Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, January 16, 1858, Image 1

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as wJrtlng
of the bfl!
daty " to
i tlHitoto of
Ibalr etU
. Judge U M
' itwaVi ro
imertHM ben-
f4e; and
ccnd to Him
i our treat
Ij hut blast It
Imcnt oT'tM'
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be oartli bu
rid hs boun
toi guBtltnt Urn to KWr wt MB
M.imlowi hd the dNetotUm..( bank
nates.. klwIilHl. nllh,h):tB Bldcr-
bt Mtmt Mnxr.iaaf eytottT. tbcwtb
vaetW beblad er ewa4 lMw(f It w
dem krlMtito, .Mttorterto U At.of
I'MlhmwBtrt IftM.-jfhWh wptr toi
tboJcHK of BOtos firem Uw bantiW ttoMvrl
mntr .for (he Jfcek .ef'EsgHwUlwiijrto
keep on hattu gow mj surer e)itM mc
tMrd ef Ita eeaiblM i4nuli'Ha Md dno
aits. If HttopreperWesww MiMreHmHNj
ItofMtt toteeare uweraTsruuiiiij i ih e?,
wUb tfco wbele of Qret Briula. ni to
Mtte extet tbe coatiiieat of Kurope, m
field for lt elrautatios ; .wwilerlnt It uUmH
ILtM Me prefertien vewd terumiy b
liMiSelrat under our 'utfikuue eywem.
Baoh of our faurtceabuBdndliankhM
but limited clrcumfercoee fat Its olreuls
tloo, and In the coanw of a very few day
tbe ilep onltcra and aete heldets might do
mead from a beak a mSelentunontit in
Kfeeie to carapel It to eurpead, even Hough
U had eoln la Hi Taut U equal to one-third o(
lie lawdlato WaWlItien. .Ami ret I a net
aware, with toe eseep Ilea of the bank of'
I,6uWn, that aty8iatc bank tbtoaghoutf
toe U9)n hMbeen reqnireu bjriueaarter
to keen.thia or any other prefortton of cold
and elfrer eeaiparnd with the amount jr 11
eembiaed eireulatiim and lepeetti. y What
baa been tbe eenaeaueaee! la a rcetat re
port made by, the Treatury Department on,
tbe eemllHen ef,tbe benka tbroagbkt tbe
UlSerCSt State, aaaenllnff in roturna lUtaJ
leAauke A is Tn.d cl .
ubandHHM.I aweunt f actual epeeie In their voullaU
landed 'MkJi
sriM. our
iHuiteal oe-
of the Ren-
all the
rkh abund
ill thete ad
letory In-
n adeplo
of anleuN
of BatloBol
Jrlvate en
osed, and
irown out of
it. The re-
!ch la chleBr
from abroad.
Hie anoro.
. !
re Terr
WB,n(9.838. of their clretilatlon iu.77fu!
821, and or their depehi S230,3li32.l
'ttm It appears that these bank inHume-'
Kivra mm BunmuwBie leee than toedol '
1.1 '?u ,.aTe? f Ma Mf c'WPrrd
with their circHlatea and depelt. ttwwi
palpable, tberefere, Ht the tery flt pree-'
- 1-. .1 1 V eiHipeaeionj emd Ue-
I lT.V ,A,.pe?P, ,ttf Hhl eurrencr
I with all ita dteattrous eevequence. life
truly trondorful that they should hare 10
iB cooimutu to preterra, their credit,
when a demand for the pa.taeat of ewe-1
erwlh or their laatdiate llaeHUIe would
haedriTea them Into inaolrency.v And thl
I the eendltleaofthe banks, andtiatwtih.'
UndlDK thatfonr hundred mullonirf-oid
from California bate flowed Inspon uawltb-1
in me last eigut years, end thntide still io
tlnuea to flow. Iudeed, such has been the
esirararanee nf barik rmtlia ui il. luV'
ftisaiah a asViaato prevenWw warily. The
MetoM of toe tost Itoe of toe wHe aii
alwwtiwrir ,ptoTWrtoe toutojrttaeeer
tkm. ia.;a,Bnk.oeW4,ifiHv4W,
reWe lhe tomes and ore.HU f renrtow;
buniiwd (Kale Manke la teh wawrtr a to
pMraM toe trab)oae eapanslnns and eontrao
tn',itcr eurreey, whleh aSleVM toe
bountry tbrnogliwt toe wiletoBee. of toelato
!), wttm.H aKtorttotoreMWfeii
ale,i la dSM. an. effort! was mde by tbe
Sank ef Jtoiknd to eurtaH the leeues of toe
aewtfjr bmke, wader toe taort raTeraWe
elrwaMtariosa. ,Tho paper Mrreney had,
bea expanded to a rutoene extent, and tbe
boaklpul frtoaUlsw.tose4ratIt,;
kaJIsssk; sstiJVIIssilf(Ba "W
eawwpjni . Two jiweiw.sseseHWjiM 11
nceeedinely semmeneed asyeteto of curtail
feewt oMu lontii and lataes. In tlie vain
hepetoat the joint-stock and private banke
of the kingdom would be compelled to fel
low ,t rexampie, i luanu, newever, mat
as It eoatracted they expanded, and at the
end of the tireeeas. In emnlsy tbe lanruaie
of a Tory ,hih ofliclni authority, " whatever I
reduotien ef the iper circulation was ef-1
Keeti by tbe wank or jHigumi (in lew.)
