Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, July 24, 1858, Image 4

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(JDriflou Scniiml
North Caiioli.na. Traveling on
tho cars from O to M
not long alncc, in the nlglit, we hap
pcticd by good fortune to get into the
same box with a regular bluo devil ex
terminator, by whom, lot it bo Biirmit
od, our drowsy optica woro kept ex
panded. Tiii individual answered to
tho namo of "Oat;" and hii descrip
tion of "Norf Kerllna," her mnnnera
and customs, gave tho listonor anything
but a fnvornljlo impression of tho tar
and turpentine a Into, thus :
"Why. Bentlemon.ndog with n long
tall in rsorlu (Jnrollna would bo or
groat a show ni a nigger with three
"Why to I"
"They cut 'cm ofl" to prevent them
knocking ofT tho hucklthorrlos when
they nro chnsing foxes and rabbits Uiat
run through the woods.
"Phew I" canto from a listener.
"Fnct, certain as rain; and you ncv
er see a man or boy mere -will buttons
uii his pants."
"What then t"
lug nftor persimmons."
"Go It, Hat," cheered one of !d--rt
,1U..;" ' ."V-rryoU n,Tr tMng" he
oon;,,;,,u -iiieyavo to bell the lit
tlo nlor' t'liMJi jiutfai wo do cnlvcs."
-iviiat lorr
"So their owners can tell which go
phor holo they'ro in."
A general scream followed this
tho engine squaled, and wo nil jumnod
offnt M .
Rkspectabilitv. The popular way
of estimating tho respectability of an
individual or family Is very pointedly
hit off in tho following street dialogue
of two "gemmen of color," wo clip
from an cxcliango :
"Cato, does you know dem Johns
ings up dar in Congo Placo is going to
bo berry 'spectahlo folks t" I
"Wall, Sclplo, I thought dey war
gotting along berry well, but I doesn't'
know how 'epoctablo dey Is." I
"Uow 'spcctablo docs you tink, On
to I"
"Wnll, cucit about throe thouinnd
"Moro 'spcclablo, dan dat."
"Wall, how 'ipecthhlo is doy I"
"Wy, fivo thousand dollars and a
home and lot."
law ot ITcwDHopcr.
1. Subscribers who do not give express)
notice to the contrary, are corulJered as
wisuing 10 conunun inmr suiwcriniun,
u subscribers order papers diocnntina.
en, puuiuww mv coniwno ubwu.
till all charges ro paid.
3. If subscribers neglect or refute to take
tholr papers from tticoRlcc or place to which
they are sent, they aro held responsible tin-.'
til they ecttln thru-bill and give notice to
discontinue tbcra,
4. If subscribers wore to other places
without Informing tho publisher, and the
ptpvr la cnt to tho former direction, they,
arc held responsible.
5. The courts have decided that refusing
to take a paper or periodical from theoQIoc,
or removing and leaving It uncalled for, Is
good evidence of intentional fraud.
il rt ."7-5
. .',.-,
l. gBaaV ''"
Job Printing Office.
THE Proprietor, having a good vari
ety of JOn TYPE on hand, la pre
pared to do all kinds of
un tj.fi fiipnTKS.x..U3WTr ""
Hooka, j
" Handbills,
Concert Hills,
1UI1 Tickets,
Bill Heads,
Address Cards,
II usl nets Cards,
iyc, .J-c, $:.
Job work done In
to suit customers Orders solicited.
"Whew! good by, Cato, I must give
'era a call I
(KrA Kentucky lawyer on circuit
was asked to dine with tho Judge. At
the table, the Judge, as is his cottom,
niked a blessing, nnd then roso nnd
took from the sideboard a bnttlo or
Old Uourbon, of which ho invited his
guest to partake, as lin did freely lilm i
self, ns Is also his custom. After din
ner tho lawyer said :
"Judge, will you porniit me to nsk
you a question 1"
"Oh, certainly," replied the Judge,
"what is it I"
"I observe," aaid tho lawyer, "that
after you asked a blessing, you sot on
tho bottle. Now I wish to know
whethor you worn ashamed to ask n
Honing nn tho liquor, or whether you
inougui it good enough without!"
Tho Judgo took tho caio under ad
Progress. A shoolhoy about six
years of ago approaches the innstor
with a bold front and sclf-cnnfldont air
and tho following conversation on
f ".May I be dismissed, sir I"
' "What reason have you for making
the request, Thomas V I
"1 waut to taku my woman out a
sleighing, sir."
' 0"Nover abuso ono who was once
your bosom friend, however bitter
Never insult poverty.
Never speak contemptuously of wo
man kind.
Never apeak of your father as the
"old man."
Oliver S. llvuus.
