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    II II II T . - VJA.
- .'wU-urtn
NO. 18.
Independent on all Subjrctii and devoted
ttlhe bttt Intirestt of Southern Oregon,
Published Every Saturday,
W. G. TTAUI.T, Editor & Proprietor.
T C it M S :
One Vcnr, 5 00) Six Months, 83 00:
Three Mouths, S- 00.
One Square of twelve lines or less, first In
sertion, 33 00 J each subsequent Insertion,
81 uu.
IcstsEM Canns, each squaro, for one year,
g30 ; six mouths, $15 ; three months, 10.
A liberal discount made to persons wishing
to a IriTtl jb to tbo extent of four squares.
Job Printing Office.
TtflE Prnnrletor. havlnr a rood rnrl.
JL ety of JOll TVI'E on haml, Is pre
rirea touoaii Kinusoi
On the SHORTEST NOTICE, an on the
taost REASONABLE TERMS ; such as
Concert Bills,
Hall Tickets,
TJIll Heads,
Address Cards,
Dullness Cards,
J., $c, dc.
Job worts uone in
22D, B&tflTOaB BILA(DE
1 1 suit customers Orders solicited.
Comer California and 3d" Streets,
J'ntprittar: H
April '.', IKjH. llTtf.
rhrilclnn, Surcoon nud Accouclier,
"IT'LL l'romptljr attend any who may
I i require hi professional semees.
jCTlio largest and lost selection of
Rrusseud I'ment tMedieir.es constantly on
OFFICE California Street next to ibn
Tin Shop PniC
o).ei or CAnronsu amiouggokstiueetii,
Billiard Saloon,
Opposite Eagle Hotel,
January 1, leSS llT
Physicians and Surgeons.
OFFICE "Jacksonville Drug Store"
oppo.ita Union liousi),
Cy"A constant supply of Drugs and
I'ttent Medicines ulwajs on hand.
Late of Sacramento.
u t, IJtniTT,
San Francisco.
Corner of Montgomery aud Commer
cial Utreett,
(Over Dunks & Hull, Rankers,
Sun Frnnclsco, Cul.
11 J
Lasatt, Commissioner far Louisiana
OFFICE-On Matn Street, four doors
south or tho Post Office, Yrtka.
jar Will practice in the District Courts
of Jackson County, O. T. 2 29tf
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
the Third Judicial District of Ore-
At Kerbyvil le, Oregon.
villn, O V
his -rcldenrw,
Business (Slatibs,
Written for the Srntinkl.
Lines To Itosc .
Tis like a dream that 1 recall
The happy hours we've passed,
Where stands the plant hickory tall,
And nods beneath the'blnst.
When many a day, In weary cleo, .
With basket wo havo strayed ..
To our old farorlte walnut tree, ' '
And "hulled1' beneath Its shade.
Where we were wont to build of moss,
lllrd nests In nil the bowers,
And rob each one we " camo across "
To get " nest-eggs " for ours.
And.whoa.thc moailow, ripening fast,
Its pleasant odors shed,
Where strawberries a rich repast,
Their carmine dainty spread ;
And not the leait affecting scene ,
Is well, what would you guess ?
'Tis near the orchard, blest machine i
The mill and cider pres.
Then next, since I bethink to troll,.
Thcro Is a sacred spot,
Where stands the gray, old apple cell,
Within the orchard lot.
'Tis long ngn It scorns an ago,
Since that bright vision fled,
Tho' it hath left on memory's page,
A record often read.
That youth of ours was blest indeed,
II ut 1 was unprepared
To give one-hall Its pleasures heed,
Which we might then have shared.
And now, that cars' dull load I feel,
I ask in wistful tone,
"Whence aro these thoughts which o'er
me steal.
For happy moments flown !''
I'm roaming, Rose, and nono can know
Tho worth of friends and home,
Until from both afar 1boy go,
To have, liko me, a roam.
My mind Is roaming too It soars
Far " o'er the deep bluo sea,"
And there, on murmuring Wabash' shores
Contemplates home ami Are.
Illinois Valley 0. T., April 25, 1858.
JTauIt Finding.