WM.mere than made up by the Issue ef the
oeuntry banks,"
Mat a Hank of tho United States wouhl
net. If It oonld, restraa the issues end laansl
or State banks, Ixtcause u doty as a tkh
later of the currency must often be In dkeet
eoflUiet with the Immediate interest of It
steekheldera. Jf ws cxect one agent tore
atraJn another or control another, their In
ternes must, at lcsHt in some degree, be an
tagenistic Bat the directors of a bank of
tbe Vnlted Slates would feel tho same Inter
est and thesaiuo Inclination wlh the direct
ors of the Slate bank to expand the cur-
to accommodate their favorites and
ef our on MfrttoMl, to eMiMerattott'fer
tht saaisstsMwaa that Hreat Drltotn fltd.
InsHsirusp'et at Wait, lpUcdlN M-eiam
poelHoa with ourselves. TTMlst Welwve M
right to.'AoaM toe sincerity of tb Brttteh
1 11 liiibil hi ihcrir'snostrueHnn ef tbe
treaty, It h at the naia itoie y deliberate I
coat icttoe; That mi ooawrnctnsi m in oppo
IUab last. U Ma lattof had Its 8Jl.
UndwJwT'We AdmlalitraUM TtogvtllO
ttoM wfi liseiUuMUetwMto1t) v-
it ftt, tba-Tfwnieea-sTpesftWe, er
llssie iMsaou MusWtod a ireitv ba--
log tobbsMtVto obJectTTlew wtt Kgied
oratsenbl W. Ibe-VirVeesUT
tneviMC m 4WaoulMeswkJ a ireity bar
b! l.uJ am lbe 17th uf OeUtieri 1SS.
awi.ws-ttod Vy.the freshkat -WAli
Ij lrseff:'eilber (n it ertclnal
or Bmndcd fonriwonld haVe sceommebed
me oreei inienuea wimoni gi ing wria 10
new and embarrassing complications ,bt,
tween the two gorerBmeats, may perhaps
be well questioned, Certain It is, beWtver,
It was rendered mceii less eJijoctloanbi by
the dlRVreat amendments mads to It by, the
ScnatU1 Tbe treaty, as amended, was rati
fled by me en tbe 12th March, 1867, and was
transmitted to 'London for' ratification It'
4be Krltkd) Gevernment. That Ooreramiml
'expressed Its willingness to concur In nil
the amendment msrto ly,tbe Senate, with
, the tingle exception of the clattsotelstlbg
to .Hasten and the othtr islands In lhe flay
of Honduras. The article In the' original
treaty, as submitted to the Senatu. after re
citing that thrae Inlands end their inhabt
to seewiag saes Kansus ever an swe rle,
aorM the -IttoaMfs.
j. WbilH', entoftalalag tbeee aentlawnl, I
bail neveeHteleva'.'nef refuse to contribute
to any reatoaaVUt adjastssentof the Ceatral
Amerioaa ituetslonsahieh la. iM'pracittaMr
Inbowdttenlwlth tbe Amertoafi rMtorptirta:
Hop 'of toe treaty, ,0ertre! tbbi.parr
riecewi oeca rreeniiy saaae nj.nre K
etnWntlh afrteadlyijtrrt.whiehl
tlly reetoroeato: bat wbeHwr tori renewed
ft 'Trttf relt lii'Mceesa I' am' notice
pared to etprees an wdatoft, ''.Vbrk-r ie
rbjff will dcterahw. - - ' ' -
JWtto K ranee ear' aitstc. rttaWoa of
Wet, i V: wssa;.frsia fcliU :'iMW ,WfMwc, to' 3t
rrtneb MrerHntent have 1a many reeentlu
stanees', wbkb need net be ennMerated,
evlneed a spirit of good wilt and kindness
towards our country wwefl 1 nearuirreei"
ttroeato. It Is. nnlwUbrtaadtog, Hiaefa to be
regretted that two Mttons wbaM produa
uons are of euefa a ebsraeter as to initte ibe
meal extenslv txebsages and freett com-:
merclal Intereenrse, iboatd eontlnne to en
ferae aaelent and obsolete restrictions of
trtt'le agalnut eaeh other. Oar commercial
treat? with France U In this respect aa ex
ception from eur treaties with all ether,
commercial nation., It jealoaily lutes dis
criminating duties both on tonnage and 00
artklv. the crowth, prod nee, or manafas
j tore or tbe one country, wbea arriving, la
.TBkMla belonvlnir to the other.
