr'nsn mul ilnmitti. la uniiriii? into the hitutit1
-.-- " - -i ' i, ;r .. Tu 1
nno l'ul"lrM' nn,l "J n"11' " railroml will lie
.n,p. ,. ,-,,. ,inMri, , ,,., ,, pnlI. I
grants uro tMiuriii-' into thu (Jila mine nt Ihe
roto of u ihuuwnd per month, nt tho lowest
calculation, a ml ir. by iwi.iliillty, -igrc.s ,
SSSVSSt Su! 'we may I
niisoiiaUiy anticipato tin) CHtaiiiisiiiueut oru
'Soiiutter Soveren-ntv'
time to facilitate tho passage or the
establishment of the Territorial G
bill for the
nf Arizona, and wc may expect the subject to
be acted upon soon.
' ' Wi-iinsl ti. Wni'us,.iiilii' Ut.iln I .rtfitriiiiimit rtlul I JV
i ui iiiuivi tjirt.i(, iist j jtu uun i iii i ! .
placo und Crescent Artoma into the Colon as a State. " "n"v """ I"' KIT,"!' K wniyv lor
ul .. f. f... . ii I l,p f""1 Imiwrlttiit iiitelligenco from the ""."V "" "'l-um io obii r niueisco
MIU c. l.eo. Cornwall I .. ,i:..- ,i.. nn. .:.. ... t .l and Astoria, ono-lia f of w h e h serv m mar ho
PR.NTISO Orncc-Thc Paris '"hfydT.1 ..Sp "'"'r1''? W' f'T
ii-. itnbi;shnii-iit nosese lhe,,,lCev ?Irkm"' kan Iraucisco line miut
ng rsinuiisnnu in cmc ine i , -..,-- n-i.t-i .i...
Imtierml printiu;
lyiw of fillysix Pastern
Srf S an I
the ly ic of s"xt I
that arc known of the charaete
eient or modern. Also the tvi
wiropeau tongues which do not use tho ordi-j
uary loiiiu cnnraeicrs. s in tne inner, mi-
. i ) , . .iirn..,t...... .i... ....;
""""ent throuj.out tho year.
Man l like a snow-bair. Lenvo him lying
in idleness ngainU llic sunny feneo ofproijieri-
le.niirli.il llir. i.ivrwt. llmtV in l.i.n mrlta liki
fa, butter in theai day : but kick him
around, nnd ho gather strength with evtry !
'lullou. until he grow in.o an avalanch.-
To make n figure in the world you mut keep
It appear from the official returns from
Uremeii and Hamburg, two of the most Im-
tant ,.,, x & of Kurope. that the
number or emigrants theuco to the United
btutcs was 41,341 for
the ten nioutlis and a I
Ih or November lait.
l,alr previous to the 15 th
vti4.r This well is 2 6f.C reet, or over hair
a mile deep, It rcqiiln-d 16 months steady
work to bore It. It discharge 330 calloiuor,
waicr inrr iifinuiu, ur uuuui uou,uuu kiiwi ,
21 hour, and the water from It own prcuure,
rise 170 feet aboio tho ground. '
water per minute, or obout 330,000 gallons in ,
A O.nk Kywi Colt-'IIio Richmond
At i.iiifr lirtiittriiiS A frtHtV (if nnttira kviiiifi
.. i..r. t. .i.i..i .ii..i i, t. .. ..i, '
i SM T n ,." - w - - t-.-- Bv V'
V UV.tUIC, M. w ,
..... .... . .. ..