What are another's faults to me J
I've not a vulture's bill :
To peck at every flaw I see,
And make it wider still.
It Is enoticb fur we to know
I've follies of my onn,
And on my heart the care bustow,
And let my friends alone. A-ox.
It is the happiest und most virtuous state
of soelcty.in which the husband and wife '
XwlfZh XuT l!
t . t, .t i I ii li"eri about hair way up tho harbor, with
graduate all the r expenses, plans, caleula- ' ,,... , , ' ,' , , , '.
T. i .,..i i.i. .J.:.-., i ...-t.1 thanohors ahead and moored with a haw-
'. . i
present menus, nnu to tueir tuxurc anu com-
mou uteresU. hothlng do IghU n e more ,
than to enter the neat ittlo Unmet, of the
young couple, who within perhaps two or I
three year,, without any resource hut their !
own knoalcdg, of ndustry, havo Joined .
frlal. and plciur.sof life. Tho Industries I
wire is cheerfully employing her own band.
In domestic duties, putting her house In or-
der.or mending her husband's clothes, or
' tirfLi plnrr I Ism illnnsi tv'litlat tvSfhani ilia
little darling sit. prattling upon tho floor, or iMf vh l" "W? t0 ,ftU ca LU crew
lies sleeping In tb. cradl.-and everything ''-. The crew were got on
seem, preparing to welcom. the happiest of ,d o'clock on the morning of the
.husbands and the best of fathers, when be.0thi tlf' lUtn ,a tLc l0I,,alls' nna PulllD8
shall come from bis toll to enjoy the sweets ' four oar ,0 tLe boa'' Put nw Blied
of his llttlo paradise. Tbts Is the true do-1 "" 'e"el Et teerogc way.
tn.iln nlo..ir HmllnnU Mlu k. ,i. 1 1 When the Adriatic COt abrefilt nf ttin
"..."".""...""' """ "-'"-
v eu me tail." Health, contentment, love,
abundance and bright prospects are nil here.
I Hut it has become a prevalent sentiment
that a man must acquire a fortune before ho
; raarrie that the wife must havo no sympo -
I toy, nor share with him in the pursuit of it,1
jin which most of tho pleasure truly consists;!
and the young married people must set out i
with as large and expensive an establishment
as is becoming those who have been wedded
for twenty years. This Is very unhappy. I
It fills the community with bachelors, who
are waiting to make their fortunes, endan
gering virtue and promotiug vice it des
troys tho truo economy and design of the
domestlo institution, and it promotes Idle
ness and inefficiency among females, who
nro expecting to be taken up by a fortune, I
and .passively sustained, without nuy caro
or concern on their part and thus many a
wife becomes, as a gentleman once remark
eJ, not a "help meet," but a 'help-cat."
Bi.vcuLin Prook or ATTAcuurNT. A
few days ago, a woman, who cohabited with
a man, cut off his fiugcr while be was asleep.
She placed the linger upon a stone, and np-1
inlying the knife, struck it with another
stone, severing the finger, which bung only
by a piece of skin. The man subsequently
received surgical treatment at the North
Dispensary, but Is maimed for life. It ap
pears that the man threatened to enlist in
the army, and the woman, from the strong
affection she entertained for him, committed
the aot lu order that he might not carry out
bis intention, which would result in their
separation. Livapoul Mercury.
From the Savannah Republican.
Escape of tlio Adriatic.