THIS welt known stand, illUMc fifteen
miles from Kerb) villa and thirty-four
from Jacksonville, has been erected suita
ble to accommodate tho Traveling Public
It is always iloaing to tho luitt and host. I
ess to mako llioir ruests as comfortable ni
Effing ff ABHiIB
Purnislied with all the country affords.
Good Btnbic. wtll tunnlied with Hav
and Grain.
llopra are entertained tlmt lline who
call mice will rido late or atoji early to
partake again oftha liuspitalily of the us
cuiants, lti
&m m MteM iRititule.
tjiw Mill Sjr'mfry . ep
M Insist in Compa-
"wine Perms
nrni Ciavnr nil JrVicalff CftmJC
l)heasf$, and thh S&rrbiutn of
Attendant and Hrsldrnt r!5if
I.. J. CZAl'tfAOl. D.,
Ltlnlhllungarrn1tvolutlont7 Vr,
Chir Surgson to Hit Uh Rfglrnnt Bl
llonveds, Chlrl Surgeon, lu ih Milifair
Hospital or Tcsth, Hungary, nd tha late
Icciursron the Diseasas of YVomtn and
Children. , , ,. . ,
Communicatloni strictly confidential.
Consultations, by latlor or oiWnlie,
free. Address, Oil L. J. CZAUAY,
San Francisco, Cat.
rrn Tiir. AFFLinTED. Or. L. J.
L Czankav returns his sincere thanks!
to his numerous pationti for their alrun
age, and would take this opporiuaity to
remind them that ho continues to consult at
Ins Institute for tho cure nf Chronic ilii
cams of the Lungs, Llvor, Kidnejs.digea.
live and genital orgsm, and private
diseases, viz I SThiliiculrerf'jcUtlUt;lk'?r
j-CTomo ennseqiienra of sull.obute, end
ne niipes wist ins long experience and sue.
cassful prattica nl many years wlltconlin
no to ensure him a ilmto ofpulilie pstrnn
nge. lly tho practice or nunjp veers In'
Europe and the United Slates, and during I
tha MungLrian war and campaigna, he is.
enabled to apply tho most efficient and aue
ceisful remedies against diseases of all
kinds Ho uses no merenry charms mod.
eralo treats his pMlculs in a correct and
nonorauio way lias relurences m unques
tionable veracitj from men uf known ro
sneclability and lileh s tandins In aoelni
All parlies consulting liira.br letter ori
...i...i... ...ni . .i ' . !
in.inii inn icbviiD me uesi enu gen
tlest treatment, and implicit secrecy.
tttude, wealintMeT '"; "" B"K;
Indlspoeltinn nd laeapijrlr " ur "
study, dullness bf apf nHHi, lne n
raeWery, aversion W teelety, lm. f toll,
tude, timidity, selMMraM, eWaesshead
aobe.lntolantery dltchargM,reM In the
.m. ..f t)im of the bim. WfiHileeon the
tace,texaal and other laBrsalM in man,
are cured witnoui ian, oj mo jw.ii cele
brated Physician and Surgeon, Dr. L. J
CZAPKAV. His method of coring dis.
..... i. rn.it. runknown tn others.) and
rhence his great success. All consultation,
b letter or oinerwiso, ircr. ...iuici. u
J.C.APKAY, M.D.,San Francisco.
1 tkk Anal Great l)lcslng to Man-
Ltr-rt t innocent but Potent ! Dr. L. J
Czapkay'a Prophllaclleum, (self.dislnfocN
ing agent,) a itiro nreTeniiTo .gmoni Kon.
orrhtcil and ajphilltic dlseasea, knd an
..n.,..n..,p.l reined for venereal, serofu
n. nirnnous and cancerous ulcers.
ftclid discharges Trom tho vagina, utetus
and urethra, and all cutaneous eruptions
rand diseases. As innoculallnn is a pro-
venllve against email pox, ao is ur. v,iap
kav e rrnphllactlrum a preveniiTe against
syphilitic and gonorrhoea! diseases M
.(Hugh harmless In U..iV-"'"" , h
rime vl, ..--- 'ie'e vir,S HioMssnds
,,..m bfing Inltcted ny Ilia most luallisome
of ell diseases. Let nn young man vhu
rr...iB inaltii te nllliout nr r.n.
kny's fiopli'eelicutn. It is in very con
ventent packages, and will be found con
venient to ur, being used as a soup.
I'rice, !?., tor sale at lir, uzapkay a t'ri
vnie Medical and Surgical Institula, Sac
ramento street, belew Montgomery, op.
P. M. S. Co.'s office, San Fran-llm3
I Si
wrz jl
"PltOSPECT RAxcn,"
Applegnto Cicnk, O. T.