.,.11. l,,il one WO. J HO CVfll COlMKlonilllV
...."... j ....:. ,..,'"" " a nixnillii' lour. " Sal" L' t on vour
jtr Klwlia H
m,K" S'
Itnliertj Mailison countv Kv i
iioocru. uaiiisoii county, fc.y.
il,e bills tw
l'0 wPorl uf obtuiulwr from a p'at o
crop so Urge a lo Im equal lo two
busheU lo the ucre. Tho oll ii kepi
d cuitlj-jtcJ during the firowlli or ih
t stirred
the crop.
ow u HtuotA writer In the T" ' ' """"""" "?""", ."..T ""l n
wmersar that he I, trh-d the ?? 22- .?..ur .' .' ko.t talking grammar
of wheat lu hills, like ern. Icav'figTik, . V. iV . . 'a ,,ul V Vu ?" "w i0
o or thrco plants to tho hill. And 1 1 ......" ".."-' " ' J '. wny in tun! Jea-w
I.ntcr from the Atlantic State
nnil Euretfc.
Theatinm.'hipSimcrnorrixe'l at hrr wharf
at :i o'clock on Tocudoy afternoon. She brings
date from New York to February fith, and
Trom St. Ijuis, nil Tehuantepee, to February
Coxobmuioxai. Mr. IIonton introilueed
a bill uniting the two United Statri Judicial
Pintricts ofTf-xa, with the npiwrrnt design
lor removing Judge Wntnmj. who is charged
' w ft W1J . n 0btaillillir .mrtlon of
i XI. l.',. II. .....,. 1.1 !.,.! lt,n l.ill M.
-Mr. l-aulkitwrciwilcJ ir ait at inc.
InbliUdng a Ilraiieh Military Academy
.i. i.uimiivi ivii.iiai ui.iiii . ..... rf
at inc
The Senate bill granting the right of way
for a ruilrtxid through the .Military Hmcrva
lion in Michignn, was pJSAil with amend
Mr. IliiU'ton, In remarks concerning the
printing of the President's Meiwigc, said that
It, with accompanying documents, makes four
volumts, three-fourths of which are worthies.
i AsiiixnToy, leli. 41H.- - lie senaie, 10
jday, confirmed Mr. CaiiJIess ns L. M. Judge
!!, ?L.e i
; y urtck ng Governor ofNebr
eniuyivaiiirt, vice
so eo'.ilirmed 8.
I , . .. . P . ftf F , 10 Com.
mjtllv, on MiUtnrr Affairs ofTertxI their report
upmi the subject or the Indian war In Oregon
mid A asliiiigtoti lerntoru. The report
Matea that the t-xpeiu or the wnr amount to
Ml.nry n million and u half of dollars. They
ncJmm tic Ktamn or the subject to the
consideration or the next Congress.
1" "" Committee on Military
1 Affairs decided adversely to the recouunenda
1 ,,... r,i. , t.i r... ii. ,inl.i;.l..,,..i.i m
lion of the President for the establishment of
military posts In Sonor.i und Chihuahua.
In the Senate. Ihe Committee on Territories
reported udvcrselv to the Territorial organisa
tion nrJifl'ersoii Territory, which includes tho
Pike's Peak country.
It Is generally believed that Judge Rosc
vclt, of New York, will receive the appoint
ment or Minister lo Kugluud, to tuctwl Mr.
In Ihe Indinun contented election cac, the
Cnmmiltec n'lmrliillii fuvor of lliu claims of
VOiiiuiiiii'c mmriixi hi luvor 01 inu cis
' Ilright and F I eh ns fully entitle to Hi
1 .....J ,.. . .,,...'
Ih'. "ecupyns beuators.
1 Three nnd n half millions of the new
ic scuts
loan of
ten millions or dollars, weru paid Into the Trea-
sitry on February -1 tit.
The lIoue, 011 the 9lh, pajsi1 lliu general
appropriation hill.uftrr Uriliing out uu uiiro
priulitiu of -(111,1100 for mileage, nlsu seieral
other deduction nnd uppupriations.