I More than forty years a-o, on the 3J
tl1Ii treaty -.1
sowimsr-stt llonflj'
toeptww of, kU'desUMJ
toe, war Meaiasr illi
lha Otiveritiass&r
Whilit nut mlniitr
to eacupy Kfuira) )
to ike eill!n.;liolitii
tuidcorditUn-pefee itb
lifliMiane i.isgieat miBiwsri
iHiMeasufesyia. eactire by 11
fow.,thoe'JjMt cni
wlHchhhe sStiofl of I
rixht la etnllBLind whirh',
long be pff
..... ..-, .
MMaH pnT :g.
UsSId,. batSsV
CMtiD sail ill' 9k
rmsMto whhwld, front p
reciisi"smsmsman n.unmu
ton "having len, by a Conveatiou'Uar h March, 1B15, Congres passed an act offer
ling date the 2tb day of Angutt, 1850, be lag' to all nations to admit thelc remls la
I tween her HrlUnlo Majesty and tberepub! den with their national production! Into the
, lie of Hondaras, eewttltuled an,l declared a porta of the Called SUtes upon tht same
free trr1trT utt&tr the sateralrrutv of thai I term with our own vessels, provided they
!ssld republic of Honduras," stipulated 'would reciprocal to us similar a'hsntsges.
3 H that "lhe two contracting parties do hereby , Th!s act eonflncd the reciprocity to the Vro
.'' mutually engage to rtcwntr.c and respect, ductlon of the respectlvo foreign nations
.'.In all fnturo time the iadependenee aad ',ho might enter Into tht proposed arrangs-
friends with loans, andlodcclaralareedlvl,
lUtult Rnvli baa ba.m nurrxtM.rlasealnro.'iIn all future time the ladfMnil
gard to tho last bank. .rights of the said free territory ai a jrt
After all, we must mainly rely upon the of tbe republic of IIondurs,'
patriotism and wisdom of tho Elates for the M Upou an examination of this convention
WFCvcnttoa aad redress of the evil. K they between Great Britain and Honduras, ef
meftisl (italics 'for tacli wf'lhe power.
Mi!, reprrsrnU
t cannot fail tn.fct adssp Inlsroti tq
all that concerns tlmwrlfarof tlminJr,
pendent repuhii.a ou'nur own cuntinenf,
at wall as cf the en)plri of Briir.il, ,
Our difficulties with Ntjv (irsntda,
uluch a "licrt time since bnr othrtti.
anlng mpert, are, it Is to be linpt-drln n
lair Irsin ursettlemsnt In a mautiir jut
snd hnnerabla to both paitlos."
TNie lithmns orVcntra Atactica, Inclu
ding tlmt of Tsnams, I the grea't lilgliwnr
between the Atlantic and Pacific, itrV
which a Istga portion of llia.cuinmerc f
the world is deitiiicd'tnpsrs. Tli'aUiiile.1.
Btaies aromor deeply interested than any
tillirr nation In nrewrvini tho rresdnr'ii
and ssturilyof slllhe co3imuniralii'
larroit Ihlslithmus. It U our duly, ther".
'fore, to ttkf-care. llial they shall "nu(b
liutetruptid cither by Invsilon from our
ovn cunlry or by r between the III
dependent plates of Central America,
lUiiderour Ires If wllh Neiv Grsiiadsiif
,nl ,l2lh December, 18ff? we. ate bound to
''. guaranty lhe neulralily of the lithuiut cf
"Ili'anams, through which the Panama rU-
will afford us a real sneele bmla for our na
per circnlatlou, by increasing the denomin
ation of bank notes, llrat tn twenty, and af
terwards to fifty dollars ; If thry will require
that ,tho ln.uk s shall at nil times keep on
hard at least one dollar or geld nnd silver
for every three dollars of their circulation
and deposits ( and if thry will provide by a
self-executing enactment, nhlob. nothing csn
arrest, that the moment they suspend they
", into liquidation,.! Udleve tbatnk
I;fWw-,ltn a weekly publication by
eacb tnk of a at.temtnt of It condition.
re us agalast future tus-lymcnt.
ptuton, posaess the pow
bankrupt law, nppllea-
nstllutloM throuEkwU
iwm ataaaai
rliat na r
. and whether
tdr In all
tht have been
nf oo-opcrat-
1 present oe-
Kxiitiag mU.
'j wa our
eople to wild
ok. These
tr at suecee-
nount of tho
nnd tHeoaciaWf
l tlble banking
very law of
Merest of their
nWlc welfare.
tutldu. Bfben
swer " to coin
alue toereof,"
1 eelBlnr mo-
r making any
in a teader.in
4bey baafnro
tvlbt of.aa ear-.
r etirreney.
wed with the
;ataey and
m bare no
' wsilati ilo
i most reason.