TIIE nnderslgtied wishes to inform Ins
L friends and the Irattlins public that.
.having improved llio abuvn Ranch, (half
lray between Kcrbyvillvand Jacksonville,
i lormerly known as Harkwell's ranch.) lie
is now prepaiea to accommodate all wlio
myy patronize him The TAIiLE will at
all times bo supplied with tho best the
market affords, and combined tvith good
and a careful basilar in attendance, he
hopes to merit a share nf public mlruiage.
sivvii ur.Al'S,
Janusiy 1st, 1833. 1y
CO" A lamo attorney wanted to be
unrolled in a volunteer company.
"You'll never do, Peter," said tho of
ficer. "Wbyt"
-"Tho more we'd tell you to march,
the moro you'd halt."
KrFooUnnbo asked a man with
out a sense offuno in him, "Why are
you lorcver Humming that tune !
'.'Because it haunts me," was tho
"No wonder," said Foole, "you are
always murdering it!"
Ciuhacti:h. Two ladies presented
themselves at a masqurade ball. The
doorkeeper asked whet characters they
"None," said they.
"Two ladies without any cbarac
terl" bawled the usher, as he banded
them In.
T-r n ciiinjiiri
guaranteed In all slaces of secret dis.
eases, snlf-alnise. nervous debility, ivnl.l.
lis in all lis stsges, strictures, gleets, grav.
bladder, mercurial rheumatism, acrolula.1
pains In the bones and ankles, disesses of
me lungs, throat, nose and eyes, ulcers
upon the body or limbs, dropsy, epileptic
fits, St, Vitus' dance, and all disuatos aris
ing from a derangement of the sexunl or
gai.s, such as nervous trembling, loss of
memory, lots ofpuwer, general weakness,'
dimness of vision wllh peculiar spots ap
pearing before -the eyes, lost of sight,
, wakerulness.dyspepsis, liverdisessa, erup
tions upon the face, pain in ihe bank and
I head, female Irregulojities, and all itnpro.
I per discharges of both sexes, It mailers
i nut from what cunse the disesse originated,
however long standing t.r obstinate the
; case, rttottry it certain, and in n slmrlvr
lima man a permanent cure can be effect-
,ed by any other treatment, ven afler lh
.disease has badled the skill nf eminent
physicians and resisted all their means nf
euro. Tho medicines prescribed are nlna.i
ant. without odor, entirely vegetable,
causing no sickness, and free from inercu.
ry nr balsam During fifteen years ofprac,
lice, in Europe, the Atlantic Slates, and'
California,! have rtseu.d fruin ihe jaws,
of death manv thousands, wlm In il,. I...1
cisns, which warrants me In promising to'
I the alllicted, who may place themselves;
under my care, a speedy cure. Private!
diseases arethegiealcst enemies tn health,
as rhev are the tirst causa of consumption, '
scrofula, and many other diseases, and
should be a terror lo the human family. A
.permanent cure Is scarcely ever afTected,'1
a nisiurilv uf flm rjn. r.lllnw ln... .1.. I
i hands of incompetent persons, wlm nm
only fsil to cure the disease, but ruin tl.o'
( constitution, filling the systfin with tner-l
tury, which, v.1111 trie disease, lissteus tho
sulTerer into a rapid consumpliun.
Hut should the disease and the treatment
not causa death speedily, nnd the victim'
1 marries, wie uisesse is entailed upon the
jchildion, who oie born with feeble consli
, luliotis, and the current of life corrunted
by a virus which betrajs itself in scrofula,
it is cosiroskD or
AnJ conUtns Da mineral polwn lo Injurs lbs
The srpravaloTlliU rrrptiailiai by rbj slelans arxl
Meo of f elmoe, sad the eteat aoseiM vrliltli li
iiurln) Its ule, fjrnll,e prvor suRelrnt lo cunt In.
ttrj eamllil ainl itlKtmlef nilixt nf Its errat sa4
rlnrtlv si talon It Is new aJmlhUtrred tn fiterai
Kacuce M a sure ss4
HJt IDouug
Ei -rr
.V. E. Corner CaUfcmiaandMoHtgcmery
lowing lUcoMnmoxTonr Lv.Tir.nj
and then juilga betweon Dr. Young and
those vampires that malign his motives.
Avoid such men as jou would a pea.
tllence, for Tiiaae 11 nssTH in tholr treat
ment. All eflllcted with Diseases oTa PrJ.
vslo or any other nature should call
upon Dr. i. C. Young, and they would
then avoid imposition and assist the Doc.
lor in his herculean labor of suppressing
qusckery and empyricism. Dr. Young's
chargns ate moderate and within the reacli
of the most humble.