Ci'UA. Mr. Pruneh reported back the bill
appropriating S30,IK)0,000 fur tho purjiose of
enabling the Fresideut lo settlo the dilheiil'.les
with Spain, und to iiegociate the purchafo of
Misri:t.i-xr.if. Tl.o Posb.n rmJray
Cobb's ReU'liue bllliibolishe 17 New Kngluiid
IIaiitioi:ii, February 3d. 'Hie Democrats
held a caucus here this evening, to appoint
Delegates to their several conventions, Ovtr
1100 were in itttendauee, nnd there wus u l.v -ly
nnd exciting tluie. Pnuglus Pemoenits
wcroeleeltil by n iiuiji.rlly ut nearly five to
one. iiuu Ktiong resolution immiiiuting Don
Wasiiivotox, February 10th. It was rc-
jiortiil by iiersons likely to be well Informed
I . .. .
' M niter.
.... , ., ,.
! .1,,, v.m.l .Lri.. - a .,l-ib i:..- ..
j-fnglaud and Franco from New York. The
California wrvico will lw fixed at w mueli ser
$& to "" "" mt
bill reported from the Houso Committee
transferred to the Nicaramia route, when It Is
ojH-n. but with no increase if exiKiiK-. Also,
a weekly service no Tthuanteiiee. rrom New
Orleans to Araniilni. IVmirni-u uiil. it,..
j New York line must provide for taking thine
fur t,MJ XCW' OM SvLuanVc line
,j '"UeJ to m.
Aici'sta. (a., February 4th. A. II. Stc-
vein uus niiurn io (its r.emls, positively uc-
yet beeu discovered,
We have advice from Jnmaica lo tho 2filh
of January, from which u h-arn that the ivv.
oluliou in fit. Dumlngo is complete, und llmt
hi Subld MulestV Soutoilouo. with Ills fumllv
and a lorge portion of hi treasure made hi
capc to the Island of Jamaica, where he in
tends to rmaneully icside.
Tho warlike Preparation In France nro
steadily continued and upon a ca!o that weak
en public confidence In the peacablc luteutlon
of tho Knipcror.
rVn Augusta. Mr., naner tells a stnrv about
,'u"? 't"" a chap named Siiclliug nral
Jekimielc gal calktl Pig Si. They danccil
1 1 hour and 57 nilnuts, uhen Big t5i caved
ill and took a srat tn il... t, :.,.., ,.,..,... r...
Imig lcr4cf , b- b j ,
"" -
wo rorcfgit sailor cxamliiliij tho cupola
'V0 '""ton Htute House, ono or them n
, , : --. ,....., uu ui iiivju iv-
J"ed to the otUr : Arrah, my honey, this
b the fir,t ti,,w I ever saw them conner bottom
tho top or a hoiuo JN
'.. -
. . DXr Jc,nuiel hlienewr to his
Illlll ll'HI U llflll I...
tttr'ved in
Ontheiu with his
If.. .. .. . T ." .
A ' . .. "n,",,,"""u" inyieis
0f t))0 prll.e ..,.. ,,.., mMm, ,' rt;r
i.n.. i :!! .1.. I. . .- ... . . r ...
.i, i ii un ii "mi i
New V. rk city paw 5H), C60 i(ar in
toipjiort or almshouse.
iv. vi nm ui-cu uus rei oeeu uiscovervu.
,- . Miem vug i i-nu siy J7 '
f croii. d ' "
State efPelitte. and the Setter Ssteto. . Hlrtery of the Kow.
TIkw ntv -rent mm.y Mbcr Hat.t. In Ihb ' fl "rst j.low U s..ppM. to haw l.ern tlw
Union bcahlmihr cc-nfedinitc. rrom Maine to rjidc branch o n tree, cut sons to Imie arVll.