1 iatureto.ltio
L'BUkdiuw,' ton
1 adaatod with
1 sUtt to the
lly abave. or
lUndf4.. tbe
sau's peoperty
liiuaUat wstT
ornraunjr ore
onatrwm; of
hlcli baa saw,
en dlsaswred
hawtosd 9UU
iof sstok other.
pica aimest ex
rtaont iatoesM
lUIngtoe v
i pubHe k to
i.t. . .. e
stecle uas
.Inn tn nn.
and depotlU; lu I86T It Unf WJ ;
dollar In sevtsi and a baU oj their clreula"
ror our financial ww--v
veers It be bn history extravagant
JxpiMTonVla tbe business i the country,
followed by ruinous conlrasjorw. At auc
casaive Intervals the best d mott enter-
prlsiag men have been tompW to thelr-rula
uj ...v v ... .... . -,
crltxclllng tbn to exiihgantlmp-.
t.tlrvu at tottlra Boad. wH stieaalatluns.
and rulao and demorallig stoak gam-
i.iin. vbw flu. ori m arr.iiL aa urn n
'ut.tbe banks oan extead . relief to the
paorde. In a vain struggle rweeo their
(iabtlltlea in epeeU they Meosapetledto
ooutrLibnlr lean and toatMae ; aad ai
last, la the boar or dWreasJben toekras
alstonoe .hi maet Beeded, thnahd taebr debt
ors tecether sink into lasol
It b) tht paper system of 1 ravages! ex
pansion, rauHag ine Bomins rieo of every
article far beyond It real v; ewhen com
pand with .the cost of sin ir artlelfsln
eoHBirie wbere treuiatlon wise y raau
lated.whleh has prevented if rem oompel-
wnitretsa bmbu
).bairt of
on allowed to
ithe nreMnt
K raw Btato-
lirtitrv .sueb
fames woubl
ssjga Mtaekei
1 aaaSMt. Jtlt
rattvely vala.
arronoy ut
sjatoff Bar
' tvaessjkLub
rqi. Haat
b( ef Uasto
uroistwMJ iwt
Issilir On
it Into bnnk
l til. liawt.,
I -,..- IV 1
ing la ear own markets
taeturers. ha woduoed
tatlona, and lias counter
l large Inoldentat pro
Ottc .doaaaatto manufactu
revenue tarisT. ilutor
our :aBufaetures om
ttala.'the Meduetioa of'
a eolton, iron, aad wool
not only baTaaaaulradal
session of tbe bene mark
ore-lea or ttumsaivM,
throusboutitha world.
Deplorable, .however. MUv.be our pre
sent HnaMslal eoaditlou. wekav Tet luUibaa
iuonrever eWVlWeWl baVlVed
such ylokiit expaaaioss aadooatraetoMM of
iwper crwite wtt-owt 1 sting Injury, t ys
toe bouvanoy of yeutii, M eoargle ef our
populatloa, and toe spirit Milan sever quells
iMfore dlOlcultlM. will enAle us boob 10 re
cover from our ireent flancial embarrass
meat, awimay even oesaJou us speadlly to
mgm, wn tmun way ium laugliu
In toe meantime, it it tk dutv uftbe Go
vernment. brail BeeeaiMii lu lu uuiar.
Pi oteiwtoBed by tor ewsps of the
banks, and to provide badost a reottrreaee
ef toe Bmm eaUBsitynJarwluitotoly, la
U.. Tbanke to tU. tTH-Lnii-si -.r-
.. .it lT . .
. - j: v.u
tSSSLStl'SS Hrt. In W
Warh eeeaJH, tbeald we UotBiied to mobe
yuMATkrv utMn 1. ..' . -. . . .:
uitsMtu kau!' p.u 1 f? J ?5 " ."?ui
PI,-,B st:i(d;'brt: K swtiliefrSbe
ti.IT' r""r r 10 tbe Mnrert nra.
w-teapsa. - l-'i T
... j.i-.HiMm weens atreada' la asat
of each bank's exist
slon of specie uavmenU
IVU acalli. XBe.lnsllBct
I would Ibsa Hsomnal It
to perform Its dutle In sueb . manner a to
escape ths penally and iveserre It life.
Tbe exUtesce of bank and tbe circula
tion of bank paper are so IdantlRed w lib the
habit of our people, that they eaneet at title,
day be suddenly abolished without mae
Immedmto Injury to the country. U we
osald coaftoe them to their appropriate
sphere, aad prevent them from administer
ing to tbe spirit of wild and reckless epeeei
latlen by extravageut loan nnd Issues, ttwr
might be eoattaued with advantage to toe
Jlut thls,I ray, after long and much re
flection : ir experience shall prove It to bo
Impossible to tnjoy lhe fscllltle which wall
regulated banks might afford, without at the
same tiise suffering the calamities which the
excesses of the banks hare hitherto Inflicted
upon the country, It would then be fr tlu.
lesser evil to deprive them altogether or the
nOWW to .bHuen Mtr currtuc. and riu.
line them to the functions of banks of d
peelte and dtseouiit,
uar relation witu foreign averamnU
are, upon toe whole. In a aatiafuetorv un
dUton. The diplomatic difficulties blh
existed between tbe Government of Km lfu.
lied Slate and that of Great Britain at she
adjournment of .the last Congress, have been
a stollleb Minister to this country, wm baa
been eenHally jsccired.