IMPORTANT Dr. J. C. Young wishes
to call the attention of invalids to his
course of nrsclico. The Dr. has long since
abandoned the mercurial treatment, end
haa strictly followed the Vegetable Prac
tice. Patienta tinder treatment with him
are not r on fined to the house, nor taken
from their business, but ean go about and
eat as usual. The Dr.'s mnde or treatment
r him r J.mMit, both general and sex
ual, is not surpassed by any physician, and
always results In a perfect removal of their
troubles Dr. Y. has discovered a now
mnde of treating afiVcllnne uf the Liver,
which after a fair trial has been submitted
to the Prufeasors of several of tho medical
institutions of the Slstes, and pronounced
by them, as parfcetly successful, and has
been adopted by them In their practice.
In the treatment nf incipient consumption,
and disease uf the blond, the Dr. stands
pro-eminent In his profession, and will
warrant a cure In all cases. The following
testimonial speaks for itself 1
Da. J. C. Totiso. Sirs Your mode of
treating affections of the Liver and disoa.
sos of the lllood, has proved by repealed
trials, to he the best vl afferd In 1I1. f..,-
ulty, anil lias been adopted by tho board.
Continue to study the human system aayuu
iiito uuiio, sou you win yet stanu at me
head ol your profession.
Prof, of Anatomy, University, Pent:
XX will
e tiriiiiHin ni .' f
7 -...,...., ,,.,UIFV ,,, loners, uicorx. cruiuifjiii. 111a oiiitar mi..
!T.'."n. , .""" Vn . ' Boir,s "'! I "'' '" skin, eyes, throat end lungs.
Ill S UnnU. Shoes and Ga ters.aa eetn,l l...i.il!n. n .1....:. . , .: r " fc-
a view to service. ' 1 1 ZZ"'" .T " " T",'. " ." """"" .0'
If you waut to economic r.ll .n.t ... i"""'"'"' any
Joints, llbrumttlain. J.rr,lnl. Kind's I-MI
every euii.1alnt symptoniaite of Iinr BUil: u 1
all tb disraics r tbe Musclrs sail TtMUrs, !svUie
HltU pHieral iteWllty of lbs arsu-ni, Jlrl.l lo ilita un
Ulllnt furtflerflfitie UUM.-rW tl. Utw.1 U tU eUn
nel ilmmtti WlUh dtietw Rods Its Ay te lbs urtoe
urgtRt of His body.
Urnl ilir fiillijiuiiiji.
Tills certificate was Sent US tr our annta al r.'t..
son. X. V, wklcb l a!tu ccrtitUd to It svvtral vt It
nH,-uUsof.Mr. lUIUnt
MeMrs. i. U. i, p, aVWt Cwll.mse.-It fl...
mis laurs to iu.i )oa the tult..t,t ,uUnni,i (
ril to my son. It look a eers tol.1, and aft.
Ut( vtetU i terere suCrr'nc tlw dlira stUM h
1.I1 tft Irr and fat, wbteli mmw s.JM 1.1 IL. utui.x
rhs saellUt vtm Unenl l.y liU .by.lclan, anil ll
'l.ar,ml mmt futOMJy aflrr llul no ItSt lludi iWM
ulrers furutMlun tbo Irtf and r.l al one lluie. H,
Unl firs different ibsltlau. toil ihk retlare.1 bin.
i. .. li. aud lbs ImS hUiUv Cmud lutn tu emaeUie.
.J low tbu lie was unable U, leata lit' lL uibnu
Ik. lot. I sxcrnclallnr ln. Hurler tbu lluw Ihe
lis Im. Um.hii. so iiixeti si-rtwL ll.at rln, fltl
He earn nm. of I, lei. .e I.M rem re tlia I went)
Ur j.reMrrtl la a botiU). art Ins frvm one-li.if to i.iw
.nd s llf II...U In Uatb V lal (lien un al
iionr or his rruot.rv , l.ut .1 l.u n... w. wl 1.
t'.j"l In lr)uurKnujrllin, and u tu, tt. u, trf.
Iiaitlli &I..I .i.,...il, . 1 . .. a a,.. w
guarantee a perfect and nerma-
nent cure In the following cases, or chaige
nothing for his servires t Syphilis. Con.
nrrhiea, Stricture of the Urethra, Affection
if llits Rostrate Gland Weakness of the
Genital Organs, Impotency, Sterility, both
in male and female, Spcrmatara, or Sem
inal Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, Itlieu
matism. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Feverand
Ague, Incipient Consumption, and all Ir
regularities In Females, toesther wllh all
diseases of Women and Children also
nervousness, raipiiallon 01 His Heart, Vo,
i-erauns auncted wills aymutoma alter
being treated, should consult D. Young al
once, aa no disease la cured unless the pa.