Texa.,orfrom Mlnmwtn to Florkl.t l tUre tbe It-Jial of wh.eh, ilmnnl along the mthre
nrc tlie stitc r iHilliies. the state or n ligK.n, r lhe ground, crawl a furrow Into whirh U
the state or niatrimimv. Ac.. Xc- -which my jeciU were throiM.. It ma nccnrml to tht
bo siimmwl up geucrwllv, us rt ifwptnv. hub.indman that he might relieve his on I..
niismavlKssaldorthe'slnlcoriMilitlailnpar. bor by yoking uu uii.m.il to tho long arm of
tienlarj'ror. ..rail normal condition oMhe lih.tli priimliiu Instrument? hen uro lh0 le.
dividual or or society. It Is the motagonlx!nf. -5 for ""' e nixHlo the back so t
II It is blis tn line skeleton, to kis shadow. Ho plow might be guide I. 1 he itmigth of
to cnwrt with phantnmMhen Is the polill -
clsn liumiv : if it I bleed to Imve nn hnnef t
opin'on, and honest frieiMl. to go to bed wilh
a clear coiwelencv and nn upright mind, then
1 the poor devotee or politic never b'exvd.
His life Is n mercfxislenco full r excite
mrnts and change lt may be, but, still n mere
existence, like that or the horse which g on
a trot, or canter, or wnlk, at the beck or his
driver or like the dog which live in tho
smiles or frown ir his lord and master. Re
lii-inn n...i ,,... .i..i. r .m.v-.,u.
but tin v finally resolve ihcmselic into either la Ireland there onco .wvallwl cmtom of
Pilivw or negative t.r a decldwl character, " plowing by the hor tall.' 1 ha Uraiixhl
when the "susiiense" mav Iks miuldercd iwst ' H1' w" ,4,"oJ '" tho tail r tlio horao, and,
but poHtics-wIm ever knew it to culminate ' m no Imnw w.m cmpIoyvU, two men trt
into IiIImc. or to find the depth or its lowest ineeeviiry to guide and pww upon the plow,
despair ? None 1 Tho slate or politic is llic the other to direct lho horse, which lie did by
dowry or Sisvplun, it ineenso Is tl c bie.ith or walking backward before the miserable anU
flattery or of Uelraclion. its clorv I ovcr an- nml, and U-ating it on the head on cither side,
oilier' ruin, its piice i purchased only to lie
..... . '; - . ...
iiaricrcti away by betraying hatnl.
Tlie course or true love never did run
smooth,-' says the adage what shall Ik! said of
tho courso ur politic? To Infer that it roiiii
run smoothly would be n contradiction wc
might as well iipiosc a goat could sleep un
disturbed In a shark's jaws. ITcvcr there wus
n politician, whov course if u smooth, it must
Imve been in those niite-diluvlan d.n- when
ie-41 ut a i u,ni men
were companitlvelv
:re veritable am ami
atrailof goveri.me.it-
" iiideiieiHlt-nt citizen
scarce, when " spoils" were
nutv.i u.iu iin.niiiiani? iioieiiu m tineriiineiii -
contrart. lohbv.lU nnd i...d,rioo.l von.
nml linili-ntnoil vnu.
i.B,HJ "!",.!. j.?.0"
Lnou.lw.i.....'. .i...-t.. r !.. ..i..:!
'a'le Sh? -'ES3C
isn sR-eia1 cndow.nei.t of.
.1...! -I..? !!... .1.1. .
in inrseiiiiys when i
lured" when pah I
a...... ....... -...1 tl .1.... -I..! . ..!!... ...1.1. I
w.j I...IH, u.l'l 1(1, Mr null VUII1I1.. VIIII.I..I V Willi
himw hen inteerit v nnd virtue in imlltfc are
fitel stars, which i-nn i.n'y be discovered by'
ineuiii in a telescope It were a liarailox io,
lulk of the imllttcal arena ns uuv other than a
mere pagan nl'ar ertrleil over the grave or pu
rity and wisdom, wlimo priest are cier ready
to seize and immolate everv jierson or princi
ple which doe nut nchnowfedgc their llalaam.