The American bnrk Adriatic, which be
came famous from her dlsa.lrous collision
with the French steamer Lyonalsc, in No
vembcr, 183G, and still more nn object of
interest from her Tcccnt seizures by the
French authorities at Marseilles, her confis
cation by the Court ot Admiralty, and her
subsequent escape, Arrived safely at this
port at an early hour yeitcrdsy. We have
had a long Interview with her commander,
Captain Durham, and as the facts connected
with her escape are matters of national li
tcreat, wo proceed to state them us briefly
atSe nature of the subject will allow,
The circumstances attending the collision
with the Lyonatso arc already familiar to
the public. Captain Durham is very pod-
tire that it grew out of no fault on the part
nf bt. n:n tpmpI. tint rptultMl. . ho nltft
gcs,from culpable mismanagement by lhe'l:at Spcxzln, kindly turnlal.cd tho tmscI tvUh
officers of the steamer. The Judgment 0f! "o wanted. Just as she got her provN
confiscation was rendered by the Imperial
Court of Alx, In December last, and as soou
as a copy was served on Captain Durham,
believing that it was impossible, in the exci
ted stats of the public mind In France, to
obtatn justice, he rcjol.'cd to make his cs
cspo if posslblo, and place tba whole mat'
tcr in tho bands of his Government. Of
course he had to resort to stratagem to ac
compllsb hi. purpose. Learning that the'
Adriatic would tiot.be taken possession of ,
until the full extent of loss by the Lyonalsc
could be ascertained, he Improved the inter-
val In devising the mean, of escape. He on -
gaged a caulker and had her caulked all
round for about Ave feet above the water's
e Jgt, under the pretext that she was so open.
when the mlnstrals should act in, she would
.sink right there in tho harbor. Captain D. I
thinks thero was no suspicions from this,
movement, for in tho "noise and confusion"!
of the caulker's operations he and bis assls-j
tant ncre quietly weaving aud running rig
ging on board, and getting ready for sea. ,
They worked at this business about three
hours every night, say from 9 o'clock till
12, when there was much noise and it was so
dark no one could either hear or see what
they wero doing. What provisions they got
were put on board another vessel and from
thence traniferrsd to tho Adriatic during the '
night. The crew was also shipped for anv''... ' "1- . . . . w"''!Jw for eighteen years, and had taken no
other vessel, and subsequently taken on'i""" " wc"r uc,cc"'a ""DtMipiomiM
board the Adriatic, when they were so much I , enf"' American port, Savannah, which
intoxIcateU as not to be conscious of what',1" "u '" "&. us before slated. I
wasgolngou.' I Tpon the whole, the movements of the
Capt, Durham commenced getting ready Adrlflt'e hTC been truly eventful, and It re-
to haul out about 0 o'cloek on the evcnlnc i,nln,! r'cen vUt tffcct tbfJ ftretohave
lilf 1M Cttl .l.hll..B l.t. r..H.t .nn.f.I I...
,. , llIm.,f ,,.',, ,i.. ,.!!..
- T ' V n themlddlo
esr astern. Thev bent the tno tonsnll and
.,, . . , -,. . , -, -
VCI8ol J
L AUrtallclJ !
fa , ,0 tho fust of tho other ,!.! and
EK 1 i. hS. of thThlrS
g" g ' '
" arlft'I lU"? ? n, h f '"f0
'at!on," Be,D,t J,e i"u,'IeM'
"' h a,d nt ,Lm1e, ,0 "parC ,0 hl"'aer"" lu
f" "' """ swoouii, nnu
hauW down the harbor, neatly to the guard-
,..., ,..-, .""-.'. "..I
i b"""'I'i i eamo uu anu aemanuea i
' I tnB foti P1" "t the former. Capt. D., when J
'asked for his pass, replied "prennex garde
l"" and threw the officer o small bit of pa- j
' per with two sous wrapped up in it. The
(paper and money however whether by ac
cldent or deslgu the Captain does not say
went over the boat and into the water, sink-
'lug to the bottom. The officer of the guard
ship then inquired for the name of the ves
sel, when Copt. D. sung out that she was
., , .. . u . .. ,.
the American ship Luna, that hod cleared M
the day before. Nothing more was heard
from the official, and the Adriatic proceeded
on her way,
As soon as the fugitive got clear of tho
harbor, a fine breese sprung up from the
eastward, and at daybreak she was abreast
of Flalnlcr, and three good miles off the
French coast. The Adriutlo then took her
course for Spezzla, in Sardinia, the Captain
expecting to find his ship's papers there, and
also some American man-of-war, who might
Hupply him with an anchor aud such other
articles as he stood in need of. Sho arrived
at Spezzla on the morning of the l'Jth of
January, and anchored with the kedge,
having cut loose both anchors and left them
at the wharf In Marseilles. There was no
man-of-war in port, and her papers had not
arrived. Having no bill of health, the Sar
dinian authorities would not permit her to
Cant. D. then went ashore himself to the
pratique office, where he met the American
Consul, who informed him that intelligence
of his rjicapc bad reached there, and that
the French Government had telegraphed to
all the ports in the Mediterranean to stop
I tho vessel in whatever port tho may be
found. Soon after her arrival orders came
, from Turin to sclxe the vessel, nud the offi
ccrs actually placed a gunboat nndrr her
jstern, wilb two guns mounted, bavlug rc
'eclved orders to flro, should any attempt btj
imaue ny in captain or lue Adriatic toniovei
from the spot. The next orders rrcclvcd!