11..1 I...I. K..r...i -11 ., .
iivii iiciienuj wen. ji mere is
particle of disease left in tha system, it
will break out at some future ilmr. Ml,.n
least expected, or bo handed lo an innocent
offspring. Persons who have been treated
wllh mercury should be very cautious in
believing that they are well, fur it is a svl.
cntlfia f.r.t Hint tl,e mercury will
mingle with the venereal, and form
disease a crest deal worse than tha orieln.
al. 'All ihose who have reason to think,
by had feelings, that they liavo been treat,
rd thus, should consult Dr. Younr. and be
should examine their cases aod tell'tlicm
al once how they stand.
... . . .. , 11 i. .....- . .1
atHSf tho oacK ana iiniue,iin !a lir
head, surtinets or aiBnj, insa 01 niuctjr
power, fMpltatlon ot tho hearl.dyspep,!
nervousness, irritability, derangement h
the digeatlvo functions, general dibllit,
sympluma of consumption, Ac.
MaKTXLtt, the tearful effoets on tW
mind are more to be dieaded. Lost si
memory, confusion of Ideas, depression (
spirits, evil forebodings, aversion to s,
ety, selfdistrust, loyo of aolitude.tlmlditj
tic, are some of the evils produced.
All persons who are aullcted witlm,
nf the abuvn symptoms should net fait 1.
call on Dr Young, and be at once reitorti
to perfect health. Let no false delietti
prevent you, uui eppij imuisuiaieiy, ia
save yourself from tho dreadful end af,
consequences of this terrible malady.
WKiaaxsa or the onoAHs
immediately cured, nnd Tult vigor testorsj,
Ofllea corner of Montgomery nnd Call.
fornls streets, over Pcclfle Express, 8
Francisco, where all letters mint be si.
reeled to insure intention.
A.J conseouonce ol tbe wida spread tt
lebritv ol Dr. YOUNG, numerous imtio,.
tors have sprung into existence, prelendi-
10 oe peritci masters 01 ine neaiing arr,
and have succeeded in imposing upon
few ol the unwary sufiorers. Persons wild.
ing tn consult a physicain, should be vtri
careful how they put confidence In lit
published statements of such charlstini,
lor they are as unscrupulous in such situ,
nienls at in thnir practice of inadicin,at
are very tintafo to trust. They wilt first
decoivoyou by false certificate, procuttl
from "drunken loafers," who perjure then,
selves to get money to sslisfy tho crsriap
ofa diseased appetite. When such quirt
gains your confidence, lie will then inn
you wllh mercury nnd other drugs, and if.
ter they hare robbed you of your mcnti
and Inlured vnur constitution, thav iii
cast you off, with tha charge, thst you run
not loiiowau tncir airociions.
The only war to avoid sueli imnestnn
is to consult Dr. J. 0. Younc. the 1'iot..,
Advertising Phyticitn of California. At
a mcelingof the JSrdical Faculty of ibis
Slate, called to Investigate the aourct ef
malpractice that has canted to much suf
fering in this country, it was unanimouitr
eeommonded that all the aflllcied ihoall
consult Dr. Young, at lie waa the nn!yrt.
utarly educated Physician now advcrlsit
in California, alt others in hit line btitr
quacks and and impostors, and are not ts
be trusted. The biuiclod will pletse uks
notice, that there was not a phyticitn n
the meeting who had etor teen or heirs'
of a tingle ctso of malpractice from Pr
Young, while not one ot them but had silt
anursbarofctiet from the foreign quacks,
who so vsnntiiigly set forth their pu.
tended vlrtuet In the public prints.
The above facts thnuld be borne in mini
by all seeking medical assistance.
Thank heaven, they ate retilntr thor.
nughly exposed, and it will not be lung
balors they will have to fly the country, tt
avoid the just indignation of an outrtrtd
public. Then will good people thank Dr.
Young for his continued efforts to banish
qua ikery from our midst.
DR. YOUNG can he consulted from 8
1. to 6 r. M. at Ilia office, corner Call.
fornla and Montgomery ttreelt, overtht ,
Pacific Exprett Office. San Francisco.
Ail letters containing the usual fst
of $10 will meet with prompt attention,
Change cash for a substantial and iinitrlnr I uir n : ., , ... Usa'.ib and ai.iwilia bormn ii.,.ii.iu . i,. ......
.rlicr.. Price, .re rtduc.d to tut ih.! -i.-ish rZ"' ,."',.r.,n "" ! 0,Je,nr: J-"?.,' if..ft.. ,h. rb.ef. tb.t 1 tl,...';
il,nn .-...-...., .w, ,.u ,c slll , ,, uren3.i"
Ladies. Gents and Juvenile. .rnn In
wjien ynu are thomiing, and inspect. I
Boot ict Sunt tiriini:,
Cor. Cat. and Oregon aU I
(Oppotite tho "Eldorado.)