Talk onhc'slitigs and irrowjtif oulrnpi--otu
fortune," iihn know how lo swallow the
one and to hurl the other so well a tho pro
fcsied polillclnn ! TulU of Manrreil, and I'uuM.
and Muchlurelli! Our modern partisan and
political trickster shame ll.em all in his arts
und power and pt ('fen-ions. So on, through
miu powers aim piiiiex-ions. Bo on. llimugir
tho cWorv or -ill which flesh is heir to 'L j
il.n .li.rh,1..',,r il,.. !i7L,B ..i.ii.-
pliers, wliose flrsl prwet l's, get office any ,a'' '" V," '"P rT' i0" '" .
law. knows thri.i all l.v ii,,iit,,. n.,,1 ,,,,1-,.. huiilredond thousaiiiU of. persons were preicut
.1.. Li i r.. .i i ......' i i.n I to sec the stratice sm'ctaele.
ii.iu nm uuii m ii imuijaiiu iiriiiL-s lor iiiiuiio. .... . . .-' i . . . .
tin an owijTimght pic urc or the prej- T,!t, ,,y hnn.ln'd r the curiam and sctenti
ent Mf of i)litiw in this country! We ne 'n body seems to have been pctrlfW.
have had no "axes to grind." have sought tin t . ... ii,,, ,rr.i .i,,..n ,.-...r..i.
government patronage, Imyu not cwu had the
ambition to Kwine nu Kty, In our life-we
iiuik. uierviuiv. loohiii on iiiiugs as one entire
ly disinterested and, viewing thu nnair of
parties tlnoiigh u criliml litis, Imie urrlveil nt
tlie opinion enuuc.ated nbave, viz : that m!
i tc. as poimc. I n gnnt l.timimg, wiucli He -
. ' . . . .
signing men use to . uuvau.viiicir.mil interwi
a lone; and, like the pniriwor w the pr.i.ci -
jiles-boll. of very .h.ubll..l virtue and full t.r
tlllllMf. I-Vill til 11.11 IIUMll nieilftHl II lllt Im
that this unrest is pn-moiiltury or thcgiHMl
time coming," w hen cu-ry man shall havo n
rami, every tieiily perwin no oIThv mid every
rooliischooMioUff but. wo shall have doubts
even on that eorv. nnd shall ev.-r pray. - fro,,,
any more politics -Uoo.1 laird d.-llver us!"
There urv sti rn rval.tle staring unll,r.
L-iiizeii in inu i i.v Wo 1. wa a .-uimirv n.
uttztu, ni tin. laix. W liaita eounlry u
cheri.u u.l UiMrl. twicty lo hariuo.i.u'.
miiitl lu uHiauiv, luuiine tu nuke happy ui.d
jjood lo the d.beliurge ol Inert Iriut ilou d
wo bring to b.-ur nil tlie curnrtnmi orourliet -
ter naluie. We shou.d reultw. lirst, llml wu
urc Cif'Smr, nnd. .i-i-cond, llml thire is no im-
.1 . .1 . I. .... I .
inntiily Irmn alHdu.bilily. 1, wo but telt llie I
gn-ul weight nl ttcii individual character when .
it is acting Irum a high sense of duty if we '
could reunzo huw tcictai Imtividuuls, ucilug in ,
uiiUoii lor one noble purpose, iiiignt alK-el im.r I
iinmedmlu circle ra.lieuiiy, Uiere would, we1
sunniK', eomuoier tua mw tout of tilutw
Aiu wc shoiiul lislvii li lo the ilvmagiigue,
,..01., Ihetbeluteso, miioii-weshouli, thi.ik
les ol K'rhoiial ptulit, mure ul public tiuvuuee-
UMiil wc sltoiiui, III !ior, out out jiolilie '
n un uril spirit, utul siiuuhl devo.u ourener-
gii to theiitiKllonilii'ii nl thu ten tlioiiMind
hideous iv.l now fitvring in our uildt,
brought upon us, ill no small kih-gree, by the
revkivsuiiUKllltiehurai.lerFour law und
luw-gturs. C .V. Jcuomf. i
Tho "Try Compaiiy."