.... lt.k il - -1 l.f - i - V.i . I
nuo tint, mju tcr?i;i Rifuuiu nut uv znoicsteu,
bnt that cone of her men wrretohcallowc-l
i communication with theshoro.norwMsuiy
thing to be sent on board'of hor not even
water, nor any other kind of asslstaoco of
. e;- t -. ,i . n .i H '
In a few days, upon further reflection, all,
ttewofJcr, l& wllharawn, and Captain
Durham allowed to take whatever he dcrir
I cd to his vessel ? or rather, as be statcs.l
whatever he was able to ...ay fw, which was,
terv little
pl. T.nV il,. rr!.,wi q,, ,. , I.
" '
slons and water on board, there came on a
fresh blow from the northward, and the ves-,
sel was riding by the kidge and forty-five
fathoms Of chain, with one of tho chain box
es filled with stones, to hack It, and a hawser I
bent to tbo other chain box. She lay then
in what Is called rctmgallla Day, with the
wind blowing right on shore.
About two o'clock the vessel commenced!
.S'JSrl rsT.r1 eJL a1!
,? " T," C i ""A "
, . ., ," . ' , "",
U,fe ,bo .""f"1 r t one
, J"'1 TrtAulmo from the deck-
iTho vessel kept drifting until Cnpt.!). was
! compelled to 'run a hawser ashore to tho
lazaretto, where he madu put to hold her, i
ti"D,,n h. C.nM towu nd "" W-
Returning to the bark, he put to sea.
The day following the Adriatic boarded
tho ship Elizabeth Dennlson, from whom she
got tuoro provisions and an anchor. Sho
then hatl a beautiful passage of eleven days
io .iuaqcira, aucr urai ucaung nuoui lor
some time in order to put certain rrtles'i;" vvi' ' "' -"'V tV,
.- ... i . . ... county, New lork, who Is said to have cx
ashore who hail no ilrairr in tavn a trln tn . ........ ....
I. , . ,,;,,"., i isteu wtinoui tooa or tiriukror more than
uh. ""? from Mde'"t0,ll0j eighteen month,. 'She Is emaciated tea
( United Slates was along and ted ous ont,l.k,elolIi wd lh? aght of food throws her
shelving encountered, alternately, calms nt0 convulsions. Other remarkable stories
and heart winds nearly throughout the pas-I... lMl, ,,. rI. -,i,B,. xi,if.n.t
,aG- The crew Anally eihauslcd oil their
w IIHAH 11... Ihlrtfekfll. dfl..H .kMMBt.VSM. tea. I
..yim .uu .uw u, uer oniicra nuu uo i.
!. lations of tho two corernmcnti. should our!
,-..ain the -el In her escape Irom
thoueht of
the authorlt lc of Tranee. U'e li&vo little
- - --,. ... ,. ......
lutviuauuimt airecia oi mu nur.uoD are
Cpt. Durham informed u, that hi. freight
from Lere ,0 U C,0,ftt WM ttlou " tliuu-
1"""1 " B Lm "edTed only about
,'oocbalf of this amount; the balance I. still
'Leld b tLe ..MeM.Bcri; ImpcrIal Ceav.
I y
A Fist Futoiic-Dovid Constable says
"there is one advantage about ela-fashioned
Wgttci TLfy df4g ro mudj itai Mftle
'u - bind. that, If a man falls overboard
( Monday, you need not stop till Friday to
pick him up again. lie never get, beyond
a few yard, from the stcrnpost. In confir
mation of this opinion, ho refers us to a
well-known anecdote connected with Capt.