I catalogue of human dlseasea causes so de-i
filruelive a drain upon the system, draw Ine
I It. .I..... ...- ... ' .. ji . .
ouuaaiiiiB in victims inrougii a Sew
l,r, nf .nfr..ln. .1....... . '
--.-- .uM..,n6 uuf.ii in an unumeiy
grave. It deslruys the nervous system,
rapidly wastes away the energies of life,
causes mental derangement, prevents the
Muuuiy SUSS.11U9 Qualifies fur o.nrrii,.. u,.Li. (,...!..
A.l PPVOInVO T..- r.-. r..r...n 1 . .11 ..l.l I ?.' t . """""l
.... u.iu,U(,q for oJivi.nii." " iiaiipiuess, nou leaves the
v ai a ... I I ekll fid aass aiiaat ..J I. I. I. 1
Otr QuilU aro things that are some
times taken from the pinions qf one
goose to spread the opinionspf an
other! 03" Some one said of a eortaln ava
ricious parson that he prays nn bis
knees on 'Sundays, .and preys on his
neighbors the rest of the week " '
.AIlio Lib A fulminating enlargo.
metit of elongated voracity.
'IIIU undersigned wlllatleno to the pro. hT" ' V! "'y. anu mind, pre.
1 curing or Uoumy Lands, under the i?"d to 0uml,.,lon "nd ''" of
Act or M.fch Sd.ltfiS.L p.', X wl. I. e , II 'Z9 &?','' ""I," ft""
hen regularly mustered into the Utiiled' ,,,, "', h" ful,r eonfidenea I a.sure the
Hiaiea .,. inr ,i. "r r." '." uiifurtuiiale victims of self-abuse ib.t ,
mj, u, mure, serauiis Who were engag.
ed in either of the Indian wars in this
country, and all widows aod ornhana ol
auch persons, are entitled to 1CU acres ot
laiio, and ny forwarding bo neestary proof
w. .... -i.n.o mine uiiueisignuu,- llio ol
Ccial forms will bo made out and forwarded
iu hid imper uepariment al Washington
which will entuie the return of a
For Ilie-Bpplicanl.
Having a competent agent at Washing
ton, it enables ma lo transact this kind ol
business with great efiiclenoy and dispatch.
Charges muderalo.
Address ' W. G. T' VAULT,
J.ickinnvlle, O. T.
ntlta tflirMW a ttr4 mum
o iib erautuds, I rcnuio truljr yours.
DAl;ILd UiLLll;D.
Trepand aa4 sold by A. II. As D, H.IMI8.
Wbo'vulu Dmcthu, iw I ulUiU-jlrurt, corarr vl
WlllUin, New York.
roritl.yI)BWlTr.KITTIJi X On., II JOIIX
r.. ix.eaa iikuisuton k Ol.fau Kiew.
IMCE ic COri-JN, Marsrfllet 1 II. M.l)iNALI
Cu. Baerwirntej and J,r nrnnU'a eeinHr
..p..... ,v, .mmuiiHnf, 'jj
Vni. Hoffmuu,
OFTICE-At the Poat Offico, itpssile
Union Hotel, W""l
jaciitonviiie U. T,
permanent and speedy cure can be effect.
.u ou nun ine aoauaonment or ruinous
praslioes, my patients can be restored lo
robust, vigorous health,
irregularities. and all diaeaaaa nf m.1..
nJ J""1" "ld on principles ealab.J Cr' door east of 'Sentiner' office
m.ucu uj unenn yesrt 01 practice and I.
'...w,,... u Vj iiiuuseiiut oi ine must re'
markable cures. Medicines with full di.'
re-clions.sent.lo any part of the Slate. Ore.,
gfin and Washington Territories, by pa-!
lienls communicatiiig their symptoms by
letler, . Ilutlnesa curreipon'deiiee strictly
pnnnnaniini .t .....
Address DR. L. i, CZAPKAV Ren l. 0f!S & CARRIAGES
Medical Insthu.:. ,.-. V.. Il Be.s"'?d .n ,.1' '"" ""!.
bolow Monieomerv. unnnaii ..,in. ii.'u' ..,.'". y"BJ"?. ""e'sperience in the man
Pio vis, Winer' Picks Horse Slutting.
n All Kind'tof
!r". ..--- r, ,., . . . '.
r""'"! vaiuornia and luurth streets
ursi noor east of 'Bentiner' office.
TTOnSES and Mules shod at quick
I .T is no1 """'or to any west of
""""""J Kifuntalnt.