A gcutli inun who was mliiiL' in the ears.
notieeU a bright little lellow bvl ween live and
six ymrs of age, sitting with hi rather and
mother, and engaged lu I ho ul tempt tu uuIuom.-
tlio kuut lu u atitii!; that buuml u email fhircv.
Tlio Miol had becomu well compaetiil, und the
child liny lluger su-mtil to make no impns-
sloii Ihereuli. 'J'liu patient (urnetnes ol the
little lellow was contrasted with thu apparent
iuditl'ervuee ut his parents, who looked on, but
made no attempt lo ut.ist him. At last the
gentleman, wIiomi simjulhie with children
were warm, could beur the sight no longer j so,
partly to help thu child, uml partly to rebuke
the parent, he took out hi kuife, und bunding
u io inc ooy, sain :
-Hen-, my little fellow, try the virtue or u
sharp blade. Vim can't untie the knot 1"
Something to hi surprise, the knife was m t
taken ; but, instead, the child answered with u
smile :
"l'liase, sir. Fulhcr don't allow mo to say
tan'li 1 belong to the Try Comvuny."
'Indeed !"kaIU the grot leumii, drawing buck
hi baud, "i never heard of that company bi
fore." "Oh, I've always belonged to it. Haven't
I, Father !"
And lhe child turned with an expression of
ov!ii2 confidence In his face toward hi fc.
tH.r, J- pynotinea Dial a writ of ttehmrnt hs
'He I a worthy member of that exct llent uX'tWrJll y1u' ""? ?T PIP1' '
ab.u-iati(.n lr" niii.ii leil il.n fiiilu.r ,.nw ,acl,ed to ratUfy Ihe demand of John Msemorr,
asouatioi, sir, ninaiUd ll.o ruler, now amounting lo one hundred dollars, Now unless
speaking to lho geutiiman, and smiling In a ,W stall appear before Davis Kvins, Josilca
1 . fi W" i . .. t, . . . '"'',tfI''RC,l"dfors,dcounly,atbIoBl:
'Ah 1 1 ur.dertand you." Light wo break-. In Kvanvllle,n Ihe 26th dy of April A. I,
ing In upou hi mind. "This is u part of your , IM'J, at 1 o'clock 1', it., judgment will le ti
discipline. Vou nevir penult your little boy d red ugaliut you aud your properly sold to uy
to wy I can't." th debt und costs,
"Hut. instead. Til try,' sir." lMfi lul Sin day nf March, A. I). 1859.
'Kxeellcnt!' Mill the genth man. "Kxci-l-' 8tt' JQIIS 8ISEJIOHK, I'lalntlff.
lent! Here I the way that nun aromado.
ii is uic everlasting i m i inai isawurnng inc i
aerele of tboiiMinil upon thouiaml all oicnT"!'' partnership heretofore exbllug undir
the land. A fcvb.'c eir.rl i made to overcome
someJiflieiilty, aud then the arm full wearily,
and the t'Mh abai wl." '
'Amlioismusttobiame for ,!,!," wo
. ... ., "- ... u....,,. ,; ,,y j,
-j nrvnis nnu inn in euairaie naiieilC:
tieucs nnd
perseverance in their children. Parents who!
carry them when they kln.uld ht them walk.
feu inoiigii meir levt may be wi-ary. 1 gee it
ail u clear us tight, ami fw my owu ruii ut
the same time. I cut lhe knot or difT.cullle
ror my children every day, Instead i.f remlring
them to looscu It ll.envelve. Hut, tr, ihey
shall Join the 'Try Compu..y' after this. I'll
I ... I.. '.. .. V . ..