Jrompous, of the frigate " Wash Tub." One
evening, while runlng up the Mediterranean
". . '-o-r-
unaer a ono-norss breeie, rompous came on
deck just before sundowu, and entered into
tho following conversation with Mr. Smile,
the first lieutenant t
'! heard a little nolso on deck juit now,
'Mr. Smlloj what was the cause of it J"
" A man fell from tbo fore-yard
Without saying another word, Capt. Pom
pous entered the cabin, and was not teen
L..1...11111.....1 .....t . 1 1 -... ''
tgiuuutu iuvuui iuuimii aucr urvaaiaai.
nucu uo uuuu uiuic jvircauvu iue ucck wiu
his presence, and ogaln entered Into conver
when he onco more refreshed the deck with
I iniiuu nun mo urai lieutenant.
" I think you told me. Mr. Bmllo, that a
man fell overboard from the fore-yard last
"I did, sir,"
" Hate you picked him up yet V
"No air."
" Well, you had better do It some time
during the morning, or tho poor devil will
begin to sUrvc."
The lieutenant obeyed orders, lowered a
boat about noon, and found tho gentleman
ftho disappeared from the fore-yard, but
eighteen Inches further astern than he was
fuurteeu hours before. He was lying on his
lack fast asleep.
We get this from " an eye-witness "
1 1
Tuk Meanest Man. The Maine i'ran-
gtliit says that the meanest man In the
world is he, who after enjoying the privi
lege with his wife and children, of reading a
newspaper every week for months and years,
aud obtaining therefrom instruction and
amusement leaves town for no one knows
where without paying for his paper, there
by compelling the rostmaster to order it
any serious results so far tithe!,.. nnIl. -uMa.t.i, B .h .... r
Tho Philosophy o( Hunger.
What is hunger its canso and sQccti A
writer In Jllaektcood't Jtagatine answers
this question in an interesting and Instruc
tive manner. Hunger, ho says, is n scnia
tion having its seat in the stomach, but
principally caused by the state of the whole
system. It Is therefore rclafcd to therchc-
ral state of tho system, and to the particu!,
lar state of the stomach. Tho primary cause!
is the want of food to repair the waste of
tissne. In every living organism there is
' an incessant and reciprocal activity 6f raslc
ndt,Tair. We cannot wink an ere, move tied the record SAystb pot, uor is it Impor-
, ' , , ,. ,.,.,,. ,t , , ,iT -ii
. Jm' '' a thought, but some r, , Su utW over thirty d
f ' .l ba Merlncrf In doing years, of the ,8 w.dded Hf., u 'his
?' "' "" "' uur ,""" , " " s, u,""u
- . r"- , .,.,-. -.
bnmnn wdy Is a furnace which Is momcn-loard was bonomd !lh the presence of mln-
JeW'''R P Hlf to dcslrccllon, to ftcdIature additions of himself, until the number
i tu ntrrt flita Wn urit ttll ffnuitiinlnr an,1
unless wc keep up tbtf supply of fuel, the
(Ire of life goes but In tlcath and dissolution.
It Is not, however, the food we cat thalburns,
but tissue Food forms tissue, and tissue
is consumed in the act of breathing the
1 combustion of Ills. Thus hcn there is an
abundance of tissue, or fat, life may be sup-
' nivf ml fAs m nnstr1ii til ttnin tll.f.it! f,.n,t
l'viiv-4 swa h wvuoiisuiiwiv IIUU' nttuuut ilVUi
! TIib dormouse tccn iti winter olccn.vreU
't-1-U.J utll. r- -Lt.t I- -II A .. I it -
. . "' "J .' "'"T " ..... "V . DC
- "" -I- ooic. forA IJ
ri hungry. The camel cries In the hump
simpio aci oi Dreaming wntie u lies uor-
sumed In the long and hungry march through
the desert.
Vet man can subsist but a brief period
without food. Death usually occurs on the
fifth or sixth day of total abstinence from
fowl and drink. The longest period of ab-
solute fasting, it Is thought, cannot reach
beyond three months. Yet many remarka
ble cases are stated, where pcrssns have ap-
parently abstained from food much longer
i .-hi. i . i i .. i
than this. A story Is now going the rounds
l,i,. , " a, ..' " ....