I rice of horse sliueing, plain, $4 00
". ' " aleeilald, 6 00
Keeps on hand all rim ofMi.i Pl....
ond Winers' Picks.
all wnnM it ssy coactair,-Thlsls
to certify that I, II. F. Luulng, applied to
Dr. J. C. Young, tn be treated for a gener
at debility, brought on by hard work at
mining lu Ihe water, and a Dneumaiie .r.
fcctioii in my limbs, which almost deprived !
ine ui nieir use, ti.ai 1110 tunve conipltlntt
had troubled ma fur a long lime one of
them fur teveral years, and llio oilier about
eighteen months. Overcome by the pain
and anxiety occasioned by them, I hid
given up an uupes ei ever again enjoying
good health In this condition, I called
upon Dr. J. C. Young, and after the lapse
of five months, I m perfectly well end
feel nearly aa slronr as I ever did. I can
recommend every one affected tu his cam
fur he cured ine, end hat cured several of
my friends that 1 recommended to his care,
aflllcied wllh different diseases, some uf
them bad cases, or a very bad aud danger
ous nature.
Given this my voluntary testimony in
favor of Dr. J. (J. Young, In hopes that it
may induce all those afflicted, to call on
him, and avoid Ihe Impostors who have
robbed 'me, not only of money, but to a
certain extent of my health.
GRtrrr Iloaa Gvs.cn, Kern Itlver,
a. --" -- -W e' w HVVVMIIIIIUtlir
iiu wii.ii in liavfl
mm Bom.
THE Subscriber having LEA'SED Ihe
above large and commodious Hotel In
Ihe nourishing (own of Kerbyville, on the
road from Jacksonville to Alihouae. Mall.
ur Diggings, and Crescent City, solicits a
thsre of Public Patronage.
Will always be furnited with ib hi il..
market afiurdt,
.Ketbyville, Jan. 1, ia.17 0?if
V) , La, J.- APKAY'S Pt'ATE
- . ...u,.n, .u nurgicai insiuuta is uu
Bacramento tle below Moiiiguinery.no.
po.un the Pacific Alail Sinani.iri.. -..:'...
Iiy's Office, Han Francitco. Tlie Dooior
nfiera free consultation, and asks no remu
nerauun unless lie etTevls a cure. Office
hours, from U a. m. to U f.ii,
I, the undersigned, Governor of Hunra.
ry, do testify Imreby, that Dr L,J. Cip.
r.T uas serveu during the contest for Huh I
garian liberty, as Chief Surgeon iii the1
Hungarian army, wild faithful persever.t
Mnce-whcreuf I have given im tl.U cer.
lltlcate,und doiecommend dim m il......
palhy, Blteullon aud protection of all those
who are capable of appreciating patriotic
self sacrifice and undeserved misfortune.
... , . Governurof Hungary.
athington City, Jau. C, 1862.
s J nets, ntrvout jlebllily, low aniridias.
10 have work ilnna .old.
neatnett and detpaicb.at Ihe lowett cash
Jacktonville. Aug. 8,1 957.
Allorncyand Counsellor at Law.
Ana Notary Fubllofor Jackson Co.,
Will practice In tlm Kimr.m. .nJ lit.
Irlct Courts orthe Turrllurv.
Oflico adjoining the Printing Oflire,
Jacksonville, Q.T. nf
DEAR. SIR t ll is with pleasure thai I
hsslen lo answer your rutier.enquiring
how I get along. I hare enllrelv recov.
errd from the cumplainit fur which your
medical kkill waa required, and I assure
ynu 1 ul gretelul to you fur the health
now enjoy. Snatched at I was from the
veiy jaws nfdesth.and saved from an un.'
mid amount or eulTering Were I in Ihe
rily where I could do It, this would have
ine solemnity or an oath, bui I am in jb
mining camp, there Is no Juslico of the
Peace wilhlri several miles uf ma. and an
you mutt publish without il, I do not like
10 name my disease, end I suppose it is not
requisite, as you treat all kinds of disease.
1'ourrs. O. LANGfJON
To Db. J. C. Yocno,
MAnimsi, Sepi. 27ih. 1856.
DR. J, C. YOUNG.sir In answer lo
your request, as lo how my ease is
gelling along, I would slate that I am per.
fectly well, and have been so for about nne
month, I should have written before, but
have been wailing in see if 11 would return
1 am now satisfied that I bare teen the
si 01 II. Il y ease Wat eald tn tin n v.r.
Ii.i fn Kw .II.I.A .l... ! .1.-. -
--w v wj ... ,,,. uu,, nana niai eiamin
all called I
id me.
il a mercurial
15. U. Vlb.VUU, M. !.,
Physician and surgeon.
OFFICE-At bit Residence, in Win
Chester, O. T.
n 1 1 tr.