uase no iiwre kuoi cuiiing in my nousc
jiow i it witn you. reader, child or man r "", iu iroien conu.iiug ct rj mui
Are you a member or lhe 'Try Com. a y V It IM,,',U W'f. 3 head of SpaultJi horKs, I mule,
not. ami you ham any ambition to hi some- J. TJ, l"'.!f?'t,imwt ' P aMMl. I h-IU-r.
tluiV moro llm.. a drone in the 1,1 v,, j., .. .1 at Tl,, rt- ' U ' rVTvwJ mlvi 1 1
...iee, aud froa. this tiu.c forth, m-ver let the, Aowronkj e.loU-of J V 'iw' Uec'A
won! It ml thai a pt.ue on your lips. , jk-ouvtf , M.rW, JMVm ' ' ' T"t
ltbcaiiiiuAl xm woijs away or broke llie cleft
or the brunch, und this necesilty (rave risi to
lhe invention or ninin Tor attaching moveable
slinre, first of wood, and next of stone, copper
or iron, worked to a shape adapted to the eat.
ting or furrow. o as to avoid the cxce!te
labor arising from the plowman' having to
jean upon lhn plow with all his weight to put
It into the earth. Jmt sue), an implement ni
these cotijceture indicate was used by tht
Saxotw. some of tne icts conneeteu with
tbc history of the Plow nro almost IncmlibV.
I .11... ,- .1... ,1 MMl n,l MWIII HI. Tl.I.
aeci.nni g i mu uhwiiwh niiiin.i. inn
custom ircvn'ilcd Tor a coi.Udernblc time, In
spite of a law which was passed In the early
part ol the seventeenth century, Impeding m
ere peualtle ujioii parson t found guilty of
"plowing by the horse' tail." s its llm act
mentioned and Uescrllieil. From the Pit,
Cn.-MrOtw.iv' "Sketches In Krrls nml Tr.
nwle)," it njipoar that the barbarous pracdet
lingereil in the remote wait of Ireland as 1st
r. n...i . i, . .. . .. n .l
I the year T8 1(1 S Ami fhrni :a paper On thi
',wJ ,Vf ,,.orlf '." StfMUnm ,,?.eA,rt
1.,'m' rr.",,rtl '" l,5 R V,0,,,",.f U,e
' ,,. ' v. r.i o ... i ....!...
,''" ." of llnj boeirty of Antl.pur.ci
, I r.u sacuuiis in uic owihj w iuuiMr.ri
or Scotland." wcflnd that lhe same cu.t.ini
i or Scotland, ' wc llml tliat llic same cuu.mt
wa prattM I. .bat country as latu as 1 7',.',
-l'rS 1 Ct.f.mf.o...
, . .J.l. T1B.J rtrifm
I A Man R PatriBed Wife.
A few day; since, a gentleman residing la
iiwok o".i"ii. -"" " y
ontl time, wished to remove llm body of hk
wife to a new cemetery. 1'reparatlons wtrt
made to thnt illl-et, ami laborer opened tin
gruvoJn tho usual manner; but when thry
n arhed the coffin, they could tint lift It. ii
gre.it was the weight. After oblnlni tig cum!
d.-r.thtc assistance, however, the nu-n succved.d
In rahing the coffin Irom the tomb. Tin;,
then, had such curiosity that they could imt
resist the temptation or pocring into the coffin.
and learning the tvaioi. for it unusual weight.
They did so, mid found much tn their surprit,
, . . ,., , . " .
,",i of hs fBn,-,,lJ of a, cofTJ- a "l0,,s ,8'
Kre. the exact coniitcrparl of the woman wh..