WWUt It is BTeatlv tothelat-Mal a-T-
stivfeeed It Is toe sincere dsalre, oftbenov.
-,i.n w iujmd 01 tne iwoeeuBtrle
saabltblV iK Y lwl8"'jtblp with
always to bare bad some farUl- if tot
,UKnajru. itiL.r,,1.n. ...","T "
ilTEu, 6 Hu wetoiUreat
DbUB absv-'i'-v-f . u. -
fBafa Bated ewpioyeu in iWinJf?'"nKieii we
wHh IUI pewer, and aru-wa3v1fT)aiW
toehr true tow aua meaning. la tola rs
specl. the conjcntlon of ApelllS. 186fl,co
moBly called fee Clay u - fber treaty,
has beta toe most unfortunate of all til
cause tbe two goeU tdia-.ii-.il.'
opposite and eentr4tory eoMtructloiM
bboh hs -f-iiwaiwwMfhiM article.
WWW. In lbs Unite fiUtos,. we believed
that tot treaty wodd nl- u-u.
upon sa e-aequaAiybytjMjiy,
mn miatr wm -"DV. or PArUfv.
or oetoBlie, or au or exeeetot any do
mtatoa M over any pa or L'sntr-i i-Ui
K fs eoatoaded by ,fce IlrHW, goreraueat
HI r-t-i sVTUB HWnUi UD (II I -list lUntia-o
baa-toft them hi the fcbtful posssssion of all
"P" " --i Amerto wMeh was
la ftteK oaeuBaney I tbe dau n.-- .-,
ia fcaCtoet toe trMf I a vtrtoat r-oai
ttoa-eA the Mrt efth UnluT XLlTly'J;.
rlfef .Great Jtttoln, either mwmt er
Mviwtvrf w '
I .-. t ItlV iUm IfwAtmA 2sttawsl T1.i fcrt
May Mi 18-8, removcu mi rtstriciiou, nnu ...... ... .- .n .. , ,i.l, r .
Joffered a tlmlbvr reciprocity to " h vcj- I , - ,,f0perl, wlllc(l $,wtifm
aetrtTrrcrencc to ine oripa wi meir .. .-..:.. ...:...".. .... ..mt-,
set wkfcout iTiiirencc to the orlrin
eargee. Upon these prlttciples, onr com
merelal treaties slid arrangement bare bern
founded, except with France; and let us hope
that ibis exception may sot tofg exist.
Our relation with Ku-ria rflaata, as they
bare eier bcea. en tbe most friendly foot-
lap. Tbe nresent Kmnerer? aststeUas bis
nredeeessor. have never failed, wbea the
ooeaslpn offered, to manliest dhelr geod will
to our country; and tbelr friendship ha al
ways been Wghly appreeiatod by the gov
crnmenl aad people of tbe United Statei.
With all other European gOTeraatenls,
exeent that or &wia. our relation are at
'peaceful at we cmld desire. I regret to
.say that no progress whatever lias oecu
I made since the adTottrBmeal of CeugTef. to-
I wards the settlement of any of tbe Burner
the Z7to August, 1U6, it m found that,
whlhH declaring tbe Iwy Island to be "a
free territory under the sovereignty of tbe
. UeimMIc orllendurai." It drerlral that re
public or right without which Its sovereign-1
ty over teem oeuta scarcely be aaia to exwu.
It divided teem from toe remainder onion
jdurss, and gave to their Inbaldtant a sepa
rata government or their own, wlfaJkylrla'
tlve, execuUve and judicial cjfcerslecled
iby tbemselve. It deprived the gevernmcat
'of Honduras or tbe taxing rower la every
I form, and exempted the people or toe Islands
rrom the performance of military duty ex
cept far their own exclusive defence. 1 1 abut
prohibited that republic from erecting forti
fications upon them for their protection 5
tin. Ia.wln tludM An n ia tnwa Iaa nu.
fi 1 . i rt IUS?f . . I wlttd oa our fl,K '' l6 ln1i waWrlg.
Had Honduras ratified thlt convention. ' nte Ferrolana, on the high elms, offthecoa.t
she would bare rati Bed the baUMbthment ef Cuba,in MarehrlB55t by firing Into the
ofa slate substoutiallr IidentiileB( u-iM-. mu. ..ti .,-.. 1.1 v,..? .j ...
lriS!lu,.,?l,S,,T,11,1"e,Mb-l' talnUtgand nearebleg her, rrmalnt nnae
Jcct to Britleb lnftuenee and eonUol. More-, knowledged and unredressed. Tho general
over, bad the United States rail! tk tinnilii.mrnriMi;n.i,i.i, ,..-.
treaty with Great Krltaln in Us original lovania that ..ri, iTo.i.i,i m.....M ...i.
.1..... ' - I- j... . ...- --. --!." -" "" " v-.. .Mllll
1 t. T7"6 . a V V TP0,,,0,, t0 h "y purple to send out a Bew mlsltter to
spirit and Bteanlngorthe Clayton and Bui Spain, wllh special instructions on all
Br iicttT. as uaaeruoofl in lbs itait fl ni,niin&a .,n.ii. i..A-n .h-4w -A...