S20.000. iri"c'"sir;
"I -- t ' if svquestVLj IU
raise aa aoon as 'possible. "Every lit.
IU help. 21j 'maURY & Da7ib.
disease, and said there "was no helnrnrii
You called it acrofulous, mixed vvilh a mer
curial anecuun, and said you could cure
me, and ou have done to I can only
thank you for il and recommend all per
aont sfllicled to give you a fair trial.
jours 1111 oeoiu, U. I.. KAILS, Jb.
J Ssminal Weakness Dr. Young ad.
dresses those having injured Ihemielvet
by private end improper indulgence in the
tecret aud solitary (libit ihi ruins the body
and eilod, unfitting them for either butt,
lets or society. The followln. ., .,.
fthe sad and melancholy effects preduc
nv "; uouiiaui youinviji weak
A Weekly Journal containing 32 columniof
coo.co renuing matter or a character cal
culated to Instruct, amuse, and Interest
till, trfSfitrfa! rftai1eP Will K itASnmasiA.I stem
the first Saturday In March, 1658.
ThcCmiUclol sMiunnuas
Will ho tbe cheapest, best aud moit enter
talnlnc Weekly I'aper ever publULcd is
New j ork.
Dlnmondsl Dlnmondal Dinmondtl
20 Tkoutand Dollars worth or pure Callfcr
nla Diamondi. set In every conceivable stylt
of elegant Gold Jewelry, lo be presented to
tbe subscribers of tbe Casket of Diamonds.
There are no gifts worth less tbsn 25 cents,
aod from that up to $300.
Will receive a Meautlful sift In Gold or Ma.
tnollit Jewelry Immediately on reeelnt nf Ma
or her name, accompanied by tie amount of
subscription money.
The Subscribers' Names,
As fait ss received, will be placed In regu
lar rotation on our Books, opposite dcslgoa.
ling Not., and the gift containing a corres
ponding No. will be sent IMMEDIATELY,
post paid, to tbe subscriber.
Ludlesl Ladles 1 1 Indies I'
lOUCanceta large number nr iiljrtl..
for tbe Catket or Diamondi by a little txtrs
exertion, and for every 10 lubacrlhera namea
you forvrsrd us, accompanied by the money,
( Uilll a.n.t ll... . I . ' .iff I ft m t f.
u" "'""" ou u ueauitiui diamond gill.
s uiaao lue niao oner 10 gentlemen,
Pirate bear In mind th faet rliai ....
subscriber to tbe Casket of lll.mnn. will
rece ve a beautiful gift lusmedlately receipt
of bis or btr namo accompanied by tbe sub.
scriptlon tuoney.
Persons withfng to commence with tbe Firit
Ijo. should send In Immedlattly, as the glfl
tbey will receive will encourage them t
speak to others of their success, ond thereby
assist materially In Increatlng our subscrip
tion I IU to coumeuco with the first No.
Amonc tbe luterestlmr features nroo. p..
pcr.wA".Ji? a Lo, eorresponileneeof the
wott tbrilllog and McItluKchsracler.vibleb
took place in Paris. In lf)..t Ili.i,vi.i . v..
Klhh Gentleman and French lady the tyr
hiiIcsI cppotlllon or the lady's father to tho'
union of bis daughter with the Eucllib gtn.
tlvinan is deuribnl In lm .. ,1-1.1 .
Interesting waimir, at well as tbe succettfuj
piuia w iu young lady to elude lbs ylgi
nllrn anil .noll . I I. ..-..., ..
7 ----"'- " "ki nearness laiucr.
These letters are deeply intersstlnff, s
of a pure, blgbtoned character.
V-EacU SubEcriber rnnat asnit nil,.
cent pottjige iUBpa for rc,urn pMtag0 oa, .1
Proprietors of tbe Cathet oDiamodi,
lima 76 Nassau Street, New York
4UCr.UTi B,V14.El'
(Truchol's Old Stand,)
HAVK on hand and art always resdr
to msufacture to order all kinds of
Kor Weddingt (nd Parties ioj up in good
style sot at like ihorlrsl notice.
4ailcaoovllle,0. T.July Itf 'ilttti
taaaktjsaitsnalBBSiBtaakaSjaSt'laBVBbBaaysB itKKKIKLSSiAjLil&IKKBKttK&, . . .j ataaAJaafaiaaaaHBaiBaiFaiBaiBBailBbBanBaiBaaaHB l..i&itmAtCiiJdiikm.i rfae ix J,T - aaaalraaotV dAVt
! ' ttyWgPTTgMi'rrisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HlsJW WWasaatMWaaaasLsaKtiitLP!MWWsssWtx Jr'
BaflBaBBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVBaaaBBaafl li - .