Iihaiiiii luiiiin nii.l Im Il I lui unuf it Kas Il Xm
Tno ,,r..babllliy Is that the body has beeonn
; vy,... nd will lK-fi.ro long ni.-ft or crumble.
llnw t:ie living-wire likes tlio ileeeasvil, ur
how she rvllihe the Idea of seeing No. I In
stalled llirouh n statue. In her place, and tier-
seir neglected, is moro than wc can y. 'llie
inn HiAiivtn n
1 Arf.i1r. ut In-at. I n itccullar and t.ovcl one, aiul
wo urvc that the sapient Indlanlans do imt
. Brfr,t ,Il0 twice marrliil Individual for bigamy,
c . K r
SS!????1-"""" ""'
J ,- ' -- . .- ; -
i "n" n,., imi', iV i J..ireron I,vN'7l lintv
.,.$ ' nvSitlt '.U...
jCuldwell. all of Jeirerson.
, .,, .... . .,.,, ?..... ic, i.
'" ' I'H-"' ' ,Ma, on the 2d Juniisry, IR.9, b;
ucv. Jaimvi II. IIro.ki.i. Ftrt I.TrisU-nt c;trK
)lir;o. Third ltej.lme.it Arllllry. '.ji.. to
Jliw( Uun, ltaXTeU or jj(. ,,lg( Sm,ur.
, , , . ,,. ,- ,.., ... ,t..
' . I?,.c,,rk ci,1,,n,3r.'v. rV. V,"1 f, V" ,,'
' "i .";;,"".;. '',":. ..'..'.".. '.!.;V.'. i'" TV. .. ..'
U,!U 11" aiMUil, IMllUIHII '! VVIU.ll.iiB l..U.
At thrritMirnce of Ibe bride fslln-r. Fell lOlli,
bv J. M. liven', J. 1'., Mr. Mile lluriton la Mn.
Harriet Spuice, all of Waihlngtou county
o t10 2;a jniiitry. by Itev. C. W. Iboi.
Mr. Atnbto-o I'n'lou and Carollue I.tonxrd.iif
Cowlitz, V. T.
... ,. , .-..i. .. . -.. ninin
Jfe liJA!
" '
I" I-au" county, on ihu loth ult., by Jam-n It.
I'h llpj". J. I'.. Mr. JjremUh Vanufl and .Vln
Miry I-Mcrarlaml.
At lhe ret Hence or William Chapman, lu
Jorephlue. county. O. T., ou the 7lh llsrrli,
lo-VJ, by Jl. 0. Ilarkwell, J. I'., Mr. I'nii.iU'iM
- Oxuiu, lo Mim (iiitiu K. Ihu, both of iJ
i "
Kt1, M r atunmvihm Wnu y, Uotm,ti of
' .'.,...
w0l,ll"i ' uU'' ,n c,,lcVl,"n' county, llt
,M" 'Vua'1'-
Feb. mh, ou Itork Crwk, Cl.ickra r ounly,
U('V. Kamuct Ogleaby, Also, at tho smr tiirn
uni' phe., Mr. Susm, wlfeofltev, Jesy Murr-
,t lho re;dnccon DeerCrvtk. IIoiikU' C..
Feb. 2d, lWK, Ujv. Jame Uarker In his 3il
"J - ---i-i
llMCil'h:. Oo-wjs
rPIic Subscriber Iih VI Cuv uml
JL calie that be will sell low for cath. Kerb
deuce, Forks of Applrgate,
Msrcb 12, ISM. fcif
Attachment Notice.
Territory of Oregon,
County of Jackton. I
In Juttke'i Court.
Disfcolutioa notice.'
,t , a?w, "jl ! l IJeall, fcuillh & Co. !
' S.iftM iffiJS J Wi!',Uh1 conT.",' . T,bom n
' "'" ""1 't '.i . n Jk" ' '7i ' "' " fr ,",U
-, ni;w.v iii;ai,,
March 2. 1839,
Z'n : r - -, --.-"
ia.aministrator s Sale I
X lhe hi duv or April, A-1. I8JV, 1 will nil
to tho highest bidder for cadi, at then sMonceuf
AudrewjJavidioii, three mile tost of Jckou-
ullta II... i ... . .. .. I.
...., .. iikjhi yiuyi.fi) oi a, y, i-iprce, u