. . .. - i. ' " - -...v . -....- iu...m V,.,U w W KU.riU
states, tne senate rejected tbaefitirauM iMMta. -b,i iu. ,uini.iinn .;. i...
8mlb5H.Wl4 tu "? Ie.4 ,f, rwo; ,-a fJllr -nJ nmlcably adjusted, l ibis
. IT 1 ,,., "g"oi Jionuarai uepesstM. iu tne meati Hut, whenever
'..". ""BU' ,B B0 snowing laugusgef.wtr mlntstrr urge .the Just claim ofwir
r . J."0 eo'r"wfC Prtles do hereby .clllien on tbe aotlee of toe feafckh gorern.
mutually engace to reeognlre and respect went, be is met wWi tba objeetltti that Coa-
ineMaBsorKuataB, Ilooaco. Utlla.Har gres have iBevor made toe appropriation
baretta. Helena and 'Marat, situate In the rccesumeaded by l'realdeet I'olk. la bis n
Bsy of Hondurss, aad off tho coast of the '.'nual meaeage of December, 1M7. "to be
Hepubltc of Honduras, as under Ibe sorer- 'paid to toe Spanish gerKamoB tor the mr-
Liltn nllllwS M of A t-irluttA. -n,nn ,!. t.l.H.. I.
mlUr reeowmen
I EUBnui9 1 tl tl tfisai-if as-.
aslgHlng a the only .reason, that tho rati-. eeasor lu Lb intwmgc ef Ucecmbcr. IBii
treaty win ureal Krltaln In Its original toward that of.the United Slairt so
tona.we should hare been bound "to rt;to bcreirretu-d. Our present envoy
eogatoe and refect In all future time" ordinary and wintrier vdcaipolentl
taeMMlpajatlonstothe prejudice onion- Madrid baa stied to be mailed," ai
ready commsWd' 4M- At.TiUS
can be done witoosH ia tn. "
These Beoessarv for toi saaistjee kair.T.'-
ZJiE:- M !f nufiig
--- ".rw--- j miiUrWi 1 d
nut the cd.JrBl c romtai cannot do
n-T ie sa-iaa' jrre
'Hhols MUMU.M 'hil
sweenls. tmuij t.. , . u..
pert Of Han J.ir-ut--,
with toeadUa-. aw. w
Barttoesi aad W
g to their - - -
laixaal -- - ' .1 " t .miiiaa -a
r-"""- -nw-v mrniwww m ' "
it la tot too'teMh to assert, tk-itr -. ak-
Uaittd Btotat toe treaty bad baa ,-L-wI
ea tSauawtaHwe .w ssmui a L,
MvtrM bav bs MwetUtM laths'
Tho universal eoavlvteMto-ia toeTJoItad
8taWl.Vtv that :whcn,oar Jrov'erZ.,,, J.!
If tbe' V
e. tne
toe .British
nf it cent
jlgntynd a part of tbe said Beptibllo of Mptoe of distribution among
(Howfnr. j'tbe AmUiad case." A sTa
I vGr n TM tbU amendment, datlon was made y my Ir
Sestion of toe convention of the VTth Aui land entirely eoBcurring with bolb In lhe.
gtist, I65S,betweeuberand l(odrat,bad' oplnloa that this Indemnity It juttlydua
, T. ca. mg o ine nesiia-l unuer uie treaty wiw eptisoi tne ZJth uc
lion of that gover8mnt. Had tUs been tober, l"93. 1. earnestly recommend such an
Uoae, It U Stated that "her Maleslr's eor.l anurotirlation to tba &rornl,le tniuhWallnn
Irrfitaent -tauUI t&Avn tul II. if .ita-......' ,- I ........... "
-.n... ,.-". , -- ..v uiaavunj' m
wK.vvi.'e iu .no jmmiuoauoH proposta ty
tfawi-.btohtoea would have bad la
effect the aame 'slgwaHam., y , j,
wording." Whether tfal wouldbavc'ESS
toe effeet) whether the mere otreamstonec
of toe ewshange of the ratlfieattea ef the
ijfiwsu coBveniina with HundBras prfor to
point of tone to the ratification of our tren
I ty with Great Britain would, "in effect,"
1 have bad Mieasme stgaMeatlen as the orl-
gtsai wonHog," an thus bave'nullUi-d toe
amtndmtut of toe gentle, way weN be
deubtod. It ts.'narbaBS. ferliuui. tt. iL-
aaif latiasT T Mlsmfl
BM --tJii t'li . aiwenajn,.