I tells the story of a young girl who bad lock.
fooa ,ur,ng four years. A Scotch woman
',, M,a to baTC TCj d M ,tULou,
taking anything except n little water on ono
of lwo oeCMionl uut BR these stories are
I .urpaned by that of a woman who remained
lllfly years without food: It isoddrd, how-
., tus UB ,omeMmt. took a lltllo skim.
I ,.i ,m.
If we couIJ U1Icrc ftlI tbc ,torIw, tLe
,..., . .. . ' . .'
nnaai rti il tit nr llSrinr WIIIiaiiI t Inn waiiLI
i ,i.,.nilnn .nA
exaggeration are so great
that wo aro tempted to reject almost tvtry
one of these cases rather than reject all
physiological teachings. If the persons
fatting remained perfectly motionless, they
must still breathe, and every breath draws
upon the substance of the body. The ani
mal beat is maintained solely by the com
bustion of the body, and it seems impossi
ble that It should go on consuming itself for
years without repair. The truth is, tbo man
who takes no food, lives like a spendthrift
on his capital. We cannot say precisely bow
long such a spendthrift life may coutlnue
how long starvation will be in cfiectlng its
fatal end, but wo can say bow much watte
is fatal. Experiments prore that death ar
rives whenever the waste reaches an aver
age proportion of four-tenths. That Is to
sny, supposing an animal to weigh one hun
dred pounds, it will succumb when its wilght
Is reduced to sixty pounds. Death tnsy of
course ensue before that point ts reached,
but cannot be prolonged after it. Curiously
enough, insufficiency of food causes death
at precisely the same point, that is, as soon
as the original weight is reduced four-tenths.
Men, therefore, reduced to an insufficient
allowance, whether from famine, shipwreck,
or siege, will Inevitably perish unless the
allowance be Increased, just as If they hud
received no food at all, only they will It
longer beforo they succumb. An important
lesson is contained lu this fact, and one!
wblqh should never be forgotten in the inau
,mSu ...uu.u ,v, o ,.B.:u .u u .onu-
gement of prisons, schools and w orkhouscs. j
Why Coi'i.3 Siioild hoT Mirbt. Iu
tho Annual Report of tbo Superintendent of
the Kentucky Institution for the Deaf and
Dumb we find the following conclusive argu- j
merit against the marriage of cousins :
From ten to twenty per cent, of deaf mutes
are the children of cousins. It is greatly to
be regretted that the bill forbldlng the mar
riage of first cousins did not pass the recent
Legislature. These marriages ore a viola
tion of a law of nature, as is evidenced by
the afflictions visited in almost every cate
upon their offspring, Io deafness, blindness
and idiotcy, and ought to be a violation of
human law also. The common wealth bas
the clear right to protect Itself against these
ill-starred matches, whor offspring It has to
sustain for life. It may be hoped that this
important subject will pot escape the action
of our legislators many years longer. It Is
confidently believed that by forbidding mar
riages of tbts kind, nnd by proper attention
aud care of iofsnts laboring under the dis
eases stated, the uumber of deaf mutts In
the community might be diminished ocuhalf
io a grueration.
-'L'JU. -. U.
Vlugt tTn.
We had a friend or, with the emphasis of
the Inimitable Toodles, wc hare a friend,
who. for the nonce, wo shall call " tho Ma
jor," though his right to the prtux Is some-"
what questionable. Now the Major has had;
through life, ono besetting sin, and that Js
an unconqucrablo love of a certain game of,
cards known as rrigf un, which it Freneli
for twentyono. This well-known game, a
fat wlfo and a largo'Tamlty iro about tho
only wrotneikts thai tan' bo laid to tho Ma
jori charge. How often he has been tnsr-
" '" '"" e".
. I 1. 1 Aa1tal 4tsAf . rlisn ti t t.i AAnrlti .
dod things had gone far enough, and should
be stepped. Dut they dld'nt, as the Major
In duo time found out, for he had calculated
without consulting his wife. There wero
indications of snothcr bond of union and
well spring of happiness.