Ped to entor into a new toast r whh tW
UBHed IMMM-Jiaallar ia all rauLb, .. .t.1
- - ., . .iwn fu ,ln
ju rrnsi to ratoy.
would consent to A&
d unquaMted leeeg
j w fiosnurns orer
inowiBC eoadHlaaml
taytind'soBooo Bathe
snail lists fconcliO,!
with Great JBrltola, by
.ball bare ceded, aad
s suau uare aaaant.-
1 in sucu treaty,",
of wwtrc,'mj?Bed.
with Honduras, of
tttt .toil kMBitdge
impeasiWe tor me,
nrovtetoo asui
B iiu, AnaA A-.lt..
tmniinU ,1 aaTL. ..iJTT.- """r""",
et Britala aaat tka II.UJ BaajITT.Tr'
alto fMieoa. ac'tUyWe. bsmI-I UtiuSL
JPPT IT BriwMAsVBBiaismSB -""- - ssasi II 1
retoMtW.tstihjrtoM.. bave ZZTk
rlaraliisiitli , ibuil. ..,. '-fiu.il
wfaeMMttafc to s4wgato MMti'a7
by l eettoMsi, od to eoa3 te w.
Had tost bsaa. Jkae BeasaslVJhllealtiaa
!a CtteUe wtsWsW'oba,lT.re
da bat and potiems utcrlhe aid Tenir
lory," This obligation W founded upnn
equivalents grsnlrd by the trsnly to (hi
giivrtnntant and. people of the Unitsil
at'lcs. , ,
Under these clrcumttsncut, I recoui.
msnd tu Congress ihs pasasge of an act
authorizing the Pretldsut, in case of ne
cenily. to employ the land and naval fur
ces nf the United States to carry Into el
fact this gusrsntee of ncutinlity and pr
trclton. alio recommend limilar Ifgl".
Istion for ili security of anyutliet ruuH
aeroasthe iilliaiua in wbkli wo inn) ac
quire sn Interest by treaty,
With the Independent republic on this
continent It is both our duly aud our iu-
Isreat lo cultivate tlis moat Iriendly rels-'"
'--, '----A..I IndinVrefit t..
their fate, and man always r-Jotee in their
(iroaperilv. Uufurtnnilalr. h.nl. n.. .1
andibr ui.our exsmpla snd adrleo" hs0
lost much of llior lufluenra in rnn..
qiisnco of thu Iswleis expsdiiions which
'",N.".br!B f,"e.d ai ,,n,t ,um f them
within the limits of our country. fVoihi
.. .., c.Eu.a.vu iu retard our sieadf
inslerial progrsas, or Impair our characle,
s. a iutlont than I ho tol-rallon 0f ,c.
nterprl.es ic violsilon of tho law of na
liona. .
It Is one of the fir.! and hlgl,t ju .
of any Indepandcnt b'tsie. iu Ti. rslsilon.
Ulll, .n-n.n... t .l. .. r HOnS
.A treaty of friclidsllD and commerce was
coMluded at Censtautlaoplc on tbe 13th of
veeemorr, ioo), betwsea tne ualltu latea
V-4a. toeraUaaaUsai'af which wen
exchaBgcd at VMMa,, pn the IStta of
j Hue, icw., mm ins ireaiy was Frt.i.ivi
by tbe rresldenl oa tbe 16th of August,
1W7. This treaty, it Is believed, will Move
beneficial to American cowmrrcc. Tho
Shah hMBtsalfested aa earnest tHspositlea
to cultivate frl sadly relations with our
country, aad has esprtoted a strong wlab
that we should be represented at Teh win by
a mtoUter plenipotentiary; and I reeeu
Be mat au apprvuriatiua be made tor
ws purpose,
ItoeeM oeaarreeee ia China bare been
jwawe to a revMaa of toe treaty with
3:: zrirzxir?.; . ,
.f- 4VI sra-TniMlsn PaltMsWl I Mir
S"?,J'r The! ariWe of tUt Usato
-i r." "ta.wiaM 11 in case wpe
rw prove tots to be requltitm i-iB
wbtoh aase the two Keveramaata mill i it.
snirMtioa of toreir year from thn date of
jHmrswatMj, waatasusauycwcerelw
. aam. vj hhui luiuua urun. f
DiUlitaa Cat .w1,.aI !. h. ...... ai.
i?! ,tw,T! J twalred ontbc 7.i'
pi swt wig Mfert; tost Mttof a w
ry ware inwir
twut ware mad
the UaKad SIsIm
Another ssWt was.- to be made for the I cau'du do
mm purpaae !''' v,omnnsionr, lueoa.
juBsttoii with Jwnwira of agla d
r ranee,, wit"" " aaajisBauj wr .- w-
wrreaeej-' twtirtttos toe Castoa river
with members of llm crest f.-liJ 'J...1"'
iou.jto rcitfsin id psopls fromci,,"f
lioalil sWrea.I..n lnst.ili,rc,t, J 'J
tubirclt. The mc.i eminent k-Ji " -'
public Istr do not beatiai. . Ji" ' "
meb hostile c.s . robbery and m Jrd
Urntrsl America, itiir 11 ni r..l ,. ...
.1.1. -j -'. .;,"." ""laoifrs
"r.'T - """ " vinaieaie liter rights
riiecaae would ba t ,ilr-,.. 1 A
dillons weye ssl on fool witiiiri'ouroVrn.
l.rriiorl.s 10 m.ke nrly.i. Cv.rnasIrT.r;
naw..riil .n.l..n Ir...... .,., or-."
S...J .. r , ." "P,'""' were
Utle4 oot rr.ttn a (.road sgsltui fur iturtiair
or our own P9UHlrr,to burn down our nvrn
cilles, murder ud plunder oor psopln and
uiurp our government, We should call my
power oa esrtb to the.itricteitsceousl fii
not preventing tucli enormitlet.
si Wsihltfrlou. act! of Car,,,... L..-
beeii in ferie'to puulsiiss rarely lliacfliwo
of setting on foot a militsry sipesUlKtH.
wnnin 1110 liwiia Ql lUf U Bile Olsles, la;
arocssd fiom ihsnce sgeinsl s rshob or. '
BISt WIlU mLnnt ki arn at auaa 'I'l...
present tteulralily set ot April , IWIH.
11 but llltl mors than a Ji.rtU. r . '
.t.,t ... 1. . . " '. w" i".i
aaiaiiHg lawa. unosr ibis act to rYesi,
dent empowered to employ the f sad mhj
naval force and the wJJiia "r th. b...
pes of prsvenjlng to WKylwg H of ,.
such expedition or ealerprlsellrom tbe tar.
IlB-laaa .! Ii..l..Usllfiaa . a ' . s . ' r
eK'-T.l'w. l""rn":T " "d
uiaiv,. aim ma
aa afolfsU-llir.a j.e" '
W T a"'aa rallUlMi aa.
sutliorued and"iuired tok(eau n, '"
aha liaLru-.IO IShe Dart Id i ,
Ia snlei""' m
:. Wh-." ?.". ,reds,,,l pr8b.bu'
tosjy" "emp' PWtld b., w.da lo ,u afi.
'tol ffJieduIoB.rtsJos" K$I
cr.ryo .toaWLjiJ
r- ....,"
p.cr uuism
sgus, the
struction to Ihu Msrsbsls
snd dMiici.t-
1 lerners. urn in. ui, j;..... , . ..--
ItWeVBf War iS.7.VJX "'
rhutsn. .,i. .a . .:."T 'i'.y. .tii,
.as-ii";nT," .- 5!.atu,aa 10 U Ihrtr L..T
7- raiMaal..,. i - '- ." ' .
itor toaK sma t.' r:y" "" carrying uw e
fi sffsaja.'at. J TWttoi nf ,h, . of fsrf. A
liv at-emBMsajioBsrwt'-vii'aiete Bt4iiliuMf. me
tnVsset toess'ebaBlies.-- . etvsncd iruiu aur abate.
urreaeef r7"rm '"" mywn r,rr
direst jH-ihMB aa ie s-mu ,.
rsar'a jiriMHa atw nw fbi smb.
plf.-'Tbes bosUUttos tore ntotsiaOto h,.
B,' WMsSjIM'BtMa.
Mtot otisulonsd a rtei'to of rsfe
Ihnr tu..
. the pro.
exaaatbL... ....
. :- mi-nrvn ,ie
du d psiHsgaod, (0 IkYESul?
te alr4.d-agiet4 ' W 'f;
". T . ,L Inl
IIUHI IUU I T ariaTsTsTsTM ' atBCsa B. & i a --
'CrBfrjil AuLfiitii. wLUl!
a - I 1 1 .a J7
dnotrsil tu
prove MiMr lHjB'f 4, :. ,, v f- .
aft otisulon. a toftotw'tow of Wte 'losses ltot lb ittzui. .JJZ, i" "ry
wowrrtr. HeaawMi toaiaawraaaC l.ttCS. 1.!'.?'.' d s'"'' of too
wltoVtoe iamfire sgatost tto tatoltotr tsn. .LaLsaa. ''"?." 'MB holwetn lbs
arwi bbbsbi .- ,)bke.rV In 'kkaiiBi..- i .T C'V'W
zi&rv.'M..;..; m;
petotyjtss4y still ssjBtlBufi BW1 dlssl. 'lefsiider eik.r.u.
o,lt to ButMpale waatwbi.tia mmki LsisZd ifrffi, 1 .' ..
UneVr thcsai (dreuwtee3 1 lnsk rgd oa Uvg half r07j,ii " ' " "V
v l fjro ,'hottff
It advtosU to appoiua sUsYlaawlssasl ajaj:
wiasrtraBia'wiioy imnumtoii,
tolVfi-ttadituaMl la aha MtuafaMinn
- iiv ....t. ...t . :..r- -.:. vT.rvT "".iw.:.T7r..7rz:.i ..v. t- , j i":'"". .f,. "'
-T-i. smn,'mrr" !rr.-.
fc r 'Jr -xsr
kr iSr"-, m
. " . k
- - Hr-aavMksr 9
r -r -unu '
, T ' i
w,. .v;
. 4, r jr 1
U sssfl
1. " afj .J
r'.-rv '
S V ' -AT
4jSJr .
' rf 1
e.TaWaaTt-BaaTt-aaMakahaM r ... ibbbII