The Major lxseama nervous, for his nomen
claturswas exhausted. In Ms deipcritlop.
he finally declared that the coming heir tt
bis name and fortune, whether bor or eirl.
, . -, -.
'.kftYiM Im. nfcs.d tiMi im. Tn v.ln fK. a1,I
woman remonstrated. The Major was laex
or able. The new tomcr, being the twenty
first, should wag his way through life with
''that appropriate title. In the ante root.
the Major awalied the announcement of th
little stranger's sex. The nurse appear,
and, to tho Major's horror, whispered ths
terrible word ticintt
"Rusted, by thunder I" yelled the Major,
trAy did'nt Ittand on tuenttiF1
An Incident ik tuk Lire ot i Soucek.
TU funa.al nf 7 Si, a -. tnl Tl O t nlr A 1 ! l.fjtla
II , , , . , ,, , ,
i took place last week, was yell attended.
, .... ,! ,. . .
I iiucu vuuiiauj ii,uuii vuunauiHicfuiTj.,
j Captain Breeze,) left this city for Mexico,
jStokcly, falling to get enrolled in the ranks,
Jin consequence of size alone, resolved to ac
'company the volunteers at all events; and
being of an active, useful disposition, tb
'company took him with them. During bis
'absouce, poor Stokciy was found a Decent
' ry adjuuet, rendering good and efficient ser
vice to all. An Incident in the life of the.
'deceased should not be forgotten. It is ono
which goes far to show the character of tho
American oluntcer. When the army had
I left Plan Del Rio, their encampment pre
Uloustotbe battlo of Cerro Gordo, "llttlo
! Natty," us he was familiarly called, wa.
left wllh many others to gusrd the camp.
' and see to the sick aud wounded from be
low. Word reached the camp that tho l'enn-
sylvaula regiments hud been cut to pieces,
and the men were dying from waut of water
tho day being intensely warm. Stololy,
1 with n spirit and zeal scarcely ever excelled.
j seised upon the "canteens" belonging totbn
del;, tilled them with fresh water from tlw
beautiful stream at the "Del Rio," an,
throwing them on his shoulder walked r.
dletance of three miles to the field of bloody
strife, with the view of allaying the thlrrt
of his brother companions. Ills mission was
of mercy it was received and balled with
Joy by those who participated in it. Suih was
Natty Stokely !"-Philadelphia Papir.
I CimofS ltevoLiTiojanr Verses. Tbo
1 following Ingenious composition appeared
'in a Philadelphia new f paper many years
ago. Who the author wasT am unable to
ascertain. Its peculiarity consists In tho
manner In which it nay be read, viz : in
three different ways. 1st. Let the whole b
read in the order in which It Is written.
2d. Then the lines downward on the IfI of
each comma In every line. Cd. In the samu
manner on the right of each comma. Dy
the first reading, you will observe that tho
Revolutionary cause is deprecated, aud
lauded by others :
Hark! hark I the trumpet sounds, the dtu of
war's alarms
O'er seas aud solid grounds,dotb call us all
to arms 1
1 Who for King George doth stand, their hon
ors soon win mine,
Their ruiu Is at hand, who with the Congrer
The acta of Parliament, lu thcro I much de
j Uu tejr curted ,nU.nt ,
crCf. ium
who for toe Con-
'. . . .-..-. .. ...
roe tones 01 tne a ay, iney are my usuy
I toabt.
j They toon will sneak away, nho iudepeud
) e,nccboatt;
Who noa-reslstauco bold, they have my band
aud heart.
May they fcr slaves bo sojd, who set a Whig
1 giih part; '
On MaustlelJ, North and Drute, may dally
blessings pour, ' '
'Confuslou and dispute, on Congress erer
more ;
To North, that British lord, may honors still
be done.
I wish a Motk or cord, to General Wssb
I Ington Jlittorical .Magazine.
$&&. lady, not remarkable for good tem
per, came for advice to Mr Arnold, as to
how she could get rid of a troublesome suit
or. "Oh marry him marry him," advised
Mr. Arnold.
" Nay, I would see him hanged first,"
said she, J141
rt No. moils m, msrry him. as I said toySi
and I'll os.ure youilt will not be long'b.
fere be Un bjmeelf' . ,,